How Money Plays Tricks On You & How To Stop It

Jan 7, 2017

There’s nothing more embarrassing than those awkward moments in life – when your fly is down or there is spinach in your teeth or you embarrass yourself accidentally. But how you handle those moments is what really matters and that is topic number one on today’s podcast. Also how you think about money – and how money plays tricks on is a fascinating topic everyone needs to understand. Claudia Hammond, a broadcaster for the BBC in London is author of the book Mind Over Money and has some amazing insight on how you handle money and make financial decisions – and how others use little mind games to get you to part with more of your money. Being aware of these things can really help you not fall victim. And lastly today, I want to talk about appreciation. There is great power in expressing appreciation – yet most people think they don’t get enough of it. The result of that lack appreciation creates all kinds of havoc in relationships and organizations. We’ll discuss.

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