Something You Should Know

Sometimes all it takes is one little fact or one little piece of wisdom to change your life forever. That's the purpose and the hope of "Something You Should Know." In each episode, host Mike Carruthers interviews top experts in their field to bring you fascinating information and advice to help you save time and money, advance in your career, become wealthy, improve your relationships and help you simply get more out of life. In addition, Mike uncovers and shares short, engaging pieces of "intel" you can use to make your life better - today. Right now.

SYSK Choice: Bring Your Dreams to Life & Fixing Loneliness in Your Relationship

You develop driving habits over time and some of those habits may not be so great for your car or the engine. Listen to some advice from Popular Mechanics about how to change some of your driving habits to prolong the life of your vehicle.

Do you have unfulfilled dreams? Many of us do. While a lot of gurus tell you that you should pursue your passion, follow your dreams and go for the gusto, they are often a bit short on the details of how to do it. That’s why I am anxious for you to hear Jeremy Cage. His dream was to sail around the world. He did it. And that experience was the basis for his book, All Dreams on Deck ( I am hoping – and I am confident – his words will inspire you to go after your dreams.

The home field advantage. It is a proven thing in the sports world – and it turns out you can use it too. Listen and find out how.

Odd as it sounds, there are a lot of people who feel lonely even though they are in a relationship. Maybe even you. Dr. Holly Parker, clinical psychologist and teacher of psychology at Harvard has a new book out called, If We’re Together, Why Do I Feel So Alone? ( She is here to discuss this very common problem and what to do about it – even if your partner is unwilling.

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Nov 16, 2019 • 00:33:01

Why We Are Wrong About So Much & How to Reduce Your Anxiety in an Anxious World

Why is it that your stomach growls at exactly the wrong time? When you are taking a test in school or during a meeting when the room is quiet and all of a sudden your stomach starts making all those weird little noises. This episode begins with an explanation as to why that happens and how to prevent it.

We all like to think we know what we are talking about – and yet so often we don’t. Human beings have a tendency to believe things that are not true – particularly if what we believe supports our view of the world. And what is so fascinating is we tend to believe things are actually worse than what the truth suggests. When you understand why and how this happens, you can protect yourself from other people’s deception. Joining me to discuss this strange human quirk is Bobby Duffy, a professor of public policy at King’s College in London and author of the book Why We’re Wrong About Nearly Everything (

The afternoon slump hits most of us around 3 pm. And while a cup of coffee might lift you up a bit – there is actually a way to prevent yourself from getting it – or at least minimize that late day slump. Listen and I’ll explain a simple yet effective technique.

It seems like people are more anxious than they used to be. Tempers are shorter, patience wears thin quicker and people just seem worried about a lot of things. So how do you turn down the dial on anxiety and worry? That’s what Olivia Remes is here to discuss. Olivia is an anxiety researcher at the University of Cambridge in London. Her writing has appeared in several major publications and she posts a lot of information on the topic on Twitter. (@OliviaRoxann). She offers some simple ways to ease your anxiety and find more joy in life. 

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Nov 14, 2019 • 00:45:01

How to Get People to Tell You the Truth & How Noise Affect Your Health and Happiness

How accurate is Wikipedia? If you go to one of their articles, how likely is it to be accurate and objective. This episode begins with some surprising fats about Wikipedia and its accuracy.

People lie. In fact everyone lies. Many times those lies are small and inconsequential – other times they are a very big deal. Pamela Myers is one of the leading experts on lies and deception and she joins me to take us on a journey into how deception works, how to identify it and how to get people to tell the truth. Pamela Myers is author of the book Liespotting ( and you can her her TED talk at

If a store posts a sign that says “You Break It You Buy It” can they actually enforce that? Accidents happen – so how can you be forced to pay for something just because it slipped or because you happened to walk by it when it fell and broke? Listen and find out what the law says.

The world is getting a lot louder. And all that noise is taking a toll on you – even if you don’t really notice it. Listen to some fascinating insight on what noise does to you physically and psychologically from Mathias Basner. He is a professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania and an expert on how noise affects sleep and health. 

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Nov 11, 2019 • 00:46:03

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The HUGE Problem With Generic Drugs & The Science of Choosing the Right Career For You 00:49:13 Jun 10, 2019
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The Fascinating Way Ordinary Things Affect You & The Best Plan to Eliminate Debt 00:46:48 May 27, 2019
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How to Apply the Science of Success to Your Career & What You Never Knew About Your Bones 00:45:04 Mar 18, 2019
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Negotiation Strategies for Regular People & Brain Hacks to Get Things Done That You Hate To Do 00:46:11 Mar 11, 2019
Fascinating Backstories of Modern Technology & What Really Determines How Long You Live 00:44:14 Mar 7, 2019
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The Amazing Science Behind Why You Dream at Night & How to Make Real Friends and Connections 00:44:20 Dec 17, 2018
How to Ask For and Get Anything You Want & How Medicine Has Changed in 100 Years 00:42:15 Dec 13, 2018
Fascinating Stories Behind Holiday Songs and Traditions & How to Acquire the “It Factor” for Success 00:40:24 Dec 10, 2018
The Science of Achieving Your Goals & The Truth Behind Double Dipping and the 5-Second Rule 00:43:09 Dec 6, 2018
Why We All Eavesdrop (Even When We Shouldn’t) & Important Business Etiquette You Never Knew 00:41:58 Dec 3, 2018
Powerful Strategies to Be More Assertive & Expert Travel Advice You Will Definitely Use 00:41:51 Nov 29, 2018
The Surprising Link Between Money and Happiness & When Questions Are More Important Than Answers 00:37:43 Nov 26, 2018
The Real Science of Aliens, UFOs and Life On Other Planets & How to Handle Manipulative People 00:44:07 Nov 22, 2018
How to Preserve Your Collectibles, Heirlooms and Family Treasures & The Story of Thanksgiving 00:44:17 Nov 19, 2018
The Fascinating History of Blue Jeans & Incredible Science About You and Your World 00:37:19 Nov 15, 2018
How to Respond When People Say NO! & Why You Need More Friends & How to Find Them 00:42:03 Nov 12, 2018
What Really Influences How You Think & Something Fascinating Google, Amazon and Facebook Have in Common 00:40:45 Nov 8, 2018
How Human Nature Screws Up Your Life (and How to Fix It) & The Trouble with Recycling 00:44:12 Nov 5, 2018
What to STOP Doing if You Want to Succeed & How to Crush the Urge to Overeat 00:42:21 Nov 1, 2018
The Science of Personality: Why You Are Who You Are & How to Make Changes That Stick 00:42:58 Oct 29, 2018
How Electronic Communication Gets You in Trouble & The History of Your Favorite Halloween Candy 00:45:00 Oct 25, 2018
Body Language Secrets the FBI Uses & The Lost Art of Corporate Slogans and Why They Matter 00:40:38 Oct 22, 2018
The Real Dangers of Too Much Pleasure & Why You Should Celebrate Every Failure 00:43:53 Oct 18, 2018
What You MUST Know if You Fly Commercial Airlines & The Amazing Benefits of Taking Time for Yourself 00:43:11 Oct 15, 2018
Why Some Things & People Become Popular & How to Use Logic Effectively 00:48:46 Oct 11, 2018
Why You Have Trouble Sleeping and How to Fix It & How to Succeed When You Feel Like You Don’t Belong 00:41:53 Oct 8, 2018
Why You Are Drawn to Distractions and How to Stop It & Why You Need More Fun at Work 00:38:11 Oct 4, 2018
The Amazing Reason You Get Disgusted & Inventions that Could’ve Happened Much Sooner 00:39:25 Oct 1, 2018
Where Conspiracy Theories Come From & Which Do Humans Prefer – Strict or Loose Rules? 00:42:12 Sep 27, 2018
Fascinating Mysteries that Baffle Science & The Incredible Story of Human Spaceflight 00:43:46 Sep 24, 2018
How to Have a Good Day (Almost) Everyday & Extremely Fascinating Facts You Never Knew 00:42:32 Sep 20, 2018
Fascinating Ways Your Brain Works & Amazing Advice for People Who Are “Too Sensitive” 00:42:15 Sep 17, 2018
The Sneaky Fees Businesses Charge and What to Do About It & The Fascinating History of Slang 00:41:11 Sep 13, 2018
How to Actually Think Better & The Secret of Eating What You Enjoy Without Guilt 00:43:45 Sep 10, 2018
Discover How to Be Luckier in Everyday Life & A Proven Way to Make Better Decisions 00:42:36 Sep 6, 2018
How to Find Hidden Collectibles in Your Home & Powerful Career Advice You Haven’t Heard Before 00:38:55 Sep 3, 2018
The Amazing Way Your House Influences Your Behavior & What To Do When You Can't Forgive 00:39:40 Aug 30, 2018
How to Remember Anything, Anytime , Anywhere & The Dark Side of Success 00:42:29 Aug 27, 2018
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Are You Unknowingly Sabotaging Yourself? & The Amazing Story of the World’s Sand Shortage 00:39:23 Aug 20, 2018
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The Science of Being a Peak Performer & How to Improve Your Writing – Instantly 00:41:08 Aug 13, 2018
How to Give and Get Criticism Well & How to Use Computer Algorithms to Solve Your Problems 00:40:37 Aug 9, 2018
What Really Controls Your Behavior & How Being Too Clean Can Make You Sick 00:44:24 Aug 6, 2018
The Benefits of Cursing & How the World is Getting Better - Even If It Doesn't Seem So 00:41:52 Aug 2, 2018
What Music Does to Your Brain & The Amazing Benefits and Techniques of Decluttering 00:38:38 Jul 30, 2018
Why Eating Healthy Isn’t as Hard as You Think & How to Be More Productive Than Ever 00:40:10 Jul 26, 2018
Powerful Ways to Instantly Be More Persuasive & How to Create and Present the Right Image 00:41:54 Jul 23, 2018
Fascinating Ways Different Foods Affect You & Cool Life Hacks That Will Save You Time & Money 00:40:03 Jul 19, 2018
The Flawed Psychology of Low Price Shopping & Why You Get Sick and How to Prevent It 00:38:53 Jul 16, 2018
Understanding the Flaws in Your Evolution & The Story Behind Some of the Coolest Toys Ever 00:43:45 Jul 12, 2018
How to Use the Element of Surprise to Be Successful & The Secret to Stopping Bad Breath Forever 00:39:19 Jul 9, 2018
The Mysterious Impact Strangers Have On You & Why You Are Bombarded By So Many Ads 00:42:11 Jul 5, 2018
How Language Affects How You Think & The Fascinating Way Emotions Determine Your Success 00:41:10 Jul 2, 2018
Why You Are Not As Smart As You Think You Are & How Long Can You Reasonably Live? 00:38:22 Jun 28, 2018
Why You Ask for Help All Wrong and How to Do It Right & The Myth of “Expert” Financial Advice 00:42:12 Jun 25, 2018
Scientific Mysteries that Make No Sense At All & How to Stop People From Manipulating You 00:42:25 Jun 21, 2018
How to Be Beautiful and Why it Matters & Small Inventions that Rocked Your World 00:42:54 Jun 18, 2018
What Really Motivates Humans & How to Talk to Anyone About Anything 00:42:39 Jun 14, 2018
How to Unlock Your Creative Genius & The Fascinating Connection Between Health and Happiness 00:44:03 Jun 11, 2018
The Amazing Way Your Body Heals Itself & Why Your Reality is Different Than Mine 00:40:45 Jun 7, 2018
How to Easily Negotiate (Almost) Anything & Why You Need the Rat Race 00:40:28 Jun 4, 2018
Why People Cheat & The Best Advice for People Who Are Too Busy 00:39:25 May 31, 2018
What You Should (and Shouldn't) Do to Your Skin & How to Get Along Better with People at Work 00:39:54 May 28, 2018
How Heredity Works in Your Family & How to Create and Deliver the Perfect Apology 00:42:53 May 24, 2018
The Fascinating Role Music Plays in Your Life & How to Harness the New Power of Online Communities 00:41:50 May 21, 2018
The Art and Benefits of Wasting Time & 45 Billionaires Share Their Secrets to Success 00:38:29 May 17, 2018
Fascinating Science of Food and Cooking & What May Be Wrong with Your Mouth and Teeth 00:42:09 May 14, 2018
How to Stop Being Too Nice Without Being a Jerk & Your Relationship with Television 00:40:40 May 10, 2018
Should You Start Your Own Business? & The Dangers of Medical Myths & Health Misinformation 00:45:46 May 7, 2018
What Your Stuff Reveals About You & How Your Gut Affects Your Mood 00:38:12 May 3, 2018
Why Time Seems to Fly & The Secrets of How Great Teams Work Together 00:39:50 Apr 30, 2018
How You Can Be More Powerful & Elastic Thinking: A Better Way to Solve Problems 00:35:32 Apr 26, 2018
How to Be a Better Risk Taker & Mysteries of Science That Affect Your Life 00:41:08 Apr 23, 2018
How to Sleep Much Better & The Ways Virtual Reality Will Change Your Life 00:42:55 Apr 19, 2018
How to Create Excellence & An Easier Way to Financial Independence 00:38:28 Apr 16, 2018
How Things Do (and Don’t) Become Popular & How to Navigate Difficult Social Situations With Ease 00:42:54 Apr 12, 2018
How Your Money Actually Works & How to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness 00:40:35 Apr 9, 2018
The 5 People Who Will Ruin Your Life (If You Let Them) & How to Make Motivation Work For You 00:44:29 Apr 5, 2018
Real Truth Vs Fake Truth: How to Tell the Difference & The Science of Failure: Why Things Go Wrong 00:43:22 Apr 2, 2018
5 Ways Your Phone Screws Up Your Life & What to Do When Your Whole World Falls Apart 00:44:16 Mar 29, 2018
Secrets of Peak Performance We Can All Use & Fascinating Math You've Always Wondered About 00:40:14 Mar 26, 2018
Best of SYSK Volume 3 00:39:56 Mar 22, 2018
Why Life is Better Than You Think & Why We Swear 00:39:28 Mar 19, 2018
How to Craft a Luckier Life & Why You Tell Yourself Stories That Aren’t True 00:39:57 Mar 15, 2018
The Secrets of Nonverbal Communication & The Fascinating Connection Between Food and Brain Performance 00:43:04 Mar 12, 2018
The Real Reason You Buy What You Buy & How to Have That Difficult Conversation and Still Be Friends 00:42:37 Mar 8, 2018
Why Are Great Innovators So Weird and Quirky? & What You Probably Never Knew About Cats 00:41:03 Mar 5, 2018
Why Complainers Complain and How to Stop Them & Using Games to Accomplish Your Goals 00:41:38 Mar 1, 2018
The REAL Reason Why You Do the Things You Do & Important Etiquette in the 21st Century 00:41:44 Feb 26, 2018
How to Design YOUR Perfect Life & Why Humans Make So Many Irrational Decisions 00:43:26 Feb 22, 2018
How to Deal With Every Jerk You Meet & How to Take Stunning Photos with Your Cellphone 00:42:59 Feb 19, 2018
What it Really Takes To Be a Winner & What to Do About the New Culture of Rudeness 00:39:18 Feb 15, 2018
The Best Way to Find Someone to Love & How to Come Up With Better Ideas 00:37:16 Feb 12, 2018
Forgiveness or Revenge: Which is Better? & How You Spend Money and What it Says About You 00:41:54 Feb 8, 2018
How Your Friends Influence What You Think, Feel and Weigh & Why It’s So Hard to Ask for Help (But Ask Anyway) 00:42:11 Feb 5, 2018
How to Ooze Self-Confidence & The Magic of Doing What You’re Good At 00:42:14 Feb 1, 2018
How to Be Truly Fascinating & What Are You Really Afraid Of? 00:39:57 Jan 29, 2018
A Better Way to Make Your Choices in Life & How to Be Irresistible to the Opposite Sex 00:40:53 Jan 25, 2018
Why Timing REALLY is Everything & Ways to Save on Medication You Never Knew 00:37:55 Jan 22, 2018
What People Really Think About You & Why a Little Dishonesty is Probably Okay 00:40:03 Jan 18, 2018
How to Have a Voice You Love & Proven Money Strategies for Every Day 00:39:40 Jan 15, 2018
Benefits of Being Messy & Household Hacks You WILL Use 00:37:10 Jan 11, 2018
Why You Get Shy (and What to do About It) & A Better Way to Make New Years Resolutions Stick 00:38:39 Jan 8, 2018
How Not to Die & How to Be More Courageous 00:39:09 Jan 4, 2018
Great Ways to Save Money in 2018 & Why You Feel Embarrassment – and How Not To 00:37:13 Jan 1, 2018
Best of Something You Should Know 2017 Vol-2 00:38:41 Dec 28, 2017
Best of Something You Should Know 2017 - Vol 1 00:38:24 Dec 25, 2017
Amazing Ways Genes Affect Your Behavior & The Serious Consequences of Not Asking For What You Want 00:35:57 Dec 21, 2017
How to Make or Break Any Habit Successfully & How to Calm Your Brain to Make You More Intelligent 00:36:10 Dec 18, 2017
The Secret to Achieving Any Goal & Why We Love the Same Christmas Songs Year After Year 00:41:08 Dec 14, 2017
How to Make Your Point So People Get It & Dealing with the Growing Entitlement Mentality 00:40:15 Dec 11, 2017
Proven Ways to Be Instantly Happier Forever & Things About Christmas You Never Knew 00:43:57 Dec 7, 2017
When Knowing Nothing Actually Gives You an Advantage & The Proven Way to Live a Long, Long Life 00:43:00 Dec 4, 2017
What Every Perfectionist Needs to Know & How to Increase Your Fitness Level Fast 00:41:24 Nov 30, 2017
Why It is So Hard For People to Admit When They’re Wrong & The Real Way You Get Promoted at Work 00:37:30 Nov 27, 2017
Why Those Special Moments in Your Life Are So Special & The 5 Numbers You Must Know to Stay Healthy 00:42:09 Nov 23, 2017
The Amazing Benefits of Showing Appreciation & Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs You Probably Never Heard 00:39:49 Nov 20, 2017
Understanding the Flow of Time and How You Perceive It & How to Make Parenting Easier 00:36:15 Nov 16, 2017
How to NOT Be Offended By Things and People You Don’t Agree With & When Owning a Home is Not Always Better Than Renting 00:36:47 Nov 13, 2017
Home Remedies Proven by Science to Work & How to Give a Killer Presentation Every Time 00:41:21 Nov 9, 2017
The Fascinating Difference Between Reality and Your Perception & Why You Have More Resilience Than You Think 00:37:58 Nov 6, 2017
How to Learn Anything Better and Faster & Are People Inherently Good or Evil? 00:40:54 Nov 2, 2017
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