Sister Joan Chittister: The Time is Now

May 26, 2019

Author, activist and Benedictine nun Sister Joan Chittister discusses her newest book, The Time Is Now: A Call For Uncommon Courage. In a powerful conversation, Sister Joan defines what it means to be a prophet in today's modern world and challenges us to combat complacency and apathy in our own lives. She outlines the key steps we can all take to lift America (and the world) out of its current state of polarization and political disarray. Rather than wait for others to solve the problems of inequality, injustice and poverty, Sister Joan explains why it is both our moral and spiritual responsibility to take action ourselves, and make the world a better place for all.  

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I'm Oprah Winfrey welcome to Super Soul conversations the podcast I believe that one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now all right come on in all right may I say you look healthier stronger

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and more vibrant and radiant than you did the last time we sat down here for five years ago well I think you're I think that's right there was something Brewing physically then I was a lot more tired than I realized I'm much healthier now I can feel it and I swim every day you still I was going to ask you where you're leaving this this conversation and you're flying to go to speaking engagement 82 years old what gives you your energy I don't want to be caught

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but it is life you know I live for the Fulfillment of life not just in myself but in others so when I get up in the morning like always have a goal I think purpose is the definition of the life well-lived I believe that so strongly and you've written over 50 books and this one I think is a designed for this moment in time it's called the time

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is now a call to uncommon courage and I can feel from the writing of it that there was something in you that was driven to write this this isn't just a book you're fulfilling because your publisher says we you need time for another book know what happened well what happened is what's happening in the United States I feel very strongly that the country as a country and the globe has a globe is that a crossover moment in time yes

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and I've been dealing with that phrase in my head for four or five years now we are leaving we have already left one form of life that you and I were taught from first grade on and is now disappearing in front of our eyes yes to something new that is new but has no true north yes it has no moral compass it gives us no Direction what it does is shatter everything we've been told

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old all of our Lives could not be shattered and so I get up in the morning and I know my age and I know where I've come from our community of Benedict and women who spent their lives talking to me about the fully human life and I see it I see it dropping out of the grasp of the next-generation I'll tell you the truth Oprah I don't want to go

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go to my grave and on that last sickbed say to myself and you said nothing hmm so I just excited I would write that book throw it out there make that statement about what I think is happening what I think we must do to confront it and then I'll at least know that somehow or other he said it didn't let it go by in silence yes there's too much silence going on in this country yes because you see we've been

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taught that this can't happen to us and so we're waiting for either the vending machine God to save us or this great constitutional structure to to curb its not curbing anything and I think it goes beyond because I think it's easy for the left to blame the right and to say all of this is happening because of the man in office it's easy for the people who are holding the office too

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a oh it's those liberals and the truth is we got here because of all of us yes and we got here on half a paddle I'm arguing that one of the reasons were were in this and don't know how to get out of it is can you describe what we're in yes we're in a complete collapse and crisis of American values well everything we took for granted

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civility which is the basis for the exact for other people yeah it's just common sense Tanner's just common sense battered the whole notion that character is a component of leadership yes we're all functional and pragmatic not as long as it works here for me that's all we need to have to know we are losing a sense of the common good I get up with this thing ringing in my head you know I don't think it's historically true but it's attached if they don't

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Brad let them eat cake only we're saying well let them get a job like I did yes without a single notion that there is a whole body of the population for whom there are no jobs left right or let them find Asylum someplace else that's cool we're yeah we're full we're for full and you know who saying that the Immigrant families who came here yes because they would be

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welcomed because there would be an opportunity for them so I'm saying we're we've lost the rudder yeah and we don't have another so where shall we look for it now it's so interesting because everybody feels this or at least many of the people that I know feel it there are a lot of people whose pocket books have been expanded with our current Administration so they're feeling like what does it matter if my pocketbook looks good yes absolutely yes

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you hear it on as long as the economy stays good everything else can deteriorate around us and we're on the verge of an imperial presidency and it didn't just start here you're dead right yeah this whole notion of government by executive order tears away I was a history teacher you know what it is upsetting to me is that people have gotten lost in trumpism and blaming the current Administration and so it

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allows people to be stalled and also silenced and do nothing because you can just put shift the blame to one person but it is not about one person no it's not about I'm not sure it's about person at all at all be quite Frank I believe that that part of our problem at least lies in the fact that we have lost half the dimension of Christian spirituality we see ourselves as very Christian PS and I believe that I think most of the

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country still defines itself that way that's right they do yes Consciousness in this this is a Christian Nation yes and I suddenly realized who is the Jesus that but we like to follow we love to follow Jesus the Healer makes us feel good yes Jesus was good to women raised little kids from the dead talk to babies fed whole hungry crowds that's who I am that's what I want to do you want we want to follow that Jesus that Jesus

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Jesus yes Jesus the Healer yes but that's half the Christian dispensation you turn Jesus the Healer over and what you find is Jesus the prophet

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this is the Jesus who contended contested confronted and challenge those who were making it necessary to feed the hungry to raise from the dead to give some dignity to we've lost word willing to do that aren't willing and he was speaking up for the underdog that's exactly right but we have lost that whole notion of prophetic spirituality yes I love that

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you start the book with a word about profits so the book which I hope you all will give yourself the time and the sacred moment to explore is called the time is now a call to uncommon courage but this I particularly love the way you started this book is about the prophet in you a world gone badly ask you stands on the cusp between authoritarianism and freedom between Universal compassion and National

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goodness National self-centeredness we have become the I can see it from certainly my point of view the reality television nation that has a reality show going on constantly everywhere in our lives that's exactly right yes it is a world scarred with violence you continue to say institutionalize fraud rapacious human degradation political suppression economic slavery and rampant narcissism we see

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see all around us in can't even it's like it's becoming normative it's so no it's normalized yeah it's normalized it's we're a selfie Nation yeah we're selfish saying America first for the very first time in the history of this country America First in a global world no matter what our development does to anybody else's development we have no criteria apparently that will require

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Suraj to ask what are the effects of our nation on the family of Nations you continue to say it's a world in weight it waits for some wise and wild voices to lead us back to spiritual sanity our world waits for you and me for Spiritual people everywhere to refuse to be pond in the destruction of a global world for the sake of national self-centeredness I just love that phrase it's real

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it's real I mean I think that's a gift that you're giving us to articulated so clearly the only question is will we take up what we know is our moral and spiritual responsibility you say to make the world a better place for all to bring to life the fullness of creation for all to bring about equality safety security and compassion for all that is where the Prophet comes in the prophet is the person who says no to everything that is not of God

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no to the abuse of women no to the rejection of the stranger no to crimes against immigrants no to the rape of the trees no to the pollution of the Skies no to the poisoning of the oceans know to the Despicable destruction of humankind for the sake of more wealth more power more control for a few know even to death that's right that is and and and why is the profit for you

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that is so we're not even when you don't lie expressed terms anymore we're not I don't usually know how bad it is I think it reminds me of the beginning of Elie wiesel's book Night where most of the beetle is coming and trying to warn the people of what's ahead that's and no one can hear it that's no one can hear it no one can hear us so here you are most of the beetle form of sister Joan well trying to tell us

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what's ahead this is the work of the Prophet you see as little kids we learned one thing there was one God

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there was one God now if you really believe that there is only one God then you must believe that that one God is communicating these messages in all languages in all terms to all colors and all dialects everywhere we're getting the same message about human Unity about care for one another and yet at the same time we're tone-deaf except the prophet

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stays sensitive to those words there's one God who Wills good for us all and that God Wills me to be part of that goodness for all therefore I have to step up I have to step up I have to have to get into the human conversation I have to participate in the conversation that's going on in this country right now about every poll tells us every single poll says the majority of

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Americans say we're on the wrong road we're not going in the right direction the majority of Americans yes but they're saying it silently they're saying it quietly we need to begin to insist that this become our national conversation or internationally we're already dead we have gone from outstanding and stunning National country to average and now I travel a lot

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averaging almost every everything about yes yeah and further except except our armies yes Saul what's up Saul military where I go around the world it's perfectly clear that we are becoming irrelevant we don't even claim to be the leader of the Free World anymore because subconsciously we know we're not

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you say on the very first page even for the table of contents we need to reclaim our own moral compass has a people we have a spiritual obligation to reshape a world run amok with a world around us cracking at the seams and America in a state of polarization and political disarray this book sets out to answer the most serious questions of them all how do we really get out of the swamp we're in so tell us how do we get out of this this is the real swamp we're all in the swamp oh where am I

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just in Washington DC well I really believe it's the recovery in the swamp because we've lost our moral way that's right we have no true north we have no true no I don't know where we're going or why we're going there we have no Criterion on which to evaluate our own position and so can you share with with our audience what that ultimately means when you don't have a moral Center you don't have a compass you don't have a true north regardless of what it looks like I

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everybody thinks oh it's bad for a lot of people it's bad for those people at the border but I'm going to be okay we're going to be okay because the economy is gray however when any institution upon which we depend begins to look like it's shaking in the wind or no longer The Refuge that we took it to be even if we're not sure why two emotions arise in a group

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she impassivity so even the people who know that they're doing well right now yeah are also afraid that maybe tomorrow the next shoe is going to drop absolutely so there was a low-level anxiety anxiety yeah and nobody gets hysterical yeah nobody rushes to the streets yes very few people speak up even to their families because we're all we were trained to be nice we were never trained to be good we're very gentle

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healed but we are not prophetic we are not honest so what you get over here is the passivity that comes out of anxiety on expressed and that passivity leads to the silence that we're seeing now everybody knows that there's a storm coming from the north but maybe it won't hit here hmm so we Dre sister Joan preach that is

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God knows that's the truth we just true I needed and I made up my mind this you know I don't know how much time is left in my own life but I had to get this said so that it could be clear and at least it would be out there some way somebody saying stop not only are we going in the wrong direction we have simply abandoned the right direction and the right direction is

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where we came from we came from civility we came from a carrier for common good we came from compassion We Came as a democratic Nation with the honor of compromise and now we have a congress without conscience they won't even lean across the aisle we have we have partisanship tearing us apart and embedded in our very National

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rain work that's very recent that starts with Newt Gingrich and Denny hastert and they institutionalized partisanship Denny hastert told his party that he would not take a bill on the floor in which he was not sure that they already had a majority of Republican votes before they walked in

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he wasn't going to allow amendments and compromise and any kind of give and take we don't have a Congress that is committed now to the common good they're committed to party power both of them both sides both sides I'm not talking about us sighs yeah I'm talking about an attitude the prophetic spirituality is this contrary attitude and the contrary attitude is not a set

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of specific pietistic well-meaning Good Feeling religious Little Axe okay so prophetic spirituality Daniel Bergen one of the prophets of our time you write about in your beautiful book who decried the Vietnam War and turned that into a lifelong path to peace for many said this the prophet is one who speaks the truth to a culture of lies and while saying no the prophet also says

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yes yes to equal rights for all yes to alleviating suffering yes to embracing the different yes to who God Made You Yes to life and that's what prophetic spirituality is is being able to step up to that and it is sensitivity to that will of God for all not just for America for all for all of us the one God wishes us all well I now have a moral spiritual responsibility the one God by whatever name you do whatever

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don't care yeah I don't care and I don't think he it she cares no absolutely not no no not at all so the time is now for us to get ourselves out of the swamp how do we begin to do that it's not so difficult I'm not requiring anybody or even assuming that anybody should rush to the streets with placards but I do think they should begin to become aware of what's going

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going on around them how do you do that let's say that there's a Bill in Congress how unusual on Medical Care yes how about that well we'll just guess it that that someday we might concern about be concerned about medical care right and so when I know that that bill is there and coming yes I need to begin to study that's a very first thing Isaiah did the biblical prophet Isaiah was completely rejected by his Society the most militaristic period

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Hebrew history and he couldn't get their attention so did he call that a loss know he withdrew he gathered groups around him and he began to study and to prepare them we have to study the legislation we have to call our family together call the club together call the neighbor together seven of you five of you and say what are the implications of this if this bills goes through who will be affected who will be advantage

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goodbye who will be disadvantaged by it and then we have to magnify our voices I tell people all the time have you sent five dollars to save the whales lately if you haven't don't complain to me about the the loss of the Waters of the oceans or the destruction of them get attached find your concern right you pick a cause I say any cause God I don't care there's nowhere you can turn

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that there isn't it's all coming into the same place yes all of it all coming into the same place and you write about our fear to risk this is on page 31 our fear of not being popular you say there is risk to every life those who risk nothing risk much more the talmud teaches while we keep our heads down our mouths closed our public reputations on blotted thanks to the silence we keep in the face of great public issues of the day pillars of society Road

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road in front of us the called to discern the difference between what is Holy and what is simply unpopular between what is and what should be is of the essence of the good life I think now it's like people are afraid to speak up because you you won't get as many likes you will be blasted on Twitter you will be called out you know I recently spoke up for something I believed in and now all over Twitter people are like she's a snake she's a snake she's just

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so to stand up for what you believe to be the truth and believe to be right you take a big risk particularly in the world of social media if you and I we're Greek philosopher yes and we were sitting here together and third Century BC yes we would be talking about the development of the human conversation human discourse as you have just described it it's over it's over it's all down to 60

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444 little characters yes that allow you to disrespect another person's ideas or situation you can't make a conversation out of what you said on in this public media as we know it so when I see the attempts of some people yes to clean up Facebook for instance right I'll say it in public because it's in every headline and rightly so suddenly the more

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attention the more division the more hatred you can spew the higher your ratings whatever happened to our souls of right yeah when you're saying here in the time is now is that we have lost sight of our souls is what you're really saying and so important because no one is calling that out well here's another thing that's blocking us subconsciously our pride as a nation and I don't misunderstand quite

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brightly is the separation of church and state but it has become now the separation of mind and soul the whole notion that part of my Spiritual Development lies in my analysis of the effect of my Society on everything around me is the measure of my moral value right in this Society we love to talk about living as Jesus lived but what we

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I mean by that apparently is living as Jesus lived in the first century rather than living as Jesus would be living in this Century live as Jesus would live in this Century preach sister Joan yes and I love what you say about the people who claim to be pro-life their Pro birth their Pro Birthday and I'll tell you why I know because they don't want any tax money to going to feeding that

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child educating that child housing that child I say want you to be born yeah just get bored just get bored and after that you're on your own that's right we have no this is what I don't understand the people who claim to be pro-life are also for tearing children from their mother's arms at the border because it takes presents not good for the child yeah good for them at that moment yeah at that moment that's going to come back and bite you bite them Oprah you can't sin like that in public as a people and

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not pee in your you know the the you are going to continue the thought because people think okay it's alright for me to do or think this you and I know that the that spiritual law is also physical law what's going out is coming back you cannot get away from it the 13th century Mystic Julian of Norwich everybody everybody quotes her song and All Shall be well and all shall be well and all o manner the only thing they don't realize is that that wasn't the

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a sentence that is the last part of the sentence if you read the entire sentence in her 13th showing yes she says we must understand that God does not punish sin hang on God does not punish Sin Sin punishes sin think about it yes if Pride as your sin then you will never have enough adulation on the on the globe to be satisfied with if lust is your sin

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you will never have enough sex enough enough men enough women to fill up your sense of physical power if anger is your sin you'll die from the ulcers that that burn inside you because you're always angry God does not punish Sin Sin punishes sin this is going to bite the heels out of us Oprah this attitude of self-centeredness is going to come back and get us because self-centeredness

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this simply destroys itself well I've never heard it put that way before that people are not as much pro-life as they are pro birth which is true if you don't want to spend the money in order to take care of the children once in children a year why don't you want to spend the money because you want the tax break you want the tax break you don't want to pay for education in this country that's going to come back and bite us because people can't afford it anymore and we're going to pretty soon be without a level of intellectual

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ISM in this country that can bring us beyond all of these issues but it boils down to again your beautiful articulation of national self-centeredness what God has to hear how did we lose our way or does it even matter at this moment how we got here

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well we got here because we have managed to keep the population happy without educating them to the under issues look at this year's proposed budget the profits of budget reform will tell you that we are about to balance the national Budget on the backs of women and children

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no women and children are non-existent on an accountant's sheet we don't have any of those there we have income outcome and profit right so once you take this bottom part of humanity and you deny women childcare hey guess whose profits go up deny children education guess whose profits go up

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deny your 80 year old mother a pill she can afford guess whose profits go up we started there this is where it comes from this whole notion that the successful person is is the person who can sustain themselves without caring for anybody else mmm you say on page 46 the pressure to be quiet because that's what's happening it's the silenced people

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the people not speaking up and we see this from Congress to our very own neighborhoods right the pressure to be quiet to let other people the politicians the neighbors the experts say how we feel about things is very effective and then on page 54 you say it's finding the courage to utter the first word of Truth in public that takes all the strength we can muster it's learning to say quietly unequivocally I think differently about that I think

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we're kind of when you talk about silence and and that the courage it takes to say I think differently about that I think that shouldn't take courage that should be part of the soul of humanity waiting to hear the insights of someone else's soul but but you see how quickly we responded as a people to we're going to win and win until you're sick of winning we're not here to win we're here to grow we're here to do

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develop we're here we're here to leave the world a better place when we go because we've been here and you only do that through civil discourse and you only do that when everybody wins right whenever and you've only you're winning nobody else can win you and I could sit here in front of a good poker table and we could put an issue on the table and and we may find the more we talked that gee I never thought of it that way or no no I don't think

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that's going to work okay tell me why you think it's civil discourse takes us into the heart of something so that we can come out of it with more heart and more mind which is we had before which is one of the beautiful reasons and rewards for me all those years during the Oprah show and why I continue to have these conversations is to create those moments where I love that when that happens I love it when happens to me and I love it when it happens to someone else I never thought of it that way before when you get to the I never thought

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thought of it that way before my mind gets to open up get to expand a little bigger my heart gets more open I never thought of it that way before well you look at yourself in the mirror and you say who grew me like this when they say Oprah how did you get where you are the answer is I listen to you yes I listen to everything already voices yes yes yes and I became a bigger grander better person because of it did you know I look at Yama I hope I'm allowed to say this

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because it's so it's so meaningful and Syria's for me you realize I'm going to go back if you and I were back in the 3rd Century we'd be sitting on the porch of one of the Greek temples and we would be talking about what do you think beauty is what is kindness what is love what is a government we would be using one another to flesh out this this the facet of this diamond of life we don't do that anymore

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more we fight we fight everything everything is an angry disputation I'm right you're wrong as a result you might do philosopher's have the only good program that we've ever had you have shaved thought in this nation for years but at the same time we're so we're so divided we're segmented where we

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not see that's why I talk about the separation of mind and soul yes you can talk about anything in your mind and you can get away with it but you cannot say a spiritual idea and where it came from and have anybody listen with respect in this country it's true it's true and I think you're right this show is one of the only places I know where people have a discourse about ideas that are related to the soul

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that's a hand to the heart I'm trying to expand that so thank you for that acknowledgement you write about how moral decisions impact our spirituality on page 60 you say we're in a moral moment again every moment is a moral moment because every moment involves a decision the point is that we cannot now stop asking these questions and be authentically spiritual it's a moral moment it's a moral man yeah and every moral moment demands a choice which is why I talked very early in the book I think yeah you

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the book that is we have a choice choice yes we have a choice have a choice yes and every great moral moment gives you three opportunities and you can see the very clearly in our society the first kind of choice is the choice that says Nami I'm not getting into that and let them handle it that's not my problem I'm out of here I got the kids and the horses and the ponies and the racetrack I don't just grab footage in the pool and the

► 00:33:45

car and it is all the things that have yeah I don't get into that political stuff right that's your first choice is to ignore it and go your own way as if you really are an independent member of society and Humanity your second possible choice is to is to just you can roll over you can succumb you see sister Joan that's the way it is now it's just different now I'm not talking about going back to the 19th century for God's sake what would be good about that I'm talking about

► 00:34:15

making the 21st century a glowing growing moment for everybody that's all I want however the person who makes the choice to roll over says let them do it I'm sure it'll all come out all right that's what they said in 1939 there was too much silence in 1939 and it wrecked all of Europe we're sitting in a cesspool of Silence instead

► 00:34:45

said of getting in to the National conversation because only a moral National conversation can bring us through to another level of political Humanity as well as spiritual Humanity which is your third choice your third choice is to deal with it study it develop it form a group join a group support something say I this is how I

► 00:35:15

I want to do my part in this development yeah get engaged in some way can you ge you say on page 99 of the time is now after we've said our prayers and check the news shaking our heads over it and turned off the TV commentators and despair and discussed which I hear so many people talking about we suddenly remember someone who needs the help we've just read about then we ask ourselves what we really stand for and what we've done to prove it

► 00:35:45

it at that moment we either become prophets or simply churchgoers and that is the ultimate question the question we all must answer and you what are you going to do about it it's actually helpful Oprah it's exempt complex yeah this is a wake-up call for me I mean I read this and I thought gee I am not doing enough I am not doing enough I am not doing enough that and you're going to see you

► 00:36:15

change even with me I'm telling you I was so moved by this book and so proud of you for having the courage to tell us how we are headed for real despair there right and real trouble we are in trouble America we are in trouble serious trouble and everybody talks about it in the pundits and what bothers me so is that the left and the right are equally hysterical and

► 00:36:45

doing absolutely nothing nothing we need a political moment where they sit down and have just one weekly conversation on what are we here for and what can we do what can we do yes I know I've turned off the news because it's just ridiculous well you're at the point where you know that if I say this sentence to a republican yes that fire starts if I say this sentence to a Democrat the other Firestar

► 00:37:15

it's killing us it's going to burn this country to dust and so where do we begin I love the turning off the cuz everybody's had that moment use I don't watch the news particularly at night but you shake your head and you think somebody ought to do something and then you get in bed and you forget about it that was a real moment for me yeah I didn't even realize that that sentence a gotten into the book but I did teach history as a young sister was teaching high school and I loved it and the kids loved it we was storytelling

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oh it was great so I've been kind of a news freak yes all my life huh and now I see this moment happening around me and I'm out with these wonderful groups of people and I have discovered two things you either don't dare say one word because it will split this thing right down the middle instead of opening a conversation that is grasping people thought isn't even in their own families even though your family's you can't even bring it up no no Thanksgiving is

► 00:38:15

fraught then yes ever been in history yes and then you find yourself without a country without a home without a planet and I began to hear people say I don't watch the news anymore I just can't take it it's too much makes me nervous I get tense and I said there it is Joan nobody is discussing anything and discussing it has become debating it and debating it has become winner lose

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and so here we are your only debating it to prove that I'm right that's right yes and I'm simply saying to people would you pick this stuff up would you read it seriously and if you're not a reader would you find somebody who is who sit down bring five people together say what is going on here how can we help what do we need to do get in to the public conversation yeah that is what you're saying the time is now to do and if you don't

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this moment is going to pass Us by and the moment is going to get worse well we're on the verge of an emperor right now how much further how many more years do you think we can go relieving ourselves of the responsibility to check on our own Representatives Senators local Commissioners everybody there for us what are they doing what did they do in the township what did it do do and all the silences because people just want to keep their jobs they

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I want to be more but they're more interested in being popular than they actually are in serving the public and they think if they speak their own truth they will no longer have the position I was just going to say it is a popularity in the truest sense of the emotional meaning it's keep my job they start running for the position the day after they have to write they're just trying to keep it all they do yes that's right that's all they do is run for public office yes

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well you are saying it you are saying I was going to say if you could say anything to you know the people in government now but it's not the people in government it's actually us it's us and what I would want to say to us his clear we're at a transition moment it's obvious I started with that the world as I grew up in at the world that taught me is is no longer with us where's where we are facing now this Misty gray what happens on the other

► 00:40:42

side of this bridge we will build we will either build or not bill yeah what we want to have happened we have got to begin to press for not in any angry way but in an obvious and open and loving what you encourage us to do is to use anger as a holy moment yes I see anger is Grace I'm a woman don't tell me not to be angry about the suppression of women everywhere all colors

► 00:41:12

all languages all places I know what women are living in and I wouldn't give up that anger for anything it's fuel it will keep me going in behalf of women 10 inches away from the edge of the Grave I will not stop because we need without that anger we're losing half the human race yes we have half the human race deciding what the other half should do well you must also be very angry about how the Catholic church in particular has treated

► 00:41:42

women how the Catholic church has looked at know their abuse moving people from diocese to dies you must be very angry about that well I can't I can't tell you I mean that's that's just almost without there are no words for that how do I deal with it I see the institution and its 2,000 year history yes mottled I mean this this this institution split 400 years ago over exactly that kind of stuff and then I see the

► 00:42:12


► 00:42:14

and I know I was raised in this institution that had kept the Jesus story for me for that I'll always be grateful and that's what I want for the church and I will keep pressing for it in the church and no it is not fully Alive there yet and has been disgraced in many ways but this story drives me on this Jesus story and now what will the whole Jesus the whole Jesus not just what you what you left us here with today and I thought so

► 00:42:44

profound is a lot of people want to follow the healing Jesus yeah I'm not the Jesus that encompasses and opens himself itself the Christ self to every living human being Jesus the prophet Jesus the prophet one the one who confronted those who were oppressing any part of church or Society in his time fearlessly the virtual life you speak of unpaid 70 resonates so authentically with me you say in this

► 00:43:14

our we watch con men Define themselves as wealthy when their accountants know that they owe more than they could ever pay we watch politicians posturing from one interview to the next pretending to have answers though nothing changes for the people they serve we see television personalities posing as experts as if they really had the influence with which they are being credited we watch bureaucrats and big cars pretending to be important what

► 00:43:44

it that is really real is all of life virtual now seldom actual always part scam part Play Still the world goes on yearning for the genuine

► 00:44:00

so beautifully said and so as we yearn for the genuine each of us has to look for that within our own selves and step up to what you call uncommon courage uncommon Courage the courage we're not seeing now that that's simple honest truthful sincere moment when I'm able to say I think differently about that

► 00:44:27

this is to jump thank you so much you God bless you for this sermon this morning well thank you for the sermon

► 00:44:35

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