Mark Wahlberg

Oct 30, 2018

We officially feel bad for Jason Witten. (3:14 - 7:12) NFL Trade deadline and a bunch of people make some Ha-Ha Clinton Dix jokes. (7:13-19:13) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Big Cat goes to Jury Duty. (19:14-34:40) Mark Wahlberg joins the show to talk about his new movie, his sports fandom, leaving the Super Bowl early, Entourage and new Entourages we can pitch him + whether or not he used a stunt cock in Boogie Nights. (36:48-1:03:51) Segments include Lebron Blames, (1:08:01-1:11:29) Kings stay Kings for Skip Bayless,(1:11:29-1:13:42) Hurt or Injured Big Ben, (1:13:43-1:15:15) Hot in the streets Cardi B vs Nikki Minaj, (1:15:16-1:19:12) and Guys on Chicks (1:19:13-1:26:05) 

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