Dallas Braden And Blake Bortles

Oct 29, 2017

Before we get to a full recap of one the craziest World Series games ever, NFL Week 8 and the fastest 2 minutes (2:02 - 6:58). Who's Back of the Week and Football Guy of the Week (6:58 - 20:17). Former MLB Pitcher and co-host of the Starting 9 podcast Dallas Braden joins the show to recap an insane Game 5 of the World Series (20:17 - 37:34). Jacksonville Jaguars starting Quarterback Blake Bortles joins the show for the return of the Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club (topics are Halloween and Jaguars). Segments include Grumors for the heightened Jon Gruden coaching Rumors, Hmmmm for the Oklahoma City plane incident, Talking Soccer, Protect the Shield for Roger Goodell maybe losing his job, and thoughts and prayers for Jim McElwain being fired at Florida. 

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