49ers Joe Staley + Mike McGlinchey And Football Guy Of The Week Returns

Sep 3, 2018

The Bears are back. We break down the Khalil Mack trade and what John Gruden was thinking (2:27 - 12:02). College Football Week 1, is Harbaugh on the hot seat, should the Turnover chain be permanently retired, is Texas back, and shout out to all the LSU haters (12:02 - 23:19). Football guy of the week makes its return with nominees including Tom Herman and the LSU FB (23:19 - 29:12). Whos back of the week (29:12 - 35:22) . 49ers O-Lineman Joe Staley and Mike McGlinchey join the show to talk about all the 49ers head coaches in the past decade, what it was like for Mike to get drafted in the top 10 overall, Jimmy G, and the 49ers upcoming season (35:22 - 75:02). Segments include Respect the Biz for Nick Saban going crazy in his postgame interview, As a white guy what should we do with our Nike shoes, and Monday Readings, Did the Buffalo Bills make Timothy McVeigh a domestic terrorist? 

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