Carlos Boozer + We Created MJvsLebron.Net

May 10, 2018

Blake Bortles is a hero and also leaves his car unlocked with the keys and his wallet inside, but he's a hero (2:57 - 6:33). The Conference Final matchups are set in Hockey and Basketball and we preview both plus PFT gives his final update on the thing he needs to do but won't do (6:33 - 16:11). We've created our next huge moneymaker,, the one stop shop for all MJ vs Lebron debates where you can run our high tech algorithm to find out who is the GOAT once and for all (16:11 - 24:32). Former NBA Player and National Champion Carlos Boozer joins the show to talk about his career in Basketball and playing in this year's Big 3, the time he spray painted his head, the time he punched a ref in the balls, and the time Prince rented his LA mansion and changed everything inside (24:32 - 56:51). Stay Woke is Marlins Man about to become President Trump's lawyer. Well Actually for Darren Rovell. Take Quake, Steve Rosenbloom thinks Roquan Smith should be blamed for getting his car broken into, and listener FAQ's 

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