Dana White

Oct 15, 2017

Fastest 2 Minutes in Football for Week 6 ( 2:24 - 7:16). We have recency bias on which teams are good in the NFL and playoff baseball talk (7:16 - 22:59). Who's Back of the Week (22:59 - 38:40). Football Guy of the Week featuring Will Muschamp putting his face in fire (28:30 - 36:46). UFC President Dana White joins the show to talk about Mayweather/McGregor, what it's like to promote a fight, why he has a girl's name, and upcoming UFC 217 (36:46 - 64:30). Segments include Trouble in Paradise for the Browns, Grumors with Jon Gruden in Knoxville, Talking Soccer, and Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules for the Patriots/Jets ending.

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