The Caps Are Stanley Cup Champions, Dan Haren and Belmont Picks With Randy Moss

Jun 7, 2018

The Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup Champions. PFT went to Game 5 and we recorded the show immediately after the game with his thoughts from Vegas (2:27 - 10:27). Ovi raising the Cup, TJ Oshie talking about his father, and all the moments from a historic night (10:27 - 16:08). NBA Finals talk and Kevin Durant had the scowl of the Century. Julian Edelman got popped for PED's but he's our friend so we don't believe it (16:08 - 23:22). One of our oldest recurring guests, Dan Haren, joins the show to talk baseball, Hank's theory about the seams being raised being true, and the time he tried to impress Kobe into shooting around with him at the gym (23:22 - 51:16). Randy Moss joins the show to give us his Belmont Picks and tell us who you should be betting on as Justify tries to win the Triple Crown (51:16 - 61:16). Segments include Stay Woke, Uhhh Ya Think for Nick Saban, and listener Roasts. 

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