Northwestern Head Football Coach Pat Fitzgerald And Brain Dump Friday

Apr 12, 2018

The Stanley Cup Playoffs have started and the Washington Capitols are dead (2:27 - 8:59). NBA Playoffs start Saturday and we do knee jerk picks for each series (8:59 - 15:17). Brain Dump Fridays including a fake Chik Fil A to make people buy from our real Chik Fil A and Big Cat thinks he can go viral singing Cardi B songs (15:17 - 28:20) . Northwestern Head Football Coach Pat Fitzgerald joins the show to talk about being a Football Guy, the new Northwestern facilities, the hardest place to play in the Big Ten, and why his hashtag game needs work (28:20 - 57:34). Segments include Way to stay Relevant for baseball brawls making a huge comeback, Protect the shield for Colin Kaepernick, Done or Finished Billy Mitchell, and Hmmm because Bill Belichick named his dog Nike. 

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