Blake Bortles + A Wild Week 14

Dec 9, 2018

Week 14 fastest 2 minutes (2:41 - 8:05). A wild sunday in the NFL with the Miami Miracle, 6 last place teams winning outright, the Steelers falling apart, the Bears dominating the Rams, and Patrick Mahomes is an absolute Wizard (8:05 - 12:02). The Cowboys have the NFC East on lock but is that a good thing knowing Dak and Jason Garrett will get extensions? (12:02 - 27:43) Kyler Murray wins the Heisman and Whos back of the Week (27:43 - 50:09). Blake Bortles joins the show and talks about this season with the Jaguars, how he found out they were probably going to cut him, and we reconvene the Wikipedia Club with topics Poison Dart Frogs and Sports Comebacks (50:09 - 72:24). Segments include Sabermetrics, Seeing Red, Way to stay relevant Baseball, and a Monday Reading about a married woman inviting her boyfriend into their home with her husband's permission.

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