WWE Champ The Miz + Guest Host Tryout with TE George Kittle

Apr 4, 2019

PFT is about to board a 16 hour flight to Hong Kong with no WiFi but he's totally not freaking out. Final Four preview as Hank and Big Cat get ready for their trip to Minneapolis. (2:00-12:57) Former WWE Champ The Miz joins the show to talk about his career, being on Real World, fighting the Undertaker and an all time Vince McMahon story. (16:06-40:50) Segments include respect the stripes, (42:48-45:07) Fyre Fest of the week - the AAF, (45:08-50:55) Big Cat asks a very important question, (50:56-56:06) FAQ's (56:07-1:05:06) and an emergency guest host tryout in case PFT dies on his flight, 49ers TE George Kittle(1:05:07-1:13:07).

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