Andrew Siciliano and Scott Hanson

Sep 7, 2017

The NFL has finally kicked off and the Patriots are possibly done and maybe finished. Is Skinny Andy Reid a coaching savant? (2:06 - 10:36) Lenny Dykstra hit on Lena Dunham on twitter so we called our old friend to say whats up (10:36 - 13:31). Andrew Siciliano from Direct TV Red Zone channel joins the show to talk about hosting non stop NFL Sunday action, how he prepares for the madness, and his ears (he made us talk about this, we did not bring it up on our own) (13:31 - 28:21). We also had Scott Hanson host of the NFL Red Zone on the show to talk about his approach to all the NFL action, the Quad Box, and whether or not he pees during NFL Sundays (28:21 - 49:25). Segments include the debut of "Depressing Jags Stat Of The Week", Kings Stay Kings for Andy Reid eating 3 steaks at dinner, Let's Get Serious with Craig Carton, Talking Tennis and Jimbos Of The Week.

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