Kate Fagan and Billy Football

Aug 17, 2017

Billy Football's final day of his summer internship. Lebron James is leaving Cleveland. We give Billy his summer end intern evaluation(6:40-20:12). New York Times Best Seller and Around The Horn HoFer Kate Fagan joins the show to talk about her new book, what it's like working on Around The Horn, her Mt Rushmore of cookies and the Mt Rushmore of college mascots(21:30-50:19). Segments include connect the dots(52:56-56:01-), fuck that for the NFLwork stoppage in 4 years(56:05-58:10), let's get serious about statues and monuments(58:11-1:02:20), and hank hot in the streets(1:01:23-1:03:35). We conclude the episode with the finale of Higher Education with Billy Football(1:03:35-1:17:10).

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