Curt Schilling

Apr 6, 2017

Masters weekend and Dustin Johnson is the lead story after he fell down his staircase and withdrew from the completion. We read the best theories on what actually happened to DJ ( 2:50 - 11:58). NBA talk and Lebron is winning the East again (11:58 - 19:45). Curt Schilling joins the show to talk about the "negotiating with dummies" book he read while talking contracts with Theo Epstein, evolution, whether or not we've triggered him into a safe space, and some locker room talk with Lenny Dykstra (19:45 - 43:28). Segments include Uhhh Hey JJ, Fair Play for Speak Yourself stealing our Lebron Blames segment. Well that makes sense for Georgetown having a nepotism claus. Thoughts and prayers to Adam Schefter, PR 101 for the Reds prospect caught doing cocaine on snapchat and Jimbos of the week.

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