Mike Singletary and Lance Briggs

Feb 21, 2017

Larry II has died (2:57 - 9:11). NBA trade talk, Boogie Cousins and Jimmy Butler (9:11 - 15:13). Bachelor talk for guys who don't watch the Bachelor (15:13 - 17:20). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (17:20 - 26:35). Super Bowl Champion Mike Singletary joins the show to talk about football, Bear Weather, and Buddy Ryan (26:35 - 42:30). Lance Briggs joins the show to talk about driving Lambos, playing in the Super Bowl, and Marc Trestman (42:30 - 55:53). Segments include Magical Tweets for Magic Johnson, Kings Stay Kings for the fat Sutton United goalie, Spinzone for Cedric Benson, As a straight guy, and sorry not sorry.

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