I Ain't Made It.. But I Got A Few Dollars ( 85 South Show Interview and more)

Oct 23, 2018

Tuesday 10/23 - Today on the show we had our guys from the 85 south show, DC Young Fly, Chico Bean and Karlous Miller. They spoke about their show and got to the bottom of Karlous missing from Wild n Out. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Caitlyn Jenner for not keeping the same energy about supporting Trump after new policies affecting the recognition of transgender people. Also, Charlamagnes book "Shook One" came out today, which he talks all about overcoming anxieties , so we opened up the phone lines to see what type of anxiety our listeners have.  Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers

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