40: The Science of Hunger and Body Love with Celebrity Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque

Apr 16, 2018

On today’s episode of Dais I’m talking with Holistic Nutritionist, Celebrity Health Coach and author of the best selling book “Body Love”, Kelly LeVeque. Guided by a practical and always optimistic approach, Kelly helps clients (including me!) improve their health, achieve their goals and develop sustainable habits to live a healthy and balanced life. Kelly’s sharing her scientific approach to food and shines a light on why you shouldn't be hungry to be healthy. Show Notes: Book: Body Love By Kelly LeveQue (https://amzn.to/2EIMd9z) More info about Kelly: Holistic Nutritionist, Celebrity Health Coach and Best Selling Author of the book Body Love All social is @bewellbykelly hello@bewellbykelly.com FAB FOUR SMOOTHIE RECIPE: http://bewellbykelly.com/bewellsmoothie/

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one of the coolest things that I get to see as part of my job is the manifestation of the product or products that I dreamed up and created and figured out how to do like so many of you as a business owner you get these ideas in your head and it is incredible to get to watch them come to fruition and I started dreaming about one of our most

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most popular products the start today Journal I started dreaming about this a couple of years ago I had been doing this daily practice based on several different people I had heard about several different things and I kind of put them together into one daily practice which was every single day I wrote down the dreams I had for my life but I wrote them as if they had already happened there's something really powerful about claiming a goal as if it's already done

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and I wrote down every day and it was how I set my intentions and then I would post about it on social and so many people are like what are you doing what is that where do I get that journal and I was like guys it's not a journal it's just a notebook I'm just writing down the same thing every single day but what I think is interesting as business owners or creators is often times in fact most of the time your audience will tell you what it wants from you and I kept pushing

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it off because I was like you guys this is not a big deal but it was and people kept asking for it and I finally just thought what if I turn this into a product and I started to dream and plan and I literally taped pictures to the wall of my office of what I dreamed that my journal would look like and the intention behind it and I wanted the covers to be really pretty and I wanted it to be something that you could do once a quarter and then as you completed each Journal you'd have a stack of this evidence of how intense

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you were about your life and we figured it out and I mean you know sometimes we messed up on the shipping and sometimes we messed up on the interior but we failed our way to where we are today which is the started a journal in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people it's so incredible such a blessing for me to be able to go on Instagram and see hashtag start today journal and see people

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all over the world using this practice as a way to aim in the direction of their dreams so if you are not familiar and you want to check it out you can go over to the Hollis code.com forward slash shop and find out all about my favorite practice turned my favorite product and if you're not in the market to buy remember that episode 72 of this podcast gives you the exact step-by-step so that you can do it

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whatever notebook you have laying around for free you don't have to buy a product but you should be doing this daily practice it will literally literally change your life

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you guys after months of waiting and a year of writing my new book girl wash your face is finally out in the world I want to thank you so much every single one of you who has bought the book on e-book or a physical copy or on audio your support means the world to me and if you are listening to my podcast and you haven't yet bought the book you're dead to me now I'm totally

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only kidding but I am serious about how important this book is I keep talking about it because I sincerely believe there are tools in it that can help change your life so if you have the $16 I want you to go buy it right now because you love your power Rach and if you don't head to the library or borrow it from a friend but if you care enough to listen here you're going to love the wisdom inside of this book girl wash your face I promise you will not be sorry you did

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never live your life towards a destination like it's got to be about the journey

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welcome to the dais podcast my name is Rachel Hollis and I've built a multimillion-dollar media company with a high school diploma and a Google search bar each week we'll share direct tangible advice or inspiring interviews with the same intention these are the tools to change your life

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Kelly I'm so excited to have you on the show today mostly because I just am slightly obsessed with you and follow your every move in life but also because I talk about you and I talk about your book so much on Instagram and an Instagram stories that it felt like super obvious that I needed to have you on so everybody can learn from your wisdom so thank you so much well I'm so excited to be here and thank you for the free advertising of course of course

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um so if people are not already familiar with you and what you do what you give them a back story and tell them what you're up to today sure so I started my Consulting business be well by Kelly in 2012 as a side hustle and then finally in September of 2015 I took it full time so I left a corporate career in cancer in genetics so always in the health and wellness biology space to really

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just work with clients one-on-one so I see somewhere between I'm trying to slow my schedule down but somewhere between six and eight clients a day and it could be anyone from someone with autoimmune disease to actors and actresses getting ready for movie roles to a bride getting ready for her big day or someone post baby really the types of clients that I see are pretty endless I would say the majority of the people that follow me and majority of people I work with are women but I do have a small like 10% of my practice

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is dedicated to men and athletes and you know guys in business and all of that as well so not to leave them out and then in January 2016 I got a book deal with harpercollins right body love and that came out in June of 2017 so only you know not even been out for a year and I'm really proud of it I'm really excited and I just actually just got a second book deal so my second book will come out January of 2019

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so yeah so I'm writing a book I'm seeing clients I'm going to try and catch up with you and have a bunch of babies yes yes absolutely yeah otherwise just a bit living in West LA doing my thing all the things so I will tell listeners who just because I want them to know this is a lot of times I'm interviewing guess who I think have really excellent wisdom to share about business or tips that they can offer you are someone that I look to for

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or what to eat like I'm going to I'm just going to tell the story so I listened to a million podcast that's why I wanted to have my own I was listening to Lois house and I got to be honest when I saw the description I was like I don't really I don't know why I would need to hear a nutritionist talk to me about food I feel like I've got this down I've spent the last I don't know decade going from a size you know 12 14 to a size 4 and I felt really good about

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what I knew how to eat but at the time I was really struggling with energy level like I would just crash I was consuming so much coffee to try and keep myself awake and then I would have to take melatonin or something like that to get myself to sleep super unhealthy and I listen to you and I encourage everybody to go listen to that interview on Lewis house and I'm sure you have a million more but it's so insightful and helpful in there were so many things that you said that to me even though I had never heard them before just felt very

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obvious that like I know like I had never had someone simplify it for me like I love The Fab Four will you explain sort of your philosophy on food and consuming it I don't even know if that's something you can simplify into a little tiny bucket but will you explain kind of what I heard that day like your approach to food and the idea of not snacking the idea of eating to stay satiated like all that good stuff sorry I'm way too excited about this

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you know clearly there's there's a lot to be shared so I just want to preface this with my clients do not count calories they do not count macros this is not about what you cannot eat or shouldn't eat this is about what you should be eating I think it's positively reinforcing and My Philosophy is the things that you should eat to elongate your blood sugar curve and I'm going to explain what that means basically making your meals last long for you fuel for you you know be fuel for you for four to six

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hours and really make it so that you're not hungry as that's really important to me what I was Finding is you know my clients are going to snack you know they're going to go do the drive-bys through their kitchen pantry if they're hungry and and also there are going to feel more hungry if they're crashing a lot with blood sugar absolutely yeah and I will say from my own experience that was like it felt like it was like magic because the idea you know we all as women that

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it's so confusing you hear so many different things have this amount of calories or this amount of protein or the micros the macros and I don't even know what that means but I love the idea of a diet that is super interchangeable like you can you can move in and out a lot of different stuff it's a healthy way to eat it's something that you can do forever like I will be on this way of eating for the rest of my life you can do it on the road like I can't I feel like it sounds like this is an ad in

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not but it totally changed my body and my life and like just how I approach today I can't I'm obsessed with you and everything you do clearly but yeah so I heard you on the podcast and then I bought the book which I have told so many people I've put it in emails it's on Insta stories but if you all are listening to this and any part of it is interesting to you we will put it in the show notes go to Amazon right now and Prime body Love by Kelly Levesque to your house if you actually read it and apply it

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hi it it'll change everything and I don't say that lightly so no less tell us about the blood sugar and The Fab Four like talk through all of that good stuff sure so to understand what I want you to eat I want to explain blood sugar so blood sugar is a product of the breakdown of carbohydrates so the way that I like to explain it to clients is if you open your emojis and you look at all the Emojis what is it it's pasta It's piece

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a it's ice cream it's bread it's bananas it's you know I don't know if there's an oatmeal now but basically what it is is it's all carbohydrates whether it's quinoa or cake are going to break down to something called blood sugar and the only thing in those products that doesn't turn to blood sugar is fiber so if you were ever to look at the side of let's say an oatmeal box and it said 40 grams of

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carbohydrate total carbohydrates and 20 grams of fiber

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you want to know what is breaking down to blood sugar and what breaks down to blood sugar is that 40 total grams of carbohydrates - the 20 grams of fiber so 20 grams of that meal is going to end up in your bloodstream so you can picture you know twenty little pieces of toast or 20 little bowls of oatmeal and as you digest it and they enter your bloodstream it's almost like every little oatmeal bowl like that little blue

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EG bowl is kind of it's in a way it's working its way up the roller coaster you picture know really kind of like making your way up and that's your blood sugar going up as more and more of that oatmeal blood sugar is ending up in your bloodstream and the thing is is you cannot your body never wants more than a tablespoon of blood sugar in your blood at any given time so your body releases a hormone called insulin insulin is going to come into your bloodstream pick up that little bowl of oatmeal and put it away

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and there are three tanks where it can go the first tank is your liver its stores is that that carbohydrate stores as fuel the second tank are your muscles so if you were ever an athlete growing up and someone told you to carbo-load that's what was happening you were putting a carbohydrate in your bloodstream and your body's hormone insulin was picking it up and putting a little bit in your liver shoving the rest of it into your muscles but nowadays we eat a lot of carbohydrates our blood sugar is going really really high and what happens is the third tank or the third bucket

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is is for fat and so carbohydrates are not bad if they're kept his fuel but people don't really know how to do that we end up being on a quote-unquote diet and going low carb or Atkins or paleo or Whole 30 and and then either they're not losing weight because they don't understand this concept or they feel really restricted and then they end up kind of binging on something so I always want to give my clients the opportunity to have a carbohydrate but

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not all day not at every meal and so I really want to think about the things that break down the blood sugar slowly for example all vegetables are a carbohydrate but they have so much fiber so you can use a cup of broccoli for example crap of broccoli is 6 grams of carbohydrates and almost 4 grams of fiber so 6 minus 4 is 2 only 2 grams or you know to little broccoli emojis are ending up in your bloodstream that's really easy to keep that in your liver

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or just stored in your muscles and never have that overflow too fat and so that that balance and understanding well you know fiber and leafy greens are you know fibrous vegetables like broccoli and cucumber and asparagus and all these leafy greens that's a phenomenal thing to eat and it really because of the fiber is a slow release of blood sugar it doesn't Jack your blood sugar up like a roller coaster and have you crashing down because the higher

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you spiked the harder you crash and when you're going up a blood sugar roller coaster when you eating like you know things get popular oatmeal avocado toes you know quinoa bowls with sweet potatoes on top and you know tofu Teriyaki and I look at that and I go yikes yeah a lot of carbohydrates in that bowl and no one's really looking at their meal as a whole and saying they're just going it's gluten-free and yeah it's for you and I'm just like you know to

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honest with you a lot of the vegan restaurants in Los Angeles like the real food dailies and Cafe Gratitude are fun but I feel horrible after I eat there and I feel bloated and I feel lethargic yeah and money we were just at Cafe Gratitude for a meeting and I'm like it's delicious but this is not healthy choices for us and some of my staff was like no it's vegan and I'm like sister vegan doesn't mean anything it means that there are no animal animal

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X in it but still we just ate like sweet potato fries or something terrible so you know it's just understanding the components of your meals and what they break down to and I think understanding the higher that you spike because your blood sugar it's going to start to go up after you digest a meal it's going to go up for about 90 minutes to two hours and about that 90 minute or two hour mark you're going to start the crash and what that crash is is the blood sugar being put away into your liver and your muscles and that hormone insulin

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ravenously looking for more sugar and when you're going down when your blood sugar is going out it doesn't feel good you feel great you feel like you need sweet so a thing that people do after their lunch is you know they have lunch at 12:30 or 1 and by 3 o'clock or 4 o'clock there jonesing for a donut a brownie or they're like I need a white-knuckle it and I'm going to go get a coffee or a latte you know and if it's you know you're trying to force yourself between meals instead of learning

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well what could I eat that wouldn't make me feel lethargic that wouldn't take me up this roller coaster and crash me down and instead of Montezuma's Revenge Six Flags can we find like the kitty train in the in kid Ville where we can just sort of like slowly roll up and down from meal the meal and that really takes What I Call The Fab Four

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hey guys will be back in a hot minute with more of this interview but now a quick word from a sponsor

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hey y'all do me a favor while you're listening to today's episode take a screenshot and put it on Instagram or your insta stories and tag me I love hearing what you think and seeing what you're up to and it helps the tribe remember to go listen to this week's episode thanks so much

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so before we get into Fab Four I want to unpack something that you said earlier that I feel like is such a relevant important thing that like 95% of this country doesn't understand earlier you said quinoa Bowl oatmeal rice cake your body is going to process those carbs the same is that correct yes so the only you know if you've ever heard of the glycemic load of the glycemic index

► 00:21:26

tibalt out that as being like a great thing to look at and yes when something you know is is wrapped in fiber like a like quinoa or a sweet potato versus having a glass of orange juice the release of that Sugar it break down the digestion because you think about it like your your hydrochloric acid and the enzymes in your stomach or going to break down whatever you're eating and if you drink if you go if you are hypoglycemic or you have low blood sugar

► 00:21:56

and someone takes you to the hospital they don't hook you up to an IV to hand you a glass of orange juice or apple juice and they say drink it because your body breaks down that sugar so quickly because there's no fiber and ends up in your bloodstream and minutes whereas like if it is quinoa and up there slower but it just because it's quinoa versus orange juice if it has the same amount of total carbohydrates that spike is going just as high and your body does not know the different man I just I want everyone listening to real

► 00:22:26

I hear that piece of advice because I think especially since reading your book six months ago and it just the work that I've done over the last decade to get healthy that is something I did not understand I grew up in a house where the honest-to-god truth was if you made dinner at home that was a healthy meal in my family's like our belief was like unhealthy was outside of your house healthy was if you made it at

► 00:22:56

at home now my mom was making fried potatoes fried and crisco and cornbread and burgers and but in our heads that was healthy because it was homemade so we have all of these myths that we hold onto from childhood about what food is and I specifically go back to this idea of you know cake or quinoa breaking down the same in your body because I know there are women right now who are listening to this who feel so frustrated thinking that they're on a diet think

► 00:23:26

that they're doing stuff to lose weight and nothing's working or they do something that sort of crashes and gets them down you know they lose those 10 pounds but then they're so desperate for food that they eat everything in the house and then some and gain it all back so talk about talk about Fab Four because I think that's just such a so easy and it's like how I live my life so I can't recommend it enough oh thank you so it's important to understand what are the other things that you can eat so The Fab Four is

► 00:23:56

is protein fat fiber and greens so starting with protein obviously there are animal sources of protein and that would be salmon chicken grass-fed ground bison you know Turkey fish shrimp you name it like all the animal proteins eggs in my world also protein powders like collagen or a organic pea protein if someone wants to you use a Whey Protein that's made from cows milk and you don't have a

► 00:24:26

area allergy also an option and we think about vegan and vegetarian I tend to lean more for like nuts and seeds using like a pesto on veggies or over beans but beans in serving sizes and that's because I don't think people realize they always say when you're vegan or vegetarian all my clients are like oh yeah but I have lentils or I have chickpeas or have hummus and I'm like my heart that day you broke my heart that day when I met with you and you were like hummus is a car

► 00:24:56

our but I was like what no no no no many people it's like mind blown but but it is 2 to get 8 grams of protein you must ingest 40 grams of carbohydrates

► 00:25:10

so it's more I always say simplify your life what is it mostly like what is it mostly like that and the book that is some help yeah the beans are mostly a carbohydrate does it mean you can never have them or their unhealthy no I don't think they're unhealthy but you need to be aware of the serving size and not think of it as like I'm gonna get all the protein my body needs from this and instead think about how am I going to elongate my blood sugar curve because if I do want to put some black beans on a southwest salad I'm not going to be the

► 00:25:40

put stack up on there I'm looking at you as a condiment for flavor and a little fiber and to make it a little more like of a Mexican salad then like just a regular chicken salad I want to make sure I want to make sure everyone gets that to just before we leave this topic so the idea is that if you're looking at the label on the on the back of food right that whatever and you tell me if I'm wrong but whatever has the highest number count if it's carbs if it's protein if it's fat whatever

► 00:26:10

that's what you should think of this product as is exactly right way okay you're exactly right and you know what a good example to think about and I always I always go protein fat and total carbohydrate which you learned a few minutes ago is carbohydrates - fiber so the majority of protein bars out there from our X bar to I mean macro bar to perfect bar I mean they are all carbohydrate bars they should be renamed they are not pro

► 00:26:40

in bars I'm in a I wanted to get you the nutrition fact on a perfect bar but I know this is like horrible of me but I just want people to understand this because I know so many people are sitting there working so hard and then they see a food blogger post something that there by the way probably paid to post about and it's just maybe not the healthiest option so a perfect bar I think calories don't count and these are totally off but a perfect bar is

► 00:27:10

ten calories it's 17 grams of fat 17 grams of protein and 26 grams of carbohydrates - 4 grams of fiber so 26 minus 4 is 22 so you know all are you guys not even a meal it's a bar oh my gosh think about how much I mean if a cup of broccoli is 2 grams of carbohydrates just think about the quantity of food that you can ingest in comparison to this and by the way

► 00:27:40

quality matters quantity of the food that you're eating in the physical stretching of your stomach comes a hunger hormone called ghrelin that is screaming at you all day every day like hey we should eat like a gorilla we're hungry we need to keep eating we want to keep snacking but if you start to learn to stretch your stomach and not stretch it so that you're physically I mean actually there are stretch receptors in your stomach that when it feels food in it it will make you feel full and that's really important so so you have the protein

► 00:28:10

you just want to make sure what is it mostly and you look at like eggs and you would get chicken and you look at stake and it's just obviously a protein when you if you know if these came with nutrition facts so protein is one second is fat fat is so important for slowing down the digestion of your food and making that food last in your body for four to six hours so that's what I'm talking about about elongating a blood sugar curve versus something just having that carbohydrate meal like just a piece of toast it's going to take

► 00:28:40

blood sugar up and crash you down you're at the bottom of that curve at three hours and you're starving and by the way you started getting angry like 90 minutes yeah after you ate so instead of feeling like you need to have five to six small meals a day and eat every three hours which is Antiquated hard on your thyroid horrible for like metabolic syndrome pre-diabetes and all the like precursors to those type of diseases we want to say how do we make our food work for us how do we make it last

► 00:29:10

last longer and whenever you add fat to a protein and fiber and vegetable Rich meal you're slowing down the digestion and you're also making yourself really satisfied in the meantime so the example I use is let's say we had steamed broccoli and poached chicken which is super boring and that would make anyone feel like they're on a diet but what if you chop that stuff up and sauteed it in a little bit of like pesto really good olive oil cashew cream sauce all of a sudden you're like this is comfort food

► 00:29:40

good it's super decadent and I feel good well that's the fat so whenever you have anything with fat you release a hormone called cholecystokinin it just makes you feel really full and really satisfied so I said I always say fat makes you feel full and you have to have it and so people are afraid of that they live in this world of like back to like snackwell cookies and Diet Cokes and Ohlin chips and fat turns to fat but the thing is is the fat that's floating around in your blood stream is not the fat from your food like the

► 00:30:10

triglycerides and someone has elevated triglycerides or cholesterol that's coming from sugar and carbohydrates that's being really you know converted to a triglyceride in your liver so it's not coming from the fat and then in fact the opposite when you eat fat and you'll see doctors talk about this all the time dr. Hyman dr. Lipman are finding that fat makes you full helps you get skinny and keep you know your weight stable instead of being a yo-yo Dieter with your weight

► 00:30:40

over the place

► 00:30:42

so fat is integral in The Fab Four so we have your protein you have your fat and then you have fiber and greens so fiber when I talk about fiber I'm talking about the broccoli I mean that is a perfect example broccoli asparagus cucumber cauliflower cabbage Radicchio all of those veggies that are deep in color that are going to give you a bunch of antioxidants that are going to stretch your stomach and make you feel full they're the things you don't need to ever think about serving sizes for just you know you're not going to

► 00:31:13

you know there might be a time if you're coming from a yo-yo diary feel like man I over ate a whole bag of broccoli but that slows down when you start to live the lifestyle around food instead of instead of yo-yoing back and forth between from diet to diet so just know that like when you get into this program you might feel or you start to live like this type of a lifestyle where instead of thinking about what you shouldn't be eating you're just going to have protein on my plate yeah that's why I love it that's why I'm so into this because

► 00:31:43

like I said no matter where I am I feel like I can put together something that I feel really good about like I know my go-to proteins because I am a pescatarian so fish is my option there and now I know the truth about being so I can't lean on them but it's easy when I'm traveling or wherever to go okay do I have I've got a little protein I've got my greens I carry around I have little packets of if I want to add him for if I want to add just different things

► 00:32:13

yes but it's not confusing which I think is when I have fallen off things before because I don't understand what I'm doing wrong talk to because I want to make sure because this is like probably the number one question I get on Instagram when it comes to what I eat every day is what's in that smoothie I feel like it's yeah we're starting a game show but again there in body love which I swear to you I'm not getting paid to say this

► 00:32:43

body love Kelly has so many smoothie recipes do you know the number off the top of your head I have over 50 yeah so many smoothie recipes that are all Fab Four so they're talk about like starting your day with the smoothie and then what a typical like when I met with you you were like here's what a typical day should look like for you should have the Smoothie after you work out like you do that thing okay so easy part is The Fab Four is protein fat fiber and greens and when I say greens

► 00:33:13

it's like leafy greens spinach kale arugula you know if you look at your plate and say you got chicken and broccoli with like some type of sauce like the fiber and the green is also in the broccoli like we don't have to it's just about that awareness of putting veggies and greens on your plate so when it comes to the Smoothie we pick a protein powder so whether that's P protein for vegetarians collagen protein if you're into that it really just depends you pick a clean protein powder

► 00:33:43

all ingredients so there's your protein then you need to Fatso great fats for smoothies or any kind of nut butter cashew pecan almond if you have a nut allergy you can do sunflower seed butter you can use coconut oil MCT oil avocado oil or one of my favorites is some real avocado it makes the Smoothie really thick like ice cream so a lot of my smoothies are a lot thicker than most of the smoothies out there because we're adding fiber were adding full whole fats like

► 00:34:13

an avocado we're adding and I'll get to all that but the fiber in the Smoothie so you got your protein powder you you pick a fat and then you have to have some Fiber so between the fat in the fiber I add 1 to 2 tablespoons of each so the base recipe of all my smoothies is serving a protein powder a tablespoon of fat a tablespoon of fiber and the fiber choices you have or Chia flax Acacia fiber psyllium husk you

► 00:34:43

looking for like that nut and Seed based fiber that's known for lowering bad cholesterol really increasing those satiety hormones or the hormones that make you feel satisfied and full and then greens so a handful of spinach a handful of kale if that seems scary to you you can do basil so that those base for things need to be in your smoothie and that's because I want the majority of your smoothie to be the things that don't break down to blood sugar the things that make you full and then if you want to add something

► 00:35:12

that will break down to blood sugar like a piece of fruit we have to keep that in a portion or we have to keep that small because I want that to not take your roller coaster up to high and have you crashing down I want you to feel more full than like you're riding up and I also want to make sure that that carbohydrate is always staying is fuel and never storing as fat so if you remember carbohydrates turned to blood sugar blood sugar ends up in your liver then your muscles which are both two storage tanks for fuel and then if they overflow

► 00:35:43

then it would stores fat so I have a number of recipes without fruit but I have a number of starter recipes that have fruit like blueberry muffin and watermelon basil and peaches and greens where you're getting that fruit flavor if you're used to the sweet I also would say that the protein powder that you choose is going to make a big difference as chalky horrible tasting protein powders out there but if you're getting something that is pure and easy to incorporate and has a nice mellow flavor it might take a little trial

► 00:36:12

an error head to Whole Foods pick some individual protein powder packs out and try them to find your favorite before you commit to a really big jar or jug yeah and I can put I can put my favorites in the show notes as well if you guys are curious about what I actually put in I have the it's like I don't know what you call in the book but it's like your basic green smoothie the OG that yeah the OG and it and I have that every single day of my life and I don't put I don't add anything else I don't put any fruit and I

► 00:36:43

I have to say I don't like it like I don't look forward to my smoothie every morning because I've had so many now that I'm like it's just part of my habit but here's what I love it is we are recording this it is 340 340 and I had my smoothie at 10 a.m. and I'm still not hungry it's crazy it's crazy and I remember like you saying that on the podcast or reading about it in the book and I was like okay whatever but it really

► 00:37:12

Lee does it keeps you full I have never in my life encountered anything that keeps me full like the Smoothie which is why I just keep every day there I am with my almond butter mom and my spinach yeah so yeah so I'm a big fan of that I think that's worth the purchase of the book by itself oh thanks so I have one of those every day to and then do you so tell me then talk about the no snap no snacking thing not that you like punch people in the face of the a snack but I

► 00:37:42

that I heard you say that like oh you don't need snacks you're not a toddler I don't I don't think I imagine that I think you do know that that that is the quote from the book and in my head I was like what a jerk like I love a snack I love my almond butter I love my almonds and then I realized oh no it I have the smoothie in the morning I basically have a salad for lunch and a salad for dinner and I mix it up I had the shrimp lettuce wraps that are in the book last night but I basically just do

► 00:38:12

some version of a lot of greens and a fish protein every single day and it's why I look good in my jeans but I don't really snack the only time that I snack is when I'm traveling and I can't get I don't have access to a something like an actual meal very easily but so so so explain to us why those keeping making sure you have Fab Four and it's part of your day that you don't need snacks

► 00:38:44

okay I'm going to be real

► 00:38:46

I have a CFO now I have a whole accounting team I am fancy they're awesome I have built something big and now there's a whole team of people who make sure that I'm not going to get you know audited or in trouble with the IRS we're totally gonna get audited but at least we won't get in trouble once we do true but back in the day and for many years when I started as an entrepreneur QuickBooks was my jam if you are starting out or newbie or you need to take it on

► 00:39:16

yourself I want to make sure that you know about QuickBooks and more specifically QuickBooks payroll it's super easy to set up you can access hours and pay employees and contractors in one place also it's technology you can trust so payroll tax calculations are done for you file and pay federal and state taxes yourself guys I could read the longest list of assets that you get when you're using QuickBooks but the gist is this even if you don't feel super

► 00:39:46

familiar with business accounting and finance has this makes it so easy and user-friendly so you are able to be in control of how much cash you have can I just give you one quick update yeah we do use QuickBooks alright well give yourself a little Ward Intuit QuickBooks is the number one payroll provider for small businesses including ours and customers have an average tax savings of over 4,500 dollars a year to see how much you can save and to discover smarter business tools go to

► 00:40:16

to it dot me slash rise that's int UI T dot m e / rise

► 00:40:30

yeah I mean it's that elongation of blood sugar so proteins are going to the protein that you eat and for uh has you know fish type of a protein or the protein powder in your smoothie that's turning off almost for hunger hormones in your body so you have over 800 hormones in your body and have a big chart in my book that talks about what are each of these hunger hormones and how what's the initiation or you know what's actually coming them down and a good example is the ghrelin so that's the physical stretching of your stomach does

► 00:41:00

and and that's why I'm all about having protein to turn up the hunger hormones in your brain fat when fat reaches your small intestines it releases that cholecystokinin which is a satiety hormone it's also known as cck it's literally makes you feel so relaxed and calm really important and the fiber in the greens and all of those together when you're mixing those macronutrients the digestion you know slows down it's not that it's bad for you that it would slow down because I have

► 00:41:30

had people ask like well I don't want slow Transit time or I don't want to go to the bathroom now the opposite is true you're just you're just releasing any form of like glucose that might be in those veggies like the two grams that come from broccoli or whatever into your bloodstream it's just happening on a slow level or a slow rate and what's really happening there is stretching your stomach you're feeling calm this fuel is going to last in your body for 4 to 6 hours and all of those greens and vegetables are going to the fiber in them are going to feed

► 00:42:00

you're all of your probiotic bacteria which is known as your gut microbiome and your gut and every day as you continue to eat this way you're actually going to increase your body's ability to deal with carbohydrates and sugar so if you did have a meal where you went off on a weekend and had like a burger and fries or you had a pizza or something like that or you did snack it's something we're all of these little bugs in your gut they actually help to ferment that food so that your blood

► 00:42:30

sugar doesn't go as high so you feel more balanced so it doesn't end up on your waist and keeping that gut microbiome or all the little probiotic bugs in your gut really thriving is what's going to keep you well for the rest of time like really keep you well keep your immunity High make sure that your genes and your epigenetics are strong and healthy and I mean it's a longevity diet it's a longevity diet it's getting you essentially what you need your essential amino acids are essential fatty acids all the phytochemicals and phytonutrients

► 00:43:00

nutrients and antioxidants from the veggies and the greens and it's really good healthy so it's really the combination of those foods that last a long time in your body and I use this example sometimes if anyone's ever sat down maybe gone to Hawaii or something and had just like a plate of watermelon or pineapple like you're going to have a bowel movement like within an hour and people feel good when they do that but that's really just because it's being digested so quickly and pushing things through you

► 00:43:30

but really what you want is because you're going to be hungry you know 90 minutes after that and you're going to be storing fat and and I'd much rather have people feel calm and balanced and not need to snack and that's the whole point it's the turning off of the hunger hormones and the elongating of the blood sugar curve because this way of eating like slows down how fast you digest your food and makes it work for you a little bit longer you know should you need an afternoon snack between lunch and dinner because you have lunch at a

► 00:44:00

than 30 and you don't have dinner until 8:00 that's fine I would just say pick a small protein fat and fiber based snack like a handful of nuts which has protein and fat and fiber or celery and almond butter or a hard-boiled egg maybe with a little avocado or some cucumber but I will tell you the more that people snack most snacks are carbohydrates most snacks are processed it's out of a bag it's out of a box and what's going to happen your blood you're going to come home from work and eat your cabinet

► 00:44:30

going to crash down and then you're going to be even more hungry and end up eating more and it's really just messing with your hunger biology because you're really not hungry or hormonal e hungry from the crash that you're feeling and the withdrawal from sugar what would you say to someone who's listening to this and they're like okay I'm in but I've got a long way to go there's a lot that's standing in between me and getting healthy what's the what's like the first step easy

► 00:45:00

step always is to is just to commit to your first meal of the day and I would say the Smoothie like I have clients that read the book or I have people that are waiting to see me and my always always my response like the wait list is start the Smoothie right away here a couple protein powders that I like like I love Primal kitchens collagen fuel if you're open to collagen but you want something that tastes clean and is light and easy and so just starting there it's two minutes of life you can

► 00:45:30

keep almond butter in the cabinet you keep chia seeds or flax seeds in the cabinet you can keep frozen spinach in your freezer it doesn't ever need to go bad just by and by the way the organic frozen spinach is going to be cheaper than anything else and you don't have to add eyes to your smoothie so your two birds one stone and then your protein powder so three of the four things are totally pantry and you know safe or fridge or freezer safe and don't go bad

► 00:45:58

really ever you're going to get through them they're not you're not going to waste food and then the only thing that I would say that we run out of in my house with the almond milk just making sure that you have either an unsweetened almond milk around but you know I do have those days where we don't and I'm on the go and I'm like water yeah you know and it happens and it's not the end of the world this isn't taste is as creamy or as good and if you have a nut allergy unsweetened coconut milk is a great option to just depends on what you like

► 00:46:28

like and I think you start there and you start to understand what it feels like to turn off those hunger hormones and feel full for four to six hours you just make better choices at the next meal like I've had so many clients that laugh at me and say no I'm starving by 11 a.m. and I'm like telling my co-workers we need to Postmates or get delivery food to the office and by the time it comes you know let's go Allah always throws a bag get in with my salad and I just I always eat it and it's become a habit I'm like it's not a habit

► 00:46:58

is crashing and your hangry and you've waited too long to eat or you just you know that's the thing it's like if you don't know how to turn off your hunger hormones then you're going to white-knuckle it to your lunch and probably derail yourself or if you get through lunch you're going to have that little thing in the back of your mind that's like well we should just go to the commissary or the little you know Cafe and the office and get a candy bar we should go to Starbucks and get a coffee or whatever and it's like

► 00:47:26

you don't have to have that little person inside of you screaming to go eat food you can turn that off yeah I think that's such a good piece of advice for people who are listening is the sounds so obvious but take it in you if you get to the place that you are hungry you are going to make really cruddy decisions that we always win I eat everything in the house that's always when I make bad choices on the road it's always always when bad things happen with my diet

► 00:47:56

and if listeners are anything like me I have a really bad habit of if I have one meal in the day or one snack or let's say something happens and I eat something off my plan my head goes well you may as well just mail it all in you may as well get Taco Bell because you have just you've done it you've ruined the day and when I met with you one of my favorite things and I hear your voice in my head all the time I have to tell you is I was

► 00:48:25

Kelly about I had a very bad habit of eating cheese it's I would be so healthy I would eat salad like I'm eating all my greens look at me I'm so good and it felt totally fine to me because I was you know if it fit good in my genes I'm not you know I'm running like it feels fine but I when I would eat I don't eat one cheese it I ate like half a box of Cheez-Its I go

► 00:48:55

to town and a lot of times there's a lot of talk about Cheez-Its but it's a it's an emotional thing for me it's like chips like I have just one and then I can't stop and Kelly said what if just okay in the last month how often would you say that you've had a cheese it bench in your kitchen and I was like probably like once a week she's like okay so three times a week you've had a cheese it bends in your kitchen what if you could just get half of those

► 00:49:25

back if you could get half of your binges back in the course of a month what would that mean for your body what would that mean for your energy level what would that mean for how your pants fit and I just thought that was such like I hear your voice in my head all the time like if we have something in my house I hear you say what would it mean if you could get this back I can't tell you how many times I have put something back in the cabinet because of your voice in my head oh that makes me so

► 00:49:58

yeah I know it's the only one like you know and I think I probably told you this more than half of my clients I sit down with they they came from that world they came from the yo-yo dieting World they came from the strict dieting world and it's like we we make our food a to-do list that we want to check it off perfectly and Perfection becomes the enemy of good and there are things you can do to stand in your own way you know you never

► 00:50:25

I buy the big cheese it's bags you always buy the little ones and bring Jesus into your house you know yeah or you buy them once a month and no I'm going to get a bench once a month on this but I'm not going to have them in any anymore but the problem the problem really isn't in that one binge it's the rest of the day that you've decided to write off and I always say this like if I could just get back like I could just if I could just get you back on track after that was over and Bridge

► 00:50:55

of the guilt and instead of you feeling guilty and saying babe let's order pizza and make a cocktail yeah I would say Okay that was fun but was it worth it maybe not and how am I feeling right now and maybe you had all those Cheese's at three o'clock and maybe dinners at at eight o'clock instead of saying I'm gonna white-knuckle it to dinner because that's not going to feel very good what if he just made a roadie what if you said I'll put a little unsweetened almond milk and my Roadie is a little bit of protein or sometimes you can add like a little fiber

► 00:51:25

little fat it's almost like a small version of my smoothie but a lot of times people just have like chocolate milk it's you know an unsweetened almond milk and a little bit of chocolate protein and they Shake It Up and shaker bottle or blend it up and then they drink it because what that's going to do is going to turn off some of the hunger that you're having and some of that withdrawal that you're having from that crash to make a decision that this is a restart it's actually a physical restart for clients that I have who have this issue too is like okay I did that I now I need something

► 00:51:55

that I can do that starts my day over instead of saying my day starts over tomorrow that's so good I like that especially as someone who has the smoothie every morning I'd never thought of that before that's so good dang it girl you're the best yeah so odd every single episode of the podcast I asked the same five questions and I would love to ask those questions to you now what time do you wake up in the morning and what is your morning routine so I use that bedtime a

► 00:52:25

in my phone and it goes off at 9:30 that I should get in bed by 10 p.m. and I normally am asleep by 10:30 and I wake up at 6:30 so I try to be consistent every day and unfortunately still on the weekends occasionally where I'll let myself go a little longer than that six am feels too close to five to me like five or six thirty feels like I'm still winning yeah yeah so that's my that's my sleep cycle and what do you do in the morning

► 00:52:56

what do you do to sort of prepare yourself for the day ahead I always get up and go to like Brew the coffee and when I'm when I'm waiting for the coffee to brew I poured a glass of water and I take all my supplements hmm so drinking a lot of water kind of like rehydrating and then I'll bring my coffee have a moment with my husband that's like a really special time for us where will like have a cup of coffee and it's almost like I will verbalize my goal

► 00:53:25

Al's yeah my to-do list or my goals or what's going on and it's probably a little bit of a bad habit but I will make sure that I don't have any fire drills in my computer or my phone and then I'll go move so I like to work out first thing in the morning I used to like it working out at night but now like keeps me up yeah I can't sleep and I also know the research there is a fasted workout so you know I don't have my smoothie until after my workout but I fasted work out of either coffee or allow

► 00:53:55

clients to use fat because fat doesn't ever break down the blood sugar it doesn't release insulin there's no you know you doesn't shut down fat burning it can actually be a source of energy if you're using coconut oil those MCTS become fast fuel in your body my coffee is a cup of hot coffee blended with a tablespoon of coconut oil it's a weekend I might do a bulletproof with a little geeky but most of the time it's just the coconut oil or MCT oil and then I go to work out so I love yoga I'm getting into Body by bison

► 00:54:25

on right now which is like a little dance workout but I played soccer so I'm not very good at it yeah we totally honest with you it's like I it's I'm ridiculously horrible at it but it's really fun it kind of reminds me of like fifth grade when I would like do dance performs as my little sister in a garage in our garage that's funny yeah I just look for the stuff that's happy so the yoga classes that I take your vinyasa flow like pretty hard I feel really open when I do that it makes me really happy if I don't have time I'll run to a soul cycle class and do 45 minutes then

► 00:54:55

always guaranteed to get that in and and done and then I have a smoothie so depends on the day but I fuel up after I work out just because you get a surge of human growth hormone and testosterone that helps to burn away fat you're not you know you're not burning the fuel that you just ate you're really burning into your body which I think is a I don't think I know is a cleaner form of fuel and its really great for you metabolically if you go to a coffee house what is your coffee order

► 00:55:24

so I really like to get my coffee at a place called Whole Foods I live behind a Whole Foods which makes it very convenient for me but a lot of coffee shops are using Barista blend almond milk right now and my go-to order was would always be like an almond milk cappuccino or an almond milk latte so I just like feels like a treat to me and I had to move away from that at most of the coffee shops and we have like cool I mean we're in La so we have like Alfred or Cafe Luxe these really like you know

► 00:55:54

Stumptown E-Type good coffee places that weren't using horrible almond milks like Starbucks yeah Starbucks that that's a good tip for people as well is to make sure because a lot of times it's like almond milk drink it's not actually almond milk it's like something that's so full of sugar it's so the coconut the whole thing you need to check it out if that's your regular yeah I would say and you know what actually a Whole Foods coffee latte is going to cost you less than

► 00:56:24

Starbucks and the almond milk the coconut milk and oh I don't like soy milk at all but the almond milk and coconut milk at Starbucks has is a joke like it's it's there are 35 ingredients I've never seen anything with more and you know it's all made by them you know which is saving them a lot of money so you go to these little hippy or hippie or hipster coffee shops and you're getting more of like the Pacifica brand which you know is original or unsweetened and now what Khalifa Farms has done a really good job

► 00:56:54

of as they realize that these almond milks don't foam and create the what they call the head of a cappuccino or that foamy really dry look when they don't have sugar they got to add sugar right and milk has lactose and almond milk didn't have sugar the unsweetened kind so they made a high sugar almond milk that is more of like a syrupy almond milk for these type of lattes that when foam does a beautiful little heart on top and unfortunately it also just makes us gain weight and crave more sugar and

► 00:57:24

a great the rest of the day so at Whole Foods you can get you can get an unsweetened almond milk latte but what is the one item you can't travel without that's a good question because I always take individual protein powder packs in a shaker bottle I do my airport Roadie when I get through so I'll get an unsweetened iced green tea from Starbucks so that's my Starbucks order if you were interested oh there it is I will pour it over like a vanilla collagen and shake it up and then it's like a green tea latte but

► 00:57:54

I'm getting a little bit of protein because I don't know what it is about an airport if I don't pack my own stuff it's you know you walk I have so many clients that are the same you walk through the airport you're like oh yeah McDonald's and you're like wow like and everything that they have is like a Costco size bag of nuts yeah and so you're like oh just bake the healthy choice and get the almonds but like you said down to like 14 servings and your you land in New York and you're like I feel sick it's 13 servings of

► 00:58:24

ins and I watched two movies like no one was productive yes right so I would say that that really helps to kind of like call my hunger and so I would say food and I'm traveling like I pack my own food whether that's a bulletproof bar which they have these little protein bars that are actual protein bars not carbohydrate bars Primal kitchen does as well which is more like a Nutty bar like a kind bar which is also like good protein good source in thats I might pack a bag of nuts when I

► 00:58:54

out going on an airplane I pack always packed chopped veggies like I can't do that on my way home but chopped cucumber celery carrots red pepper like I'll just do a big bag of it because the thing with travel is it's really stressful and stress is going to make you crave carbohydrates can make you crave sugar it's going to make you want a snack and so on the on the flight days the goal is always to have a real meal before you go or if you can bring a real meal like hit the salad bar at Whole Foods before you go or make a big salad or tuna salad or

► 00:59:24

or salmon salad at home like you can bring it with you obviously they would take it if it was your smoothie because it's liquid fuel up before you go and then realize that okay if I pack a little bag of nuts and I pack up my little bag of veggies and I need a bridge snack because I have a five-hour flight and it's just really stressful and I don't want to end up saying yes to the woman walking down the aisle with whatever she has a Pringles yeah because think about it like I mean I get a lot of really good work done on an airplane 55% of the time and

► 00:59:54

is work days like when I'm flying close to Coast I'm when I'm on it's amazing but when I'm not it's like all the wheels have fallen off yeah oh yeah I think being prepared for the wheels falling off and having a parachute or whatever is really important love that what is your favorite workout and how often do you do it

► 01:00:15

now my favorite work my absolute favorite workout is vinyasa flow and I'm there like three to four days a week and how long have you been how long have you been doing practicing yoga when I return my knowledge yeah practicing yoga so I went to a play a studio called Maha yoga in 2002 when I was a sophomore at USC we would drive from downtown to Brentwood and go because it was really fun and really

► 01:00:45

they were great flow this teacher named Steve Ross and he wrote a book called happy yoga he would play Justin Timberlake and Beyonce and at the time like Britney Spears or whatever and everyone was singing and everyone was flowing and I had never gotten so sweaty but I didn't feel like it was a miserable thing I felt like you know I could do it obviously cuz it wasn't like fast-paced dance it's yoga and so yeah I mean now I look at I guess I've been practicing for 16 years

► 01:01:15

years that's awesome yeah so it's it's and the thing is is like I went to two Studios before that with my friend Carrie from college who was trying to convince me to be a yogi because she was a ballerina and I had played soccer and I was like no I want to run I want to like feel my heart rate and that's not going to work for me and she's like give me enough and she took me to I'm like this is boring and weird I grew up Catholic and I'm so confused

► 01:01:45

they don't I don't want to chant you know yeah and since then I've like opened my I'm so open to all of that but looking back it's like I had come from like a private Catholic High School and gone to USC and got and literally she took me to a yoga class where I was sitting on a bolster and like chanting a magazine sales mirror and it's funny how far you come because I now get totally be in a completely silent class where the teacher only speak

► 01:02:15

grit and not be weirded out or annoyed I feel very calm and relaxed but I do really like I just want fun yeah I love that yeah so the last question is something I asked every single person and that is if you could tell the women listening to this podcast one thing one piece of advice from your knowledge and your wisdom that they would actually Implement that they would hold onto that they would store inside themselves and accept as truth if you could only tell them one thing what would it be

► 01:02:46

never live your life towards a destination like it's got to be about the journey because you don't love the journey you got to start loving the journey like you got to start loving the workout you got to start loving your day-to-day you have to build a life that you love the Journey of because that's when you have this energy and the passion and like I don't know like the vibrations to actually change the world I think when we're always thinking well I'll get skinny for

► 01:03:16

sweating or I'll get skinny for this date all change jobs after I get my bonus the past is the past the future gives people anxiety but the present is a gift and you just have to be so grateful girl that is such good wisdom thank you so much thank you so much for taking time out of what I know is a very busy schedule I know that so many women are going to be encouraged and to have the courage to try to embrace

► 01:03:46

brace a lifestyle that they might not have considered before because they've been able to share in your wisdom I know your work has changed my life has changed how I go through my day has changed my energy level and therefore how I show up for my children and my marriage I am just your biggest fan and I believe so much in what you're doing because I'm living it every single day so thank you thank you thank you so much for taking the time to talk to the tribe thank you Rachel I would have always made time for you I just think that

► 01:04:16

are so magnetic and it's been really fun awesome

► 01:04:23

we will be back with another episode next week in the meantime if you have a moment and you can write a review or subscribe to the podcast that is life to those of us who work so hard to produce every single episode for more information you can check out Deus podcast.com or stock me on every form of social media I am Miss Rachel Hollis on every single platform thanks to our producer Allison Cohen our sound engineer Jack Noble and our sound

► 01:04:52

are Andrew Weller most importantly I hope you heard something today that inspires you I'll see you next week

► 01:05:06

okay guys if you have been seeing all of this footage on social you saw our conferences this summer you saw people's hearts getting lit on fire then you saw the one that we just did in November and everyone's jumping up and down and learning lessons and hearing from great speakers if you have been looking for a sign that you need this for yourself in the New Year this is your sign this is your sign rise Women's Conference is coming to Florida

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in January and we specifically picked January because we cannot be the only people who like to dream big and plan out our life and create a roadmap for the new year at the beginning of a new year and if you had to do it in a place it might as well be a place that has nice temperatures near an ocean where there's a breeze and the fire of Rachel Hollis exactly if you want to find out more information if you're like I don't even know what you're talking about I've never seen your conference dude we have a documentary right now on Amazon

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one more time let's go I don't know why you're you sound weird my voice is a little hoarse today I've been yelled at rise business I see so a you're still tired from a conference that ended days ago if that doesn't make you want to buy a ticket I don't know what will