56: The Lie - I'll Start Tomorrow

Aug 7, 2018

In honor of our August Book Club of Girl Wash Your Face I wanted to share the audio version of Chapter Two from the book narrated by me. In this chapter I talk about a lie that we have all suffered with of I'll Start Tomorrow.My hope is that by sharing my honest stories as a working mother, former foster parent, and a woman who has had all kinds of insecurities about my body and my relationship, is that it will spur other women to live with passion and hustle to awaken their slumbering goals. Enjoy this gift of the Second Chapter! For the rest of Girl, Wash Your Face click this link---------> amzn.to/2qSzmjj Follow Rachel Hollis on Instagram--> www.instagram.com/msrachelhollis/ Join the Book Club-->https://thechicsite.com/email/

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