#1275 - Luis J. Gomez

Apr 2, 2019

Luis J. Gomez is a stand up comedian and producer. He's part of the Legion of Skanks and also co-hosts "Believe You Me" podcast with Michael Bisping. His new special "Luis J. Gomez Presents Luis J. Gomez" is now available for download. https://www.luisjgomezpresentsluisjgomez.com/

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all day

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call Luis Gomez we are live their life connected through the interwebs and through a network of Canadians Luis Gomez Boucher Camas was Jake cuz go Google Luis Gomez and watch how many baseball players are at Rice it is I understand have to but it's almost like it's almost ironic use I'm such a piece of garbage so I would have like a middle initial like I'm right like you're like a luminary yeah it's important it's important electrolyte is it is if I didn't correct you going to be betrayed myself I understand so Luis J Gomez thank you I feel like

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we also talked about this ad nauseam on the podcast but I think this is one of the most unique times for like networks of comedians that we're all connected together really before it was Coast vs West Coast for some stupid fucking reason it was always this debate where the best, sore from the style of Comedy but that shit seems to be out the window the best, he lives in fucking Tennessee who's the great, just did enough book special how do you spell a r g a t z e brake comic and a t z a t z e good for a big house for $300,000 truck in a mansion zombies you want to live in that house like that old dude and his daughter did they protected

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now that psychopath or IP to stanhope's dogs to help for his dog yesterday did a big thing on social media about it very touching very touching it with their dog down sad I went to that last year or two dogs their they're both can walk anymore I mean I I held on as long as I can but I said I had to carry my dog in and out of the house I had to carry him to eat at Karim outside to go to use 140 pound right it was just loud like an Ewok he's old man I feel like a big dog that that's really all who's 13 which is super old for a Mastiff huge dog he was apart Neapolitan Mastiff and part pitbull with a guy who my friend Joe raise them and read them he bred out all of the animal aggression

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so you wouldn't let any dog breeds are aggressive towards people or their aggressive towards other dogs so what you get is this super chill massive dog Bow Wow like a Mastiff is like Bingo like 200 plus pounds but those dogs are not very athletic they don't move very good time bringing beasts into my home that can kill a child but I do understand when you see it you know you see irresponsible owners not the dog you're an asshole some fucking kid who doesn't know how to train a pitbull the proper way at dinner what I can literally kill somebody and now you see them your name all children and let you know and it's a sad that such a sad thing so I get terrified every time I see my do if my kid did I walk the streets in York City with him I would have Harlem so it's you know every other

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looks like the hood and then it's nice and then it's the hood and he's so weird like yeah yeah it's you know what's it's for racially there talking with gentrification sort of it I think it's like a class thing cuz I grew up in a really shity I go to the suburb the very poor welfare Section 8 and kids in the city that when they grow up for their like on the next block there's like a Millionaire on the subway in this dude is going to Wall Street and you know he's there just cost me around and energy of success which is a very different thing you go to the suburb areas it's a depressing nobody's striving to even get out really know that's a very good point right like you get to be truly integrated in New York City where LA's missing that he's missing out in a big Way La you have retrieved them poor people you know they're separated by cars

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you have to keep you always debate like I was. Who got hotter checks New Yorker I like me answers I like butt in New York you're going to see them and you are going to walk down the street me an REI did he doesn't podcast every year cool happy boobyday and we did it last year at the Legion of skanks and all it is happy boobyday it's today to be honest with you it's the first the first like days of spring usually end of March beginning of April at the first day that girls were like mini skirts out and their tits are just hanging out and we literally just walk through the streets following hot chicks, it was the most I mean you'll even know I don't even know how we have careers at all like if we did this a year ago this isn't like in 20 years ago but yeah you but you get to see them get to interact with them and I like you're not interacting with a crazy hot model unless you know the right people have to be standing somewhere where they go all right cuz like in LA if you wanted to meet you have to run

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business just for the meet girls just like 30% of them but it wasn't for group is it in a real interview if it wasn't for groupies even become a musician yeah I mean people who criticize that like that is a crazy life you do not understand no one understands I don't understand there's no fucking with me a David Lee Roth in here any of us will ever understand what it was like to be David Lee Roth that is not humanly possible now he is not parting to be to come out the other end is fucking cool is that guy is like how the hell did that happen to not be I feel like I'm dying and I don't party at all really like I drink a little bit and I feel like every damn like is that my liver I'm leaving on my router is on my body I couldn't point to my liver on my block a if you're standing in Orthodox stance and someone hits you with a left hook to the body that's where your liver is that's why guys drop right here yep

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it's right near ribs somebody in the liver you're floating rib watch like Shannon Briggs shout out to the champ David Roth net picture on a man nobody lives like in Greek god do you do a full split wheel kicks on stage and shit Unapologetic of sex this guy must have my God off the charm I got a comedy wanting idolizing guys like that I grew up in the 80s metal so at least 15 years ago it was literally a different time like you didn't really have to shy away from being like that I want to fuck after a show that wasn't a crazy thought you still want to do it but now it's quiet yeah

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to go to Shannon the cannon Briggs page his Instagram page there's something very funny that Tucker Carlson said I know he likes shut he says I'm very funny about some of the news anchor that this is exalt the men that are going to be left if radical feminists take over the world apologetic yeah it was very funny I was like there's a lot of fucking people like that a lot of guys like that out there and they don't want to be that guy they're stuck that's all they can pull off probably the smarter move because we're going down a path where I don't think eventually be able to celebrate rape culture again and it's never going to happen. App app where you know on television and Entertain You see what's being booked you see what's being pushed out there and despite the fact that the political message and everything there still some good shit out there so I can do Saturday

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you know that's one reason why I post that Tim Dillon video yesterday he hits his dude it's one of his more recent fight clips and put up the fight starts it goes like 10 seconds and he steps towards his due to hit them with a left hook to the body and crumple Zone and there's one sure he's like a master at the liver shot for shot the best heavyweights of all time when it comes to liver shots who's so good at it if you would have said Point your liver I wouldn't have got to pop you with the jab poppy with the hook up just watch this

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Cedar sister DeShawn

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pop vs. upstairs Bloomington downstairs that's one of the dude he just came jumping out of the gate but there's another one I think a little bit further back than that almost looks like he hit so hard it so hard so my guys in general like I watch Boxing a different way they punch it looks so devastating out for sure so one time we did a street promotion I was just running Street teams in New York City for comedy clubs will it be before I start a comedy and we did a thing where we got like boxing gloves and headgear which one out and we're challenging people to come in and just box and if they could beat me in a boxing match I've never fucking to rain today in my life but if they could have simply beaten in a boxing match they got free tickets to the show that night was just like you guys are selling tickets to people trying to go to a comedy show you think it helped your act at all like I was punched watch this guy

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see that left to the body Co Diggs that wants that one more time to the head and then when you cover up stairs but it's a quick left hook to set up the left hook to the body by the way he's 50 yeah I see his beard animal tissue but nobody wants to fight him right now he has a hard time getting fights

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well that's his chin bro leaves cello don't make fun of special hell yeah I just got fucked up by the Canton go to his Instagram Pages cuz I want to feel good I go to Shawnee Kansas

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it is a god dream eat healthy champ.

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He's always like the Mystic Adam on the show Once We have them call in I think this thing knows him pretty well got to be there with him live like a battery of when Santa Claus gets to make a separate legal just let the guys three bucks not their words and trt who cares especially older guys and look good again looking sexy looking to fill out your fucked-up timofey nastyukhin nastyukhin I think is his last name of the guy's a beast that I want to see show is legit I watched highlights all the UFC fights this time so it's hard to come to watch the other cards as well but once in a while watching Bellator watch

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how to say oh my God oh my God that's terrible it's a terrible injury that looks like it's split his eyelid it did oh my God Jesus Christ it's split is fucking eyelid dude oh my God people people don't realize like that side of it like I mean that's fucking you had a little bit of an MMA fight you know what it's like not really had a Taekwondo black belt for X you take that back window by myself a lot of Taekwondo black belts to 100%

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what are you even say I will beat the shit out of that kid right now that's the problem in kids who like well do you know karate kick a board from the hood have been being punched in the face by their uncles and father since they were a baby and they are just ready to fight and there is it to them it's like you get desensitized so if you do need to sort of training or or if you have a really tough to get the sense that you realize after we get a few times that once adrenaline kicked him it doesn't really hurt you know it hurts after the fact but so I think you have those kids that will just I mean their shit just a little manual from the hood tough kid kids that grow up around violence if you get in street fights all the time if you run other kids get in street fights people show you how to do things you learn things there's a lot of kids that are 10 and 11 years old that live in poor neighborhoods weather

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South Boston or you know South Side Chicago whatever any dangerous neighborhood that's like filled with poverty those kids will be more apt to succeed in fights they understand how to fight better trigger obviously I need me to punch someone I don't mean actually call the sheriff said Chicago anywhere especially after that Nipsey Hussle got killed so that's crazy on video to know they have the drug dealing and gang violence which I don't really know if you could people do that as much anymore I don't know but by all accounts this guy was loved and you know he just

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it's just beyond fact

► 00:21:09

just like that the data still going on in this world it was if I'm not mistaken he got into a fight with a guy right in the guy came back with a gun don't know shot and that's what I read it I think it was like a I don't know if those like most hip hop artist come down on you like always it's a long-standing beef and you know it was literally a fight that these guys got in the guy came back with a gun and just fucking started unloading which is brutal is literally my father died literally well except what it was it with a knife which is a much more hardcore way to deal with my dad was outside of strip club at 4 in the morning. Dental argument with a kid you know like a sixteen-year-old kid and they got into a fist fight at you know the kid came back like an hour later with the kitchen knife and stabbed him

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hats at

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and it's like God. It also takes a different type of person to you and I'll do to kill I'm on the I'm not the kid in the hood is just ready to pull the trigger and punch somebody like I'm not I grew up in a where where where it's like I was shot with while you wait till they throw the first punch which is a terrible strategy but that's sort of the way that I always it was always like fist fight in the parking lot with your friends you were trying to hurt each other it was you got into an argument over a video game he went out back in the parking lot and beat each other up for 2 minutes that was that but guys that are willing to kill somebody or whatever just an argument take the light completely without any to see if it did they lose sense of the repercussions of it as well which is sort of like that's something that I think would separate most people in jail just cameras I think a giant chunk of it is how they're but like what experiences they have growing up like what happens in our they abused are they beating of the around

► 00:23:02

violence exposed to and then how much more likely are you to commit that violence reports that on to the next person that's really what it is minutes. The vast majority mean it's not it's not a shocker that's so much violent crime comes from poor neighborhoods it's it's like it makes itself it makes itself unless someone like a virus I agree and I was extremely abusive you know what I grew up with a ton of violence a ton of physical and emotional abuse verbal abuse always the threat of violence at the drop of a hat of his I was always immediately to I'll beat the shit out of you if you don't do what I say even if she wasn't being violent and I do I go the opposite do you know with my son do diameter my side ever even spank my daughter smack my hand I've never I've never even really yelled at my son and I don't think that I got lucky and have a good kid I too have a great kid but I think it's a direct route you no correlation to

► 00:24:02

not being aggressive with him at all and I talked to talk to have little conversations with them know to tell him what to do ask him if they don't understand why you know that just in general and life people in general finish NY something to eat there's a real purpose there and then they do what they're doing you know with that purpose in mind a little kids there and they're still malleable and sometimes it's annoying for them to ask why two or three times and it's easy to lose your patience but would you realize what you're you know that's why I'm a piece of shit all of me on the first one to admit it but the only good thing I do I think it's the fact that I'm creating the good little person he's a really good sweet person that I think is going to be you know all the shit that I didn't really have or you know all the good qualities that I think I do not like I could have maybe had if I was raised the right way I'm trying to give my son and I think that's a really big responsibility and that's why you know you feel bad when you see like real violence like that

► 00:25:02

like fucking people that are like being really you like dude I know that person experience some crazy shit or should I say it's not their fault in a weird way it's definitely not you know I never lived in the worst neighborhood in the world but I lived in Shady one for quite a bit you leaving the place called Jamaica Plain outside of Boston for about a year and my parents knew immediately we had to get the fuck out of there and we only thing we stayed maybe a year a little over a year and we got out of there as quick as you can but there was like a lot of break-ins lot of it was lower-income it wasn't terrible it wasn't like a gang violence shoot-'em-up timeshare but there's a lot of criminals a lot of shade grass of my kids were all trying to fight me and I just moved there just moved here from Florida and I was like fuck I got to get out of here and let me tomorrow

► 00:26:02

teenage boy was all these kids that they make a plane low-income white white and Puerto Rican like but mostly that mostly white and Puerto Rican is a lot of it just lost cigarette smokers 13 kids are smoking cigarettes ready they're drinking all the time is allotted amount of cigarettes for her when I was 10 with two parents with Chainsmokers in an apartment in the never open the windows in the winter sort of knew she was out on smoking while your pregnant I think in 82 when I was born

► 00:27:02

I don't know shit had to read a book and she told my mom. My mom was 20 but that is crazy ez4040 so perfect such a perfect I was 30 which is but it's too young how can my mom was a teen witch at my sister

► 00:27:27

it's just the just the act of weather with no more than when you started with it if you start at 20 if you started 40 the act of raising another human being it just changes who the fuck you are they just does everything switches and gets weird and then you like oh I'm responsible for shaping your life and Italy's helping to shape your life in if I do a good job you'll be a good person you go out there and you'll make more good people and you'll meet good people but just really what everybody wants at the end of the day everybody wants camaraderie and love and friendship that's why like what's the worst ship that can happen today you get canceled and when I went to cancel people is a weird thrilled I want you to not be able to make money but it's not even want you to understand

► 00:28:27

set specific in terms like they don't want you to be able to make an income to want to hurt you that's what it is because they're scared of someone doing it to them this is a big part of why people pull the trigger on that stuff wasn't just people calling for people to cancel to like nothing it's because they're scared of it actually happening so this is like you have this ultimate power to choose just like get upset at someone for virtually anything pick it pick a cause most people don't have real opinions on anything when you have this this you know on Facebook or Twitter or whatever social media platform you have an immediate gratification of my gosh. 20 likes on the thought of mine that's addictive as fuck super addictive you know that that right there you know I understand why people continue to come back and it didn't nobody really cares as soon as you put your computer down your phone down nobody gives a fuck about any of these issues of the super

► 00:29:27

arcade with a bowling alley or the library with what's important is the internet is essentially the whole world is a big window and everyone as a rock slogan it's ya and if you find anything to throw a rock about whether it's throw rock about politics or gender or race or the social justice or you know what feeling the black the environment now saving the animals everyone's throwing rocks and very few people actually communicating it's a strange time will you would think that you would want in an ideal world you would want people that have different ideas to come together sit down have an honest conversation and go awesome dude. Just now and then you go off and you go that's how you learn from different place

► 00:30:27

how to be an American I'm proud you know I don't think all the things that people think they're awful about this country or are necessarily awful you know I think the opportunity to make money I did grab my mouth and a girl porn in all right you know I'm living my dream right now and I get to kind of do what I want to do and I look at that and I say this because I live in a place where that opportunities there is amazing doesn't mean it's perfect gives you more opportunity than anywhere and it's fun place man I'm talking country is fun but there's definitely some fucked-up aspects of it the fact that were a country this isn't that the big one is it immigration to me because immigration to me when people take a hard-line one way or the other I'm always like this is a weird one immigrations a weird one you don't want to diminish the quality of life for everyone in the country but you don't want to not let people in cuz that's the country

► 00:31:27

and you see these fenced-in people and where is it is it El Paso there was something they had on the news they showed all these people fenced-in and what looks like a dog kennel and these these people that snuck across the border and they capture them so they don't put him in his fucking outdoor fenced-in cage like to we don't even do that too violent murderer murderer... Just due process you put him in the prison man like they don't have the facilities to do what they're doing and then people wouldn't you wouldn't you who cares like I understand yes there is sort of but anybody who is up in arms about immigrants coming to this country most of the time they're also on one side of the political Spectrum on every other issue it's not like it's an independent thought it's like they know and you know I just sort of personal life

► 00:32:27

I'm not going to solve the immigration issue I have no idea what the answer is here would be I things in my life that you know I can fix I I know there are you know nothing about my personality things about needing my own you know my own issues that I need to fix Solstice or distort their you know and I think more people need to kind of get old

► 00:33:00

Humanity you see a bunch of people caged in with their children than in some fenced-in area that literally looks like a dog kennel. This is crazy people coming in the country and going in these imaginary lines at you know it's just sort of like yeah I think it's

► 00:33:21

I think as a human being is hard to see that and I look away from shit like that a lot you know I don't look that I don't like looking at videos like that and like one of the sad things I don't watch any goreshit I didn't watch the video of the dude that mowed down those people in New Zealand you know yeah it is a sad thing and I really don't know the solution to this shit

► 00:33:43

it says they treat us like we're animals holding pen for migrant families in El Paso shut down shut down every night I guess because people found out about it it's crazy looking that that's that's a dog kennel it means people just sit around waiting for what I mean. If that was murder as they wouldn't do that but say you're the guy in charge now what do you do what would you I mean me I was a good question but I don't know if that's the right answer I don't know if it's the answer to either but I guarantee you all of our with your relatives came from other countries my relatives all came from another country but I'm third-generation they did they knew that you're up sucked the new the Italy sucked into the like look I mean no disrespect Italy but they decided out of here and they got on the boat all of them grandparents on both sides they both came over here when they were kids probably have seen about her grateful when the food is fantastic when I talk to a guy that he wanted his kids to go to college in America anybody was basically saying was it was just not enough

► 00:34:43

opportunity in in Italy and that all he wanted his son to have more opportunity and she was driving a cab actually speak two languages they speak perfect English a good percentage of the smart place in the art is insane when your work when you're going through Rome and you go through the Vatican you see their billions of dollars literally billions of dollars in artwork you like holy shit but this is what a crazy culture this culture all they wanted to do was create beautiful architecture Crazy Beautiful art make wine make gray food have sex fuck like crazy and try to take over the world I mean they took over the world for a long-ass time I got to make some tomato sauce was driving with his cab driver with my kids in the car and this guy slow down and check out this chick's ass and yelled out the window outer

► 00:35:43

8 people my ancestors I'm allowed to say it takes a lot of cat calling preface this by saying it's wrong but that's as an adult is a 37 year old man who has a 6 year old boy who will probably watch this one day I'll say don't do that as I say not as I do exactly but I will say it was sort of like a funny thing we would just we just can't call checks in a funny way we would do it yeah the girls don't like it unless they really like it could be free is never worth the risk for side if I can Puerto Rican check or black check

► 00:36:34

they want it they like it but I'm telling you right now it's how it's a different level can mean I'm telling you go watch in Harlem where you go to Brooklyn just watch. Calling live on the JRE right now, what is it again Luis J Gomez presents Lewis Miami we were just talking about smoke too much pot for the show would what's up CAC on have you ever had a gay guy try to fuck you yeah I want a big strong one that could kick your ass like a gay guy that looks like Deontay Wilder

► 00:37:25

I know. I thought to kick my ass but I understand the point you're making if you have to kick your ass that's what it's like to be a check get I go to high-end gym hiya meaning gay meaning it like a guy's Equinox Equinox and I'll I love the gym was my last day job I worked doing sales there and I saw the infrastructure the company and I know they're either very you know it's a customer service and I really like that right but it's Michelle's been through and through but I go there now and the steam room I mean and I mean this I would say one out of eight times I go in the steam room a man will

► 00:38:15

do what it was like a presenting type thing where he's trying to fish for me to suck his dick you know like I guess they knew that the famous story was like sort of tapping the foot under the stall but it's not that they open their towel and a kind of like make eye contact with you but they do it in a way where you can't call them on their shit and you can't look like a fucking big homophobes so yeah

► 00:38:41

probably but it happens a lot I've got multiple three months there because I complain about it wow it's like dropping your own food this is remind me of a video I just saw this is a pretty I don't know if you seen this video what is a 20 seconds

► 00:39:01

it says man catches guy looking at her school now okay

► 00:39:10

Mahjong Chinese restaurant is lying on the floor because I cry me that's a guy looking to see people shit the guy's face was peeking through and yeah it's a good thing you can't you can't just start beating somebody up for that right you can't just say it's a weird thing you feel very defenseless I understand it's the first time I truly would like to talk about because I you feel like violated and you can't really do much I've had it happen I could beat the guy up it was a guy that was not physically threat to me and it still made me super uncomfortable and I felt really weak I felt like

► 00:40:10

committing a hate crime if you beat the sign up for being gay. Wasn't it wasn't it was a hands-off wow I was like this is getting you live a different life than me I just feel I feel like a princess but again I wasn't physically vulnerable like I could decide that I just want to check this guy unconscious and I could just do that you could chuck most guys unconscious this guy was not like there was no guessing he was a scrawny dude a guy aggressively coming onto this guy never worked out a day in his life will be terrifying MMA fight against the comedian I train with Bisping twice and I

► 00:41:10

is Jiu-Jitsu of course he is on the ground cuz he's excellent

► 00:41:28

I can explain to you it was like I felt like a lion was just toying with me it was and it was it was a strange thing because I've never in my life cuz you obviously you know what MMA fighter can beat you up you know a professional mixed martial arts can beat you up but I don't think people realize how badly and how big of the Gap is it cuz it's not it's but they don't know Joe you know people have no fucking clue until you do and I have no idea until this last summer and I asked me for a second it was terrifying the same way that I used to be able to I I don't fuk right anymore cuz you're just talking to guys just talkin that's what fighting it's like it's like you look at a guy like this being and you know he's like a normal guy and he's obviously very athletic and he's big and everything like that but he's he's now

► 00:42:28

Shaquille O'Neal he's not human

► 00:42:40

helpless you've no idea literally have no idea grabs ahold of you you're you're a dead person most anybody in the UFC I need a person if they can take you just Lions do what they want to do if there's an intellectual levels like I was Neil deGrasse Tyson or someone on the podcast show me just like goddamn fucking stupid with stand up with someone choking the life out of when's it coming I had a friend of mine who was like a really athletic to do I get each friend of a friend out of a Gracie school in Florida is only one time he

► 00:43:40

Royce Gracie and I said no like he's a dude he was like he was like he was talking with me like I've never done it before and that's how that's how good those guys are getting voice doesn't you know at this point we compared compared to Matt Hughes you know you can't compete anymore once people to do the tricks but yeah I mean that it's very humbling experience crazier Hixson Voice's voice will tell you he's ten times better than him and would do to hoist would hoist would do to other black. What was it matters what the story was they could have had him but he was too athletic into you know there's a bunch of issues and I would not want to say exactly what happened for fear of upsetting either side cuz I think there's two different stories okay but

► 00:44:40

he was essentially the champion of the family and one of the thoughts was that would be more impressive if hoist did it because her voice was only 175 lb and yet with his shirt off and he look like he was fit but look like a volleyball player or something right but he was also like way physically stronger it would have up here more than he was just dominating some like a cat jump on so wasn't as good of an advertisement for because it was also talked to no one can control Hicks and it didn't want Hixson to win cuz Hixson is a hizo It Go a free spirit like in the greatest sense of the word like legitimately he might throw his phone the ocean disappear for a month and just fucking surface Jiu-Jitsu somewhere cuz he's a freak in the best sense of the word that's awesome so I don't think they ever thought they could control Hixson that was part of the problem with having cake Sunday to Champion Hixson would probably freeze up the whole

► 00:45:40

Malaysian I want 10 million dollars on they were fighting for years and he had some crazy number that he wanted and he was like if you give me that number I'll fight fade or if you give me that number I'll fight the best fighters in this after after the one that I want to see the super high-level Jiu-Jitsu Pride one was Hixson Hixson was the guy that everybody knew that if something happened and then voice was out of the UFC or there was no other Gracie's in the UFC Hicks and is always there to step in and we're always going to step down fought some hockey who was a really high-level guy that was his last fight and strangle them put them to sleep is crazy image man of him rear naked choke funaki and for knock his eyes

► 00:46:40

roll the backwood said he goes unconscious and hips and just throws them off as well stands up he was a Savage also I love you so much that I'm too fat and old now my kids don't get your started since I sent thirty-seven yesterday Bourdain didn't start doing Jiu-Jitsu till he was 58

► 00:46:57

yeah right around that shitt by Al Bundy right he started late in life he did I don't think he was acting crazy student I believe I believe he's hoist I think he was from Torrance so he was that was like that's like Henner and Huron and yeah you're right I could mean if you train for a martial arts bike training for jiu jitsu both of my ribs to this day they just popping out like it just a little upset store poking out in different directions and it hurts like sticking out a little bit. I was all doing it was all rolling Jiu Jitsu with guys who were just trying to kick your ass and she

► 00:47:57

with who you train with because someone is really good can train with you and you don't get hurt you know if I roll with Jean Jacque Machado like I never get hurt you know I never win but I never get hurt it's he's always in control like you're in and everything is like if you roll the black belts are actually safer than rolling with like a really strong blue belt or purple box is trying to kill you it just want those they want those tap points get you especially if you're Luis J Gomez from Legion of skanks horse say no Bragging Rights big big dick head wrestler was just like he was also there to rest a little dude just grabbed me and don't know I'm sorry I'm crabby this is this is what a pussy I am that's what he'll talk this fucking guy was huge guy just nasty gnarled up years course College wrestler but a big big boy like her

► 00:48:57

did I try to take a new show me I like pop up and take somebody down and that's what I'm trying to drill with him and every time I would do it he would just not let me do it and just fucking flop me on my ass and one time I tried to do it and when I went to go take him down he jerked mean the other direction and my shoulder literally just popped out altogether all the way out it was crazy I was like there's no way it was it was nuts can I have everything hurt going into it and Bisping you this was like you were here at my house in the back and my hand was throbbing was broken it was just throbbing and I was just over and over again free rapping to have to do is not right. Shut the fuck up as soon as you walk in and that's that and a lot of guys get really injured and you got to make sure you're doing them with people that understand it's a drill and understand where your levels at that's what's going on with a guy like that just Flexin on you now you just beating on you cuz he's probably done in a Million

► 00:49:57

X is done those drills probably a million times with you. I'm 0 * it's crazy it's crazy that he would do that go hard to do wrestling sucks dick on so many levels. I found one of the kids got to wrestle wrestle first of all I saw was saying like I was like that's not happening my little fucking dick and flabby ass in a single it it's like you have to have a big dick in a nice butt in order to fucking where they might sorry there's another quote that's a mean like that you have to have a big dick in a nice but it's the truth the way here so I joined for like a day and in my high school we had a pool and was like a heated pool for the swim team order pretty nice High School actually and there was a little because run around the pool look like flat for miles before wrestling practice before before rest of that threat was three miles total whatever it was and it was like a sauna so you were doing like a hot warm up

► 00:50:57

in a hot pool and then you would start training and yet two days later I was like fuck this dude and he beat your ass from wrestling but that's what makes people so tough that's why wrestlers are like mentally some of the toughest people are so used to that grind they can date date and they also take pleasure in suffering like no other sport add enjoy it a day enjoy not being prima donnas like all the best wrestlers if you you go back and you look like the history of amateur wrestling they're all known as being like hard hard man like Dan Gable Dan Gable was a hard man you know that mother fucker just trained his body into the ground I think he's got two hip replacements to knee Replacements his Mages to Steve and he was just a Unstoppable wrestler in his prime but that was part of it was that that mental strength that those guys have a lot of guys don't jump into it later though it's it's also as we're talkin about

► 00:51:57

what were you have like it sits in her family is their dad that side of it if you're almost formative years if that's built into you that toughness it said it gets her Cakewalk I didn't have any I mean I just for fun baseball and I wasn't even good at it like I could barely headed right what city was t-ball Atlantic in my mom there was no part of her that wanted to continue to push me to do those things so I said I don't want to go to the just for fun you know which I think is it going to problem but that that I think it's really tough that's what guys you guys liked or St-Pierre who never did high school wrestling or college wrestling and then jumps into it after the fact that makes sense if you know who George is it makes sense this sleeping inability from karate

► 00:52:57

body Blitz ability diving in like for a punch or like a straight blast or something like that that's very similar to diving in for a takedown in terms of your abilities spring-ford Brian George already had that with leaping into Poncho leaping into Kik on top of that George's super intelligent and he listens he has zero ego before I see him like I do Jiu Jitsu would like or like really Elite high-level guys and his lot at this videos of it online he's very coachable listen to everything out no ego is not trying to do it a different way trying to listen to 100% guys like that there is a shorter path to understanding the technique and enter proficiency cuz they they listen some people don't all they don't listen all the way they listen a little bit but then they want to try their way like even when they're training sparring you'll say listen wasn't for this round I just want you to just try

► 00:53:57

this way just do this one thing they'll try first couple of seconds in the give up and go back to their old style how you get better as the opposite of silly coachable I guess a check to see you just understand the technique is everything it's everything and if you understand if you eat you can learn like two or three techniques and have like a real high level proficiency if you just continue to drill and understand the counters like he's not like doing a lot of like crazyshit inside the Octagon when it comes to wrestling type style power Double D's got awesome singles on both sides of stuff take down a game at Georgia State one of my favorite Fighters you know but yet he was sort of Heelys like stood out as the guy that like

► 00:54:55

yeah I mean just didn't wrestle better than everybody without you know having to do that earlier I meant so so funny he's such a troll I love I love a guy who just doesn't shy away from it trolls his boss troll Co still continues to this day 222 game out of its hilarious but also but George St-Pierre has his extreme physical ability like he could do backflips he does a lot of fucking gymnastics stuff he's just he's a hickey has excellent command over his body gymnastic training thing is like super crazy like you no core strength balance beam type shit and I made at that point once

► 00:55:46

you don't give yourself over the guys doing that no other guys in the sport of sort of looking to get another level of cross training and getting your body prepared for like something that it's not really prepared for exactly yourself out of your comfort zone that's that's the one that I just I really wish I would have when I was a kid I wish I would have done more Sports I wish I would have had would you play sports when your kid baseball player quit doing everything else but martial arts because of baseball I want to see a Red Sox game Fenway Park and when me and my buddy were coming home there was like a crazy crowds of people trying to get on the T which is a train to get home so we just for a while we're walking by this taekwondo gym I walked upstairs I want to see what it's all about and as I was walking up stairs vs. canning John Lee who is national champion of the time and won the best black belts has got to shake him ever produced and he was murdering his heavy back I mean murdering if he was hitting it

► 00:56:46

psychics that was making it sound like and then you hit with a Chains Wood would snap cuz I mean just examined to their full length cuz he was kicking his bag was flying through the air and so I never seen anything and I was as close to him doing that as Jamie is to me right now cuz there was like a little wall and there was a heavy bag there and Mr Kim and mr. O'Malley Michael O'Malley was also the 10th starting my master Kim was gone they set up the bags right there cuz I knew that if people come in thinking about signing up and I got like John leaves taking the bag you like I want to do that how the fuck do you do that that's Ledic at all could wish you would have told I did also while I was doing Taekwondo for 1 year was too much to do two at the same time I just like I never ever try to get on base I always try to hit home runs the coach that just hit a single to send a single really need this my gay ass fuck you swing for the police

► 00:57:46

Temple Run home run once and that was it I was like oh I can do that or I could do that cuz I was a little kid I could swing pretty hard and you know it was there light bats in the kids aren't throwing very fast and what else is 13 to a butt from going to that one taekwondo gym watch that one guy. He went back to that gym specifically that was the one but not much but I never saw anybody take a bag the Christ school that I went to didn't emphasize. Which it's a very very important part of developing power you have to really take a bath I don't think I ate there was any bags in the Taekwondo school that I went to town. It's it's a foolish mistake that a lot of gems make they emphasize saw speed and like kicking pads of power you have to have the board for

► 00:58:46

take some ice. Sit back of the bag resist if its 100 lb you got to realize that you're not just hitting this thing you're also pushing a hundred pounds with your foot you're pushing a hundred pounds to foot so if you're standing in front of a hundred-pound bag you you're not just hitting it hard you're moving a hundred pounds with your hips and your last that's that's a real it's a plyo does actual physical resistance in terms of weight and that's how you get stronger it's the only way the only way to really develop like destruction power like some people have the whole thing where I will cuz I was researching a hit harder you can't hit hard you can't hit as hard as some people do you think I know you either have it or you don't I think you can increase someone's power and most people can knock people out most people if you taught him where to hit someone in the head

► 00:59:46

so unclean they could hurt someone supposedly most men who actually know how to punch a little bit but there's a big difference between that kind of punching power and say like a Tommy Hearns in his prime hunting power or you know a Lennox Lewis straight right hand like this you don't have that man you would have that you don't have that and some people just acts like guys that were like fucking 15 they had that is crazy he watch guys that like at a young age that hit a pad or hit a baggy black fuck this is crazy, you have so much power and you don't know why I really need that story but I was saying when we get that promotion in the street in New York city where the heck you're on the gloves a little Mexican kid comes up * 123 pounds soaking wet little Mexican cake comes up and I'm like my size the twentieth time may be 21 or whatever but I'm just like you know it by the way I have never thrown a bunch of my wife now that I actually watch fighting and understand it a little

► 01:00:46

what is a fan like I understand I have no idea to this Mexican kid he came up he just fake the body shot and hit me with a hook and I remember it it felt like it was a game for me it wasn't like you know it felt like my head was shook it felt like my entire I never hit so hard to his have never been his order my entire life do I took a knee I literally took a knee and that's why I remember I don't even know what happened after that that one just went off being awesome and I and then I remember think cuz I have a box and it'll be fun and that was the moment I was I'm not going to box them too big that the way that could hurt me the way that felt no fucking wet no way if I 230 lb Guy where to hit me like especially if you went to the wrong gym and they had you sparring right away with a lot of gems do they'll throw Guide to the Wolves just to see if they're worth keeping around will try you like right out of

► 01:01:45

show you a few punches have you hit the pads a little bit tell you keep your hands up in the House Bar sure to let you know and sometimes won't hurt your least popular Big Pop Pop to the body pop to try to get some work in and I'll just looking for an easy target for to my girlfriend my box

► 01:02:11

it could be worse Oxys. The problem with it as a casual thing though is the punches that don't even hurt you if they just rather you had a little those all count all the all those count those are probably sometimes worse now because there's so many of them you don't even notice if you get hit with one big shot. Like your head gets rattled you get a headache but you'll stop if you can hit a few times you treat like it's nothing you just get pop to do you get hit or you got a bloody nose you're literally in a little now I guess none of your eye you don't think about it but you got hit in the head 30 times so you like I'm fighting you did you just don't you don't think of that as damaged as much of what you're seeing from CT he's at sub-concussive trauma probably more so because it's so freaking yeah well over and over again jet skis he said the bang of jet skis

► 01:03:11

if your fucking head like an Angus Young from ACDC strain strengthened from a hundred years of headband maybe I used to go to like metal concerts and go to mosh pits I was like a big metal head when I was a kid and yeah we were just fucking take your brain damage just go in there and swing your hands get punch gifts and you're you're right you're nothing like the amount it like just head-banging just banging your head over and over again your brain just smacking into the front of your fucking face over and over and over again

► 01:03:46

on stage play and head bang at the same time like try rubbing the top of your head and your stomach at the same time imagine patting your head imagine imagine trying to play guitar and head back I was in a band when I was in high school so I played drums that was

► 01:04:16

he realize we all want to be we all want to be rockstars as you want me to watch her and get her music from the 70s hilarious

► 01:04:31

look at them

► 01:04:34

so why don't you have any news stories about how we not hearing like crazy me to stories about shit with like rock bands in the 80s and 70s I think is everybody knew what they were getting into

► 01:04:49

I didn't know they were going into a lot of times now but it's just you think they'd at least somebody would want to come out and go like I'll just so you know Guns N Roses run a train on me a 1987 f y i and I was really intoxicated it's a different time like those ladies had a different approach to things

► 01:05:10

forgot they were there for the memory I think the reality is most people they sort of go like alright well I'm a spy am responsible for my actions that's where most people I don't think most people actually have a victim mentality when they look at stupid shit big gun in their youth people don't have a victim mentality and then there's also some people just became victims back then and they just didn't have a way to express it like they do now the different like it's it was a completely different world 20-30 years ago how would you even start to get the message out that you were me to church with 1981 yeah I'm going to write a letter to a problem you would you do if you got if someone sexually assaulted you the 91 what would you do

► 01:06:04

go to the cops to Call newspaper maybe you know if the guy was a rich guy turned his lawyers on you

► 01:06:14

yeah different world it's all its mean I'm not of the Steven Pinker view of progress that I think that although the world is not perfect I think it's just way better than sex play better feels worse because we have internet and you have access to your fingertips to the most vile shit you know that it's seems like people are more racist because before you use have to write the n-word on a bathroom stall that was the only way to say hey redhead group get that instant reaction to go back the next day and there's another guy that Drew an arrow to that and was like everyone about the Jews and then he kept on going down but now you sort of have that instantly at your fingertips so it feels like oh my God the world's crumbling everyone's racist everyone sexist but everyone's got an opinion online and once you get off there

► 01:07:10

you know we all go dressed we all we all work together while doing shit you know yet we certainly can ya mean there's a lot of this nonsense like energy on social media we're too much is arguing about things all day long and salting people all day long and that shit is so bad for your head to engage in that all day if feels way better to not engage on Twitter coming ship back if I'm bored and I just I did it yesterday I watch my special this cock sucker just took shots at because he doesn't like me and I was just just engaging back and forth over and over again and it's because I'm bored was over

► 01:07:59

now cuz I just deleted it. I'm done like I said what I had to say but I also I don't know like

► 01:08:08

all right there's part of me as well as I've gotten you know you could so much it eventually you still get desensitized to it so that you don't really I mean that you're giving your fucking famous you get critics like real critics like I'm here you're you're special been reviewed by real people I'm sure some people didn't like it I'm sure you had to have a bad fucking credit out there but this point I like to get the fuck I just think overall in general it's better to be who gives a fuck cuz I think there's this criticism that's valid that you understand like you you should be able to know whether you fucked up or whether something was good or not. But then once you're honest about that and you do your best work like either you like me. The idea that I was going to like it's crazy cuz people just don't like the same things that you like doing it fucking stinks there's someone out there listen to Fleetwood Mac 24/7 okay they never heard of fucking Tupac song there's no biggie and their car they never listen to Nas it is fucking Tusk all day long every

► 01:09:08

that's okay that's okay to man if you are really into Fleetwood Mac and someone tries playing you know some Led Zeppelin and you're not into it to get angry okay that's not your fault it's like that's not what you're into this guy's not for me but then some twenty-five-year-old

► 01:09:29

well he's not wrong now everybody has a different opinion is right actually Joe that guy gets it and

► 01:09:42

if you vocalize that you do not enjoy the show in any way

► 01:09:47

sort of a cuz you was an asshole I don't need to do that because you you can have an opinion there's nothing wrong with having an opinion but for you to say that your opinion is more important than the whole show is cray is yes cuz that's what you do and you were the one to Your Ego is so inflated you think you can correct this person are you going to stop their jokes in its tracks and they're going to realize the error of their ways and educate this entire crowd has been laughing his ass off. That's a foolhardy way of looking at now I have a new way of warning this tonight and now I want to do it a certain way and you just want to fuck that up you ask why maybe maybe I'm going to get there maybe I'm going to get you a place where you actually enjoy the joke and you dick head but you ruined it now well the thing is people see every time you're onstage they see you as this is a finished product you're presenting what they don't understand is and I'm hoping people get it more now than they ever

► 01:10:47

before but this some people still don't get it it's the way we work stuff out is by trying it on stage and sometimes we take chances it's around Oregon and sometimes a chance has come out terrible and it's not that were a person we're trying to figure out the right combination of things and sometimes you try to do it in the moment and the best shit that everybody really likes were people who are taking risks there's no matter what their top 10 list of comedians these are people who took some chances in steak have a cell phone to watch what they were doing in the club in the night that the joke bombed you know what you were talking about you know what your part owner of smoking crack a joke bomb to express that I think that yeah I'm either Patrice O'Neal I mean in my opinion greatest comedian ever live also bought some guy

► 01:11:47

add he going to be talked about it when I think he was defending Caesar Kramer or radio guys. Rose, can we just talk about it then you know it's a joke jokes whether they're good or bad they all come from the same place that I wanted this is something funny I'm going to go turn it into something to hopefully make people laugh through the end result is a very much of net positive people laughing and sometimes you take that chance and bombs and picked the wrong way I said it wrong I didn't do it right but it's not the Roman the right word what the problem is we're trying it out with the people you need the audience to help you create the bed in the process will they don't understand it and so like not to laugh like I know it's not funny but comes out wrong but if you if you get mad at someone for something that's not done yet

► 01:12:47

there are points in time where someone can say something it's so egregiously incorrect that at the very least you want to leave the room

► 01:12:56

I get that I kind of seen it or seen people say things on stage very hard to get her to leave a room for anything there's no there's not many subjects or if it was insulting my intelligence if I was frustrated listening this idiot talk on stage I would leave the room in the room and yelling out hey man what you saying is not funny this is not funny I don't care what it was his fucking people are laughing it's not funny you should stop talking about like that's nonsense fucking Court where someone's reading affidavit stupid this is someone trying to make funny out of life yeah it either works or doesn't and if it doesn't that's okay I'll figure it out or I won't figure it out either way this is just a process you yelling out something you have throwing up your flag virtue in front of everyone just Preposterous it's like you don't you don't get to do that at a comedy club it's right there they kick you out it's just a stupid thing it's a stupid way to handle it and then when guys like I'm helping the show

► 01:13:56

is the ultimate stupid know just because everyone's laughing now cuz I'm roasting you doesn't mean your help in the show stupid it's usually I only just point out the fact that that's that's a secret sauce you see, so this is all so well some people think that they can do comedy and so that's why they do you say before you make it look like it's your guy who made it very funny might be the funniest of his friends right which to be honest with you that's all you need to start doing comedy he should maybe we'll sign up for helping Mike more power to him exactly what he goes he sees everyone laughing you remember when I was in high school I would make everyone laugh that was an awesome feeling and then they take that shot and once in awhile and works in their favor and you look a real assholes

► 01:14:56

hilarious and encourages more people and then people get drunk and then as the night goes on like some there's always some dumb he's been a holdon. This idea is going to tackle you about something got it in his head for like 10 minutes and finally it's it's a hard thing to make it to make a group of people at the exact same time that are expecting the laugh that is a very specific this was a weird thing alien sauce doing comedy big just fucking Papa Comedy Club but this is crazy this is what it is. Bus from killing all the fish first the first thing they do that I hate how many fish you guys going to eat

► 01:15:39

Chuck's no fish left we keep going more than anything about what people do on the planet but it sucks fish at ocean countless hours of commercial fishing nets pulling gigantic Halls of fish into their boats Souls how many souls are in that fucking met some of them hold a baby mouse with fish they they just shit out some eggs mail comes over jizan eggs it's like they have such a minimal connection cuz they know their time is short how well what's the lifespan of a fish if they make it

► 01:16:30

2 question but I'm sure it varies sharks sharks or whales live a long time with say a grouper that's a giant ass fish how old is an old group want to say 30 or 30 years for such a differentiation what the answer could be like a deer a deer lives like if everything goes perfect a deer live like 15 years and then they get Jack by something and Joe Rogan almost there almost Immortal even know how old those fuckers are

► 01:17:24

yeah they could be a thousand years old residents case really something crazy like that yeah yeah I think a giant turtle from the khelat to test you know what they used to do on boats man-beast to fill the hole like the bottom of the boat with turtles they take the turtles in the flip on their back cuz they live down there for months on their back cuz they don't really have to eat all the time that's how they would use then use them for food so they would have all these Turtles I've turned it on and it was still alive so they weren't riding with the could do Jack schitt cuz they're on their backs until they would go down there and pick him up and take a turtle and bring it upstairs and cook it have you write turtle soup I think I have I think I had it once a long time ago I can't remember I was going to have it I was in Florida one of these like frog leg types like a place that's like the best

► 01:18:24

alligator alligator meat and like I tried alligator meat Red Frog Legs I don't eat exotic ship I've only tried alligator meat at like one of those TGI Friday type joints you know one of those like chain type it was like deep-fried battered fried in wasn't apparent lie when they get fresh like a alligator and then they take the back straps off business cook a correctly it's delicious apparently when you get it at a restaurant unless it's like a legit restaurant like they're probably serving you some frozen frozen alligator fuck that happened how they take care of it before they froze it never see those Swamp People shows with the boats filled with fucking alligators out of eating those man I think most of those they're just taking the skins off of them and selling it for the letter Adventure in May I watch you posting videos of you hunting and killing things and then eating

► 01:19:24

it's like you just go back to your your Instagram three days in a row so I can watch like an animal alive to being on your plate and it's fucking more power to you do the whole thing I'm I watch it in awe cuz I could never I can never kill something even if even if I don't have to lie to kill something you could kill something and you definitely could if you want to feed your son is no doubt in my mind if you had a gun and there was a deer and you are hungry starving yes you don't even have to be starving you just have to have not the best prospects for the fence at 11 a.m. what is this alligator is a pound is holy shit 3 oz of alligator 46 grams of protein help you gain muscle and reptile skin that that story about like will tell you everything makes you terrified oh yeah so

► 01:20:24

so I'm supposed to remind me to Disney in July and I'm there was a story about the alligator who grabbed a little kid and drag him into the on the property of Disney there's too many alligators they can't keep track of them so if you have a body of water and you're not standing there 24/7 on the fucking Spotlight in a rifle if those cuts can sneak into that water that's over that's some real shit man sneaking out water the cross that grass you don't know they're there they climb in that water you don't know they're there and they'll be underwater for an hour or two hours and they'll pop it will head up to see that little kid not a God damn I'm hungry that kids to close the water will just grab them didn't have any qualms about that now I don't know what the fuck you are they don't care what you are now they have a brain the size of a goddamn Walnut and they've been alive in that form for who knows how many fucking millions of years I just kill Jill big they can go without food for a year man

► 01:21:24

does two years ago in this isn't written to remove up to 400 alligators through April like it's a project like they're building a fucking Bridge year ago and first of all if you haven't done Disneyland Disneyland has the dope as fuk and ride the history of the world that world Avatar ride when they have this Millennium Falcon ride it opens up supposedly it's insane but the the Avatar ride in Disney World in Orlando is off the charts it's crazy that you doing oh my God the future of these fucking rides it's like one of those like where you see crazy shit and you're moving put on helmet in the helmet is a virtual reality goggle straps you into this chair and these chairs like took a motorcycle riding the Dragon

► 01:22:24

keep getting better and better as shit I did the Transformers I brought my kids are Universal as last year that stupid fake dinosaurs the last year I think they feel like they got rid of it at the last moment on the ride and it did making the movie for Jurassic Park and it wasn't that good of a really a ride that recently know that Rob is why I can possible that's impossible animatronic Victory skin it and would be a giant rat playing drums he was terrified of the Jurassic Park River Adventure 110 million dollars the most expensive amusement park ride cost twice as much as Jurassic Park the movie how to get some more than $55

► 01:23:24

whoever made that right now has a bottle of champagne one Coke tray in the other and it is still live in the Bahamas or some shit just laughing about how they got a hundred ten million dollars to make the shity ass yeah I just Livin Like a baller it's a it's a different I mean but Jay-Z and Big Pimpin

► 01:23:48

the rides with $35 so if that was at a County Fair be like all right I got caught smoking weed at University aside my girl bring my kid away and I was outside of the Jurassic Park I didn't get caught by the police but I was outside of the Jurassic Park ride and I was going to bring him to go get a soda whatever I'm going to sit here and smoke my vape pen and are there like one of the handlers they have a thing where they have a velociraptor is a good person to costume what is an animatronic costume at pretending to be like a velociraptor the the trainers like trying to calm him down to the hold this play with the kids and everyone's really excited getting out at one point the girls got like one of those microphone face pieces on she's goes to sir not here

► 01:24:42

where was it or not here faded off in the kitchen I know about it now in California what now is that what would it would it would if it was a vape pen with tobacco or CBD or are you allowed to do that but she knew what it was she saw my face and my mouth was a gape watching real velociraptors look around and they were talking about how they have to re dip to figure out what to do with a drug-sniffing dogs now cuz there's no reason why is there a change in Utah is Utah. Changing their their drug policy cuz it was funny listening to this old just for the for the flock of it as Wilson AM radio talk radio and his old do was talking about how they

► 01:25:42

they're going to decommission some of these drug-sniffing dogs cuz they do use them on lot of traffic stops and we go medical marijuana in Utah could mean retirement for generation of drug canines

► 01:25:53

Stockton putting these dogs down well they also were worried about the police officers themselves losing jobs when you hear about pot that's making its way into a place like Utah you know first about you realize God damn pot is really you can't stop and stare at the Genie's out of the bottle is here as in Grandma feels better days CBD is fixing now that are not finding any other solution that works for they just given in and then they making all this money but then you see these old folks that are from a different time and they're talking about it and they they look at it in terms of like how many police jobs are going to go away by how many dogs are going to be decommissioned it's not really my problem I understand to watch him look at it as an economic issue problem is you have potheads that are leading the charge so it's it for a long time it was difficult to take him serious straight-laced

► 01:26:53

man and you know there's a lot of money there is so much money in it that you're getting that but you have fucking hippies playing hacky sack and no puka shell necklaces it's sort of hard to take him seriously when the reality is kind of want to be legalized for recreational purposes and you know I don't like I don't use we do I do take CBD I literally was using topical CBD the whole time so I guess I do I take CBD daily but I don't know if I'll get you a bunch of products is there a really great company that supports comedy Bates baseball termite or when I was over my special they're fucking dope but I take it daily I take the oil just because you know apparently all of the benefits that it has with getting your body back in the homeostasis and making me feel better and getting back in line I don't know the fucking effects I smoke weed everyday as well so I'm sure I'm getting CBD effects

► 01:27:53

but in my mind I'm going to I have a bunch of this stuff I know that since I started taking it I weirdly feel better but I can't really connect you said before you take CBD and you going to another realm well I was taking one and one it's like one gram of CBD to one gram of THC like that it's one part was so whatever milgram's you have it's it's potent CBD to though it take oil I feel like it's it's very beneficial and much more potent in terms of its anti-inflammatory benefits then just smoking it smoke it does something for you definitely reduces inflammation makes you feel better if I was taking sore joints topical I was using the oil you don't have to take but the fetal a lot of people find it do they have better pain relief from one vs. OnePlus One like one part THC one part so it's like edible like you know marijuana

► 01:28:53

mixed with CBD a lot of people find great benefit in that for some reason I have a trick my aunt cuz my aunt cell anti-drugs and if I told her that CBD was derived from hemp she would she wouldn't take him his Bat arthritis and I gave it to her for that and she loves it and I told her after the fact but it's just a plant folks and if you just get straight CBD it has no psychoactive properties that's not the only thing is going to do is for some folks and worse a little bit that way with me it alleviate some anxiety just relaxes you yeah yeah that's that's why I smoke weed to find probably

► 01:29:32

10 times in my life and every time was for smoking a joint in the street every single time do they take you in New York

► 01:29:43

so I can sell it's crazy the last time I was put into a cell for smoking weed was the year and a half ago me and Dave Smith two years ago maybe me and just tell them you were Luis J Gomez. Saint Louis, that's why I said he was the middle initials like to know what the problem with my rent election Illinois and they fucking they look like you're about to piss my cat with a rubber glove every time have you been to Panama and every single time sir but yeah dude one in New York City the way it works is you accept it sucks having so many times it's the worse cuz it's just a major inconvenience you know I was but I'm the kind of like three years cuz I have weed for being arrested for a joint we're not talking about like I have announce that I just bought for my dealer and they found a large amount on me

► 01:30:41

a joint smoking on the street what they do is they are first day they take the weed and the garbage can give you a ticket just hang tight relax which type of cuffs on you this is just keep you, just if I can get you the Patty wagon this all a process let me put you in a Paddy Wagon they used to have sweet nights in New York where all it was was they would go and try to find kids smoking weed drug Kidz kollege Kidd pissing in public public intoxication and the entire night they would just pick up everybody Philip paddy wagons and create criminals just career criminals out of teenagers that's why the stop-and-frisk law has happened in New York they changed it because they were just targeting Black and Hispanic kids cuz if I gotta let me see what's in your pockets in your pocket in New York City okay just so stupid that it's still illegal there like how the fuck is that cleaning on in one of the biggest cities in the world how the fuck is that still up smell something with your say it wasn't legal there it was the last date

► 01:31:41

when is the last day to make a second to last it is because corruption the amount of red tape involved the amount of people that have to be paid off to make any laws happen in any type of fast way

► 01:31:54

one of the guys was actively campaign to keep the UFC out and went to jail for corruption which guy was that sound remember fuck him yeah that was the whole cat with that for a long time I used to live in New York and know what it is there's a lot of that shit still around if you have a big of a city too much too many rats in the holes you know you don't even rats are in the streets of New York City just all throughout the bottom of the subway and run around the sewer system is rats he just like did become a part of the ecosystem was human rats to is like creepy corrupt motherfukers that have been manipulating shit and getting people to pay them off for protection and also it's a sneaky fucking city-related shit that takes forever to clean out it just to get it out of the streets of New York where they've they eliminated a lot of the mob mob killings right there

► 01:32:54

I know I was done I thought I was done I literally thought it ended in like the 80s the Italian mob I have no idea I know like mob bosses wives yeah I still don't fucking children Up Gotti that was one of them whatever one where this lady was I remember watching one with his girl was drinking and she got mouthy with us this guy and then the guy told to go fuck herself she's like oh yeah that you called her ex-husband opposite mobster the Xbox one comes over to talk to the guy like you imagined or some poor guy in a bar and some crazy lady starts yelling at you. You your fuk U kunt and she calls this guy comes over and you look in his eyes and nose killed about a teen fucking people you like Jesus

► 01:33:42

you are for a check you got to be ready to fight you got it just want some chicken fat content that just just be ready just whatever's going to happen and I feel bad cuz the guy that she's with now he's like fuck fuck now I got to fight for this fetch hunting I've seen it happen man years ago Forrest Griffin Anderson Silva guy and do the guy I was with a chick who was sort of dating she's a little Chub year and we are me and my buddies were there and he's fucking Philly dick as big as ready for a fight dude that back then dude Jersey Philly that was always like 7-8 fight in the crowd it was like it was crazy and these guys ready for a fight and remember she was like there and they were like right in front of us but she was sort of in between us and the guy just said he was like yeah fuck you and fuck your fat kankuro friend and weather in that moment I'm like well now I have to fight this guy because he and I really like this girl really soon as I get it but it's so weird

► 01:34:42

try to pretend that I didn't hear him

► 01:34:45

I would not go that was that was kind of like Skyfall then I was like I was actually like

► 01:34:56

I like little girls like that that will when you get in your head spin out so can I get a hot dog I've had I've had girls that I've dated that would

► 01:35:08

ladies ladies ladies listen to the show all three or four ladies that it was him to the Shell right now if just don't get your man into a fight let him decide don't start talkingshit to another dude you're you're putting him in a situation that made his want to be a ninja or never going to know whether or not he wants to be in that situation you're never going to be on a story what's going on his fucking mind right there just know we never want you to start talking shit to a dude in the middle of an altercation cuz it's never going to be good know most of the time most time does not in good especially of blow start flying men people getting knocked out some guy got hurt really bad the Dodgers game recently he got knocked out and cracked his head off the ground that's what people need to understand people die from that shit you watch movies and people knock people out in the person's fine you could get a goddamn murder rap you punch someone in the fall and most people you punch you in the face of go unconscious have no idea what happened to go unconscious their head bounces off the ground they die it happens all the time Kevin James when he was a kid I use a bouncer in Long

► 01:36:08

one of the guys at the bar I don't think he was working that night but one of the guys he doing work with not guy out the guy fell hit head off a curb dead got one of the ones going to jail for years 20 years in jail at some fucking $10 an hour job will you fight and drunks giving it to some dumb fight which is thinking it's okay to just tee off on someone's face pretty rare that's really, think about what that is so we saw somebody I seen a lot of people get knocked out so I'll say goodbye to ask but dying from hitting her head and see you and major city like New York I bet somebody dies falling and hitting their head off the curb every week when you punch someone and they fall think about how far that is right think about the amount of force that's involved now think about if you were staying there and someone hit you in the back of the head with something now think about that something was the fucking world the Earth it doesn't give it all concrete doesn't give it all the only thing that gives your head

► 01:37:08

pasta bounce in your skull fractures and you get internal bleeding your brain hemorrhages it cuts off your ability to move you might have a stroke you might have an Emmy and it's horrible getting knocked out and falling and hitting your head off the ground is a terrifying thing and when you hear the sound of smacking someone's head bouncing off the concrete it's it's Terry it sounds Hollow that sounds like. Like a like a melon it sounds terrible the hard melon or something like that yeah I know you see it happen where people pass out just like videos that are out there so I could fall over and then they split their head up I was like falling backwards something especially when you get hit you get fucking clipped on the chin your head snaps and you just fall and bounce it's even in boxing matches man some the scariest Knockouts when a guy gets ko'd in his head bounces off the ground and MMA and UFC same thing when guys fall back and head bounced off the ground it's like a double knot

► 01:38:08

I watch that fight science thing back in the day that they were doing on Spike TV almost like a show called I think it's called fight science and they were just explaining why ground-and-pound with so much more brutal than a straight-up standing in The Ridges. They like another showed the 3D animation of the head and the fist coming down and then the head bouncing off the mat and then the brain bouncing off the front end bouncing to the back of the Fist come back up again and you were just being over and over again every day a hundred fifty-three people United States died from injuries include traumatic brain injury. Okay

► 01:38:49

that include traumatic brain injury so it's an injury that also has traumatic brain injury TBI can face affects the last few days or the rest of their lives that's the other thing impaired thinking and memory movement sensation Vision emotional functioning personality changes for depression these issues not only affect individuals can have lasting effects on families if you don't don't get hit in the head. Dre has been hit in the head cuz there's such as Alpha energy will get on the subway and there's another dude who like making eye contact with you and you like we really like you're in a weird beef now cuz you're just looking at a dude in the eyes and then it becomes a thing where you have to like look away from here and give its internal struggle over going like we'll know I don't look away because this guy is looking at me and then and I will get my kids right there and I'm going

► 01:39:49

going on in my head right now I need to go to another subway car just avoid at all costs having to get into a confrontation front of him because that's one of my biggest fears in the world is not knowing what to do this people that live in like Montana to listen to this right now like what the fuck are you talking about what you look each other in the eye and some wants to fight you no reason this is the nature of being penned up there that many people as fucking do something cool about it the cool thing we talked about before that people are like you were exposed even if you're poor kid you're supposed to rich people there their they're normal. It doesn't seem unattainable or under the all-around is there will there are humans that are there just like you you're around them but if you live in a place where they were you're never around them you never get that benefits the New York for benefits the adjusted just the energy the city and so much creativity is so much going on everybody

► 01:40:49

York is trying to do something they're all they're all trying to make something happen in the country they're trying to become the best at that and that that energy of success it's really that's is really good and that's why I'm happy I want one of them happy embrace my kid in the city cuz of that and the other level it's like I want you to build a fucking Treehouse Treehouse he can go out of the house without somebody being right there shown some shit on the weekends take him places in the weekends we could be around the woods are you get like The Best of Both Worlds this the benefit to being in the city will your kid or an adult there's definitely a benefit the negative part is a depreciation of value of life people to show many people you don't think I'm being is important there are there a hindrance as much as they are like a nice thing to say yeah well I understand how much people too and there's a homeless woman who

► 01:41:50

business stands on my corner and just begs for change every day and my son was with me the other day and this woman she's like a sandwich and I was like nah sorry I don't want to keep on walking a mile tell my son he's like Ted that's really sad she's in the money for a sandwich and on my chest every fucking. James everyday she is okay to him I was like well you know what I can't give her money every single day and it's like to know what I do have a dollar that was like when we go back and give her a dollar and it was like I get it now. Well if the world was just one it was only one person like that there was the only issue this one lady just need some help you be will just help her but when there's a million of them feel like why can't help but I just can't do this I got to keep going I got my own shit that's a microcosm of what happens in a city that lady was in a small town

► 01:42:50

should be the other crazy beggar lady people probably like figure out a way to help her cans is just like humans Some Humans when you give them that as an option just begging I just got to do it and there's a whole sandwich when I look at San Francisco Airport thing but this guy was doing it for a living is making a lot of money, it's illegal and I just make up stories and have people donate money to me and I think of it is like an occupation so here it was weird listen to him talk about it because he was telling this lady who is the reporter lady was telling her how she could do it too and you know how he was doing it and how he shows people how to do it but he was making like a decent living. What about today yeah I'm sure I appreciate the hustle I don't I look I watch my mom

► 01:43:50

on welfare remember as a kid watching my mom collect a welfare check and I'm sitting in the room smoke cigarettes and not working I remember as a little kid being like that's not right I was like what are you doing just work to something else we could be in a better situation just way too young having that thought but in a weird way I appreciate the guy's house like he's figured out a way to thrive sorta it's not nothing to be proud of you. You should be bragging about it but at the same time like it's just a different system is a different game we if you disconnect from sort of like you know whatever were you know he's a con artist is not never a good thing having someone is lying to everybody all the time I appreciate a good con artists I really do that boring it's boring just figure it out stupid stop lying to Carly figure that's all

► 01:44:50

one I've some so desensitized almost people that I'd there's no part of me that feels bad I just walk on sorry can't keep on going but what happens if you get there they're looking for the person who moved or we could go out there looking for the tourists are looking for the person who eats people are so it's sort of like that's the same thing like that lady might just be crazy she's not con artist con artist people lying and pretending to listen my car broke down my wife and kid having anything to eat 24 hours and I'm really in a bad situation I would never do this but I just asked you if you just give me $5 and you guys off that yeah I'm not sure I'm sorry here's $5 next person hey man I need to go take this flight to see my mom she's dying of cancer usually they have the same story you got me a new York when I first moved there and now it's a guy is wearing a suit young white guy wearing a suit is like did I miss my bus back home with you for a job interview and I'm trying to get money for a bus ticket back home and I'll

► 01:45:50

a couple bucks whatever and the next day in Union Square same fucking kids same suit same story because they learn it like a sales pitch so they know the beets have been exactly what to say you see if they have an actual script you know so it's like you know I don't mean the bad guy you know but my wife is blah blah blah and you see them every day going down the car and it's if you ever done a sales job a good sales rep is pretty good you're just sort of fishing you're playing the numbers year year instead of sort of adding a motion to it and changing the story and doing all these different things in putting too much thought into it go I'm going to run the script and close one out of twenty people that walk by stupid. No it's not only benefit is that you grow up around people that are full of shit you learn how to spot people are full of shit don't benefit other than that it's just annoying

► 01:46:37

I agree with you but I also can appreciate it I can I can appreciate a good Hustler I appreciate job

► 01:46:45

you don't just lie to people everywhere with some stupid story about how you missed your bus now shit to get a pussy stop mooching money from people that's gross what about what about a guy who sells his CD on the street this may be a different cuz he's offering something he has a heart completely forgot about him he was known as the wrapping bum butt or help is on the way clean 15-20 years of Ohio State in the sky be on High Street which is like the main strip and he had this always Rhymes who constantly go to it always in his help is on the way but I don't remember a lot of them but he always said help is on the way and I'd like is like a sponge. I might help is on the way he had t-shirts made about him I think he's someone I recorded them at one point in like two thousand five or six but when they found that Homeless dude that had that crazy radio voice from Columbus to was it

► 01:47:45

can't fix voice was fire though and he just wound up going right back to being a homeless person right but most of the time it's not bad luck you know what sort of the decisions you make and I'm not saying that you can have a bad situation you can let you know if there is bad luck in the sense that some people are born into you know F1 household some people are born into poverty but this is him was here

► 01:48:22

the best of oldies you listening to Magic 98.9

► 01:48:26

thank you so much God bless you thank he was a radio guy in my Feeling by the time I live in concert I have a theory I think doing that for a living makes you fucking crazy that's what I think I think of you have that fake voice eventually just snap you know I can't do this anymore can't talk like this I can't have this fake voice yeah blow a fuse and I got blew a fuse next time you're done boys over auditions ever done that a lot that's a whole world in comedy where the guys are every day going out and doing voice-over auditions and trying to be a voice in some commercial there so it's so disconnected from creativity like there's no party, instead of reading these like books on things you could do with this is before podcast was even a thing and

► 01:49:20

it was like you could do stand-up you could try to get corporate gigs you could try to write Jingles for commercials or write Hallmark cards that was one of the things I wrote all these books you're so close it's not to be Grandpa your clothes something like that so she wrote books on how to do stand-up workbooks it was like

► 01:49:42

she's the one who did it yeah yeah yeah she had a bunch of them but there was like no real evidence of her being good at comedy comedy something how do you fuck her people listen to don't know what the fuck were talking about there was literally no books on how to do stand-up there was no books there's a couple books written by comics and they're almost always tongue-in-cheek like Belzer Richard Belzer wrote a book on how to do stand-up and just gave you some like joke advice for the most part of Carter Judy Carter Carter so she wrote these books and how do you stand up and everybody bought those books everybody that want to try to stand up bottles for everyone. Just like like on a shelf somewhere and it would give me like exercises so you should be like go get a newspaper and write 10 premises out of the newspaper today you know it's not the reality is if you're not a funny person and you're still trying to pursue a pathan stand-up that's not

► 01:50:40

yeah there's a there with that shit shut that off

► 01:50:44

impossible so goddamn just in the realm of talking shit is it one of the last bastions of actual shit talking yeah we smoke weed did you sit back and chill hat like half the fight Companion podcast that we do we want to be in complete Blitzkrieg hammered by the time it's over live real-time microphone in front of you for 10 hours a week to say a lot more stupid shit than I say yeah way more stupid shit okay we're sure it's like what Patrice said is so pertinent it's so important that it all come from the same place where they were hits or misses like when you just try to be funny you're just trying to be funny. That's all you're trying to do not trying to hurt nobody has to be funny the funniest thing to say is the most fucked-up thing or that thing

► 01:51:44

access my trolls all the time cuz you know people say mean shit about me on the internet and I know it's not about me that's the funniest thing to say in that moment and they're trying to beat the comedy fans you're trying to be funny so and I can get when you step back and don't take it so personally got to go I call I get why that's funny what you do but you don't realize she was talking to each of skanks me what the fuck is anybody expecting from that name Will that's why we don't get in trouble I think and we say I mean crazy shit you possibly send a podcast it's nutts it's actually had never going to get a network big deal with TruTV last year that's a mistake that never made it to eat in filming day no we don't we don't need it with with the internet today man you don't need anything but you were not you're right we're never going to get a TV deal

► 01:52:44

don't want it then I told my agent acting gigs for ABC order for you think's going to happen to put me to sleep what you sow to open a can of worms you put a label label the problem I'd rather work with people that want to work with me and sort of get what I do feel that way. Do you really have aspirations to be an actor that was in one of those stupid things in time about it, he's one of those weird things that if you like do, they expected it also act and it's another completely different such a different thing I mean even though I'd like to have the cellular level like how to start off acting as such a you go to check me classes and I really appreciate people are good actors it is a majorly different thing but for some reason the grouping together like actor and comedian when it's as different as hockey player in Khmer

► 01:53:44

yeah it is well cuz if you can act you could be a comic if you could do comedy I think you can act I think it's possible or impossible more likely if you do, you can act this might be my own bias more likely do you want some weed you have to roll it like a peasant wait I feel I bring an offering some weed to read sponsors drop it off for a year I'm talking about so I don't know if you smoke blunts to adjust phuckindope

► 01:54:29

is that it yeah get one that's as fresh as possible that might be it that last one might be it

► 01:54:38

one second you're lucky we got weed for days here

► 01:54:52

Action Bronson Action Bronson and by the time the ashtray was done I had to take a picture of it like this is ridiculous this is all his weed blunt sticks bats

► 01:55:08

yeah, I'm up I'm a pothead I'm on my morning

► 01:55:12

smoker I was saying I wrote

► 01:55:17

I wrote last night at like 1 in the morning I took a edible gave the misses a business and then afterwards I couldn't lay down I was laying down and I always ideas room for my head the right thing to do I got to get up and write and sometimes you write in just bulshit comes out and there's nothing there on sometimes you right you just hit a vein man what are its creativity vulnerability life experiences and then those ideas could eventually be bit that's like those moments when you get an idea of when you get the inspiration to write man as a Comics won the most important things that capture you got to dive on those people have your next closing bit in that moment it's such a hard that's where you the difference between prose who are legitimately who really care about the craft and guys like me

► 01:56:17

who I need to do it more I mean is this the first time doing the special is the first time that I ever had to do was a purpose to do in Santa was a fucking hobby before there was nothing I was working on anything I was running a race for no reason it has nothing to do with no was doing bits years working out of Faerie like nobody's asking for this I'm not dumb I do late nights at they're putting out an album and all of those little habits that they're great did you ever get you but you definitely are gulman whose brilliant comment on his Twitter he does like a writing tip everyday how beautiful he's got these really cool writing tips for young Comics if you're young, you should go fug are going cuz he's great but he has he's just a little great little tips words like when you're writing down your your jokes leave a space between each line so then you can go in and fill in different words later and it gives very specific like that and I think putting in those little habits and just making it a genuine rule

► 01:57:17

say every morning me to get up I'm going to write for one hour I'm driving to that with her I feel motivated or not you will eventually repo lot of benefits and I think a lot when I saw resume comedy it was like it was an RV that some of the last most recent ones you did the wrong thing does a Twitter called advice for writers that's interesting here's the number one thing though is number one right just do it just get out there and make it happen to start moving you got to force yourself to sit in front of a notepad or whatever it is for x amount of time of day have a fucking timer set it make sure you do it and then if that timer goes off you're still working keep going if you can if you feel it keep going but make yourself do it just make yourself do it that's more important than anything else all that other stuff the other stuff is good it's all good to have structure and understanding but the number one thing people have a problem with his doing it it's like talking about

► 01:58:17

precise but not exercising looks like I think everything is whistle sweetie you have the the tendency to say I'm going to just tweet this and then you don't really work the joke the same way you would if you were sitting down and trying to work a deal cuz you're trying to fit into a certain amount of characters and try to make it funny in a certain way when you're not going to get the maximum and that's why I think a problem where I have on my card y'all just going to eat this while put on Instagram or whatever it is, but yeah I think that's another I think I'm sort of turning a corner now we're going to look at that process more and a lot of people become famous for having a really good Twitter account when they say funny shit nothing wrong with that but you got to write Fierce Elfman like writing for yourself as everything is everything it's the one thing that we tend to five men also want them to reinforce it to Silver Center

► 01:59:12

I have them I listen to am on the way if I'm working on some new should try so you don't forget that part that make sure you pause there make sure you make maybe if you emphasize this first and you pick it up, which is right there to be it's like doing an extra set so I can save you $0.03 tonight but you record through set tonight and you listen to to set tonight and I did 5 sets night now it is like it cuz you're in that mine said maybe even more beneficial like not beneficial in terms of like you know that grew that you get in when you just loose on stage and everything's flowing like the only way to get there I think or the only way I know how to get there I can say is I have to do a lob stand up if I don't do a lot of set up there's always this weird feeling of awkwardness that you have to overcome in the beginning there are a lot of stand-up you could be loose and that is essential forgetting the material cross the best way but you probably can get a lot of work done on top of that if you listen more like to listen to it sounds gross

► 02:00:12

listen to yourself that shut up stupid sure for myself that I was obviously but you said to hate it in the more time you have with your taking more things out and you notice he more thing is wrong Eddie you'll eventually would have it down to nothing I feel like I think that's probably a good sign you know my taste is this is better than I am as a comedian Mike substantially like I I I have impeccable taste in probably like the guys who I look up to patrizi's David Talia of these are the best of the best of my opinion and you know that I sort of hold myself to that standard and I'll never be there in my mind and I'm probably the most people's minds. I'll never fucking do you know that those are the best and you start to hate it and that's a very difficult painful process I think most would most people even if you don't do stand-up go listen back anybody holder listen to this thing about when you put answering machine messages we still do what your voicemail

► 02:01:12

play some fucking idiot you do that again and again and again to me you've done it 30 times and yeah I think that's just what a natural yeah if you care about what you going to hate it Alexander Gustafsson said something like that once he's one of the UFC's top light heavyweights news talking about being a professional fighter that as a professional athlete he was never satisfied they still is Never Satisfied like nothing's ever good enough and this is just the mindset that you have to be to be an elite athlete and I think anything you really trying to do you're going to pick it apart and as you're picking it apart going to find stuff that you hate because I still find stuff you love to this like the balance of do too many sites you know we do too many sets and get stale here a flat yeah that's not good either going through the same thing you know where the punches come you feel like they now it's like you feel like that's part of it cuz you know so hard for you to be in the moment cuz it's like you've heard it to me time so you don't want to say it again

► 02:02:12

I think about this like you and I must be crazy for you cuz every show you do there's somebody that probably fucking follow you from the next city and are you ever caught on to that or you're thinking like fuck did I know that guy he saw this bed and it just for one dude in it for me one doodle butt fucked I want you to pay it now I don't want to do it and I start saying I'm I scan the crowd I find his eyes and like I'm a fucking hack I just think I'm so bad but that's the process that you have to go through and get out of that Stanhope yelled at a guy to stop come in and sit in the front row lights cuz you did a second show in the guy was there for the second show to in the same spot as like what the fuck you can't do that being in the moment talking about the subject is out the window if someone saw you do it the exact same if you know the sleight-of-hand doesn't matter if you know what's going to happen you just see it every single time

► 02:03:12

people that love the process I met these two ladies in Austin that travel around the world while listening to stand up then went to see re in Iceland is some of the UK to fans of like the process of comedy and they said that they were at the The Comedy Store like a week before I did a set there and then they came to the the shows in Austin cuz that's where they live but they travel around watching, and they wanted to talk about the process of is really interesting is it they'll get to see all these different sets don't get to see sets where things don't go so great that sets we switch it up and think that you'll see that at The Comedy Store all the time these people that go there like two or three nights a week. They just a it's a it's a rare art form where it one day will be seen by millions right put it on whatever you're on Hulu or iTunes or whatever the fuck is Netflix free on Netflix going to be seen by millions of people like you but a hundred fifty can watch Pratt

► 02:04:12

in the same ones can watch practice Awesome by the way it's also mentioned watching George St-Pierre train before Oregon GSP on training with henzo Gracie and John danaher I'm at Enzo's School in New York City this is what I just order podcast in this like 9 years ago I used to do a show called Hammer fisting that's like watching Herschel Walker play football or get coach like be on the field with him if you were a fan of football give him like it was really cool it's a really really cool thing to her even get there I'm sorry talking about him being coachable and him listening and you watched rain with nothing to help me even get to the George St-Pierre how to get back to their what we talked about before that has pros and cons in the training process

► 02:05:12

hey but it's not enough that process was an amazing thing to watch now if I went to it and I paid $600 for a front row seat and I was like I'm watching a fight right now and George St-Pierre UFC champion fight I would be vastly disappointed with that experience I would go this isn't this isn't what I'm paying for clubs they think they're paying for the big fight night defined as a special Big Five Nights with your the album recording whatever it is basically everything leading up to that which was sorta got the kids are headlining the zoo on the road doing an hour there's a certain responsibility they're paying a heavy price ticket for a real show but they should have a higher they should have at least a little bit of an understanding that they're watching the process and if they understood it they would appreciate it more you would be would be almost shit I get the sky do that joke before I noticed a nuanced and I noticed a difference some people some people in want to hear the new ship that's cool to just sit around and wait like she was just talking to the Head how cool would that be

► 02:06:12

these to get angry if you didn't do the hits like they have and still I think they they start calling out Hot Pocket in your stories happy hour does he still tell that story of the insurance I'm sure will people be mad as taken to taking his shirt off in the original Room comedy store as well it wasn't Italy would save the shirt off for the main room but now he's taken to the next level so it's he takes his shirt off immediately Starbucks and Sherlock I wish I was comfortable if I if I can be comfortable being fat I would be so happy cuz I was a fat kid grown up then I got in really good shape in my mid-to-late twenties. Start eating right exercising got really into it, now every winter I get fat every summer I get back in shape and I just yo-yo back and forth Sam and cold weather life and it's a year

► 02:07:12

sweat you don't you don't know Joe you never in fact I and II Only Hits worship of your fat when your teen years never fat poke you don't know what it's like I don't know what is walking up stairs and having your you could feel your ass sweating you could feel your thigh sticking together it's it's just an uncomfortable like knowing that like if you're eating something in public that there are other people that are health conscious looking at you and judging you and I know that cuz I've been on the other side cuz now I watch that people on the subway eating potato chips on my even if I'm that put them away what are you doing why you killing yourself with that nonsense and I'll take probably tastes delicious unbelievable in the moment right some barbecue what kind of what is that stuff when you get barbecue chips what is worse barbecue barbecue potato chip taste and it's not just whatever the flavor is yellow

► 02:08:12

not at all at all this is Orange it's so fucking bad dude what is barbecue potato chips

► 02:08:36

right that's not taste like Barbies. But I tell you this much it does not grow in the earth whatever it is it's some long words and some scientific Sami ship that methyl alanine the mile this caffeine should not be putting into your body I'll just got to be some trans fats in them bitches to come on Joe 2019 using Transit okay if you don't don't deviate with new sounds with your face and mean the exact same thing people get furious now trans fats are okay sing trans is that why you shouldn't trans fats have a lot of talk that I'm pretty close with on I know a handful and they have great sense of humor gay people have great sense of humor black people Hispanic people all the people always protected

► 02:09:36

groups have great sense of humor to go to a black room and do racist jokes will be deemed as racist jokes by Young liberal white people they loved it dude they fucking bounce off the walls are having a blast it's all good jokes yes I guess but that's just at the right to be offended boo boo you off stage but they're not going like this person needs to lose their job I'm highly offended by these junks I never see that I never see a black person or Hispanic person being the one actually complaining about something it's always some fucking annoying white chick some fucking BBQ chip fan what's in that stuff to the barbecue barbecue flavor Mel dextrose dextrose it's a sugar right is it some kind of a sugar

► 02:10:29

it is a weird acceptance that the barbecue chip flavor we accept that flavor. It's great but it does not taste like fucking BBQ I never I would never go to barbecue barbecue chips never I'll take them every time I look like a salt and vinegar potato chips are fuc up some sea salt and vinegar salt pepper that's good to buy sea salt why am I so pretentious I want my salt from the ocean sea salt I don't know if I can taste the fucking difference could you tell tell the difference between regular show like to know if I can install takes a little different

► 02:11:20

maybe what do you think probably write a little different you can taste a difference between all three of those if you did a blind taste test I would I would beg to disagree do if you want to cook a steak especially a ribeye and you don't have kosher salt you don't know what the fuck you're doing you want that thick ass what makes kosher salt hangover weed it's weird Joe killed like at least for laptops for the best keyboard but also because the fucking things are waterproof does Apple not have waterproof computers now spill your coffee on your Apple computer that shit is dead most of the other iPhone is not waterproof iWatch five friends go get waterproofing is Duncan water and then it goes off

► 02:12:15

Bobby Kelly did that my girlfriend photos of the Waves coming up to the phone so it's like half in the water and a half without that's it I'm done raining it's fine and you make sure you have the one that's water-resistant like you might not have you might have an older model what the fukken laptops dig dig dig short out of shorted out how many Jamie how many were killed

► 02:12:47

56 easily at least killed for laptops, Legion of skanks I was drinking red wine Luis J Gomez glass of red wine and I knocked over a big J but you had just bought a brand new pair of sneakers like $150 sneakers Jay's Jays deep down inside he's trash so he like you know he needs expensive things to make himself feel good but these were beautiful white sneakers just got them and the wine it literally the entire glass fell into the laptop I mean litter all the liquid disappeared into the laptop and one splashes went Splat right on the front of your shoe and he couldn't be mad because my $600 laptop I just been destroyed so he couldn't take all my Hundred Fila shoes why are laptops all fucking waterproof

► 02:13:43

that's what I'm saying like fix that stupid did they just want to make a lot of money repairs is that what it is maybe planned obsolescence they know people can be dumb people listen listen to make better keyboards your keyboards are dogshit also the volume on the MacBook Air is garbage what do you say apple doesn't like Farrah from their stance they don't buy that it's a big problem the keyboard issue that's a breaking keyboard the keyboard suck even if they work perfectly they suck for writing there's no there's no travel it's a very short travel and they're flat but you know it doesn't feel good for your hands you don't have to get used to it that's stupid shouldn't have to get used to it like if you'd like a Lenovo keyboard and it's so much better today you know it is I think their whole thing was Apple's terrible to Butterfly keyboard a personal Journey

► 02:14:43

vitritis what feels very smooth when you touch me take a nap lab box if you will tell you what it is the way it looks like the fact that it looks really thin really sleep so they made these Keys as shallow as possible so everything's real small it looks sleek as fuck that's what it is it's not for function if they had a function they'd be like a little dip to the center of the keys your fingers would fit in it normally and there would be some because when you have some travel with your keys then your fingers get a better sense of what you're doing and you're more perceptive time your hands moving around more better Precision you touching something you can get better feedback so you can type better but I showed him like words per minute when they sure like people were like really good typist how many words per minute they can do the really good keyboard versus a flat shallow keyboard even experienced like high-level Type-S are way better with like something that has some travel time I try to type in a regular keyboard right now it would feel like it's an alien thing cuz I'm so used to it now

► 02:15:43

well I guess you can get used to it even mean like a regular keyboard like just like a laptop keyboard doesn't have to be like some crazy

► 02:15:52

but just have enough extra travel there's like a number they think it is like 1.5 millimeters or something like that and it would like like anything between 1.5 and 2 mm is good you get that travel you get a feeling of it it's a lot of feedback anything shorter than that is bad so you're saying sexy a better writing experience your fee be easier it's easy to write like your fingers find the keys but I'm not a good typer but I'm half decent but I don't look at the keys to 67 I've been doing those I did those made this base bacon teaches typing I did also courses or take a game that you play okay it's really cool like like they make it like a little game like things will go across the screen and you have to type it with your finger and shows you like a a map of where your hands are a relationship to the Keys and it shows you like where you should move your fingers and then there's something will pop up and be like oh that's an L there's an owl get better and better and then they ask you start for me sentence

► 02:16:52

after why you get like a really good sense of where the keys are Guitar Hero guitar because I feel like I need a game you certainly have to hit those beads in your fingers I was getting used to it I wish I wasn't I wasn't typing class and you tap little gestures and it types for you so you don't get it you don't need to keep bored anymore what in the holy fuck I don't know if that would be useful I don't know if you'd like it I know if you could get used to it actually better it's going to suck right now you're showing at 5 years goddamn garbage right now their technology sucks this is a Tom Cruise movie look at this this is insane

► 02:17:40

fuck could be cool I mean you might you want tactile feedback I'm sure but like they could add a little bit of a vibration maybe I could be enough I don't know typers if you left them alone with one of those shallow keyboards eventually they could get used to it and it would put their their numbers of words per minute just back up to where it was before but for me it's just easier experience I don't use any of the this the new technology like Alexa or those things that bitch is listening always hell yeah it's like all right cuz you have an online profile everything I type in his online everything we say it's being picked up stores are eventually going to have just Alexa and their own versions of whatever that is where you just say it in the air it's all listening and it's going into a database and you know eventually I think what they're going to do is there going to have the technology to like go through podcasts and find a note

► 02:18:40

words that have an algorithm to go back and start listening to what you're not supposed to say stop kicking old content off the internet that's that's very close to on the way guaranteed I'm sure yeah we're we're in the middle of a hurricane of new technology it's going to be really really interesting to see what these guys wearing virtual reality goggles typing on his arm moving things around some virtual desktop that's like straight out of a futuristic film right

► 02:19:11

I am interested to see we're going to go out that's Minority Report I mean Minority Report they didn't have glasses they just did it on the screen and we were like that isn't saying that is insane but that's like in a Windows 13 or something touch screen psychics in the fuck kind of weird body slavery was that psychics strapped into a tub all day like what was that is that what they want into being

► 02:19:48

covered in milk left in that pool anymore like a good idea forget with a special look like X-Men High people did you go to the sky and say don't commit the crime and then a day passes he doesn't give it a crime of you say hey man I know you're going to go rob this bank and truly going to fuck up your life and everybody else is life so don't go robbing the bank that have to get in a shootout with the cops yeah what the fuck is barbecue potato flavor Amazon store I don't know if these are fully out yet but this is the way it's going to work like this guy walks in he scans his phone on my face like a turnstile like walking into a Subway that's what I let the store know you're there and you don't pay for any style you walked out and walk out

► 02:20:48

knows what charges you offer your account and this is what's going to happen if everyone who wants a minimum wage raise this is kind of guys they can eliminate shoplifting

► 02:21:03

this is a weird looking everything in plastic like that freaks me out I feel like we're in the movie is a couple grocery stores like that here already I don't know what the airport you don't you don't even deal with people anymore you just go up and pick it up and you scan it out yourself and Andrew Yang who's running for president on this Universal basic income idea is one thinks he's doing this for is to educate people the fact that all these jobs are going away automation is going to take over many many millions of jobs in this country we have to be prepared for all these people essentially being you know Technologies remove them from the workforce they don't did not need it anymore so then they have to figure out what you know what do I do next and then Universal basic income he thinks will be the bridge what is universal physical for free to live on all right I am I'm not smart I don't

► 02:22:03

the numbers I don't get if he's right or if he's wrong I'm not the guy I don't have the time I'm not going to invest in it but it's a debate and the debate is if this is coming what do you do about it it's not whether or not it's coming it's pretty pretty likely that is coming out of work to take over for driving Taco Bell right now there's no you don't have to do not order from him and being type it into a kiosk they send it over and to be honest with you it's better experience it's better it's cheaper and better so at what point do you go like I'm not like one time that's fine you know I understand there's some kid who lost his Taco Bell job but if it's a better way into better experience with a customer spending money yeah I get it the thing is it's happening so fast people aren't going to be prepared for it they're going to think that a certain about jobs going to be available and then a vast number of those are not to be around anymore so his ideas the way you bridge the gap is you give people something that means their needs like your need for food and shelter just give them enough so that day everything else

► 02:23:03

they make they get to keep it's theirs and let them give him like a boost in the ideas that doing this would save money long term in a bunch of different ways it's all it's a lot of theoretical taxes with this session if that's the case then I'm all for it we never know when getting audited where our taxes go right we don't have no idea what's distributive throughout if it went and made an impact it really did make a difference and like you knew that the people that are taking you to the snow waste and the Really Trying to make the world a better place oh yeah but they just like a little bit of your money you'd be like okay you try to make the world a better place like clearly these people are making the world a better place if you knew that for sure when you felt that for sure you like I like the attitude behind this very community-oriented we going to fix the United States hear it take someone to be great but it's not that over the phone and see the amount of people

► 02:24:03

to talk to the amount of times you get hung up on me by the time you have to call back and you realize there's all of these wasted jobs all these people that don't need to be there and it's to do everyone is worth protecting that there's an entire industry of people that work 45 minutes per day and they like it that way they don't want to have any words have a real passion this is what they do so yeah every time like we create these shows we do these things and you know you guys have a very popular show if this was a studio run shout this is run by ABC Joe Rogan Experience change nothing you know what they would do good be literally 20 people behind cameras right now clipboard there be people on walkie talkies with headsets all of these jobs that don't need to be there guaranteed have you ever gone to one of the studios in La where it's like just a corporate one podcast Studios Simmons HBO show

► 02:25:03

you don't write Jamie yeah I was basically the podcast just with cameras and but there was like 30 people there are all these people that are doing this and that like every other job stepping up nobody's have up going hey guys I'm not really needed here just so you know I'm going to get back if you want to have lighting and you want to have cameras that you have to use these guys and this is how he even if you don't need them you would have to use it it's it's interesting that one hand for the longest time I think people didn't have as many opportunities you you really if you wanted to do something matter what it would be whether it's a television show are you want to be a host of a talk show or where the fuck it was not that many paths there's only like a couple of avenues is only a few channels so a few slots ever write for the show but now it's not

► 02:26:03

million different channels and if you get roped into that old mentality but you're still a few of those old vampires are claims that old system and they they would rather you come do it on television and I'll chop it up every 15 minutes put a big fat cats crazy for a while doing a show and it's just like they fired Apollo thing and Bisping Captain's not showing up you would like done with it basically and I do try to match me up with some football player and I was like to talk hit me a Business Insider podcast and I were doing literally 50 times is good I mean it's not even close but it's if all these shooters three producers in the studio we have it's just all of like the

► 02:27:00

what does Spirit and the fun part in the entertaining part of it is sort of sucked out of it you're very specific segments and it's regiment to be your producers have to know exactly where you're going with the next thing and you like no you're not going to get anywhere cool interesting if we're this regiment it yeah if we're if you're not allowing us to sort of play you're not going to ruin this is why I think you know radio is is getting destroyed by podcasts right now every you see SiriusXM never going to ship we go start a podcast Network the show me the run podcast now as well her chest or something like that interesting and free Hulu subscription with your Spotify it's all crazy. They're awesome they don't know what to do now that like podcasting nothing so there's only so much money at all of these companies buying company so I kind of the millions of dollars

► 02:28:00

30 million it feels like one of those early day Tech boom things just like going crazy

► 02:28:09

okay we doing how you spend that much money is just an idea I mean this app and give me my party we haven't we ever on podcast Network called guess digital and we've been practicing what they're doing like what you know we have premium content that we have on the app in the website for people to pay for somebody shit all the podcasts are free to weigh 215 or free on YouTube and iTunes and then the library is a premium with ADD freezer premium so we insert the end after the fact that you look like a three or four T pre-release in the episode so there's all these benefits to becoming a premium member and get a certain percentage of people subscribe to the network for the premium stuff which is great but we've been putting this into practice for years now and I were watching these companies get whatever $239 Wi-Fi

► 02:29:09

connected with you you guys get too crazy but yeah you're right that you're a hundred percent right but that's the beautiful thing really need that I don't want it bosses doobie told we can say that they are you crazy did you guys just did you guys just have a Bill Cosby rape victim beauty pageant on Legion of skanks too bad actually just happened what you did was a great episode does go check it out I mean it gets fucking research ridiculous but these companies it's they're showing that their understanding there's something going on with the podcast throwing a lot of money I have I mean if they're buying really good companies that make a really good podcasts I'm happy I love podcast I was listening to them I hope they do well but it just shocking and obviously I'm not at first I thought maybe there's some very much a round Tuit

► 02:30:03

maybe there's some sort of a grand plan maybe there's some sort of a podcast battle going on between like apple and Spotify and streaming services are doing premium shift to where they're buying out podcast in their only putting it on you have to be a subscriber for Spotify whatever else it is such a strange people have to be able to download it for free they fall in love with the content and then that's African buy a ticket to buy t-shirt whatever it is so I think it's a little bit I just looked at her into it if I don't think it's a good idea to hide podcast behind a paywall I wonder what they're going to try to do Spotify doesn't have to hide anything behind a paywall but there are some companies that are trying to do something behind a paywall and they're paying for a bunch of different podcast in the going to launch it like like ass like a network mean

► 02:30:59

I mean, does that little bit with compound media does not work for a while we're the first show book to his Network and I think it's a mistake. I love Anthony and I told him that I offered to go work with Anthony for the network I think that he should do what we do and be put out his shows free should be constantly discovered by new people and then it's figuring out how to get a higher percentage of people to subscribe to your premium content and you will consent continue to grow that number and it's just it's just literally every time I do a podcast there's X-Men a new listeners that are discovering it for the first time so you have sort of another opportunity if people are discovering your podcast issue but I think they did start doing some free episodes on compound really brilliant guy he's a fun due to a nice one of the funniest funniest people. I love her passing with Anthony Anthony until after

► 02:31:58

I started listening back to Old Ship like the trees in Norton's grade in front of Norton when they were all on together those are some of the best episodes ever

► 02:32:07

you know Patrice Norton and Anthony just going crazy about then fuck great show man yeah date that open after you taught me how to do a podcast a lot of waste heard you say that you hang I was like oh it doesn't have to be that structure tore someone's got like a list of questions and they're rattling off like that's not fun like I hang is fun you know it's funny that's the best that's what Opie and Anthony figure it out which was great it's like when it's bad it's even better cuz somebody bombs or there's a joke as well then the entire room just smashes them and you do you want to know a joke that didn't go well in a row of people it's awful and then have the best comics in the world starts crashing you live on Air1 millions of people are listening around the country oh my god dude so good it also enforce the camaraderie between comedians in in like that, before we all get together and see like I said we'd meet a bunch of different Comics at the show to meet guys from other you might be sitting in with some, from Philly

► 02:33:07

get to know people that way out that they did that for sure that like that. That definitely like it enforced in a little bit you know yeah I mean once again yeah you're sort of having three or four people that are really smart that are good at real good at broadcasting as well be able to react in real time you're going to get these things you couldn't get it anywhere else you know it's it's such a yeah and those guys were some of the best at it you know the whole the whole way it went down at the end of a kind of sucked this is it's not just the birth of podcast and because of that it's for a couple reasons Opie and Anthony and in my opinion or like the birth of podcasting one of them was Anthony built his own studio in his bass down or you could do karaoke holding a machine gun psycho fucking crazy so I can come from afar

► 02:34:07

I try to be friends with you if you think he's doing it for the money

► 02:34:17

what is happening hardest thing is ridiculous you talk to most 6 year old Italian man in Long Island they're going to have some fairly controversial views on race and politics in the country and I think he when he left SiriusXM he leaned a little bit too much into the political side and he sort of got you know now he's pegged as like a right-wing guy but I'm a fucking Puerto Rican kid it was raised when he is right way but I'm just saying I don't think that I don't that's not what I look at when I broadcast and Anthony I don't talk about politics stupid about anything we'll talk about politics to he's not a dumb guy number one I don't give a fuk with you about what anybody's political views I would never hang out with somebody or not hang out with them based off of what their political views are

► 02:35:17

Buena shoot Eventbrite now so many people are too so many people unnecessarily so much so much unnecessary conflict you know I mean some of its good but some of us just not you can just be friends with people you don't every time me and Nick depalo disagree with like 75% of shit a guy always love hanging out with him I never never like never do I say, it's Nick again I love it when he gets mad about he's on the Cameo website and you just pay him to trash your liberal friends it's like a great wife beater on yeah but you know I remember I watch my son's mother was in labor for 30 hours fucking crazy long labor overnight or the next morning she's like a lion

► 02:36:17

and he's liking the little fucking other room or whatever I'm watching like a fan-made Patrice O'Neal documentary and he's just saying like the most heinous shit about how women aren't shit and about how fucking yeah she needs you and I and I just watch my son's mother pushed my son out of her for 30 hours it was fucking Diamond of the whole experience was so mind-blowing and in my mind when I could never in a million years do what you just did I buy this whole other appreciation for what a woman is is like it was your mom you got kids and then patrice's fuk it up there just a big fat black guy saying horseshit cuz he what is the funniest shitt on the planet the absolute funniest on the planet and you can laugh at it you don't get mad if I don't agree with the half the shity most of the ship that he says all that I don't look at why don't I don't go after women that are below me I like to go after women that are above me and that should Elevate me make me want to be better I think that's it's a little checking balance of might have them for myself you know

► 02:37:17

but you don't have to be so connected to whatever the messages you can literally take it for face value which is it's just really funny like undeniably funny also he had points really good psychological insight he knew what made people tick he knew what made people say stupid shit I knew it made people stumble he's a who's a master at understanding like how to get off controversial ideas you know he was in his his contribution for a lot of us was he had an extra level of I don't give a fuck you know what you've seen and roasts roasts and he was like you like I don't even know why I'm up here we're leaving the one yeah it was Charlie Sheen in the paper and just he's a killer he only did that one cuz he I guess he agreed cuz he said that was the only guy that he was interested in roasting like I'm not doing it for the paycheck Charlie Sheen to fucking G

► 02:38:17

well if it's just that he's you know he would he just had this don't give a fuk style and we all like we all think I could we speaking for myself I appreciate I don't give a fuk style more than any of the style accompany for me my favorite shit was like first of all Joey Diaz but then that when you go back to the greats like Kinison and Hicks and the guys didn't give a fuk now they went off and it was the most fun to watch as a person who is an audience member for me was the most fun to watch and I think you know that's how we grew up on that and then Society changes I'm like no dude I've been working on this for so long please let me have to change my entire life Foundation of what I think is funny now because that's why I think guys are going to Skanks an end especially this guy's name at Legion skanks me a big Jay okay so BJ would constantly cheat on his wife and it was like a regular car

► 02:39:17

she know it never would know it and one time we were there and we're hanging out we're about to leave here in an argument you why don't you go hang out with your legion of skanks

► 02:39:26

I mean PJ we were both playing Guitar Hero at the time it was like a big game night, each other really Guitar Hero name and that's what we named our band initially Guitar Hero was Legion of skanks and then we're not that creative so we wrote a script how long ago was this

► 02:39:41

play 10 years ago in years ago the name and them Bells Guitar Hero band maybe the more probably more you actually way more cuz it was right when we became friends and then we were Legends gangsters a great name is probably one of the all-time greats names of anything right you stop and think about like bands or television Legion of skanks thank you want to go to BJ cuz he recognized it immediately and then every project we ever did since then has been named Legion of skanks until the podcast where should I move yeah you know they get it to date they get in to be honest with you people people want that type of humor that's the other thing is like it's the new alternative is like dirty edgier Ball Z shit talking about earlier if you like punk rock you should be able to listen to punk rock but if you like the kind of Comedy that some people like aggressive like outlandish, didn't you like if that's what you like then you should be able

► 02:40:41

enjoy it or not it's up to you it's like you don't have to like it you don't have to listen enough to watch it's not that it makes you immune to criticism of people don't like it but you know

► 02:40:54

it's a nice cat different tanks that and and to be honest with you if I wanted to sit here and deconstruct everything that could trigger me in life I'm just not a bitch I don't I don't sit here and I'm triggered every moment by did they do Mothership at I've seen in my fucking life everything triggers me everything triggers me and every movie that I watches if there's some fucked-up seeing I can go and I want to get some fuck that shit but you have to appreciate those things don't you sort of want

► 02:41:22

truth everything to be represented and it was like a big No-No topic right you can't even reach out anymore and I understand you know which one shit valve on a special is I'll tell you about it after in Montreal Like You Yeah Yeah Yeahs Jimbo's joint and how dare you try to pass it off to America but the bits excellent remind me and I'll tell you it off cuz it's one of those primitive like monkey say the promise the ruins it so you have to it has to be a very high-level but the woman in the crowd who was raped a month ago and I'm going to go out and feel better

► 02:42:17

she's not wrong if she's triggered but she should becomes wrong when she tries to

► 02:42:22

take away the experience from other people you have to walk away and you have every right and I feel that I've had girls come out to me after shows and be like hey just so you know that really bothers me this is why right and I took some breakup whatever it is right how many Vapes you got at least 70% of my ACT I do I do I say no I do close my act with a 10-minute rape joke how many rape jokes like overall do you have

► 02:42:49

what time do I say the rape or is it a bit

► 02:42:55

he really just that one raped it's a long bit though so the lot of jokes with in it and I'm being raped in the joke most of the time so that's you know that the guy being raped that helps but are you know I don't want to ruin the bed either but I think you have to respect the fact that people can be triggered but it's a very strange thing to me because for me I'm always trying to find something really funny from this dark shit right when it's a personal experience whatever it is and the way we were looking at his Comics is we're trying to find him a really positive that is something really shity the movie which is just a fucked-up seeing there's not a HIV look at the positive piece of content to one person talking about one person talking that's why this is means not

► 02:43:47

this is how some people would look at it like you should talk about things that you really care about while you're doing that cuz you only have a certain amount of time to do it

► 02:43:58

you know and some sometimes

► 02:44:03

sometimes sometimes you have a business is not worth it you know what the way people react to it just like him even though you have a point like even working this bit out of people getting so upset it's almost not worth it no it has to be in that positive the crowd has to be laughing so there's no you know I'm okay I will defend somebody's right to tell a shity joke you know I'm saying but at the same time I understand if as a performer you have to gauge the audience and put your finger in the air and go okay which way is the wind blowing right now the realities you can't say things you used to say you can't say faget on stage anymore in a crowd in New York or La you cancel that work the crowd will tighten up and shut down you'll ruin the rest of whatever that joke is so it's

► 02:44:49

Bright Eyes Austin will say whatever you want but I got a point but you know I have a joke about you know my my dog and used to say my faget dog cuz he's looking another male dogs ass on the joke and people shut down at that word and its really trustworthy New York in La that's where the biggest faggets live the rest of the country is cool if you go anywhere else they don't really give a shit about words like that but in New York and LA to become a particularly hard thing to inhibition words and turn off what's really interesting is what does happen when you stop people from saying it cuz it's kind of counterintuitive cuz those words become these forbidden words words how much more power if you don't send I don't just I just don't think you ever get to tell people that you can't say certain words that used to be able to say all the time you know I mean the idea behind

► 02:45:49

those words are still the same like if you say to someone you shouldn't say retarded anymore even though that used to be like a term they would use for things being slower like their growth being slower growth was retarded but now if you even use as a technical term like in the growth was retarded people get upset you don't use anymore now that's a proven sound even if it doesn't mean what they think it means we'll talk about a person with Down Syndrome you don't like hearing the r word the count your special I thought was a great that we like just the sound from your face like what do we use different sounds with your mouth to your yeah it's just sounds it's a it's a byproduct of speech being a shity way to really clearly convey intent and that's why when someone is good at speaking their mind we kind of get we get a real sense of what we enjoy it so it's good speaking their mind but if someone sucks at speaking their mind you know if there if they're there clunky on it that's an enjoyable

► 02:46:50

yeah I agree and there's too many people that it was no barrier of entry and work supposed to a lot of horseshit very quickly now where is like I think back in the day comedians had time to grow in a club you leave the Bob Saget right by Jack it was like a dirty fucking filthy comic who ended up getting on the cleanest television show ever write the dad in there was you know but then you if it was cell phones out back then he would have never gotten that gig watching you stop doing stand up for a long time because that to write no problem might be wrong but if you did do it maybe did Largo and a bridge to you know

► 02:47:33

PG-13 version of something is it worth it

► 02:47:41

it wasn't worth it censoring tell him I think one day it seems like the more time goes on the more words they're sneaking into Network television here like shit every now and then I think I think you're allowed to say shit and asshole on a network show now there's like a big episode 1 Song from PS is shit in my asshole though you can't say that it's just to call somebody a dick but you can be pretty good deck that's the idea Grant yeah yeah yeah you can call someone a pussy I think even to which is weird you know that was on the way out your feminizing a man and now that's offensive to women fuck you bitch got some crazy woman women are it's not how crazy women aren't so crazy some women are it's like like some men are fucking crazy to just dealing with a giant number of people but if people find a little thing where they can pick on it

► 02:48:41

go after it like that

► 02:48:44

yeah I don't know I'd known there's nothing there's no it's very funny to me there's no words feminizing that could possibly offend me that could ever you know how some people just looking for it man I don't actually believe they're offended that I don't think so I think they'll be like in Puerto Rican kid get himself worked up in a fight was psychologically fucking get himself into this brawl that's what I think people do online all day they still comes up and they don't really care nobody actually a thing really gave a fuck they would go out and do something when I think a lot of them do care what they are just expressing it on Twitter or on Facebook or whatever the gym and I think a lot of them do care but I think that it's fake caring it's too easy to pretend to care now that's the problem you had with a conflict

► 02:49:36

enjoy it think so I don't feel shity I feel so gross inside when I go back and forth to somebody who were thought about that before you feel shity I don't and I do a lot being an Entertainer so I imagine when people deal with back and forth online that it's sort of a shity feeling they don't necessarily want that they sort of want the accolades for their opinions they do they want that but they also it's addicted to the conflict is addictive it's like you're almost like you're playing a game you know you're saying something shity them unless they're say say say something back to you that shity and then they insult you and you insult them and you post a Google article that refutes there Google

► 02:50:13

but it's conflict you can get the yocan cerum dipitus lie that the right word serendipitously serendipitously stumble across some brilliant piece of something on on Twitter and you definitely can learn something and you definitely get some information I get there before you can also get sucked into some abortion debate that eats your life for the next 7 Days in yeah you start trying to figure out who's right or who's wrong and what what what position to take abortion is one of the most human subjects in that humans are so we're so weird in so many ways were so unusual and irregular and we don't inconsistent in a lot of the ways we look at things the abortion what is a crazy one you literally talking about stopping a human life all its inside of a person and then you're you're talking about whether or not you have the Des

► 02:51:13

Asian to tell someone they can stop a life inside their body and everybody's like that's not what it is what is it a woman's choice to do you have to decide whether or not a life stays in her body and becomes a person or not and when do you get to decide when this is not a simple clean think it's a simple clean thing in my terms in my mind is in terms of what I'm able to tell anybody what to do and I wouldn't want to but if you just look as a human if someone is having an abortion and the baby is a healthy baby that's pretty close to being born at like when is it okay I think every most people think it's okay with there's like two cells right there's only two or four cells or dividing but at one point in time there's a line where everyone

► 02:52:13

let's say you're pro-choice you have a line where one second ago wasn't okay but this in this exact second it is okay in itself if you took talk about a late-term abortion that's just nice thing for people that we can make these decisions and rationalize them and decide fourth person whether or not they should have to raise a child or where they can stop it because it hadn't seen are yet it's such a fucking navigate to changes you have everything cuz I saw my kid's heart beat every Puerto Rican NSYNC I had to have a baby kicked in I was like we're having this fucking baby that's that cuz when we went to the doctor we weren't 100% positive we're going to keep my eyes on it was it was a debate and much more on her and I was it really is Latinos we just fucking want to spread our seat cuz I really I just shot by getting that was that and I saw the heartbeat and I was like that's a baby

► 02:53:13

hey there I'm watching it's just a little flickering on a screen but I was like what you want to say that's all right beat however

► 02:53:21

you know there's a lot of this is some crazy shit I already did some stupid stuff attached to it no people don't want anybody to enforce their own religious beliefs as what abortion is you know when a specially when you're dealing with something that's like you just a week 2 weeks whatever it is when they like people think of it as just a cluster of cells like why is it so bad to stop this and its tracks by the way I also think of it as a cluster of cells and if I had to put myself into a category I would put myself into the pro-choice category it's I think we need to decide for first of all men can get pregnant men can get pregnant I just have a joke about is it up you be able to get an abortion on your phone literally would be an app I sat at this bit about cuz it's true if men men would like to call leave your phone go fuck this kid should be able to tell a woman she can or can't do it it's just looking at it for what it actually is

► 02:54:21

I don't think we have any right to tell woman what you can and can't do but looking at it for what it is is it mean it is not a clean thing it's a strange thing it's why I say it's almost human things cuz it's it's what even are animals don't have that today's you can't deny wash my I had a cat when I was 11 and it was just weird garbage so should I fucked her son so she had a bunch of retarded cats with backwards legs and I watch my cat eat those kittens so it's a pretty human the debate conversation with humans have seen that that animals do that I had a hamster that did that once she ate her babies and will like what the fuc we looked like a choice this hamster cheese that's not pro-choice right choice to eat their babies

► 02:55:13

carbajal out of his baby's head and she was chewing on it would look that I never thought of a hamster the same way again we're pretty rat the dirty little thing kills babies what in the hell they get some sort of a disease apparently and if they get that disease though often just kill her babies

► 02:55:33

answers it's a regular we were a little too we were like six seven sister really puts himself away to learn about death

► 02:55:43

babies that were so happy that they had a baby's like oh my God is going to be amazing thing by my baby hamsters are the eyes are closed and

► 02:55:54

yes like wet tail I think it's the disease I think that's what it was called yeah I know she had no I don't remember where we got her pet store or some shit and yeah I don't know Jamie is it is too much to handle

► 02:56:20


► 02:56:30

the most fucked-up when is bears bears bears still go into dens looking for babies that got her babies are their house and he knows there was looking like a baby panda bears eat bears little cubs Adam Bear death seems pretty horrific I never even saw that movie the Revenant the Revenant where like to pass most brutal scene ever no no no not really man is about a guy that moved to Alaska to to save the Bears and one of them eats him and his girlfriend it is a crazy film documentary it's unintentional comedy I mean it's obvious comedic timing

► 02:57:30

crazy guy Timothy Treadwell who lived with the Bears like hundreds and hundreds of days and had all this video footage of him like a really close to big giant grizzly bears ice chest or it was like yeah I became a sort of a meme will do that eventually going to run into a bear this like a dude just met the guy is like a Russian the zoo who jumps into the bear cage and there's just video of this bear eating the same path and it's just it looks it looks every bit like the most horrible thing in the world that is the way that I don't want to go he was hoping to how would you want to go it's like I know how I don't want to go to being eaten alive by bear cuz they will guts first you know you'll still be alive Lily tearing your guts part

► 02:58:00

this bear eating is happy and it's just it looks it looks every bit like the most horrible thing in the world that is the way that I don't want to go I would you want to go it's like I know how I don't want to go as being eaten alive by bear cuz I gots first you know you'll still be alive let me turn your guts part of a grizzly bear we we don't even understand how big that is to get a 900-pound Superdog you know cuz you know I know you run with your dog in The Hills Have You dug out for cats only one I know I was running a night though just in case you heard the story about the guy cuz it was the rumor a couple years ago but how you choked out a cougar or whatever was like a mountain lion and there was a guy who did in Colorado yet killed one was a baby

► 02:58:20

yeah they're so big I was a Grizzly a grizzly bear we don't even understand how big that is a 900-pound Superdog you know what skill you are scared cuz you you know I know you run with your dog in The Hills Have you still got the cats yet I haven't seen one that shit know I was running the knife though just in case you heard the story about the guy cuz it was the rumor a couple years ago but how you choked out a cougar or whatever was like a mountain lion and there was a guy who didn't Colorado yeah she was a baby Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub wash it all over that guy I like is 85 lb and I was saying I heard was 85 lb AJ me Google that Newfound 35 lb

► 02:58:59

Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub wash it all over that guy's play today, Google that Newfound 35lb I was like a grown person cocky like you with your face running up to like a giraffe and I got this phone thing yeah that's him right at this very small and this guy did kill him that was khabibs for from a training partner Jesus Christ. This did the guy die must have doesn't look like it's going to end well wow oh my God there's probably never killed anything before I just been eating

► 02:59:20

crazy little baby cat would think that I could kill a grown person cocky like you with your face running up to like a giraffe and I got this phone thing I could go giraffe you think so I don't think you want me to tell this bitch is small in the sky they kill him that was khabibs for it from a training partner Jesus Christ said I was going okay stop wow oh my God there's probably never killed anything before but I just been eating

► 02:59:59

beat that they gave it to do with you just that it comes to just tell me a longer and more painfully like being stabbed with a butter knife to be comfortable sounds your head and leg injuries now go on tour a bear attack happened sketch preparing start another 45 minutes

► 03:00:35

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