#1167 - Larry Sharpe

Sep 5, 2018

Larry Sharpe is a business consultant, entrepreneur, and political activist. He is currently a candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination for the Governor of New York. https://www.larrysharpe.com/

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to be the governor of New York crazy and it's got some great ideas and he's a really nice guy I enjoy talking to him he's very smart guy he thinks he's got some solutions and I like a lot of a shity says so I want to have men here talk to him so please welcome Larry Sharpe

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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all day

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Larry Sharpe how are you sir I am doing great thanks for having me before we get started I like you that's good I like you a lot I like getting a ride man I'm just telling you right now out front I've been listening to a lot of interviews watching lot of your interviews you make sense it's almost like you know you can't win so you talking so logically it's you might win yeah the people who actually have given up who think it's so stupid they don't bother voting right so that the hope is I say that makes sense maybe I should vote oh my God maybe I should vote if those people vote you win I went there is an untapped resource of unmotivated people who are too funny how do we fix that is it it is it a matter of getting people I I believe firmly that if we can get people to register and vote online especially with their phones it changes the world yes I really really really believe that and I think that this is also a concern of the people

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that are in the Democratic Party in the Republican party and I don't think they want that or apathy which is not the majority of the people is the establishment Bernie in Trump a Cheeto decision 2016 they told us to things number one if you can get people to an event you can get him to the police station number one that's what he did a lot of events I do over 30 event every month I am always in your pants getting people to show up because if I can get Michelle to my event I get into a polling Booth right cuz I'm just to hear me speak you could be on Netflix family and friends you could be playing a video game you choose to come hear me speak you'll come to the police station at the mall one but how do I get to the care in the first place it's hope the average person who votes often right if you vote often you use the boat because of fear the two party system installed fear right I don't really care about my guy or gal but I'm so afraid of the other guy I'll go out and

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my guy gallium not even know his name I just know I don't like the red team Subway blue or dark blue team so I bought red butt to get someone who doesn't know any of States really bad news about 70% of the orcas don't vote so huge chunk of a 17 Yonkers 7% so it happens around 70 to get those people out you have to give them hope Bernie gave the left hope Trump gave the right hope the Democratic party wasn't so broken as a party Bernie would have been a nominee it would have been hope against hope it was hoping its establishment hope one that's how it works I'm hope that you guys were going in my in my collection Italy style you say some really logical things one of the things that you said that nobody wants to touch you while you were talking about gun violence and you were talking about these mass shootings yep he said there's two things that they have in common one of them they don't have relationships are not enough girlfriends and they don't have boyfriends will Thomas always grow a guy that doesn't usually

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males tend to get mad at me being sexist burn blister stats statistics females tend to outwardly strike women tend to end with the track of the general sadistically and the only other the other factor is psychotropic drugs and these are two things that no one wants to talk about and they're both real and they're both fax and why is it that you think that these are there they're obvious facts that people want to ignore because you didn't actually want to fix the problem right if you fix the problem and you don't have controversy no controversy don't have left vs right Paradigm do you really think that's what they don't want to take the problem if you want to take the problem school shootings right it's two things remember as I'm as you've heard music before the school shooting while it is a murder at its core it's actually a public suicide and people to understand that at its core most mass shootings are public suicides do understand that shows like death by cop right and it's it's Publix

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so you have to make sure you have happier people right but then why are they school why do they choose schools several reasons one because that's where they're there assumed enemies are right again sells think that the guys the bad guys the bad girls are there but something else does soft targets remember from all these school shootings is there planned and it's a critical aspect you want to stop school shooting in New York state you don't have to pass one extra lot all at one minor thing and one thing only and that is say if you are a licensed if your license and you have a permit to carry a firearm if you want to in school you may if you are a teacher or administrator if you want to you may that's it. The forces teacher to carry you don't need a resource officer why because if you have a resource officer which is what most Republicans will say put put it off to their does just shoot him first if Democrats no guns that shoot everybody so if you instead say well I don't know who's on is an administrator is a teacher's everybody's and nobody the planning goes away once there's no planning available

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the schools no longer soft target they stopped using the school okay let's unpack that so you're saying that if you have an officer on the school that carries a gun and this person knows that officer has a gun they will shoot him first and that if just teachers are carrying guns there's no way this person knows and so they're less likely to shoot people here's a Corbett what's killing our children it's not Firearms the one of the thing was a Texas shooting I think it was before he stole the guns he had put together and set up pipe bombs and pressure cooker bombs in case he couldn't steal the guns so if he couldn't get guns he was going to people anyway. The key thing here is what's killing these kids lack of community lack of purpose and loneliness that's what's killing our kids those three things take those three things away kids don't do that you give a kid who 16 17 18 purpose he can't blow up and kill people have something to do he's a reason to live

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what is a public suicide if you have a reason to live and you think the right answers to go do something you don't kill yourself if you don't kill yourself that the public suicide mass shootings all of a sudden. Tremendously reduced it's just how it works it's human nature you'd understand that but if you do that then there's no extra law then there's no one to point a finger at you can't restrict guns because I don't agree with that I don't think that anyone is trying to keep these school shootings in the same state there are now I think that there's two things one no one wants to demonize psychotropic drugs especially politicians they have a really hard time with that short because they don't want to tell people who are on psychotropic drugs that there are either suspects or suspicious or potential mass shooting it's incorrect we made the Safe Act and it's a fact literally says if you go on these roads you lose your firearm so that's absolutely not true

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we've already done that we have made our medical personnel part of our secret State Police which means if you go in and say you know I'm feeling depressed I need some drugs I'm thinking about suicide the state police might come by and take your Firearms that's already happening in New York state red flag laws with me the teacher cannot do it so no teacher says who I see drew a firearm drug on Cops and Robbers maybe a red flag let me go to a judge and see if I can have the cops go and take his father talked about this but I want to bring it back to what you said earlier that you don't think they want to fix the problem I don't I don't think that's true I just don't think they have a viable solution that they think is politically viable perhaps but I think my solution seems like the Bible people like I say every when I say this to they go oh wow you're right

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what will you are definitely right that they're lonely sad people that are lashing out I think you're definitely right that in many instances it's a public suicide and I think you're definitely right that the vast majority of them are on psychotropic drugs which do have a disassociative aspect to them where they're not even sure they're aware of what they're doing is as if you talk to somebody put on those people that have been on these things things don't mean anything anymore like a car accident in front of them doesn't mean anything that people have various reactions to various ssris and antidepressants but one thing that happens is you lose the highs and lows and everything is just flat yes and you become numb to almost anything that happens again it varies depending upon the individual sure part of that would allow someone to do something horrific which they wouldn't be able to before but there's two Things Remembered at 1 I'm not concerned with being righteous

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Happy New Yorkers not be people that's what I want is very low on my priority of thing so it doesn't say what I'm saying sounds I'm okay I want to fix the problem the second thing is I'm a politician which means I don't have I don't have a career at protect I don't have interest I have to serve the average donor is $75 so I don't have a bunch of people around me who checks so don't have that concern either so maybe in 4 years I'll be corrupting you can beat me up and shut up I'm in I'm not saying that at all but they're corrupt mean I'm sure many of them are sure but I think that they just there's things they don't feel like they can discuss politically and I think one of those things is in anyway demonizing people are on antidepressants is a lot of people a lot of opiate crisis is heavily based upon the idea that when you have pain of any type physical mental the answer is not dealing

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that pain but the answer is a once-a-day pill and because of that you have a lot of people who are on drugs and about 80% of all the people who are currently heroin addicts I somehow started on someone that you know what there's but someone's prescription legal legal drug I mean that was prescribed for the pain medication or something like that usually pain medication ya Baba things to your toddler correct is a problem but what I'm saying is this about often people say Larry you know why should I vote for you why should I support you here's reason why what do you believe I can win or not it's actually relevant if you think I can went awesome I can win and two before with you if I win in New York is libertarian the entire nation changed overnight and that's not an exaggeration the entire nation changes over this is the most impactful election hands down the entire nation 2018 why

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state was ranked 50th by Kato it is the most people leaving over a hundred thousand people leaving every single year more than any other state we also on top of that we drank the least friendly to retirees all of a sudden Larry shop the Battalion becomes Governor I mean it's insane to beat the advantages is a 5K race in a 5-way race 30% could win this is actually one of the race how is it a 5K race going to be his majesty King he will run there be Republican spicy you I just gave him a better one time in 2014 with the libertarian candidate van in 2014

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then a left Wednesday not always know I the last 16 years the last 16 years in New York state in the last 15 years but what is she running as she won't be running in about a week or so let me let me give you the five people but I'll cover her like those two then Stephanie Miner will run she's an independent runs out of Syracuse the big green party, so Ron Howard Hawkins, so 5 o'clock with 5 people running New York state to plurality state so 30% and Theory can actually win this thing with people who know who I am I already pulled it 25% disability quinnipac Paul on gravity

► 00:23:32

Old Poles I feel about 25% of people get to know who I am then that number of obviously will be going higher and how much time do we have here he was a reality I get 2 million dollars I win because all I need because I know which takes what it takes is advertisements on local news news local stations can I win I'll have to intubate sabado Jesse Ventura Craigslist Ventura in Minnesota when he had the dates he won he definitely one of the Bates and that really gave him the bag in the election that will give you a big fan of that movie Predator that yes he didn't have time to bleed that's exactly right

► 00:24:32

that's what I'm saying with that we make it happen we can actually win and change everything because all I need is my name to get out but you asked about him and made an error connection is not a politician and doesn't know politics and she thought that her celebrity would get her past the the Democratic machine which is run by by Cuomo in our state so she been a Democrat Stephanie Miner is also Democrat but she chose not to because she knew that she ran is that, as call most crushing Nixon how is he crushing Nixon if you are able to get 5% the boat from delegates you get to speak onstage Cuomo control those delegates with an iron fist so much he made sure Cynthia Nixon did not even get 5% she couldn't even get on the stage to speak and be clear Cynthia Nixon is a popular actor who lives in New York City there is no way they weren't of people who would have if they wanted to hear it speak could would have voted 5% of course he made it happen

► 00:25:32

65000 signatures to get on the actual ballot so she could be in the primary there is no way that he allows her to win she doesn't when he did because he thought let me just show people that that I don't care I can just dismiss her and that's what he did and he's going to win and she's going to lose you pretty much losses I don't think she going to stay in I doubt she will but she does better for me because it'll be 6 race but I doubt she will drop out in some way shape or form my odds are she run for Congress or something like that and then working no Working Families party to do something like that the Working Families party acid does another party to the Pioneers that yes I got the fusion state which means you can run as multiple parties if you want to you can have three or four or five lines if you want to so what often happens is the big two parties they use it as a way to have issue baseball so that deliver to create parties that says I'm the Working Families party

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Happy's off of the pumpkins on three lines and the Democratic will be on probably four lines it's a very complicated process is there any effort made or was there any discussion whatsoever about potentially moving voting to online is that the technology behind it I don't know how safe it is just know but what about banking if you can Bank online grows out everything that is new we've thrown out blockchain we we don't want to do any open source we threw out the hemp and marijuana industry anything that's new in New York state we try to get rid of

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happy with old money but do not like new money at all the reason why the hardest time getting the UFC in New York because of yes Jail New York State there's so many I was there were trying to make an illegal it's new which means by default head of a stick that's how your thinks it's knew it was Dick don't like it it's knew we were old stuff for a place called New York yes it's which is why my slogan is a new New York because we are right now in Old New York and it's not helping at all the worst part is the old New York speaking of other people too expensive a pack of North Carolina South Carolina Florida taxes real estate

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on the florida-tennessee that she have a name for us in the Carolinas they cause halfbacks we went to Florida and half way back is the mistake Florida actually has more people that we have and half of our budget and the Scott actually the governor's got a few things going on that because 15% of New York State's budget is actually pensions

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and so many people got pensions aren't you leaving New York State and going someplace else so New York State people are paying for the pensions and then they're being spent in other states is broken it is so broken and people are talking about if your Democrat it's saying everything still great if you're probably saying what week this week that I'm saying we build from scratch there are things you have to change you have to change the route so you can make the branches actually die we keep flipping branches the way to keep it on now we got way off track with this school shooting thing and I wanted to get back to it because I think it's a very complex issue and I did I don't know what the answer would be I think you guys know what I found I think you found problems these problems that you're willing to discuss a very few people are these people are lonely and sad that it's public suicide in that they're on psychotropic drugs that look I don't know why you don't think that other people want to fix it I just don't think that they have a solution that they can discuss

► 00:30:01

is not so controversial that it overwhelms the rest of their messages what could be done sure I have a couple of one literally for decades so there is no do this and it's done several things one of them is absolutely it is a complete reboot right now for the first thing to do for Education as you want to make sure there was no standardized testing until High School none whatsoever testing is bad for several reasons number one it's an unfair way of reading teachers by how their students doing a standardized test which is silly that doesn't mean you're good or bad teacher next it makes a bunch of kids who are 10 11 12 13 years old feel stupid because they're not good test-takers

► 00:30:50

and Ukraine I was secondary class of students traveling no reason because the next reason is sunrise testing is no indication success in life you could be a great test taker at 12 or 13 or terrible test taker and it does not mean you'll be successful or not successful in life New York State off and we'll decide how to fun schools so the way of funding schools that's also unfair there's no Advantage testing accept it means the federal government. Begins controller schools more complex algorithm that New York state has been almost no one can actually find that seems like it should almost be the opposite for the school does poorly that they should put more resources into at school cuz it's not being effective in theory that's true I'm not sure that's a good idea we eat we throw about $22,000 per student per year New York State evening California and doesn't work we have mediocre results of best dollars in the answers it's revamping the system right funding

► 00:31:50

so how do you revamp the system parts in that first we shouldn't even have K through 12 K through 12 because the last 2 years you became 410 the last two years of high school for a huge chunk of people Jim study hall video games and probably smoking weed just nothing but bad for no purpose that no Community they have no reason to do anything I'm happy right now the reason why they aren't happy it's not a gross generalization that their unhappiness There are 16 17 they're working their ass off right now at a future what's that Cinema showing how do I know what I just said is true you just asked that question because of the vast majority of students going to college now the first year of college is 13th

► 00:32:50

great cuz they're not ready for school because the last two years didn't prepare them for for college if it did we wouldn't require 13th grade how do I start a great the average student now Take 6 years to graduate college so the results show me that I'm correct write the results of what's happening and he's the worst part now we shipped these kids off the couch too many of them don't want to go to college so we can anybody takes to graduate the 24 years old with at least 50k in debt if not more minimum of the case of a hundred bucks wow what a disaster that is the one of our kids come back home so how about this instead 10th grade your test you passed test your diploma with you homeschool private school public school awesome now you have 5 choices in this is a Kachina Point your choice whichever one you're a kid was Hardcore you think that causes your answer good go to your personal imagine that kid right now

► 00:33:50

is busting his ass he could be in as in a popgo his choice and the people are all kids who want to be in that Prep School it would change his entire situation no more Knuckleheads you don't want to be there were forced to be there in class the kids will be there are those who want to be there at the teachers and there's no disciplinary issues kids who want to be there better for them they could Hustle but I'm ready for college when I get there they take advantage of incubators of up internships baby graduated 3 years now the rock and roll and less that better off life is good better service is better everything for less money not done you're not that kid you're the kid who super smart you and become a scientist you wanted to get a PhD awesome go right to an associate's degree start right away 16 17 18 good to you. Good take your SATs you that smart your Einstein awesome go do that. You know one of those things no worries School

► 00:34:47

Carpenter New York State desperately needs desperately for an average 35 and be too high which means we have a lot of Trades jobs are not filled before Labor has come to the upstate New York the kids are doing it why we've been told a lie and that lie is the only way to success the only way is to do well in high school did gratefully degree and go to the job is it by the computer all day that's a lie that is a way to success it is not the only way to success through a lot of kids who they spent the first 5 10 years of my life trying to make it that way struggling to school then at 28 years old to go

► 00:35:35

Lego to the house I don't have a passion they don't have a direction and they're confused yes this is what you just said it's my fault I'm going good make your mistake at 16 not 26 making mistakes at 26 me a people lost 26 wheel generation now if you ask the people at Wendy's right now and I'm across the across this nation you say do you feel like an adult over half of say no

► 00:36:19

oh have you asked me out for 2 year olds will say that but yes but not as much as you go to Something's over half will say no I don't feel like I don't write because they're making the same mistakes that may be made at 18196 and they're not making it 25 26 28 make that choice at 16 but here's the issue how do I pay for this covers the entire show me to talk about how you pay for New York state says I have to pay for full 12 years of school at pay for it so no worries I was a marine when I got a Marine Corps I got a GI Bill X-Files I think it was back then this is in the 90s kids $20,000 and 5 years to use the physical check the state will pay check to whatever is going to go to the $20,000 that 5-years use it where is that mean you can a 16

► 00:37:19

you can say you know what I know colleges for me I'm going to prep school here's what I promise you I promise you this I promise you this you will find tons of all the sudden prep schools and Trace with a pop-up and guess how much it going to cost for two years $20,000 that's going to be a tuition you might have a while. It's a lot of money it is it we're paying $44,000 now if you took it was saving $24,000 per kid and giving them better schooling more accurate actual choices they can learn something they make their mistakes at 1617 which is way better than 26 or 27 and why is it so cheap why are you going to be able to do that for $20,000 when it cost so much more now what's going to be different people and be choosing

► 00:38:07

right that's what the people that are educating these people are they going to get paid I'm going to get rid of a bunch of your ministrator in New York state we actually have school districts that have more minutes Traders than teachers yes that's correct because you have to check boxes for government you can check boxes too, did you do ask me to why did you see these measures required that's what's going on that's correct there's there's about 60 billion dollars in a budget New York state for about 4 billion comes from the federal government about 35 button comes from State Route 28 and comes locally around numbers they change button on on who you talk to but it's about that

► 00:38:54

once we give her the federal government being involved in in the in New York state for buying the house was way too been afraid oh my God lose that money good good luck because all is going well so if you can give her 3 4 5 6 minutes for every one of the teachers only God I'm not bugging you just don't educated but I would imagine if I was I would be upset at this I would say that there's a reason why those administrators are there and we need them to take some of the administrative weight off of the teachers the teachers are stressed out enough by teaching students they don't have the time to be taken care of all the formalities and then thanks these missed Raiders do I have never heard that ever because that's not true you are the first person to ever said to me ever in over a year be doing it so everything is your windows and finish with you okay I never heard if you never heard of a lot of lots of them.

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not in those words but yes because most of the pictures are actually and this train teachers that teach tell them how to teach what at each one to teach grading that the parents will have the time or the understanding of what an education should comprise of to be able to direct not just their their student what their child needs but you know a group of 50 or however long the class question but teachers teachers and administrators I know I don't probably 2 or 3 that was normal and memo schools when I was in school off and it was two or three I don't remember now there's 12 12 10

► 00:40:50

what why why is that because they're making sure other things they're making sure the boxes are checked so here's your alternative your turn to keep funding a broken system and be afraid which is what you're saying no I'm not overwhelmed just not just that but also like having a mandate like having a very strict with you nothing but a bad thing I'm going to give you real fast if you don't mind if I give you a list of all the time centralized control is work okay I finished

► 00:41:35

centralized control doesn't work in education winning what is centralized control make a strict mandate from DC I'll ask you a question I'm assuming you're old enough that you were in school at one point at 1980 or older exist as it does now it did exist but it was basically a repository for information I didn't do anything why did any power since 1980 it began to have power do this and will give you money don't do this we don't give you money rules for that that's what they are now

► 00:42:15

you learn to read and write you learn to function in society so did I somehow every American Pie 1981 at school learn how to read and write learn how to function in society somehow it worked do I trust administrator or teacher I would rather trust the teacher but the difference is in a box

► 00:42:41

Chatterbox your cigarettes are better off because boxes are checked you said it's a better off because your secrets are getting better and because the parents are happier when you're saying box is being tracked that means things being covered did they feel that even if it's someone I don't know how curriculums are set up but I would imagine that people get together and they decide the children need to have a certain amount of ability it with grammar get her in the Mount of understanding of mathematics how about teachers and the local administrators and how about the local PTA with less administrators yes but how we decide how many administrators are necessary and how many can you cut out how much money you save this it and it's even better you know that you going to love my libertarian ways on this one okay right now what what happens if there is a convoluted way of deciding House of what a convoluted way I'm loaded

► 00:43:41

but now I don't know who is that new this is the real word for the rest just haven't heard me either you're ready to go now finding these schools I don't want that I want to be very simple I want a flat fee to come from the state here District depending on how many kids you have he was your money what does that mean what the reality of it is there are about if I'm not mistaken about 700 school districts in New York state a lot a lot of it is a lot and so what happens now there's money most of them are going to make no changes because they don't be afraid but it's like anything else your doctor's note. Was going to say wait a minute so the federal government isn't coming through this the state government isn't telling you that they're going to get less money than they're getting now it depends

► 00:44:41

Independent School District so will someone it's not like you'll have less jobs they're they're going to have to decide whether or not they have Lego oh my God that's scary some of our school district will fail yes but a New York state draw feeling right now what you always here which is the elections have consequences so I win I not get to impose my will upon all of you because I want so what I say goes I'm supposed to know everything be everything crepe boards and make things happen instead want to be the guy who when you have trouble I can help so a school district begin to have trouble I will try to help them of course I will but this 700

► 00:45:41

it's just it's making up reasons to punish people I don't want to make up reasons to punish people I want instead to say okay this school district is lost how do we help I only have one string attached to the money I give only one and that is transparency as I told you before my business guy and his way I know this is an actual equation that works every single time very simple simple equation was accountability equals Innovation if we do that the other. But we'll come on they will find great ways of making things work they will get rid of some business writers they will get rid of some teachers they will hire new ones they will decide which one should be giving raises that will happen Okay because what you're saying may work in the world of business because people have incentive to Succeed in Business not accented as monetary success when I was might not always but for the most part not sure when you're talking about a school yet and you cut the funding for the school and say hey figure it out

► 00:46:41

you guys decide how many administrators you want to keep aren't the administrators essentially the bosses aren't they the ones who are in control mean they're not going to get rid of their own jobs so what are they going to do to pay the teachers going to get inferior teachers and the break their control of the of the cash flow because they realize it is less of it is okay it's a great question here's the issue it's not going to happen overnight it's not like I wouldn't November go great all the money's gone so people know what the plan is we start bringing parents on board we set plans already the plan it's like any other organization you're saying business Lego military this works in this works in business is matter what is everything with your family it doesn't matter if you knew that 6 months from now you were going to have a stick a decrease in your income you would start to make change if there was someone above you saying Hey Joe you going to have a decrease in your income how do we make this work what can we do

► 00:47:40

if someone's there to guide you and you already have an instructor there you'll begin to fix it here would be that they would have less teachers and it has a larger classes because they're in control people don't like to give up control X Terminal 1 control but they would have to agree with you because they want to get rid of the administrators and if they didn't University of Dayton University across the board in this failed miserably and then classes get larger than kids get less attention and then the already piss poor education system sinks further into the abyss

► 00:48:28

and stay Hostage to a turbo system that's not working is going okay to make me some happiness going to State this Option 1 or option to do that and just watch over it right understand that that could happen because those are the only two options what's wrong with the system let's go over that first how much money are they making right and what would increasing that amount of money enhance okay to things remember the first thing is there's no way in the world that a governor should be deciding what every teacher makes an estate that's just philosophically wrong so I'm never do that that is simply philosophical wrongs against who I am centralized control was a bad idea localizados always better idea

► 00:49:25

for so that's about that promise I'm never going to even touch that what I'm trying to achieve here is to make change I know that locally there will be people who do it right because that always happen that's just how it works you will see I'm seven districts some of it decides to you know get together and and and mix this Source together some will decide not to some will do different things you'll see my point is this is a major overhaul I get it right business is the all-time families do all time if you are able to watch it

► 00:49:58

I don't want to be the mother or the father by democrats and be a mother would give you everything about going to be a father but everything under your brother I'm ready. You love him and we need a ride for you homie the firefighter the guy who comes to help when you need me now you're saying but Larry School District Rafael yes that you're saying something I'm not even saying they might fail what I'm saying is that you're going to put them in a compromising situation and you going to say figure it out yes but you're assuming that it's just good luck numbers less money and I think you have too many administrators and let's talk to administrator

► 00:50:58

did someone show you feel like the way to fix the education system is the cut funding for people like me her on the outside you hear that and I already feel like teachers are underappreciated and probably because of that unmotivated because you decided to say the answer is cut funding it's not what I said but what I'm saying is currently yep even in California forget about New York I feel like teachers are underappreciated and I feel like it's a noble profession that's incredibly valuable and the people should be able to make a decent living agreed I don't know how the solution to that is to give less money to the school you're missing a very value of very important point if you ask most teachers while I appreciate it most of them they're not going to say that people like you and I do appreciate them going to say the system doesn't appreciate me that's why they're always system Oklahoma they always

► 00:51:58

what I'm saying is fix the system the system is heavily control too many cases by the federal government $49 worth so we have to lose for the in dollars unless I'm not going to keep the federal government in our system but you don't want that your fix is to let them figure it out get the federal government has put a hold on it then figure it out with less money to walk away and say oh well good luck I hope it. I'm going to go off and now you know hang on Puerto Rico for a while no I'm saying facilitate it because you know what I do I trust teachers mall that has administrators I trust the local people if I give them the right tools to do the right thing but more importantly they'll show others as well so transparent what's going to happen is they're going to figure out the right way to do what teachers should should school district one Higher more Spanish teachers vs. Witcher 2 I don't know I'm not supposed to know that but they do that they make a mistake then they'll fix it would have been saved the teachers

► 00:52:58

selves or you talking about these administrators and who you want to limit our spot the school board School Board School Board they going to be the ones with the PTA with

► 00:53:09

if we make this work the right way it will be everyone talkin together it will be school boards talk to administrators Towing teachers talk with parents I don't want schools did beat by standardized test we've been doing that for years and we have very very unhappy people unhappy student unhappy parents I want parents to be happier I must just be happy and you might say but then why are they won't learn certain things is that a horrible thing I'd rather than be happy then learn AP Chemistry yes if that means one who decides the AP Chemistry isn't that important in school district spine those kids alone in the prep school and some kids won't learn AP Chemistry if that makes you happy I'm okay with that because goes to the next level which of course becomes kids with special needs

► 00:53:58

you have a special needs kid how do you make that can help you decide whether I can successful or not it just doesn't work we do these have been checkboxes does that work of course that's why you literally have hundreds of apparent every single year sweet New York State because they were happy with their kids getting service but not getting better I want your kid getting better you're assuming that because the federal government puts these dinners in it that makes them it doesn't have any that makes them worse if I know if my kids are happy that's what I want Happy New Yorkers means they stay in New York Happy New Yorkers me they blow their businesses in New York but saying happy in the same as solution and the key to happiness is funding them less and getting rid of administer my God I guess you are back on how many Democrats agree with what you said that you're going to take money away from school

► 00:54:58

Play here's that if a person says all he's going to do is get rid of money from schools that's that person that problems persist but I'm going to change the system that is completely broken if you say this what you're talking about people some of the MTA also in New York City to a system. I don't care I'm not going to be hosted to a shit system was a terrible system that is failing New Yorkers that is failing people in New York City when it comes to the MTA that's because people don't know what that is trans I'm sorry I took those who are not New York it's a bad system I'm not going to be a hot you know I will fight my Jailer. And my Jello is a system that is broken that says if you if you you better give me my money otherwise it'll happen you better give me my money otherwise it'll happen no no I'm going to fix that system I'm going to help facilitate fixing that system I might not let them go

► 00:55:58

wait saying what I'm saying is I'm going to help us Bennett system and we will make it work and if you get more people into the state and it's the most important piece you can raise money through other ways and just raising taxes on people and this is the most critical piece when we get funding this is why I'm I was teasing you a Democrat because we took more taxes I'm not talking about that if you get more people to stay in your state you raise your Revenue without having to raise taxes on anybody but if you raise your Revenue going to put more Revenue into the school

► 00:56:35

civil Civil War money in the school of course we would if we could wrap course we would of course New York state has a hundred seventy billion dollar budget with about the opposite and $309 in debt and the answer for every Democrat Republican is more funding there's nothing left to go it's going to it's going to go on there and take people to come to the store right by having a really super cool super cool and super cool education system we're going to want to see just figured out on their own if we build me a super cool education systems that we get more funding than the concept of Red Skelton is already there now once I wouldn't begin to build about and yes it'll be me and other people be clear it's not like New York doesn't have enough is enough

► 00:57:35

hard workers we have tons of workers that we can actually use to make this happen of them New York state has the most by percentage Gummer employer thinking thinking the nation I know it must be nice but I think with the most employees 5% of it to fix my time comes so you going to take people out of What professions and move them into fixing your face mask course not you this is what you're doing it like a show now

► 00:58:16

you're a Democrat Democrat I'm just asking you all right Queen questions here to take money away from you are yes you said like for time right because you got going on about these other things which is what matters more than losing a clear about what you're saying about what they going to fix this system by creating a good skeleton off the bat that people are going to enjoy and like and then once I want November going to fill that skeleton up to make an amazing school system that people can be proud of their going to want to bring their people then I come back from North Carolina to come back from Tennessee they're going to move from from Pennsylvania and and and Massachusetts I'm going to be part of the system they're going to see schools that actually work well since you prep school get kids in college because he colleges that actually educate kids and get them at the jobs when they see that happened at all start coming that's going to happen it doesn't happen by me saying how do I fund this

► 00:59:16

by me saying being afraid of making a step you don't have to have the perfect plan to move forward no plan is perfect anyway you want a good solid plan with motivated people if you have motivated people to take the plan it'll end up being successful so this grandiose plan is to get rid of the last two years of high school and you're going to offer potential Prep School for Children and you're going to four other kids offer them trade schools sure you're going to get rid of four billion dollars in federal fund you going to let the schools figure out how many administrators they should have would help with help with help and what's the help who you going to hire it over see this whole thing you figure that out I'm 2 months from the election with the election and then at least 6 months presentation at least if that's probably Low by about 9

► 01:00:15

what is this is disrespectful to play until next September earliest earliest going to play is next September I hope is that fact that be amazing up what is that Fast 5 minutes I'm not doing this so I can become a king we would have a king and that's why we're in trouble localized control many more options I'm a crazy guy who means what he says when I say let teachers teach I actually mean that it was people say it and then they and their response then becomes give more administrators so you think would stop in them now standardized test and administrators and then funding that's based on the success of the the test done correct any school district is correct and it isn't it is not that people always say we have to fun fun fun that is not the answer there there are better answers out there? Let me down let me go to the to another piece on how to raise money

► 01:01:15

the first thing is of course I met you get more people in New York state could in theory and its astari easily hold 30 million people

► 01:01:25

estate this a cut it's possible that the city 7 Los Angeles half well sort of La does no end to it yes well in the area of New York state is New York City metro area 69 the actual City itself a nap so it's it's by far the largest city in the in the nation so yes take 30 million people as possible if we people oh my God. The tax revenue be insane by having a better State Licensing we punch them in New York state there's actually a license to braid hair as a license to walk a dog

► 01:02:25

here's my rule of Licensing General would you ask your friend to do it if you were a woman who had lots of long hair would you ask your friend to braid your hair when you probably would you ask your friend to remove your appendix think the idea would be that you wouldn't want someone to screw it up so you want to make sure someone has insurance so that the consumer doesn't get ripped off and says the government decides if you can or can't do it and if you don't the government will find you and tell you that's a license so you don't have to have hair braiding insurance or dog walker insurance

► 01:03:25

I said license there's a difference the assumption is and you made it is for safety it is not it is full control salt for New York State many times have a license for Vaping so what is it like in intestines to sell or similar to do that well does the person who has learned CPR understand the effects of nicotine on the body go they have to write a check for the form that's it

► 01:04:07

there's no safety involved because I said be approved for license that's correct history of fraud I'm not sure if that's the case I think in certain cases that's true in certain tobacco controlled substance it is no no no not at all I don't think it is that's hilarious if tobacco itself is then the active ingredient isn't that the point of all of this is why is any of it controlled and why is vaping controlled if you're talking about safety and it's

► 01:05:06

safety everyone will tell me it will tell me what license for safety regulations of a safety or not

► 01:05:18

the healthiest people you know shopping helpful stores there is almost what is a health food store which is store like a store where you might go and buy vitamins that are not that's that's not GNC store where you might go and purchase organic things that's not a regular Whole Foods the mom and pop health food store which generally speaking is usually usually health food store

► 01:05:50

but if you didn't I apologize multiple do understand when I say hell but I mean basic a local store that was only like vitamins and they will sell things like supplements grocery store almost probably right because of the snow FDA approved for supplements vitamin that says not approved by FDA most most of their there they're their there where all the deaths stores

► 01:06:30

torrent what health food stores have our standards lots of Standards tons of Standards now some people buy certain products because they believe in them some stores that trust is all time it says it's a standard what would happen if they there was a health food store GNC supplement supplement and most of all took it will get addicted and do crazy things and that came out to the news here it is if you take XYZ product you'll probably go crazy or do something that happened they removed them you know things like grapes yes exactly my point and it goes away right and maybe it's a lawsuit maybe not but it goes away what app is FDA-approved

► 01:07:25

nothing happens 80% of all the products FDA approved drugs nothing happens what is it at Monopoly run by a government regulatory body there's no repercussions it just keeps telling us that certainly is true about pharmaceutical and yes if you want things to be safe but let's focus on safety not focus on control so I want products to be safe not controlled over there all this useless so how you make sure they're saying standards competing

► 01:08:04

I don't have a problem the government saying these are the standards We Believe are the appropriate standards to be safe they should do that absolutely take the stamp or not they don't like why they punishing if you choose not to problem with government stamps it has to be something that is voluntary by the person owns the store this what I would probably has it has a circle you Circle you do you know what that means no it's the Orthodox Jews live in New York City is very high Jewish population density of rocks Union me to the coach of his water or you want to know so if if you're Jewish and you care about keeping a kosher household you would buy this product because you trust the circle you is this kosher I don't know but the person who buys it believe it

► 01:09:04

and what if they found the disc was or was not Kosher as a person who is a partner in a supplement company and also someone who works for the UFC who hasn't new DLC has giant issues with people taking tainted supplements you're there is third-party independent verification 30 independent testing really good supplement companies like on it and many others use where are you can find out that you don't have tainted self I'm absolutely I'd rather have that then how about we have those stamps on products are like yes maybe you want $0.04 plus 30 third party independent company absolute has their own personal standards and you know when they're really good company you can rely upon them

► 01:10:04

oh you want both is a possible solution for education of third-party independent solidification of the education system we've been here for about an hour or so you already gave it a good idea yes my boy. That seems like a good idea to me that there was should be some effective school system that works and then you take the people that run the defective school system and they have a curriculum and a way of doing things that they could perhaps you note each other other school systems with people that are libertarian write the ideas that you are a free-market person in the EU believe in the free market and you believe unless government I believe in the consumer right I believe in the consumer control the government isn't always wrong but not always right so it's a general consumers tend to drive things better like I said

► 01:11:04

Shearwater like supplements if you don't a lot of consumer decide you by default stifle Innovation you just Skype on a vacation you spy for everything new because if it can't get through the FDA it almost can't be done and you have centralized control it's very difficult to get past you got it exactly right you're not really motivated to improve her to know the opposite thing goes wrong so always err on the side of no no it becomes the rule of no one meaning everything is about now there's no one's job to make it work this is my point on education system the job there has to be at someone who's who says with missing work I'm the guy who says that I will make it work let's make this thing work let's just not make sure things go bad let's make sure that things actually work now you obviously know far more about New York politics and I do I know very little about it but one thing that I do know it's almost universally regarded as being insanely Corral

► 01:12:04

you get to a position where you become the governor how do you clean up that fucking Hornets yes the one thing people always say is wow you got to clean it up but you just said it's funny I got all the time you got to these guys in jail yet Punisher on whatever the reason is okay you put some guy in jail you punish him whatever the case may be great whose family came back to North Carolina who's King of Education who got a better job whose taxes went down who's happier whose business and go under no one's helped by people going to jail we feel righteous and then we pack up and move to North Carolina I mean this is not the right answer is beautiful it is it is it was talk text pretty fucking good

► 01:13:04

I've got my point now I don't know your point but I'm interested in this figure out a way to stop corruption did you remember is the average person who is about to do something which may or may not be unethical or maybe corrupt isn't thinking I wonder if I'll get 5 years or 10 years then just thinking will I get will I get caught and will my crib over several things than the one I want less opportunity for some to be caught what does that mean in New York state less money coming from Albany which is our Capital less money than less money the governor has to give out the less chance they'll be corruption that's number one but on top of that New York state is filled with boards and committees and authorities and

► 01:14:04

who was the governor creates to make other things happen will create this authority to make this happen in this commission make that happen and then you get points on his cronies all his buddies on these all those commissions and boards and such now he knows one step away but he is raised over $800,000 for his campaign for people he's put on boards so we can somebody say people rewards am I putting my boards and then they become corrupt if you've noticed the Apologetics many people been indicted arrested convicted almost every one of them is I don't have water or commissioner Authority trashing those is a huge part of Eric Russian Regional Economic Development Corporation Caesar basically the government decides where the money goes to develop areas yes the government decides what it developed areas yes yes money into infrastructure building a hospital putting a new downtown in always have two things and then how about the local

► 01:15:04

Loca people mayor in the government you have a beetle local Preston things businessman who think this is a good idea how about the local woman who thinks this is a great place for an opening for new business how about the guy or gal who thinks this is a great place for as opposed to what it is now which is all that petition to the government we think we should the gum and then agrees blesses it gives his stuff you need and then says here's government money to go this time but is completely the wrong right but it's got to be some regulation like you don't really want a nightclub opening up right next to a family all that I got to be some regulations well I'm not saying you never said but I'm asking you if there should be some regulation bass tab

► 01:16:04

control safety if it is a safety I'm in like a school if that's some of those girls I don't like this thing here it's almost to build the other building that he doesn't want it there as a general rule that you meet us and support it what's the main argument against libertarian philosophy when you fear fear of change fear fear of not having big brother in control in American General the government does not just take our rights as a general rule we usually vote them away because we're afraid

► 01:16:58

I'm afraid take my rights I'm afraid take my rights that's what usually happens if you was a problem which is why I said you said will there be no regulation there a lot of Libertarians who probably heard that I'm not going to his reason why if I decide to pull the rug out from people they will be afraid people who are afraid make bad decisions all the time the word I need to use more here and maybe it's not Landing it was my error for not making this land better is facilitate I want to facilitate better options I would have facilitate better answers I'm not just going to go to school soon as they take away the money go away that would create fear and bad decisions number of months the federal government regulations and the federal government dollars are going to go away which means by this time we're not going to have it which means that I do not have the money but also you don't have these restrictions how can we fix this system to it so you don't do this anymore

► 01:17:56

what can you make to be better stronger faster how can we do this now it's some people won't fight me of course some people will not make a change of course but some will go oh my God thank you so much yes I would much rather not spend the money he but I rather spend it here before the others will follow but what will happen will have a much better effective system one fails but hopefully the line yet because it hasn't been done before okay it's been done in everything give you the best I can give you the education with I'll give you my cell OK Google Google Google Google had a program I think they still have it I'm sure someone will let me know if they don't but I believe they do to where you had an employee to choose to take 20% of their their work time and do it on any president wanted to any project whatever they want to do to work on if they want to do is wrong

► 01:18:56

20% of the Only Rule was you have to be transparent and your account plus many other people do things wind up doing things that didn't really work very well but what they did it they said Hey Joe I went to this thing it didn't work you might try to learn something for the things that made it better but a bunch of them most profitable things probably applications came from this also is some people to 20% some people were keeping more people because they said they want to do now does everyone take it now some people just didn't work and what happened don't work at this hour but what happened is you got Innovation and other people learn from it and it became better and better and better that happens all the time. That is a very different system then talking about the education system when you talk about Google you're talking about people that are hired to make money for a mega corporation that

► 01:19:56

makes billions and billions of dollars and you give them a chance cuz they're engineers and techies and you give them a chance to innovate innovate but their financial incentive is massive means I have a friend who's a big executive Google they make a shitload of money that work underneath them have the potential to move up that corporate ladder shipped out of this financial incentive in school systems that's not only that you're limiting their amount of money you're not just offering them the possibility to exchange creative ideas you're saying we're going to give you less money and we're going to have the administrators who are still going to be in the position of power you going to have that everyone's going to have to figure this out. This is not a parallel situations to get into teaching

► 01:20:46

they don't get it because my God I'll make millions of dollars they don't do that they didn't do it because they think it's a viable career path for them they have a skill that it they enjoy doing it and they want to make a difference yes that's correct if you're well if you if everyone's lucky that's what they do it for the same thing with Shelby and I don't think anybody's going to Google cuz I want to make a difference it out teachers teacher yes oh bother but it's not parallel Sons want to go to Middle giant business the biggest businesses in the world and the New York City New York State schools the system is a 60 business

► 01:21:28

still profitable the same thing by any stretch of the imagination for the individuals involved in this Innovation that you seek and I think you are wrong in many ways, wrong that it's not profitable for the individuals that you're asking because we lose 4 billion dollars your assumption is don't get more money

► 01:21:54

that's awesome she's going to get more money if you give him less money I'm not giving teachers less money you give me the school that's fine that's correct this a history teacher is not going to get less money or less money well what if you got rid of a bunch of Administrators what if you got whatever you would have to who would decide that these administrators were removed just is not clear you're saying it's going to work itself out yes but then you comparing this to Google when you giving people who are making a fantastic salary the ability to innovate for 20% of their time I don't think I don't think these are valid comparison of humans are humans we want to have purpose we want to do better at whatever we're doing we want to have a clay some dozy respect that's what she means want okay I agree it bad if your teacher you want accolades from those you respect you want to be good at what you do don't want to be with your fam

► 01:22:54

you also want to go and make a living selling most of them make piss-poor money alright this is an Oklahoma to New York State Brian so most of them are doing well enough to not stop it how much do you make how much are you just got done saying how expensive is to live in New York and then there's going to be less money for people that already get paid less than they should

► 01:23:23

I'm not saying it's true you're saying that truck but there's going to be less money that goes to the school goes to a school district yes

► 01:23:29

so how is that not going to translate into less money that goes to the teachers and less I will try it again you've never said it tell me why you decided how this is going to sound of the benefits of teachers yes you're not firing administrators you're making everybody figured out on their own wind up being fired PTA at the school board's if you want me to say there are several school districts and I'm going to fire that guy that guy that guy that guy bad guy and I'm literally 2 months out from the election and then at least 9 months metal melting it you're simply asking too much of me the skeleton is built the idea is good it will work we can let of course we will absolutely how many which god of fire

► 01:24:29

I'm not asking you which particular human being the fire I'm asking you how you're going to facilitate paying less money to be school districts and somehow or another having them organized the right way to make the school system run smoother and more efficiently while you're comparing it to people who work at a multibillion-dollar tech company allowing Engineers who get paid substantial amounts of money to innovate for 20% of their time and I was saying this is not a valid comparison

► 01:25:04

schuman's want to be good at what they want to be the reality of it is as I said earlier they will always be in every think they will always be early adopters and some people will jump in and go this is a wonderful idea let's not working on this now and some will some people just do nothing and they will think what I was going to fail who cares let's change nothing of course and probably most would do absolutely nothing with him like it nothing but a bunch of a say oh my God. Awesomeness is and they begin making change right away and as they do. Watching a what do you what are you proposing what's the right way that sounds great what do you think what do you think that's not my business guy I've been an officer in a public company for short ribs. Twice in both cases why I went in I didn't go and going that's TV show stuff that's not how it works it works if you walk in you talk to people you begin to figure out what's going on you try new

► 01:26:04

the right thing works that's how you fix a business and if you don't know who does it you from a position of fear let's pretend that I'm a parent and I'm hearing this plan and I'm thinking this is not a plan you're eliminating money what if my school system doesn't figure out a way to innovate what if they cut funding what are the kids classes get bigger just a mass panic throughout the organization because you've essentially gutted their infrastructure wow I really hope you don't believe that but they might you're right it might be too early if I was your opponent that's absolutely what I would argue and I guess you could here's my response keep the same system

► 01:26:52

keep paying your same taxes keep your kids unhappy sue the state and you can pack up and move to South Carolina to Thomasville North Carolina or Tennessee North Carolina Florida now if I was your poop if you want to that is an option for you if I was your opponent I would say that is a ridiculous proposition so you're saying either we keep the current system or we adopt your system these are the only two options we either leave or we take your option and nope you're out I would say why don't you throw more money at these teachers give them more incentive to succeed figure out a way to take money away from something else and apply to education cuz we believe that it is the least appreciated thank that is the most important because we've been doing that for 20 years and failing that's why I've been paying teachers more at the system with for 20 years

► 01:27:52

we've been doing it for 20 years it hasn't worked yet we're going to stop that's my response we've been doing it for 20 years at least we spend more money per kid than California. And we have worse results if you're happy with that system awesome vote Cuomo you'll get it you keep it no worries but if you actually want change if you're unhappy with the system you got to change it and they said I haven't give you any problem what have you heard me say that one you just said I'm afraid I'm afraid no that's not what I said that's why I said I'm afraid never said that once you said but what if but what if but what if but what if questions it's not saying it was says I'm afraid that's what I hear but what if is asking you to Define how your system is going to succeed it's not saying I'm afraid

► 01:28:53

that's hyperbole didn't you just say if I've been maybe I maybe I didn't hear you correctly but then you just say but what if this bad thing happens what if it's my school district what if I had an exercise watch need a parent who was scared I didn't say that's me and I'm telling you as a person is not debating you I'm just asking you questions about this please I'm curious but I see massive flaws in the logic behind allowing these systems to figure out how to eliminate administrators in order to stay alive with less money I'll try it again I'm facilitating this to make it happen I'm going to oversee it of course there's already a administrators in at Albany who can help to facilitate these don't understand where he said but it seems very Loosely defined and it's very good with you at all

► 01:29:53

beyond the fact that you have these administrators and they're in this position where you're going to eliminate some of them but you don't know how many or which way or how to do that and you're going to allow the PTA and the teachers unions to figure this out or not the teachers of course of course you can't do a long-term solution for any problem by just dictating what is right and what is wrong or not vote for him. I think most most people who are afraid of that who think the way you're presenting to me most of it I could love me you've got to play Devil's Advocate with yourself when you going over these things for sure there are a bunch of people who are not going to answer

► 01:30:53

Lose or Draw everything I'm saying is true and right and there is no better alternative in New York State. No other every other person who's running it saying we have to find more fun more fun more that's not going to work that I'm sure of it also knows that it is impossible that funding more is going to work that's being told your goal is high test scores in standardized testing that's your goal that's how your funded that's how you're judged that's how you decide if you're going to stay a teacher or not that's everything that's the current system and there's no opposition to that other than you that is correct yes so everyone else wants the people that are doing the best to get more money people that do school systems but they're doing the best whoever is getting the best scores

► 01:31:53

doing the best scores

► 01:31:57

well they mean something you take a test so me and mean something it means you're getting better at the test and it was a test yeah but that's about test-taking set of standardized test taking is no indication of success what is a good indication of success emotional intelligence but you can't measure that yes but that's not going to work for some for school right but if you're teaching kids how do you how do you judge whether or not you're doing a good job other than 10 how would you judge as an example how do you judge things when they're hard to judge and I bring this up all in my business off and right when you can't when it things aren't when it's not easy to find a win right if I don't know what a win is how do I figure out what a win is if you're if you want company you might judge it on sales which is a lot easier

► 01:32:57

might not you might you might you know how many of your competitors how many of your customers are all I got was The Wind by simply how many parents are happy and you could judge them by how many show up you could judge them by having an actual operating system similar to how Google writes things anyway you could you couldn't hear me show it to the option of course but how would you spell this out for me

► 01:33:35

I don't know what's your question you sing a rating system for kids could be your parents judge the school could be the teachers do a 360 on themselves right Better Business Bureau 362 business thing in a business how you judge individual is you was cool 360 and people who all around that person would judge them usually anonymously so person maybe has 7 Juniors 70 years and three or four seniors they'll pick a couple of Juniors a couple of beers and a couple seniors who will then greatest person School 360 every year and I you know how the person is doing because everyone around him or her for the teachers are judging each other what would be a viable alternative to testing to find out how well

► 01:34:35

children are doing you could don't think graduation right to work it's going to take a stand that's what I said so taking some tasks so you judging them by these tests correct correct size test is usually given by federal authorities decided based upon the company that builds the right bid and it does not sell you decide what's important local kids parents so what would be the difference in the test teachers of these kids so there would be no standard that the state would enforce they would all be up to the community

► 01:35:28

I love the idea let the school districts create their own test and the odds end up copying each other most of time anyway that's fine we'll see what works on assuming a standardized test volume just asked you what were the alternative to a standardized test is a district-wide test show much. Why would that be better than for the state because each each school district is different because each because each County in New York state is different each one is different. Just physically socially they're just there different regions so they should have different standards short terms of how they graduate and what they what an a is

► 01:36:16

and what's a pass how you get through school and with that would it be even across the board I mean would you let it always feel like it would be better would you have Schools overview worse and they would all have the same grades if you wanted to I think you could easy credit system to wear at the end of the day meeting at the end at the end meaning 16 in this case right fucking k210 add a case of 10 where there is one stay twice and I step do I said no sound like testing until High School right so prior to high school I don't want Sunrise testing

► 01:36:51

at high school I'm fine with it at that point the kids a bit more mature because I know where they're going to that I took him to have more value for them in that regard because I'm doing College do I want to go Prep School do I wonder trade school case you're in high-school I'm totally happy with that because because you decided where they want to go and being a good test again those years might make you think you know what maybe I'm good for Sciences maybe I'm good for math maybe I should be a plumber maybe I should be a truck driver maybe I should be at insert thing here right now if your teacher so I'm totally happy in high school so I said until High School doing the youth do anything except make things bad

► 01:37:39

so once we get to the high school level yeah there's a point but before that is when the kids are building up who they are

► 01:37:49

right before last when the kids are building up who they are as a student says as we think they are you familiar with other types of teaching like Waldorf or you know maybe some of the other Alternative forms of education and have you ever looked at those models and I have no not too sure if those are models that would give our kids and upper hand in a better chance of success I would happily take them if they are I'm happy I'm happy to do that too before with you as I'm trying to tell you everything you're saying right now in the conversation we've had in the past hour and a half you already come over to make my business such can you imagine what is the concept come up with we could still take things out you working maybe even by region maybe even by County maybe even tell me that would have even test schools schools of a test things out for a year but what's would imagine even answers have the kind of freedom to enter

► 01:38:49

and it mean in any foreseeable future like that decide decide some of the things that we've talked about now huh what you're hearing me say what you have so many people get afraid messing you over but who do you some talking about an actual revamp a reboot average rate of change because my state is collapsing and I understand that radical change yes do you think it's cool singer do you think the current numbers is unsustainable is there a difference the difference is it still maintain but they'll be less people it's not collapsing and I don't see that in my eyes tells me that it's loud because you have a situation where you have counties in a 1/3 of Medicaid one through Medicare with a bunch of of unfunded mandates at 4 p.m. to pay for certain things

► 01:39:48

with people leaving you have a dual impact space so at that point yeah that's collapsing at what point does it stop I don't see it stopping I just see larger chunks of Medicaid Medicare and at one point when it's Medicare even they pack up and head to Florida North Carolina or South Carolina right families are keeping people in New York state more than anything cuz their relatives are close by yes so now if they're not so if you've got education cured how do you make it anymore how do you make it more attractive for people to stay in New York that don't have children Gotti make it more attractive to businesses so that way several things right we can still raise money we can find ways to fill gaps and if we have to fill a gap say before dying from the federal government you have to fill the Gap if we find that the first 6 months discussion

► 01:40:47

there's no way we can do this about the phone right now so if I don't come in let's say let's say I'm wrong I'm wrong and the 4-day now is going to get rid of the federal government is no we have to have it that we did plan to come up with that money I got it now in the past week let's have a lottery in the windows at San Marcos I talk often about using our infrastructure New York State as we're raising money we have Bridges and tunnels and thruway's in the Erie Canal words with v in them I bought 3 dozen lots and lots of stuff like that why in the world do we have a bridge right now in New York state that's one of our previous Governors for the Mario Cuomo Bridge that's embarrassing we literally have a band in an imperial Bridge named that are royal family the Staples Bristol Verizon bridge the three Ambridge the Kellogg's bridged the Apple Bridge whatever we should be Lisa

► 01:41:46

and Amy right out I'm a business guy whenever it's Haley I said we don't lose the asset leasing in right out right that paid billions of dollars every year for a stadium for the weekends instead we have them pay $100 for bridge that's crossed by hundred thousand cause every single day you called the Verizon throat and it's mention hundreds of times every single day did Rush Hour in a 16 million person metro area next piece of top of that once he has the money they're all so responsive maintenance we was doing Specht the bridge right people reasons responsible for the maintenance and they have to fix the bridge about how long is the least common theme

► 01:42:46

don't like and you didn't like it either which is I don't have the answer for exactly what the contract is I'm not saying I don't like it I'm just saying man if I was Verizon shit just to put my name on going to fix the baby you know what if you don't negotiate concrete cancer and why because the government has to run it runs out of money or drop us he fails but someone so we could actually check the bridge and say it's a tabby and it a diesel Osteen get to as an example writing to be Verizon refuse to fix it goes to see right to fix it now use contract Bridge

► 01:43:46

I need the best part 34 tolls if you've been through New York State you know we are the tall monsters I mean we are horrible when it's paid. It direct once I got addicted to that money which means every day we come across that breaks those go away every time they cross the bridge and tons of money every time I cross that bridge and if you back it was the governor of you could figure out how to do that you would become never brought this up besides you Adopt A Highway

► 01:44:46

not only that paint for making sure because we have lower spending because we're not paying for maintenance and his even better part the less money I have to give out for these contracts less corruption cuz I might get off counter Seymour Verizon how much money do they get there in the tolls every year I would imagine it be bigger than a hundred million dollars Tolls by billions yes cuz I New York state budget I was here billions araujo's yes or no that is so Scaredy Squirrel stealing from people you can't drive to give us money it's so gross it's so lucky you're in California so we could raise that money so to make you see I'll make you a station to happy I'll take for being off of that I put it back in the teachers and the money if you take him that night

► 01:45:46

did not love you I just find a holes your game now when you take away all that money to people paint on the tolls to billion dollars a year how do you replace that

► 01:46:06

either paint 2 billion power steering tool a hundred million dollars from me and I didn't even count the Erie Canal that's 36 locks good name each lock repair the entire Erie Canal make it by commercially viable McDonald's in every single lock laser for commercial boats and recs 100 million dollars every year including Capital project it to Erie Canal we make less than 5 million how do you crunch to all the numbers on putting different advertising sponsors become an issue in theory you will actually raised billions that I'm sure Theory but the problem is you don't know which one goes first which one is more valuable

► 01:47:06

I want to go chase it will take Ryan yes or no will they take the three ways also what what bridgedale take for unwanted may not be viable to be taken so I don't know each one fast was catch on that you could do this with tunnels you can't do this with roadways I mean nobody gives a shit what the parkway is called the Verrazano Parkway so I'm making anybody any money back on Verrazano Parkway right unless there's a New York which is falling apart some idea for that is a fun this interstate highway give you the most money to give those fucking people grip on your state if they want to give me a road here Cole Road

► 01:48:06

call Road the rent for that is maintenance of the regular Road okay that's the rent that's it you maintain maintain you get to keep the next to it Google road now people not an option you were driving and driving this car they come up with the driverless buses or whatever they come up with you if you want to if you don't want to pay for any more and I like that because nobody really gives a shit what a road is called which is why you don't mean the road you give them the road next to it just to transfer their goods for Amazon coming to Amazon Hub that just moved Amazon products but I don't care as long as you maintain the regular Road do what you want with the other Road

► 01:49:06

Cuban Amazon Road where the only thing is is I have to move back and forth generate income Bridges the roads Subway instead there are in 12 different things eleven different counties so at night on used so why don't they Freight Lines

► 01:49:51

but Amazon movies product from upstate New York into Manhattan on a Freightliner typing use at night what's the what's the fee for that fix the lines

► 01:49:59

fix the lines fixing to maintain them is that a viable alternative that makes sense for them I live in I live in New York City right I live in Queens or Manhattan I know lots of Bankers I asked that far that's what you'd like to bring Joe you just came out the reason why this is so important because Win Lose or Draw everything I'm talking about stays and we'll fix my state people tell time by what happens if everyone is good I'll go home and go back to work I can stop doing this so you can hopefully it's the only reason why you're doing this is just cuz you want to effect change in New York

► 01:50:55

I don't get the reasons why I know so yes stop teasing me so I don't want to go that's the number one reason is I want to stay in New York number one but also I want to change the state for better but even more change the nation for better when you all can be the place will look and go wow you know what weekends are doing these things I'm not even done talking about Wyoming has a lot right now that says if you are a small farmer and you agree to not sell other Wyoming that your immune from Federal Road or bodies

► 01:51:40

helps the small farmers at to get a leg up for every business business if you agree you will only sell locally why you being bothered by Farrakhan how does the Commerce Clause come it doesn't so how about we make it happen so that applies to all restaurants of course but I use one of those third-party delivery services you know where they use a nap and they order something that would be the people who would be responsible you are not as long as that is always that companies based in your state so this keeps all the money in New York state small business owner a shot at competing at large businesses which almost always cross borders much greater incentive yes until your heart

► 01:52:40

that's one idea but if you want to treat Farmers like small businesses and if not which means I don't get the SBA loan it does not work in the treated like small businesses but next I want to completely legalized hemp and cannabis and I wanted to talk to you and I want to regulate them like onions is the reason why a lot of New York that's right yes so that's my big onion onion hemp and cannabis cannabis cannabis is a camping I like that so I don't have to use it but I think I think I talk even more I don't want to talk even more do I know by the highway

► 01:53:40

and maybe it'll make it worse when you hang around where I grew up and then attend dog Idaho to Douglas sorry I haven't been around so many years South Bronx sorry I have been in the Bronx many years apologize but anyway mushrooms and marijuana yes thank you you've never never never have

► 01:54:40

no pot no mushrooms. All Odds are now 7 if people around my house I don't drink unless okay so will your focus your life has been my business and then and then it was business yes so you're just keep your nose to the grindstone kind of guy have you seen my campaign

► 01:55:33

this is that the last three good material campaigns in New York state combined didn't raise $10,000 combined Highway Silver Coin already the last three who material can I find did you anywhere near the stops that made and I still too much like how much does 1.7 I think menopause money out there bro I need some but I guess my point being yes nose to the grindstone I'm doing this of course maybe later wait till November 7th and then once you hit that maybe maybe if I win I can't do it that would be that would be that would be not cool but marijuana is it legal in New York state now that's correct

► 01:56:33

point on cannabis and hemp is heavy because of farmers also write R Us small farmers right now yes it's good for the environment and the best thing is if you treat small farmers like small businesses they can have specialized and then also I can do that and create Niche Industries see that New York state with both coffee and and breweries who's already having a New York state would have the same sort of incentives for them to sell in New York absolutely yes Camp which would be incredibly beneficial with zero controversy that's correct because I want to be able to create cannabis products but there's something else and that is there a lot of people in this country. How about New York State typically

► 01:57:29

and right now they have two choices one to suffer accept or three what people tell me in for some reason I can only meet women who told me that they walk up to me and say you know Larry I hope you can legalize marijuana because I smoke a little at night so I can go to sleep what about CBD problem it'll be my assumption but CBD has no psychoactive outside if I can look it up real quick I think it's just a big is medical state if we if we heavily regulate cannabis and or hemp big business wins small business losses guaranteed it'll become big business cronyism to small farmers collapse the wrong answer

► 01:58:29

need to make that happen and people are smoking it and you may be don't smoke it might have an edible why don't you have liquid why don't you have whatever sure thing you don't have to smoke anyways of up to a manager of both THC and CBD you prefer and look at your mind and why in the world would I want you to have to live with chronic pain if you don't have to because CBD again is not psychoactive it's fantastic for people with arthritis and so we got older folks are we mean shit I got Ted Nugent take it at my Facebook so well one of his second amendment proponent yes there's an issue that I have with people demonizing the National Rifle

► 01:59:29

and one big issue is they always point of the school shootings and I'm like goddamn it not a single NRA member has ever committed one of these mass shootings this is not an RA members so you guys are going after people that are fighting for the right for people to have arms when there's people that are taking these arms and they're using them completely illegally of them are in the NRA just like any sense right but that boogeyman is culturally accepted yes it's really confusing and then it's not helped by the fact that a lot of people that are in our a proponents get you know they did their heels in the sand and they fight hard and very much emotionally so against people who are against the NRA and then it becomes this tribal thing it does it's a point where you don't even listen to it each other this is why I say the third party is the way but people ask why we can you win this thing

► 02:00:29

the biggest

► 02:00:31

critique I get is you can't win then we doing you can't win at 2 right now Republicans become Democrats to you can't win you can't when you can't win answers to Things Remembered that the first thing is

► 02:00:47

I can't win his the reason why the Republican cannot win because it's only about two and a Half Men Republicans in New York state in about 6 million Democrats in the office they give it take the tribals we have now if you're a Democrat or Republican Republican but you might vote for the return the other evil guy so I have the option of getting the other things I can get the other guys and I can get this 7% of New Yorkers who don't vote I can get those there's a chance to win and on top of that a 5-way race only 30% to win this is a what races can be done

► 02:01:27

baby oh my that is wrong maybe every hole you found is a is a real hole and it can't be done and maybe they all destroy me in a beat me up and I can't win get rid of those polls strip Welch get those tolls not poles rather tolls don't know yet if I just come in second only imagine what does for the state the first thing it does is shows them that a third-party can actually have impact in New York state which is the entire nation off the bat we can do something Big Stan yes and something else it'll make better Republicans and Democrats cuz right now neither of them does anything for anybody they don't care for this gets done but one that's a third-party I become the referee I'm going to say Democrat you supposed to buy civil liberties you're not what's wrong Republican just about less government and second amendment it's my business you're not what's wrong and now the media hears me now people hear me they have

► 02:02:27

become better cuz they'll come to me instead and I'll see it at a fear you'll begin to change know what do you think about this move toward Democratic socialism and you're seeing is a lot in young kids in particular they seem to be abandoning this old system and trying to adopt a much more radical left-wing system and apparently there's some real problems that lady who won what she's literally my congressman see women house on Alexandria Alexandria she used to be a republican anti-abortion person and that she's really from Florida that provide of her and yet at Cinema 10 attacking her and she's made some missteps to you know

► 02:03:27

the newest ideology of rebellion most of them don't know why couldn't they just knew he wasn't that was meant to say I couldn't tell you there's income inequality yes very true that's that's a big one and so people say all well the game is rigged and Bernie going to fix it yes and inequality true but it's weird because of corruption because of the two party system brunch it's because of crony capitalism the problem is you have system where people keep saying it's the free market right this happened to Obamacare Obamacare marketplace where you can go buy insurance and what people that hurt with oh it's a free market it's not a free-market but that's what they heard it was a free market

► 02:04:27

when ObamaCare fails in certain states where they say their marketing work see we need single-payer the market that's how it's spun and single pay or so so I can pay it was the right answer it's medicare-for-all what sounds amazing but it won't be what it will be his VA for all and to be a disaster and be a two-tier system and I said this after this so she wasn't actually equals a two-tiered system the reason why some people wealthy will will be fine with Obamacare or so she wasn't going to use it why do they happen it's already happening because of my New York State works and how bad the system is you have less and less options for insurance if I like one or two and she was all up in New York state did leave Milwaukee right there any money so how is all the best doctors should they all most of the best doctors that take insurance anymore

► 02:05:20

real yes or wealthy that want the best medical care then go look even have to pay me it's actually better I know cuz that's crazy that's how I talk to my actual family so when we go to to a doctor's office and you can see the difference right if it's if a doctor takes Insurance $2 a doctor's office 5 people who are administrators and they care more about photocopying your documents than you you're in the way that the rooms bad no one cares whatever you can see at 3:45

► 02:06:11

that change it now it's a doctor who does who does not take insurance that's five. Was in that office to administrators you show up like hey how are you what's going on please have a seat whatever they take your credit card or check whatever you want me to do you said 2:05 while the comparison of valid comparison is Canada's health-care system versus America's I have friends from Canada to come to America to get health care because the healthcare system over there although it's free it's not as good as correct many aspects of your stuff done right yes that means it's horrible right if you have a insurance insurance he'll talk to you for maybe 5 10 15 at most and will always end with one of two things prescription or procedure so you paid the bill Medicare right they build Medicaid they bill your insurance company prescription or procedure

► 02:07:11

was doing a private person talks for 20 minutes 30 minutes ask you things that matter like how you eating how you sleeping what you want us level things that actually matter what it comes to your health kick their ass questions what's going on see if it works and there's an incentive for you to talk about what a good doctor they are so go to get more business that pays in the same way you're paying that's exactly correct and they don't have to go through all the bullshit paperwork by the customer said he wakes Insurance the insurance company's customer know people that are listening to this that don't have enough money to pay for that are single I want that kind of care and I I wanted to be federally funded is that possible the combination no no can you get good care

► 02:08:11

non-emergency are non critical care if you remember years ago your souls I'm so you know when it first came out they should charge you per I cuz it's so expensive it was so expensive as per eye. Plus a thousand bucks so what's happening every instance service levels going up price has gone down technology is gone up in every case that's happened so while we follow the same model in in this and can it work to happening the Oklahoma surgery center right now right is doing right now they did they list all the pricing so you can you guys do nails outside of insurance

► 02:09:11

so I think the Oklahoma center for surgery and so the ideal situation would be available they can afford it and for people that can't afford it is always going to be catastrophic Health Care you break your leg you're going to be taking care of the flu you're going to be taken care of country have confused Healthcare with healthcare insurance they are two totally separate things by healthcare insurance that much we like him more about the Healthcare System itself the system itself from its cartel system right so it's literally hey what do you think of that Martin what is a little twat

► 02:10:11

horrific way to a hospital bed for 5 minutes $3,000 I'm going to do that right now get a new job and you want to get some new clothes for job so you come to me that you could buy flowers perfect awesome how much it cost and I say I don't know you said wait a minute I can you store you gave me the perfect outfit for new job you know how much cost that's correct I don't know what it's perfect for you in the mail but we can show whatever the bill is I don't know what it is you have to pay

► 02:11:08

that's our current Healthcare System that is true you decide you want to buy this water for me right I'm sorry he wants to buy some water from you call me when you agree you want to sell them for a dollar, Gracie by $4 I Step in Time insurance no you cannot have this I have the insurance company this actually is worth $0.50 I decide so I give him the water so I'm trying to sell the water for a dollar insurance company says fuck you text me so now this guy here and he wants to buy the water to he doesn't have insurance I can't get involved will you want to sell the water to him how much he was hella what's on now

► 02:12:07

buck fifty.

► 02:12:10

How do you fix a that's the current system how would you fix a transparency transparency transparency so number one thing but you say a broken foot cost this it cost $50 an hour for that it cost $0.15 per pill for this amazing but just just doing one thing just saying in New York state just saying this if you sell Medical Services like any other service you must be transparent right that's it that's all you have to show them why cost what it costs and you have to have a standard absolutely I was just been in place for a long time and they've taken advantage of it and they have power until they just leaving it the way it is that's also a bunch of fear and then you have this isn't enough by this cons of transparent is not enough

► 02:13:10

all these problems that we have people up and Sableye what's the answer it's not one thing it's many things transparencies a huge piece but you also have to facilitate more things as an example you wanted to see if a okay the current system people's how to use now is what I call the Costco model which basic membership model right so the doctor's office has all of us as customers all of us decide to pay all they agree with the bucks a month or you have a case of your aunt about Samantha or you're single whatever the office and whoever's in the office whatever they have we have access to it cost by bucks 5 bucks that's all they did they try to set zero just doing a free but senior citizens we show up every day

► 02:13:58

so they charge that $5 5 bucks a box what's the goal of the doctor's office the goal of Adonis offices to be healthy Buda never show up just pay you for 2 bucks every month and to never be awesome right ready-to-use so they stop making more money they will bring them or doctors they will bring them why everything so that you will get more of your family or friends to come and pick them up leafy like a gym membership same thing right as long as you'll be fine but what happened is as long as they can help you they help you if they can't do things you have catastrophic insurance and they would have some type of agreement with another facility like a hospital something like that so that you didn't get a lower price because you going to them they're sending patients to you right so if you had a bigger than they can handle with other facilities little price anyway that catastrophic insurance of course when you get some long time their insurance is that will help to pay along that also

► 02:14:58

with that in mind we take care of our people with very poor so what can we do we can have a system to where you if you decide to say as an example and I'm making this up as an example only 10% of your of your people you will bring on for free and based upon how we decide that therefore I'm making this up as an idea so they're eligible for free school lunch in New York state that's how we is there staple Define for the sake of argument that you take those people then we will give you a break on this tax or this be over this thing if you do this many of the smaller doctors the brake pad won't be enough they probably won't take it but larger relations probably will so larger companies will take on people who can't afford to pay anything

► 02:15:51

this is another idea or concept you stop making this happen if it's only this and you will see Health Care will get cheaper and what Healthcare gets cheaper now Insurance gets cheaper

► 02:16:04

now you have more people to get indentions business you have more options choices for insurance. People just get emergency room Insurance some people just get long-term care insurance and maybe we'll just get XYZ Insurance how could you reduce the number the amount of money rather the pharmaceutical drugs cost cuz that would be a big issue right it would be absolutely there's several things 1 if courses the FDA the FDA stifles so much I can't wait to that New York state that's the thing the government the state cover the can't do much of all I can do is make for some be trying to pass that people see how bad it is as a general rule and this isn't a harbor Central when you shine a light from bad behavior almost always you can make that maybe less so when a happy transparent each pill cost all this money enough people go through what are you doing what are you doing I'm not doing this

► 02:16:54

edible four seasons change but that's a long-term solution that is really better wish you would listen Larry you got some really good ideas they're very revolutionary but I like the fact that you're sticking your neck out there with a lot of these things and I hope so if if if I don't win if you don't if I win change this nation overnight because all the ideas pop out things will change you'll see people who are independent step up in the debates how much do you have to be probably what has to be decided they just decide who decides is there a that's what he does he says follow my rules and I'll show up what is his rules whatever he feels is appropriate

► 02:17:54

I'll say yes will he do that with you I don't know I think he will win the last two times he did it all for people showed up last October we could promote that what would be the key things that you and him would butt heads on

► 02:18:24

wow so much as a general rule the biggest thing is the states collapsing and he doesn't say that he says the state's awesome because we have great gun control he says he's worried about fighting Trump you think so I think about everything because he's running for president 2020 so his entire I'm the only one who can beat Trump I'm the owner to protect New York state from Trump and if he loses the governorship he's fucked running for president I don't know depends. Democrats think I mean you know depends if he's very popular a lot of Democrats won't want to buy them but, well who else is going to run as a Democrat I don't know maybe during my run again I don't know his loss might mean that he that he doesn't run but if you win

► 02:19:23

change the attorney changes not just that you will find people who are Liberty leaning over San Juan de letran Banner because I'm right on the most popular guy running to SNL buys name there someone else by the name on Tarzan races I'm running bold with an L by my name right some kind of change the Brian took a decent brand is what I'm doing on my stuff I'm always looking. So I'm trying to return to build a brand out to be a better brand so if I win the branstetter people do that will raise my money to be able third-party I mean they'll be a third party in United States which will make better Democrats and Republicans will literally be a better Nation a better politique better in in America facts you in this damn thing doesn't matter the Bold ideas are still out there but you heard what your audience heard is still there someone's going to pick this up some wasn't to talk about it and if

► 02:20:21

what yes please I want to fix things I'm not concerned with who gets the credit for it let's fix it I want a better place to live this comes in trouble music the perfect example of a cup of where we're going I don't want that to be the rest of the nation we can fix still all my stuff please still at all awesome I hope you still at I hope California copies me and does everything I said to be amazing please do that would be awesome but if people don't hear me if I don't get out there any bait station and I don't come in second or third then no one's going to hear me cuz I'm going to be forgotten but if I come in second or tight third they will be a microphone in my face for the next two years and every time is out there I'll be saying stuff just like this again and again and again and maybe meditation isn't perfect but guess what some of those forgot the right one it won't be just keep giving it money it won't be that it'll be something to actually work to be selling brand new and exciting and get people to come back to our state but I don't want is what's happening now is kids educated they leave they don't come

► 02:21:21

the someplace else and never come back to the wrong answer good luck to you Larry thank you very much for being here already

► 02:21:33

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