#1329 - Brian Moses

Aug 1, 2019

Brian Moses is a stand up comedian, writer, producer, and host. He is the host of "Roast Battle" which can be seen on Comedy Central and every Tuesday night at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

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boom Brian Moses you are one of the savior's of Comedy I want you to know this honestly truly really because the rose battle Rose battle is like one of the last real like sanctuaries for horrible comedy look nasty evil fucked up but hilarious comedy and the way you do it will you make everybody hug it out at the end and you know and you like set the ground rules no violence is just joke riding this is all this is just boards don't hurt us when I first came back to the comic store was like how many years ago it was now it's like five years ago or something yeah that girl was over and when I saw Rose bottle it was one of the things that made me go oh this place is different now this place is change it's like it's evolved we brought like could like a some like what of a fight culture back to it you know what I mean yeah you know like where if you have a problem you know we're in a place where all we uses words anyway so duke it out that way yeah

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well not just that there's people that don't have problems with each other and they just love each other up on that stage there's like peoples like devastated friendships yeah they ruin friendships yeah Bobby's but nobody's ever attacked each other so that's amazing because I've been there a couple times I stopped going it makes me feel bad does it

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it's consensual everybody's involved I fucking I'm the commentator for the UFC yeah and Rose battle makes me feel bad that's the combat sport you don't like just stop and think about how crazy that is that's nuts why how is that possible sometimes it's so mean sometimes people say shit that's so mean you like yikes I saw there's a joke recently by it was Jimmy Carr and Megan gaily and Jimmy was judging her and she was battling a puppet that's how crazy the show gasps so this girl's got like a half-hour Comedy Central she's brilliant and Jimmy says some snide to her and her response was I wouldn't fuck you if you rape me that was like that's I came to have never heard that before in his response to that was OU can say funny things oh wow it was gorgeous I wouldn't fuck you if you raped me a bump let's break that down yeah I would have to be like this while that choice hmm I'm not from going along with that one false premise yeah that go along with that one why not I don't know

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I mean you're not fucking some of the rape you no no it's not consensual right you're not giving it back because it makes sense all right I'll get it oh my God which is doing yeah I get what she's saying it's just so hard those like damn I wouldn't fuck you if you rape me God it's just that's hard and a lady said that to a man and oh it took him a couple seconds to be like I'm gonna let this happen to us some Senator somewhere they were talking about rape and he actually said that a woman can't and less she submits he a man can't actually rape her wait what unless ya LEF left she gives into it like a tab so like yeah I'm giving it to you it was something along those lines like it was almost like saying that she kind of wants it

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wow remember that yeah there's it was one of the most predictive misspoke of course of Collie misspoke didn't they made Mario Lopez apologize for what is it the baby's shouldn't be trans and he said I'm sorry my my comments were ignorant and insensitive because I want to keep my job at e all right exactly how it is yeah should add that she should went dot dot dot because I want to keep my because I want to keep my job that's really all it is three-year-old trans babies what the fuck some Blair white who's actually a trans woman had a hilarious quote she goes three-year-old trans kids are like vegan cats we know who's making the lifestyle choices oh message poem and she's trans right which is she gets serious and say that she's free free like a bird I mean what age it ain't 3 should be in your 20s or somebody should be in your like an adult can adults a full-grown adult right three-year-olds what's the matter

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camera cut off what the fucking government they don't want us talking about trans babies is it dead to camera tie the cord died is it back oh hi everybody

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um yeah I mean we live in the weirdest time in terms of like Progressive ideology be right Dogma gender is a construct race is a construct try to bring it all down but not race is not a construct because no one's been successfully transracial that's true never never even pulled off even remotely not even 90 Murphy on SNL yeah but you could go black to white like Dave Chappelle use do it all the time memories to the wall right yeah the crazy way yeah they're pretty good to you could you could do black to white nobody cares you used to be able to white asian you can't do that because the transracial you can probably go Asian a white people really holding on to this race thing why is that why do we hold on to we all know I don't know I don't know I'm excited look at you as like I mean I don't know what you are you're just a tank you don't even mean I'm mostly Italian Irish 1% Asian 1.6 percent African say I don't even have that I'm just

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a nigger from America your enemy like I'm just American black well it's if you care if you cared that much look varieties interesting I like two people look cool like we're talking about clip Blake Griffin like it's interesting that this is a guy like him out there yeah they called a giant dude six foot ten albino looking probably all kinds of shit inside of hands of shit but I mean like when you meet a guy like that you're like wow that's a different type of person look how big he is yeah like Shaq like was shocked comes around UFC fighters there's a photo of Shack and he was training at American top team with my friend Dean Thomas and Dean is like I guess teens like 595 10 and he's standing next to Shaq and Shaq is standing next to Junior dos Santos used to be the heavyweight champion looks like it's child looks like Shaq's child because he's so small and and Shacks till I was 7 foot like isn't drunk at all he's fucking judge he's a legitimate gigantic human being I mean he's fucking huge I like the fact that there's people that are that are different it's cool it's interesting

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you know the real problem is racism the real problem is not that there's variety the variety Parts interesting it's also like me this new racism you know like there's so much of the the cancel culture and then you know you can't say what you can't say and it's like that's not scary racism like it used to be right I think people are more scared about the the silent racism then like you know that over you know aggressive racism you like the lunching in the 50s and 40s you know before well we all know that that stuff happened less than a hundred years ago which is why it's scary when you see photographs like those black and white photographs of the family's standing around why there's a black guy hanging from a tree but yeah and I'm like that that is not that long ago no so that that shit is still in the air down there yeah but now there's new racism is like you know you can't you can't talk about trans kids you know well that's not racism but yeah it's it's that's just what that is is authoritarianism they're just trying to enforce a certain way of thinking behaving and they go hard on anybody who deviates

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Mario Lopez pour our nicest guy that's ever lived doesn't have a fucking controversial bone in his body he's like well I don't think kids should be trans that mean they're little babies now like what you insensitive is because they can go after him for something like that and he'll acquiesce kill give in that's almost like backing into like that old segregate of like I guess like you know Jim Crow thing like never liked it well another blanket on the Emmett Till but number one Emmett Till gets killed rights because of you know he's doing a he's saying hey you look kind of pretty sure he's like he's doing a cat called to a lady right and then this woman goes and tells these group of dudes just like hey and they're just like oh we gotta cancel Emmett Till You know what I mean so it's almost it's almost the same thing I'm not saying it's that you know aggressive and violent but it's it's the same thing of like you can't say anything you can't have a brain like it's there's a there's I want to say like a criminal thought now I'm having a thought right there's thought crime yeah yeah I mean that's the or well shit right I didn't do it what people are deeply concerned about its authoritarian

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reinforcement of their own particular way of thinking and behaving and it's because people have the opportunity to complain now like if if you just didn't like the way someone dressed women or someone you really didn't have a way to broadcast it 20 years ago this look you just but now anybody can just get on Twitter or Facebook right and it can go viral and a bunch of other fucking pink haired where dozle retweet you and next you know there's a goddamn mob after Mario Lopez right and that's that's what happened it's interesting though I mean it's weird to watch it all take place especially from our business because comedy relies on taboos and in a lot of ways like they're reinforcing us they're helping us because people come to us for Relief yeah thank you yeah thank you yeah keep the keep the PC culture going honestly it's only making us more money it's make those more accessible really appreciated stores never been more power oh yeah a people coming in like they're looking to hear those things

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happy with Against the Grain when you go hard in the paint they go crazy love it they love it bring on OJ bring him back I see oh Jesus fucking Twitter have you been paying attention you know I still follow a Joe I just think you can't follow J on Twitter that's crazy I follow him do you fuck yeah why because it's great Doug Stanhope and I back in the day when we were hosting the man shall we had an idea for having OJ Simpson at the end of every show OJ Simpson would be like Andy Rooney and he would like break down the problems in America because what I think about things hey Twitter world and so that's what he's doing he's literally doing what Doug and I wanted him to do on the man show but he's doing it all on his own like he was talking about the debates he was is it just me or does Tosi and Andrew Young are they the only ones that are following the rules I'm just saying following the receipt and give me some volume well hold up goes the beginning of so I can hear hate Twitter well it's my

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but it will the world is it my imagination that Yang and gabbard of the only two who know how to follow the rules of this debate I'm just saying he's just saying voice of reason but what you can't even vote he's looking Victor felon now right yeah so yeah I told you what even involved you can't even vote because he wants to know where everything's going I mean he talks about the NFL draft he talks he's got a lot of Sports Talk on his Twitter Town people that should get paid more and you need to you know draft this guy bring this guy in and so did the gym now all right but you know I think there's like you could you could have done some stuff like he could have embezzled some money and went to jail and got out or maybe didn't file taxes like like if Wesley Snipes who went to jail for tax evasion he started talking about politics

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sort of you wouldn't carry like that's really know but you killed two people OJ and allegedly got offered that Joe come on killed two people I'm saying he killed him he killed two people I just think it's wrong will happen wrong Goldman nobody even talks about him no nobody gives a fuck yeah they talk about the wife yeah all the time they never talk about the other guy he was like 25 and to fucking waiter man is bringing someone sunglasses back whose side dick he's bringing the deck right Right Place Wrong Time was he bringing the deck was up as up and proven they were sleeping together right that's what it was is that true that's the way I mean that's also rumor allegedly we don't even know we can't even ask yeah I have no idea how I'm trying to find a Killers right over the world is like a holiday he does he really does if you're wrong Goldman day today I'm Brian Moses Joe Rogan episode I knew his sister back in the day really yeah she's to come around the set of Newsradio I knew from back then she was very nice Tibbs devastating those like knowing someone whose brother was

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murdered and you know you hanging out with her it's like it's always in the air you know it's always in the air yeah that's like a gender gap in with her brother's face on it I should maybe some like black barbecues it's a lot of sisters there who want to you know Brothers got married but the difference is its Ultra Ultra public rise pre-internet right yeah that was the biggest thing today oh my God it was I was watching the verdict with my girlfriend at the time we're sitting in front of the TV and I'll never forget when they said not guilty my girlfriend put her hand in her face and no no no that's crazy believe it she couldn't believe it no so we're being like I was like it was either elementary school or middle school and remember the verdict happening and it was like a split verdict my teacher who was white she was like devastated and like all the black kids was like me and the other kid we we were so happy were just like yes because we didn't know any better you know I mean we're just like we're just happy because a black guy got up because of what happened Rodney King we're just like this is redemption

► 00:19:25

that's how many people felt about it they felt like the Rodney King thing was so fucked up that I mean the problem the Rodney King thing is you only see the end apparently he led them on a crazy high speed chase and there was fights and that right he was a big fellow and he was on PCP yeah so swinging for the fences and so they had a beat him down apparently according to the cops but then you know obesity like makes your bones stronger doesn't it know it makes you really like impervious to pain though okay I had a friend who got his finger bitten off when he was on PCP and never didn't feel it until you woke up I don't think he remembers because he was so fucked up but he was a boxer and he had his off his toe removed his not as not as pinky toe or not as fat toe the big toe but the one next to it and the put it where his index finger was on his right hand moved his toe to his finger and move the total finger and curved it permanently so he could throw right hooks oh there's no performance enhancing know

► 00:20:24

no not at all when you shake your hand he would give you like the little the the little finger because they don't make it so it can bend again it was just bet like this forever so if he was punching you know that was the only way so when he opened it it would stay curled yeah yeah it's a hard man he was on PCP I don't PCP at the time these were hanging out I use my boxing coach though he was a Madman yeah legit bad man I mean that wouldn't that be performance-enhancing taking PCP like while being in a fight because you always get the shit beat out of you yeah yeah for sure but you'd be too aggressive you would quite like if a guy was a good time to make you a better fighter I mean it wouldn't want your opponent to be on PCP because they would have no fear they would just come charging at you they might be able to just fuck you up just because that if you panicked but if you are a seasoned fighter and a guy had PC was on PCP he would just come charging recklessly just crack him as he's coming in and keep moving and they said the LEP do eventually is body would wear out your body can only take so much yeah until people

► 00:21:24

- there's a lot of people that believe in themselves and they get flatlined now the hundred percent believe in themselves you gotta fucking believe in it bro if you believe you can achieve mmm not really you know if you believe in yourself and Francis and Ghana punches you in the face you're going into the spirit world yeah or like it cause beat you down like for like 8 minutes yeah with Club what clubs it like metal clothes and Club yeah it was that pre tasers did they not have tasers back then so that was after the the choke because you can show guys out anymore

► 00:21:56

that's what they said they beat him down because they couldn't show come out really yeah they couldn't talk him on the right they put a ban on Chokehold yeah why they do that because they were killing guys there were saying guys are on PCP when they weren't on PCP and they were like literally killing dudes where they killed him with their arms or they use in a nightclub it stick one guy killed with a stick I think you know that was a dick and the second case was a guy who actually okay we're naked choke them

► 00:22:21

I know I didn't kill the guy with a joke in the ring no killed him in a jam he was banging this guy's wife oh I really went for it yeah it was crazy he was banging the guy's wife the invited to go to school and then choked him to death and killed him and then was driving the guys car around town that's cold-blooded man they arrested him yeah he was an interesting character he was a fake Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt my friend Eddie Bravo called him out wait a minute fake yeah I was fake it's a fake black belt let's go tell everybody was a black belt and Eddie rolled with them I remember him coming back to me and he's like that guy is not a black belt I go what you sure and he goes dude he don't know anything like it was too crazy it was like he barely is like a white belt you can get killed doing she like that I thought maybe he was doing it because he was maybe he was just being nice and wasn't going hard and he was but then as time goes on as early as this kind of know what the fuck he's doing so that it calls him up and I and he was like hey are you okay are you a fucking black belt like tell me you're the guy said well you know I'm a black belt

► 00:23:21

Japanese Jujutsu stop stop stop stop are you a fucking black belt and it's like this big pause he's like bro you're a fucking liar you're a liar so Eddie separated himself from the guy and then years later dude wanted to murdering somebody ocean what yeah yeah would you Jutsu yeah I married the guy would you Jutsu nothing he knew friendly guy well you know I could teach you how to put a choke it in five seconds yeah it wouldn't take long at all yeah I could teach you how to do it just wrap your forearm underneath someone's neck clamp your hand your bicep put this arm behind the head squeeze you could kill somebody it's not a hard thing to learn but to actually apply it to someone who knows what they're doing you'd have to get you have to be really good like you can't just No One's Gonna Let You choke them this guy didn't know anything so I think he snuck up behind this guy who killed and just choked them choke them to death so the old a murder I think he brought the guy to his school under false premises he's in jail now sure yeah shout out to that guy yeah it was

► 00:24:21

because I got I got semi involved in it in that the guy who wound up ratting him out to the cops was one of Eddie's students and I was talking to the guy on the phone about it I was like what's going on with that guy and then the cops called me afterwards and said hey we were tapping that guy's phone we want to know what you know whoa whoa whoa I'm on the fucking set of Fear Factor I'm in my my trailer Jesus yeah getting put my microphone on like huh you wanna murder case a sudden I'm like Hey listen I don't know that guy I go this is what I know he's a fake black belt I told my whole deal and I heard that he killed somebody but I wasn't sure if it was true because the guy's so full of shit this is how full of shit this guy was this guy had a friend drop him off in the woods because he said he was going to a Kumite karate contest like a big karate competition but it was it was no rules and it was secretive so he dropped him off in the woods where is this guy from I

► 00:25:21

I don't know but he lived in California for a while okay dropped it dropped him off in the woods with a duffel bag he gave him a duffel bag like he had a duffel bag with him rather it's like a duffel bag that's just big enough to fit a trophy in it yeah right like about this big so he leaves goes out into the woods the guy comes back the next day he's got a trophy no duffel bag so he brought a fucking trophy with him and then he came out of the woods like yeah I won fucked everybody up and like so this guy would he thought this guy would tell everybody yeah that he beat everybody in this karate tournament because a hell of an actor is really I mean he really commits he was he was one of those guys that snuck through my crazy radar because he's a friend of a friend so I was assumed you know I was fucking 30 years old I don't know any better was Dumb and I was like I assumed 30 30 yeah she fully cooked by them now you think you are don't think you are you haven't been enough murderers yet

► 00:26:19

you have to meet enough really legitimate crazy people that have them in the database we like oh you're fucking you're a sociopath oh well what's worth it worse a psycho or sociopath hmm sociopath is someone who doesn't care about someone a psychopath I think as someone who violently attacks people but in many ways they're interchangeable like oh so let's Google that what is it now between a sociopath and a psychopath because I think a sociopath can have no violent tendencies but I think the idea is that they have no compassion for other people right like I have a friend and she thinks her sisters a sociopath everybody thinks everybody's a fucking sociopath these days that's like a hot Rats the hot word these days are gone so many races right and someone to not see exactly yeah hmm the quick thing I pulled on will put it up yeah explain exactly what it said but there's just like a Venn diagram it's it's a better explanation by the way every woman who you know is going to hear this and be like he is a sociopath so there's something in the middle

► 00:27:18

like you could be both so genetically predisposed psychopath genetically predisposed lacks my parents and talk about what is happening with the screen everybody

► 00:27:30

we connect again maybe not it's dead there it goes oh even better okay lacks empathy a psych psychopath genetically predisposed lacks empathy and guilt convincing Behavior look how to spell behavior that's 07 I even can I tonight but look how so let's spell behavior oh yeah with the Ajo Ajo you are hired job success well that's okay antisocial personality disorders can form social relationships and treatable that's the one in the middle and they so they both sociopath environmentally influenced feel empathy and guilt erratic Behavior struggles to find and keep jobs wait a minute I thought sociopath didn't feel empathy hey I think I don't think this is right I think this is some British definition like a psychopath they changed it like it's the same hmm what the sociopath does care sociopath would feel no guilt about hurting a

► 00:28:30

so how is that they know nothing but it's not that saying the same thing right says it filled they feel empathy when you look at that chart it says sociopaths feel empathy

► 00:28:42

whatever clothes we kind of get it kill it sure I feel like a lot of you know stand-up comics is as much their narcissistic they might they might also be sociopath you know think a lot of people to get to a point in their career where there's they're trying so hard to be successful that the it becomes all about them right like it's becomes such an obsession and the narcissism is so strong that all they really care about is their own good and their own their own success right and they'll fuck people over that's that's a fact I mean yeah I've seen it yeah it's kind of sociopathic yeah have you lived it a little bit a little bit you want to talk we should keep it on the hush yeah yeah we can't break it on this one we'll come back to that one will do that when I'm camera stops wrong with all those experiences you know when you find it you find it when you start getting a little bit of success and it's not even much right it could be anything it'll get a development deal

► 00:29:40

and also in people like hmm oh yeah there's people that equate good things happening to other people is bad things happening to them that's the narcissism that's that yeah that's dream egomania right extreme extreme narcissism and obviously you have to be you just has to be something wrong with you most of the time not not a hundred percent of time but most of the time to want to be a comedian right absolutely something's got to be wrong yeah because this is like your ego gets to kicked in the dick every day you know especially in this town so just taking that every day you have to have something a little wrong with you yeah and no better way to see it than the goddamn Open Mic nights bro the store I don't I can't go anymore I used to be able to go and just watch but now it's so fucking crazy it's just I can't especially The Comedy Store because now there's a crowd now that I mean back when I mean I remember when I was like coming up there was no crowd it was just it was just your peers Open Mic nights are packed yeah pack yeah like with a real audience yeah

► 00:30:40

that's you guys are you guys are stealing there's people that are fans of Comedy now that want to see the process really yeah that what that is yeah yeah there's a wonder that change podcast oh that makes sense we started talking about non podcasts and next thing you know I think over the last like six seven years you start to see people that are like I want to know what it's like what did it because they love going to see like Headliners like if you if you love going to see the fully finished product you want to see what it's like to see it's almost like going to watch an amateur's fight like I'll keep an eye on them maybe one day he'll be the champ I hear that but then it's also I mean there's that by I feel like spiting yeah you can kind of see somebody style here and there but with comedy you see that everybody saw you can see a young guy was probably do like a Dave Chappelle type of thing and I don't like doing Jim Gaffigan Kappa thank you know Joe Rogan kind of thing you know a Mitch Hedberg kind of thing yeah so that's just what open mic is you're gonna see a bunch of copycats till I figure it out you can't just do that but what's cool about it is

► 00:31:40

you go from that and then you can go into the other room like you can go into the main room and they'll be a real show going on right kill Tony yeah so you could see both on the same day like you really can you could go see a real comic you can see open mic night and then at the end of the open mic night like Chappelle shows up at pop up all the time right Dice Clay yeah all the time so you literally watch these amateurs and then boom a like a world renowned professional shows up you like oh that's the finished product we get it now yeah they're never going to be I mean that's crazy because that's the guy but somebody used to be I mean Chappelle was an open mic ER we all were open mic hers once you start like a whole green 88 I was Twenty-One 21 okay yeah he was like what 14 when he started like he was a baby yeah well you might get in I think they'd let him it I didn't know you could get in I thought you had to be 21 because they are yeah and so but it turns out there's like a law where you can be thing in Massachusetts you could be a

► 00:32:40

teen with like a note to perform at a night club dance how to make sure the didn't serve you alcohol when I met Dave I think Dave is like four or five years younger than me and I was 23 or something like that he was a baby I mean 17 probably yeah yeah I met him at the catch a rising star catch a rising star in Boston all right not in Boston in New York yeah yeah has already passed a law the club's by that point he must have been he must have been he was on stage and they were already talking about him like look at this young kid like so talented remember to Silverman Sarah she was telling me she was like a member when Chappelle got no Brooks is one of his last films the Men in Tights I'm like a big talking New York it was like Hey that night year old kid just got a Mel Brooks they'll do wow

► 00:33:32

the world was a different place back then yeah it was Isaac Hayes was alive yeah that's true yeah so is different time yeah there was a you guys are scared of AIDS this is the nineties right so yeah so as was big you could really fuck anybody who the first time I got an AIDS test I was so nervous really oh yeah just a slide show every bad decision I've ever made every time I never wore a condom is just going through my hands because everybody was convinced there was it was funny because at the same time kinnison had a bit hmm where he goes like they say sam there's a ages of communicable disease straight people can get it to heels name one

► 00:34:12

name one fucking guy fuck you it's not our dance and people were so people were so mad well I'm with ya but I was just you know we when it happened I remember in my car dry was living in Boston in my car driving and I was listening to the radio and Magic Johnson had a press conference to announce that he had HIV and it was like a scene in a zombie movie where the first person got bit and I was like oh my God it's happening holy shit oh Mike Magic Johnson with all his money that guy's got HIV yeah oh my God we're fucked we're fucked I remember thinking that and then it was probably like a year or two later I got I got an AIDS test after magic got a two years later I don't have any money I mean I didn't have health insurance I forgot there was like they cost money back then oh yeah yeah text another just free yeah

► 00:35:11

well now they want people to not get AIDS or people just get a sometimes just get the free healthcare really yeah there's I mean I've this is this a rumor on the street of her for in the gay community because I live in the gay community not that I am but I'm saying I live there because the client has anything wrong with gay people right exact there's nothing wrong right anyway I'm gay neighbor because it's safe it's safe oh my God Is it safe yeah I just worry about you know anyway but IP Keys when you're naked I don't go outside Naked Anymore Joe but yeah they they say I guess some guys would just get it just get the free healthcare this before Obamacare there's a thing called bugchasers hmm do you know what that is mmm

► 00:35:51

it was gay dudes that for whatever reason look a lot of people are self loathing right this people cut themselves people that tattoo their face they hate themselves for whatever reason and they punish themselves well there was Home Alone hates himself tattoo on his face there's got to be something wrong Mike Tyson like ties yeah I think you had some issues yeah my favorite by the way love and I he is my spirit animal I fucking love Mike Tyson I got Tyson weed over there if you want do you really yeah do you smoke weed yeah smoke how often every day every day one that's right now yes looks amazing awesome Tyson we'd hope Mom sorry

► 00:36:26

hold please break out the good stuff that's gonna knock me out let's do it

► 00:36:32

like Tyson holler at me please some Tyson Ranch original stuff I think the California City Doug grew up out that's all of the other earthquakes are oh shit oh yeah oh yeah they're launching it soon the ranch the Rancho oh shit they brought us he brought us a golden box like that box back there it's amazing who made that it wasn't yeah whoever knows Mike

► 00:36:59

who's he on episodes up to 30 months back oh sure bamboo

► 00:37:09

can't believe you never smoked weed before did we ever we have never ever drink together we haven't smoked together that's outrageous outrageous joyous occasion but anyway there was bugchasers okay bug chases were dudes that for whatever reason

► 00:37:27

for whatever reason they they wanted to catch HIV they wanted to I wanted you to do it calm bugchasers they would literally go out and try to get it what I mean the hey to themselves they wanted to die this is a real thing yeah this is okay this is like like black kids would be like the death by cop thing yes yes yeah not not just black kids you see that video recently the guy was running towards the cop with a knife and these fucking screaming and yelling he's like don't make me shoot you don't I'm sure you just want to know starts unloaded on the guy suicide by cop is super super common I did not know that I thought was just a good thing no it's a real common thing but bugchasers were I mean maybe it's still a thing but now AIDS is do it is ages the apple of diseases is they open diseases I mean honestly it's like when Magic Johnson got it age was like our stocks about to go up like fucking Disney I mean could you think about cracking AIDS kind of came into the

► 00:38:27

I'm in crack was killing it and all of a sudden now AIDS is like you get AIDS it's like you've it's not that big a hit track yeah like look at fucking Charlie Sheen looks great looks great dude Jeff at The Comedy Store yeah just call me stories had it forever yeah you got it like yeah back when it wasn't cool before it was cool yeah still got it it looks great looks great still got it but it's HIV it's not ait's right Russell a full-blown yeah but nobody gets the biggest full-blown some people do really yeah it's just can live a full blown I don't know I don't know why they get it maybe some people don't react to the medication maybe some people don't get treated full moon well you can live a full blown I don't think you'll live very long right and once again I can live with HIV yes well now they can get it to the point where your HIV by the way if you're a doctor and you listen to this we're sorry I know we're like you guys don't know jack-shit no idea what you're talking about um but if you

► 00:39:26

here goes death usually occurs within six months to three years from the time of developing full-blown AIDS people living with AIDS is there any other disease that has full-blown Mexican it's only 8:00 so we have named you get full-blown flu full-blown AIDS that's the scientific term is like it's that's so blown out that's so like that's so slang over put that back up so I can read it again looking for other things with full-blown in it now there's nothing else with full-blown it people living with AIDS go through periods of being sick alternating with periods of reasonable Health it's usually one of the many opportunistic infections that eventually caused death so yeah your immune system smashed yeah and then causes Death full blown all right yeah full-blown but like 38 now yeah sure HIV has been around for a minute happy birthday now it's

► 00:40:26

the point where you you can be undetectable like Magic Johnson's apparently undetectable right like even through AIDS tests like when you test him for HIV shows HIV negative really yeah but they say it's still dormant in the system somehow or another it's very confused so it's like herpes almost not for him like it flares emotional think I think if you ever ties even if you don't have an outbreak that they test you it'll show that you have herpes oh but with HIV know yeah with with the way they have the medication the way the body responds to the medication now at least in some cases like Magic Johnson's apparently he shows up HIV negative but the weird thing is like well isn't he cured then is that cured they only care to people and he's not one of them so when they have started curing people which I was like okay well how do they differentiate like what's the difference between curing someone and what's going on with Magic Johnson with when he's hiv-negative like if you're anything now else- figure the cured you

► 00:41:26

Heaven actually yeah they haven't they haven't deemed him he's done with that like you've cured it like yeah you get tested for chicken pox and it comes up negative they've cured you of chickenpox right polio and yeah probably one Guy meets The only person be cured of HIV there's one more guy now one more guy now so what happened to this guy yet stem cell treatment is what whoa fixed it see decided to hold something they're holding this stuff from us yeah they just had a just killed another guy I want to say a few months back as it was this year they did it well there was something that I posted on my Twitter feed that apparently is an older story it's from like two years ago and it was kind of familiar clickbait E-Type site that has cool headlines but it was about how a guy was paralyzed and he's got regaining use of his legs because the stem cells really yeah I don't know enough about it look if that's true that would be fucking incredible yeah I don't know no don't hold that from people yeah I don't know enough about how severe the injury was versus you know because I knew I do know that some

► 00:42:26

we'll get temporarily paralyzed by certain injuries hmm I knew a dude who got slammed on his head in his whole body went numb and he couldn't move his body and he's like oh my God I'm paralyzed this is a this is it this is how I move from now on I can't move my body but then his body slowly start coming back and he just got jolted because he was wrestling like a stinger yeah yeah he's wrestling landed on his head it's Carrie fucking shit man yeah I mean perils that I mean paralyzed and full-blown AIDS yeah so I don't know if they really can bring someone back from that but man if they can't holy shit that's a great question that by the way that because they do say if he's hiv-negative they wouldn't say he's cured of it right so then it really does show up in some Testament somewhere scientists sorry we're sorry also how was the uh how is he the only NBA player in history to have HIV

► 00:43:16

do you remember Keenen Ivory Wayans bit about them no knocking I'm sorry Damon Yang the way it's been about them Damon who I sing his Praises off and on this podcast and he's like the most underrated comedian of all time I hear that often by the way rates when the Great's yeah but he had a bit about nobody wanted to cover Magic Johnson except for Dennis Rodman and Tennis for I was like I fuck Madonna I'll spit in your mouth and accelerate your 72 damn do this one of those jokes were you hear it you can't fucking believe he said it and you are on the floor slapping the ground you like no no no I mean he's a monster - the monster by the way yeah I remember like these from form like a year or two ago he was a murderer is ago actually yeah either raided this is still really people forgot it's like that Roy Jones jr. show song Ya'll Must Have Forgot yeah he should put a special outside maybe that's what he did you should put a special outfit all his the comes a pretty great too he like he took a long time doing that that

► 00:44:16

TV show that's what it was people Associated them with that television show which was like very family-friendly yeah you know good for him made a lot of money I'm sure did you ever guess there is that why you're mad about no no I don't know about anything I love that guy yeah I love his brother to Keenan's cool shit yeah Keynes Shawn and Marlon know them too but I don't know them as well Keenan super cool he's always been like a real down-to-earth guy too but I mean they have comedy bones like always I mean like hi I work with Marlon and he is like he is so funny he's hilarious the whole family I mean imagine a family yeah there's that much stand up in him and that's banana in the Rock family too yes Jordan Tony and that's really Chris yeah dude Tony's another one yeah goddamn that dudes funny yeah goddamn he's funny I've never seen him one but he only gets what I look like him bro he's one of those guys that because he's Chris Rock's brother people almost like they look almost like past him you know

► 00:45:16

like oh you're Chris Rock's brother right yeah the rock like dude forget all that that guy's a murderer yeah he fucking kills he's really good he's just funny man he's just and he's like sharp good writing you know good solid punch lines boom boom boom is pacing it's like a legit killer he's alleged killer dude he was the last time I saw him was in he was on the main room in the comic store and there was I walked into the to the back because there was Roars it was Tony Roars and Tony Rock was murdering I mean murder and we're all set whoa damn you can hear it in the hallway that wrote that hallway Roar when someone just really hit the high note I walked in my damn no do everybody's always talk about Tony Rock in the community I mean he's a monster the monster I guess you would be so much more famous if he was in Chris Rock's brother really yeah leave the other side he's a fucking top 10 murderer I think that it's one of those things where if you

► 00:46:16

our brother is one of the greatest comics of all time not just a great cop right your brother's Chris Rock yeah you got niggas with black people I mean everybody knows that bit everybody knows that but he he's one of the greatest of all time if that's your brother people who want to pay attention to all right you know it's a weird thing man they just like yeah I could get me a brother's number you know what I mean it's like a gift from the cursed oh yeah I'm Tony Rock and I kill to probably kill you know Charlie used to have a bit about it Charlie's to have a bit he was here he was they said Charlie do you get mad at people yelling out Charlie Murphy you know because everybody's like talking about that was something people would do with him if you are hanging out with Charlie he was no I'm just glad they're not call me Eddie Murphy's brother anymore imagine how Ray J feels yeah Brandy's brother you never saw the tape I did did you you saw the tape yeah everybody had to see that yeah it was must watch TV yeah it's super important

► 00:47:16

Jordan it isn't pop culture red star

► 00:47:22


► 00:47:25

it's a it's got to be weird man to have someone like that that's a brother that's a person who's like like if you're Mike Tyson's brother hmm you look real good heavyweight boxer Tony Tyson yeah but you're Mike Tyson's brother yeah you can't yeah like a Knockouts to like yeah but not like my bro yeah you just judged at a totally different standard but I don't think that's the case with the Wayans Brothers The Wayans Brothers is like generally accepted that they're all really talented yeah you know they're yeah they're yeah they're all really good they're all super successful yeah Kim to you know now yes shawntel I had a me all those crazy comedy family Craig yeah they're all just like that it's just it's in their DNA yeah predisposed to being funny well it's also like that's the family business which is you know some people they make boots right where they cater you know or they were Delhi Zoo man I was just in Italy like the like when you see like these little small family businesses small family restaurants like people that work there you know you looks like the the father

► 00:48:25

the owner and the daughters the manager yeah I'm works in the kitchens like wow this is crazy they still do that business yeah that was always a thing right you remember like family businesses on the East Coast now it's like so rare that people that wear it like a badge of honor look it's a family business like right to be family businesses know that everything with corporate though yeah man there's certain places where that's not the case though but you got to really appreciate is one of the things you appreciate about going to Italy mmm there's just like a bunch of little places I mean they have nice stores like if you're in like Gucci shit and stuff like that they have nice doors but the restaurants and all the places where you buy things they're not like they're like people shops right they're not boutiques they're just like yeah I go to I go to Craig's or I go to yeah it's definitely a Target or Walgreens or you know or Sears it's not at there's no corporate to to it it's just

► 00:49:19

families it's weird that keeps the money in the household so you know it makes it real familial actually works out but which isn't that makes sense and that's also why I say like I'm not real big into the reparations talk for black people I mean I don't really know the ins and outs of it people keep saying like we need it get ready for Twitter Hey I'm saying this I'm saying hello Wieck how about we incentivize parenting hmm but can you do that keep if if you're watching your kids instead of like they're just out there to me like let's say is reparations talk about I don't know infrastructure in Black communities and that's the case well then let's incentivize keeping the parents they're keeping the parents together or if they're split up it's just like if you guys are teaching your kid and he and he's in school every day or he survives you know eight years old school shooting every family gets like you know a big bonus you know or if if he makes the honor roll you know like you guys get this is like you'd really be investing in your Investments like it take they say it takes 18 years and make it back on your investment of your child if you're if you're incentivizing them to go to school for education

► 00:50:20

it's going to make better people and better society that seems good on paper know if you're seeing incentivize like how its incentivize them right I'm saying like always good it's all good it's always good to encourage people to be successful so your kids has well on some of these like aptitude test right then you get a stipend or something like that I mean it's like what do these operations are talking about exactly exactly I don't really know the ins and outs of it but if it's about infrastructure of black communities I'm so into it but it's also less incentivize keep you know that being in the child's life because for a lot of the for a lot of reasons kids are like they're depressed and they feel like they have a chip on their shoulder because nobody's home watching them and they go to these gangs that they go to deal with you know these other things right because they're just not being watched right but I think the idea behind reparations is that some people at one point in time were profiting off of slavery those people use that money and that money has become a part of really large businesses many many large business so we talked was taken from businesses well that's where reparations would have to come from in - yeah - yeah

► 00:51:19

General Electric fucking yeah give me $1,500 that's one that I think directly should be like you have to wonder like if you made like what if you used to sell babies you had a baby selling business yes old babies right and then your your grandson inherited all your money from selling babies okay but the grandsons cool I mean he just goes golfing and he's not a criminal or it's fine it's fine but is it fine because didn't his money come from baby selling right where is it where it wait a minute let's chase this money like here's it started out it was this much money and then you dad got that and then his dad got that and then like how many generations okay so you're saying that families were no my tation owners should have to pay that money back to the black community where did it go where'd the money go what was he used for no you're right by me 900 years ago it's 1865 okay that's long ago it's so recent

► 00:52:19

honey leave anybody that's on the sensors that says they're black right at to it what like an eight percent if I'm a person black I'm going to get how much of this you know the Jones Plantation you know Fortune I'm not saying that I'm saying that what the the smart thing to do would be to figure out what damage was like if they really objectively looked at what damage was done to communities where

► 00:52:43

slavery existed for mean how many hundreds of years in this country before it was 400 years hundreds of years right and then it ends and then these people live in these cities and they're discriminated against and they're locked up it would they would sort of one thing that I learned about who was telling us about this that they would disproportionately arrest blowout man from Reconstruction Era in them the worst are for black people in America it's not so much slavery as it is the Reconstruction Era because then people are just mad that black people are here yeah well they were also resting them small crimes and making them work in prison right kidnapping people here make an indentured servant he become you just another form of slavery through his weird loophole like you can make you a slave again just arrest you for hanging out in the street and we put you in this Factory and you have to do this for us like nothing it's basically the same thing asleep when you find out what they make in prisons when you go wait a minute but they made it work for like 13

► 00:53:42

and today whatever the fuck they get right like what that figure out how to yeah they're modernizing slavery yeah because somehow or another that's okay because we got them locked in a box like they're supposed to be punished right the supposed to be rehabilitated and take it off the street but we're going to make them work for no money I know white man so smart why don't we like black guys we got to start making white guys work for us why don't we do the same thing we're just a smart well those are all the areas that were affected by that in the 50s and the 60s there's a residual effect that is never been addressed like the government is never said we've got to figure out how to make these spots better because the reason why they're so fucked up is because slavery was there and then the subsequent the race riots of the 60s and then this quest to figure out what to do with those sort of stopped short there's not like like like Baltimore and places like that like Detroit

► 00:54:43

South Side Chicago which is murder every year which is except numbers High numbers of murder right yeah is West Side of Chicago is that where it all goes down or me sell side it was either by they're just really poor areas but it's also like how these guys getting guns yeah well that's - if you can drive around you can get a gun and that's another yeah I just don't know like you have money for guns but you'd have money to like I don't know you know get a backpack and go to school also if you see that around you all the time the problem is you become a part of that world if everyone's got a gun never shooting at everybody and I don't ya know you better get one better get a fucking gun I'm gonna try to shoot it you gotta shoot back like what yeah like there's a shooting like yeah you live in a war zone bro go get a gun that's what it is it's an it just like it's not a war zone in terms of like it's official residence declaration Nation by the government but it's a war zone these are Undeclared Wars yeah people are shooting at each other McCoy is its

► 00:55:43

it's a war it's a civil war this is it's like warring tribes look if we have that in fucking Siberia right now I bet but they're Siberian gang fights yeah but that's also every that's depression and that's that's another thing classes and does it's like they're telling you to kill yourself because you're just poor and you don't know what to do and it's like but that's not true I mean I'm a black guy like you guys and I got family members who are you know in gangs like that and it sucks down there there's so depressed because they what they say they don't know how to get out of it yeah and you know see any pathway and they don't see anybody who's gotten out of it so they feel like they're stuck there's a lot of kids that grow up in bad situations they feel inferior exactly yeah they feel inferior because the clothes they wear or how much money their family has within how do you Empower those parents through I think through activities I think getting those kids involved in things that they can get good at that show that they have value and that with

► 00:56:43

work comes rewards I mean some of the greatest success stories in this country are professional athletes coming out of impoverished neighborhoods yeah they become these Global Superstar but then they stay over but then they stay in their kids lives that don't they some of them do well yeah I mean it's nice but it's like you can't you can't fix all that's taken place no you have to sort of figure out how to how to improve the way people look at life the way people interface with life it's very hard if you're trying to do that but all around you is violence and crime and fear and your holders all levels are out the jacked up because you're in the hood and that that's not been addressed like a serious health problem in this country this like even an infrastructure problem we just sort of accept the fact that isn't it such a problem so for going to put money back if we remember if we're going to repair these black communities put money the infrastructure but also you've got instant if I incentivize parents to be there right I think it's a good idea I like what you're saying because you're not punishing

► 00:57:43

no just incentivizes no I'm not saying like we shouldn't get money you know just for being black I'm saying we got to keep the parents there because that's what that would s build a strong Community it really does you know I don't know a whole lot about Kamala Harris but I do know that you know she's a very powerful well-spoken lady but she was talking once about this thing that they did were they had these parents be responsible for their kids truancy and so they could go to jail like the idea was I make sure this is correct

► 00:58:16

make sure this is correct Jamie because I think the thing what they were saying was they were they were going to they would have cops go to visit when a kid would have been true it okay and they would sort of threatened the mother that she's responsible for the child's truancy the mother is not the father well whoever was there a single mother in this case of this one then one case they were talking about specifically and that this lady had a figure out a way to get her fucking son to show up at school hey I'm I could go to jail you know and did it work I'm sure it worked right I'm sure everyone was probably terrified but is that really what we want in America we want people to be scared that you might go to jail if your kid doesn't go to school so if the kid doesn't go to school you're going to lock someone in a cage that is so threatening exactly so uh sorry I mean just cause he's enrolled it's almost like a meal maybe I took a sick day yeah but if you want to do homeschooling thing I think you have to fill out paperwork you apply for it they have to let

► 00:59:16

no do you withdrawing your riding school says I think right but how many trophies is this is this is first one I don't know how many first-time offender okay every 100 yeah someone saying they're gonna lock you in jail because your kid isn't go to school that's bananas that's bananas thank you he's 16 or whatever the fuck yeah like when are you when you were 16 your friend like I was a latchkey kid right 14 hours out on we lived in different time though Joe I know but you know we had to shoot gender you know races race you know it's different for us it's that's the only thing that bothers me does that just drives me crazy the the idea of like the way you fix things is by scaring people and lock in the mouth that's how religion Gulag start man yeah that's that's really that's how that's how the Soviet Union becomes this room

► 01:00:02

fucking Empire of authoritarian regime what's up the the jail sentences of some parents and multiple counties were in quotes what she said an unintended consequence of a Statewide law but I'm looking further into this and the says this is for the Los Angeles Times what was that speech actually that she gave where she explained how she she did it and how it was effective she was hard on people being truant I think your idea what my point was I think that your idea is better because instead of punishing people for not doing it incentivizes them for doing it and if you could set aside imagine that as a project right you were saying they like it takes 18 years to see or we could fund an 18-year project where they were doing that and just incentivizing kids to succeed and all of a sudden they can't just start succeeding like crazy yeah what do we had a big jump because it was like financially Violet you're competing for what's a great idea that's a great competing look at the money you like my look

► 01:01:02

these guys who could get popped in college for like taking you know incentives it's like in those days because they're getting their parents jobs or homes or cars there's another form there's another former you know what I mean College athletes who's getting fucked harder than College athlete exactly who's getting fucked harder than the only thing that's interesting about the I mean literally only thing that's interesting about the event is to athletes performing that's it and they make own Goths they make not there they're gonna get 40 Grand scholarship will give you the opportunity to perform here right so wait you're getting everybody gets here you know it electrical engineering degree like everybody wants me what are you talking about oh my God look at this 2016-2017 school year the NCAA Revenue reach 1 billion with AB e 1 billion dollars and there are nonprofit right athletes get one gots to get paid to organize the sports right answer hey click on that link it says NCAA Sports make one that's that business

► 01:02:02

insiders and that's one of the real click Beatty is unlike is it or is it a real legit just got to figure out who wrote the article but it's also like what California is like they put on a belt right they're going to pay the athletes for their likeness they should pay him to play yeah Champlain hook dude what is up people in the audience would they pay for the pay for entertainment the pain of watching The Players aim it depend on watch the game so how come the players don't get a piece right - why don't they do it before it's like people wearing the dress it says my name on the back I can I get it's like a piece of that the idea is it's not fair no one else gets anything for anything they do in school yeah but that's you can just stealing from athletes will make sure professional because you're getting paid for your for your craft no well then if it's going to be the athletes going to work for free the fucking show should be free it should be free tickets damn I can go broke the internet yeah that's what it should be like oh okay we don't get any money well you don't get any money either we're doing it for fun but you're doing it for fun what do we do if games were free yeah holy shit that's how it should be

► 01:03:02

don't want to pay me free everything's free you can't charge money and keep it all you greedy they've got the worst Audience by the way the free audience is the worst audience don't you know the weird thing about colleges is the dudes who have graduated and they're rich now and they donate money keep that football program alive well they give me a fucking disgusting in their Community player it love it like Jamie loves Columbus teams anything from Columbus he gets a boner for get super away from this one are you watching are you watching the basketball tournament we don't know how to stay with the Epstein shit they've invested a lot of money at Ohio State and they're trying to figure out if they need to give it back oh did he go to Ohio State he didn't but he's involved in Columbus business and so they give a lot of money to this football team and have they determined that his that his money like how his money was made

► 01:03:52

there's sex trafficking I got students money yeah I don't know I don't know I mean I know you mentioned that one guys I mean how much from sex trafficking is that that that would make him a plantation owner like to in a sense right because he's like he's giving out fleshies he's gonna pay for flesh hmm what was his allegedly what he did was he would find young girls and get them to give them massages and they'd be like you guys should you know yeah getting my tribe yeah the prosecutor ago manual yeah that's Cuban a real creepy way of describing it to he said that he thought it was impossible for him to control that his impulses were impossible for him to control and he was a great flight risk so didn't want him to have see if that's true so his therapist was saying this see how their child protection but it's also like are they trying to cure him I think the see if that quote is true because I'm pretty high right now that the prosecutor said that he Dyson that the Epstein fellow

► 01:04:51

add impulses that were impossible to control

► 01:04:56

that's how I felt but a lot of those guys they say that right even like the Jared all the guys say that that's a thing apparently about pedophiles yeah is that the recidivism rate So High when they get if they do go to jail then they get released boy man they do it again right because like I got away I can do that I can deal with Hearst and I think they're broken I think this it's like a you know that screen that was just all fucked up that's them that's them it's a glitch yeah I think I don't think we should assume that you know if you if your brain is working well when your body's working with you just can't assume that everybody is and I think Seth yeah but it's also like you feel bad for I mean like we filled guys who like who are born with maybe a bit like severe cerebral palsy right like and in a sense that's what's happening to them you know like they can't control the surge but then it's also how do you fix that instead of like shaming them right and a lot of it is apparently a lot of pedophilia is brought from through sexual trauma right so if someone is molested as a young child apparently there's a high likelihood that they're going to do it

► 01:05:56

likelihood rather that they can the so it's like the HIV virus it's just your you you're breaking someone's wiring like the wiring to the way they interface with the world as a young age at a young age and you're fucking up their life and a horrible way they said about Michael Jackson right it's like he got touched her least then it was like he just he was using that as like hey I this is this is normal to me yeah well I did he ever allege happened to him did he ever explain what happened to him no there was something where he was talking about how he had all the surgery so he didn't have to look like his father remember that really yeah but that's also it could also be that so he was scared of his father yeah every time I look in the mirror he saw his father yeah man in the mirror yeah

► 01:06:39

that's what it's about I don't think that it's not about jokes I think it's about getting your shit together they also say they also said because he bought the Beatles catalog that that's a smear campaign and like they paid those kids off to say that about him that's ridiculous it's a great conspiracy people I think people are

► 01:07:00

you know they're crazy if they think it's normal for a guy to have a bunch of kids sleep in his bed and he was weird you know my drugs that is

► 01:07:11

off the charts bananas that anybody would let their kids today they're off the charts bananas it is also mic was off the charts yeah he had so many hits more hits you have the more she can get away with until but it just says okay Berman's dismissed dismissed the request for bail because Epstein's impulses are not likely to have abated or been successfully suppressed that's not exactly I definitely care of that makes more sense I paraphrased hard that's how things in Florida got how rumors get started so this isn't Florida you can get away with anything there used to be able to tighten it down in Florida thank god what the fuck Florida 2019 it took you this long well Florida was the place where the pain pill Mills existed where they have the management centers that pain management centers right next to an oxycontin store too so you go to the doctor you to my back's killing me doctors like you need pain pills yeah I do need pain pills this is write a piece of paper and then you would literally go to the

► 01:08:10

next door over and it was the building connected to them that sells the pain pills that have in the same spot sometimes cocaine country to right yeah every so fucking high in Florida oh dude Florida's crazy it's crazy it's got a history of high I feel like the the chaos of the 80s of all the cocaine is burned into the psyche of the landmass yeah and then the alligators moved in and maybe even more reptilian because when I was a kid that was that more reptilian when I was a kid I lived there I lived in an area lived in Gainesville yo Gainesville North Florida right North I don't know if it's nor is it North sort of ish minute medalist Well Middle ago I mean we were around alligators but they were endangered back then so they would tell them yeah they thought of them as endangered people are so silly they like we have to protect these fucking monsters that are around us we have to and when I was there some ladies poodle cut snatch I think it was a poodle was a small dog got snatched by an alligator while I was there and

► 01:09:11

yeah I didn't see it happen but I came like after it happened and people were all freaked out and they were telling you to stop feeding the marshmallows we would feet alligators marshmallow and they keep coming back well the thing is they would they like the marshmallows like so you knew if you through the marshmallows alligator come up and eat it and they got used to eating marshmallows and then there was signs they said don't have the alligators eat marshmallows because it's apparently bad for the digestive system and blah blah blah blah blah thinking shit everywhere A mother can eat a whole dog with a collar on yeah that's better for the judges I mean it's not the dog's collar it's swallowing that collar it's going to shit out that metal buckle you really think I'm marshmallows going to start and so this attitude that they have that they wanted to bring back the alligator it was a good thing because you know they really were on the verge of Extinction but then it became the opposite so now I'll Gators are everywhere so now like alligators people find them in there

► 01:10:10

I'll see ya they find in their pool like they're snatching people up like rats in New York are they're everywhere and they're so did you see that one that was really recently filmed walking across a golf course no it is a dinosaur really 15 feet long I do love the gator though is an awesome animal see if you could find the video the video of the giant alligator they and they said by the way that this alligator is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 years old he's 80 years old okay 0 80 years up to 80 year old alligator God you never experienced any kind of racism or Jim Crow laws they're just walking through and I can just machine yeah

► 01:11:01

yeah good flavor but when you hear it is look at this oh shit you were lying oh my God he's 80 years old it's an 80 year old alligator he's moving kind of fresh they say the ones that are really big when they get to be that like 15 foot length yeah because a lot of those are really old 5060 no arthritis I mean God friend shot one and it was more than 80 years old shoutout to John Dudley to think you're at is a dinosaur is a God damned why our that means that is rewind that again because we're both super high I mean that is what is he even doing imagine seeing that Brian Moses ye are in your yard you're chilling hanging out on phone get your feet up and you see that walking across your yard and I gotta get the fuck out of Florida you like how close is that to me what the fuck I mean that's it's super dope look I mean look at that thing and he's got a scab there too how much you think that ways

► 01:11:58

let's go have a ton 500 pounds I think a thousand easy you should have guys fishing in the 1500s I am he's reeling in a big ass fish and the gator once it starts chasing on land of these guys that get the fuck out of the way oh my God 2,000 pound Gatorade but it's big it's a lot of church shoes it's so big it's a lot of churches these things they live amongst us and they eat dogs yeah and they deer and everything else they can get their hands they have to eat a lot of food to maintain that fucking bad-ass is this it so the guy oh my God he's got some old police always got close it in the Gators chasing them holy shit oh fuck man whoa go a jolly is 480 do they move quick

► 01:12:46

the move I don't know who knows how old that one is that could be a younger one always stealing this dude's fish yeah keep the fish wow you're up first fish yeah he just got jacked that does not look great uh yeah I was going to say that doesn't look like it's a crocodile what's the difference crocodiles have like a pointy or snout and they're way more aggressive okay so don't fuck with the Kruk alligators are better yeah oh my God they're better if it was his many crocodiles as there are alligators in Florida way more people would be getting jacked oh so Brock is okay Crocs are fuck everybody up Crocs do not discriminate they get water buffaloes people they don't get the fuck the real aggressive to there was this one video of they had like an alligator farm and they're raising alligators and then they had one crocodile and so when it came time to feeding the one crocodiles like pitch down sit the fuck down climbing on top of these aggressors and him feel like yeah but he was on the top of all the Alligators fuck the fuck off of here and just took control it was getting the food now will cry no more girls

► 01:13:46

rocket led to get an alligator that's good question they hate each other do they really have Caiman wears it came and that's a crocodile but it's a very small crocodile okay caimans are small they live in the Amazon have you eaten crocodile no or Gator yeah okay yeah I was I had a place it was like a fucking TGI Fridays type joint it wasn't the best wasn't TGI Fridays but you know it was like one Applebee's type place right like a chain yeah that's right data and it wasn't like fresh but apparently when you get it fresh like right off the gator it's supposed to be really good at just like any meat could be like that you know I mean even rat yeah but the alligator thing is like did you eat the gator yeah dude we went crazy what a weekend no am I my brother and sister lived down there and my brother got a gun pulled on them wow yeah but like a delivery driver whoa so they're so my brother is a little baby my little niece and the with her as my brother and her in the back

► 01:14:46

then he's driving us in the neighborhood he's going the speed limit right like maybe like 5 to 10 miles an hour pregnant with my little slower and there's a delivery driver behind him delivered you ever gets mad starts honking Adam is behind him right my brother-in-law pulls into their driveway delivery driver pulls in behind him and his like what do you want to do man and you're the flash has a gun on him and my brother who's like he's as big as you he's like a bodybuilder and he's he was like I don't do anything man he's like I wonder why your honking he might come my daughter in the back you know she's like less than a year old and the guys just like I'm not making this a race thing he's like I'm not saying this is a race thing in the game yeah so he's just like well and it might you know what could my brother was in the military who come to call the guy sir and the guys like you call me show you the military and he's just like I am sorry I'm in the military and just like we get a scratch to the military and he's just like I just went slow enough because my daughters in the back and you're behind me so he's like I don't understand what the deal is here and the guys was just kept just trying to egg them on to try to like provoke a fight because of stand your ground

► 01:15:46

yeah I mean it was what I heard about I was terrified my my my sister was shook she'd come home from work because it's like you know the baby's in the back and this guy just like pulled up into your driveway and he's just like if Quincy would have made a move and that guy shot him that God had been on the right how much that's going on it's probably happening all the time look what happened to Trayvon

► 01:16:05

that's uniquely incompetent security guard to though I mean he was getting smashed he's getting his head bounced off in her with my fifteen-year-old out the kid was fucking him up with pull that gun out I mean that happen to fortitude wasn't it yeah a parking lot right we're a guide like thought he was being threatened by a dude with his kids in the car and then he shot the guy is a parking lot in Florida I don't know that one that's for that think they have another last year or something but that's definitely someone people just haven't guns all the time seems like a great idea but the people like that having guns yeah yeah that's when it becomes a problem somebody somebody knows that you don't have a gun and the trying to goad you into something so they can shoot you like a for ya Outlaw Josie Wales movie like that's not someone defending themselves so that's the weapon that's that's why guns are creepy it's not creepy because the guy like you has a gun some you're a great guy you're not going to rob anybody I don't need a gun me you wouldn't have a gun yeah but if you did have a gun I wouldn't be nervous I've been like well Moses how's it going he can handle it yeah I'm not looking at yeah most people that aren't good guys right

► 01:17:05

was good not good guys get a gun what he's this is the one he's talking about where the guy was it's a big standard yay sweets like on the ground with his hands up and he's got shot still really I said he was felt threatened or something I believe that's all they need is a reason to that's all they need is reason Florida he's on the ground on his knees and got shot him oh my God yeah

► 01:17:29

Jesus Christ I mean when do you not shoot someone

► 01:17:34

if there are if you don't you will need are you willing to shoot him with a flattened out against what did you have to I was always like if somebody's attacking you I thought I mean that's your that's your on the agenda to flatten out yeah well like you to offer the money here yeah here's how much pain in my life would you accuse him I mean if he shot the guy was the guy was flattened out what about then you think the same about me no I'm saying like do you think like they have the same reaction because the reaction they had when they saw him with his hands up on his knees yeah yeah yeah I don't know how mad you get I know how mad you are with a gun even with the weapon in your hand be like I can I'm playing God right out of this guy can kill this man right now this person right here right yeah when I think it would matter would they accuse him what I'm saying is with the accuse him because they didn't he got away foot he got away with it right he was accused the right it wasn't charged for this they didn't charge him that's what I'm saying that's what I'm saying what that's what I'm saying wait wait the guy that they're going he wasn't arrested yet he's citing stand your ground law I'm reading right here from the AP

► 01:18:34

if we won't arrest parking lot shooter that's also they can't even charge him no that's what I'm saying that's a charge that's like that's like you can't challenge that rule like in football are you can't that's not a he he said he felt threatened and the black I was just like dude I was on the ground there's there's there's closed-circuit footage of it yep but my question was what if he had lie down lie down flat on the ground with then he be I mean when would they what at what would the line be where they decide to charge them you know saying right right on his knees okay will you charge them as lying down like the guy's lying down just execute them right is that still stand your ground there I'm not there is a manslaughter trial apparently no updated as adopted 18 manslaughter we killed that guy the sheriff as a defense witness that's insane insane

► 01:19:23

there's certain people that you never gun right now there's certain people a lot of you know seasoned law enforcement people and people with good dispositions that would never end their fucking wildest dreams shoot someone who's on their knees would never threaten anybody with a gun and they have a gun purely for sense for self-defense that's a different thing you know but there's when you have everybody can have a gun that's you're going to get a certain number of those fucking guys yeah and they think wait a minute you think they're in the right

► 01:19:52

yeah I think we all got to get guns I mean like is that nothing is not that the move we now get guns this is America we can be racist and have guns and Guns drugs hmm well you have to be on drugs now it's new right who's gonna it's gonna come to a point I like could you imagine how scared of your kids to go to school now scary right scare when you have children you're very vulnerable you know you feel you feel more filled with love than ever before but you also feel more filled with fear because you're worried I mean that's one of the things that the Romans always knew so maybe by families you can control them if they have families oh that's fucking powerful yeah people control heat if a man's you can't throw young dudes right everything's with swords or single like you want them to get shacked up and have kids right that way they stopped doing that yeah and then you gotta kill somebody's kids every now and then keep them in line she's absent they did bromine that's what they did they did that from time on

► 01:20:52

weird tradition you kill somebody's kid to keep them in line for they did it with they've done it in the mafia they've done it with a lot of people mean it's always been something that people do to put fear in people you get people to when you have a lot more to lose when you have a family they burn look at it that way there's certain people that I mean when the study how to get people to listen to you and to behave and how to strike fear in the populace that's why that's why they don't want abortion laws hmm

► 01:21:21

wow that's deep right dish if there is someone that is really thinking we need

► 01:21:32

we need to make sure the people have families so that they'll be more vulnerable yeah if there is someone that is following that philosophy which is not my thought yeah exactly you said the Romans said that that is it's been around forever this is like a commonly like a human human humans born they think that like oh we have to keep families get them online well it's when you talk about authoritarian authoritarian figures like people that want to have an iron fist to control the population the last thing you want is a bunch of young single guys running around with no attachments because that's how Coos get successfully completed yeah watching young mercenaries decide to take over your fucking building like yeah spendable style and shoot everybody you don't want that because they have nothing to lose right you want a guy loves his wife and he's got some loves his kids and he you know he's got yeah he's got something to lose and that's that's how you keep a society in order and that's why you shouldn't be getting rid of babies no condoms no babies no birth control no babies if someone really was plotting out a

► 01:22:32

sure that way like really masterminding and really saying that not just knowing that it is that it is the case that people do change where have children but then doing this and promoting this on purpose specifically to control people if that was the case yeah they would do that they would do that to they would they would they would work against abortion because they would want more people to have more kids so they don't control them that makes sense well good it's crazy crazy to think that way but it would only be like one factor I think the major factors religion because if you are if you are pro-life and a candidate is pro-choice in your mind a lot of times people decided that that person is against like God's law that person wants to kill children right so they almost feel like compelled to vote

► 01:23:26

you know to vote against you if you're pro-choice I know but like are they thinking about well you know what at this mother doesn't raise this child now you have this you know this mother who's resentful of this child that she had that you guys made her have and this child who's you know this Lovelace child now and they both know she's got mental illness he's got mental illness because you know he's looking for his mother's love she's like this kid roll my dreams you know this husband didn't stay that kind of thing you're just you're you're making these communities you know depressed and sad you know and then you guys you said no you have to have that you're not raising this kid you know you don't put money in that you know in this this family's pocket all these things you're saying are true yeah it's one of those things where you could see two to like distinct patterns but infinite different varieties of completely the world sucks because the baby was born or the world is amazing right babies born right Tim Tebow says that you know he's that's the thing man it's true come to those awesome true with Mall you never know you never know but it's who's

► 01:24:25

and should it be and what is it that's the real question like what is abortion right what is it is it killing a baby or is it a medical procedure like which one is it oof the slippery slope that's where the debate Falls in Pro tours pro-choice or pro-life it's not that these pro-choice people are evil people know they just don't want anybody dictating I mean it's not like an evil organization and created by Satan it's not it's not it's women that don't want you to tell them what to do with the reproductive system right that's what it is they want to be able to make the choice themselves but then there's other people that are pro-life and specifically the more militant ones which you know of assassinated abortion doctors I mean there are there are people that firmly believe that even if it's just a couple of days old right it's a baby right and that any sort of procedure to stop that in its place is murder you're murdering a baby and there's no if ands or buts about it and it's like the way they look

► 01:25:25

the loony left in that they they buy into this bullshit and you know that that

► 01:25:32

that's a narrative that you know that's how they that's how they really believe and people demonize people on both sides of it as if they're so different and there's no way you could ever think any differently the way than the way you're thinking it right now no I think you broke it down just like is it a medical procedure or is it yeah the other way and I think that's a that's that's hard to get into it is you can't I mean that's that will be debating that to the end of time well it's one of the most human subjects because it shows how complicated shit really is right and if you try to pretend it's not then you get into late term abortions and like well what's up there when did you get weird for you when it's right yeah six months is it get weird then look it's weird like I'm not saying you should be it shouldn't be able to have an abortion or should be I'm not saying either of those things I'm saying to deny the weirdness yeah it's a very the nicest term that I could come up with weirdness right it is weird it's I had a I got a girl pregnant

► 01:26:32

the teenager and she had an abortion I'm sorry she had a miscarriage Nature's abortion and then she she would I was eight weeks of nine weeks and she was flushing out chunks of what she was calling the baby so I mean that's that like 829 weeks everybody Jesus yeah so wow yeah and she should have had a baby she was on crystal meth I mean that shouldn't happen so thank thank whatever higher-powered did that for us but yeah that's what I'm saying like that I mean that's when you said that's why it's so messy and it really is messy because you don't know what is what right now she's like it traumatized her yeah you know makes sense

► 01:27:11

means crazy process to the human body goes through that men will never really understand because there's never going to been going to be an opportunity where a body grows inside your body and then comes out of your body the way a woman experiences that's mailing shit dude women experience something that is so alien to anything that the that males experience they grow a body inside of them yeah it's very it's so different we're so did it's so different like in terms of how they interface with the world they have to nurturing they want to protect the nest and keep everybody safe and they going to have a baby inside right boom now they have to take care of this baby and care for and then the baby will become more people and they'll start mating and the get become adults and the Orioles her own earthlings why comes out of their body and for us man we just we just shoot loads so easy we just like with the are what we do when we don't have a baby

► 01:28:11

what we do when we have a baby is the exact same thing like you too when you have sex with a woman and she gets impregnated it's feels like regular sex yes and we have sex all the time and you don't get pregnant and then all the sudden you are so it's like weird like we didn't even do anything we just had sex like we normally have sex yeah had sex and now there's an X an extra person like whoa like White's but there's a lot of times you see associate sex with pleasure right like it is obviously but when you have a baby you like oh it does that it does that yes what it does yeah what does that so for a man there's no there's no difference in what happens to his body right look whether it when he's having sex and a babies conceived versus when he's having sex and nothing is just fun there's no difference to him he doesn't feel a difference whereas a woman literally her body will fucking grow yeah a person a person with a brain is she serious she's sharing death

► 01:29:11

and Kingswood this thing's kicking inside of her like that experience the fuck you up for a man yes mean I would I do not like if there wasn't a way that you could record what it's like to be someone and then they give you a little chip and he would slip it in there and I could I could see you like you would allow people all of your feelings the way your skin feels the way your emotions are the way your psychology is set up you would allow people to to De literally be you for a couple days and the chip would do that yeah this chip would just sit in your head and you has food be that person yeah I would I would like to feel what it's like to be pregnant really yeah you want to feel that bad like that rip that pain or just like no not the birth but okay so fuck that not want the deck let's just real will answer for I don't want to get fucked I don't want to get fucked I don't want to match that was the only way to get feel it but I would I would wonder what it would like to first of all be a

► 01:30:11

turn a woman that I mean really curious as to what the hormones feel like what it must feel like because I don't think we you know when you see a woman you try to understand like what is what's the world through her eyes right you know you're never going to feel the way she feels I'm never going to look at somebody else and be like oh they can kill me right now the time you know what I mean yeah that too that's a huge part but I mean even just interfacing with the world through a different type of human body a female human body versus a male human body in terms of like estrogen and testosterone ratio and how your maternal instincts and oxytocin and all these different areas heightened sensitivity you know in certain situations they have like super powers actual you describe it that way they're making human yeah the mere humans in their body and they have to like make sure that everyone's safe around them because every now and then men will murder them right yeah or yeah or rape them exactly Jesus crazy sorry lady

► 01:31:11

sorry yeah but you really think about it it's like what am a mad relationship it's mad the relationship between males and females yeah mad that's why I always laugh at dudes who get you know when guys get Jack for their divorce money was like come on you gonna be all right yeah get all the terrible things that could go wrong right that's just you just got Jack for some money I like that perspective actually I kind of puts it in perspective you're just like yeah that's somebody raped and killed you killed you get look people get into bad relationship I mean I'm not happy that someone never gets into a bad relationship but if you get in a bad relationship and it's she's just a gold digger and each one would go oh God no like I've had so many friends that have been like yeah my fucking ex-wife she wants more money and go to court like wow yeah but you can't get your murder player but it's like you fucked up you shouldn't have married her dummy should have known she didn't know what she was crazy would you rather be raped or murdered

► 01:32:12

raped really yeah for sure I want either one obviously if a guy rapes me and I'm so alive then I get to murder him oh shit you gotta think about that one good don't murder yeah yeah this is The Unwanted rather die no I don't get I don't get murdered I just get raped okay I'll wait but there's like this is the trauma with that though you know yeah they'll be trauma I can enjoy it yeah it's going to be terrible yeah but but it's better than being dead okay not saying it's good no but not all right but for me you as a man as a human I get raped then murdered okay for sure the ego John Wick after that a hundred percent yeah just so everybody fucking a hundred so write me or I'll murder you yeah I'll have a new goal in life

► 01:33:03

but you got to say goodbye to everybody before you do it

► 01:33:06

oh cuz you're done after that you ugly you're gonna stay alive yeah it's not John Wick John Wick just drives home yeah they arrest you for dude fuck you and then you kill them and they go to you immediately I go hey did you kill I can fuck you

► 01:33:25

are you by the way yeah what happened I mean what is the cops a just like Duty rape me though you're just like yeah well the you can't just law you can order a guy because he raped OJ says there were rules so you can't you can't hardly be saying to the world camera to be I hate Twitter world I wonder if like he would sue you right because like there's people that if you made a shirt like if you made Sage made a Conor McGregor shirt and you had some quotes on it you're selling it he could like maybe sue you if you keep his face off or he come to your house like a bunch of dudes like take all his stuff back does she have a picture of OJ's face like leanings that selfie camera just says Hey Twitter world I mean come on I've put a verse by the way because you whatever name it no no what are we it's OJ's world let's take a Twitter World he'd do whatever the fuck he wants

► 01:34:23

he did that shirt would be giant it's probably being made right now there's nerds that are listening to us right now that are going they're just going to hit pause right now yeah and make Twitter if you just made a OJ some merch hate to the world I was just gonna he's not gonna get that money the money I was gonna go to abuse women good and Waiters

► 01:34:47

waiters have been murdered by boyfriend's goddamn will a knife to personal later found that knife they never found that knife yeah who had that knife I mean damn OJ damaged eye peeled for is like 70 and like an ex-convict he looks good I was playing golf all day was it it's all he does even like I'm golf without plays golf it looks great he seems to have at least a slight struggle with communicating right and walking he seems like he's got a little slowness to his voice we're just fortunate you know what I mean which is a probably CTE I was that CT yeah but he sounds pretty cool ear pretty clear pretty clear that there's a there's a hint there's a hitch you know you get it you see it in Fighters or just there's a you never know because it might just be you're tired right I'm thinking but there's some days where I'm jet-lagged or tired

► 01:35:47

really stupid I can't I don't talk that good he also like you know he did beat two murder cases that'll make you a little you know they'll take somebody's yes 70s right isn't he yeah he's in his 70s let's still there's tourism is a struggle strikes light struggle to the way he's talking that makes me think he's dealing with some Sparks OJ Simpson worried as CTE I have days that I can't find words Yeah a hundred percent but CT makes you murder people right that should I mean you could be I mean is that would that would use that today oh Jay that's what his lawyer it said not really one of his lawyers had said that had OJ Simpson but it was a lawyer or was it a medical advisor May Medical advisor said I would bet my Banneker license said he has CT yeah but he was also saying that it would have been a part of the defense right it would've been part of the the crime it happened today I mean that's what I'm saying right this weapon Aaron Hernandez they were saying CT dude with all of them and when and obviously you're in a super violent sport to yeah most violent

► 01:36:47

and then to You're Gonna you can have a high capacity for violence yeah you know I mean that it does and then on top of that if you're fucking wirings it's been smashed so many times and they do get smashed and they're wiring does go for some of them Fighters and Haywire yeah they get a little Haywire Chris Benoit yeah that was terrible that that kind of shit is so terrifying I could kill his family I mean and many people that have experienced extreme CTE of wound up when they committed suicide donating their brain like saying you know like that one dot do junior Junior Seau he shot himself in the chest right so that they could look at his brain

► 01:37:34

that's hard man that's hard I mean that's what fights have you been in many times you've been concussed I don't know I don't know how many times I've been concussed um I've never been knocked unconscious but I got tko'd in a kick boxing match the last fight I ever had I got cracked crack with a left hook it was like it was one of the weirdest times I've ever been hit because I had been a deaf been hit hard before but it never been hit where my legs stopped working they just stopped they just stopped like he hit me he caught me like right at the tip of my jaw with like a left hook that I didn't see coming in my leg just went whoopsies they just gave out the gave out like this the shut-off there's a nerve in here you're saying that's not like you get hit and your jaw goes sideways and your head twist in your brain sloshes around in there no and it's like a bolt of electricity it's like it's like everything shuts off shuts off but I was still conscious

► 01:38:33

I was like oh shit what is going on here like this is crazy and I was like all right get back up to your feet to the referee is counting he got to 8 or something like that I got up to my feet they dusted my gloves off and the kid came at me again and hit me with an uppercut another punch drop me again then they stopped the fight so I was never unconscious but that was the worst I'd ever been like beaten in a fight where just knuckle sandwiches marks flying but that was the last time I ever fought but other than that there was a lot of like training sessions where you get kicked in the face or punched there's a lot of those yeah just just happens most of the time you know if you get hit full blast it's an accident can you get tested for CT is that I think that they test there's no age had four seats they have tested a few people while they're alive they have some naxxramas got a brain to find the stuff so they have to drill a hole in your brain yet to prove to like have

► 01:39:33

on the on the Because You Gotta Die first yeah the they like to do autopsies on people with CTE and they have crazy atrophied brains right brain of an 85 year old person with with Alzheimer's disease it's really nuts man like their brains are fucked up there's all these weird proteins get developed from the concussions yeah it's fucked like with like that calcifies the brain or something does horrible things he eats way different parts of the brain there's like these little dark spots and Holzman right exactly sure what the process is but the the medical process is rather but they seems like does like dead spots like your brains dentist when they always describe them they okay former NFL player confirmed his first diagnosis of CTE and living patient yeah we talked about this before so they're able now to get some sort of an accurate reading of what your brain looks like in they can see the CTE without having to open you up but I think most of

► 01:40:34

it's when a person's already dead maybe they're their detection methods are getting better

► 01:40:41

listen if you look at that brain go back to that real image when the guys poking at the brain and he's looking at the x-rays or the MRIs look at look at this look at that just look at that thing that which is protected by a thin layer of bone is where all of your fucking thinking takes place all of it it's an organ and you get punched in the face all of that is just blurring like detaching from the walls all the connective tissue what is that stuff called that that that real weird stuff that sits between what kind of connective tissues that described as between the brain and the skull is like a specific name for it I like that that thin later but yeah that stuff gets ripped its yeah tears free and your fucking was when you get hit

► 01:41:41

yeah sometimes people develop internal bleeding after fights she's a nice girl yeah Combat Sports crazy I mean it's your it's your Elliot wait another guy just died right another Boxer had their box are two boxers died in a very short period of time

► 01:41:56

yeah some people think that they should shorten fights now that they should make them like eight rounds because guys are just bigger and faster and stronger I mean the just people just want to mitigate the thing the damage right mitigate damage but if you think if you did that in the high-level fights you'd Miss amazing fights right like Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury if that wasn't 12 rounds when Wilder knocked him down to 12th round and fewer he rose from the dead we would have missed one of the greatest moments in the history of the sport I mean that was an amazing moment man for two reasons one is how fucking hard Deonte punches yeah and to that Wilder who looked like he was dead to the world Rises up and then out boxes him for the rest of the round survives survives Wilder chasing them down and then I'll boxes and even tags Wilder as Wilder to covering up that whole round doesn't take place if you only fighting around because let's be a test of endurance to write not just strength and power for sure yeah

► 01:42:54

I mean maybe if people were only fighting eight rounds would be worse because they would they would go harder exactly that's what I'm saying yeah and they be worst fights because you exert all your energy in the first three four three five rounds the only argument against that though is kick boxing because in kickboxing they've always had less rounds like kickboxing like a Muay Thai fight like a lot of times they'll fight three rounds or they'll fight five rounds yeah but that I never I mean come on I'm because he's dead that's yeah that like that's fine say I'm your talk about tree trunks think somebody you know what I mean so awful yeah that should only be three to five rounds you ever gotten a charlie horse like a really bad time yes yeah I was like recently were like my whole leg stopped I was like this is possible I didn't know was possible your whole leg stop just for a charlie horse there's there's levels to it but the worst I ever saw was Jose Aldo fought Urijah Faber really and Jose Aldo is one of the most vicious leg kickers in the history of the sport oh no God his leg kicks were insane what year is this I had to see this fight

► 01:43:54

baby something want to favor is like what like face for he he's like he's becoming bigger that point 2012 yes it was fighting for the title was for the featherweight title I believe or the wec title boy I feel like that was like okay this is what it was if I'm correct I think

► 01:44:10

was I think I'm incorrect is that a is that in the wec yes it is so I think what this was was the UFC and the WC had a pay-per-view but it was just they did it wasn't quite the UFC yet so I don't think they called it anything I think they just called it Aldo vs favor

► 01:44:34

and the UFC promoted it I think that was how they got around

► 01:44:39

something to try dude that is although in his prime son that is that combination right there is called the duchy where they throw a left hook to the body and the right leg kick but this just showed you how goddamn tough you're right favors and the impressive performance for sure offensive LY mean all those in his full prime it was amazing but what's really impressive is how Urijah Faber was able to endure I mean it was early rounds us go it went the full distance full five rounds yeah what's that yeah then you see his legs after fucking crazy man yeah when did they start doing five round main events for the UFC

► 01:45:22

that was an early or they don't think so too that I feel like I'm remembering it's been this way for quite a while so it's it's hard to remember the exact year but they didn't used to 2011 oh so this is like this decade Levin that's when they started going to five rounds from Main Events you have see Dana White says all you have seen many events to become five rounds right but before that championship fights with championship fights always five rounds I'm trying to go back to the early early days this point five round fights have been content or contest have been reserved for title fights only yeah that's what I said but when did they make them five rounds for title fights yeah when did they decide that a title fights five rounds in a regular fight three rounds hmm what does that wonder if that was from the beginning because you gotta remember in the beginning days they didn't even have time limits really know what was just you go into like somebody got us in a lot of fights where there's no time limits that were terrible you just want to like somebody at up yeah like that us look especially in Japan

► 01:46:22

and yeah like hoist Gracie had a fight with soccer Ava that went like 90 minutes damn yeah why well in Japan they they didn't they had a different way of looking at these contests they would make crazy matchups where there was you can't win by decision could only win by knockout they would like Cro Cop who's like one of the greatest Strikers in MMA ever because he came from K1 kickboxing he was big in K1 kickboxing then made his way over to to Japan and started fighting and pride and the first time he fought he fought Wanderlei Silva was like a big time but they had a special Rules match and the special rules was if it went to a decision it was a draw no matter what if no one got knocked out it was a draw and if they fought

► 01:47:16

on the ground it can only be for like 15 seconds because like some crazy rule the best just boxing and or does kick me out I forget what the amount of time was but there was a limited amount of time where they could fight on the ground yeah so I think it's been bad it was crazy Crow cop had the balls to step into MMA like really with very little real MMA training mostly just as a kickboxer yeah then he started as his career got further you got better and better at stuff and take downs but so Japan would do that they would make like they would make fights where one guy wears Aggie the other guy doesn't they would make fights with they made it fights with Bob Sapp was like 370 pounds against the guys 200 pounds just trust me just sit on the guy yes smashes them smash they made a bunch of like horrible mismatches if they make mistakes they make Wanderlei Silva fight someone who was just definitely scared of them that was gonna get pummeled into the ground and they did it just to watch so you could watch vandelay smash somebody is some like circus messages they had crazy fights man there

► 01:48:16

crazy fights and you went over there what to call the future just the one I don't know I only watched him here I've never been to Japan to watch fights other than the UFC we did a UFC out there once yeah that was fun they're really really polite are they yeah in between like while the actions happening they're sitting there quiet and polite like you don't hear a lot of like screaming and crazy I didn't know that yeah and then they get there they're very they applaud like when things happened ago for broadcast it's interesting yeah it's gotta be bad it's not bad but it is different yeah but like like I was like Tyson and Buster Douglas like was that loud Wonder right under I don't remember

► 01:48:52

all those fights over there yeah you seen like the quiet me that would that seems like it sucks but early on early on they were super knowledgeable like early on in mixed martial arts like if you watch fights in Japan if somebody passed guard everybody would cheer okay so yeah it's like it's my audience yeah they know exactly what's going on okay they're well educated and someone gets a mount their start clapping and like this it's just a different completely different kind of reaction from the audience that's strange it's cool though it's like when you watch the UFC events from Japan it's changing they're becoming a little bit more used to like being Rowdy okay having a good time but in the old days you could hear the corners crystal clear so the quantity like supposed yeah press down with the butterfly down with the butterfly look out for the right arm we have the right arm okay keep that over hook keep that over hook and you would hear that like but he could hear it to everybody here so the the guy who you're fighting is hearing the advise against shit yeah crystal clear because there's there's no noise

► 01:49:52

I must make fights I mean like yeah just long and boring cause they all know that key strategy now no crazy all right easy just because someone knows you're trying to get their arm doesn't mean not going to get their arm it's still crazy it's still crazy but it's it was really interesting because you could hear everything you hear about selling out there's nothing that Vegas in Vegas is like anybody screaming yeah well you know what's I find the sometimes the most enthusiastic crowds are the ones that don't get the UFC they're very often so when it does get there they get fucking super pumped right can't believe it's there live you know like where

► 01:50:30

I mean there's a lot of cities where we've gone to we're like all taxes always has wild-ass UFC yeah I mean that makes sense yeah that's good place for USA's but there's a lot of cities that just don't get it all the time Chicago whenever we're in Chicago it's big there you've never been to Chicago Okay window yeah yeah yeah go to Chicago all the time that's a big drinking towns though fuck yeah like I get any like Fighters town or big drink until there's gonna be like this yeah doesn't matter what it is

► 01:51:00

yes when we're talking about reparations earlier yeah like that I don't think they should give money to people like did I can get it for the money that's what I'm saying what I think they should do is definitely put money like if you if you were a guy who was the manager of a city let's look at that let's look at the city like a city was a store okay and you're the manager of the store and but the the section over near the cleaning products it's everything explodes all the time and it's fucking dangerous and mops are fallen and you like what we got you know several things in order cities good Revenue looks good like hey wait wait baby buddy bit the fuck are you talking about you're the manager what are you doing about this look at this spot yeah he's like what oh no that's the cleaning products may not know what to do about the cleaning products they explode the mops fall off the racks I just wave my hands at it okay you would never tolerate that no but a mayor like that Pete Budaj a good Jewish guy who do ya he could have all sorts of chaos going on in his

► 01:51:59

down while he's out there campaigning for President right yeah nobody cares nobody cares don't have to fix it you know have to fix it yeah but I'll be like well how do you feel like I'm saying isn't infrastructure problem so how do you fix it I mean you say you're saying take what 15% or how whatever percentage from my all these big corporations and then like they should be 94 and that right I'm but a little what I was saying though if there was a direct line I mean I don't know if you can do this anymore at this point in time but if there was a direct way you could show this is the amount of money that came from slavery and they still have I mean yeah how're you finding that out though I don't know yeah there's no way because my way we can even Trace like you know what I don't know what would try would Plantation I was even a you know where my family went age is well there was a bunch of Nazi money that they changed they traced they've traced Nazi money they've definitely done that they've definitely done that with a little more modern I mean I feel certain constellations yeah from 16 or 15 or 14 till you know 1860 something yeah we're dealing with like an 80 year Gap yeah

► 01:52:57

it'd be hard but if there was like some clearly established business that used to be a plantation right you know I don't know also you know Jewish people like the can't go and keep things in the counts like you can you can trace that money like there was no here's an unpopular thought this is this is what I think I think we should probably consider doing that with definitely areas that were impacted by slavery but then also areas that have been impacted by economic crisis to like not just the area's impact but like we have to fix the bad spots in the country all told ya like. Like we got to fix those people that live in West Virginia in the mountains yeah the fucking pill people need any trailers yeah a poor Community yeah but first like as a general acknowledgement of like what this country was founded on you got to fix the areas that were fucked up by slavery the idea that you shouldn't like you aren't we on a team together okay aren't we Team America right

► 01:53:57

well Team America would want all of its members to be in good shape good State we want less losers right here's the way you get less losers you provide more opportunity and you fix the spots that are fucked up and there's no light comes education though Joe I mean you're talking about the literacy rate is crazy down there so you're saying idiots you know what I mean but it's like it's no no no I'm not saying yeah they're idiots what I'm saying is they're stuck right honorable place right right you're an idiot if you don't want to fix that no that's what I get that I think it's just unpopular like no like here's what everyone else say we want to go to out of Afghanistan and out of my right we want to provide free health care for everyone yeah we think that education should be free I'ma give you $1,000 a month yeah right right but no one's saying

► 01:54:49

arc our whole thing if we looked at it as an ecosystem there is disease spots there's spots where it's not going well sick it's not doing well there's too much crime there's too much pollution there's too much environmental factors whatever that whatever the factors are taken advantage of community they'll write those whether its environmental factors like the water in Flint Michigan or whether it is a crime-ridden streets of Baltimore or Philly or wherever it is where it's bad but find spots where it's bad those spots have to be addressed like you don't just agree to address it with law enforcement you got to figure out a plan to slowly reinvigorate those spots where you have there's no severe poverty left I like what you were saying earlier even by the Italian cities how they do other mama pop thing you know they keep the money in the community right they haven't sold out to the to the corporation's who were just like draining those those you know those communities right but the thing is is like so tourism-based the kind of don't have to because it's like this the place is

► 01:55:48

I'm going to is like I went to the mall fee Coast which is a really popular for terrorism and you know you go to these places there's no incentive because there's people there all the time but I'm saying like there's no incentive to giving the corporation instead of like my parents had to have any go to Costco maybe there's like a hardware store down the street that you know has like I was gonna go to Pete's because he's got you know he's got cameras over here so you keep the money in the community like I think are like local grocers that kind of thing you know like oh hey I'm not gonna go too bonjour Erasmus gonna go to Edna's because she's got you know the cabbages I like yeah but what if you don't have that then the only thing you got is Target or Walgreens like he's got a deal I'm saying but that's that's you know that's there yeah that's those poor communities I'm saying like they putting those they're in there just draining those people have just like you know maybe maybe opportunities that you know they they can thrive in like Italian communities yeah it's there are they also make it financially almost impossible to compete like that you can't sell things as cheap as they can right they get better deals if you have a mom and pop shop and you're selling like

► 01:56:48

bowls or something like that Thomas is Home Depot Home Depot's we make ourselves look the shovels would be like five dollars less and that's all anybody cares about that that's a problem yeah all right well then how do you build the infrastructure then I mean I'm saying to devise parents because like that's going to like you know help those guys like maybe you know it's got the whole family figure out what do we need to do about Junior here or you know little the little lady here and like figure out how we're going to make them better members of society I like that idea yeah I mean I think that if if we could figure out how much they would get and where the money would come from and if it did work it would be insane I mean you think about how much money you have to spend on the criminal justice system on Health Care system from assaults and read all sorts of things when people go bad yeah and what would you save if by in through incentivizing education and making sure that people get compensated financially for Education success and then all sudden it starts booming

► 01:57:48

then you have way less crime that would be a maze I'm saying bro I mean that that almost feels like it's a no-brainer you know I mean you can talk about infrastructure that that's infrastructure hey dude why don't you run for president and the other awesome ideas that's an awesome idea that is actually look I'm gonna obviously a financial moron I don't know if that would actually how much that would cost but if it could be done how much corporations were cause I mean like I hear keeps you know and they keep they keep saying we need to have it but it's like what does that mean is there an is that an infrastructure thing or we just giving people money isn't that a weird one because it keeps coming up yeah it's like it comes up then it goes away and it's like hey you know we never fucking sort of this out I mean I'll tell you this I remember on got it was bully Hunter he put on sweaty but it's been most said white people if you only interpretations my demos open and he made like I don't like a hundred bucks and then we went on the road and then yeah we all he bought us Skittles beautiful ice tea and Hennessy reparation money that's just like you can't do that with a community man do you ever see where I'm Hotel

► 01:58:48

Jesus walked in a Starbucks hotep jeez man and his reparation coffee not exactly an interesting character rather than my podcast but he he there was a Starbucks that got busted for telling these young black eyes they had to leave and it became a big deal where they developed a new policy where they're never going to just tell people to leave and so the problem with thousands like what about homeless people now you got homeless people inflect to hang around Starbucks and the policy is they can't even tell them to leave right but like all these days I guess black people nice people now Starbucks this story was really it was big in the news that Starbucks was racist and that they had kicked so Starbucks is like apologizing publicly so while that was going on hotep Jesus like I'm gonna go get some free coffee went into coffee and he goes I'm here on him I get my reparations coffee I'm going to get coffee for free cuz I heard y'all were racist and so the ladies like yeah I heard that she could pour him a cup of coffee

► 01:59:48

have a cup of coffee I heard that I love that she heard that there was something racist going good so Sheila free coffee to hilarious should hotep Jesus it's hilarious but it's um you know Starbucks you like anybody can go in there now yeah but it's all you know it's whatever coffee you still your big coffee guy I'm not a big guy with a mighty I'm a black tea guy don't ya of coffee we got a new coffee from on it called Fuck Yeah coffee I'm scared to try it apparently it's we did you see it you see the bag have some I tried it it's fucking ridiculous it but it's got caffeine crystals in it I was trying to I didn't know what that meant how much caffeine does it have I couldn't I just made a French press of it so I couldn't tell what you off the wall I don't even think I think just like we don't think happy and affects me like normal people does I think it's robot dude Jamie's robot Jamie takes Edibles they don't do a damn thing really gentle my God I have you yeah do not get into an edible eating contest with Jamie yo that's that's a million-dollar I do he's a red light you'll kill people

► 02:00:48

he's a robot he just throws him down they don't do a goddamn thing to him that's amazing yeah what 1 out of 20 times maybe a small Factory yeah yeah but like a small effect for like 500 milligrams and I'm not gonna get really good chicken thousand thousand yen played video games and yeah four hours later I was like all right I'm a little tired I'll stop you got yeah you got like that Jane though he's like a Gmail but actually let's go back to HIV there's a gene that's some like people have like you can't get it yes there's some people that you're like a child with your Edibles their movie about that where like they use a guy to cause he's got the one gene oh what is that goddamn movie I feel like I've seen it recently oh I did okay here's where it is it's called The Man Who Shot Hitler and then Bigfoot and I saw it recently it's the Sam Elliott movie so whoa okay it actually wow it is an interesting movie he came to this enjoyed it I watched it on a flight and I downloaded because I was like what is this right what is the

► 02:01:48

who shot Hitler and then Bigfoot but I'm a big Sam Elliott fan and it got good reviews this so I said okay I'll give it a shot it's really interesting okay I mean he I mean it's they're not hiding it he shot Bigfoot and then Hitler the man who killed Hitler and then Bigfoot when did this come out I don't know and he can't get HIV heat the thing was that he had a very specific gene they brought him back to service because after he'd killed Hitler he's an older man but he had a very specific Gene that made him immune to this disease that Bigfoot had and that Bigfoot was sick and that his virus was killing all the wildlife that was anywhere near him and there was a him dead zone around Bigfoot they were tracking them and they had to have someone go in there and kill bigfoot so they bring in Sam Elliott when he's like 70 years old boiler to go in and kill bigfoot it's fucking cool all right enjoy

► 02:02:48

man I mean it's not it's not you know 2001 A Space Odyssey but it's a fucking cool movie it's a definitely a B-movie I mean damn yeah that Bigfoot where this little Shadow thing know they seem pretty up close I mean maybe they don't show it in the preview but it's pretty up close it's gnarly I don't want to say too much yeah don't spoil much but he does kill Hitler yeah well killed Hitler and then and then Bigfoot it says it in the title people really want to kill Hitler that's like a thing that movies are doing yeah

► 02:03:21

yeah you know I was watching a video of Hitler tweaking Hitler's on speed you know he did a lot of speed yeah he's at the 1936 Olympics and sit in the audience like this like Twitter I was like actual like footage of yeah actual footage apparently somebody had taken it and sped it up and made it unrealistic just to show like make it look he's really really really tweaking yeah and then it was hard to find for some people to find the actual speed footage but this is this is the actual speed footage they believe

► 02:03:57

so he's just rocking back and forth tweaking wow he does have crackhead energy that's an amazing 2% tweaking so I mean there's no way you rock like that if you're not weekend he's like digiti to where's his left hand what is happening there it's touches got it is less than S got a glove he's rubbing a gun on his deck go back to that we see that again please replay please look at this how weird is that man how weird is it to see that guy Go full screen so he jerks off with his gun look he has to be a reason why he's literally just joking about a gun I don't think it's really gone well but he's definitely got his hand on his deck he's like a guy who's freaking out

► 02:04:42

it might as well be a method right I see you got like this guy like I mean look at him he's got something he's touching his dick with see it yeah exactly tell me something good about it looks like hands curled over does like he's got something in his hand dude he's rubbing something on his pecker you have a cane yeah always running this can't I be like oh yeah maybe is that it slightly yeah he's but look go go towards the end of it and we'll pause when you can see the hand right next to his dick so weird it is moving now watch watch when you see his hand good get that bar out of the bottom there it is over-the-pants hand job and you don't so look it he's got something in his hand and that's something in his hand is in between his legs you said Cain I mean he might be real I'm gonna google you said I mean you're joking about the gun but I mean could be could be a cane could be a Ruger

► 02:05:33

my begun I think small K now that I'm looking at it but either way yeah he's definitely rubbing his dick yeah he's in if Trump is on TV just tweaking and tweaking hard fuck China fuck this fucking trade relations fuck Jeffrey Epstein fuck all these assholes we can just tweak and could you imagine though he knows Jeffrey Jeffrey Epstein apparently knew him okay apparently they had a falling out over a mansion it was reading a story about it over a bell like when he sold him or no they were both trying to buy some super exclusive property that was like the Crown Jewel mmm hum Beach it was this six-acre mansion that overlooks the ocean it's on the beach it's beautiful it's apparently of a plantation for girls well these yeah well it's also one of those things where like if you're in a part of these communities there's certain properties that are iconic and own them would elevate your social status like did you hear Trump bought those Mansion digital mobile

► 02:06:33

so we should have like a name to it the places off the charts if you see it on TV like you get a sense that it what is this is the other those cans okay is known to having a famous walking stick uh-huh I thought you were showing Epstein and Trump did he did have the cane what was the house Google the the house that they competed about Trump and him competed over house like maybe waterfalls that's really old I think 14 year olds in every room it's like if someone was like a super billionaire character and I don't know think of me name some famous man like the Hearst castle Hearst castle for sale they'll all be trying to get it Trump and Epstein's friendship reportedly soured after they fought over a 41 million dollar Palm Beach Mansion hmm two weeks after the homes auction cops received a tip about underage women in Epstein's house and say oh shit that was that

► 02:07:33

Candyland yeah let's see if they have pictures of the place that's acknowledge my ha look at that thing yeah that's it yeah thanks gorgeous dude it's dope as fuck the the images are insane that's it right there click on that look at that place so that's how you get it they're fighting over who's got the biggest dick on the beach if you own that motherfucker you bought that place like you're King baller everybody wants to have the party at your house right I mean so I guess there's just a few of these type of mansions down in Palm Beach but there's a lot of them I mean there's you know I don't know what the number is but there's a good solid number of them I mean they're competing against each other yeah that's fucking incredible it's sort of like like the White House well it's sort of like those houses in Malibu like there's some houses in Malibu when you look at like there's one crazy Mansion overlooking the sea and then another one next to it like the I don't live in your neighborhood you I don't live there either run or OSHA they weren't mostly burned

► 02:08:33

crash the dead sorry Point Dume are it's crazy fly over it now is like just so many houses charmer aren't just chard yeah but those houses that were the people do live with that kind of a view I mean that's not those are super super valuable and in Florida and West Palm Beach apparently looking super super wealthy yeah yeah under 35 million dollars I mean hundred and throb 5 million amazing Italian Renaissance style mega mansion in Palm Beach Florida if you buy that your king cock you just swinging dick all over come on in Lily why did God make the like the dick size why is that to make you work harder really that's really the rehab you just had a giant hog you just waiting around waiting for girls to come to you and say but you can made dicks all the same size now there'd be no competition no no can't make years the same size either sorry not noses not eyebrows no uniformity no Eugenics okay yeah got to work harder you got a little dick because

► 02:09:33

to figure out how to get by in this world like a your Gods brain and those big dick dudes man they just don't have the motivation to hardly ever get anything done right they just too busy swinging dick that's you skirt around let me pass them in the game wow take him on the inside turn I didn't know that that's what it is all right like I don't know maybe God again look it doesn't make sense that there are sloths okay why is that fair it's why is there a fucking hated the think so they fucking hate come on Jack by Eagles you know that's fair lending is when the main thing that eats use a bird and you're a mammal how often does that happen if you're not a mouse it's not a feeling I'll send an owl that's hilarious by the way I didn't know yeah that they already talk shit about sloths in the animal kingdom brow they all talk shit on slots in place move slow so slow that mold grows on them that's gross it's crazy is it really it's that's how lazy they are and they just can't be any better

► 02:10:33

just move real slow that's just what they do and mold grows on them and molests gross that was that a wildlife sanctuary and like Sylmar I think it is yeah take my kids there and they got a sloth oh my God so cute I'm like why is this thing moldy and they like oh grows like moss grows on it like that's a green fungus like a tree like look at that look at all that shit oh my God moss growing on them because they're so goddamn slow that plants can grow on them I mean is that healthy I mean it looks great by the way God works yeah it's almost like camouflage yeah but that one of the main things that eat them in this is it most is this eagle called fuck what is it called harpy eagle yeah yeah it's a giant eagle that lives in South America they just fucks up slaw just eats lost man sloth me and monkeys to it eats monkeys too but look at that carrying a sloth to him I mean well yeah that's a it's not a big sloth oh no it's a big fuck is the bird yeah

► 02:11:33

good hands yeah I mean look at those thighs yeah dude that thing is all power on power and that's the I think that's the biggest eagle the harpy I think that's the biggest eagle I mean damn yeah that's Majestic I mean those are small slots he's like baby sauces it it's not like full-grown know they eat of sloth sloth sloth tell you anybody whatever I mean the soft can't really defend itself oh my God how crazy is how we can crush the armadillos body with its claws that's one clocks got it with one hand it's one handing that thing on our my human arm would tear your meat apart we're so doughy man yeah we're so like wolves so mushy it would just tear your arm apart just clawing onto your arm like that's why those dudes where those crazy arm sleeves when they have a falcon on their own right because that would just yeah yeah yeah

► 02:12:32

we're really easy to slice up yeah I have no armor fucking thing with a rabbit whoo look at its legs thing's badass it is a beast yeah that doesn't look real that one's got a little band on its leg it's been captured so they're either is that a carving know that's real so they they leave the oh they leave the rabbit there and it swoops in to get the rabbit it's hard to see what the fuck it is good all those watermarks yeah so obnoxious with the watermarks I get it bro what is that thing right there is that a fox is about to eat yeah

► 02:13:09

oh yeah it is yeah they eat foxes damned if I'm not a recent they're fighting us go Sox the fox is fighting with the eagle over a rabbit there there okay the fighting over food yeah box fighting over rabid Fox the yeah the Eagles stealing will yield is eat them eat the fox Eagle glamp grab sloth from tree is that it was that the slaw want to see a video of it yes a video of the sloth because it is kind of fucked up look at that I hear one thing they do do though is they pull they do do so you do have to say do and then do it again one thing they do as well is they grab goats and fling them off the side of cliffs ever see that no well that's hilarious isn't that just fling them off yeah they grabbed looks more real but I don't know what do they do yeah that's real bro that's probably real there is but there's video of it they do it to kill him so they could eat them okay I was going to say I don't they are that makes perfect sense I was wondering why there that there's doing it they're just assholes yeah

► 02:14:11

he'll be wearing some perfect well that's what cats do you know house cats yeah ever seen the numbers of how many animals house Catskill per year you're kidding it's in the billions you're kidding be be billion be hats kill other animals by what I watch this watch this yeah well we'll show that right after we have this to look he's dragging the goat off the cliff and then drops it to have it smashed against the rocks look at that she's the that mean look at that that is dark and that it hits the ground and then the eagle swoops down and starts eating it so it's like planning on throwing this thing off it understands the consequences it understands that that thing can't fly so it's not just grabbing it swooping down and grabbing it broke its next throwing it into the Rock throwing it off the cliff so he can eat it

► 02:14:59

that's brilliant fucking crazy that's brilliant what was the other thing we were just talking about the I said oh yeah it's a bird oh the numbers okay the sheer numbers of birds that house Catskill just house cats just meow out in the backyard yeah just murder oh they murdered okay okay her death just jump up and grab Birds I have this cat her name was spaz mmm she was a Fluff ball cap and she would bring me these birds 1.4 billion has been a 3.7 billion birds in the Continental u.s. each year cat kill from 1.4 billion to as many as three point seven billion Birds just Birds that's not mice that's not squirrels just Birds

► 02:15:47

just Birds I had a cat when I was growing up he killed a squirrel and was walking across the street with it in his mouth it was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen did he eat it or just like just carried in his mouth he just his name we net we call them Kitty we were very unoriginal we're kids I had a name for him that was like the Black Panther in a Conan the Barbarian book but everybody fucking hated me the veto on it he never called them at they just call them Kitty so we eventually just want to call him Kitty but anyway carry South Park walking across the street with a squirrel in between his legs so he had the squirrel by the mouth is by its neck rather and his mouth and he was walking with the squirrel underneath them just dragging it with it in between his legs and was almost as big as him and I'm nuts I'm looking at this my what a creepy little thing I did with because squirrels have like plague don't they know yeah there's like that squirrel plague scroll playing

► 02:16:43

black plague right wait a minute no squirrels yeah this is like this this is the last decade I think even like maybe even this decade what's the squirrel plague yeah there's like a black plague for squirrels really yeah dude well I know there was a couple I think it was a man and a woman right here we go whoa there we go plague-infested squirrel caused the closure of a California Campground this week after it was found during a routine trapping Los Angeles County Health officials confirmed doesn't hurt actually don't ever touch Dead Squirrels who they are like play Bonnet play We Should I think there was I think that's what those people got that 8 that Marmot liver there is some people that got sick and died from the plague really recently like within the last couple of months because they had eaten a raw Marmot liver a marmot is like some kind of a rodent they had killed this Marmot and ate its liver and this is here in the states hmm it was in Mongolia

► 02:17:43

I was in America long going it's Mongolian couple died right but they didn't died doing it in America thank God

► 02:17:53

it's a make sure that they didn't come here and get it but it says I thought it I thought the story was they died over here and like they'd come over here and try to re-enact some sort of ritualistic meal where they eat this Raw Liver mmm and they eat this raw liver and got the plague son

► 02:18:15

this is a weird happened okay yeah it's like certain countries in Africa to those like you can like eat human right like like cannibal like a legally mmm out of his League I know there was like a story I read on and some like that about these like places like Africa you can like eat human this ultimate Stoner talk it really is sorry about that place I know no I read about it I be read well do you remember the I don't know if you saw this this advice piece on Liberia I think that might have been it then yeah Vice guide to travel Liberia where they were saying this guy who was his name was General butt naked and general butt naked he'd become a preacher later in life when he was younger but naked yeah when he was younger he would go to war totally naked and shoot people oh that was a beasts of no Nation

► 02:19:08

was it yeah you should be stano Nation now okay is with Idris Elba he plays like an EDM mean or a what's that thing called Coney whatever was anyway he's got these child soldiers basically and yeah they should go for my tribe to tribe and just killed early and they just genocide hmm it's got a bunch of try how about whatever happened with that Kony remember that I think you still like a like a warlord but you remember how it was like this gigantic movement and it was this big thing and everybody was talking about it and then this one guy in San Diego that was part of starting it he wound up being naked wandering around the street masturbating in front of people and some crazy that made him like I'm a credible then I make that up he was doing something along those lines right he basically had a schizophrenic break or a psychotic breaker I'm not a doctor something went wrong something went wrong did blue a foot that's the cat yeah they call them tripod in that but I think you talked about the same guy when he went to war like a Child Soldier yeah he was butt-naked I think he's a different guy because this guy his name literally was General butt naked

► 02:20:08

goodbye think there's a bunch of them that did that but anyway on the Liberia show he said that he busted these Street cart guys selling human meat and he said he knew because he knew it me taste like because he had eaten it what the fuck he knew that it was human meat he knew it wasn't working it wasn't beef Liberia is Crazy by the way well I mean like they stay so still they have slaves out there so imagine the the gall of going to the cops and saying that man is selling human meat well how do you know I kind of like because I've eaten it I mean fuck fuck would you eat human eye depends on what you have to do to stay alive right right like where are you what's that like if you were in that movie alive when they're scooping the decks and broken spoon like Donner Pass or something like yeah what are you going to do but then the something like is a foodie like you know you go to like a restaurant as a food that's what I'm saying like they cook it up nice you know I mean you get some Tabasco you've probably eaten two dudes foot

► 02:21:08

yeah foot soup or dick soup I am a dick Burger well there was one guy okay here's another there was one guy story but there was one guy that I had read about where online he requested that someone kill him and eat him damn and - yeah and I think it was in Germany so they met together got together with a guy the guy cut his dick off and they cooked it and they ate it together a part of his dick and then the guy wound up killing him and anyway so this guy was alive and they cooked made his dick oh he dated stick together they did they did it together it was a German did it was it was this guy's idea he requested it okay I'm like Craigslist or one of those things let's cut my dick off and then and eat and eat we're going to eat it and then you're gonna kill me and you get he wanted to he wanted the guy to eat him too and I think the guy did eat some of them but there was a question as to whether or not a person is a lot to eat how do you

► 02:22:08

how do you prosecute that what do you do like if someone said I want you to cut my dick off and you cut your dick off I want to cook it and eat it and then you both cook it needed I want you to kill me and eat me okay and they got kills me Deets I'm like what is that it was just a regular murder I think I'm reading the same story that manslaughter filmed it oh they filmed it yeah yeah they filmed it over like him cut his dick off in the eating it yeah I think they filmed the whole murder what's the threshold so like a snuff film yeah yeah but the guy requested it that's gnarly yeah is that pull it up so we can we could read it

► 02:22:44

what's this one from 2003 that's right yeah the same way yeah that's that's the one yeah yep forty-five-year-old yeah nine from my live body yeah wow see ya he posted a personal ad saying seeking well-built man 18 to 30 years old for Slaughter

► 02:23:03

whoa for Slaughter you what I offer myself to you and we'll let you dine from my live body not Butchery dining whoever really all caps wants to do it we'll need a real all caps victim all caps hmm exclamation point there's two started swapping increasingly explicit emails and on March 9th 2001 Braden took a day off work never to return he sold everything he owned including his treasured sports car wiped his computer hard drive and bought a one-way ticket to Castle near Frankfurt Armand met him off the train they bought painkillers at a chemical shop was headed back to the house and first brand has got cold feet and wanted return to Berlin

► 02:23:52

Muse said but he reconsidered swallowed painkillers and medication to make him sleepy he said now do it you said the video camera rolling and went to work with a kitchen knife wow dude we went into the bedroom how do you say is don't use the bathroom how do you say his name is Muse Mei Muse Muse told the police brain is lay in the bath so the blood can flow away and Brenda slowly began to lose Consciousness Muse past the time reading a Star Trek novel when the Berliner finally passed out Muse cut his throat now this is zoomed over a number he was consumed over a number of months the 30 kilos of Flesh he had put in his freezer use went on the internet and search of a new victim also he became like a tasteless frustrated that he could only find people looking for cannibal role plays music began posting about Brandis someone from the chat room and formed the federal police who

► 02:24:51

looped in on our Muse house in December 10th last surprising the koi cannibal than Cardellini unsuspecting Neighbors

► 02:25:02

ooh now that's that sociopaths Psychopaths thing you were saying earlier yeah because are you a psychopath or sociopath that point I mean how do you not feel empathy even for guys telling you to kill you but you're just looking for you know to kill somebody because you have a taste for blood now it became as laying right yeah I bet whatever he did during the day was boring and I bet that as psychotic as it is was exciting mmm and then he became a serial killer chasing that that feeling yeah what is it Jimmy what's the matter he's got it I found a website that had seven or something interesting facts about this guy this is the first one sauteed innate the penis of with his victim yeah that was that was the story right yeah they cooked it together sautéed it wow look at that image that's not really how it went down or something yeah that's enough though this is say like what how they sought a the penis mmm too chewy

► 02:26:01

them either of them to enjoy so they proceeded to fry it up with some of his flesh and fat and a bit of garlic that's hard I mean that's not that's I guess it's like you worried about the end right and so you just say I'm going to take control I'm going to bring the end on and here it is you got we're eating my dick this is over this is knock we're eating my dick is not gonna last eat my dick and then he goes into the tub to die out from warm water with his dick hole Bleeding Out hmm just really insane stuff I mean that's really it I mean to live through that by the way well you got to think that there's just such a wide range of crazy people right and there's some crazy people like that they want to be eaten and some crazy people want to eat you and if they find each other

► 02:26:53

now that's that's the beauty of the internet you can do that now you couldn't do that back and you know the Donner error or even the 92 then Brazilian soccer teammate each other well how long do you think that guy could have kept it together if he just ate that one dude before he could find another guy that will let him eat them and what if that was his thing what did I say all right exactly what you go what are you go Dexter he's gonna lie that's what I'm saying like dead people yeah that show fucking terrifying I mean to I mean just to just to go there kill the guy Rita Star Trek novel by the way why the guy's bleeding out in a tub yeah after you ate his dick that's some psychic I should pick a dick out of your teeth not that much no no no don't do this yeah but I don't want to see ya I was like don't do this whatever you do don't do this oh yeah

► 02:27:53

yeah of course of course they did you imagine being a juror and they force you to watch that video yeah I don't wanna see anybody yet I don't want to see you eat a dick and you're the only ones watching it right because you got to think that it's not like they're broadcasting on television I mean on Fear Factor you guys data like a it was always like the big thing of like eating somebody's penis right or something something maybe every day ya know one time this one time they had to eat dicks all right yeah they had eat like bull dick Dyrdek Pig deck or something like that I forget what the decor but it was a bunch of different kinds of dicks no you know it's just something so strange I had a bit about it that like never in my life did I think that I'd be standing in front of a girl with a plateful animal dicks going you can do it hang in there beep fuck keep going keep going who's your just you control your mind control your mind coach them through it nice dad they're eating eating pig pig penis ridiculous big dick but

► 02:28:53

it's like you can't I don't kill yourself it's not legal to kill yourself it's illegal hmm suicide is illegal and it's not legal to eat people and even if someone tells you to kill them and eat them you're not allowed to even in Jeremy like even like X that's assisted suicide right technically yeah but it's cannibalism to like well we don't allow that no SLI Humanity she doesn't allow that Rosalie yeah this is some tribes there's a few tribes still practice right ISM the particularly I guess I was reading I'm just not interested in like this letting what like what a human tastes like well it's probably not good right yeah Rose yeah we love trash cannibalism there's no laws against cannibalism per se but in most if not all states they've been fought enacted laws that indirectly make an impossible to legally obtain and consume the body matter what that's when you put it that way it doesn't sound too appetizing you can get it the body matter wait a minute wasn't there a show on

► 02:29:53

CNN or one of their guys they wanted him to eat charred flesh like he was examining different religions do you remember something along these lines there's like some outrageous things like Gupta so those are the no I don't think it was Sanjay Gupta someone else but there was they were he visited all of these different religions and people that live their lives and different weird ways and one of them I know the show you're talking about yeah I don't remember that episode God do you write it wasn't Gupta it was another correspondent he eventually got fired for CNN for saying something about Trump

► 02:30:35

which is hilarious yeah as you raise the Aslan Sparks outrage after eating human brain in new show it takes like charcoal see the problem with that too by eating a human brain is that I mean maybe these Cults or these tribes or whatever is involved with does do that if the brain has prions prions are what gives you mad cow disease oh really yeah you can you can get sick from that and die yucks felled crap what does that name of that Jake Jack Jakob Jakob Crux fell disease okay and it's it's basically mad cow disease and you get it from prions get it from brain tissue so any it takes they survive like thousands of degrees

► 02:31:24

yeah Crux felled Jakob disease that's it okay so I'm just rare degenerative fatal brain disorder and it affects about one person soapy some people get it without cannibalism but it also does happen see one person every million worldwide the United States about three and 50 cases per year

► 02:31:42

crazy so I must be like really charred though

► 02:31:46

it doesn't matter I don't think really yeah I think it does Miss still he's still alive yeah but he might not have had the prions of someone who has a disease okay but if he's if that person did that's why it's it like it has to be the temperature that it has to be cooked at a supposed to be insane I think prions can survive like more than a thousand degrees for a long period of time okay that's one of the fears of like mad cow disease like you really not going to be able to cook it well enough to that shit from getting in your bloodstream yeah see Google how long Jim your Google off doll off the chain today extra a lot of Flesh talk today yeah how well are going up stuff what temperature do pry on survivin

► 02:32:33

because I think it's more than a thousand degrees and they can still survive which I remember reading that going oh this is terrible mad cow disease zombies zombies yeah exactly it means I mean I mean you want your food so you're not worried about that yeah but you should be worried because there's a thing called chronic wasting disease and chronic wasting disease is essentially a form of like mad cow disease like very similar type of degenerative disease that affects dear that it's affecting an increasing number of from there spreading across the country now it hasn't made the jump to humans yet okay but it could you here but you cannot dare no more man's cannot be destroyed by boiling alcohol acid standard autoclaving methods or radio radiation but some say they're like roaches they'll survive everything well you know what they are their gods poison okay when Gods like ee9 stuff like know

► 02:33:32

fire no flames no ice no water yeah ain't fixing this yeah this is coming in hot yeah and this is the you can't yawns are forever Letha proteins are in the hard to kill Hall of Fame on may be more common than we realize see this is what I'm talking about so these things this is what affects people when they get mad cow disease and this is also what it affects cannibals mmm Crux felled Yucca poor Jakob Kirksville yeah the first way Crocs failed Yucca be okay creutzfeldt-jakob disease but it affects cannibals they found out the cannibals in New Zealand

► 02:34:12

New Guinea cannibals in New Guinea exhibited the same sort of symptoms as people with pots filled Jakob disease Google that jam little fucking AP cannibals cannibals that get Crux failed Jakob disease those poor cannibals while they're eating brain matter that's what it is yeah just eat yeah just eat the flesh fries a flash eat the booty yeah just go here you go only holy Park but they evolved a resistance to it because they're getting this so much oh my God though they will go crazy wow the crowd cannibalism in one pop out New Guinea tribe led to the spread of a fatal brain disease called Kuru that cause a devastating epidemic in the group but now some members of the tribe carry a gene that appears to protect against Guru as well as other so-called prion diseases such as mad cow so they evolve they evolved that generation wow like a super like a superbug fucking life finds a way

► 02:35:11

and to equalize away and wonder how long it's going to take before we're physically addicted to phones to the point where you needed to stay alive I mean like you need warm clothes mmm right in a cold environment you need to warm house how long before you need a phone like here's the thing the phone's going to help you it's okay everything better but I need it so it's almost like a like a heart monitor like I need this you have to have it wow it's like Generations that's what and I can access point to the internet instead of a phone right away excess don't take on the phone called an Electronics Soul let me will neural the phone isn't the only what the access to that that Matrix which is the internet and that thing's not real

► 02:35:59

you know unless you live inside of it it's not real yet strong you in though how often use your phone every day obviously yet obviously yeah yeah we'll talk about yeah but it just gives in obviously I'm using on it yeah I'm not saying I'm above it I'm just saying it's and I'm not even sure why we sometimes I'm searching Google News just to see if something's interesting yeah you got nothing in politics okay about entertainment nothing nothing nothing how about side give me some science come on let me cover me what do you got for me just constantly instead of thinking about what I'm doing constantly searching for some new data it's weird right it's I mean it's happening I like green yeah we can get rid of it no you talk about these are the like this generation of kids like this is the two girls one cup generation don't even like they get to see it at like 5 years old on their phone right that's that's going to change yeah so I think when you're saying that's gonna take Generations I mean could be what a few Generations removed from like where they you just you don't know any better if you don't have a phone wow

► 02:36:59

so we'd be the Faces of Death generation because like our parents proud never saw that shit but we definitely did they saw in the war son they saw they saw in person we saw Dante you were there man the first bitch-ass generation I mean look I mean My Generation yeah we're definitely the chassis well when you go back to like World War II like everybody was signing up right right those everything yeah people just signed up for the war

► 02:37:24

but then he got around the Vietnam I was like what yeah what were their fuck are we doing it they manipulated that war though so that was there were two you like you know Pearl Harbor happened you know there's no Pearl Harbor that happen for Vietnam even 911 like you know like the guys are signed up to go you know quote unquote fight those terrorists you know this faction dudes like how many guys came back from war world World War II with horrific memories right remember Saving Private Ryan yeah that was one of the best depictions of historical event in to put it into like real perspective what it probably was like when those guys are getting gunned down on the beach yeah you thought you were yeah you didn't know how to be you or not yeah but it's also whoa this is real as fuck and then Legend leaving then coming back and like you said to be normal yeah because most movies that we saw about warlike go back to like John Wayne movies about war they would never gauri is like Bang

► 02:38:26

hold his stomach you didn't see anything yeah and then later even in movies like Apocalypse Now I mean it was still wild it still gave you this feeling of War but there was never anywhere near the gore of that scene in Saving Private Ryan the only see people with their legs blown off in their guts hanging out you like holy shit that's War that's what a warrant that's War we never saw that you never see that unless you're there in the war or unless you're watching a movie like that because the movies that whitewash it they give it this feeling of like oh you got me yeah Japanese what'd ya think what they're exposed to as far as their entertainment and the 1940s and then boom you're there and you're seeing real War I mean they'll fucking do they'll scare you straight like why would you want to go fight in that they were scared the Germans take

► 02:39:24

over the world they said of the world from the Nazis that's one of those rare through to put save the world from the Nazis rare wars were it's not that it's not that sloppy looking pretty clear you're right you got a real you guys are yeah they're evil right right there you would legitimate evil empire that's killing people the killed six million Jews yeah or whatever the number is what is the number so they always did I said five million one time and somebody correct they always correct it's always six million whenever the number is some insane number of millions of people were killed by this one group of humans genocide and and there was something that history and pictures are one of the one of the Twitter accounts that I retweeted a few days ago that had they showed all these SS officers laughing and with like kids on their laps and the caption was something to the effect of don't ever think that the people that you think of as monsters are not human like humans are capable regular humans capable

► 02:40:24

horrific monstrous Behavior if they all agree to it and so it's showed these SS officers and they just look so normal and laughing and ha ha ha meanwhile there's these Jewish skeleton people in the in a cage just a few yards over well with uh it's not what a cabaret is about kind of right I was watching that the movies on CNN they're yeah they're kind of saying like Cabaret is like it's it's showing how like all these funny like nice people and they just they're Nazis so I didn't see that movie this in that movie I'd forget who's that if I know is like a musical Liza Minnelli wow never saw it is that what it's really all about I didn't know that either I watch that I learned about it through Tom Hanks is the movies on CNN well you've obviously never seen the man who killed Hitler and then Bigfoot not all of it be clear you're my guy we understand why the Nazis are so bad

► 02:41:22

yeah it's we haven't had you know you're right we haven't had somebody as evil as the Nazis right right but they tried to make guys like that you know yeah Kong Saddam Hussein Bin Laden but that one was clear cut like every yeah that was oh Jesus let's go get Hitler gotta stop this this motherfucker when you see him scream in front of the crowd like well I don't know that's why would you follow that they're all high on fucking methamphetamines aren't they though let's say yes okay even if we don't know eat that Nazis he was tripping that video of him he's definitely trip yeah he was rubbing his Cane on his dick yeah weekend but a whole country is into that they're just like yeah this is our guy we're gonna do whatever he says yep yep they didn't even know yeah they didn't even know like what it meant to have someone like him run a country back then how drugs like pervitin and cocaine-fueled the Nazis rise and fall wow

► 02:42:22

Hitler's anti-drug rhetoric Nazi Germany used a little courage pill called pervitin to take Europe by storm storm and it turns out it was pure methamphetamine is pervitin methamphetamine hydrochloride who made that looks like the fucking Germans did because it's in jams and I'm saying like who like what company what companies making pervitin some Nazi company okay so they were just giving out everybody math yeah could have messed up country Let's Dance they'll kill six million Jews yeah okay he says still couldn't dick ditch an Axis power meeting so Hitler's personal physician injected the fewer with a drug called you could all think oxycodone combined with cocaine to perk him up so physician took a significant risk in doing so after all Hitler was prone to latching onto addictive substances and refusing to let go but in this case the injection seemed warranted Hitler was doubled over with

► 02:43:22

violent spastic constipation refusing to speak to anyone immediately after the first injection and despite his doctors wishes a revived Hitler ordered another injection Hitler then left for the meeting with the Gusto of a soldier half his age okay so it's like yeah he's he was messed up man yeah I second like super pills or whatever is fake and liquid cocaine and meth and Oxycodone Hitler reportedly spoke for several hours without stopping at the meeting with Mussolini Hitler reportedly spoke for several hours without stopping the Italian dictator who sat massaging his own back dabbing his forehead with a handkerchief and sighing had hoped to convince Hitler to let Italy drop out of the war he never got the chance you never get a word in edgewise oh my God so you imagine being poor Mussolini you're over there talking to Hitler he masked out of his fucking mind and you're trying to tell him look at aliens we don't want to go to war we want to be

► 02:44:22

get out of this with like to just kick it back you know I mean a good luck we you know we hope for the best and Hitler comes over all messed up have you ever owned speakers yes okay here it says Jamie's trying to show us this is what we won't let it go yeah this is what one episode amid Hitler's Al's Daily drug use which included barbituates hey old-school bull semen bull semen bull semen testosterone opiates and stimulants such as pervitin acreage pill so he was taken meth isn't bullying like touring or whatever bull semen the story is it like that it sounds like it would be like Red Bull is like it supposed to be like something is supposed to be like a small and bulges yeah bullshit yeah take that Red Bull that's again some serious stomach I've heard Toreador yeah my right is he right torian is bull semen oh my God bro Koreans eat your young

► 02:45:22

media and Red Bull Monster Rock Star another energy it's an organic molecule not an amino acid for named for the Latin Taurus which means ox or bull because originally torian was extracted from Bull's red bull semen so originally taurine was extracted that way but it is an ingredient and bull semen okay so the taurine and Red Bull probably doesn't come from bull semen but taurine is in bull semen okay so Hitler was getting his taurine right from the tap from The Sword just suck the Bulls dick defeated the best way is to suck up on that sucker did you get it from the top under this fresh the 700% more potent the fuhrer is just gets down there they hold the ball back with straps and buckles it's kicking and Hitler gets his sloppy Nazi mouth right over that fat 00 hog and that is apparently the

► 02:46:22

Jen of that upper lip mustache hapless muscles to catch all the succulent drops when he's choking on J so I won't belabor saver and that giant bull dick is pummeling the back of his throat and fills it up that when he comes out of his nose because a lot of the jizz comes out of his nose that's just enough mustache to catch catch the jizz so that's why he had that mustache lot of people don't know I must have believed that many people smoke actually guy I mean like and I was just on every just cracked out it's a perfect just catching my mustache uhhhh if you think about it it's coming out of your nose which it does do right like milk does a bright right now you cough when you drink it up and comes out of your nose so steam is coming out of your nose and Siemens come out of your nose he's just yeah he's catching it savoring it

► 02:47:10

no no saying I mean I'm just saying I mean how many people were in Germany at that time how many people were in millions we're SS soldiers Wonder that's good question right how many people actually joined yeah well I think you had to be a part of it right right otherwise the Hitler Youth as well yeah it was a holy the whole society was that is all yeah became Nazi Germany national socialist what is it what is the actual what does not see actually stand for

► 02:47:39

I mean didn't shut up for seven hours dude the Mussolini national socialism I guess that's a National Socialist German Workers Party is what it was so they were socialists imagine poor Mussolini then you kill more people I don't know how many he killed how many Mussolini Stalin didn't he kill the most he killed the most yeah he's yeah he's like a he's Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of mass murder he's got the points record to man how do you when you're a person like that and you didn't used to be a Stalin yeah right you were just a person and then also in you're in a position of power and then all of a sudden you're responsible for the death of Untold millions of people oh yeah almost tense some now is the most by a long shot okay look at Mile so Stalin Hitler and then Stalin 17 yeah the Mussolini on the list okay but wow that Miles

► 02:48:39

400 million right 78 but yeah okay go Google Map now might have been responsible for 400 million because there was an article I was reading the actually 400 million people that's a revised the amount of people that they think or were dead directly because of Moscow okay oh so like indirectly the oil tank directly kill a hundred people some insane number of people were killed during miles rain

► 02:49:05

what are they saying that's correct way there's a place called Mao's kitchen 5 million maybe maybe I added a zero to it Leap Forward maybe I added a zero most likely so 45 million and the other ones had 70 so it's so it's between 45 and whatever the other number is but that so he's number one with a bullet wow he's the guy responsible for the most deaths during his time again though there was a there was a kitchen there's a restaurant here in Los Angeles called Mouse kitchen Jesus that's disrespectful as fuck Tyson has Mao on his arm oh does it well I mean you know he's supposed to kill people well I was in when I was in jail I think probably read some Philosophy from now I mean yeah there's guys I mean those guys right they read good books well my comp is a pretty good as it did you read it and write English yeah are you allowed to read it now like when you read it you're probably allowed to read it like if you but I don't think you can buy it today yeah but he tried to buy mine come on your Kindle if you're if you're like to sail stuff it's like it's a little it's just like talking about the sale I mean it's awfully talking about you know

► 02:50:05

killing Jews but the talking about the sale of it's just it's talking about how they can overcome and it's like his struggles basically just it's it is a propaganda book but it's like it's from a sales perspective you're just like I see where he's coming from not saying that if I'm condoning it but I'm saying you're like okay there's so much passion in it you know I mean like a mint that's like a memoir so he's selling to the people that they can overcome the economic situation in Germany's in and they could rise up yes and if you tried to buy that today to read it people assume I was young I read about the one can I would think it was yeah you can borrow mine calm buy it on Amazon but come on son you know you're on a list you I am now right I read in the library that Library if you buy it today you know right yeah yeah for she liked better flag you're going to list now oh yeah for sure if you buy Dukes of Hazzard DVD set you're on the list you're on a list we don't just Foxworthy if it's one on the cover of the one with the General Lee leaping over the fucking Canyon with the Confederate flag

► 02:51:05

flag clearly book that I think it was the maybe the one you talked about a lot but I remember in the 90s or late 90s you people were saying if you went to the bookstore to buy this book you're on a list and if you had to go buy with cash and like wear a hoodie and cover your face yeah I remember that it was always those stupid rumors yeah what was the book think it was the cross book that you've talked about the sacred Cross or oh the sacred Mushroom in the cross was it really that's the one I would heard of it could have been my Rumor by get passed around yeah do you remember A Course in Miracles

► 02:51:38

of Course in Miracles is a book that was going around I want to say in the early early 90s there was a bunch of people that were telling you to read some book by this couple and they were channeling an Angel Real wrote this book and yeah it's one of those books where like I don't know if it was any good because everybody that recommended it was so annoying relegate Pray Love or they just it was that the other one the secret but was extremely spiritual air quotes Okay and it was all about how to live it might have been it might be an amazing book but I remember everybody that wanted to recommend that I always had like a all right that might I was a young man the time and I was very dismissive about a lot of things I wouldn't be dismissive of today but the I remember it was like one of those books where annoying people loved it yeah you've got to read this book right there yeah it's like this book transformed

► 02:52:38

it's a gift I'm giving you this book because I want you to read it and it's going to transform you to wow maybe get on my love to you maybe I'm reading a book about someone who said they were channeling an angel and that's nonsense right about that how about how about I have to think about the fact it's a nonsense personal website for it foundation for inner peace look at like the light oh it looks like the Dianetics already never comes yeah exactly yeah it's very coltish what is the what's the origin of it is it does it my corrected to come from someone who like channeled an angel or some shit like that it's not the idea

► 02:53:21

I don't know well let's Google what is the origin

► 02:53:27

containing curriculum aiming at assisting readers and achieving spiritual transformation a my conflating this with some other book we're talking about in color someone was almost the same thing but we're someone said that it like someone wrote it for them that it was like written as they were channeling oh really like 090 / to talk about it in 1992 did they say that my making this up so it's an open book clubs on Johnny Carson to also but wow but got around 90 right be I don't think I'm going to follow the find it from there just Google what is the origin story for a course of Miracles of Course in Miracles

► 02:54:10

but it's one of those books where you'd like if you were dating a yoga teacher Boomer house she'd have the coffee table on your way to the vegan restaurant let's go you know I'm because you think like it's a Nazis do win that does become like the coffee book my comp yeah you know if the Nazis wants super inspirational and in her voice she identified as Jesus

► 02:54:34


► 02:54:36

interacting with her and acted as a stimulus triggering a certain experiences that were understood her to her as that and that's what she did so the same go so who are the the Mormon bible so the sense of smell yeah yeah so it's that's what it is so I'm correct so it's like a Bible

► 02:54:55

wow it's like one of those things like maybe that happened right maybe that happened I mean it's awesome books officer maybe you're crazy we are maybe you're out of your fucking mind and you want people to think that you're special so you wrote these rules on how people should live and they are pretty good they resonate well they make sense because you're not alone the original Bible to yeah yeah hundred percent crazy this is good structure where we assume that if someone tells a crazy story like that they're a hundred percent crazy right

► 02:55:24

I don't have any good ideas like you could be a fucking crazy person with a couple good ideas mmm Mike is fucking crazy but I'm telling you they said JK Rowling was crazy oh she's gotta be crazy you know that means so that she's got a lot of shit right up a little boys yeah so you writing about yeah little boys and magic magic you could be a little girl and P with those little boys and everyone be happy and happy and happy look you can be a woman and do that right you can be a dude and do that because then you're like yeah dude right in about a little boys yeah not good that's definitely there's a flag to be able to get away with it right dr. Seuss I was going on between what about like Huckleberry Finn those boys snort that I was like oh this all this meth talk mushroom Elixir you want some it's got to do to make me lion's mane juice me up no no it's good for the brain I'll perfect it's it doesn't taste bad either thank you why is actual lines man yeah a lion's mane mushroom not lions like a lion lion right months

► 02:56:24

some mushroom just drink it all the time and I feel like I'd be rude if I don't offer you some thank you you're the man

► 02:56:31

she's so um that's not correct something you asked me earlier you have c21 was when that changed there was a significant role change and they joined the Council of mixed martial arts commission you'll see 21 prelim baths had two rounds that were only five minutes then three five-minute rounds of Championship bounds change the five minutes they also that's when they added the 10-point must system so premium rounds were two rounds Championship rounds with three championships 457643 everything else is 300 for that because there were so before that it was too though you said but this is also pre Dana and pre-fit Tina's so they were still mixed into Gracie stuff they were doing it so they just had five minute rounds until the thing was over unlimited five-minute rounds that's right I remember that shit that was that was Madness but it wasn't as bad in terms of Madness as the Japanese ones the Japanese ones were fucking crazy they did so many nutty things yeah they had so many

► 02:57:31

like crazy freak shows and they still do yeah this lady named Gabby Garcia she's like six foot two 240 pounds Amazon they have her fighting like Housewives sheep eats one of these ladies and it's all consensual right like this one of The Shining out yeah okay they like freak shows right they mean yeah look at their game shows yeah exactly what is going on with that it's just because I think there's such a repressed country aren't they I think so yeah I think this is like I know they have like bending machines were like guys have like there's Gabby look at that

► 02:58:03

come on Shining of Housewives look it up look at the guns yeah we'll pull up a video of her given and so that's Ronda Rousey that's not real this is real that's Gabi that's fights real so look at the size of that woman that she has to fight I mean like what is up with the definition though Gabby Mexican supplements okay Hannah percent nice I don't use Gap keep it 100 yes I'll get ya some bigger than your trainer they like a sandal e Silva yeah that's not that's crazy yeah she's a big lady yeah but so anyway Japan loves them that was when she was real thin at one point time she'd gotten like real ripped and small and then got right back up to Gigante again to win in these fucking Japanese events she and UFC know she fights for I think I'm gonna which one may be rising

► 02:58:57

does pop out right it doesn't say which one but yeah why should I like a so I mean if she's bigger than I do what every female in UFC yeah she's giant so she's got no she gonna division yeah she's trying she's just six to cheese I mean she's in the 240 pound weight class somewhere like there's a heavyweight I'm a heavyweight in the mail right you can't yeah

► 02:59:23

Gabby was no 62 no heavyweight female weight class A couple weeks ago shrink it down hey good for her what up still probably 200 pounds damn okay so she's jacked and tan again she looks great then yeah look good she's strong as fuck yeah and she's world champion Jiu-Jitsu player to so she grabs a whole these girls and just Pummel them but they had Bob Sapp back in the day like I said he was like 375 pounds he was fighting guys have been like the 200s yeah smash so many people there was so many guys like that that fought in Japan where they have these freak shows I mean crazy so I saw one of the other day like that thing where like I like a woman and her nipples are just like almost like like cones and they'd like the game shows like these guys are just like put their fingers in the is wild I mean they're just so many Wild Things in Japan like you can see things like that it's gnarly bro well they are the birth of lot of those crazy game shows right I mean a lot of the game shows

► 03:00:23

given Fear Factor like the dead of even happen if it wasn't for the crazy Japanese shows what's in the water over there to make him think like that and we were saying they were oppressed but it's also I mean why they so repressed have you ever seen bazooka man zook man was a Japanese game show where a guy with a buzz Uka would show up at people's houses okay I think a real live bazooka like with like some missile in bed okay be in bed sleeping and bazooka man would shoot the Bazooka at your wall above your head while you're asleep this is a real film it what they would film it this new exploded but your hand shoots a rocket launcher through your fucking wall boom and this guy's like yeah they wake up fucking screaming there's a hole in the wall above the head and the audience in Japan's a ha ha ha ha do you have any have it on TV you can find it you can find the videos bro Jamie will find it what is that that's a real thing

► 03:01:23

good maybe Rock a man but you met okay so I'm pretty sure it was Bazooka man and it's a real rocket whatever it is it's firing out of a cannon that's on his shoulders and it's hitting the wall explodes right Google Japanese game show where they blow up all behind I mean how do you have like a heart attack in like when you wake up like a sort of split easily goodness I'm saying yeah I mean I you must like signing a death warrant for you for sure you could definitely get a heart attack though Jesus and he's like dead asleep and they all signed up for this is all consensual basically okay it's pretty simple Stan I don't think they sign up for it I think they're just a lot of do stuff like that and they give you money okay if you survive right well I don't think they have the same concept of lawsuits that we do over here you know okay

► 03:02:08

you got it done on my way to finding it though I found one this is called the bum show where girls would put their bum in a hole and a guy would kiss it or did he throw ass yeah basically right on TV hmm okay I can't comment on that one they have different ways of living they really do have a different style can't hate can't be hating on them Jesus is it China or Japan where they have like they have like these crazy work hours right like these like Factory workers who I know just died the whole economy is just like work all the time and they have bending machines where you can just like Pocket Pussy is basically oh yeah like the guys were just like there yeah they'll just use those things they'll toss them and just go back to work oh yeah

► 03:02:54

wow I want to say it's that's Japan could be well they're both they're both known for their work hours right you know so like sex isn't a part of the other routine just watching some document Iran or reading something rather on Huawei while ways it's a Chinese phone company and the guy had a bed underneath his desk as crazy as image he's in his cubicle and his stuff is above him and his got a bed laid out under his cubicle and he's asleep was like glasses right at work exhausted physically 18 hour day probably not yeah make it cell phone so we could take selfies

► 03:03:32

like China has like the biggest economy though the biggest don't that today they number one yeah the Chinese I've been praying right on this whole episode Joe very right shocking that right damn hmm so largest economy China

► 03:03:53

and what's number two its American number two let's someone needs to tell Trump he keeps a the real one yeah yeah I'm sorry to hurt anybody that didn't know that but China is number one depends on what you're using a gauge economy as a general it's like nah that's the thing though it's not subjective I'm sorry objective subjective a or you know not giving people because it says our GDP is 19.3 nine trillion and China's is 12 which is their nominal but over more people I guess it's 23 trillion so that's technically higher ISO I goes I don't know what you want to okay yeah well yeah well yeah well you're basing your economy on so GDP were killing it but as far as largest economy it's the Chinese they got way more people a lot okay so that's probably what it was just kind of me because they more people a billion humans right yeah that India bigger they the biggest country still China

► 03:04:47

that's another good question yeah I think it's close it's a hot race China and India to stuff from earlier this year staying in China and India are gaining on the US as the world's top economy is poised to take over next year or so I don't think magically just depends on what you want to mash of trump is on something with all these sanctions mmm imagine your time with the that health insurance thing earlier I learned a weird thing British comic it told me I was over in London

► 03:05:14

well as you're doing the the rose petal over there and he was like you know like you guys don't have free healthcare he's like but your health care is better he's like use the one I get like a he had like a bronchial thing he's like normally takes like two weeks for the secure over here is like went to America to click 48 Hours mmm that's we're paying for just the better drugs that make sense not just better drugs but like probably more motivated doctors but who's gonna pay but are they more motivated to keep people in and out of their office and shuffle them quick and stuff them up with pills versus we're in England they're not motivated by like a quota right maybe they're just just trying to help maybe it's different because they get paid a certain amount and Healthcare is free and they're not motivated to earn additional profit by you know suggesting surgeries or making someone get on medication I don't know yeah but it's all I mean if you're talking about I listen I'm a doctor making money over here

► 03:06:14

when you want to keep a guy you know sick as possible he can make more money out of them yeah but that's like see again some dark conspiracy type thing definitely how many people are really thinking like that right I'm saying like two weeks and kind of like 48 hours there's just a shittier system yeah that's what I'm saying maybe the argument could be made the profit based systems are more efficient because people are more aggressive because they want to they want to make money once they get things handled quicker and they believe it more it's almost like I'm getting what I paid for maybe yeah I don't know me I think it would be nice if people didn't go out without health care though the problem is like the idea that Health Care is not a human right if that's not a human right what else do we have right you're gonna tell my kids hurt and just going to let him die because they don't they don't contribute enough change you know they didn't put enough money in them in the box and basically bankrupt now because I got a scrape me seems crazy that we would

► 03:07:09

somehow or another keep people from Medical Care hmm I can I have enough money like that should be like the number one thing that they take care food and Medical Care food shelter Medical Care those things you know nothing basically in that order yeah the fact that up medical you're on your own like what how come we can't pay for that well we can pay for though this and pay for the that we can fund that and fun this and we're going to go to the moon and Mars yeah but you gave yeah but you can have health care yeah but then again it's like people are so resistant to socialism like they don't want anybody taking over the Nazis weren't now they fucked up they'll look where that ended that's true terrible yeah they're all they're all on meth that's true they're messed up maybe non messed up so easily but the problem is people are almost all messed up here now with the fucking Adderall thing yeah oh yeah or the other on Downer's like Xanax dude yeah one of the other but Adderall might as well be meth

► 03:08:09

I mean it's something it's cocaine it's amphetamine yeah it's an amphetamine it's fucking straight up amphetamine you know and some people had helped some people who works for them but other people they just chew it all day long and talk crazy talk crazy Tommy get the mouth crazed I mean runs against them Coke is the most annoying drug I mean anything yeah it's the worst yeah this is an annoyance love because a big people just talk about nothing the whole time you know we just want to talk to you yeah talk right in your face it's super pumped up like Hitler you imagine they injected Hitler with two doses of Oxycodone and cocaine yeah to any at it's me again the doctors I could kind of tough Eula with can teach you again it's me again then again he goes directly to Mussolini's house like oh my God like he's so annoying coke-fueled five-hour rant and ramp or Mussolini just want to make a pizza or a hangout I won't go to Capri when you go fishing with my duck grandson yeah it was just like no

► 03:09:09

the Jew and just losing his mom my God imagine that this whole thing was fueled by Meth like that was responsible for the whole fucking chaos of it all yeah meth-fueled like because if you stop and think about history Breaking Bad there's obviously been some horrific you know campaigns well whether it's Alexander the Great Genghis Khan or what are they on you know I mean what are they just sat right that's how I was going to say like if these guys in the Nazi party were all on meth it makes total sense they were so psychotic yeah dude what were the fucking Mongols on

► 03:09:48

well they just drunk yeah it was it because I was like where they was at the Opium Den time that wasn't dens and although yeah they definitely must had opium dens right yeah they must have had that is that their era I mean we can just hope he has been around forever right everybody had opium but it's what did but I also that Mellows you out though Ryan oh I should make you a killer well the Vikings were in the mushrooms which is we really yeah it's like a dog mushroom psilocybin yeah yeah so some okay they would take psilocybin and they would fucking go on crusades and start smashing heads well that's why me well they're also you know they're they're they're grown to be like that so I think yeah you know so so I was gonna take you where you want to go yeah because it's also what's their world and their world is like cutting and slashing right acting like they're not the idea of that not being there that's not even an option yeah I mean you talk about Valhalla so I mean that's what they're thinking about their just like we're just killing people that's like it's heaven we get to we get to kill everybody what a crazy

► 03:10:48

reward from murder yeah you go to heaven and you drink with Odin going to go to Valhalla can people partly swords just can't wait to see Odin crust and then you take that arrow in the neck about Halle happy gonna go to Valhalla here was watch that show Vikings now people tell me it's great that was a great pretty fucking good man up until like season 45 mrs. Rogan how to stop now it did Shake anymore a lot of fucking pretty extreme violence it gets a little bit handle it gets a little gnarly and there's not the Combat Sports guy is not enough good people okay root for that's the Vikings looks like yeah everybody's kind of a piece of shit you like why am I watching these piece of shits rape and murder each other and they were the brothers returned on Brothers man it's dark yeah those like those are like the true Caucasians right oh yeah oh yeah

► 03:11:48

they're the message Northern Warriors the ones who escaped from the southern climates and figured out how to survive in the cold is fucking places in the world oh yeah and there's a there's like a nature rule not a real like a law in terms of like the size of things that live where it's cold so like if you have a deer in Mexico it might be a hundred pounds but if you have a deer in Saskatchewan it might be like 300 pounds because the was saying species or something about real cold climate makes things grow bigger and stronger because that's the oh that's like it's reacting to the environment right yeah it's something about body temperature as well that they need in order to maintain body temperature they need a lot of mass and so like polar bears the biggest of the Bears right I live in the cold as fucking place and those Caucasian Vikings of the biggest do the Iceland motherfucker Icelandic just giant dudes that mountain from Game of Thrones he's an Icelandic right yes yes that's what that is

► 03:12:48

this is gnarly that's gnarly and he went to play basketball another a basketball is he never met a basketball no look at no I don't think he knows how to fight there was a video of him sparring with Conor McGregor and come on Conor McGregor's fucking him up what yeah that guy yeah and Connor mean Connors not he's not weighing in so he's probably weighing about 170 okay and Game of Thrones guys easy 3 3 yeah I would imagine he's in the 320 340 range and he's like a bodybuilder to so he's like Jason Connor and Connor some crack him in the stomach it's kind of a crazy video to watch I will seriously exactly pull it up what kind of five nine guys what six seven he's taller than 5 9 I think kind of might be five not might be five ten I'm 5-8 he's a welcome to protect you Conor McGregor oh he's a beast yeah you get the hardest 8-foot person who doesn't give a fuck yeah I mean the guy fought Floyd Mayweather with zero professional

► 03:13:48

in fight yeah just stop and think about that no he's here I took 0 so he's a legit so here's Connor probably about a buck seventy look at the size difference yeah and they're likes barn and Connor's moving around he's punched him in the stomach and the guys trying to grab them tagging along trying to grab him but Connor you let's let him grab but he's not do anything he's controlling the guys trying to do so they're really spoiled growl yeah guys trying to grab somebody does know what he's doing and then he's like high-fiving cars like no no no keep going good we're going to keep going so now he starts he starts kicking them so it's kicking him in the stomach with a see he's punched in the stomach in the big I don't know what to do he's trying to grab him but it kind of like come on lat looking to keep going it's a Monster yeah so profit honor knows that this big motherfucker can't keep this up

► 03:14:40

you can keep it up he's not he's not able to keep up this pace so he's already hurting because I mean he's already tired me come on will ya you going back and forth no no first of all he's not he was just got to a minute he's not used to sparring right okay so everything he's doing is like these big movements and he's not breathing well so he's all tense and tight so right now it went to can take a deep breath so y'all this is tension for him he's very tense so now he's got a hold of the leg but he doesn't know what to do and Connor have it though yeah she kind of had fights with them call Connor has to do is keep him moving as he always has her in the stomach there we go and I kind of like oh okay okay and so Khan is going to keep going with that now he's throwing kicks out them

► 03:15:20

hey guys in kicked me out keeping that leg kick yeah it'll be too awkward kind of trip them throw them to the ground or something like that he doesn't know how to kick butt kind of just going to keep punch him in the stomach but eventually just gets really really tired and he gives up but it's kind of crazy to watch because Connor essentially made him fight see look he put down his knees just like that cop guy that was that was it that was the big guy yeah the victim with the cop he got his needs and Connor didn't didn't allow him either

► 03:15:51

cars need them in the body look at this bro he's gangster he's near him and punched him in the body jeez I mean those are real kicks those are real like neat wow that guy is so much bigger than him yeah he's a monster so yeah he's not doing it even met training well that's I mean he could if he wasn't there I mean he just doesn't know what to do yeah but if he learned it what to do Connor would never do that yeah that guy's he's a walking weapon like liking gone oh Francis and gone who's probably one of the biggest heavyweights in the UFC Connery never do that with him yeah he's a trained yet he's a trained fighter giant Striker who fuck him up with that guy got to know what he's doing no the mountain though yeah he's a he's a basketball player he went to play basketball then he broke his his ankle or leg or something and every like heal properly and he just became a bodybuilder and then they put them in Game of Thrones well he's a world strongest man right exactly yeah he wins those world's strongest man this is not just like a participants are yeah he's yeah he's the champ right he's crazy strong

► 03:16:51

guys like Magnus ver magnusson right like there's like his mentor Magnus is that his mentor yeah Magnus ver magnusson what by what a great name perfect name Magnus ver magnusson I frightened you love that cat Strongman Competition every competitor magna cum laude Magnus ver magnusson yeah there was member we want you those shows used to be on like ABC Wide World of Sports Jen would be on TV you'd be watching it strongest man competition they won't throw barrels over the fucking bars I mean they're carrying yeah the caring trucks 18-wheel semis yeah always ridiculous shit member like the guys like they would say they would lift and like they had like a hemorrhage and it just fucking go out through the nose oh yeah yeah yeah one of the guys Robert Oberst was on my podcast recently he's a he's one of those strong strongest men competitors they're so big they don't even look like real people your rounded or high so big it's so big it's fucking gigantic humans the human body is

► 03:17:51

credible it is man there he is he said this is what did he took in his nose smelling salt isn't that nuts they do smelling salts before they left something to drink whiskey or something yeah before but why smelling salts I you know I wouldn't drink the whiskey I think that would make me to relax I probably shit myself or something look at the size of this fucking human yeah that's what he's for 25 to 3 her a plea how much weight is this didn't say the ton just said is the most easy bro look at the ours are better God Jesus Christ look at the fucking bar Bend Jesus good enough we get it shot with a smelling salts are so strange yeah right the NFL players the two on the sides if you did that right before you went on stage I got my only thought maybe that's the mood right maybe we missing out I think for your next show you how to do that

► 03:18:51

just look what I found Hitler and Mussolini just got that fact I just go up there and just ran for five hours every has a shot him on juicy Rogan seven hours oh my god look smelling all brilliant what his nose is bleeding smell like took the best angles know I don't know what I've never seen to ask if it would how to compare like a stink bomb or something like that that's mostly just like real strong it's just like it's like the scent is strong oh my God and Jessica out yeah pops your brain like right away yeah then you have fucking left damn yeah you become like Dane Cook on said you'd be like so physical no one's that physio I don't know one's for smelling salts physic know it's books those physical we should make your my Walkins do it oh my God is he would walk ins on smelling salts yeah he would be the first guy to be have like what kind of physical comedy I like smelling salts physical yeah exactly yeah the most physical level that cocaine yeah I can listen shit you talk about smelling salt well who

► 03:19:51

you'll be like Dane Cook is one of the most physical like Jim Carrey was very little right Robin Williams yeah but Jim Carrey would like fall down and fucking do pratfalls and graze acrobat yeah he can move weird to hear like a real flexibility to the way he moved yeah member in like Ace Ventura Pet Detective I mean he would that was on display right yeah I mean that was part of his whole thing this whole wacky move you know now 1,000 faces right with then you'd have smelling salts physical Next Level shit just like those kids in the day they couldn't do the BMX flip three times well they can't write can't yeah that's the same thing with smelling salt I gotta see this I had a buddy try this actually ammonia is it yeah just started at a releases ammonia when you break the thing or open the cap or whatever you're okay there's nothing that ain't shit that's Windex make it from deer antlers and Hooves what oh shit called Spirit of hartshorn folks this

► 03:20:51

has been the most educational experience ever of this podcast I would say with both real and false information we don't know what we can decipher which is we gave you nonsense and we gave you truth and we hope you enjoy it Brian Moses tell these people where they can find you yeah you could find me a trace Banning on Twitter Fox Compton on Instagram or just see me at the Rose Bowl every Tuesday night at The Comedy Store every Tuesday night at what time is it start at 11 o'clock 11 o'clock eleven PM one of the rare scheduled 11 p.m. shows anywhere how about that regularly scheduled show at 11 p.m. pretty fucking rare it's dope dude that you came once I was past your bedtime but you still did it I did I took my Mylanta that's it ladies and gentlemen Brian Moses goodbye thank you for tuning tuning shooting what was that word thank you for tuning in to the show thank you to our sponsors thank you to Door - right now listeners can get

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