JRE MMA Show #11 with John Danaher

Jan 15, 2018

Joe sits down with Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach John Danaher.

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some ominous

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and that's it for this one my guess today is the great John danaher John danaher is one of the most respected figures in Brazilian jiu-jitsu

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he's a fascinating character a Real Genius me that word gets tossed around a lot but John danaher is an actual real genius and probably one of the most requested people in the martial arts Community specially

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that I've gotten to get on the podcast people are constantly ask me to have them on and I was very excited talk to him and it exceeded my expectations he's amazing he's a fascinating guy and he's incredibly important in the world of submission grappling so please give it up for John danaher

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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and we like John danaher thank you very much sir very nice to see you it's my pleasure thank you for having me have a nice to be with a fellow fanny pack for pain as well and now you you have one of those. Those beautiful higher primate leatherbacks like that huh Joe Rogan is just give me one of the most beautiful fanny packs that I've ever seen in my life where a very cheap fanny pack and this this is a thing of beauty I was just telling you about my student Gordon Ryan was recently given a Gucci fanny pack but this was beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life when he wears around me I get insanely jealous and buy one of those $800 in the back with a knife and steal it from an inflamed hockey Ryan I could do that easily great TV series

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the fanny pack is making a comeback it's a slow come back that a lot of people are reluctant to join their they're scared they they worry about their position the sexual food chain and with Good Reason by the way I don't know why I feel like anybody that won't fuck you cuz you have a fanny pack you don't want to fuck them they're too much work strong points from that was just not worth it it's always a battle appearance versus function fanny packs School very very low on appearance but very high on function I feel like that one Buck the trend ice think you listen to Gucci we've got something going on yet there's a video that I put up the other day of my archery game is techno hunt thing which is this big crazy elaborate think I got more comments on the fact that I was wearing a fanny pack in the video than anything with a positive or negative comments mostly negative

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they say you can you could literally save a baby's life from the Internet is very angry weld with the Internet is it shows what people look like when there's no social cues when they're not in front of you they don't have to deal with like looking you in the eye and what weird little hidden Demons of jealousy and anger and resentment and it's a pretty sad stories and that's the kind of people that comment in general but it shows you is that 99% of what we called human goodness and politeness really comes out of fear of consequences there's a lot of that for sure there's no consequences when you talk online it's the quality of the people that are making those kind of comments like I always say like if you look at YouTube comments like Michael Jordan is not leaving YouTube comments did the people that leave you

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Commons in bitch and complain about things usually everything is not going so fantastic and their own life but they have this form now when they feel like you know if there's a video that has 3 million downloads they also are on that video they are at the Blood are there in the comment section please go to them they are part of that unqualified no one asked him to be there it would literally all you have to do is to make an account no one has to know anything about your education the way your mind works what you've done with your life what mistakes you've made doesn't matter you are a old Fox 66 and that's your name and you can say whatever you want and you'll your your comments are right there with everything else that's it it's also it's like I don't know if that's the best way to get your information yeah I think there's a lot of Truth to that show John you are one of the most fascinating

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characters in the world of Jiu Jitsu and the World of Martial Arts and for people who are not aware of your background you started out correct me if I'm wrong you started out of philosophy student that's correct this and you were working as a bouncer and you jack right you're a powerlifter the time and you wanted to figure out a way to defend yourself and it wasn't really a question I wanted to figure out whose it was it was pretty simple design that I had when I grew up in New Zealand martial arts was almost entirely based around striking Broadway's you'll back me up on this joke similar age when we grow up it's no exaggeration to say that the study martial arts in in English speaking countries in North America Western Europe etcetera

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was absolutely dominated by the Rocky Mountains and if you ask average person who was the best fighter in the world that would typically say whoever was the best boxer in the world so the 1980s Mike Tyson in the world people always equated prowess and fighting with the ability to strike I grew up in that time. And so I grew up doing siding kickboxing as a teenager and New Zealand I came to United States and cultural my country has no wrestling culture is one of the few countries no indigenous wrestling come to this that they would I was kind of lost in them sands of time when I grew up wrestling with something I saw it once every four years at the Olympics on TV and I didn't even associated with fighting to be honest with you I just sort of these strange for what you guys tackle each other and

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why can't the United States and I was working as a bouncer America has much much more of a wrestling culture in it in New Zealand when I grew up when you fold you expected to fight with fists and it went to the ground the two guys stood up and there was inviting you stood up and you feel like a man that was the idea and the United States when I was bouncing I was absolutely shocked and impressed by the progress of Judo players & wrestlers in street fighting working as a bouncer I worked alongside them and I was massively impressed so I started working late night late 1991 in New York City New York very very very different city back then it's it's like a it's almost at two different cities from what it is amazing how much is Chip transformation is Night and Day become like a giant TGI Fridays now if that's pretty much what New York City is

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did they give you an example lice live on West End Avenue Nashville West Side when I would come home from working in nightclubs at 5:30 in the morning to go to sleep there would be

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large numbers of street-walking prostitutes on my block my Avenue

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if that if you so even a single street-walking prostitutes in that area today

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will be Front Page News New York Times it would be so shocking so completely

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how do people know it's like Guy Fieri restaurant since he was the year with the highest murder rate in recorded history of New York City so it was a very very different New York City it's not what you see today so I came into summer nights at least people were incredibly a dipped in Honey never using grep like you need to do to sell the same price me a lot shortly after that time as always working I started to hear talk about this show the ultimate fighting show it was his Brazilian guy who would beat and everyone he was wrestling people and then strangling them in and looking around 6 like this before the things that I never heard of

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one day I was teaching at Columbia University to close friend of mine and was also in the PHD program came into my office was office hours and he said John you know I know you work sit down soon and I know you work at night until I started doing this this martial arts called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and it's mostly for on the ground or maybe you said most of the flights to get into. Put down on the ground and they wrestle

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and 20 and if you would be interested in doing it and I was like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu yet I never Associated martial arts with Brazil to meet martial arts would you know Japan Korea going to like what do they got capoeira you know so I'm like Brazilian jiu-jitsu so this is the time I was around 230 pounds and in this guy was couldn't be more than a hundred forty and you don't be training 2 weeks so he goes to me but we go in the ground and and we wrestle on the ground and I was like okay let me put you in a headlock and let's see what you can do

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so I shut the door the office I played at the fair in the only thing I knew how to do it and so I grabbed my little friend in Florida with that he started slipping around behind me and I said holding hotter and hotter in about 2 minutes went by and I really had no real controller from and he was starting to get around behind now I didn't know back at a complete naivety on the ground but I can feel something bad was that mean someone getting behind every good thing in a fight and I was getting tired getting tired I had no control of the guy funny you slept at night to stand up and run away I'm twice your size you been trained to God damn weeks and then you would have got to wait that's not good

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if he did this in two weeks

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what to do some training it's always fascinated I went down but completely destroyed in my first day out lyrics is there who is there on this first thing that Sarah was the most he was a blue the time so even on that first day you met people that would become very important your life later on and I found to the moon and the stars that I would at least become competent and again like I couldn't look at you that I was incompetent at an important element of fighting I didn't want to be a wheelchair but I just want to be confident and I believe it would make my bouncing would significantly easier that was absolutely true within a very very short. Of time bouncing got massively easier for me how about you know you always see this cliched Jiu-Jitsu saves Judas and save my life how many people say that all the time well I can think of

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without any question there full time in my life that you too. Actually did save my life down so I can say that with complete honestly it's cliche for most people it for me it's it did happen so it made a mess of difference but I still sword as some you was interesting and something I just wanted to gain confidence in

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that fundamentally change this is really that when I want to finish my PhD and become a professor that was my original goal when I came to United States change when the 3 senior students at the hands of Grace Academy caught on a damn Etc and hope we go grey Co went to separate ways they had to go out and start their own schools and hands are was busy fighting profession Japan so he can be at the Academy all the time and he came to any said John you can have to be a teacher like there's no one else and how long have you been training like to leave if I don't sleep around for years I believe I was a purple ball when I first started teaching two hands or don't quote me on that but I'll have to go back and check but I believe that's and why did he come get you if I was there I want and I think maybe he eats or something

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enthusiasm know you were obsessed right when you were there daily yeah that became much more so when I was going to teach it was II Soul that the cave I'm done feeling big shoes here you must maybe all three of those names I just mention all three will Champions Eastwood good good people in for that time they would I would kill it and here I am a PhD student now I got to fill in these shoes so I was like I got to get serious about this so I made a commitment to to becoming the best possible teach right to it now you must remember but I went in as a teacher that was my first assignment and so I decided my primary focus and do that you would be a fun teaching

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and Fortune I came from an academic background I had many brilliant brilliant four faces coming through the philosophy programs both in New Zealand and the United States Columbia University fantastic Ph.D program that's always great experience in the art of teaching but in an academic context and I thought maybe this is giving me Faith is giving me this angle where I can use an academic approach to teaching in a sports environment and that has really become one of them the pain symptom of my approach to at the teaching at Jiu-Jitsu so this is in the 90s and you are a purple belt of the time when did you develop this leg lock system that has become so legendary so for people for the uninitiated that have never heard of you or understand we're talking about here

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for the longest time Jiu-Jitsu was primarily attacks on the arms and the neck that was pretty much it and there were known attacks on the legs but they were frowned upon case something happened you you got to see some of those techniques in MMA you got to see some heel hooks occasionally footlocks there's a few guys Arlovski pulled off Foot Locker in the UFC against Tim Sylvia is a few guys that were pulling these off his pre who's Amar pajares but you all the sudden came along with this very effective system that there was Rumblings many years ago about this for a lot of people are talking about it and a lot of people are saying that you know John danaher has this insane leg lock system and then you started developing all these different people don't know the top Grapplers in the world is it lives laptop Graphics in the world jiu-jitsu

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credibly competitive but you are recognized as being one of the Premier coaches of the most promising young people like Gordon Ryan who you're talking about before was in Abu Dhabi Champion Garry tonon Nikki Ryan Eddie Cummings you have an incredible crew of world-class strangle artist who are also known to be some of the very best leg walkers in the world so what happened how did that how did that all take place let's go through the history of six different years massage in my early learning to a few to see what she suggested playoffs nothing but I'm about to

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Gracie I need a list of names of The Detour me from white belt the black belt and I never left his Academy I'm the only one of the students who stayed with him from Wipeout the black powder never left so he can do at each leg locks but it was towed in always the same fashion everyone else that he is a move his water bowl he is a consult with knowing they were they were in existence wasn't like I invented he also emphasized

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a very very talented and influential figure in my life was a guy that I only knew for 3 days now that sounds that sounds crazy right how can you learn some I can come in at 3 days well actually the influence he had a coup in 3 minutes I'm a big believer in the idea that someone can come in your life for a very short. Of time to have a mess of influence I truly believe that in my case it was a great American graphical Dean list it still was invited by Matt Serra to come to the answer Gracie Academy I believe don't quote me on this but I believe Dean was a brown. Of the time I'm pretty sure mine was around all the time too and I bought them in for round three days any trade mostly with Matt Serra in preparation for a grappling tournaments if I if I remember correctly now was no one mostly in those days for his Achilles long

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it later on he would come back you'll hook specialist but in those days was mostly an Achilles long and he came to Academy roller some people and he did he was doing it and getting some success you know when I'm in bed getting some stuff to work on that Sarah Max her to get his stuff to work on him but he was doing something which was unusual so I talked with him just briefly after class and I said you know that's interesting what you're doing with these Achilles logs cuz I don't really do that at all it's not something I do

► 00:21:33

and he said one sentence

► 00:21:36

which completely change my Outlook because why would you ignore 50% of the human body one sentence why would you ignore 50% of human body

► 00:21:46

I looked inside

► 00:21:49

I don't know why why would you makes no sense

► 00:21:54

and we have talked again and then he went back to California we don't become to 2 * 80 cc Champion mostly with leg loss but what Dean gave me was not taking any single technique but he gave me a point of view as you give him an appoint of you

► 00:22:13

you can change them okay you can you can we can work from there that was the influence

► 00:22:19

my Sensei henzel Gracie was an extremely liberal minded Professor Jiu-Jitsu he would let us do whatever you wanted again but he was one of those guys you know no one of my cats while she was never like that he was you would allow his students to go in any direction they wanted provided they could prove it was effective

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so I started studying like long sex and that's where I'm going to come to the second question what you want it which is why did like dogs have such a bad reputation and you just as curious as well, I'm going to run through the main criticisms and you'll you'll be my witness on this day I'm sure you heard the same prisons a thousand times you would always have people refer to let go of the following way the truth the first criticism they were too dangerous okay if you if you allow people to do lacox everyone be injured in the week and you just would be impossible that was the first person you would always hear the second grade Christmas they didn't work you might better check out of Wipeout with a heel hook effect if you up will championship-level he never going to tell anybody that didn't work in high levels that by itself there's to Chris and see if they really that dangerous but they don't work how bad is that have their soup jail their eyes are incredibly dangerous to the point that I can't be practice or they didn't work they fix the two items contradict each other

► 00:23:39

you hear other arguments if they were positionally on the sound that if you weren't opposition he went for a leg long you would lose position and it was an exhausting okay but that's a criticism with no matter because it that Christine Christine the Flies to Guillotines Mombasa Series be mounted on someone go for I'm walking to lose position in the lumbar but don't criticize them so as I went through the reasons why people criticized Lake logging none of them really made sense so I started asking myself often the reasons people give as opposed to what the real reason it's a very different and the more I thought about it the more I saw it

► 00:24:21

the real reason people don't like long runs much beef is in them

► 00:24:27

what's understand Jiu-Jitsu for what it is

► 00:24:31

Jiu-Jitsu is a systems-based approach to fighting

► 00:24:36

okay what is the system of Brazilian jiu-jitsu be described in a few different ways I'm going to give you one rendition which is pretty simple and will resonate with most of your listeners

► 00:24:47

you did see was a system based around

► 00:24:50

four distinct steps you can add steps you can subtract steps but the rendition I'm going to give you that was probably what was the most widely known

► 00:25:00

okay let's say a friend of yours wants for advice on fighting he knows you're representing YouTube Pittsburgh your black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and he saved me Joe Rogan tell me

► 00:25:12

I did everything I want to fight someone else using your purse on you as one of the steps was on you as it was a system that what is a system that is a spouse's always its tip number one is take your phone into the ground

► 00:25:28

why what do you need in the ground is so special why do Muslims use to choose the ground is Step number one of his system why do you think

► 00:25:38

well it all came out of Judo right so Brazilian Jiu Jitsu took the effective submission techniques of Judo and then just for find them that's the historical reason but what's the what's the mechanical physical we could you can control someone on the ground far better control different ways to control people is inboxing if you only your boxing Budweiser ground why did they choose the ground with the mechanical reason what happens when you take a human being to the ground while there's a whole barrier behind them they could press them against what about your own blood position well you could use that barrier as leverage true but this something that occurs when someone goes down to the ground it's something big that you may be missing you what am I missing

► 00:26:26

what's the most explosive event in the Olympic Games through the event that probably requires more

► 00:26:36

transfer of energy and development of kinetic energy than any other there's a bunch you could name but one of them for me is always in the javelin throw the javelin throw involves a full pallet Sprint

► 00:26:49

I jump a massive explosive turning in both hips and shoulders and a throw

► 00:26:58

all the quintessential explosive elements of the human body are involved in the javelin throw probably to a greater degree than any other Olympic event

► 00:27:07

as a result people can throw a javelin 89 GM

► 00:27:12

what would happen if you took those same Javelin throwers and made them perform the same event on the knees

► 00:27:22

wouldn't be so good they probably going to throw up more than 10 minutes okay what's change the clothes they get to the ground the list they can employee explosive force what's the first and Cowboys do when you go to Brandis theater take it down a lot of slaves I put it down on the ground nobody tries to Brandis standing steel you're going to get killed because it can employ explosive Dynamic movement to hurt you you put them on the ground Dynamic explosive movement is massively curtailed it takes away the single riskiest element of fighting which is quick Dynamic moving the container of kinetic energy

► 00:28:02

sustainable one of his own juice was get it to the ground it's inherently safer list things can go catastrophically wrong on the ground and in the standing position

► 00:28:13

what's the number to

► 00:28:15

what's your dominant position

► 00:28:18

control control too vague Disney voice control people it's a different state if you just taking a guy down with your posting Amazon units

► 00:28:27

well the first thing I would try to do is get to a dominant position what do you mean by that be by ourselves a pass to side control trip mileage if you decide to write then get lost his legs passes legs why play strong I carry around you could hold a person in position they're they're very good defensively they dangerous to dangerous can I find up inside your legs if you block me to Lake log me in strangle me even if you were an untrained fighter you could update Me minion man is being held up on up here even an untreated guy can phone number to ask if pasta is Dangerous lyrics

► 00:29:06

what's that number three

► 00:29:08

go for submission

► 00:29:12

he must be a chance later if my phone I'm going to try to control I'm going to try to either amount or like I said side control on the right track so I can draw you got to transition to mount unitrans history amount depending upon my game this is sequence of pins once you get past your opponent's legs and Jiu-Jitsu encourages you to go through those very spin if you look at the score to the Pens score different amount of points

► 00:29:53

Leon Valley Schools a certain amount

► 00:29:57

Mount position scores more Raytown schools Mall why it wanted me out then why do we score the pens that you just hear differently

► 00:30:06

well there's more available from rear mount course you have you can course you can attack the neck you can also talk to Arms you you have oppositional Advantage where you can't be attacked you or your behind them so it's one of those Superior positions to achieve Dracut what about the mount mount it when a striking involves phenomenal when you just put your finger on it right there Joe

► 00:30:38

every one of the pins if you did Sue

► 00:30:41

the value of it is measured by your potential to strike your opponent on the ground

► 00:30:47

that's why they School more you want Valley Schools more it's I control because of some distance of knee on belly can strike with more power it's inherently unstable however so it's cause less than Mount which isn't here at the most stable and office the same punching platform

► 00:31:03

state number 3 if you did see was to Woodway through hierarchy of pins with a pinza graded in value according to your ability to strike with affect on the ground so fine except I would cut three elements in the system of units in Step number one get to fight down to the ground or explosive kinetic energy is less likely to be found by dangerous upon step number to get pasta stains with legs step number 3 Wiki way through this High Rocky of pins with a pins understood in terms of beauty potential to harm your pain with strikes on the floor

► 00:31:40

what's the number for

► 00:31:42

September 4th try to secure a position where you can submit them you've already got the position so what's that number for attack with the submission correct

► 00:31:55

so which is described as angry as soon as a four-step system it's beautiful it's Allegent and steadily effective step number one take the fight to the ground take away the dangerous explosive kinetic energy state number to get possums dangerous legs step number 3 Wilkie way to the hierarchy of pens each one rated upon your ability to Hamer born with stripes on the ground and set up state number for submissions and now the question

► 00:32:24

Denise we asked where Legos put into that system

► 00:32:32

where do they fit in a dumb now they don't traditional Legos fit into the system and only one way

► 00:32:41

when the system is failed

► 00:32:45

when the systems not working and you contact your opponent down you can't process God you can't maintain a dominant position and you can get the regular submissions to work fuck it trial o'clock

► 00:32:58

Lakes works with seen for Generations

► 00:33:04

as a signal of failure when you couldn't get the system to work you had to resort to Lake Long's that meant you were bad you just two-player you couldn't impose the fundamental system if you eat it too and so you chicken down and you went to like lungs that's why they would despise that was the real reason why the generations lake links with this mist

► 00:33:31

you don't think it was because so many people are injured by them that they were so we cannot get into the worst injuries and you too don't come from submission holds the worst injuries from falling body weight when people jump when people don't take interest in you. Since we should career ending injuries The Joint locks emissions you're out for a week 2 weeks catastrophic injuries as I see it Go on YouTube and put in God pulls gone wrong you'll see catastrophic injuries if using career-ending injury from you hope to say you'll see people getting hurt but it's a contact sport you expect then I know this is a very simple elegant system Brazilian jiu-jitsu we just sold one rendition of at the four step approach and you clearly see Legos don't fit comfortably into that system

► 00:34:28

why did cuz I try to find an Avenue with I could come in

► 00:34:34

and the result was surprising the first thing is a full stick rendition if you did too

► 00:34:41

look at you to do from top position but we took our opponent down to the ground we were on top of them but my study Jiu-Jitsu didn't stop and talk session start from bottom position if you look at my students in competition you will notice that around 80% of the entries into leg long to come from bottom position or with their opponent behind them in other words from what I supposedly inferior positions

► 00:35:09

so for me it was never a question of losing position when I went for like Long's cuz I was already underneath my opponent I started underneath how can I end up on born by Glenn fredly I'm already on bottom

► 00:35:21

so most of my early working like Elsa's how to get into Lego some disadvantages positions from underneath when someone is behind me so I never have felt this problem of okay I'm I'm going to lose position if I go for like long so I can still play it by a conventional you to see the game and have a very very strong like I'll get you that was the first Avenue of like walking but things became more interesting when I got further into the Lego game and I start to realize

► 00:35:50

that as you add like long walks into the game you change the very nature of the sport

► 00:36:00

if you look at you as soon as it's ordinarily practiced

► 00:36:04

it's a single Direction game if someone is in front of me and I'm standing over them Jiu-Jitsu is all about movement from the legs towards the head

► 00:36:16

I'm supposed to pass they got work my way up to chase to Chase contact and get my head next to their head either in front of the mall behind them by the mountain or rear mounted so you have to always goes in one direction if you ever get stopped or you lose position you just start the process over again it's a mono directional sport it always goes from the legs to the Head

► 00:36:40

once you start getting Lake auction to the game

► 00:36:44

YouTube come to two directional sport we can go from the head down to the Lakes you can go in both directions so if I'm passing someone's God and I simply can't do what I can fold back and go back into the Lakes if I'm so I can't rely on someone else not to recompose they got I can fold back into the Lakes I'm going from the upper body down to the lower body traditional kids who always goes from the lower body directionally up to the other one so you end up hit it with your opponent but once you start adding light long did it take for the first time he comes with two directional spoons have a One Direction Sport and you can play your pwnis reactions between a threat of lower-body and upper-body and why is it opens up submissions so much more easily than the traditional game so if I take you back to the moment where Dean Lister says to you why would you ignore 50% of the human body you go back and think about this and what is your next step do you just start looking at students and

► 00:37:44

what you're teaching and analyzing positions and you're still rolling at the time is correct the first thing that I said to look at it is okay who is doing a good job walking

► 00:37:59

and the owner Stan's who was we want a lot of people what you would see is random success with Lake long should see a guy wins a match here and I win the match their most of the eminently caucus of that generation or she coming after paying you tip people at rumina Sato had a decent meal hook for that time off to Romina Saturday they pay for each other and crafts in Mexico that one was younger than the other but I know she was there but there was nothing systematic about it and just systematically finishing people with one move so there wasn't much in terms of

► 00:38:52

people to study so the first thing I started watching it what is the what is the nature of Lego Walking what if it's it it seems to have some problems associated with it it's not controlling is the traditional Mississippi you to admit that was really the keyboard that control again why do people favorite things like rain I could strangle so much because it's such a controlling position right now as an incredibly controlling position why do people favorite things like Tyga Tommy the triangle because this too is it a very inherently controlling position all the most high percentage

► 00:39:28

fishing holes in Jiu-Jitsu old have control as the dominant feature okay it's hot before working as a result one person can continue to do the same move that a laundry of success overtime against the wide array of opponents so everything I every question I asked told me always came back to control and the one thing you would see with regards to use of leg long in the late 1990s and early 2000s was a lack of control

► 00:39:58

so all of my studies and mediately went to the notion of control now

► 00:40:05

there are many forms of like long but the ones that interest me the most always come out of

► 00:40:11

what do Japanese call Ashi garami hashirama generic tune just means Tangled legs and I'll come there are many different phones about you drowning

► 00:40:22

Oishi gourami is a mechanism by which I can use two of my legs to control my opponent's legs and hips

► 00:40:30

when I started to do was make a deep study

► 00:40:34

of this notion of Ashley Graham me how I'm going to use my legs to control the real estate between my pony and his hips preferably on both sides

► 00:40:43

probably the single biggest cliche that you hear about you to do is its position before submission at the time I was primary interesting idea of control before submission control is a much deeper and wider concept bendy basic Point structure-based positional position for submission model of Jiu Jitsu this many ways to control people have very little to do with with position for example I should find myself schools nothing and in Jiu-Jitsu but done well it can control an opponent just as well as rare Malkin

► 00:41:15

so I started to see that there are many forms of control it went outside of the traditional basic positional hi Rocky Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mushy Grammy is one of them

► 00:41:27

probably the single greatest key in the development of male dog system again came from a simple realization that the greatest mistake that people have made in Lake lock work prior to the arrival of the squad

► 00:41:44

was it that made no distinction between the mechanism of breaking and the mechanism of control

► 00:41:51

Ashi garami was the mechanism of control the lock itself will there be a heel hook an Achilles longer figure for it to hold that was the mechanism of breaking

► 00:42:02

if you watch 99% of people out there who claim to be Express in Lake lonking they don't distinguish between the two they see for example he looking as a single skill

► 00:42:15

best of luck on the legs yashi Grammy or whatever to no use for it and the lock itself and not distinguished the tortoise a single skill you can't differentiate the actually Grammy and the law and you'll see people teaching in this matter what I did was to discover only distinguish between the two so that my students could all hold until she around me position and switched from one to another and hope people for extended periods of time and inhibit movement

► 00:42:45

if I can inhibit movement a long period of time I can break you at will I can take my time when I come to break you

► 00:42:53

because the control is there two controllers Prime the break is second the most people just throw on yes dear I mean I need to go to the lock they don't even have some around me is described as part of the Helix they don't distinguish between the two

► 00:43:09

once I made that realization nearly 2,000 that's when the ball started rolling

► 00:43:15

that's when a significant amount of progress was made I would say that your question was interesting one okay you had the inside Lester gave you the inside what was the what state are you going it was this making first a critical distinction between control and submission and a case of Lake logging between the mechanism of control I should gourami in the making of breaking which is the lock itself and my case they think he'll hold

► 00:43:44

oh really good example of this is how effective it's been implemented by your students against Real World Class Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitors who don't use these methods like a good one is Gordon Ryan vs. Cyborg vs cyborg who is a fucking beast of a man and just a physical specimen real freak and is known for his tornado guard as you know is no stranger to leglocks is no stranger to any of the positions of no giorgi Jiu-Jitsu but when I watched Gordon wrap him up and control him and before he got the submission you could see cyborg look completely befuddled roughly 30 seconds before the submission was applied yet he was just trying to figure out a way out of it and just relax no way to go is it terrifying position to be in for a real world

► 00:44:44

last Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt like cyborgs when you watch that that match I was like this is stunning cuz Gordon is what twenty one is which is amazing and cyborgs in his thirties right I think cyborg has been applied but many many years longer than going to see if we've been doing. So yeah he's one of the best guys in the world and when you you look at how well Gordon dismantled him on the ground using the strategy that you just described it just it's actually see if you can find Gordon Ryan vs. his actual name is I believe you pronounce it a brew how do you say this a lot of cyborgs of the Jiu-Jitsu world there's a male cyborg MMA does a female cyborgs if you can think of thanks and Pitbull

► 00:45:44

and you see cyborg who exist

► 00:45:47

fucking tank of a man and Gordon Ryan is quite a physical specimen himself but much younger guy hasn't how long has don't Gordon been doing Jiu-Jitsu, I believe it's between six and a half and seven years total now that's fucking crazy and then immediately he Dives under

► 00:46:06

guess low

► 00:46:09

easy butterfly guard

► 00:46:12

and so he is and what he's trying to do Gordon is trying to do what with cyborgs legs the first thing at Goldenrod needs to do is establish inside position with his feet if you probably the single biggest starting point for any kind of Asha gourami face game if you want to remember anything about this Joe remember this

► 00:46:35

whenever you go into Lake long's the person whose feet dominate the inside Position will always dominate the Ashi garami game that Securus Tech that I teach all of my students go and rice just established inside position cyborg just pulled them in which is interesting cyborg literally pulled him in with his feet inside his feet away with they could only end up in any inside positions that's the first thing is to establish inside position with a fake he knows damn well if its feet off by the inside position wherever they go he's going to get to the cashier on me and it's a poem about to stop now can we freeze it then yeah pause

► 00:47:12

okay I guess you can you go back a little bit with with over short to Seminole okay right about here okay and then surely there's a battle going on here for inside foot cyborg is extremely well-trained and knowledgeable opponent he's doing a good job of trying to back state with his left leg he knows that if he keeps both of his feet on the left hand side of golden Ryan's body he will be able to prevent his opponent getting inside position so he's doing the right thing he's doing a good job yet so I was not naive time world champion he's very very good he's not liking someone doesn't understand what's going on he knows what Gordon Ryan wants there's a battle here for inside foot position so I've always doing the right thing he's going into a backstab he's going to post his right hand on the floor and time back step out let's go just a little bit of food into the video

► 00:48:03

good fries. Go back just a fraction

► 00:48:09

just a little more

► 00:48:14

okay what school does Ron right foot have

► 00:48:19

his is right foot it looks like it's a hard to see here but looks like he's got destroyed it's a position yeah but he's got inside position with one foot the whole question is what's going to happen with cyborgs left leg now it's got a battle between Golden Ryan's left leg and cyborgs left leg okay how the battle goes from here will come down to one thing who wins that battle

► 00:48:42

I'm going to go for just a little more

► 00:48:46

hook storm right away OK Google Ryan just won the battle essentially at this point the fight is over

► 00:48:53

the only question is how long is it going to take why am I so confident am I am I an asshole in my saying is because I'm an asshole

► 00:49:07

I gave you one of the key notes of the Lego King game already I'll say it again because it's so important the man whose feet dominate the inside Position will always dominate the ultra gourami game

► 00:49:21

now the second whenever you go to attack someone's leg 90% of the resistance on the leg you're attacking comes from the other leg

► 00:49:37

it's so important I'm going to say it to you again whenever I go to attack my opponents right leg 90% of the resistance is going to come from his left leg

► 00:49:47

we talked about control the foundational principles of control in leg login as a principal I referred to as Double Trouble

► 00:49:55

Double Trouble is a simple idea that if I control both of my opponent's legs he does no longer has the old unit to use a sick and leg to defend the first so the amount of trouble that you put them in his literally doubled in the matter of seconds Gordon Ryan has a hold of cyborgs right leg with his left arm

► 00:50:15

and he has a hold of cyborgs left leg with his legs why was I so con for the match is over at this point because both of cyborgs legs are now controlled by Gordon Ryan he is just at and Double Trouble

► 00:50:32

let's load Advance the video

► 00:50:41

you see how cyborgs legs are in a straight line he's having a very very hard time holding his face is the stall

► 00:50:49

how can you go back just a fraction

► 00:50:55

write about you freeze

► 00:50:57


► 00:51:00

whole approach to Jitsu was based on the idea of putting wedges around our opponents body so that we can inhibit movement a which functions just as that door stopper stop the door movie in a breeze on Camp very thing better than a wedge is a reinforced which that's where the wages locked in place by another part of your body called and Ryan currently has inside position with the right way he has control of cyborgs of the lake with his arm so both legs have some degree of control but he's about to massively reinforce that control by looking at triangle or sankaku around his opponent's leg in order for that to happen he's going to lift his hips slightly off the floor so they can Elevate of acai bowls left knee watch the video

► 00:51:45

is the elevation is the log freeze freeze now he's got some of those two lakes in a straight line that means iBooks only mechanism of posting or saving his balance is left on that's all he's got left at this point the fight is done

► 00:52:02

cyborgs right leg is controlled by Golden lines left on side bowls left leg is controlled by a reinforced which two strengths of both golden lines legs look up in a triangle cyborgs actually a weight division heavy I believe that Gordon but it doesn't matter at this point both hips a controlled this is a. State of Double Trouble both legs controlled and braking mechanism in place and I should draw me on the lips you can break someone from them so I will knows his only miss it I'm not being finished to keep his hips of the golden Lions have for the next battle is how is Colton Ryan going to put cyborgs hips on the ground what saving cyborg is his left hand to see how the battle goes

► 00:52:51

the battle is called lost the hex went down why was it so easy.

► 00:52:56

Why was it so easy I don't know

► 00:52:59

tell me do you see that right knee yes that's what pushed him over the right knee went into the pocket of cyborgs left hip that made the directionality of force with slightly away from the one base of support the cyborg had left with his left hand so he got sat on his hips now there for just a little

► 00:53:25

and fries

► 00:53:28

what is a germ

► 00:53:32

and what would what do you want me to look up

► 00:53:35

what do I see both legs are wrapped up good be more precise well he has incredible control his right leg the way he's got his right leg in his left leg triangle he's got the sidewalks right foot talk to deep under his arm and he also has the left foot in there as well so he's completely wrapped up with his legs and his arms. Okay let's bring in a few points him first if you want to immobilize a human being prevented from moving where the basics

► 00:54:04

is lock their legs together to get a dangerous prison was the first New Jersey and cut his feet together and hang up his hands together he's no longer dangerous he is so I've always wanted most dangerous to do two players in the world but with the two of us we slept together effectively neutralized that's most importantly with what a very interesting distinction here between what we call a primary and a secondary leg

► 00:54:27

which leg is the Oishi gourami locked up on

► 00:54:32


► 00:54:34

he's got the left leg is bigger triangle you to sound too messy I should run me like week old at the primary leg DSU gourami is locked on cyborgs left leg that's the Prior Lake

► 00:54:49

the other leg member of principal for 90% of all resistance comes in the second leg

► 00:54:55

the arm controls the secondary leg

► 00:54:59

and the legs control the primary leg so the resistance from the secondary leg is pushing off and trying to separate the lock this numerous things you could palm of a foot he could put his foot on the floor and two and you get into his body is a thousand things you could do but he's not doing any of them if you control that leg that's the important thing so golden golden Ryan's Auto Body has left arm controls the secondary leg and his lower-body the Ocean Grammy controls the primary leg as a result what do you think of cyborgs ability to move his fucked is completely nullified let's go a little further

► 00:55:39


► 00:55:41

no cyborg is doing all he can do movement is being taken away from him so his only option is to fight the hands Gordon Ryan understands that he has control what is secondary leg but he needs to make a transition to the primary leg in order to break cyborg

► 00:56:02

he's going to have to release the secondary leg

► 00:56:06

now that's a that's a scary thing if you release the second to relieve in your punk ass not defend himself again so it's go to measure how he releases the secondary leg so it is a battle for angle fear cyborg is batting for the hands but Gordon Ryan hasn't even started the hands like yet he still in the control fight

► 00:56:28

his only interest is in holding the position

► 00:56:33

Philadelphia weather

► 00:56:37

freeze why did Golden switch his right hand to the name

► 00:56:44

well that's the lady that can control the secondary and I would imagine he's distracting him

► 00:56:52

why is golden Ryan's head leaning to the right hand side

► 00:56:56

cuz if so I need to take some of them if cyborg turns his head to the other side when Gordon wine release of the secondary leg was going to be a problem

► 00:57:10

he's a battle for Angle now that no one sees

► 00:57:14

golden Lions head tells the whole story again

► 00:57:18

it's going to look for them

► 00:57:23

freeze bottom line is already beginning the transition to the primary league

► 00:57:30

two ways got locked up is so horrific to the two of them cross over each other now at some point he's go to uncrossed legs to get to the primary league

► 00:57:41

let's go a little further

► 00:57:47

cyborg still engage in the hand fight

► 00:57:50

dial gold is about to make his transition to the hand Vine

► 00:57:58


► 00:58:00

golden Lions made the critical release of the secondary leg

► 00:58:06

this is where things start to get interesting

► 00:58:09

cyborg has passed tragically sat on his right hip when he has no ability to use the secondary leg to escape and because he's holding Gordon Lyons his nobility had one but his body and going to a tuning Escape

► 00:58:27

now golden Ryan just needs to release the right arm

► 00:58:32

let's go through them

► 00:58:42


► 00:58:44

go back just to hear

► 00:58:49

okay golden lies about to release the secondary leg

► 00:58:54

freeze right then now very slowly Take It Forward what Gordon Ryan's left elbow freeze

► 00:59:02

why did you put the elbows there

► 00:59:06

it's a witch

► 00:59:10

it's immobilizing the Lake Erie Ali wants to attack he switched his own position from controlling the secondary leg which he hasn't yet fully released

► 00:59:21

but he's put his elbow in front of the toes of the primary leg to keep that primary like from extending correct and do out of transition effortlessly into the lock or she needs now is to release the right on so I bowled knows if he loses the right on the fight is lost continue

► 00:59:50

cordless back to our position

► 00:59:54

freeze freeze go back to stay here

► 01:00:01

why did Gordon Ryan win the hand slap battle

► 01:00:07


► 01:00:08

call cyber was one of the strongest people in Jiu-Jitsu he's got two hands on a guy in a weight division lower than him why can't he hold why did Lucy on why

► 01:00:20

what's Gordon rise right elbow

► 01:00:28

what did you say

► 01:00:32

symptoms it again

► 01:00:39

you just lifting it up and pulling it away what is he doing to change the angle through the album

► 01:00:46

laser grip over and grab Hunter if you just pull your neighbor release the arm he changed

► 01:00:53

the elbow position so that one group was lost and then a push poll with the elbow and a slip

► 01:00:59

once continue forward now

► 01:01:03

he's got the left arm said as soon as the hands touch and Cyborg just Taps before he even gets a chance to extend it because he knows it games lost he knew the game was lost long before then

► 01:01:15

that's pretty goddamn impressive he is it you'll see this with almost all of my students have seen that was so bizarre how many people are recognizing the system and trying to mimic it or trying to find out some sort of a counter-attack to it that's it interesting question I'm told it's actually kind of like an industry that people who try to break you down and make it I know this people putting out numerous instructionals they they watch blood what does and then tries to do to break it down that's that's good and it's natural that I'd be doing the same thing if someone else is coming out of wrecking people with a give me lots of each study what they're doing to so yeah they're did that seem to be an industry of that the question is how successful. Then

► 01:02:09

do you see any other groups of people coming out and just exclusively

► 01:02:14

finishing people with the same moves time and time again for years at a time at all levels of competition know you're seeing more Tenth Planet guys do that now 10th Planet guys have and giving you all the credit in the world by the way that they've started transitioning to a lot more leg lock attacks leg lock defense concentrating on that yeah it sound what we find most people definitely struggle with defendant and sleeping around for quite a while now it's been five years since the school really started pushing this publicly and it seems like it's still going to be some

► 01:02:55

eventually people will figure things out it's just the way she progressed works but I think at this point it's pretty clear that people have changed their minds about Lego elves people I can get recognizing to do something different going on here that this is a control based approach to Lake Long's rather than you know what is speed and power based approach to Lake lungs and the evidence for Success really comes from the nature of the squad itself if you look at the three founding members of the score did he come in school and Ryan and Garrett on all three have very very different body types all three of very very different personalities and yet all three use every similar game

► 01:03:37

two of those three athletes came from nowhere they had no competition record before they started training with me at the answer Gracie Academy one of them had a competition Drake old he was a character on what's a brown belt competitor in the key and but he had no label game he was a guy who was essentially known for scrambling from bottom half. And you see where to get strangles and out of scrambles spring was that scrambles my God I would have to come to us that we develop a sleep he's training room for a good friend of mine owns a blast and completely changed his game so that shows something very interesting that show that some of it already have a develop game

► 01:04:26

and then take on this and change the games that was a particular person case with the case of Eddie Cummings and Gordon Ryan they came to me early in their development so they they they took it on wholesalers at work I think this style and approach when one of the things it so fascinating about it is it really requires someone like you to systematic me break it down the way you have described it I've done Jiu-Jitsu for 20 years but I never stopped and thought of all the positions in the system all the steps in the system takes like the ground get past dangerous legs You Know Chief some sort of a dominant position go for the submission unconscious level yes just to make a conscious now from me the most interesting thing when I when I feel something about you that it was a system okay I did that when I wrote a book

► 01:05:26

for my to my sayings I can so crazy he asked me to write a book and I started thinking deeply about you and what is the thing that I study I spend all day on the man's what am I doing exactly and when he's not consciously thinking about breaking it down to stay at UC person gets with a step-by-step system

► 01:05:44

my question was can I go further than that

► 01:05:48

if you did see was a simple single system what about if you divided u22 up into Niche areas and instead of having one overall system

► 01:06:01

you had an overall system with many subsystems within it

► 01:06:07

to get a lake system a bag system front headlock system camera system my Approach used it to

► 01:06:14

is it I'd recognize that much of a success of early percentages who came from its systematic Nation Factor was a systems way supposed to just sit and I choke

► 01:06:26

various nice areas and created systems within systems then things start to get interesting when I said integrating systems have one sub system failed you could transfer to another

► 01:06:38

that means that my students could put opponents of a trained much much longer than they had into a niche area which my students had so much knowledge of so much training that isolated nice to mean that they could take someone who trained 3/4 x loans in themselves and have more knowledge in that one the main then they're much more experience the pain

► 01:07:04

and so what you saw the squad was incredibly Speedy progress where they were getting wins against people who train to 321 times longer than they had

► 01:07:13

and this idea of Michael integrated the subsystems is it having to do is just one simple single system you keep the overall system of year to what you have substance within it each one integrated with the other so that when one system fails you can pass off to another and go back and forth until we get to win that was my approach to just wait that's what I want to do is him if I can invite you to do in any given Direction that's probably the one I would post the most now throughout this time you're dealing with some pretty significant injuries and physical limitations that you've had to tell me about those but those were and what and how does hindered you when I was in my early teens I was involved in a m rugby entry with my knee was massively injured over the next 6 years I would dislocate my knee ligaments appear to be severely compromised every 6 months or so I get it back

► 01:08:13

fresh Andre would you be severe not be on crutches I spend time with my teenagers on crutches

► 01:08:21

around the age of 19 I had one last injury and my knee just seem to have no power and it seems like I woke with a limp and you must remember this in the 1980s in New Zealand and this is pre MRIs pre office Copic surgery the doctors said well we can do an operation will be shortened the ligaments the best place looseness in there and then hopefully you'll need to be strong again in operation was performed and unfortunately cancel cut too short and it was all mine my leg never straighten again

► 01:09:03

I developed a severe case of Bosworth fibrosis with my knee after you came to formed and doesn't scrape the simple actions like walking kneeling are extremely painful for me you never been my whole life just walking around just walking is painful extremely painful and you know it's not easy to do but yeah I also do other kind of structural problems as I got older because I walk with a limp and one leg significantly bent and one straight be completely out of balance out of sync with my body so I soon developed a considerable hip and back pain so this is something I carry with me my whole life and

► 01:09:49

when I started yet sweetie at 2:28. It was a it was a concern or fortunately ground grappling as a rule is generally easier on your body then standing martial arts I don't think. With my leg I could even become moderately effective it more tile Taekwondo it was somewhere to get a jump and land I want to do it where he said you did too because it's on the ground you can you can come pretty good so I battled through that and I developed a satisfactory degree of confidence that I got a black girl from Hansel Gracie and I became one of his main teachers so I'm about you train such a compromise knee just figure out a way around it

► 01:10:38

and what you going to do about it. I never thought while before I fuck my knee up I don't want to fuck my other knee up to that point if you got a choice you got to sit down and feel sorry for yourself or you going to do the best you can with what you got and how limited was your game because of your knee I mean where you able to any position was difficult for me will you ever do triangles answer to get every day every week I tweaked it and I'll be in pain for a day I developed a strong need for ibuprofen for all my life and other problems headed to emergency to the lower back lower back is the big issue then they gave me problems mine however still bother you know it's called the reverse hyper of you ever heard of it I believe they were used by God coach Lewis Simmons

► 01:11:38

I can't use one now because I have a hip replacement and when you go off and puts extreme shearing force on a hip replacement so I know I can do it with bodyweight but I can't do it with a weight so I'm aware of what the hell do I know if maybe we'll sweep Rihanna album yeah but I'm sorry I had this problem and things didn't really become critical until my mid to early forties when as a result of walking my whole life with a limp my left hip started to become completely bone on bone so then the problems double cuz now I had to completely screwed up knee and hip but I couldn't get any kind of operations cuz George St-Pierre was fighting Chris Weidman was fighting they both had great goals and I I I saw it delayed

► 01:12:25

Leon operation as long as I could until George had his first retirement and Chris Weidman would became a world champion in the mood for the way to Long Island wasn't training with me so much at that time I started training a squad and my first school active competitive grappling student with Eddie Cummings and I was able to work effectively with him as best I could with my hip problems and of course the original play problem and then when I go to a point where I don't even if I walk down a New York City Block I would have to stop several times and just stand on the side of the road and

► 01:13:10

wait for my head to stop hurting so I could walk in at it this weekend and possibly work with and I ended up getting a full hip replacement as well as her off the top of your head bolt down in there with a new hip that's correct and how's it feel now I'm at Spain free which is a wonderful thing for me like any fake if it's never going to be strong with your real have this limitations in Oregon do they have any problem with it shortly after the pep replacement went and then my knee finally collapse after 30 years of our problems and so I'm going to get a knee replacement on the same leg so yeah hoof and how they do that once and it was oedipus's my phone movement in the need in their lives and I have too much greater range of motion and this last bone to a fixed who they they generally don't have the longevity of a a

► 01:14:10

placement so I'm 50 years old so ideally you would want a replacement at outlift you but I would probably have to get sick in the replacement when I get older to replace the first which is not ideal but I'll probably going to do it who knows what kind of crazy technology will have down the line I hope so I have to have some kind of superhero leg that turns things around for me yeah well you never know I mean it's just the nature of the hip replacement it's so it's so brutally invasive the shearing off the top of the hip and then the rod that's inserted deep into the bone of the hip and then all that jazz yeah it's a lot so I can put on there so to answer your question that I worked around but as I got older I had to do it.

► 01:15:10

and now I'm at 2nd Billy believe it or not I was actually scheduled to get my new replacement tomorrow

► 01:15:16

but I I didn't do it because scary Tony is going to be fighting his first MMA fight in March 26th at was he fighting for one FC want to see if I go to any replacement now I would not be able to help him get ready for us to post a mayfly which I thought would be that's not fair on my part of that too late it until after that find why did he decide on one MC that's interesting question you have to ask every time to to be certain but I think one of his main fears was that if he went through the amateur and then we'll just wait to listen UFC there will be problems because he's already been established name and grappling and I think he was concerned it will be difficult for me to get people to fight, too and I did eventually make its way to the UFC where is 1 AC is a fairly well-known organization and they were pretty open that day he could grappling match for them and they'll

► 01:16:16

I would like to know what you're interested in MMA and so he could go into Philly high level of MMA right from the start as opposed to do a long security sandwich around in battle is going to the USA I believe don't quote me on this but I believe that was the logic behind it now so when you're demonstrating techniques are you demonstrating them verbally or you off to the hip replacement I could only do it verbally and I had to trust in my my students Eddie Cummings Garrett on Goldenrod and others Brian glycogen don't know somebody's one of my grade students I wouldn't point with a stick and they would do the moves for me since then I've gotten a little better and I like to demonstrate as best I can this days when I can barely walk and on those days I'll have two students go through sometimes they sit and stand eating eggs that I

► 01:17:16

a little risky for me to do and I'll have students demonstrate those but I do what I can on the days then that I teach it is quite fascinating that a guy who was catastrophic injuries of his leg is one who is known for being an innovator and crushing people's like they were there was something kind of strange yeah this is missing my revenge against the world if they took away my leg I'm taking away everybody else is so bad about them

► 01:17:53

now when you're teaching this system and you you're showing all the guys in the squad the danaher death squad do you have like

► 01:18:06

do you have it worked out to the point where it's like you have a curriculum like you have like what you need like the wood curriculum because that kind of implies that it's all worked out in advance and you know it's done step by step I come in on any given day and I'm on day 7 days a week I watch all of my athletes every single day they don't do anything without me watching them do it so I know at the end of every day what I need to work on tomorrow because I'm there

► 01:18:34

wow it's not like it's it curriculum well yeah I know is it on April 13th I'm going to do this and it's not like that I saw you train yesterday I saw where you fucked up and I saw where you were good so tomorrow we looking this what an amazing resource for those guys to have someone like you standing over them watching them and analyzing their positions and techniques and progress that sound that's generous of you to say but I always feel that my students are more of a resource to me than I am to them I've been placed through my entire coaching career to have some truly remarkable students some of them famous and no one to you and many others who want and what event did they owed to me I feel I owe at least as much to blame my students literally give me everything amendatory see difficult person to get along with I'm demanding on I'm a perfectionist I can be

► 01:19:34

I'm right on Pleasent when my body is in pain I'm short-handed and yet they like Angel say they stick in there and they tough it out and they they give so much time so much effort so much thought and as I said whatever resources I am to them they they give it right back to a resource to me remember one of the first times I've started talking to you was when you were working with George now what's interesting is you had a very interesting approach and even at the way you describe things you would talk about shoot boxing

► 01:20:14

describe that because you you didn't talk went like I remember the one of our first long conversations with at some weird Denny's or something somewhere and one of those weird Road shows like we're just sat down where you are totally right that you were talking about the principles of shootboxing looks please explain strange things about the school to mix my classes so young that there's still so much to be done okay even the way people understand mixed martial arts to me as interesting

► 01:20:54

99% of people who look at mixed martial arts see mixed martial arts as an Eclectic sport

► 01:21:02

other words it's a conglomeration of different martial arts kind of band it together and then you got mixed martial arts it's a mix of martial arts in there you have two guys in a cage in what mixed martial arts Davis or mixed martial arts as an Eclectic sport

► 01:21:19

I see it as a friend sentence Court

► 01:21:22

what I mean by that is there are four distinct skill areas of mixed martial arts any one of those skill areas always goes beyond the component martial arts that make it up

► 01:21:39

other words the skill area transcends the various martial arts that make it up and create something bigger and different from the core components that originally built it

► 01:21:52

when you look to the school to mixed martial arts you see there are four dominant skill areas

► 01:21:58

the first occurs when they first come out

► 01:22:01

and the two athletes have no connection with each other and dancing around the cage

► 01:22:09

this is the circle shoot boxing face which involves skills grown from waist and boxing Muay Thai karate Freestyle Wrestling and various other martial arts with the two athletes a joke in the position and typically they're trying to determine the direction of the fight will it go down who will stay up

► 01:22:29

that's one skill area

► 01:22:31

the second scariest killer in the clinch with the two essays about Still Standing but now you're going to hold on each other you no longer moving around will

► 01:22:42

this is its key components come to and from white eye Greco-Roman wrestling Freestyle Wrestling Judo etcetera etcetera

► 01:22:51

10 is 1/3

► 01:22:53

key skill area

► 01:22:57

the area fence fighting fans boxing with a two athletes are in a clinch but they're locked on the fence which dramatically changes the skills required for Success than a few in the open

► 01:23:11

I need to have a fourth skalaria which is the ground and of course has divided into top and bottom position

► 01:23:19

so they were full skill areas of mixed martial arts you could add more or less. When you could add in the geography of the cage can I add a new Ares but let's stick with that fundamental for for now

► 01:23:35

if you show me any one of those skill areas yes you can derive skills from those component martial arts from more Thai from Jude of whatever you choose

► 01:23:48

but that's killer is going to have other elements that are not part of the original martial arts that is something different something unique and something above

► 01:23:58

the various component martial arts that made it up

► 01:24:02

when you fighting on the ground a lot of what you do is to ride from between Jujitsu and water mixed martial arts most of the athletes confirmation to background when they were Ground skills that they work on you and it kind of picture to frame work but many of the things going on down there

► 01:24:19

a mix of things that are far outside of your daily training between union suit you can bring in things for more tired of you throwing multi always on the ground on the ground they always have a very different feel from the standing position David mechanics behind a significantly different you're throwing hooks on the ground but the mechanics of throwing hooks on the ground that very very different from the mechanics of throwing hooks in the standing position so yeah you're bringing skills in from Bozeman to adapting them to

► 01:24:47

go to the way to look at the sport of mixed martial arts is not just like okay I'm going to throw together some rice lanes and boxing and see what happens when you're developing skills in four distinct areas a minimum of 4

► 01:25:03

and the skills you ultimately develop go beyond and add significantly different from the cool components that you started with

► 01:25:12

and so ultimately the skills of a mixed martial arts at the highest labels Prince and the various cool martial arts that made the sport out you're going to Summit you're going through it

► 01:25:24

when you fight in a mixed martial arts find your juicy fighter use in a lot more than just read it and the various other boxing styles that are the you used

► 01:25:33

in a case of shoot bolts in the George St-Pierre

► 01:25:37

everyone always talks about Georges wrestling

► 01:25:40

that George is a very good wrestler it's rest for a long time with very good people

► 01:25:47

but 90% of the success of his ability to take people down

► 01:25:52

goes far beyond wrestling it has to do with a precursors to the shot what wrestling teaches you doing mixed martial arts how to finish a shot it gives you the body mechanics to finish to Sean but the sit-ups completely different from wrestling I can show you in as examples of good wrestlers who went into mixed martial arts competition with no background with my shots and couldn't take anybody down the distance is different The Stance of different emotions different the sit-ups a completely different the context is different between punch instead of grappling

► 01:26:30


► 01:26:33

in my opinion

► 01:26:35

throughout his career had a level of skill and Technical inside in the The Art of

► 01:26:45

boxing kickboxing into takedowns that no one else has even come close to

► 01:26:51

much of what he did in that area came from himself did he have good wrestling coaches absolutely 3 have good boxing coaches absolutely

► 01:27:02

great more time coaches hundred percent

► 01:27:06

but the skills he was exhibiting went beyond any one of those teachers or even them as a whole

► 01:27:14

Act of tying together all those two Spirits skills came from him the integration of skills

► 01:27:23

and so you have someone who had a wrestling background had a boxing background had him or type back on but ultimately what he was doing with something bigger than all of those put together there's a sign it just to get fit to your wizard the the some was with somehow greater than the components that individually made it up that's what I mean right over by trains in the sport Joe st. Pierre was largely responsible through individual experimentation starting his late teens and going through his entire career development of shoebox

► 01:28:01

now when you work as a coach for George you weren't just working as a Jiu-Jitsu coach you were working in almost like a mastermind sort of a position you I mean I I saw some conversations that you had with him where you discuss various things and in fact one of the things you came to me about was you asked me if I knew anyone who is proficient at the spinning back kick and that's how I got to working with George your your your coaching with him was not just simply like this these are the principles of jujitsu this what I want you to work on when the fight goes to the ground you were working on a lot of different aspects you are a guy that sort of put it together

► 01:28:50

now when you don't have a background striking and you know what you are at your looking at all these various disciplines of trying to formulate a strategy for a guy was just it was such a supreme athlete George how did you how did you formulate that just do it based on the individual based on their physical strengths and limitations and sort of formulate what you think would be the best approach to you work it out with him in conjunction the wood when George comes to train with me this if there's a bunch of considerations fix hole George lives in Montreal I live in New York so time is always an issue but he does go down there more often but it's not like ask what the scores are like 7 days a week 3 times a day Georgia State like that so in the time available will work on

► 01:29:40

I'm on what we can certain things always done with your children how much time is available and what is a scenario that's coming up for George almost always it was an upcoming mixed martial arts fight so love you all and I'm saving you know how come you didn't teach those same to you like locks but why wasn't he laid off and everyone and even met the first off Lake logging as you saw from the golden Ryan clip requires

► 01:30:11

if it's not done well like often is one of those things where if it's done well it's amazing but her stomach badly it's the woods looking thing in the world it's a disaster so sick and Lee George's game just take down successful was almost always down from top position on the ground so rare that you have to be in bottom session on the ground and in a fight situation if you're already on top of someone and you cook the Striking probably 6:40 p.m. I was happy to Dakota Morgan and what we call the gravel boxing this to the skillet of grappling to punching on the ground beef made more sense for him he's confident in Lake walking but he's not like Garrett on Eddy coming to Logan run pretty finish most black bouncy absolutely but why would you stake fight with living millions of dollars me photos of legacy on the line why would you take that risk when you can just stay on time to punch amount that you did was say John Fitch for example so it didn't make sense to push that hard on George you'll question though is that okay

► 01:31:11

what about these other skills what about staining sexual I'm fascinated not respect you just threw up my martial arts from Janet and I've always believed all the various sportmartialarts in the world have areas where they are particularly strong person alive always people make fun of Taekwondo in the dark don't understand I don't know anymore you'll back me up on this drug there was some type of their players out there at olympic-level who can kick with a skill level that most people can't even imagine. I've seen people like the Rays chicken demonstrations with

► 01:31:46

you looking like this one the most impressive thing I've ever seen in my life and this is the guy who if he hits you was going to take your head off its in price of the bar I was there when he was in his prime I watched him KO quite a few people I watched him k o one of the u.s. national champions with an axe kick some of the worst Kayo's have ever seen in my life came from Taekwondo like they can do involve jump spinning kicks with just a huge amounts of of of kinetic energy female you see the same thing in point fighting karate see some terrible knock out some point Financial Adora people make fun of a sports like the interface on their own is the issue. CA on their own they got problems but if you could integrate that developed complete skill said they could be incredibly effective I always sore tremendous potential for Taekwondo is just money back in no one does spinning back kick better than typing. That's one of the main things I do incredibly well that's it I'm so fantastic that the application of mechanics everything is super impressive

► 01:32:46

so I was told that would be at your George had a good spinning back here but I thought that would be a nice addition you might want to be building new skills into a part of you that you don't want to be that pretty cool guy where everyone knows what you're doing and I know you keep on talking to a backgrounds and so I thought that we need something for you to work on with him because that was my specialty and so when you brought in I always want to talk to you I was fucked on your fasting a guy so when he came up to me and you said do you know anyone it's almost like a trick question it was a crazy good comes like I was hesitant over okay you not going to believe this but I thought you were just fucking with me I felt like when I was telling you is like man I don't even want it I wish I knew someone who did it as well as me you should have kissed me like yeah

► 01:33:46

base jumping back in the fucking I did jump spinning back kick quite a bit but I prefer a regular spinning back to you I want my foot on the ground cuz I understand all of that feeling left leg Fortune pushing off that back into some kind of beautiful and very impressive he's another guy who came from that point fighting background with you know you see Raymond Daniels and him and a lot of these guys from that background that are doing the Daniel's worth with George efforts last two fights very very impressive God no I mean yeah and again it's he had just the point fighting skills and now he's developing real boxing skills and he's you know you seen in him in Bellator kickboxing howardcc the integration of the to its input on Menaul and then he could just do things physically with that most kickboxer just really don't know what he's doing heal heal

► 01:34:46

jump up and do what's called like a touch spinning back kick like he'll jump up and touch you with the front leg at 6 it is very fine I believe yes beautiful view. He's phenomenal he's phenomenal but that again when you see that it's like those things by themselves you're just going to get taken to the ground and smashed and most people unless you land one of those catastrophic spinning back kick it right away leave the odds are you you need all those other things as well in order to be particularly effective which is why George upset you and George and get away with it anything yet. But that was that was a fun moment was interesting because like I've always wanted to like show somebody this cuz it's a weird little thing that I know how to do that your original question are built around the concept of a dilemma

► 01:35:46

the Delamar it's always between his dad and his takedown

► 01:35:52

people always talk about proactive and reactive takedowns this guy's a reactive take this with a proactive take down. I'm just saying about George to see what use his jab proactively but it would use his takedowns reactively now that's interesting because George would literally provoke people you're saying and that's it down some point this out past tense

► 01:36:20

you're saying this like you know something I don't know. Relinquish the title and then the great speculation is Will George fight again the truth comes out some medical problems in Georgia has ever got a problem in the stomach and side colitis you know what it is but it's one of the most frustrating things that you will just have to deal with with there certain parts of the human body at this out of your control in the stomach is one of them just things cabin in your stomach you can't control it seems like stress seem to make it worse and the truth is it no one right now to this point so wherever they stay out my

► 01:37:05

instinct is to think well do you really want to come back to what you've done all this and cap off a career too it was amazing was in prison I got to tell you when he came back this is what was really interesting about that fight George had said I'm better I'm a better martial artist than I was before and he looked at me and he definitely looked like he was a little out of competition like they was moments but and I think you could see it in bisping's face like pretty early on. Like this guy is this is not a Rusty George St-Pierre is not a small welterweight whose Cena making his way in the Middle where he looks huge he looks phenomenal his is technique the way he was Landing leg kicks and is sharp job and then ultimately that left hand that used to stun Bisping and get them

► 01:38:05

the ground Sensational all the whole thing was kind of news is confusing and

► 01:38:24

whole thing's actually contrived in the Octagon right there in front of you I would be hard fight training camp in being the best games go to the 5 to Hendricks who is Georgia's unclear if you want to fight at all the countries involved in the fight and then when the fight was over it was it was a very close fine and he wasn't sure what he wanted to do it it was a miscommunication and ultimately he walked away from the game and that's a long time changes and the beilstein change hands very very quickly

► 01:39:05

so when George started talking to me about the idea of how I want to come back I think I've still got convey I want to come back it is a desire passion. You sure you really want to do this like me to the last to fight games and stuff you didn't seem to have the same kind of drives used to have you sure you want to do this is this like a middle-aged fantasy hear you coming through here and you should not feel this I want to come back so my question to him was

► 01:39:36

if you want to come back I just going to do the same thing he's going to come back to walk away and do what you always did which is come out and beat the baseball to weights and just hold the title as you sleep and be doing the same thing

► 01:39:50

I thought if you're going to come back let's do something significant something you haven't done before and so the way I put it to him was what are the three most persistent criticisms you always hear about your St-Pierre number one weight loss never went out

► 01:40:09

number to afford so technically sound was such an emphasis on strategy and techniques or what have you that matches could become dull the average fan looks like well yeah he's winning easily installment of it doesn't have drama in the front so we had decided to use it on the one hand you start technically sound strategically deep but the flights weren't as exciting as they all to be going up for weight category in the Stuart most persistent person we can finish fights

► 01:40:50

okay he was a very skilled fighter it wasn't finishing fights

► 01:40:55

if you got to come back let's do it in a way where you address those three things

► 01:41:01

okay George is always concerned about his legacy Sapphire and if it was three persistent criticisms and field Champions Legacy accessories things you don't finish and fight so you never went up a weight class and your two tactical okay you know you don't provide the drama that fight should

► 01:41:18

socialist change things

► 01:41:21

and it for years previous to that whenever I was training George I was training him for fight he's not fight fighting Nick Diaz funny cows come on those funny or whoever and was always getting him ready for Firefly Matthews in 2 months let's get ready now you were tired I'm not going to train you to find some dude

► 01:41:41

can I train you in Jiu-Jitsu

► 01:41:44

Freddie Roach going to train you in boxing

► 01:41:50

in this since we could we have time now to start working on finishing skills

► 01:41:57

significant change occurred where my primary emphasis in training George in that for you layoff was in submissions. Happily that happened at one time the time is going was coming out so I had a group of some of the best admission peoples in the world that used to work with so is submission start getting better send me Joe's in PA if you got on your back is a problem he's submitting people in the gym I could run off some names I want to go cuz it's not the thing to do but I could borrow some things that people used to measure in the gym it shock you like well knowing you to see people for the first time he's out for me if it wasn't on Cracker Box in was submission

► 01:42:38

pretty roaches working on with the on the mechanics of punching JoJo said good in out movement it was at like that karate movement the ability to he always had a strong jab but now he's teaching that is sit on a punch show me George shuttle lift hook

► 01:42:53

what kind of guy can integrate lift a dangerous man everyone was worried you know this so much overreactions that you'll just have to suck up to niece woke me up and now he was sitting on that little can people getting hurt so now for the first time you got a guy who's got some missions and he's hitting with genuine panel

► 01:43:19

as it came back it was a question of who's going to be the opponent

► 01:43:25

and the next thing I say it is well you never went up a weight division

► 01:43:30

go to 85

► 01:43:33

no was any consideration about going up to 85 because the fact that Bisping was the champion George is there a decision was made before this one was the champion how far in advance was a decision made because Bisping a defendant against Henderson remember this one against Rock whole wheat project I could make that decision for you in mind Chris Weidman was 185 lb champion and Chris and children ever fight each other but once that was no longer an issue then resign Faye this this could would this could be interesting Saudi tire for years he was talking about eventually in time for years but he was training the whole time and I'll be stuck with Freddie Roach she loves working with Freddie Roach and so the train was was going a different direction

► 01:44:33

he works at Faraz zahabi and then tries never gets more integrated processor black bottom line so he often best Jiu-Jitsu with for us. I teach for awesome that does a good job there but for Ross ties things together that's his principal function with Phil nurse for a while as well go fuck itself from Tiger Muay Thai yard that's a shortening of his actual name that way very long names but they trying to imply to Condit and Diaz did a fine job so there's never been a short coaches in his life but there are certain things that seem to jail with him more than others interesting they doing it for you. George had a strong rebirth into karate and work with a lot of specialized karate people including Raymond Daniels and I

► 01:45:33

they came from the most beef in the European Point fighting karate so if he was looking at them a lot and so summer across the time when you're dealing with it different ass right now it's the guys had for years off and it in the train is going in different directions and finishing skills and both fisticuffs and Grandpa Pig on considerably better he was 20 with that you're going up to 85 and experimenting with diet and Sarah to get his body weight out that's never an easy thing to do

► 01:46:09

and technically it was looking more like that on there there been an exciting fight at through movement and pushing harder for the finish and and I thought those were three very very healthy directions to go in and this would it work if you did come back to submit offer a genuine opportunity to address the three most persistent criticism of his career initially there was a lot of persistence in the UFC I don't think they were phone if you had ever told I want him to go to 170 in and do what he done and George pushed hard for the for the 585 and ultimately it happened in a rather strange way Tyron Woodley had a cat fight at 171 Shem

► 01:46:55

wasn't the most crowd-pleasing fight and George St-Pierre was supposed to find Tyron Woodley and then you'll see it you know what 5 best minutes on say we chose the Madison Square Garden that's one of the great fight capitals of the world and the town happen so there was consideration and fighting 170 and so this was the UFC's idea but what about your plan for Android seem to like the idea that you said if I'm going to come back if I got to take the risk of a four-year lay off and come back as a big risk yeah I mean Muhammad Ali came back after 3 years and had to warm up fights and still lost his title fight yeah but Muhammad Ali really wasn't working out that was that was when the Vietnam War thing it happens mostly junk to was a college game and he wasn't really work just looking out the whole time and proving

► 01:47:55

difference in Muhammad Ali's body when he came by and still gives me the other examples that you Sugar Ray Leonard came back out to lay off so you had one successful in one very unsuccessful yeah I'm back and he was working on the whole time so coming back cuz it's it's a hard hard Frost how many labels to notice physical or psychological so now this colitis thing is throwing a monkey wrench into the actress yeah actually it threw a monkey wrench in the camp I could tell you some stories about that that camp was as as good as the four years was the camp itself like I can say it now because it's over which it is awesome. The worst game I've ever been involved in I was coaching across the score for 80cc so 80cc I believe was around 6 weeks before George is fine so I was in Finland and communicating with George and he's like feeling good let's get the moment I get back I'm just looking on a plane from Finland to Montreal and stop the camp

► 01:48:54

George's at Mount stomach issues and I was like what do you mean stomach issues what does that even mean now about 2 weeks into the tissues got so bad that George literally could not now this is a six-week fight Camp it's a very short came back in the day we used to be 8 to 12 weeks but you are still too short I can treat you better

► 01:49:20

first two weeks were okay but I was in The Optimist of the Finland Expedition and when I first went up George said I got to cancel account train

► 01:49:36

mite bites 4 weeks away

► 01:49:39

and Joseph two weeks off it was a critical moment on a Friday evening or I said to Faraz zahabi this is the second time I've had to say this to frost how we the other was a college going to camp

► 01:49:52

I said jordison Train by Monday we can pull the plug There's No Way Every Witch Way full year layoff and this Camp lost its dead in the water for weeks he takes two weeks off I believe it might be 5 to 10 days later

► 01:50:15

essentially nothing nothing just no train like drilling some movement and use it at the worst possible time and it wasn't the first two weeks we lost because

► 01:50:30

been way too much of inactivity then it's two weeks left and I remember the first time I went up I bought Jake Shields Garry tonon Gordon Ryan with me we came up and we went through some drills on the ground in and out I was happy you know Joseph is okay on the ground he did fine against the score of the ice and we worked on some special like crap and stopping in the next day you went through a shoebox workout now I could sit here all day until you Adventures of George St-Pierre doing shoot balls training with people I've seen him spot everybody like I'm not going to mention names but I've seen George St-Pierre takedown

► 01:51:09

if it was late

► 01:51:11

some of the biggest names in mixed martial arts and weight divisions far above his own

► 01:51:18

so many times per around you just lose, I got I am afraid you can tell you the stories that people don't believe me I'm used to seeing George St-Pierre shoot boxing things down again I've seen that since this I was correct

► 01:51:37

I watch Joe st. Pierre to a shoebox work out where he couldn't score it take down this is the fights 2 weeks away I'm just looking down like holy heck what is this he's getting hit he's getting frustrated he's getting tired

► 01:51:53

I said the pharmacy no this is this is a crisis

► 01:51:58

this is one of the biggest UFC's at the year it's Madison Square Garden he's a headline

► 01:52:03

the UFC had to pull some big things to get this might to happen they didn't originally didn't want it if we put out now it's going to look like it is that's going to write you a letter UFC down into his Everlasting credit George said I'll be back on Monday and I'll be better we went up and he is a dug in deep what can I tell you he's a trooper he trained every day that's lost two weeks and

► 01:52:34

as each day went by there was significant Improvement I remember there was a distinct moment about 5 days before the end of the campus won't go shoot box work out and he look like the old George is that okay I believe in this kid again you can do it Jamie we please Google colitis I don't know enough I believe you know what that is ulcerative colitis

► 01:52:57

yeah I don't know it's so it it's something to do with stomach ulcers I know that claim to be next but yeah I can take with the symptoms of extreme stomach pain and inability to eat it screwed up his entire diet and why did it start I started early in the camp and got progressively worse and then so be it to the innermost lining of the large intestine colon and rectum forms range from mild to severe having ulcerative colitis put the patient at increased risk of developing colon cancer symptoms including rectal bleeding bloody diarrhea abdominal cramps and pain that sounds like a party if you read the can you bring it back read the First full treatment can help with this condition cannot be cured requires a medical diagnosis lab test for Imaging always required chronic can last for years or be lifelong it's incredibly frustrating from to deal with such a

► 01:53:57

tendon surgery so it's it's Audrey but it appeared to back off a little bit in the last 2 weeks he came back this isn't the kind of person George st-pierre's the morning is a fight Saturday morning where in New York City in the hotel room for us and hobby Freddie Roach for myself or at The Breakfast Table George comes down for breakfast he's waiting

► 01:54:26

he looks in his breakfast his originally the plan because it was a fight at 185 was to have George come in at up at a high body weight but he ended up Wayne 191 pounds which is exactly the same as he used to fight a welterweight the same body way so that was kind of a disappointment you know and he quietly excused himself and went to the bathroom everyone else went away to do things and I sat then I realized he's in the bathroom for an hour he came out I was I told you okay and he looked at me said I'm fine

► 01:55:06

Gregory Watson

► 01:55:08

and then you went out for it and then after what you told me. I was in so much pain and he was afraid to tell me because he would worry that if I cornered him and I thought he was compromised I wouldn't call him the way I normally would that I would doubt him so he kept it all inside I didn't say a word and he's a good kid you know you can't help what am I like it like that wow well that's what makes me Champion here it's one of the things it's and it's less than perfect conditions you could still rise to a km play some traffic it was Johnny Hendricks fight during the camp for that fight when he decided to impromptu retire inside the Octagon that there was talk during the camp that he didn't want to fight you what was that about really it's centered around 2 things 1i Candace can not discuss because it involves a personal life George St-Pierre there was some things going on in his personal life

► 01:56:07

that some deeply affected him and he was deeply unhappy with some circumstances in his personal life and it's not appropriate for me to talk about those in the second was the whole idea to become an obsession with George at that time which is the use of anabolic steroids in mixed martial arts and he was deeply unhappy with what he perceived as the prevalence of the use of anabolic steroids and mixed martial arts is a hole and among his opponents in particular and he wanted a testing program to be pulled in for that Vibe it was talked about it but nothing came of it and it became like this psychological Obsession during the camp and between those two issues there was a lot of unhappiness he became in professional athletes

► 01:57:07

everything. But there was a degree of unhappiness where I'm looking and thinking how much longer can this go on

► 01:57:17

now there was some talk about the Tyron Woodley fight and then tire and had this bad performance but if George did get healthy

► 01:57:30

and was confident enough in his house that he could go to get through an actual training camp would he be interested in considering a fight with Tyron Woodley that's a great Champion I know she gets a lot of stick a lot of flack that kid is talented and they can motivate someone to fight or whatever but I think they both have fleas have a respect for each other

► 01:58:03

tired what is a very very difficult opponent to beat his people criticize his style but people don't understand difference between regular fighting and championship fighting championship fighting is about winning and losing and you got to do what you got to do to win that's the first consideration it's nice to impress the crowd it's nice to do this or that but ultimately it's about what you going to do to win what do you order going to do to beat the second best guy in the world it's difficult difficult time and it has to be done correctly this idea of fighting to entertain him in this is a very complex thing and you talked about it with George addressing that are attempting to address that in his come back and trying to finish and be more energetic and aggressive but the reality is that's not always the best way to engage is the right way to fight a person with a particular skill set and especially in the Woodley vs. Stephen Wonderboy Thompson fight game this is the only way to fight that guy you cannot mean unless you are what he

► 01:59:03

which is a very skillful traditional martial artist that has this very unique ability to bend at the waist like a snake and slide in with techniques and it does a lot off the front leg dangerous stuff off the front light unless you can do that to you really shouldn't be on the outside striking with him it's just it's just too weird that style too weird so he kind of had to lay back and if you and I can if you look at the results of the fight the times of the fight where someone was hurt it was Tyron Woodley putting the hurt on Wonderboy Thompson case those are the only times in the fight where was really exciting other than that it was sort of wonderboard kind of trying to pick out them from the outside and it's a very difficult fight to look at at Las Vegas is three kinds of people that watch mix martial arts Dave's fans of drama

► 01:59:58

expensive violence in his fans of strategy and technique

► 02:00:03

guys like us when we watch MMA we fall into the Teeny can stretch grab that's the guy that to me I can watch Woodley fight Wonder Boy and I'm fascinated meaning of the fans want to see violence that's what they're trying to do and it's a significant portion others like you had your drama and athletes in a sense that the brand themselves according to one of those three choices George always Brandon himself as the Teeny can strategy guide Tyron Woodley struggling with that now himself he's doing the same thing also known as the quintessential DramaFire didn't really have any exciting fighting style and he's never ready at in Eagan strategy guide so he went with drama so is he done vocally you'll get it. Violence bass flies when I go to my power armor sets his appeal you know he's not into drama

► 02:01:03

strategy to meet guys going to come out to the same thing every 5 and it's going to be a file and finish so every find a has to visit worth identify wants his here wait what's he going to do what's going to be his appion work within that and John Deere tyrannous

► 02:01:19

letting us or anything to do if you get criticism from certain aspects of the other two elements of the Earth in mixed martial arts audience that seems like the big fight it certainly the big fight for tyrant but it seems like the big fight for George's well reservation when you when you say is this the big fight is it essentially it's the same flight to Georgia for a decade it's George against another very very tough welterweight what you did for 10 years of his life he's especially dangerous I mean he's

► 02:02:00

more I think is more dangerous than Hendrix I think is more dangerous than any of those guys I think his ability to put you away with one shot is that you could say I'm the food chain tricks was putting people with one shoulder while years you know yeah he was it sitting with hendrix's Will fasting in case and we should probably talk about that once the camera stops but he's at he's at he was a fast pace and I can understand

► 02:02:27

why you so successful but you know there's a lot to maintaining that there's a lot to it's one thing to get to a position where you are world-class fighter it's like how long can you keep that up on the most impressive aspects of Georgia's career was the fact that George was able to keep that out for so long people don't understand this is a yes it is it's incredibly tough to become a UFC champion but how are the top that is it Stan X tell her to stay then and on so many different levels too it's not just the physical that you the most you have gem you come the most studied fighter in the world everyone knows every little weakness they say varietal strengthen they can the Gated and psychologically it's tough to every time the other guy fights it's the biggest fight of his life

► 02:03:17

boys every time you fine it's just another fine this Leah 10th title defense COC another fight the other guy across the ring this the biggest moment of his life he's coming at you with everything he's got this is his moment of Glory says little guy change his life when you come to the UFC champions for your sister next month that's the question is like is it possible for a champion to maintain a Challengers intensity Drew at 10 title fight defense or do you just have to accept the fact that you're dealing with a completely different mindspace I think ultimately you have to drop the whole pretense that is about intensity I don't believe anyone can hold the same amount of intensity of a teen years of preparation you have to start

► 02:04:02

thinking in terms of I'm going to defend my title with technique and strategy because if you go with him can sitting at you can only hold it in for so long it's going to Dimension time as you get paid more than just tired of getting rid of years go by the intensity drops now when you analyze various fighters of today who stands out to you in so long as it isn't very very impressive people the guardian prices me enormously is Demetrious Johnson extremely impressed by that I think he's the greatest of all time it's it's hard to Graceville, such a tough thing to say Demetrius to the open question is always give me what was the labor competition but it's not his fault right

► 02:05:02

world class guys but against him they just look like they didn't belong in there what you typically find is that when you come to a CS who's the greatest of all time that's always going to come down to criteria and each guy has his strong point his claim to fame as far as you know I was the best guy will time let's stick with just UFC Champions that's why they Discussion movie to great if we go into pride and just getting out of control

► 02:05:34

but Demetrious Johnson's hits his kind of famous is the completeness with what she's winning fights he's using everything beautifully he's knocking erase hitting people he's he's punching people is easy to clinch Knockouts you know you don't see that often the UFC he's incredibly good on the ground a few times he gets in trouble he seems to navigate his way out without a problem this incompleteness in a skillset which is incredibly impressive okay he's integrating wrestling and striking and ways that just deeply deeply impressive you'll get someone like Jose Aldo who's right up there and just so you know is he won his grace whole time sad thing about UFC is it UFC fans I should say is it people have virtual memories you a guy loses cup of ice and something he sucks it's like to. It was a killer 15 years and very very skilled at Beauty

► 02:06:34

me tough opponents and do you feel like when you see a guy called oh you're just seeing the miles to miles per hour up or do you think that Max Holloway is not dead at that Goodson 32 yeah no I'm not going to say it's the miles and also wholesale day didn't really take a lot of damage and it's crazy East he's not like a guy that got knocked out 5 times and you know it came back so in terms of the damage you took in his age on I-10 things going to Miles and if you think it's a change that's the question of the game just passing and buy new levels of the game that's that's great but I feel like Max Holloway's style was almost like the perfect and yeah I think that's very good distance at all so phenomenal endurance unbelievable mental toughness extreme confidence in himself and he has the ability to break guys put space on them. Nick Diaz

► 02:07:33

in that regard you just puts that pays on time and you saw it with although you see all those start to wilt open space Prince essentially but you really can't do that mean his style is highlighted by incredibly explosive fast movement and Max's not Max's is about avoiding and then accumulation of bombs of techniques keep it on you keep and also his well-roundedness his ability to submit you go to absorb shots maintain composure when being fired upon all those things incredible strengths of his but particularly matched up against Aldo his strengths really shine ideas yeah but that's a whole Market if you going to call some of the greatest of all time as they have to be able to take on

► 02:08:29

a wide array of a poem yes still be successful which is why Demetrius gets my vote I just feel like when you look at benavidez when you look at many different people that have fought showed him a bunch of different looks bunch of different styles and he was able to overwhelm them all Wilson Hayes what's your assessment of his fight against the cruiserweight division see I look at that as a learning experience a different error a different guy had a full-time job back then wasn't looking thing on the cruise is fascinated by that I want to see him fight TJ Dillashaw that's the big fight because TJ's willing to go down 125 so instead of fighting Dominic at 1:35 TJ's like I can make 125 and TJ feel like he'll be the guy to break the Legacy he will be far bigger stronger feels like you can match and speed for Speed and he thinks he can make the weight comfortably I'm really fascinated by that fight because

► 02:09:29

I think TJ is one of the few guys that strained by I think Matt Hume is one of the great unsung heroes of MMA fast any guy incredibly intelligent deep deep knowledge of the sport both stand up and on the ground and an integrating those two things together he's one of the few guys you can genuinely say his expertise across all areas of mixed martial arts and played a pivotal role in taking someone from being an unknown to a legitimate great Champion all the time I see people people often take Medicaid distinction between recruiters and coaches as many fight camps out there there's a very good at recruiting people that were already good

► 02:10:20

and helping them to manage atmosphere in Maycomb slot Iver the Wolves full of recruiters but there's no many couches out then Max you took a kid who no one hurt off and took him from obscurity to arguably one of the best of all time and he he did it in a way with that that kid went from being essentially erase them to a genuinely well-rounded mixed martial artist with a complete set of skills that's an impressive accomplishment yeah and it's also his the way he does it the way he fights a little damage she takes his movement is his ability to control like a good example. Send who fought John Dodson who's unbelievably explosive and fast dangerous and just overwhelmed him

► 02:11:13

if Demetrious Johnson didn't exist Dalton would have been a very good Champion oh yeah. Especially a few years ago he extremely dangerous he seems to be in a bit of a right now whether it's a psychological ride or a physical right it's not quite the same guy that he used to be but you know it's hard when a guy best to the way that Mighty Mouse best you cuz it seems like the level of talent is so far above where you're at that you it's like you left for the Dilemma like how do I catch this guy and hand it is it even possible for me to catch him cuz they had two fights and the second fight Mighty Mouse won handily he need the first fight was closer the first fight was more dangerous he got hit a few times but in the second fight Mighty Mouse just showed Leaps and Bounds and it was just a route he just ran him over

► 02:12:13

the other arguments are Anderson Anderson is prime is one of the it's a great argument to the greatest of all time you know outside the UFC is fake I think those are really the only two arguments in the grace of all times and George George is in there especially coming back and beating Bisping that puts him you know right back into the mix and in terms of argument of one of the greatest of all time I think it was an important step for him because as I said that there were three persistent criticisms and he answered all three and one night so I'm at definitely helps his case what's your thought on khabib nurmagomedov off embraced

► 02:12:51

this kid is so deeply deeply and price of he's coming to the academy a couple of times before 5 I'll give you should see him trying he talk to his fight in Madison Square Garden he bought himself and a group of his friends his training vanes came into the cabinet range in my Monday afternoon class can be didn't train to sit on the bench received this Saturday night so cold enough but his his his training Partners came in and train with the squad and it was a fun afternoon they roll with icing posting that you were lying and it's hard for me because because it's submission grappling this already what they do they do they do multi interface of grappling combined with striking so they had a hard time of it but he struck me as a very very nice person he's choking me beg for his weight division like old people coming out of the closest regions of Russia is Riesling is extremely good they

► 02:13:51

probably the best wrestling program in the world that whole area stretching from seashell through Dagestan for Chesney all the way down to iraan that that Ares is the Hog Pit of wrestling in the world and it shows all the advice at all strong and wrestling and the next adventure very skills and you've got a tough tough group of people was extremely shocked on him and he's undefeated which is incredibly rare in and of itself but in the hundred fifty five pound division even more impressive but the way he Mall Barboza you can see the fight was essentially over halfway through round 1 yes sir yeah you can see it in Barbosa's face has drained it was incredibly impressive performance

► 02:14:38

I always see the store that you can put them yet in the price of all time not to go to bed tonight, probably would have been Champion by now Ham versus Conor Jesus Christ that's what I want to say hembras Connor and Russia or him versus Tony

► 02:14:59

Tony Ferguson again would be a very interesting about this to find since you have basically Polar Opposites good evening and get all this a control based fire where is Tony Ferguson is a scramble based by them and just that clash and styles is going to be fascinating with regards Conor McGregor and could be evening to get off the feeling one gets as if they did find it would be a complete shutout in one of two directions it's either like a man beating up a child on the ground or it's just a flush knockout

► 02:15:36

unable to cover distance to properly and walking into a left-handed just being catastrophic tko'd and then you feel like there's potential for to go in both directions it's identified I don't think I was a distance it's it's one way or the other yeah I agree I feel like what Connor present it's interesting in terms of danger is speed and one shot knockout power with his hands and could beat has been Hood coming in by Michael Johnson the only adversity ever suffered inside the RV I don't need any Delta that well that's a good sign for the beat is this sliver of hope that every opponent claims to the watch that one moment where Michael Johnson clip them like look like he's human Predator oh yeah what I say Terminator yeah you just fucked up you on or preference so I'm sorry Connor

► 02:16:36

overwhelmed on the ground though he's been overwhelmed by Nate Diaz and he's been controlling the ground mulch at yet because I'm posed to be too much more dangerous form of control has a program of hitting people on the ground which is substantially better than either of the two athletes you just mentioned yes and big difference is when could be get you on the ground you're not getting up no you're getting mauled and it's almost like a spider monkeys injecting Venom into you and slowly but surely like weakening your body like you see after the first round when Barboza gets up it's like okay you mean he's he's alive still but this is a different person now I'm going into the second round in the part bows it gave an admirable kind of himself and showed himself to be a true warrior he did try and come

► 02:17:36

some of them look relatively close to kicking heavy strategy though is very different than Connor's Connors kicks or just the opposite his kicks or just probes he sort of poking at you poking at you and it putting things out in front of you and he's just trying to drop that hard left hand on you it's a fascinating. It was fascinated by always undeveloped you have money first game in the UFC I said I'll type of hybrids but the more I started the more I said he said he's very very skilled in a way that but I don't think he's mine fucking could be if I don't think that's going to happen I just think that we deal with a totally different kind of human being does people from Pakistan or just so hard it's just a hard part of the world today they're made of part of your stuff to deal with way more ass off their fucking hard people to

► 02:18:37

I just think that with I've always said the most important you have a pyramid of technique when it comes to mix martial arts the base of the pyramid the most important thing is the ability to control the grappling ability to take a guy down if you can take a guy down and control him you have a significant Advantage you can choose where the fight takes place and if you're confident in the stand up which could be was definitely confident in the stand up so you are adequate in the stand up but overwhelming when it gets to the ground you can present problems with the guy standing up which which case is problems the guy has to deal with the Striking aspect switch open up the takedown I wholeheartedly agree with you but I'll go little through them whenever someone asks me

► 02:19:25

what are the what's the weather the programmable what do you look for when you see a guy so many fights what would make someone go in the right direction for that training and the fighting itself I wish it is three things if you show me a fighter who can one donate the sit-ups to dominate the pace of the fight and 3

► 02:19:51

how can I phrase this

► 02:19:56

Dominick the simple direction of the fight three things dominate the setups dominate the pace don't make the direction you show me a fighter who can do those three things and I'll show you will find out who's going to win 95% of the flights to get sent to

► 02:20:12

donate to set up stomach Pace Donald erection say about someone I could be or anyone to come to my strong wrestling or Judo Jujitsu with takedowns Baseline to always have the directions they determine whether it goes down to the ground always a red State standing

► 02:20:32

three always donates the pace of the fight once you're on the ground you're on top the other guy just reacting to what you were doing trying to get back up to his feet at Sarah's header your dominating pace

► 02:20:45

it is one weakness that could be has he's just not as strong the dominating the sit-ups to get to those areas where you can dominate pace and tell Sarah if he's going to lose a fight it's going to be in that area and Corner more than anything else is a guy who dominates the sit-ups you said it before the kick saprobes kicks for trying to hit you with a Casey's probing he hits you with this skill

► 02:21:17

is he's a monstrous dominating set up switching the standing position but your beads mastri out of those three critical areas for Domination in all forms of fighting is he's a dumb he's incredibly Donuts in determining the direction of the fine and the pace of the time that's why I never gets tired despite the fact he's working hard the whole time and the despite the fact that he significant week in some cells make hundred fifty five pounds which apparently he's done far better now he had a real nutritionist cutting into this camp and it was much easier for me to cut the way I think they say the same flight 170 well that's a plan apparently that was the plan I really was joking around about it saying you'll send him a nutritionist ocella keep his psycho ass down at 1:55 with his exact explain

► 02:22:10

yeah I bet you before you said that's cool combat skill two most important one is that you was a commentator look for when you look at 5 if you can you determine if you put grappling skills as they said number one sang with every wrestling with every song but with the Patriots or what-have-you I would go further and say yeah list three things that I look for who dominates instead of who don't make the paste who donated Direction now what are your thoughts about strength and conditioning for mixed martial arts Fighters that says that's a huge question like what takes precedent the skill training take president like there's several schools of thought and one of them would be what one of the more interesting ones is Nick Curson and Marv marinovich that cam they believe that you already know how to fight and that what the camp really should be about is just radical strength and conditioning to a point where let's let's mix question them

► 02:23:10

talking about fight training over the year is ridiculous let's talk about a fight Camp Pacifica

► 02:23:17

okay average fight Camp is around 6 to 8 weeks and is the longest you ever had a second chance at 12 weeks it's a very very long so I can see how much physiological change can you affect in the body in 6 to 8 weeks

► 02:23:35

Shook and you could tighten everything up you can you can certainly increase your endurance your threshold your ability to work how much should you increase your VO2 max in 6 weeks good question few percentage points I believe and I think it's it'll be less than that really am

► 02:23:53

I don't know how much could you increase your vertical jump in 6 weeks not much

► 02:24:02

how much at all

► 02:24:04

not a big believer in the idea that you going to create big significant fight changing physiological changes in 6 to 8 weeks it's not really my experience but I can show someone a single technique which can have it direct impact on a flight I can show them that in 5 minutes I'm not going to clean for a medical expense deep understanding of my experience in coaching is that physiological changes take time and you not going to get it done in a fight Camp yes you can make physiological changes open a year 2 years absolutely George went up weight division okay but it took quite a bit of preparation to do so I didn't have any 6 weeks what kind of strength training was he doing to do that I know he's very involved in gymnastics coach Jody primary physical training outside it is gymnastics he loves her except for time to the Olympic weightlifting place so now than before but

► 02:25:04

there was a time there was a big part of it recently started taking on training and water with various fins at Sarasota to increase or just got a fan of that but the truth is George Richards goes through cycles and your boredom is affected he get bored of the same kind of physical activity and you want to try something new right and so he's going through various Cycles I can tell you this

► 02:25:30

Georgia's strength has not significantly changed despite the various changes and physiological training like when he did Olympic lifting he wasn't massively stronger than when he did regular weight lifting or when he did swim training I didn't I don't feel like okay one made him stronger than the other

► 02:25:56

this summer you some questions in the one you just sauce is it okay to I believe that strength is important absolute Anyway You Want It says that strength doesn't make a difference in a fight is to straight up ignoring the obvious facts is a reason why men don't fight women cuz it's massive strength differences is a reason why this weight categories cuz it's big strength of a screen heavyweight and lightweight strength makes a difference that wrote proof that is simply the easy to observe why do people take anabolic steroids because they know the strength makes a difference and kind is a reason why they're illegal cuz if they do change the outcome of fights so yes strength is extremely important the question is how you going to build it and are you going to do it in Camp is you'll find Camp going to be based around screens that's a risky strategy can you really get that much stronger in 6 weeks I've always believed that the whole idea of find Camp is to prepare and already well trained athlete to get around the problem of one individual

► 02:26:56

it's programming one individual to solve the complex problem that another individual percents it's kind of like preparation for an exam so to speak and tell me the whole thing in every flight gets motivated by to 3 simple questions how you going to win this fight and how you not going to lose this fight entire structure the game is based around that and almost all of it has to do with tactics and techniques rather than changes in the physical body

► 02:27:27

y'all when George is in off Camp when when it was out of Camp is that when he would expect a period of skill acquisition try to acquire new skills

► 02:27:39

so that's when he would to eat I know he's no charge for taking trips to like to Brazil to work that next to me lyrics permutation you know you bring a different perspectives a different person than the same person you sent me this has potential this doesn't really it might start changing things up now do you have that same approach with all the fighters that you've worked with depends on the context of a mixed martial artist of the train with me full time right on time is it would depend on the contacts I cannot see what we got some Squad what I was going to bring up with Weidman weidman's approach you know coming from that elite wrestling background and then developing a lot of significant mixed martial arts skills he is in an unusual situation right now where where is he stand in terms of like future opponents like where we at right now that's that's a tough question to ask to answer Chris I think he'd probably one of the most meteoric Rises

► 02:28:39

pintu will change it level he literally beat twice in a row the guy that at that time was considered by most people to be the greatest of all time has run up to that was incredible you lunch or you call me Tatum any of this my insurance will this kid who did the time frame with what she went from obscurity to will Championship level is incredibly an undefeated yeah I wasn't saying what he was doing so there was an incredible meteoric rise and then it was a short period after that way he appeared to be crushing great form of Champions on the other cheetah Vitor Belfort it was speeding and smashing incredibly impressive and then I think they were shocked by what appeared to be an unbeaten record and in 73 losses in a row and catastrophic Answers by Luke rockhold getting killed by a flying knee from yoel Romero and getting dominated by gay guard mousasi and then all the controversy

► 02:29:39

add to that stopped and she said it was it was three in a row on a guy who it never even experience defeat Brian so you go from no to fix the three catastrophic to feets in a row that that's as far as everything off but then he rebounded with the album one of the guys in the division he's not an idiot you so what guess what we want to do is yes and that was that was great when I was a nice comeback in to buy the questions with us go from here and I don't have an answer for you I'm so sorry you work with them both and Chris Chris Gaines music student he was a student met Sarah who's one of my great friends and training Partners from the hands of Grace Academy Matt was having some medical issues and he said you're on your way I can you take over this stupid in mind Chris Weidman this guy's incredibly talented not heard you know where link schools

► 02:30:39

was blind people tell me about this Amazing Race lose incredibly talented pics that needs help and you know I always take these things with a grain of salt as people exaggerate and 7 so Chris that account and it was all true this kid you can show him what to eat on Monday my Tuesday's doing better than you are and he has a gift for physical movement that you don't see very often and can dogs that big he's big Ed Ryle High intelligent and at that time

► 02:31:14

a level of self-confidence that was deeply impressive I would show Chris a guillotine variation and then 5 minutes later you'll be using the gym and then the monthly to be using it in an MMA fight like that it is literally would see opportunities and immediately act upon them what I worry about with Chris is that in those three losses

► 02:31:43

I'm not saying this has happened but what I worry will happen is it finest would typically very dominant and what conference fight is when they experience to feed lose confidence and big pot of course it says who's that ability to see opportunity and have the conference go immediately act upon it so my concern if I if I if I love the Christmas will that still be there but I still have the same conference which was such a big part of his rise to the top will it be drastically altered by three losses and I'm very pleased to say that it didn't appear to be so in the fight with Gastelum beat he actually took a heavy hit the end of the first round on that fine then came back to eat it look like it's going through those three losses and come back come back strong and everything was fine so I'm pretty confident Chris will go on to great success again it 185 knowing how good Chris is on the ground how shocked for you

► 02:32:43

about the Luke rockhold fight who it was a hard one for me to watch Chris stopped working with me after the second Anderson Silva fight we did most of that came together and then he stopped working with me before the right into Long Island to open up a gym was way long ago and went back to train with Matt Serra and those guys were incredible training can you get a fine job getting him through the machine to find Sarah Sarah I went I was at that UFC it was in Las Vegas, Greg was the main event and Chris was the co-main event and lightheaded interesting beginning Chris was doing well with the takedowns but Luke rockhold was doing a great job of controlling Chris's hit with like fake Guillotines to prevent any kind of damage on the ground is doing a good job of staying to make up to the feet so there was no really significant damage then they go to

► 02:33:43

do I need to send kickboxing battle where did seem to go in One Direction and switch directions thing for seem to be getting the better of it and things look good and then there was just one episode where everything just came on stuck in a second and I remember watching things like I like watching a bad dream you know and um yeah I was walking through an ill-advised wheel kick which is slow and Telegraph and rockhold took him to the ground and what I was most shocked with was and I've seen it time and time again I saw the David Branch fight inside and Lyoto Machida fight is rockhold top game is too fucking terrifyingly impressive very impressive attribute that not just his skill which I think is considerable but also to training on a regular basis with Daniel Cormier and Cain Velasquez is just his wrestling his grappling is severely underrated maybe not so now but his

► 02:34:43

I need to control guys on the ground it's just terrifying him nice dinner in amazing job I don't look up restaurants in Mission skills yes people and he submitted good people and he said some of the best thing with that one I'm getting some of this finishes like highlight reel finish a beautiful you know he's got tremendous skills he's big for the division he's a guy who makes the pace and then dominates the direction he no one can hold him down for any. Of time is grey to get him back out to a speedy rest was the fence very very well-liked over the AKA, instead of on the fence he said he's a very very impressive find them in a lot of ways but his ability to control top-level guys I just thought my thought was when he got Chris down like okay Chris is a world-class Grappler he's going to be able to get out of the situation would be scrambles to a lot happening but there was none of that

► 02:35:43

I was just total control and ground in town for a considerable period of time it was rough was rough to watch cuz it was one of those where you could easily make the argument for it being stop soon I think so too yeah it was a rough one and now Rock was going to face yoel Romero it's a strict. He's a freak of all Pricks that's like that guy was made in a lab did that happen recently Robert Whittaker most likely if I have gas I don't think they released it but there's been an injury maybe it's a different drink but a couple days ago going to California so good for you but I rockhold in your well now we're going to fight for the interim belt that's a huge development big development yeah that said

► 02:36:43

I'm in your Romero that sound that's a different find my friend was probably the most uncontrollable man in the universe is difficult difficult person to control an NES way to the fight he fight is sometimes but it does make no sense like that he's one of the greatest races of his generation get me people taking down yeah I guess now all the time but they can't control when he just brings back up he's not worried about being taken down I think that's part of it yeah cuz he comes so hot if you have a boy at least a little buddy open dumb and you're right there's no consequence to it he can just get any refills like it he he has a greater propensity

► 02:37:26

to change direction at speed than anyone else I've ever seen in my life. People will stop at speed know you know this guy sounds like to me the only kind of this two kinds of speed and then press me in fighting one is the speed of decision-making

► 02:37:43

glad you can make decisions good decisions fasting your phone again with a lot of fights and the other is your ability not to go in straight lines at speed but to change direction speed of directional change is the most important kind of physical speed in fighting I can explain to people that weren't really that fast but they can change direction quickly and that's the kind of speed accounts and fighting so the two kinds of speed you needed to do if I do speed of decision-making and speed of directional change the receiver loss of five people at least you say both as fast but he's not fasting directional changes not his thing but I think that you'll Ramiro is this is what she needs to his movement where it's so hard to read where he's going where is going to be in the next half second it's it's just a handful to deal with. That is a very good assessment of what was talking about him and his ability to go from 0 to 60 in freakish

► 02:38:43

4825 doesn't look like a 40 year old man just everything is wrong you look at his body is proportions everything looks like something from a movie does it there is real and it's just the the amount of force that he can generate is a stunning but he's also a guy that's carrying around a tremendous amount of muscle and I wonder what kind of pacing keep up you know when we saw that in the Whitaker fight you faded a bit and I'll fight one of losing that fight we've seen it in several is fight to Tim Kennedy fight you faded in that fight and eventually came back to win but he's got so much to feed there's so much tissue you know damn fascinating fascinating and again boy wouldn't give love

► 02:39:42

seen him in the UFC at 26 I mean when he was just dominating everyone the wrestling scene in a single world class competition never entered the best wrestlers in his weight division vet time he beat all of them

► 02:40:03

crazy it's as good as he did it hard to imagine

► 02:40:10

alright Jon I think we've covered basically enough words for 3 hours in here man I will make a leave-in by the way I'm a huge fan of the way you break a lot of friends share them and send them to me in text messages occasionally that's very good you are breakdowns of technique and strategy and what is actually happening I think they're critical I think your voice and what you're doing like with the squad and what you're doing for for jiu jitsu as a whole and the way you're able to articulate that can break these things down it's it's it's really really critical I think it's awesome thank you I'm really glad we text meanings fun to what is your Twitter for people that just John danaher on Instagram brother on Instagram

► 02:41:10

thank you everybody for tuna to the podcast and effect or sponsors Paramount Network presents Waco Waco which premieres Wednesday January 24th at 10 on Paramount Network thank you also to square cash the simplest way to pay people back download the free square cash app for iOS or Android now and that's it thanks everybody appreciate you bye bye