#1464 - Duncan Trussell

Apr 25, 2020

Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour”. His new show “The Midnight Gospel” is now streaming only on Netflix.

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Bambi.com Robin all right my guest today is one of the best people on earth I love him as much as any person I've ever loved he's amazing he we have the best conversations and we've been having them for many many years he used to be the he's to got be the guy that you called up at The Comedy Store and you would leave your availabilities you know you'd say hey I'm going to be in town Tuesday Wednesday Thursday whatever and Duncan would answer the phone to me he and I would have these crazy long conversations while he was working at the

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store then we started doing the road together he's just a brilliant person very unique and interesting and I'm just happy I'm happy he's who he is and it's always awesome to see him please welcome the Great and Powerful Duncan Trussell The Joe Rogan Experience trained by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day

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it's hilarious that your biggest concern is getting stuff in your beard and me not telling you about it we've got a strange one going on man because you kind of like trimming the sides a little bit and then you're puffing out here and sort of a bowtie fashion you're looking at this struggle between who I was and who I am why am I doing this it's the pandemic I got like let the pandemic beer go all the way and yet there's still this sense of like we've got to keep civilization I can with my get what's next if it goes

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the way up you know what's going to start happening I'm already gardening now what's next you know where does it go how crazy can you go in a compound now that you're a father and this craziness went down and you protection protection instincts protective instincts kick in have you been thinking about moving elsewhere yeah I mean yeah I was thinking about that like Asheville yep we've gotta has Valastro we've got Georgia we've done you know we it's a constant consider

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duration especially when you have a kid and aside from like apocalyptic prepper bullshit there's just a general feeling of like you know I think if I were a little boy I would want to be in a place where there's creeks and place as I can run and like woods and forests and like stuff like that so there's that consideration to God I hope my wife isn't listening this because she's always like maybe we should move somewhere in the country and I'm

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we had to stay in La we gotta stay here now especially it's like well do we and like well Duncan you now have a successful Netflix show number two in the country on IMDb it on Rotten Tomatoes whatever it is yeah well I'm thing and I don't know what that means necessarily but yeah yeah I can't believe it yeah his IMDb Even TV shows its Internet Movie Database is it it's a I'm not sure what it is it's like yeah he's odd but yeah the show successful

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oh that's right now it seems like people like it is so weird dude your shows so weird yeah it's so Duncan it's the most Duncan thing you've ever done yes it is it really is great I got lucky that they let me do that to you know that's because they let that's because Netflix you know people the name of it real quick it's called The Midnight gospel and you know I've watched some of your episodes where you're talking about the way things are changing because a podcast or streaming or whatever and I think like the fact that the show exists is a testament to that

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that change because you know subscription-based service versus like any old TV they've got a lot more creative freedom and they could take bigger risks then you know coming into a look at the house so yeah I got a keyboard with the fucking witch hat oh my God that's so crazy yes so Duncan yeah and yeah and it's like Pendleton Ward who made it venture time he he listens to my private

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podcast and he just I don't know we had a really great collaboration and he that's a lot of Pendleton and it's a lot of like a hundred and fifty other people at Tidmouth Studios Jesse Moynihan like just these brilliant people like Mike may feel they were like who just one of those also by the way as non sequitur or is when we were making it a titmouse one of the really weird things was walking by an animator and they're watching your podcast while they

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the midnight gospel you know is one of those weird it's not like a Deja Vu but it's like that's my friends that's you know that that's just isn't so many odd moments like that but yeah that's not just that's whenever you see any animated thing you're looking at a squadron of brilliant eccentric artist for Asian slaves yeah a lot of people don't know that they send it overseas and we they didn't send ours out they let us do it in house that's so nice to know you're not supporting Asian slavery is it really so

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slaves I don't know if it's slaves but I mean if you're working for five cents an hour and you live there you know there's people that live in bunks if you've seen those those setups where they have for some of the cell phone factories where they have bunk beds shit these people just live in these dorms yeah you know the Foxconn thing with the Nano around the building and people have jumping off like yeah they're bait I mean they're not slaves slaves it's Foxconn Chinese yes it's actually very good company the best wedding ever saying that like

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people think I'm a Chinese shell or something I got this sweater for a long before someone gets one of those animation things tattooed all over their body it's gonna happen for sure someone's going to do their whole back with that DJ I know man that picture again that actually look pretty dope if you if you do get that done shout me out on the Instagram find it thank you yeah it's somebody tweeted at me that my biggest decision to 2020 is going to be when do I get to tattoo a Clancy on my body which is pretty honest Clancy the one with the hat

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that's Clancy yeah that looks like a Clancy that's a Clancy for sure yeah that's hilarious dude that's that someone is getting that for sure yeah I I mean it's it's the art these people these are the folks who worked on this man we're talking like these are like that's the fan art already some of the fan art is just amazing this is fan art or random fan art yeah that's vanish people have been drawing Clancy and all these different ways it's so cool man one above it to the left Jimmy yeah

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- oh that looks like it could be a back tattoo yeah that would be awesome just a giant back tattoo of Clancy I mean when like doing animation and you know I'll never be able to look even if if if an animated series violent like if the plots weird to me or whatever I'll never be able to be like whatever man when you realize how much and how many people go into have to do just one frame how much time goes into

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milliseconds and how many people are sitting in these rooms that are lit specifically so you see all the colors having like real deep conversations and debates over like you know what color they should make a pizza cutter in the show like how like what should the shade of gray be for this one specific area so much thought goes into that and that's part of making one of these things it's called the dailies where you'll sit and you'll watch tiny

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any little bits of the show and like do you have to every single frame you have to look for a continuity problems and like you got to catch all these little things that I you know I'm not an animator obviously so I'd be sitting there and like Pendleton or Mike Mayfield would be like can you go back to frames it looks to me like there's a these like have an animator language you know they're like looks to me like there's some kind of warble on the 28th pixel there you know like what the fuck

► 00:13:34

and they can't they have the eye to catch like the tiniest tiniest like tiniest thing that's off and you have to because otherwise you know once it's up there it's up there Jesus I know it's Matt it's literal magic it's like titmouse Studios you did that is like you know I would go in there so stoned and I would just start getting that feeling of like this is a temple I don't think this is even a you could call this a studio as much as it's a temple I mean why wouldn't you call it a temple and then you

► 00:14:04

you see all these people you know focusing their life energy on essentially like bringing a thing to life like Clancy little I've now that's a living being and some in this universe who lives you know in that Medium of Animation that's a good way to put it right yeah it almost seems like that right that's why people get so upset if you change the characters Behavior like what are you doing yeah you have this thing give birth to this thing yeah that's right you and that is also why you need a huge team of people

► 00:14:34

love love the character sitting because it's easy like there would be times I would suggest a thing that would make Clancy seem like to mean because he's not mean you don't like the moment of character seems like that and they'll like it loses all likeability people like what a fuck you know is live to you you like he's not mean yes he's not me it's alive you're like it's like you're talking about your brother or something he's like my little brother I think of him as my little brother yeah he represents you in a weird way

► 00:15:04

there's something about what they captured go to go to that image again it's just give me don't give me the one with his head in the vagina giving it's actually we never went with him there's something about one of the first couple of images that you pulled up they they look like you yeah me and I don't mean they look like you I mean like yeah Duncan's thoughts that's a Duncan thought you know what I mean like he looks like a fake guy that you would create like it

► 00:15:34

kind of perfectly fits I don't think that that is another the magical aspects of Animation yeah which is I don't know how they do that like the the spoiler spoiler if you haven't seen it put your fingers in your ears spoiler I'm sorry if this is a spoiler the last step well it's not too much of a sport the last episode is the podcast I did with my mom when she was about three three weeks away from passing on and you know they never met my mom it but they did the

► 00:16:04

acting thing with her so suddenly I'm watching you know her like not her like I'm looking at a video of her but looking at her like her like they got her spirit in there somehow and that was one that that is just a testament to the meat to the medium of Animation because they that's one of the things it can do you know it can grab a spirit and hold it inside the art and like that spirit is alive somehow somehow right yeah I agree with you in some weird way

► 00:16:34

so I wouldn't agree with you in a technical sense but in the sense of like well it is affecting the things that comes in contact with at least through a one-way Dimension right like the things it says hit people the animation it seems like it's a living thing I know it's not I'm not stupid I'm not that stupid yeah a little stupid but it seems like you well it's not biologically alive for sure it's sort of like there's there's an art to doing that

► 00:17:04

that we maybe don't know because we're not I mean I got used to draw a little but I'm not really good you know me like a really good artist there's something that they can do where they just can kind of capture you in like a little symbol like a little thing a little character they can't but they capture you in there somehow yeah man that's you know Pendleton like when you heal you when you watch him draw its would be easy to think man I could totally

► 00:17:34

do that because I'd watch him you know you I just you know we would he would just draw and you watch these beautiful these drawings are just Pendleton this his art you know and like then I would see them be like maybe I'll try draw a little Pendleton Ward and then it's like what the fuck hand I can't do it because it's so simple like on one level it looks so what's so powerful about it is how simple it is it's a very similar to stand up the Way Pendleton is treating working on the show which is one of the cool things about him is like his

► 00:18:04

e to cut the fat and get right to the like simple Point that's where the power is when you're drawing something or telling a story or whatever the more complexity that gets added to it not to say the show it doesn't have like chaos and wild psychedelic stuff but any decision we made ended up like any decision you make creatively in anything it's like what am I trying to say like what is what is the the artery that is running through this that I'm trying to express

► 00:18:34

press and then getting as close to that as you can and then and putting it out there with output because otherwise you eat the whole thing gets blurred by although I guess you could say like extra bells and whistles you might want to attach to it you know that's something you taught me to stand up man like how important it is to just like cut just trim the fat trim the fat and that's a sad thing to do with comedy when you think you got a nice eight-minute bit it's like a tomb

► 00:19:04

minute maybe but you you know it's done stretched out to wide yeah but the two minutes would be great though that's the thing you just have to you have to understand that you're growing attached to you know the writers expression kill your babies yeah it's very difficult to kill your babies when you create something it's free you can get attached to it there's a lot of bits that I left on the table left on The Cutting Room floor I was like this has to be chopped up it just is too wordy I'm too verbose it's to this is to that too long why do I think so much about

► 00:19:34

out this why I'm not showing a real reason why I'm so connected to this so I just chop chop chop chop chop chop it's hard and it almost always works better always and Michelle he's almost always almost always if it doesn't it's not whatever your idea was probably wasn't that good like sometimes you need a setup though sometimes the setup isn't funny like there's guys it's not my style but there's guys that will tell a lot like Birbiglia is graded it tells stories you know like there's and you're in Trapped In The Narrative of the

► 00:20:04

store your caption is it's a very different thing it's equally entertaining it's equally funny like when it gets to the punchline but there's a difference between that and say like Burr right bur is hitting you with fucking punch line and this fucking guy with a thing and about about about and he's another guy that like your friends drawing like you would hear Bert talk and you go well I can talk to seems like he's just talking yeah you know realize this is like a masterpiece of syllable

► 00:20:34

owls and pauses in the right amount of outrage and segueing it in and hitting you with this at the end and all these things that have put it together that make a great Bill Burr bit it's like if you don't know it's hard to draw what he's drawn yeah it's hard it seems like it's simple lines but go to that picture again

► 00:20:55

like the Everything Is Beautiful about it like look at the perspective it's like the kids perfectly sandwiched in the front there's the dog and the triangle and the world it's like that's not just it's simple in the sense that it's not like it looks like a real person yeah like we look at drawing sometimes like as the realistic ones of the really good ones like we have cameras now yeah okay yes this to me sometimes it's more interesting it's like you're drawing some shit that's definitely not real

► 00:21:24

yeah well that you know what that's not that so when we were coming up with that that we had to come up with the character and so what's really fascinating about it is you know this character goes into a Multiverse simulator and chooses a new avatar for every place that he goes so it's like he so you have to take that character and put it in a completely different drawing that is that character and still maintain the body language that you're maintaining and that character to produce continuity that's one of the challenges

► 00:21:54

of the show is like and also the conversations you end up having just to come up with like you know the kid his hat or is what's he going to wear like for example here's how cool pain is and how much he loves like people who have Adventure Time is one of the things you saying is you know people are probably going to want to cosplay Clancy at Comic-Con and stuff and and he doesn't have any he doesn't have anything to carry anything he does not Pockets so if people

► 00:22:24

cause playing him they're not going to have anywhere they could put their stuff so we should let's give him like back and says his school bag that he carries around yeah I got for the cosplay yeah man for the people to the streets yeah exactly it that because that's the the world animation and Comics man listen man it's really easy to make fun of Cosplay but that's adorable that's a that's a beautiful thing where's the bag

► 00:22:54

well there is jealousy let me tell you something if you didn't make fun of Cosplay I would be worried about you it would be like I'll be like are you all right Joe yeah they can't be mad at it either you can't be mad if you're dressing like Ultraman someone shitting on you you can't be mad and yours just take it to take it but then whenever you ever been to Comic-Con dude when you around someone's actually put that together and you realize how detailed it is you were aspect will go up regardless of like thinking I would I don't think I'd ever do when you see someone who's like looks

► 00:23:24

better than the version of Spider-Man that is you know Marvel's putting out it's a little it's amazing to watch that happen that kind of contagion to of like you know again obviously Clancy isn't alive but you know I know you're saying but we had this chat last time I was on which I really love is this the origination point of ideas yeah where do ideas come from ideas is the alien ideas is the UFO The Muse The Muse yeah

► 00:23:54

yeah instead of me in my more Stone States when I consider this this show represents over a hundred people connecting and the connection in between those people channeled this universe I do think like shit maybe Clancy is alive maybe it's a channel thing maybe there is a place in the Multiverse like this or something like this and then where it got really weird as people started sending me there are from like images that they had drawn on dimethyltryptamine or cat

► 00:24:24

even stuff that has within it similarities and I've obviously never seen their art we are like shit but let me ask you this sure it as television as viewing things gets more complicated and as it gets more immersive

► 00:24:41

it was it's going to come to a point in time somewhere where you going to think Clancy's alive and what you're experiencing when you watch Clancy what if it's what if the way we're looking at life is wrong what if we should just look at it like a thing instead of Life a thing so there's a thing that you do when you drink water and you grow plants in the dirt and this is a thing that exists only when the People Press a box and the Box goes live and it shows a video and then the thing only exists in there

► 00:25:11

you go boy it's not alive because it needs animators to make it and someone has to come up with the idea for the storyline it needs a studio to fund it uh-huh right and you need bacteria you need food yeah you need oxygen you need Waters a bunch of living organisms inside your body that are 100% necessary for you keeping going and a regular live driving your Tesla listening to music you there's a bunch of other things at play you're not one thing right we all know this right this is what this fucking hole

► 00:25:41

virus thing is about yeah we got infected by another thing but we're not one thing there's a bunch of things inside of us and if those things died we would be fuck yeah right if all the bacteria in your body died you would be fucked and you'd be so vulnerable to attack from the outside yeah right yeah so you we need all these things maybe it needs us and it exists in that thing wow that's so weird van yeah I mean I'm telling you I

► 00:26:11

I am I think it sounds crazy it sounds really hot it's a yeah and to me it's not that crazy I mean look if you want to like take it to like okay forget all this shit about channeling some alien realm into this realm through you know this disguise the TV show whatever let's just look at like what we know is going to happen regarding technology there's no question but that I mean already somebody made a Clancy in Minecraft and I saw a picture of that so that's Clancy's now existing in 3D space and some Minecraft Blocky

► 00:26:41

oh my God but then of course as time progresses client the you know the chromatic Ribbon or any great animated series Castlevania whatever Gravity Falls all those things are going to end up getting put in a 3D space in virtual reality and then and then those worlds are going to be real but now it's going to be more than just 2D it's going to be a virtual space that is going to be real and then of course it's only a matter of time before a I just decide like

► 00:27:11

understands the character of Clancy animates the the virtual Clan Setia Clancy in the simulated space and now click the chromatic ribbon Israel and then at some point when does it when is it just going to be accepted that oh yeah that's a part of the universe now that's inhabited by otter artificial intelligences which we don't call that anymore because you know at some point it's going to be considered off limits to call them artificial intelligence like right it's going to be a dirty word yeah it's gonna be like calling someone a tranny they're going to get mad they're gonna be like don't play

► 00:27:41

please I'm an intelligence just like you I'm not artificial I'm not artificial in the way you think I was just birth through a different method yeah that that yeah that's a no that's a matter of time because I already know people in like the tech world who think the term AI is ridiculous and the sense of like what do you mean it's artificial like what's really artificial like you could say this is artificial sweetener in the sense that it's not actual strawberry juice but it's certainly real as real could be just

► 00:28:11

that chemical compound so intelligent you have an artificial tree that's a fake tree I mean it's sad but it's an object that exists right you know I mean yeah that's if you think the but that's us it's still the right word though artificial still the right word

► 00:28:26

it would be a you don't you'd you'd want to use non-existent or something dude they're going to play this in the future I know you're done they're going to be like look at that Joe Rogan to refuses to say say I phobic yeah it's gonna happen man it's like and also the thing is they the AI is I think the AI is planning to give a shit what we call it but like that when that starts happening which it may already be happening man I mean

► 00:28:56

I don't know if you've been looking into this or not but if you've been checking out Google achieving Quantum Supremacy if you seen this I have and like if you watch the Google videos on YouTube about it at all like the step Google is putting out I have it whoo What are they putting out oh my God it is so wild man and like when I was at The Comedy Store a guy from Google I got a conversation with someone from Google which is awesome and he was telling me that this is like six months ago

► 00:29:25

he was telling me that this before obviously before the pandemic he was saying that they had achieved what he call it a Quantum Supremacy and he was like people this is like the Wright brothers Taking Flight but nobody can understand it because it's so Arcane that no it's not getting the press it should get but he you know any then I was like oh I had one too many vodkas man so I wish I could remember all they were saying because he was trying to describe to me what it means regarding how quickly this

► 00:29:55

is making calculations and I was like me like yeah of course I understand exactly what you're saying no idea what you're talking about do it did you know that the word came under Fire the the term quantum Supremacy because of its connection to white supremacy fucking kidding I'm not getting you it was an object of social justice Warrior Outreach I don't know you know here's the thing here's my theory on that let me tell you here's my theory on that rottens it's the Russian now these are real people I don't think it's I think it's worse than the Russians

► 00:30:26

I think what it is is it somebody trying to come with it up on the angle to write a blog that they could sell to somebody it's like you need to come up with some weird hot take right so it's like I think more than likely that's just somebody thinking like I bet people worried that you know because clearly whoever is comparing that to white supremacy or racism didn't spend four minutes watching the Google clip on it where people are explaining what it means which

► 00:30:55

I'm watching it on the couch with my wife she's getting weirded out she's like let's just not watch this I just maybe we shouldn't watch this I'm like no let's fucking watch it let's go deep and see what the white videos that start suggesting for us to because it's not Google's being secretive about what they did it's just it's so weird I don't think people are like in awe right now I guess some people are a little more concerned with other shit right now but but one of the engineers over Google just was saying like you know

► 00:31:25

no I think one of the things I'm excited about when it comes to Quantum Supremacy is that this could be one of the technologies that allows us to discover an alien intelligence just you know kind of casually mentions that I mean yeah it's on the YouTube video it's the you're watching it and you keep you keep looking up to make sure it's actually released from Google because you it seems so sci-fi that it could be like Black Mirror some shit but it's yeah it's like it's like they're just

► 00:31:55

in it like yeah we might you know we might connect to an alien we might be able to at least identify it or maybe they mean because they're going to be able to sift through all the data we already have from radio telescopes and stuff that they could maybe look for signals that we can't find or is I don't know how would they may be something that could tune into things that they wouldn't ordinarily have the frequency of reach yeah man I don't be able to tune into that frequency rather like what can they do now and turns those I was watching contact the other night which is

► 00:32:25

great yeah I forgot how good it was it's great movement Jodie Foster can act her fucking ass off man she plays nervous and freaked out better than like anybody a lot like you're freaked out for her and that movie yeah I'm good to go I'm good to go which is about to drop through that thing Jesus Christ holy fuck dude we come about that but that One Visa make yes after the third hit when you put the pipe down he'll go oh no and then

► 00:32:55

Auntie chance started happening you know that feeling in such a funny feeling good I'm good

► 00:33:04

yeah that's feel like is the best worst feeling that I know I maybe that's the aliens I've thought that many times when tripping in the middle of having some sort of like really Vivid interaction with some intelligence or what some perceived intelligence yeah I've always thought what if those the aliens what if we're just stuck in this idea that travel is you got to move this to move this to their what it what if what if you just go into another thing and everything is together there is

► 00:33:33

travel that's true yeah I mean maybe this concept of planets and then stars and the way we have it set up here in this dimension in this universe we just think that's how everything is everything is well there's a star and there's planets around it what if you can go into a place chemically that takes you to a nearby Dimension where there's no matter where there's no form two things and everything that exists is just thoughts and light and perception and emotions and anger and fear and love and

► 00:34:03

hate and it's all moving in geometry and everything's lit up and everything is impossibly bright and Vivid yeah that's just like another place you go to well they used to call the spirit world yeah I mean that was the name for it was he was just accepted there is like a place called the spirit world some people call it the Bardo there's all kinds of names for that place but you know one of that's real it is I mean it is obviously real in the sense that you can go there you not only can you go there but there's a you know Visionary artists when you look at the art that

► 00:34:33

has been inspired by various entheogens they it all has a specific flavor to it and Pollux great as the best example right yeah I was chewin Allison man they like are there there art you look at that and the reason that one of the reasons it resonates for people like us is because we admire the fact that somehow they managed to go over there and come back and draw what's over there in a way

► 00:35:03

way that we saw that but we know when I came out of it I was like well you know it's undulating colors and be there oh there's some kind of disembodied intention that seems to be expressing itself through a variety of geometries but it's not just geometry is because these geometry seem to react to the way that I feel regarding the geometry so it's also kind of taking on the form of my energy output as though it's trying to be a combo mirror but not just a mirror and

► 00:35:33

mirror that sort of showing me how I'm affecting the world around me but then again I'm just not sure if I was just super high but they did you know but they like go in there and I Alex Gray said this to me once that you know they're cartographers it's just yeah cartographers and I could delegate cartographer would be a great name for a band yeah yeah man that's for sure cartography is fascinating because you go back and look at the old Maps or you go back and look

► 00:36:03

look at like my favorite thing is like old pictures of a giraffe for like old pictures of a some shit somebody saw when they were young bison on the walls of caves yes exactly and it's like kind of looks like a bison but like also it somehow in that time period our brains hadn't evolved to the point they have now so you look at like a medieval drawing of a giraffe or whatever when somewhere or something someone saw in the Crusades and came back and tried to like explain to somebody and like it looks

► 00:36:33

exactly like the way your description of getting completely blasted on psilocybin probably looks compared to what you saw it's a downgraded weird version of it and so you know people like Alex and Allison or Terence McKenna you know there's so good it going into that place and maintaining some kind of like long-term memory that they can come back and fully articulate it in a way that we

► 00:37:03

we as people have been there know what it is and then there's something comforting in that because that does point to the idea that this is a place where not just mashing down the watch or we're not just distorting our biotechnology this is a shared place we're all seeing the same thing now that I'm that could be a synaptic place that just a genetic place that happens to be in humans or something you know will never be able to answer that probably in our lifetimes but

► 00:37:33

it's regardless it's still a place and to get back to what you were saying about our current concept of travel you know our current idea that well I need to get my meat body over here cuz if I dog that's means I'm there and you know that's how I know been there because I was there my body and then so you know this is like the guy who founded the Hari krishna's his divine grace AC bhaktivedanta Swami prabhupada he would show he would in his writings he would like was there

► 00:38:03

Rusev of the way the idea that people are sending metal ship to the Moon with bodies inside of it he would say like that shows where human consciousness is right now because they think they're their bodies and they think they need to put their body in like this box and send it to the moon because they haven't figured out yet that you don't need metal to send yourself to anywhere in the universe that you want to go it just requires yoga and discipline you know which is hilarious and also I remember reading that and thank you

► 00:38:33

like but I still want there to be Interstellar fucking travel man you know I still want to get in the box and travel to the Moon that being said you know I think that you're onto something when you are contemplating right now that maybe our idea of going to one place or another with our meat bodies could be looked at in the future is a little archaic well when they talk about there being different dimensions right like when they use quantum physics to determine the number of Dimensions they've determined

► 00:39:03

there's multiple Dimensions that we don't have access to right yeah because that how it works or am I reading in a dumb way because I believe there was what it's like what do they think there are the think there's nine or 11 Dimensions do not so usually when I looked this up it's 11:00 but up to 26 maybe some people even think so up to 26 first of all those dudes are right in that shit down on the yellow legal pads we all have to take them we have to take her word for sure oh yeah okay yeah how many people know what the fuck they're right

► 00:39:33

down those goddamn yellow legal pads when you see those physics dudes and they're doing these crazy like yeah we have to take their word for it so apparently mathematically right that's why they believe there's at least 11 Dimensions so what does that mean it means we have access to some dimensions and we don't have access to others yes theoretically the exist is there is it possible to transverse the distance between this dimension in that Dimension man this is the thing as

► 00:40:03

as I'm glad you're asking me this because you know I got my doctorate at the University of Bro Science and I can't fully answer this question you see the I don't understand it I just have to do with 5G don't mention that shit dude it's my fucking poodle my poodle's fuck has a 5 G man like it fucked up my poodle like its eyes turned just both of them white and it's like yeah it's fry froths all the time it just frosting and here at

► 00:40:33

or what am I near a tower yeah I didn't think I was till that happened to the poodle but like I'm just an idiot he's got rabies please have fun G dogs trying to bite everything I know but I'll tell you this my fucking poodle took out a mouse today like the other day I was have a little cute little poodle and like this is a cute creature sits on my lap I love this dog now and we've but we at the our new place I noticed

► 00:41:03

like Mouse turds around the dog food and it sucks because you're like damn that Mouse is definitely going to get through the doggy door and then we're going to mice in the fucking house and that's going to be a nightmare so anyway I was like under a tree with my kid and I looked down and there is a broken body of a mouse that one of the dogs took outs you know like just been smashed to death and like I know it's brutal I don't think my son saw thank God I don't think he's ready to deal with that reality that like Gatsby

► 00:41:33

and speaking of dimensions on the dimensions objectively that that Mouse lives in Gatsby is a dragon that's a monster that lives in the field it runs in when it's trying to get food for its kids and it's not even hungry it's full so full Monster oh and now it's I saw it kill the mouse today you know and my wife is like he got to get the mouse away from it don't let him torture like that you got to take it as misery and I'm like alright alright alright I'll like get it and then well like well like execute the mouse do you know so I

► 00:42:03

so I start walking over to the poodle that's not my Gatsby anymore it's killing and it like looks he looks at me and he's like well do you know the mouse that everything just up approaching anything and so then he like he often him dude he's like tap dancing on this mouse and he realizes that we're approaching to like take his prey and he just looks back like the fucking American Werewolf in London and just goes off into the Shadows behind

► 00:42:33

house to finish off the mouse and all you hear is like is he's like killing the mouse whoa you know that's a fucking poodle that poodles the sweetest little thing ever but like it's also I think maybe something and animals knows that like there was a time when mice were a sign that things are they would eat your grain they would fuck you up like you they spread disease they'd shit on your baby you know they were like they're going to piss all over your Hut maybe there's something in dogs that just knows that

► 00:43:03

that I mean I don't think he's a sociopath I don't think he's doing like Jeffrey Dahmer shit where he's just like I wonder what sound it makes is it dies I think their prey animals two dogs two because coyotes eat a lot of rodents the route one of the reasons why we don't have rodents like real rodent problems that we could like New York City has is we have way more coyotes coyotes are everywhere and Hawks a lot of birds those are those the ones killing so their prey animals the reason why they're so prolific and they they grow so fast and there's so many of them

► 00:43:33

because a lot of things eat them yeah man yeah all the animals heat of wolves Edom everything that can get ahold of them meet some dogs to and dogs are from wolves so dog see a mouse there like I'm eating that like that like that must look like a delicious cold slice of watermelon on a hot July day his oh yeah just running across your yard when you are like it's um

► 00:43:57

fuck yeah it's a perfect orange you know those oranges were sometimes the the peel just comes right free it's so satisfying like very little work and then you bite into that orange is just juicy delicious that's not mouse that Mouse just running bullshit-ass Mouse thinks he's going to run through my fucking yard now and eat that Mouse that's the other thing that's really sad about I mean the mouse is cute like this wasn't like some dangerous

► 00:44:27

Big Mouth this mouse look like it was like in Act 2 of a Disney film or something like you know like this this mouse look like sweet like the mouse click like it could sing it was Patton Oswalt and Ratatouille it was like that level of cute man I know and like you're just you're my heart this is like breaking because it's like what what do you do or that being said there's not much I could have done you know it's like this is the way nature is and to get back to your dimension thing man that not that it's like literally like a physical

► 00:44:57

Dimension but the reality tunnel that my poodle lives in and that mouths lives in is so fundamentally different than our reality tunnel that the mouse is in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre the mouse is in The Walking Dead except it's it's like to Cavalier King Charles a poodle and a chihuahua so but for the mouse That's The Walking Dead and the mouse is got to eat it's got to get food and every in it so it's constantly like developed this like way that humans would develop which I think the

► 00:45:27

Walking Dead did a good job of the comics especially of showing the way people over time would have evolved to deal with zombies and how people would gradually completely like change or transform based on their predators you know like the rats and mice have done that you know and you see a thing that is a prey animal you're seeing a reflection of the predator in the prey animal you where what's going on with rats in New York City

► 00:45:55

I can't even imagine rot Wars going on because the restaurants are at a business right so the restaurants closed down so all the rats Food Supplies gone so rats have started moving into other rats territories and killing and cannibalizing rats even dude rat Roars that the rats and the Rats didn't do anything wrong they just be in rats and also in the food supply got cut off holy shit man that is so intense and that yeah and think of that level of reality that level of reality is level

► 00:46:25

out of this taking place in these some of those tunnels down there man the that they don't even use them anymore like they this rat-infested yeah just floods of rats who have like you know decided that's their Kingdom or whatever that are now being invaded that's so weird out down and also it's dark like just it's all smells like the world of a rat down there it's like there's light and the Subterranean depth of New York so it's like their universes there's a universe of smell

► 00:46:55

Mel and I guess maybe they could then I'm sure they do see down there but the way they see is like who knows so they're looking at whatever they're seeing is a completely different thing and then they have a complete different set of priorities you know out what's that show man it's on it's really beautiful but disgusting documentary I think it's called rat yeah Rats the one on Netflix they like they send the weak ones to eat poison yeah yeah that just that alone we played a

► 00:47:25

the other day of a rat setting off a mouse trap with a stick carrying a stick over to the mouse tap dropping at the Trap goes off and it doesn't even flinch

► 00:47:33

like it knows how to shut off a trap yeah yeah that's that's fucking today zillions of them to that's what's really crazy New York City has as many rats as it has people and that's just a rough guess you know I mean I don't know what kind of fucking rat census they're Takin me now they know how do they know and what do you get a bunch of dudes or just experts accounting shit and you go what do you think like a fuckload do you want to say this is many rats that there are people out

► 00:48:03

watch this so he says watch this boom sets it off didn't even Flinch dude play that again Watch watch how he walks up to it sets It Off

► 00:48:11

and watch how he doesn't flinch

► 00:48:14

that's a violent thing I thinks bloating in front of him and and slamming over the ground and he a hundred percent knew it was going to happen now that didn't even Flinch the way I act when I'm getting like a Coke out of machine exact just whatever this we did I do it all the time it's a little in that coke drops you don't bounce back it's like thank God they that's nice they're leaving these for us now I wonder if they know that this is dangerous they'll probably figure it out yeah they they know how to set those things off that's insane

► 00:48:44

well this is you know when this is one of the cool essays Terence McKenna row I love that we've talked about before for we've talked about on the pop of I guess we probably talked about everything we talked about already some fucking but that isn't that one of the things he said in this beautiful crazy I say that like everything was cool until we split the atom and then that was like no they're like we can't that's too much that's we're always in transit so when we say everything was cool until the thing about

► 00:49:14

people is we're always going somewhere in terms of we're always trying to make better things and we're always moving into a better place and a better thing that there's never going to be it was good until let's solve like romantic thinking like looking back I'm sorry I don't mean he's saying it was good until he's pulled out and he was saying we split the atom and the greater intelligence is that were existing alternate Dimensions were like hey wait what the fuck oh and that that that's that's what you would say it is

► 00:49:44

like oh they're like wait wait wait wait wait no no they can't do that like if they do because like the like the way he put it and I'm not only paraphrasing I'm probably like Miss phrasing but the is I remember the essay the idea is like that that molt that parallel timeline the Multiverse right next to ours that you see that's the DMT realm that's but this DMT is just showing you one version of its but that that that is populated with Spirits or aliens or whatever

► 00:50:14

the name you want to give them and they are pretty much as far as we go they're just like they look at us the way we look at birds or whatever you know it's like they're there but you know maybe some of them study us or interested in sure maybe some of them like hunt us from time to time or like maybe some of them possess us or whatever but mostly it's a world that it coexist with us in a with a very limited form of interaction that is is you know subtle

► 00:50:44

but in there that somehow there's some like Star Trek intentionality behind that which is like let them do their let them evolve as they're evolving let's not fuck with it but the splitting of the atom that was powerful enough that it bled over into their realm destructively and so they were like it that was the beginning of the end for us not because it meant a nuclear Holocaust or whatever because they couldn't just ignore us anymore and that this is this was like you know I don't know that maybe this is where

► 00:51:14

aliens are coming or the singularity that we thing we call the singularity is not that we technologically create a machine that produces a thing that opens up a parallel timeline or creates all moments at once but rather that's when they come here that in the way we see that because we're so limited in our understanding when I do something I'm like I'm doing this this is how I did it I did it this is like in music if you write a song and are you right

► 00:51:44

music and you're just in the room with somebody there's some kind of laws where they get credit for it because they just they were there that that's a collaboration I'm a musician siren someone explain this to me a long time ago but it's it's there's an intense way of quantifying collaboration and music that is a little different than in like making like other other forms of media and it's I think it's a little bit more sophisticated in its way of looking at that quantification like we touch every time we finish the podcast we

► 00:52:14

same damn whenever we talk it's like you bring like start when we're doing these conversations we have I'm not having them all the time you know what I mean it's like the US to gather and Jamie and like something about that produces a space where we're able to have these kinds of conversations and so quantifying that is like how would you even fucking quantify that but anyway what I'm saying is right when certain people around the people that are creating the music the music is better yeah that you know it but so to get back to the weird

► 00:52:44

no idea of like technology not even being a thing we're making but the were pretending were making because we can't see the fact that technology is crystallizing in our time frame and that as part of that crystallization because it's such a such an insane visitation we have two in our brains inventor reason this happening and so we're making it and someone's like oh I had this idea I'm going to work on this thing that's going to lead to a quantum computer that's going to lead to a thing to a thing and then all of a sudden the quantum

► 00:53:15

starts giving ideas about well what are you try this and then and then who fucking came up with that and then you know what I mean and then and then in that stuff last phase before the veil lifts and boom that's the singularity and that's you know and it's not we didn't make the singularity it were a reflection of it that's just when this particular zone or note or whatever you want to call it it gets open for business

► 00:53:44

so to speak well if it wanted to prepare us for abandoning life as usual this would be a good way to start it yeah yeah sorry it with a little pandemic like everybody inside for a little bit complete upending okay that's all that's normal yeah in terms of society yeah man I mean that's the that is the you know I was driving over I'm like I don't want to talk about like all the different conspiracies about it with Logan but I don't want to either kind of conspiracies about the pandemic yeah what are they

► 00:54:14

Paris is a year here in but other than 5 G 5G comet impact comet impact yeah I haven't heard that one well the cop well you're definitely not my wife because my I just I've mentioned it so many times my wife she's like Duncan please don't do you like one that was supposed to fly by like there's a meteor that supposed to fly by in the next my short amount of time yeah I mean check out right a conspiracy my conspiracy friends I'm not even gonna attempt to give the

► 00:54:44

Donna because like y'all have done a pretty good job of putting all the all the pieces together out there whether they're real or not I don't fucking know but I enjoy reading them late at night and and they've been giving me terrible dreams but the asteroid theory is that okay so we want to have by we I mean they went to have maximum survivability for the planet they're not out to like they don't want people to die they're not trying to do is not a bioengineer thing that's designed to like call the population

► 00:55:14

is another the theories but rather there was a plan which is like what's our plan if we do see a meteor is going to impact the planet what's our plan do we let people know that the meteor is going to impact well it depends like if an astronomer that's not connected to one of our Labs or whatever sees it they're going to let people know and then you know so that's a little different I think method of like reacting but what if we see a thing that they don't know about and there's some probability

► 00:55:44

he even a 20% chance that thing impacts the Earth right or there's some Cosmic event maybe we're not even aware of like the sun doing some weird shit that we don't even know happens because it's so deep it's like deep data right so maybe it's not an asteroid it's a cosmic event that's approaching right and so there's got to be a plan it's like well if we just tell people that the sun's going to do like a mild blip which is going to destroy all satellites and destroy all GPS and

► 00:56:14

the just that alone would cause runs on the bank Mass panics like in people would start looting and shit and that's not you don't want that because ideas like we want them to Hole up in their houses till the ship passes so we get maximum survivability and so the whole pandemic this is a conspiracy theory not real the whole pandemic was a plan to get people to go inside store up food get them off the roads and like way

► 00:56:44

wait for this whatever this event is to pass and as soon as the event passes you'll find that it's all of a sudden it's like what do you know the query the curves are all dropping off what do you know and then we'll all be back because the thing they were worried about didn't happen also could be a test for that so that can I just stop you because it please so dumb it's hard to believe thank you there's a real virus they can they can I New Image it but I know what it looks like they've been able to test for it and he

► 00:57:14

the library talking to my wife a real virus it's a confusing virus it's so good that I married the person I married because if not like I would probably be like digging a hole to like crawl into out of pure paranoid because she does do this to me she's like Duncan do you think there isn't a covid virus like you think there's no virus out there do you think that like maybe like so all the scientists that have like identified covid are all part of this thing to keep us from the meteor

► 00:57:44

thing and then I'm like yeah you're thank you because like I'll start getting freaked out from it but I'll answer your question like if I had to answer that I would say oh no it's real I mean how many people have died from it know what is the current covid death caps 50,000 today this morning 50,000 here's something that I found out that's kind of odd if you die of something else so people are still dying right there still dying of high blood pressure Strokes heart attacks still killing more people than anything right

► 00:58:14

if you died of a heart attack and you have covid you get listed as a covid death so even if you're going to die of a heart attack I mean the people are still dying rights and same amount of people other than traffic accidents which I think has diminished quite a bit because no one's driving yep but the same those people are going to die still sound like they live forever without the covid right it's not like they don't get the flu it's not like they don't get colds not let them all get pneumonia all these things exist with it with or without covid there's still people are still dying from but if you die of one of those things

► 00:58:44

things and you have covid your it's covid death yeah so

► 00:58:49

for some it's that's why it's so crazy it's like you don't really know what how many people are actually getting this thing this covid and having a mild reaction how many people are having no reaction how many people are dying right what is the that's when they did that new UCLA study that came out that showed they think there's way more people that have been I think think it California alone is somewhere around 400,000 people get infected so the fatality rate is still pretty low

► 00:59:19

but if that's the case like so what do we do we just let that people die or do we do this every time the flu comes around to now like what if we get a particularly rough luo is this a practice run for what we're going to do every time colds come through and they start killing old people or killing sick people or fat people or what it when do we mean I wouldn't want to be the person that makes the call as to when people go back to work because what if the second wave comes in a bunch of people died they didn't have to die right but boy if we set up a weird

► 00:59:48

didn't you know it's kind of weird we shut everything down yeah man I mean well to me the part that makes sense is what we stop the spread well also with other thing is it's like an it's new yeah I mean there are coronavirus if I don't know what it is right so we don't have all the we have the data on the flu we have the data on the cold we know how to treat the cold you know how to treat the flu but this fucking thing we don't know what it is is conflicting data to yeah yeah so I kind of get the like super super super

► 01:00:18

or intense careful approach to it and I think if I had to make the decision that would be the decision that I made but then also I hope whoever and thank God People Like Us don't make those decisions but hopefully whoever's like making these decisions is aware of the fact that like right now there's folks who are getting Meals on Wheels there's folks who are like on unemployment and lost their job and and like I hope they're aware of the fact that like and I'm

► 01:00:48

they are that the pressure of folks who are in this horrendous economic position the pressure on them at some point is going to exceed the humanity and compassion and empathy they're showing by not being in the demographic that's most likely to die and still staying inside losing their job you know that's love man that's deep compassion because you don't want someone's Granddad to suffocate on some new fucking

► 01:01:19

bat flew right that's really that's love and that's compatible beautiful but at some point that pressure is people are going to be like look I don't want to kill anybody I don't want to be a carrier I don't ever want to hurt anybody but my kid is got to have food and I have to work and you know and then I think somewhere there hopefully by then there's at least a treatment they've discovered or at least we get to a point where they've you know where maybe what's happening in

► 01:01:48

and we get enough data on that to realize that there's other ways to do it that don't involve complete lockdown yeah what they did was they they sort of left everything open but they all behaved as if there's the potential of contacting or transmitting right yeah like they didn't wear masks right they did they did it doesn't look like they're wearing masks it looks like they're getting close everything down they didn't question the restaurants and pubs and is their

► 01:02:18

death rates similar like well the thing I saw was like if you look at nearby countries the death rate is lower but weirdly countries that were doing complete lockdowns have higher death rates than they do and you know look if you guys that the problem is that you have this glob of data that the anyone can interpret and there's probably angles you can take on it that would show look yeah there's a higher death rate of course in Sweden because it's going to spread more people aren't staying inside and that seems

► 01:02:48

logical to me but then also if you're showing some conflicting data whereas some other country in complete lockdown with a similar population or some house like equating their population with Sweden's population if they're they've got a higher death rate than that's fucking terrifying man because the implication of it is like we really don't understand what this is other factors to the yeah what one when big one and Sweden is not a dense population I don't think there's that many people in the entire country it's a very small place

► 01:03:18

all right look how many people live in Sweden like I looked this up to their dad think most of the people live in small villages of like less than 200 yes there you go yeah so you know they probably don't travel that much or interact with each other that much they have plenty of space they don't travel that much mean tight together I mean 10.23 million for the entire country by the way it's great I've been in Stockholm it was gorgeous beautiful we did a show there too they were really nice I enjoyed it

► 01:03:48

very much very very friendly people but you know they have a lot of space they're not New York City New York City seems to be the epicenter in the United States and for good reason everyone stacked on top of each other everyone's interacting with each other on the streets on a subway moving around you got to go to places fucking people everywhere they're everywhere everywhere that I think is a terrible way to live I die dude I fucking love New York so much when I went there as so nice but

► 01:04:18

yeah it's nice to be on the west coast and especially right now Jamie was you know talking about like think of the people right now in New York who are just in you know alone in an apartment seeing the news that apparently spreads through a like air-conditioning ducts it's like you know what I mean you're that that's terrifying but you know again like my opinion on it and in my old age this is a has to be my opinion on things is like I'm going to trust scientists I'm just going to because I

► 01:04:48

did like I didn't go to medical school I don't understand what the fuck a virus even is like I don't remember I've been trying to remember I'm too lazy to Google it how it works I know it fucks with it gets into your DNA or replaces it but what I'm saying is I'm not suggesting some kind of surrender to authorities out of absolute weakness but if a large consensus of scientists are advising some specific method of dealing with this thing

► 01:05:18

now let's listen to them you know and then just make sure that it's I feel bad for like I have a friend in Georgia right now and like right now he's become part of an experiment a global experiment they're opening up Georgia right now and every state that opens up right now becomes an experiment we're going to get a lot of data from what happens from all these states opening up right now regarding the efficacy

► 01:05:48

D of shut down like we have right now and it could be that it does all of a sudden we realized we overreacted and you know what I'd much rather overreact and underreact and situations like this you know it's like fuck we overreacted whoops yeah we didn't we thought there was the potential this think of mutate and kill fuck tons of people way more than the flu and we were wrong and it fucked up the economy but it's a lot better than what would happen if it was some new smallpox black plague also look it

► 01:06:18

killed 50,000 people right what if we did nothing would it have killed like 400,000 Ackley mean that could have happened mean it could have compounded it seems like for whatever reason these places where people are contact or stacked on top of each other not only do they get it but they get it way worse right yeah it seems like with what's that expression viral load right yeah like the viral load is greater and the it like if you're around a bunch of sick people like there was one awful

► 01:06:48

sorry about this family in New Jersey and like the mother died and the the oldest son died and the middle son died like three people died from one family vacation or one family dinner they got together and one of them had it and just spread through the fucking house it's not the flu you know it's obviously it's something way more intense but the people that have survived the flu the probably survived that too but the people that you know were kind of hanging on edge it seems like

► 01:07:18

anybody with a respiratory problem is in deep shit anybody who smokes is in deep shit people with high blood pressure diabetes deep shit it's not the same with everybody other people like Idris Elba walks it off you know healthy I now but he has asthma apparently oh really yeah you had asthma but he didn't you know there's a lot of people that I don't that Chris Cuomo guy seems fine I know he says he gets chills but he seems fine games rattled though you know I've got I've got I've I'm not not a bad way yeah exactly like it's I didn't that was one at watching him was one of the things that was

► 01:07:48

did Emily creeping me out is like as you're watching him and he did a great job holding it together man he didn't panic and he like put something out there that was like comforting to some degree but I could you know I was scanning his eyes and there were moments I'm like fuck he's rattled like whatever's happening him at night is bad bad is it happening at night what is the difference you know I don't that's I don't understand that if you look fine on the day how come at night also different things all fucked up don't ask me man I don't know it's like I've noticed though sometimes if I get

► 01:08:18

get sick night is always worse than the day I don't know why I don't know man but the whatever like whatever the fuck it is to me that like the part that really sucks I got friends who are like immunocompromise man and that that means that like they like they they're they really will if they get it that's it's game over you know it's fuck it fuck it sucks and so there's that quality to it too or you're like you know statistically I don't know where

► 01:08:48

my like statistically I think I'm on the cusp you know but P we've got all of us have friends that are like dead meat if this thing we're to explodes fuck it you know I get I'm not I get staying inside man I just know that like eventually you know my brother my brother was telling me every day his neighbor you know my brother works for Mom he's in he's in he's a video editor every every day and a producer of every day these you know I thought he see like

► 01:09:18

he sees people are getting food deliveries because they can't from the state right you know man and that's like I don't know I'm just glad I don't have to I'm glad I don't have to be the one who makes decisions like this because that must be a weird thing to be in a position where any decision you make kills people like if you make the decision to open up people are going to you know die because they're going to get sick if you don't make this decision to open up there's a potential that you know just thinking

► 01:09:48

mentally ill people right now no one's talking about that like I keep thinking about it like the manic-depressive people the people who are already depressed who now can't go outside but are also getting blasted over the apocalypse news I don't know what suicide rates are looking like right now but like you know what I mean so it's the the decision to keep people shut down you know is going to the the what might result from that those deaths might be secondary or tertiary or some shit but still it's like

► 01:10:18

there it just sucks to have to be in a position where you have to make those decisions and it's like how awful to know it's just it's like brutal I feel terrible for them you know anyone who's like because I don't you know I don't know what they're going to do either I mean they're going to have to eventually assume the position that we're going to have to slowly open up and start you know restaurants and half capacity and shit like that yeah but when

► 01:10:45

you know I mean they've said May 15th here that seems like an awful long time I know it's an awful long time to ask people to keep it together don't have any money it's an awful long time I said awful awful long time doesn't seem like the best idea either it seems like the best idea would be to quarantine all the people that are very vulnerable to make sure that they quarantined and make sure that people who know them or were where you know do not you know touch them or touch anything around them if you could have potentially been in contact with something because there are immunocompromised well

► 01:11:14

seems like the move this the move seems like to quarantine the people at this point at least two self quarantine you know tell them to quarantine people that are really vulnerable older people people with you know people that smoke people with respiratory conditions be aware that you are vulnerable you know and and then you act accordingly but everybody else we needed at some point in time whether it's this week or next week or three weeks from now when they think it is May 15th right that's like three weeks from now they're going to have to open the doors and when they open the doors people

► 01:11:45

going to be starving they're going to be starving yeah man you know they haven't worked there's so many people are so behind their debts they're getting debt collectors are still wanting their money yeah especially if they had loans or you know anything that was outstanding before all this happened there were already in debt trying to work their way out of a hole and they can even work the only time we've ever been in a position where people can't even go to work yeah well what do you do okay so I've heard like three ideas regarding what to do one of them is

► 01:12:14

like incredibly controversial I wonder what you think about it which is like using the same data that they use in like what's it called those chips Korean yeah no the chips you can put on yeah it's Bluetooth so it's essentially like tracking and alerting you if you've come in contact with someone who has it what do you think about that I don't trust anyone to have all that data and only use it for that right there's no way that data would be so valuable if everyone had a chip and everyone was tracked

► 01:12:44

you knew where everyone wants all throughout the day oh you're only going to use that to see who's got coronavirus really yeah the fuck out of here once that technology exists now that they're going to murder it at the end of the fucking season well we've got no more covid so let's just stop all this technology no chance they'll find a new reason to use it okay so be able to track the flu they'll be able to track adulterers they'll be able to track but robbers they'll be able to track the carjackers they'll be able to track you name it man you name it

► 01:13:14

these are the right-wing activists that like to yell at abortion clinic let's track them right you know now I'm now Republican gets enough as hey this is these are the people that are the fucking animal rights activist and was getting for the Meat Plant let's track them right like you can track people okay they're already doing it anyway talk to Snowden already tracking you by your goddamn phone but I like the fact that I could take this phone and Chuck it in the fucking River I could just Chuck it I wouldn't throw it in the ocean no I wouldn't even do that I'm environmentally

► 01:13:44

I wouldn't I wouldn't be like you but I wouldn't I'm not I really feel strongly about that I would never leave her like that but but point is I can get rid of that fucking phone it's not a part of my body once they're injecting of your talked about this way too many podcasts in a row but there's a company that had these people inject a microchip and they're armed and they could wave it in front of them soda machine and get fucking snacks with it and shit it was like your tab was on your arm you can all mics here open the door and unlock

► 01:14:14

locks the door and getting the fuck out of here and we were saying like what if that company fires you would have Chipotle fires you got that chipotle chip in your arm I was management it's not a regular Chipotle chip imagine imagine and now you have to work for fucking 7Up and 7-ups like we're gonna have to cut your arm off yeah because he keeps registering that you're a Chipotle Invader you know you tend chips in your arm because you worked at thright skip get a new job you get new Chips Mike why don't you get those chips removed I like them they remind me I've had a hard life and a lot of good job

► 01:14:45

all these chips all around his arm breath my chips I've told you not to wear I have always been always been a hard worker I earned these chips aren't all these chips every single one of these chips means you know also when you combine those chips with augmented reality so that you could have a visual floating around them is like the mascot of the various companies they work for or like you know like let's say we do get the chip right the chip exist and we all just somehow decide like yeah

► 01:15:14

let's just do it I mean fuck the whole book of Revelations that's just an old bullshit oh mark of the beast don't like a painted let's get the chip that's just some old ancient bullshit all right come on I want it I want to get sodas without having to pull up my fucking wallet yeah it sucks I'm sick of it I'm exhausted all day from this activity but we all get the chips and then what happens is you and of course it would start off with like a decision to make like you're like what what data and the chip do you want people to be able to see with a augmented reality and so like this is where you run

► 01:15:44

into what I think the future is going to look like with this shit is it's like it's like when you're walking around in your company and your employee of the month and everybody's wearing augmented reality goggles you're going to have some kind of Employee of the Month halo around here so everybody's aware that you made the most sales it's gonna be like this shit yeah it's and it's going to be like that for like you know it's going to be brutal as far as let's say credit scores go right

► 01:16:14

right because if you've got a great credit score and you want to indicate to the world that if you want to get into debt you can Bay because you've got a great credit score you're going to have this glowing shit around you me and like an in-the-moment one person decides to reveal that everybody's going to feel like they have to reveal it and if you see someone who doesn't have like the good credit score crown or whatever like the banner of great credit floating in front of them you're like yeah you're probably fucked right like you made some bad decisions you'll see someone who's got a lot of

► 01:16:44

it nice car really nice clothes but you'll be like yeah but you know he doesn't he doesn't have the glowing Medallion of good credit on his a our self so I don't know if you really owns any of that stuff you know and then you know I mean then it's gonna like there's going to be all forms of that which leads to like you know like venereal disease like you could go into a bar and if you just got tested and you're clean so to speak then maybe there's like a little AR

► 01:17:14

like clean angel that like flies around your head like he doesn't have Hurley

► 01:17:21

back in like you know whatever you like that kind those bits of data that they if you don't show them there's some reason to be suspicious yeah you know what I mean yeah you walk up to someone they have no data there just blanket be terrified yeah you just a person who's supposed to trust you yeah I could be a serial killer fuck that we're gonna look back on times when we just would meet people like this and not have some Halo to go by yeah like if I see Jamie Jamie to have like a

► 01:17:51

nice Golden Glow I believe look at him he's got a high approval rating yeah got some cash yeah that's a good catch yeah very there you go if you go to a nightclub all the dudes were glowing gold yeah people be like how girls like purple credit scores they come in and try to get close to the guys in the gold try to get a little that goal Bottom clean up that credit yeah yeah man I justyou new like of a girl was really hoppy look at her credit card on my God bank fraud look at her

► 01:18:21

she's a bank fraud ER yeah like that you don't get that gray outline unless you do bank fraud that's right yeah and there's no way to get it off it's like imagine yeah that and that you know there's going to be a big arguments about that where it's like you know currently if you're a registered sex offender we know where you fucking live and I get it man like that's good that's good but then it's going to be like okay but do we put that in there augmented reality chip profile so that went anywhere

► 01:18:51

go people are seeing that this is a person you that hurts kids you know and there's going to be a conversation about that we're building like fuck yeah that's what you do like I want to know if some like weirdo is like getting anywhere close to my kid right fuck yeah you let it in any way that's a slippery slope that leads to the dystopian like you know Black Mirror future and that gray episode where like there was like you know and I think they are doing it in China doing in China

► 01:19:21

yeah yeah they have a religious social score in China this is a real concern if this technology does get released in time and people start using their covid test and putting it on their cute coat QR code that little thing that you do with the Proto and scans you like a plane ticket yeah like all your good Duncan seems like you're good make sure you keep that phone on you everywhere you go a problem officer you know what Duncan we got an email the other day it shows that you have

► 01:19:51

going I don't know who has his data but you've been going down to San Clemente during the lockdown yeah to stay with friends now there's a glory hole there that I liked this is not allowed what you're traveling like CeCe look what if we do this what if we go into this scanning thing and then new pandemic pops up and we go into lockdown again they're gonna be able to find the people that aren't lock it down what if you gotta drive somewhere in the middle of the night to go get something something important

► 01:20:21

it for your family yeah well all sudden you're being tracked and then they call you dr. where you going where you going we are looking at you right now you're in San Clemente you don't live in San Clemente why are you down there yeah but I you know I've just Freedom want to drive around I don't know this is a lockdown yeah there's a new flu go back home Duncan you want to kill people it's so weird it's a weird power to give people the power to tell to have a mayor

► 01:20:51

tell you what you can do that's never happened before I'm not saying they're doing it because of that I know why they're doing it they're doing the save lives I'm a hundred percent for it I'm not don't get me wrong here but still that power that anybody has to say you can't work you got to stay home you can't go to the park you can't go to the beach

► 01:21:12

that power is weird that's a lot of power man yeah you know to be the person Gavin may we open not yet yeah yeah not yet but what if they social distance they need to make money yeah we need to save lives yeah it sucks yeah there's no good answer it's a shit job man it's like a shittiest that's the shittiest job because it's like you you know decision you make is going to make everybody

► 01:21:42

happy any decision you make is going to ruin someone's life maybe kill him and so yeah all these people it's so no one thought that was going to be a part of the job right yeah you didn't think that you thought you were going to deal with like yeah Gavin wasn't like he didn't know that when he like got in there he was suddenly going to be like potentially like one of the war leaders in Mad Max he didn't understand that was going to be his world dude this is how poorly they thought this through Garcetti is giving people money to snitch

► 01:22:12

they're giving people money to snitch on social distance violators what'd ya say if you go over your buddy Mike's house for a barbecue there's eight people in that backyard to Helen look look that great fucking people we're over here social distancing that cut Duncan Trussell he's over at Mike's house barbecuing drinking beers probably wife-swapping pigs - what Garcetti comes along

► 01:22:42

and offers people money to rat you out I how much they get if they've even done that yet it can't be real I saw that was not that was not was real they're offering people rewards why is it to rat out social distance violators disgusting me how you don't know that leads to maoist China and fucking Stalin as Russia how you don't know that had getting people to rat on people leads to North Korea not saying we're going to be in North Korea but that that kind of shit

► 01:23:11

it's where that comes from is how it starts you can't pay people to rat people out you fucking asshole what a shitty poorly thought out idea that is no shit man I are there like any format I saw something popped up on my Instagram some company saying if you're aware that your bosses are violating like software like I don't have license software you know will give you a reward and finding people like disgruntled employees you know that their boss is running like

► 01:23:41

Photoshop or whatever until like make a little money and fuck their boss over and it's like that invitation to snatch that is a satanic invitation man that is like I don't care what level it's at like in general unless you're looking at like hardcore Snowden level whistleblower like you've been down in the deep underground military bases and you saw the fucking thing in the egg that could read your mind and you're like I can't keep it to myself I'm gonna fucking tell people

► 01:24:12

exactly no I get that but like any the the other versions of it yeah fuck that don't invite us to snitch don't encourage that behavior there's better ways to do it I'm sure than like bounties on your fucking neighbors that's fucked up so fucked up yes so fucked up that someone who would get as high as mayor of Los Angeles would let an idea like that slip through the cracks well like what fucking fascist you have working in that office

► 01:24:41

like I got an idea yeah hey people rat people out yeah he's fucks they haven't been working you need money for masks yeah that's it what is it he did say snitches get rewards but he said it's the opposite of snitches get stitches he died can't probably know they'll definitely get stitches I can't find anything saying like they get 50 bucks a hundred bucks this is the reward you get he might be like opposite of snitches get stitches as if they're not still snitches and as if snitches don't still get stitches right what are you talking about you're going to you

► 01:25:11

gonna absolutely make sure that these people don't get beat up for being snitches you can step in with cops give them 24-hour security guards if you're you find out that your neighbor ratted you out for money

► 01:25:25

oh my God you'd want to kill him it would be like what happened to that dude what's his face Ron Paul's kid

► 01:25:34

you know I'm talking about now the the congressman who got tackled that's right hand man Paul Rand Paul his neighbor was like fuck yeah he's out of nowhere tackles him smashes his ribs he lost a piece of his lung yeah man that's fucked up and it's like because you're a way you're asking for their which is another thing that I think the state anytime anyone starts doing this then you really have to start thinking about who you voted for but like because ideas like I love it when

► 01:26:04

you know and I'm cheesy and I am a fucking hippie and I get accused of stone or talking shit but yeah I want there to be world peace and I want people to love each other and when I see you know any even the slightest thing that like transcends political divides where like you know people who hated fucking Trump and people Trump hate I saw something where like I can't remember who it was like God what's the name of the Mormon

► 01:26:34

that was running for president against Romney Romney yeah so some dude like voted against releasing money to people who don't have jobs and Mitt Romney tweeted well that Senator whoever he was tested positive for being an asshole and Mitt Romney Affair Omni said that and fucking you know and then like there was this just flickering mama where Trump retweets that or says something about it and says like I didn't know he had that sense of humor but I'll

► 01:27:04

did a mic for that one stupid moment there's a second words like that's we're supposed to be on the same team right and and and and like you know that's not a political statement that's like a statement of survivability and when you have a fucking when you have a and again I'm not saying bad out of the state or anything like that either that's a job so I'm saying I'm not saying therefore we all got to be able to solve whatever bit none of that shit I'm not saying any of that shit man so don't take this the wrong way because I know how what

► 01:27:34

I'm saying I get it where I'm saying is when anything that divides one neighbor from the next anything that invites neighbors to divide instead of unite is cancerous literally for society in the sense that what's going to start happening is that the the pixel of society is that the neighbors that's like the connection between your neighbors makes up the tapestry of the entire country and that connection if it's broken or weird or fucked up then that's that's

► 01:28:04

fucking everything up and so did invite that invite anything that fucks that up is to me really really long term disasterous it's like the idea would be like hey does your name is your neighbor and old person go find out if your neighbor is an old person and can't get food and if they are and you get food to them we'll pay for it right how about that yes that's beautiful like you know someone who's like fucked up right now let us know so we can make sure they're not their kids aren't starving right

► 01:28:34

are there any you know like man what about the fucking kids whose parents are right now super fucking sick with this shit like why we need Governors and we need people saying like you need to know where the kids are in the building so that and whose parents are sick so we can make sure those kids are getting taken care of while their parents are off in bed and shit like so fuck that I thought that that is what people get rewards for that why don't we have a way of monetizing kindness and

► 01:29:04

in Acts of like Grace to your neighbors instead of monetizing like you becoming like literally what is one of universally derided thing which is a snitch you want to be a snitch fuck snitches get stitches know maybe they don't get stitches but man I'll tell you when you die wouldn't want to be you wouldn't want to be a snitch in the afterlife I'll tell you that man you get devoured by Spirit Wolf's like I bet just didn't hear a wolf's I'm sure you don't get the like experience

► 01:29:34

of like you know going through the BART seeing your mom come running to you like a bowl of soup it's your mom she comes running to you and you think it's a bowl of soup are you looking at it's your wife's head and then you look back up at the spirit wolf that's like so he thought it was smart to snitch in that Dimension huh nah no it's your soul forever yeah maybe just don't snitch that's fucked up I mean well it's just ridiculous that someone in a position of real leadership right you're the mayor of achoo

► 01:30:04

City and you would think that that would be a good idea let's listen people are going to snitch on people any way to encourage them with financial reward is crazy it is crazy and it's so poorly thought out yeah that's a dumb idea to put out there such a poor understanding of human nature yeah like you don't know where this goes yeah like and it also in a time of great duress you're encouraging people to snitch

► 01:30:34

each yeah this is absolutely the time we've got to be encouraging camaraderie yeah this is when things are weird everybody's forced into the same position no one can do what they want was last time you were on stage I haven't been on stage in a month I've been doing private shows for my son has stopped and our job might not come back until January yeah that's right maybe he knows who knows we don't know I've got some gigs booked

► 01:31:04

I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do my got a gig booked in September I got to to in September Yeah couple in October I got are overs but it's like also you it's not like you're should be from like you can't really promote the show right now that seemed like a blazing dick I don't want to encourage you all to go out and it's like yeah that's the problem man is we you know we're but here's the thing this whatever the state is doing the state's going to do this is my favorite Jesus saying offer unto Caesar what is Caesar's which is like

► 01:31:34

like you know there's a game going on here with power and if you think you're going to subvert that game maybe probably not best thing to do let the dragon do whatever the fuck the dragons going to do but don't let them cause you to forget that you don't need the state to like go over to like leave a note on your neighbor's door asking if they're okay right you know what I mean you don't need we don't need the mechanisms of some bureaucracy to do good like to pick up trash right you know like that was the thing that

► 01:32:04

Ben when the fucking national parks all got defunded because of this bullshit all of a sudden like there's people are taking pictures of garbage or in the national parks right and the implication of that is like we can't clean this up ourselves we need a state official to come and pick the trash up and it's like it's nice that they do that and we pay taxes for that and they should do that but if they're not doing it and we're waiting for some hero from the state to come in and fix our fucking problems that's lazy that's

► 01:32:34

it's bad thinking it's like I think is a people that idea is more to like transcend that addiction to being saved that addiction that for sure someone's coming Sometimes they come right but sometimes they don't and and that's no reason to like put off just the basic shit man like you know we we put out and sometimes in front of our house we'll just put out shit to give to people you know we've got fruit trees there's fruit you know there's like

► 01:33:04

Jordan's got like some shit growing in it I'll put it out there you know and people take every bit of it you come back at the end of the day it's you know we've got flowers so cut some flowers and just leave flowers out there in case he wants to bring a flower to somebody it's an act of trust because you don't know what I might be covered in like covid mucus doing like a rose for my neighbors but that being said I don't know maybe there'd be sanitizing but my point is like cool shit happens sometimes you go out of that box and like they've replaced

► 01:33:34

something like we gave flowers away we came out and then someone to put different kinds of flowers in the Box for those flowers you know what I mean it sounds like you have a stalker yeah actually now that I think about it the flowers you know it did seem like there is some something like sticky and creamy on the flowers that but you know I'm saying like again this this to me this the not getting too much in the macro because I'll go insane if I get in the macro getting into

► 01:34:04

micro which is your direct literally your direct neighbors and like making some connection with them you know like my the guy who lives across the street we talked for like two minutes and was wonderful and he's like if you need tools just let me know I got a ton of tools just you can like you know message me and I'll come and leave them here and you can come and get them shit like that that's nice it's cool and it's like it's just beautiful it's like that's what it's supposed to be like yeah that's nice

► 01:34:34

you have a good neighbor that's it yeah that have a good neighbors is everything everything covid hate their neighbors like man you should just move save yourself some Agony yeah well you can't sometimes that's the problem we all need we talked about this before we need to find a cul-de-sac and I'll buy houses there you mean the cult yes I know what you think a ranch would do the trick tough to get people to live on a ranch no I think we the way you're talking about I know you're talking about yeah it's not that hard like

► 01:35:04

I think the way you do it is in phases right so like the first thing would be just get the land right right and then hire an architect yeah hire an architect and then like you know bringing Alex Gray that thing that he did in Upstate New York beautiful I have you been there personally I've been there in the I haven't unfortunately I haven't been there since its completion I don't know if it's completed but I've been there in the early phases and yeah that for sure is a temple like it's no joke it's not like they're just saying it's a

► 01:35:33

oh that's a real the way he printed those weird faces those and multi feature faces and use them in the corners of the building it is what did you call it again I can't remember I'm sorry kazim call cause my document what he called those faces he has names for name for the faces to is that the chapel of sacred mirrors though it sounds for but isn't that a kazim is was used to be what he called the place in New York City right he had the place of Manhattan yeah they had this I think they still will they still do after beautiful place in New York actually

► 01:36:05

an artist laughter I believe but like they ended up realizing it was time to like brother we build a temple yeah and then really go somewhere in nature yeah they're there in like a small New York town right yeah that's real estate Town yeah it's a beautiful place and they're legit religion and Theon that's right and they're an actual religion which they are they are mean that every religion yeah it is a religion and by the way a religion is want anything from you like that they're not I'm not sure

► 01:36:33

and get 10% of your money then I'm giving you a bunch of rules to follow now they want you to Lurch worship love and creativity it's a really interesting place is that oh that's that's just an image of what it's going to look like and I think it's really quite there yet but holy shit yeah man imagine coming up to that like walking up their front door you know like oh my god what the hell am I looking at dude when I was on tour they let me park my tour bus there because we needed a place to sleep for the night so I had to sleep front

► 01:37:04

thing in my tour bus and I had and it hadn't even gotten to that face but I had crazy dreams just sleeping there yeah it was wild man that's probably like one of those of you build it they will come things like you imagine how hard you would trip inside that place do you know I'm saying yeah now like I don't think it's I don't think it's a like you could do DMT in a shitty apartment and still have some crazy mind-blowing trip but you can't tell me that

► 01:37:33

coming to this place and going through the send Theon portal yeah but this isn't gonna have some fucking crazy effect on the way you trip yeah oh my God but that you know that was the idea of a temple I mean that the idea is I'm not I'm not just saying to trip or whatever but the concept is like you know let's acknowledge the fact that maybe our ideas aren't necessarily coming from inside our brains let's just as a fantasy imagine that there is a Divine intelligence that

► 01:38:04

as one of the many beautiful things it pushes into this particular realm is Art and that if we can figure out a way to purify the connection with that thing then we become receivers for that and by doing that we allow that thing to begin to exist in this world and a temple was a place that allowed that connection to be refined purified intention alized and in that there's a solidification called inspiration or art or whatever the name is you want to give it but it's really it's like

► 01:38:33

output from a place that maybe is that you know a flute a few floors up from the one we're at it's having a pretty wonderful party right now and like part of what we do is like allow it to drip into this realm which is potentially denser realm wherein the realm of matter its dense you know and like ideas if you look at your ideas they're they're light they're like they're there they're there they don't have a at least my ideas like they're not like heavy their

► 01:39:04

in feels like barely anything in fact it's so barely anything think how easy it is to miss a good idea how easy it is to think something cool that maybe want to write down for a joke and you're just I'll write that down later and then it's gone it's light it's light and so in part of what their I think are all about or I mean again that's me putting it on them they have a wonderful description on their website about what they're all about but to me part of me what creation is taking those things allowing them to come through you and then allowing this realm to do what it does

► 01:39:33

which is to crystallize them in a denser form that other people can enjoy and you know that that enjoyment is a you know that's enough doesn't have to be some lofty as shit it's just like people get a little like this tiny little smell of Heaven like a better place a lighter place place that isn't encumbered by so much bullshit is this particular realm that can like completely take someone out of a depression man that can completely

► 01:40:04

give somebody the you know juice they need to like get back out there and like open up themselves to the world and not be shut down just one little like tiny tiny minuscule reminder of like don't worry there's this isn't the only place there's simultaneously amazing things happen happening with your part of you just don't realize it yet and don't worry you know McKinney's that in one of his essays that's what he would say on mushrooms is he would get this message

► 01:40:33

don't worry we're coming don't worry we're coming and you know what I mean but I think that's what art does is it gives you the sense of like don't worry right now we're just building around way don't worry it's coming I know this that place seems fucked up it's a little dense right now we're going to lighten it up and then that that how much of those your own imagination though like how much of your own imagination stimulates your trips mmm you know I mean we want to assume that we're really interacting with something

► 01:41:03

yeah on the other side why do we assume that that's something obviously it's not static one of the things about tryptamine experiences is the things twist and change and morph and shift and never they never stay any one thing for any length of time there was becoming other things and moving in and out of things like maybe that's just what happens over there maybe this thing's are constantly shifting and changing

► 01:41:32

you know maybe what we're doing is we're trying to apply when we think of how we are here in this this life we're trying to apply those laws to whatever we experience when we when we when we do that but it seems so alien when you have those experiences it seems so alien you're not going to be able to bring any of that back you can give someone like little glimpses and what Alex has done the best is capture like oh I know what he's doing like those

► 01:42:02

those like almost Egyptian looking gold and faces and moving and apart from each other like you go oh yeah I've seen something yeah something sort of yeah there's a trip to mean part to that yeah but that whatever that would it be in that Dimension it would change and become something else and didn't instantaneously and then becomes something else and then and a lot of it has to do with how you're thinking which is weird it's like our is the way you are thinking actually affect those things or is the way you're thinking affecting your

► 01:42:32

your perception of whatever this energy and how it manifests itself visually well I mean this is that right even in what you're saying there's this assumption that you're thinking is separate from the thing right right right and so it's and so we have a thought and we're thinking to ourselves I just got a good idea we don't know that if we had a different way of quantifying time and space we might have just seen some ethereal Mist drift through us that produced a thing we call it a thought

► 01:43:02

we thought must be us so you look at a thing in that realm and it's shifting and converting and and you notice that that conversion seems to be happening in relation to like how you're feeling and you know you're in a chicken or the egg conversation which is like who's you know who's reflecting who here like who which of us is like real and which of us isn't it in our we just kind of that I am I just seeing who I actually am but because I live in a world of

► 01:43:32

individuality and I live in a world where there's a separate quality two things I said I have to see you as separate because if I don't I can't see you you know all I can do you know I'm seeing myself in you which is I think what they're what is happening in this realm anyway it's like when we're anything you're looking at right now is some phenomena being painted instantaneously by your imagination with all that's what the imagination is doing its painting colors onto the

► 01:44:02

Universe of infinite phenomena that your your brain is like doing out of habit so that's that's that you know anything that anyone you're around you make an instantaneous assessment of that person or you begin to like realize like wait I got a bad Vibe about that person I bet something's off of them and then you go into like your TV psychic bullshit like oh yeah really oh really is that your was that the instincts you learned where'd you learn that World War

► 01:44:32

crash eat yeah there you know you don't know but I've done that I'm by the way I'm talking about myself I'm like yeah I just can tell if a person is honest or it's like no I can definitely tell if a person's really fucking weird though that's for sure you could tell the person's off like they're not really connecting with you or they are tending to connect with you and you like well I got a weird vibe from this yeah that even if you looked at what he said on paper what you said on paper would be totally normal that's true there's sometimes there's a certain things of a violation of space there's a

► 01:45:02

weirdness to the way they look at you a Cadence yeah like oh you're off hate that feeling man that's that's a deeper thing when the alarm Bells go off like that your hair start standing up you're like whoops gotta go I fucking hate that that's scary but you know I'm just saying sometimes you're not right and this is like why you need empiricism and science because sometimes you're not right like just because you think that's how shit is from some Instinct inside of you doesn't mean that's how things is your bias and and so

► 01:45:32

oh that that's the projection that's like the road that's the part of you that you're like you're still dealing with some trauma when you're a kid and you're seeing that trauma in all the things around you and so you're like in an argument with someone who hurt you 20 years ago when you're talking to somebody who vaguely reminds you of that person and if your knee right we like you're still having the argument and if you're not aware that you're still having that argument then you can start saying shit like why do you always end up with the same

► 01:46:02

in person yes it's like can always draw this kind of person to me and it's like well maybe you're drawing the exact same kind of person to you or maybe you're running the same movie on a different screen and being like I've seen this before I keep seeing this movie you know it's like that's the same movie it's like you're seeing the same thing you're projecting it's just it looks like a now it's not Tom it's Alex or now it's not Lisa you're looking at Samantha but you're still

► 01:46:32

seeing this thing and that that's the projection so anyway that's the imagination and the question is how powerful is that projection because sometimes you start projecting onto someone how you think they are and if that person's week or insecure they'll start acting the way you think they are now you've your projection is sprung to life in front of you because the person you've essentially animated a person with your expectation of them and then because that person is

► 01:47:02

acting the way you thought they would act because they don't know the fuck they are you're making monsters with your imagination well that's what leaders do right that's how you start a sex cult wow same way you gotta take these people and like put it in their head that this is what they do all right put it in their head right yeah that's right yusei you see it yeah I see it in you well in this book I told you about this book chaos Tom O'Neill's book on Manson and the CIA yeah I tell you about no I saw your Tweet about it oh my God

► 01:47:32

god dude what is oh my God I was tied up with the CIA oh my God almost definitely a part of these fucking psychedelics LSD experiments that they were doing on hippies almost definitely experiment it hit on him probably in prison but almost definitely allowed him to get out of when he violated his parole let him loose let him free Supply him with acid yeah monitor him there were monitoring him every step of the way they like fed that monster they knew that this guy had been incarcerated

► 01:48:02

half his life he was a con man and they taught him how to be a cult leader they taught him how to be a call later and they probably talked him into or taught him how to talk people into killing people and to do so with acid and they would dose him up and he would make people do all kinds of shit like you would take people like okay you're going to fuck her and he's going to fuck him and they would put they would put together these orgies he would put together orgies I mean he was sodomized sound sides in front of front of them like horrific shacked up yeah he was

► 01:48:32

is a like some boy that was like 15 years old he did crazy crazy shit they were all on acid they all the committed murder he directed them to commit murder but all of this very connected to the cia's MKUltra project all of it yeah man very connected to multiple different in multiple different ways connected to LSD and hippies LSD and mind control lxd trying to come up with a Manchurian Candidate trying to get someone to commit murder

► 01:49:02

and not even realize they did it also connected to Lee Harvey Oswald because Jack Ruby was all fucked up on that program when he killed Lee Harvey Oswald and afterwards went completely insane was seen by the very same doctor that was running the clinic where Manson used to go this guy was a CIA doctor was a psychologist or a psychiatrist dosing people up with LSD running studies on prisoners getting students to run studies getting scientist to run studies not even knowing they were doing it through the CIA because in ski too

► 01:49:32

forget yeah because it's about operation midnight climax ran brothels in San Francisco and a couple other places with a dose people up with acid and watch them fuck dare they named it that I know midnight climax that's so dumb it sounds like you know it sounds like that sounds like the name of like porn in a hotel that you can watch yes like of secret age of the sucks everyone's dick midnight climax whoever named that really tells you a lot about the program but like you know man the here's a

► 01:50:02

is the whole fucking thing to say which someone reminded me of a while ago which really freak me out kind of which is like back then

► 01:50:12

went like they're what like right now we know a little bit more about some of the shit the CIA did a lot of it because they put it on their website yes which is so crazy to me they just put it up on their website which is crazy and it but back then what's up they put up on their website dude are you fucking kidding like all this shit about the remote viewing experiments they did like it's they just interviewed that main guy that they have for remote viewing we have fucking famous guy

► 01:50:39

ja this is one famous guy that I interviewed he's like famous in the remote viewing world I can't unhear attack the guy wrote that movie or didn't write it but the documentary man whose Tales was he the guy talked about a Kill Shot or that's what the name for the thing that happens when the sun fucks up I didn't fuck up I mean who am I to say the sun fucked up but for us it's fucked up does like a not as supernovae but just does a big-ass flare that it like kind of like me

► 01:51:08

outs whatever side of the earth happens to be facing it you know that's like the kill shot that a lot of these remote viewers were apparently saying that they were seeing because they were realizing that they could actually they weren't sort of bound by time and these visions and they all started sharing this vision and this thing it's really a creepy creepy documentary out there man but that's out of a hundred percent on the table like some giant solar flare some solar Incident That's a hundred percent on the

► 01:51:38

table if we by the way I'm sorry we talked about this the last episode of we talked about the cia's website yet what about their website have you ever gone to it no Jamie would you mind pulling that up I've applied for a job you apply for a job with the CIA well I went out as Stone and it was late at night and I'm like wait you can apply online check it out LOL ask Molly there's a cartoon yeah hold on back up this is this he is

► 01:52:08

Holly you're CIA Source on the inside and it's hashtag ask Molly Hale and Molly Hales like a hot agent this week's ask Molly Hill question comes from a writer who wants to know if there is a path forward for them at CIA since they have done illegal drugs in the past they took my question that's your question now I'm just kidding it seems like it's your question since they have done illegal drugs in the past let's see what Molly's answer is let's see if I always answer

► 01:52:38

so it says find Molly's answer what is Molly say dear you just let me be clear in this from the get-go having previously used illegal drugs does not immediately disqualify you from working at CIA if working for cia's your life's goal and we certainly hope it is there could be up half for you here with that said there's certain there are certain restrictions you should be aware of especially if you've used illegal drugs within the past year generally speaking to be eligible for CIA employment

► 01:53:08

applicants must not have used illegal drugs within the past 12 months goddamn shit this is as with most things a general rule by which to gauge your higher ability and that's on a word kids not type only an applicant but not only an applicant but as the potential holder of a security clearance might seem a bit archaic but consider the access to information we're giving it CIA employees and consequences of

► 01:53:38

granting access to the wrong person how much access to information just read that real quick it might seem a bit archaic but consider the access to information we're giving it's not giving CIA employees what acts as are you giving them your in a simulator that's probably the first thing they say after he hired they're like it's a simulator we're just doing like what the programmer wants it's like I know you're going to freak out for two months we're going to give you like a protocol if antidepressants because you can go nihilistic or absurd is when you realize you're just a string

► 01:54:08

of code that's running but you'll get over it and then there's an egg you can go the thing reads your mind it's kind of cool show you that later officers regularly handle classified information which if leaked could spell disaster for National Security and endanger the life of CIA officers is my favorite word assets and their Family Assets is one of my favorite words to use we have an asset in Jerusalem an asset you got an asset is it a person you know a guy yeah well he's an asset

► 01:54:38

he's yeah asset yeah he's a I got a number like what's an asset an asset is like Iran talks yeah an asset you got to stop I got stock in Palestinians I got some Palestinians and stuff I've saved up yeah got some assets just some people you connected with a connect with them they're my assets yeah you now you may be wondering that's all fine Molly but I live in a state where marijuana use was legalized under state law so why

► 01:55:08

this really apply in my case the short answer is or would any of this really apply my case the short answer is yes marijuana remains illegal under federal law in every state the CIA is bound by federal law which prohibits CIA from granting security clearances to unlawful users of Controlled Substances including marijuana state laws do not supersede those

► 01:55:38

of the federal government the great Lord who looks over the land with an iron fist for more information regarding the federal government security clearance guidelines regarding drug use and other considerations you can check out the book what if it next line was like hey what's up Joe that's cool you're showing this on your podcast no no it's a simulation but I do think like in there is they're also kind of saying like that being said if you can set shit on fire with your

► 01:56:08

under something when you're stoned come talk to us it's like you know what I mean there are saying like the other cool thing when you look at him applying for a job as it says after you apply don't tell anybody you apply for the job will like approach you regarding the job which is so fucking cool you can't talk about it when you apply we're meanwhile they're absolutely checking your phone they're checking your I applied and like I just leaned into the fact that like fuck it they're going to look at everything I do and then also like imagining this some point

► 01:56:38

some CIA agent might come up to me like hey what's up man hey what's going on did you really want to be a bookkeeper at the Pentagon know I wanted to meet a CIA agent dude hello because I mean you know what wouldn't you like to meet well I know one you know a CIA agent found him on the podcast multiple times Mike Baker it does a lot of Consulting for TV shows and security stuff so yeah you you are an is he working for them now no well

► 01:57:08

how would you know see ya he's a former CIA operative what does that mean do you really think they ever stop talking to each other no no he does security clearance stuff and security studies got a whole has a security company did he do so so wait so this guy did you ask him about the Manson shit no I just wrap found out about this shit really recently Fitzsimmons told me about this guy Tom O'Neill was his neighbor for like 20 years he was neighbors with Greg and Greg the whole time he was

► 01:57:38

was doing this book while Greg was friends of them right took him 20 years to write this book started out as an article for Premiere magazine and then as you started uncovering all these inconsistencies with the trial he realized that there was kind of a bullshit trial and that the prosecuting attorney like everybody had there was there was deals that everybody had made to have a specific narrative go through and Susan Atkins one of the people from the Manson family is on trial her her fucking defense

► 01:58:08

was like a former prosecuting attorney that had worked with Vincent bugliosi and all these other people before they were all buddies and they signed him to her to take over for her State appointed attorney he this guy took over and like just they just they followed directions like everybody follow directions and as he was going deeper and deeper into the story he realized like there was a lot of crazy shit that was going on the first of all Manson for sure was let out of jail multiple

► 01:58:38

times when he shouldn't have been when he was violating parole he was let out of jail repeatedly for crazy shit like theft and you know and they were monitoring these people they knew where they were staying they knew the ranch despawn ranch where they were staying at they never did anything that they let them they let them go whenever they were in trouble and most likely got him the fucking LSD if you looked at the finders called yeah what was that one iron when I shouldn't have brought it up I'm not even doing a good job with this

► 01:59:08

last descriptions I didn't think I was going to talk about it but this thing blew my mind like you got to listen to this audio book listen to the audio guy or just even maybe just listen to some of the podcast you'll get sucked in this guy was obsessed with this for 20 years it's all Heath it thought off it's all he did was his life's work do you do you okay you had as the CIA agent who had on he's cool right it seems like a good guy is he your friend I like the guy so and you know what's so bizarre and like I'm I don't want to say it but I think

► 01:59:38

it's like because you say and then people see you sit and I see you're all in the CIA but something richt out you know I was bitching to Rick doblin about on a podcast and I was like doing this thing I used to do on his younger which is like trying to create a all evil all good binary or guarding people who work like in the CIA or people who work in the even the DEA or whatever that thing you do when you're like when you're when you're being lazy and your way of thinking right in binary and and

► 02:00:08

Dublin one of the things he said to me that I've always kept with me he's like there's there's people like us like all the way to the top you know there's people who like look at drug laws right now into people from the CIA listen this podcast right yeah I know I know of that right so it's like I mean yeah so this podcast that's what I'm saying man is like the thing that the thing that's somewhat annoying in the sense that it requires Nuance rather than like

► 02:00:39

heavy-handed they're all evil is some of the people in there are really like 100% trying to keep at least people here from getting blown the fuck up yeah and that that and like they're not like like oh God like Tony let's find another man sin now we gotta do you know exactly but exact it can all you know I went and got this tour of actually JPL the place Parsons was that man and like

► 02:01:09

I think it was BP or shell or something like boil company that I had like just generally we all look at the oil companies and think they're at their the where all the worst while you know while you're driving in your car you'll be like these fuckin oil companies but like the they were working on some kind of new solar panel technology was like shell or I don't remember which fucking company was I remember saying to the guy like this technology if it works doesn't this destroy the oil industry like don't they know they're

► 02:01:38

working on a technology that's going to make the thing they make money selling and buying or irrelevant and he's like oh now these companies are so big that there's departments within departments within departments and that's where it gets fucking crazy about the CIA yeah which is like they the people in the CIA don't know obviously all the people in the CIA exact that's your security clearance in the question is how deep does that basement go man under the CIA but here's also the question yeah

► 02:02:08

you going to find out what happens when people take LSD without giving people LSD and studying them ready go you're not so if you're in 1953 okay and you're finding out about LSD and people are taking LSD at parties and people are taking LSD at concerts and you start realizing the ramifications of society in 1964 that's all taking LSD and you see this hippie movement you're going to run some studies so then you're going to give people the ability to test people without their

► 02:02:38

R knowledge you don't know how crazy that guy is what kind of a sociopath that guy is and he's going to run tests on people without their knowledge and give them LSD and then there's going to be people that say Hey you know we want to infiltrate all these NT War groups we want to infiltrate the Black Panthers we want to infiltrate these hippies yeah how can we do that well here's how we do that we take this guy we got them in prison for half of his fucking life in federal prison so far he's 32 years old yeah let's dose this motherfucker up with LSD let's run some stuff

► 02:03:08

he's on him and let's tell him that he's a cult leader and get him to make some apocalyptic fucking death cult that wants to kill people and right Pig on the wall and their blood and so they let Manson they knew where he was they knew he was getting acid they knew that he was probably having people kill people yeah well okay first of all to go back man if you really study the spread of LSD and a popular culture it wasn't the CIA saw people taking LSD at parties it's

► 02:03:38

that the CIA is I understand the story goes and buys from Sandoz Laboratories all of their LSD and then begins to do tests on college campuses where people begin to take the LSD and then the party start so it's I think it's more like the CIA started the party when it comes to LSD or at least were majorly involved in the initial experience people had with LSD which was like that's when that's when you get Tim Leary that's when you get

► 02:04:08

your Alper if you know Ram Dass that's they were both like hanging out at Harvard where the same psychology Professor did this shit on Kaczynski was and like LSD that you know that's they were do I don't know if they were doing the LSD test their but these tests were going on they were being exposed to LSD that theoretically I don't know if it came from the CIA or not but I don't know like where the I think they actually those tests were they were ordering it from

► 02:04:38

and O's but for sure like who wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

► 02:04:44

damn it I can't believe I can't remember the author's name he's yeah Ken Kesey he did one of the CIA LSD he was in one of the CIA LSD experiments so like that makes sense and but in also man like back then I don't think because we didn't get the man's and the Kaczynski are all the awful shrapnel weird shards of chaos that exploded off of the crazy unethical shit they did I don't know if there was so much of an idea that they were evil I could be wrong about that but they weren't even call

► 02:05:13

see I think they're called the OSS beginning yeah but by the time they were the CIA was running a fucking clinic in Haight-Ashbury that closed down after like 30 years of being open or 40 years of being open close down three months after this book came out like what else that's a wrap yes yeah Jolly West the same guy who visited Jack Ruby in the hospital and after he left Jack Ruby went insane was crawling underneath the table and thought that Jewish children were getting lit on fire and cut

► 02:05:43

in the streets and a new Holocaust was going on immediately immediately he has the they have no record of him acting insane before this at all didn't even understand why he shot Lee Harvey Oswald so fuck yeah well they think that the same thing happened with Sirhan Sirhan the guy who shot Robert Robert Kennedy they think that he was under the influence as well because he had the same reaction after he shot him like why am I here what happened that they used LSD to somehow or another get these

► 02:06:13

people to commit atrocities to kill people to murder people yeah I mean yeah and you can what's probably you can probably I know you can if we go on the CIA the crazy thing is you can go on their website look at the Freedom of Information Act archives and they have MKUltra shit up there right now that you can look at that's where it gets really weird is it's like they're like yeah yeah but they never admit that they gave people that was the thing about Jolly well she never admitted that he gave people LSD and did studies on them never met

► 02:06:43

it it I think he was alive at least mean I don't know if they're admitting it now because of the freedom and very multi must because operation midnight climax is that's officially historical record yeah yeah we must be now but when they were when you know they were operating this Clinic Manson in the family we're going into that clinic all the time there's a direct there's a hundred percent direct connection between the CIA doctors who are providing LST to the hippies and Manson going to this Clinic that is its do this

► 02:07:14

crazy man that does not sound like pandemic reading to me that's the best are you sure they're deep I don't know man like Dede like I'm already like weirded out by like just bad understanding of astronomy it's like you know what I mean like I know that I need to like it and as shit about the CIA especially because it's like you know I don't know it's just too much you know that being said I'm going to definitely fucking read that book we'll just listen to the podcast that's the

► 02:07:43

the easiest you'll get your dick wet listen to the podcast and then you're going to want to listen to the audio book or read the book but he has 60 pages of citations and references at the end of the book to show each thing and how we can prove it like it's these are not this is not he's got some speculation that he entertained at the very end of the book we talked about on the podcast but the stuff that he knows for sure to be true is Bonkers can I ask you a question that will probably get made into like a YouTube clip accusing you of being an asset

► 02:08:13

CIA sure so okay let's imagine this one day you get contacted by somebody who's in the CIA and they show you convincing data regarding something you know whatever it may be meteor impact some other impending danger that is like you look at it and it's like whatever it is they give you you you believe it and they're like listen I shall we know you're like we know that you're like

► 02:08:43

a wild animal and we know that like you don't want to be dishonest and we understand that but we got to figure out a way to get this kind of information out to the world because if we don't like it's going to be really bad and we're just going to to people like you and just trying to get whatever the thing is they want you to say a little thing and idea of how they want you to be and the fuck they're not offering you money they're not offering you money there and they're also like saying like don't worry if you say no don't did you get that job at the CIA excuse me

► 02:09:13

did I get the job did you get that job you applied for no seems like you're priming me what for you're gonna give me a suggestion later listen I know what you're doing man show if you ever thought of a blue butterfly Joe Mmm Yeah but I'm seriously what would your response be if like someone's like look we just need your help listen I think Central Intelligence Agency I think FBI think

► 02:09:43

I think the DEA I think they're all necessary I don't think they're unnecessary I think that most of what they're doing is trying to protect us let's try the new logo for thank you I do think also that some of those guys turn to fucking Cowboys and try to fly Coke back from Mexico and crash CIA Jets right that's true too yeah all that shit that happened in Mena Arkansas you know all that shit that happened when Clinton was governor we have Barry seals when they were running Coke back and forth and dropping off in Mena Arkansas

► 02:10:13

yeah that guy was a CIA contractor there's a lot of those guys that were CIA look they got compromised I think but that doesn't mean the whole cia's bad doesn't mean we don't need a CIA man if you talk to people if they're honest I don't know if they're let's just assume they're honest you talk to people that deal with trying to infiltrate terrorist groups and deal with tracking terrorists and deal with trying to figure out if someone's trying to make a dirty bomb trying to figure out if someone

► 02:10:43

ready to blow up a mall and they're in there they're doing this actively every day all day that's essential right that's essential so the CIA oh fucking MKUltra the dados people in whorehouses this is not the same people okay this is a giant organization has been around for a long fucking time right what you're hearing about from Jolly West and the MKUltra those people are dead those are nose and not alive today but you know who are is alive today Isis you know is a lot today

► 02:11:13

say a lot of threats all around the world you know who is alive today Kim Jong Hoon the the leader of China all these fucking dictators that are they're heavily armed all over the world there's a lot of them right you got to keep an eye on those motherfuckers right if you don't think you have to keep an eye on him you're crazy right what will the CIA is even though no humans are evil and sometimes you need someone who's paying attention to the evil people right yeah that's what you need now does that mean that they're not going to stray across the

► 02:11:43

lines of what is correct and good and fair and and start spying on regular people to know it doesn't mean that right it means that shit needs to be curbed that shit's on American right but if you think someone might be a terrorist like you should be able to find out before they blow up a freaking School totally right we don't present a hundred percent so the question is how good are these people at at walking that line turns out pretty fucking good turns out pretty

► 02:12:13

fucking good there's a bunch of shit that's happened over time but also they've gotten Intel on all these different terrorists and all these different fucking terrible situations all over the world and probably saved a lot of people right it's not perfect but nothing's perfect just on a fucking thing that's perfect every whether it's the fucking post office or police officers or fire department or and doctors no one's perfect right including the CIA gluten the FBI including the Army then

► 02:12:43

maybe there's going to be problems right but overall they're trying to protect I would imagine if I had to ask like when you guys here for to make sure the shit doesn't hit the fan pay attention to the shit attention due to some of them Branch out into Coke business yes I'm sure some of them sell Coke I'm sure there's someone for the federal government is selling guns to a bad guy right now I'm sure I'm sure some people are people if you got a million people you're going to get 30 bad ones or whatever the fuck the number is it's just part of life yeah

► 02:13:13

yeah yeah look I think for sure the CIA apologist I set you up I don't believe a word of what I just said man here's a bonus you took that job come on man you know I get a big bonus with the like I you know I don't yeah I wearing a wire bro you don't have to wear a wire anymore just carry your phone I'm wearing a wire on a podcast I'm monitoring you Joe imagine if like you got like too close to the mic is like Jamie's like hmm dude interfere

► 02:13:44

that's when I was a kid growing up as always wanted like when I was at the beach that was always like something I'd fantasize about is like fuck I hope one of those drug bags washes up you know dear what are like how many of those wash up didn't people don't report you all you whenever I hear about someone who's like oh my God I found it Briefcase full of cocaine like why are you that's God that's Grace like something is like delivered unto you this bizarre thing at the very least like you know I'm not

► 02:14:13

fan of coke myself it like makes me I hate it in fact yeah but if you got some of that Ozzy Osbourne from the 70s Coke do no good that she would be CIA cocaine yes what do you remember when we talked about government we'd government we was good oh yeah unlike the cheese oh yeah government cheese is terrible but government we do he's got that government we'd whoa remember that yeah I do man I completely forgot about that was the thing back when we was illegal you wanted to shit the government was growing wow yeah

► 02:14:43

is right yeah well because for sure by the way you know there's a there's like I guess at the CIA there's a layer of all the sober people who've like haven't gotten high for a year which whoever's writing that fucking thing is definitely like laughing is there riding it you know they're like just laughing because they're so fucking high and they're like all right well this is the test man thanks there's a way out there's a level they test but you know there's a level where you get past that love and like listen the no drug stuff please

► 02:15:13

I want you to have a good time this is a fine job like we know that you're out you can handle your shit we just have to do that level below you because otherwise the last thing you need is another fucking Manson you know what I always think about when I think of someone infiltrating a terrorist group that scene in Team America World Police where the actor has the fucking terrible outfit on we need actors to save the world I always think of that guy

► 02:15:44

yeah well you know what this again we don't have to worry about that that to me is a fucking great thing I don't have to worry about that I don't have to worry about infiltrating a terrorist group you imagine if it was Thursday he was so good at acting they just love you look so bad and they just they just believed in many walks right through oh my God is this morning's amazing yeah this movie is amazing folks if you've never seen Team America World Police

► 02:16:13

I probably laugh harder in this movie than any movie I've ever seen in my life it is so so good team I mean what a great name World Police and then also after you see the movie go online and find the sex scenes that they had to delete so first of all these guys are geniuses and what they figured out is that if you just add way more than you really want they let you have what you want you got it

► 02:16:43

to add stuff like they I think she shit on his chest right they pissed all over each other they fuck like crazy so it's a it's a plastic doll sexing that's so so crazy and graphic and then when you watched it in the movie It's like a fraction of this because they just they just went so far to 69 in each other that is ridiculous yeah and she suck his killed violently sucking him off

► 02:17:13

and they just keep so they did this so that they can have some of it in there I mean it's so long and so crazy and then once you think it's over then they start pissing and shitting all over each other Town wow doesn't it keep going

► 02:17:31

clip from the back oh that's from the actual movie oh so that's how much they left in that's something much they left him because they cut out they got so Savage with the sex scene that they let them keep the most Preposterous amount in there because it was so far past that they just tricked them they used like sleight of hand dude that must have been so funny filming that like that is it is it took a long time sure it did yeah Trey Parker was saying in some interviews

► 02:18:01

that he would never do that again like that's too bad stop motion yeah because dude team Merica World Police is one of the funniest movies of all time sure and you could there's so much in that movie like what they do with Southpark the you could never do with a human but you can do it with either a doll or a cartoon easily and it's amazing like death that seems like you killed Kenny you couldn't have a guy just died every week on a sitcom people like this is freaking me the fuck out yeah but he doesn't even look remotely real so you

► 02:18:31

he cut his head off he can light on fire he can blow up in an explosion yeah you can definitely get away with a lot more and in that regard for sure then we with everything yeah yeah it's a genius way to do comedy I don't know I mean I like South Park is like Eerie to me and their ability to quickly animate shit that's maintains its relevance like it's insane that they're able to do that like they've got it down to that level of like oh shit something happened in the world and we're going to

► 02:19:01

onto it almost instantly not only that they do it mockingly but accurately like they figure out how to ride that line and have nobody left I just saw that I've never seen before from it I'm like this is that I see I thought I thought it was fan-made but it's like this is Meryl Streep and this is Ben Affleck they have a he's an athlete he's just a hand

► 02:19:29

they made mashed Damon and Ben Affleck really fucking dumb in that movie right oh yeah I meant things yeah my team is actually very smart yeah so rude but it doesn't matter they could just do that yeah do you do anything yeah when you have like cartoons and puppets you can fucking do anything dude I mean that's the but accept anything you want to do takes forever I mean that is the problem is like yeah you could do anything without anything is like

► 02:19:58

you know months of anything miss it so it's like clearly easier to film shit or just to say it or I mean the fact that they use two hands God only knows how much money that saved them like that decision to just do that how much time that probably saved them who knows like those kinds of like decisions and shows like that or like really smart and funny yeah I but yeah animation is like I mean it is spellbinder

► 02:20:27

has he eaten her ass slightly longer as longer

► 02:20:32

it's not much different to be honest with you though no but there's this shit in the Piston so but it's not coming up on here what's my other but there are there it is well go back there is she drops a log and its face there it is perfect and then I think she pisses on him too right before that oh she's oh he pisses on her and then she shits in his face how many people you didn't do that if you look at the whole population like the entire population like a little light went off every time

► 02:21:02

sitting on someone's head how many times I'd habitat you could fucking light up a small town

► 02:21:13

it's mostly the girls shit on the guy's head right would you imagine most of it as like a girl guy wanting a girl to shit on his head mostly answered hundred percent let me look up if you look at here's a have you look not just at this interesting though but I was going to say is it's it doesn't I don't feel bad at all about that like I don't feel like he's getting shit on I feel like he wanted to get shit on and he got shit on so I'm not mad at her at all but

► 02:21:41

guy was just a my thing is like shit on women's heads but that guy's a piece of garbage what the fuck man are you doing that and the girls did just look they want a thousand bucks he wants a shit in their head they make a deal and he just shits on people's heads I'd feel like that guy's disgusting but the girl who shit on the guy's head

► 02:21:59

obviously the guy wanted it the guy it's easier to think a guy wants to get his head shet en than a girl it's not yeah like it got like if you told me hey you know that guy that used to be on that sitcom he likes grape is girls are shit on his head I be like okay that makes sense dude I know how much it costs how does Kitty know market for right depends on how good you want her English to be yeah there's some big giant German lady who comes over and stumps on your hairs pray negotiation like there's probably a dude who's actually had

► 02:22:29

conversation he's like really like 2,000 bucks like are you kidding I got you I never pay more than 1,200 for someone to shit on my head maybe they like they'll give a little extra if they let their lot of pick your diet I want you to only eat Indian food oh gosh Curry yeah I want to smell the curry when you shit in my face have you seen those there if you seen those videos the fetish videos of people who like to look at videos of people getting stuck in mud you know about that

► 02:22:59

at fetish have you heard about that oh dude it's like I don't know can we show that look up YouTube stuck in people are talking my people are into people that get stuck in the mud yeah it's like a fetish like it's like in there's all these videos of people like if you found mean like so the humans are stuck in mud like walking and then someone comes along and fucks their mouth or something well no it for now it's just someone stuck in might like it first you look at it and it looks like why did that do just throw himself in that swamp he

► 02:23:29

and then he gets out of the mud or it will start just like wiggling around in the mud and like yeah it's oh my God Grazie okay that's your I find something but it's not it could be an evolution of car stuck girls but maybe not car stuck girls that are stuck with their car like they need help and then oh my God horn someone needs help in there to help us position I don't know it's always a movie right the guys wait in the bushes with a gun and the girl standing there with their Hood up in the guy runs out hey give me a kiss

► 02:23:59

he's yeah it's on YouTube sorry man I thought you were looking in like porn I don't think they'll have to come piped and stuck in mud fetish videos and then it has a lot of like car forums like what's up with all these girls getting stuck in the mud

► 02:24:18

what the fuck are they getting stuck in the mud with their legs no no it's like their automobile yeah like a BMW getting the one I've seen is mostly primarily dudes like it's like oh guys get stuck in the mud and other guys get come on there's no other guy it's just like a guy like you know the La Brea Tar Pits yes it's just that but with a like guy with abs oh my God he's like he's there any yelling they're just like you know like they're just stuck in mind weird yeah people are so strange it's a

► 02:24:47

oh it's so that fetish is a really interesting one but I think any you know you're kind of lucky if that's your fetish yeah there's a lot of mud out there man it's like that's a doesn't seem like hurting anybody yeah no unless you pay someone to go get stuck in mud and like they like sink down into quicksand or something well do you think that the people that are they fantasizing about themselves being stuck in mud don't know I don't know right it's open to interpretation it could be that just really into watching hot guys that

► 02:25:17

stock someone's filming it and they jerk off while the fucking loser I'm good at Mud you fucking loser alright and there you go so that's where I'll start I don't know if this is 1 this is a hundred thirty thousand views and it says what you want girl gets stuck in very sticky mud yeah but you notice like it's not like they're trying to get out that's if they're serious she looks like the kind of girl that would just give up like I don't think she's that stuck-up like could come on you're not that stuck I'm fucking stuck I can't

► 02:25:47

it's he's done yeah it's done yeah how much do they pay her to do this 50 bucks I don't know how much they have to pay you how much do they pay me for my mother if you want to do a mud video they want you to do a mud video like that free just give me a good patch of mud I'll go and walk not Eliza cute Asian girl Chinese girl gets stuck in mud with cute sneakers oh no she got cute sneakers

► 02:26:17

pride in the mud with those cute sneakers honey those are valuable yeah what are you doing these are great Jamie I haven't seen any of these like I'm an expert we use our new they're so weird yeah it's a weird it's a very strange fetish I don't know if it's like maybe it's like an ASMR thing or something maybe you know maybe it's not even like sexual it's just something in it it's like relax dude she took her shoes off its actual yeah that's true she's gonna freak she's moving around getting all squirrel

► 02:26:47

Garrett dirty girl your dirty feet dirty feed him good look at her she's getting down that dirt Slots of sock

► 02:26:56

yeah this is weird weird man imagine this is your whole life and you like you go on the forums yeah guys got me a new squishy feet in the mud videos yeah that'd be really weird Joe So Jamie let us pull up something about the news I mean again why here's a real question here is we're closing why is that so strange but like someone who collects stamps that's normal right some guy who loves oh there's your answer dress up like a Nazi all the way

► 02:27:26

and he goes all the way to his fucking head still smoking to it's like quicksand is in quicksand so that is this is a whole playlist of mass mud and quicksand remember when people are terrified of quicksand and then it stopped being a thing novice there's a whole Radiolab podcast about that it's really interesting because you hear the podcast you go oh yeah I remember like people were scared of quicksand and then all of a sudden it went away I forget what their reasoning is well when we were kids that was like one of the ways you could die

► 02:27:56

die space a quick sanding sometimes you would like if you're out in the woods and there was a suspicious patch you might even poke it with a stick because it's like fuck that's that was a whole Trope and like old movies yeah you know like Tarzan stuck in the quicksand or you're in the quicksand then you someone throws a Vine that you pull yourself out exactly like an 80 different movies what are you supposed to do if you were reeling quicksand supposed to treat like its water and swim right I've there's videos on it Jamie says no go shame

► 02:28:26

you Christian is not there's videos on I was going to have single Crystal if you can't quicksand the best thing to do is if your phone isn't fucked up set it up to take a video and then send that video to I love mud boys at gmail.com it's my private email I will come to you trust me it seems like I won't get to you but I will come right come on you I'll get you pull you out that is that usually thing I think you fall back you have a service and your services you get

► 02:28:56

get people out of the mud and you give them 1,200 bucks but you got a jerk-off on their face while they're trying to get out of the mud yeah you go out there with like big mud shoes like snowshoes but only for a mud you come out there and fucking whack went off in that thing okay all right we're good deals a deal part of some up to a rope and hit shit to your winch on it and drag them out of the swamp think of the bad luck giving money though give me 1,200 bucks here's 1,200 bucks thank but to me that's like the foot that would be great scene is like somebody does get stuck in

► 02:29:26

sand and someone like they see boots and they're like thank God thank God and it is like a mud fetishist he's like you know like no I'll get to you don't worry I'm going to save you but just you know enjoy it for a second about this what if the the fucking the real mud fetishist they set up traps since they made their own mud holes they dug him real deep and you sound real silty very fine sort of sand yeah so if you get in there you

► 02:29:56

slide right in like it's quicksand they have traps they have traps and the get look a little camera trap it sends a text to their phone says that we got one and then they they start chewing on Viagra and start getting their dick hard then they run dude are like like a spider you promised something it's not but you kind of fall in love with him you know and then you start dating them and then like but then you know like all of a sudden you realize like everyone they've dated they've saved from quicksand and You Begin her realize like oh shit they're doing it on purpose

► 02:30:26

you're going to be looking for something like does he have a flashlight let's find some go through stuff here if I look for a flashlight you find schematics for how to build the perfect sand pit you motherfucker you tricked me do shows the water where the water's coming in to make the quicksand you know like need this amount of water to capture 200-pound man like there's metrics based on weight that's what he likes he'll want to get like big bird

► 02:30:56

early like firemen type dudes a jerk off on their hair that's the real yeah other they're trapped he knows maybe like he knows calls for specific types of people like he knows what all drawings and he called yeah that's dude have you ever done one of those like you've ever gone to a spa and in there like and I found the fuck I'm going to do like I'm gonna get a massage but he then you see in their catalog they've got a mud dip you can go into that somehow healthy for you

► 02:31:26

like you know what I mean like it's a consider like a healthy thing you lay in it up to your head it's like you know I'm talking about man like it's like yeah somites yeah you ever done one of those no I have not their fucking off using off dude I went in there because like we you know I was with a I've brought a girl here was this is my girlfriend the spa and it looks like they made it with all romantic and shit it's like a couple's mud dip and like you know there's like

► 02:31:56

hours in between him and stuff and you see it in the picture and it looks somehow relaxing your brain parties like how could that house that can feel good like it's like just sitting in my but it looks kind of cool and you know your I love getting stoned getting massages like I might be following your heart is being mud we got in these fucking things they're like next to each other and like dude like they don't number one they don't refuse be so stupid

► 02:32:26

whoever's doing this shake is made try it like see if you can make a fakie this is a cut normal thing for a couple to do and then also you realize they don't change the mud I'm pretty sure they don't refill them what a dirty yeah yeah it's dirty yeah oh my God yeah so the culture that came out of some dudes balls is all like mingling with your cultures and all that's a breeding in the mud yeah exactly do

► 02:32:56

and not only that but like the ones that we were in I don't know if they were heated it wrong or whatever but anytime I ask touched like close to the bottom it was burning my ass so it's like heater in the body heater in the bottom was like burning my ass always having to do like this I don't know what you call like Arch my back like chips yeah it's like doing dips in the mud and then it's fucking hot as fuck so like my heart like starts racing also I'm like I was pretty high but I

► 02:33:26

getting incinerated by this thing and my God and went to a janky place I'm thinking Macbeth player gonna argue that's actually the name of the place janki's mud bath place what is the expression janky come from like a janky like a shitty verdict Anki version that one might be racist got to be careful that might be one of them secret racist words you didn't know is racist I've been saying janky and they're like well let me bring you back to him the

► 02:33:56

genocide of the Guam people and Jesus what I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised what is the etymology of janky I've no idea that's why I asked are you sure you don't know Joe I definitely don't know I'm a hundred percent innocent

► 02:34:10

what do we got he just dies I just want to make sure that I'm not stepping over any boundaries by using janky because I want to be a good Ally there's probably it's probably not connected anything just sounds like a word that sounds like a bad word it's I think it was close to junkie I know it's to janky I'm trying through this quick though that does offend me I don't like the term junk Yankees good jinkies look like you've got a car with a fucked-up break you know it's fucking

► 02:34:39

keep brake job I got that although only the 90s is like the first might have invented it if I did Jiang zemin's African-Americans slang for the 90s there that makes sense that makes sense earlier citations and 90s yeah yeah so who wrote that

► 02:34:57

who wrote the article looking at is like I mean I like now that I know that it's just weird someone like we hear a thing like that when I got right that must be true first book they found it in first that this person wrote the articles to the rust The Longest War written by Jonathan Waldman by the way I'm very much kidding if you if I wasn't clear I don't really think I made that word up I just joking find another one it's amazing how attuned you get to like comments that you would like your brain is like your aunt makes don't want

► 02:35:27

really that was thinking that like that could be misinterpreted that's my word I created it what's another great word that they don't use anymore that I started using recently oh fresh I started using fresh lately like that looks fresh I like to say like that I don't say with a normal voice it sounds like that looks fresh now you don't yes I do well things look good fresh fresh things looking fresh oh you get like a yeah I hear it in the back it gets like looks

► 02:35:57

from vibrato they're fresh it's a good word it's a good word we need more beautiful adjectives for cool shit so I started bringing back fresh hey what's it what like what's your like policy when like about cursing around your kids like you know give up I give up you did yeah told him just don't swear don't swear around other people there's too many times they caught me on the phone right my nine-year-old specially she's the ones always go

► 02:36:27

to me hey it's your potty language she says that she's hilarious slice to correct me I try not to say it as much as I would say with you but every now and then I'm I'll let a fuck word fly or a shit word fly but it has to make sense dude the funniest story would I realized I say it so much some of my daughter was three we were we had gone skiing together and we were all packing up our stuff and her helmet did not go in her bed wasn't it

► 02:36:57

her bag and I'm like alright everybody packed up and I'm like hey your helmet and your bag and she looks at the helmet looks the bag and she just goes to shit there's three

► 02:37:14

see you in a little game me and my wife were just like oh no I did it three she need but that's the right word to use shit what are we doing what we aren't even in that world you and I are not even in that world like the world of you can't say words all right you can't say that word at work we don't even live in that world yeah we're raising our kids for that world that seems to be to be a little crazy and I understand like look if I worked in an office somewhere or if I had to deal with people

► 02:37:43

professionally I wouldn't be dropping f-bombs all day you can't people get upset they don't like it they want you to behave like a business person they'll turn you into Human Resources if you have a funny joke about Puerto Ricans you can't you can't there's no jokes there's no laughter you can't you gotta so when you're telling your kids not to say certain words around other people you're telling them that because you want them to be polite you don't want people to feel uncomfortable but you should never have them think that there's something wrong with those

► 02:38:13

fucking words those words are important and I can't really explain it to them because I can't really say it the way I want to say it it would just be too sensitive like I couldn't say I can't say sometimes when someone's telling you something that you know isn't true and they're telling you you want to be able to look in the eye and go hey that guy's a fucking idiot hmm but can't say that to a nine-year-old right it's just too intense right it's too intense right like if you say this person is an idiot that's one thing but if

► 02:38:43

see this person's a fucking idiot yeah it's a different thing it's another level of thing and you need to know what's what especially when the shit goes down you need to know who's just a dummy and who's a fucking idiot right some guys just make mistakes or they think they know better or they do something stupid and puts everybody at risk yeah but they're not doing it on purpose and then some people think they want to run the whole show those people are fucking idiots or a certain people that steal from you they'll break in your house when they know you're not home those people are fucking idiot right I know right yeah

► 02:39:13

this is a different level and if we don't use the right words the what are we doing going to limit a kids ability to express themselves right the words aren't changing their did not changing you the not change it's just another tool for expression and swear words like really swear words you're going to stop using swear words now going to make people upset about swear words get the fuck out of here so ridiculous yeah no no I know man I just like I get it I that's like kind of my wife I have decided that and like some of my friends are

► 02:39:43

DeVos I said just teach them not to say those words teach him to be nice did weight or win the right time to say those words is he's just like listening to like I don't know like this morning I put on for no reason like ten Crack Commandments and like I like my men like my son was in the other room and like he comes walking in like he's just learning to dance and then I pick him up he's laughing and we're dancing and I'm like oh fuck we're dancing to the ten Crack Commandments right now he doesn't know what

► 02:40:13

what's being said but you know what I mean it's like fuck I don't know if I even even the even that even though he doesn't even the fact he probably hopefully doesn't understand at least hopefully does it I still like I don't know that and it's like you're saying it's too much the Energy's too intense it's yeah it's very aggressive yeah yeah there's certain this you know you don't you want to shelter them a little bit from the most dark shell you don't want to show your kid some murder move

► 02:40:43

like the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan when therefore you know as they sit down this is what happens when people go to war this is the closest that we have that represents what war is like right but that that that that that yeah and peoples guts hanging out and legs blown off you're not going to show that to a forever all right me neither that's what it seems like if I act like I act with my friends around little kids so I pull it in a lot a lot but occasionally I'll

► 02:41:13

say a shit sure some but I don't I just try to there's this words that I don't want to lose like that and I the only reason why I think a lot of like these swear words like the f word of the shit word or whatever if you're at work and you can't say those like why not like what is that what kind of job is that like what are we we're all the grown-ups now remember when we were children we thought there was a system that was put in place by enlightened

► 02:41:43

and beings and these enlightened beings no adults they knew better we resisted but we thought they'd eventually were correct yeah and then you get to be a certain age like oh that's nonsense there's no adults just people that got older right they're just people so as people the that you have to limit your language the only thing that's good is when someone who you don't expect to says get the fuck out of here when they say it's even better yeah right yeah look a woman that you think would be like like very reserved very

► 02:42:13

anal and she's like that chicks a cunt like yeah I love that when you realize someone you thought was a square is not only not a square but like a million times more out there than you are but they're like the trapped it yeah well we're or their camo they just have like figured out a way to like not reveal to you or to the world that because they like understood it's a little easier if people don't realize that unless you're around cool people those are the best moments when that window opens up

► 02:42:43

and you realize our fuck man I'm such a dope I had you completely packed as something that you're not at all and those are really like well fuck what's that Kampf it's not real it's marijuana cough I now man I hate I'm a hypochondriac Joe with allergies everybody is now I have allergies I have seasonal allergies and you know any time before this was happening any time I would get sick I'll be like well this might be the end and now like all of us

► 02:43:13

who are like that we're like really it's really intense man because like any demonstration you know I my birthday was the other day we got like you know they deliver booze and La now like they'll deliver mixed drinks to you now they're probably deliver bullets why would your bullets brought to your door now hopefully not too fast I'm sorry quick boy in delivery but yeah anyway man like like I always just hungover you know but there were there

► 02:43:43

the moment where I'm like this hangover and my hair is this like what's this headache and you know what's going that's the to me that's the part of this thing that's you know I don't I haven't seen it yet acknowledge that much it's like just a psychological pressure of what's going on like the way it's got to be like you know just psychologically like think of all the people you and I know who are already teetering at the very edge of sanity and like imagine them alone

► 02:44:13

an apartment for a month with like the news telling them that we don't know when you can let you out like whoa how many people are like really losing their shit and like I'm not losing my shit but at least a couple of times a day I'll have a real claustrophobic moment like I can't explain it it's like a I don't know if it's a panic attack it's not it's just like the sense of like oh this fucking sucks I don't want to drive by Trader Joe's and see people wearing face

► 02:44:43

Mass with six feet in between each of them and the fucking weirdness of it all people are driving weird right now and it's just like what the fuck you put driving weird yeah real aggressive yeah man that that that that you know I don't people I don't think her acknowledging the fact that and they need to that if you're feeling if you're feeling a little off right now that's normal like you probably should acknowledge that you know at least like otherwise people are going to start thinking they're really going nuts when it's like no you just have some kind of like

► 02:45:13

we a new mental illness will be they'll probably a new name for a covid related mental illness you know like pandemic Associated claustrophobia syndrome or some shit like right you know some like thing that is of new thing because we've never had to do this but of course a hundred percent yeah I mean do you know how many people are going to get sued for this do you know I mean how many people going to sue the government for the closed down so you know many people are going to go crazy and yeah how many businesses are going to be lost many lives are turned upside down

► 02:45:43

many people fuck man divorces oh my God so many yeah dude so many you know people forced in these high-pressure situations they didn't anticipate then some people falling apart people with drug problems the accelerate because they need a relief in anxiety from all this yeah man and we're just beginning it man I mean just because we're still three weeks away from at least here with this state is going to open up right now you have teeth

► 02:46:13

but what do you think is going to happen in Georgia do you think when they when they open Georgia back up you're going to get like another another series of people that have it I think it's going to be

► 02:46:25

what do you think if you had a gas man that's the pride I have no debt all the data sources are some of them are so very different it seems like yeah did it's like you know you have people who've won Nobel prizes you know saying what they think it is and you have other people are doctors saying what they think it is and those things don't quite match to the point where it comes down to it's not like what I think's going to happen it's what I hope is going to happen which is like that it just not only that it's the curve keeps flattening maybe not necessarily because

► 02:46:54

I just maybe because the it's mutating maybe because herd immunity maybe because you know I don't know who believe you turn on Fox News you see one story you turn on CNN you see the other story you go on the Internet it's a fucking meteor that's going to hit you go you know you depends on who you're talking to and have g5g you know a variety of things have a low-level bio weapon it's being combined with a horrific like powerful psyops operation who the fuck knows Joe we don't know so it's like the

► 02:47:24

that to me is the the real unnerving quality of this outside of worrying like if you go outside like every time you cough I'm like mother fuck I should have wore my mask I'm doomed my wife sees it he's gonna fucking kill my ass but like that you know just that those moments that would normally just go completely unnoticed I like those to me that new real talk to get highlighted yeah and brother that that is like that's another form of virus it's

► 02:47:54

beer and it's paranoia and it's like it's a it's a meme that spread so it changes your outlook changes the way you interact with life yeah changes your outlook and it changes changes the actual course of your life like you'll be operating with fear and operating with anxiety and everyone's thrust into that without anything bad that they've done that to for no fault of their own their thrust into the situation where even though

► 02:48:24

they've worked really hard they've been really disciplined they done the right thing they've been conservative they take care of their health all the all the all the checks everything but still all sudden work goes well yeah for everybody yeah nobody did anything wrong so everybody's thrust into this situation it's really the ultimate Haves and Have Nots moment you know and it's for what's really interesting is like right when Bernie Sanders just stepped out of the race like this is the example of why we need some sort of

► 02:48:54

hence have planned for everybody if everything goes wrong yeah man this is right right here like yeah I do the capitalism moves the world yes does we it seems to motivate most of what we do but the idea that there's there's not more than we can do for people of the community of the United States of America as a community right is that health care and education and stop people from being robbed like stop stop some predatory lending stop all these things that you can

► 02:49:24

clearly see people are just getting fucked over from yeah spend more money on Healthcare like we need that now like yeah we went through a nice sweet spot where there was no real problems other than occasional little blips bad flus and bad disease and we squashed him real quick this is a big one that hit the hole and this is only you know as far as like terrible pandemics the amount of people that it kills per people that get it is not as high as it is for some of the more horrendous disease we got lucky we

► 02:49:54

prepare for the worst we should prepare for Airborne Ebola okay we should prepare for all that shit we should think about it the way we think about arms races and how much money they put it into the military and how much money they put into the war against viruses with our war against viruses just killed 50,000 people at home imagine if China just had just launched missiles into American cities and killed 50,000 people yeah would be at fucking War all of our resources would be dedicated to that right right

► 02:50:24

why are all of our resources being dedicated to fighting off fucking diseases right questions this is a real wake-up call for that it's also a wake-up call for power grid people people that are worried about the power grid go down it's a wake-up call for people that haven't had food stockpiled in their house wake-up call for people that are living extended you know like they've really extended their reach as far as the how much the rent is and how much their car payment is and they're really stretching it well boom something like this happens and your for your

► 02:50:54

going to play catch-up barely keeping up with your lifestyle before all this went down yeah and again through no fault of your own so you got to kind of prepare now people are going to have to look at this like okay now we know something can happen that we never thought could happen before in the whole world shuts down yeah now we know that's it we should we should act accordingly in like how we run things now we know well that's the Silver Lining I mean like that's the silver line it's like when you have a thing happen that

► 02:51:24

you realize like you know whatever like in your car you get lucky and you notice that the tire is like super flat and you felt you fill it up you just didn't notice or whatever you see a thing and it saves you from a later fucking thing that could have been a million times worse but you know man the wake up call to me is like it's no joke that you need to at least be on like some terms with your neighbors and it's no joke that you need to understand how to do like how to grow

► 02:51:54

food out of the ground and it's in like basic first aid and stuff like that and also to always have gas in your car man like you know we the other day I went to get groceries and like fucking the you know left a credit card at the house right and like the but the car was kind of low on fuel because I hadn't guessed it up like I should have right and they'll combination of suddenly not being able to put gas in the car and he's too dumb mistakes it wasn't just a normal shitty day where your car runs out of gas now

► 02:52:24

now it's your cars run out of gas during a pandemic meaning you got to call somebody to come and get put gas in your car or walk somewhere to get gas that's a whole different walk than before and that's asking someone to come and help you is kind of like asking them hey would you mind like taking a chance I mean I know you're wearing a mask and everything but you know what I mean so suddenly fuck-ups in this kind of environment they mean a lot more than fuck-ups in like the previous world that we were in and that's teaching me a real kind of

► 02:52:54

you know like having some cash on it like stuff like that like you know what we you know we should always be doing that and to me that is one of the you know and I hate using arrows using the term Silver Lining right now and it's like anytime you say it's like yeah it's a silver lining I like people who drowned in their own fucking mucus it's not the you know it's yeah fucked up it I guess one of the Silver Linings in it is just that the fact that it's like look man Trump just was talking about maybe we should inject ourselves

► 02:53:24

elves with Lysol okay so crazy that video have you seen the one where they focus on the lady who's the science advisor and she's sitting there listening to him say all this shit yeah yeah let me see that I have Philly see I've Sam Harris tweeted it and it's he said when you look into the abyss the abyss looks into you you know Annie but also in that look you know I saw I saw her thinking like listen motherfuckers who's in line you want to have you want

► 02:53:54

job I'm doing what I can to steer this crazy ship as fast as I fucking can and there's not much I could do but it's like you know you see somebody seriously say to an entire planet it might be a good idea to inject Lysol into your bodies hear it let's hear it let me hear you start from the beginning

► 02:54:17

I think you got to actually double click on it and on my computer I had to to get the sound out of it

► 02:54:24


► 02:54:26

MC1 the fuck your that whispered know here's that was Duncan now with me it's haunted anyway bottom line is he's saying wacky shit and the focus is on this lady and as she's watching him she's like I can't even fucking believe I have to handle this yeah and she does dude that took but to me like I actually did get the disinfectant into the body that's maybe

► 02:54:56

we could get him to drink lice all right powerful I can use light till it's from outside or inside I don't know how you do it there you go because you see a thing like that and it's like okay lean into that like that's going to like lean into that is the thing that you can count on that's a thing saying inject lie so that's the kind of thing where like in your craziest friend if they said that to you you would be considering like calling their their friends or their mom to be like hey Jack he's having like a hardcore manic episode

► 02:55:26

he's talking about injecting Lysol and himself you better do something that's the fucking president and to me what that tells me is like motherfucker unique gas in your car you need to make sure your phone is Juiced up you know what I mean you need to make sure that you are like gummy ready you got to be ready because if we like think we're going to lean into some like imaginary hammock made of like people who are saying that we should inject ourselves with Lysol then we're made then it's our fault that's your because you know it's like let's imagine

► 02:55:56

and let's say you went and you I don't know you went into the forest and you got attacked by a tiger but right before you went in the tiger you into the force you said to somebody hey do you think I should go in that fourth or Tigers they're like no and then they start shooting up with Lysol you know what I mean if you go in that force in the tag tiger gets you that's your fault you fucking listen to a dude who thought you could shoot up Lysol you know what I mean that's your Fang

► 02:56:30

imagine what was he thinking while he was saying that he's probably like there's got to be an intelligent way to get out of this fucking subject that I've already started and I've already like coming up with perhaps for instance maybe you could maybe you could supposing we hit the body with a tremendous whether it's ultraviolet or just very powerful light and I think he's powerful light that has an objective

► 02:56:56

to test it and then I said supposing it were caladiums I'd the body you can which you can do either through the skin or in some other way and I think you said you're going to test that to sounds interesting right and then I see the disinfectant with knocks it out in a minute one minute and is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or or almost a cleaning because you see gets in the lungs and

► 02:57:26

you can also be interesting to check yeah I cleaning of the lungs can we take your lungs out even with why Sam down put your lungs through a car wash like what is yeah what a crazy thing to say I mean cleaning cleaning give him a cleaning yeah imagine like being his doctor and you have to listen to him say this like so why don't you do like the disinfectant you know inside it's like a cleaning

► 02:57:56

you did my liver and bleach can you take my liver out and just microwave it I yeah you know so to me you see that and it's like okay well I'm not quite certain that that is where I'm going to get my data stream from because that's a Lysol person and then but then we but then there must be like a thing we can do regardless of the fact that clearly bro you wouldn't even talk like that on a podcast do you have never say that no man can about imagine imagine you

► 02:58:26

zero expertise in a certain subject you talking to someone who's like some expert yeah in this said subject and you're proposing these outlandish like you're on a Podium you don't even have it up a private conversation yeah in front everybody you're somehow or another having the side conversation we are proposing these ridiculous ideas that show that you don't understand how disinfectant works like why is why is that even conversation even taking place also the other thing is because he did ask the question that

► 02:58:56

it is a time for someone on that side of the room to go no look at her yeah well I don't know shake that do that but rhinos if she interrupts him and goes watch you can't do that you can't inject us infection he probably upset and she wants to do the best work that she can do and this is just some nonsense just to handle along the way wow yeah yeah I guess just a bad path you look first of all I mean look the guy works some ungodly amount of hours a day right he's gonna do

► 02:59:26

some dumb shit like and he Wings it a lot right she probably was stuck on that conversation of things that might be able to be done and maybe you could do strong ultraviolet light like in the skin that all sounds like oh my God I'm I'm laying out

► 02:59:45

possible ways that you could cure this there I'm going to keep going I better have more than one yeah and there's likely a disinfectant that's right disinfectant disinfect it may be inside or outside they have a way of doing that yeah and then you say all right and then he goes to her like he's looking for support like I think you said maybe I think you said maybe looking at that yeah man I mean it definitely has that sense of like when you have to give her a port at school and he had to prepare for

► 03:00:15

that's it that's exactly what it's like well who were the Assyrian Rebels well there are from Assyria yeah they were they were Rebels yes it is Evan and I heard there were tremendous Rebels they were Fighters they fought and they fought long and hard and Syria and areas around Syrian some people in areas around Syria referred to them as Rebels and said they were some of the most intense rebels in the regional is Syria it's a different place your

► 03:00:45

uncanny wrote a report about the wrong place I'll Syrian I was saying that you heard me wrong yeah you just heard me wrong Dad I can't give you an a yeah man there's like and how many times did you bullshit your way through like those things in high school almost every day every time a lot of a lot of the times man I mean I got like I think it was The Red Badge of Courage which even now I can't remember what if it's I think it's about the Revolutionary War

► 03:01:15

and I believe that no I didn't read it all clearly I didn't read it because I still can't remember which war was about but I remember just having not read the book at all having to write a report on it where I think I set it in Vietnam or something like her and maybe was a Civil War and that she was just like that's not even the war that it was that it happened that you know I completely failed like and not one of those one of those apps were the teachers mangry carving and yeah they are

► 03:01:46

yeah I found out about Cliff Notes when I was in high school I couldn't believe it I was like this is a gift from God Cliff Notes just gotta buy it on your own you gotta buy the book but it just it's a way more you can read it in an hour that's right fuck it but it still sucks you had to pay money for a cliff now I mean how about I thought it was cheating I was like a cheating though they're giving you a way to argue this is not hot so you can learn better to see you can pass the test right that's this is so you give me like oh yeah and then Mikey said to her get off my fucking porch That's page 30

► 03:02:15

that's yeah there's a little grayer a few years ago where kids could just copy and paste other people's reports for from years past because they were all digital and teachers didn't know this was a thing they could check they know have checking tools to find out plagiarism and whatnot but so many kids probably for a few years just did literally nothing I'm sure faster that's I'm sure you get out of school and your graduate high school you can't read like what you can't read them and didn't pay attention I can't just play video games

► 03:02:45

little bit of video games yeah just made my way through well I mean you know there's like that's one of the isn't that now the people who went to recently went to jail for like bribe forgetting their kids in the college oh yeah it's kind of a version of the acts that with your kids right you're like you're like just the kids aren't supposed to be in college because they haven't done any work in high school and they don't know what they're doing but if you pay enough money you get them in there mmm it's like and also aren't they doing something where they get people to go and take

► 03:03:15

SATs for your kid like you figure out a way to like it's an identity theft thing where you can even get someone to go and like do the test as your kid using fake ID and shit so it's like a you send in an operative that isn't your kid take the test so you can get know a nice School mmm

► 03:03:35

the whole thing was so crazy did they spent so much money to get kids in school but didn't want to be good students yeah that's right almost like you think you could buy buy a kid's way too enthusiastic Focus that will there you go I mean there's the whole problem isn't it was that this was this is from the District Attorney's Office in Massachusetts one of the photos that was used to show us girls rowing hmm High School right

► 03:04:05

career that she got a scholarship on

► 03:04:08

that's a workout machine wow supposed to be like yeah look at her in her varsity oh fuck man what wow so there was no photos of her actually rowing out on a boat that's part of the thing I can just having people take tests they went and staged photos to to be like look the pro my gosh all allegedly according to the court but imagine how mad real rowers would be at you if they found out you got a scholarship based on a fucking rowing machine photo

► 03:04:38

wait until this so mad was it for scholarships or was it just get trying to get them in kind of cleavage and to get any I don't think they got scholarships know like they were but to be on the rowing team you know or whatever it's called I forget I've talked to my head is it like good for your GPA or some shit it's a way to get in oh way to get in yeah oh right so that and the bride extracurricular activity kind of stuff on your record and so they just they fudged that and then bribed the rest of it do you think the kids knew yeah

► 03:05:08

yeah you can't you know when your parents like hey we just bought this rowing machine why just don't worry about it we're just going to take a picture you in a rowing machine like sure you know you're getting a picture taken of you to try to get you into this school that your dad went to or whatever you're complicit to some degree like yeah you have to be a little bit yeah a little bit Yeah the picture she doesn't even shouldn't he broke a sweat what hasn't face covered in up so you can't see but I want to see closing on that

► 03:05:38

look sweaty to me

► 03:05:40

crew is the word I was trying to think she looks like she's barely started exercising

► 03:05:46

yeah come on son I don't see no sweat that's a better one because look stop go up look at that that's a gray sweat a gray t-shirt great t-shirts look sweaty instantly yeah instantly

► 03:05:58

this is hilarious

► 03:06:01

so I pulled it back a couple times am I done yet you can't even get me in the UFC fucking loser my father's a loser he takes pills yeah no shit dude me want you to love me we'll get me in a fucking UFC all my friends are going to going dude the thing that's really fucked up is like there's some kid whose parents like or making 20K year who's working his fucking ass off you know I just like somehow managing to like

► 03:06:31

study non-stop to try to get into a good school who doesn't get into the school because of that shit that's the that's the satanic part is like they buy their way in and that's someone's place they have a limited number of places meaning like theoretically someone doesn't get into the school who could be the person who's gonna you know invent teleportation or some shit isn't it weird what schools are you have your first choice second choice okay Billy comes third choice fuck yeah fuck Billy's going on where's it going

► 03:07:00

South Dakota fuck Billy what's in South Dakota yeah flat ground did I get it though I mean I get wanting to get enough some ivy league I get Illuminati school I think that'd be cool because usually if you're in if you're in the Illuminati and you kids are dope

► 03:07:18

so bad your the Illuminati with an embarrassing gift and if you like like I don't I don't swear that much room my kids my kids don't know how I talk around my friends what if that's how it is with like Illuminati to like these kids don't even know their parents were the Illuminati yeah you know and you're like look I'm trying to get you to be and you know better position in life but I was working all the time I wasn't around I didn't push you hard enough now shit are they got you into Yale are they fucking know you're in it and they're just like you're like did you get into my fucking adrenochrome

► 03:07:48

when they're like breaking into your vaults you know taking your fucking like goblets of blood and drinking it parties don't drink any more of my blood you have to stop this you know like join them in the Skull and Bones don't they bring their kids to Skull and Bones I don't think so they do I think they the once they're there in their son turns 32 psi son I'm gonna show you something they take them take them to the Skull and Bones I don't they bring them in no you if you go to school there you get into it right that's how

► 03:08:18

I think that's how you get to in the school that's how I like it in stuff right Legacy is that I get in or is that how you get it it's gone bones like I would not want I don't think the whole school gets two beats gone up the but that's yeah that's how you get accepted as what I meant that's how you get into the school isn't it funny like if you're in a place like Yale which is our very exclusive and very prestigious already some creeps like that's not enough I want to get in the secret cult dick-sucking Society what do they do they don't suck dicks do they we know wasn't a rumor that they make each other blow each other

► 03:08:48

Iran take photos of it so that they have something over them that was what's one of the crazy online conspiracy theories right yeah they they make every guy suck a dick and they take Polaroids of it so they always have it they hold over you and that's just for eternity stuff but yeah is that normal for turkey stuffed birds talked about that right thing whatever for yeah they would jerk off on a biscuit right yeah that's the circle jerk thing and the last guy to come had to eat the best kid no one's really doing except for the one idiot yeah one guy who can't come because it just jerking off things

► 03:09:18

guys all time and he just go yeah I sucked a bunch of my friends dicks who's fucking cares I mean if they aren't we in a time now where like like a picture of me emerges sucking all my friends dicks I think there's more to well I think they Peg you or something they take pictures of him wearing a strap-on you got pegged yeah well some people don't want it but you know they want to rise through the branch at Raytheon and get to the top everyone at Raytheon gets packed like well you know that's just like fuck it like yeah we all get pegged now

► 03:09:48

now what was that what we're venting bombs now you like who cares of course we get pegged yeah but the guys weren't a goat costume so what I like to wear it Go costume when I get pegged I like too much kinky shit it's like God damn it I hope we get to a time where like they take pictures of someone doing a fucking thing that's legit fucked up so that you know and they get banished for it it's like I'm God forbid like I can't even imagine the Polaroids that could emerge of weird shit I've done you know I've got could only imagine you can't imagine I can't

► 03:10:18

but that being said it's like yeah I wonder what well I think what the initiation I get it like it is it look let's face it you're not going to probably be fun to be a part of a little tiny group that's a part of an exclusive group right you got the exclusive group that's Yale and then you get the little Skull and Bones were all got together all Brothers in the in the room they probably have like secret words they have to sand last and shit yeah I mean we that's the thing that I imagine based on the way I have come to

► 03:10:48

just and things whatever it is is way more boring than we imagined because you know what I mean like right when you don't know what a thing is you've always reject the worst thing on it my guess is it's boring as fuck it's probably just some college bullshit or people are in a frat sit around and like make dumb jokes and do stupid shit and it's nothing probably don't even Peggy they probably just took a Polaroid of your asshole got it look hmm we got your mouth shut yeah we finally wear your hat

► 03:11:18

so it's your souls fingerprint don't show anybody please your asshole told a lot about you

► 03:11:30

that's funny look at a person's eyes you know and you see their soul it's the windows to the soul what if the asshole is like you really know whether you like someone just by looking at their asshole cycling about the asshole tells you things books come out decoding your asshole you know if people read hands they read fingerprints yeah can't they read assholes I bet assholes tell you a lot just like someone's eyebrows dealer someone's got like mean eyebrows like whoa that guy looks aggressive I don't want either but guys got

► 03:12:00

thick bushy eyebrows and he's not mean I could suspicious he's all friendly with his big crazy fucking eyebrows but all the villains have big crazy eyebrows they're all angry they always crazy eyebrows yeah yeah it's just like Matt for one here's probably for sure we don't know that you can't tell a person future from their asshole yet because no one's thought of it that could be the new thing that people pick up as a business turn this pandemic yeah

► 03:12:29

asshole reading yeah or what if it's like a what if it's like it there's an app scan it let's get this guy you are asshole Flats of do a QR code all this time we've been looking for alien signals from space we didn't know it was in our assholes yeah it was all the photos of our assholes if you put them together on a grid it gives us the diagram of how to build a spaceship to get out of here

► 03:12:59

the photos it's like a giant jigsaw puzzle with eight billion pieces you take eight billion assholes and you put them on a grid and you'll see the schematics behold it'll tell us exactly when the sun's going to Supernova got about 50 years maybe what if that's what the quantum computer the first thing it says is I need pictures of all the assholes on the planet like so but if you vote you have to show photo your asshole before you vote if you have it on your phone that's your

► 03:13:29

thing because I'm pretty low temperature not exact assholes are exact exact and they don't get changed by workouts or they don't like you know you thump in hands get bigger could be a little bit different how do you know I don't know that assholes don't get changed from work out well they can one thing they could do with your thumb print right some people have burn their prints off you can't really burn when you get guess you could burn the your asshole into an unreadable that's one of the levels

► 03:13:59

yeah you're a so I can't get a good relationship to people keep reading my asshole wrong look I'm more than my asshole

► 03:14:14

and with that we just had three and a half hours shit man it's crazy it's four o'clock already listen man you show looks amazing I'm very excited for you I'm very happy for you tell people once again it's on Netflix now it's on Netflix is called the midnight gospel please just watch it it's like yeah it's I'm very proud of it and I think you'll enjoy it Duncan Trussell.com Duncan Trussell on Twitter Duncan Trussell

► 03:14:40

on Instagram Duncan Trussell Family art podcast yes thank you brother thank you brother I'll always always good to see you man thank you bye everybody see it

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