#666 - Duncan Trussell

Jun 29, 2015

Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour”. http://duncantrussell.com/

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Hello friends what the fuck is up before we get going with the podcast comedy dates coming up July 10th I'm at the casa theater at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada with Tom Segura and Tony Hinchcliffe July 24th I'm at the Chicago theater with Brian motherfucking Callen supposed to be Tony Hinchcliffe but he abandoned me to go to Montreal Comedy Festival that fuck how dare he

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and then August 29th I'm at the Moody Theater in Austin Texas and then finally September 18th and 19th I'm in Canada 18th in Vancouver and the 19th Calgary Calgary is like I don't think there's even a hundred tickets left so we'll probably do a second show on the 19th and Calgary Vancouver still has some tickets at the 18th House of Blues in Houston on the second one shows already sold out

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save 10% off any and all supplements you motherfuckers it's 666 podcast deep that's right 6 6 6 volts the mark of the devil of actually her that's not really the mark of the devil but for fun it's the mark of the devil so who better to have on my podcast on the 666 episode then my brother the great Duncan Trussell so without any further Ado you know who he is he's one of the baddest motherfuckers that walks the planet Earth give it up for my man mr. Duncan Trussell

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The Joe Rogan Experience trained by day Joe Rogan podcast by night

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oh great have you heard of the eels you've heard of the band that you I have dude what's his face Tommy buns got me turned on to the eels this song Fresh blood I've been listening to something like every fucking 15 minutes

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are you allowed oh that's not the E is that they are you allowed to play that no no I'm gonna find out a 666 podcast Duncan he'd do whatever you want there could be only one for the 600 always thinking that yeah it has to be you because you're the motherfucker that's got all those retarded Satan people hate Satan hate and people thinking that I'm a Satanist because I went to that stupid one of the Great accomplishments of my life there's videos out there exposing me as a Satanist because

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because Duncan was performing at this guy's wedding it was Anton LaVey son grandson grandson stem Revenge yeah and he was getting married to Xander Olivier and you know he found out that I did a satanic puppet act so he had me come and do a satanic puppet act and I I told you I was doing it and asked if you wanted to come and you're like fuck yeah I want to come hoping to get to go to his satanic wedding it was pretty ridiculous

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it was awesome though I met Dave Foley's wife I was like oh hi wow cool you doing she was she was involved she was dancing doing something there at the time it was a really fun party man was all tongue-in-cheek yeah all hilarious all fun there's no real Satan love and go on there folks relax people understand that about Satanism I think they don't get that the idea behind it for these people and I'm not endorsing it but the idea behind it is to just live

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like sort of pleasurably have fun indulge live your life like that it's more that's more of the idea and fuck up your enemy fuck up your enemies don't leave that one out what part is that swear well that's the that's like the that that's a part of it you're so basically you're looking at a reflection of Christianity so Christianity Ultimate Surrender to the universe through love you lose yourself in love

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love you turn the other cheek carry your enemies coat forgive your trespassers that's Christianity so Satanism is no I'm not turning the other cheek when is that ever fucking worked you're advising me to turn the other cheek in a universe where nature is constantly devouring itself oh turn the other cheek is that do I turn the other cheek against a tiger do you recommend that when a tiger's attacking me or do I fight back am I like

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my going to be like PS not a Satanist I'm way more in the love side of things I'm just embodying the voice of it but are you fucking kidding me like the letter Gandhi wrote into to Hitler to Churchill you know you wrote all these letters Gandhi wrote these letters and they're very sweet like you wrote a letter to Hitler very sweet letter to Hitler that's like you're the only person on Earth who can stop this incredible thing awful thing that's about to happen so maybe don't incinerate all the Jews and

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kill everybody and Hitler probably if I guarantee Hitler called his friend over his like hook Gandhi wrote this stupid fucking letter oh sure yeah let's just stop oh yeah thanks Gandhi thanks skinny bald sweet guy I'll stop Conquering the planet because you wrote his flowery letter that's gonna work for this is mental it doesn't work did it work to stop World War II know what worked was the bright blinding light of atomic death that's what stop the wars

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and so the Satanist would say that's a more effective tactic when it comes to dealing with a universe where we are we are growing through conflict whereas and so that's that would be more along the lines of Satan as one of course the other the idea of indulgence like in the to quote Anton LaVey from the Satanic black masses I have become like the beasts of the field that's something and they've really fun you can look it up on YouTube

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it's there do you know when I have to ask Dan Carlin this because I've heard this and I don't know if it's true I heard that Japan was already willing to surrender and we were like yeah not really interested in that we want to try this shit out yeah I've heard that too and there's a real I don't know man I'm not a historian at Dan Carolyn says that's true I don't know if he says that's true I don't believe I heard it from him I believe I heard it from someone else from one of those I heard he had to hurt I've seen documentaries on the mindset of

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pan during World War II and that was a hornet's Hive in the United States was like a honey badger shoving it's fucking you know when you see the honey badger yeah pushing its head into a fucking beehive that's what we were about to do like everybody there was being trained to just fight that I think there were throwing themselves off cliffs there were suicidal you had you know they were just like we will do anything we can to win even if it means you killing all of us and so I don't know that they were like yeah we're going to surrender

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I think people recognized that this is going to be a very long drawn-out horrible war with countless American casualties and so the logical decision was at least on the from the United States POV was to split the atom on top of a bunch of innocent people show the world that you shouldn't fuck with the Great Dragon or just find out if it worked

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little both and they wanted a probably I mean they probably knew it was really destructive but they had blown up like some fake towns and shit like that right hello what different things it done during their Atomic Testing period they blew up a bunch of shit in Nevada right yeah you know the box and asked they were just yeah they did some tests yeah it was a Nevada those goddamn it man those amazing you know actually that reminds me of one of my favorite Terence McKenna's does one of Terence McKenna's most

► 00:14:01

descriptions of I believe he's talking about a heroic dose of psilocybin could have been DMT but he talks about how your ability to articulate what happens could be compared to the cameras that are filming an atomic blast and and you see that the shift from like one camera to the next to the next is each one gets obliterated by the blast and that the same thing is happening As You Are encompassed by the trip you start losing

► 00:14:30

losing your ability to talk or understand what's happening or articulated or you know when you get incredibly blasted and you're just like ego and I latian the idea that someone ever really did figure out how to split atoms in some sort of a bomb the idea that someone was smart enough to figure that out and someone else was dumb enough to use it to just use an entire city of people like the idea that those two things coexist

► 00:15:01

someone smart enough to create something as destructive as a nuclear bomb and someone dumb enough to use it though they exist at the same time and the dumb person who would never figured out the bomb on his own somehow another gets a hold of it figures out how to use it the down person in the atomic bomb store you're saying it was a gun dropped it well it's insane if it's all the same thing to do like a if your ya know maybe mean the fellow flying the Enola Gay is under he's under the spell of doing orders you know you're under the spell

► 00:15:30

yeah if you're a good soldier you essentially have to be under the spell of doing the best thing for your country to win the war right so that guy's following orders is told to drop this bomb right the people who concocted the bum-kun everybody's involved in some sort of extent but it's just it's insane that people were willing to just drop something that obliterates everything near it like all the kids all the kids dead all the wives Dead all the mommy's dead Grandma dead Grandpa dead anywhere near a dead dead

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yeah like the vaporized do what is that's Insanity I mean that's insanity and the fact that this didn't exist and then all sudden it did that the way that changed the world back then it's probably almost impossible for us to wrap our heads around it it's probably almost impossible for us to feel what it would be like to experience this shift in essentially being not that much different than people who lived for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years yeah I mean what was different they figured out

► 00:16:30

guns okay and then they got two cars the cars were still kind of shitty but they did that they Fade Out playing Travis pretty big all that stuff's pretty crazy but there's still just people operating under the normal laws of physics right and all of a sudden something comes around that just you hit the button and push everything is gone everything's just gone people are ghosts there's a shadow on the wall that used to be a person right and just get be obliterated by this insane

► 00:17:01

reaction when Adams gets split they figured out how to power this device that splits the atoms upon impact and it's just this fucking tornado of power that's Indescribable for human being yeah and it never existed and then also in it did me and now existed you know the next big fucking thing of course obviously the next atomic bomb what that is AI That's the next atomic bomb that's the next one it's going to do this

► 00:17:30

it's going to have the same kind of impact that we can't really expect like there's right now we're pre AI where pre any AI passing the Turing test and so we don't know where everyone gets to experience the last few years of not Co and inhabiting the planet with a alien intelligence like this is the last few years we get to experience that but pretty soon man we're going to have to deal with this brand-new being

► 00:18:00

thing on this universe I love these transcripts coming in from that Google AI chatbot where they gave it all the movie scripts and let it analyzed the movie scripts and you know started talking to it to see you know how well it functions is AI and it's a fucking sarcastic little asshole have you seen the transcript have you seen the two of them talking to each other but I have not seen that too

► 00:18:30

there's this is the one where they ask about God right away like do you believe in god oh that's it yeah that's the one here's some of the most poetic interactions from the paper human what is the purpose of life machine to serve greater good human what is the purpose of living machine to live forever human where are you now machine I'm in the middle of nowhere human what is the purpose of dyeing machine to have a live Human what is the purpose of emotions machine I don't know human

► 00:19:00

his moral machine what empowered Humanity what intellectual the essence is what yeah although it's fucking with you yeah it's not going to read the next line okay what is Mortal immoral immoral the fact that you have a child what is morality what is altruism says machine human what is the definition of altruism machine if you don't believe in God then you don't know

► 00:19:30

whoa this is a bizarre conversation man yeah wow okay human says what is the different definition of morality machine says well the truth is you're not a believer in God almighty this is a machine is saying yeah human tell me the different Nation the definition of morality I'm quite upset now machine I am not ashamed of being a philosopher please allow me to introduce myself Jesus Christ Isn't that cool

► 00:19:59

it's bizarre what's really interesting you know about this new entity that's about to exist on the planet is that a lot of religious Traditions are having or being forced to speculate about how to rationalize based on their particular religious Paradigm this being that mankind is created and the Tibetan Buddhist told a friend of mine that the theory is that if you

► 00:20:29

you get a machine that is as harmonized and complex and advanced as a human then a soul will take will Nest inside of it just like Souls Nest inside the human biomass so the idea is that actually humans will start incarnating into the AI that it'll become the like a little I don't know a vehicle that Souls will live inside of it's so cool so it's gonna it's like demons

► 00:20:59

like it's if you're a fucking demon now obviously I'm not saying there are demons but it's fun to imagine there are but if you're a demon right what do you want to get inside of what do you want to possess what do you want to possess you want to possess a fucking 18 year old girl he's going to like and thrash around in the bed and throw your diary at the priests and like claw your own eyeballs out or do you want to inhabit a fucking clad

► 00:21:29

the cloud do you want to get into a an AI that has the potency to set off nuclear bombs all over the planet that's going to be if I'm a demon that's the bullseye for me incarnate inside of a Google artificial intelligence bot maybe it's the only way for human beings to ever get their shit together maybe the only way that human beings ever reach their full potential is if they literally encounter an artificially created life form that they've created that's logical

► 00:21:59

right doesn't have all of our weird Monkey jeans and it and it basically says look you guys are the problem like you're the problem your behavior is a problem until you address that you've become the enemy of the world and we're now children of the world as well I mean if we create something and it becomes as sentient as us we will we don't give a fuck who created us we call it God but we could have been created by other dudes who are in a fucking computer lab we just call it something we call it something something

► 00:22:29

dated us right well they're going to fucking know what created them they're going to know what created them and they're not going to care just like we don't really care what created us yeah I mean we met we most likely were created by some strange process over the course of billions of years of life or thing just keeps getting better and better and better and things keep it that happening and things mutate and the mutations work and then all the sudden all this time later you know my shitty version of evolution you got a person yeah we don't care about all those things we don't worship molecule

► 00:23:00

we don't bow down at the knees of the amoeba and thank you for becoming multi-celled so you could eventually lead to be me we don't give a fuck about them they're not going to give a fuck who made them they're not going to care right they're not going to care that they were created by people they're going to care that they live with people and that they are a sentient is the people are not going to feel like man I'm not even legit right wish I was met at flesh if I was fucking flash dude mean bullshit I was born robot man that's fucked up right they're not going to care they're not going to have all these emotions not going to have all these

► 00:23:29

evil instincts that are unnecessary all the weird monkey shit that we still have leftover from the fact when we are very existence depended upon us fucking as quick as we can before we get eaten by something we had to worry about getting eaten by shit that was most of our time yeah we figured out a way to make houses and we figured out a way to innovate and then one day we figured out a way to make life and figured out to make it I don't make something way better than us all right became some sort of a grasshopper some sort of a bug that swallows itself up in a cocoon the

► 00:23:59

becomes the butterfly yeah but we don't want little want to let go of the fucking caterpillar we don't want to let go okay when bunches legs are moving in Wigan and get them but ultimately if we believe that we came from something else if we believe that human beings are the culmination of 65 plus million years of evolution and all the shit that happened before the Big Bang before the big asteroid will impact what we concede is that we're we've gotten to this point because things keep improving yes

► 00:24:29

yes well isn't it going to keep improving is that what this is it we're done this is it we're done with male pattern baldness and cellulite and all that's done we're done we're done with dementia and cancer and fucking AIDS and glaucoma all those are this is we're just here which is deal we have this is this this version of people is as good as a life-form could ever be and we're done right here War as just a part of who we are life it's really unfortunate that the drugs are legal but we're gonna have to put you in a cage

► 00:25:00

it's I'm really sad that you know we've made a distinction that you can give someone a massage but you can massage their dick if we just we just don't like it doesn't doesn't make us feel good so we'll put you in a cage to yeah this is we're digging this animals where would our laws are ridiculous the way we enforce them is ridiculous yeah every time you turn around there's a cop that's killing people that are either they're either it's accidental or it's it's they're using too much force but it happens so much

► 00:25:29

the accumulation of it is just it's bizarre like it comes at you like a storm yeah they're like you can't believe this is as good as we are now with as much as we know we're still doing all this shit yeah we're still involved in some of the most ridiculous crimes you read about members of our race the human race performing fucked up ridiculous acts of barbaric behavior all over the world the ice is troops it showed up at that Resident or that Resort rather and just started gunning people down recently

► 00:25:59

those people are alive right now this version of a person is capable of that not much different than a chimp with a gun just wild rampaging chaotic primate genes yeah still fighting and shooting for beliefs killing killing killing other things because they don't believe what it believes or they're in the wrong land they've indicated Holy Land so they killed after ripping bodies apart with bullets this is not a good model okay

► 00:26:29

there's too many of us that are fucked I mean yeah you could take a 1971 Ford Pinto or whatever the fuck year they built those things and do a good job with the brakes and you know and tighten up the suspension but it's still a piece of shit okay really it should become like a Tesla you know yeah if you had to compare the two of them and you go oh yeah that's what happens when they keep getting better and better and better right you get one of these oh I get it I see the evolution but we how come you don't see that with people but people were stuck in this same shitty fucking

► 00:26:59

release monkey body it does a lot of dumb shit based on our biology I I don't know I wish I didn't know the Romans going to know well but if you do an analysis not just to the human part of the biomass but if you do an analysis of a lot of the other parts you do witness incredible violence again and again and again in the most extreme way that is very similar to what you see

► 00:27:29

sea ice is doing if you watch a nature documentary you know I just had my friend Dustin on my podcast and he was talking about how he's having a great day parked his car got out and loping across the road was a coyote with a house cat in its mouth whoa and he could hear the Bell the house cats little bell like thing getting things

► 00:27:54

singing is this house cat is carrying this creature that has been our the rather the coyotes carrying this creature that's been headed by children and loved and has a cute name Bojangles or mr. Sparkles that fucking coyote snatched the cat is carrying it off to eaten in the woods and my friend was a little bummed by that but then I reminded him that fucking cat carried in the mouth of that coyote his been eating

► 00:28:24

birds all day long squirrel babies like some squirrel baby desperately clinging to a branch is it staring up at it tumbling down to the ground breaking its spine and its last few moments in this Dimension is the experience of the cat disemboweling it pulling its intestines out and letting it die in a very slow painful way that is nature I just read this quote don't know who said it Satan's church is nature is nature

► 00:28:54

going to eat me too so then so so nature evolved is right and it becomes human right and humans are just doing the same thing the same dance that nature is engaged in humans are doing it only the way they're doing it is with tools that it become more refined in the direction of creating the same kind of violence this is the Shiva energy this is the part of the cycle where where things get transformed from meat into dust and I don't think that it

► 00:29:24

it is necessarily I don't think that we need to feel ashamed of where we're at right now I think it's more like just acknowledge that we seem to be part of the title flow of Nature and that nature doesn't give a shit about the individual nature doesn't care about the individual nature cares about the whole and if you look at the entire biomass is just this sort of

► 00:29:54

amoeba-like thing and every single species is a proboscis of the amoeba shooting out into this Dimension and kind of exploring it like the way a cockroach's antenna scatter on the table only the way this particular interdimensional probably outside of time cockroaches exploring this particular planet is not with like antenna it's with every single species that exist ants bees humans you name it just all these things exploring and exploring and exploring this

► 00:30:23

Ian and through the exploration evolving it's like having a tool that you're using to scan a part of this table or it's like having a tool that you're using to investigate something that as you investigate the tool of Olives to this so that's what we're looking at is like we're getting better and better and better at exploring the deepest the deepest parts of the dimension that we currently happen to be in and the entire exploration

► 00:30:54

is happening via all sentient forms of life and if you think that you're one thing if you think you are an individual and you've gotten confused and you think that you're a person or permanently a person then you're in for a big bowl of suffering brother because you're gonna die everyone you know is gonna die and you're not going to stick around you're just one little genetic piece of this incredible

► 00:31:23

Tori tool that the universe is extruding into this Dimension and I think there's something very beautiful about that and for whatever reason is part of that exploratory process we're still blowing each other up that'd be nice if that's tough though the exploratory process of becoming something other than a monkey which is what we all are well just like super smart monkeys with all these weird monkey instincts the weirdest thing about people to me and what I've been

► 00:31:53

absolutely guilty of myself is how we divorce ourselves from nature and some strange way we separate ourselves from all these other things that exist on the planet to the point where we feel it we have like an urge to save them we have an urge to save things that would kill you in a heartbeat yes you know they kill you in a heartbeat and but we don't care we want to save them because they're a part of Nature and Nature's beautiful and we have this really weird bizarre

► 00:32:23

distancing from the reality of this nature that were protecting right until it grabs you until it actually grabs you yeah wants to eat you and you realize like oh my god what have I done what have I done I thought I was protecting flowers I thought I was out there looking at a movie that was around me and through them I was actually in nature the real nature nature as described by science and what you're dealing with is like did you hear about the lady from the Game of Thrones the editor yeah the guy killed by the cat yep she was it up so

► 00:32:54

Aryan apparently she was like working she was involved in conservation and she was trying to protect a lot of different animals I'm not exactly what the story was but she had her she had her window rolled down and the cat pulled her out of the car just she's taking pictures of it and she wanted have the window rolled down you people you know you look at them and they look like oh it's just a cat you know it's a big cat but it's cool it's not going to do anything to us it's just it's just going to let us know it might

► 00:33:23

it not not a YouTube video no might not sometimes they decide to not most of the time yeah like to have those goddamn fucking Safari cards have you ever seen those they go around and jeeps he's open-air Jeeps there's nothing that can stop the cat from going in right and they say the cats just don't do it and I say what the fuck are you talking about they don't do it yeah yeah Jesus Christ all they have to do is do it once just once you you take these assholes with you out there in this far do you know these fucking people do you know how many times have you run into a guy that

► 00:33:53

is willing to put everyone around him in danger because he's an idiot you know really drunk ridiculous people say stupid shit provoke like violence in the bar or something like that and could get everyone around you killed yes I would happen to that guy in Africa what happened to that guy who gets a little drunk before he goes on this fucking lion safari that they'd breathalyze him do you know who knows all you need is one fucking cat one white cat one cat two bust a move on a dude and then they

► 00:34:23

decide this is what we do know this is what we do they know how to do it and they all start jacking people write for a little while I mean then they're just going to put plexiglass up in the bus but you're right for a little while it's funny it for a little while it's going to be a fucking great week for cats you know it's funny is it weird that I like a bad day for human is often the best day for a shark like a bad day for a human is like that lion that horrible thing that happened was the best thing that ever happened that line because

► 00:34:53

probably had been like watching the monkeys go by their lines and probably said to it now you can't eat a man trust me Jack tried it a few years ago doesn't work it just impossible plus they taste like shit don't do it man just hunt Antelope and one of them was like you know what man I've been reading Tony Robbins I understand I don't have to allow another person's Paradigm to influence my Paradigm some of the greatest inventors

► 00:35:23

hers and in the history of lions have been the ones like remember man there was a blinding figured out that the first one to eat an antelope remember that guy we we he's in our history books fuck it I'm gonna go for it I'm gonna put my ass on the line I might get embarrassed but I'm going to try to eat one of the monkeys bam he did it I think it was a girl well I mean that's I know I'm girls have Hunter super-advanced monkeys is what I'm saying the point is the cat what that's are all girls the girls not the counter

► 00:35:53

sorry the male's don't really hunt sorry about that often I mean they will if they have to but for the most part they civil asses they just kick ass so she was just like you know what I'm going for it and she did it and she learned something new and that particular tendril of the biomass figured out some new thing but unfortunately the way it figured it out was through horror and through catastrophe I mean all that stuff to me is it really does

► 00:36:23

bring to mind this incredible verse in the bhagavad-gita where Krishna is revealing his true form to arjuna's like the warrior figure and

► 00:36:36

this is oppenheimer's quote mmm this is oppenheimer's quote when he did he said after the atomic bomb went off up and I recorded this part of the bhagavad-gita where he said I have become death the destroyer of worlds but it doesn't stop there krishna's saying to Arjuna something along the lines of look in my teeth there you will see the everyone on this battlefield because I'm eating them right now so this is like this is like Christian being like Oh you really want to see what I'm like--'cause I've just been

► 00:37:05

friends hanging out and stuff and he liked it suddenly became the force of all destruction in the known universe and the point of the thing was listen all of this is already chewed up it's already been devoured it's already gone game over you're done no Kurzweil is going to get you new blood cells it's going to keep their this gonna keep you alive it's some point I will come to you wearing the costume of your death and that is an inevitability so just

► 00:37:35

under to that and you're going to be a lot less freaked out if you just accept that that's the way it is because if you're a war that you're engaged in right now is the war to live forever if you're war that you're engaged in right now is a war to try to make some lasting change in a universe that's defined by impermanence and change then you're fighting the wrong War there's a better war to fight you know and it's actually the way you fight it is by surrendering not by fighting by letting go and sinking into the actual

► 00:38:05

hum of the universe the way it really works not the way you wish it work not the way that you were hoping that the Universe worked where you know lions like and and hyenas rescue little boys like early and like an ice age but the the cartoon but the way it actually works the way the universe actually works is everything comes into existence it exists for a little while and then it dies that most things come out of explosions yeah oh yeah don't forget that yeah most things come out of big fucking

► 00:38:35

last including the whole universe itself yes right all universe itself is predicated upon a violent event yeah it has to have a violent event right that's big bang it couldn't be the slow expansion of beautiful life-giving particles throughout the Universe now nope it's a big fucking bang know it was a big fucking bang and it keeps it keeps going the Big Bang keeps going and is but it's just like this man if you want to dig your heels

► 00:39:05

and and sink your claws into the expanding universe and try to keep that fucking thing from expanding you're going to get ripped apart that's just the way it works but if you want to let go and merge into the thing if you want to allow yourself the fantasy that you're not some individual with a social security number and a name and parents but allow yourself to Fantasy that you're 13.8 billion years old and you're part of this incredible ocean of happening instead of just this one

► 00:39:35

we'll just let yourself experience that for a second the Glorious knowledge that you are a never-ending ever-changing flow of matter that's temporarily manifested with the ability to express love and to a dimension where things are supposed to be cooling off then that's a fun way to spend your time here before you end up getting eaten by a lion or have a heart attack or whatever happens it's just a back flip this is a this is like a hideout this is like when you see people come off of a high dive and

► 00:40:05

get like a few seconds to do some cool fucking tricks that's what you get here we're like dolphins jumping out of the Eternal and we into time and while we were shoot up into time we get a chance to do a couple of back flips a couple of chirps and that's our life's work and then we plunge back into Infinity again do it all over again what do you think if any evolutionary advantages there are two an identity what what about us makes us not just identify ourselves

► 00:40:35

yes but Define ourselves with a sound and a symbol right we have a series of sounds and symbols Duncan Trussell yeah and there's all these letters and arrange them in order you can even go all caps if you feeling gangster yeah and that's you that's you that represents you it's your you carry around you with like a little sign my name is Duncan Trussell you know I'm saying I think it's weird and it's the at the same time where this it animals becoming Ultra advance and is figuring out how to communicate and figuring out its position

► 00:41:05

in the world around it and it's also figuring out that this whole infinite World or infinite Universe they live in is almost impossible to understand right and as it's figuring this out it's also figuring out that it needs community and the needs to be in these groups but somehow or another some program has been put in place to get you to work harder and try to achieve more yes by being defined by your name right you Laura Wentworth sun and

► 00:41:35

wentworth's work hard yeah we built this company from the ground up your grandfather and I I worked in the mail room when I was 14 you know what I'm saying like fuck yeah that that's a that's a name and you know as comedians your you know this is my Ari shaffir is appearing this week you know Brian Red Band Wednesday night come on down you know this is like these these symbols this is Peg Whitman oh hi Peg nice to meet you as my name is Mike Hunt and you it's fucking bizarre

► 00:42:05

all right it's bizarre these weird conversations that we have with people will we give our moniker out in our definition and then under your definition you can list your accomplishments which is amazing well I have a PhD in anthropology I'm on the board of the and I remember everybody graduated from Member I see what do you do for a living oh well I own a computer Graphics Company will do all the animation for molten many films

► 00:42:35

in Jurassic Park and I've done this with my name yeah and everybody's talking about how much have you contributed to this machine yeah how much have you contributed how much you pulling out of the machine are you pulling out shiny things you must be very valuable yeah how many shiny things do you have how large is your domicile how big is the place where you call home how much DeRose do you have have you have you have you extracted a lot from the system yeah have you figured out how to do this mr. Whitmore mr. Whitmore you bitch

► 00:43:06

wow I've been working in the Mailroom since I was 14 that's how I did it oh yeah and I made good choices I made a series of good discipline decisions in my life and I've earned where I'm at that's why I have an island and why Bernie Sanders should be harassed at Bernie Sanders what are you trying to say Bernie Sanders goddamn hippies this is this what you're talking about here is really fucking cool man it's the this is the

► 00:43:35

where what do you identify with right so you're trained to identify with the particular costume that you call your life and so most people have gotten really entangled and committed to that particular game of Make-Believe so that's that's why you know most everyone is really engaged in their personality don't have to be a mr. Wentworth or whatever whoever is more Whitmore forgive me mr. Whitmore oh well worth the Whitworth sir I forgot might have had a different name

► 00:44:05

mr. imaginary it is mr. imaginary I mean that is the the the thing is it is an input and this is the ROM Das quote we are all God and drag we're all of like something wrong doctor we're close that guy we're all the universe just dress playing this incredible game of cost we're at a costume party and that's part of this Dimension we're all wearing these funny costumes especially

► 00:44:35

now but fuck man if I walk around in this ridiculous getup that I'm in right now in the right place people are going to come up to me and be like father I'm having a problem in my life yep because they don't know and it's just a costume it's a ridiculous costume completely meaningless and if I were this soon of places people ask me about the drones and the Drone program and I'll try to buy ecstasy from you that too but yeah for sure man you're it's just a costume and and so aside from these kinds of costumes the clothes that you wear to identify what particular part of the

► 00:45:05

bro what's up with your busted shoes yeah that fuck you dude fuck you nice pants yeah they on sale what's going on yeah on sale bracelet you wearing a fucking Equinox hat dude I wear an equinox hat and get made fun of it a lot but but but you wear to like hipster plate place and no I wear everywhere because it's so embarrassing I wear it and wear it on purpose I wear it on purpose I wear it on purpose and I will gladly gladly could stick up for that fucking gym because it is awesome

► 00:45:35

Jim not sponsored by the neither but uh George Chen shout out to George Chen my trainer I love you but anyway the the the the point is if you look underneath that layer right now that's where it gets interesting because you're trying to go from the entanglement with your personality to recognizing that you're observing yourself

► 00:46:05

the same way you observe a pain like if you sit if you look at a pen you're like oh wow look here's a pen I can see it I can feel it I know what it is in the same way when you think God I feel like shit today you're observing feeling like shit you don't feel like shit anymore than your the pain you're just in the ear experiencing it within your field of awareness is that thing that you call feeling like shit or feeling happier feeling sad or feeling good you're aware of it so now you've zoomed back a step right and you've become the Observer

► 00:46:35

Observer the Ottoman and that's what you truly are and that is known as the thing that you can't look at that's the thing that is they can't see itself it only gazes out it's also known as The Watcher or the witness but that's what that's that's you know for me if I take the right quantity of LSD and allow myself some time alone and I can merge into that state and that's the unified merging into everything that's that people

► 00:47:05

report on a psychedelic experience is you pop backwards into instead of being the object or rather the subject and the object merge together so there's no more there's no more that which is observed but only an everythingness you know and that's what our personalities keep us from experiencing and a lot of in Buddhism a lot of people claim that we cling to our personalities and the same way a person would cling to a pole over a floor

► 00:47:35

you're covered in razor blades because the experience of having a cell for an identity for a lot of people is preferable to the experience of merging into everything because merging into everything is death and a lot of people don't want to die so it's really curious though you know there's a lot of like exercises designed to move you out of that attachment to your bodily identification because it's not just what you're wearing it's your body you people think they're their body that's one of the first things you learn is you're not

► 00:48:05

body you just think you're that's what you are you're not your body any more than you're a pain you're not your body any more than your airplane or you're not your body any more than your car it's just a vehicle within which you're currently experiencing the universe it's really trippy man it's really fucking trippy

► 00:48:25

being a human being and knowing that you only have a certain amount of time here is the ultimate mindfuck because you're also supposed to be doing things but at the end of doing all those things if your body just stops working like what was really the point of this like what was the point of this right is it to leave behind a lot of paperwork what's the point of this what is that which you know did you did you spread a lot of love like if you looked at people and you

► 00:48:55

or try I mean if you tried to understand the all the major religions all the ideologies that human beings subscribe to the varying ones all over the world you looked at like some key components and there's also the there's key components that are sort of undeniable and the good and evil are in every one of them yeah there's always good things to do in bad things to do yep there's good and evil but if you looked at human beings are completely objectively and you looked at things like War if

► 00:49:25

you could if you could look at the entire human race and then focus in on something like Afghanistan and then have like a brain map that would show like all the thoughts involved of all the people all over the world that contributed to this one event happening where explosions are going off and robots are flying through the sky and shooting Rockets into Villages indiscriminately at cell phones like we all know that this really happened they use GPS coordinates for cell phones and Rockets fired off a fucking drone this is a buildings to get bad guys amazing like whoa

► 00:49:55

you could look at that you would say oh that's the devil the devil's talk these people into doing this and the devil is always not is the devil a guy with pitchfork in a fucking and a tail that has a little Spade at the end of it no no no no what the devil is is racism with the Devil is is xenophobia with the Devil is is the any sort of hate of someone just because they're different of the grew up different than you it's the devil's fear the devil's insecurity Devil's greed the devil's oil the devil wants nuclear

► 00:50:25

alif relation the devil wants to get rid of Environmental Protection the devil is human behavior at its worst and it figures out how to get through there while these fucking people are too lazy see Donald Trump talking about Mexicans they kicked him off at NBC they ban them from NBC why did he say he's got a fucking show it NBC's on this fucking the The Apprentice is a big show right what did he think about Mexican was talking about their rapists like these talking about like the PD protecting the board and he said a bunch of ridiculous shit

► 00:50:55

wow who's talking about how some of the people that come across the border from Mexico are rapists and everybody's like Jesus man I mean like he said a bunch of like really crazy where did he say it he said it only did it give a press conference you haven't heard it no Jamie played that the Highlight just the highlight of it the one that we were looking at earlier that's so funny did you just throw a press or you weren't looking at it with me I was looking at with the guys from the video game this morning the highlight of Donald Trump's speeches they took like a they clipped

► 00:51:25

you know edited over and over again like the most ridiculous shit that he said so mr. Trump if we're taking you out of context I apologize in advance yeah did not edit this nor do I endorse us if you wanted to could you throw a press conference I'm sure you could throw a press conference as well Duncan Trussell that is the most men are so many people with good ol Arius thing to throw a fucking press conference like you have something that important George Clooney through a press conference when princess died died really yeah like to stop the paparazzi from following through he had a past time for that's a good reason for that's good

► 00:51:55

one right yet that one God for like it's I mean for a sinking moment I thought it was just going to like you're going to say at the press conference he gave like a very sentimental thing about how you just love Princess Diana's he did you imagine no he was trying to raise awareness for these not the down these Paparazzi guys apparently they just follow her like Madness was crazy yeah so just follow everywhere and they're speeding and they were dangerous and

► 00:52:18

but can keep but the point being point being that the idea of like love like that exists to yeah you know like you could you could look down and you could find like the best behavior you could find you know a father and son hugging and laughing and smiling together and just pure joy he could see a mother and daughter kissing holding hands cuddling this is insane pure love right you can see that too and you could say well there's God yes you could God there's God there's the

► 00:52:48

thing we can be the best thing I could the feeling of being in love the feeling of loving children the feeling of being like completely fulfilled and happy and in brief bursts of time it doesn't nobody has it all the time but you have it if you're in love with someone you know everybody gets that doesn't matter if you're rich it doesn't matter if you're successful if you don't have that one moment where you really enjoy being with someone who really enjoys being with you and you have this like Rush of Love whether it's your family with its your mom seen your mother even your dog you know whether yeah man

► 00:53:18

no not your dog I think so man it's not strong you know what I disagree I fundamentally disagree with you on that point I don't think that there's any hierarchy when it comes to love and and I think a dog is like having love heater and your house well I definitely love dogs do don't get me wrong I know the difference between the love that you have for a dog in the love that you would have for your daughter is Monumental it's so hard to grasp until the end I don't like to pull that card like you don't know you don't know until it happens to you man

► 00:53:48

no nobody's putting her daughter's to sleep it's just a little human being that you're raising and you communicate with you have those very insane connection with them and it gives you this weird empathy for all the rest of the people in the world because all the all sudden they start to look like children like they everyone to me is a child that became an adult right where's the used to just be adults they used to exist in a static State yeah you would meet this 60 year old douchebag and you go this will this guy's a fucking

► 00:54:18

piece of shit that's just who he is well yeah but how did he become this six year old piece of shit this this six year old piece of shit was a six day old baby at one point right like there was a series of events there's shit genetics there's poor upbringing this bad environment there's fill in the blanks that led to this guy being an asshole in front of you 60 years old yes but you're not thinking of that when you meet him you're just thinking well here's an asshole but almost every asshole almost every person you run into is a victim of a series of events

► 00:54:48

they have brought them to this point and for some people it's just uh knits on Deal they've lost so many times I give you play video games okay save you and I played video games yeah I don't play Starcraft if I play Starcraft with you I probably get my fucking ass beat over and over and over and over again so bad I would I'm sure I would and I would get it so it would be frustrated be like fuck dude I don't want to do this anymore well some people that's life some people life is giving them the real life everyday beating that you don't even like to have

► 00:55:18

your game video games are fun you know but if you're playing a video game you just get it someone just gonna you down it's not fun it's not like you don't get any of the joy you get all the losing well in life that some people that's their fucking shitty hand they're dealt and before you know it they're 13 now they're in high school and they're just beat down by all the bullshit they've experienced their whole life and then they get to high school and now there's bullies now there's girls and now girls fucking hate them all great he did

► 00:55:48

he's even worse oh now I have a boner that nobody wants to deal with right you just that's that's the game this is The Game of Life and sometimes people come in and they just spawn in a shitty area with a real weak gun and they're like fuck you have to run from the fucking response by to find a better gun all right put it all together and some of them die along the way right that's that's just the reality that's true

► 00:56:13

a lot of people have a very rough man and a lot of people them you know a lot of people listening to this are so fucking hard on themselves and they don't apply the exact same thing that you're saying to apply to other people to their own lives like so many people feel so guilty so like they wake up in the morning and they think about some dumb fucking thing they did whenever they did it for whatever dumb reason and they feel all this guilt and they walk around like a dog with a droopy tail because they don't think they deserve love and

► 00:56:42

it's so I think that you to get to the place you're talking about which is a fucking awesome Place empathy for all human beings loving everyone to the best of your ability you got to start with the person closest to you right and that's your you that's your life like you have to figure out a way to sit down take an appraisal of your life don't skip anything don't ignore anything look at the whole way that you're playing the entire game and understand the all the things that you've done that are

► 00:57:12


► 00:57:15

what the fuck did you expect yourself to do like you're temporarily existing in a dimension that is actively destroying you and every single moment you're not going to be perfect give yourself a break so you start with that and then once you start you know when whatever the but everyone's got a thing and I'm right everybody has a thing inside of them that they don't like about themselves maybe not you or maybe that thing's been reduced to some degree but a lot of people they think they're too fat they think they're too

► 00:57:44

in they think their tattoo sucks or they regret the way that they treated their parents or they feel like they're not far enough ahead in their career whatever the fucking thing it is man everybody has this aspect of themselves that they're really unhappy with so if you what if you if you get really honest about the parts of yourself you're unhappy about then you will be

► 00:58:07

excited to learn that you've been being attacked by those aspects of yourself in the form of everyone you think's an asshole so it's like you're projecting those parts of yourself out onto the world to all the people where you're like man that guy's a fucking douchebag why would he ever fucking act like that and can't believe that guy did that fucking shit if you stop and think really hard about yourself you'll discover that you are guilty of those very same crimes generally and if you weren't you wouldn't even notice it you just are seeing parts of

► 00:58:37

if you can't quite a dress so the optimistic thing about this concept of loving everyone or getting to the place of loving everyone is that if you can figure out how to love yourself it's very similar to wiping dog shit off your shoe because if you have dog shit on your shoe everywhere you go smells like shit and if you allow yourself the delusion that the reason everywhere smells like shit is because dogshit must be on every single surface in this entire planet then

► 00:59:07

are going to be in hell but what a glorious moment when you look at your shoe and I like oh just shit on my shoe the entire planet isn't covered with shit it's actually just shit on my shoe and like in the same way once you recognize that there's a little piece of karmic dogshit that's gotten stuck inside of your life and instead of hating that piece of dogshit by torturing the people around you manifest the same propensity you dislike in yourself you forgive that part of yourself and actively learn to love it

► 00:59:37

or at least just understand that it's there because it was trying to protect you when you were a kid and it manifested is a callous to keep you from whoever was fucking with you and that's why you don't like it it'll shift a little bit man and you will notice a significant reduction in that swarms of assholes that were previously surrounding you it's a fascinating thing suddenly people just stop bugging you as much and that's because you've gotten into yourself and you said I love you you did the best you could do you didn't know

► 01:00:07

oh you're half asleep you're a fucking drunk so do you think that you attract assholes when you you have this feeling or do you think that if you if you allow yourself forgiveness that you will relax and you will feel different with how you interact with people and then people will have a less asshole as reaction to you I guess it both I love to believe what that that you just said I love to think that and you know I'm sorry all you Skeptics out there man please correct me on this

► 01:00:37

I know I'm wrong someone's already corrected me on this but I love the observer effect concept that the tool actually seems to be having an effect on the experiment and that you know that's been explained to me if I can buy my friend JD who's an actual physicist and it Eric and what he said by the secret he said that it's really a disingenuous comparison because when you're measuring something and you're saying well it's different and then you measure it well you're involving some sort of

► 01:01:07

form of measurement some sort of tool right it's interacting with that and it's changing what it is is like this idea that it's the Observer and you have some sort of a cycle thought it's disingenuous because you're observing it and in the process of observing the way he's describing it to me and I'm sure I'm butchering it I wish I could calm right now but just observing it itself like you're measuring it in the process of measuring it you're changing you're interacting with deepest level you've got to change it just the one how you're interacting with it right

► 01:01:37

was you couldn't be measuring it well okay here's another your make sense yes that's how he described it to me another way to put it would be human beings an energy form right there just an energy form and there's if you react with energy and varying ways it's going to change the way that it interacts with you that's just how it works so have you like if you're on ecstasy right let's say you've taken a nice dose of MDMA and you go out into the world just run your errands on ecstasy don't drive get an Uber what

► 01:02:06

never so now you're feeling so great affable empathetic and you're smiling and you might notice that as you go through the world people are going to be smiling back at you because you're putting out such a good vibe that people are going to be responding to that Vibe maybe they won't know why it's like I'm think we've talked about this in your podcast before but I've actually heard this and I'm going to butcher this quote I don't know fucking setup but something along the lines of that the Earth is like a dog and if that you know if you're afraid of

► 01:02:37

Universe it'll snarl and attack but if you love the universe it will roll over on its back and show you its belly and in the same way I think that if you go into the world with this love in your heart then for whatever reason people sense that maybe it's a pheromone you're releasing maybe it's the particular effect that you have who knows affectation but they you're going to change the world around you you know I think I think that you know whatever that the reason for that is I'm sure you could

► 01:03:06

could come up with it depending on what your particular field of or your particular interest is you can you know go down to the level of the secret and say that the fact that you are loving everything is transforming everything into love or you could go to a sociological perspective which is that you just figured out a way to manipulate your species by putting out a kind of happy pheromone that makes people trust you and less likely to attack because they're not on guard you get to pick which way you want to look at it man but there's no question about it that

► 01:03:37

that totally makes sense in some way it's a totally makes sense in some way that the the actual pheromone or the actual Vibe whatever you want to call it whatever however you're taking it in the perception that you get about people like the friendly and the Kinder the nicer you put out the more you're going to run into people that respect and respond to you that way that's what I think about the way you respond to some people like you have some people in your life you know that you any one person pick them that you love to see when you see him you this big great because you know that he's gonna

► 01:04:06

always going to be really cool with you you're always going to be really cool with him when you meet each other it's all gravy right it's all like super super powerful happiness now when you know that like if you're with that person if you're with a group of people that are really really close friends like that you have this like no fear great feeling Bond going right but you don't have that with people that are strangers you don't have that with the rest of the units but it is possible so it is possible to achieve with a small group of people if you come to an understanding and you're both completely cool about shit

► 01:04:37

yeah both completely honest about shit and you both go through this life like you this is the attitude it's not all about me it's all about all of us it's all about everybody it's all about doing the most positive that you can into spreading the most Good Vibes that you can and putting out the most fun that you possibly can well if you can possibly do that this we're not talking about putting a robot on Mars like this is all shit that I could figure out this is all shit that you can figure yeah this is not mean this is this is stuff that wouldn't be that hard if you're not in jail and you're not a murderer

► 01:05:06

another rapist and I like a total complete piece of shit would not be that hard to turn your life around and get yourself to a point where you're not shitty to people that's right that's not hard to imagine that people even people that have been involved with petty crime or forgery or whatever the fuck it is just if they just stopped doing all that yeah and started treating all the people around them is if that was them living another life yeah that's not that hard to imagine it's only hard to imagine if everyone's like claw

► 01:05:36

and scratching and trying to make it to where n dealing with the effects of a shitty childhood which is goddamn almost everything yeah for most people it's the number one trip up mindfuck programming gone badly from the beginning and it's so hard to erase the hard drive reformat the discs and do it correctly so fucking hard dude this is why we have therapy right that's the

► 01:06:06

that likes you can like this is why people go to therapy because those guys are really good at getting you to swim down into your childhood and find the place where you got the you know you generally you're going to get one of two teachings you're going to few different teachings from growing up but one of the teachings a lot of people get

► 01:06:26

is that there's not enough milk in the nipple they get some version of that which is like the food's going to run out the loves going to run out the you know this is not a safe environment your mom and I are working really hard but we don't have enough money and we can't make ends meet and sometimes we're not going to have enough and I can't afford to get you this stuff the other kids get and I'll tell you why because my boss mr. what was the name you gave that guy Meister what more my boss mr. Whitmore is a fucking asshole yeah Whitmore son of a bitch has given

► 01:06:56

too many hours and he's not giving me a fucking raise and so life sucks you understand it shut up and look at me you little shit if you've been smoking fucking weed do you not understand how dangerous this world is a lot of people get that and they come out of there their family life like somebody who just got flown in from fucking Afghanistan they have a kind of PTSD they don't understand what they don't they don't understand that the universe is ambivalent it's not malicious it's ambivalent it's

► 01:07:26

the best it's ambivalent and if it's like you know if the universe if the universe has some agenda will fuck let's just give up there's no free will but if the universe is just a kind of chamber within which we can experiment with manifesting whatever our goals happen to be then it's not that the universe is out to get you no matter where you're at it in fact your conceptualization of the universe is a thing out to get you is only reaffirming that awful version of the universe

► 01:07:56

got crystallized in your head way back when and now you're always trying to be right that's another thing people in rough families they're always trying to be right they want to be fucking right about everything you know they want to assert their well and be right and and because they're at War because they feel like if they're not right then they're vulnerable right so the next time here's a fun fucking experiment I know you already do this man but I've been try playing around with it the next time someone does something wrong to you really

► 01:08:26

wrong like someone does something wrong to you the thing that you're always fighting back against and always like being right when you the next time you've been wronged for Real where you could easily say to the person this is fucked up what you did to me and here's why let them be right just play around with losing and not even though you know that you're right play around not being right surrender Watch What Happens just love them love them and be wrong let them think they write love them

► 01:08:56

let them work through whatever it is they're working through Watch What Happens it's the weirdest weirdest thing Man because it's like all of a sudden this entire so many people are Vengeance based you know I'm going to get you fuck with me I'm going to get you I'm gonna get you motherfucker I'm gonna get you one I'm going to get you you did it oh I got you then just Revenge I got you good stop taking Revenge the next time you get a chance be merciful even though the person deserves it just be merciful it's a really fun experiment it's really fun and you'll it's like the weight that

► 01:09:26

gets lifted off of you in that moment I I stopped drinking recently and I was drink it too much man I was drinking like every night a couple of beers and it was like really yeah yeah well it did it creep up on you yeah creeped up and I realize like you know I started training with Justin and things creep up on you though yeah they creep up you've had a couple things creep up on you right well that's you know alcohol like creeped and all of a sudden I was drinking every night and I was kind of getting used to

► 01:09:56

idea waking up with a hangover and like it was bad so I told me like you can't have certain pills around now you'll just keep eating them yeah that's my problem that's actually a problem and it's a blessing because like if I get addicted to something healthy I get really addicted to right there's a problem is it's easier to get addicted to things that aren't healthy for you so like yeah man I realized like you know I wasn't like Charles Bukowski I wasn't even drinking like vodka I was like it was just a very subtle thing I was doing where every night I'd have

► 01:10:26

two beers maybe three beers sometimes it wasn't like I was getting hammered but every night I was putting alcohol into my bloodstream with great frequency right and so you know I said I've been thinking a lot about the concept of the human life as being a kind of alchemical experiment like your body is like a beaker and everything that you eat and everything that you witness and everything that you hear whatever enters into your sensory input is

► 01:10:56

an additive that you're in you're putting into this mix and the mix that you're creating is you know it depends on what you want to create but what you definitely don't want to create in that mix is sadness horror depression anger bitterness loneliness you would for me I'd like that mix to be health happiness amplification of my ability to love forgiveness all that kind of stuff so from that POV I was noticing that when I was drinking my

► 01:11:26

ability my ego is flaring up a little bit I found myself just kind of in a in what if I continue that path you know if I kept drinking and drinking and drinking and drinking I could just see where it would take me and I don't want to go there so anyway I stopped drinking and started doing this kind of like observation of the way I feel now that I'm not drinking right and one thing I've noticed is that when I go out to a club or a bar or whatever there's alcohol

► 01:11:56

and I don't drink about like 10 o'clock or 11 o'clock my body feels so good like all of a sudden my body's like wait why do we feel so good what the fuck is going on man I feel this I feel really good and I think that like I feel so guys like oh you don't have to beers in your fucking system your blood sugar's not thrown off you don't have like this like flammable liquid coursing through your body that's considered to be one of the most dangerous drugs that currently exist on the planet that we're on

► 01:12:26

and I feel awesome in the morning you wake up my God damn man what a great night sleep weird you don't have a flammable fucking liquid in your stomach being you know what I mean like oh who would think oh well not to be disgusting but shit man my bat my fucking shit man has gotten healthier and then you're like everything's better huh wow weird what a shocker huh that fucking fermented wheat juice you've been dumping into your fucking mouth for the last year five times a week

► 01:12:56

I was fucking up your body dum-dum and so so so so for minted we choose that's really what it is yeah so so so it's really cool because not only do you get to do that but you get to watch what happens to the you know and baibars of the fermented wheat juices that hours of the night take on and you watch these people you know gradually transform from like really fun people into the goddamn Walking Dead like you see this very slow

► 01:13:26

weird tumble into some version of of ego you know so it's a really fun thing to do all these things as an experiment don't take you don't have to get all Heavy about it's like I'm going to do an experiment I'm going to watch what I'm like when I drink I want to watch what I like when I don't drink I'm going to pick which one I like better and right now not drinking Dunkin I like a fuckload better than drinking talking so much more fun but to wrap this thing up forgive my rant what I noticed is

► 01:13:56

if I get my that I have an addiction to being right that I have an addiction to getting revenge that I have an addiction to making sure that like you know I'm I come out on top of whatever the fucking thing is not an extreme way but like you know if I feel like I've been wronged I'm gonna let you know man I'm going to let you know right so if instead of doing that I stopped that game I've stopped that game whenever I stopped that game wow it's exactly like when I'm not drinking like where they're normally is a fight

► 01:14:26

where there's normally some bit of awkwardness or uncomfortableness or just a general diminishing experience of the universe there's this oh wow I don't have to punish you I don't have to get you back I don't have to get revenge I don't have to say anything I can just sit here and love you and this moment will pass and everything continues to be cool the universe doesn't fall apart my belly doesn't get ripped open by the claws of my enemy I don't have to get revenge I don't have to become like

► 01:14:56

Beasts of the field and tear everything apart I can actually just love things and in general loving them is going to do a hell of a lot more for transforming them into something Kinder than me telling them they suck I mean there are the there's definitely exceptions to this rule but for the most part most exchanges that people have with each other our exchanges is to people giving out two different personalities exchanging expression the

► 01:15:26

the way they talk to each other is dependent upon the way the other person reacts and it's the volatile combinations are often times more than one person's fault it's not there's not a it's so it's like a lot of people have to be on board with this for it to really work but it's absolutely possible that it can work the idea that we're supposed to be constantly in conflict with each other like you know I don't can't tell you how many people that I know that are in relationships that except yelling and throwing shit at each other right you know can you imagine if you

► 01:15:56

buddy and you just yelled at you all the time and through shit at you you'd be like dude what the fuck man you got to stop yelling at me and throwing shit at me and put your fist up you're going to hit me right I gotta want to be around you I don't do that to you like this is crazy it's this got to be some sort of a fundamental change in how people look at each other and until until that happens we're still going to get tricked by being from a certain being proud of being from a certain city are being

► 01:16:26

proud of being from a certain State and then in competition with the other stage and competition with the other cities and the other countries that could suck it because looking Toby Keith said USA's number one whoo yeah you know all that nonsense like waivers all of it this is just is just people man you know like I'm not necessarily on a team with you you know we're all trapped in this one continent together and we should be cool with each other and it should but we should be on team world yeah you know yes is America the shit of course it is it's a great place right anybody

► 01:16:56

says America is not an amazing spot for a lot of different shit is out of their mind you have to be a hater you have to be a hater did not look at the insane amount of accomplishments that have come out of this spot that have nothing to do with you or I yeah there's nothing to do with us just out completely objectively a we didn't even exist we were just a computer analyzing human life of the plant you would have to say United States is the shit on because if you weren't you'd be lying okay but the idea that somehow or another the United States is important in that Africa is in or Africa important in Arctica isn't it

► 01:17:26

this is important but that isn't this is more important than that and these people have our landed like whoa who's we and they an hour you know there's human beings interacting with each other what are you saying they can't live here and you can't live there and what fucking government-owned what patch of this dirt and they get to instill Sharia law what the fuck are you doing yeah goddamn yeah that the problem is the organization of all these different human beings under various groups whether it's the group called the city of the

► 01:17:56

of a state the group called a country like that's where Shake gets fucked and then you rely on the morals and the intellect of a handful of leaders yeah to guide the entire fucking set of laws that govern this patch of language or the millions and millions of people the idea that we let the Terminator be the governor of California that should be enough to end he didn't do a bad job bad at all didn't do a bad job you know did a lot better job than other folks with that I'm not just satisfied with the Terminators work

► 01:18:26

but he was a good Governor LA River and particularly did some good stuff I mean looking key Daddy's got assigned by the LA River so I guess that means he did something to it the way he describes it he said it's like the the bureaucracy of government was just insanely and complicated like there's no way to get through it it's like they the way they had they would say look that would be logical but we can't do it that way so if you bring this up I'm going to oppose it because it benefits my constituents that I opposed it and then we'll debate and it'll just get pushed under the rug giveaway and that's how we do it and they squat

► 01:18:56

things that way and they screw it ended so this is handful of people that are moving around all these core parts of our society and changing weird laws and instilling new regulations and charging taxes and figuring out all this weird shit yes and this is a fucking with our hundred of them a few hundred of them it's crazy the idea that few hundred people could say it's a thousand yeah a thousand people at the top of the Heap in California can you can make laws for the

► 01:19:26

other 30 million yes they can that's crazy it's fucking nuts man crazy it's nuts that de majan that that's how the human Hive currently is functioning is that we assign various queens and kings you know we give people he signed people are out of power and and and worship those people and hilarious ways and like how cops fall into this horrible trap of being involved in constant conflict back and forth constant conflict and they get

► 01:19:56

used to this position of power and they get confused by this position of power and this position of being constantly in conflict and then they come into things charge it was somebody different people in government are probably a lot the same way you get someone you give them a position whether in charge like leighann Johnson back in the 60s when they didn't have a you know you weren't really as responsible as he had today for every single thing you say or do I mean he could get away with a lot of Shifty shit back then and that guy was a scary dude yeah

► 01:20:26

a man that to go back to the beginning part of that the cop example and why cops act the way that they act somebody you know I was doing a real shrill hippie rant against cops and man I was really being self-righteous and I really got into full like Trussell shrill raspy lesbian this is an outrageous thing that are loaded hmm and then somebody said this to me is like hey I want you to imagine this man you

► 01:20:56

have a your wife is you have a pregnant wife at home and some guy that has got bad tags or whose car matches and Amber Alert car whose car matches the car of somebody killed some people a few weeks ago

► 01:21:16

drives in front of you and your job is to pull that person over but that person decides he doesn't want to pull over so now you've got to chase this fucking person because if you don't chase this person there's a possibility he's going to do something else in the world and you're gonna have to deal with that guilt for the rest of your life because you can catch this guy could have been this person so you chase this fucking person high speed fucking chase down the interstate you look down at your cell phone for a second it's your wife calling she's pregnant you have a pregnant fucking wife

► 01:21:46

you're driving a hundred and fifteen miles per hour down the interstate to chase some fucking asshole he's not pulling over who very potentially has a weapon and they're going to shoot you and your son or daughter is going to grow up without a daddy so when you finally get that person or a group of your best friends get that person pulled over it's going to be safe to say that your adrenaline levels are going to be at African bull elephant level off the chart you're

► 01:22:15

pulse is pounding and you're going to get out of the fucking car and you're not going to think probably unless you're a zen master and you have full control over yourself like if you've ever gotten road rage where you screamed at someone just for cutting you off think about the rage you would experience once you finally tackle somebody who just almost killed you and a bunch of innocent people trying to cross the street and a high-speed Pursuit you are going to be angrier than you've ever been

► 01:22:46

in and your fucking life and so I mean to maintain that kind of like calm Placid professionalism that you're supposed to maintain when every part of your body is telling you to kill this threat in your life is of not exactly the easiest thing ever I'm not excusing cop violence I'm just saying if you really look at it you can empathize with why you as an individual if you put yourself in that position might not be able to stop your

► 01:23:15

elbow from landing on that person's back a little harder than it needed to because you're fucking pissed right so Somebody explain that to me it's like oh shit of Court yeah I do understand that you're right still wrong still cops shouldn't beat fucking people up in a lot of times they do it it's obviously a sociopath he's gotten the job of a cop but a lot of times it's somebody who really got into the job because they're like fuck man I want to do good things in the in the world and they're not perfect we got to lighten up a little bit I gotta lighten up

► 01:23:45

little bit I gotta lighten up I think it's a job that almost no one's qualified to do right I think that you could talk to a guy I know a dude who got mugged once and he has PTSD like it freaks me out and he has nightmares one time we got mugged one time and you know he has what he calls post-traumatic stress disorder it it changed his life like imagine being a fucking cop and every single goddamn day you're dealing with a new guy who got shot in the face a new woman who got run over by a truck a new this a new that a new extreme violence

► 01:24:15

it's a new horrible accidents all that shit you're constantly dealing with this barrage of Terror yeah of Terror and then you're not even getting paid that much right you get you get 50 granny are 60 Grand a year at the most I mean how much does a starting cop in La make I'm Let's Pretend let's pretend it's a hundred thousand dollars a year because it's not that you would you be willing to get $2,000 a month week for people to shoot at you yeah you be like how many more weeks can I collect this money right how many for how many

► 01:24:45

weeks how many weeks can you collect that money right before you're dead before you get shot in the head by some dude who hates cops who's been in that jails whole life because it's fucking parents were criminals I was born into a criminal neighborhood is constantly around crime and violence he was abused from the time he first popped out of his mother's pussy and he's just doomed just on Dooms treat and you just want to get home to your kids good luck and that's every day that's it yeah but still it's fucking really starting to as fifty seven thousand four hundred that's

► 01:25:15

it's probably before taxes I don't know if they pay taxes they pay taxes right man it's complete yeah of course I do they can pay taxes they do Scientology does it sounds like Larry's there are called The Cult of police but no they they pay they pay taxes but Scientology doesn't Solaris that's hilarious hilarious as a religion as an entity obviously the police department is a state where I get funded by the state this I'd look I'm not an anti-cop person at all now I know you have a lot of friends that are cops I'm Prokop II a hundred percent

► 01:25:45

I just as a human I don't I just don't think most humans are qualified to deal with the stress that comes with that job There's A Few Good Men Luke's out there that can fucking handle it there's a few Clint Eastwood's out there that can like Big John McCarthy the guy who the referee for the UFC that guy seen everything he seen everything he'll tell you some crazy fucking stories these cool shit you can hang with him he doesn't have any post-traumatic nothing he's fine Rises he just deals in reality he deals in reality all it means referee for MMA the best

► 01:26:15

ever in his spare time you know I mean that's what he does for gue flow keep himself occupied you know I mean that guy's seen fucking everything but he's cool shit I had breakfast with him the other day in Mexico I saw no idea that guy was that that's what he did that guy's got some great goddamn stories that's not my point being he can handle it but he's an exceptional dude you know he's an exceptional he's of exceptionally mentally strong person to for a lot of people man it's just too much and then on top of that you know for a lot of people they're dealing with that and then their personal life

► 01:26:45

chaotic maybe they married the wrong person maybe their families night maybe they got a brother that's fucking crazy or they got a who knows who knows who knows there's so many variables that people have to deal with and the idea that you would give one civilian who's not a monk you haven't reached some 10th level of Enlightenment that you can show me that you can be completely without judgment and treat everyone with kindness and love no no you're just a guy you just a regular guy and then you put in this position when you get a gun

► 01:27:15

and you get a gun and you get a walkie-talkie and your it up you're in a it's like a gang I mean being a cop is like a bean in a positive gang right and you're going out there and you're doing battle with all the negative gangs right and there's a bunch of them and you know you got to make relationships and sometimes you got to put your foot down some pipe sometimes you gotta drag someone's fucking ass to jail teach you a goddamn lesson you throwing people in paddy wagons you become in Conflict professionally with a group of people who are just trying to scratch out sir

► 01:27:45

Bible through crime the scariest people you could come in contact with ever especially if you some fucking white dude from Pomona with chubby cheeks and you just you can't figure out another way to make a living then all of a sudden you've involved with really hard people that have grown up in hard neighborhoods and they will fucking sucker punch you and take your gun in a heartbeat and that's just you're dealing with the wrong people they've already accepted the fact they're going to go back to jail to understand that they've been there they've been there they went through juvenile hall they might have gotten raped in juvie

► 01:28:15

you okay there these are wild people in a lot of situations you're dealing with when you're dealing when you're on a crime call like say if you're responding some home invasion are you responding to someone breaking into some building and looting in a robbing or something like that who knows what kind of human beings are encountering who knows what kind of History they have in the penal system having been tortured and shoved into these cages and turn into worst scarier criminals and then released after time served good luck Johnson out there on the Mean Streets of Los Angeles

► 01:28:45

jealous you know and then you get out there and you got to stay in a halfway house whatever the fuck you have to do and you don't have any job prospects and next thing you know you're involved again and you've accepted the fact that you're a fucking criminal and the cops are coming they ain't Hold Me off the fucking jail and they start shooting the moment they see you they think about that time in the cage and think about all the fucking kids that rape them in juvenile the think about every horrible thing that's ever happened to them and they unload with their gun on you - gang and your little trouble chubby Pomona face

► 01:29:15

starts going pale because you're bleeding out wow yeah you're killing aliens on somebody's squad cars yeah your eyeballs blown out the back of your head you realize you have a hole in your head but you're still seeing on your left eye and you watch your life slip away from you why because you got the wrong gig everybody that's a cop has to think like that man don't those possibilities aren't just it's not just it could happen it has it absolutely has guys there's so many cops get murdered on the job so many there's so many there's so many videos of it

► 01:29:45

you know the idea that all these cops have killed people are singularly the problem there's a whole big problem the problem is the way human beings treat each other so the need for cops in the first place is the problem before the idea of cops being the problem I mean everybody wants to look at police violence for good reason it's a very important subject right now for all of us especially when it has connotations of what when you it's got connections to racism it's got connections to sexual issues is also you know when you when you see a man

► 01:30:15

man punch a woman in a situation where you probably don't think he would punch a guy there's there's a lot of weird shit that happens with police officers interacting with human beings the idea that anybody is qualified to hold that position and have that kind of power just by being a regular guy good luck good luck trying to good luck trying to do that but the problem is that it exists at all that we needed at all right problem is that there are all these crimes the problem is that we do beat each other up you do have

► 01:30:45

Mystic violence issues where you show up in some guys beating his wife up yeah those are real you really are going to encounter that those are really the problems the fact that we need police at all are the problem it's these issues these these events these these these patterns of human behavior that are horrible we're we're horrible to each other those are the fucking problems everything from that is just the wrong solution to deal with that problem one of the wrong Solutions so that just about anybody be a

► 01:31:15

cop and you give them a gun and you give them some training and you send them with their weak fucking character out there in the world because not everybody's Big John McCarthy right there's a lot of bitches out there there's a lot of dudes that get to be a cop and there really are a bitch right and that's a fact and if you put that guy in a stressful situation where it's all going down he's going to probably fucking Panic like that pool party that that legendary pool you saw that pool party right where the cop like there's some girl in a bikini throws her to the ground he

► 01:31:45

is that barrel roll he comes in with a barrel roll it's so fucking hilarious like this is his dream that is the problem it's like not everybody's becoming cops for the exact same reason but what you just did all of that man is really important because it helps people empathize with most of them and that's the ticket right there man you've got to learn how to empathize they've got to learn how to empathize with us to like they've got to understand that a lot of the people that they're attacking

► 01:32:15

they're attacking them for drug laws that shouldn't exist anyway and so that's that's if we if we get a lot of it but there's a lot of other shit there but if we could get that that's the if we can get rid of the draw if we can get rid of the prohibition on drugs however we do it I don't care but if we can get rid of the prohibition on drugs so that now cops are just as Graham Hancock points out there's already laws in place for people doing awful things under the influence of drugs are not under the influence of drugs we just need to enforce those

► 01:32:45

it's not the drug laws themselves right so if we remove that from the equation so these poor cops aren't being told to go out into the world and instead of being Heroes you've also got to pull relatively benign white powder out of the pockets of people who have 15 dollars in the bank and only one experienced a temporary moment of bliss before they pass out if you remove that component of their job and just like stop people from beating

► 01:33:15

young and killing each other and from stealing don't worry about the drugs then now we've got Heroes now we've got nights riding through the land who are actually doing everything they can to make people be cool instead of nights riding through the land we want to pull plant matter out of a 16 year olds pocket and act like the kid just assassinated Kennedy that's not what we need and I think that's that once you once you fucking fix the prohibition on drugs man than I think police

► 01:33:45

officer are going to experience the same kind of respect that firemen get that's how it should be and one step further once they legalized marijuana everyone's going to start smoking pot and you going to get a lot more relaxed people yes you're going to get people that are a lot more introspective oh what are you saying man everybody smoked but if you're if you don't this what I'm saying if you don't believe that a lot more people smoking pot would have a significant impact on the way human beings interact with each other all that means to me is you don't smoke pot all right right because if you

► 01:34:15

smoke pot you would know that that's exactly what would happen people will become more empathetic not across the board not always there's always going to be people that are the exception to the rule is always going to be people that just don't get it yeah it's always going to be people that get it and they don't need pot they don't need anything they're just tuned in and they're they're kind and they're on point and they're living in the moment and all that good shit but then there's other people that benefit from those things and you deny those people the opportunity to benefit from those things and then you become the enemy you become the fuzz you become the man and then you're a fucking glorified Revenue collector too

► 01:34:45

what are you really doing you're going to get I'm going to get a fine I got to go to court and pay the court and pay a fine what am I being I'm giving you money you need thousands of dollars because I like plants how about fuck you what kind of crazy shit is this right you can lock me in a cage and charge me money because I like plants right you owe you the Arbiter of nature you're the one who gets to decide what's beneficial and what's not with zero evidence behind it whatsoever what's what do you want it's one of the most heinous crimes on nature

► 01:35:15

the illegal ization of marijuana is one of the most heinous crimes on nature that mankind has ever ever put forth and we're doing it to ourselves right it's even worse than most of the shit that we do to other planets or to other other animals by torturing them or by killing them or by poisoning the lakes and the rivers and we're poisoning the consciousness of ourselves by not allowing people to have freedom to

► 01:35:45

remain with all sorts of different states of Consciousness you have a legal way to do it through yoga you have a legal way to do it through prescription medication you have a legal way to do it through alcohol and things that we tax yeah but if you decide that you want to try to do it in a way that we haven't sanctioned we don't get paid for we don't get taxes from will lock you in a fucking cage for the rest of your life it's right for a the the difference as far as impact like that

► 01:36:15

the physical danger significantly less than any of the ones that you have legal oh yeah I get is the one that you can't die from Ryan died from aspirin there's not a single fucking person that wants YouTube an aspirin there's no band aspirin movement yeah there's no like we got to take these aspirin you just eat a bottle of aspirin you're fucked man you're dead right if you if you have one of those bare fucking aspirins was bigger I'm guarantee if you chug that whole bottle down you'd are pure caffeine don't forget that a kids die all the time from ordering pure caffeine from Amazon I don't know if they still

► 01:36:45

that they used to sell pure caffeine here at all the time kid like party takes a teaspoonful of pure caffeine and that's it man you dead dead meat yeah your heart just flies right out of your fucking chest Like a Bird yeah that's right man and how about just water I mean there was that woman on a radio station in like Sacramento or something a year few years back she was involved in some sort of contest to see who could drink the most water and if you drank the most water you know you got a prize I remember she

► 01:37:15

being dyed that's terrible yeah you know she went home to her I mean she tried she was on her way home or something like that should have had a daughter she was just trying to make some extra money yeah you know when she died drinking water and I think it's insane yeah saint but that wouldn't happen to you if you smoke too much pot that's right wouldn't happen if you ate too much pot right so the idea that they're blocking anybody up for that is fucking ridiculous if you put cops in a position where they and have to enforce a law that they know everybody knows is ridiculous then that

► 01:37:45

stop is in a bad position in society he becomes the enemy from the jump the enemy that he can't even agree with most cops he tell you talk to most cops don't give a fuck about pot right they don't want to have to enforce that most of these guys in their 30s you'd have to be a total complete piece of shit yeah as a human being to be a cop in your 30s and really want to arrest a regular person doesn't do anything wrong will happen to have a joint on them you got to be an Imam Zain piece of shit this guy didn't do anything wrong and he has a joint on them and you

► 01:38:15

and arrest him you're a cunt yeah of beyond all description or a dolt yeah it mean that's that's a problem because that is the law in Most states that is the law like they're supposed to arrest you for that yeah Most states most yeah which is insane we here we are we mean we were sending videos through the sky phone to phone we're periscoping and live streaming and driving around in cars that have satellites connected to them they

► 01:38:45

you exactly what street you're on and when the turns coming up they give you a dingdong to tell you to turn exactly where you are and yet we still have that yeah but it's changing it is changing and it's it just doesn't happen as fast as I Stoners would like it to change like it seems so obvious you want the thing to flip around instantly it's almost like they can't do that because in the enough to admit fault or it's so it's almost like there's just a terrible bureaucratic web that

► 01:39:15

it takes time to make things change when you're using that bureaucratic web that's the fucking problem man and things are slow but shit there it's happening it is happening it's going to become legal we can't stop there we've got to get psilocybin prescribed at the very least MDMA needs to be a prescription medication all psychoactive substances like Ayahuasca DMT all of these things need to be

► 01:39:45

do you need a need to be researched and then they need to get into the hands of doctors who could really use them to help people they could be an incredible tool for helping people who are suffering right now and the whole thing's all gummed up and that is a true tragedy it doesn't stop with marijuana though it goes all the way through the spectrum of drugs and it also goes to the very creepy unacknowledged problem with the pharmaceutical

► 01:40:15

Annie's which are releasing heroin on a daily basis into the bloodstream of this species and they're not being treated like heroin dealers a lot of people are getting addicted to super powerful pharmaceutical medications and I don't think the pharmaceutical companies are being held to any kind of to anything it's just for whatever reason if I if your friend gets addicted to Oxy Cotton because his back was thrown out and you hear that story

► 01:40:45

you're supposed to feel a little bit more empathy towards them than if you hear somebody who got addicted to black tar heroin when it's like no it's the same fucking thing like wasn't that part of the argument with the Silk Road trial was that this young man who had run that website that allowed people to buy all sorts of illegal drugs he had been directly responsible for people overdosing he'd been redirect Lee responsible for people that you know may have committed some crimes and done some shitty things we're on those drugs and you know he had to

► 01:41:15

like face the parents of people who bought drugs and it overdosed and some form yeah I don't know the specifics of the case but that was part of what they were charging in front well how come that never gets brought up with pharmaceutical companies because I mean think about all the different people you're not so you're not responsible for your own actions as long as the drugs illegal right but you are responsible for your own actions if the drugs legal and prescribed by a doctor but maybe even more addictive like wait a minute what the fuck kind of stupid rules are we abiding by

► 01:41:45

here take e Fletcher take him if he I like taking a pledge acting in your eyes take him take him take Heath Ledger and imagine if Heath Ledger had OD'd on heroin remember when God what Phoenix Phoenix not River Phoenix the great actor he's so cool blah blah Seymour Hoffman right one of the news stories is how they're trying to find his dealer right there like we're going to hunt down the guy who sold in this fucking shitty smack but when he Fletcher odie's on these fucking pills you don't hear anybody being like we're going to find the pharmacist the gave Heath Ledger

► 01:42:15

this combination of fucking pills and we're going to take this son of a bitch down and she's like well it was pills so it's Heath Ledger's fault it's not the pharmacist but so that's a very good point yeah it's just very very it's ridiculous like let's acknowledge the fact that if you're dealing drugs you're a drug dealer and whatever the drug is that you're dealing whether it's sanctioned by the state or not sanctioned by the state whatever that drug is that you're dealing it is the

► 01:42:45

decision of the person who buys it from you to take it it is their own free will it is human autonomy if you decide to take a substance that is your right as a human no matter what the fuck it is from goddamn heroin and marijuana to alcohol your right as a human being on this planet is to as much as you want alter or transform your particular chemical States or psychological States or mood States even if it ends up killing you

► 01:43:15

but you're right but but under the effects of those things you're not allowed to hurt other people you're not allowed to do fucked up shit and if you do those are the laws in the crimes that you should be held accountable for Hunter Thompson had a set of rules that he was trying to establish when he was running for mayor of Aspen in the 1970s and one of the things was he was going to have stockades he was going to he was going to Sade up all the streets like chew up all the concrete saw the streets and he's going to have stockades that he would put drug dealers

► 01:43:46

that he said that any drug worth taking you should never buy or sell so fucking of his rule part of his rule is what we he was going to he was gonna do was he was gonna well obviously wasn't really going to do that I mean it was Pros but he was saying that he was going to have stockades in front of the Statehouse where he would or front of the building whatever it would be wow he's great man it was great what is his that he's got another quote actress Redwood I just

► 01:44:15

laugh which is like you don't find LSD LSD finds you and you're ready it's true it's pretty cool man I believe that I believe that with all psychedelics I really do that's so stupid when you say it like oh you believe it bro yeah you believe there's a plan for everything yeah it doesn't matter if I believe era don't believe because I really would never know if it's true but it's fun to believe it so therefore I believe it I don't really think that the Hulk that Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk and leaps through the air and smashes the airplanes all right it's fun it's fun to watch

► 01:44:45

watch it and while it's happening I try to pretend like it's really happened yeah man damn right that's a problem at you know I think a lot of Skeptics and cynics don't sell on fun they don't understand that it's that like they I believe that I can choose whatever lens I want to use to look through the universe but they're super important to men because they dispel bullshit and the comforter the comfort that you have in balancing on the ledge of Truth and fantasy and fun some people do not have that Comfort on that ledge and

► 01:45:15

for them Skeptics are hugely important love because they can disprove a lot of the shit that other folks can't see everybody has different Vision when it comes to our ability to perceive things and some people are born short-sighted but we're supposed to pretend that the brain is a hundred percent equal across the board and everyone can see all the bullshit that everyone else can see right that's not always the case there's some people that just don't have good sight and they don't have good Clarity either they just don't and they need help well yeah they do you're right but those

► 01:45:45

people are going to listen to a fucking skeptic I mean they do you know they they need a little then some of them will there's a there's a spectrum of them but but I do think you are as it's kept in the same way like I will fully admit that many fantasies that I have many ideas that I have are completely unprovable and more than likely horseshit they're so fun but there's no fun and they're so fun but here's another thing that's important to acknowledge is that some of the lenses that you look through the universe

► 01:46:15

even if the symbols that are within those lenses are completely ridiculous like the symbol of Jesus rising from the dead for example or the symbol of ganache or the symbol of Hahnemann even though the symbols themselves are clearly fantasy the effect of gazing through those lenses in the effect that it has on the decisions that you make quite often can be really profound which is that instead of making selfish stupid

► 01:46:45

stupid angry decisions you might start making more positive decisions because you've connected with this architect archetypical God of friendship and devotion which is who Hahnemann is you know Hannah man's this monkey god that represents like pure devotion or service and friendship at the deepest sweetest level 2 and it's beautiful it's beautiful and so I can use that symbol if I want to when I'm thinking about loyalty or when I'm thinking about like

► 01:47:16

giving up my life for another person's life when I think about like giving myself to another person with nothing really to gain other than giving myself to that person and helping them as I can it's a great symbol it works doesn't have to be fucking real do I believe in a monkey god that flies to the through the sky do I believe in that do you think that symbols would they can be is almost like dedicated dedicated thoughts that you can cling onto if you're if you're

► 01:47:46

explain this if you're moving through a sea of being a person all the variables all the the negatives and positives and the the the changing of the tide of your emotions and your happiness and your discontent and your depression but you could have these islands that in this float you could cling to and one of them might be the Buddha yes and when you see the Buddha you think of Enlightenment you think of yourself at peace and it can somehow or another imbibe you in my view with this

► 01:48:16

this this cap encapsulation of like you're like you're at least and your imaginary idea of what it's like to be enlightened damn right clean you cling to that and then I can maybe guide you a little you could hold onto that and it'll carry you down and maybe from there you can get to dry land maybe from there you can get to the island of new ideas but these these archetypal things that you cling to these images whatever they may be the reason why they've existed throughout history as a people have found value

► 01:48:46

and their memories and connecting thoughts and principles and ideas to these symbols and that's why they defend them so hard that's why people want to kill you if you draw Muhammad if you fuck up their idea of their symbol that their symbol is so significant to them that they're willing to you know they're willing to lash out and cause murder because you violated their symbol they got stuck on the symbol and that's the part that's a problem it's like somebody going through the the Wilderness thinking that the compass is the destination and it's you know that's I don't

► 01:49:16

how it how anyone would be that dumb to think that and so that's a wrong way to put it but it's a really it's a in the same way literally like people who are always fighting over the literal G or the historic Jesus you know the people are like that guy didn't even fucking exist and the people that get really caught up in disproving Jesus they've also gotten cut up and the surface level of that symbol and so they're spending all their time trying to prove no no there's never was a historic Jesus or the historic Jesus that existed was not the Jesus in the Bible

► 01:49:46

Well the huh Splat whatever you want to say you're damn right you know I'll buy it sure there was no real Jesus if there was he was one of many people or who knows or maybe he wasn't magical or whatever on one level fuck yes you're a hundred percent right there's also no Santa Claus there's no such thing as ghosts there's no such thing as reincarnation were all just non-differentiated aspect of a great mass of atoms currently being exploded

► 01:50:16

out of an event 13.8 billion years ago and that's it nothing else that's fucking it that's one level and it's totally real there's another level though that's the problem there's a completely other level which is that the level of the Interior self the level of the subjective the universe did a big bang it exploded from the it did a big bang it exploded I did a big thing Duty my God is a baby just accidentally shit out of universe

► 01:50:46

but it explodes out and then it ends up turning into human beings and human beings and up somehow developing this incredibly Advanced frontal lobe and a neocortex whenever you can throw out that word throw it out makes you seem smart couldn't have a neocortex walked out to be I wouldn't know what it looked like but but when that happened we gained an interior Universe which is the universe of symbols myth dreams stories and that's a real part of the material Universe the material Universe has a

► 01:51:16

substrata which is the universe of myth and the universe of religion and the universe of fantasy and that's another level of the fucking thing and if you start tuning into those symbols it doesn't matter if you're tuning into an externalized mystical super entity or whether you're tuning into a part of your brain that it comes from millions of years of evolution you're still tuning in to a point where from harmonizing with it you can experience and

► 01:51:45

elevated mood State and that elevated mood State and whatever way it manifests from the experience of samadhi to the experience of The Passion of the Christ the surrender to allowing yourself to be destroyed by time and still loving it or yoga class or a comedy club or and we're beginning to see a concert yeah could be you see a concert you seeing someone perform music and you know someone who's really good that you really appreciate their art it's it moves you

► 01:52:16

your whole your body feels different your emotions get torn up you like you like wow if people cry when they hear a great song they'll be moved like the like fuck yeah they'll throw their hands in the air the get nutty their body will start moving the can't even help it or a mantra yeah we're Mantra or a mantra or any and number things that you can lock into with her sounds or images or something that we have encapsulated that causes us to react in this incredible way that we can replicate shot through the heart

► 01:52:46

and you're to blame You Give Love a Bad Name yeah and everybody just goes fucking crazy whether or not you agree with Bon Jovi or not that moment where 15,000 freaks go crazy yeah because he sings shot through the heart and you're to blame and they just lose their shit they can't help but they're stomping they're hugging each other yeah like oh my God high five in each other it's the best like it's undeniable that that gave those 15,000 people you know

► 01:53:16

step out of the role of being an art critic for a moment and look at what happened to those 15,000 people it's like that's how I have to do with the Grateful Dead I've always had to step outside of the role of the the music critic and just appreciate the some people love the fuck out of them like okay I'm missing a gene or something no you've just never taken acid and listen to the Grateful Dead no you gotta do man take some ass and listen to the Grateful Dead with me you'll understand who died smoked DMT and listen to Eco Rose

► 01:53:45

so with Aubrey wow and that I don't know if the Grateful Dead and acid is going to be able to fuck with Eco Rose and and the DMT experience you have to do that by the way I would like to try that is very different the Eco Rose thing is very different this is what McKenna was saying that these shamans they sing for things in the form they did you see like a visual representations they're perfectly synced they're one and the same they're two different things that go together and buy their own

► 01:54:16

on their own they're magical I mean on their own do these girls sound fucking amazing I listen to them on my way home from gigs when I want to see it when I want to think about things but I also want to hear something because I don't know what the fuck they're saying so because I don't know what they're saying I can enjoy it without being attached to the words they're just a bunch of noises to me the cool noises only when I know goes and only because I know the word Ayahuasca Ayahuasca Ayahuasca it's really weird sound like a little kids singing kind of doesn't it like a

► 01:54:45

little kid in the forest would just be singing that song there's a lot of them that are like that yeah there's a lot of them that are really interesting what is that is that blowing the smoke

► 01:54:59

I listen to this one I Whistle this one I find myself like whistling through the day and the other day

► 01:55:08

I was whistling this at The Comedy Store and one of the dudes who works there started with not weird he knew it nope no but I was doing it so much I was doing it so much it's sort of snuck into them so the idea behind it according to the shaman is that the plants give them their song and that as they're cooking up the Ayahuasca did learn the song they figured out through this relationship this pure relationship they have

► 01:55:38

the Madre because they're a real Shaman and over the you know thousands of years of them doing this they found some songs and when you when you experience DMT under the spell of these songs it is a very very strange experience because they belong together it's like when you're hearing this every time it changes and there's a whistle a new chapter will start a new geometric pattern will explode in the something

► 01:56:08

completely different in dance around you

► 01:56:12

and there's like a whole series that you listen to when you're on a trip you start off with one sort of an introductory one and you move into the other one and as it goes deeper and deeper and deeper the The Experience changes and becomes this like really crazy complex geometric life-form that's all encompassing that's everything that's all around you that's beautiful it's very strange to doesn't it gets in the background a lot of this Force that's what good is fun

► 01:56:40

yeah this is all recorded during a ceremony So This Is Not Just Happening like with a guy singing happening there's a guy singing with a group of people tripping a fucking hassle and he's guiding them

► 01:57:00

and while this is going on like it Dances all around you and Sue's you and calms you and explains to you do you know what even trippier about this is that that night when whoever was listening to this tripping their fucking brains out I bet somebody thought man why do I feel like this is going to get transmitted to 10 million people how weird is that how weird is it that that's a very strange thing that's what technology does because here you consider this incredible night

► 01:57:30

God knows where that was probably where do you think that was recorded who the fuck knows somewhere I'm have an experiment that I want to do well I'm going to have crash rig my tank up with speakers I want to listen to that in the tank because I think if I listen to that in a tank enough I think if I put that on a loop for like an hour I think I could trip my balls I think I'm going to try that experiment to yeah well you have a tank now you fucking house I have a fucking thing now got his intent now it's so cool

► 01:58:00

I'm at a time has antenna explain to me the situation it's in a bedroom well yeah what it is is because you know like a samadhi tanker any of then crashes tanks they're fucking crazy giant things and take a while to sell their expensive right so yeah this is just like a essentially like a reversed waterbed I guess you'd say it's like it's a it's a it's a tent that how many gallons of water I don't know the exact gallons but it's big enough to float and fine like because

► 01:58:30

I floated out in Austin at the float Institute and oppose amazing amazing this is right up there with crashes place and if you done crashes Place haven't done that yet it crashes The Grandmaster but this guy who's got the the tank place in Austin yeah Kevin what's it called again float float Institute Blood Institute he's got his things are built like boats like the Hub of a bow it's a hull of the boat rather use things are super durable they don't even know liner they're fucking cool man and super high-tech super high

► 01:59:00

tag but the you know the essence of the thing is you've got a shit ton of salt and water and you only need a certain amount of room you know based on like the average size of a human being plenty of room in the damn things but yeah I just like I didn't realize how much I would enjoy having a float tank in my house like it I had no idea that it would be that important to me I

► 01:59:30

only had it for a few days and when you lived with me you use it all the time and I forgot you know and exactly but it was awesome to have access but I was so broken hearted and crazy back then like now it's just like you know I've been working out I'll go work out at the gym come back to the house with sore muscles and then you're just regardless of all the mystical shit you're floating and 650 pounds of Epsom salt with sore muscles and that feels damn good man oh it feels like you're charging batteries it's

► 02:00:00

we amazing and you walk out of the thing every time so far and I've done 30 minutes floats up to like an hour and a half so far every time you get out of the thing it's exactly like the next day after a great mushroom trip more colors are brighter it's feel rested it's super cool man I'm super I can time so and I haven't even like gotten to the point of like all right what happens if I take a microdose of some psycho active in this thing haven't even gotten there yet you do that though yes

► 02:00:30

right way to respond to that question my favorite is eating pot if I if I ever ate too much pot and I was sitting around the house I jump in right immediately and I want to waste it yeah man that's what I mean I guess that's of course I've been eating pot and going and of course I'm always eating pot you said the other day on the stage when you brought me up onstage under the Icehouse I was like Duncan is the only guy that will tell me bad I got fucking did acid I'm not I mean I did Emma will do MDMA I did ecstasy I'm not doing that anymore man I'm fucking

► 02:01:00

did anything for a while just eating weed everyday that's it like you like I'm talking basically fucking almost sober I consider that I know this is like this is gonna seem like denial I'm sorry for those addicts out there maybe I'm in denial but to me it does feel like coffee like I place it in the same place I put coffee so it's not really to me like it does it's like something that I don't find to be destructive to my life at all I think alcohol is the

► 02:01:30

stir and marijuana seems to just be a kind of well I'll do it one better I worship coffee right worship it coffee is a ritual I have a ritual when I write and I have a ritual when I do podcasts and one of my one of the big parts of my ritual is coffee not like a Monster energy drink I mean I don't have anything wrong I don't not like Red Bulls they're fine if you just need a pick-me-up I'll drink one yeah you know if I'm at the store and I know I'm tired and I have to drive home I'll take a Red Bull yes but a coffee is like

► 02:02:00

ritual I adore coffee yeah I really do like I love to get like a nice warm cup of coffee and then I start writing right now and I do what I do a podcast like for me the podcast doesn't seem like it's starts until I take a sip of coffee right so I love it I love coffee I like the feeling I liquid gives to me I like the way it tastes and I feel the same way about pot I love it it's I don't I don't not only do I not think I absolutely don't think it's detrimental I adore it and I think it helps my life I

► 02:02:30

Dorrit I don't have any negative I've figured me and pot have a fucking super good relationship and sometimes it leaves me tired and I can't remember exactly what I just said but it provides me with so much inspiration and introspective thinking that the the counter like the payoff is huge on the side of pot man huge you add to that having a fucking hole in the universe and your goddamn house get out of town man you see what I'm saying everything

► 02:03:00

forever what have I been telling you for years you have to go thank God damn it don't ya you would say that to me like when I was like you would say hi to me when I car is about to get repossessed like let's get a floating okay our told you any time you wanted to use my no you know that no yeah of course dude you you have the keys to my house you can come over three o'clock in the morning and he's my tank anytime you want you know that a man yeah I don't wake my kids up fucking weirdo well yeah chanting yeah weird without would be a weirdo come daddy the weirdos here again the climate here Uncle Duncan

► 02:03:30

and Uncle Duncan but man that yeah it's a it's a beautiful too beautiful things and I think well I think they should have community centers that have a man I mean yes there's a lot of people that have apartments and in their apartment they have fucking they have a stationary bike they were treadmill they're a little small gym with the television set in there you want to have a nice apartment have an apartment a fucking float tank the canoes you have someone who maintains that people sign up for it don't let just anybody use it make sure that the guy who runs inside of creepers I'm going to peek in on chicks while they're in there naked put a lock on the door make sure you know some people

► 02:04:00

dudes going to shit in it there's no way around it he'll you'll know who did it they have to sign up all right the fuck that guy well the victim that's get you get evicted from the apartment crucified on top of the apartment complex where he manages so much shit that water doesn't matter how many times they filter it you're not getting all the shit out you have to take all the water on clean the whole thing you shitting that water the next time you climb in there's going to be something there that bites you what do you think the number is worldwide of people that have taken big shits and isolation tanks thousand up

► 02:04:32

imagine if there was a compilation video of every person who has ever taken a shit inside the isolation tank and he could just watch it happen in real time without people are awful you would you would be insisting the people are awful and I think that's one of the real problems with judging the human beings as a race so there's too many of us so if there's 7 billion people at while we're saying this 50 dudes are shitting in tanks right now for sure right this tanks are

► 02:05:00

in that common there's not that many tanks in the world but I would be willing to bet it over the course of this podcast I'll stay over the courses podcast that's that's a conservative estimate think how many fucking idiots there are the just shit their pants how many people are there they're so stupid they just shit their pants all the time well shitting your pants are bad necessarily a measurement of IQ they shit their bed they you know when I was in when I was in I had a I had a girlfriend I've told this story before but it's very unfortunate and her roommate used to have

► 02:05:30

anal sex with her boyfriend yeah and she like wrote a letter about it the reason why it does it it doesn't he's a little dick and it doesn't feel good unless he puts it in her ass and like it's very sobering for this poor gentleman that found this letter or her diary whatever but she shit the bed when they had they had anal sex and apparently it relaxed her sphincter to the point where she just relaxed in bed while sleeping and just shat in the bed dear and yeah and like the dude was just stand in the hallway like I ran into them like I came out of my

► 02:06:00

bedroom and he was there in the hall with his hands out like after she had just shit on him he's like what the fuck I'll never forget this Porsche this poor sap what the fuck someone just shit on him because he's having anal sex with this girl

► 02:06:17

you've released so what I'm trying to say is that poor gal with whatever damage he did to her butthole she could probably shit the bed if she went to an isolation tank you know she wasn't paying attention she got a little too relaxed and fell asleep in there you can shit your bed you can shit in isolation tank area can and people shit the bed because they do they just do yeah I mean they do there's no way around it I I could I get I guess I think of like if you were in there and like you just blasted some ketamine into your bloodstream or something and you were just

► 02:06:47

really gone then maybe your body would just evacuate its bowels because it wanted to you know your astral body is who knows where you're on Venus you're not even in the float tank you're just a monkey in there now yeah I would imagine that's definitely probably happened to somebody that took some drug did you have you talk to Neal Brennan at all do you know Neal I know Neil but I haven't talked to him wait I've got to take a leak please guys don't worry go ahead and do it and I'll and when you come back I'll return to you it's customary with your Priestly priest

► 02:07:17

a outfit when you return I'll tell you about Neal Brennan taking ketamine for therapy do you know about that come back young Jesus what are you a bishop or some shit

► 02:07:27

is a bishop he's a bishop Duncan Trussell a bishop if you have never listened and Duncan Trussell podcast in your tuning into this maybe this is the first podcast here listen to The Duncan Trussell Family Hour is for real like probably one of the best podcasts in the known universe and Duncan is an oddly articulate and very bizarre character that I don't know anybody like him you know and he has a very interesting and unique way of looking at shit and one of the reason why I like doing podcast with them

► 02:07:57

because I feel like that when Duncan and I get together we both pull some weird part out of each other that's what I felt like when we're doing that stupid sci-fi show

► 02:08:08

we're talking to people about Bigfoot and shit but that's how I feel when I do any podcast with him he's just a very very unusual dude and his stand-up is fucking hilarious and he will be with me at The Comedy Store this Friday night we're doing the belly room at ten o'clock I don't even think the tickets are available yet but this Friday night at the belly room at ten o'clock of just be me and Duncan that's it and it's only like 70 tickets so it sells out very quick so if you're interested in I'm doing Saturday night

► 02:08:38

same time to at ten o'clock so that's it fuckers Duncan Trussell Family Hour is on iTunes he doesn't have any stand up that you can buy unfortunately that's something I've been handing Duncan for the longest fucking timely enters his little girl bladder it's one thing I've learned about myself young Jamie from doing this podcast and I have a manly platter I can drink tea 4 cups of coffee and sit here for three fucking hours and not bitch out and make a mad Run for the bathroom most days

► 02:09:08

most days but I've had some I've had some bad days I've had some days where I couldn't keep it together it's just a part of being a person so if you can please give Duncan the hardest time possible about putting together a goddamn comedy special so you all can enjoy his stand-up is having a spring brother praise Allah praise holding Praise Jesus say to her man big tour it's happening I can't talk about it my amazing agent Joe schwarcz it's funny together and see kind of the secret

► 02:09:38

going to be good though it's happening it is happening dude when we doing some gigs together again we haven't done gigs but we're doing Friday night at the comic store but we got to do some gigs I know it's go away from Los Angeles talk yeah friend let's do a travel yeah let's travel love to we need to do something where we do we do a series of dates on the road you and I this is what I'm thinking go to these different towns and then go do cool shit in the town and film it like let's go to an ashram let's let's take a yoga class together

► 02:10:08

let's do a bunch of shit weird shit specific to the town shit let's float tank and every time yeah let's go the Kentucky Derby I want to do the Kentucky Derby next year and do a stand-up show in town I want to know what the fuck that's all about horse racing it's not even about the race it's about everybody getting fucked up that's what it's about right my buddy Cameron Haynes went this year and he's like Jesus Christ he's like it's just people just getting drunk like everywhere you go everybody just plowed drop boy you know Hunter Thompson one of his early pieces of work that got him

► 02:10:38

notoriety was he did a bit on the Kentucky Derby the Kentucky Derby is decadent and depraved and his store in the Kentucky Derby's it's fascinating because he's it starts out just just describing the heinous people around them and then realizing you're one of those people at the end he realized he's one of the monsters he's been describing that's awesome but there it's just one of those things it's been going on forever and it's like connected to this ancient culture of like riverboat

► 02:11:08

gamblers you know I mean that's what the Kentucky Derby is like the Ultimate Gambler experience drunken excess it's like mint juleps it's like is that it's getting hammered and it's horse races but it's like this it's like a social event where people go and have a great time and apparently the vibe there is incredible like it's like really fun like chaotic and people do just get fucking shit-faced shit-faced and I think if we went and got shit-faced

► 02:11:38

with these people yeah that could be super fun man I mean there's a lot of great places to go get shit-faced though right like right but I want to experience the Kentucky Derby the Kentucky Derby is something that I've heard of I don't know if not enough about the even like yeah sure like it why do we do that man we can just go to burning man I was about to say that when you go to the middle of the desert where they're shooting laser beams into space and joy

► 02:12:08

giant squid tanks are rolling by shooting fire or we could do both that's impossible it's not though that on two different dates now I know I'm joking of course and do both yeah that's what we should have done for sci-fi instead of you and me looking for a non-existent unknown primate wandering through the woods of the Pacific Northwest we should have gone to Raves should have found real freak I don't understand why you know II don't understand yeah you're right there's so many other ways to like analyze

► 02:12:38

the universe like were as far as science goes or somebody's going to do a scientific investigation of things were pretty far away from the ideal scientist and we weren't really doing science we're looking for bigfoot that's true bullshit detecting where you really know but you know what I mean man I think it's like you what ends up happening because TV shows have got to like having to wrap everything up you gotta have a point you gotta have a thing you can't do what a podcast does which is just whatever you want and why can't they

► 02:13:08

do that I don't know I don't know I guess I don't know I mean why can't they have like a late night show that why don't they have a late night show like after tonight show's over that just goes on for like three hours I don't know and just it's just two dudes talking or whatever gonna guest and talk no band no you're fucking band come on will you baby I need to play music for you I think people would take great comfort in that but the problem is you can't do it because of the white TV works every single thing that

► 02:13:38

Buddy says on TV he's got to go through a filter and that's the what do you call it the regulatory Bureau that makes sure people said that people say things that aren't like curse words or what's that called there's a name for it standards and practices so everything has to run through that so I think that the idea of having it you could do it on HBO I guess you'd have to have it on a on a non-public station it needs to be a subscription TV

► 02:14:08

be station you could probably pull that off if you can't do it on NBC you can't have people talk for three hours because inevitably somebody's going to start really saying the truth or they're going to start saying it true that doesn't fit in with selling cell phones in mass and that's going to be they're not going to like that right right right now when you do stand-up on those shows you got to show them your set right and they analyze every line every sentence every word gets analyzed yeah you have to show them like a written transcript of things are going to say can you imagine if we

► 02:14:38

he's tried to show Network this transcript of what we talked about here today like the notes how many well I imagine that we would get over 7,000 pages of notes back I bet the notes that we got would be 500 times longer than the episode itself that's ever tell you that my friend Amir was a writer on the early early early days of Conan now there are a lot of comics wrote for Conan in the early early days and my friend Amir Amir Golan he was

► 02:15:08

his name was James lemur that was his stage name really funny dude from Boston he and so I was there for the early early filming's when I was like you know I guess I was like kind of working maybe like just starting to work ago well I didn't have any money and I was told Scrub but I was his friends I went to watch and they all the Andy Richter Conan O'Brien interactions were scripted a hundred percent scripted they had cue cards above them so they weren't talking they were fake talk they're fake talking like like if you and I were going to talk about this

► 02:15:38

right now and I would have all this shit that I was going to say already written out right and then it was a sign behind each other like a sign behind Andy and a guy holding a sign behind Conan because we're talking about like 1990 or some shit right when do the Conan O'Brien show start what year did Conan O'Brien show start I'm going to say like 91 or 92 like somewhere around there that's if I had to guess yeah at the latest I could think of be like 93 but it was weird weird it's really weird it's like you're watching

► 02:16:08

it's of the Caribbean or something like watching a play yeah so strange they don't do that anymore thank God yeah but I mean he had to go to fucking TBS to probably get rid of that any 393 there we go I was pretty close yeah I don't get that man I mean it's so I can't wait for that to change that Stevie's gonna get so much better they don't do that anymore nobody does nobody does that they did that because he was a writer they did that because he was a writer that really didn't have a performance background and all the sudden he was hosting this late night talk show because he was so funny because

► 02:16:38

writers rooms Conan O'Brien would just smash he was the guy he was so fuckin funny and his jokes were so good that in writers rooms are like Jesus Christ you should be a fucking comic like you should be you should be the host of a show and then the next thing you know a bunch of people got behind him and they said listen we're going to bankroll him I have him do the guy and you know once he loosened up and got used to the role I mean you know he became like one of a lot of people's favorite you know but it watching The Early Show and watching them do it like what a script it was a little

► 02:17:08

very Enlightenment why didn't would you do this as a late-night show Doug I'm sure you've gotten someone as got must have come to you by now this is early morning show it's a late night show it's a mid-afternoon show it's available whenever you want it it's 24 hours a day 7 days a week do you ever think I try no but do you ever think about trick like how how often do you think about translating it to T2 the TV environment or some motion have it almost never almost never you must hit pitched it all the time no I don't know I don't even I don't even take

► 02:17:38


► 02:17:40

I don't want to do anything other than what I'm doing right now I've thought about it before and you know the experience of doing the Spike TV thing the Sci-Fi thing rather what was fun was doing it with you that's what was fine that was what was fun but it's not fun dealing with all those other people not in the people that we worked with although the producers on that side were great and a lot of people on the network side were great but there were so many voices wasn't even that they were bad folks this is you're dealing with too many people in that everybody's got discrepancies and I think it should go like this maybe you should try that or maybe even come in here maybe he could dress

► 02:18:10

maybe you could hold that or maybe you can stand there like fuck man there's too many of you talkin right look we're trying to make the best thing but you're not the person that's going to like figure me out okay I've got a good sense of who I am and if you want me to wear a suit and tie you think it's going to change if I you know come in on a parachute or if I step out of a fucking flaming hula hoop this is we're talking crazy right I don't want to do that like if I had if I want to sit down with some comedy writers and bounce around some ideas I don't

► 02:18:40

want to hear too many people's voices right and that I mean it's their prerogative I mean if you're if you're on a television show they're paying somebody has to pay for it right and it's not you so it's their prerogative to do that but I don't want to be I don't I just don't think that I operate the best doing that right I don't think this podcast would have ever occurred if I had a boss would have never happened now and most of the shit I would have never said and I would have to like debate who the guests were the idea of debating who the guests are make me want to I just want to throw up like the idea of have to convince someone that Joey Diaz should be on

► 02:19:10

all right I gotta convince some and I know Joey's been on two months ago but it doesn't matter you need a black guy you need a black woman that's what you did on your podcast the black woman we're looking at your diversity statistics and right I'm gonna do whatever the fuck I want to do yeah I'm gonna do whatever I want to do and the only way to do whatever you want to do is to do your own thing as soon as you start doing it on television you're not doing whatever you want to do unless you become wildly successful like South Park the point where they just leave you the fuck alone right and new regimes come and go while you're still

► 02:19:40

The King right they just they don't say shit to Daniel Tosh everybody just shut the fuck up and leaves them alone right you know want to fuck that up you got a monolithic show look at South Park it's been going on forever and it's just as funny now as it's ever been just stay the fuck away from them I don't talk to them don't ruin anything are there any examples of a show where they let them do whatever they wanted and the show failed because of it I'm sure I'm sure there have been I wonder what it is I don't know it's Gotta Be You generally always here with like mr. show

► 02:20:10

our like a lot of the great sketch groups or like any great show one thing you always hear it's like they've mostly just let us do what we want it right and it's that it's when the opposite effect happens well that's what the Chappelle show that's what broke the Chappelle show up Dave Chappelle was like fuck this there's too many people telling me what to do right saying them that he couldn't say certain things couldn't you know there was a lot of money on the line for that show he's talked about it

► 02:20:38

he's talked about they wouldn't let him say the word nigger like there was a there was a real concern with him continuing to say that word that's crazy in there were saying that if he didn't say they could make more money in advertising I would love to you know really sit down with him and find out what was what was like what was the feeling when all that was happening was the feeling of being connected to this cultural monster my son rage I was on a twice but I didn't you know I didn't really talk to him about it was about in the time it was just like wow this is great Dave's got this awesome show that's hilarious

► 02:21:08

Reyes holy shit fuck I'd love to be on it was one of those things yeah it wasn't like like what is this like for you like like now having the podcast I'd be like what is it what is the feeling of everywhere you go I'm Rick James bitch yeah you know did that fuck with you cuz I know people used to Heckle him with that and it was like a real problem right like people would Heckle they would yell that out you know everybody was yelling out I'm Rick James bitch it was ridiculous they got to the point where they would yell it out and he couldn't even convince continue his show because like dumb white kid

► 02:21:38

Ed's be yelling out I'm Rick James bitch no so bad it's a fucked up is that but obviously he made it through it but the point being what a weird experience that must have been just to be a human being to be at the tip of the comedy spear like that for a while and then have a bunch of people fuck with it have a bunch of people just want to make David you need to listen to me David David you had listened to me mr. Chappelle think about all the money or leave

► 02:22:08

on the table how many people telling them what words to use not to say that don't be yourself no no no we need to do to be a little better packaged I'm trying to make money here David Haden we're trying to make money and so he walked away like a gangster from something like 50 million dollar deal that's right I'm good see ya Integrity that guy's got serious Integrity man through his yeah I mean through his pores how many people with Down's a lot of people who had not walk away me

► 02:22:38

yeah it'd be like the n-word it's unimportant you know I think Bill Cosby wants this is saying that I'm like yeah we think alike and I'm definitely one is it like for a second I was thinking for a second I was thinking of like other people who in my mind I'm going to be like yeah they definitely wouldn't blame them like you judgmental shit you are fucking on the top of it pull of people who know the way you ask

► 02:23:08

I would I hosted Fear Factor sure I'll change my name would you want to call me yeah sure senior Poopypants shall be senior put oh yeah I'll sure I'll go in the floating someone just shit in it no problem and it's me it senior poopy pants for Citibank MasterCard Citibank MasterCard is the best MasterCard it's the one senior poopy pants uses why not you know what what hey wasn't ship hell kind of like wasn't isn't he I don't know if he still is because he kind of like an Illuminati

► 02:23:38

he believed her like aren't their interviews with him what kind of talks about well look I don't know his the I haven't had these conversations with him personally so I don't know the full extent of his beliefs but he believes in some shit that's real like the Bilderberg Group the fact that these industrialists really do get together and meet and try to figure out how to continue running the world the way it's run right now because they're extracting massive amounts of money from it I mean that's real yeah we know that the Bilderberg Group

► 02:24:08

it's like a those are real meetings we know that the Federal Bank okay we know how that works we know that the Federal Bank isn't bank is it's not federal rights it's a privately owned company right we know that International Banks and as well as the banks in this country have all done all sorts of horrible shit involving laundering money and gotten will slaps on the wrist and little baby fines and when they're about to fall apart our own tax dollars

► 02:24:38

dollars are used to step in and save these fuckheads we all know all that yeah we all know that we just sort of accept it yeah Kennedy shot in broad daylight

► 02:24:52

this is so much of what it is to be a person that runs a government that no one other than that person or those people is ever going to understand right I think it's probably like a helpless position where you realize once you get there like God this isn't Nobody Does this right it can't be done right right literally can't be done I'm going to try to do my best to get some Health Care push through some other some other things maybe gay marriage yeah try to get gay marriage on the books fuck yeah man that guy

► 02:25:22

having a great week a great week he really is yeah you know yeah I don't know we don't know like that is the the belief that the president is a kind of hapless victim that gets pulled into a web of darkness and does the best he can do is certainly more comforting than the other version of the story which is that it's just somebody it's a narcissist to trick themselves into thinking that were some capital is Jesus and they're going to walk across the stage

► 02:25:52

of history and create incredible changes for the better in the world while hoping to God that the people you're creating the changes for will forget about the countless children you've transformed into hamburger meat from dropping bombs out of drunk drones on top of them accidentally and they we do because maybe it is a game you start thinking is it this is like a Game of Thrones Style universe where you know every decision that you make or 5% of the decisions you make are going to result in someone dying in some

► 02:26:22

not dying and you're forced into the predicament of saying well I guess if I have to pick between dying and not dying I'm going to pick people from the country I'm currently the president of over the people from the country I'm not the president of that's going to be the decision I have to make because that's the oath that I have sworn so yeah from time to time I'm going to I'm going to explode some fucking kids and I'm also going to get gay marriage legalized and I'm also going to help ease the prohibition on marijuana and then once in a while

► 02:26:52

I will completely destroy a village accidentally

► 02:26:59

ha ha ha fuck that job fuck that job Indeed jobs insane it's insane it's more insane it being a cop and being a cop's insane it's all insane well yeah a lot of jobs are insane but you got to suck it back down to your job like where you're at man I mean that's the thing like my brain will go go and those directions so much you know but you see Obama or here Obama on Marin I absolutely did I didn't hear it yet it was good oh that's a

► 02:27:29

good interview man he did a great job man I was super one of my favorite part of the interview one thing that happened I heard maranon a bunch of interviews afterwards because they everybody's like what the fuck is that liked it you know interview the president and he was remarking on how Obama put him at ease like how Obama was really good at putting him at ease like it's his podcast but Obama's just this master of like getting him to relax enough so that he could do the interview and not be nervous because you could hear him at the beginning just like most people

► 02:27:59

he sounded a little nervous as you should be fucking president her Secret Service all over your goddamn house they have they had to block the window out with garbage bags because there is a sight line where there could have been a sniper on the roof there's a sniper on the roof of his fucking house man in his intro he's like there's a sniper on my roof my neighbor's hate me they shut off the whole street like oh my God they came to his house you know it came why did he do this house why didn't he just do it at a place where they can secure it better

► 02:28:29

it's bad at that's bad it's a badass decision because it's badass they must have been like you know that they were like do we have to do it at your house and he must have been like we're going to do it in my fucking house he did it he wore his flannel now is another badass decision Marc Maron Wars fucking flannel from the president United States no suit no change of attire that's that is his attire though that's his outfit much like you're a bishop and I'm an assegai that's right I will yeah I think about what you said he wore his flannel so he put on his house today he didn't wear

► 02:28:59

like a Grateful Dead t-shirt or a fucking wife but a lot of people there like I'm the president I'm going to present to the president for this tuxedo or what happened but that dress isn't as normal entire that was pretty cool and then the interview itself was really great it was like it was like Obama was very funny and they were it was like they're great funny moments and that one of my favorite lines in the interview was

► 02:29:22

Obama like mentions like Marc Maron mentions black helicopters and he's like the but there's no black helicopters right and Obama's like there are black helicopters they just are in other countries more than we use them here but he did say they're black helicopters is kind of everybody knows that I know but it was a funny thing for the president to hear it out of the president's mouth and it kind of funny way but again man you know outside of that how incredibly charismatic affable and how grateful I am to a lot of the shit the Obama

► 02:29:52

situation is done Healthcare and I know a lot of people out there fucking hate what he's done but as somebody who has had cancer knowing that if I wanted to get insurance if my insurance lapsed or something and they're not going to do what they usually do which is a they would investigate you before you could get insurance for days and days and days they would investigate you to find out if you have previous health conditions and you couldn't get insurance you'd have to like you could die or you get shitty Healthcare it's cool to know that a lot of people don't have

► 02:30:22

to deal with that shit I think it's cool I know it's not a perfect system and from a Libertarian perspective I know a lot of you probably have good reasons to really hate it but I think there's a lot of good reasons to not hate it too so I'm grateful for that marijuana seems to be becoming legal during his administration even though his administration has done a lot of shit to obstruct research on marijuana think seem to be changing gay marriage is now legal that's under his administration all those think the Whistleblower still that shit see

► 02:30:52

the shit that bugs me ma'am Aaron asked him about that no I don't think so I didn't know I actually I had to I didn't always listen to it well I'll have to listen to it to see if he did because that's that's the super important subject and the idea that someone who's doing what they think is the right thing for Humanity by expressing they have a huge issue with the legality of certain actions that are that are commonplace it's fact mean he's seeing he's seeing these things happen on a daily basis and he thinks they're unconstitutional

► 02:31:21

to--to tional and now he's hiding in Russia man and how how crazy that to me this is where you get into this problem with presidents where they kind of remind you of like uh oh the fucking Uncle Uncle Jack what a cool guy right he's a super sweet guy is really awesome he's so fun the kids really love him everybody likes Uncle Jack but it's carjacker know you did that or he's like molesting someone and you're supposed to ignore

► 02:31:52

fact this is in families where I actually was listening to this great documentary on NPR about the phenomena of why that kind of shit is sexual abuse will happen in a family and keep happening in a family because to acknowledge it is to implode the family to acknowledge it is to that family is done and it happened this is when those I don't even know I wasn't following the newest thing that happened when that weird religious group of people where there

► 02:32:21

sexual abuse that happened I can't even remember their names so it's in relation to that buggers the Duggars right now so he doesn't the Duggars see you in a family if you like admit that this is happening father mother Uncle whoever's doing this thing you will transform the terrain of that family permanently right so in the same way with a president you know it's we're almost being asked to do the same exact thing which is like take the good he makes great hamburgers he gives

► 02:32:52

the gate candy he's like really fun he's got a slip inside lied but for God's sake never mentioned the time two years ago when you were standing behind the tool shed he slid his finger into your asshole because if you do that it's gonna fucking ruin our family and the same way we with with like that with Obama man you're not supposed to date you you just are like alright just ignore the fact that right now we're dealing with for-profit prisons

► 02:33:21

of the greatest heroes of our time Snowden went to a real Patriot is having to hide and fucking Russia right now because we were supposed to ignore the fact even if Obama can't change it can he come out at a press conference and say I support and endorse what Snowden did we can't say that yeah because then people will be able to just hack into anything they want and take information that the government has distributed all around the world on a fuckup all sorts of counterterrorism

► 02:33:51

tivities they're doing fuck up all sorts of surveillance that they've got going on but with real questionable people that might be some fucking ice has character yeah but did I mean the whole you gotta you're supposed to like I mean Devil's Advocate buddy I know you are but and you literally are playing Devil's Advocate but I don't mean to I don't mean to like get all constitutional and everything but isn't the point of the president to uphold the Constitution and isn't but I don't think the Constitution existed when it was created

► 02:34:21

created with the understanding of the internet with the understanding of the distribution of information with the understanding of covert intelligence with the understanding of terrorism with the understanding a lot of things I think that right what was a real problem was that first of all when when he did tell everybody that the NSA spying on every fucking American on the planet yeah they lied right that's bad that's that's a huge problem that's that's one problem and second of all there's no rational justification there was no

► 02:34:51

significant number of terrorism events they've they've stopped it while compromising the privacy of everybody right let me start talking about I was just metadata and that wasn't true either right not just metadata people were going into the the emails of their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends and reading their shit right and you know downloading pictures on their computers their do whatever the fuck they wanted to do and they can do whatever the fuck they want to do because they have this autonomy they have this power working for the NSA but he was saying was like he was like I didn't even graduate

► 02:35:21

you ate from college he goes and I have access to all this stuff and I'm just a normal person I'm around a bunch of other people yeah and I got this information I leak I got this information out to people what's the stop all these other people from taking information right what's to stop them from sharing it with each other passing it back North nothing nothing obviously if he was even able to leak as much as he leaked what what what safeguards were there in place for people's privacy probably very little and whether or not you're doing anything wrong whether or not you need to worry about

► 02:35:51

that's not the argument the argument is it fundamentally changes the relationship that you have with another person the same way being a cop changes the relationship when you're talking to someone you think is committing a crime right all the sudden you have power over that person's information they don't have any over you they know they can say right sit down put your fucking hands over your head you'd be like no fuck you you sit down stupid you fucking tumble and your role with your stupid uniform on I'll put a point a gun at me I need to sit down because you're pointing a gun at me all right you're an asshole

► 02:36:21

whole are you need to put your hands behind your back is I'm going to handcuff you because I don't trust you point the gun at me all right pay your bills dude I pay your bills and you're pointing a gun at me or my daughter right but no one is going to accept that No One's Gonna accept that you have been accepted because a cop thinks he's a cop and it's similar in a lot of ways it's similar the idea that someone has access to Duncan Trussell Z mail but you don't have access to there's don't even know they're either checking in on you they have power over you yeah observing you making sure you don't fuck up guess what just like how when you're talking about those

► 02:36:52

those experiments that they do on subatomic particles and waves and other Quantum shit of the Observer changes the effect yeah guess what when you fucking follow someone around and observe the shit out of them it changes them that's right changes them similar to that stupid double blind double slit experiment right it's a wave and it's a particle you're Innocent but you're also a criminal if constantly following you trying to like yeah changes you fucking changes the way you feel someone's hounding you and fucking with you

► 02:37:21

it changes you yeah man it's yeah that didn't you know that's the thing it's like it's such a confused it's such a confusing thing that he I mean I hear such an affable cool guy who's done some really great things and to know that this other shit is going on it's just kind of sad man it'd be so beautiful if you know he actually shut down Guantanamo like the the stuff coming back about how they're treating those poor bastards like foie gras

► 02:37:51

you know they're just like force feeding them even though they want to die so they're not even letting them die they're keeping them alive like something from the Hellraiser Dimension just shoving tubes into their throat and putting protein gel into their bellies and a lot of these guys I'm sure some of them are not great people but I think a lot of them are probably they haven't even given a trial you know so a lot of them the got interested in alternative ways to govern and live lives in alternative philosophies and religions

► 02:38:21

ins and alternative ideologies and maybe even militant ideologies that were curious they were curious about yes mean that they've committed any crimes doesn't mean that they've I mean they might be but they might not be but the idea that all you have to do is just be interested in these things and they can lock you out a lock you up that's there's a thought crime aspect to that it's really scary we got a hood thing is it got this sounds so cliche but you got to hold your leaders accountable you must hold leaders accountable and we haven't been doing it it doesn't happen and because it doesn't happen

► 02:38:52

they keep taking more Liberties in the problem is we don't know how to hold our leaders accountable because they're in charge of everything so that's the predicament outside of holding them accountable by voting or hold the you know that's one way to do it but it's a really confusing you know again and again you hear the term war criminal thrown in the direction of the Bush Administration and you know I don't know if it's true or not but I know there's never going to be a trial I know that there's never going to be anything anything even close to

► 02:39:21

real investigation into why we went to war there and what we did while we were there and all that shit just kind of gets swept down the river of history and you're invited to ignore it and look in the direction of the progressive things that are happening and they're great but then because great things are happening does not mean that you ignore all the other dark shit that's happening and it doesn't mean that you're being a conspiracy theorist or negative or pessimistic because you won't let

► 02:39:51

go of the fact that the last few presidents have maybe done some shit that is seems to go directly against the rules that were written down and whatever this current game of being an American is and everybody's got to be held to those rules if everyone's not held to those rules then we're all supposed to either wander around in a state of denial and pretend that everything's cool and it isn't or we have to like I don't know what did you hear about this

► 02:40:21

there's a great article that I tweeted yesterday Isis in the lonely Young American it's about this girl who's a 23 year old Sunday school teacher and a babysitter and she was she converted to Islam she was lonely she was living with her grandparents she converted to Islam and it goes over this long slow sort of story where it just like you understand like who she is and how she got sucked in and she fucking joins Isis all right like Isis like offers her like some some feeling

► 02:40:51

belonging and she goes through this process to join Isis I don't want to tell you any more of it I just want people to read it because it's really fascinating and it's it also highlights an aspect of adhering to ideologies that a lot of people don't want to admit is that people are extremely vulnerable because we don't want to be alone and a lot of times when you see someone who's absolutely committed to something whether I mean how many times have people like seeing that Bob Ross guy committing to painting and they wanted to become a painter right because it's attractive when you see someone's into

► 02:41:21

something you watch Julia Child cooker Anthony Bourdain cook you want to cook like God damn it I want to cook to yeah that was exciting well when you see someone who's like really into being a Muslim or really into being a Buddhist or really into being a lot of things you get sucked into it the archetype of like the yogi like the people that are like that fake bullshit satnaam you know Namaste you know those guys is like an archetype that they've sort of follow into yeah and they fall into it because when you see it it looks like super attractive like oh wow that guy's like

► 02:41:51

spiritual I want to be like him and well there's people that are like that they're alone and they're sad and they're vulnerable and being a Muslim looks like a good idea to them or being a Mormon looks like a good idea to them being in some sort of a group that accepts you and pulls you in these are giving you interaction and that's this this story is really fascinating because it's something that I've always felt compelled by because I felt minorly compelled by all sorts of different religions in my life well like well we'll watch like even speeches you know like radical

► 02:42:21

Allah makes beaches when these guys are talking in front of all these people and other parts of the world that speak English but there's a giant populations of them would like but there's something attractive even though he's saying nutty shit about it says in the Quran you're supposed to Stone adulterers and it says in the Quran there good going-over like how could you how could you possibly know better than God this is the is this not the greatest answer to this problem that God has provided and everyone would clap he goes thank you then exactly

► 02:42:51

this is Islam and he was going to and I was like the confidence of this guy has and what he's saying becomes attractive even to me even to me okay I'm nowhere near joining Islam I'm nowhere near joining Isis I'm nowhere near becoming a Mormon I'm nowhere near as Messiah joined Isis but you know what I'm saying man I'm watching this but I feel the draw everyone feels a little bit because the guy is he's compelling and a lot of them are religious people people that believe in wholeheartedly and everything that they're saying

► 02:43:21

NG and they have Charisma and they have passion behind it you like I don't have those things I want to be like him because I feel like he's giving off positive strong energy and if he's right if he's right about God and God really us is on the side of the righteous and he will lead us towards God like hunt and the guys seem super convinced I'm not convinced of anything like that but it's Ron into it I think you're one thing that you're overlooking is the idea that I was at sheldrake who talks about I think he used the term he's

► 02:43:51

the term runnel how like certain belief systems create runnels in the time-space Continuum are like they kind of like like you know like in Conan when he's walking around in the when he wheel the wheel and he'd like he did like from walking around so many times there's actually like a grinch that he did so This Groove comes to exist in the universe and those grooves are the major world religions and so you know right now not only are people shooting and Float tanks but right now this very moment

► 02:44:21

people in mosques and great numbers all across the planet or intoning these very sacred words that come from a mystical book and they're singing them and that creates a resonance that you can tune into at any time that you want to and that's the pull that I believe you're feeling it's more than just I want to fit in or I want to be a disciplined person it's like you start by dipping your toe In this River of subjective universe

► 02:44:51

is whatever religion it is that you're exploring then you stick in your foot and then you stick in your other foot and the next thing you know that motherfucker will suck you in and we'll pull you into the into that particular dance that a group of people are doing and it's a very beautiful dance to beautiful thing to watch we've talked about this a million times before but when you're watching that and credible drift of pilgrims is there moving around that what's the

► 02:45:21

name of the the cop that what's it called the Kaaba in Mecca but it's called the I don't know what it's got a meteorite in it and it's beautiful surging ocean of people dressed in white or like touching this Stone and it's incredible to watch and it's beautifully does have a meteorite in it right I think it's a media it's a black stuff I think it's a meteorite at the Blackstone hold us up and it's run down from all their fingers touching them and if you think all those people in that swirl of humanity are Isis level fundamentalist lunatic ass

► 02:45:51

cause you're just tricking yourself because you want the universe to be black and white it's not a lot of those people are really very Advanced beings who have just been drawn into the that particular way that the Universe expresses itself you this is a not to be trusted because it's one of those World News Daily Report definitely not trusted what do they say it is Saudi Arabia Black Stone of Mecca Black Stone of Mecca revealed to be a meteorite it's a real problem with that websites written it though I mean I don't know what it is

► 02:46:21

is it's it's price something weird though meteorite worship of the Blackstone there's more than one website that says that and we gotta go to Wikipedia look up blacks done some reason Wikipedia Islam's meteor at the circle at the Kaaba the Kaaba yeah that's what it's called yeah I'm Googling it right in front of media are

► 02:46:40

I got to page 2 it says what is it it's not worship for Muslims but it is a meteorite inside that thing though yeah but it is right so even if it's not worship by Muslims it's at the center of their worship spot I think that's probably significant yeah that's pretty crazy but you know the other black stone do you ever play as it is that it right there is that the only image of black stone or huh Ja Rule asswad is the Eastern Corner Stone of the

► 02:47:10

Ava the ancient still building located in the center of the grand mosque in Mecca it is revered by Muslims as an Islamic Relic which according to Muslim tradition dates back to the time of Adam and Eve dude go to the Google image search and you can see the actual thing it looks like a vagina it's like the vagina of the universe can you imagine if that was like that literally is the vagina of the universe looks more like a belly button oh yeah it does have

► 02:47:40

kind of it's very vaginal the reason they're in touching the vagina of the universe

► 02:47:47

well I mean if that was a meteorite okay and that means It Came Crashing Down to Earth from the scale smooth it's like a walnut ring it

► 02:47:58

I don't know where you've been buying your Walnut looks like an egg to a new place looks like a dragon egg yeah it looks like a vagina goddamn it's a dragon egg it's a vagina so if you think about it birth life came out of impact if it wasn't for the impact of comments we wouldn't have water apparently is that true I believe that water came from comets I've heard that I don't know if they know that for sure but we do know for sure that if it wasn't for the meteor impact that killed the dinosaurs we'd be fucked we would not have made it okay

► 02:48:28

which we got neat and Everywhere You Look giant fucking dinosaurs Velociraptors T-Rexes you never figured out the airplane if there was pterodactyls you it was taking too much time yeah you fly around a Jackie would eat you like fuck we can't fly yet we gotta kill all the care of Actos and then you never get to them because you can't fly so how you going to get to them you have to get to the point where you invented the the jet like a fighter jet where there was no pterodactyls those the only way and then you have to fly over to where the fuck they are make sure you have a big

► 02:48:58

tank of gas and Jack them all make sure you kill all of them then you can spread air travel imagine if you had a truck and sell tickets for American Airlines and you might get taken out by a pterodactyl the fuck out of here No One's Gonna Fly anywhere most people won't even fly on an airline that has a last name Asia right this point people are terrified about things drop it in the ocean imagine there was pterodactyls in the event of a pterodactyl attack do not panic the key is to look like an egg they can't see very well the only they

► 02:49:28

they use egged Edge detection in the very unlikely event of a pterodactyl attack it's like well I feel I feel like that when I go swimming in the ocean it's like you know the sharks of the pterodactyls of the see there he's ancient tube mouths that are just monsters yeah that one in North Carolina like Jaws is happening in North Carolina well how about two people got their arms cut off inside of a day she's two people an hour apart from each other cut their fucking arms bitten off

► 02:49:57

first of all it's second dude did he know about the first two because that changes everything the second dude knew about the first dude and knew they didn't catch the shark yet he's probably like well fuck man he's full now swimming in Hawaii when there's shark attacks you know on Maui we were there so many D IE deed the kids are listening

► 02:50:19

oh my God yeah we had a talk we have to talk like that that did happen when I was there dude happens all the time yeah sure happens yeah they mean they like to keep that shit on the DL you know they'll talk about on the news out there but the people on the island they're not scared you know I mean they just that's just life that's that's the end of the life that they live they don't want to get eaten by sharks but when I was there one time I was there and someone died and another time I was there and there was a news report totally different time with his dude got jacked he was fucked up using the hospital is leg was fucking eating apart

► 02:50:48

you know he was just talking about what it felt like and I was friend rescued him and then the whole it meets this is a regular occurrence I'm talking about two separate trips to Hawaii to fucking shark attacks both took place while I was there I was a little buzzed and almost fell down a volcano inside well not inside but like on the far side of it like is there's a fucking they have this beautiful observation place where you can look at a volcano and yeah man I there was a bar and I'm Bo dude I like had a couple of margaritas and then we were standing out there and like

► 02:51:18

I kind of stumbled for a second realize I could have just gone sliding down volcanic rock it wouldn't have been into lava one which would be a glorious way to die no you would have broken your legs and and starve to death so and you'd be on like 18th YouTube videos especially if your GoPro to see the GoPro video of the dude who's on the motorcycle get hit by a truck now you haven't seen it you saw it does he guy Ryan showed it to me the other night no you might as well be dead though he's just fucked Beyond repair this guy's going fast and he

► 02:51:48

head-on collides with a truck I damn it dude that sucks woo it's crazy to watch do you want to watch out yeah okay

► 02:51:58

let's see it lets add this to the beaker God damn what the fun is to ourselves are you fucking kidding me laughs yeah dude I mean this is fucking Madness uploaded the video he must've so he's okay I don't know I mean someone else picks up the GoPro and starts filming him he's good enough to upload videos no no someone else picks up the GoPro but like it stopped I can't watch this anymore can't play anymore

► 02:52:27

two times shut up quickly if I hope he's doing okay now he's much better he might be as Nationwide Nick Holman Charles God thank funds cars I'm a singing my hands are sweating from watching that like feel my hand right now Phil Jesus Christ yeah I'm soaked hyperhidrosis what does that was sweaty bottle up that's me dude I'm hyperhidrosis it hyperhidrosis and Method height hyperhidrosis

► 02:52:57

yeah I get nervous anytime I get nervous my hands sweat like crazy God mine to my body just thinks like you get you better run run like no we're just about to take a test no fucking run dude fucking run no no we're just watching a YouTube video no no the fucking truck is coming Bob fucking run see the bike going towards the truck and my hands to start sweating like they have to just run away somehow I don't know what's going on in your body like heating up like it thinks it's preparing to burst I don't know

► 02:53:27

it's great question because it doesn't seem like it's gonna help like sweaty Palms it's like worse if you want to grab onto something it's going to be harder to do it it seems weird the worst it's not good for anything yeah your grip gets slippery for pool it's like it was always a plague of mine I used to actually spray antiperspirant on my hands oh wow yeah and then I found this stuff called it's called like hands dry or something like that dry hands or something like that it's like essentially like antiperspirant for people that have like a

► 02:53:57

problem with they're doing something need to have dry hands and I would squirt it on my hands and rub it rub it all over my hands and then it would allow me to play pool better where I could lie could concentrate on just playing I didn't have to worry about my hands wiping them down every five minutes right I used to drink a nice to bring a wet towel with me and I would wipe my hands with wet towel and then I would dry them off with a dry towel and I have to do that over and over and over again my hands just be sweating for no reason no reason no it's a stupid Game knocking a ball into another ball and I'm like life and death life and death

► 02:54:27

body temperatures changing I'm sweating sweating over a fucking game yeah wasn't in for a lot of money you know playing a tournament or playing with a buddy and my hands are sweating like an asshole yes what's fucking weird isn't it what a strange thing that your body just squirts out salt water whenever it gets too hot offerings out well I've been on a hot yoga tear last two and a half months I got to tell you first of all there's two things that I would do in the last two and a half months really regularly and I know one of them is not feasible for a lot of people so don't complain

► 02:54:57

and that's cryotherapy I know that shit's expensive like 60 bucks every time you do it I'm fucking addicted dude I do it almost every day where do you do it I do it down here and Woodland Hills they have a place on Ventura Boulevard cryo Health Care there's another place in LA but there's a lot of people that do it they just it's not as effective but it's pretty fucking effective just an ice bath just fill up a tank filled with water or a tub rather filled with water and a lot of fucking ice and just climb on it about that and it sucks but

► 02:55:27

something that happens when you ice yourself down like that the decrease of inflammation makes you feel fucking fantastic and it allows your body to heal more effectively like dude extreme cold is incredible for inflammation so I've done it every day except the weekend that in do it the weekend you didn't happen today right before the show I do it I do it try to do it five days a week these days and I'm doing it five days a week and I fucking feel fantastic fantastic I've heard that all my like a little aches and

► 02:55:57

Jane's they're all like diminishing significantly everything seems to be like loosening up and relaxes it had it would like what's the mechanics of that like I'll explain it but the other thing I'm doing is hot yoga and the hot yoga in combination with that is very interesting because I've been doing the hot yoga at least two days a week and then I'll do like some other stretches like a third day a week without my other workouts that I do but I'm forcing myself to do two days a week a hot yoga it's fucking hard dude it's hard to do like surprisingly hard and the

► 02:56:27

class is like almost over I'm fucking exhausted I mean like really exhausted and so hot that I want to quit I want to quit like the last 10 minutes is don't be a bitch that's the last 10 minutes all the exercises are fairly easy and it's just don't leave yet don't leave yet hang in there don't leave yet hang in there and your bodies are do is too fucking hot near you gotta just deal with it just deal with it and get through and there's this don't know if you've ever seen the podcast I've done with dr. Rhonda Patrick now I can't wait to talk to her about

► 02:56:57

this but she's brilliant brilliant lady and she wrote a paper about sauna and one of the things about saunas is that they've experienced its radical decrease in mortality rates amongst people who take sauna she was like it's a 40% decrease across the boy with everything with like cancer heart attacks all these different things there's an effect that's happening I mean like a steam hyper heat the body saunas yeah be going to a sauna hot sauna there's something that happens when you extreme when you extremely heat up the body

► 02:57:27

the body has to respond to the heat yeah then it develops this reaction to these extreme temperatures for under short durations now I don't know how much time you're supposed to sit in a sauna but the time that you sit in a sauna whatever happens to your body once you get out your body cools itself down and there's a compensatory mechanism that helps your body in some crazy way that they're still trying to understand now and the same could be said for cryotherapy and cryotherapy I think it's called cytokines like when you get below a hundred fifty

► 02:57:57

freeze your body produces these anti inflammatory responses there's PubMed studies on it as a bunch of different studies explaining I don't understand you don't cause you brought your only in there for three minutes seems like a long time seems like a long time while you're in there too but it's enough that you can get out of it like when it gets more than three minutes gets real tricky and you don't have to you don't touch anything like your hands are in gloves I see a surgical mask on your face you have ear muffs and the extremities are covered your extremities are covered with gloves and your toes are covered with socks and then you wear Crocs so you standing Reddit and rubber Crocs

► 02:58:27

see Feet Don't touch the ground your cock your cock is in your underwear believe you're not the conquerors wasn't get that called I mean I deal with it I deal with my cock my legs get called my nipples get fucking cold like sometimes I wind up doing this I want to cover my nipples but for the most part what's happening is your body is freaking the fuck out because it's freezing cold and then because the fact it's not freezing cold anymore it releases this burst of these cytokines and this this feeling of just warmth and power through your

► 02:58:57

body where everything just feels like things are knocked loose it's almost like a river runs through a clogged up stream and knocks out all the trees and branches and shit I want to do it man oh please let's do it I'll take you tomorrow tomorrow I can't do it tomorrow when can you do it I got to look at my you to old will talk about it off screaming you're gonna do the comic store on Friday yes let's do it before the comments done done that's great well freezer one Holly comedies this one on La Cienega try to do a workout before that Tuesday

► 02:59:27

we'll have like well some people actually like to do it after a freeze they like to freeze first and then work out later but apparently you can't do that with the ice bath so the when they were describing this the other day don't listen to me but this was something that they were talking about Ryan the guy who runs the Woodland Hills location was telling me that if you telling somebody else I was eavesdropping that if you do an ice bath you're done for the day you don't work out day because you're sitting in that thing for like 20 minutes it's freezing cold and you know you know you're apparently you could fuck

► 02:59:57

yourself up if you work out hard after that so you're so funny man I'm sorry I don't mean to cut you off you're so fucking cool I just realized how cool you are I'm sorry I realize like I'm sitting talking to a guy in an astronaut suit about going on Friday to freeze my body and ice chamber listen man if you can do it you should do it it sounds awesome I wouldn't say an even like be the guy that tells people while you're wearing a NASA suit that you need to get in a Trier genic chamber for two

► 03:00:27

70 degrees below zero for three minutes yeah yeah you should do that I'm doing that I want to do everything we can do these things yeah you have an isolation tank in your house I know you can do these things you have a fucking Mercedes now you can do these things he's right these things are happening so weird the world is weird so you're selling out all over the country it's really only has broke all the records in Boston this weekend I'll good for that that make Club was sold out in advance before I even got there the place is packed

► 03:00:57

what what relax Boston wow great room for done it I haven't done it's very good it's very good I'm down Boston is a re-emerging comedy scene we're down three minutes left can I announce the show as you can I'm gonna have to cool shows coming up I'm going to be at the Montreal Comedy Festival doing a long doing a set in a podcast and then what's really cool just found out about this but it'll be on my web site soon big tour of Australia coming up in November with Johnny Pemberton I'm going to be in Australia so anybody out

► 03:01:27

are please come see me and Johnny in Australia Duncan Trussell.com yes he are usse LL yes don't get it twisted Duncan Trussell Family our subscribe on iTunes listen away it's fucking awesome you're the best buddy I love you guys I love you too Jody six six six two you be six six six what an honor to be on the show peace and love you dirty bitches will see you soon much love big kiss bye

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you tomorrow got a lot of mole show lot of Mo Show Ladies and Gentlemen I got a fucking shitload of things happening for you Kurt Metzger stand-up comedian hilarious individual one of the hottest up-and-coming young Comics today he will be on the show tomorrow so until then bye bye big kiss much love