#1412 - Jimmy Dore

Jan 16, 2020

Jimmy Dore is a stand-up comedian, political commentator, host of “The Jimmy Dore Show” available on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3M7l8ved_rYQ45AVzS0RGA) and as a podcast available on iTunes.

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honored to be a part of this so don't forget the promo code Joe Rogan all one word when you download the cash app from the app store or the Google Play store today my guest today is a hilarious stand-up comedian a really funny guy and has one of the best political talk shows in the world his name is Jimmy Dore

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The Joe Rogan Experience trained by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day hi Joe let's go and I'll buddy good to see you good to see you too happening well we were just talking about the the Air Force admitting that their pilots had seen UFOs and you were telling me you interviewed one of those yeah eyelets I interviewed Commander favor and he was saying that this this chocolate has been my favorite come on it's with an

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Fredo favor for a favor okay he was taught that mean he was one of the guys that actually went to what is the word they do when they scramble and go to try to figure out what the fuck something is but they they monitored this thing they saw it with their eyes they saw it with their equipment it was actively jamming the radar whatever this thing was it was shaped like a Tic Tac and it moves so fast you couldn't track it with the human eye they said it went from I think they said some summer

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impossible number like 60 thousand feet down at 200 feet in less than a second like whatever you could try you know a radar is a blip blip blip blip they don't know how fast it actually went they just know it went this insane distance in less than a second less than a radar jump thank you and it would it would data had observe them in that area without his knowledge like other Air Force pilot observe them and then had you know brought it up the

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the food chain but it wasn't something that got distributed to everybody until he saw it when he saw he was like what in the fuck am I looking at here and they like we had we been seeing these things and this thing with no active propulsion system that you could recognize there was nothing around no fire coming out of it nothing around and it would just just disappear because take off at insane race to speed and actively jamming the radar so when I covered this on my show I said now I've heard

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reports that Pilots see this stuff all the time but they never confirmed it and my question was why now why would the Air Force be confirming that they saw UFOs now because that again like they've been there have been reports that Pilots have seen this stuff forever and I'm not saying it didn't happen I'm saying why are they admitting it happen now and then of course you see in this last defense budget they put it in money for a space for I think the money for the space for us though is not because China is able to cut they say yeah but if I do whatever she can do to make sure we want to spend

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money that's what they'll do they'll we saw you a phone hey China hey look over there we got to spend more money is that's why they're admit it but favor I guarantee you is an in that no no I guarantee thought oh no they're just now but before they would say that's not true they the their first we go we don't acknowledge that now they're gonna acknowledge it right you're probably right it's probably something to that that it's just about budgets and that's I I just I want to I don't want to be that cynical when it comes to something like that really that's cynical I want to thank the

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come on that's not cynical the nose let's to it is your right but it's also cynical at the only reason why they're telling us is because of that it's both things yeah okay it is to put I mean look at is that a hundred percent is what how they do it they need some sort of justification for expanding their reach are expanding their budget they come up with some threat well this is this Joe is this what I keep telling people and no one seems to think this is a big deal but you know the Democrats and the mainstream news is spent

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last three years telling everybody that Trump is a Manchurian Candidate he's a traitor to our country whose and working under the behest of Vladimir Putin and while they're impeaching him they're voting to give him an extra hundred thirty 1 billion dollars to go bomb anybody he wants and if he's bombing at the behest of Vladimir Putin why would you give him an extra hundred thirty 1 billion dollars I'll let me tell you how much a hundred thirty 1 billion dollars is Joe please do well twenty billion dollars were done homelessness and homelessness yeah is that real though that's that's the that's the we could get to that in a moment

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but that let's let's just say it's 20 let's just say it's 20 billion a year a year not just once but every year you'd have to spend 20 billion right okay guess what they're spending an extra hundred thirty 1 billion since Trump took office every year going forward on bomb hundred and thirty 1 billion you so everybody was College 110 billion we'd have no homeless people yes if they took that money and put it towards it that's a lot so somebody told me the difference between a million and a billion so I read this so the I don't know maybe you want to fact-check

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sure I'm not full of shit again but so like a million seconds would be like 11 days but a billion seconds is like 33 years yeah something like that I'm not sure if they'll but it's close yeah so that's a hundred and thirty 1 billion dollars could do a lot of good things you know we can have our military budget and still we'd still be spending more than any other country now why do you think that they would do that why do you think while they're impeaching him they would also approve this incredible budget increase for

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military because they're owned right by the military-industrial complex that's why because they you know the the the defense secretaries are could just came right from Raytheon right the guy before it was Secretary State came right from Exxon I mean come on that that's the beauty of trump is like you would have to figure it out if it's right there they asked him the other day about his criticisms of how he's handled he goes you know where they said I didn't pull out of Syria and I did but I left troops for the oil

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they're just there to guard the oil and it's like he just says it so much a proves he's the funniest president we've ever had oh for sure oh no doubt no doubt no doubt I thought George Bush was funny this guy he's intentionally and unintentionally the funniest president you've ever had like the other day he was doing a signing let's show in 2019 was the hundreds antennas a hundred year anniversary of the Centennial anniversary of women getting the right to vote women's suffrage so he was signing a thing coming

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I'm writing it the hundred year they're going to have a coin and as he cited he goes you know I heard they've been working on getting this done for a long time I wonder why it finally happened now with because it's centennial's now dummy you can why didn't a hundred years happen faster you got and he's sitting around going well we get stuff done that's why I have and they're all looking I'm like okay mr. president but he's straight faith is it it's hilarious do you think he's on speed and somebody oh well so when he did that one video with a draw

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open the drawer opens actually a photos a photo when he was eating that talk all right that's it I'll of Hispanics member that it was after he said some rude shit about Mexicans so does this Taco bolt thing say that with Trump Tower is the best taco balls I love Hispanics yes and the drawer was open and you saw he had that stuff from England or whatever right the super bed super powerful pseudoephedrine which is essentially a type of speed well it's I like them on speed better than the other guy I like the speedy speedy Trump he's entertaining

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Anning well sometimes it wears off though and you see him slurring his words it gets really weird it even try to finish word sometime try but he can see him have a hard time with words sometimes the one word him and George Bush both oh sovereignty they both shrill siren what is that one David pakman put a video up it showed all the different times that Trump has struggled to talk but there's one that's really disturbing because it's obvious he's under some sort of sedative

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he's coming down from some speed and he's barely staying awake while he's talking it's like if you were calling if you called me at three o'clock in the morning and I just worked 24 hours in a row and you like hey man what are you doing come plugins literally like Delhi but yeah you never seen it no I haven't seen it see if you can find it because it's really Bonkers because when you you here I'm talking like oh my God like this and there was no discussion of this is not like he came out later and said hey guys I had a bad night last night somebody slipped me a Mickey it was a really

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issue well his whole thing is he's a teetotaler right Trump does not sense is it yeah the the pseudoephedrine all in August but then it turns out he's doing you know Pharmaceuticals yes yeah he's doing what's legal that's what it is yeah you know if you the doctor writes a prescription you know there was this whole thing with what was that there was a reporter that name the Duane Reade Pharmacy that he had gone to in New York to fill this prescription for a medication

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Bala condition which he said is like a bullshit term reason it was like he took diet pills and this diet pills recede but it was prescribed by his doctor but look if you're a guy wants to fucking get shit done all of ya you want to be on speed Idol peaceful way to go I know people who say they write songs on speed like that I you know musicians layer I don't know Slayer but seems like the kind of music it right at speed like wow okay you know

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yeah that's speed music I don't know what the kids look Sarah Mclaughlin on speed imagine she's like fuck those puppies yeah you know I went to one of those what they call love the women's Lollapalooza but were they called Lilith I was dating a girl oh no it's he took me all cheering oh my God she's just trying to drain you turns out I was going through mentally imbalanced I'm I didn't know

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turns out I was like oh I was that was what I was going through a nervous breakdown yeah in great music to listen to right before you go to bed it was that no but I do remember the what's that hard rock and woman who's really good middle of there's one that's really good Christie Chrissie Hynde yeah from The Pretenders that's it yeah she's a beast that she was there that I'm like this is good oh yeah

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yeah I was like that's really good ya know I always loved her yeah she's awesome I was like what just have her play more yeah what the fuck is this I can't even remember who else was there any time you have an all-woman's anything or an all man's anything for that matter it's a mess like if you say this is a Men's Conference we're here for men's rights and Menzies good black gonna find a bunch of bitch-ass men to you're not going to find any real men and it all men's get away let's get together

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talk about our problems and they're all they all stem from bitches yeah these girls won't fuck us it's a horrible situation I don't know how

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I don't know how women I just feel sorry for women that I have to fuck men I do don't you we're gross no kidding no kidding and do you ever just listen the way guys talk to him and trying to get laid it's like oh my god really dumb guys that which is most guys most guys yeah most people yeah most men and women are dumb

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yes fact I would I would I'm close I'm in the dumb yeah I'm pretty dumb was gaps in my knowledge that I can believe oh yeah and will neither over neither of us are going to figure anything out right we're not we're not that guy that they're gonna call log there's a real issue we need Jimmy Dore no but that's but that's see that's the thing Joe but my whole show is that someone as dumb as me can see through this yes I can pit I could put it together oh we're going to admit that we have UFOs and now we're going to have a

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Facebook okay I can put that together that's the whole thing is like if I can do this I know they can do this they're just not doing it I think the UFO thing is you know I know you're probably right in terms of like one of the reasons why they released it but I think there's also this when you get a bunch of like really credible people like that Commander favor guy when you get actual data like radar your you actually can look at the video of the infra infrared camera of the tracking that

► 00:17:23

nothing there's enough of those now that people are like well what the fuck is going on and if you guys have all this money and all this equipment is this is this something that the Chinese are doing or the Russians are doing or is this something that you can't explain and I think we're in this area where there's so much information people can get a hold of so many videos and so much stuff that they kind of have to start talking about it now okay I you know II see how they shut down conversations around the most innocuous of inquiries so

► 00:17:53

that's true too they can shame pretty hard yeah they that's pretty that's true too but when you got a guy who's like a decorated pilot like favor and he's like look I don't have any other crazy stories in my past he's not crazy guys right rock-solid General all-around American hero type guy he's like look I'll tell you what I fucking saw and it's pretty crazy about those Pilots though they look they have a crazy life that aren't they well they have two weeks ago and write faster than the speed of

► 00:18:23

of sound all sex at dawn with the the book then yeah um look Chris is a good friend of mine I think there's some of the things that Chris looks at like Chris is kind of freak he wants things to be a little on the freaky side you know but the idea about the pilots is that they all swaps wife-swapping because they think they could die at any moment and they create this Bond yes yeah they want someone to tell their wife as much as they do or maybe they want to fuck their Buddy's wife and all doing coke that that could be it

► 00:18:53

to the met they're all Donald Trump's diet pills and they want a bag each other's wives so you don't think that happened uh probably sure happens yeah especially during wartime yeah but war war people shift war is crazy you know the Mind shifts when you see bodies when you've killed people when you've made these rationalizations and also you're very aware that someone's trying to do to you what you've done to people and your entire existence is From Dawn till Dusk is

► 00:19:23

at the enemy and this it's a it's a mindset that people slide right into it's my doctor dr. Sharpe that fucking guy I'm just gonna talk to you sharp just kidding dr. Sharpe that so chin so dr. Charles Sharp was he's the guy he's the greatest and look Roger Charles Charles under that guy he's and oh he's in Pasadena okay I almost had Pasadena if you set out of Breeze out

► 00:19:53

back when a Glendale because it's funnier ah I always go Glendale I always go Glendale and then I that it a go Glendale and then Torrance the towards is a good one too which is good it's like why are you living there what are you what are you what are you in a pinto and Taurus anyway so um what was I talking about you dr. Sharpe opacity so he said he smoked pot in when he was in Vietnam

► 00:20:23

nam because I told him I smoked pot right just to let him know everything that's happening with me chemically and he said that he said yeah I did it I said you ever smoke he goes yeah I did it once in Vietnam he said they would have a helicopter circling the medical he was a doctor in America and so you could always hear it constantly searching for whatever people coming to get us and then all of a sudden I didn't hear it and it had crashed right so I had to go help the guy and he said I just smoked pot and as a doctor you have to be able to disassociate from what

► 00:20:53

doing and he said I couldn't and he said so when I came up on him and I could tell this guy was going to be crippled for there and I couldn't it would mess me up he goes so I never smoked pot again wow I could see I could you imagine like you're new to pot you know how it makes you sense things extra one specially when you first start you know how you just extra Cent and then you walk up on a scene like that like oh my God I couldn't imagine that so that yeah I probably was not yeah I mean that's

► 00:21:23

talk about bad trips bad bad trip that's as bad as it gets yeah walk up on someone to just crash in a helicopter in the middle of a war and you you're high as fuck and you realize he's crippled so let me ask you a question when you when I would travel out of the country I would always think that oh I get like a little cold flu thing every time I travel out of the country like I would get night sweats and I would kind of get a headaches and I would feel a little fluey you know

► 00:21:53

and then I've got this dental implant and so I didn't so I want you know they say don't smoke whenever so I'm like going to be extra good I didn't smoke for a whole week I felt like I felt when I go to Europe so I think you have a physical addiction yes I was like no way did you um that's why I want to ask is that ever happened to you and you travel outside the country no no but some people do have that apparently yes like night sweats the worst nights where you wake up and you're you know as soon as I take this cover off it's going to be freezing really yeah

► 00:22:23

I got to get up and change Mighty short asleep in a T-shirt and jeans I don't and I like to be right in Timberlands what about what a goal now do you sleep before a do you smoke before you go to bed is that your move cars okay so it helps you sleep oh yeah how about you know it doesn't help me sleep no no no when I smoke pot I'm awake I start thinking about shit I don't want to go to sleep well it depends what I smoke right so there's the think he pot and then there's the same people even a sleepy pot makes me

► 00:22:52

sometimes it gives me a burst and but then like I smoke this stuff called GMO whoa it is the best genetically modified organisms I wonder if that's what it stands for exactly the trying to fuck with you they're like this commotion son they are fucking with me well these working with their gender identity and ethically modifying the weed for sure I was just enough we get today I was just some poor so I get this at my place over in Eagle Rock so I was in Portland last week and it's legal so I just walk into a pot store and I go hand looking for an Indica high THC goes how about GMO go

► 00:23:22

you're getting a fucking bad it was great how high is it it's got like twenty nine percent THC what was that shit that Kevin Smith dropped off wasn't it 42% how do you get something 42 G's going hard he's an all-day guy he's one of them all day guys he starts off in the morning just keep going yeah so that's the problem with like I love to take a little puff in the morning with my coffee or what have you but the problem is you're giving up

► 00:23:52

your later night Buzz because I can't get buzzed more than once or twice a day that's it because of my tolerance and then if I try to smoke more I'll just get a headache do you ever get headaches no I don't get headaches from potty don't get any of these problems I just get the in the overstimulation the mean you would call it paranoia but I kind of welcome and sometimes because I think it's good to be hyper aware of all these different things and it makes you appreciate when you're not you know I think that that

► 00:24:22

feeling that you get when you get high when you like oh my God like everything is fucking dangerous the world is a dangerous place and I'm gonna die someday for sure everyone around me is gonna die I hope they don't die today yeah it's like I'm gonna be 60 and the crazy thing is like these feelings for some reason aren't there even though you know those things to be effect like you know you're like a basically like a we are all water balloons

► 00:24:52

means we're like water balloons of blood with like sticks holding us together we're so doughy and fleshy and weak and vulnerable and you know like that guy found when he found that helicopter - and that's that's what happens to your body your body's are very vulnerable thing it's not very tough even the toughest body's very vulnerable yeah yeah I know I watch Boxing yeah yeah see him go down oh yeah toughest guys in the world but you know what I

► 00:25:23

I always wondered what it had been knocked out you've been knocked out yes okay so it's not a bit like when you get knocked out and you wake up you don't know you like did I just get knocked out I've never physically hurt fleetly unconscious but I mean I got tko'd and a kick boxing bout I got drop and then I got stuff I got hit with a bunch of other punches in the referee stopped it because that was more like my that was a weird that was the worst feeling I had ever had up to that moment was like my legs just stopped working like Britney just shut off like this guy hit me with a left hook I was conscious but my legs just went

► 00:25:54

that's what they want that's when they go his legs aren't there you always heard them say that but like they got they literally go out they go whoo did you and you fell oh yeah they stopped working it was very strange and it's like your brain gets jostle around inside your head and also when you get hit on the jaw there's nerves behind your jaw when your bone of your jaw slams into those nerves and your head gets rattled in the brain all of it together is like everything just go but what's happening here you know sometimes you get knocked

► 00:26:23

knocked unconscious I didn't get knocked unconscious but my shit just shut off like I'm always surprised when guys get knocked out they don't piss themselves I got sometimes they do when they do a lot of times when you choke him out oh really yeah we took guys out there piss themselves all the time the shit themselves to if they have to shit really yeah they're just broke so do you think before you go fight the try to make sure you don't have to take shit yeah sometimes guys do have to take a shit though like I've had got a live one time Michael chiesa whose top UFC fighter he was

► 00:26:53

before he was fighting he looked over at me like he's as he got into the cage goes dude he goes I'm going to shit myself he goes a guarantee I'm going to shit myself while his fights going on I'm like fuck why wouldn't he just go to the bathroom attendant it was the way it worked out like you know they're called okay you're real it's coming but you can't go wrong oh no and then he just makes the rock up there and then also wait Diaries like oh my God he wanted winning the fight but he but did he shit no you didn't shoot himself oh I talked about his I was swore I was in the shit myself talked about him he's a

► 00:27:23

a funny dude no I didn't talk about it I don't think I said it I talked to my don't think I saw but I talked to him I talked about it with him after the fight is like no I didn't show myself that would be funny we were laughing about it if you could talk about it's like I'm gonna have diarrhea let me talk to you for a sec if you heard this story well if you do you know if you have diarrhea it's like it's one of those things man I'm I've been on this carnivore diet do you know what that is no I'm eating only meat for the entire month of January just to see what it's like no vegetables no

► 00:27:53

zero I had an olive and I had one piece of chili mango actually had two pieces of chili mango but it's this good for you that's where it gets weird it's a really good question I don't know I don't even know how I feel about so what where did you get the idea to do it everybody's doing it oh really all the kids all the crazy so I did the Atkins thing I did that like back in 2001 or something when I needed to lose whatever I did that and that that work like it does work it's very

► 00:28:23

very similar very similar in that you know you're just you're eliminating carbs and yeah you get your body to go into ketosis you getting to bite your body to burn the fastest that's not but it's the thing about the carnivore diet though is I actually checked my piss with a ketone strip and it showed that I'm not in ketosis so you pee on the strappy and ketosis no I think it's because I'm eating so much meat that when you have too much protein there's something called glucose

► 00:28:53

since I think it's called where your body breaks the protein down and turns it into glucose and so that fucks with your Ketone levels and that keeps you from going into ketosis but it doesn't affect your energy level my energy levels have been amazing like all day long I'm flat I'm sound like people always ask me why do you guys have like that cough it's this goddamn coffee is layered superfood coffee It Coats your throat it's delicious it is delicious I love it when you say

► 00:29:23

hey do you like to Burak and you want it in your coffee I'm like got them what the fuck in my head I was thinking he's goddamn today with the hair and the clothes the new mat and the fucking tumeric tumeric in the goddamn coffee come on Suk hoon is it it is amazing it's amazing but I drink too much of it and I'm always like a little flemmi because yeah it's like in my throat I'm not a big on American coffee but this is fantastic American coffee this is how much of it is grown Erica hmm sir any coffee grown in the mirror all I know is that when I go to Italy and or

► 00:29:53

go to Hawaii and I have coffee it's always better Nona has the best coffee on Earth my favorite coffee comes from Kona yeah there's something about Hawaiian girl kites the volcanic soils that what it is yeah and that same thinking Emily those volcanic soils by their tomatoes taste better and they're constantly everything taste better it's the volcanic soil pretty sure wonder what those two pussy she's has any questions I'm gonna say I'm gonna say it makes juicier I bet make right just like a piece of fruit or two

► 00:30:23

NATO's juicier exactly exactly I was so it's so funny you say that because I was just for out of nowhere I started talking about on stays less about how I you know I hate the word vagina but I like pussy the vagina word is a weird word right because like who's saying that other than the doctor right no you never you never in the middle of sex and her woman go stick it in my fridge if she did go wait are you sure what are you doing I've been examining with me

► 00:30:54

are you experimenting I don't think a woman wants to hear that I mean maybe they have like cute little names for it nicknames I had a job I had a joke where I would say I'll go I get it we were experimenting the other night my wife and right in the middle of sex I took it out and I stuck it in her vagina wow totally different fits like a glove

► 00:31:16

why are you shocked joke sponge there's a fun they're fun and shock jocks are funded they're always been fun for me I don't like when people say they're cheap like know they're not cheap they're different it's a different thing you know yes there's really clever intellectual jokes and those are great to write I love a good fucked up joke yeah especially because you think it's going to be something clever and that it's just a note back smash right in the face right in the face that's funny to me it is funny yeah I'm a fan

► 00:31:46

all kinds of jokes I like all kinds of comedy and there's a while let we're like dirty comedy was like looked down upon as if it was easier well it was it was that Andrew Dice Clay so when Andrew Dice Clay happen so a lot of people started to keep him right because he was very popular this is going back in the early 90s yeah I know if you're born yet and and so comedy clubs started expanding and they had more clubs in there were good Comics so then they start they started to give free tickets away

► 00:32:16

and so they started to book they wanted more generic acts that appeal to people who weren't necessarily comedy fans would have so this is my theory about what happened and so then they would take keep it clean because we don't want to offend anybody it's like that's not what fucck that's not what people are than that and you know that's why they all closed and you know what my opinion on that is I think bad comedy sucks but bad dirty comedy makes you angry yeah that's what it is well you know what's funny is I noticed this like you if people watch a musician go up and play like even a little

► 00:32:46

Micro Data and he plays a song or two and you don't like them you'll still have plot after he's done well what if a comet goes up and he's not funny it's like what the fuck what the fuck thank you yeah people get angry they get angry because you have to listen to the whole thing he even talked through it yes awful yeah so that it's I always noticed that you could suck as a musician people still play you suck as a community like this fucking you know why also because funny if I go to see a musician I will release appreciate the fact that

► 00:33:16

this person can play a musical instrument which I can't do I've no musical Talent at all but I know how to talk I can talk everybody can talk and everybody pretty much everybody said at least one thing funny at one point in time so you know what it's like to say something and then it gets a laugh you know you can do it you know what they've done is just do it more and really put a lot of time into it and you know craft an act but when that acts terrible you start thinking I could fucking do that why am I listening to this idiot well it was bad cut yeah so it was

► 00:33:46

Comics that made me think I could do comedy oh for sure open mic night right no no I was watching it on TV oh so I remember when I was in college we got comedy like a cable in our dorm room right and so I remember I was watching the show I forget maybe it was that one on a and he doesn't matter anyway The Improv no it was that Rosie O'Donnell one Whatever ho never seen anybody I forgot about that yeah Fridays or something like that forget what it was called but stand-up

► 00:34:16

maybe yeah maybe I was on VH1 yeah that was uh well VH1 was stand-up Spotlight yeah so anyway whatever so I'm watching and I see this comic go up and I'm he does like to jokes I beat him to the punch line on both of them right I'm like he said what I thought he was going to say and then the third one wasn't even funny he had inverted the punchline which I didn't know that's what he did but I go he should have put that thing at the end and then afterwards I go wait a minute that guy I'm funnier than that guy and he's on TV I think I could do this yeah right like when

► 00:34:46

go to clubs I would go to Zanies in Chicago and those guys would just be hilarious and I'm like I could be funny for five minutes at a party but I can't fucking do that right but I didn't realize they were high when you do an act and you've work and do the whole thing and so that's why I was like I can't do that those guys are special funny and then I saw guys on TV suck I'm like oh I could do that I might have been able to go to Sadie's but I could go to TV there was a time during the 80s where there was so many spots and so few Comics that some really mediocre Comics kind of Television yeah

► 00:35:16

yeah really like mundane nonsense bits yes and they all had that kind of Comedy time he has yes yes yes yes we you're from Chicago to which is a rough spot like it's fucking cold there people don't take any bullshit it's a different kind of thing you know like those are the kind of places that make great Comics like fucking cult like Boston same shit New York fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck he's old and need a little misery hey Hong Kong fuck you and you need a yes there has to be a

► 00:35:46

need for common yes like I said I was just in Hawaii we did shows there I'm like man these people are laid back yeah it's not a lot of great comic just a few good Comics that come from Hawaii but not a lot yeah not Allah it's that you got it it's hard to be upset they have a lot of local humor like the comics from Hawaii the I've seen some comics from Hawaii they talk about local stuff you know yeah just like a cruise ship yeah kind of like that but they're yeah like the guys the guys

► 00:36:15

who are live there they do their whole act as local yeah and a lot of times they like a morning DJ guy to or Stat that's gotta think about it that's a pretty great one pretty fucking great place if you're a comic and a DJ why Jesus did you beat it you did it really did first time I went to why I was in Maui as working at the some stand-up gig book to the Icehouse and I get off stage and this guy comes up we're talking and I said where you from because I'm from Pittsburgh I go really what did you do there he goes I was I was

► 00:36:46

plumber I go what do you do here now I go he goes I'm a plumber I go how do you make it from a plumber and Pittsburgh to Maui he goes well one day I woke up and I realized I could be a plumber in Hawaii or I could be a plumber in Pittsburgh Mike makes all the sense in the world it's all this is the world yeah I was a plumber I'd moved there yeah I know a guy who teaches Jiu-Jitsu there who used to teach in actually gave me my first lesson ever in Los Angeles and he after a while he was like fuck this what am I doing

► 00:37:16

and I could teach in Maui you know and the thing about like a place like Maui there's enough people like you need everything like it's not like like Lanai we were talking about earlier that's a weird spot hmm because there's only 3000 people in the whole island that's like a good theater show like yeah a good theater show and those people empty out and that's the whole civilization and then there's people that fly in because it's a resort area but it's I was in Kauai one time to and it's similar like after I got off stage

► 00:37:46

age I was like hey where can I go to get something to eat there like there's no there's no place to go this you got to go in the ocean and catch it here's a clear Lives who does Laird Laird Hamilton he lives in Kauai I don't know Laird Hamilton that's the fucking coffee you're drinking bro this guy talked about it for about a half hour earlier I'm bad with names does that work is that a good enough excuse I'm bad with names Laird Hamilton's married to Gabriela re so that's the giant Aquaman motherfucker great coffee yeah he makes killer

► 00:38:15

probably thought to put turmeric Kauai is a spot that I need to get to I've never been to that one never been to that Island I bet I've only been to Honolulu very briefly during a layover you know when I was actually the first time was going on Lanai we flew in Honolulu first and then you have to take like a puddle jumper to get to Lanai oh yeah but when I is like there's nobody there man and you go on the beach is like fucking eight other families on the beach and everybody just like everybody just chill I never sleep better oh my God I never I mean

► 00:38:46

when I was saying when I was in Hawaii I would go to bed at midnight I wake up at 8 in the morning I'd slip straight through I feel like this never happened I feel great ever yeah I come back to LA I'm really getting headaches immediately gets five like God damn it so I go go get a drink and I order it might I believe it or not what my Maui and Hawaii in general I think they have some wonky weed laws I don't think weeds legal there no no it's not it's it's medical as I think it's hilarious yeah but life is my condition and what I need it for

► 00:39:15

life yeah but I have so I didn't I have fans out there so they just give me some uh-huh do you still do stiver take pot from fans you know afraid yes yeah me too yes just you're asking for it you are right yeah I thought I'd give you a little extra taste I put some acid on that for you I don't need that right my good friend Ari shaffir Dost Bert Kreischer when they were doing a podcast together so that's Regal that's really thought it was Jonas no he gave him Ali dropped it in his drink

► 00:39:47

so where's their hard feelings over no yeah there was a real problem not it was all a joke there's no jokes with us we don't do jokes I mean I just saw it on Twitter yeah that's real all that shit's real no yeah so they're not pals other back okay the wife hates him still Bert's wife still VI could various it I would have a hard time with that yeah I would I only deal issue yeah I know you know doing something like that you that's not right

► 00:40:16

that's that's like four singles he knows it's not right what's really interesting is I would we were just we were all joking around about it like this is the only business where you can dose your friend we all joke around about it laugh about it more nothing happens and he actually got a bump in his career like he started selling out places faster and when he was going places already be doing shows and people would yell out dose me I dosed me so now he's known for dosing people and before that are used to do

► 00:40:46

thing I should say allegedly because what it this this thing which may or may not have happened is very illegal but he would do a play in places where we'd was very legal he would play a game called find the edible so he posted on Twitter who give people hints and he would leave some fucking nuclear edible like to some North Dakota guy who's going to find it who probably doesn't get any real weed and he's gonna get one of those stars of death and

► 00:41:16

and trouble I think in Minnesota Allah is really allegedly because I don't think they ever found any of the things he was talking about so maybe it was all just a prank let's go with that those Edibles man my brother had something one time and he goes Jimmy be careful it's called The Creeper that's what they call it and I'm like I have a high tolerance don't worry so I ate one I'm like nothing so I did I did it I had another one and about 45 minutes later we're at a campground talking to my parents and

► 00:41:46

of a sudden I can't remember how to breathe and like it's gonna and I'm so scared and I just go I have to go make a phone call I'm at a campground so I just go to my car and I'm just laying down in the next thing I know I heard my wife behind me are you okay I go I'm not good we have to go

► 00:42:16

face because I let's go say goodbye to you but I can't say goodbye let's just go get start driving oh no you just like couldn't deal with saying goodbye oh my God so yeah turns out there's some danger to that but that drug oh well this danger with schizophrenia is a real danger with people having schizophrenic breaks when they take high doses of Edibles really and even smoking it yeah well you were like you were talking about when you get there withdrawals yeah I don't get the withdrawals but

► 00:42:46

there's a small percentage of people that do this small percentage Yeah that's so that must be like so people like all aren't you going to quit because I don't know if you know if I stop there not if if I drop drinking coffee when I went overseas I would get headaches to right so it's there's a lot of things like that yeah coffee is one thing that's addictive that we all just admit it's just and we just accept it yeah we're addicted to it because it doesn't really change your state that much were you like freaking out like you never drink a cup of coffee like America

► 00:43:16

you get up you never on the ground tweaking but I know a couple people who have had legitimate schizophrenic breaks no kidding you know a couple Mmm Yeah Yeah legitimate ones legitimate ones where like something happened and then what is it was never the same again what is schizophrenic literally literally yeah well I've heard about that was acid but I never heard about that with well it's not that much difference when you take a high-level dose of I think it's like a

► 00:43:45

no added of Edibles yeah yeah I've had that different you feel like you're tripping yeah a little and and you're experiencing the God save me from the comments but people get mad at me when I talk about this but there's a thing that happens when you because I've talked about it so many times and I know I'm a repetitive fuck but you can you eat marijuana your body produces something called 11 hydroxy metabolite it's four to five times more psychoactive than THC so as its processed by the liver you get something that's not psychoactive in the smoked form so when you smoke it you get th

► 00:44:16

when you eat it you get 11 hydroxy metabolize it's much much stronger much stronger than THC and it's a totally different sensation you know like people talk about the body high like yeah you like you feel it everywhere yeah you really tweaked out to but what about small left doses of that are wonderful like a little like they have these jumbo has the sprays I'll have one with me here I used to have one on the desk but it's a THC spray just a couple of pumps really yeah

► 00:44:45

it's like a breath spray couple of pumps and it's like God you feel great you feel really yeah but if you take 12 pumps I took 12 pumps once I did a podcast with Sam Harris and in the middle of I took the pumps like 20 minutes before you got here and then in the middle of the podcast I'm like holy shit I don't know if I can thank God Sam is like a super articulate guy so I could just kind of like throw out a question as well and he would just expand while his expanding and talking I was pretending to listen

► 00:45:16

and but really just trying to keep it together trying to keep it together and make sure that I try to sober myself up I was like trying to force myself into a state of sobriety I have a it was about a thousand milligrams out yeah I have a hard enough time paying attention to conversations when I'm not yeah when I'm completely sober I'll lose my train of thought me too and I'm like why did the or I'll beat you know from board right yeah not even that even though if I'm super-interested I'm interviewing someone and all of a sudden I'm like oh

► 00:45:45

fuck I'm not listening I'm thinking about that thing and then they stop talking and I'm like huh oh you can't do that that's the cardinal sin ah it's still that's one thing I don't think I do but at least I don't I can't remember I try to really lock in it's bad me too but then I just my mind will just get oh so I was interviewing Tulsi and so this wood came to this important part of the conversation it was about how she had switched there's something about her some policy she had

► 00:46:15

I asked her about it and every I know people are waiting and there was a documentary Ontarian guy in there with her and his phone went off at that moment I asked the question but it didn't go off like a ring and went off like a scene from a movie so now I'm like what is that who's talking in London and all of a sudden I'm like what is and I know after I realized that it's this guy's Fallen it's a scene from a move and that that about but also he's been talking this whole time oh no tonight I come back and then she stops I'm like I don't know

► 00:46:45

I want someone else in the room when having conversations no no doubt I mean time I was talking to a guy and his girlfriend was sitting right there and she just kept spinning in her chair spinning in a chair and play on the phone and I'm trying to pay attention to him but I'm just seeing this girl standing I'll share and playing with her phone and then and then afterwards I was like no more no more people in here because sometimes people try to come in here and then you'll see the mic holder camera up to take a picture while the podcast over like hey you're fucking this thing up man

► 00:47:15

this is a distraction yeah like I'll do live ones do you do you do live ones live what live podcast yeah well that's a different thing though because you know you're going to be live yeah this isn't I mean live in front of a group of humor we mean with what you meant that audience yeah but this is a live either oh so that's so that's not live we stopped doing them live to this isn't live know there's a reason for that oh that's good oh why want to edit on Mount no because because often the other day on my show so like when we were in the

► 00:47:45

Green Room we Graham and Ron Paul coma going to do a show so we'll say things funny to each other that you can't say in public like South Park right right and so we were saying it it's funny to us and then I was on the show and with Ron and we were talking about I remember when and I almost said it and I was like oh my god well my God so you know that you know yeah I do not come South Park gets away with that they're the best because first of all it's cartoons they don't even look remotely human and they've been around for so long the grandfather did they go

► 00:48:15

fucked in hard they're they're so important she the one with the Harley Harley Davidson motorcycle riders were they called them all I don't even know if I can say it they could say it what I'm talking about they call them all the f word that ends in the tea yes yes yes and and many more things like that good it was thank you they still played on MTV like yes that make it played on TV I can't say it well do you remember time there was a time where they used to show those oh

► 00:48:45

old Roadrunner cartoons yes where they were hyper-violent yeah they're blowing things up and hitting each other head with frying pans and yeah shooting each other in the face and it was okay pushing them off as the most because it was old and so the new cartoons were all sanitized and nerfed up but the old ones were still on but you would watch the old ones go oh yeah this is what it used to be like well I watched some old Popeye the other day and Bluto is basically a fucking rapist yes thank you

► 00:49:15

yeah straight up rapist just grabbing olive oil yeah like big fat face is crazy yeah he's like what she's trying to fight him off and Papas like hey let go of me Grill yeah and he has to punch her and or punch him yeah he fights with Bluto and it's bluto's rapist yeah he dragged her away that's what that was let me so fucking it's like a hundred years ago right basically a hundred years ago Pop I was like 1930 so almost a hundred years ago and

► 00:49:45

and humans were just living different back then I think rape was probably really prevalent so prevalent that you could joke around about it in a fucking cartoon yeah and so so you don't go live now because well a bunch of channels started creating their own Channels with my clips and so this is what can happen so if you have a channel like and then someone says hey I'm going to take all your Clips I'm going to take the interesting Parts your podcast I'm going to make my own

► 00:50:16

then they can get like hundreds of thousands of subscribers with all of your content right and then they can have whatever they want put that on the so then they could use it as a white power fucking YouTube channel if 500,000 subscribers it could use it as a men's rights Channel they can use it as you know dick could just switch it over and say it's not about Jimmy Dore anymore now it's about Bill Burr and they just use your content which is not legal and I was like when they were doing it while we were doing the show so while we were doing the show they were making clip

► 00:50:45

oops and then downloading them as we rely you're still going yeah so they're doing it in real time so okay I got it so we realize that those can be taken down and then we started doing it ourselves and then we realize like the only way to really stop them from doing it in real time is to do it like film it have the podcast filmed and then have the clips cut up and then release it okay okay that's one okay that's a big one the other one was copyright there's a

► 00:51:15

the problem with copyright strikes like if you get three strikes they fucking pull your channel so here we go we've got them we've got them before for shit that we show we've gotten them for before for shit that we show in the corner of the screen like the corner ski like a photograph or a video or a little tiny thing the corner of the screen we had one where we got one from a fucking a guy took a film from his like it was like a cell phone of satellite being launched like the and we were watching it like watch the video we got a copyright strike

► 00:51:45

like from that like just watching something that we really internet you can't do it you can't people own these things the big one is nature videos those fucking nature videos when you're stealing a pack of ya hyenas try to take out a lion if you play that that's a copyright strike they will get you for that so I had a copyright strike recently first one only when we've ever had right that's a strike not like Hey we're going to demonetized totally different I get that all the time yeah that's all the time but a strike it's serious because they can take your Channel

► 00:52:16

two more of them so and when they do that they have to put they put a stamp you know timestamp of what is the copy written audio right and someone had put a copyright strike on it at the end of every one of my videos it goes do do do do do and it's just from iTunes right that's not its non royalty thing it's just it's like a it's a chime not even music right so it's from garage band or something yeah you from GarageBand yeah and so that's while T3 and so somebody put a copyright strike on that and I'm like

► 00:52:45

like that's just someone messing with me that's just so a hater and some guy from like Canada who's now living in like Thailand we've had a guy track him down and he's like yeah there's he has no obvious source of Revenue as he's trolling you so he's saying that the guy who investigated said he thinks it's intelligence I'm like Rick and so the reason why he took that claim on that was to show that he could take down every one of my videos because that Chimes and every one of my videos

► 00:53:14

so for a while I'd so until that copyright strike got cleared up I don't have a layers on it took a while and so we took that chime out of all our videos Christ yeah yeah so that's so I don't yeah YouTube is weird but they're dealing with managing an insane amount of yeah I don't I'm saying amount they can't and they always err on the side of the copyright holder I get why they do that they do it automatically yeah we've gotten copyright hits for a

► 00:53:43

gunshot you know when you see the video and there's like two heads and there's a small photograph screenshot the screenshot was a photo that someone had took and they were claiming copyright on that photo that was just on the internet just because we had it in our school we had we had a chance to photo really yeah dude it's fucking I know and it's weird because like some people like you have a podcast that's just audio right so yeah I have an audio and video and video some people don't some people only have the

► 00:54:13

Dio and then the video goes away the that you count on that YouTube monetization like there's a lot of people that did that they counted on that YouTube money and then YouTube demonetised has things just randomly like it doesn't make any sense I've had a bunch of podcasts with Tom Papa that we're demonetised my that is stuff uh craziest thing he is the like the nicest right almost like an offender yeah he's not offensive he's hilarious he's a sweetheart yeah like Tom Papa like how many did they demonetised a Tom Papa was like two or three

► 00:54:43

right to the point where Papa got like really paranoid and he was thinking these things I want to do to doesn't like me there's something going on so yet he wanted to contact some people at YouTube and you went down this journey I remember he had out he was hosting a pilot online and I like TBS or something and I got called in to like do like a run-through of it or whatever and I remember I walked up to him and I go hey Tom how do you get your own TV show I really want to get one and he goes here's what you do

► 00:55:13

you have to overextend yourself why house you can't afford to get desperate yeah you got you got it we're gonna make this happen I couldn't imagine going back to regular TV now though with all the freedom that you have no I can't no I can't I can't even imagine going to the radio right first got in trouble I just got in trouble right so I have a short on kpfk they're all nice people but you can't just cause they're a non-profit there's certain things you can do like you can over endorse like

► 00:55:43

had a candidate on and you're not supposed to endorse and I can't I you can't go ahead go to their website and donate you can't say any of that stuff so yeah it's just that I'm like oh my God you get in trouble would you do so I did that with who still that guy junker he's running for that 25th to what the New York Times did to him was dirty that was dirt who I shouldn't say the New York Times I just say that writer whoever that writer it was the whole but there was a LA Times it was a unbelievable smear your

► 00:56:13

at times one was the one where they tried to pretend use that his sentence with David Duke where he was like oh of course you're not racist it was as clear as day that he was joking it's clear as day that he was being sarcastic and so talking to David fucking Duke yet the grand wizard of the KKK and he's like oh you're not racist of course you're not racist and then they take that and put it in quotes he said to David Duke of course your grace that's right so that's that's like mr. Smith Goes to Washington

► 00:56:43

shit dirty but I couldn't believe that was the New York Times that hurt that one hurt because I was like who the fuck you think it's funny yeah like I can't I'm just horrible oh don't say that I've got left you don't know know you've got me Joe you've got me got Kyle kolinsky I do it right Kyle yeah yeah I got it so I saw you I saw your interview at Kyle I love Kyle I heard that we were talking yesterday his the shit you said good things about you always I didn't get that part oh I love you I could have to

► 00:57:13

you told him he was your favorite new show oh you're my number two oh thanks I'll take it I think he's the most reasonable of all the political commentators but you're a comedian right and a political commentator I think you have a you have a duel to have a special skill when you're funnier than him for sure oh that's big that's all I Kirby he texted me yesterday New York City was 68 degrees yes he was like what in the fuck is going on then he's like I feel bad because I feel so happy because like seasonal depression you know what it's sunny out 68 degrees I guess

► 00:57:44

everything's great meanwhile the worlds on fire yeah whatever it's warm it is warm yeah now he's great there's that's the beautiful thing about having corrupt and dishonest media is that it opens a door for honest media like you and independent guys like yourself like Pac-Man kolinsky it's easy this is quite a few it's easy to outdo them and MSNBC or CNN or that it really hurts hearing this the freight from a guy respect the New York Times is horrible

► 00:58:13

that's always been what I trusted I've always do I know it was it was tough it was tough when I when I realized that that mainstream news media is just a mouthpiece for the establishment when it really matters there for every war there for every war there repeaters that how do we get into Iraq they got Judas Miller to uncritically put the whatever Dick Cheney told her on the front page that's why they all day of aluminum tubes front page of the New York Times and then Dick Cheney so Dick Cheney tells Judith Miller they have

► 00:58:43

going to bed she printed on the front page of the New York Times Dick Cheney then goes on Meet the Press and said look even the New York Times is reporting this that's how they do it and then do this Miller gets it she gets an on-air job and Fox News after that she got rewarded there's that and then there's probably also access to candidates access to top official access turtle is you don't if you don't give them what they want they don't give you access and this is sort of the game that they've always played right that's exactly right back that they have access and they I've I've experienced

► 00:59:13

that but what do you think why do you think they want to smear Jank I mean like because they see him as an enemy of the democratic party because he/she wants to get money out of politics where so that's his big thing he has Wolfpack and his whole thing is I don't take corporate money and that Justice Democrats they don't take corporate so that's this whole thing right is about getting money out of politics and they want to keep money in bulk because if you get money out of politics their whole grift is over right right then he ran and in his Evolution Shield not worth a hundred million dollars anymore that's right how does he get a how do you go from zero to a hundred

► 00:59:43

two million dollars as you're in Congress well you're a criminal that's that's what Truman said yeah there's there's still any kind of people get rich while in government are criminals that's what Truman said but there's like isn't it some like there's forms of insider trading that are legal if you're in Congress that wouldn't be legal if you were a regular citizen I don't I know that they don't have the rules that they should write know that if there's rules that I shouldn't say regular citizen but if you were like working for a corporation there's rules like they're allowed

► 01:00:13

loud to get information and influence in terms of like how they invest all right if that's not right right that's that's extra information that I could get exact yeah that's right an extra and then they're allowed to get that information and then they're allowed to use it for their own personal profit like somehow or another that's not been stomped out yeah and that was someone there was a video and I don't know if it's accurate or someone was explaining how Nancy Pelosi made all that money and I was like if I watch this fucking thing I'm going to stay up all night you it was one of those like I can't watch any more of this yeah

► 01:00:44

you have a hundred million are is the leader of the people's party isn't that amazing not only that like what did you do did you sell hats what did you make that money what do you do do you make cars why do you think Nancy Pelosi impeach Trump I didn't Peach George Bush I don't know I'll tell you tell me as Julian Assange revealed through Wikileaks it was because Nancy Pelosi was told in 2002 that our government was torturing people and she was apposite person in a position of power and the

► 01:01:13

why the Republicans and George Bush Administration did that was so now they've got Democrats complicit in their crimes and so she didn't tell anybody about it she didn't lost an investigation she didn't blow the whistle on this so now she's complicit so when George Bush Luke once when the Republicans lose the house and she becomes leader and they go you're going to impeach him she goes impeachments off the table and nobody could figure it out but nobody pushed her on it because we were just so glad we had a check on George Bush at that time well Julian Assange then reveals there's a there's the memo that shows that she was briefed in 2002

► 01:01:43

on their torture program which makes her complicit in towards her because she didn't do a goddamn thing about it did you see the interview that I did with Edward Snowden

► 01:01:53

no yeah yeah that's not the first half it was very interesting yeah Dancy Pelosi came up he tell ya he came up that she was one of the people that cleared then made it so that these cell phone companies have access to your data and can can spy on you and use it the government can use cell phones and all sorts of telecommunications and so essentially the video your voicemail emails all that shit

► 01:02:23

all that all that shit can can get spied through and there was it was very complicated like I don't remember the exact thing that I don't remember exactly the exact scam like but Pelosi was involved in that there you go I mean they're all corrupt that's the whole that's that's kind of like the mission of my show is to remind people how we got Trump people want to pretend that a corruption in lying started in January 2017 the Afghanistan papers just came out Joe that revealed that three administrations in a

► 01:02:53

Errol lied completely 100% about Afghanistan from the day they took over to the daylight left stuff like Donald Rumsfeld saying we don't even know who the bad guys are we have no idea who they are well why are we there well maybe because of the couple trillion dollars in rare earth minerals I don't know they may be really think that maybe it's we would go to war for minerals come on we was crazy we would try to steal somebody's natural resources do we use upset at what a small story it was

► 01:03:23

I'm upset what about those papers came out and then no one really even talked about and barely got it nothing so it's nothing it justifies everything Tulsi gabbard has been saying these wars are alive and bullshit and we got to get out of them and that that she's not the one lying about him the one that's by lying about him has been our government including Barack Obama that's what the Afghanistan papers prove that they've been lot we've been lied to for and with the paper size so people will judge them so what happened was they did a study just like the Pentagon papers right they do their own study that reveals that they're lying

► 01:03:53

so they interviewed 400 people that were like in the middle of generals and the military and contractors and all the kind of people to find out so they can know what would happen in Afghanistan so they revealed all this the people who they were interviewing reveal all this that at the beginning of the board they didn't know who the back they still don't know who's the bad guys who were killing they're lying about they would lie that it's going well and then their personal writings would be revealing it they didn't know what the hell they were doing and so it was it's worse than you think but

► 01:04:23

we can still just keep sending four billion dollars a month they're just keep sending it just keep sending it for what no one knows we're not leaving Trump didn't take us out here it's going to its he's up for re-election a couple more months we're still in Afghanistan he didn't do what he said he was going to do nobody does that's the problem and that's why we got Trump in the first place because Barack Obama comes in as an anti-war guy immediately gets rolled by the military-industrial complex just like Trump did I believe that I did believe that Trump his druthers would get the hell out of The Middle

► 01:04:53

East right but he doesn't really have any druthers he's like okay I'm done doing that because they rolled me hard enough three years of Russia gate I'm going to do what they want well you saw the conversation that he had with one reporter we talked about the military industrial complex and about how they want to go to war yes I mean Trump like actively while in office this is like an Eisenhower thing like as he's leaving while in office is talking about the military barely got mentioned I know and so I so I think that's why the establishment wants to get rid of trump even

► 01:05:23

he does their bidding and gives them their trillion dollar tax cuts nobody asks how we're going to pay for it he gives them he tries to go into Venezuela he tried he tried to do what you know he's doing it ran he didn't come out we didn't get out of Syria we're not out of Afghanistan he sending more people back to Iraq it's amazing what's happened exact opposite of what he ran on his happening so why do I why do I think this happens it's because just what Eisenhower said is he left he says the we the undue influence of the military industrial

► 01:05:53

astral complex and to imagine they just invented a hundred and thirty 1 billion dollars more worth of work for Raytheon and Boeing and albertan how much money does the recording music business make a year 80 Billy I mean how much does it we've just invented a whole nother economy just since Trump got and Alexa 231 extra billion I mean just think what you could do with that you could build a hundred and Thirty-One Yankee Stadium's do you think every year nonsensically do you think that a lot of this impeachment stuff and a lot of

► 01:06:23

Scandal stuff is really a distraction for a lot of these things they're pushing through yes it's a hundred percent distraction and that's just like I told you because if they really believed that he was doing all these things and he wasn't why would they keep giving him a extra money to go bomb people at his own because they they don't try to put handcuffs on them so that's how you know they're full of shit and the reason why they're coming at Trump in the way there's there's ways to it so now they're starting to oppose him because of this Iran thing so now you turn on CNN and Chris Cuomo goes

► 01:06:53

hey why doesn't Congress do its job and take back the War Powers to but they gave it to the president under this a um so now which is what I predicted would happen when Trump the silver lining of a trump presidency was all the shit that the Democrats and Republicans have been agreeing on which is war fracking openly Arctic to drilling all that stuff gassing immigrants at the book now we're all going to become aware of it well the Democrats spent three years doing freaking Russia gate so they didn't ever opposed him on that stuff and they let him keep doing it and so now people are starting to become

► 01:07:23

I'm aware of what's happening and so now Chris Cuomo is going hey why don't why don't we why doesn't Congress do their job why are you letting crazy President Trump well they just gave him a hundred thirty one but they know they gave him his spine Powers again through the Patriot Act they this guy who's working for Putin you're going to give him spying Powers you fucking bullshit her they're all fucking bullshitters it's a weird scam yeah Joe if you thought a guy was working for Putin would you give him an extra hundred thirty 1 billion dollars to

► 01:07:53

Obama anybody at his open by the way that's also intelligence is that a rhetorical question yes so it's so that's why and you know people people give me a hard time about supporting Tulsi rights like why are you so I think it's really important to have an anti-war voice that has you know speaks from experience she's actually in the military right now she actually volunteered to go serve in their illegal Wars and then they smear of for it it's kind of a

► 01:08:23

using it while she's a weird one right because she has so many characteristics that you would think that everyone who is a progressive would want as president she is a veteran who twice served overseas twice deployed she's been a veteran for long time long time congresswoman she's from Hawaii she's a I mean I guess she's Hawaiian you would say she's a woman of color they say she's a woman of color what color it's like a like a she's tanner than me and she she lives in Hawaii

► 01:08:53

that's why yeah I don't know I don't know about these things I'm white I don't know is really I mean the Hawaiian roots are essentially Polynesian and South Pacific Travelers who landed thousands of years ago on those islands so yeah I mean it is essentially a person of color either way she's a very articulate rock-solid woman and they've tried to find a bunch of dirt on her and they can't and they and they don't know what to do and it's just funny to me that a lot of people who are supporting Elizabeth Warren were shitting on Tulsi as hard as they can and of

► 01:09:23

Elizabeth Warren shows her true colors she does a right-wing sexist me Ron Bernie Sanders is what happened was weird this is such what a crazy wasn't it takes mere like nobody's buying that so it was it was her the media and the DNC got together and they're like hey let's do this because there's coordinated doesn't come out of nowhere right and CNN to see that story CNN wrote These two people who heard it from these other two people who are not even going to name and that's on Sienna that's CNN that's how they do it it's so crazy yes they're digging their own grave

► 01:09:53

of though what they're what they're doing is they're making themselves less and less relevant and they're making guys like you and independent Pete's right more and more relevant and more and more trustworthy and that's why they keep going to the catnip of Russia gate or Trump's tweets or whatever impeachment in this phone call to the thing and you know look how they look how the media runs interference for the establishment it's amazing like you know to pretend that the Biden's aren't corrupt I know they talk and to have people come on and go that's a lie that's no corruption it's been looked into

► 01:10:23

is no corruption that a guy has an eighty three thousand dollar job on a board in a country his dad just helped overthrow what do you fucking crazy it seems like it might be a little corrupt well the conversation where he tells the prosecutor that if he's not gone you don't get the billion-dollar right what do you know they fired the guy right I give you saw that video so yeah I saw that video and did but their defense to that is they're saying but that prosecutor was corrupt and the next guy was even more tougher of an investigator but that guy was investigating Verismo at the time

► 01:10:53

I'm yeah and that guy had did say later that guy who got fired said I got fired because I was investigating Verismo he said that in a court document so believe me they're all right away why didn't they why didn't they impeach Trump on the emoluments Clause why didn't they do that why did they do it on this floor humans so that's him benefiting off his position in government it's because they all do it why do you think because it would bring up everything it would have to that's right hey Hillary Clinton I've been Chelsea Clinton just got a night million-dollar job for she deserves oh my God she's

► 01:11:23

it she just the best so then people are saying that people are saying what's wrong with the woman using her degree she has three degrees of I wonder how she was at for able to afford those three degrees I wonder she overcame all those obstacles did she did yeah so if they're all corrupt that that's that's than that's the story and that's why we had and Ronald Trump clinging to this system that's why we don't have a functioning medical alert system or functioning banking system because Barack Obama was paid off by the Bay by the

► 01:11:53

health insurance companies and the Wall Street Banks and that's not me saying that that's Dylan ratigan award-winning Blue Book reporter says that how how they pay him off oh well he has a I don't know if you notice he just bought a house and Martha's Vineyard from the guy who owns the Celtics he sells he has 40 has 49 Acres it's got a lot of money for tonight that's more Acres than Kevin Hart that's a lot of Acres so there's a lot of Acres yeah that's that's the guy who's a community organizer I guess it was a gated community learn about

► 01:12:27

how do they pay him up like how does that work already how does that work how does that work where it's legal like how does how does the president get put he when he left taught when he left the presidency he goes windsurfing with Branson for a while right as we still don't have clean water in Flint and and then when he comes back in the public Eye Life the first thing he does he goes to make speeches for Equity firms had a half a million a pop yeah for 20-minute speech what do you think that is

► 01:12:53

what do you think all this is It's a bribe what do you mean after the fact yes yeah but it's amazing that they still honor that that they're so rock-solid in their commitment to this corrupt system that even after the guy can't even help him anymore he's out of office they hook him up with these speaking jobs right it gets a half a million bucks a pop and then whatever he wants to do yeah it wasn't anything about the Clinton Foundation where Bill Clinton would he would make sure that he got speaking gigs

► 01:13:23

along with the weapons deals that she was giving yes yeah this is correct get their hundred everybody's again they're dirty we didn't get Trump because the Democratic party was doing their job right the people were got desperate and decided to take a chance on a political novice game show host who they knew was a bullshitter everybody knows Trump's a bullshitter they were that good go bullshit those people we hate yeah and that's to seat and I've been imploring the Bernie Campaign which nobody listens to me so it doesn't matter while they listened to you

► 01:13:55

I don't know maybe because I communicate in a cost of Way Joe but I I've been trying to burnish is should be wiping the floor with these candidates it shouldn't even be close right it and so I've been employing them Bernie take the gloves off would you quit turning to Joe Biden and saying my best friend Joe Biden you got to do a trump did what Trump was running he ran against the Republican Party he ran

► 01:14:23

it's all those pukes that the people are sick and tired of that the people have been let down by these are the people who took you to Iraq these are the people who took you to Libya these are the people who are bankrupting you these are the so that's what he did and you know Bernie gets up and he goes drunk my good friend I just want to let you know you're corrupt it's like quit saying you're friends with these fucking guys who are corrupt quit do just what he could land it he should turn and I've been begging he came close in the last debate he kind of came in his voice tell what she said I'm not good at Impressions you pretty good praise the best buddy got right there

► 01:14:53

it was a problem one Joe

► 01:14:55

Biden the reason why you can understand how Medicare for all works is because you're corrupt and you're paid not to understand and we're going to get rid of your brand of corruption when I'm president well because you're the problem oh my God people go crazy the place would go fucking crazy Elizabeth Warren would stand up for Joe Biden that's right I'm a sexist piece of shit right and everybody would see what the game is wasn't he like always and then morning Elizabeth Biden yeah Elizabeth Biden Elizabeth find another the warrant wasn't he always

► 01:15:25

in support of her Joe Biden yeah oh no no no Bernie Sanders yeah there was always in support of yes so Elizabeth Warren was like Hey birdies policies are pretty popular I'll pretend like they're mine yeah well she's a republican people forget that until she was 47 years old right forget that yeah while but while Bernie was running around telling people that are women could be president she was still a republican yes FYI yeah so it's amazing that you know it's like if anybody going to vote for Elizabeth Warren over Bernie it's like vaping that's what I say it's like to smoke

► 01:15:55

the real thing there's a real thing right well there's a lot of people out there that still just want a woman president that's right and I understand I understand that but you got you can't let identity Trump policy you got to you know that's what identity politics well we're going to have a woman who's not as good as a guy or will have a woman who could be it's like no you're supposed to marry them together you know you can't just just because of her identity that's not good he Rob's gonna torture her if she makes it if she becomes the

► 01:16:25

how many people Pocahontas shit she's gonna handle Meghan McCain the other day on The View did you see that oh Meghan McCain Twisted into a pretzel to get her to say soleimani was a terrorist it was unbelievable the way she did really well you say he's a terrorist though but well and then she does that do foot puff your cheeks out has no the farther you get away with shit what do you mean what did I do I don't know I'm just saying I'd said puffy cheeks out from are we supposed to pretend

► 01:16:55

he's not fat whoo whoo whoo we talk about who we talking about you ever seen Tim Dylan do his version of Meghan McCain no oh I'm gonna get you something beautiful right now I'll really show you something amazing so there's this tape somebody put together of off Meghan McCain saying my father have you seen that one where she says it over and over and over so I started I was in Ventura California was playing that clip like as a joke like it we're all going to laugh there's almost a fucking riot at my show people made me stop playing it they don't want to see it so I got at first I thought they were like

► 01:17:25

because they CH are often at my show and then I'm like oh no they're screaming oven door is a sketchies and I had Ventura is like why you know it's one of them torrents places like what it's doing here watch this play from the beginning and give me some volume okay put hit lets us this is Tim Dylan yeah my father died I had a baby with him and we're going

► 01:17:51

privately to be the greatest politician that has ever lived my name is Meghan McCain and I'm on a new show called The View and Donald Trump that fucking riverboat casino cap is talking shit about my father again my father was tortured for a hundred years for this fucking country and he came back and he started seven wars because he's a gentleman fuck you Trump I'm gonna wear my father's skin mask and I'm gonna primary Trump from the right come on The View bench if you're that tough come on

► 01:18:19

you you want another side to get a costume you want this shit gonna fuck it's Trump hello it's now you don't watch that the only person on fuckers gonna fuck his clothes are fucking he's more

► 01:18:43

he's the best that impressed me be treated and kept it really kept him it is an animal wow who is that Tim Dylan oh that's funny what areas comic is New York guys out here now that's funny oh my God larious don't you love being a comedian I love it I love guys like him that to me is that's is not a fucking filter to be found

► 01:19:14

not a filter to be found he's did

► 01:19:18

he's got a hair yeah oh yeah yeah yeah and he's gay too this is no yes he's got like a free pass to get wild when you're gay you can get away with more shit I know don't you would say more thing which I was gay you can say crazy shit about women all he went he went around as Jeffrey Epstein's Temple it's just ugly Jeffrey Epstein Temple was by the way that Temple is fucking see how strange is that that it's the same color

► 01:19:48

Israeli flag Jesus Christ yeah yeah it looks like the Israeli flag okay yeah what who's that Chuck Schumer walk away from something like jhoomar yeah oh wow that was funny thanks for bolognese larious he does a lot of shit he he he works like he puts in a lot of time he does a lot of things a lot of content oh yeah a lot of shit yeah and he's a really funny comic to I got to do more comedy so what's been going on you have been doing a lot

► 01:20:18

I go out but it's like I don't drive as far as I should are you do you go to the store and I get it you know what I've never worked at the store how dare you I did actually send an email I go hey I want to do my show down at the store in La Jolla yeah because I want to go on at San Diego again and jungle of loyal to you all that club is one of the greatest clubs in the world it's like store down there at store down there is perfect it's perfect it's like a perfect Comedy Club I sent an email I didn't get a return well the probably booked

► 01:20:48

so booked everything is booked at the suits you know the store has never been more popular right now it's sold out every night yeah I know I did yeah I should start going there I just gotta get out of my ass I just got to get off my I go to you know I go to Flappers which is in Burbank so it's real close to my house and I go up I go up there a couple times a week and it feels good then I go to the comedy magic club on the weekend that's good club that's a great club and then and I go to the Improv randomly yeah and so that's that's pretty much my how often you getting up a week just

► 01:21:19

maybe you know two or three times but it's not too bad it's not too bad it's not good I'm doing three sets tonight see that's what I'm talking about yeah do a lot of reps say about reptile about reps it's like Alan hate mail my friend Allan Havey go to New York and now he works at that the Comedy Cellar they have like three venues now so you just have to make one call and he gets three sets a night if I could just go out and he'd have to travel far it's like all real close that's yeah that's there's nothing better than doing three sets a night right

► 01:21:48

well stand up as like I feel like it's like running like you want Runners endurance you want to be in shape you got to run you have to run and stand up you have to do stand-up you do it you get into it you get the Rhythm you get the groove you feel you feel it once you start thinking over thinking it yeah that happens what you know if you have too much of a break for me anyway I start to overthink it I start to get nervous yeah of course I get nervous oh yeah if you take time off I was take you feel uncomfortable that's the best way to describe it's not a silly nervous because I know jokes I know how to tell them right

► 01:22:18

I don't feel comfortable right yeah it's a totally yes I was in such as important in this last weekend the helium up there no I do the Alberta Rose Theater and I had to write a whole new show because we came back too soon like six months ago we were in a parlous I'd write a whole new fucking show and I was really sweating it I didn't realize how how nervous I was you know like I and so when I got on stage like about 30 minutes in it was going good right I got my appetite

► 01:22:48

all of a sudden I was hungry and so I got a calzone I had to eat it on stage yes what I couldn't I was starving I had another two hours ago my show goes two and a half hours at sometimes eight while you're on someone's head like I have to get ya so I just kill zone house the people that handle it they all went and got calzones they sold out so you had a break no we just as I'm doing the show I have had three people up on stage with me I had you in the calzone business are you the Nancy Pelosi of calzones I had that what's going on you know I have I have

► 01:23:18

some interests in calzone know how you can do that and that's why I've often looked I'll be on stage and I look down and chicken wing and like I could eat that fucking thing right now no I get ya so soon as my nervousness goes away like I'll get hungry yeah that's a weird yeah while you're on stage you get hungry if I'm yeah because my nervousness goes away I don't know how many times I know I'm standing so before that because of the nervousness you can't eat yeah so you go on stage hungry yes but you probably should be but I don't feel

► 01:23:48

hungry when I go outside it's like a knot or whatever and then the nervousness goes away and we went well yeah and then you're like I got to fucking eat something hmm you go on stage and you do two and a half hours yeah woah yeah lot of time well let's not stand up I'm not have video that's right you're doing your show video viewing a video show yeah so but we write jokes for the videos and everything it's not just guys doing a podcast right that makes a little more sense you want to eat in the middle of it yeah a little more sense because I look if you're on stage doing your ass oh yeah you can't I could if I

► 01:24:18

I'm doing my ACT that's why I said I often doing my ACT I've looked like I like to have a piece of that chicken you can't do that like I could play a video that's going to be a minute like oh so that's what you do come back down to worry about shit flying out of your mouth while you're talking I do not worry about that should cover people already like me okay that's good way of looking at it yeah that it's you know it's such a freeing such I don't have to convince anybody or and that's the word thing with my kind of calm like I like to go up in front of people who don't know me to surprise them and

► 01:24:48

in a way like watch I'm going to but I also have to get into it a little gentler yeah gently right away get more gently yeah so I have to get into I have to act like hey my brother said this you know our hey why did I was too dumb I don't get it you know like why are we why is the government against the workers strikes but they're for military strikes you know supposed to the way you would do in front of your crowd yeah in front of my credit much more you know amped up and angry or what have you that makes sense yeah yeah it's a weird thing right there's a catch 22

► 01:25:18

to that because like if you played your people all the time you can get soft because they'll laugh at stuff just because they like you that's right and then a regular audience be like what what are you talking about that's right there's some people that I've seen where they do well especially like some podcast folks they have a crowd and then the people come to see them when they do their shows and like oh they're just happy to see you and you do well but then you go do a show a rando show and the fucking improv with his like five other people especially that last

► 01:25:48

that lab is hot deaf at The Improv yeah that little tiny room it can be it setup all fucked up the door is right next to the stage you're on stage and you hear the door and see people walking in the bar is enormous it's way too big it's like if everyone in the room was all rabid alcoholic maybe you could justify having a bar that big in a room that small it doesn't make any sense that's funny that's her you know what now that you mention I'm I guess I'd noticed that stuff but just like to everyone fire this really is

► 01:26:18

take Sage through that room and I injured of ghosts you know I don't know if our I enjoyed it because there's no waitresses right not that I don't like waitresses you go edit your own those triangle get you if you want to drink you go to the bar so nobody walks around in front of you with the so it's there's no distractions people just sit there oh your anti waitress you motherfucker Jimmy's got a problem

► 01:26:52

we just got done he got in trouble for making fun of Elizabeth Warren's dancing he didn't get in trouble that Cory Booker guy went absolutely like that is nonsense you virtual signaling dummy that is so silly if you made fun of everything they made fun of Cory Booker's Joe's dad Joe he made fun of the thing that set but say if he makes fun of Elizabeth Warren all of a sudden its sex is that this is like hey is quote but you

► 01:27:18

what he said it like it was so clunky like I'm sorry you at 18 year-old autistic college students get to talk for the first time yeah yes so clunky yeah how did you formulate this this sentence did you really feel this then and it who do you think's going to believe this what is the people who are going to believe this you would they already like you the most of the people are going to see right through this thing so it was just to me it's like you know it's a schizophrenic message

► 01:27:48

from people like that when Elizabeth Warren's Defenders it's like well women can women can do anything except take a joke I guess dance watch her dance let's watch that video Elizabeth Warren dance if you're not making fun of that you're out of your fucking mind if there is a thing to make fun of why do white people think this is dancing by the way you ever noticed that George Bush to has one more move and then then she does this to I think Ellen may be may do that

► 01:28:14

I don't know Ilan must have to do SI La Mano China took his jacket off threw it on the ground was dancing having a good time I guess that's okay I gotta have a couple of Pops yeah he's not running for anything exactly yeah and everybody made fun of it nobody accused anybody being sexist really yes the dancing was Solaris will play that first we'll play that second let's play the Elizabeth Warren one first because Elizabeth Warren one is so fucking ridiculous you watching her dance and you like how how dare you say I can't make

► 01:28:42

what is this how dare you how dare you fine obviously it's and by the way it's not like somebody put up a set of cell phone video for dancing at a wedding no one's going to get make those that's okay yeah she's on stage trying to get something from people and she thinks this will get it for her here we go here she goes oh here she goes there she's up there I don't know if you can play that music so she decided you know we can't play that music so it's a look at look at her look at her dancing so

► 01:29:12

okay first of all she know this isn't it this isn't it no there's no which one with Julian Castro is in the background this is a different one this is her oh There She Goes though oh no she do it there too yeah oh no that would know she keeps doing this she looks like her back is welded like it's all one piece all the scary thing is everything is moving like this yes you're right those are obese she's barely real it's about being white mmm you know those weird because

► 01:29:42

such as Native American well that's what I said you know but so obviously burn he's lying about saying women can't win or Elizabeth Warren is lying about him saying that and I'm not going to accuse a native-american of lying I'm just not going to go there good for you she is one one-thousandth Native American so that's that's real that's a real number maybe 2000 she 70 the Hotshot Her Moves shouldn't be like very elastic right that's a lot of 70 year olds that are on there

► 01:30:12

Point good point seventy she actually looks pretty good for 70 because Bernie looks like shit right Bernice instead is in the middle of his chest I've heard you say that before it's like it's like falling off it is if I was his friend I be like bro you got to work on your posture we got to get you some spinal decompression okay to some yoga classes you're going to your heads going to fall on you meet him he's taller than you think right that's because it's right for you yeah you mean to me like Oh I thought supposed to be up here I thought for sure I was going to be taller than him when I met him

► 01:30:43

you ever have that happen I thought for sure I'm going to be to our any and he was he was way too taller than me well I'm 5-8 I always assume I'm shorter than everybody okay meet him okay pretty much so unless they're like a tiny person I thought Chris Hedges is going to be 6 5 when I met him and he's same height he's a normal guy yeah it's normal not talk if you met Chris Cuomo Fredo fridge call Fredo no he will kill my shit if I do the recreation and throw me down some stairs that was

► 01:31:12

so revealing it was so real are you are you 16 but you know that Fredo is the n word for oh we've all said we've all said we've been saying that for years get fettuccine Ln word that is so fucking dumb to say that the idea that he thought that he could pass it off and he knew they were filming you right yes you do they how do you not say it's like calling saying that to an Italian-American it's like using the n-word like oh is it really guess what here's the thing about being Italian there's no word for

► 01:31:42

there's no word for us you can call me again e you can call me a greaseball it's like okay doesn't work right no word they don't work they work for my grandfather's day I used to talk to my grandfather because you know he was an immigrant and he came over from Italy and he told me all the horrible shit kids in school would say to him all the horrible shit people history yeah guineas back then were they were they were talked to like trash immigrants like they were they wanted them to go home they didn't want them there and there was a

► 01:32:12

a lot of dispute between the Irish and the Italians and yeah why not - were thought of the way a lot of racist people think of Mexicans like they're coming over here to take our jobs they're coming up they're investing our neighborhood with their smells and their food and their they want to talk their language like my grandparents always spoke Italian in the house it's always the small great depends on what you like I love Italian food so it smell great but they always talked Italian my grandmother and my grandfather always spoke

► 01:32:42

town really other yeah they lived in an Italian neighborhood up until it changed they lived in Newark New Jersey okay which was Alitalia so it seems like every wave of immigrants becomes the new horrible person that's all the time I grew up because I was Irish and they talk about how the no Irish need apply all that stuff and that's why did you know I mean that's what it's just there's waves of this right and now the wave is you know Mexicans the scapegoats but you know there's that documentary they did a while back a day with no man

► 01:33:12

chickens uh-huh but it's true everything would fucking shot down shot down specially Los Angeles no kidding but most of the country most of the country than this is the dirty secret about United States of America is that we rely a lot of innovation say we a lot of Industry podcast it doesn't really rely on an illegal immigrants but a lot of Industries rely on illegal immigrants and it's it's a fucked up situation to be in for them because they really don't have a path to become legal even if they've been proven right for decade after decade that

► 01:33:43

of viable contributing part of our culture because they got over here legally even if the came over here is a child that we can't we can't let you stay you know and that's another thing you know the immigration had they've been scapegoated since as far as I can remember Bill Clinton so Bill Clinton if you go back the C-SPAN videos of him saying Mexicans coming here taking our jobs and all that stuff he was he did all that stuff and Hillary Clinton she bragged that she voted for a border wall show a barrier was a fence and some

► 01:34:12

places about she bragged used to brag about it and so then Trump comes along and turns it up another notch there like this guy's fuck yeah like know you guys were so I make this point he just says it in a way that yeah it's very offensive and it's wrong right when he of course it is but what I'm saying is he's building off of a bunch of shit that defensive in wrong just like when they tweeted out those so you find out this is what I say that oh he banned all the Muslims at the airport then you find out why are they at the airport Brock Obama's been bombing them for eight fucking years straight he

► 01:34:42

26,000 but they ran out of Bob's then you find out these putting immigrants in cages you find out about Barack Obama built those cages then you say find out that Trump is gassing immigrants at the border and you find out Barack Obama also guest immigrants at the border and they should be honored they were gassed by the lesser of two evils so there is the Silver Lining and it's finally starting to come out because the the Democrats have run this Russia gate to that it's a good done they did the motor report it's over he concluded there is no collusion it's over so now they moved on to impeachment but now

► 01:35:12

he's bombing so they're finally starting to talk about the War Powers Act there's finally talking but nobody's talking about cutting the Pentagon budget did you hear Do you hear that I don't hear no do you think the the main the main thing about impeachment is supposedly that he tried to get Ukraine to investigate his political opponent right Joe bot right that's the main thing that's what they say take that out and there's basically nothing right and and people aren't really that upset that he tried to half the country for sure aren't upset that he tried to investigate go by many

► 01:35:42

they're clinging to this is if this is a this in Pitch Peter makes sense because they think that he's not presidential that's it yeah that as Aaron maté says who's the only guy I know who won an award for his Russia gate coverage because he debunked it like a good reporter supposed to do what he always makes the point that Trump is not a suitable Steward of imperialism and they think he puts an ugly face on the shit we've been this is what I've this is the Trump puts an ugly face on the stuff we've been

► 01:36:12

I'm doing all along and so now people are going to be more aware of it and we would have been more aware of it if the Democrats would have actually opposed him on substance instead of Russia gate he says things sometimes the ego you are just allowed to write your own speech like when he when he was talking about back Daddy that he died like a dog Sania like what a you're allowed to say that he died like a dog or how about that this is the weird thing that he uses Twitter to threaten other countries like when he was talking about Iran that if they

► 01:36:43

they we will respond in perhaps a disproportionate manner like you using Twitter to threat like nobody ever thought that there was going to be this sort of a venue for a president to just just have mouth diarrhea and that's why they I mean I really believe that's a big reason why a lot of the establishment wants to get rid of them because he makes them look bad because they agree with this policies the Democrats just gave him everything he

► 01:37:12

Ahmad they paid for his fucking border wall they gave an expanded spying Powers they gave him an extra hundred thirty 1 billion to go bomb people they helped fast-track his judges they fucking also helped him deregulate Wall Street what the fuck aren't they doing for him and that's why we have Donald Trump and that's why it's important that Bernie gets in that's why it's important that he overcomes their cheating and I just want Bert you talk about schizophrenic like Bernie has a schizophrenic strategy like people are upset that I critique and strategy I want Barry to be

► 01:37:42

I want them to win and I want them to so like he cut will come on give a speech where he says I'm running against the Democratic establishment and people go crazy right because we know that's the problem and then he'll do a video where he endorses the DNC like hey give us money we got he just did a video with all the Democratic candidates talking about unity and you ate every campaign had to pay $170,000 to the DNC to be included in that video why because the DNC is bankrupt why because no one is donating to it and so they

► 01:38:12

have to extort money out of their own candidates saying if you don't give us a hundred seventy thousand dollars each to do this Unity video we won't have any money to help you once you win the nomination so they all ponied up and they're all in it and Bernie's in a Unity video where he's supposed to be speaking against Millionaires and billionaires there's two billionaires in the fucking video Tom steyer and Bloomberg we got to come together with boo billionaires to oppose know they are the fucking problem Burke is a problem and he's not he's the guy who instituted stop-and-frisk he's the guy who says New York needs more billionaires

► 01:38:42

there's those are the fucking guys who are the problem and if Bernie would just got stopped you know playing footsie with them in a sense you know and just bash them I think it wouldn't even be close and they would say he's got like Barack Obama he's got to over win because they're going to cheat him so he has to over win you know and I tell you what if he picked of Tulsi gabbard as his vice president he would crush Donald Trump because there are a lot of right-wingers in there's a lot of Independence was a lot of anti-war people who are upset with the Republican Party a lot of Independents Libertarians

► 01:39:12

Aryans were set and they like her because she's a and all the things that you like about her she's wrong she doesn't could fly off the hip and she's proven herself as a patriot all that stuff what do you think they're doing who do you think they're leaning towards for the nominee do you think they want Warren Old establishment yes yeah then well devil that's why the DNC the media and Elizabeth Warren's campaign coordinated on this latest sexist hit on Bernie Sanders but it's not working I don't think so I think it's backfiring it's it should

► 01:39:42

backfire it's just it's amazing that the the Pocahontas stuff that she's gotten as far as she has is with lying about being Native American and using it to get a job and the way she lies about I mean she's such a bad again she's also a bad liar like when Meghan McCain can twist you to Pretzel that's not good you know when you she went out some podcast with these black guys I don't even see that video where she's being interviewed by three black guys and they disembarked yeah they just tear her to shreds hose that Charlemagne is that on The Breakfast Club I think maybe I don't

► 01:40:12

no you're wrong Sean extract don't know anything Charlemagne sharp as fuck I think he went after her for the whole native yeah thing and she was just basically saying with well it's a family yeah I worry that we who's the older he nailed it was it was easy you know it was like you at you talking to Barry Weiss it wasn't about the city was asked questions what is Toady mean Charlamagne Tha God calls Elizabeth Warren the original Rachel dolezal that's right

► 01:40:39

yes that's right that's what he did say yes yes yes yeah yeah that is that's a hilarious thing to say the original Ray's original cell well she used it to get a job I mean she really did and she didn't give any of that money back I mean didn't she get a job at Harvard because of that where where where he's checking claims she did it she claims she did but it was on her application yeah she was Native American reason why yeah when she's just saying this because our family but she was saying she's Native American like that's the whole thing you're a hundred percent

► 01:41:07

that I don't know what she was right I know it's really come back to bite her in the ass I know I bet you got enough not enough she'll still bouncing around that like that's how liar like she's a she's a person that makes up a past she's created a fake pass and she did it back when there was no DNA test available so you can get away with being Native American and makes you look like your first of all you kind of cool right everybody like you ever see that movie Vision Quest no great movie Matthew Modine

► 01:41:37

is Buddy's like fake Indian his buddy lied about being Native American he had a mohawk and everything he was playing up the Native American thing because people want to be Native American it's a cool thing yeah you know there they thought to be more spiritual yes more deep and interesting and and certainly more oppressed so if you say that if she says she's Native American I'll look at this Native American woman who made it all the way to be president it's exotic yeah meanwhile she's like what like 1 mm Native American

► 01:42:08

is that what it was some ridiculous ridiculously small number right so Justin when she got her DNA test Trump said that you if she was Native American that he would give a million dollars to charity give her a million dollars somewhere and since she was like well time to pay up like what did you look in the numbers yes she did yes she did Joe I know everything you're saying right now sexist I hope you know that fuck yeah everything you're saying is I who must be right I'm talking about a woman

► 01:42:37

people you know what I you know you talk about how you feel bad about the New York Times not being yes but because I know I know that feeling you wanted somebody to be what are the other news people like at MSNBC and say what do they think when they see Tucker Carlson kicking their ass doing War coverage isn't that fucking amazing the Tucker Carlson thing was interesting right because that amazing he seems at least partially independent like Hawaii is he allowed to tell the truth about war at Fox News I don't fucking get that they're not allowed to tell the truth about war at CNN or MSNBC will Shepherd Smith was allowed

► 01:43:07

to tell the truth to but he's so shy and truth but he was again after wise early the fuck out of here yeah again he's there's a lot of Truth is he didn't tell also so that's why I said did you see bombshell know what is this that's the movie with the Roger Ailes movie I started watching that old man that guy who's the actor that from Australia was his name-o whoever the guy is he's fantastic in bomb but byzant that John Lithgow and bombshell

► 01:43:38

is it is you think of the Dick Cheney movie I'm thinking of a series there's a series about Roger Ailes and Fox News and now this is a movie guidance this is a new sha leash that all oh really yeah well she plays Megyn Kelly oh really yeah yeah so she she been playing some attractive and I WRC is nonprofit working to protect native women from violence more than half our native women have experienced sexual violence in the majority of violent

► 01:44:07

against Native Americans are perpetrated by non-natives send them your 1 million dollar check real Donald Trump so she's saying that because she's Native American could she tested like a trace amount like it really it's probably like she blew a Native American guy in college well what it is by the way it real Donald Trump I remember saying on 7-5 you give me 1 million dollars for charity if I choice of my DNA showed Native American ancestry I remember and here's the verdict Warren tests were warned

► 01:44:37

Let's test confirming ancestry yeah but it's such an insane lie small amount the huh God I am 1.6 percent African I am 200 times more Africans is Native American that's real yeah well oh so imagine I mean I thought that when she said she got fired from teaching and then the video came out said she quit I thought that would be the end that should be the end to I got called the sexes

► 01:45:07

that's what I'm talking about that oh you are sexist I had a Clinton advisor come at me a Bill Clinton advisor that's hilarious even military advisers should all shut the few thing up you think you're so lucky you're not in jail you know if Lou 26 times with Jeffrey Epstein is not a lot of times he was a good guy he had a nice jet we flew around its all the sky looked at things you had a couple drinks you do a good Clinton it's all right it's not that good Jeffrey Jeffrey actually does

► 01:45:37

Clinton but that's because he's got hours and hours and hours of tapes on me I try to do an impression it sounds like a drunk Irish guy know you're burning he's pretty damn good but bill is so obvious what he's seven dollars yeah there it is you know why 27 those because that's my social security number 27 that's good yeah he was because he was a 27th person alive it's an old joke Joe get it I get it was funnier in 2016 I get it okay but any Bill Clinton and vice

► 01:46:07

visor calling you a sexy yeah that is it that's right shot damned hilarious that's rich did you write the come off your dress before you called me a sexist that fucking guy Booth when he dies there will be stories yeah well I've there's already stories it was just we just haven't heard them oh yeah yeah but it mean it's just it's amazing how much they can keep quiet well it's amazing that the Epstein thing just comes and goes and nobody gets nobody nobody gets thrown run out of office nobody

► 01:46:37

nothing no nothing fucking nothing well how about the fact that they accidentally erased the first attempted suicide video whoops we accidentally erased that too how about they erase all the torture videos I mean the they did that the CIA did that they lie to Congress on camera they did it's Joe we're living in the it happens things go bad what is Jesse Ventura CA says when you're telling the truth is fucking forget that quote but when you're living in the Universal deceit telling the truth is

► 01:47:07

is a treasonous act or CMS and I just said it earlier well Jesse Ventura yeah he was going to run for president wasn't he as an independent I don't know yeah I think he toyed with it is Bloomberg still running yes he is yes I don't hear anything about he's spending tons of money on ads and stuff and so is Steiner Steiner they say it was like number two and he got himself up to like number two in South Carolina or something because of all the money he's spending and you talk to people who live there I went home for Christmas and

► 01:47:37

their commercial was the Tom steyer commercial well so it's a local thing so he's trying to get something Market yeah so he's like okay I might not win Iowa but I can maybe put all my money into South Carolina so do you think the establishment wants Elizabeth Warren because she's because of the fact look she's willing to play ball yeah she wants to be president you she was a republican forever and then she switched over became a Democrat this thing about him Bernie being sexist is so obviously a political Ploy it's so transparent

► 01:48:07

and really gross yeah so now when someone acts so now when they called Trump a sexist it doesn't land right exactly the cried wolf to me that's exactly what I mean you're at they teach this to six year olds don't cry wolf and here they are an entire organization that's this establishment has been crying wolf it's crazies motherfucker these motherfuckers when you keep looking at your shirt for I spilled some that tumeric coffee on it washed it off okay they're in the show I did you had even notice yeah to see that see how unnoticed unobserved

► 01:48:37

it's all right it's a nice little spot so so so how many times you go out in a week how many times I do shows yeah stand up it depends on the week but always at least for this week I'm only working Tuesday and Wednesday night because I've got to go and do the UFC this weekend in Vegas and I didn't schedule a gig and but a regular weekend boy depending on if I'm on the road are here if I'm here I mean on a regular week I'll work

► 01:49:07

day Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday I do that all the time I'll do multiple sets and night I'll do the store I'll do the improvs you like to do the Ice House okay so I change subjects real quick do you watch Boxing yes did you watch worries yes what whoa he got fat and his party why did he do that he had a good time fucked-up got rid of his trainer did a lot of things wrong they at first they were saying he lost too much weight did you remember that but that was just because there was a photo that he was doing like the

► 01:49:37

how is that it's like him in the bathroom looking down okay if you like have a camera poses a certain way you can make yourself look slim okay yeah like I get nothing nothing gets me more excited than a good boxing match well that fight should have been a great fight but Andy fucked up he really fucked up and after Collision afterwards he was asking for a rematch I'm pretty sure he trained himself to for that yeah I think he did yeah well he was I know for a fact why do we do all that he was partying because he became the heavyweight

► 01:50:07

hey champ in the world in an incredible knockout and I bet everybody was kissing his ass and he bought a Rolls Royce came to the podcast oh yeah we did the podcast he became a Rolls-Royce yeah whoo which doesn't necessarily mean you're going off the rails but it's a really good indication yeah I mean if he showed up in a fucking Caprice Classic I believe this guy's dialed in yeah he's focused yeah he's gonna get this one that's gonna old cop cars driving around no hubcaps shitty old let's go

► 01:50:37

seats let's go get the championship he's Rocky Balboa but he he had his chance and they're not going to give him another one no because he can beat a lot of guys yeah but I don't know if you can sell a lot of paper views especially after that second performance the problem with the second performance is the second performance was so pissed poor that you're going to need multiple like big wins in fights before people take you seriously again again and he needs a real nutritionist he really does even though he won being

► 01:51:07

fat there was a lot of factors in that fight one big factor that I have heard from people who are very knowledgeable and in the no insiders was that Anthony Joshua was hurt and training that he got rocked and maybe even got ko'd when he was training and not not too distant from the fight weeks out really two weeks out from the fight guy kayode yeah oh that's not good when you're a heavyweight and you're slinging those fucking gigantic fists at each

► 01:51:37

other like yeah all those guys need to do is catch each other once just once apparently just happens all the time there was a Russian heavyweight boxer who was just criticized because he showed this video of a sparring session where he flatlines his trainer or his sparring partner with one punch happens it happens all the time for The Knockouts you see in the ring there's probably you know dozens more you'll never see with top fight top-flight guys that are just you know they're bringing in guys like when Klitschko was too

► 01:52:07

Champion he brought in guys like Anthony Joshua to spar with he brought in guys like Deontay Wilder he's par with you want a Wilder I didn't know that yeah wow yeah these guys are they spiral of I mean I love I love watching Downton it's exciting it's like you know that anymore exactly like you said at any moment it can happen if I can turn around jaunt is a freak yeah he's a freak yeah freak of nature oh so in what way does no one I've ever seen who can knock everyone out oh and that's him he knocks everyone out yeah there's never been a

► 01:52:37

I if you look at his record it's insane it's not just the fact that he's won so many fights he only has one decision loss he has one draw with Tyson Fury and then the rest he knocks people into orbit yeah every other fight he has 40 Knockouts and 40 wins and that Cuban guy he just laid out like I was tall my God and he hit him on the forehead yes and he was this place was like a short punch he's he hit so hard it doesn't even make sense yeah or

► 01:53:07

tease went with Jesus tough and he was down yeah what in the fuck just happened yes he hits people and they have a look on their face like they can't even believe how hard he hits them yeah that Dominic Brazil that KO like what right after the Tyson Fury pipe okay oh my God he's a murderer yeah he's the one of the most murderous punch I've ever seen the heavyweight Division I think they're him and fear are going to fight again yes yeah in February during next month's Tech side yeah yeah there it is fantastic Tyson Fury is Master what he said

► 01:53:37

times a day to prep for a while to rematch now it's testosterone up you said that brings his testosterone that's what he said that's what he said wow I think it's just cheese squeeze reading into that who was that fighter than used to drink his own urine Lyoto Machida it was a boxer oh really yeah there's a boxer a lot of people were doing that for a while they thought urine therapy was that's true right Joe I know you're not a doctor but I am definitely a doctor and it is true and I want you to do it now I've drank my pistol for I tried it

► 01:54:07

oh come on Tyson Fury on ways he's preparing for a while I'm masturbating seven times a day to keep up my testosterone pumping Pump It Pump It Pump It pump it don't you know I got to keep active and testosterone flowing for the fight don't want the levels to go down so I always thought having sex was bad for you before if I supposed to be yeah you levels actually go up not that it's bad but some people think it's a distraction like Mike Tyson's view was he said that he felt that sex was

► 01:54:37

acting so he would have sex just so you'd have to think about it because if you didn't have sex then he was just thinking about sex all the time but when Tyson was in his prime you got to also remember he's a really young guy like he was in his early 20s is testosterones through the fucking wall you know and the level of girls that were bombing on the yes look at me I'm not mean Robin Gibb this is beautiful the most beautiful women in the world we're trying to get some of that that fucking Gladiator dick whoo

► 01:55:09

but I think for him he really felt like sex was a distraction and if he could just have sex then he went think about it so I saw this play one time was written by Steve Martin and it was a fictitious meaning between Picasso and Einstein and a bar and France it was called Picasso at the local geel and in it Picasso's painting and he's talking and he says an artist must stay well fucked otherwise his eye goes from the page to the

► 01:55:37

so Sil down to the street across over to the cafe where the girl sitting with her skirt up and it's like you got that's what that I that always stuck with me right it's an artist as a stay well fuck that I was going to be doing is thinking about getting late yeah men will understand that but men will rarely say that in the presence of women and so because of that women either don't believe it or they dismiss it or they think you're a pig for expressing it right all those

► 01:56:07

things but men alone they'll go yeah that makes sense I'll give you say that you got to stay well fucked about oh yeah of course you have to otherwise you get fucking distracted this true women have no idea I heard a thing on NPR one time probably 15 years ago and they were doing a story about this woman who decided to transition to be a man and so she documented it into like an audio thing and she talked about how when she was into and started feeling her testosterone and she would become attracted to women

► 01:56:37

and she goes it didn't have to be a boob it could be an elbow it could be her ankle it could be whatever and I and she goes I finally understood 13 year old boys yeah yeah yeah pretty fucking distracting isn't it and dad you got to keep your shit together well it's not just that it's a biological imperative it's a reason why people breed but it's like that's built into the DNA to make people attracted to females so they can spread their DNA and that's what it is it's that

► 01:57:07

Temple it said Bill deny that is crazy but you've got men denying it because they want women to like them and then you got women dismissing it because they think that the men who express it and honest way are pigs and sexist and they exhibit toxic masculinity which is that's a hilarious expression because you need to thank toxic masculinity for all the bridges all the fucking all the Jets all the Rockets all this toxic masculinity if you break down all the things that

► 01:57:37

men have invented and all these toxic men have prevented like you from being murdered and War and protected the country and all the all the different things that you could attributed toxic masculinity most of its positive okay now I forgot what this guy had his question as it's sitting in my head since you started talking about toxic smack salinity and I fucking can't even get the word can't even say it's okay and sovereignty toxic masculinity is a ridiculous thing to say there's terrible men

► 01:58:07

there's terrible human beings and happen to be men there's also terrible human beings and happen to be women there's not toxic femininity they're just they just have any women women who developed in a terrible way most likely would bad parents most likely abuse physical and/or sexual and then they become a monster at the end of all this process this is same with men bad men are just bad human beings and happen to be men and when you see terrible things happen it's not because of toxic masculinity it's because it's a bad person I believe in the

► 01:58:37

individual there's individuals and some of them are bad and some of them are good but you want if you just want to generalize against all men like you're on an uphill Road there's too many obviously not me I've never invented anything but there's too many things that men have done that are positive there's way too many there's too many that if you wanted to have like a a scoreboard and you wanted to compete men versus women why why what are you going to say when you look at all the different accomplishments that men have made and obviously it's not mean it's not you I'm not talking about

► 01:59:07

like what that were on a team but I'm saying like just this idea this concept that men are bad and you hear this a lot today especially white man I don't wanna hear from white men okay well that's crazy because this is a lot of nice white men like this is dumb Phil Donahue yeah he's one of them but just just this idea that you can generalize about one entire group whether it's by gender or whether it's by race but by anything but you can do that with white men you can't really do that with

► 01:59:37

with brown women you can't say here's a problem with black women you know all black women are this that people go you're a racist piece of shit what do you say here's the problem with white men both are gross both statements such generalizations are disgusting whether they're a gender-based generalization or sex-based general whatever it is so they would say that that's okay to say that about white men because of the power Dynamic yes that white men have power so if we say that it doesn't it does not even racist right right that's what that's

► 02:00:07

nah I don't know I'm not a dumb argument not a professor so I don't know if that's true or not but the white part of this is thing white men have more power sure the but they also have more power than white men it's a tiny percentage of white men like men who have the power that we're talking about when you're talking about CEOs and you're talking about you know judges or what yes yes white men are in those positions of power but they're also in those positions of power over most white men

► 02:00:37

like it's not it's it's a very small amount of people that have extraordinary amount of influence yeah they happen to be white men when you say white men suck look at this like no that's that's the smallest percentage of people who are these billionaires who are these CEOs who are these judges who are these people that are in positions of power that happen to be white men so have you ever now I again I don't know I heard a guy refer to himself like a regular guy refer to himself as a cis-males

► 02:01:08

I'm going to do that from now on have that it has anyone ever done that it kind of blew me like I don't even know what it was when I first heard it yeah it's nonsense what your mail if you're a trans woman and you want to be referred to only as a woman fine no problem with that but I'm not going to call myself a sis male that's some new made-up shit it sounds like you're calling so Sissy Sissy yeah it's not like when I first heard it I was like gender I thought I told a guy was doing when I when I first heard it a guy said I'm assists male blah blah blah I'm like your sissy I didn't

► 02:01:37

what it meant I read this tweet once by this person who is saying basically to shame people into using that Ram it down their throats and eventually they'll accept it and it'll become normal and that you have to because if they want to refer to us as trans we have to refer to them as says we have to force them for example process yes yeah I don't even know that's where it came down to just to make a clear distinction so instead of making it look like a trans woman is lesser you sit you

► 02:02:07

instead of that you have cisgender and transgender so they're there because you're you're adding to that name that prefix yeah because you're adding to both now yeah now you've equalize the playing field you level the playing field but the problem with that is trans is extremely rare it's the reason why you have that prefix in the first place because it's really really unusual to meet a trans woman despite how the internet would have you feel I was always I'm sure it's a tough life to be a transgender

► 02:02:37

under the ocean like an incredibly tough I was always a little jealous that's right why don't you become a woman I was always like kind of looks like fun why don't you dress up like Meghan McCain and just start going on rants on your show you'd be free and would have such a fucking free pass I mean look Caitlyn Jenner kill the lady no one even talks about says anything no but she just slammed her into traffic not paying attention rear-ended her into oncoming traffic she's dead now and no one even brings it up

► 02:03:07

ones like she's so brave do you think she's intact I heard she caught it off oh my God it's a con yeah I don't but that was an accident right it wasn't like it was a careless accident but still she rear-ended somebody and slammed her into oncoming traffic and whether or not she was on her phone I don't know do you ever worry you're going to say something I've always worried like I'm ignorant above it like I said I big gaps yeah I'm knowledge of stuff and so I remember I was mostly talking about the other day and I got it

► 02:03:37

only wrong like I didn't know like somebody from what Jamaica that's also an African-American I didn't know that sure because they came over from Africa to that's it I guess I'm talking about how dumb I wouldn't say African-American men that's like this once they came to America and they're American citizens are African-American yeah so I didn't again this is a lot of Jamaicans refer to themselves as Jamaicans though the thing about Jamaicans is like it's really unique I like unique cultures are known for like

► 02:04:07

specific things that are very positive of Jamaicans are known for incredible work ethic yeah Jamaicans have multiple jobs it's always a stand-up just kidding ya in New York there was always jokes about Jamaicans about you know that they would get mad at you if you had less than five jobs oh no kidding ya Jamaicans are known for being like very hard oriented all see that's a New York thing I mean the only thing I've ever heard about your Megan's is The Stereotype of pot and all that 2.2 but they have a lot of jobs pot smokers having five jobs goes to show you it doesn't

► 02:04:37

away your ambition they don't it doesn't it's that's nonsense look I smoked a lot of pot I'm I'm pretty ambitious I work a lot so do you ever so I'll do a show right where I'm like criticizing someone or something and then I'll smoke a joint afterwards to relax and then I start second-guessing everything else do you want that yeah definitely okay I feel we're talking shit hey I know no I mean I'm thinking about my poorly worded rant of male versus women and I'm thinking like well I probably should have said that

► 02:05:07

better but that's just part of how it works you know what I was getting at but from all of this though is that we have to look at each other as individuals and this identity politics bullshit that people play whether it's male versus female whether it's black versus white and Asian and this and that we they have to be humans humans first and one of the weirder things that's going on in Hollywood now is there there's leaning so hard on diversity that it gets distracted

► 02:05:38

it's like it's like I want to see is an exam I want to see Frozen the musical Frozen is about a Nordic there's Nordic people one the girl has magic you ever see it you have kids I don't know I don't in the play in the musical the dad is black and the moms Chinese

► 02:05:56

which the like okay maybe she's Asian I don't know maybe she's Korean I don't know it's hard to tell I can't see that good I'm 52 okay far away but she was obviously Asian and then they have a kid and then the young version of the kid is Asian and then the old version of the kid later in the musical is white and my cue distracting the fuck yeah that's distract distract the fuck out of that is how does a black guy and an Asian lady Maple to blonde ladies but what's happening here or one has red hair

► 02:06:25

how that happened how did the black guy in the Chinese lady make a blond a you push the but I guess like don't you call continuity and they're just it's it's distracting the get they were he was great in his role she was great in her role they were excellent it worked I accepted it and I moved out but I know what you're doing you know if you had a white guy playing a black eye in a movie I'd be like what is happening here why is this white guy pretending to be a black guy this is doesn't this is a we going to address this like if there was a musical and there

► 02:06:55

guy and we decided we'll just have a white guy play the the father of you know some some black eye and we're just not going to say why he had a kid that was black we just assume that you'll figure it out or just you just you know yeah that's that breaks the fourth wall breaks your but you what he's I'm suspending my disbelief and then you're doing things to make me disbelief it's distracting it's distracting but I understand you understand what they're doing I appreciate it yeah because I think ultimately

► 02:07:25

Lee what it is is it's all all of it as moving in the right direction it's just doing it in a very clunky way they're moving against discrimination they're moving Against Racism they're moving for cultural diversity beautiful but it's just distracting the way they're doing it is so op but it's like Hollywood is so gross they lick their finger they have no virtue they lick their fingers on which way the wind blowing this way I mean we need Asians and they'll just fucking just start hiring Asians for things and trying to

► 02:07:55

Asian people jobs and try to look look look look we have Asians we're really and that if it becomes Jamaicans Jamaicans we need Jamaicans get them in here get him in here they don't give a fuck they're trying to make money they're trying to make money and one of the best ways to make money is to ride cultural Trends and so our cultural Trend right now is a good one even though there's a lot of people that are there basically they're controversy pimps right so when these things come up they use this controversy to gain

► 02:08:25

money or notoriety or push their cause or to use it as the wind behind their sale because they can talk a lot of shit about other people and get a lot of attention it gives them a bit of immunity yes it gives them a lot of immunity yeah and so like all these things were talked instead of course yeah how have you experienced it I've had people accuse me of being sexist I've had that clearly established that your socks I will of course I am because I think because I treat women equally yes that's the problem yeah of course you know I was sexist because I voted for Jill's

► 02:08:55

well anybody that says your sex is for making fun of Elizabeth Warren dancing is a fucking buffoon that's a perfect example of what I'm talking about like a you saying that you a person running for the commander-in-chief of the greatest army the world has ever known and you can't make fun of the way they dance because they have a vagina fuck you I Am Woman hear me roar - don't make fun of my dancing or my Roars but again it's like the I thought the answer to this was to treat everybody equally yes that's how it should be but identity politics that the real problem

► 02:09:25

I'm with and of course always is that you cannot ever say this is a man so he must be that this is a woman so she must be that this is a black person so they must be this that's what those generalizations are bad for everybody people are nuanced and if we don't believe in the individual then we don't really believe in equality we have to everyone has to have their own way to make it through this life and express themselves in a unique way where they can contribute in a unique way and we couldn't

► 02:09:55

appreciate them for who they are not appreciate them as a woman or appreciate them as a man or as a white man or a black woman or what that's nonsense it's so dumb like you happy you might happen to be a black man or you might happen to be an Asian man you might happen to be all those things but you're a person you're a fucking individual and we should especially when it comes to meritocracy things like positions of power in government like get elected officials or

► 02:10:25

even comedians or anything else like you want to make sure that the person who's this is there good so they're just good there's yes so there's that yeah but then there's also this other little part of it like so even someone who's say doesn't have the pedigree like there's a white guy from Harvard right he has to go straight A's the greatest whatever and then you might get a a - student who's a minority from silver or B+ student and that would be more effective to have in a position because they have a different world

► 02:10:55

so a meritocracy in a sense kind of leaves out some people who were have different hurdles to get over and have different life experiences that this person won't have you know Jen I'm saying like you become the people you're surrounded by so if you might be an African-American but it or so it's more important to have different economic represented because you can be really smart like the Chelsea Clinton but she doesn't know what it's like to have to have her medicine just to know what it's like

► 02:11:25

to have to drop it Pharmacy to get medicine for her daughter or your name means like she might be super smart but she doesn't have this information that we need which is like when FDR when he was doing the banks and stuff he got a banker from Texas didn't go to Wall Street ago you what I mean he got regular people to come in so that there's something to that to right so it's just a straight meritocracy well it is a meritocracy in that there's Merit in their life experience oh okay we put it that way individuals that live these difficult lives look I think that's

► 02:11:55

the greatest currencies that a person really carries with them in their life is their experience overcoming adversity their experience overcoming adversity shapes their character yes and when you meet someone Me Maybe you meet this woman and she she has you know all B's through college but she's been through a lot of shit and she's uniquely clever and how she handles things and you talk to her and you look at her record and go you know what I like you better than this guy who got all A's because he

► 02:12:25

seems kind of like yeah Spectre me and he's not going to like that fit in with my company but yeah that makes sense but that again we're just you don't just look at meritocracy don't just look at grades you look at the human over all the individual and there's a lot of benefit to people that have overcome difficult lives like those people come out interesting those people come out important because they they've they've seen some shit that you haven't seen yes that's that is what and they and they

► 02:12:55

things that you don't understand yes and that's why I like soy like a guy like Brock Obama could have a diverse cabinet but they're all from the same class right so that's fake divorce that's fake diversity yes so they're all he still he served he served the establishment powered like any white president did and his cabinet did the same thing by the way his cabinet came from an email from Citigroup which I know you know yeah fuck yeah you know what are its these things are complicated

► 02:13:25

it's part of the problem with any of these conversations and also there's so loaded when you talk about men or women or black or white anything like everybody's on edge like don't say anything stupid right well how do you feel really like whoa well I'm white so I don't have those experiences so I always try to limit how I talk about it like I always say I shouldn't be talking about this because I am I don't have you should be talking about anything you want to talk about this idea that you could be should be silenced because you're not in some protected group

► 02:13:55

that's nonsense I've always have well I'm always afraid I'm going to say something ridiculous and ignorant which I do often yeah me too I'm Gonna Save ignorant ridiculous shit like this you have to have the ability to say ignorant ridiculous shit if you can have a free-flowing conversation like you and I so we didn't even talk on the phone before this we had no idea we're going to talk about we can do a pre-interview nothing we did nothing but coming here was tragically did a pre it'll be hilarious we just start talking about farts and blow job

► 02:14:27

fucking free do you want to talk about Jimmy I don't know I fucking yeah it would most certainly a job Jack it up seven times a day to keep my testosterone up let's talk about that yeah get it get it get it pre-interviews they still do pre-interviews on do you by the way do you ever watch any of those shows ever no no one does very few people are watching those I mean Conan O'Brien get less views in my show no I know that's why he's dead that's why they're all doing podcasts now I know what's in the fucking show there was

► 02:14:55

crazy article that Conan O'Brien is leading the way you see that in New Media yes like what are you talking about we've been doing this shit for 15 years bitches

► 02:15:07

and this is what the foods even get good numbers on his podcast no no the actual downloads me does all right but he doesn't do as good as like Dax Shepard or me or any of the people that are at the top of the Heap and nominee well be you know you use your platform Joe to actually have real conversations and say thing I haven't listened to Conan O'Brien's of podcast because you know I've got anything else to do but he's interviewing famous people yeah it's fucking the same bullshit and it's not I mean hey Marc maron's got that covered

► 02:15:37

right he did that he open it for 10 fucking years that's right people opened up to their heart Doug never so he has this thing and then you do this other thing it's fucking covered you aren't breaking any new ground was crazy that had there was a New York Times headline wasn't a joke I think it was I wasn't variety and everybody in Hollywood was like what in the fuck are you talking about yeah yeah and what was funny to yeah I got tagged on it so many times I'm like I'm not even going to comment because I can't it's coming up right he's Revolution I see how it's changing the game

► 02:16:06

mmmmm he's jaded the game because they gave they had a photo shoot he's a white male bright problem he is assist male he's another one of those white man at the top of podcasting it's bullshit yeah I don't know if he's at the top of podcasting I wouldn't say that all of it it's just groans you ever do his show no yeah I did a show before a couple times its teeth they sell seem like nice people he's a nice guy he seems like a nice girl seem like very nice people I feel bad when I go after them on Twitter this is Andy Richter all the cards you do

► 02:16:37

he said I can tell he's a nice guy I can I know you will because you know he's famous right and white male and he's white male so problems very safe for me to go after him but he there's this Hollywood mentality on the left right and this Hollywood mentality on the left is that all bad things started in January 2017 they have no idea how we got there so he's tweeting out this stuff about how Trump is has the cognition of an eight-year-old right because he wants to do war crimes and so

► 02:17:06

what are you know I love how quick can you believe this guy I'm like dude they've been fucking doing war crimes since I was born why are you acting like this just started we're just we don't ever prosecute them and they're not going to prosecute him for war crimes why are you fucking doing that you know what war criminals do they go and dance with Ellen on daytime television that's the cognition of Hollywood Michelle Obama says George Bush in her have the exact same values a war criminal she has the exact same that's the cognition of a fucking first lady will talk about cognition how we fucking got here and you're smarter than that and

► 02:17:37

Rector and that's why I hold his feet to the fire I know he's a nice guy but he gets locked into that teenage although it's called team that's all fucking vote blue no matter who it's all it's all forget how we got here let's forget that Barack Obama was unbelievably corrupt which is why we don't have a functioning banking system which is why you don't have a functioning Health Care system which we why he took us from two Wars to 7 which is why he had a Peace Prize at a fucking kill list wait where's my kill list so maybe it's underneath my peace prize and use it as a paperweight

► 02:18:06

it kind of ironically anyway these are the things that I try to focus on Joe by the way I was right about all of them yes and that's right about fucking Russia gate you work but the beauty that I come on you do a Victory lap yet you should it's been around your chair the thing about you though is like you are a left-wing guide that's willing to criticize the left and for some people that seems to be the problem Habbo thing like they don't want to talk about the laughs oh you can time first of all so I found out that people who want to make it in the Democratic party are not allowed to come to my show

► 02:18:37

no so I was doing a show in this woman who I know who was involved in Democratic politics I kind of want to say anything about who they are because they'll get in trouble and so she came to my show and she goes you know this other person who's climbing in the Democratic party was supposed to come with me and at the last minute she didn't and I called her and said why don't you come and she goes you know if I could seen it at Jimmy Dore show my career in the Democratic party's over it's Kamala Harris I could tell by your accent you racist piece of shit I can tell couldn't you tell Jamie I could tell and I'm like

► 02:19:06

that's what she has she ever been on your show Kamala Harris yes no I must be her oh we did some quick easy FBI work right there so anyway at that made me feel good that makes me feel that I want to be an outsider I don't want I want people to be afraid of me they're afraid you know well I don't know if they are but they won't come on my show so that's good and by my show was never about guests might show is all about my opinion horse and calling out bullshit yeah so it's that's nobody doing the right thing you doing I'm doing the wrong thing because they all keep asking to be on

► 02:19:37

show how okay I request from all of them really oh yeah Biden Warren how do you tie to you resist that shit because my friends are all talk to my friend yeah I know I would get it liner Tulsi and I like I like burning that's it oh yeah everybody else can eat shit look at you fucking Progressive yeah well I'm always been yeah what everyone says you're right wing they're out of their fucking mind I've never voted right wing in my life really never never I voted Democrat except

► 02:20:06

for independent of whatever Gary Johnson cause he did my podcast people don't realize how parb like I'm not I'm not right wing at all okay that's wild know there's nothing about me that's right wing yeah kill your own food but that's it well that's crazy the 95 plus percent of the population the planet eats meat I just having to kill my own yeah that's it so it's not like 95% of the population is right wing because they kill their own food I think there's a lot of right-wing like family values and things

► 02:20:36

like that that I admire I think but when you kick when it gets to homophobia when it gets to women's rights that's why I break right I'm a hundred percent in favor of women's rights a hundred percent in favor of gay rights gay marriage I'm a big proponent of there's got to be some new action taken to clean up a lot of these crime-ridden communities and the idea that we can spend all this money overseas we can't spend money on Flint Michigan or Detroit or the South side of

► 02:21:06

Iago that to me is insane that doesn't make any sense and this idea that we're all in the same starting page is so fucking stupid to that that is a very non right-wing way of looking at it because everybody's like you got to pull yourself up by your bootstraps there's a lot of people that came out of bad neighborhoods but they didn't did it in fucking cry woe is me to just went out there and they kicked ass that's nonsense you have no idea what it's like to grow up in a crime-ridden poverty infested drug-addled neighborhood you don't know what that's like and we should make it so that no one knows

► 02:21:37

that's like if we want America better the best way to start is to clean up all the spots that suck and make people that are coming out of their have a real chance and making something out of their life don't don't have it so that there are starting out from the time they're a child with a massive deficit that's only what you mean by Clean cleaning up the play I mean Community programs putting money into these communities jobs jobs not just jobs but Community programs were kids have a safe place to go that's a big part of it

► 02:22:06

protect them from the gangs put more cops in those neighborhoods and have them there all the time make them a part of the community they got to do something about the violence and do something about the gangs in this repetitive cycle of people growing up in these neighborhoods and getting trapped in these same horrible conditions at their parents that are the grandparents did and it's an endless cycle we and we pretend like we don't have the resources to fix these Jets TR did FDR went give ever you want a job I'll give you a job that means you're going to go work it's not I'm not giving you anything

► 02:22:36

you're earning it and guess what we have the money for it wouldn't that be amazing if they did that it there could be strategies that are implemented they might not all work but I don't feel like I don't think anything is doing yeah we're gonna help we're gonna have Enterprise zones yeah obviously I've done and then they and then they want the school to fix all the problems of the community no what you need is jobs what people need is something to look forward to they need to know that they if they do play by the rules they will get thing you can have a job right now those people were going to and they don't have any health

► 02:23:06

Healthcare right and they get broken their life goes upside down because I mean you know how I have a job I got sick my life got turned upside down because of bills and this is not just black communities either we're talking about the coal mining communities in West Virginia exact horrific man you don't even like I have a good friend is from there it's like man you don't know what poverty is like you don't even know what poverty is like until you see that I could have nothing I talked to a guy on my show his name is Nick Smith from Virginia and he told me he was Waffle House cook and he told me

► 02:23:36

I might even told you this before he said hey we all knew that Donald Trump was a loudmouth Yankee who should have had his ass kicked a long time ago but Hillary Clinton wasn't offering us anything so he would least offering us something right so they're desperate these people need something little she wouldn't even sign on to a $15 minimum wage which was ready what is it but the fuck's wrong with you yeah well she didn't even believe in gay marriage till 2013 how about that mm fucking 13 she does when she came around with gay marriage get your url your ahead of her on that where are you Joe

► 02:24:06

joke well I actually lived in San Francisco run gay people and I was real little really 7 to 11 my family lived right off of Lombard Street we know kid we lived in San Francisco in the height of the I mean it was the Vietnam War there's all these hippies myself as a hippie oh no kidding yeah so it's like I mean I've been liberal my whole life I just look like a republican you know yeah I think attend I like beating the shit out of people I'd like some violent things and I have guns and

► 02:24:36

now there's a lot of things that you could make an inference like all that guy seems like you would be but no I my friend my friend Graham Elwood is you know him sure he's he was on his live stream the other day and he's very anti-war like me and so these people were fucking with them to be pro war and he's like that's right I'll knock you out that's right you ever been knocked out by a vegetarian

► 02:24:59

like that's a bit dangerous you've been that Solaris well that's another group that people like to play identity politics with what you're eating you know how much how much of that is so you with the meat so my doctor dr. Sharpe so don't you have a special bone broth dr. Sharpe from Pasadena that's true that's holy shit should have said that I would have been yeah on it man so he tells me yes he always does this like this right he goes but Jimmy you're from Chicago you eat meat right deep dish pizza

► 02:25:29

right and I go I go yeah I'm trying not to and he goes why I go you know global warming I saw a cows jumping like dogs I feel bad that's bouncing around yeah I can't eat I can't eat pork is get it I just can't eat pork dish pork is Shady I can't do it but but wild pigs must be stopped oh there they they can kill you right or is why lures they killed Elena

► 02:25:59

Texas and Aid her they found her on an elderly lady they found her in her driveway torn apart by wild pigs she was on her way out to the car and she just ran to a pack of them and they took her out a pack yeah yeah the I've seen videos those things are but have to kill them there's so many of them and they breed so quickly they bleed they have for in a litter they'll have four letters in a year really yeah bang bang bang bang bang bang bang that's why there's millions and millions of wild pigs they started with just a few pigs that were on like the

► 02:26:29

enter the Santa Maria or some shit and they spread across the entire country but once you find out that they have emotions yes that's a problem is what I can't I can't do that they have a light shooting from a distance

► 02:26:43

you don't want to get up close so your theory is they don't know it's coming no well that is a good way to do it but what did they doubled their mother what if you have a pig in a new kill the pigs must do that if you're an ethical Hunter you know you don't shoot a pig that has piglets yeah you try to avoid it and lasts about a deal the only time they do they don't do that either that's illegal oh the only time they do do that though in some place ileal the only time they do do that with pigs is when they're trying to eradicate all of them like there's some farm lands that experience

► 02:27:12

just devastating losses because of wild pigs and especially in Texas millions and millions of dollars a year which cripples these companies they go under because of wild pigs like these Some Farms can literally go bang oh my God you have no idea what it's like unless you've been around them but what about fig Pig farming right that's a different thing so most Pig farming is disgusting I can't it's horrible but then there's there's ethical pig farms where they raise these pigs where they get let them roam around meat looks different because they're eating acorns and natural food

► 02:27:41

really yeah there's a guy named Joel salatin and he runs this farm called polyface farms and he's all about regenerative farming and he discusses like how like the way animals live best is the way they live naturally and they used to put chicken is supposed to roam free so he has this portable chicken house and they roll it into a new field and then the chickens go into the chicken house at night and then the morning they come out and then they go roam around and they move it to another spot so they eat all the

► 02:28:12

bugs and all the grass and all the stuff in the area and then they move to a new spot and so they raise chickens in the eggs are healthier the the pigs the the pork is healthier these pigs are wandering around in these open areas and then they Corral them and then they then they kill them quickly I just once I find out you know they have real emotions like dogs I just think about my dog and now I just I just fall apart I can't I hear you but wild pigs are different

► 02:28:41

that's different because they're an invasive species you know they actually morph the change shape when they become like a wild pig and a domestic pig is the same animal like a people talk about all our Russian wild boar this is all nonsense it's all sus scrofa it's all one genus it's the same animal really yeah really when a wild when a pig domestic Pig goes wild I mean it's different versions of what they can all breed with each other when a domestic Pig goes wild like say if you had a domestic Pig and he said go ahead Porky be free

► 02:29:12

and you load up your gate within weeks within weeks they start to physically change their snout starts to lengthen their hair gets thicker and bushier and their tusks grow no kidding yes they literally become what you think of when you think of wild boars it just takes a while but they fit their one of the weirder animals they're almost like Gremlins when you feed him after midnight when you let them go they start changing they morph so I

► 02:29:39

I so dr. Sharpe says to me from Pasadena he says he said well you should eat meat and I'm like because of my condition right and he tells this long story about how we evolved it does he sits down and starts telling me and about how we were cavemen and inside the glaciers and the thing and he's like so you should eat meat especially you because of your condition and I go okay well how often and he goes every day and I was like Jesus I can't do that you know and so but this is medical advice from a guy who

► 02:30:09

my life right so it's like I meet a couple times a week do you feel better or worse when you eat it I do have more energy yeah well that's probably good right yeah why not like meet more often I have a just because if you go out to eat pork I know if you eat humanely raised me so there's great yeah grass-fed yeah you can buy grass-fed grass-finished meat from Farmers that have a commitment to humanely raised

► 02:30:39

mainly euthanized animals I want to euthanize killed killed animals and they when the way they kill them when they harvest them they just lead him into pain they have no idea what's coming and they put a bolt to their head and bang they take them out yeah the it can it can be done in a way where the animal has no idea what happens until it till it's over and it's not like they're going to live forever I mean obviously this is a slippery argument as he said about people to write this guy's an asshole it's just kill him it's not easy to live forever you don't want to say that but the the the quality

► 02:31:09

the of the meat is far better if the animal is living a natural light you're talking about organic no hormones no no antibiotic horn yeah no corn man it's terrible for cows they're not supposed to eat that did there the ruminants they fucking grass that's what they do when they're at their best and healthiest and healthiest for you this better fatty acids in it's just healthier for you and so and so you think if you went vegetarian it would be bad for your health

► 02:31:39

I don't know I don't think it I think it's definitely doable I definitely think you can go vegetarian and and be healthy but you have to be really careful about a lot of your nutrient levels you have to really make sure you get enough vitamin D A lot of B12 you gotta check your essential fatty acid levels there's a lot of stuff that like it looks real good on paper but then you find out it's not bioavailable tried to go vegan for a while and I got I got fat well it's a lot of cars yeah

► 02:32:09

you know I didn't know what you know what I was doing I wasn't doing it right whatever yeah I'm not a battle like soy why don't you like sound like tofu and I'm fucking Yeah just something about it did you fuck with any of that vegan chicken stuff or any of those weird ones that are they make them look like real food there's a name for that I don't know about that fake meat they have now is fantastic really bad for you though do you know that actually causes liver problems and rats

► 02:32:35

what yeah pull up the fake meat liver problems rats no yeah look it's all wheels so that stuff is all cannot assess food oils its processed vegetable oils and that it had yeah just eat fucking vegetables man if you want to be a vegetarian eat vegetables look most boring a lot of people would say regular Burgers not good for you either but of course a regular burger is just meet with bread and all the bullshit the bread and all the bullshit is what's bad for you it's not the burger itself is long as it's an actual me

► 02:33:06

particularly if it's a grass-fed Burger yeah so what is he pulling up he's pulling up this study about one of them eat the fat one of them impossible over Beyond meet one of them but they were talking about how there's studies that are showing that this this is not but then again they're not marketing it as a healthy alternative know their marketing is a meat-free Berger & Berger is kind of like a fun food anyway here it is rat feeding studies suggest the impossible Burger may not be safe to eat

► 02:33:35

ello fucking wow but gives you go to the ingredients man I've had scientists relay the ingredients to me I thought it was just coconut oil it's a bunch of fat up stuff because he got to make it seem like it's a real Burger someone came is that thing they that makes it taste like it's called heme iron some like that that's what gives it that flavor that people are looking for getting that I don't know where they get that from Soylent Green that good spits a people don't know that

► 02:34:05

sucks yes sucks well it's so you don't think I'll ever stop eating meat you think you'll always you'll you're like animals are here for us to eat and that's that I don't think that I think we definitely evolved the human animal evolved from eating meat and that's not that's not under debate mean we evolved from eating meat and weirdo vegans to try to say crazy shit like oh why don't we have canines how can we can't eat meat raw well because asshole we figured out fire a long fucking time ago and our bodies adapted because of that are

► 02:34:35

our teeth adapted because we figured out how to cut things with utensils and we figured out how to cook things so they're more tender it's not as simple as like why do we have an appendix why is that I'll tell you why because we used to eat differently we still have a leftover organ some weird fucking organ from for breaking down bark and shit you know we don't need that anymore when he bark anymore is that what it's like roots and stuff like oh really yeah I think that's what the appendix is for I think it was initially for breaking down like very hard to digest

► 02:35:05

fibrous things so I had my gallbladder out whoa what did you do with it you got to put it back in yeah I'm thinking about it I have it in my glove box but what happened not just had I was having a gallbladder attack I thought it was a heart attack whoa where is it Carl I don't even know so it is it was like right here oh jeez and I always heard like your heart attack feels like it's in the center and this was but it was a little lower I'm like this is a heart attack I'm dying this is no doubt I'm dying I thought for sure I was dying so I'm on the couch I remember I was like this is my

► 02:35:35

my wife calls the firemen and I'm just like this is it this is how it's going to happen I was kind of okay with it right but I wasn't because I was in a lot of pain I wanted it to end like okay if I die I die when they came in they shot me and I was like oh I feel fantastic again so that wasn't it was just my gobbler they took it out and what does it do the gallbladder secretes bile into your stomach to help digest things right so gallbladder is would be like the for bile in your liver makes bile it like your Reservoir

► 02:36:05

so now I don't have a reservoir anymore whoa so now it's just is always kind of Dripping is it fuck with you anymore you know it's fucked with a lot and lots of different ways yeah my appetite is case weird when you get nervous it doesn't come it doesn't come on slowly it is damn it that's why you had to eat when you're on stage so that happened oh that makes sense so that and then and often often after I eat have to go right I have to go to bathroom right away right away yeah I don't know ever since I had my gallbladder

► 02:36:35

no other people have that I have a Googled it now was there any alternative to getting it removed did they say hey maybe you could change your diet I was not giving a alternative there was so there's you have like calcium and deposits in your thing and they blocked the duct and then you don't that's what causes all the pain and So eventually it'll dislodge itself and the pain will go away but it could kill you if it stays in doesn't go away and so they have to take it out Jesus Christ yeah and guess

► 02:37:05

so here's a here's a great story about our medical system right Joe so I have Blue Cross insurance I had the best that you could buy or what have you and so I had my second gallbladder attack and I was like I got to get this goddamn thing out because I can't have this happen again it hurts too much right so I called the doctor and they're like I can't even get a consultation for three weeks in network through three to get it so I have to get a consultation then I have to wait another three or four weeks to get the operation so this could maybe be two months

► 02:37:35

before I get the operation of these 10 I'm going to have another goddamn attack so I did one out of network and I got another doctor to come take care of me faster so I couldn't have to worry about the other panel said to pay out of pocket goddamn yes so this whole thing you're going to have to wait you have to fucking wait right now yeah it's ridiculous what why are you acting like no it's true it is true it is true I have friends in Canada it's way worse up there though about waiting yeah if you like I had French needed in the operation they waited a fucking year so for a whole year she's walking around with it

► 02:38:05

a torn ACL really tuppenny yeah whole year a year 12 months 365 days I don't know hobbling around do you know anybody in Canada with that would trade their health care plan for United States hell didn't want to pay for it once you don't have to pay for it you don't want to pay for it you know there's a great video where this guy interviews people in England and he asked them how much you think sauce to be married or how much it's a baby to have a baby and then like $100

► 02:38:31

try 10 grand is like what yeah so that's yeah everybody freaks out everybody freaks out well once you're used to things being free you don't want to pay for them I don't look I think healthcare should be free I really do I think education should be free I think if we're going to spend money as a community if we have a gigantic community of people and that's what a country really is that's it it's a community what is the most important thing to take care of well we got to take care of our own people sick people we got to take care of poor people we got to take like this is this the idea that somehow or another that

► 02:39:00

at this is a this is a foolish notion that you have to take care of people that education it wouldn't be better if more people are educated yeah so why shouldn't that be free well we don't have the money but we have how much money how much hundred thirty one extra billion they gave Trump that be a lot of Education yeah a lot of people learn shit that way yeah that's almost that's double the money it would take to send everybody to college for free that's hilarious 55 billion dollars a year said everybody to college they just spent a hundred and thirty 1 billion to give gift to him that's double right I'm not a math surgeon but I'm pretty sure that's done

► 02:39:30

have surgery I think if we figured out a way to you know you know Irish it first says the same stuff yeah but I was just on his show and he was saying we got to take care of homeless people I'm like I thought you were right winger oh he's not writing at all I guess not ours very left-wing why do you think everybody was right when because we talk shit I don't know I just hear that shit you know on social media whatever all those idiots they just think that because I've talked to Alex Jones or because I've had you know a right-wing people on that you know all your platforming people gel yeah I've been friends with Alex Jones since then

► 02:40:00

90s I've known that guy forever so when I went in that territory this story when you spend his face so when so when the Ice Tea's accidentally I got so so whatever first I didn't think that would be that big of a deal wow that turned out to be a big deal right right so then whatever so then the next day I talked to some people from his show we're all friends right but not him and so I went down like a couple months later did you Austin so I go to this the steakhouse right a there forgets the name

► 02:40:30

the big place right right across from the West End and so I'm there my brother came down for the weekend my brother and his wife and we're all sitting there were eating and all of a sudden really goes Alex Jones just walked in he sitting right behind you I go get the fuck out of he's gonna come pick me up that's good if I guess I'm just worried you say I'm friends with Joe Rogan

► 02:40:50

but my brother's big guy right so my brothers are bigger than me and and tough to write and so I was like alright we will if you see him coming this way you gotta know so he's back and he goes he just sat down he shook hands with this guy three times I go it sounds like they're up to something I go and we were luckily refinishing and I was like okay I'm not going to I'm going to finish it I'm going to walk the fuck that's hilarious just get Alaric slick as he could

► 02:41:21

he could crush me he probably wouldn't he would be able to talk to him he's a lot more reasonable than people think he is and he especially now now he's not drinking anymore oh really yeah he's been off booze for shit I want to say many many months now

► 02:41:38

yeah it's been quite a while he is no drink and he's changed he's he's realized he was losing his fucking mind was getting deep platform he was drinking like a bottle bottle a half of vodka every night yeah he was going hard times I can understand why people do shit like that when you and when you do drink that much you do get psychotic like you start your I love drinking and I can't I don't drink like I used to anymore because older to you body can't process it right and I wake up the next day I'm depressed

► 02:42:07

yeah yep I love drinking martinis during a live show I go back and read the next day or next day and like everything's wrong everything's bad I'm this but you know what a lot of that is a lot of it is not just the alcohol it's also the dehydration oh yeah if yeah if you just hydrate and take a lot of electrolytes you think yeah yeah you can mitigate a lot of that stuff also glutathione glutathione can help your body process alcohol quicker glutathione glutathione yeah it's an antioxidant super potent antioxidant yeah that

► 02:42:37

Ali your body produces it and AIDS in the process of processing alcohol and know that yeah I can help you a little bit a little boost I did drink at Hawaii of they have that my touches it that's fucking bullshit did I love them yeah couldn't stop drinking them they taste like yeah that's a problem when things are delicious but you also get you fucked alcohol yeah but I didn't wasn't driving anywhere I didn't have to do anything so it was all right there was just be a place in West Palm Beach Improv and downstairs they had one of those out

► 02:43:07

haluk Slurpee places no no this thing yeah they taste fucking delicious now one of them called call a cab

► 02:43:19

and you were drinking it was like I drank one on stage once and by the end of the show I was like thank God the show ended the way it did because I forgot how to talk really oh my God I was so sloshed by the time the show was over I was one glass I mean one likes it was like a big gulp sized call a cab I don't know how many drinks just one like seven chapters to load but it's like a giant mix right it's just like 7-Eleven Slurpees it all comes down but it tastes good it tastes good and you get fucked

► 02:43:49

yeah I've never been that fucked up on stage there was a time when I was I was going through a phase where I drop my pants on stage oh you stop doing that I did people start to complain why I don't know how much this is the oldest comic gig in the fucking gig in the thing it's just a gag you drop your pet is Jerry Lewis is funny did you have underwear on yeah yeah yeah are you are is pulls his hog out not anymore I'm really scared now you can you do that isn't that he'll still kill you put your hog out

► 02:44:19

up he pulled his hog out and skank Fest in New York they had a you know skank fast and again I don't I'm not familiar gotta get in the loop I know I'm out of it did a few weeks ago didn't I kill Tony yeah pull this hog out again you're a before you was here I'm afraid maybe Tony was here one of the times where was it and I promised our well probably shouldn't say that that could probably be a problem was embarrassed Eagle well I used to do a job fake rubber dick don't worry about it folks I used to do it is until you do and yeah and then nobody noticed that I was embarrassing

► 02:44:50

it's joke yeah Joe she's sometimes I do jokes all right I got you know what am I here with my father no it's okay it's all fine it's all fine Ari has always done ridiculous shit he's to go onstage with his balls out of his pants not address it so you go on stage and do his act he would just unzip his pants pull a sack out and then just have it only a sack hanging out while I was onstage at the store where there is like someone on stage Joey bombing and he

► 02:45:19

yes Joy but there was a woman on stage she's terrible like one of the worst comic has ever done comedy and this one night she was killing I mean fucking killing and this is why when she would hit a punchline Joey was hiding behind the stage and he was naked and you go and then you can close the curtains and so she would get this giant fucking laugh and she was like Wow feeling her oats and then she's like and then I told him fuck you and I know

► 02:45:49

that's balls ass naked and with that seems like you can be in jail that seems criminal with Joey's balls look like grapefruit and old ladies pantyhose and he's got a giant dick so Joey would you know as you got this huge belly so he opens up the curtains his pants are down by his ankles his balls and his dick or hanging out it's got this huge belly yeah she never did comedy again really know making me okay she should have Larry is that's it

► 02:46:19

Austin actually that was where we were at the hotel hanging out in the hazard in the background yeah hanging out at the jacuzzi get ready for the show wow yeah I think the day that I mean like comedies it's already dangerous enough yeah I don't need to add nudity well you didn't trouble now yes like that like people can get really angry at you for showing your dick well that it's not not like the old days it was kind of it was a subtle gag it's a good

► 02:46:49

you can see it yeah it's a good nobody cares guy's cock yeah Joey used to do it all the time yeah I don't there was I remember when I was a kid I had older sisters and they there was a flasher our neighborhood they were gonna call the guy flat I'm like I don't understand this whole thing understand why he's doing that I don't understand why it freaks you out so much it's like I don't the whole thing but I do not know I understand why fix them I get the freaking out I still don't get why they do it but I think it has something to do with someone traumatizing you when you're

► 02:47:19

young it's got ya gotta be humiliation something you're addicted to that kind of if there's lots of people like that yeah well how about guys who are addicted to the hire women to gag them and shit on them and kick them in the balls and yeah sometimes like really powerful men and hurt them yeah hurt them stopped or not like stop on their nuts with a stiletto and it starts bleeding how is that fun how is that what is that I don't know that is such an peep that is broke such so down a rabbit hole

► 02:47:49

love you Millie I'm you know I mean I was hit a lot as I went to Catholic I go all the guilt and hitting and by and somehow I managed to avoid that kind of stuff that kind of shit thank God I don't have weird shit but that's a mommy shit and like the whole pantyhose and baiting you and kicking the ball so it's like there's obviously it's not to be your mom realm of pathologies that people can develop in their life and it's probably a lot of mental illness involved in there and violence and abuse but apparently there's a woman that I talked to who is that

► 02:48:19

a Dominatrix and she was telling me and Jim Norton you know Jimmy I told you in a dominant he loves Dominatrix and she was saying most of her clients are like these like wealthy CEOs and they run these companies and they're the fucking man and when they walk in all mr. Wilson's here hello mr. Wilson can I get you a cup of coffee and everyone's kissing her ass and they want someone to shed on them like literally shit on them they want some of the time up and she yeah she would say that those are the guys why is that though I guess it's just so every powerful guy wants to like feel

► 02:48:49

release of their power well that's why when the John Wayne shit on I don't get it baby the steel dossier right when they were talking about Trump getting peed on all that stuff for peeing on them that's why it made sense it's like well of course of course what not that it's real nothing made sense that it's real but that would be a story because you want to kind of expect from a super powerful guy who had a weird Kink super-powerful guys with weird Kinks they usually want to get pegged right then went to get pissed on

► 02:49:20

pegged is the best that's one of the that's one of the best things like cuz you can say pegged on national TV right now yes still you can still say it pegged no one can stop you right Peg does not like it's not in the dictionary I don't think right if you say but fucked with a dildo people go hey but you shouldn't even say that because it's too wordy economy of words pegged fits better and it's got a p and a g pegged how do you just not start laughing when they when she starts begging you I don't know how do you dispatch

► 02:49:49

last might be really into it and then you know you gotta be for your summer bad boy

► 02:49:56

what are the women get out of it they get to dominate you and that's it humiliate you yeah I knew a guy in this group girl said that she would fuck him if if if he let her peg him and he wouldn't do it well really we're calling again it's do it yeah well she said she was I'll let you fuck you she's not only Peggy but I want to fuck you in the ass how pretty she is pretty hot and all my friends called him gay well bro you're gay hey you should have just fucked a letter that would fuck you in the ass

► 02:50:25

you're gay and you my friend was funny he was like it's not even a real dick bro

► 02:50:37

there's no wind lever yeah it's hot man she probably doesn't want to fuck you but she's willing to do it if you're willing to do something for her she probably always wanted a Peggy guy you got to make some sacrifices it's like your joke about the the female version of who wants to give you a job in Hollywood movie Harvey no Weinstein yeah that's like that Harvey no Weinstein came to my son with a solid contract I'd be like dude you're gonna be Batman

► 02:51:07

it's true we're talking about that last night with our Kelly like the R.Kelly stories horrific right he's having sexually 15 16 year old girls but imagine if JLo had a bunch of 15 and 16 year old boys locked up in the house somewhere Miami she's making them all eat her ass and videotape it and we would be laughing would be it's so funny it's so different it is a different thing men and women are different yeah there are different thing in this idea that we're not different it's so stupid we're not math you know we're very different yeah but we're in denial

► 02:51:36

I'll adapt because we work in these environments where men and women are side-by-side 40 hours a week and the everybody's under Human Resources fucking tight grip of behavior and so everybody guys act weird and then men don't want them women mad at them so they have to pretend yeah these guys are assholes this guy's a total pig yeah as as male feminist I find that atrocious you know who's not a male feminist you know who you never find that's a male feminist gay guys because they're not trying to fuck you okay so now I have to play some

► 02:52:06

stupid game they care about women more than they care about anything and women's equality is the most important thing no they're trying to suck dick and but fuck dudes they're having a good time that's what they do they're not they're having a fun time with other gay guys they don't give a fuck they don't want you to be victimized but they're not going to go out of their way as a male a lie that's all guys trying to fuck you a hundred percent it is 100% sneaky guys who can't figure out any other way to fuck that they that they pretend to be female

► 02:52:36

allies are nominal feminists mail for you can just be a nice person who's got like good values and ethics and you want things you want equality for all but the idea that you're a male feminist you come out I'm a male feminist like just saying those words out of your fucking mouth you're a sneaky fuck I know what you're doing you're sneaky so your gender Trader so you're telling me

► 02:53:03

that guys who say I always thought feminism was just about treating women equally that's because you talking to many liberals what is it about well it is about treating people equally if you feel that it's about treating people equally but when you hear a man say that he's a male feminist you're going so out on a limb you're not just saying you're you I'm all about treating people equally your labeling yourself and your labeling your

► 02:53:32

self in this sort of submissive sort of you're giving into this cultural wave so let me just can you what is the definition of feminism is that okay if I can ask the fuck knows right I've been he's going to look it up right I could ask Siri I bet you she'd yeah sorry okay ready we gotta end this soon I know hey Suri what's the definition of feminism advocacy advocacy of women's rights on the basis of equality of the Sexes boy that's an open-ended statement right there the quality of the Sexes is how weightlifting

► 02:54:03

making babies there's no advocacy of women's rights based on the equality of sexes that is of the sex well I think you're equal but you can be equal but different well we're not math right right certainly should have equal rights we certainly should have just equal the way people treat each other just equal morals and ethics another definition of feminist theory of political economic social equality of the Sexes organized

► 02:54:32

the on behalf of women's rights and interests mean that sounds like shit that you would agree with Joe well organized activity on behind this we're going to this is going to take too long okay unfortunately because it's three o'clock okay but yeah I agree with most things when I don't agree with the someone labeling themselves that way that's a man because everyone that I've ever met is a little weasel well I'm Jay you know I always say show me a male feminist that can pick up heavy things and run fast they don't exist it don't exist you think George Clooney calls himself a feminist

► 02:55:02

does he I don't know to probably has to I think it's pegged yes but I think it's broken you look Jesus Christ Jimmy I love you we ought to do this more often yes I will can we do this more often always great to talk with always great to talk to you to tell everybody how to get to show all your social media shit everything Jimmy Dore comedy.com we're on tour we're going to be in Tempe Miami all over the place go to Jimmy Dore comedy.com and you'll see everything I always appreciate it brother

► 02:55:32

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