#504 - Steve Maxwell

May 21, 2014

Steve Maxwell is an American fitness coach, physical educator, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor. He was named one of the top 100 trainers in the USA by Men's Journal.

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hello ladies and gentlemen

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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Maxwell my friend be to see a man like I said YouTube If you see ladies and gentlemen I'm sitting here in a chair with no back note my perfect posture I just received this this what do they call these things ergonomic besides gay don't say gay because a lot of people called I guess Asia chair you know the say supposition that the samurai position yeah it was just supposed to like promote good posture because I always find myself leaning is chairs like cracking and trying to find a so this is it makes you actively keep your back in a straight line right is that the idea behind this is the idea that you know the chair is like the new cigarettes these days yes that's what they say sitting is the new smoking the new smoking it's so many people will never stated if you have like bad posture and you sit in your chair you really are putting tremendous stress on just a few of the the the parts of your spine like a few of the disks and those disks oftentimes can

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sure they say the people get herniated disc from wearing a wallet if you have a wallet in your pocket like say if you're a cab driver or something and you sit down all the time on a wallet like you can get a herniated disc from that well I was think of that and even pressure imagine your hip like totally imagine like wearing a shoe right with one heel higher than the other yeah right well you're sort of the same same idea where you're sitting with one part of your hip above the other for years yeah and of course it's going to you know the stress of just being so in balance is going to take its toll on your body it's interesting because most folks would never think that that could be possible you would you would just think well it's it's not hurting your body's fine like it's not going to get injured but your body's kind of like it's all pliable and stuff like someone try to explain to me that everyone has like sort of a boundary on how flexible they can be

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and I was listening to this guy talk about this well you know so he was kind of like dismissing some folk you know because I'm flexible as like some folks just aren't that flexible you know you just happen to be naturally flexible I'm like man I don't know about all that really don't think I'm naturally flexible I just went through a lot of pain like I forced myself to stretch in really painful positions for you know 30 seconds at a time rest for a minute 30 seconds at a time right and when I'm down there for those 30 seconds that's hard to breathe your you're experiencing pain it's that fucking a lot of people just aren't willing to do that you know but that's just another just another example of how the body's kind of pliable it's pretty pliable I mean you couldn't have liked a lot of these body realignment techniques that work so well like Active Release Technique I'm most familiar with Rolfing if you ever heard this yeah we talked about last time we're here yeah I mean that it's save me yeah I can't tell you the horrific injuries that Rolfing

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make it over you know from both wrestling Jujitsu and so forth so if the if the the body is very malleable very very pliable and can be can be moved if a person knows if the practitioners have to do it yeah I went to Rolfing at the suggestion one of the guys from my Jiu-Jitsu class who had a bulging disc and dealt with it with Rolfing and he went to this guy but the guy was really wacky rather they can be a little strange some of these Bodywork types you know there's guy was very wacky he also believed that Bruce Lee could kill people with one punch and he was he kept telling me this that you know you know personally you know could kill people with just one punch he just I got especially if it was a three year old kid yeah it's like fucking you know baby or something you probably kill him with one punch like it's the people have died with one punch but it's not normal you know when a guy kills a guy with one punch like this idea that he's got like a gun in his hand and he's just just shoot people

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this is this guy was a little wacky and he had some very interesting ideas about what he was doing he would push down your ribs and think it would release your neck and I wasn't exactly sure if there was a lot of logical there may be something to that Joe you know because of the way the connective tissue spirals through the body how does that work like well there's have you ever seen what do they call that the the plasticize man that that exhibit where they he works the Body Works amazing you ever see the fascial part of that yes how the guy ever figured out the chemicals to use this is dissolve away all other tissues and leave the one intact that he wanted is just mind-blowing but anyway it's just like looks like DNA strands all spiraled up so really truly your ankle bone is connected to your neck bone and one part of your body is out of alignment right or you know stress or immobilized it can cause some problems in other areas of the body well this guy would like push down on your ribs with his elbows like to loosen up things in your back

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unbelievably painful just digging your you know use his elbow into your ribs and moving things around and then you have you stand up and look at you see if you're leaning to the left and leaning to the right and where your posture is I don't know about all that but when he got down to business on your back and would you know break it would you want to tap out I mean it's really bad it's pretty it's pretty bad but boy when you leave it's like everything is just kind of moving better and you feel taller yeah what you feel I don't ever feel tall short so are you pal but I'm pretty sure but I definitely felt looser I felt like more relieved and I think that there's a lot of folks that go out there and they you know they hit the gym they lift weights they'll do Jujitsu to do all these different things but they never get massaged and I think they're doing themselves a huge disservice you know I've said that to many many Jiu-Jitsu guys like if you can what just at least once a week just go go to one of those time

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sizes and have one of those people work on you or if you can go to a real good sports medicine place and have someone do some deep tissue on you makes a world of difference well I mean think about the nature of the sport right you're basically trying to hurt each other as much as possible yeah you're trying to deflect his much pain and or choke the guy to sleep yeah so I mean for sure it takes a toll on the body and you have to do these things in order to keep yourself in alignment because there's just no way you can do heavy Combat Sports like that without suffering so you're going to definitely get knocked out of alignment have things moved it shouldn't be moved and you need someone to kind of put them back in place and a lot of times you can't do it on your own yeah I mean the foam rolling and a lot of times Mobility exercises were pretty good for that self-treatment but usually after a couple days and that stuff is it working that's when you know it's time to get to a therapist actually put stuff back in place for it do you ever work with lacrosse balls do you ever do any of that I have yeah it's great

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in your back and then put the lacrosse ball under your back and roll like bridge on the lacrosse ball oh sure and also there's ways you can put the ball against the wall and I crawl into your shoulders and your packs and so forth and really release a lot of stuff but you know sometimes that just doesn't work and that's when you know it's time to get to the to the therapist yeah it's one of the things that I'm I'm finding out through his last year because this last year has been the year of this back injury that I had which is way better now I mean now I'm lifting heavy kettlebells and doing all these different things no problem no pain during the day and you know we've been doing this for like 10 minutes it's new chair but I think this might help me too but the what I'm learning is how many people get injured and then don't take care of it they just keep working they keep training to cheat the try to work around it and it winds up getting really bad or ignore it yeah and crazy isn't it it is very crazy because I'm running into a series of these guys once I start opening up about this whether it's from the

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underground guys that I know on Twitter or guys I know from Jiu-Jitsu class who now have atrophy and according to the doctor that administers that regen Akeem that blood spinning procedure that I had done to reduce inflammation he says once you have atrophy like that's really bad he's the lot of people think they're going to have atrophied and they going to put it off and put it off it's like if you have that for more than like you know x amount of months a lot of times those nerves never get fully never return 100% he said that there's surgery that they have to do to open up the path ways to alleviate the pressure on those nerves and if that doesn't happen if you don't do that like you you run the the chance of having permanent atrophy of your muscles and having permanent loss of function of your limbs well blows my mind how people just don't pay attention to the body like pain is a signal that something is wrong I mean something's definitely wrong yeah and to ignore it and just keep pushing and driving through and of course you know

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of MMA guys Jiu-Jitsu guys wrestlers you know Gridiron Football rugby guys they're pretty tough guys and a lot of times they just you know are very stoic and love doing what they do and just don't want to stop and we'll just continue to drive themselves you know long after they should instead of just taking care of it yeah and you got to know when to tap out you also got to know that if you don't this guys are like let themselves get injured you know they loud I'm not dropping you know if you tap you learn the same mistake the not tapping okay the mistake is Guy stuff in a bad position something went wrong you got your arm caught you either didn't respect the person or the person was better than you and they set you up and they got you and they guy and I got you and that's it you got got and there's a certain point where you have to realize you got got and you gotta tap because if you don't tap and you get your elbow snapped a it might not ever be the same again and be you're going to be out for a long time long time

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well it's one thing if you're in the world championships right yeah right yeah oh you're a black belt and you're you know you're a fighter that's what you do or you're in an MMA event right you know on you know Bon Jovi's versus yeah exactly okay so you might risk getting your elbow snap yeah but for the average guy in the gym or even just like a local tournament come on man yeah once you're actually caught the techniques already there you already made the mistake yeah so acknowledged the mistake tap app and forget about it just like you know it'd be like being thrown out in the softball game or whatever right but guys they put too much emphasis on never getting caught or I can't get caught or whatever but to get out of whatever hole you've been caught in it just Zoo strength its it has nothing to do with technique yeah I mean a good guy if he gets you your got it's an interesting thing isn't it's like people don't mean they don't like getting thrown out and softball nobody likes when you hit a Fly ball and someone catches it

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but if it's a softball game and everybody's drinking beers y'all having Burgers it's no big deal but if you're on the mat you're doing Jiu-Jitsu and someone catches you with something it's there's so much pride and machismo involved in that position and that situation and if you can get out of it you know hey you didn't get me you know even though your arms all fucked up like I've not tapped the things before and got out of it and been okay but then my arm is fucked up for months you know like I had a bad elbow for probably three months because of one guard pass I'm passing you know sometimes you pass you leave your arm out a little bit to try to bait the guy to go to for a Kimura so you can try to get over the knees and as I'm passing and he locked in the car I'm like oh shit like this is tight God damn it and I'm trying to figure out do I tap here do I keep going to pop pop you know powered out of it but then I couldn't do chin-ups then you suffer from front four months four months it's like you know it's like one of those deals where

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you you feel the pain maybe like just a little bit but the problem with something like Jiu-Jitsu or even wrestling sometimes it goes from zero to a hundred in like just a brief bling like heel Hooks and then by that point it's already too late so you know the rest of you know the risk to benefit ratio you know the the the idea I got out of it versus not being able to train for weeks or even months just never makes it worth it and that's one of the big differences as you get older you know the guy my age in the 60s no way man tap early tap off really smart that's that's that's the key to doing Jiu-Jitsu for a lifetime you just learn hey man you got me great job I don't care if it's a white belt whatever right you got it okay I made a mistake yeah oh such a plan man if you teach them a technique correctly and they get in the right position and you know your arm is deep in their crotch and they got your thumb up and they're pulling

► 00:20:05

on it that's they got it they got it you know I mean they might not be able to hang on to it because you're not familiar with the position you know like if you watch like Ronda Rousey she's the best example I think of someone who knows how to hold an armbar not just keep an armbar not just catching armbar but hold it through all of the transitions like people can flip over they can kick their legs over they can try to roll and she just keeps it and she keeps adjusting and she keeps rolling with it she's the best at that and that's kind of the difference between like a real legit black belt like Rhonda and someone who's never done it before or maybe just learning the technique and maybe you could kind of get out because if you just turn your arm a little bit and now you know your elbows up instead of down and there's no pressure on it you can kind of if you're good you can kind of get out of the position that sort of is the difference between you know maybe someone like maybe the difference between a purple belt and a black belt the difference you know white belt in a purple belt you know this is like the ability to hang on longer the ability to adjust this

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one of the beautiful things about Jiu-Jitsu is Jiu-Jitsu is like the exact opposite of something that is easy and predictable and like a like a nautilus machine you know like a nautilus machine is like you push that thing forward it's going to go on the same track every time but when you're grappling with a person even if you know how to execute the technique with you know the perfect leverage and all that people are moving and resisting and it's a little bit different every time and their foots in a little different position every time and their arms are a little bit different and it's so interesting in that sense where you're constantly adjusting it's like a fingerprint or a snowflake every time you do it it's just a little bit different yeah tell you a funny story is some of your listeners know I had the first Jiu-Jitsu Academy in the Eastern Seaboard and the east coast and exercise matches us and at one point we had a guy by the name of Jeff Tom Wilson who was a Philadelphia Eagle football player this guy

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run about six foot five 275 at the time if I remember correctly unbelievably strong and lean and slim he was the darling of the Super Bowl the year that the the Eagles went to the Super Bowl in Jacksonville he was called up he had actually been released from the team but they had a couple injuries and they called him in and went in there caught a couple touchdown passes wow so he he comes to my Jiu-Jitsu class and it's like whoa wait a minute justjust it was designed to protect it for guys like you man yeah what do you do with a guy I mean just ungodly strong yeah he came to my kettle bell class it's the first time I ever had to break out like a 48 kilograms kettlebell just to teach this guy swings where's even a kilogram was that about a hundred pounds it's a hundred maybe I mean he was just like doing front up risers with you know front front raises with his shoulders he was just so ridiculously strong so he gets going with one of my brown butter time a fellow by the name of Ron Harshman who lives in Hawaii teaches in a while now but at that time Ronnie was a

► 00:23:05

about and ride gets them a course you know in an arm lock right from the mount and the guy literally does a Turkish getup with Ronnie then I lift him up how much is Ronnie way probably about a hundred forty eight pounds at the time under 50 and the you know this guy's like 275 he literally does it turkeys got up is putting Ron's head through the ceiling and I remember screaming because I you know this guy was like really an important part of our team don't hurt don't break Ronnie don't break Ronnie put him down put him down it was insane man yeah they're just in saying just how strong some people can be especially people that are like real super athletes like football players guys that have been slamming into other 300-pound man for years and hitting sleds and doing power cleans and just just all sorts of stuff code designed to just pick up and move heavy things and the average person like I remember I was at in Phoenix one night and I don't know who this guy was who some pro athlete I've no idea who he was but he was at this gym that I was working out at

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and it was like we were all like little children like little children wandering around the gym and there's giant showed up he wasn't even like a giant amongst men I mean he was so big I mean I don't know he was some pro football player but he was it was so big I felt like a tiny child like not like well that's a big man and I'm a small man like I wasn't even the same species of this guy he's probably like 6768 somewhere around then 370 pounds ish just enormous man and you see a person like that and you go all the self-defense stuff is all very odd about it out the window Jason size does matter of Corley is that big the first time I realized this there was a guy that I worked with the first model was Jim and the Philadelphia it's actually the first one in Pennsylvania and there was a goblin I think his name is Ron Chancellor alrik Chancellor he played center for the New York Jets its first

► 00:25:05

time I was exposed to NFL football player and I had just no idea how unbelievably fast and strong and powerful these guys are and of course I was wrestling for the college wrestling team and thought I was pretty badass and I probably weighed as a lot of heavier back then maybe about 177 and we get to Messin around and this guy literally just grab me by the ankle and pick me up side down I'm not kidding I just holding me at arm's length like I was a child and it was just wow I just never felt such power and says strength you know my life and I mean that's you know let's face it it's pretty much the elite of the elite right as far as power athletes go yeah I'll go to the NFL my where they can make some money the only other thing I would think I would be like those guys that do those strongman competitions those guys are pretty ridiculous but pretty crazy strong have you noticed that this that one guy it's not Magnus what is the guy's name that's been fighting in MMA

► 00:26:03

God what is his name now the German yeah no he's polish Manford oh yeah oh yeah I know he's actually talking about that damn it was a Russian housekeeper kochanowski yeah huge guy but not doing so well in MMA you know he got he got manhandled by Tim Sylvia which it was just a fascinating fight because Tim Sylvia obviously very skilled guy I don't know why I put Janowski took that fight a lot of people in the Tim Sylvia hasn't sort of an awkward build he's he's kind of pigeon-toed he's enormous guy you know Tim is I think he's like 67 or something like that Tim's a very big guy but he's also got a lot of extra body fat on them and you could pull the video up there's a video of them fighting and you know put Janowski just it was just so out of class it was like who let you fight a former MMA champion a former UFC champion well you know a lot of the times these guys they have

► 00:27:03

a lot of confidence and he you know he is a real Masters his particular sport but that's where they make their mistake thinking that somehow that that Mastery in one thing is going to make them better in something else and okay if I were to fight that guy it would be a nightmare for me right but when you get against somebody your own size and your you know your own weight Everything Changes yeah guys you know look at him that's by the way he's lost a lot of weight he used to be way bigger when he was just doing strongman stuff because when he's just doing strongman stuff he was just all muscle but Tim's a big fucking guy to and Tim is really long and Tim just beat his ass man plus he has the requisite skills you know I mean it's skill set is everything in a martial art for a combat sport like that yeah kill will so often overcome just robbed a strength and raw power no hundred keep playing it's interesting to watch because put you now

► 00:28:03

she is like so physically strong but all that gets countered by the technique of Sylvia I mean if these guys were in a weight lifting contest you know he probably might be able to lift twice as much as Sylvia but he rag dogs Tim to the ground was Tim do just kids back up now the output janowski's you start getting tired you're exhausted down taking a big guy down over and over and over and over again like that and so disheartening if you blow your entire watch taking a guy down and then you just Springs right back up to his feet and a lot of these guys they just have no clue on just the endurance aspect of this game no there's nothing like it it's lagging like why stream adrenaline dump I mean imagine it's like one of his first fights he's in front of thousands and thousands of people I mean you get that adrenaline top and it just is so exhausted after he turned a purple like a grape as the fight went on you start to see it now what is that from all the blood is rushing to your skin is that what it is well I yeah a lot of times these guys aren't breathing properly right there the breath-holding

► 00:29:03

there's a we charge by the zest and the facade of a sink where there's a partial glottal closure and they're making these grunts in their blood pressure is building up and it you know that in itself not knowing how to breathe very exhausting yeah that was the thing one of the things that separate Hickson from a lot of the other Jiu-Jitsu guys was his work with yoga and you know that video choke the DVD choke the documentary it's fascinating fascinating in a lot of ways but really fascinating watching him do that diaphragm thing that forth you know his son Crone was on here and he was explaining the the diaphragm thing and talking about how much emphasis he puts on breathing and his training that's that that stomach-churning is yeah supposedly really good for digestion is like an internal massage for your organs and so forth yeah seems like it would be the breath he was using is called Breath of Fire or Bellows breath but it's interesting you know there's different in ayurvedic medicine which was the the original

► 00:30:03

medical system in the world like a 5000 year old system of medicine there's different constitutional types and there's different types of breathing for each constitutional time so for your listeners out there not everyone should be doing that particular type of breath set it can build up too much heat and in certain constitutional types really yeah there's 13 different pranayama make breath types and they're all therapeutic the breath is like medicine if it's applied properly for regaining balance in your body and your system there's the Vodka the pizza and the Kaaba and actions that coffin and that type of breathing system is fantastic for him but one be so good for me there's other types of how do you how do you know who you're like I study this stuff but what it what would make you different from him your constitutional type is set at Birth just like you know you've heard of ectomorph and develop asthma sort of a similar classification and there's different ways that you I mean if you if if you want to actually find out online

► 00:31:03

and you can Google this and find out what type of constitutional type your and then certain dietary for example for me being a picture of very heat produced too much eat excess heat eating spicy food for example is a horrible thing for a guy like me really yeah what is this based on aerobatics it was empirical evidence that I mean the Angels weren't stupid they didn't have our technology but they did have the power of observation and these people you know just imagine how they figured out herbal medicine right which is around a long time before the pharmaceutical companies so what would I Google if I was trying to look this up at just our Vedic medicine a you R yv edic and then look at the Dosha types or Dio sha Dosha and you there's online test that you can take one of the first books I have ever read was called body mind and Sport by a guy by the name of John to yard who is a an American chiropractor and

► 00:32:03

arithmetic physician and does consultation and he had a little test in the book there's this back I don't know probably like 25 years ago I took this test and discover that indeed was a picture and and how did you discover it like what are the well there's a there's this whole line of questions and you're able to find out your type but I've also been to dr. Lads clinic in New Mexico and Albuquerque and he's a terrible position that that lad he is a well-respected aerobatic physician and he also has a medical degree and he has a clinic also in Mumbai India and there I also was typed by professionals and I did what they call a panchakarma which is a cleanse I pretty much didn't eat anything but this real thin type of soup it's just like a broth for a week

► 00:33:03

and had all sorts of treatments it's a real good cleansing help the body detoxify you know this this this environment that we live in especially in the United States you know we're just beset with all sorts of pollutants are water toxins in the food your body is capable of ridding itself of all that stuff once is not burdened by digestion huh this is into these questions are very strange yeah well what's best describes how you act under stress but I say your emotions are also geared towards another words your constitutional type will affect your emotional at work and even your mental Outlook hmm so that's you know Body Mind and Spirit they're not looking just at physical symptoms like Western medicine they're looking at the whole package

► 00:33:49

you know what makes the Maxwell steam actual what what makes Joe Rogan Joe Rogan so it's looking at the total package the way you think you know your belief systems your emotional system your physical and no one's just one type just one constitutional type of course we're mixtures of all these things and sometimes you can have an imbalance and actually manifest different aspects of other constitutional types

► 00:34:20

this is fascinating it is very fascinating and it is the oldest medical system it's been around for a long time yeah I'm filling out this form of trying to find out what I am I'm just guessing just from looking at you that you're probably a kapha but perhaps not be interesting Hoffa yeah I like to be active it's hard to sit still boom enjoy activity that has a purpose especially competitive well that's true too I like leisurely activities I like all three of those how do you describe that

► 00:34:50

I say with I'll go with be competitive which best describes your walking style kind of walking style yeah there's a walking style what's this choices I walked quickly I have a determined walk I walk slow and steady at a leisurely Pace but slow and steady deliciously Pace as watching your gate when you're walking out to the car okay you walk like a very strong confident kind of guy that'd be a come okay which best describes your mood my mood changes quickly my moods change slowly my moods are mostly steady probably steady seem like a pretty yeah pretty steady guy which best describes your memory I learned quick and forget quickly that's me I have a good memory but I have a good memory too I learned slowly but I have a good long-term memory are you have a hell of a mine for facts and figures but only I care but surprise I mean that isn't it that way it is with everything because I mean some of the statistics you come up with on the fighters during the show you know their coaches where they trained the records Joe your memory is like freaking out

► 00:35:50

Offerman but that's only if I care well of course me about something that I don't care about like people always ask me like when you're when you're talking about fights like are you basing this off notes no I'm almost almost all the stuff that I talked about like during the fights is just shut stuff that I remember if I remember fights as just mind-blowing but I do have a sheet that's in front of me that gives me like a Fighter's record but it's very rare that I reference it it's almost all of it is shit but that's just because I'm a fan of the sport what does but if you ask me things about I don't know the Oliver North trial yeah well you know that I mean you know your mind only has but so much capacity yeah so I mean organization with best describes your organization style I'm good at getting things started but not it getting things done I'm very organized and I can focus on a project from start to finish I need help getting things started but I am good at seeing things through to the Finish that's neither all I'm not of those things where sometimes you know the sometimes you

► 00:36:50

all those things in different situations yeah we'll just go with a all right congratulations you finished the quiz wait a moment while we get your results okay be curious I mean there's so many different tests for this hour of anything oh fuck am I come on what's up come on trying to come up with the answer okay this is indicative of Veda type this is indicative of a pita type this is indicative of a kapha type this is indicative of kapha type this is indicative of a pita I got all of them yeah I'm headed cough I'm all of them are they very happy one is part of each one but you're going to be predominantly one or the other but there's much more in depth test so this sucks this might be better all this might have been a bogus test well yeah it's probably some westernized test right yeah I mean some American version of the ancient tests obviously it's an English the translations are probably a bit funky I was I was actually typed by

► 00:37:50

a professional in the in the profession and I found it to be quite true for me personally that's interesting so you went to an actual specialist to dance yeah I did and when you find out your body type or you find out there's a dietary regimen that goes along with this and there's even exercise that's been more beneficial work that's beneficial for different types and is the idea of balancing yourself yeah you want to keep his balance as possible and you have to be very careful with imbalances this whole what manifest all sorts of illnesses diseases and so forth so food choices which for size choices I for example I mentioned spice for me is just a terrible thing because I don't need to produce any more heat in my in my body excess heat would cause my joints to deteriorate and cause osteoarthritis and all sorts of stuff like that really in that can be caused by spicy food Yeah by excess heat in the system that's correct but I didn't know that spicy food actually does generate heat I cried

► 00:38:50

information oh hmm But see for certain Dosha types like the Vada or the Cava it could be quite stimulating they need that well what's what type would be the type that eats a lot of hot food well vadas for example are kind of skinny and they have an asymmetry to their body so that can be really good for them to help energize them for a kapha they tend to put on weight unwanted body fat and weight and sometimes the more spicy type foods would be good for helping rev up their metabolism with the chili and that's type of stuff that's been shown to why they even put that in some of the fat loss formulas maybe you guys actually sell one of those fat loss formulas with your now that you don't have any fat burners on your I don't believe in any of that shit well I mean yeah really have a coffee for your bash to me coffee yeah may just your Kathy well I just think that that way out that everyone's looking for fat burners it's this this one pill fix thing to a very complex issue the the excess body fat issues a very complex issue as there

► 00:39:50

complex I mean it's you know emotional very emotional with a lot of people sure what's going on so much going on yeah and the idea that you're going to fix that with a pill with a pill but see that's one of the problems I have with a lot of supplements you know I know you sell supplements I'm not and there wasn't what you to speak it's real I mean there was a time when I had like a almost a $300 a month hap seriously couple couple things that I've come to the conclusion once I stopped I didn't notice a damn bit of difference right but there is a difference between just trying to go for General Health and trying to maximize your potential as competitive athlete when you're trying to maximize your competitive potential okay maybe this might give you like a 1 or 2% Edge or something or 3% but if your Elite that's may be all In You Need To Be A Champion or when the world's or something like that that's one extra punch lands should take down defended yeah but for General Health

► 00:40:50

you know I mean there's not a an animal on God's Earth the need supplements if you think about it nature provided everything that every animal in the planet needs you know think of like how strong a bull gorilla is or a water buffalo or a lion I mean everything they need is provided by Nature right and us is the highest form of animal on the planet I mean what makes us think that God didn't provide the stuff or nature didn't provide for us that we certainly would be willing to eat it and they not they want to you know TV dinners and and you know nuke their food in the microwave and and and and so forth and you know we were talking about how you know the damaging sugar is last time and how delicious it is and you know and these these these fast food manufacturers they're pretty Insidious I mean they know how to drop a taste that is almost literally irresistible some people even say addictive was certainly addictive their sugars in

► 00:41:50

in certain foods and certain fast foods that sugar has been shown to be one of the most addictive foods you can try God yes like Fred objective but the problem is when people are taking a lot of supplements somehow they have a tendency to think that it's okay to eat that stuff and there's a lot to see if it is that they feel that somehow they're getting it in their pills and the closure hovering their base and the powders and all that and there's a lot less desire to go out and eat a proper you know they don't have the incentive to go out and eat a really good diet I mean I do online personal training and diet fat loss programs I'm shocked when I see the food logs of some of the guys to send it in I mean there's no raw fruits or raw vegetables on their menus it's like wow how can you not at least have some yeah it's all you know cooked prepared foods canned bottled stuff and plastic wrappers it's like wow but you know that's what's happened to us in modern

► 00:42:50

daddy so yes probably there's no real harm and taking some supplements for regular people well there's certainly elements the young just not going to get the right amount with foods like fish oil like omega-3 fatty acids and things along those lines like you would have to eat a shit load of fish every day to get the proper amount to reduce information to increase cognitive abilities to help muscle growth there's a lot of benefits of fish oil that's been shown and it's incredibly difficult to get that amount of fish oil just from eating fish unless you're eating salmon fatty salmon all day or getting fish that isn't polluted with yeah Mercury and all that crap I had a problem once I went to a doctor I get blood work done just to see where I'm at and check to see if I'm healthy you look at make sure there's no issues in advance and doctor told me that I had arsenic in my in my body and I was like what like like I'm being poisoned like we talking about is it gets very low level do you do you eat a lot of fish and I said I eat sardines

► 00:43:50

it was eating like a can of sardines a day sometimes two cans a day I love sardines and he was like well stop doing that because sardines live at the bottom of the ocean and they collect a lot of heavy metals a lot of pollution and I stopped and it was gone but I was getting arsenic poisoning from sardines well which is it a shake or sardines are delicious and they're a great source of sulfur amino acids which you know has been tied into anti-aging so it's a shame but yeah our food sources are being ruined on the on the planet slowly but surely slowly but surely so as there's no escape from it but that's one reason why I like to do the fasting or remember I mentioned the panchakarma this detoxing your body is able to throw a lot of these toxins off under the right conditions how much water you drink in a day you know I don't even measure jaw just drink when thirsty pretty much you know so you don't like have like a big jug that you can act now I think a lot of that was over play because yeah I just don't think it's all that necessary to

► 00:44:50

drink all that much yeah when people say it's a weird thing like they say you should have X amount of glasses of water a day or a gallon of water a day like what is it what is that based on I have no idea but I do know that one of your best sources for hydration is with raw fruits and raw vegetables and when you're getting a lot of this type of plant stuff you're getting plenty of hydration right from fruits and vegetables now of people that don't have any of that stuff yeah they probably do need to drink a little bit more but yeah I mean for the most part there's a lot of Misses are perpetrated out there for no Rhyme or Reason you know and you just wonder where does all this stuff come from yeah the water one was a big one like a guys would walk around with these giant jugs of water and they would say the average person walks around dehydrated all the time but I would watch them and they'd be paying every 20 minutes and I was like what you know while you're flush your body out of toxins like are you sure are you sure it sounds to me like you're just overloading your kidneys with a lot of

► 00:45:50

for no good reason but it's that thing you know everybody's always worried about the toxins flushing toxins out I'm going to go to the sauna it's going to flush out the toxins and I'm a drink water it's going to flush out the toxins I'm doing a cleanse it's going to take care of my toxins like there's all these there's no sense worrying about it for sure cause you know the worry I won't change it at the end bib I am in favor of overheating baths I think it can be a really good thing for longevity I mean it's been since the time of you know American Indians had to sweat lodge the Russians and the Finns had their their their saunas the Romans were very big on Steam the Turks and so forth the Japanese you know everyone's used heating therapies for producing a good sweat and if you think about it the skin is the largest organ in the body and you can eliminate a lot of waste out through the skin through respiration and when you get stimulate the skin to sweat you can sweat out

► 00:46:50

want to stop have you ever heard of infrared sauna yes well you know infrared saunas so good at helping the by detoxify that drug and alcohol clinics actually install infrared saunas to help people kick drugs and alcohol and cigarettes and so forth that's incredible yeah I mean it's tried and true I mean it does work and infrared sauna is way different than the old song as we used to sit in as wrestlers you know trying to just the HotBox the these infrared saunas the temperatures doesn't have to be nearly as high man my God that feels so good the Heats very penetrating and its really good for recovery after hard training and so forth you have to try one sometimes yeah I might even want to look into putting like a little mini but in your house or something I am actually my wife has one that she climbs into like a sleeping bag it's in some weird sort of infrared sauna and she heats up oh wow that's she loves this thing that's cool man dr. Rhonda Patrick one of the people that I've

► 00:47:50

out on the podcast as a regular she's a fascinating and she's got so much knowledge and one of the things that she wrote a paper that was recently published its on the benefits of sauna and really incredible on hypothermic conditioning on muscle growth and as faster yeah and she was saying you know it's I would I would really not do it justice like it's something that should be read and gone over because it's a very deep and in-depth paper that she published but it's all about the benefits of the sauna and the the effect on hormone production and the the effect of heat stress on the brain really really interesting stuff heat stress has been shown to increase the expression of brain-derived neurotropic factor

► 00:48:39

well more than exercise alone when used in conjunction with exercise this is important because this brain-derived neurotropic Factor increases the growth of new brain cells as well as the survival of Earth existing neurons and increase in neurogenesis is thought to be responsible for enhancing learning wow incredible so exercise and sauna enhances learning well like I said the Ancients were not stupid people you know we're so smug with their technology yeah we are right but you know you take the average person and take him 50 miles out in the wilderness and let him go he would probably die of fright he wouldn't even be a you know yeah and you take it shout even as little as two hundred years ago and they would be perfectly comfortable living in their environment you know that's what technology has done for us we can't even go from point A to point B without her iPhone or a GPS or right I wonder what's going on with that you know when you look at people that used to live a long time ago and used to be able to survive out in the

► 00:49:39

words and survive without technology and then you look at you ever watch that show naked and afraid I have not it's a fascinating show because they take people and they take their clothes off and then they leave them in the jungle oh I did hear about this the most fucking ridiculous show ever well but how the hell do they show that kind of new to guarantee video just blur or out okay blur out the brass and blur out their crotch and you know it's a couple a man and a woman and I don't know they have any sex I would imagine they know each other before the show nope oh yeah they're naked girl gonna have to tune in yeah it's like it's a fascinating well fascinating depending upon who the contestants are you know they have I believe it's 21 days which is the most amount of time you can go without any food so I think they put them in a place that has an abundant amount of water so they could find water they don't put him in the desert for 21 days I'd be fucking dead and to you know they probably Dead one you know you put someone in Death Valley with no clothes

► 00:50:39

for a day you're not no water no clothes you got 24 hours if you're lucky you might not even make it 24 hours right we gets 228° out there yeah I mean you could just heat stroke even with water so yeah so these people are out there and you know they have to build shelter because they're in the rainforest so there's all these fucking bugs and you know they see bullet ants bullet ants are those some of the most painful stings known to man they say it's like getting your hand slammed in a car door for 24 hours that's what it feels like if one bites you well I would definitely be naked and afraid of us around it and freaking bored as man well they have these Rites of passages they do certain indigenous tribes in the Amazon where they take what looks like oven mitts and they embed bullet ants in these oven mitts all throughout that like they like stick their Stingers through so they're trapped and so they just keep stinging and then they make these guys wear these gloves and gets the shit stung out of them by these bullet ants and there was one show up

► 00:51:39

with the show was but the host actually took part in the ritual himself and put these gloves on his hands he got his hands all strong and it sounds crazy and just watching just dropped to his knees and just in the most intense Agony unimaginable Agony and it just lasts forever last like hours and hours and hours of intense intense Agony but in getting through it it not only is it like a rite of passage but it also is what they call there's it certain tribal tribal cultures where they do not have access to psychedelics so this is like a psychedelic yeah I think as you the neurotoxins in the Venom yeah kind of puts you on some kind of altered state there's a little bit of that and there's also the your body develops so much resistance to all the Venom that there's probably some sort of a serotonin boost

► 00:52:39

there's also these things called there the called there's certain certain rituals where it's not it's not called the Psychedelic it's called a like an ordeal poison in ordeal poison is like what tribals where they don't have access to psychedelics often times they come up with these rituals based on poisoning so they'll give someone a poison that gets you to the brink of death like gets you like we're to you you're sweating you're dying and then it releases you when your body processes it like the Ayahuasca almost but not because Ayahuasca is not poisoned I walk it doesn't harm you and in fact I just produce that vomiting that severe vomiting yeah but that's just because it's disgusting yeah it's vital to gross it's and you're taking all this plant matter and it's just a horrible foul taste and purging anything that might be in your stomach but the the active ingredients in in Ayahuasca not only is it not toxic but it's also one of the most transient drugs ever exhibited

► 00:53:39

ever observed in the body because of the fact that it's a normal normal human neurotransmitter your body knows how to process it so your body just can bring you back to Baseline very quickly you know I bought some of that stuff one time I Waskom yeah it's going to do is then I got scared well I read where you really should have a shame in that really knows his stuff and I thought you know what if I had a bad trip in this stuff man where were you but I was living in my camper van at the time out in Arizona the middle of the desert how long ago was and I was like what about three and a half four years ago and I had read about Ayahuasca from Stuart Wilde who said that this is where the spiritual teachers got to go at some point you know once you've reached a certain level and he was talking about Ayahuasca and I thought that sounds really fascinating and it was ridiculously easy to buy over the internet and have mail ordered write to my PO box so was it a fully brewed male no no no it's just the plant matter like they're dried herbal stuff in a sealed plastic bag

► 00:54:40

and then I looked at it and then I read about the processing and I thought you know what I probably should just wait on this and just do it wait wait wait till someone that really knows what he's doing but they have those Ayahuasca trips that you can take down in Brazil and well we're even Mexico we're thinking about starting a treatment center in Peru because my heart hurts me yeah my partner from on it Aubrey's been down there so many times is work with these guys so many times we're thinking about setting up a program because it's legal there yeah for sure setting up a program through on it where people can travel down there and they know that they'll have good accommodations legit Shaman safe environment and you know we've had so many requests for so many people that we would love to send you down there I might have to take you up on that job let me a full report I would love to go with you it's been fun I'm down I'm down with totally a fast I've been thinking about this for years yeah it's just really something that just

► 00:55:39

fascinating to me because apparently people have some really amazing psychedelic experiments and just kind of expands the Consciousness and they have some pretty pretty intense experiences but you would definitely want to be with someone that that has taken people through it before yeah definitely not something to mess around with on your own man well it's also the environment that you do it in is really important to you don't want to be in an unsafe environment you don't want to be tripping your balls off and then something goes wrong there's no one there that can handle everything like you don't want to be like caught in a forest fire but when fire tripping on DMT I've only had the synthesized version of it the the the hard version of DMT I haven't had the orally active version of it which is what Ayahuasca is and again you're talking about the Ancients knowing their shed the they weren't full so they figured out how to combine two different plants to create this this mixture see DMT is not orally active if you took

► 00:56:39

Mt in an oral form monoamine oxidase which is produced in your gut would kill the DMT so they figured out how to take the leaves of certain plants which have DMT and or the vines of certain plants which have DMT and then the leaves are other plants which have harming which is a natural MAO inhibitor and then they brew it together and it's really sort of complicated process and develop this Ayahuasca which is essentially it becomes an orally active version of the drug that I took I just smoked it we smoked it it's intense it's very fast it hits you within 15-20 seconds and it only lasts about 15 minutes it's it's like a just a quick shot to the center of the universe the most amazing unbelievable psychedelic experience you could ever imagine I described it as mushrooms times a million plus aliens well it's unbelievably intense Ayahuasca usually is a little less intense but it's a prolonged experience many hours several hours yeah I read in outside magazine actually about an ayahuasca

► 00:57:39

up that was organized there's a lot of 10 people to people didn't get it either they just got sick and that was it and then eight of the ten one had a bad trip like freaked and then the other seven had fantastic consciousness-raising experience yeah I wonder what makes people trip because there's the shamans say that the people that have these bad trips of what's going on is that the trying to fight it they're trying to control the situation in your ego doesn't want to let go and you try to resist and then it just sort of chips away at your inner soul and finds out you know what's causing this resistance and then penetrates and freaks you the fuck out and you can't can't wrestle with God and that's essentially what you're doing when you're having these psychedelic experiences you're trying to wrestle with the creative force of the very universe itself and this ego thing that people have well don't worry I can handle it there's so many people that have that I can handle it thing you know what it did ridiculous overqualified

► 00:58:39

confidence for no fucking reason for no reason for no reason no reason why you think you should be able to handle it but you're running it and be gone in there a little afraid you probably have a great experience and humble and hump raid humble and Afraid humming be nice to me I'll give up you know I submit myself to you and then you're gonna get through it it's not a toxic thing it's not poisonous thing the people you know turns McKenna had a line the only fear is that you may die from astonishment that's because it won't graduate we're all going to die not a bad way to go baby yeah well that's what's really crazy is that they believe that the experience that you have while you're taking DMT is the exact experience that people have when they're dying because when you're dying your brain produces dimethyltryptamine you it's an intersex produce during REM sleep well it's in so many different plants the reason why your gut produces as monoamine oxidase or one of the one of the reasons probably serves many purposes but is that dimethyltryptamine is in a lot of different plants so

► 00:59:39

plants that we eat would give us DMT like you would get high off of certain plants like it's in thousands of different plants it's a lot you can extract it from just regular grass like phalaris grass has DMT and I like a lot of it and that's why certain sheep will eat grasses that have DMT in it and they die like immediately like you'll find them like in the field so the run across a patch of grass that has DMT in their Bank legs up little little feet twitch and so like what might be toxic to a sheep not so much to not at all not at all sir yeah DMT is not toxic at all to humans but to Toshiba just

► 01:00:17

well that's pretty fast yeah kills him don't be a sheep but you know gonna go back to excuse me well we had mentioned earlier about the Ancients not being stupid you know that's basically what era that he medicine was based on in India I mean these people had amazing powers of observation and this is you know prescience right we put so much faith in science but you know sometimes you have to think about these the so-called studies and up with what the agendas and so forth and was definitely a lot of that right and you know of course you know some monetary incentive how many times have we seen drugs being totally promoted only to find out later when their recalled like all these Horrors you know like the lid amide and maybe he's back sure in the 70s or whatever I mean that but that happens a lot man yeah less so now than it used to but I show now than they used to but it still happens well there's more transparency now than ever before is everything so much more difficult but do you remember guy Metzger yes I'm sure you know he got a stroke

► 01:01:17

from vioxx whoa yeah vioxx he's he was having arthritis issues with his knees you know years of Martial sure sure sure a lot of guys have problems they're nice they're very common Chris Weidman recently had both his knee scoped and before that he had gone through a Jenna keen on his knees to but he said arthritis in his knees so bad Weidman can't even pull his heel up to his but you know and he's a UFC middleweight champion and his knees are so stiff from all the years of wrestling and all the years of what we're talking about before plowing through injury which I through injury that wrestlers are so accustomed to doing no one's in my opinion no one's tougher mentally then than amateur wrestlers I think the the ability to become a successful amateur wrestler there is no hidden secrets there's the the techniques have existed from literally the beginning of human time people have learned how to wrestle I mean obviously they refine those techniques they passed him down but

► 01:02:17

no secret it's hard work force determination Focus that's all it is and so you who works harder who can endure more who can punish their body more who can show up and put in the extra hour of training every day that the other guy can't do that guys probably gonna wind up winning and so these wrestlers have this ability to plow through injuries either enter and you see a lot man I mean they hurt themselves though yeah well it's very very hard on the body I think of the guys that I wrestle with back in the 60s and the 70s a lot of these guys are just their bodies are a mess yeah I went to a reunions not too long ago of my old college guys and it was pitiful off what's happened is I mean some of these guys were such studs and wow they just just the harshness of the regimen you know they just kind of let themselves go they didn't want to be bothered with that stuff anymore even guys that you know are still studs but just their bodies are slowly giving out that things are breaking off

► 01:03:17

things that hips the back Mark Coleman just got a hip replacement you know mod Dan Gable the greatest wrestler ever you know he went through the Munich Olympics unscored on thinks I'm imagining olympic-level torment and the Russians had swore they're going to find a guy to beat him the chi with through the tournament without being scored on unbelievable forms an animal poor guy double hip replacement as saw knees as well I think these are really needs to get his knees replaced as well so I mean but you know sometimes you think like was it worth it I I think when he asked a lot of these guys you know the glory that they have they might say yeah it was worth it because a long life of never having done anything I mean that's not worth that's not a life worth living either in my opinion yeah it's a tough call because we're all gonna die and eventually all of our bodies will give out and that's one of the things that I wanted to

► 01:04:17

to you about because you are early on in one of your early DVDs one of the first ones that I got which is why I don't know when did you put out your first DVD

► 01:04:28

my God I don't even know it's been a long time at least 15 years ago I got one of the earliest ones so you're probably you're probably about my age actually you're probably about 46 somewhere around that yeah and you were talking about the aging process of fighting off the aging process and exercising to fight off that aging process and being conscious about doing that and that's something that I think very few people do they just work out to be in shape they work out the same shape but you were one of the first guys that ever saw that was talking about a pretty actively on a DVD and teaching people strategies and techniques to fight off the aging process not just through exercise through manipulating your hormones through certain types of exercise and Joint Mobility so I'm about is so important because all the dead lifts and kettlebell snatches and Swings in the world are not going to save save you as you begin to get older you got to keep that Mobility work up a lot of people don't understand what he means

► 01:05:28

Mobility to get very confused with flexibility they are they are related but it's basically being able to move through full range and keeping Complete Joint function and the specific exercises that a person can do to to enable them to do this and it feels damn good actually and I've started the Russian systems you know there's a like a Slavic health system and Russian system they really developed the mobility to a very very very high level and I was lucky enough to learn this stuff and then of course I added a lot of stuff I learned from yoga and so forth in there and came up with this system for myself that I teach to people my seminars and so forth and it's really kept me going I mean I could have ended up like all my comrades you know the guys at rest with back in the 60s and 70s and of course I been doing shit sir now for almost 23 years and competed pretty high level in the in the age group divisions and that takes its toll but thank God for the mobility it kept me fairly

► 01:06:29

I mean I can't say got through it completely unscathed but it definitely kept my joints intact and I'm able to move pretty damn good and when I look at people in my family tree you know my my relatives my grandparents and so forth may they were moving bad I mean just really bad and I vowed that that wasn't going to be me so with this system that I use of this Mobility it keeps me pretty spry now what do you how often you do it like you have every single day every single day so give me like a schedule like how do you what do you do how do you do start out your day with it like well generally speaking I'll get up I have a whole arithmetic therapy that I go through you know get up yeah I'll scrape my tongue with a tongue scraper this is there's a lot of stuff from the night sleeping all night you know you build up substances on the tongue you'd be shocked about you see it comes off the tongue when you wake up in the morning you know obviously

► 01:07:28

brushing head massage and then add massage head massage do you do it yourself yeah yes and I also have like a special little scraper thing that you know like little fingers that you really massage the head then I use a Neti Pot any TI is an aerobatic technique where you rinse your sinuses so you can breathe through the nose really really well nasal breathing is really important then I do a dry brush massage it's a it's basically a German Swedish Russian thing where you just every inch of the skin you brush with a natural bristle brush because your skin is the biggest organ in the body so you really want to keep it and this dry brush massage really is quite excellent for the skin stimulates the skin to you know to new renewed growth gets rid of dead skin cells keeps it really nice and your complexion good and I'll scrape you know I'll brush the body and then I take a cold water therapy very big in the cold

► 01:08:28

I used to do dowsing with the ice cold water in a bucket but since I travel I pretty much have to use the shower so just take a cold shower yeah I'll sometimes I do alternating hot and cold shower LH not too bad you know La you know the waters doesn't get too cold but sometimes like I was in Portland Oregon and before that Toronto the water still pretty Frosty and then there's a there's a whole towel treatment that I learned also in Howell treatment yeah there's a way that you can briskly use a coarse towel rather than having these soft towels you make them sort of like they're almost sandpaper and I learned it from this Russian guy this old Russian sauna master who showed me how to do this very vigorous towel rub down of course all the old-timers knew about the stuff you know a lot of the you know Mighty Men of old you know George is hackenschmidt the Russian lion and and you know are where Island and pave or Rolla a lot of these

► 01:09:28

old Health Pioneers brag McFadden Harvey Kellogg all these you know turn of the century guys Harvey Kellogg the guy from Kelloggs yeah do you know how crazy that guy was pretty crazy well we were talking about him on the podcast yesterday that guy he used to take he created Kellogg's and created the Bland cornflakes yes to keep people from masturbating he bragged about never having sex with his wife although they were together for 40 years but he would have a daily enema by his handsome male assistant oh give him a daily anima is pretty crazy oh yeah it was about as crazy as you can get as creative as they got really really overly concerned about bowel function some of these guys and sex and sex you know there's all that weird Victorian stuff going on there but the child treatment and then I'll do the five rights of Tibetan yoga that's something how much time does all this take about 30 minutes the for the whole thing yeah

► 01:10:28

in the time cold shower the whole deal yeah there's the five rights can be done very quickly and what is the five rights it's a spinning there's like a leg raise type thing thing where you lean back table maker and as an exercise called the pump like up down dogs uh-huh it hits every part of the body it's stimulates the hormonal system the the practitioners claim it realigns the the chakras where they called it the vortex people can if they want to Google it they can download a free pdf it's a book called The Eye of the Revelation and they can read all about it it was written by a British Army Major that happened to be stationed in the Northern Territories of India and Nepal in the observe these these monks these Tibetan Monks and how spry and how young they were and how even these guys in their late 80s were able to bound up and down the side of the Himalaya Mountains somewhat effortlessly and he noticed and took great note

► 01:11:28

of their exercise system which was basically these five exercises every morning along with the are you familiar with the prostration exercise know where you you sort of like lay down on your stomach and prostate yourself to prostrate yourself a prostate prostrate yourself to Buddha as a sign of devotion it's pretty pretty tough little exercise so what do you do you you lie on your stomach and you lift your legs up yeah it sounds like gonna NAB will uh-huh yeah it's pretty tough man and you know like one of the things to differentiate sold from Young is your ability to get up and down off the floor you know think about it like my mom for example II visited she's not listening to podcast but I mean poor soul you know she's like almost 80 but she was bent over with her back to the side front I don't think she could get up and down off the floor I don't believe she could I think it'd be really hard I don't think my dad could either you know and he has you ran and lifted weights most his life

► 01:12:28

he didn't pay any attention Mobility or flexibility training they still alive and yeah do you talk to them about I mean that's got to be weird when you got a son that's this health and fitness expert and you don't pay attention to it at all yeah it's just the way parents are sometimes yeah maybe they just don't want to listen to their kids but but I mean that's what's in my genetic code that's what's in my genetic trick so getting up and down off the floor is really really important and a lot of people can't do it when I used to run my gym exercise that personal training studio in there besides my just a school I would have people come to me that we're only in their 40s that had a hell of a time getting up and down off the floor so Bill don't let me wear it work rappers you and I I mean we're used to it so most of the people we know no problem it's shocking Joe when you see what's going on out there I may just utterly shocking every time I come from you know from being overseas and I come back to the States I'm just blown away with the Obesity

► 01:13:28

and and just the poor General Health it is how bad people will do you think that's just the peripheral ation of sugar in the diet corn corn syrup mean all those things you know just the Whole Foods just the whole sedentary lifestyle sitting you know majority of people spend most of the time sitting down think of it this way imagine you work out an hour a day which is a lot most people do not work out in our day I think it's estimated that maybe 14% of the population actually works out at all and they're claiming mowing the lawn and walking the dog is exercise right so really serious hardcore exercises are few and far between it seems like millions of people are doing it so you and I because they're the people we hang out with right but most you know most of those other people are not doing it so let's say you do work out an hour a day but then you're sitting most of the day right the new smoking sitting so you're going you're sitting in the car to go to worry sitting at The Breakfast Table then you send the car to go to work or the train or the bus you sit at the desk all day then you go to lunch you sit some

► 01:14:28

get back to the office sits the more sit in the car going home then you sit down and Facebook or you you know you answer your emails whatever then you sit down watch some television then you're lying in bed what's your body going to adapt to 23 hours of pretty much sitting on your ass or sleeping in bed or moving yeah for sure you're going to adapt to that setting despite the fact that you're working out it's not enough people aren't moving enough and any movement pattern that you don't use on a regular basis you quickly lose and a lot of people they just never you know they use exercise machines and so forth or even if they use barbells or whatever or kettlebells you know they're not getting up and down off the floor unless they're doing the turkeys get up or something that's one reason why I think it's such a fantastic exercise by the way well I'd like Turkish getup such as well for Jiu-Jitsu I think it's one of the best exercise one of the best all-around core strength and for that every important ability to manipulate a

► 01:15:28

body that's on top of you you know if you can you know you can get a kettlebell you can press that thing and then you can stand stand up while holding that kettlebell that that's a that the goes a long way to be able to get up from the bottom when someone's on top of you but even just for the general population I mean just the ability to get up and down off the floor yeah all those movement patterns that you need to set up in the elbow on the hand you know and it's kind of like standing up and base you know like in Jiu-Jitsu and then transferring the weight and I mean all those things are proprioceptive movements and so forth and I think it's really one of the finest things you can do but just getting up and down even with your body weight using like this prostration exercise it's fantastic it's really good stuff what do you think about if you ever seen Steve Carter has this exercise that I got from him where you you take to kettlebells you line your back like like you're doing a sit-up you

► 01:16:28

some and then you sit up with the kettlebells you sit up with impressed and you do a sit-up essentially and then you drop back down and then you do it all with your arms fully extended and it's I think calls it a power set up or something like that that's a hell of a is a hell of a yeah some people going brush instead upset and everything was rushing right right back especially with kettlebells right especially with cannabis but yeah I mean it's a health movement I mean for sure nothing wrong with that yeah and as well I mean obviously you wouldn't take a deconditioned businessman and start out with a movement like that that's a good term deconditioned businessman I have a friend who's a great guy but I want to hug him the other day and you know I hugged him I put my hand on his back and was like I was thinking I didn't say anything was thinking to myself like how does it even support your spine I know there's nothing on your back like you grab a Grappler you hug them and you feel their back you feel muscles you feel like you can feel the lats and the Rector spinae muscles sticking out there and yeah it was just this gooey

► 01:17:28

like thing like duh man keeps his spine just barely hanging on and is it any wonder that people are in pain yeah for that you know the pharmaceutical companies are just you know pumping up painkillers right over left yeah unfortunately you know it's just masking the symptoms so people don't have an incentive then to get in there and do something about it they just cover it up with the you know with the painkillers yeah I've been pretty shocked at how much decompression relieves a lot of a lot of pain in the back and about how much I take one of these harnesses and I attached the top of a door and I strap my neck in it and like after I trained especially like to do that and I just it's sort of just like pulls on your head and you could pull the string to kick and pulls you up and then it puts even more tension I like to give it like a lot of weight I like to put a lot of weight on it and when it's done it's like I feel this like Rush of Blood through my neck and it's amazing how good it feels like as long as you make sure that

► 01:18:27

Tucker's tied down good to the the door because one time it wasn't and it bounced off and clock me in the fucking head and I had a cut on my head for like a couple weeks it's right when I was doing my sci-fi thing to so I was doing all these press junkets at a big fucking scar on my head but when it's when it's done correctly it's locked into place it's a real good feeling like to just rip it every three years I use inversion boots I love the inversion boots yeah and there was a time when I had actually injured myself I was actually trying to do the ab wheel like Jackie Chan style from the feet and I was pretty good at it but I just was tracking chance to go there was a movie one time with Jackie Chan using an abdominal wheel and he looks like an inch worm he's just going like boop-boop-boop-boop is just amazing and I developed the ability to go from the toes completely out and come back but I went to deepen fatigue and kink my back and get myself a horrible case of see Attica actually rotated vertebrae subluxation rotation and

► 01:19:27

what spawned your thesis I went to my raw for his the first time I ever heard the word surgery coming out of her mouth because she was pretty ante surgery and she said I don't know Steve you really did it yourself this time I don't know whether I can help you and in the meantime I had this burning sensation down my leg into my knee and my big toe just wouldn't stop burning with his chronic aching burning sensation that was just agonizing and what is that the nerves yeah the nervous pinched off so over time I went I went to a acupuncture guy to relieve some of the pain it had instant relief but then it would come back and over time she kept working this vertebrae back into place with their fingers and after about eight weeks bomb it went away like nothing ever happens just disappeared but after that I was using that I was also sitting on this chair called a back chair it maybe could bring it up but it's

► 01:20:27

hold you around the ribs like a clamp and you're sitting on a sling and then you release the sling and your back goes into traction and you're being held like up underneath your armpits so really be man so you're being held under your armpit yeah but like a big clamp it kind of clamps on you and so it's sort of like let's yeah and your body just kind of hang in there and traction and decompressing like a dip almost kind of like a dip except there's no stress in your upper body you're just sitting like I am in this chair right now and this back chair was fantastic so between acupuncture the back chair and the wrong thing she got me out of trouble and needless to say I wasn't too Keen about the ab wheel anymore not least from the feet I was a lot more conservative hanging leg raises is the same damn move and accept your in suspension and your bag is in traction much safer exercise so what you were talking about the kind that you put your feet in the wheel again an asshole

► 01:21:27

like one of those little right sheepy like $10 think what he's doing right here exactly know what I was actually doing it just like that but I just went too deep into fatigue and kick my lower back and so you were just too tired one was too tired I lost my form a little bit of those you know going to hard you know that is the main issue that we talked about before the last time you hear about CrossFit I finally brought myself to watch the video of that guy getting paralyzed oh my God and horrible you know it's really telling about that video is not just we're talking about is there was a CrossFit competition and there was a guy who was a CrossFit instructor that was doing a clean was it a clean press what was it what was it what was the actual size I don't know anyway he had the bar over his head lost control of it and it fell on the back of his neck yeah I know I had and actually say it was it a Thruster or I'm not I don't remember what it was but my point is he was in competition with another guy who his body failed on him right before this

► 01:22:27

I like the guy next to him in the middle of it his leg just gave out and he dropped the bar and so he drops his barn it hits him on the neck so it's like one guy drops his bar and then the next guy drops his by right next to him it's just the next guy was a catastrophic injury catastrophic both guys were so fatigued they shouldn't have been doing it in the first place they should have been lifting that way no way man not whole body not like that rubber you know it's like we said last time the the risk to benefit ratio you know are the risk worth it you've seen the video I haven't actually seen let's watch it because well you're bringing that up I'm going to take a quick okay please do yeah yeah go ahead he's doing a snatch is that what it is yeah it's so horrible to see and by the way I'm not down against exercise you know and any other anybody else's methods and I know the people some people like CrossFit and they get a great deal of pleasure out of that kind of exercise and pushing themselves and all that stuff and

► 01:23:27

I understand it I get it but this is hard to watch man watch this guy see oh Jesus well this is this is this is the guy that got injured the guy to the right of him the right on the right of the screen he he heard himself right before this so he's got this and then it just drops and hits his own but his body gave out first and then hit his back on the way down so awful man

► 01:23:58

the guy next to him to his left if there's another video where you could see a few moments before his body gives out the God who has left his body gives out to just in a different way his legs just here yeah that guy there see here already his body had already given out and his legs went rubber on them exercise is awesome it's really awesome it's great great for your body but God damn man you got to be real careful when you're throwing real heavyweights over your head and you're completely totally exhausted I just I just don't think it's the right way to do it and listening to Steve talked about the importance of when you're doing these Olympic movements like Olympic powerlifting movements they're supposed to be done like rare very small wraps like one and two and three reps these are like explosive exercises they're supposed to be done just for just just for developing strength I don't think you're supposed to do them at high repetition I know

► 01:24:57

people get away with it I know some people do it but goddamn it just doesn't seem to be the right way to go take care of your meat wagon ladies and gentlemen the problem I have with Crossfit most of it is the same problem that I have with people who are vegans they cannot shut the fuck up about being involved in CrossFit they would just ear beat you to death about CrossFit but in all fairness with all objective thinking and introspective thought when I first started doing Jiu-Jitsu I couldn't shut the fuck up about Jiu-Jitsu so maybe might just be something that you know when people are excited about something by the way Jamie you were wrong the over-under you said 35 minutes and I know an hour and a half dude I'm feeling great this is fine you know what's fucking a little bit painful is my shins it's weird to have your shins press down maybe a hope doing it wrong but my back feels great it definitely feels better than I usually feel when I'm leaning up against the back of the chair I'm usually trying

► 01:25:57

trying to like keep my posture straight but I always fail but with this thing look at me dude fucking lockdown son pleat look at that straight line kid that's what you're supposed to be just like that that's how you supposed to set how many people actually have one of these fucking things in their office though

► 01:26:16

the other thing they tell you you should stand stand at your desk that's like you're going to a concert you have to fucking stand or standing sucks it's not fun to stand Standing at your desk like it would be so distracting about this that's the same thing as a different one it's the opposite what does that it's leaning kneeling chair review huh that's a different kind of sitting on it wrong yeah that bitch is know what she's doing maybe we should turn it around or something like that although a notice her spine is straight to somehow it's not like Humpty you know like the fried or the kyphosis or anything so I mean it's not as bad as maybe slouching down you know right so if it her chair was flat instead of like Lean Forward yeah because I mean it is possible to like lean in this manner and still keep your spine straight if you have to yeah I'm talking to microphone otherwise folks aren't going to hear what the hell - yeah Lean Forward yeah but the worst thing is to let your back to this and you're crying for and that's what causes that permanent

► 01:27:16

hump in the upper back they called a kyphosis or dowager's hump or whatever and so that leaning forward that she was doing in that share probably isn't nearly as bad as what was that whoa well I was going on there I don't know but look at that head what does that can't be good that's not good that's called forward head okay so get that that's not good the way she's like kind of like this you know it's really interesting because I worked with a high-powered Warrior one time remember I don't know whether you remember this but remember the South Philly gang the Nicky Scarfo yes the mobster yea I worked out the guy that put him in jail wow yeah here's one of my clients that guy my God cannot fucking stress I think I was under stress he was working like these ridiculously long hours I mean like 14 15 out he barely had time to train so we came up with a plan you know we had talked about a stability ball so Mike swapped out his

► 01:28:16

chair for stability ball and we got him a pedometer so he was trying to average like 10,000 steps a day and he was like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator he would park his car as far away as he could just to force himself to walk extra Paces to go places he even walked during lunch and then eat at his desk but he also put in like one of those stand-up desk and would Pace during phone calls and or Pace back and forth by was sorting and swapping out his papers and this and that dick doing dictation to his secretary he ended up losing like 14 pounds during that time and you know he had he had the extra padding on his body and then he would come to me and we would do to 20 minute workouts a week just to keep his basic strength levels up and he was very successful and yeah he prosecuted Little Nicky Scarfo and put his ass in jail I would just think the stress of putting away murderers just the idea that you're the guy who's

► 01:29:16

processing especially the mob yeah that's a real murderer that's a real murder and a murderer that's connected to a bunch of other murders that you know have a vested interest in keeping him out of jail did he get I mean he had to be like threatened all the time right you know it never came up I mean he never talked about that aspect of it but yeah I you would think that there would definitely be like some type of threat there yeah yeah I mean if you're the guy that's putting major mob figure in behind bars yeah you would have to be a little little weary you know what's shocking to me I don't know what if different police departments have different standards that they have for physical fitness or for self-defense but when training when a guy would come in they tell me that he's a police officer and he literally can't defend himself at all it is shocking well you know Common though because of the this whole equal rights and all this stuff and I'm not against equal rights but they

► 01:30:16

really dumb some of the standards down in some of the police forces to make room for for women and there was these little tiny women on the Philadelphia police force I swear to God any 12 or 13 year old kid could just take their gun and beat him up I it just scared that the only thing they could do in a situation where someone would resist arrest would be lethal Force yeah what other Avenue where they have I mean maybe pepper spray or mace or you know a taser but I mean this is back in the day I would did a lot of work with the police and law enforcement with jiu-jitsu and I was utterly shocked sometimes when some of these people would come in the National Park Service guards the you know the guys that wear the little mountie hats that are hired at all the national monuments and so forth how those guys were licensed carry gun sometimes was just mind-blowing yeah he's like wow dude you were so

► 01:31:16

and so obese and so in Mobile you know how are you going to put somebody under arrest when you can just barely even mobilize yourself

► 01:31:27

you know it's shocking what happens sometimes and you know a lot of the cops to come to my seminars and so far they'll agree you know most of the guys that go to my seminars are pretty motivated right to stay in shape yeah but yeah not not so with their comrades it's ya know I've had a lot of cops through martial arts you know and it's one of the reasons why I have a good opinion of cops is because I know so many of them that are good people great people man is a lot of folks out there that you know really shouldn't be doing that job they can't handle that stress or even if they could handle that look stress levels very day to day who knows what's going on in people's personal lives and how that manifests itself in a job like being a police officer but if you're a fat fuck on top of that Jesus Christ I mean I can't tell you how many times I've seen guys come to the gym and they've never had any training before and they're already police officer and you like what would you do if somebody just tackled you like what would you do if you didn't have your hand on your gun at the time and even then if I got smacks it and it goes flying

► 01:32:27

he's on top of much good you're a dead man like you don't have any of it I would think that that would be like a writer who doesn't know how to spell or doesn't know how to type or doesn't literally doesn't know how to write English language like to be a police officer and not be physically fit or not have any knowledge whatsoever of self-defense it seems insane it is insane is that there's a very famous training video that they show of I think it was in Texas where there was a pretty big guys probably about 250 yuge caught but obviously very fat and out of shape and these two little guys The Tackle him down and take his gun and shoot him it's used as a training video for you know new recruits and so forth and boy at that one give you the incentive to like at least learn some basic self-defense on top of whatever the show in the police academies and so forth you know yeah I mean it's pretty crazy but you know those guys they do have a hell of a hard job but you know I'm not you don't meet nice people when you're a cop no you're meeting the worst elements of society every single day

► 01:33:27

people just lying to your face no wonder they you know develop high stress levels having people lying to you and then having to determine are they telling the truth or are they lying and you know criminals are pretty devious and the pretty good alliance will know that even most folks that aren't criminals if you get they got caught doing something that's a crime they're going to lie and so the cops are just constantly dealing with people at their worst at their worst element you know so yeah I mean that would definitely have an impact on the way you think and your stress levels and of course we all know that food is a great bomb it you know it you get soothing it starts when you're a little kid you know yeah with you know your dessert or your little treat or you know rewarding kids with so I hope you don't do that to your kids but no no don't use food as a reward no but I don't demonize food either now of course I know I don't I give my kids healthy food most of the

► 01:34:27

I'm but I also say who wants to get ice cream let's do it yeah of course nothing wrong with that too I mean sugars not good ever and I tell them that like this is not good for you but it tastes delicious so we limit it I try to talk to them like mean I have a six year old and a four year old so I try to talk to them like they're adults and then when they what does that mean then I explain it you know I treat them like their children obviously with a lot of love and affection and a lot of you know patients but I try to talk to them in an advanced way I don't treat them like they're dummies like I explained to them I said you know food is exactly what your body's built of your body whatever you take in that's all that your body has to build new cells that's all it has it doesn't have any extra stuff it only has what you give in as far as food so it's important to give your body vitamins it's important to give your body all sorts of things like protein and water and then but I also say but it's important to fuck off every now and then I don't say fuck off why would my wife wasn't around

► 01:35:24

she gets upset at the bad words she doesn't want to learn the bad words earlier but I thought alarms that are later for sure have a little mouth party with some sugar every now and then you know but I don't want it to be a forbidden yeah oh yeah once you forbid something it it makes it even more desirable yeah and I had friends that had kids and they did not you know they weren't allowed to have any kind of traits or any of that kind of stuff guess what they do as soon as it goes our friends house freak out then they break out of that stuff and it's so funny I had to this one lady that was like this really really you know snippy eater and you know everything was fresh and organic and she was so proud of her son and his diet that she had him up man every time I saw that kid he was with a friend but and they would sneak bags of candy and stuff so crazy it's really true so crazy how many people do that too it's so crazy how many people just they do that to their kids and they suppress them I have a friend whose kid is overweight and he's always like on her like ten

► 01:36:24

don't eat this don't eat dad and like you'll do it publicly in front of people and shame the kid and it's a terrible way to do it to do it and then when no one's around like she was at a party the other day and I watched her just eating like eating cupcakes and just looking around eating like like Rand is just du frantically stuffing them in her face he's going to create a bulimia yeah or a kid real problem yeah someone that has a serious eating disorder so yeah shame never works man yeah it's terrible it's just a bad thing to do to a kid it's just you know children they're developing and that's the thing that people don't understand like to raise a kid it's you can't just go on your instincts you can't like say oh you need to toughen them up and tell them what to do and know you're going to develop all sorts of weird crazy things in their head you're going to develop blocks and they're going to have these mental blocks are going to have to work out in therapy for the rest of their life if you fuck with her head too much when they're little well I mean think about it most of us didn't have that greater role model yeah you know and there's

► 01:37:24

there's no directions that come with raising a kid exactly and it makes me wonder why so many people think that they are good or even qualified to be parents I mean nowadays with the world being the way it is I would be really reluctant to want to bring another Soul into this world and I don't know I just don't feel like most people really that qualified to be be parents they should really think about why are they doing this it seems like kids are almost an accessory you know something that you show offers an accessory or they just bring them in because it's the thing to do or whatever you know gives them meaning it gives our life meaning I think for a lot of folks they feel like if they don't have children that they're they're somehow or another not contributing and I have I faith that before I had children people would say to me like oh you know one day you're gonna have to grow up and going to have to have kids right now you're living like Peter Pan let me tell you something you know that ain't the way to live

► 01:38:25

and they make it like there's some nobility into having children I couldn't disagree with that more I think if you want to have a life where you contribute a life where you're a person who is is a beneficial person to society it's real simple have good friends do something you love doing Inspire others you know be nice to folks that's it that's all you really have to do you don't have to have kids like and if you have kids and you fuck up and you have shitty kids you've done to the opposite now you've created problems like I had a friend who used to always rag on people for you know like that hadn't hadn't reproduced but he was a degenerate and it's one of his kids smoke crack the other kid was in jail I mean and he was like bragging about having kids like you fucking idiot you've created disasters when your kids come into the room I leave created more of a problem for site is this out of the not not in his eyes but you know it's yeah it is funny there is a pressure on people you know too bad

► 01:39:24

it's unnecessary pressure you know and by the way you could always just work out you know all that you could go and volunteer your time Youth Center plenty of people kids don't have yeah exactly they don't have good mentors or parents or yeah or whatever father's kids and so forth the thing that really bugs me and you see this in Jiu-Jitsu or martial arts a lot where guys give up their dreams for the kid like they sacrifice everything for the kids not know what a horrible role model what message is that I am this I am so important I'm the center of the universe and kids grew up with us over an old you know they talk about lack as the steam I think most modern kids have too much esteem they've been you know the the grew up like a little prince or a little princess it's like men the best thing I could do is continue to work out keep yourself in great shape take that time for yourself to keep yourself healthy because I mean what use is a man to his family if he's broken down

► 01:40:24

and sick and he just worked his ass off all the time and doesn't keep themselves healthy and my God go to the mat and get your time in man right you not to keep yourself mentally healthy and happy but I can't tell you how I used to bug me when I had my juice is cool how many guys you know they let family just completely undermine everything that you were doing for the health and their well-being and you know and there's will there be their kid becomes like a project he's a guy and they put tremendous amount of pressure on their kid because of that you know I think it's very important to set an example and one one of the best examples that you could have as a parent it's just a live a balanced life to live a fulfilled life enjoy yourself enjoy your time so that you kid has like that in their head like oh I you know I should I should I see how my mom lives her life I see that she's fulfilled as she that she enjoys Chaz hobby she enjoys she likes to educate herself she likes to read she likes to do things I like to do things too and like you get stimulated if you have a mom

► 01:41:24

it's a fat fuck who sits around watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and eating Cheetos and complaining about people and talking shit you know those kids will develop that sort of a habit they'll start talking shit to and they'll start floundering around two children imitate their atmosphere you know very much so and you know like the old man has been working all day and he comes home he's grouchy is tired you know yeah and then all of a sudden he's dumped on with all the all the problems oh yeah when my kids were little man I would put him in the damn playpen and they could scream their fucking heads off and I did my training and they were going to learn that hey for that time hey I'm doing my thing I was making sure they weren't hurt right there's not a but it wasn't going to kill them right you know and then I would get finished how old were your kids win or your kid when you got divorced let's say the daughter was 12 going on 13 and Zack was like I guess 14 at the just tough on kids that's tough on kids and especially at that age right the high school age close to high school with a girl more show than the boy that was tough for her

► 01:42:24

that game is a little bit more philosophical is pretty mature kid for his agent he was able to take it in stride a little bit more yeah when kids see parents are together to you know they look at these like happy households like some of my daughters friends their single moms or their broken up with her husband are going through divorce and you can see they hated the kids that you know especially at that age like six they're really suffer it's a crazy thing how human beings just a lot of times really desire that nuclear household and father mother household so much so that people will go through it and that's the other the other side of it is that the folks that go through it when they're just getting tortured they hate each other but they're sticking together for the kids like man he probably be better off the guy probably better off if you broke up plenty of families that shouldn't be together man is so toxic in the kids grow up with you know in that toxic environment but what you were saying before kids do emulate what you do and by being a good example by taking care of your health

► 01:43:24

and taking time to work out and pursuing your own interest and not just making everything about the kid about the kid about the kid about the family you know yeah you also give them a sense of Independence to well yeah then they can say wow okay my dad's his own man or my mom's our own woman and you know they're they're not just all wrapped up in me you know so what a what a what a great role model that is for them to grow up and realize that yeah that's the way it is is there an age where kids shouldn't lift weights because we always heard that we were younger I'll give you a lift weights when you're certain age it's bad for your body that it's bad it will stunt your growth you you always hear like things like that is that a is all those myths a lot of is a myth I mean obviously kids when they're small they don't have good motor controller but good motor skills so you know you don't want them hurting hurting themselves and yeah yeah but certainly doing bodyweight exercises I mean your daughter probably tries to emulate you already anyway you know when she sees daddy and his home gym or whatever she

► 01:44:24

to do some push-ups and stuff and that's fine usually by the time of kids old enough to start doing household chores and helping around the house a little bit is a good time to get them in some type of formal training but it got to be somewhat fun you know yes guys everything is plant we talked about hexans hidden Jiu-Jitsu you know you can kind of do like hidden workouts and stuff yeah Krome would joke around about it was no hidden pressure yeah pressure was real man that pressure is real look you imagine growing up the son of the greatest jiu-jitsu fighter ever and it has to be not just on the Block not in the neighborhood not in the state not a state job highest expression of the art that there ever was and of crazy yoga guy to this dude is doing this crazy breath work and shit what a but also look look where it turned out I mean he's a world champion himself so obviously so something worked out there yet clearly worked out it's like with my kid you know I used to play all sorts of fun little games I would take

► 01:45:24

used to love to go to this dollar store you know everything was a buck and it was a heaven for little kids you know all that cheap plastic toys and all that stuff so I would tape dollar bills up on a pole or on the wall and he would have to figure out how to power Furniture up and climb up and get it nothing fucking recipe for disaster yeah I know spotting them yeah but I mean he got good at climbing stuff man yeah I used to bet him that he couldn't go from the basement of our four-story Brownstone and Filly from the basement to the top for where my bedroom was without touching the stairs so here's doing like ninja war stuff like you know bracing himself in the wall and a or walking with us feeding one wall in his hands and the other wow cat crawling up the railing and he was doing this stuff when he was really really little and but when he was like in kindergarten we play Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom I'd have a big stability ball like the big concrete ball or you know the granite ball that is going to crush Indiana Jones was that

► 01:46:24

could jump down a flight of stairs and land and roll before I could roll that ball down the stairs and jump down a flight of stairs he learned to do this stuff from a very young age because he started when he was like three or four years old how many stairs I'd be like 14 steps he jumped down 14 taking hold onto the rail and swing his legs out and jump to the bottom okay

► 01:46:46

so he would hold on to the rail and jump over the side kind of sweet no no he would like swing his body in the stairwell and jump down a flight of stairs oh my God yeah it's kind of cool yeah yeah that seems like a lot of stress on the on your legs though hey you know kids of that age they're so resilient and I mean he had been built into the stuff you know from the time he was I born me I was I was thinking that the other day when I was watching our kids play I was like you're very rarely hear about kids getting a knee injury that gets don't get hurt I made their film yourself you know what you know when they start getting hurt when the parents start to put that fear of ground engagement anywhere in the world you go by playground and I don't even have to understand the language to know what these people are saying mothers and so forth get down look out right you're going to get hurt oh that's so dangerous get to you know you put this fear to kids minds but up to that point the body is so resilient okay maybe they'll fall they start to learn their own limitations but instead well-meaning but misguided

► 01:47:46

I'd adults put these limitations in their mind already premature so they never really discover so they get this inborn fears especially of falling and so forth one of the five big human fears yeah and when I used to teach wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu and so forth teaching people throws was really hard as an adult because they had this terrible fear of falling but it was misguided because I mean when you're a little kid and you learn how to fall and roll exactly man you can take Falls and throws and you're absolutely fine bodies are so mobile so resilient they haven't built up all that stiffness but when you put that fear in a person's mind you get that fear reactivity for sure you're going to get hurt because you stiffen at the wrong time you know the difference between a like dropping a ball on the ground in a brick you know right the brick shatters and the the ball will bounce well you make people like bricks with all this fearfulness and you hear all the time

► 01:48:46

I hear parents constantly putting this this this fear indicate why I fell off a monkey bars when I was six snap my arm in half so it's probably good to have a little bit of fear a little fish - I was like I broke my arm my mom would always hear me say I broke my arm when I didn't break my arm but she looked at me and she goes wow you really broke your arm really did break your house snapped in half those babies are you learn harsh lesson to you know it still didn't make you completely afraid of climbing and doing stuff I mean I bet you within a couple months you right back in there doing the stuff again yeah I can remember falling out of trees it felt like every bone in my body is broken you know you know what's amazing is how well kids can manipulate their body to my daughter can do what is that called when you put your feet on the ground your back bends and you put your hand yeah right there a little spies are so incredibly flexible and you know and she can go up on their tippy toes and she's only six she can also climb a rope I have a rope in my garage you see my garage is pretty good feeling great she grabs a rub and climbs all the way to the top and I was

► 01:49:46

watching her do those like how many women can do that like she's not many tiny little girl she's six like how many grown women can support their own weight like that and climb ammos grown man can't do it no more scrubbing my yeah most Grandma they couldn't climb a rope if their life actually depended on it yeah and that's sad it is sad and that's one of the best things I ever did for my kid I just hung a rope and our foyer of our house we had like one of those cargo architectural e design houses that the kitchen went up three fours you know with like a bi-level type thing split level and took my life and my own hands with my drill try to hang that damn rope man I tied myself a with my Jujitsu about it was leaning over the balcony trying to find a beam with a beam finder in the you know got the drill this all while the ex-wife was out of the house she comes home she has his rope hanging down in the middle of her four year by our kitchen and you know I got both kids call me that

► 01:50:46

observing any other divorce proceedings probably my whole from the moment I said I do was the beginning of the divorce physician that's how it works sometimes that's how it works sometimes it's just the idea of getting married let's say we're gonna be normal we're gonna be like everybody else we're gonna get married well workout once you're married it'll work out it never does man I prefer done marriage right and on marriage is where I have my money she has hers I got my credit cards she has hers I have my possession she has hers I don't tell her what to do she doesn't tell me what to do you know it's like an agreement we're together because we want to be together we don't need a government agency to tell us that we can live together and we definitely don't need a government agency telling us that we're allowed to be a partner well that doesn't sound very romantic thing I don't know what kind of woman can accept that but I'll tell you right now I am not going to I'll tell you right now Steve I want a traditional marriage I don't want to be able to tell my friends and I married that's your thing chicks love to tell their friends are married

► 01:51:46

very few guys like you're excited to tell their friends they're getting married like see I got her she's marrying me I did it you know they go yeah we're getting married like well congratulations but it's never like this Milestone accomplishment like wow you pulled it off but a girl will like look I'm getting me like oh my God I can't believe it girls he gets so excited I'm so happy for you they'll hug it's a two completely different experience for the mail women have got it in their head or some I should say because of movies and of these stories and others romantic happily ever after idea that they have to they have to get legally bound they don't think of it as you know it's you the way you look at it is so harsh and so jaded it's not a legal contract it's a beautiful agreement and it's you take your relationship to the next level yeah until you hit those divorce proceedings and then you realize oh this is a contract like this is a legal contract with the state

► 01:52:46

eight and now I got to bring a lawyers and we got to figure out how to fucking divvy up my money and the lawyers get a giant chunk of that action that's the big scam that's what well no Phil Hartman before his wife killed him when he was trying to get divorced shot him in his sleep he was ranting to me by go just fucking give her half he's like it's not a half that's the thing it's a third because the lawyers get a third to you lose two-thirds it's not half pretty much babies just steaming that's why I like that the non-marriage you know that's nice to non-marriage yeah what everyone keeps their own personality and you don't like just get all wrapped up here this guy Jim you show me these yesterday's Russian oligarch 4.5 billion Ali I in a divorce of course I guess when you have billions and billions is probably not that big of a deal right it's a big deal no matter how much money you got the idea that some chick is going to be going off banging other dudes with your money and

► 01:53:46

ride and Ferraris and flying private jets everywhere and bind castles all with your cash why because you had sex with her I guess they don't have prenups and Russia or if they do he didn't get one mean you just maybe thought he's gonna make this is going to be different man fuck all the other 50% of the people that could make it I'm not even hedging my bets I'm all-in pushed all his chips on the table and he doesn't think that I think sours a lot of marriages and I can speak from experience because I've been married and divorced three times as this one 3 times 3 times you fucking crazy man oh man I kept going back from what I finally got smart you know I hate pretty crazy but so many of us guys we get we get the woman who is

► 01:54:33

when I call the girl you know really fun to be around very you know feminine just you relate to you together as friends and then what do we do we turn around and change her into a mother mmm you know and mother

► 01:54:51

is a whole different animal a whole different big than that girl that that that that that young girl that was carefree and yeah and fun to be around and you go to the movies and you go out and you'd play and you just have a great time and all that just goes right out the window Once you turn her into a mother I'm not even talking about kids mmm you know I've seen plenty of people without kids at the woman still becomes the mother oh yeah yeah like a mother substitute well they become a dominant role in the man's decision making and they sort of could control him in a very motherly way I think that becomes very unattractive to women to like I don't think a lot of women like well they don't want that man they don't like that role I mean they don't want to be put into that role you know a lot of women you know they like a strong guy that kind of take care of them right well I don't know I mean I wouldn't want to generalize but I the the what I've seen from the women that dominate the men the like the guys that I know with a woman tells him what to do and those guys also have a hard time getting sex like almost universally some of this almost like a rule like if the

► 01:55:51

dominates and the woman tells you what to do and the woman just control your spending and controls you know what your hobbies are and tells you what's going to happen and where you going to go those guys don't get much sex and I don't know if that's related to a like a woman being attracted to a man that she can't control or not attracted to a man she can control rather well the mother doesn't like sex the mother is against sex and that's what happens so often in these marriages and you know I've had a lot of women that are masseuses and you know they body workers and man when you know they tell me it's uncanny how many other male clients will always proposition and try to rankle sex out of them and there's a legitimate why do I'm not trying to be a prostitute right right right and that made us pretty common yeah guys are just sex-starved in their relationships and their marriages but the thing that really used to Wrangle me most more than anything was the way women would not want to be they would want to separate

► 01:56:51

guys from their friends yeah and they really resented the fact that God was comes to Sheets your training as I gather unto Jesus cool man the the wives and girlfriends would give the guys such a hard time about gone and training if anything they should be encouraged in the guy to go as much as possible yeah and you know they pull these guys out of there and it's that's a damn shame don't do that to a guy it's also damn shame for a guy to pull his woman out of something that she loves to do oh well yeah girl corner I mean to be fair of course yeah it's a terrible thing when people try to change the person who there they love and control them I mean could you imagine your friend doing that to you like a friend going come on man you're not gonna work out what he working out for I don't want you working out hey I don't want you working out you're my friend you're coming with me like what like I don't like you camping why you camping you know I don't like you going to ball games he'd be like what the fuck are you talking about yeah crazy but when that friend happens to be someone that you have sex with or you're romantically connected

► 01:57:51

did to girlfriend fiance wife whatever you want to call it that person all the sudden has a some sort of a role they can dictate like your actual day like dictate what you do whether it's a guy doing it to a wife or a girlfriend or a woman doing it to her husband or a boyfriend it's a weird thing that people just sort of accept as it happens so often and it's always grow it's no wonder that divorce is at its all-time highest rate fucking idiots all of us you know I just think how you think about on number three when that one failed you like motherfucker what's wrong with me why did I do this free time pretty much it was like damn without ever thinking man I had a lot of Shame actually and a lot of feelings of unworthiness or whatever you know I like the feeling of being a failure and all that and then I just realized well you know some people just aren't cut out I should have never been in that situation in the first place which my wife did you have the kids with

► 01:58:51

the first one reality third one oh wow so you had kids with both of them yeah whoo so how was holds your oldest kid right now 45 Jesus Christ you got a 45 you gotta tell ya I was 17 years old wow pretty much in the knucklehead an idiot yeah you know so what would that make her that would be well she got to be like 45 wow that's crazy yeah and then exactly others black belt teacher down it boiler Gracie school and hedges library and where's that John Friday that's a Gracie San Diego San Diego they just moved to a new high that even seen their new their new school yet had just moved into a new place and especially be fantastic what a hotbed San Diego is for training and his partner was this guy is Yolo I'm afraid of Johnny Fred he's won US Nationals and World noogie think he went to Abu Dhabi I don't know he's helped her

► 01:59:51

noogie Grappler exact teachers for those guys down there and then whoever lens the names of the school and shows up you know I mean he's on the road most of the time right it's all right except for voices crying done that too right neither one of those guys they just decided to not have an academy yeah it's hard being tied down to Academy and it's better just to have like maybe a place where you can let someone else run it and then you can go out in the road and do the seminar circuit and there's still a lot of call for jamming our circuit is a big thing for Robert - it's our guys Eddie Bravo makes a lot of money doing that that's a big part of his income he does a lot of traveling a lot of seminars and even myself I mean I get a fair share of jujitsu calls these days I mean you know was one of the first American black belts and so forth I don't consider myself an expert in the type of competition game they have now but when it comes to the old-school self-defense the Ella Gracie self-defense I consider myself one of the top authorities I learned it really well from both Orion and Helsing

► 02:00:51

and Allah o himself and it's a fantastic system it's shocking how many black belts don't even know the basic stand up self-defense they don't realize what a great self defense system Brazilian jiu-jitsu really is what do you mean by like stand-up self-defense every fight start standing up right Bebe and grab you yeah bear hugs and right and grabbed me by the hair but throat or grabbing your jacket or pushing you up against a parked car or wall there are self defense systems in place to either prevent those things or to get yourself out of a bad situation it doesn't always involve going to the ground per se hmm and earlier Gracie was a real master at adapting the old Japanese system and make it more applicable to smaller weaker people with through the use of Leverage and it can even be taught to kids it's the great to have that anti-bullying system to which was the finest thing you could teach a kid I mean think about karate or Taekwondo whatever they lot of parents take the kids to how's that work wait

► 02:01:51

it basically bust somebody in the face right yeah kick him in the head or you know that's going to get you thrown out of school for sure right but at least with jiu-jitsu you know you can use other means that isn't it's not going to get you suspended from school for you know two or three or four weeks or whatever I was watching one of the inside UFC Ultimate insiders yesterday you know they have those shows where they detail training camps and stuff they were talking about TJ Dillashaw I Was preparing for this fight and they had a scroll at the bottom of screen and it was about a football player who got was under arrest for kicking another football player in the head and the other guy was in critical condition did you hear about that matter what happens this on the field or in the locker room no idea was just the scroll at the bottom and that the player was in critical condition and then one player kicked him in the head I don't know if it was pro or college I don't know what it was you know well we have a very litigious Society so you use a real violent way to end some type of altercation well you know

► 02:02:51

mentioned like the the truck drivers it was blocking when you pick up your package yeah imagine that what went South and you start get really belligerent and getting up in your face Maybe pushing around right Jiu-Jitsu would have enabled you to control the situation without necessarily hurting the guy right but if you want to resorted to your Muay Thai and I've seen the way you kick and punch is pretty formidable you could have knocked the guy in the next week when you can really kill somebody that's the real problem that is the problem down killing killing people in fights a lot of times happens when you hit them and they go unconscious they hit their head hit the ground now imagine if you want to punch them in the face and he would have lost one tooth I mean imagined of tooth replacement dental bill where's the thing

► 02:03:34

Rutgers kicked Phillip Nelson off football team after quarterback is charging assault on Minnesota man is that is crazy the Minnesota guy was a linebacker for Minnesota state is this they have a video of it yeah I'll play the video yeah let's see this what happens here

► 02:03:50

not so man I wonder if they knew what the hell was going on Sunday morning as part of their everything's videotaping it's crazy crazy much charge not much privacy has been arrested and charged with assault police released surveillance on his life man with certainly had he was on the ground and being after being punched and knocked To The Ground by another suspect the night club or something former football player oh my God so he'll be out of school but see the point of you know using the violence of punching and kicking okay it works there's no doubt oh definitely work but but that but that but the after-effects yeah but you know the ramifications of using that type of violent behavior and for children in particular to teach them that yeah wow they're going to be thrown out of school for sure that's why I always like to wrestling in the Jiu-Jitsu you can control

► 02:04:50

it without necessarily have to you know smash somebody yeah and absolutely the only real problem with that is of course multiple people but multiple people most the time you're fucked no matter what pretty much very rare that a guy today is not like you know the movies that you can movi Jackie Chan or take ever Seth and Amina one video it was from Turkey where this guy was a boxer and he was being attacked by this whole group of people we were doing we were watching it during one of the podcast that we do and I was doing commentary on it because the guys are really good boxer and all these people are chasing after him and he's dropping them left and right just like fucking 10 or 15 guys chasing after him and he drops like 10 of them you know they're circled around him and guy comes forward crack he pops this guy crack he pops that guy the trying to grab me he's backing up dropping guys it was really like a scene in a movie like if you still have the movie you would say well this is fun to watch but in real life this never happens but this actually did he actually did it like that movie Old Boy here it is here's a video they're chasing

► 02:05:50

after this guy and so after they changed out this guy the get out people start arguing and they're chasing after him but the guy knows how to fight bam he drops like I barely drops that guy bad guy they're all chasing after him now they're getting mad because he keeps dropping these guys look he's got his hands up he's got good job to check this job - hello look at that Bailey that jab drops that guy with a jab look at this bam that's just a stiff jab not and they're all running after him he's moving back and he's got the state of money that drops that guy drops that guy he's got the the state of mind to move back and then pause for a second and fire to catch you guys come here he's obviously trained look at that jab by is very much right yeah obviously hands up high and turning left and right and drop and dudes I guess I guess it seems like they're playing the same thing over and over again so it's probably only five or six guys but still weather coming at them one at a time yeah and obviously they weren't trained people yeah that's I think if you're you know imagine trying to fight training

► 02:06:50

guys but you know how often do you ever find train guys out the street and if you do what a terrible situation that would be a horrible situation but for the most part you know thugs aren't well trained well I had a friend who got an argument with a guy whether in their cars and they're yelling at each other fuck you fuck you and pull over fuck you and they put they pulled over and they both got out of the car and both guys could fight one got shot the other guy the other guy stuff to take down they start duking it out on their feet and like holy shit and they were both ways really well Tree on the eighth man said we were going at it for like 10 minutes before both of us are exhausted and they wound up high five in each other and get back in their car and drive it away

► 02:07:33

they fucking voters realize that like they were gonna they thought they were gonna tee off on some Duty didn't know how to fight the guy shoots in for a double the other guy gets under Hooks and sprawls and looking at each other what the fuck's going on here and there like fainting each other leg kicking each other and shit they were actually duking it out and then somewhere along the line they were having fun and they realized like they're having respect for each other and then they high-fived each other and got back in their cars what are the odds very rare very rare also that they could go through that and laugh you know and God as fucking stupid let's get out of here and you know bruised up it's always stupid right oh isn't that big stupid I mean the step of thanks well the worst is the Drunken moments like probably these guys that were at this nightclub is football player kicking this guy while he's down and the end also the crazy thing is movies that show head trauma and make it out like it's no big deal I got pistol-whipped and he wakes up later what happened meanwhile he's fine you know and he's just still saving the day you know you get pistol-whipped you're probably fuck

► 02:08:31

for about six years and to be yeah serious concussion man yeah I mean Matt Grice I don't know if you know who he is UFC fighter great guy was hit in a collision was rear-ended going 65 miles an hour somebody just wasn't paying attention I don't know what the details were about his clock his car was plowed into had brain surgery mean barely made it big scar on his head they had to remove his plate from his head they move a piece of his skull to give his his brain of relief from the pressure and then they had to put it back in place but you know he was talking about how much it affects and how much mental fatigue he has oh my God yes I said yeah creates like we're talking about earlier you know like the NFL I mean look at the can cut the whole concussion controversy right now yeah it's going to change footballs we're not and what are they gonna do about that because the sport it's like is it all matter like MMA like how would you take away the concussions in MMA I don't even know how that would happen you can't you know unless would be some kind of like body shots only in wrestling

► 02:09:31

something but that I don't know I don't I don't think the fans would buy it and it's the the other thing that happens that you see an MMA is when a guy gets knocked out how easy it is for him to get hurt after that like Anderson Silva's perfect example go through his entire career looks like as an a chain of iron you know fights everybody never gets hurt even if he gets dropped gets right back up seems like he's fine you know fights all these killers and then Chris Weidman shuts his lights out and then the next fight Chris Weidman drops him with a punch that looks like he would absorb that punch under any other circumstance if you look at his entire career was hit with harder punches hit with cleaner punches seem to be fine but he takes that one shot from Weidman and she's eyes roll back and he goes down he recovers his hanging on for dear life and clenching but you got a sense that he's damaged as a human of you know the nervous system gets insulted like that and it just builds and builds and builds I remember as a college wrestler my senior year I was obviously really slammed my head

► 02:10:31

and had a pretty bad concussion and I had another incident in training same thing and they they told me even back then and this is back in the 70s that one more I was banned for the season that was it wow yeah but not in MMA there's so many guys get knocked out and training and then wind up fighting you know stuff you met Eddie Alvarez just pulled out of his big fight with Michael Chandler and one of the things that he was talking about was that he had gotten knocked out before their last fight he got knocked out and training a few weeks before the fight and got through it okay but that this one was he had gotten hit in training wrestling you know someone sprawled and he got hit in the head by when a guy used his hips and just a collision you know yes the random collision and then another random Collision while he was trying to get a single the guy pulled his leg out and as the guy's kicking his leg out he hit him on the chin and you know thinks he's fine just training hard like normal but then can't get over the headaches and it just like hurts him to move his

► 02:11:31

around and then he goes to a neurologist and you need to gets cat-scans done the whole deal and they realize like you know you're not going to be fine it's gonna be very interesting to see what happens in these next 10 years with the first crop of mixed martial arts Fighters yeah and how they Age and what I you know some of these guys are getting a little bit older now and what the permanent ramifications are going to be from all those brain injuries and so forth and I think it's going to be similar to what we saw in boxing with a lot of these guys you know having dementia and you know the the classic Punch-Drunk yeah it's because I think I agree with you and I think that it kind of brings up the question that were talking about with Dan Gable like is that Glory worth having those hip replacements there's one thing if to have your body aching but it's another thing to have your mind compromise to the point where the quality of your thinking has greatly deteriorated not just your ability to move your body but your ability to communicate with people like when you used to hear Joe Frazier before he died it was painful to listen to me

► 02:12:31

just saw him out the street you know because I lived in Philly and I you know I actually saw him walking down past the young Kevin knew right where I live people say Joe and the poor guy he couldn't understand a word he said the way he saw his speech and yeah it was like really really really said do you do you ever foresee in the future remember how McCain was trying to band MMA hmm for the longest time right after the initial thing got started right do you think do you foresee any of that happening again as as this type of thing happens I'm just curious it could but it would be very inside it would be the only way that would be possible is if someone figured out a way to make football safe because if they don't make football safe and they're not going to ban football football isn't that bad too big a sport too big too huge too many people love it too many people look forward to it football season is just a huge part of being American if they don't ban that and someone wants to ban MMA it's going to be real problem she's going to be

► 02:13:31

to reconcile but you know they say that well the difference is that football the goal is not to knock a man unconscious the goal is to get a ball across the line to score correct sort of like organized team Warfare yeah that's all well and good but what's happening what is actually happening what's actually happening is giant people are slamming into each other and one of the things that this guy told me that I found incredibly fascinating about concussions he's like the big misconception about concussions is that it has to be from head injury he's like what you don't realize is you can get a concussion from getting hit in the chest oh yeah a hard shot to the chest like football players colliding with each other not even making contact with the head but just the the Boom the impact of these enormous bottleful body slamming into each other causes the brain to Rattle around inside your sausage up against the side of the brain pan and that causes concussions and there's a lot of guys who suffer concussions with no head trauma their head doesn't actually get it

► 02:14:31

a direct head contact they it's just the body getting rocked by an impact how you how you gonna take that out of sports any sport even basketball guys fall down Combat Sports yeah I mean one of the things that the guys can do this boom there's a perfect example Jamie that's like that guy got a concussion right watch this look at this look at his head Boom the way it snapped far my goodness in the size of that man who grabbed him Cheese's Louisa I give you think about a guy like Lawrence Taylor going full clip a Ray Lewis that's just like a nightmare these guys can go a hundred yards in like Sprinter time Italy treasure hunter time and they're 300 pounds of muscle it's yeah it's shocking the forces that go in and go into the whole thing by the way not possible without steroids I don't give a fuck what anybody says you don't get that big you don't get that strong you don't get that fast

► 02:15:31

testimony you want there's some shit going on there's a lot of those fucking dudes that are on the juice if you go back in time you'll get the football players from the 1960s and you look at the football players of today sure you had your guys you know you had your big guy yeah you had your your your you you know who was the guy who was did a commentary in UFC 1 Tim Brown Jim Brown Jim Brown super athlete Supernatural one of the greatest ever fantastic athlete tells guys today is so much bigger than him did you he's a little guy by yourselves but go back even further let's take Jim Thorpe oh yeah you know I went to gym I went to I grew up in Carlisle Pennsylvania where Jim Thorpe went to the Indian School there Carlisle PA know Kim and I went to school with his his nephews his Grand of use both boys were what was he like as he got older

► 02:16:24

he became an alcoholic unfortunately you know he was penniless he was stripped of his Olympic medals for playing a one pro baseball game or something getting paid for a game that's yeah they had stripped his medals from him for the his amazing Olympic performed a minute because he did the baseball game before the Olympics or after the alarm but not before he had actually got paid like made a nominal amount of money I don't know $15 of them for playing a game and he was stripped of his medical and but he died just basically a ditch digger and penniless got but to give you an idea of how versatile the football players were in those days by my friend that the nephew of Jim Thorpe told me the story that he missed the bus from Carlisle to Harrisburg to play the game

► 02:17:10

so he ran from Carl out of Harrisburg which is about 18 and a half miles to the game and got there in time to play the second half and scored several touchdowns how far is that 18 miles 18 miles and ran 18 miles try dog tried at 18 miles got there in time to play the second half and actually want to come did a couple scores that's insane talk about an insane athlete how big was he you know I don't know bring it up it's Jim Thorpe he wasn't big guy but he you know they play both ways you know you played offense and you play defense and look at that it looks like a UFC welterweight and he was a damn good boxer a wrestler to wow and but I mean that was back in the day where they didn't suffer the terrible head traumas because it was more of an arm grabbing wrestling kind of game and we're guys smaller to and smaller and you know I stayed in Sydney I love to Australia I love the Aussies and I was teaching Jiu-Jitsu down there and they're really into Australian Rules Football

► 02:18:10

yeah it's very similar to rugby the guys don't get nearly the trauma traumatic injuries that they do and like NFL it's more like organized team wrestling throughout their wrestling and in fact they trained a lot of wrestler wrestling for these guys they bring wrestlers in to teach them basic wrestling Holt and you don't get the I think it's the modern equipment that allows these guys to hit each other with such Force well that is the big argument about football that if you really want to make football safer you take away the helmets and people like that's so counterintuitive like how can you protect people by taking my protection but the reality is that protection is it's a fake sense of security fixes here at take the gloves off the UFC fighters like knitting the first for you okay you're going to see a lot of surface Cuts right yeah facial Cuts you know for the knuckles but you're not going to see the traumatic head injuries like you do with the gloves right there's gloves allow guys to punch so freaking hard that make the hands like weapons but you take the gloves off man

► 02:19:10

hands pretty fragile yeah you're not gonna just be grounded a pound of like it you know do you think if they did that you'd start to see guys practicing on the makiwara remember those those Japanese probably what you'd have to definitely touchiness still does a lot of that Machida still practices on I think you see the bar open hand strikes as well I think you're right remember when Mom heels and he's acne gigantic Sumo dude and essentially bitch-slap them bitch-slapped of just dropped them the guy was like 600 pounds a manual Yarborough he hit him with his gigantic like swinging bitch-slap which is a great self-defense date your palm it's amazing how much impact your palm can take and not get hurt I mean you could do that look I'm doing this on the this hard oak table if I did that with my Knuckles it was fucking her oh and plus you know you you could so easily break your hand to buy my my Jujitsu Master Helsing Gracie was renowned Street Fighter in his own right and he used to practice open hand techniques all the time he used to recall its flap in the bag so to speak

► 02:20:10

and he always taught us not to use closed fist in any type of realistic confrontation open hand strikes are quite effective for self-defense yeah you could certainly fuck somebody up the best example of that is Bas Rutten routing and punk race and punk race when I'm making up names pancreas boss figured out boss is like really flexible wrists and some way and he figured out how to pull his hands his hands go like you see how my hand like if I was striking my hand goes out it's like sort of like not even 90 degrees not quite boxes would go way back like this I don't know how the hell he did it with a stretched his wrists out probably did but when he was striking he was doing boxing techniques whereas in pancreas everybody else was kind of slapping and Swinging boss was throwing straight Palm strikes and palm hooks so he was throwing them in a very traditional boxing way and knocking guy senseless I'm Palm technique yeah incredible power behind his straight

► 02:21:10

right palm technique you know he was a great puncher so he just pulled his hands back and threw punches but threw punches with his palm and was able to really date that was the thing about pancreas is like you know that they were we're not allowed to use closed fists on the ground they were using to the body but they were not allowed to use them on the face standing up or on the ground so everything had to be these kind of slaps but boss just through the whole fucking system out of whack because he would just Crush guys with that Paul Hill today and he's another guy that's in some serious pain right now it's got a one atrophied arm his arm is shriveled up and he's going through all these different treatments to try to regenerate the nerves and the tissue in his in his arm it's real sad and yeah I made it to help but no one ever said that these sports are healthy you know you do it because you love it there's something inside you that makes you want to do it but you know I mean truth be known grappling is something you could do pretty well in advanced age yeah that's a Leo was like 90 yesterday it was like 95 96 so is he like rolling right you roll

► 02:22:10

I'm with him it was that old he was amazed he liked to lay there and let you try to do stuff to her he loved to play that game and it was like he could read your mind he already knew what you wanted to do before you even did it but he moved well wow he moved really really well it hurt his knee jumping off the back of a truck and yeah so he was a little stiff in his knee but he was pretty mobile guy even in his 90s it was amazing how well he moved around what do you think about like there's there's techniques today that you're seeing in Jiu-Jitsu and MMA the all these Jujitsu techniques that were not in the original systems there's all these new found movements that some guys just don't want to adapt they don't want to incorporate them into their their strategy into their game you know what do you think about that I find that to be incredibly weird because Jiu-Jitsu itself was like this new thing these new effective techniques that the folks that were originally

► 02:23:10

I didn't know you know Elio Gracie Carlos Gracie they take these techniques they modify them they make them even better so they essentially have this completely new system they brought it to America like especially 1993 when though you have see came along that's what the whole thing was about it was about these new techniques that people couldn't defend against because they weren't aware of them but now they don't incorporate new techniques into this system and the idea that it's perfect as is and then it can't be improved upon I think that's a little short-sighted and little weird considering how the system started in the first place well he have to think of it like this Combat versus sport real fighting versus sport fighting the rules will dictate the techniques just like taekwondo at one time is a fairly formidable martial art but because once it became an Olympic sport it just became so stylized at taekwondo almost became useless as a marshal or take Judah for example the original Judo was basically identical to Jujitsu but once it became an Olympic sport and people

► 02:24:10

started practicing it within the roles they became more and more stylized to the point where Judo lost any semblance of being a real martial art that you could use for self-defense so I think what the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu practitioners are saying is we don't want to take some of these Newfound techniques and Incorporated in our style because this is for sport only this is stuff that you would only do in the sport itself and that we want to stay with the more traditional combat oriented techniques that have been tried true and proven for for many many centuries really if you think about it that being said my son says something is too because I was kind of ragged on 50/50 and Barren Bola and he says yeah but pop if you don't know this stuff you're going to get your ass handed to you by some guy that does so it's best to be familiar with all of the stuff so I thought that made an interesting point but you know when it comes to UFC I mean obviously you're not going to Bear them below somebody

► 02:25:10

got to get your lights punched out or you know I'm not going to jump guard in the parking lot out here if some guy would give me a hard time right but if you do wind up scrambling you fall on the ground the guys on top of you the guard does work in a street fight oh hell yeah man I've had I can't tell you how many students in Philadelphia I myself had a few scrapes and blade worked beautifully so once again we're not finding trained Fighters yes you know we're not entering into a contract to put on the show and to fight each other right you know I mean by that logic like the guard you would never use the Garden Street like why would you use the Garden Street the guard seems like something that you would use in a sport only I mean you're on your back why would you ever put yourself in that position oh my gosh I got plenty yeah exactly because he had no choice in that in that respect and the 50/50 which is for folks who don't know it's almost like two guys going for heel hooks at the same time yeah pretty much interlocked like position if you're in a situation where somehow or another in a mad scramble you wind up with a guy like that boy a heel hook in the fucking Street would be absolutely

► 02:26:10

well the guy wouldn't know what happened chase you yeah you could just walk away and you'd be lying there oh you did he look is one of the worst techniques ever are the ever going from like not feeling any pain to irreparable damage or damage that you're gonna have to get surgery for it's like that like the difference you don't have play if you have a little bit of play in an armbar like here you're okay here you're like fuck I might have to tap tapping with a heel hook by the time it gets up things are ripping more things of the injury because you don't have the sensory nerves not what about they heal the the leg a lot of the leg locks were originally Russian some oh really yeah they were very highly developed by the the Russian some bogus they had their own grappling stuff and the Gracie's actually learned a lot of these techniques and took took the song Bo and embraced it and put it as part of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu the Michaud has did an awful lot of that chair they started Samba they competed I

► 02:27:10

see saw a couple early Gracie videos of Hickson and Jean-Jacques and Higgin competing in Samba tournaments and in California and yeah it's really interesting this Russian guy beat both he beat to machado's and then medication in the finals and Hicks and beat the guy and the finals interesting yeah it's real real really great this Russian guy is pretty good what's his name man I don't know this is years ago I saw this video this is an old footage that I saw in Horry Anne's office but at any rate they were made there were military technique if you maimed a soldier named them then it would take at least two comrades to take so now you've put three people out of the picture also they would rip apart the knees yeah so now the guys all maimed and so now it takes at least two buddies to help get the guy back so you put three people out of the fight with one maintaining its you know it's when oh here it is is this a this might be it is that Hickson

► 02:28:13

Jacques Jacques there was a blonde Russian dude that was kicking everyone's ass and this one it's used to torment

► 02:28:22

oh yeah they're going after leglocks I as as the Sabo was her devastating with his freaking legs man yeah

► 02:28:29

that's remember all that electric Toro that's Jean-Jacques though that just did that Jean-Jacques in the blue I remember Hickson was wearing this you remember the color for short he was wearing the one the one the one tournament that I saw there was a blond Russian guy that was pretty much kick everyone's ass and then take some was wearing this multicolored shorts that he was famous for in that Beach and Beach pyria when he fought you go Duarte yeah there's heck this is he going he can in his day was a bad motherfucker oh my gosh oh is probably yeah I've seen it away there's a big guy now but

► 02:29:02

yeah that's interesting that is very interesting how familiar you with Prolotherapy I don't know much about it or maybe I know about another name proliferation therapy Prolotherapy is the inject this glucose solution into joints into into ligaments and it actually thickens the ligaments that's interesting because I have read a lot about the hydrochloric acid that they inject into joints for osteoarthritis and so forth I think that yeah it works isn't on a similar way I think to kind of hydrate the connective tissue in there okay what I was bringing it up as because I knew a dude who used to get it done even though he didn't have injuries he would get it done on his elbows on his knees to thicken up and strengthen to the tagging the tendons and ligaments just for training because apparently it can strengthen it as much as 40% well that's pretty impressive it's very impressive right wow yeah and they would it when you inject it it's really painful I had it done on my knee and I have

► 02:30:02

on my wrist it did wonders for my rest I broke my wrist when I was kickboxing like in 1988 or 89 I have fucked with me for a long time until I got this Prolotherapy on it and whatever it did it really fun right yeah I mean it went away a little bit on its own it got better on its own but it would click all the time and it would just it would ache after would train for a long time but this Prolotherapy somehow or another by injecting it directly into the ligaments it forces the ligaments to swell and then yeah then some sort of like the Hydra is now there's a name is Stacy Stacy thick there's another therapy that a lot of people don't know but back in the 70s it was huge it's the DMSO dimethyl yeah sulfur oxide I'm a big advocate of this stuff and you can still buy it and some health food stores why they stopped selling that well the FDA at one point wanted the the big Pharma companies can't make any money on it they can't own the patent and this is about the time when all the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs you know like ibuprofen or Advil or

► 02:31:02

you know was coming into play so they put the kibosh on this stuff and got them to ban it and then at some point I guess the band lifted or whatever and it became popular again but I remember like here and like some of my ages aunts and uncles talking about DMSO when I was a kid and wow this stuff works and it works well and yeah but like for horses right yeah they used to use it as a limit for racehorses and you put it topically on the skin and has this unique property of sinking right through into the connective tissues and it has amazing anti-inflammatory effect it really helps the body with its own healing process you remember guys used to use it back in the the Taekwondo days when they would get injuries to their feet like kicking things let it kick elbows and stuff like that guys would rub it on their feet their shins things along those lines yeah I'm using it now I hadn't used it for years but I decided to try it again I've been putting on the shoulder that had been bothering me

► 02:32:02

and wow I can't believe in just one week how much better the shoulder feels more pain-free has been in a while which makes me wonder why I wasn't doing it earlier yeah but see when I was doing it before I was still doing the Kettlebell snatches and I've become a bit of a critic about the Kettlebell snatch was that isn't actually as I think it puts an awful lot of trauma on the wrist elbow and shoulder for no good reason you know people say oh the stash is depend on that left and get about laughing and all this and that man I can't tell you how many people I've seen injure themselves I'm not trying about people using crappy technique right using the technique you know really good technique and still suffering osteoarthritis and rheumatoid problem I mean you think about it you take a heavyweight and you continuously throw it over your head continuously over time of course you're going to get repeated trauma what about presses now press is a fantastic so you think that what is the about the motion while you're swinging diskette about

► 02:33:02

ahead and it suddenly stops he get all this this loading of the the connective tissues at the top it's like a dead stop you know the momentum and you know I mean there's always people that can seemed seemed to walk through life doing these type of lifts and so forth okay through it yeah seems to skate through it but man there's thousands of people that suffer and I think all of the benefits of the snatch can be certainly had in the swing you don't need to to traumatize your shoulders in order to get benefits from from the kettle the swing where it stays horizontal yeah exactly it's the momentum just dies out it's all enough it's all hip and button hamstrings or back and give you know you've generated the force so you know for me I was really into the snatch thing for a longest time but it was definitely traumatizing my shoulder what other exercise do you think maybe should be avoided kettlebell exercises I'm beginning to think that the windmill with really heavy weights is should be avoided that really yeah I mean I'm not talking about like you

► 02:34:02

again with lighter weights but some of these guys you know they're into 40 kilogram can get about that's 90 pounds what is it I 88 pounds I think that's pretty heavy yeah don't need to subject your body if you might have indeed it's like a rotation in a Twist yeah spine so you got to be really careful with the when you're loading up these type of flexi bendy postures like that a lot of the overhead squat stuff I mean you know just because you can just cause you can do it doesn't mean you should you know yeah I was going to a guy was saying that for shoulder stability that it's really great one because of the fact that it's got all this twist to it you know that your I mean the getup is going to get all that everything the window does to get up get us even better plus you get the the benefit of moving your body from the ground of standing up and back down and so forth the window has a weird sort of hamstring thing going on with it though oh yeah for sure because I get a lot of hamstring soreness when I do heavy wind well yeah you're lengthening the hamstrings out really good so it's you know quite as

► 02:35:02

stretch like a form of loaded stretching or weighted stretching and so forth but I mean if you really if you really wanted to get down to brass tacks if you're pretty much just doing get-ups and swings you pretty much have the perfect workout right there you don't need a whole lot else just get up swings what about presses well presses are always a good thing but I mean you can do presses with anything right you can do a handstand push-ups you can do Dumbo barbell but ya can't about press is a fantastic exercise there's no doubt about it and I think the kid about double front squat is a beautiful way to squat the the double front squat yeah where you're going to get about a thousand you hold it in what's referred to the rack position and do squats it's a really user-friendly way of doing it what's all my my squats that I do with weights I do them all that way how you was using a squat rack but I felt like it's harder to do it this way and I feel like I'm engaging my core more because I'm keeping him in front of me

► 02:36:02

absolutely not you posture has to be correct to do it so I just went with all of them and I just do with to 70s I just used to settle in my age now I said no reason alone it is right there till oh my spine up with a really really my friend like Waller who's a strong dude oh my God Mike is ridiculously straw and a vegan too yeah anyway the things you can't be strong and be a vegan just check out Mike yeah a ridiculously strong and vegan for mean he's you know that he's really dedicated for the whole lifestyle being a vegan yeah very knowledgeable we're not even annoying about it then I'm not at all now he doesn't push this agenda whatsoever no it's great if anything people ask him yeah yeah well you're on your website what do you have on there as far as I know that you develop you have like people that you train online you develop programs for them I do how does that work and how could someone sign up for that well I called my freedom business because I could do it pretty much anywhere in the world that's one reason why I'm able to keep up my nomadic existence because you know as long as I have Wi-Fi I'm good

► 02:37:02

no I saw the 62 litre drum or whatever the hell it is a 5 liter bag Osprey bag yeah but my girlfriend's beat me now she just doubt downsize to a 45 litre so damn it since when do you know they have a woman traveling with less stuff than a guy that's ridiculous yeah of course I have workout equipment in my bag so well there you go abdominal wheel rubber band suspension device and app will with you out of all the things you can keep with you and have wheels that important they decided to yeah I like it you know I made it so light and you know and I use the eye multi-task with it the little the little bar that used for it I use it with my rubber band to do rubber band Douglas and such yeah so cool stuff you can do with that with that little handle here you are you showed me a bunch of stuff that you could do in hotel rooms like you throw up towel over a door yeah chin-ups off the door all you're really truly need is just your body weight I just carry this stuff around because I can but maybe I was dumping go even more

► 02:38:02

looks like like Teresa you know so how do you when you develop these programs for someone say I'm I'm Jamie over here who likes to exercise if you wanted to build a program for someone what do you do you've let them fill out a form how active are you how in shape you know yeah I mean first of all I want to make sure that I can help the guy there's no sense of him wasting his time or money or may wasting my time with a guy that I can't help so sends me a little bio what it is he's interested in it gives me a chance to see if the guy has realistic goals and ideas and if he's like way out there you know maybe he'd be better off going to somebody else but if he's pretty much in line with what I think I can do as far as helping the guy the next step then is I sent him a questionnaire which is extensive Life Style questionnaire everything from you know your work too you know I almost like that arithmetic test you took you know I want to know and then he sends me a dialogue I want to see what he's putting his body and then I

► 02:39:02

they fitness assessment in the meantime he takes three photos non post just like in a pair of shorts so I can look at the structure I particularly need to see the feet and the knees and see how the guys standing is posture you know back front side so I need to look at the spine and shoulders look if there's any structural stuff going on and based on this photo sometimes I'll have different Fitness assessments because before I can take him where he thinks he wants to go I got to know where he's at you watch him do a video do you like your maker I sometimes yeah sometimes but for the most part you know it's unnecessary once he does this fitness assessment I have a really good handle on where he's at and then I'll send them a program and then he sends a training log in anywhere between once a week to some people are like to send something every day you know it's and they have recovery days after recovery days as long as as well as their workouts a lot of the guys are participating in Jiu-Jitsu some guys are participating in MMA but a lot of the guys

► 02:40:02

just regular guys businessman businesswomen Housewives they just want to be healthy how many clients do you have the you do this with right now it's I haven't counted but it's close to 60 I know it's a lot of time I've been I think pop on that a lot of hours a day then how many hours a day do you do that for you know crying I don't I don't track it because it's different each day some days it's like six eight hours other days it's like three or four depends on how many logs that come in but I tried to have a turnaround time of never more than 24 hours but it's all you it's just me so you don't ever go on vacation like you don't say hey I'm taking a week off a life yeah wow but I like say it's different yeah so you life is kind of a bigger than any I'll be like I'm leaving from here to a Korea Greece whoa in the Aegean Sea off the coast of turkey beautiful pristine little quiet Island a lot of people never heard of and it's named after the mythological figure Icarus

► 02:41:02

flew too close to the Sun with his wings and plunged into the ocean there's Wings melted or something Wings melted well this island I'm going to be there for three weeks during like a lifestyle training camp and the Wi-Fi is a little sketchy but I'll be okay so I'll be doing my iPad while looking out of the beautiful blue Aegean Sea or you know I was in a high-rise in Sydney looking out over the harbor so it's you know it's pretty easy to do your work when you pick really nice places like that so when you place I love donuts so it's not like a chore or anything it's I really enjoy communicating with these people and I you know you almost become friends you kind of sometimes like I'll meet him at seminars which is always really cold you know to actually meet the person but you really develop a closeness and a camaraderie through the through the emails that's interesting when you go to a place where they speak a different language do you have a translator like how do you how do I have

► 02:42:02

like I just got back from Russia not too long ago I was in novosibirsk that's the very heart of Russia remember that guy Alexander karelin yes he that's where he's from what scary fucked up yeah bring that guy up aleksandr karelin amazing photos most him crazy scariest res people would turn themselves over and pin themselves so not to be thrown with this patented got wrench throw yeah they would befit belly down and he would get his hands underneath him and take a 250-pound man and precaution while he was like like nothing and smash them under the ground so there is in nervously Bears the Russian experiment he no one spoke any English whatsoever so I have a universal translator my iPad and iPhone that I can

► 02:42:52

write a question now and then show it in Russian and then hit a button and change the keyboard to Russian and then they can type back in be an English so you can communicate with this modern technology that's crazy though but like what if you want to get something to eat or you want to get a room in a hotel or something like that well usually will go to some usually hotel personnel to someone there speaks English it's that's one of the nice things about being a US citizen I mean there's a lot of things I don't like about this country but still a superpower and it's still you know the the country so to speak so most people speak English in these in these hotels because tourism is a real big thing for a lot of these poisons that's so fascinating that you do there you go from one place to another like that with no stops like you know much not because you're living out of this 65 litre bag everything I know you don't really have a place where you like well we're done work we're going to just hang out at home for a few days now there

► 02:43:52

no every where I'm at is how do you foresee that for the rest of your life I mean you're 62 now is that what you are a 6151 that sorta wasn't half giving extra here they're mad at 61 and a half like the kid he's a good kid do you foresee living the rest of your life like that yeah I mean I enjoy it that much I mean it's really nice not to be tied down once you get that that roaming spirit it's I can't even imagine to settling down but what about your body I mean you're essentially teaching people health and physical fitness how long do you think you'll be able to do that for it's 61 years old that's a very unusual for someone to be teaching people how to lift weights and exercise and I mean I've seen some this shit that you've done somebody posted a video of you working out with those guys that do the workouts which is an incredible those guys I got a year ago man that was the guys are so fit I mean it tastes amazing watching some of those playground workouts at the urban do there have been

► 02:44:51

yeah they have no legs though even though it's a little skinny ass fucking twitpic legs are the other thing to a lot of those guys are hurt a lot yeah are they realized the stunts you know it puts a lot of stress in your body right it's not necessarily the kind of thing that you'd want to do but I mean it's amazing how these guys I mean essentially they're just doing this for their own fun right I mean they lobbied Fabs Willie that that is incredible as a strong data that that guy can put his legs up there in the air what do they do for their lower body though there's so much upper body stuff and all these exercises you very rarely see them doing lower body I didn't guess I should say it you know what they did for the lower body but I mean for sure what they do is pretty amazing but yeah might not be the best way to go for specially people over 40 because the joint trauma you know yeah because remember there's a difference between working for strength and demonstrating strength and doing Feats and stunts versus just regular

► 02:45:52

right and stance and feets take its toll over time you know like Olympic lifting power lifting those guys are pretty bunked up by the time they get to their 40s or 50s so you consider what those guys are doing with this playground work is not done to yeah I mean the whole thing is built towards developing these tricks right to show that like that's incredible yeah the ability to hold your legs up like that like folks don't know what kind of core strength that require that requires incredible man is of course like a doing that stripper thing where you're on the pole yeah I mean it's no joke this guys are incredibly fit for that they they truly oh that's amazing the flags are just like wow it's so hard to do it's really hard to do but the torque and the pressure on your shoulders yeah incredible you and not bad for an old guy not bad at all quite as high as that guy was but amazing that you never did this before and I hear doing that that I never done any other stuff you know most most of my training was all geared towards try to make my

► 02:46:51

self a better wrestler and or better jiu-jitsu fighter so it's a slightly different Energy System in the whole different emphasis with the workout so

► 02:47:01

that's incredible that these guys have developed a sort of way to work out on these playground workouts that is gone worldwide mean there's so many of these people that yeah there's they are stars and then there's a minus in Australia that was the what was it the the bars Beast Down in Bondi Beach these Australian guys that you know so and every country especially the poorer countries you know most of these outdoor playgrounds in gems are pretty available to all of these guys whereas they couldn't even afford a regular commercial gym right but I was in Russia I was really pleasantly surprised you could find a pull-up bar and dip bar everywhere not for kids for adults you can see people using them I mean just all over the place like this guy she's doing dip bars and pull up bars and all that kind of stuff

► 02:47:52

it's pretty incredible stuff on it yeah this is amazing these guys hanging on this other guy yeah some of these guys are crazy strong yeah but in a lot of these Eastern Bloc countries that you know they they don't have a lot to do you know and they're not big guys not looking at them then why I really you know bodyweight training has a way of kind of I mean obviously different physique types are going to be attracted to different activities yeah a lot of times you know people have this mistaken notion that if I do this I'll going to look like this in reality the physique type has success at a particular activity and then stays with it right for example women often like want to do dance because they want to look like a dancer but if you don't have that proportionate dancers type body to begin with you'll never be successful at dance right look if you're short and squat you have big thick legs exactly I don't care how much dance you do you never develop the long lean lines of a

► 02:48:51

dancer and the same thing with the urban gymnastics you know really big boned God bless your leg heavy legs they're never going to be successful that's how backed every no matter what they do it is they wouldn't be able to do with the football player does is it also a case for guys that want to compete in MMA like those big bulky football player type dudes they're never going to be able to have good endurance it's gonna be really hard for those guys you know because that you know they're kind of like just naturally fast which guys with a well an aerobic endurance levels and no matter how much they train for endurance they're always going to be lacking in that particular Department you know different the cool thing about combat martial arts though and combat sport there's a whole array of physique types of seem to do pretty well you have like little fireplug guys that do pretty good who's smart mijares and then tall thin wiry kind of God's mercy yeah exactly the do well so you find like what's good for your

► 02:49:51

you start to develop a style for your particular physique type and all that which makes combat martial arts different than any other sport in the planet because you won't find a big rev physiques playing NBA basketball for example right they're all tall guy can usually you see a little guy but rare you only see yuge Behemoth playing NFL football once in a while you might have some little guy but he's like one in millions you know I mean they can make it so it's the sport attracts the physique type these people are good at it because they have the body that does well with that particular activity it's interesting when you see a guy who was an elite football player something like that get into MMA their bodies change their they slim down they become little little they're still big and bulky they become little bit smaller with the guy who's freaked me out the most is Herschel Walker that was pretty amazing because he was like 47 or something when he started killing all man is just yoked

► 02:50:52

at 47 shredded six-pack and just throwing guys around and training at AKA I mean wasn't look at that that's him at like 48 years old fight in Strikeforce that's pretty remarkable isn't it what a super athlete that guy was wouldn't have been incredible to see him as 20 something year old competing in the UFC for sure boy he is again guys with his genetic propensity for size and strength and endurance and explosivity they were probably wouldn't be drawn to mixed martial arts because of the money factor I don't know make like 10 times the money playing NFL football probably but he probably could have made that kind of month look at the fucking size that guy 48 years old he could have probably made that kind of money doing anything because yeah he would have been so dominant what about anywhere been successful at almost any sport your you are you do have a point that how does a guy stay that big look at the size of him at 48 years of age without lifting weights

► 02:51:52

because that's what he always claimed he always claimed it everything he did was body weight do you think that's bullshit you know I just don't know I really couldn't contest that one way or another but there's a lot of people have called bullshit on him there's no doubt that body weight training can make you pretty pretty muscular and oh yeah those boxcars guys yeah they're really yoked up man look at that that's him when he was younger that's a good picture thank you Jaime perfect picture how the fuck does that guy become that other guy show that other picture again how to fuck the those two one is the young guy and ones the old guy why you know must have to start suspecting some type of enhancements and not just go back to that of the picture Jamie the picture of him swole up and come on son one is when he's young and one is weighs 40 and open a new tab and go back and forth between the two photos MMA just not build that type of physique I'm sorry well

► 02:52:52

doing obviously he's doing some sort of body weight conditioning strengthening but I made it there's no doubt he works really hard yeah but Yang about Herschel Walker that's really crazy as he said he eats like a bowl of soup and a salad every day and that's it

► 02:53:05

that's hard too hard to understand how double hard to believe but maybe I'm a fucking knows I'm a guy that only slept three hours a night who dr. Ken Lesnar look at the two these two pictures look at that one and then look at the other one Jamie do you have do tabs you motherfucker too big can you just go back and forth

► 02:53:29

look at that what the fuck man Jesus that's when he's young and here's when he's older

► 02:53:36

I'm confused I get super confused I mean that looks like a guy who probably doesn't actually way how old is he in that picture right there young 1982

► 02:53:47

that's crazy so he would have been a teenager now why are you might not have been to his true man strength and so forth at each Channel he's got some fucking man strength going on right there don't you know Jesus and they say you know go he would go to AKA works out with the team works out with everybody Mase I don't know why he's not doing it anymore well maybe he started having some joint problems and they you know they're there is a reason why there's a due date and cottage cheese you know that a few times you know that's a good way of putting it you can't you can't outrun father time he's so big at 48 with no body weight or no weight lifting it seems like to be that big you'd have to throw some weights around you would think yeah I mean I've never seen anyone that that type of musculature that just did it on body weight training but that's not to say that maybe maybe he's an exception to the rule he just might be that type of you know have that type of genetics you know yeah that is the other thing too it's a some focal areas doing some body weight exercises

► 02:54:47

look damn good even there yeah he's he's not quite as ripped as he was back in the day but he looks freakin phenomenal do is a super athlete I mean that's the thing about football is that they get the big super athletes they're really big and strong guys the biggest strongest fastest athletes pretty much go NFL in this in this country they can make so much money and that's what I mean yeah that's where that's where the money is I mean NBA guys are pretty big too but they're taller more ranger you know but the real power guys are just going to run sprints Jesus Christ that's not a sprinter it was size of them that's a goddamn water buffalo but for sure you know I think I've built a tremendous physiques just with bodyweight training yeah one of my all-time favorites was this guy what he Strode he was the black Gladiator in the original Spartacus opposite Kirk Douglas wow bring-bring what he was I suppose last name s TR OD East Road he was one of the original body weight trainers and a lot of people

► 02:55:47

realize but that fight scene in the original Spartacus was one of the most dangerous fight scenes ever filmed they actually fought with real weapons why and they had trained for three months according to Kirk Douglas his biography they had trained for three months with those weapons in order to put on that fight scene and Astro just had a magnificent physique that's terrifying these real weapons that was no weapon be seen yeah and they did the fight and they had rehearsed that imagine three months now a rehearsing and stride was a also a stuntman wow and that scene where he jumps up to remember he defies the the the Roman Patrician I don't remember order Spartacus his death and Strode runs up and grabs the wall and pulls himself up he says he's probably the only stunt guy in Hollywood they could have pulled that off at that time it's like a 10-foot wall you jumps up there and grabs it with his fingers and does like this kind of like almost like a muscle up like he's trying to get this guy wow

► 02:56:47

defying Rome you know he refuses to kill the character or Spartacus cool movie Man Kirk Douglas was in pretty good shape back then to yeah Kirk he did his training his training with what if the time during the body weight training do you work out with any other athletes that any other sports besides I'm a Mets guys and know you've you know you've trained quite a few MMA guys Diego Sanchez you trained him and functionally for his BJ Penn fight but what about other athletes in other sports I've changed a couple NFL guys David Akers they used to be the famous field goal kicker he used to come and do Jujitsu with us as well as do some conditioning work you have an issue with him when he was kicking with one leg all the time because so he was developing problems a he had a chronic hamstring pulls on his non kicking leg which was his right leg was his non kicking like he was a left footed kicker mmm and so at my suggestion is said hey why not balance yourself out you're kicking like 50 kicks a day which is a lot of

► 02:57:47

but you're not doing anything for the other side yeah the start kicking with the other side and lo and behold hamstring problems disappeared well I wanted to ask you about that because I'm getting into archery and I've got this bow is 90 pounds that's a pretty hefty about pulling 90 pounds all the time with my right arm is this a compound bow yes a pulley system yeah well I should probably get a 90 pound ball for my left arm tell him what I would do is just hold the bow and just do some rows with him can't can't grab it with your other hand it's the way it's I'll show you I'll show you afterwards well then get yourself a like a chest expander Can't Get Enough yeah about row I've been doing rows yeah you do Ross I do 10 or 15 pages with one a similar movement pattern right why do it like that I do it like this are you holding it with your right hand your left hand I hold the boat with my left ankle with the right my right okay so take a chest expander like the old-school rubber chest expanders and just start pulling just to balance yourself out okay yeah you know I worked a fairly well-known baseball player by the name of

► 02:58:47

help I've been working his wife out for a couple of years I didn't even realize that she was married to a Philadelphia Philly and then one day she says hey man my husband's having some serious problems he's in pain a lot and I like you to take a look at him so David comes up and I asked him hey how many times a week do you throw a baseball with your right hand and he looked at me like thousands of reps and I just I just simply said what are you doing for your opposite side and they look to me like wow I never thought about that and I'm thinking well for sure baseball got it has some top trainers right what do you think that one of those guys would have figured that out if you ever got thrown thousands and thousands of balls with your one side what and it makes sense to do something with your lap don't want to look like a girl so with your left field well I gave him one of those little clubs you know little Indian climate oh we're running out of time oh my gosh we did threaten ours holy shit look go to Maxwell SC dock on how much time we got left

► 02:59:47

and seconds it's over thanks to our sponsor this fucking thing's over Steve Maxwell you're awesome fantastic you've asked we ran out of time see you guys later bye everybody for folks still listening the audio thanks to tango to Rogen da Ting.com and save yourself some money and also for Steve all of June he's going to be in Germany Frank foot Frankfurt cologne Munich all of July in the UK Edinboro London Stockport land Lancaster Shire Lancashire like a shot like a shire August 1st 2nd and 3rd Rev Gear University Rev Gear University.com presenting kettlebell and Medicine bell medicine ball courses and thanks to Black Belt soap that's your body's company right yeah yeah I'm Ali and now he's black belt stuff okay and Maxwell sce.com is the website that I've been looking to the whole time that we've been talking to you fantastic website lot of interesting stuff there and

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good sign up there and go and get your online course become one of the 60 people that you have to handle everyday got him as a lot of people to deal with that's awesome though thanks again man time hey let's do it again that again yeah for sure thanks Mel all right thanks everybody we'll see you soon the this fucking podcast is over good night