#1104 - Boyan Slat

Apr 16, 2018

Boyan Slat is an inventor, entrepreneur and former aerospace engineering student. He is the founder of The Ocean Cleanup organization: https://www.theoceancleanup.com/

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My guess today is boy on slot and he is a very young man who devised a method to clean the plastic out of the ocean. I'm sure many of you've heard of the Pacific Garbage Patch. It's a giant pass a plastic that's floating between California in Hawaii. And this young man has divided method to clean that it wasn't like half the size of Texas or something. Is that what they said?

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There's some insane.

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4 times the size California twice the size of Texas something like that. I just making things up. I'm not it's fucking huge. There's 5 garbage patches all over the world and they're essentially these areas where the natural ocean currents.

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sort of meat

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and this plastic floats and collect there, and it is immense and it's a gigantic problem. And this one genius young man. Took it upon himself to try to come up with a solution for how to fix this and it's a brilliant solution and very very interesting guy. So, please give it up for boy on slot again experience Joe Rogan podcast. Bye. Bye. Okay.

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Yes, hello boy and hi there. Welcome. Thank you. Thanks for doing this. I really appreciate it. And I love what you're doing. I've seen your Ted Talk. I seen many in numerous conferences that you've appeared at the Health Options you've given on this and for people to jump into this right now, what you've done is I think long and hard and devise a method to try to clean up some of the plastic that we have floating around in the ocean. Famously the Pacific Garbage Patch enormous patch of garbage. That's between California in Hawaii. How did you get involved in this? And what would what you're young guy? How old you 23 already 23 already? You sound like throw my God. So how old are you and you started this. I think I started thinking about this when I was 16 and found at this organization one is 18. That's crazy. All you lazy. Fuck out there for the 16 years old that aren't doing shit with your life. Just think about this kid. That's amazing.

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I'm so happy to people like you in the world, but thank you. Yeah, so you start thinking about it when you were 16 and you know, this is something that is extremely disturbing to anybody that's paid attention. Especially see the birds that have died with all these plastic bottle caps inside their bodies and you know, you see the carcasses with these multi colored caps in them and they thought these things were food was just one of the many many many problems that occur when you have plastic floating around and just enormous numbers and the ocean sure. Yeah. I mean this really Three Brothers at this plastic first of all, obviously the ecosystem damage I think there right about 800 species that actually could go extinct because of this plastic pollution, then those the economic threat in terms of that damage to Fisheries damages to tourism and things like that. I think it's around 13 billion dollars a year according to the UN and then thirdly does the health impact or the potential health

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Back because these tiny plastic piece of an actual signed up in in the fish week that they chemicals with it. And yeah that ends up on our dinner plate as well. So what was it that prompted you to dedicate essentially dedicate your young life to this? I sure. Yeah. So I've always being very passionate about technology into the building things. I think they're having an idea in your mind and then seeing that become reality met with to touch it and things like that. I think there's literally no better feeding in the world than that. So if I've been building my own thing since it was 2 years old, I think for a starting with things like tree house as a zip lines, but then going into through computers and explosives and and Brooke kids and things like that, which is a lot of fun but it wasn't very useful. I would say so it's kind of looking for something to do something that real to to to work on a real problem. And that's what I'd been came across when it was 16 years old. It was good.

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Guys in Greece and I came across small plastic bag that says shit. I wondered why can't we just King this up and that question so does kept circling around in my head and yeah should have thought about it. What how could we do this the ocean? It's pretty big that eventually came up with this idea dude to use these natural ocean currents to 2 business. Let us collect the place and so how do you have many different prototypes that you started with a new eventually wound up with what you have now and have you start implementing of you know, yeah, I mean, so the the the concept that was presented back in 2012 with my my first text. Ohh and if you compare that to where we are right now, it's sort of day and night of the bill the difference. So yeah through testing and through obese prototyping. Yeah, obviously there has been a lot of development there, but that the key ID has stayed the same that instead of going out to the plastic with the boats and Nets.

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To take around about 79000 years to to clean up. Justice Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It's end up doing that. We left the plastic come to us. So you guys again network fleet very long floating barriers, which are oriented in a you shape and they showed around and the kind of act like a mess this pack net. So yes, I'd like like it's on I'll bring some plastic towards the natural potion cards bullshit against it move towards the center become very concentrated and once it's concentrated the event. It's easy to get it out and ship it to land for recycling and as the started yet. So the past that's it. So we were founded. Yeah, right 4 years ago in that time one said we did the Recon event. So we we met the patch with 30 boats in an airplane at the same time to get we understand how much is out there which turns out to be 1.8 trillion pieces floating in this Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and on the other hand, we've done all the testing that we done hundreds of scale model test. We've done prototype.

► 00:14:31

Spec in Europe on the North Face and actually right now we're we're manufacturing the 1st of real clean up system, which is scheduled to be launched from San Francisco to the Great Pacific garbage patch in around 2 or 3 months 10. So has anything been used like, is there a proof of concept of you've done but real large scale testing where you shown that you can actually do this? Well, I maybe we've done a lot of steps system testing for the the the prototype to the North Sea for example work. So these 12 meter sections and we we manage load to to keep that in one piece. So but then also the plastic capturing that work very well in the lab. But yeah the real the real proof of course has to come from this one real system in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch collecting plastic and that's what we really hope to achieve this year. So this is the big one right the Great Pacific Garbage Patch of the largest. Yeah. So that's kind of between California and Hawaii. Yeah, so that the fire is in the

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Barber plastic concentrates. This is by far the largest one the 4 other but they are they combined lean contains less plastic Ben this one in the in the North Pacific doing a wireless pretty because Asia Asia has a has quite a big problem in terms of that date that you select plastic, but they don't have a good infrastructure. So by far the largest source of plastics Logan to the ocean is also this this one consonant and what's being really there naturally bite because the current ends up in the North Pacific batch. Is this a strange problem because it wasn't something that was discussed in the eighties in the nineties. It was nothing and then all the sudden somewhere in the year 2000. I remember hearing about the massive amount of plastic we have in the ocean and it just it just made sense. I was like, oh well course course it's going to windup there but the sheer size of it is staggering. Yeah, and I think the to me the wiring thing is that it's a persistent problem. So it would Mini.

► 00:16:31

Kansas Solutions when you said turn off the top but it will be sold by itself. Think about for example, the the Olin Hall with the CSC, but would like if you turn on the top of the Prada still there and in 100 years it will still be there. So it's I think 2 to resolve it you need to do two things one that we have to close the tabs on the other hand. We also need to clean it up. Jamie just pulled up a size comparison word shows 1.6 million square kilometers in area twice the size of Texas or three times the size of France. Yeah. So this is a study we've noticed a few a few weeks ago. So this is the results of the week of effort. I was kind of funny that every other news Outlet use a different size comparison. So I think it was CNN that says it was the size of Mongolia. We always use rash. Yeah Texas were America we use, Texas for everything. Where does California so yeah. So yeah, it's pretty pretty big diarrhea.

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Shane hey, man, it's getting bigger. I'm sure yeah, so the M&D the area doesn't really change it some more the modification consultation. When did we realize that? This was an issue like collectively scientists geology. Yeah. It said I had some things that have been sort of small something efforts since the 17th, but then it was the first sent plastic was described as being something that says in the ocean, but it really only answer the public Consciousness. I think in the late nineties. There was this this Captain Charles Moore who we're sort of sailing through it and he saw this past again looks like we need to describe this and that he did have a scientific paper on it. And yeah, I think he I think he was the one that turned the term Great Pacific Garbage Patch and he was riding his boat through it for a long period of time I guess. Yeah, I think it was participating. It's in Saving Grace and he went through it and then yeah, he just saw all that's

► 00:18:29

So he was sort of the canary in the coal mine, I guess. Yeah. So what the what is it one of those things where it's hard to get different governments to act on this because you know, who's responsible for the ocean. Yeah. I think it said of this tragic try to do have the commons records International watered. So if everyone's brought them, but at the same time legal, it's now it's a problem. So yeah, and besides that what whatever it is failed when I started the urgency that was that I think everyone wanted this problem to be solved. But at the same time we didn't really have a way to do it through somebody wasn't any technology to do that 10. That's why I thought well, perhaps is an opportunity to come by meeting face to face of indiscriminate be also developing technology, which is that what we did. Is there anyone else doing this?

► 00:19:22

Southern many organizations working on the on the prevent since I tried so educating people think about your policies those kind of thing which is very important I think but yeah, unfortunately we're the only ones that do the hard technology side of it. So, yeah, I wish you more people do it if if somebody else work in the ocean that be fine with us as well. But until somebody else does it kind of the ones that I have to do that so fast name to me the other 7 billion people in the plan. Sometimes they really does just take one person.

► 00:19:59

2 to add one person do something about something that I mean, I'm aware of many people aware of many people listening heard about this and it's sort of one of those things. It's in the back of your mind. It doesn't affect you on a daily basis. So you say well that's tragedy. That's a terrible thing, but it's not my problem. I have my own problems, but you this one person decide to do something about it the fact that you did when you were 16 is so fascinating to me and someone has to do alright, but it's not weird. Someone has to but nobody's doing shit until you that is very interesting. Yeah. Yeah, I sent it was under some people asking why why do you do it? And then I also did like why not? Yeah, why isn't everyone didn't

► 00:20:48

Mike one thing that I was thinking was and this is my same feeling about pollution air pollution is that once they figured out a way to use whatever is in the particulate an air pollution as a resource sure and make it valuable. Then people are going to be running to extracted out of the skies and I felt the same way about the Pacific Garbage Patch and all the other ocean currents where they have this this issue. Is it the current bring everything together collectively into one area just because the way the ocean moves exactly episode of the card at the equator and they have these founded current attitude affects like that like the the sink in your bath tub Britain though. It's sort of where all the past you once again. Now, is it possible to take that stuff all that pacific all those disgusting particles and use it for something. Yeah. I mean sure if the examples with me in the back, but

► 00:21:48

Right now and grab it doing or grab a student, but I can describe it. Okay to park outside of it. So so what we do is we take the bus again, and we we recycle that we've done it would develop a process for this and we can turn it into Newport. It's actually the the pair of sunglasses that I finally being able to wear after a dreaded northern European winter. They already made that out of plastic that we took out of the Great Pacific. We should bad sure you're wearing sunglasses at a recycle from the ocean exact a n and the ideas that we can do anything with it. Right? So you can imagine to have a part of your next car or your chair or whatever. You can make that out of a ship class again. What we think is the the material self isn't valuable enough but it's we need the the story behind it. So the fact that you can save logs made out of the Great Pacific Amish batch, which we think will add value. So it's like the difference between a normal Pebble and and the piece of the Berlin Wall. It's

► 00:22:48

One is worth shit and the other is weird something. So that's what we kind of want to use as a way to to that be able to fund the operation of the kiddos. I think that's a fantastic idea. And I think that'll be a huge value for people. I mean, I think people really want to buy something that they know as recycled out of something that was choking fishing birds that yeah and not only that but it is is turning plastic from the ocean and a $200 shoes. The sportswear maker is teaming up with something the cell 3 new shoes made with plastic pull from the ocean. Wow. That's awesome of the kind of stuff you can do so, I mean, this is a successful. So I need as actually didn't use plastic from the ocean. They I think they just said that for for Marty reasons, they denied that from plastic that sort of the colored ocean bound. So tell the fuckers goddamn it they got them. Yeah bullshit that was on the way to the ocean. Yeah, which I guess is any could be 86 to talk you was like we were going to throw

► 00:23:48

Do decide to make sneakers horrible? How do you spell the country? I've been should have some of those photos that they're very cool. I like I like them and I like be the people that was at work on it that I thought everything but that's a lot. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I'd like a little bit Yeah, but yeah, so I mean to Big composition of the classes I will be putting out of the ocean. It's pretty unique. It's it's quite degraded that because the Decades of you feel I'm heading it. So so we we had to develop a new process to to do that. So probably maybe new year. So it will be actually be able to launch the first line of products made out of so real the real deal to ask actually coming out of the ocean. That's excellent. So you going to sell like Rob plastic and is there an issue of who owns the plastic mean even cuz it cuz this in the Commons of the the estimate international waters. I think it'd be hilarious if somebody would should have raised a hand.

► 00:24:48

Yeah, that's my place. I got to put it in there. I think that we have another kind of legal issues. Yeah, but I love you comes a resource like wheel. Yeah. Yeah, I think there's some there's like this the Salvage love to save a few sort of Salvage something Bryant issue oceans. You can actually keep it so that doesn't appear to be an issue. But yeah definitely will be yeah sort of closing the circle based on projected. Yeah. I mean it it sounds

► 00:25:17

it sounds like an amazing thing and I guarantee people would be very very interested to buy things that they know we're made out of something. That was really a horrible.

► 00:25:28

Side effect of civilization. Yeah, I think if you have the choice between a normal navigate, let's use the sunglasses and put down a normal pair or a pair coming out of the ocean. I think 9 or 10 people which is not for sure. I mean, I think it would be giant for companies to to advertise that we only use a hundred percent recycled from the ocean plastic mini guy. Yeah, that would be gigantic. How long do you think it would be before this could be a reality? So the first system if this currently being assembled, so we are renting a former naval base in at the San Francisco Bay where it's currently being put together. It's it's still relatively small cyst of it's 2000 feet in length. So eventually they'll be almost double the size. But this is that this one will be launched in pretty late June early July that will take it out. The first the first deployment will not be directly in the patch. So we're just playing it ran 300 miles of the coast just too.

► 00:26:28

Sure that it works. Well sort of a final rehearsal if that goes well then bye pretty around August we should be ready to take it all the way to the beach and hopefully soon after that collect the first bless that can that we hope to have this the first shipment of first plastic bag back in Port before the end of the year and we think that will be in such a symbolic moment for 460 years man has been putting plastic into the ocean in from that moment work for also taking back out again, that's amazing. And you feel like you can get 40% of the garbage patch in 10 years. I think Seafood. So we defeat of 60 of these thing assistance. We should be able to clean up a half. That's Great Pacific Garbage Patch every 5 here which of course the more yeah. I mean then you can it's not right or if you want more cyst if you'd put in more systems, of course, where are you guys getting funding from?

► 00:27:19

Tom so so far we've been very generous Lee supported by but I'm moving to Federal is actually so ranging from people that just donate 50 bucks to to people like Mark Benny off the founder of sales force a couple of other very high net worth individuals that if someone wanted to donate how they do. So yeah, just go to the to the website the ocean cleanup.com and feel free to to get in touch with us. So mostly individuals mostly wealthy philanthropist. Yeah, so that has gotten up to around 35 to 40 million dollars right now, which should have been enough to find all these years of research and development the whole matting of the page as well as the construction of this first system right now. So so that should get us to the point where it's a proven technology and then for the scale of the ideas that big candy company can can go sent the RO system. We estimate the cost of every system to be around 5 million. Basically you you know, this system will be around a kilometer.

► 00:28:19

Thank you space for Logos the Wilkes-Barre Chang's it's like this message Bill Brian sitting out there. So so the ideas that any company consider fun or or individual events canceled the races like you'd be like fuck you Adidas where I actually went to for Rhea just kidding Adidas fat who will be Heather. Yeah, I would be hilarious. Yeah. So what is the process in taking the plastic from the ocean and converting into usable plastic like that? You would use in sunglasses?

► 00:28:47

So the first thing you do she's kind of wash it you sorted to scrub it to to get too. So disease-free clean certified. Yeah fragments of of the plastic then we we do there's a present Coast compounding where you serve remounted and add some some additives and they get into what your co-pilot so these are sort of beef beef sized particles which can be set in to any machine a new book. So saying Ikea machine for furniture or Tesla machine for for cars. And yeah, so that that process we can add to custom develops tailor made for for our feet stuck because it said, yeah you need composition that's amazing it it's really fascinating because I think that that will be hugely desirable the form of construction. Like if you can prove that the plastic that you use was made and

► 00:29:46

Actually, it's a benefit to get that plastic in and make things out of it. Yeah, I mean beat it. It's still more expensive. Obviously then just normal plastic door. We have to collect it from 1200 miles of short but on the other hand, so so just by selling it as plastic. I don't think that would be a good business but making into sort of going further and if value chain up to the consumer, I think that can make sense because again, she is the sun's out example, it's pretty around 100 grams of material. So that would take about maybe a dollar to collect and you know, what's the Dollar on the hundred and $20 pair of sunglasses, right? So so I think that really going it all the way up to the value chain that that's where you can be at the valley. You don't want to fix it shocking to me what I was investigating plastic is that I didn't know the plastic you can make plastic out of hemp.

► 00:30:45

Temp plastic is actually biodegradable. Yeah and sugar cane and then I need to buy a base types of tests. But the thing is that there's this is very very serve complicated seeing controversial built of folks out at the bio Plastics because you have something called bio based and and therefore they go by I do great so you can make plastic out of the sugar case, which is chemically exactly the same as plastic that it was made from crude oil and it would take the same amount of time for it to be great. So bio based doesn't necessarily mean that it's biodegradable and then vice versa so so it's yeah, it's a very complicated well, but even you know sometime either experts on this, I'm plastic pollution being confused about it. So let alone with her the general population. So and you had insured there isn't yet sort of the Holy Grill of this type of plastic that on one hand is very

► 00:31:45

Good in terms of performance and it's usable life and then when it for example into the ocean just degrades in in a matter of days or month, but I think that would be you know, that will be great and if it is the quality of biodegradable plastic inferior to bio based but non biodegradable. Yeah, it's and it's looking Limited in the in the terms of application so you can try to get a place to be the actual physical plastic. Does it feel different to the touch interview? Yeah, so it's usually makes more noise. It's more certify crumbly. So it's brittle prescribing interesting. Well that makes sense. Right? Obviously it's going to so if you want to make water bottles that are biodegradable plastic the pro going to leak everywhere. Yeah. Yeah. That's yeah that's not possible yet. So they're compostable. That's another thing you have compostable plastic which you can use for water bottles, but then the only way for a to degrade to be to be in service industry

► 00:32:45

Composter. We have a temperature of 100 degrees and and pressure and things like that and it wouldn't do great in the ocean. So it's it's a very complicated area. Yeah, and I know III I had Paul Stan it's on who's in my colleges and he was talking about all the different fungus that could be potentially engineered to eat plastic. Yeah. Another thing that they're working on. Yeah, so that both Chris it would be great to have them lentil so that exceeds it's it's a process that we're all staying Festa getting for a for a recycling because one thing you could do is you could take that plastic and then using either enzymes are indeed fun fun guy and things like that. She could turn it back into biomass. So and I'm from the biomass you could make anything else again, so you could make 5 days past it for some sodas this change your relationship with plastic. Call me when you sit there and you drinking out of this plastic bottle. Do you think I might have to clean this fucking thing up some

► 00:33:45

Yeah, I was a bit. Yeah, I mean, yeah, but on the other animals and not again specially because I realize that but at plastic say motor medicine would be very difficult the plastic love more food wise food be produced and without classic we would be able to clean the ocean be getting a lot of the components of our cleanup system. Actually, maybe you can pull up an image of the things being built right now. Yeah, please whatever 7 so that's actually a lot of the parts that are made out of plastic. So so kind of ironic. Yeah, it's or pull in Bolivia. Yeah. So here it is. It's a silver Firefox. So yes, I don't think we can live without plastic and I don't think we should want to I think it's really just about managing the material in the way that it doesn't end up in the ocean which means that it needed comes back to the material being valuable enough at the end of life because if

► 00:34:45

Cheaper to recycle vent to not recycle will done obviously it would happen and there needs to be good infrastructure for that. And then I think is a final so the final safety net. We need technologies like this to 2/3 intercepted in River Mass as well. As it of King of the legacy of the 60 years that we're having in the middle of the ocean, but I don't think we can live without plastic. No, I don't think so either not yet. And when you're looking at the water and you see the plastic that is in this Pacific Garbage Patch all the other the other 4 patches how deep does that plastic go from the surface? So the most of the plastic release days on our near the surface. So we've we've done expeditious to do that for that to to measure it and that's actually why our system only goes 3 meters deep because that's so blow that there's virtually no plastic any more interesting. So it's only about 9 feet. So when you're when your trip when you see the little tiny itty bitty pieces that seem

► 00:35:45

As the plastic breaks down over decades, it becomes like almost like agile at net sort of chunky thing. Yeah. I like it's called micro Plastics how you serve the particles that does look a bit almost like grains of sand tree which are pretty small even though we we measured are primarily in those step 3 meters 9 feeding me so and another surprising signing. I think from from those Expeditions was that still more than 99% of the plastic is larger than a millimeter. So larger than those this very tiny pieces, which means that on one hand. I think that's good news because that means it's it's not too late because obviously the smaller to get the more harmful they get the end up in the food chain, but they also are harder to clean up so so it's the 1 and it's not too late. So that's the good the good news. I think but on the other hand, it also means that they're still 99% of plastic out there.

► 00:36:45

That over the next few decades will become micro Plastics as well. If we don't clean it up. So this sort of this ticking time bomb out there that if we just leave it there at the Mount of micro pass this could increase over 100 fold over the next few decades and then we will be in in in March for a situation that we are today. So I have marine biologist done studies on the impact in that particular area in terms of populations of fish and marine life. Yes. So so there's many species that that are being affected one side due to ingestion on that on the other side through and Sangamon. So actually not a finding of a study was that almost half of the plastic by Matt is things like ropes and and fishing that which of course disastrous all further before propellers for Pro boats that go out there. We got a photo indeed so green turtle that mean it looks like

► 00:37:45

Pot in a Busch. This is massive net. This thing is swimming around with this thing attached to his body. That's one of things that I was going to ask you about is cleaning up the Nets because we had talked to someone does explain that every time they fish a lot of time still cut the Nets lose. Yeah, so it's pretty combination of accidental loss and end intentional off. But yeah, I mean this this amount of net we was quite quite staggering and you remember who was bringing that up to somebody somebody brought that up that they just live release the Nets and that it's common placed it was stunning cuz we're like what every time they do that the other the Nets get caught in and out to get damaged. So they just cut the Nets lose and the netzer plastic to put that in saying that that's legal that they do that. They don't have yeah, it's not legal but it's not really gone now, but it said they're laws for this but obviously now, how do you

► 00:38:45

People do that sit right very hard to to monitor going to say. Ohh. Yeah, I mean, I guess you should probably have some sort of a GPS tracking on your net. Yeah. I mean that could be one thing or you can think about needing Market based Solutions. We're there will be a financial incentive if they bring their their next to shore. Yeah, then some sort of a pain elevation if they don't what does it's Jamie the impact in a band and ocean fishing that's on marine life. I've been Chris Reiner Duncan. Okay, that makes sense. Google says

► 00:39:16

Man, that is just so it's so sad that it's such a wasteful.

► 00:39:24

This message sort of thing to do just cut it loose and it's gone. Yeah, Cindy ocean. No worries. Sure. So that's I mean that's very obvious kind of impact. And then another thing that there was also study done by us recently. So we looked at the the concentrations of plastic versus naturally occurring marine life and this garbage patch and that what we thought was that there is 180 times more plastic at the surface then sort of natural food for 4 birds and for Turtles of things like that. So you can imagine if you are a turtle at this the surface of this garbage patch in you to have to take a by 228. There's 180 times larger chance that you need plastic rather than piece of Plankton right Brian at what we found with the this this concentration is so high that it can actually have this this chemical impact where yeah where these chemicals have a potential health impact on these organisms as well as species.

► 00:40:24

Further up the food web giving us humans. So have we noticed that have people been tested and shown to have ingested plastic that they've gotten through eating tuna or something like that. So the plastic itself isn't the thing that I Michael Yes chemicals that attached to the plastic and look for complete. You see if that for Kaplan Greenland, like the the native communities that really relying with fish. They have much higher cancer raids. They have much higher concentration of mercury. So other heavy metals as well as these persist organic gluten free things that attached too depressed to the plastic in green. Yeah. I like the like we'd be certified native communities that rely on station another sea life too. So their feet this is a recent ran that they have higher rates of cancer. Yeah. It's I don't know how recent it. It's but the pretty skewed that cuz I can imagine but

► 00:41:24

Yeah, that's pretty link to their their Marine the doctor's option of marine sources, but I'll be able to talk to say well how many percent of that? It's just heavy metals yet for the for the what's coming by plastic. But sure if you yeah, if you look at the kind of chemicals and you look at the lab test that they've done with that those chemicals. Yeah, they they are not very good for you. Now. I've heard that if you leave a water bottle like this in your car and it gets hot out that the water will plastic bleach into the water so correct. Yeah, so I think it depends on the kind of plastic but you have I think with this you praying for liner which contains like salads and things like that. So yeah, I wouldn't do that. So there's no when you get this can because you have if two kinds of things to you, she left a very about one is the chemicals that are actually in the plastic and secondly, there's these chemicals that just so drowned in the ocean and then

► 00:42:24

Ken attached to the plastic Wednesday. Yeah, because they sort of act like this chemical sponge the plastic wants to repeal water and those chemicals to so they can act like an magnets to us each other. Especially the latter one. It's it's about study that we see that a lot of the home the plastic but the the formal one. Yeah, let me know. It's even an issue here if in your car Franklin, it's an issue in your car. Like I also yeah. Well if you leave it like in a hot car and right right now question was is even if you're scooping out all that plastic out of the ocean. Is it still leaving chemicals?

► 00:43:03

That will never be able to get up. I think the chemicals mostly actually collects more chemicals and Alicia's that so because of those those serve Legacy chemicals like the the pcbs and dtt put a things that we used for insulators and pesticides back and maybe 48 to 60. So these

► 00:43:32

These actually the big the plastic attracts those chemicals. So anyway, you can kind of else remove a bit of those chemicals and we actually have to wash them out before we do the recycling because you don't want those in your your product. So there's actually some sort of a benefit to having those projects in the water. I mean that you would encourage people to provide for the water but there is some some natural benefit. Yeah. I mean it's sort of yeah that kind of ready say how many percent of those Legacy chemicals they would be putting out with the plastic. But yeah, I mean you could say you could argue at 7 and an added benefit to removing it not to having plastic in the right now. I have you extended this line of thinking to some of the other problems in the ocean like these heavy metals. But whatever you hope that the educate cancer become the symbol of how we should use how we should use technology to solve problems of our time. So when you and I think

► 00:44:32

If it comes down to that, we shouldn't sort of protest what we shouldn't agree with but we should build the things we should build a future that we do agree with. So when you look at the past few hundred years of Madera NE T in our civilization, what we see is dramatic publicist Trends in terms of health Wells education silence immediate even Pinkerton your showing so I think that's really pretty positive Trends and we've got a good job in that and that all comes down to our ability to to imagine things that don't exist yet. So technology and Innovation and being able to work work together in an effective way, which is think about the corporation. So I think those have been very good trans and I think what we should do if we should also think about how to apply the

► 00:45:32

To the area outside of our own speak season 2 to the rest of the environment because when you look at all this positive trans over the past 200 years and then yeah that that's all good. But there is one very big exception which is the impact to the environment. It's almost like we've had all the success that the cost of the environment and but I think that instead of it or some people that have sort of a more reactionary field to this and they said well look at all these problems it was created by businesses and buy technology, so we should stay as far away from those things as possible and I think that sort of you know that said of stupid I think that if you just shows that these are very powerful ways of getting things done and I think you're much more effective way was to reply that what has worked in other areas and then also apply that to the area of the environment so so I don't think you know, I pretty much I think that

► 00:46:32

Car problem this not going to be felt by bending cards. I think it's going to be so far electric carts, and I don't think the the the meat pollution problem is going to be solved. I really becoming vegan. I think it's going to be filled by things like a lab grown meet another kind of Alternatives. So and that's why I also think that yeah, they are thinking of the plastic pollution problem is not going to be solved by sort of people trying to do their own little bit and you know, trying to leave without plastic or things like that I think is going to be filled by yeah. Thanks Mike Plastics that do not harm to the environment as well as Technologies like the educate to clean up after myself. So yeah, and I hope that you can be sort of this phone symbol of that approach. I like we you just said there cuz I've always thought that technology will most likely sort out most of these issues if we apply enough attention to it and that

► 00:47:32

One of the real issues is when someone create some sort of a new technology. They really don't have the ability to see 50 years down the line what's going to happen with the side effects the residual effects and I think that's that's a big part of what happened with plastic and I don't think the solution is, you know, making an axe out of a piece of rock and living in the woods. I thought I think that the solution is trying to have a long term comprehensive approach to how we use various Technologies and also various resources so that we don't have another Pacific garbage patch in some new technology 50 hundred 200 years from now. I mean, if you went to the ocean 200 years ago, you would see none of this. Yeah. This is a very very very recent issue that's compounding at a staggering rate.

► 00:48:20

Sure. Yeah, so Angry Birds quickie stay there and you know, it's

► 00:48:25

Yeah, it's it's really just about so I don't think I think there's other people that think that technology. It's inherently neutral like it's not good or bad. But I think that's not true. If you'd like compared. I know this some Bayou Terrace weapon would you could event or you could if vending machine to clean the ocean I would say I would argue those are not equally good things to to develop. So when technology isn't in hurting neutral, it means it sort of determine if 6 of the inventor kind of put a certain direction in the product already and I think that can be used in our advantage sure to phrase it differently. I think there is a server responsibility at with inventors and and entrepreneurs 2 to build things that are more good than than that and actually plastic I would still argue at plastic is Annette positive technology and it was once invented as a solution. It says a lot of weight a lot of people got hurt when when

► 00:49:25

These class photos and things like that back in the day. This was invented as a as a solution but it has this negative side effects. And then I think we should think about what what does technology can we develop to manage that negative side effect in probably those have again this small negative side effect for you can think about if I could come pounding staircase else net positive technology. I think eventually that's how we can actually fill piece broke. So in this country, there's a tremendous amount of recycling. But how effective is that recycling? Yeah, I think the 9th of recycling collection pretty low in the in the u.s. Compared to other country visit and and yeah, I think we do everything better over here. Yeah. What country is the best out of it? I think for the Germany or Switzerland. That's this kind of country. They really hope one able to they do differently. They just I think they just put more money in it and

► 00:50:25

I think most of the way send to us as a shipping landfill. So and what used to be recycling she was sent to China but now like I think this year last year China said well, no, we don't want you to waste anymore. So so now I think there will be a lot of faith estimates in in New Recycling Facilities in Indy us know. How does that get recycling save you use this water bottle and you empty and then you throw it in the recycle container what happens?

► 00:50:53

So yeah, I mean very much depends on the location but to Jeff Susan example of where I live in back in Holland, so they yeah, they you extra big collect the plastic separately then it goes to a facility where they sort the different kinds of plastic they get out all the contaminants and make them into two new pellets. And the problem there is really the the lack of demand for recycle plastic because I think a lot of companies that and that that bill products because it virgins a new plastic is so cheap they'd rather just do what they're used to and you know, they don't want to see any risk with their materials. They just keep for the safe option the the new kind of plastic. So I think if you want to do if you want to promote recycling I would actually said well promote the use of recycled material because as long as there's something month

► 00:51:53

Yeah, the price will go up and then automatically more reflecting would would happen. Yeah, this is very little demand for recycled plastic. Like it's not something that you hear about on a regular basis, like people that are clamoring to get only recycle plastic. Yeah, and I think that that think maybe that I could be another nice side effect of what we do because yeah, we we can kind of make this recycle plastic bit more sexy. I was a story perfect girl. Yeah, I think that's exactly it is have you extended this line of thinking two other environmental concerns like, you know pollution in terms of like chemicals bills and pollution in the air and things along those lines. Yeah. I have quite a few more ideas I would say but yeah, I would really really wouldn't be good for the educated guess I would get this rectified of those ideas off to other people cuz I think guys like yours insanely valuable like that one purse.

► 00:52:53

Really did sort of terminate this seed and get this project moving. It's it's very unusual outliers like yourself very humbled. I'm sure you don't think of yourself and that way but you most certainly are that it's one of those valuable things about civilizations the occasional person who stepped out amongst the masses and does something pretty radical that almost everybody around them was aware was an issue and that's what you're doing. Yeah. I think that could be much more people that do things like that. Yeah. I think I would think so, but I don't see it. That's what's so fascinating about guys like you is that this is not a very common thing to do. Yeah, but it's a very common problem. Yeah, but maybe that's because it when you hear about people doing cool cool shit, usually when they're already sort of doing those things and it's not Monday kind of started thinking about this. So then I guess people could be intimidated that Goodwill how I don't know how to run a company of other people.

► 00:53:53

Didn't know how to I don't know how to get these things done. But when I look back at myself for 5 years, if you already didn't have a bloody clue what I was doing. Well you were a baby. Yeah, exactly. So I'm used to go will yeah 18. Yeah. Yeah. That's a baby. I wasn't even born yet now. So so that that that really doesn't matter. I mean, it's it's about just getting started chilling and being willing to learn and just being open to feedback and just trying many different things and seeing what works what doesn't work of spaces beginning done like hundreds of things that didn't work have you know, that was the first time I tried the fundraising I send a cold email to 300 companies and ask for sponsorship and I think one replied and said, this is a horrible idea if you go back to school, so that wasn't for that one. Yeah, but that one on your way. I will do that.

► 00:54:53

Good at it. So, so that was very 6s phone. Then I tried tried sending it raised a few million bucks and a lot us to get started. So yeah, so it's just about to doing this trial and error. So just like we develop the technology and if every 8 to 2 session, it's also about developing yourself a thinking in and introduce fashion instead of just just get start well, but my point being is that when someone like you does make something happen, once you get the ball rolling you can be a catalyst for so many other projects getting launched because you're attached to you like you or a person like you've got the fire. Okay, you've got the fire. So you put the fire over here. Now this fire will start here. Let me bring an Amber to this this project this can start and it seems to me that getting that fire getting that initial Amber has won the most difficult aspects in creating any sort of Technology intern especially in terms of some things so complex where you are extracting things.

► 00:55:53

Potentially dangerous from the environment in creating a net positive effect and then using that plastic the recycle this so much good karma is for lack of a better word attached to something like that and ends for a person like me when I secure that your sunglasses are made from the Pacific Garbage Patch. I get excited. I'm a clue where can I buy these fucking sunglasses next year? Yeah. Well, I'll buy them that the dead dead does get exciting to be Bowl. So it seems to me that this excitement that you're bringing is contagious and you could potentially use it to spread other ideas that could yeah, so be environmentally positive. Yeah, but any help that other people will think about sort of what kind of do some clean up can I build which isn't cleaning plastic from the ocean so that people who have already do that. But yeah, I mean, it's a good good point. I should send it think about what to do with these other ideas like yeah, if you have them are sort of

► 00:56:52

Sex out of bad that I kind of want to do myself eventually, which would yeah not be in the next year's break. Yeah. Do you have like a long term plan for the stuff? What are you going to do? If you'd the oceans are all beautiful and blue jacket. I'm out. What do I do? It goes ready to help ourselves out of business, right? So one day we hope we're done. I don't want to be that the garbage man of the ocean forever. It's sort of the best title anyway, so so that the be didn't to Target that we set for the cleaning of us to really get to a 90% reduction. Bye. Bye 2040, which is not available. So I think is at Eva both both on the influx side and the the stuff but but yeah, so but I think that already before that I think it may be a 5 years from now it will just be sort of them.

► 00:57:47

This study operation and done for me. It wouldn't be very exciting anymore. I would be involved until really the end but maybe yeah, maybe at some point in time. I would be able to just thrown on my time over multiple projects, but that yeah, let's at least years away because yeah Chris there is still a lot of things. I need to have who we need to First prove the technology. First of foremost this year that we have to scale up raise hundreds of millions to to build this entire fleet at 10 to 4 more patches in the world. We need to make it into a self sustainable business and that we also need to think about what can we do on the source that so if it is quite a few people the puzzle still there to be to be found and put together. Yeah, so I won't be bored for the next 2 years for sure. Use use friendly won't be one of the reasons why I'm asking this about you and what your

► 00:58:47

Ideas are with cleaning up other problems in the world. I was because there's no need to be listening to this and there might be another boy and out there. Who's young kid? Who says well, why don't we do this? How come this hasn't been done or why why doesn't someone tried it and next thing, you know the great someone who's figuring out how to extract heavy metals out the bottom of the ocean sure. I think that I think that would be would be great. And yeah, I definitely welcome people to through it just to start and yeah, what kind of other thoughts why I think I know think that's important. Then when people try and solve problems is that they actually think about how to solve the problem. I think there's a lot of people that are very yeah very well meaning and a third one to can do full but then what happens is that they said of think about it. So at least I can kind of make a dent and then hopefully that then sort of growth fund.

► 00:59:47

I think what what those people forget to do it Monday sort of start tackling a problem. They forget to look at the whole Pro movers and see well what's required to actually sold the whole problem. And then the reason your way back to well, what's the first step that I need to take? Because if you don't do that, well, then I think it will be very hard to kind of get the scale you need to actually so so so the problem so it it yeah I can imagine can be quite intimidating to to think about that. But yeah, I think that would get us too much more effective solutions to sort of this sofa table down from solving as they would call it instead of the sort of this, but I'm up book some photos of so when I have you talked to anybody that also have an idea of how to clean up the Pacific Garbage Patch of bad about other proposals from the past for sure, but

► 01:00:47

Really actively pursuing anything. So I don't know. Well, I mean the thing is of course all those other ideas for based on the boats. And that's that would go fishing rod taking 79000 years for just one Pat sure which one that I saw that looks like some gigantic floating thing. It looks like a spaceship and it was kind of like a moving across the surface sort of skimming it is that one of those that we actually the participation of one of our effort earlier Concepts. Yeah. I think that's probably what else yeah. That was that was that that was hours.

► 01:01:24

So what are there? I mean if you don't mind talk about them what other ideas if you had in terms of like cleaning things up. Yeah, I'm kind of hesitant to to talk about them. But I mean there's this thing you better problems out there. So if you just think about what other big promised her out there, that's how about water pollution.

► 01:01:45

Yeah, I usually what I do is actually I try actively 4th these ideas out of my head because because some point you have an idea to the stuff to grill and then sometimes it with with any purchase you're doing that. There are these weeks that things don't go very well and that everything seems to be good shoe and in those weeks ago. It's very tempting to start thinking about well this other idea and you know and sort of starts to grow and it should be careful that doesn't take over here in time. I don't know what you're saying billing to scattered and spread out. Yeah, so I think it's like those of Paramount importance for the disk for the educator to happen is that I stay a hundred percent focused on the load. We do if this one Mission videos of plastic and then that's where we're do it. So what I usually do the to write them down in my notebook and keep it next to my bed, and that's where it stays until you know a few years from nap. So pretty when you'd

► 01:02:45

Josh Kleenex and what's the temperature ideas other ideas think you have I wouldn't be able to wouldn't even be able to pay them because yeah this out of my head and then I already tried to keep it there. But I mean what what I can say is that they're all certain ology base and they're all things that are possible now, but I want to make possible the future and I are sort of thing connected in terms of negative side effects of yeah all civilization and trying to submit. Yeah, make sure that that doesn't expire to us what I was like to do that try to think like if we try to imagine a future in 10000 years format. How do we make sure that Civilization is there but assuming out Humanity still there as soon me further out just you know, General Life scans can prosper and yeah.

► 01:03:45

If I'd try to extrapolate the current situation to the next 10000 years, I don't think we're at that point yet, but I think it's yeah, it's a change that will have to feel so, well it certainly it sounds like we're going to have to solve and a challenge that I would hope more people like you tackle and start approaching these issues with the sort of 10000 year mindset a big one of course with the ocean is over fishing. Yeah.

► 01:04:16

For sure. Yeah. I mean one thing right now is Carlos excitement of start-ups in the area of of artificial meet, right? Yeah, my not artificial fish fish me because that seems to be this Natural Evolution from Wild hunting to farming to 4 this more left ground stuff that doesn't do value killing or all these resources being wasted and I'll and we're kind of his stage 2 now. So I'm going to State stream Praveen next few decades. And but if you look at fishing, it's still just hunting right scale just mom's called most most most fish says some Farm Rays PS also thought I'd be not as valuable or is healthy. Yeah, and I think they also use another Wild Card fish as a feed stock for these functions kind of odd.

► 01:05:16

But yeah, but that seems to be serviced meant Revolution. So I think that would be a way to to kind of solve that and put it in there a potential. I mean if we're looking at this in terms of long term of what was done with plastic and the downside this potential downside Steven this Lab Ground stuff. Like we don't know really the health consequences of consuming it yet. We don't know what the side effects are. We don't know what sort of buy products are created in manufacturing this stuff. Yeah, possibly that we need to take the

► 01:05:52

Do the cafe at this but I think I'm at least on paper does have another potential of being able to do more with less. Yeah. I'm going to wait for a while, but I just I don't know I just seems to me like boy. This could be one of those early adapter things the computer Garand disaster. Yeah, I'm Franco. Then I said I did good testing there. I'm sure you do too. I mean, I'm I'm sure I'm just ignorant but I'm still paranoid. I was just go. What are you doing? What's going on how to make that maybe that'll hour? Okay. Good luck eat and then I'll be over here. Yeah, it's funny how things should have something just take a lot of time to so get used to another things to have once it's it's a day are you Kenneth?

► 01:06:41

You sitting in a second. It seems like earlier this week. I was driving a Tesla on auto pilot and I was trying it for 5 minutes and then already your kind of doing your emails and and then when you take it off, it just feels like you're you're back in the Stone Age It's when you're just kind of to try this yourself. It's so weird. So you and you do your email while you're driving. You're not even paying attention to the machine to make sure that doesn't hit some homeless ladies stepped out off the median. Yeah, like Russian Santas thing that did happen at the over at car. Yeah. Yeah.

► 01:07:21

I think this thing's like this will come up more rapidly than people think and I think I think the fairy the ferry quickly as we used to I don't even know what you supposed to like. Look at the road right not supposed to be staring down at your laptop. Yeah, just erase everything except for the stuff a minute or two of your receipt of video of the guy. It's falling asleep in San Francisco traffic now, he's completely asleep. He's behind the wheel the test like this and the car is like flowing and going with the pace of traffic. It's really fascinating guy has this happens so quickly. I have a buddy of mine got a Tesla couple years ago. He's like dude. I let my hands off the wheel on the highway. I'm like really exact happening already, but it's not just happening like people plug into the navigate here. This guy's looking to this guy is a stone dead asleep in his Tesla in bumper to bumper San Francisco traffic in the car is performing flawlessly Andrew. This is the sketch. I actually just went to the back of his neck.

► 01:08:21

Maxine and started changing his clothes. And yeah, and then I pray that they know who the safety feature that you kind of have to touch the wheel every minute or so. That's a new thing. Yes. Yeah, BMWi believe has a similar system, but you have to have your hand on the wheel at all times. Yeah, you better until it's yeah, it's yeah, I would imagine yeah people probably doing all kinds of freaky shit in our car as well. The thing is on auto pilot. That's really all right now. Yeah, it's quite amazing how I mean they were just about to show a video of Tesla auto pilot crash compilations. Hey that saving people from crashes list and I'm sure it does what's unbelievable is house few crashes there are and they said they've been two fatalities so far. Okay, how many fatalities per capita versus non autopilot cars? Yeah. I mean I would imagine it's far less. Yeah, obviously, these cars are also just stay for in general. So they're not there's much say 4 then.

► 01:09:21

1990s Toyota Corolla selling section terms of where the construction yeah just say for when they crash so right. I don't know how they could both assistance it to 6, but yeah, I'm I'm very impressed to it was fun trying it out. Yeah, I'm in press and I'm very hopeful the only my only concern I had my friend Matt Farrell was on last week and he's a car expert and they've actually started an organization to save human driving. They're they're literally going to be like lobbyists to yeah have a job if you log I think I've been yeah. Well, that's a good as soon as that one day. They're going to say you cannot drive your own car and they're really worried that the boys name is organization to remember.

► 01:10:07

Okay since but the the you know, they're very serious. He's like it's going to happen quicker than you think you're going. It's going to be very difficult to drive your own car. And then it's going to be a legal. Yeah, maybe they should keep areas. Like the highway wondering thing. Is that just something some freaky Road or people can get crazy looking. Hey man, I'm staring. I'm hit my own break. So yeah, I mean again, these are the things that it's most likely inevitable. I mean this this technology the way it's progressing it's going to be safer. It's going to be healthier lower emissions. All these variables are going to come into play We're people are going to say no. This is this dub benefit of driving. Your own car is not worth the detriment to society. Yeah, and next to that just if you think about the the normal rate of covering the entire car Fleet to Electric would be around 20 years because that's how long cars last and Brian you only produced if you're in a meeting cars a year and it's been years of cars.

► 01:11:07

Yeah, if you don't want that to take 20 years. Well, I think I'll telling me been really has to come into play because if you have a ton of us card, you need much less cars out there and then you boots if they you would have to drive themselves because I was a car is there just driving maybe 3% of their time. There it is a time. They're they're just being part so they can drive themselves. I think that you to the nation of the number of cars will be much higher and I think that all tradition to electric cars look at them much faster. So human driving Association human driving Association. It's weather is here pull it pull it back up again so you can look at it.

► 01:11:46

Yeah, the war on driving is here a little paranoid. They're a little paranoid but you got to remember Matt farra is an automotive journalist. So his livelihood depends on talking about cars and he's a real legitimate or not. What is this wrong? Answer Troy? Was that the electric car? You clicked it the wrong answer. I don't know if you got to take her to the shop. Why is the fashion show so I get it? That's just a joke, but probably be the wrong answer just an an answer to drive. I do hear you driving electric our regular car. I said don't have a car. I don't know how to do that. We need car. So you just have as a blank but it's fucking freezing there. Yeah, you have a coat is Ray Dakota and Dr. Welker hardcore. Listen, I'm a big fan of Holland because I kick box so that you guys have some of the Great Escape boxes of all time came from this one small place. It's very unusual.

► 01:12:46

You know, why is that?

► 01:12:48

I've no idea. Yeah, we just have to

► 01:12:51

punch people I guess when they cut you off for the car. So is that what it is? But Colin is a very unique place doesn't mean it's it's a very unusual country. Yeah. So this is going to go. Why do you think the issue came up is Basin Hollander? So kind of Hopkinton press it makes a lot of sense and that we live below sea level. So we're like, we have a pre per capita. Then the highest number of hydraulic engineers in Maritime Engineers. Well since it's it's just very good access to human capital. And yeah, so pretty make sense for us to be there is a lot of other engineering companies that that support us and our if Oakley this contractors

► 01:13:39

So press it's not pretty very strange, but I don't know but the other thing there's a lot of innovation coming from such a small country the a lot of innovation and really unique intelligent people. I've met a lot of people from Holland and just really fast any people will have to know when yeah, I never met him but fuck you guys the best. I'm so lovely you such an amazing person every time you around. I'm really feel better like somebody like some coffee like do I know he's just he's very contagious and I mean I have I have quite a few friends from Holland. You can check your watch got to take off soon. That's it. Okay, it's just I am fascinated how

► 01:14:21

Variable people are and how these cultures like Holland sort of arise and I just fine so many people from Holland to be I'm waiting to meet assholes from Holland. I'm sure you must have them but they do have this shit they do it from that with the people that I've met from all of our friendly and happy. It's it's a very unusual place now,

► 01:14:44

Sure. Yeah, I mean I I kind of feel the same way about the US West Coast as well. Just yeah, I mean, I definitely be able to live in placing San Francisco maybe just because of the yeah the hyper the high percentage of Engineers and entrepreneurs then I kind of makes me feel at home. But yeah not been I mean us in general. I feel like Yeah, The People her friend talk to take you some some spots that suck. Okay, there's a few spots available. If you're in a good spot right here in San Francisco. So fantastic spot in for in terms of innovation how well has has been received in in America in particular in California. I mean, obviously you're here to do some business and talk to some people. Yeah. This is something that people very excited about and you feel like there's a lot of momentum behind it. I say us it's the yeah, the number one group of supporters for us cuz we know we fucked up a lot with the ocean and it's right there.

► 01:15:44

I'm not sure I guess but no just I think people are very very supportive. But maybe told them because the geography of the bench. It's right between 2 u.s. States, you know like Canada but different. So, yeah, so

► 01:16:03

Yeah, I think we've received a lot of support from the US. I think that yeah, our biggest support group is from here and everyone I talk to hear that they they want to get it. So yeah, I think we

► 01:16:18

Yeah, we're kind of like you that it thanks to do as I guess see you raised all this money is this going to be profitable business? I should worry than enough for profit entity. So we're not even allowed to me profit, but eventually the NDA that the service plastic business would be sort of a separate thing and that boots then create the funding for the for the cleaning. So everything would be reinvest indicated. So that's fantastic. So do you have a name for the plastic business I know right now is just under the urgency of so will we're actually thinking about some kind of brand name.

► 01:16:55

Phoenix here. Yeah, please let me know I mean will promote the hell out of that. I think that's a fantastic idea and I'll try to buy as many things out to Ocean plastic as they can sell it. I think yeah, I mean think some more things you can bye maybe place to sell get this guy and all that fun. Where are you buddy? I make safe. Sky carbs all these himself and then Macy's molds and then hand paint all these. Well, yeah, he's a little wizard. I don't know. He's a little just see the wizard. Maybe the big was if it does this XXL size or soon me now. I'm a little taller than Earth, but my head's not that big either but yeah, these things are

► 01:17:35

I mean I have a line may have completely at Ocean plastic would be amazing. Maybe we'll do a bland version that be creepy. I would've gladly pay to look creepy looking to meet over there. Hey Sarah, it's Stacy over this word face, too. But yeah, I mean there's there's really the skies the limit in terms of application. So if your plastic and again, I just think it'd be so attractive to people especially out here California at least posing, you know, as being environmentally conscience is a lot of environmentally conscience those out here for sure. I mean, it would like to just be able to say that and I like I have my dogs leashes may not of environmentally conscience last date that we put from the ocean. I was actually part of the Expedition else there. I know there's a good idea. Yeah. I mean really, it's just I just think the skies the limit in terms of just

► 01:18:29

attractiveness of that kind of Plaza

► 01:18:32

Dan I'm one handed the front of the everything is made of plastic but it does give you a potential for alternative materials like like this OSHA bus. Yeah. What do you feel you're going to be doing when this is done? Like say if you get to this point where most of the stuff pulled out of the ocean and what do you what do you plan for the future you 23 years old. I mean you can't really Pace we do anything you want to maybe go on a holiday for lunch. And yeah, and then a pretty just be working on the next one. You know, I think I think this is what I love doing. And yeah, I hope I get the opportunity to work home anymore promise like this in the future. So you feel like you will be a problem solver. Like that's your thing. That be you should put that on my business card problem. So why not? I mean that's essentially what you are, right?

► 01:19:25

Yeah, I'm I think there's just nothing more fun, then sort of sold in the process and you know, we need think about project like we are thinking of your show your 7 or your the southern part of a message from them, but just the hole road to it. It's just like one little problem after another little problem. And yeah, I just you know that I think it just very intellectual intellectual satisfying to be so yeah go fronted with this this new weird problem and then you can have to think how to solve them. And as you know has the CEO you're sort of the accumulation Zone the the garbage patch as it were for promos within your own organizations everything that other people cannot so serve end up with you. Yeah, I kind of

► 01:20:14

The cat like that. It's just fun thinking about things so and Fries. I was just this week we had like, I think it was I said last week. So on Monday it was so we have this assembly yards and there was a sense that was 7 meters too far to the left and it was just this this email from the from the government saying if you don't move it within 10 days, you have to stop here operation and I've got shit. But yeah, I mean little problem it you just have to do a few calls and think about well, how can we now arrange the assembly yards in the way that still big enough that we can assemble this mm C thing and then the next day turned out there was some sort of a slight Miss alignment of one of the connections trips on one of the application elements of the system and you can have to figure out what how can we still at that shit? Well III working with this and yeah, that's it. So just details but they're details on a daily basis and yeah.

► 01:21:14

Tennis what makes it fun for me. If it would Coco Sala Slade would be pretty boring hold onto it fascinating about a guy like you is that your personality perfectly aligned with this kind of problem. I mean and that's a very unusual thing. Did you do a puzzle solver when your kid will you into like Mysteries? Like what is

► 01:21:35

however, there's just Billy Facebook shape. So one of the things that I that is funny attend it is when it was I think it was about 13 years old. I had this idea of doing getting into the Guinness book of records with launch a model rocket. So it's ready into those kind of things and build them myself and they showed up like 3 in a feet in the sky and well that didn't do it was so organize this whole thing was like it was media with sponsors and we at the University collaborating and we just had the Sport Fit with 300 people who would all at the same time that would all launch the rocket. And actually I think we launched like 200 and 13 of them at the same time and actually gun case book effective photos. I was have my project. Let's put it that way. Have you thought about potentially working with companies that produce environmental waste like maybe a company brings you on?

► 01:22:35

As a problem solver for some sort of an issue that they have a residual issue of something they produced. Yeah, man. I didn't think would be very interesting to be a consultant or anything. But yeah, I mean definitely serve after this one to do so this feels more about working more baked.

► 01:22:57

Challenges like the oil spill things along those lines. Yeah. I mean you can't keep guessing but I'm with UCS. Yeah, you'll see you'll see well, I'm sure we will see. Well. Listen, man. I'm so happy that you exist. I'm so happy that the someone out there that's actually doing something about this and I've seen like I said, I've seen many of your talks. I think it's a comprehensive approach. I think it's amazing and I really hope that something comes out of this and it really works. Thanks a bunch. Thank you, my pleasure. And thanks for doing this please and tell people one more time how they can get your website. Yes. It's the ocean cleanup.com. We're also social media. I just at the ocean clean up to follow us as we launch the 1st of this summer and your social media counts are William flat. So that's l a t s b o y n s 80 that's Twitter Instagram everything all the above. Yes. Thank you boys. We will have fun. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

► 01:23:54

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