JRE MMA Show #35 with Israel Adesanya

Jul 10, 2018

Joe sits down with middleweight MMA fighter & kickboxer Israel "The Style Bender" Adesanya.

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oh hi everybody what the fuck is happening I'm hitting the road everybody who came out to the shows this weekend or the show this weekend in Vegas thank you that was really fun I had a great time there was one of my most favorite shows that have ever done in Vegas just really enthusiastic crowd is really fun I got a lot of gigs coming up a lot of them are already sold out but there's some tickets for Kansas City Kansas City is a big joint Starlight Amphitheatre on August 10th that just got expanded its you know they can sell it for certain seats and then make it bigger there's some seats for Vancouver but very little and closing fast that's on the 24th Calgary on the 25th of August is almost sold out then the 13th and Philly mostly sold out and the 14th I'm in Columbus at a fucking gigantic place the Schottenstein that I said you're a Columbus boy

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dial ventilation German salute sir congratulations man

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thank you thank you you fight your fight Friday night was that was what you would call like a coming out party yeah in America in America yeah people got to see first fight in Vegas first Main Event first top-10 guy and I feel like I got to kind of like shot a lot of people up because before that fight a lot of people kind of like shit it's too much it's too soon like the hype yeah Exile he's this and then for me I won't take insult to it because they don't know you know you can't you can't fault them for it so we did a smart thing in the way you handled your transition to MMA to mean you really really took your time it did it right when did you and I talked for the first time about this how many years ago 2015 I think yeah it's all you hit me up on Instagram and said you know what am I going to call when your fights yeah and I was like yeah we'll take our time because it's my coach he's the The Mastermind behind all this Eugene Behrman it without him my career being the shitter so he kind of let just take our time

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there's no rush my way whenever I see like looking for a fight guys like example Sage Northcutt he's been up and down in the UFC fighter like his rise and stuff like that but you have to can't just come in here with like maybe three fights unless maybe like a Mickey Gaulle who also has extensive background in something else like Jiu-Jitsu brown but yeah I took my time for around the world for different body types different styles and then eventually that thing the UFC would like okay what do you want come on like let's go well you built up a lot of hype outside you built up some hype kickboxing you built up some pipe in MMA but you built up a lot of Internet hype yeah there's a lot of highlight videos made of you and people like oh shit look at this guy and then dudes were breaking down your videos like break it down technique like look how he sets this up there was one that was it Brendan doorman who did it recently was it a Lawrence Kenshin no maybes Brenda doorman the salt water yesterday yeah Brennan doorman he did one where you set that dude up and then left high kick him

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oh no that was a long Kenshin Laura tench yeah dude those guys are so important fact about that kick would drilling it here using taught it to me that set up probably seven days before and he said if this land is the finisher he said that wow whatever and then in the fight something happened and I didn't think about it just boom and it landed and I hurt my foot on his head actually I actually heard my because I was a third fight of the night so it's a tournament so the final fight and I hurt my foot on his head and I was like okay because you kind of see me limp a little bit then I went in on them and just yeah finish it off that was a beautiful high kick man the way you set it up was so interesting too because you forced him into this weird Battle of erratic movement like you you did a lot of this with them you gotta take care of this first a lot of guys think like what's frost a hobby what he said yeah take care of this scramble your brain to frost the Hobbies treasure on a % hes a treasure I like the way he thinks I listened to the podcast and yeah I like when he said that I was like that's what I that's what we do I like to make these guys second guess themselves yeah just get stuck like okay

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he's right here if I gotta reset right here okay cool cool just got jabbed and then they just get flustered and they can toggle this stuff all we're going to do this and this and that right and it's different when you see it on TV but when you're in because I've had it done to me I've got teammates at do it to me all the time if I'm not on my game they do it to me I'm like so this is what it feels like no I don't want to be on the other side of that so if you come in overtrain yeah or just say hey stay like that hook will catch me on some days and hook is a beast there was like Guyver uh-oh he's three of us has been like three weeks Shane Young in Singapore myself Friday night and then hook on Saturday dead hookers one of them never never celebrate in the Octagon guy yeah he's all Angry even at College either I caught him Vegeta member and was it to one night he looked at she told me he didn't mean to wait look to you like do you know who I am now and through his mouth guard at the cage but you said it went through the cage and hit you in the chest or something that we said to me yeah I am now definitely was a of course you did but I guess cause like the UFC wasn't really like you know

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putting them out there they kind of like to sleeping on them so he just he felt frustrated yeah I get it yeah that's just cause he's so ambitious yeah hundred percent I don't have me and him do with that yeah of course I know yeah third party but all I had him going down and call fights me and him go at it me Carlos me John VAR KB J planned like so many like people don't know you I've told them like when K 1 was the The Pinnacle of Combat Sports right New Zealand australasia was on top you had raised set for Mark Hunt dog viney Jason by module and tie guys from that side of the world like run like running it and other side of the world as well but I felt like we fell off and then New Zealand Combat Sports kind of took a little love for few years a long time and now it's we're doing it again like guys like me Dan Shane Kawaii we're about to like take it to the next level and then bring bring ends at sports again all the way up well you know what's interesting is that New Zealand in particular like you guys there's there's something about having you guys come over here and there's not like

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long history where people think of you know exudes New Zealand MMA fighters but New Zealand kickboxers I mean this is one of the most rich environments like think about all the different high-level kickboxers that came out of New Zealand or Australia for that matter of australasia and yeah crazy crazy number of like really high level kickboxers like when I came to help Rumble with his camp for Jon Jones because I Rashad linked it up and said you should come help us out and I said yeah sure so into black ceilings when it was still around and I was surprised I was that man the stand up in America is not not even close on I left the grappling the wrestling because you guys haven't been in schools and other presidents come here in open schools and stuff like that but the stand-up was not on our level so I told you Gene that and he's like good I wanted you to know that because Doug had the same thing when he went to Vegas and then he saw like man these guys they're stand-ups not really on our level so we've always had that I don't know where it comes from these like a whole lineage of it even reset for we come from the same school sure BL G schoolbook

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yeah grappling a stuff I feel like we were behind at first because it's you know internet we get seminars and shit like that and I've got obsessive trainers like Adam Johnson he's a his my Jiu-Jitsu coach in a way and he's just obsessed so they constantly like upgrading everything and I think it went from I didn't really get these my Jujitsu much a little bit in that fight but he or the takedown defense that's all Andre as well my wrestling coach he's Romanian guy so where we don't need to like go anywhere else I feel like we've got people where we are with stacked enough to be able to level up and compete with the rest of the world well if you've got someone like Dan hooker in your Camp just that a lot when you have guys like you and him together that's what forces everybody to the next level and everybody around you will rise up to they'll see what you're doing they'll see your fight with Tavares to see some your fights online to see you in the gym and you when you have a guy like that in the gym I've always experienced this in Jiu-Jitsu and everything else everybody else is level rises up to try to catch up with that guy percent because it's just all they see like you guys are what the

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he's is just us on TV hmm and then they see like the highlights the cool stuff but my teammates get to see me fuck up all the time they see me get my licks of course so when I see all that stuff then they see me on the world stage kicking ass in like man of course I can do is like Brad Brad world oh badass kick boxing world champion one of my teammates or angry panda but he's he's moving making his move to MMA now right now but um he's another one of those guys that he kickboxing doesn't really do it for him he's like built like a Chad Mendes type guy short stocky pretty thick and he can wrestle you know but no one knows it yet so whenever he comes into MMA or the UFC that everyone's gonna be like you to take him down let's see what can happen but yeah they find out eventually if there's guys from that section of the world me really stop and think about between between New Zealand and Australia how many world-class kickboxers holy shit a lot yeah and they've run through not just from

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this error but even back in the day right Dennis Luxio right wasn't yeah writing so yeah and for me with kickboxing I know from Hawaii I know I know I know like say up to resephos days like my combine ever really invested in K1 back in the day I just got thinking God and Lounge Anita's I think Stan longinus was from Australia why not like this there's a deep rooted history and kickboxing Australia whack my stuff why what happened there how'd that get started idea that's a great I could sit there if you want to speak to someone using would be the guy or told you they're the guys that have the history just up here but for me I just came in and I enjoyed it and I jumped in the pool well from the United States you have there are some big kickboxing camps but also you get a lot of guys who have come here from Holland and from other kickboxing rich places and try to bring through fact he's another ball right now sure sure sure and of course guys who fought over there and came over here like Alistair and you guys who entered into MMA it's just it is interesting that you know for MMA gyms there's like a certain level

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striking and then you see like a Nikki whole skin will come and start training with those guys and you realize it was there when I was there I was watching the a little bit of aspiring he's good what's happening to him now obviously him in a while I think he's boxing now real yeah I think he won yeah I think he's decided that there's more money in boxing and you know he's winning so hands as well he does got a nasty left hook yeah buddy rip Mmm Yeah like a stopwatch I think kickboxing like if I wanted to take the boxing blueprint I could have done that because I'm six and one in boxing as well so I could have done that and just got built up quite like you know the cans fight some Champions local champions from national champions and eventually on the world stage but for me it just I never wanted to feel vulnerable I never wanted to feel like another guy could kick my ass in another dislike you know Floyd Mayweather you about to do this fight with McGregor part 2 and they had all these stupid rules like okay no think that was all fake yeah I know but like even if the idea of it I'm like if you're gonna do it just jump in right what do we do is I'll kill you

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your man like your fuck you were going to do a man and men but it'll Kickstart no kicks don't know knees no elbows and I had that like it's just I don't understand how my y if you want to prove you're the best fighter you have to fight people from other codes right and this is at the UFC that's the highest level you know so I don't read into any wrestling competition or Jiu-Jitsu crab dish competition I have I'd only place I let me congratulate yes a mission I never I've never been first but I'm not either second third or somewhere else but yeah I've only ever done maybe four or five of my career you have a specialty how and I've always felt like guys who have a specialty if they can get to a certain amount of good at this other thing without abandoning their skills as a specialty but it always gonna have that giant Advantage I agree and that's just the same thing whatever got them to what they're good at and they say boxing wrestling they can do the same thing like Gary tonin was the fight he had a one FC or won one championship and not the guy with the one too yeah that was an adjective style punch that wasn't like a bird

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you're like a guy who's never Strike a strike before he actually looked like he was flowing well with a stand-up and that's because he same thing happens in Jiu-Jitsu or whatever you know this whatever made him great at grappling can make him great at stand up as well yeah for sure I mean it's there's obviously there's a the added element of getting hit that some people can't psychologically handle as well yeah we know links yeah makes a big difference I used to be but then event like naive I watch my fight after I after it happened I look I keep looking at what's happening I'm searching for people I'm searching for shots or whatever but a lot of people kind of like

► 00:19:39

you have a flare up close up or they not turn away but like they just try and use the wall and you can't really use that in MMA because the gloves they don't help but in kickboxing you can just like right I thought you were there numb La when I fought him for the glory World title yes that kind of style like you can just drag a not yeah down and beat the legs as whatever have exactly the big gloves you can still find your ways around them and they made this the ring was probably if you put three of these tables together that was the ring it was a smaller group you in I cracked the code I was able to get my foot work around them even this cage was big enough for people that was a cage small I was like yeah but I was big enough for me the thing about that Palms cage that I really like is is I feel like it's the right size I feel like I set up I feel like the you regular UFC cage is big and I like that it's big but it might be too big yeah Mike I don't need to be big for me it was it was small but it wasn't like oh my God yeah like in the phone before I mean it looked like he had massive a lot better than a kick boxing right yeah let me think about that it's very rare you get a box

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ring ring that has anywhere near the kind of distanced from corner to corner yeah the you a good but you have see there's some pros and cons I think but it's a con when it's a fight like in Ghana versus Derek law that's when it's a kind of a video of me before that fight like yelling somebody Gotta Die I'm out dude come on when I saw Frances way to 53 I was like oh shit he's like you know me it's normal exactly look yeah he looked he looked like he took it very fucking serious I thought he was going to realize that he got out wrestled and now condition he's going to come back guns blazing and try to put a beating on Derrick Lewis but he was so tentative even though with a fight like Stephen Wonderboy Thompson in them there until that five people were like it was born I was like hell no like I enjoyed that fight it was just small margin for error 2 Stand Up Guys who you can understand the game where it's like the for placement you know faints all that kind of shit yeah and then people were like you know that sucked I'm like well you don't understand you know striking on that

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level but that Derrick Lewis fight and Francis was like I tried and just kind of it was just yeah who's gone it was the number two least amount of strikes landed ever in a three-round fight yeah and they'd both be still both I know I motherfuckers but I know they both been in crazy fights like they'd both been in nothing but exciting fight yeah except for you know some brief moments so it's just a psychological issue I guess who knows it then they said he was too like if he had like a PTSD from his last fight like shit I don't want to like get hurt again or whatever but he took a beating in that last fight as well you know I really pretty he did people don't realize he did he got fucked up in that fight like five rounds what people don't see is how he felt after it's six hours later ten hours later yeah 24 hours later his head's pounding and headaches got close all the drapes and yeah no yeah no light

► 00:22:33

life on yeah I'm gonna be a fighter he's only been doing it for five years that's really crazy and that's the thing is he's just he's look at him I'm the runt of my people you go to Nigeria there's literally picks of the litter when I went back that my you should not be playing football big money in it but I think like MMA is like you can just grab any of those kids and give them some boxing gloves show them how to sprawl show no matter how to wrestle and they're beasts like 10 and gun has 10 John Jones is just walking down the street I'm the I'm I have the same size head and I was just a skinny boy so I look like a lollipop I was all wrong bro honestly just a runt of the of the label had to work I had to develop I think maybe like around 15 I started to get taller so every time I come back from school or from a holiday after school is my day you got taller ain't got taller and then somehow I just filled out realized I go athleticism and then later on like I was never the athletic kid playing basketball or anything like that I was just a the runt when you get in the martial arts I

► 00:23:32

in Taekwondo when I was a kid just because after school programs and was fun such a good one for kids man it was fun that's why I like that McKenna do sell that stuff yeah it was cool but yeah and then I think I almost got my yellow belt then my mom kind of pulled me out because I was just wrecking shop around the house kicking everything I broke my arm doing backflips off the couch and she was just like that no more and yeah I found out one block to the Tony Jaa film I found that maybe into 2008 year 2008 early today I found that and I was about 18 and I was like yo this is cool I don't know what this is and then I found I was might I find the more Ty gim then six weeks later I had my first fight wow yeah that's crazy hey I found a video of that first fight actually I throw it up on how old are you 18 I was 18 yeah well I'm glad people I wasn't a little bit too late but I'm glad that happened because I didn't feel like I was born out because I've seen some kids who protegees fighting from like the age of 12

► 00:24:32

10 and they like you know smoke shells and like they get to a certain point and they just like I want to do something else not all of them some of them yeah then Sometimes they come back as well but sometimes they just find out I'm sick of this you know what to do something else you find that a lot with like sons of trainers yeah it was actually the son of a moment one of my first trainer and he's doing something else now but yeah for me I think 18 was a good year like good age to start and I just felt fresh it was something I wanted to do after my first fight I was just chasing that again that feeling because I was being a dancer as well so I like that Roar of the crowd so after my first fight get people that pray that was sick but I'm glad I'm like what the fuck did I do I don't remember it you just went to his own yeah bro I was scared the guy looked like David toy you know when David to I had a haircut yeah he and he was not 80 kgs he was probably like maybe 92 might what is 92 and Katie's pounds I'll get maybe two or five so 80 kgs would have been like say 185 175 or something so he was way over where yeah but the true my trainer kind of just he was a crazy dude so he just let it go

► 00:25:32

and that when you have to realize that at a certain point I realized okay this is not the guy to get me to that level I want to be my left and I moved to Auckland New Zealand Auckland domain city was your trainer encouraging brawls too much or what was it he wanted me to fight his style like what was that like he's always telling me like you need to have your hands up and you know he was a real purist of my time so you wanted me to have that you know like the right way and stuff like that and that's a difference between someone that wants you to fight like them and someone like you g my coach when he first saw me just like cool we can work with that like he will let you never try to make me fight any ain't like like him in ever trying to make me do anything like this guy he just said okay I want you to jab like this and he would almost be like trying to get someone to write songs like the songs they write exactly like this is expression this is Art let me do me and it really is yeah and he could never understand he's like put your hands up and out I like my people say y'all and people still say get your hands up I'm like that's textbook I don't read the text but I had to look at it was all right I like the

► 00:26:32

- I feel when I'm over here like my takedowns I was able to stop them because my hands are already low and I can still show up when I need to I can still fight hands up when I need to but I like my different consideration when you have to stop takedowns yeah yeah even the kickboxing my hands are always down a lot of the times having the ability to get an under hook or double underhooks quickly putting kickboxing the language at from there from the loss from going it's there's definitely pros and cons to everything but a guy who's got the kind of speed that you have can take advantage many times more of having hands low yeah it really did I mean look at Roy Jones how the fuck you say how can I fuck you say hands down is no good right Jones jr. kept his hands down all the ties as well you have to I think you can train the eyes because my eyes when I was always had real quick reflexes by thinking and train the eyes hmm in certain ways just the Roy could just land that lead left hook like yeah hate those that like his his shoulder out of I think it's a snap yeah crazy remember that one with the for right hooks he hit that guy with remember he had

► 00:27:32

giant biceps yeah but he didn't have big triceps like everything was hooks it was all like from throwing upon leave known as well that's the thing most people always leading with Jabs as well so that would never help him lead left hook that was something different at the time that no one could figure out they couldn't Crack the Code Roy Jones jr. in his pride people people it's like a great song it's like his song almost forgot oh they forgot yes almost forgot that was his song because people did forget like what the first box I ever saw when I was a kid because I never really watch fights I was you know playing with sticks toys whatever making my own ship but I saw Prince Naseem Hamed and I remember this when I was about 4 but he would because I've always seen boxing on TV but he was the first box I saw that just made me pause and watch and just smile and laugh like what is this he was doing crazy shit yeah just because the way he moved and guys have always thought I've always been drawn and guys like that like Ali even Richard when he was in his prime doing this thing Roy Jones you know like Pernell Whitaker Sweet Pea like just out of people forgot about Whitaker exactly

► 00:28:32

left on them that shoulder roll I mean he was a master day before we really saw it from Mayweather Mayweather obviously has an active better than anybody he gets hit less than anybody that's ever lived yeah you think about the fact that guy is 50 you know and really I mean you think about talks while doesn't there's no slurring can count yeah I mean man clipped him with one left hand like real clean and that is it uppercut yeah I mean a couple other punches but none of them were like dangerous you rolled with them yeah I rolled with everything locked up in my fight because I at one point after I felt his jab I was like you know what I can just close a distance a little bit more and then that's how I got this China right here but the right hands this right sighs fine because I was just rolling with a lot of them I was rolling with a lot of them so you just underestimated his jab I underestimated his head movement at first saw the beginning he was moving away from my job and I you just said I drop it down drop it down to the chin a little bit and I did but eventually I could adjust I think from round

► 00:29:32

our figure out the range but his jab it wasn't as powerful as I want as I assumed it would be so I thought I can just take and give and that's how I got the shine I ran into one of them but yeah it was a big mistake silly mistake so on the same card Uriah Hall fought Paulo Costa watch A lot of people are thinking that might be the next fight for you so Dana uh funny story so went to after my fight a child in my hotel room just hang on my boys but then after dance by went out and someone told him all Dana's in this club he's same as our cool that's whatever and when I got some money and I was talking to the guy that led me and then because he found on a UFC fighter he just led me to the private room and I see McMahon I'm like what the hell and they were just thought yawning talking to people and he's on Trish's Dana and I finally meet Dana properly and we start talking and I drop this damn and I said yeah I want to fight Paula next anything they have other ideas you know fair enough but I can they've done this a long time their promoters you know so I think what they want is me

► 00:30:33

you're being a bigger name Paul being a bigger name and we fight like in some super fight let me and I can see what that you know why that but for me I want to I want to take him out now he just knocked out re our home yeah was talking mad shit as well you know but yeah I want to take him out now before because he's going to probably fight again we'll probably find more than once because he's one of those guys well we'll see what happens how long is your C career laughs but I think he'll probably fight with me and you'll probably find more than once yeah I would imagine that as well I was very impressed with him versus Uriah Hall is interesting because the contrast between your fight on Friday night in his fight on Saturday night they'll just a brawl like a technical brawl he got hit with a lot of Jabs but he is a Relentless marauding motherfucker that guys he's very important yeah and this thing's free footwork Uriah Hall I was watching my why you right there it's easy to look good against someone who just sits right there like a punching bag you know Uriah had tremendous potential when we saw him in The Ultimate Fighter we all saw it but it

► 00:31:32

so might be similar to what you were talking about with sage Northcutt where who are also think is true still has tremendous potential in still very young I think there's an approach to take that you took that I think is really smart you know I got it from one of the talk shows you have she talk shows Kenny Florian just said it said get your experience outside the UFC before you go to the UFC wise words 10 fights nine fights and just like fight a lot of good guys not just like you know listen to me man you don't want to fight you on your second fight imagine imagine you're a guy you can throw a couple good punches you think you're badass and then you're stupid coach says okay going to fight this guy they call the style Bender like okay okay okay yeah fuck up you doing buddy find anybody I'll fight for the time I'm in tality yeah those guys they get lit up and they don't understand it really don't understand jump in a pool too quick conversation with a friend of mine who's a Jesus who was badass Jiu-Jitsu and he said he was going to go and MMA and I'm like okay how long you been training striking and he's

► 00:32:32

well you know he goes up for the last four months pretty regularly or my go are you out of your fucking mind I go listen to Matt he's a black belt in Jujitsu like that nasty on the ground I go think about what you could do if I was a white belt and I came in here and I didn't know shit I was like a strong guy oh maybe you know played basketball or something like that was just athletic and I tried to fight you how bad would you fuck me up on the ground right now think of someone doing the exact same thing like that to you with stand up because you don't understand that there are guys who can do that level there's a Tyrone Spong there's you there's these high-level kickboxers it you don't have a chance you think you have a chance because you're fast you don't have a chance you're gonna get hit you're gonna get fucked up and you gonna get hit multiple times and they going to chip away at you until they decide to move in for the kill and they're gonna fuck you up there's not a damn thing you can do about it and it's almost the same as him grabbing a white belt let them flail around and then eventually choking him it's an inevitable thing but the weird thing is some people don't see that they don't see that someone could do to them in a certain order

► 00:33:32

don't study objectivity yeah that's the thing like for me I'm always thinking like in anything why am I doing this why am I feeling this way right around a rock and that's why I said I moved to him and make because I just know I want to be the best you know I could have been the best kick boxer ever I believe that best boxer as well but I just thought it might want is a guy who could fuck you examine me fight not just on the ground I've seen so many street fights so many Street Fighters I'm like dude okay just push your knee down you know like just holding each other and just hitting hitting on my you can easily just choke the guy right now if you knew what you were doing so that's amazing Champion 80% of street fights end up on the ground and people don't know what they're doing so I just felt like I never want to be in a situation where a guy like gets me in an Alleyway and tries to like fuck me up and just snapped my ankle or some shit but I just feel like I want to be able to be well versed take care of all areas and I'll probably never get there but I'll Die Trying well how old are you now 28 I'll be 29 dude in a few years I'll still literally you're still at least a year waste or two years away from your supposed physical yeah right

► 00:34:32

an athlete that they say that for a professional athlete obviously they say what is everybody's different very but there's something around age 30 to 32 where your mind and body catch up and you have a window there like Anderson Silva when he was like 32 32 whoo going I remember that this rain you would watch them you just like put your hands to your head and go geez the first one I saw a live was UFC 90 he fought Patrick Cote oh he's an interesting one yeah it's not but like for me that was very smart but that first round he used by probably seven different styles to just hit him and then I keep saying he uses telekinesis on his knee he just floated out for like Patrick had a fucked-up knee going into that final thing already it's hard to tell but it's like he gave us good fight was good fight okay just don't understand ah yeah I want to like throw a front kick and it just buckled on and popped out yeah not but like that flight that first round the way he just handled him always like that yeah that's the guy you know what it really did open up the recipe to giving Anderson trouble though because the

► 00:35:32

speed of giving Anderson's totalis latest opened it up and sodium my coat a know but with the real key was don't engage because if you chase after him he's gonna fuck you up like things like her Forrest Griffin all these different people that came at him for sure Chris leben that was how the first one 90s like a recipe for disaster I mean I knew when I saw that fight on paper I was like oh this is crazy you got a guy who's like the most Reckless iron chind Marauder in the UFC and you're putting up a him against a guy who's like a ninja this is gonna be crazy this is a perfect fight was perfect fight in terms of like what you want to see like the effectiveness of like high level timing speed and perfect technique like whoa yeah by the way he did it as well as clean I think you only go ahead once that fight he landed like hundred percent of the shots yeah and that fight yeah it was beautiful crazy and that's our style I was a Counter-Strike at first that's when I started I was always like a way for guys to come in here here it is right here and I'm coming calling this and tell people because I was afraid I was a fan of

► 00:36:32

Anderson's from look at that wound him fight look at that jab I was a fan of watching them fight in England and cage rage and watch them fight and pride and I remember saying this ladies and gentlemen this is a different kind of Striker like this is this is one of the first times you got a high-level look at the looks giving them as well the shoulder faints and the Librarians of his feet man has that bounce is on people forget man look how good his pains already he's over yeah ping-pong that come on son Let's finally get up again yeah and that me pain pain xingping this is perfect let me come on man almost every shot lands he's not getting him it's incredible then it's over insane and Chris was a beast me he can take a shot you could take it all the time there's one with a Mite was not my Eastern it was a guy Rock them and he's moving back as he's hurt and he drops the guy knocks him out to hold ya know Chris could take a tremendous shot he was had unbelievable heart but Anderson

► 00:37:32

I feel like in that that's my argument for Anderson being the goat yeah it's there's moments that you had him and fade or right I saw his kid the other day after my fight I didn't wreck it I was like in the elevator your Anderson's son he's like yeah baby goat the only other person is the current guys is Mighty Mouse the only argument against Mighty Mouse's he's cleaned out division out he doesn't have a Chris Weidman you know a guy who's trying to fuck him up he doesn't have like someone who you really give a chance on it was level Krakow right I mean there's never been a snitch Mighty Mouse had a Chael Sonnen who had him down on points in the 4th round fucking him up and then he catches him in a triangle know that fly away fly weight and he dominates man he just runs through people is he's gonna fight on what's his name dude oh he's right on our next Mighty Mouse is fighting to who though in a rematch which he's got better - it'll go better in Islam since the first fight yeah so who does our Olympic gold medals in wrestling that's all you need to know and it stand up as well as clean he's kind of

► 00:38:32

I'll give him Croghan credit yeah it will stays fight yeah it looks like he's slow yeah he's crazy he's almost like McGregor I mean yeah it's that slow the in and out yeah it was weird so you can learn fast it's another guy great at wrestling transfer that greatness into learning stand up and not just mixing them together that's the thing if you have to adjust speed they're just learning how to like mesh them together without like getting stuck I'm thinking too much flowing with it yeah that's what he I think particularly the Wilson has five because it showed that he can adjust his style like pretty radically yeah like when he walked out like this I remember going whoa we're doing karate man crazy give credit where credit is due well again when you're a gold medalist in the Olympics and wrestling that's a special kind of human being that's next level it's just a special kind of human being the wrestling training I do now I'm like fuck we have on Wednesdays on Wednesdays it's vo2max color a Trestle Wednesday just because it's like airdyne and then wrestling is two minutes on the air

► 00:39:32

and going hard with a heart rate monitor trying to get to the Red Zone and then wrestling for 2 minutes trying to get to the Red Zone and shout out to Kevin Kevin Bentley he's the guy that showed me the most this Camp so you know my hips were on point because every time I'd like stuff for take down get back up right boom another one I have to like Jesus Christ is leave me alone cuz he's just on you like a blanket like yeah so that kind of work is hard to imagine being a gold medalist what kind of wrestling training takes to get to that level well that's why when you see a real high level wrestler against almost everybody else they have such a noted advantage in the clinch like Daniel Cormier and steep in my own church this weekend yeah what I mean Dominick Cruz is such a we're very fortunate to have a guy that knowledgeable in in because Dominic's knowledgeable about basically everything started out as a wrestler but he understands MMA as good as anybody that's ever talked to Mike about 2mm a he's very clued up so we talked about like he showed me some stuff that I hadn't caught about Daniel's giving up the under hook so that he could

► 00:40:32

inform and then steep a would run right into the right hand they had it all timed out ye I really broke another file just already look amazing and I was crazy I was yelling off my face just like wow dude when he connected and then he hit him I don't even know if I said anything because I remember I was going like I thought I'd be five rounds five rounds like there was a Deja Vu moment the world has changed walk these knock him out and no in oh so close oh they are Manning the ground and extends up is a picture together for so long when John Annex stands up and he what do you think looks in here with each other beautiful look at that picture come on who the fuck else is a two-time world champion in two divisions and also a commentator currently and a great working two jobs gotta love that guy man what an IQ fact these chunky as well because he just like chunkies nice way of putting it not honesty chunky ha ha that was a girl what would you call her pick ha ha ha you think boy like you

► 00:41:32

give a fuck this ain't even fat shame and that's the goddamn to Division champion I was talking to him and his nutrition he says like 246 but he doesn't move like to 40 seconds like yeah hundred percent so it's deceptive yeah you look at him like even Marconi's another guy like that but last on Saturday the way he was moving well Javier Martinez was talking about it and camping and so is Bob cooked they were telling me after the fight they go dude and have you ladies knocking everybody out and training part it's almost forgot about Strikeforce how about that if you're gonna watch dry foot that's why undefeated Strikeforce fucking Grand Prix heavyweight champion Tulsa now Burnett Bigfoot dropping them all that kind of shit I was right and that was brought up with five rounds and he wasn't even like he was early in those early days and mid-career yeah so I was like you guys are honest and so I thought was going to be DC putting them against the fence grind them out five rounds and still beating them up for like fucking them all and back and forth but knockout in the first round that was just crazy crazy I thought it's dark DC was gonna win it what was going to happen was they were going to get into those second and third and they were going to start getting tired DC's wrestling was going to take over

► 00:42:32

yeah it doesn't go five rounds yeah Mr DC but I felt like he had to somehow Or Another We're steep a out a little bit before he gets takedowns get him down he's too fast I thought that would be the smart thing to do but I thought it was real dangerous standing up because steep a is knocked out Junior dos Santos Alistair Overeem knocked out for be silver doing with one punch I mean you think all the people steep as knocked out to go damn and DC's coming up as a light heavyweight yeah DC DC hurt was a rumble right yeah well John Jones obviously John and I talked about yeah we get that job interesting to capitalize brilliantly on a tendency yeah he knew that DC has talked about it yeah leaning hmm what's interesting is that Dominick Cruz explain this to me as well is that this is how DC prefers to set up the single and that he prefers to lean on that side leaning towards his right side and then dive in on the single that's his preferred technique is very strong a dragon you to the ground from that position together tendency everyone does

► 00:43:32

11 John Jones myself when I was watching my fight I'm only saying it once I was after the fight rewinding I took about an hour and a half to finish watching it just rewinding playing drinking with my friends while not because they understand why I just like to be myself and just chill so they just doing their own thing and then we'll just playing games but I watch it to see what I did right and I enjoy was okay this is why the good blah blah blah but then I see how if I was fighting me hard I fucked me up now fire yeah like and I can see certain things okay this is I need to work on Tendencies certain tensing change it up confuse people scramble them some of the things I was doing in that fight I've never done in training because example elbow pads we don't even really want it will pass and training just knee pads all using that I'm on back elbow to set up how to close the distance and I was watching I was like what did I learn that from

► 00:44:20

I don't know why you watch I did it probably three times I used the fake Ong Bak elbow to close the gap in a Gallop in and catch him with a right hand or something but I never liked certain certain things like that with things like they're good but then I can't really say anything he did that but that's the I don't dare what do you think that maybe that when you learn it's almost like you're learning words like in these words are techniques and then combinations are sentences and then in like to having the Mastery of all these words you just see a new sentence that you could say yeah I was like already know how to throw those obviously even though you don't do it a lot in sparring he just see the something he's doing like you know what this is what I'm going to do this and then come in here and yeah there's like that one was nice but there was one of my last fight before that in Arizona Sean O'Malley throws this like Spin and then the head kick and in the fight I was like it feels right boom first time I ever landed it and it caught him on the back of the head I was uh good night step to moving with it yeah ruined yeah

► 00:45:19

Rodriguez 360 roundhouse kicked BJ Penn in the face I got to be fucking kidding me because I was always wondering when are we going to see this I've done one who knocked out knocked down a heavy weight with it like a tornado kick and I learned that about a month and a half before shots David David he's the guy he's attacking Dolce me from New Zealand he told me cuz I should throw it with the right around house and then spin with it and he said that's too much telegraphing your showing the guy I'm going to kick because he'll lean back and come back so he said go Southpaw and use your torso so I'll give it away yeah you throw your shoulder your left shoulder from South Pole it's a guy after a few right hand so you kind of Hamlet all right hand and then spin that's been right they could take on the national champion so you know so that's pin right there generates the force and I was able to knock out knock down the guy with it I never hit anybody with that heavy bag with that a lot exactly make sure they can't move so like to do it when they against the fence or they against the ropes so that way they have no where to go or not not as much

► 00:46:19

base to to move around with you in the open it's hard to land land that you know what's really remarkably effective is that Raymond Daniel sidekick to jump spinning back kick down the bag yeah I definitely have did it in sparring before but when I saw Rick Rufus with the one of his first fights it's really important fight with the Thai Champion okay well he was fucking him up in the first round we played it back because it was really interesting moment I think on YouTube it's labeled as the most important fight in kickboxing and what it was was the first fight where we got to see Rick Rufus in his prime face a Thai champion and this dude and Rick was winning in the beginning and one of the things that he hit him with he did he did that touch side kick spinning back kick in the air this is it the fight the change history is this Lawrence Kenshin as well yes that guy's a treasure love his work ya go Google him or check out his videos on YouTube he's got so many he injects track down the like the way they kind of work off each other as well like a lot of these guys did not

► 00:47:19

Leo is no competition they all working together for there are very importand Robin black as well as all these guys he's crazy yeah what I really love about Lawrence though is that you know he breaks down things and shows him in slow motion as his Brenda doorman and and Jack's lacked is a lot of these guys to do what was that I don't looks lighter Amber I don't remember how much Rick Wade I know he went up to like 200 pounds but I think he started out in the 60s or 70s at the most because this Thai guys pretty thick check out the pants yeah well he didn't understand how to deal with the leg kicks yeah this was this was what you to mop the early in the fight I think in the first round see this what this is showing is how the Thai starts taking over with the leg kicks but I think in the first round he hit him with that side kick jump spinning back kick to the face and really hurt him this is Lawrence is break down instead this is this is just going to show how he lost see how he tried to throw that body kick I checked yeah Let's Fold by to the hit him with the yeah

► 00:48:19

with that left hand for Y2 yeah I dropped oh shit - yeah I know Rick had his moments in this fighting sure and it showed just what a dangerous Striker he was but we didn't we just really didn't know back then about the leg kicks so it has a the ones huh yeah I felt some Thai guys their legs their legs literally feel like just concrete yeah they're broken down from year and mine all right my eye feels like a steric stegosaurus is back but sometimes when you feel is like steel to have felt so for the first time somebody kicked me in my leg I felt so vulnerable I couldn't believe how easy it was and everything I would the first my first thought was goddamn and I have to recalibrate everything I thought about fighting I fought a karate guy kill caching guy maybe two hours notice because my opponent decided at the weigh-ins he's like I'm not fighting him I just want to do the black and then like this guy Jamie is who have fought I think four times now so he

► 00:49:19

he came over to Corner one of his teammates and he was a National Collection Champion as I'll fight him cool jump in the ring and is padded fight everything yep to leg kicks in I was like whatever I can keep going and then by the fourth one I remember like okay don't do that again and then from there was too late that was only in the first round he ate my legs he ate my legs and I remember for about three weeks after that fight walking was just I didn't want to walk every time I BEC he passed me this all just like crawling places and I would hate walking but fun fact how much how long about three weeks maybe two two and a half three weeks after that fight and it's just you know your legs are dead heavy filled with blood pools and it's just any little movement cause your knees swollen as well sharp pain I hated it fucking hate hello the tape for you recovered probably about three weeks for we I heal quick my honesty is weird crazy yeah I don't know why eco-tour when he fought Pedro his old needed six months of rehab shit six months six months he still has a dent in his leg apparently from that page

► 00:50:19

shit Pedro give a damn to Kevin Randleman to shit I never saw anybody Kickback Pedro yeah and we're kick a people ha ha ha but I was definitely his Jiu-Jitsu and like the the mid-90s and Bas Rutten was running it back at the time and Pedro his I was over there Marco who acts dude he had they had this big-ass 200-pound fucking heavy weight and Pedro his old folded that thing shit made me so nervous was it hanging off the ground or was it tough enough to crash it was just such a different sound and it's a hit I don't think makes the bones I think there's just heavy Bond as well dance motherfucker dick dude big boys just legs were giant but it was there was a feeling of this very you know sometimes you hear someone or you see someone kick something or something you go oh I could never that no one can take that you can't take that Pedro had that he had that you can't take that he hit Rico Rodriguez once and Rico was like fuck yes I'm going down check yes he's like I just try to bring this guy to my guard you man I must

► 00:51:19

up with you he hit him so hard that Rico stayed on the outside the whole fight he never really never really completely committed to trying to win the fight game as a heavy way right yeah the guy with the problem PD problem wrong guy Rico typical get popped for peonies maybe I don't as a documentary on them no no no no you think I'm Mark Kerr Rico how think Rico got popped out from the RICO was a Machado Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and heavyweight champion I think I'm gonna make a wrestler I think Tim Sylvia beat him for the title Yeah Tim Sylvia when he was at the top of his games a big giant mother for there's no fighting no retired now he just bow hunt and Iowa so giant now shit he's 300 plus he's like six foot nine a huge huge person boy I always looked at him one thing I was just gonna be like a big guy but he could fuck people up here and he was wrote for forth like a you know I don't like we get a baby giraffe trying to figure out its steps but he just knew how to move and how do you determine this to it at

► 00:52:19

Advantage well if you go to the Golden Age of Tim Sylvia pull up Tim Sylvia Kayo's Rico Rodriguez this is a golden age of Tim Sylvia back when Mexican supplements easy to come by find out of them the drug test back then was like they would like to get a cup fill out a piece of paper I wrote 0 it was fucking everybody was on the same honestly man with all the subsystems PD kind of talk for me I kind of thought yeah some people part you know take steroids whatever but after I seen Icarus everyone's on steroids so everyone in a lot of rotary holy so crazy already fuck I was just like every whatnot but like this the Cheetahs are always going to be ahead of the solution the guys were catching them so whoever is on the new shit we can't get caught just yet till they update their testings yeah you're gonna mean so it's like I watched that I realized if you have the team

► 00:53:19

and you have people can find it everyone's on steroids don't you think that you saw de they hold their pissed for a long time right till they hold ups for like eight years I told him just yeah use it for research whatever yeah but I think they hold on to it just in case new testing comes out so we can test it again they took gold medals away from to Russian cats oh yeah mm yeah because they went back and with new testing found I think they found EPO and their sister shit yeah it's a interesting think that documentary was amazed changed my open my eyes and I had to piss test the next day as well and kind of my gym clothes yeah I told the guy I've seen as I saw this on the documentary last night think the little cup that were using so yeah I was like who knows who's on steroids are and when you saw the came through you know the guys that kind of like their bodies change someone who dropped off radical yeah Greg so quick really quick like damn I never thought ya might well not just change but change to the point where like you're not even the same person yeah you like doing an impression that guys in their 20s doing them in impression of

► 00:54:19

they were just a couple of years ago on the sauce yeah well she is happening man everybody got caught up in a band snitching that's I saw the thing that you have the golden snitch he's a man he said to me he's all excited me as well laughing Nowitzki is a good guy man he's just like he's got a bad reputation from a lot of people I can be cool with him because I know me and I'm not cheating I'm not a guy that never had you that me I mean now he's what is his official title it's like athletes those who would cheat on wouldn't be hanging around him like the way I would or wouldn't be a friendly with him because they don't want him sniffing around well then he's there to make sure that someone doesn't cheat on you too though hundred percent I'm like please let's go find my mom mad at it what's that what is this a the golden snitch holy shit made it

► 00:55:19

bread is shop looking coin that ha ha ha golden snitch goddamn that's funny yeah oh shit I'm glad he's around me on this because you know you want I don't mind being Ambassador for the sport if it's not like a clean sport because yeah back in the day even as early as 2010 hey 512 Tim Sylvia Sylvia Rico Rodriguez fight someone Fight Pass and that's it I can't find it anywhere damn he said on YouTube that's it's weird like we look at him talking this like oh right because you heard about sometimes yeah I know it's weird being here it's weird being here for me to man believe yeah well I think freaks me out my I quit my job September 4th 2013 before I before I quit that job I think you are the first podcast podcast I listen to now I've got a few others like a like a whole list but I remember having those my headphones in my ear just one so I could focus on the other things and my boss would just ride me for so long like just take that shit out your ears you're not

► 00:56:20

listen to music I'm like I'm not I'm just trying to be entertained so I don't go postal on you niggas awesome because that it was just you can enjoy what you do some people fly out when I was living in China and you a lot of guys that fought but they didn't enjoy it they just did it because it makes good money and they get paid and I'm like do something else but for me doing that job holy shit soul-sucking every single day you know you wake up train and then it was just a block away and not walk to work and I just knew I was going to get just written that day and man but it's kind of crazy now I'm checking in like I'm actually out here ha ha ha ha like I'm listen to this for so long and it's like yeah I belong here now like it's weird everything just seems normal good good - perfect I mean she hit the right time yet means you got a good sense of timing just like something like even in my room I had a nice sweet for this one shot to the UFC shout out is that that main event status so I had like a nice little spot can join the rumors of my teammates and sometimes I'll just Overlook the T-Mobile Arena and just be like

► 00:57:19

okay we're like made it we're out here not yet but we're not done yet but you there yeah shit hunt Okay let's go let me just check back in your in the UFC and now I mean you how to break into the top 10 with that's I don't think the rankings have come out fuck rankings when I want to see like what are they so stupid you know they fucked up Paul Felder Paul felt it would have got that shot against khabib in and that's what is the welterweight so it shouldn't even affect it shouldn't even affect the lightweight ranking no no shit I'm not talking about that fight and the reason why Paul Felder do you didn't get that fight with khabib when Tony Ferguson hurt his knee is the great athletic commission wouldn't recognize him his wasn't ranked in the top 10 the wouldn't recognize him to be out having a great fight great fight Quinta was a fucking was a great fight and I know that well but Paul Felder is a big fucking lightweight yeah and Paul Felder has outstanding striking that would be a real interesting fight represent so just because the rankings didn't lift that goes because the rankings he knows the rankings that's one thing I want to know who decides who what their lives are like

► 00:58:18

I should probably know that now but like what have they done what's the credentials where they trained have they fought are they just like analysts are they experts because it feels like if you want to be instead of figuring out who did it let's think about what you would do differently like what who do you think should be who do you think should be making the rankings fighting maybe x-fighters x-fighters or like someone who's been in the sport for someone who's trained sent me like you say we're judging someone was actually like in that fall under the dirt up there here's the shit out of me man after my second fight in the UFC I fought in Glendale right it was a split decision like God in my head when they said you know Israel 50 whatever else right 3938 adesanya was I all fuck caught just don't because my win bonus I don't give a fuck about my record I'm just like don't fuck me out of my money don't fuck with my money like one other incompetent judge and that would mean it yep young yeah only half my money yeah and now to piss me off so crazy like what have you done to like how the fuck did I lose that fight in your eyes

► 00:59:18

it is one of the biggest problems the athletic commissions have can't they just like it seems like it's too much work like it shouldn't it should be like a maybe a group chat like okay let's change the 12 to 6 elbow who's agreed yep yep yep yep yep cool that was like that's a no-brainer that one's the dumbest one of all time like it's what is it why it takes so long to try and make any change in the sport years well how about the way classes Jesus no Kevin Kevin Lee tweeted the other day that there's something like a hundred and fifty different fighters in between 155 and 170 or I think he said more than that if you get one more good yes I said what did he say about him almost died I felt like he was going to die when I was gaining weight well definitely don't want it in 55 it he that's carefully 7 it is scary you should be probably fighting at 171 so 165 class I read on that sweet well it's a good class yeah should be 55 65 75 85 95 225 blue 185 i-195 if that was me out take that I'd be jumping between those two why not mean that that's doable yeah I think the real problem is you give guys like 85

► 01:00:18

5 thats 20 fucking pounds man that's a lot of weight yeah I walk around 205 if I'm healthy like I'm from DC doubt well that's good that's a good amount of weight to cut like I bet when you get real lean you probably lose like 6 7 then you're only losing really cutting like what 10 the center's came out and use a so not in use a bath for this fight nice normally like the last two I did and I was underweight just another lonely cut a little bit as well but this one I woke up on the way to use an expert to help you like a Lockhart or so I'm gonna maybe for the fight week is Lockhart next time maybe but like normally I just I've done this for a long time so my know my body and I'm always accurate so I can feel like I'm about 98 kg all 93 cages to them about 85 kg is right and what about rehydration do yep Lockhart method the old one is a whole system like with the waxy Maize amino acids eating pineapples with crackers and honey and whatnot so I follow the list and my coach my pineapples with cracker and honey I don't know it's on the list it's a Lockhart one it's a yeah I was like

► 01:01:18

from the crackers and a honey talking to the wrong guy I would know that kind of stuff like for me I just that's the thing I have guys like my coach Yeo Jin who knows why you know and he'll just tell me do this and I trust them right yeah but it's I know it's a la carte method and they've updated because I talked to Ian and he said that was the old one I sent it to him and he said they've updated it so I said okay next time probably I'll use them to for the fight week weight cut and then the rehydration I'll try the the toughest you've ever cut like how have you ever gotten let me go back go back it's probably early on in my career

► 01:01:52

no actually those one in China where fucked up as fucking around at the buffet or something maybe like the fight week you know and then I think I cut 4 kgs in the sauna it was easy on the last one but before that I was just like mentally sitting there like shit never again I'm never doing this again and I start to like visualize the fight lab we make this guy pay and I start to get delusional and delirious but yeah for Katie's is not bad I've heard worse I've heard like yeah 6 kgs and Isla sorna and that's a lot on like someone who's not even that fat or that not know not that is thirteen fourteen pounds honey 4 kgs damn it that's ok I know Pam what is how many pounds is that yeah that's a lot 30 pounds 2.2 so oh God that's right I'm going the wrong way I'm going the wrong way oh here it is as you get closer to the actual weigh-ins we cut back on the fat and start incorporating Frozen fruits interesting something I use a lot is pineapple the reason is dietary fiber will hold water if I put a bunch of

► 01:02:51

into a bowl and let us let us Brown and wilted the next day will absorb the water via osmosis to be good let us again well I didn't know that when you guys are near the end of your weight class they are cutting back on how much water they take in so they don't have to worry about the body absorbing the water that means we can give them fruit the fruit which is going to help them feel the brain interesting hmm yeah that interesting huh now what kind of shit do you eat like a you on a very specific diet or a seafood and I eat it I like food I'm going to do is the best thing is like for me it's weird when you're not allowed it you want it more Force yeah like the like fight week when I get here and I start to like crave just the good stuff and I go on these Instagram Pages like tasty and I just watching that save it and I write down what I'm going to get when I get back home and man it's like food porn for real yeah just thinking about it oh my God and then after the fight once it's time to weigh in I'm good and I'm just all right eat healthy get it done I don't like pig out like even on the one I got from Lockhart says do not eat pasta until

► 01:03:51

the fight because apparently that is no pasta no pasta I didn't capital letters do not what about like maybe a quinoa pasta or lentil pasta that's that'd be better I think just like regular yeah I think just like maybe pastry pasta that kind of stuff you don't have that Ezekiel pasta oh yeah like that's one thing do you have any elk yes sir yeah come on get in here for I've got a spot till Thursday is can you have a place where you can cook yeah well dude I got you I'm that's your guys for Friday yeah okay then the easiest thing I give you is I'll give you some elk sausage that's the easiest to cook easy and I'll give you some directions I'll give you elk steak okay yeah directions do you have access to like a like some sort of a grill with a lid on it we can get it temperature control Grill at the barbecue grill yeah yeah we got one that's as long as you get just want to make sure you and you gotta get a digital thermometer you want to make sure the meat stays somewhere to under yeah you don't want to keep it you want you don't want definitely don't want to cook it past a hundred twenty degrees easy now we follow instructions okay well I'm coachable I'm coachable I know you are I must be what you know you can't learn on your own

► 01:04:51

yeah I'm going to be no both the thing about a guy like you that's interesting to me is like it's very obvious that you had very good Technical Training but then you deviated and you figured out your own creative path and something you said earlier which I think is really important and it's a good thing to hear for people who don't really understand martial arts is what you do really is an art I mean you're expressing yourself you know there's something was being and for a person like me who's a fan of that martial art and I understand what you're doing I watch it and I'm appreciating it's like I'm watching ballet or a symphony I'm watching our time I owe the guy said up there was one time when you trapped his trapped his wrist and cracked him in the elbow and I don't know what that is is that's like almost like NLP because normally some people are used to things coming at them at a certain speed not my props what I did like he had his guard up and I'll just like just give me a hand and I just hated Willow so like he were he gave you watch it he kind of like just well he thought you were going on a slow-speed yeah nice better because I'm used to your he's used to

► 01:05:51

fasting another mother just give me your head well that's the changeup in baseball yeah they throw a slow pitch and you're like what is this you with it you like fuck how did I miss that you're expecting a ball to be so fast I've heard the term before but never I don't know changeup is a changeup so if a guy throws like a 98 mile an hour fastball it also needs Rose one that's like a fraction of that I don't know what fraction so it's alright it's been good work or something yeah they swing too quick would be a changeup pitch like how much slower would it be 20 30 miles an hour slower so yeah yeah so fuck's your head up man you're expecting up all to come see him throw it like yeah

► 01:06:26

and then you see fucking as even gotten here yet deception that's what it is bro my game is deception well the like a liar because the ultimate deception I got a few more that's the basic one I use but I gotta I try one on him you might catch it as a changeup from left kick to a front eat but he just went right there it is right there it's let me see the Highlight that was pretty you know another one that you see Wonder Boy likes to use is that front leg side kick front leg roundhouse kick calm yeah he comes in touches you with a front leg side kick and then Saul swap oh yeah Raymond Daniels dough has the prettiest version of that yeah jumping side kick spinning back kick to the face that he didn't Gloria yeah I was sick made that God did the splits and those nice guy who can do that in a kickboxing match at a very high level that's when you realize like whoa this guy like you can't give him anywhere on a percent but the like space Joseph bartolini and Nikki holtz-eakin when they fought him the rear interesting constant pressure and leg kicks chopping that leg drop

► 01:07:25

that leg chopping that leg Yeah you know but what I like about your style is you basically do both of those things and you do the wild crazy shit but you also do technical Muay Thai is what I mean about kept on saying about your I'll be in a button Basher like you know we play Tekken they just kind of like into hope something cool happens that's what he does and I'm like establish your Basics first establish a foundation land your jab he did in this last fight for like normally establish something first and then the the cool shit comes afterwards you can't just let and he's had success with knocked out a guard with the spinning jumping spinning back kick you know but like I think you'd have better success at Landing those things if you establish your Basics first land your jab set the pace he was Landing a lot of jobs not fighting that last poster was just constant remembrance with his pressure I think I called it two minutes before it happened I was like I told - my friend of mine was like he's fading he's going to go soon he's going soon you can just see it when it starts to like and I met because I see it as what I look for in a guy or they tell me like I'm ready to go on my right cool

► 01:08:25

hope you out take them out you can just find it like the you look in their eyes we feel them like we feel guys starting to crack you feel them you feel them will ya you Phil you say energy technology like right then just see the injury yeah and he's like he's ready to go like example my first flight shot to Rob Wilkins I actually brought him in just to help me out not for this Camp just before his wrestling pressure Rob Wilkinson he's a good guy he's my first UFC fight but when I was fighting him I was in the second round after his last takedown attempt and then I like stuffed his head got my leg and let's get back to the middle and I saw him walk back like circling and just the body language I was like oh you're ready not throw my hands up like what's up and then Pop kneebone I just kind of like just pick them apart slowly I didn't rush it like I keep telling I don't rush these Knockouts like a lot of people like all he heard Brad about three times but you know he didn't go for the finish I'm like I'm not trying to bum rush these days I just pick them apart they will fall eventually well not only that you but here's something to consider for people that don't know

► 01:09:25

don't really totally understand what you're doing you're doing everything correctly we're not really getting hit much you're doing everything correctly and by doing everything correctly your kind of ensuring to continue your domination in that fight versus put yourself in danger which some people like some people like I like to bite down on my mouthpiece and bang I love me and just in case you Michael Johnson yes but I'm not gonna be that guy I'm gonna be that guy cuz is I'm not here for a long time I'm here for a good time I just want to keep my wits about me yeah like Mayweather get in get out making money and fuck off that's what I want to do your fighting correctly yeah and in terms of like if you're trying to teach someone how to hit and not get hit you're fighting correctly but in order to push further if you were trying to make it more exciting and engage more you have to risk getting hit yeah and that's not a wise thing to do I take risks I like to take risk in the when I put my distance I'll K my to close my too far and I before I take those first I calculate I know what he's going to do already I'm like I can bake them with something like if I want them to jab not get closer and when he Jabs I slip and right

► 01:10:25

you know what I mean so you just I take risk by calculate my risk and sometimes I might do some wild shit like that even re-roll yeah yeah I fucked up on that one because it was a little bit slippery not like I landed and training I've I catch it all the time but I didn't account for the the sweat on his legs and I got back up anyone I was like man it was a good one you know but it's a crazy thing to do you also very honest when things don't go your way yeah and then things go wrong you had a kick boxing fight was it in glory yeah I know that was a woman in Brazil was named Alex yeah how's that work here are yeah well you lost and you were talking about what it was like to get knocked out yeah for me that's everyone's worst fears so that for me was to first for the first time my first back-to-back losses because that was just after the glory fight my first knocking Laurie fight although you lost a lot of people thought you should have won the decision I won the fight you know I've you look at him although I don't base it on that but like we both knew like I hate you more than you hit me you know yeah who will I will he had the pressure he walked you down and I

► 01:11:25

country being honest with bullshit because I mean respect to a guy like volatility but he never he can't fight like me he can understand my style his fight you look at his career he had to take time off because of you know trauma because that's how we fight so he appreciates that kind of style but what's his name Wellness walked me down but he really couldn't do shit leg kicks as opposed to slow you down I didn't slow down I was still dancing around him in the fifth round I was slipping and stuff I was fresh you know but yeah that fight I felt like I won that fight but it's all right so you know it wasn't meant to be everything happens the way it's supposed to have my wasn't supposed to get that belt and I'm okay with it yeah well the fight was the fight exactly really was just the judges that people have a dispute with the actual fight was a successful fight for you and that you did land more shots and he did but then losing the next fight KO and but you talked about it online like you were real open about it on Instagram and because that's the fair like every fighter like if it was just me and a guy fighting and I lost it so I whatever but when you put it in front of you know millions of people

► 01:12:25

that's the fear it's like oh shit I don't want to look like shit front of all these people what did you get hit with I was South Pole was a left hook from him and before that first round I miss my tee-time up second round I rocked them but then from that Wellness fight I let some bullshit get to me just online the like people in your life is like the wrong people in your lives in all men you know you should have won that fight blah blah guess you shouldn't leave it in the judges hands you know they'll say some shit like that and it just seeps into you so when I heard him in that second round I just went berserk what people expect me to do if you win the UFC do just like I just like throwing bombs and just like I was no I was only through the right hands I just I only right hands at him and I watched that fight back and I haven't watched it and a long time when I watched it becomes that why are you doing this because that's not me that's not me staying true to myself what I would have done if I was you know being true to myself as just all right cool where's the shot boom pop boom just picking myself up do we do is turn he was hurt he was out on his feet already so it's a good story for him you know like he knocked me out at the third run after you

► 01:13:25

rotten the second round but I mean yeah it was good for him but hey if we fight again because even after my first my UFC debut he put like a contractor like he's come to the UFC as well I'm all right make your way up I'll fuck him up hundred percent he's a very good kickboxer to me and he it's not it's not a shame and things he's nice he's beat me twice in the first time was what was another weird he's walking forward and you know not Landing shots but I'm moving back and hitting him the whole time and the judges gave it to him so I was like read it to you you got to fight while fight you again so if he makes his way to the UFC can get it any time is he trying to fight MMA now or is he I think he has he's had him in a fight he's had too many fights but a lot of kickboxers like I said my boy Brad even he realizes like MMA is where it's at you know the UFC they see the way best run companies I've ever like come across I fall around the world for for Glory for in China no one runs the show like the UFC like everything has a place and the time and it's just so clean and you get your money quick that's one thing I like about here

► 01:14:25

fuck it's a well-oiled machine definitely mean they've they've been running it that way since 2002 and now the new organization is basically most of the old organization yeah yeah it's nice to work for men I still enjoy it after all these years like Jacqueline next one's in LA right yeah no TJ versus Cody we magnified okay wait fuck that first flight like after the the last Robert Whittaker yoel Romero fight that your weight class is kind of in this weird State I mean what do you mean well

► 01:14:57

it's Whitaker won the fight but a lot of people thought Romero might've gotten the nod because you knocked him down and hurt him then he heard him again the next round a lot of people thought at the very least it was a draw because if you look at it on paper Whitaker never really hurt my marrow but Romero did significantly hurt Whitaker twice yeah and you know he came off of knocking out rockhold but then again he didn't miss weight so that kind of puts it as for me I was really care as long as he keeps moving up I think I think he said he's going to go to light heavyweight yeah I think that's the the most recent policy how tall is he not that tall yeah dude that guy is built like a brick shithouse looks like an action figure out what he's doing here when he came in here do a podcast the truth why wasn't Camp you know him and Joey Diaz translated and said I was looking at my keys 230 pounds he's fucking huge how's he gonna make 185 that's how I felt when I first met Anthony Johnson I was like yeah out of fuck like a thick burger like huge and he you don't want

► 01:15:57

he hit me once I think one was buying only once I could clean one and I was like I'm not getting hit by that again that was it so take a hundred percent it was good work I enjoyed the worker got together but definitely don't get hits borrow your light with you know he because I'm always the guy that brought it for in a mess up right yeah it was I didn't let it happen house making sure like not stay away from that that there's one heat eat me and I went from one side of the case of the other he hit me know that TP does like the site EP just pushing it like an elliptical yeah or yeah that was yeah yeah yeah and he just did and I went hit the fence on the other side I was like yep he's a big boy and I was I was probably maybe 90 cages at the time so that was about 200 pounds well yeah he's a he's a motherfucking you know want to spoil him yeah to get down 205 is a bit of a struggle which is just so crazy like you got his lips as well it wasn't it was back I'm sure yeah hundred percent but it's good work he make 170 I have no idea I saw him in between fights at 1:17 he was 230 pounds I was like what do you weigh

► 01:16:57

see now it seemed on Instagram yeah so I'm like a week so it's just like we said if you wait come back come back as a heavyweight perfect dude he said he already being a heavyweight me fucking do the heavy weight hey just couldn't answer the thus the puzzle that was DC DC is the one who really had him figured out yeah DC just figured him out man DC just knew how to break them I think it's just the gas tank as well sometimes I he puts his foot on the gas too quick and also learn how to not be conservative but manage your gas tank yeah well he would just he would just swing for the fucking bleachers and most of the time when he did that he would just put guys in a coma you know and I just think at a certain point in time you know he was on the tier he was that motherfucker dude he was at motherfucker for a long time is that there was one he had with Glover Teixeira that didn't look like much now uppercut didn't look like much and it was in a bit of a like a scramble they were just working then do so amazing is when a moment that I was like Jesus

► 01:17:57

Christ he had ridiculous punching power yeah like some of the most ridiculous punching power I'd like that Mark hunt him was another one Rampage had that as well oh yeah I don't understand it's shocking it's something and Chuck what I like that he had it was because he was long as well he wasn't really a thick guy but I think is his levers yeah his arms he just knew how to whip that Ayah if I what are they fighting he and Tito I don't know man but there's a video of Chuck working out he's working out with Ray sefo yeah so that yeah it was like shit maybe I'll give him credit benefit of the doubt because I'm lucky maybe he hasn't hit pads in the wall let's see maybe three weeks from now when they find out I have no idea youngjae me pull that up ha ha ha I would think that it was good yeah yeah maybe four weeks let's see if he keeps the training up he might it's like riding a bike he didn't look like Chuck of old obviously because we have

► 01:18:57

the compared to but he you know he just he's not going to be like that either way but let's see if we can get better from what that wasn't on Instagram but also he's a 49 year old guy and he's probably warming up yeah that's what I mean he's been called him just him just throw filling out get loose and we rounds in we still have barley no no no I'm sure the role a role but I'm 50 years old I can't keep it real for real I can't get hit the black don't crack yeah I'm old enough to not be willing to get hit in the head anymore yeah when I stopped when I was probably 28 29 when I first moved to LA I still did some kickboxing I went to Benny The Jet Center in Van Nuys member benyclaire Quai Des look Benny the jet original OG kickboxing him and Blinky Rodriguez had the Jet Center in Van Nuys and for me there was two things that I wanted to do when I came to California one I wanted to go to Hard Times Billiards because hard times in Bellflower California pool yeah it's one of the

► 01:19:57

in Derry pool halls in the country and to I wanted to go the Jet Center and Van Nuys and I went there do know is all I gang members and Blinky Rodriguez had like a program where he would let these gang members in and you know have them all take classes so you'd be sparring with like hard to hardcore gangbangers yeah they had like one dude had this like really shitty tattoo on his back with his gang I forget the name and then it said Fuck The Rest on his back and we're both putting our mouth pieces of my Cheese's what am I doing grew up in the suburbs it kind of happens they'll get like gang activity kind of like just keeps his way to for they find it went to fight culture somewhere yeah well partly key I believe Blinky Rodriguez lost his son to gang violence all real yeah so that way it didn't open up program when he was letting kids into the gym and try to help the community and help these kids I apologize if I got that wrong but I think I got that right please look that up Blinky Rodriguez son dies and gang violence I'm pretty sure that's true Blinky Rodriguez was a famous kickboxer to he knocked out jean-yves tear

► 01:20:57

go when Jean Yves tario was like the pka Champion one of the most feared guys in the world is that point karate and no nose PK karate was kickboxing but it was above the waist like Rick Rufus time and jean-yves theriot is this is that true that he did lose his son to gang violence yeah jean-yves tario fought just see if you can find Blinky Rodriguez chaos jean-yves theriot and theriot is th ER I forget all the rest of the way spell his name but he was the man in kickboxing in like the 80s because he was before my time he had pretty decent kicks nothing special but ridiculous knockout power in his hands like boxing boxing yeah so Blinky Rodriguez caught him with a left hook and starch them and that was always like one of Blinky here it is right here they're fighting this is like one of blinky's claims to fame go back yeah I mean this is which was Blinky Blinky is the guy in the blue shorts blue jean Yves theriot is the the tall Montreal guy he was an interesting guy man he was one of the first Advocates of stair running

► 01:21:57

he was yeah he was like Brent yeah well running hills and running stairs because he felt like he felt like for kicking power good for you but fuck them fuck them something about gravity oh nice it's almost like he was a karate guy had all kinds of crazy shit spinning back Fist and all that shit but he had this there is Sun yo look at a ridiculous left to lift oh yeah the arms watch that again boom that's beautiful set that as well yeah from that low kick boom boom textbooks thanks for nothing wrong with textbook so it was an honor just to be there and blinky's Jo right there class on his gym doesn't sway later I came to LA in 93 yeah so it was 93 when I was in the dream yeah the dream where I came here from Bob well Boston to New York New York to LA so I started coming here around 93 and I think I joined I joined the Jet Center but they had got damage from the earthquake in 93 and the fucking roof when it would rain it would just flood the whole gym so they had a wind up moving shit so

► 01:22:57

his wife and word on that fight it's booked for later this year which fine Ortiz Liddell show later this year there's no word its terms one wonder how Chuck Tito looks as well maybe wait I am heating pads he looks good look Tito has been winning you know he fought recently beat Chael Sonnen recently cheat Tito is that's why I'm belt or yeah I liked it all yo I saw to see Tito hit pads he still looks good man he still a beast he's got a gang of back surgeries though yeah knee surgeries and back surgeries he does his whole back is all surgery man yet there's a crazy video of him he's lying unconscious they got him sedated and the doctor as a hammer and a chisel and he's in his neck and his neck shit he's going like this clink clink clink clink putting some spacer in his neck like fusing his neck together yeah fuck that I'm not about that life to that headlock life is dead or alive and resting cause he was a wrestler by a trade-off

► 01:23:56

wrestlers they all wind up with like some sort of catastrophic back injuries just a matter of how long can you hold out your mean I'm just I'm trying to be pre-emptive because some for a longest time I kind of like just neglected all that stuff with like Cairo physio whatnot so now I'm like if I want to fight at this level and be healthy avoid injury you got to look after yourself in that sense what kind of strength and conditioning work to do strength and conditioning off sunzia is a guy that does my strength conditioning work and thing is I know not much about these things like even when he tells me to lift like put some template I never asked what the numbers are because if I if I know what the numbers are I feel like I might I might get Dawn Till I was shit I'm like I can't lift this and then I'll ask afterwards I always that deadlift with oh that was a hundred eighty years okay cool that's right but um yeah I do shit like deadlift little bit of bench a lot of band work a lot of Plyometrics like exploding yeah learning how to just fire like when he says go easy

► 01:24:56

he's not just working the muscles he wants to work the mine so when it's time to explode the minders knows it's time yeah yeah I quick twitch and how many days a week to do it two times a week two times a week and when you do it on how do you schedule your de someone schedule all of your workouts or do you do it yourself you have input how does that work I have input on my main coach teaching Behrman he's the one the schedules my workout so he says today we're doing wrestling yeah tomorrow we do have the we have a timetable so for each Camp will just a time table accordingly so for example when I go back now I'm not going to do any of your to Max no a lack the capacity all that kind of stuff no Camp stuff I want to go because it's after the fight after the fight your work skill work yeah just upgrade the software but also because yeah I think I've done well this year 3 3 fights in six months I'm like you know what take my foot off the gas a little bit I'm just going to chill how long will you chill for you think probably till September Maybe by that time I want to go back to yoga Bikram because I my flexibility is kind of I felt it in this

► 01:25:56

early it took me a little bit longer to get my kicks going here Eugene was teasing me saying I'm getting old all that fuck that I still have it but like I just think I need to get my flexibility back to where I was when you do pliers and things along those lines do you stretch heavily afterwards afterwards I should and I try to but sometimes it just I just neglect that I forget I forget oh that's kind of so important because that's the time where you really have some opportunity for stretching really advancing your range of metrics really yeah well any explosive exercise you're really tired your muscles are completely heated up or you know Bikram's great for that too because you get a lot of exhaustion of the muscles and you have that extreme heat and everything super pliable a when I go to Bikram I can still do a full split but if I had to do like a full split right now like a little bit of a struggle felt the way when it went after Bikram classes I was always more loose yeah but could like he is something man so I'm gonna hack it though they need to hack it cut the shit of course you can hack it if it was between live or die never see your

► 01:26:56

family again or wait 10 more minutes in the sauna shut the fuck up thank you very much even just for the first for the first session I ever did ever Bikram I sat there I didn't push myself as hard but I just sat on the mat if maybe that pose with a little bit too much or if I felt some type of way but listen I can handle it that ain't bad if you can't look the whole thing about it is adaptation if you overrun your body right away you're not going to recover as well you're not going to enjoy it as much if you can't get through a 90-minute Bikram class but you can do 60 minutes and you have to sit down for 10 and then jump back if you go and just do that exactly know your body have some belly just sit down to sit down for the first part and just feel the heat just try what you can and if you can't do it just sit down dude that shit is so good for you I know becomes a crazy asshole I know there's all sorts of stories know he's crazy did I HBO but here's the thing man just because he's crazy doesn't mean it's effective you can't throw out the baby with the bathwater I know that dude's nuts but also here's the other thing about Bikram although he's a great Yogi and his system is amazing I don't even think he came up with that system

► 01:27:56

I think that system is a existed for a long time and one of them India or something yeah see Google this please I think he lost a lawsuit based on him trying to copyright those sequences of yoga and I think the problem is that the yoga those moves all those moves have existed for literally thousands of years which I claim them well he was trying to create claim them in succession so like say if you opened up the style Bender yoga class and you just used all be creams Moon about idea not bad like it Bender want to meet yoga girl in the back of the class Halle essentially saying is that he came up with this idea to put them all in that particular order which is a super effective order the kids order of yoga poses is an amazing so worldwide yep everywhere you go I've taken classes everywhere it's all the things just because I only only went to one so I thought the same thing for that

► 01:28:56

you do the well there's you know there's like Vinyasa there's flow classes which are also very interesting yeah but I've taken those two but there's something really good about the 90-minute Bikram program he just has it nailed yeah he figured it out but I don't even know if that was his idea I think it was other people did that he sued people he did yeah he's gangster so crazy they had this I mean I don't even mean in a good way they had this HBO documentary where they're interviewing him and he was talking about girls saying that you know he banged him and all these different things he goes listen to me he goes there are people that would pay 1 million dollars for one drop of my sperm 1 million dollars he's getting interviewed by HBO it is like this like as if there's a bunch of people like waiting like an auction house filled with people who won three houses right here 1 million dollars we have 1 million dollars for one drop of sperm who the hell does he wouldn't even look like three drops what kind of specimen is easy

► 01:29:56

old type duties in shape he's not holding it together the best okay you know if you and him if you didn't see if you're both same skin color and you didn't see your heads and you look to your torso as you would know who's who okay you know let's put it that way yeah let's put it that way I mean it's like a seven year old guy I mean how long can you help me still make sperm one drop of myself am one Billy like 1 million dollars yeah he's there he is college boy jacked is that him let me see Go Large on that picture not bad probably a few too many carbs yeah needs to get some squats or some Hill runs in but when it comes to yoga he's flexible as fuck and knows how to do all that shit doesn't look 70 well you know what man look when you let's go back to that picture again real quick there it does go back to the picture again real quick in his underwear the one on the art for ya oh the one right above that right about yeah listen man look at this

► 01:30:56

real Rarities big gravity is this big I mean let's be real as fuck if you walk around wearing underwear like that and yellow class you're there to fuck that guy's dead facts fuck he's at a fuck and if you leave a girl alone with him he's gonna touch her he's gonna pull that Indian dick out he's gonna say like as if what is what's an Indian deck as opposed to like a to bring it out with a new deck ha ha ha look at these weird little tiny skivvies I'm as out here I know if you're if you're a dude and you can 70 you can't be like an amateur yogesh it Wow's look at that girl he says from the Kama Sutra yeah might be yeah okay it like you can't have underwear like that on and not be good at yoga look if you like a beginner you fall down every time you try to Eagle pose they'll talk to you hey man you want you better close but if he walks in there

► 01:31:56

earlier white flecks yeah he's kind of hard to flex man you know I mean he's fucking it's like I don't know if you were all Boulder you know bowling glove covered with rhinestones like you better Michael Jackson glove stop thinks I should do it someone should yeah bullying love of We rise those on it what else do you do you ever do gymnastics gymnastics know I dance what kind of debt you see it you say that earlier I forgot to go back to start off with popping as a kid now I'm Crump I krump dance that's like yeah what's a Crump dancer krump dance is actually originally it's really Express yeah South Central LA like tired eyes and big meal started it off what am I remember I watch this movie as a kid and called rise and that's kind of what introduces the world kind of like the way umbach did with muy Thai made it more mainstream rise spelt all right here let's just popping that is what pop and Pete I look up a guy called tie-dyes Ti H guys good yeah him go Paul Anka this shit

► 01:32:56

so this guy's from from the electric boogaloos this is how I started off look at him go back in the day what's with the towel though seriously are you hands that's when he'll probably use it with a move or something

► 01:33:07

oh yeah he's a man it's so strange like that people when thousands of years without these Styles and then when electronic music came along people went oh that sounds different let's move different yeah but for me I had this metamorphosis last year I like around my birthday and then for whatever reason I just went back to dance because I felt like I had this damn you know how people get writer's block hmm I had danced with block for like maybe six years or five years I just couldn't create I could dance like a flow by couldn't create anything do you know lomachenko studied for years of you gurgling yeah yeah classical you cleaning Ukrainian dance one thing I learned is muscle memory I know dancers who have to do shows and they have to learn like 20 different sequences and that's for the whole show like 20 different each sequence might be like anywhere from a minute to three minutes and they have to do it like that so what I started dancing again when I went back to training drilling my I can retain that information so much better like it's muscle memory right so I don't have to think about certain moves when I do it just boom because I

► 01:34:07

remember this it's easy and the muscle just does like how do you do that I wasn't thinking so dancing really translates into muscle memory like that in the effortless were like dancers I think have the best best muscle memory or maybe one of the best in the world what makes sense that you are learning to use your body in a choreographed way almost like a Kata you know like like I look stupid when I was a kid I think I really did I just think it was David oh cool I think skin look cool when someone's doing it but I hate learning it I felt like I only learned them to get the next belt but then once I learned them I forgot I'm totally but now that I think about I realized like that was a mistake on my part because what that was was I thought I knew better which is hilarious I thought I knew better than people who learn martial arts for thousands of years and it's not the kind of makes you a better fighter but it makes you have better control of your body yeah and the thing about like holding a sidekick up in the air yeah there's a lot of people that just can't do that I can't like that but he's like they got something like Windows

► 01:35:07

literally his dexterity in his legs he'll on one leg pop up but why did you forward and he'll do it to other letters like all the way down all the way back up Southport or for don't is a balance yeah I think the balance is between that and maybe lifestyle thai-style that's not fun to find and sometimes you can go one side too much but she's you have to be objective enough to yeah okay this is what I need yeah you know you feel your body you kind of aim for each fight as well you know what you want to use right like with him I was gonna I was gonna throw some Spanish it at some point but I did I threw a spinning shit what's his name I was after I saw Dana and them so I was walking walking around with Tony shouts at Tony Angelo of and then icj silver who's the guy who used to fight he's a thick boy I fight something out of Ruka and he just kind of recognize that what's up and then got me into the club and then yeah Nick Diaz shows at what's up are you and I just shook his hand and I was it and

► 01:36:07

is Les great there's a legend he's still fighting well he's doing whatever the fuck Nick Diaz want to do right now is he decided Vegas all the time he's only gonna fight for a I think this is I'm gonna go out on a limb here yeah I think the lack of the UFC talking Nick Diaz into a fight I know he's crazy and he knows he's crazy too that is a criminal criminal under use of a valued asset I think if you wanted to have a giant pay-per-view right there big star fuck he's a huge star so is his brother yeah but they haven't fought in Forever goodnight hasn't fought since he lost a Connor in the video on the coast with the Big Mouth Big Money fight but probably he made a ton of money and you know he doesn't live a crazy lifestyle and I believe Nate just got a kid real yeah I think so I think I read that on Google see if that's true Nate Diaz just had a child either way congratulations yeah they loo either congratulations had a kid or congratulations that you did I love that dude though I love Nate oh I love the style the way they fought

► 01:37:07

therefore that Paul Daley fun to watch that live bro yeah I think I said that Wi-Fi you were there live no no I was on watch out while standing up on the couch this crazy fight yeah he got clipped to he's one of the rare people it's got clipped by Paul Daley and survived it come back and then not them out see the way Paul fell back as well damn thank you leg it's almost like his legs just gave out exhausted yeah that's what it is exactly and I keep saying it's easier to knock someone out when they're tired yeah like that fly what's that Brad had good cardio he was able to take it I was finding it there was one I hit him with a body shot body kick and yeah he went for take down straight away I put I pushed him off frame them going up against the fence or something but yeah it's easy to get like some of these guys you can see he never gave me that sign like I'm ready to go like when they're ready to go like I want out you want to tell you overwhelming performances of next career was against Frank Shamrock Frank's all do that was when I was like whoa just body shot he want he put his head on his chest and just bop bop bop bop bop and that was hey talking shit to him and Frank was like really you're talking shit down

► 01:38:07

he's like yeah I couldn't believe it so now but honestly like that pace he even liked my first fight it's sort of Diaz asking the way where it's like I didn't do it when I when I knew he was ready to go I just I put a steady Pace just put your foot on the gas a little bit but not gas it out right just pop but find the shot find the shot find the shot is not need to like is wasted energy well you've got a wise approach to your well to just your overall MMA game but in particular to your striking game is that you're one of those guys that showing people that you can be very exciting but take minimal there's a couple moments in that fight where Brad was charging at you we like hup hup hup here we go and we're out yeah take the center people don't think the center man almost as exciting as watching someone get knocked down I like watching someone figure out that like hit the right hands coming the left hands come behind it I'm not there here are you the queen sweet a little bit in Clean Sweep if one judge then give one round to him but I don't know which round he gave because I thought I had off

► 01:39:07

Brown's after watching it so it was like judging you can't even 50 45 50 45 and then 4946 and I was like damn that would be cool if it was just like a 5045 Clean Sweep well the most important thing was not a judges interpretation of it was the actual performance yeah we will enjoy the day with some people would like and people are they get caught up in Knockouts a lot like oh you need finished bread though but a lot of people that response was I'd rather see that than just a quick finish because he worked The Guiding get gassed he didn't you know I didn't I didn't dip I may be the third round of mine a dip a little bit buddy look it I had my poker face on I was fine I felt fresh and I haven't said after my last flight before that like it was based on the three around Camp the one I fought in Arizona it was based on a three round camp and I looked in the camera so I can go five rounds I told you g my car doesn't mean I feel I can go another two rounds easily and this Camp was based around five rounds so after this fight honestly I had the reserve ready I was like maybe three rounds I could have gone if if I needed to but without you you ever anticipate a time where people would have more than five rounds of an MMA fight

► 01:40:07

most of the time most of the time it's totally unnecessary yeah but sometimes too long as I'm going to get this guy in like three rounds I thought so I felt so I was lazy maybe that's just me big enough myself you know my own ego but yeah I just felt like I would take him in three two or three rounds put five rounds and I still look good doing it so I was happy now when you see a guy like Paulo Costa who has like this just mean he's not totally hittable we're like everything you throw you going to hit him but he's much more aggressive much more you know these you see these what short arms that's the next time wisely he iced me he's trying to act like it is no I am and I saw any of these like oh I did not know that guy like dude you know what the fuck I have now ha ha ha you know I said that's my first fight because these guys want to pretend and I don't know where it comes from a because of years of not getting noticed so I'm like don't try and act like because a lot of guys they'll creep on my Instagram and then like see me in real life and act all high and mighty and I'm

► 01:41:07

nice guy like to be friends yeah I like to hug people say what's up while he's just not like hey you know what so I know you are you know I am but some people Flex too much so for him yeah he knows why I'm in his manager what's his name the fucking Gremlin camera the no no no he looks like a fucking area was Ariel he looks like you know I know what lead Ishmael you know Undertaker's guy I know he is well it is a mixed martial arts Legend fights dude he fought in UFC 12 really yeah he fought takahashi's and we thought maybe it was 13 you have C 12 or 13 did he choked out hoist Gracie in a Jiu-Jitsu match Rio when hoist Gracie had just won all the UFC's and he was a fucking man a footman really Jewish male who was a Crossing Gracie black belt watch this he got ahold of voice and this was in Brazil and a giant fucking audience it was in a soccer stadium I think it was a big ass audience and crazy they want up going to the ground scoot ahead all right well you got him in a clock choke and I remember this because

► 01:42:07

has the key yeah at the time I was like maybe maybe a blue belt and I tapped the guy with a clock choke I was like clock chokes on that shit yeah and he I remember those at the ghee clock chokes with Aggie that Roger I tried I tried it a little bit I can do it when it's not sweaty but I'm with my arms cause I'm I got a long arm so I can kind of get a little bit if I if I tweaked it right and we'll lead had that constant Willie G they just call him he had that constant pressure Carlson Gracie top game crushing you know you where you going to shit out bone fragments after you roll with them yeah that was their style man scoot ahead a little bit and you see will lead gets that clock choke so here till he's the guy that's like talking for right here right here he got it here yo and you want to put in hoist to sleep hoisted even Yap you always I went out like a warrior yep look at that because out fuck yeah pressure look everybody running not to the bat you gotta let it go fuck that was what he did tell me he was the referee should have known as soils out ya know

► 01:43:07

you're right shit but this was back see there's Carlson back then this is when there was like a bit of a rivalry between Carlson Gracie and you know what about that yeah I mean Hickson and hoist and boiler and there was there was a bit of a rivalry was out he was a beast man so that he doesn't know he's managing now he's taking care of Fighters and stuff like that but he's a real legend yeah well he's a beast respect respect yeah like he's like for he's the guy he's the guy that I think talks for on Paul a lot because yeah he paused respect him trying to learn English as well that's one of the reasons I was like I really want you around Halloween because he was talking all this shit right if you wins I want to see him and I want to other the bill up for that fight will be fun because I will fuck him up you felt like there was holes in your eyes game they look at China is like a game is won yeah and Paul and Paul's game is what is holding this game but what did you see in Paula Paula he gets hit easily and you don't want you know how you ride was tapping him with the jab he doesn't want if I was behind those jobs would be different setups

► 01:44:07

to be a different set of I can come up with a few other Pathways after that Jedi Uriah was hitting the jab but that's it hit the Japanese Chins up hit the jab and what do you do after the jab after you land it seven times you got to do something else with it you can't just keep jabbing and jabbing him if he wanted like a poster had extreme confidence in his ability to knock out your room he didn't respect his job he will respect my job I look at my knuckle so this is my moose knuckles my regular knuckle shouldn't remember alcohol that was a lot yeah that's from what's his name it got a little bit more swollen because of Brad to virus mmm this is my regular not going like I was jabbing him at first president swollen right now from the fight a little bit but normally it's just good that's however assigned a triple double knuckle that's a triple most local out she wahwah yeah but yeah with bright in the beginning my job I will he was slipping it was all right and then you just said drop it down and at one point he tried to counter it like Tyrone Spong slip the jab and count and counter but um I recognized it as I thought

► 01:45:07

cool drop it down and I hit him with I will I think I went down to the legs and I took away attention from the top then I was able to go back to the jab and I bought some time off the jab now when you train in do you spend time to work on traditional moves like wheel kicks and Sidekicks on the chippy throw occasionally or do you throw them into your overall pad work game or how do you the pad work using he has his own system and he and he knows what he everyone's different so he treats every fight as an individual you know what I mean so he knows what me what he can do on the pads and what I like to pull and if I have an idea like I'll try this out he's open he's not like he's very open man he doesn't understand he doesn't know I'm trying to limit you from what you can do and what you can create so all the spinning stuff all the creativity the things that I kind of bring myself I try it just to am just walking around my house Shadow barking sometimes you know just my own free time I might I just think about certain things like how can I do this different even

► 01:46:07

more like Chad Mendes is something he does like the he fakes the shot in uppercut I like that we're completely different body types but I like that and I have my own set up for that just because I feel like it's a good move but with different body types and he hasn't set up so I like to create on my own and then if I have any ideas or anything that I feel like I work well with the pads are with our with our flow I'll let him know and he's open to it well you're one of these guys that's coming up right now that's in this new wave of MMA fighters that is every it seems to me that there's like an incremental increase in the skill level there's always all-time greats like Cain Velasquez and you know fill in the blank dislike Anderson Silva this these guys that burst out and they stand out as extreme performers but there seems to me like right now to be a new witness zabit Megaman sharp hero sharapov that guy there's a few of these guys that are coming up where you wash them you go whoa there's some next-level you recognize like a guy like me you seen it for so many years ago

► 01:47:07

there's some Next Level shit going on right now yeah it's like like we're talking about lomachenko leg lomachenko as footwork and movement this is okay this is next-level shit I've seen a lot I mean I'm sure there's been some all-time greats when you when you go to guys like Pernell Whitaker and guys like Floyd Mayweather you know artistic Geniuses but there's something that lomachenko is doing it they're not doing yeah right on a percent like it was some things I watch his footwork I washed away it looks like and you see my fight as well I like to look at guys I don't just like close my eyes and hope throwing hope I don't throw up I ain't been fired that's one of my quotes I say that but he does the same thing he likes to look and he's aware of where he is he dead crunching yeah whatever you say chunkin' yanking all that information he's like tragically muscle memory makes he's a dancer he learned what boys of ballet all that stuff Rhythm timing off beat on Beat It All translates well into fighting like easily yeah it really does and it's so fascinating to me and watching all these like new version

► 01:48:07

of different styles like khabib in my opinion is a new version of the ground and pound style I go on I watch his ground and pound of my Jesus fucking Christ like he's such a like when he fought Michael Johnson there's no just engag fight their son this is a mauling the goddamn mauling you getting mauled by some crazy alien from another planet I like the way traps the hands and I have I have one on bread as well a little bit but I think he recognized any try to go away this is when I had his back for a brief moment that five probably about a good 30 seconds and I trapped his hand I learned that from BJ disc out I was on the Ben askren video but Brad wouldn't let me have his right hand but I got it though because like my got these fucking monkey fingers last trip I can grip really well so I hold it and not peppered him a little bit and then that's when I kind of go to the fence and something happened go to Cumorah but I pick from everyone could be there's a way he traps the hands we call it the khabib everyone I want when I get to my training partner I start talking like a like you would never get this I want this type of shot you know I just gotta like mimicking guys like that just because

► 01:49:07

good at what they do yeah and if I can get it and make it work for me like Bruce Lee make it my own I'm really intrigued I mean I was really bummed out that Max Holloway had to pull out of that fight that bond that Michael Bisping called him out on that thumb and because I think most other people would have just kind of like oh well good luck but he called him out on TV like bro you look like you just woke up you can tell you recognize something when I was there because I heard about it before I watch the interview and I was like oh obviously I didn't look at him he's just like you know I feel great love about something wrong yeah yeah yeah yeah he would have fought he would have rehydrated and fought maybe not to the best of his ability but he might have got knocked out and it's the punching us no joke no joke you know you don't want to come against the go up against a guy like that and be slack I you should go to lightweight well he's more take is fascinating to me because his the way he locks up submissions is so next level long-range I like a shirt just that the technique is so sharp man when he Dives on shit when he got caught up in that

► 01:50:07

got a minute darce at the end of the set of the first round I was like what the fuck man that is tight like but there was something about the finality to it there's like this is this is not a question of whether or not gonna finish it well it was it was not that it was this the the solidity of the technique was like when he locked it in there was no doubt this fight was over and the bell rang yeah and then I was like whoa some guys have that slippery yeah it wasn't like maybe he's gonna get out you know guy gets a guillotine is like this was mad this was death okay and then he got him with a guillotine jumped on his guard he jumped in got him in a guillotine beautiful that kind of stuff like I'll take I like the way he looks good I look at guys like that because similar body types and lately I've been catching that I see in the fifth round give me another maybe seven seconds out of squeeze that butt the rang on this well on the bill but every time someone goes for certain things I can snatch the neck but thing is I don't have that the way Ortega has where he knows like yeah like for me I'm like

► 01:51:07

I think it's tight let me try I know how it is right if you like if you tried to throw a jab hook with one hand and then throw it with the other hand it just doesn't feel right with the other hand yeah I kind of remember I'm by stands for I bet you I go both ways you know some people like from my own personal experience my left hand I know how to do with my left side but my right side it feels like awkward well there's a squeeze that you develop with certain guys just get like this Marcelo Garcia style skins that's what you can take is got it I want that that's the thing because I got it no I've got to try to catch the neck but this is when I catch it I'm not I'm not dead set sure like okay it's over now like Brian right Rita if you don't tap you're going to sleep but one just have to certain amount of black belts with that you would have that feeling yeah he does yeah he's a beast man he's a beast and he's so fucking explosive on the ground he throws up triangles and honor bars are like his creativity as well yeah he thinks outside the box well knocking out Frankie was Giant and hitting him with an uppercut like that

► 01:52:07

I don't know where it's just like Frankie can take it to so Frankie fighting in Atlantic City after that just like yeah few weeks after yeah or four weeks after the round as he fucked up Swanson as a genius fight to take care of getting knocked out by Ortega fuck what do you think about that about guys doing that like get inside green uh same take time off after that knockout in Brazil I took about I fought again in July you totally unconscious in that fight yeah I'm okay so I remember this what happened I woke up I was like oh shit okay let me try and get up fuck my arms just felt like noodles as I whatever and then this kid is fucking little shit head like a baby came over and just like I either yelled in my face or whatever and I was like whatever I don't and then because Brazil he go crazy like all these shitty knock this guy out so what and where was the kid like near you by the K by the right he came in the ring like and then the rich man in the ring like the referee had to like yo everyone get order again there was chaos this is while they were doing the count yeah and then I was trying to get up I was trying to get up and then

► 01:53:07

not think it was just over after that then I had okay cool good fight give him a multicolored fist pound and then the kid again came over next to me and just laid on the ground and slide and I thought it would mock you yeah I'll stomp his face by the night how old is the kid seven I don't give a fuck if you can crawl the control shots of Michael Blackson ha ha ha what up yeah that's funny crawl we can brawl that is fucking hilarious but um yeah and I remember like worthless not but then I guess she also is a dick move but the time well I haven't and now yeah yeah yeah probably kid right was that his kid I don't know he could have got it either way your dad don't spank your ass spanked you that's hilarious but then I remember like flashes as well walking out using two stimuli walked outside we just sat there and I was like prisons that what happened he just told me what happened I was all right okay and then I remember back in the hotel chilling and

► 01:54:07

and yeah I felt like fuck I'm okay

► 01:54:11

this is the worst the worst case scenario I'm okay and that was my first only ever knockout loss knock on wood and I was just like fine you think you learned something in that fight about not giving in to your emotions and I just don't let people like people you're the man you ain't shit now I don't give a fuck like you only give a fuck about those who I care about like someone like ash or Eugene was my clothes people if they say something about me that you know hurts me I then I'll give a fuck but for someone like all bro you the man this that but you gotta blah blah blah blah blah blah blah or be more this is I'm like cool I just smile and wave because I don't give a fuck what they think their no one to me you know understand so yeah after that fight I shouldn't I shouldn't have given in to people's opinions of myself I should have stayed true to me and just fucked him up in the second round I would have knocked them out if I just didn't literally just right hands why am I only throw a right hand she think that's like a like a critical lesson in your career facts I'm glad it happened like I have in the in the mummy know hindsight it's like oh fuck sucks and I hate losing I fucking

► 01:55:11

losing one thing I went 40 and oh before I had my first loss and that's the Simon Marcus body boy Simon Marcus like any I beat him in that fight as well but another judge like I'm all three rounds Beast I beat him all three rounds and then okay but the extra it's a big fight to win restaurant they made an extra round and the extra I still beat him within they gave it to him because he was a super-sized the time and I realized oh shit I lost okay I live my life and that was it but I took me for granted for so long and kickboxing cause I was always expecting to win and after that after a fire okay what's next cool I watch the fight maybe twice maybe even one sometime when we watch the fight and that's it what's next but this weekend ever since I got to the UFC or just before every every single for after I win because my my brain tries to go to that place where it's like okay what's next boss wait stop nigga you just Main evented in Vegas your first fight smoke this dude all five rounds and you're on top of the world right now take this in let's all sit down

► 01:56:11

look at the T-Mobile Arena and just like I might have been a little area as well just by myself and then just get like you get objective and I sit down I just like let it sink in like yo you're out here you're doing the damn thing and really embrace it yeah eventually when I go back home and I let things settle down and I moved back into the flow of things I'll start to get over it but one thing I forgot smell the roses just stopped some time to smell the roses and it's not cocky it's not it's just appreciating what you've done because you've put a lot of work into this you know yeah that's a good attitude man I mean I think what you're doing in terms of your ability to reflect on yourself and to be real objective about your abilities or where you want to go park has one thing he said when I was because I don't have any big brothers so I don't really have anyone Sunny me apart from using the like but sometimes when I when I first started listening to you tell he's like don't be a bitch you had this like big rant one time if you want to do this and do that follow your dreams and like snow don't be your inner bitch yeah Concrete in a bitch yeah everybody has an inner bitch

► 01:57:11

I know tell me about it if I'm a bitch in the streets for got a little voice yeah and I'm like yeah like it part of that was part of the fuel to help me amongst a lot of other thing I take inspiration from everything to help me like get out of that but I remember the day September 4th 2013 I was just like yep I'm out and I never I'll never look back never worked a day in my life again beautiful never again I couldn't do it there's one time and one time have to anymore you working but you're working at something you have a passion towards you're still working work it doesn't feel like work that's what I mean like he did I don't care if you work in the office that's your thing if you don't feel like you're working and you have a passion for what you're doing just do that right but then like I said some guys who are fighting and they don't just do it because it gets like Brendan Schaub he was doing it because he's great at it pays the bills but now look at him comedian podcast he recognized it though he's a wise guy in that he recognized there was this thing that he just did you go back to like his fight with Cro Cop or some of those earlier fights he had a different attitude about fighting and then he realized he didn't have it anymore but he was still getting paid well

► 01:58:11

we didn't know how to jump out exactly that's what I mean so if you're not enjoying it doesn't matter what it is just about yeah that's you helped him though huh yeah I listen to that I was cringing the whole time well you had to yeah that's what the guy I love that guy he's like a brother to me and someone who's on wasn't he wasn't all there yeah terms of like he wasn't all in facts yeah that's how my mom's all the time because a lot of people like they don't know how to handle like not the new me but the new lifestyle around me it's weird people get they get like they become like groupies on a way of life ookie might spooky cause you don't know me but you broke through the membrane into the neighboring Dimension you know like oh shit like the letter names on TV I'm he's winning to yeah I get it I get it yeah well for just two people that know you and then I'll send see you on TV that's a mind fuck man but the one that is in my first friends get on TV when I was a comedian yo and watch them on TV going whoa okay we're like me out I know that guy and I see him on TV facts that before me so the ones that are around me now they're the ones that can check me like if I can handle it

► 01:59:11

they can check me like bifocal like I'm not perfect I mean it's not stuff is no such thing yes like this if I do something and I'm like I'm in the wrong they will tell them like hey you need to pull your head in you know what I mean so you need people like that yeah I'm glad I have people like that now well having people like that and also having people like Dan hooker and you can't and having people like all the other training Partners you were talking about having great coaches all those things have to be together it's like you have to have people that are honest that are assessing you you have to have a good good trainer who's looking at you who knows you as like your little off today your little slow today or today we're going to ramp it up I think you hit the next level we're going to add in some more different things yeah having someone who's gonna just add everything that one that everyone's different individually even with fighting the style so that's one thing I love about our staff so the kickboxing is cuz they can look at someone and be like a cool he needs to do this he needs to work on this better you know and it's it's beautiful I honestly like 20 30 years from now I keep telling my team inside they're going to talk about us that we

► 02:00:11

talk about them but we don't really read Jim like when people talk about it as to who's Jim and resentment your I met him but not Andre my not as well in China he's a he's a kick boxing Legend as well but yeah one day I'll go out there and get some work done probably a 30 year yeah man I mean mix it up yeah shall I go out I love New Zealand don't get me wrong when I when I see the sky tower when I hit Auckland I get like excited like a little dog when it sees the park you know I mean I love being home but it's good to get out there and get some work and without ego because one thing I realized now is if I go to a different Jim it'll be different not because guys always like guy writes Paris might try to hurt you exactly it bro yeah we can play we can play well I don't get paid for that right you're also in one of the most beautiful countries it's ever existed there's something about New Zealand man I've never been personally but there's a reason why they film The Hobbit there because like you look at some of that shit and it looks magical yeah it is whoo I feels good to be like I just love the vibe as if I've been using the like what if I black

► 02:01:11

everyone's real loose like not like loose like Australia you can't get loose like that but it's relaxing difference between loose like Australia and loose like New Zealand all the stress of loose cunts like what's the difference Bambam drinks out of a shoe oh yeah well they don't give a fuck cause he's like the attitude and then they're cool as well it can be chill but you can get some real loose comes there I'll I can use it like an anywhere like in America right you know but generically speaking lies just yeah Australians are depends where you go Melbourne's my see that's my favorite signals real Melbourne Perth and then Adelaide as my favorite cities in that order but yeah I don't know I'll probably hit a few other spots as well see what the Vibes I keep moving around now what about American Jim's how many different American Jim's if you trained up besides black ceiling like zillions let me think

► 02:02:02

I've trained with a few Fighters but maybe I've trained with

► 02:02:07

I think who I think is the only gym I didn't go to ATT I in La that I trained most of times I'm here when I'm on holiday I don't train I holiday out I feel right yeah sure yeah yeah yeah yeah about balance man yeah I try once in a while you'd go to Too Much the side you have to find it okay go to the other side and never stays right in the middle for that for a long period of time it's just like okay you leaving this way go this way all right and find the balance so just feeling I'm being honest with yourself objectivity I say always check yourself Acy always check yourself no matter what how you feeling until I have something gets me like maybe if I see someone makes me feel a whale I get jealous I'm like what do I feel that way I might want my what am I hating you know like it has nothing to do with me but I find out where it comes from and then eventually it's like you identify the monster and then you Slaughter it you kill it good for you man yeah good for you I learned a lot I'm coming up I'm learning you're bad motherfucker listen ma'am I'm gonna wrap this up thank you for sharing I'm glad we got a chance to do this let the first

► 02:03:07

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that's it folks we did it

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thank you thanks for tuning in I really enjoyed talking to style Bender there's a fun day I appreciate you people appreciate everybody tuning in and I love you all thank you bye