#1147 - Dr. Debra Soh

Jul 26, 2018

Dr. Debra Soh is a former sex researcher, neuroscientist, columnist, and podcast host. She is the co-host with Jonathan Kay of "Wrongspeak" available on iTunes & Google Play.

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I guess today is dr. Deborah so she is

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a super smart lady she is a neuroscientist sexual neuroscientist she writes about sex and biology and shit and she also has a podcast called wrong think wrong speak sorry wrong speak brilliant woman really enjoy talking to her and I hope you enjoy the podcast please welcome dr. Deborah cell

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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Joe Rogan podcast

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all day

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hello doctor so full of Sucker of listen to a bunch you talks read a bunch of your work you're very interesting person and it's a good time for person like you things seem to be kind of scrambled the crazy so you are a sex neuroscientist is that an accurate description was going to call Mist and why former because the climate in Academia it has changed so much like you mention how things are Topsy Turvy but that's pretty much how you can just drive I could see me now today it's even in the hard Sciences

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yeah it's it's getting a little weird what are you tribute to

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I think it's a combination of things I think it's particular ideologies coming in and taking over but they've been there for a while but I think it's that that they've reached the mainstream I see it as political correctness running amok and I see it as legitimate researchers not being able to speak out because they've got enough on their plate with their research they're teaching they've got their student you know they're super busy and then on top of it they don't want to deal with the mobbing that will inevitably happen if they do speak out so things are kind of in favor right now of the craziness was fast I mean I'm glad I don't have to be in school right now on and deal with it but to watch it from the outside it's just so interesting because it's almost like there's some sort of a delusional aspect to it like a an agreed-upon delusional aspect it's like like the gender one in particular gender

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is very strange right now like there's first of all the LBGTQ is a what else is there more and more to it

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oh what's going on I thought maybe you were down again yeah it just but gender in particular one of the things I said about one of the more bizarre things about today's political climate is that people selectively agree with science it's like when it comes to client climate change like everybody is like pro-science like science all the way look at the studies even when they don't even understand the studies like there's a famous and you know you in trouble when you bring up Tucker Carlson Carlson fan I'm just as a human being can made some very good points with Bill Nye he had Bill Nye on they were talking about science and he said okay if human beings responsible for climate change what percentage what are the numbers like Bill Nye really isn't a scientist he's a science you know what would you

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he's a guy who's you know he's a promoter of science but not really necessarily signed to so he said he doesn't he doesn't have long-term study and research the climate change he just sort of on there in a slightly arrogant way saying things that I agree with like what I agree with is a human beings responsible at least in part with climate change this is what all the research but when Tucker Carlson was pressing him on it he really nobody answers for it so it's one of those things were like people on the left will blindly support science in one way me and be very upset with myself don't think it's me but then when it comes to gender you watched his show he's been Wacky Show on Netflix with are there singing songs about gender can be fluid and gender could be this and yeah there's more than two genders what she didn't use to say if you go back to one of us

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really say that gender is binary this is like way back before all this nuttiness stop so it's influencing people who are in the not like the people are deciding instead of supporting science and supporting the research on actual human beings as a biological organism instead we're going with his bizarre politically correct climate which inclines people to this weird delusional thinking and as an outsider that's what's interesting to me to watch all this so you have to scramble and what do this weirdness you know I definitely is and it's it's interesting to see I mean say the March for science I attended that not this past year but the year before so people are there they're super excited about science pro-science I think science is great work all this money and you ask them okay so you're so you're down for climate change being real about what about Signs Now by the left and I have so many people this was there cuz I was reporting on it for playboy.com and it's amazing people

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very comfortable they don't want to say don't say anything about I would consider myself to be a liberal but definitely rules don't want to think about themselves being science deniers and when you look at how people talk about gender now and biological sex differences in the brain more generally people get very defensive to get angry almost and if they find it threatening for some reason which I don't understand that's a big part of my work is to say we can acknowledge that these facts exist and that biological sciences legitimate that doesn't mean that sexism it's okay we're not saying that women are inferior or anything like that that's the point about all this right is that we're not saying that anyone's inferior we're just not the same thing this is what the big problem is to the try to say I mean I really think we should all have equal rights but we're not equal in terms of what we are we're a different word and it's not that we're not equal like one's better it's just like saying a wolf is not equal to a cheetah their fucking dick

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I'm saying yeah and males and females are different things and this is this is clear when you study us as an organism you know I had a really bizarre conversation once with a guy is a professor or former professor and what he was trying to deny that there that there's a difference between men and women and one of things I said I said okay you get a dog do you ask is this a boy dog or girl dog and then he got like real weird but this is really no answer to that like it's it's a fucking boy dog you want a boy dog right is non-binary dog like what is your dog might change is fine tomorrow is your dog gender-fluid what is gender fluid that seems like if it was anything else you would have to be fucking crazy right it was anything else I feel like if you decided will today I'm African tomorrow I'm Chinese you know

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I'm tall tomorrow I'm short today I'm a pixie tomorrow but what else like anymore typically masculine or feminine but even still there there's no I don't think they're many people that are a hundred percent done where the other masculine than other people but does that mean that the people like you knows pick a person Bill Nye is that mean he's not a man is quickly a minute it's clearly LeBron James in Elders there's there's obviously Spectrum but I think if someone is a man but it may be more female difficult to say that this person is a different category of gender or that there I don't know not mail to me that's more stereotypical you know what I mean I think it's it's not Progressive to say if you are a mix of both you must be some

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different when you're not necessarily a mix of both right you just have a different hormonal profile on a different different body types different it means that people very so much did I mean I think having some sort of categories to say oh this is a male and this is a female it seems like pretty beneficial although we very so widely inside those categories to pretend that those categories don't exist to seem so weird we would never do that with any other organism going to be more and with the times I guess they're everything is gender-neutral noun and taking all of that money and time is being wasted when I don't think that does anything for for women or sexism please don't change the dressing someone by ladies and gentlemen you say people is that really going to stop sexism just makes people mad cuz they talk

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about people that are raising their kids with day in them they're calling them babies instead of I just for some parents is coming from a good place like they obviously want the best for their kids and they don't want to limit the kid in terms of what they might be interested in I think because the media is telling them if you let girls play with dolls that terrible and they're going to end up you know not having any sort prospects when they grow up in terms of their jobs or I don't know it's such a terrible thing to be female typical now a days but I mean like you mention it's biology that's going to dictate what your kids play with and then another case I think it's parents I want to be special. Also weird because if your son is trans it's totally fine for him to be female typical like a celebrated a trans son and he likes wearing lipstick and short skirts and prancing around then he's fabulous there was a boy in New York and there was this whole thing but he

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the youngest ever drag queen and everybody's going crazy and you were angry about it you know something some people were angry and saying he's being exploited and some people thought it was wonderful that this kid was so expressive when he's so young and then other people said I had a good point they said both it's very sexual eyes like how is this any different than someone is in a beauty pageant like a JonBenet Ramsey type situation it was a little girl people would be up in arms are sexist and that it's the patriarchy but that little boy so I don't know that he's trans I believe that he just likes to act like a man who is a dry clean the system and usually gay many likes to take an extreme form of but I think that little boy is likely going to grow up to be a gay boy if you have a little boy says he's a girl and you see a lot of these trans girls if they were left alone and they didn't transition they would likely research shows they would grow up to be gay men

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is that I mean I'm not a hundred percent for Freedom rights I'm a hundred percent for you being able to do whatever you want to do the real question becomes when people are trans and young it's how much how much of this is going to pass and how much of this are you going to stop from ever passing because you're going to jack your body fold the hormones like are you giving yourself the opportunity just to decide to become a gay man versus become a woman and would you be happier either War very very tricky but you can't even have that conversation now what it is is homophobic though that you can consider that some of these kids just might be gay children yeah good one I was reading this article about this guy who varies by the day in the book in the day like you'll have periods of stress will switch over to a woman who was actually a Radiolab podcast

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the interview the person that has the same issue and the person was clearly abnormal in the way they communicated in the way they thought they wasn't like you were dealing with some guy that you would trust with your taxes you don't know me and he's like and then now he's a check and now he's back to being a guy again and physically say it cuz you just listening but again I don't know how much of that is indulgent I don't want I don't want to say I know how you feel but I do want to say hey are you fucking crazy it is this we just we just indulging crazy people. I do believe they are people that are trans I absolutely believe that their women really are wired the wrong way and they should be man and his men that

► 00:19:59

why do we make sense it only makes sense but I do also think there's people that are crazy there's people that have legit mental illness they're delusional and they're also very susceptible to influence and very susceptible to know someone persuading them that they are one thing or another thing but it's

► 00:20:24

those like Heaven's Gate cult people who cut their balls off and where the Nikes and decided to kill themselves when the comet was near me. Yeah that's not normal right it's not normal for someone to be able to talk talk to you when you cutting your balls off or putting on the purple sneakers are killing yourself when the Commons close because there's a spaceship waiting to take you to seeing you or whatever the fuck you're going but that's not normal either so we know the people are subject to very irrational Behavior under the influence of other people suggestions for other people so you know nothing today where you have to wonder like how many of these people are legitimately trans how many of these people are legitimately dealing with like a real mental issue that's causing them to ship from male to female and back again and why is it that we can't ask these questions cuz why is it that even this question right now I could be accused of being transphobic for asking, these people are ill

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big is a chance all we have to do this I mean I would agree with that I do think that gender dysphoria is a legitimate phenomenon and I do have a lot of empathy for people are suffering I think for adults they should be allowed to transition if that's what they decide to do if that's something that will help them feel better my issues with the kids if I don't think it's appropriate for children to be transitioning and I can talk a bit more about why but I think in terms of the pathology because gender is so trendy right now and in the past you might have seen this kind of pathology manifest in a different way but now because everyone is saying gender is the way to express you know I think people associate a fever prom in your life they think it's gender-related so say with some of the personality disorder when people like a lot of attention they like to it's always about them and their identity and identity shifts a lot so it is basically rewarded for that

► 00:22:24

and they then they find this Pathway to massive amounts of attention I had to construct a bit to mock Caitlyn Jenner it was a very complicated but I don't want to appear cruel so what is and which is kind of true like I really do have three daughters I really do get brutalize to my house like I really do think that ship weigh at my man it is kind of a joke but I mean it really is it's all girly in my house my fucking house is so girly everyone's girly there was talking about Grill leash it's kind of hilarious but the joke was that if my manhood was amount of marbles everyday they take tomorrow they just take one of these and then I'm not going to go out like Bruce Jenner and that one that one

► 00:23:24

Hancock this whole thing that they were demons which is how they conjured up all that money like how else would they have hundreds of millions of dollars to no discernible reason you could explain to someone how they made so much money if they didn't understand our culture totally irrational right so the idea was that they did it but why did it was I wanted to sort of mock this thing that was happening where you going to mail Kardashian that's what he had to do this and who doesn't believe in gay marriage who decides he's a woman which I firmly believe he's Trans Am Not not denying that at all but our obsession with it and rewarding him with ungodly amount of attention this motherfucker won the gold medal okay in the decathlon was right on the cover of Wheaties I mean he was fucking us Superstar athlete and then no attention after that he was The Whipping Boy

► 00:24:24

of the Kardashians on the TV show they mocked him it's like yours is one person with fucking Talent your homepage but then they go right to that he becomes a woman and now he is the toast of the town he wins woman of the fucking here is a woman for 6 months and he wins woman of the year he wins ESPN athlete of the year has been athlete in fucking decades since Nixon was President right or Carter who was it either way

► 00:24:56

this is madness like this is where we're not treating this in a balanced way where we are rewarding people that instead of like because people are so they're they're so ready to proclaim the progressiveness and so excited about it that they instead of like instead of treating them like as an equal they go completely the other way so they're definitely not prejudiced they're definitely not discriminating against them but they're absolutely inflating what this person is and in there making it a big giant deal if they're trans like it's great to support people I would like to live in a world where there is no racism at all so you could mock everyone equally like this is my big problem with real racism there's a lot of dummies in every race but you got to be real careful picking on some

► 00:25:56

especially if you're a white male straight white male oppressor real problem with like looking at things in a balanced perspective cuz you're not allowed to you're not allowed to even what you said earlier you said gender dysphoria you know that's considered transphobic yeah you can't even say that anymore even though that is a legitimate medical condition some people see it as you pathology Rising being the way someone feels I guess but in my mind I don't think the issue is a thought the pathology I think it's fine to acknowledge there's certain things like any medical condition that causes you to stress and impairment that's that's the definition of a psychiatric diagnosis to recognize. It's not a bad thing I think the bad thing is the stigma that comes along with having a mental disorder so that's what it should be fun. It's the stigma of mental disorder

► 00:26:56

suffering that's on a good thing no no it's not a good thing and also the denial of these conditions in the denial of the science behind these conditions this is the issue with with Progressive people today is that there's certain things with the Embrace science and certain things were they deny it and in gender gender in particular seems to be so hotly contested dinner I don't know when this happen it seems to have happened right in front of our face like it just came out of the ground like a plant that was growing in the cracks does she look like I didn't see this coming and it's it's fascinating to say the mainstream aspect is this really far left feminism myself a feminist I don't anymore just because the things that people used to say feminism stood for like hating men I don't know just

► 00:27:56

Twitter account says trust no man like just openly proclaiming that if your straight good luck good luck with your life trust no man that would be a terrible but it's not something that gets brought up in it and set it or written it and heard it

► 00:28:38

I mean I get it I do I think feminism at the core has some good aspects in the beginning but it's just going off the rails more recently the quality has great aspects I think the problem with any like

► 00:28:52

white power is obviously off all right you say white power what you mean is you're racist against other races you're into white people Brown Powers okay brown pride okay right male pride is not good not okay but girl Friday is fine girl power your your your generalizing your lumping yourself into group of people just because you all have vaginas that seems it's the same power they will descend on you so I've seen that too it's like you're threatening the collective agreed-upon narrative and you are it's like like the way girls cheat slots girls give very mad if a girl just decide to have sex as many people as she wants because then you're fucking up this whole economy of control

► 00:29:52

The Narrative of when women decide to or not because I think it's confusing for young women now who are starting today and I think I don't really want to have casual sex but I'm being told that's what I should do so tiring to go and sleep with as many people as you want and to be like a man like if you look at college campuses and and how there is quite a bit of casual sex going on and I don't think that's for everyone I think from an evolutionary perspective to women don't like that as much I was talking to a friend of mine today about this who was in the military and he was saying was crazy about certain branches of the military is you have like a hundred men to one women to one woman and one woman especially like if they're deployed and is they have the pick of the litter and doesn't fucker gang of dudes

► 00:30:52

I would never talk to but I've never thought about it that way before but it's like you know well everybody just sort of agrees that nobody has this one girl like that nobody is going to the owner and that she can have sex as many guys as she wants to like the what he was saying was like at least in his experience that the whole dynamic of male-female relationships and these girls can basically date as many of these guys that she wants it's kind of interesting to talk to him about it a lot we spoke about it for like 10 minutes but it's kind of crazy I never even thought about that a hundred men and one chair that's a lot of men that's a lot of nut good luck with all that you could sore and you'd be like annoyed like you like killing me alone and you go to sleep

► 00:31:52

especially if you're in the military you got tasks things you need to do but it's the Dynamics shift according to like what is available and who's there and what kind of a culture you live in people adapt very malleable two different climates in different cultures and the way people treat sex and don't treat sex and this is when I think what would happens is people tend to react very aggressively or very strongly when someone is doing something that is different than the way they're doing things because this would possibly indicate that there's another way or maybe there was wrong or made it especially when it comes to sex yeah they do people find other people in open relationships are a good friend of mine and open relationship and it's so fascinating to watch all the people you would have guys fuck your girlfriend broke

► 00:32:52

and he has to sort of discussing it's not comfortable for me I wish I enjoyed it I don't enjoy it I think the main answer is he wants to fuck other people and she wants to fuck other people and so they just decide to do it that way and they were together in a monogamous relationship for a for a while but I think I think they've been in open relationship longer than they were in a monogamous relationship for 2 years or 4 years of open relationships are actually pretty common consensual non-monogamy there's one say that showed one in five Americans have actually tried it so it's pretty common me firstly a monogamous but I think you know people should do what they want to do if it's consensual I think you obviously haven't been a sex researcher and how someone who writes about sex resource for living I'm very sex positive and I think a lot of the problems that we see in a lot of this

► 00:33:52

the stress and issues of people have in their lives could be solved if our world was more sex positive we could just talk about sex like anything else the shame of it is the real problem and this is what I'm saying that people when you are living a life that different in the way they're living their life they will get very aggressive about it same way as sober people tend to get aggressive about people enjoy drinking or people enjoy smoking pot or taking mushrooms or something to think about sometimes and it's because it's it's very polar bear eat the very opposite of the way they're living their life and they don't want to see anybody living there life in a very different way but also being happy they think but this is not how I do it this isn't country to my values so you must be doing something wrong you need alcohol to get by like you don't need that drink I don't but I want it can I just have it if I have a glass of wine I get happy he's getting hurt here

► 00:34:52

then you going to wind up in the gutter I never have never been on heroin ever been in the gutter been alive for a while nothing's happened can be better protection to shoes that the fear that me know it's greasy for someone else to fall down the same hole but it's this thing that people living a different way somehow unacceptable and threatening to their perceptions of what what you should be doing with your life and I think

► 00:35:25

I mean at this is very unrelated to the whole I mean that's not when it comes to gender I think there's just this thing that people to people want things to be more easily explained in they are because I love saying that start saying I have no idea but it's infuriating because it's everywhere not like this is what children being taught in school up in Canada that's what they're being taught in their curriculum and there's absolutely no truth to it at all but I mean you if you read the scientific studies you cannot come away from them saying gender is a social construct there for it that I guess the idea is that women should be equal and I'll be there the one that I believe that and so any sort of subjugation of women must somehow be

► 00:36:25

post by Society because if we acknowledge that women are different biologically in anyway that's going to be used as justification why they don't deserve to be treated the same as men or they're not as capable as men the Warriors different subjugation wise different incapable wise different inferior because we are different not to say we're not as capable but if there are any sort of biological Corliss to what women find interesting could that be extrapolated to capability extrapolated to women should go back to the kitchen the women aren't good at math things like that I mean I get why people don't like biological explanations for things I've been like you said I think it's just a lot easier it's it's a lazy way to just dismiss the whole thing and say we don't need to think about it nothing to see here but it's just it's clearly not true in terms of the scientific research so is there has

► 00:37:25

play some cognitive dissonance in order to accept that and to preach it and to say it and everybody has to agree upon it which is one of the reasons why I think any any statements contrary to that get aggressively attacked and this is part of the reason why these ideas are so supercharged it's that there's there's a knowledge is understanding that it's horseshit and so when someone challenges it and says it's horseshit you've been living your whole life for this horseshit it's almost like a religious thing cuz they think they're doing something good for women so they'll say gender is a social construct even though they know it's biological and I think people were younger maybe going through school never been taught this actually don't know the difference and actually believe it why would they aggressively attack the scientific research it's contrary to that claim then

► 00:38:23

give me the people who don't know any better they actually believe that gender is a social construct and the scientist or just sex system misogynistic I want to keep women down but I can get that if you didn't research it and it didn't look into looking into it you go all this is weird but just clearly I mean there's has some sort of decent sounding criticism of the literature and they just parrot that I don't think they actually go and look at the studies this problem that she can beings have where they they have an idea and that idea becomes part of their identity and then they start arguing for that idea in any argument against that idea is an argument against them as a person cuz they're trying to win or not necessarily looking at things in an objective way where there detached from the idea and studying it as a thing

► 00:39:23

instead they're arguing to try to win I think that is a giant problem with ideas and it becomes even more of a problem when it gets tribal when these ideas are attached like climate change clearly attached in denial to the right and support to the left it's the very strange tribal thing and that also happens with gender and it also if you are in support of of women's rights and you are a in sport trans rights and LBGTQ and all that jazz you're almost a hundred percent going to be on the left it's just one of those tribal things if you're pro-choice you're almost always going to be on the left if you're not you find yourself in that which one was it was a Tammy Lauren I get her confused with that Lauren Southern Girl those girls are interchangeable some strange way those that the hot Republicans

► 00:40:23

Gabby Gabby want to be on this team you want to be on the other mean white girl team you can't be proud you got to be pro-life what about life what about the babies take me to know I'm saying some ideas get locked into ideologies they get locked into these tribal ideologies and gender is most certainly one of those political home right that's a very good way of putting it

► 00:40:56

some an asshole was she in trouble Tommy Lauren will star in pro-life film after the Brave the blaze fired her for being pro-choice what is pro-choice conservative or VR Pro biology liberal you know you kind of find yourself in a weird in-between so she's just fucking going the other way she's going the other way I should go to start a film what's a pro-life film

► 00:41:21

sing ABC Afterschool special don't have an abortion have you baby

► 00:41:27

yeah it's weird Welch got to get her ground back to kicked off the team little bit in the biopic on the Roe versus Wade case starring Stacey Dash so maybe she's playing a bad person and that movie

► 00:41:47

strange I wonder how many of those things are just distractions you know it's so weird people are so weird with their their their tribal identities you know I just and I love when they go back and forth and shift from one side of the other I'd love it when like my former conservative seen the light or you know I used to be a liberal to the party lost me I love that and then they go hardcore on the other side and everything ships it's not just a couple of years it's everything Spin The Other Side stop doing drugs yeah it's fascinating fascinating as a neuroscientist when something like the Google memo comes out you are also a woman and you are also a woman who the person of color sort of

► 00:42:47

volts I don't know for sure

► 00:43:01

that works cuz if I was Cuban I would look exactly the same and I definitely could be a personal color those of us who are not white we don't all think the same but we all get lumped in at that Italian was one of the original Latin languages like I am Latino if you look at it that way like what is Latino but you just think it is only Spanish that's not really the technical definition of it isn't Latino I mean am I correct about that and he doesn't it emanate from a Latin language I think so too but it just like Italians have been so ingrained in our culture they came over so long ago but you know my grandparents came here in the twenties so. That's a hundred years ago almost so it doesn't count anymore you're not really discriminate against any more like Jews used to be it's

► 00:44:01

if you follow boxing history and I know you're a martial artist you file boxing history the oppressed early immigrants are almost always the best boxers at the time and for a while I was a lot of Jewish boxers lot of Italian boxers of course in Rocky Graziano in Rocky Marciano and then it became Cubans and Puerto Ricans and it never came it was always blacks as well I bet this is like the immigrants in particular Irish like a lot of Irish immigrants in early on they were thought of as like being some of the lowliest of the low and now Irish people are hundred percent white like no one ever thinks about it course they're white but I mean they're there just American what's it about discriminations slipping the radar that they're making it more difficult

► 00:45:01

call for Asians to get into ivy league universities because you guys do so well I mean it it's racism from a guy for being Progressive I think they just don't like us and it what is it that or is it that you guys do too well into question the idea that if you're not white you must you can't be doing well in life you can't pull yourself up and get all the things that was the argument against the Charles Murray book was that book in IQ as it varies across different geographical segments and across races and if anything that

► 00:46:01

book is really like a testament to the master race of Asians but for real right like Asians genetically like Asian people seem to be superior my comes to IQ according to that book we just work really hard and our culture puts a lot of emphasis on education

► 00:46:22

did you read the Talent Code really interesting book I'm finishing up right now but things about it is it serve dismisses the idea of talent and it shows it goes into depth about all the did not dismiss is it but shows that it's not some magic gifts bestowed upon people but what it is is it shows all the pathways the lead of the skill development that we consider talent and discipline and hard work in particular discipline being a culturally enforce thing which is it is with many agents by often talk about my friend junk sick who when I was doing Taekwondo he was on the US team while he was also in his residency in medical school fucking animal I'd never met anybody in my life and work as hard as him he always looked exhausted this is face all the time it just was always tired but would go to work like a fucking Savage was in between studying for

► 00:47:22

is in the middle of medical school and he would put his backpack on filled with books and run the stairs at the University he's fucking crazy but it's this is and I would I would talk to him about it you know cuz my parents are not like that and his parents were like my parents were hippies and they were like do whatever the fuck you want we don't care and his parents are like you must be a doctor and he was like telling me about the kind of discipline that he grew up with and that culturally enforce discipline leads many many many many many people to succeed where is sort of latchkey kids that I grew up with there was no there's no culturally in Fort discipline you either developed it on your own you pursued something that you enjoyed and figured out how to become disciplined or you just weren't you know but this thing that's in Asian cultures is what's propelling them forward if you know who subscribed to

► 00:48:22

all the different things that are being brought up in this book The Talent Code it makes sense it only makes sense that I can be successful I mean my issue with the whole thing with the Harper lawsuit is that why are Asians being punished for doing well that for decades now Harvard has been discriminating against Asians and requiring them to have higher SAT scores Than People of other ethnic backgrounds in order to get the same chance of admission and then we recently it's been showing that okay so Asians do all with SAT scores admissions committees can actually just seen them as you know less likable things like that because their subjective and you know I find it amazing that very few liberal Outlets have covered this the New York Times has been one but outside

► 00:49:22

. it's been very few and it's really disappointing and no one is mean I wrote about this for the Globe and Mail and I was amazed no one had heard about the story at all will not even what I was like in and out about any other subject or any other race or gender this being discriminated against me New Jersey discrimination against black people the same like systematic way or systemic way it would be outrageous people go crazy or insane that you're doing it to the most successful people

► 00:50:02

the most successful turns of academics cuz that's the problem right the problem is I would not easy and I would be saying the same thing I don't think it makes sense to take people who are doing well and hold them back so if you want your Society to do well I think the solution would be to help people or not doing as well don't penalize the people who are doing well well I think there's a fear of Asians in this in this I'm not bullshiting and one of the I've been obsessed with this company Huawei recently and what I got obsessed with them for two reasons one because I read an article about the superiority of the cell phones that they're producing that are not being accepted in America and so then I started doing I'm kind of a dork when it comes to like cell phones and technology I'm very fascinated by them so I read a lot of articles about Huawei phones and they have these fucking insane like a cameras with 40 megapixel lenses and three lenses on the

► 00:51:02

20 plus megapixel selfie cameras and like really intense technology Much More Much Higher gigabytes like I think they have 500 GB storage capacity 4000 milliamp batteries like they're they're Superior battery to Superior phone and I'm looking at this is kind of crazy and then it turns out you can't sell them in the United States and they the the federal government's blocked these carriers from having them and they're saying it's because the Chinese government is involved in stealing information and and packing and all those different stuff on my baby but what but it's kind of fucking weird that you can't figure out whether or not a phone is being used to like how are these hackers how do you like super genius people who program phones you can't like look at when I was phones and and figure out what it's doing is it like doing some magic or some other stealing people's information and there's no mechanism that you can do.

► 00:52:02

do you think there's another reason why they're not letting you know I'm worried about is that they're scared that these companies which are fanatical maniacal and their aggressive pursuit of dominance in the cell phone market and technology in general are going to take over and they going to squash all these American companies and I was like how much I need this is my own personal speculation but I'm looking at this is Mike how much is it how much legitimacy is in that cuz they were right now worldwide I believe the number 3 cell phone manufacturer I think it's Samsung apple and then Huawei but you can't buy Huawei phones in America and I'm wondering but what I found out is they're not they're not set up for the US market the GSM phones and I'm on a CDMA network but the GSM phones

► 00:53:01

the using different bands did not using all the same bands like when you buy a phone from China and even if it's for the UK they don't use all so if you there's some places where you sacrifice coverage say if you bought a n f u r a cell phone genius out there and you listen to me butcher this I'm so sorry but that's all I got what's up cuz you just use it with wifi-only and not connect me to talk to you do that cuz you're talking about how you doing that but yeah definitely hundred percent okay so if you're driving in your car you could be on Wi-Fi and have your cell phone service shut off I just was just a question couldn't you also but that's a cellular Wi-Fi so you have to have a cellular account so I could be your cellular provider

► 00:54:01

bright so whatever that is would be a local thing that's stupid what I'm saying is like the problem with the this is what an article that I read this explain the problem from one of those Tech sites but it was saying that in certain places with limited coverage you probably have no coverage with one of these phones where is it would work okay if you were in New York or in Los Angeles or something like that but if you went to the boonies where you might get if you have Verizon you probably could build text your friends or get a phone call out but you wouldn't be able to do with that it's just not optimized for networks don't change them but the problem is I believe they think Huawei is connected with the communist government completely integrated so it's I mean the separation of business and government over there as it's very sketchy

► 00:55:03

talk to you I know I'm just I just wonder if there's a fear of Asian success

► 00:55:09

I mean how could that be though if the Samsung Samsung is everywhere so they're coming for us right now it's only a matter of time you tell you about come for everyone

► 00:55:24

who are those people who are really into politics I didn't really think that's what was holding back while I was worried about them getting too much money and power my view on things and in my experience that's where I would take it equality of outcome people the reason why they're trying to keep Asians or at least limit the number of Asians in the opposite effect does not make Asians work even harder and I mean if you keep them out of Harvard they're just going to go to Yale keep Medicare going to go there a lot of Nations there to say down to check is a petri dish

► 00:56:17

but what's wrong with that it's like it doesn't what's wrong with certain cultures dominating

► 00:56:27

I don't think there's anything wrong with that I think it well I mean if you're asking me in terms of what people's he has a problem I think because it looks as though other groups are not getting a fair chance it doesn't look make it doesn't make people feel good because it means that you're at some level that some people are doing better than other people and that makes some people uncomfortable racing Trophy World the equality of outcome world yeah that's exactly what it is right but it's gone to a place where it becomes indefensible so instead of trying to raise up people who scores are lower and give them an equal opportunity or take people from impoverished areas with poor education and give them more of a chance which affirmative action was supposed to be about instead of that you doing it from the top down do you want to go to I was too many of these people they're doing good we just squash it with a limit their ability

► 00:57:26

how could they do that in good conscience that's what's crazy but did doing it from that perspective it doing it like looking at a race that's super successful that is also a minority and too many of them I think these people do think they're doing something good they're doing it for the better of society and I like to see it to have you ever talk to someone about it that's Pro discrimination against Asians don't let yourself be used by the far-right to justify you know taken down other groups

► 00:58:12

who that's an interesting way of looking at it I mean that's one way that you could look at it but I always that way possible to look at it that doesn't make any sense how would the far right to hold of the superiority of Asians in academics and so they'll use Asians as a way to justify discrimination against those other groups I don't I don't really buy that but that's what I've heard it doesn't work it doesn't work I'm willing to give up my spot for someone else because I think ever see is important and I think

► 00:58:59

that's only needs friends that's you need friends so bad you willing to say that that's a virtue signaling thing that's one of those actually think that way but the people cut their balls off and killed themselves because they thought the comment was coming in the spaceship is behind it they thought that too they think all kinds of things and that is one of the main reasons why I wanted to talk to you is it people do think all kinds of things and I want I want you know I want to talk to Norm scientist to figure out what's Happening Here what is it earlier though he doesn't really have a home it doesn't have a place to go and I mean in terms of like like politically at war in terms of having a job I mean he's like almost unhireable I don't know if he's employed now but he

► 00:59:59

in this lawsuit with Google and scientifically he has every point in the world I just don't know if it's ever going to hold up in this climate podcast with Jonathan K & R first episode was actually about James D'Amore and his Saga and basically have what I took away from that whole thing I'm not been almost a year now it's amazing how the media could not get it right and I feel that they intentionally smeared him it wasn't that people don't understand the signs of that they very intentionally said we don't like what we want to get clicks or we wanted basically sacrifices man for our agenda that it was promoting harmful start gender stereotype one of them was talking about at 2 in the

► 01:00:59

describing it was it as if he was talking about women being inferior and that's not what I said at all and not only that they neglected to promote the fact that it was at least a page-and-a-half of that memo was about how to encourage women to be more active in Tech is it was not an anti woman screed was it when I spoke with him he's very much was for equality and very much it was for men and women being working together you know and it's he's not a misogynist I think it's crazy that that's the narratives that continues to go well the problem is he actually stated that he actually side of the studies that showed why people choose different professions why people gravitate towards different activities in different professions based on gender and these are actual studies so in inciting those studies he cited something that's contrary

► 01:01:59

to this promoted narrative and that's where he was shot down hence the title of your podcast wrong speak he did wrong speak right. The things that people are saying there's some truth to it it's not just crazy loop Eid but for some reason we still can't say it and why is that I don't know what that is but the problem with denial of any facts is it the people that are opposing you now have evidence that you're alone right like the one of the problems with the left and this really radical Progressive Behavior that's in denial of science is now the right gets to look at the lab to go look these people are there fucking my why you trust him about abortion why do you trust him about this why you trust him about climate change clearly there loons and this this is me and this is just weird toxic

► 01:02:59

tribal Behavior because I like your same difference when you say that people stop listening point because there are some people who would look at that and say okay men and women are different that must mean women are not competent so instead of having this morning wants to argument or discussion about we can be different but that doesn't mean women are incompetent they just simply said you want to say that men and women have the same so we know we're not even speaking at the same level in that in that case it's so foolish and it's we are there's clearly differences between men and women and there's clue differences inside genders me this human beings very widely and wildly and it's one more interesting things about us I mean it's a fascinating thing it's the whole thing is got to go like this it's got to move around and the only way it moves around as if everybody's different if everybody just saw block

► 01:03:59

the same shape the same density the same size like what is that that's the line both not just boring you're not going to have a confidence Society it's not going to work like you need soft and hard you need both you need something in between you need to fart extreme right to to polarize and activate the fart stream laptop mean I really think you need a guy like Trump to get people to be more politically active and more socially active I think in many ways he does the left of service by providing this like ridiculous figurehead of what's possible with ego and greed and and right-wing gone amok El does the Steve bannon's in the breitbart's all that stuff like that stuff empowers the other side in the good thing about it is somewhere in the middle is like a balanced healthy society and hopefully we'll be able to achieve that someday but I mean this is the argument always is that you cannot have light without dark and I have good without evil

► 01:04:57

the pendulum is going to swing back hopefully just waiting for that time to happen it seems to always do that I just would hope that with the amount of information it's available today that we can look at the actual studies that are being done on gender on sax on biology and don't look at it in terms of you know don't quantify in terms of the this side's better that's I'd better just look it up what fascinating difference is this is amazing it's interesting and there's a lot of dummies that are men and there's a lot of dummies that are women there just dummies it doesn't have anything to do with one gender being Superior or one gender being inferior it's just human beings have a lot of variability and there's a lot of different things that a lot of inputs and you developing in becoming a 30 year old person that happened to be talking to this other 30 year old person your path to get to wherever you are there's so much going on there's influences

► 01:05:57

in terms of your environment your education your your life experiences your family or your loved ones your this so much that leads to you being who you are today and it's really fast and I need to study that but only if you're allowed to actually look at it if you go in the only scientists are going to look at the stuff now the people who know what they're going to find an advance they're not going to publish anything that's going to upset the public so my mind there's no point even do that kind of research because that's not actually science what you're doing is not really crazy right that's work it's really crazy or you're not even allowed to do certain kinds of research or if you are doing it you're going to be categorized so he's all right yeah or your you know you're a conservative or your you know

► 01:06:51

whatever whenever you want you're bad person here you're wrong speak on this idea that by controlling language we can control the government can control how people think and what reality is and what I find interesting is with the topics we covered so first episode we talked to James D'Amore second episode we talked to Lindsay Shepherd and looked at the whole what happened to Wilfrid Laurier University and then the third one is rapid onset gender dysphoria so looking at this trend in adolescent girls to come out as transgender even though they've had no previous signs of gender dysphoria and so with all of these. These issues are all super taboo and all these people have been mobbed and in the case of gender dysphoria you see the parents who are being called transphobic for questioning is my daughter really trans you know we're just trying to get at the truth really we're trying to understand you know why is it we can't talk about these things why

► 01:07:51

so we are in such a situation now that the response to any sort of unpopular idea is to be mobbed in to attack people and intimidate them and shut the conversation down like how do we stop that from happening explained rapid onset gender dysphoria because I'm not really aware of that are recently referrals to gender Clinics of kids who are feeling that they were born the opposite sex is predominately boys and then send me there's been this explosion of girls and so when you talk to the parents and it's interesting when you when you listen to that was so that we did their stories are so similar they're literally identical they their daughters have always been gender typical so there was very girly girls they've never been gender dysphoric they go through puberty they develop you know what there is no problem there and then usually what happens if there's some sort of I don't know educational session at school or one of these girls their friends come out as trans

► 01:08:51

and then the daughter says I want I want to be a boy and so if you take that child to a professional like a therapist the therapist has to affirm the therapist can't question that so you have these girls a lot of them have autism of their other mental health issues they're not getting treated for those issues instead they're being told okay if you want to transition will help you and like I said I'm not against adults transitioning like I don't think that it's anyone's place to tell an adult what to do and I think transitioning can be beneficial but you want this you if someone transitions you wanted to actually help them feel better and for these girls at the issue is not even about gender it doesn't make sense for them to transition know this rabbit on soda gender dysphoria is is typically females what wood was the cause of that I think it's social contagion I think part of it is for some of these girls they are a bit socially awkward and so when they come out as transgender suddenly everybody loves them and wants to support them because people should for Trans people because obviously it's a difficult thing to go through

► 01:09:51

but I think there's an aspect of it that people are talking about that the kids are coming out as transgender just because it gives them acceptance of extra Ward also I think for girls puberty is not a fun time for anybody but forgot I wouldn't know but like I love when people say well it's it's harder for guys would you know you never been a girl being a finite organism clean to a ball at spinning a thousand miles an hour hurling through Infinity that's weird and then the fact that your biology changes and you get into dated with hormones and it's not just the the life that we live and then adapting to culture and trying to figure out how to be accepted I think that that was certainly plays apart this rapid onset gender

► 01:10:51

just for you how is it being treated like in terms of houses being accepted in Academia how's it being discussed in the literature and what it what are the recommendations for what to do about it over to description of what it is phenomenal and because it is so hard to do this work because so many people call it a mess pretty much anything that counters the transgender narrative is caught considered hate speech so it as a researcher if you try to do any research on this issue that goes against what trans activist say is acceptable you know you're going to get in trouble so don't want to touch it so there's been one say that did show you know with girls Darcy it's very much about being influenced by friends with an appear group I think there's some crazy high number in terms of the number of girls that will come out as transgender one after the other so it's real but I mean I get why people find it some people find a threatening because it suggests that maybe trance

► 01:11:51

aren't really transgender you don't maybe the way they feel isn't legitimate but in terms of the way to treat it there at these parents are lost in the day these girls are not getting treated for the underlying condition there's one parent we spoke to he's on nine mental health professionals every single one said that your daughter is not transgender but they couldn't go on the record as saying so I think only one went on the record as saying so cuz they're terrified terrified of losing their job they're terrified of being attacked it's so interesting will you watch the similarities between any group that like is that feels that they're being blind or that are being very defensive about their position and try to hold strong and aggressively attacking people that are against it in the many ways this sort of behavior is mirrored in the 2nd Amendment people like the people that are pro-gun like if you tried any gun restrictions are any gun legislation

► 01:12:51

Ocean or any changes in the laws of gun control they aggressively go after it they did they do whatever they can to keep things the way they are now and show how much positive benefits guns have and how were saved by guns but it's his thing besides the gun take the gun out of it and it's the it's the defense of the idea it's very committed yeah they are the identify with being a person who is a gun nut or a gun supporter Second Amendment you know Freedom love and I got a fucking Eagle on my back you know that kind of shit and this is same thing with trans people like anything against anything what you're saying this is impossible he had his thing that you're talking about this rapid onset gender dysphoria being autistic people that is transphobic the ending to get Super Hyper aggressive about it instead of saying oh well whoever this person is what we if there are trans person says single I am legitimately trans but his entire pot entirely possible that there's a broad

► 01:13:51

spectrum of human behavior in human thought and then some of these people have a real issue and I could see the reward especially today's climate when you look at today's climate was it that's an interesting study right you look at the climate of today and the support of trans people and the attacking of people that are transphobic and the the overwhelming social benefit of supporting trans people and then you look at the rapid onset gender dysphoria and see if they match up

► 01:14:25

what you were saying actually I think the majority of trans people are not on board with this whole across-the-board everyone should just transition but I think it's it's another case of the vocal minority say you're shutting down anyone who dares to disagree with Brown's let you just run things like I don't know what to do what did Scarlett Johansson thing was fascinating she was going to play a trans woman in a movie and people freaked out a trans man in a movie and people freaked out that she is not trans and she's she has his part you know that was the same thing that happened to Jeffrey Tambor Jeffrey Tambor was accused of sexual harassment by people in the set who are trans who were also very upset that he was a star of a television show that was about trans people and he's not try on and they were trans

► 01:15:25

people are coming from I do because you know that I think representation is important to some extent and so I can resend it to you or of a group that isn't being represented in the media how you would want that to change yeah but you are also looking at an alias actress who would bring an incredible amount of attention to our Progressive project and you know it may very well change the tone of the way people accept trans people portrayed in a positive light it's entirely possible that it would open up like it specially if people that are on the fence it might open up their heart and make them look at things differently and say okay I see where this woman wanted to know she she wanted to transition to be a man because she was wired incorrectly or wired to be a man shouldn't say incorrectly maybe you could see her as a person now instead of just as a subject for debate or as a you know

► 01:16:25

I would have is not not with your appointment with my point with the tokenization of people so to say okay this is a trans roll we need to find a trans person you know same as with racial tokenization but we need to have a certain quota so we need to have this number of people that fit this that's why I'm an issue because then people look at and see if you only pick this person because of their identity not because of what they brought to the table true that if you go back and look at like John Wayne when he played Genghis Khan like what in the fuck was that is a bunch of Charlie Chan movies think so I think it's fucking ridiculous I mean they'd even try to make John Wayne look like he was Chinese you know me there was a lot of that going on you may see that ad where you see the Native American yeah there's there's a guy

► 01:17:26

evidently Charlie Chan that mother fucker doesn't even look a little Chinese and any talked in like a real stereotypical like shitty Chinese pensive pensive but that was the sign of times and so what trans people would say was like this is the same goddamn thing this is just your looking at in terms of weird looking in terms of our people and you know we're not being represented as you have someone playing us do you remember that Native American and there was an ad where someone would throw glitter out of car window and the new Native American guy how the tears run down my cheek the guy was Italian it wasn't even a little bit Native American will they do now because I didn't like I'm not a researcher I didn't go deep in investigate I would just read it I was like that

► 01:18:26

get the concern and that's outrageous and then point fingers and attack and they love it when people back down that's why they're so excited so I can Scarlett Johansson backed out of that movie everybody got so excited we gotta you know and but when people don't back down they get they just give up or they get confused I don't know what to do he just knock jokes after James gone got fired to know James Gunn is he's a guy who is the director of Guardians of the Galaxy he had some really questionable tweets that were jokes they're just he wrote some jokey joke things but it's like about pedophilia

► 01:19:26

black or not funny and their jokes and they're really gross but should he be fired for that now he's just a shity joke teller have you find out he's actually a pedophile that's one thing but it's Disney and this today's climate so then they find that Anthony Jeselnik stand up comedian has a bunch of also offencive jokes and some of them about pedophiles and so they did go and try to attack him and Anthony Jeselnik rights looking through my Twitter timeline something along the needle in and he said looking is like looking for a needle in a needle store on customer appreciation day is his character like Anthony Jeselnik and potato I'm friends with them this is whole thing is being ruthless and super offencive like he had a show called the

► 01:20:26

Sonic offencive I mean that's what he does he said I'm his character is an awful person that's the character and so they just gave up you just can't say things. They're looking for people to back down and it looking for people to get scared and they let me in this is it's fun it's fun to find a Target and find out let's get them fired get her fired tiger off at Movies it's fun for them because as you know hashtag are quotes activist what they're doing is there just attacking and it and it's probably some good out of it but there's got to be some good for sure out of real monsters getting arrested right there's some good out of like the Harvey Weinstein's the Bill Cosby's the world getting arrested and getting busted and shut down and we would hope that other monsters in waiting would not act out on their instincts be

► 01:21:26

has the fact that worried about the repercussions that you're clearly seeing and that we would hope that people that are Behavior as a culture ships one way or another and then it's going to move as far away from massage near as possible and it's whether it's through the threat of incarceration or shame or whatever it is that causes it to go the other way it's probably for the best as long as it doesn't go as far as all men are pigs all men are creeps all men are trash and that's what we were talking about earlier like when it gets to that place you got to go well this is not this is not a good place to be if there is an allegation that that's taken at face value right away cuz we do see unfortunately that some of these allegations are false

► 01:22:12

what has to be this whole idea of believe women well okay but was okay is that mean don't believe men is cuz some women lie and some men lies what about individuals what about human being so so if we're going to need some what we're talking about earlier like white power black power Brown. Let's fucking human beings and as soon as we stop looking at human beings as individuals and we just agree that one group is good and one group is bad you got some real discrimination problems in their side with believe all victims or I believe what is that I believe women something like that women lie and you know that side of the equation I think even both sides are equally bad because you're not getting at the truth or also when it comes to human beings

► 01:23:12

because it's so hard to tell who's telling the truth if two people see something I see a car accident and one person says well this lady ran the red light and slammed into the car and then the person right next to me says no she didn't this other guy ran the red light and in in the she hit him and this isn't subjectivity in terms of interpersonal

► 01:23:34

relationships there's also problem with just describing things and language in reality it's hot I don't know if your telling the truth I don't know if it is specially if it's just like you know I believe I go to the bathroom I come back and it Jamie says she just call me a piece of shit and you didn't you like no I didn't like I don't know I don't literally don't have a mechanism to detect who said what is not possible so am I just going to believe women or am I going to believe the individual or am I going to try to like figure this out I'm going to do my detective work fuck it's very tricky so when you're dealing with some certain accusations when it comes to human beings like this Chris Hardwick things and a perfect example. And he was just reinstated Yesterday by AMC and yeah that's a weird one because she wrote that it was an ex-girlfriend that wrote something about him yet I arrive at that clearly didn't tell the truth about some aspects of the relationship

► 01:24:34

she cheated on him and that's why he got rid of her or broke up with her and then she also said he was just terrible boyfriend and he did but then there's videos of her talking about what an amazing boyfriend while they were together about how he stayed with her in the hospital and slept by her bed and sleep and she's also she had a bunch of host of mental illnesses that she described in their video about like not being able to drive down the street with the windows open she's where the germs going to get her car and in some of those she recovered from and some of them she didn't like it's in the problem with people when it comes to when they're talking about things they might not even be lying they just might be they just might have a distorted perception of reality that is another problem with human beings when it comes to any sort of interaction between two people specially after break-up I think the way that a person can view the time I spent with someone can very much change based on you know their current situation or how that break up happens

► 01:25:34

the real problem though is what we were saying is that human beings it's very difficult I can't read minds you can't read minds you can't look into memories so we're relying on a person's description and then we would have to rely on what we know about them what how what it what we know about their ability to describe things accurately what we know about their perceptions of reality their delusions they're their there they're their Clarity talking super tricky the two people I don't think you can ever really know what happened so in that case of say you even Jamie tells you I said something about you probably going to go with Jamie right cuz you know him so I would say that you're yeah I mean it's for sure if I didn't know you and in Jamie told me you did something fucked up I would side with Jamie but even that's weird

► 01:26:34

my bear if I don't know if you say I didn't do anything like maybe one day you'll be my best friend and maybe one day Jamie would turn out to be a fucking psycho cuz he's fucking crazy but that's the thing too I think sometimes I do empathize with how do you know you don't know you don't know God damn it it's fucking tricky you know if you haven't seen that episode of black do you ever watch Black Mirror. Everyone tells me how amazing this show is I think it is amazing but I was saw one episode that really freaked me out so I can watch them blackmailed creeped me out but there's one called crocodile and it is easily the most disturbing episode of a television show

► 01:27:34

my life and it is has to do with technology that allows people to read memories and I'll leave it at that cuz no spoilers here but until episode stays with you after this one. This one's dark I mean is why I mean I can't I can't I will give too much away if I talk about it but the concept is that you can they have a machine and they said this machine up and threw this machine they can literally read your memories until that happens we really don't know and you know there's been things in my life where I look back on it and I had a perception and then I went to the place where I grew up and was like I remember it looking like this I don't know this being so close all the streets right here this is where the house is and then you have to kind of like remap your memories like okay we got to clean these memories up and try to figure out what's a current what's not but then I'm just talking about like this the neighborhood

► 01:28:34

grew up and what about your adding emotions menu adding and painful emotions because of break-ups and perhaps suicidal thoughts and sure I mean it's been absolutely proven that eyewitness testimony is the least accurate piece of evidence that any investigator can ever use in terms of like trying to figure out what happened at the scene of a crime or anything involving any sort of trauma

► 01:29:04

fucking hard with people's minds I think also some people see this and they think I want to help this person so they might interpret their situation the way to say you know I also want to help this person I think without doubt been a lot of unchecked sexual harassment in the workplace just I've always said this and this is not to say that men and women shouldn't work together and I'm not saying that in any shirt I just want to get that out of the way really quick but when men and women do work together each other all day and people are sexually attracted to each other and Metagross and it's just like this guy does have this conversation with today we're talking about that I'll let you imagine being a girl and working in your office and guys trying to fuck you all the time and there was Saint stupid shit to you and try to get coffee and we were talking about gay guys and he was saying like.

► 01:30:04

when was in the military would you have a problem with gay people would be real nice to me laughing about it but I was like okay that's true but if you were at a gay guy that was always trying to fuck you in like maybe touch your ass when you been over to pick up some papers or something like that like that would get really annoying and if your job relied on this guy liking you in approving you itch a lot of women's jobs ReliOn creeps liking them and approve you it gets fucking disgusting that's the reality that many women have lived with for decades I'm hoping I'm hoping to even with the the the far-reaching aspects of it we're all men are trash I'm hoping it's the ties going to just sort of settled back into going to instead of being over this way is going to come back over this way and

► 01:31:04

bounce out in the middle of little bit and we'll get a better understanding of each other at that point because of that you would see I feel men nowadays are terrified interactive women

► 01:31:23

trust in the workplace I think you should be careful anyway I've looked I think we're all way too casual about getting intimate with people and I've been guilty of it myself in my life it may times but I think you should get to know people a bit by the promise people horny hook up with crazy people or people that have interoffice relationship that I know I know people work in offices where it strictly forbidden like you're not allow and then and then I'm like well okay but what if you fall in love with someone in the office one for the perfect person for you got to quit your job I don't like businesses imposing that I think people should be able to make those decisions we were still at work and I are you married your boyfriend what if

► 01:32:20

you met a guy that you work with and he was fucking amazing and he was single and you're single and you guys just got along great and he was respectful and he's intelligent funny and he's interesting and you like doing things with them but there are lots of men in this world who are the only ones going to be a match for me it's like that it's racist Asians are determined but in in that way I guess I'm a little bit more risk-averse I'm not going to check for potentially jeopardize my career over a person that I meet that I like quiz job

► 01:33:11

you're going to quit your job for a woman I don't know you fucking loser what do you do for your kids see both sides but then I see okay now imagine being a woman who works in the office with this guy who's in love with this woman and then they they have a relationship and then I'll send her career starts doing a little bit better that's the thing and the other women women like me say we're not sleeping with people to get to the top is that this is the seat this is the not-so-secret

► 01:33:51

aspect of the casting couch that many many many people are aware of is that these women fucked some of these men and we're not talking about rape we're talking about women who chose to engage willingful sex with people who were there's a lot of women who I know who are actresses who were approached by some certain types of men who are producers are Executives in certain ways and they said no and then girls that they know said yes and their careers advance and this was a where people were aware of it it's it's there's a power Dynamic that exists when there's a boss and then there's an underlying a producer and an actress or whether it's a CEO and an employee when they engage in some sort of a transactional sexual relationship that makes

► 01:34:51

one fucking uncomfortable how do you stop. Do you think it's if you think it's the industries job or when they do that there was a recent CEO of some large high-profile company who had to step down because he was involved in a consensual sexual relationship with somebody remember who that was real big something super recent but it was it was no problem but it was consensual sexual relationship with someone who work for him was it until yeah that surround each other if you go home if you work 8 hours a day and it takes you an hour drive to work takes an hour drive home that's fucking 10 hours and nobody works eight hours a day if you really want to make it right you weren't 9 and 10 so it's like half the day is gone you get home you're exhausted you know your husband's exhaust you stare at each other at you

► 01:35:51

you together like 3 or 4 hours you have a meal you go to sleep you get up in the morning you go do it again you're with those people at work more than you're even with the people that you live with you know that's really a band that's your waking hours with by the time you get home you fucking tired and if you go to the gym afterwards will there's an hour and a half gone there you might see each other in our night so I mean for that to happen as well as a big part of your social interaction and how many people there their Social Circle is primarily the people that they work with real common right so I mean I think if it's a consensual relationship there should be anything wrong there but I can see how this climate they're all these other ways of looking at being imposed on it so is that really consensual if it's someone who is your boss would imagine so if you and Jamie work together okay and you guys had a consensual sexual relationship

► 01:36:51

both run the same level you both in does not it's not like anybody has any power of but then you break up you know and then Jamie comes over to me like you know I got to tell you that doctors fucking asshole expansion and then you come to me and you're like you know Jamie's I'm here. He looks like a good guy but when you start dating that means a fucking sprechen Force when you your you're not just friends friends is fine but when you start having sex with each other that's when things get crazy you know very few people are able to separate sacs in emotions with friendship very very very few people that's cool probably that's one of the things that's admirable but these people are willing to have these open relationships like what but you can I know guys like hang out with other guys who fuck their girlfriend Jesus or better man than me

► 01:37:51

I like the idea of their woman being having sex with another guy cock is compromised word though isn't it early I thought it always meant that it is always meant by cuckold like you want to watch men have sex with your wife but then it got to wear but there's so many different versions of it now it's it's become really freely tossed around like a beach ball at a concert was throwing cock around these days

► 01:38:40

yeah yeah if that's what you're into good luck with that just

► 01:38:48

okay cock a man who's desperate for acceptance approval and affection from women

► 01:38:56

now it's different this desperation is led to the compromise of his beliefs and values the desecration of his dignity and self-worth and his inability to stand up for himself this 4chan right this

► 01:39:10

in what he deserves is a human being example loyalty Fidelity and honesty in a romantic relationship

► 01:39:19

okay look at look at example the game hold on a second I know John's always wanted a girlfriend but since him and Mary started dating he's become a cuck she spends all of his money and flirts open we will openly with other men I can tell it bothers him but he's so afraid of losing her doesn't say anything that's a cock

► 01:39:42

sounds like a male feminist also if you went there a male feminist thing I've known a few that were real creeps that were fake creeps now they're like on the side they do what they're doing was there there posturing as an alternative to these men who don't want monogamous relationships or would break that with the woman's heart or not willing to compromise and been to the will of the woman and that do they put these women on a platform and worship these women and I am the alternative and I'm the powerful alternative in these men are assholes and then they try to sit on those man and take a butt all does is make those men appear even more attractive these women secretly these men at the feminist man and these women have

► 01:40:36

these weird relationships where it doesn't work and then never sexual or if they are sexual the women aren't really sexually attracted to him so they withhold sex and it just it gets super weird Sox latest generalize a lot about the giant grouper people's relationships what I've seen it's just it's they don't run fast they can't pick things up and not attractive so they try to do a little weasels the trying to find another way in um sells feminist are male feminists so in that I think men who ascribe to women being equal but that's a good thing and I think a lot of guys will say yeah I'm coming it's because they think that's the right thing to do that's the socially acceptable thing and that's the way we should be but then the one to run around and say really really push it and make that their identity and really sell themselves as male feminist those are the guys I have an issue with his like you said they're sneaky

► 01:41:36

they're doing honest you get almost always tell but you see them they're there a type you know they're just Dern unattractive type they're not attractive to women and so they try to figure out a way like how am I going to do this what's going to be the way I got to figure out a way to stand out this is the way I'm going to just what the what of these women want to hear the one here that I'm going to say that is great and someone who believes in equality is great but as soon as you like your proclaiming yourself to be more interested in the opposite gender

► 01:42:15

and more supportive of them then males and even though you are a male I like the people I like I'm gay I like I'm straight I like people I like when a nice be nice to me I'm nice to you that's what I like I don't want you get discriminated against in any way shape or form but I don't want to pretend that one group is better than other groups except Asians when it comes to Harvard the crazy thing is with these guys though you see there's been a trend where they actually have a lot to hide and they usually are misogynistic and they usually do Abused Women watch what happens if there's a certain amount of resentment from living this sort of like fake life and having these fake beliefs and doing so just to get the approval of women you know and then when it doesn't work out there's anger resentment and it's just

► 01:43:12

I think some guys put it on because it's a way of overcompensating for their own guilt and very few of my good unless their idea of what it means is different than mine did what it means my DM means is that little sneaky fuck that's my idea you know what it cuz I've just seen so many of them it's like I'm sure some bank robbers are really romantic interesting poets you just decide this is a great way to make money you know but most of them are fucking criminal right and this is like how I feel about male feminists like I'm sure there's a bunch of them out there that are really good guys and maybe through the influence of the people have been around they've chosen to identify as a male feminist in this seems to be a good way to show their support women and even if they have to support women over men look women have been fucked over for so long I'm more than willing to do that and they do

► 01:44:12

Wicked intentions that's entirely possible but a lot of it or creepy little dudes that are trying to get laid and they they're not attractive to women so they try to figure out a way to become attractive to women and they don't have the confidence to just go well aren't we all equal. We all just humans are all different saying I'm not going to describe myself as a feminist and two women tell me that I'm doing feminism correctly he's like he's like so feminist he can't yeah I can't be a feminist to women tell me all the feminist

► 01:44:52

mistress mistress please tell me he's got a ball gag on right now it's like tight and it down

► 01:45:01

he's putting himself in the shackles but then there's women like that to this women that pretend to be one of the guys like that girl is always the one of the guys girl I can sense it though like I think other guys can tell when a guy is not sincere about being a male feminist and the same with the girls can tell

► 01:45:26

girls who don't have girlfriends this is friends with guys get along with guys better

► 01:45:36

I had a friend of mine who is dating a girl like that and she got all she had was male friends I was like dude I'm I get out now like this is not going to work to tell me what is that mean girls don't like her or girls don't trust her you can't find any girls that's crazy that's crazy I'm not saying you shouldn't have some guy friends but all your friends are guys that's a red flag and any guy it was straight guy and all his friends are girls Happening Here Right guys guys are assholes all of them hanging out dude

► 01:46:25

you don't like any guys so what did your friend do around on those guys

► 01:46:38

how far is for the writing's on the wall yeah it was ugly to the way it went down but that's how it is you know I was trying to find their way in like what's what's what's my way to get the most acceptance my way to get the most happiness my wife and fairly unrelated but not necessarily talking about about gender dysphoria about some people choosing that as a path to get a lot of attention when I think there's many things that people do to get a lot of attention there's things that people do to stand out is typically unique rightly dye their hair pink and purple or blue or wear certain things or do certain piercings and fish sticks fit in and find their niche in just do something where it makes them feel like they have some clout in this community of humans

► 01:47:38

and also like it's their signaling to each other we're all equal where or all similar where all we're on this kind of Clan we're Outsiders you know it's fascinating I'm all for that I'm all for people fighting each other and you know self-expression it's only when it is having negative implications for other people that's when it's a problem for sure yeah when when it's not just a bunch of people finding each other but a bunch of people

► 01:48:08

looking at the other people and attacking them for not being similar but that's one of the things people do to sort of a firm their identity right he attacked the people that oppose that Identity or tacky glue people need to do that though but they do so often you got to wonder like objectively if you were from another planet and you were watching these patterns take place you go wow this creepy little organ what is weird thing that it does no intimidation is the fact that these kids are not getting the help that they need and Sophie look at something like I was saying earlier about if it's a little boy who says he's a girl he's likely going to grow up to be a gay man you can't say that now and so all of the scientific research suggests that all the studies ever done suggest that but you can't say that because it really upsets transgender activist and so you have all these children are transitioning who I think in 5-10 years are going to regret it

► 01:49:08

business sort of similar to what we were talking about earlier is it historically

► 01:49:15

trans people have been so discriminated against that it's shifted so hard the other way but it's gone the other way like just were talking about in terms of sexes and that harassment in the workplace and sexual harassment and rape so was so one-sided that now it's pushing the opposite way I got I write a tweet once by the swelling it said here's an unpopular opinion in Tucson and editor of a magazine for here's an unpopular opinion I'm not even remotely concerned with men being falsely accused of sexual harassment and assault and she was at Bret Weinstein retweeted it and and Pope pointed out how wrong cydaea was and how crazy it says 2 to take allies or falsely accused of sexual harassment assault and not being concerned about that like you are your only concern with your own gender and this is a perfect example of an intelligent person that's thinking and is really crazy describe

► 01:50:15

Tori way because in her mind her team had been fucked over so many times that it's time to fuck over that other team if we lose a couple of people hey we shoot some drones in the same apartment buildings in a few civilians died at least we got the terrorist but I think women in particular who are the most militant about this movement I think they really just have been hurt badly by then and it's a way for them to express that you can't say that that they've been hurt by men so now they discriminate against the large groups of men because of that pain that you if you do that like your yourself hate or your eyes misogyny which is sad mean but you can actually argue with it

► 01:51:10

what is this balance out though does it balance out to a point in our children's future our children's Children's future where this is no longer concerned like cannibalism is not very very slight concern you know where it's an aberration with a very very rare thing mean is that the ultimate goal right is that we reach a point in our society where we do not care if someone's gay we do not care if you were a girl we do not care if you're bored and we're not mad if you're not attracted to us or I mean that would be a wonderful thing right if we get to a point where people are just comfortable in their own skin

► 01:51:52

you mean this craziness like where is it eventually going to lead us not mean culturally across-the-board whether it's male versus female whether it's transversus straight all of this gay vs. straight with you know Progressive versus conservative I would love it if we got to this point with all this chaos and Calamity and arguing back and forth it would be fantastic if we can get to a balance point and I do think we're coming up to that point because more and more I see people are saying that they're not okay with this I've been turned to the things are right about people reach out to you so you know what I'm so glad you said that I agree with you even the response to wrong speak I really thought that people were going to lose their minds and terms of the things that we said but you know it's been very positive feedback so I think more people than you might think are actually on board with him wanting to come to middle ground and they're not okay with this the extreme craziness that we're seeing

► 01:52:52

it's just a matter of waiting it out I hope you're right and I hope that we understand why things get extreme and that as human beings we can look at it with compassion and say like you were saying like the women that are so angry against man look what they're then it's not just because for no reason something had to happen to that like I had a friend and he's not attractive man and over the time that I knew him he became more and more resentful to women to the point where he would just openly say fucked-up misogynistic things about women and it was weird to watch but it was it was one of those things where I was like oh I see he associate swimming with paint and Associates them with just wanting his money or trying to fuck him over and this is his perception this is how he looks at women like okay I get it

► 01:53:52

not all women are like that just like not all men are the men that these women have encountered in life and you can't generalize from one person to everybody

► 01:54:01

no you can't but when we look at it with compassion I mean the hopefully the healthy people the people that aren't in that state of anger and resentment that they look at it with compassion the oh oh okay I see why this woman would write that tweet like she had a bunch of fucked-up shity dudes

► 01:54:24

she doesn't need to be mom Dover hurt we either trust no man I think is entirely too much conflict out there but I think our society almost thrives on it I would say the media definitely thrives on it because you're not angry and upset about something what are people going to do to Twitter go on go on Facebook Facebook drafts of bullshit like a more I think the. That is a real problem going to take one of the more unique things about Twitter is that it limited you 240 characters and then people complained so they gave it to 80 and now.

► 01:55:23

I can't read all that sorry as a comic 140 was great because it made you really made you really invest in the economy of words you don't have to make sure that you got your point out as possible it's great for joke writing till like really trim down the fat and you and your jokes but it's not a good way to express ideas and that's what a good things about Twitter as they have this thing where you can reply to your your Tweet and then reply to that reply to that and they all and they all fit in together I like that but I don't like it sometimes cuz sometimes people just fucking drone on and on and on. And this you know this is a first draft to you know

► 01:56:23

can I file too many people did one of the good things is I get a lot of interesting things in my feed one of the bad things I'll get 500 DM's a day I can't do that said if his mind if you don't like write two sentences for the damn I'm not going to read it and that's their pin to eat

► 01:56:44

I read as many as I can I just can't read them all is no way it just hates like you can't reply to everybody that people say welcome your reply to my ad mentions I can't I can't their stuff either it's too many boss I don't want to read people's stuff it's just I don't have you don't have the time and also you're running the risk of encountering too much negativity in and then also things that you disagree with that you want to like I should say that that's bullshit I don't even trip I'm going to tell this guy actually happened you don't even know history from I want to do that I want to argue with people about random facts or science or anything I'll look at it on my car okay

► 01:57:28

what's been the worst one of the big ones was about trans fighter yeah that was a hilarious one can kiss my fucking ass you're out of your mind you guys are out of your mind if you think that a man who's been a man for 30 years and has taking female hormones for to is the same you put Brock Lesnar chop his dick off and put them in a dress that guy's going to mall through the women's heavyweight division like nothing you've ever seen in your life cuz we're built different and it's just a fact and then they want to try to argue that is crazy and there are there certainly standouts in terms of women who are like monk much more muscular higher bone density particular African American women a very high pain. But there's different shape to their hips this the size of the hands the size of the shoulders that it's the things are different than also the imprinting of the year

► 01:58:28

10 years of testosterone it's just there was a great article by this board certified endocrinologist who went over all of the all the things that separate men from women which should exclude them from comedian Combat Sports against women and this woman was called a transphobe and no she's a fucking talking about the science and she's also talking about the science of one of things they talk about is how women you know or trans woman wants to transition to being a woman they're basically biologically almost exactly the same as woman she was like no not only that but the bone density is retained by taking estrogen which is what the problem with women when they have osteoporosis they they lose their losing estrogen they lose bone mass while the estrogen actually helps you retain bone mass so when a man transitions to a woman and then start taking estrogen it's actually helping retained

► 01:59:28

Massey would have lost by not having testosterone and then on top of that reaction times every reaction times are several tenths of a second faster in general for women and they are free or for men rather than they are for even professional athlete women so he's all these variables that need to be taken into consideration when you are allowing someone to do a sport and it will not to talk about bike racing where I'm talking about you know something where someone contact me about the most contact talk about fucking fighting

► 02:00:01

there's there's benefits that certain people have there's this physical attribute that there's variables inside the genders right there there's some men that have gigantic physical advantages over other men and all of those are taking into there's no like even playing field when it comes to even inter-gender competition or female versus male competition is no real Level Playing Field so the best we can do is say okay you guys got to be the same weight and I was just make that make it the same way and it's close as you can get but even in that there's people that are just physically they're just they're just going to be better around it it's going to be better athletes did they going to have better genetics

► 02:00:48

you know there's nothing you do about that one thing we can do is we can keep women from getting beaten up by men and and Men Who transition to being women if you think that's fair you're fucking crazy and it's just not it just doesn't make any sense and the arguments for it are so shity and so they're so riddled with Progressive speak that either trying to pretend that this is a woman now this is not a woman this is a trans woman this is a male should have Y chromosome she transitioned to being a female now she's a trans woman and if you choose to fight her and you're a woman and you know that she's a trans woman I'm totally fine with that but that was not what was going on here what was going on here was this woman who used to be a man for 32 years transition to being woman and it didn't tell anybody and bought two different women who thought they were fighting a woman and got fucking smashed

► 02:01:48

I like this isn't like particular she wasn't particularly skillful it wasn't like she had like some unbelievable background in Judo like Ronda Rousey or something like that it wasn't that you were just literally watching a former man beat up women who never have the the benefit of 30 years plus of testosterone in their body know but I was fascinated by watching the the mob come after me for that one I was like this is this is adorable I'm not busy I'm not a real expert and Physiology or Endocrinology but I'm a martial arts expert and I've been doing it my whole life like I know the difference I've I've trained with women world champions and watch them get mauled by men who are not very good it's just a fact specially come striking you know

► 02:02:48

there's more of a gap in Jujitsu or of the Gap brother closes in Jiu-Jitsu because skill and technique take precedence over physical strength but God damn it when it comes to striking you did get a man who's been doing it for 6 months but just happens to have a lot of fast-twitch muscle fiber and it just knows how to hit things hard and heat Hill fuck a woman up it's not good? Comes to kick boxing and kicking and punching there's some there's so many advantages and two to say to those advantages are immediately cut out of the picture as soon as you transition to being a woman and within two years he should be able to fight women in the cage and not tell them you're a woman I was like this is insanity to that was that was the big mob came after me I think it's interesting because it is pending people who would call themselves feminists against transgender activist and it's it's basically women are being lost in the next so you can't say certain things are okay for someone who is

► 02:03:48

for males to fight a woman but in this case because this person is born male identifies as female you can't call that into question also there was a real problem in Texas the other way when they're there

► 02:04:04

what they were doing is being prejudice against trans people to the point where they wouldn't let a girl transitioning to being a boy wrestle with boys they met her wrestle with girls while she was taking testosterone but you guys are out of your fucking mind like you're not even recognizing that she wants to compete with boys which is a disadvantage for her or him let him compete with boys because this is a different thing but then even then a lot of boys are saying we'll look I'm not taking testosterone I just have testosterone what if her testosterone is higher than my testosterone because she's taking exogenous testosterone this is kind of crazy

► 02:04:46

it's there's a lot of new ground that's going on here my concern as a martial arts expert is when you are using ideology to push this this Progressive notion that you know a trans woman is exactly the same as a woman and you getting women beat the fuck up because of it and this is what I felt this what I thought they would have to be hard for like a year or two but then it all went away what's the worst thing about you feeling yeah cuz I was like this is so stupid it's like do you know when is got hand that looks like that find one find one because if I took estrogen I'd still have these and that's not fair it's just not I don't care I don't care what anybody says it's just not mean even a woman with big hands and not that big and I like Brock Lesnar's hands is it there's a difference there's a fucking difference

► 02:05:46

difference in the shape of the Jaws difference in this so many differences in men to women and there's so many women that used to be mad that transition to being women that are now I'm dominating this Portuguese women feel like they're being fucked over like weightlifting there was this Australian weightlifter who's the trans woman who's competing as a woman and his fucking breaking records right nobody's like this crazy she's an inspiration she used to be a guy and now she's breaking these women's records like what are we doing this is crazy but Advocates beaten by you should listen there's a lot of women that would be a lot of men women who are not taking anything who would be a lot of men

► 02:06:46

and it's happened Germaine de randamie who was super high-level women's MMA fighter is 45 lb World title beat Holly Holm cheap bought a man in a kickboxing about knocked him out it's cuz she's a fucking Beastie and she's really good and really technical super strong and just much better than a guy who wasn't on her level but she's just super exceptional but there's also women who fought men who were world champions who got knocked out there was a woman from God damn it she was a female boxer from Holland Her Name Escapes me right now she was she was a woman that they were always trying to match her up with Christy Martin back with Christy Martin the Coal Miner's Daughter was a famous God damn it why can't I remember her name

► 02:07:44

but she was it an elite female boxer and she got knocked out by a man I was ugly and the guy she knocked out the guy who knocked her out really wasn't very good he just climbed on the job and tell her but it was disturbing to watch that wasn't starving with Germaine de randamie knocked out the guy then I was like oh girl you can't you're always going to have people that are higher level skill and Ashlee evans-smith who's competed successful in the UFC she's very top and she beat valve box and it says you know I'm not against Fallon Fox fighting women that want to fight her not against that they want I'm not against women fighting men want to do I'm not a man I'm not against people riding bulls I'm not against people bungee jumping but don't pretend that you're exactly the same as a biological woman but why the fuck do we have test then what we why

► 02:08:44

what is a what is a chromosome what are genetics what are what is it is it all or just going to give it all away for ideology and what about women like this idea of being completely Progressive and in looking at things and and promoting equality that's wonderful but are you promoting equality for women like what about the women what about a woman like you what about a woman who is a slight what it what are you supposed to do how much do you weigh 5 lb weight do you feel like you can compete with 105 lb man that seems to seems ridiculous right well it seems to me that we have to accept the fact that there's some physical differences when the consequences are being Gravely injured and this is what martial arts are all about I'm trying to hurt you and I shouldn't have natural physical advantages that come from having a y chromosome in 30 plus years of test

► 02:09:44

my body that just seems to be obvious to me and I didn't understand why but that was a hill that I was ready to die on I was like you guys can fuck off you see that they left you alone now right cuz I do this cuz I cuz I can say things like this about it and I think cuz it makes sense because when other people hear about the rash on people they go what what's happening that's a guy she was a guy for 30 years the vast majority of people who even support trans rights including friends of mine who are trans or with me on this hell yeah that's crazy have you heard the turf

► 02:10:25

I might surf and turf erf that's being used against women who will say trans women are not women because they were not born women

► 02:10:41

wow trans exclusionary radical feminist in this situation cuz you're advocating for women and safety but identifies female but not the same as people were born female yes but that doesn't mean that I'm discriminatory now to try and discredit you have fun with that I don't care so that's not a problem but this is the thing about this is I don't care because I really don't have any hate in my heart and I don't have any discrimination in my heart like nothing to you but I'm sure I'm sure if you were trying to look if you have a thousand people and hundreds of people are a fucking asshole to you it's going to feel like a lot of people so if you're a trans person and you have seen horrific things written to trans people online I've seen it I've seen it I understand but I understand that you have to understand

► 02:11:41

but you have to appreciate who your actual allies and who people who are rational people who actually care about you and who disagree with you on one very particular thing and it's the only place where I disagree it's Combat Sports and it's because it's my area of expertise I've been doing it since I was a kid like you can't tell me that there there's not differences I've watched men and women fight my whole life I know there's a difference and I know from talking to endocrine ologist and people who are experts in the human anatomy that there's just physiological differences that are insurmountable you just are I seen men and women hit the bag the very different thing

► 02:12:23

where people are coming from the people who are upset by this because I think Biden Allah Jane someone that someone was not born the sex that they deneff is it's almost like saying putting out to them that they're different well yeah they are different but I can see how that can be upsetting for someone who identifies as the opposite sex

► 02:12:44

yeah you know what I can see how It's upsetting if you're short and you want it identifies being tall you know what if I wanted to pretend that I was 7 ft tall do you like jelly or 5/8 like you an asshole why you saying but you are so if I say you're a transwoman which means you're born a man you have a y chromosome a piece of shit how you pointing that out but that's what you are it's not that your negative are you are people who are dwarves or is that is it evil to say that a dwarf is a dwarf or a little person whatever you whatever phrase you want to use are we supposed to acknowledge that there is an issue like if someone is born with a handicap are you supposed to is that a fact are you allowed to discuss it as a fact if you have autism my allowed to bring up the fact that you are on the Spectrum or am I supposed to ignore it is it discrimination if you talk about reality if someone has a deformity are you allowed to discuss it

► 02:13:44

or is it discrimination to discuss reality is what are we doing with our language what are we doing with the way we describe the actual things that are that exist in the world and if we're not describing them an accurate terms cuz we're trying to somehow another stop people from getting hurt feelings one of these feelings based on these delusional perceptions of reality and why we reinforcing these delusional perceptions of reality cuz it seems to me that this kind of language in this kind of exclusionary inability to use certain words and the inability describe things accurately correctly in a mini cases scientifically it hurts everybody that I don't think the termination that's where the problem is and that's where the effort should be going because when you start to deny facts where does that leave you where do you draw the line in that case absolutely but I think it's something is kind of cool about

► 02:14:44

that there are trans people and what's cool about it is that the world is weird you know and I'm not happy that they get a lot of hate but I'm kind of happy that they exist I wish they could just be women I wish you could just like here to switch and you really wish you were born a woman bam your woman but I suspect that even if she could do that some people would rather just be trans some people would like like there's a lot of people that I know they're trans and also have dicks

► 02:15:16

and they want to keep the deck and then like okay like what's going on here and you do know that your transphobic if you are a straight heterosexual male and you're not willing to date a trans woman with a dick you know what it is it's actually a sexual preference for four men who will date trans women who were retaining their penis that's what it's called the literature they decide not to get surgery it's actually a particular sexual preference for the people that are attracted to that particular

► 02:15:51

nothing wrong with that either nothing wrong with that either the difference between a man and a woman a transman a trans woman and then someone who could actually be a woman who transitions I think we're going to get to a point within you know whether it's a hundred years or 500 years where we can use things like the the future version of crisper or whatever comes down the line next some scientific innovation that's going to allow people to literally transition I think it's going to happen and when that happens I suspect they're going to say that word again it was like a dick male to female people who have retained their penis go for it nothing wrong it's all good it's all good

► 02:16:51

the problem is I think people should be allowed to be into what they're into where they're sitting on men that are not willing to date women with penises around when it's a male to female person and women don't want to date them lesbians don't want to date them because they have a penis what is it called the cotton ceiling cuz it's like the glass ceiling except it has to do with underwear lesbians who don't want to date trans women but still up penises What a wonderful world we live in I like it I like that this world is weird I do this is where I think

► 02:17:39

I get why people would see what I've said and think that it's transphobic I like who I am I get that it's a problem I get just looking at me is a problem I mean I'm I'm a cage fighting commentator you know I'm a dirty stand up comedian of this I mean I seem like I would be your enemy person with a dick and go see what we got going on here I just think as me as an individual as a human being one thing I like about it is I like things that are weird I like things that defy the standard definitions I think it's far more interesting

► 02:18:39

how to neuroscientist who wears a Playboy t-shirt right you're a weirdo only try and I feel that's part of you know what the way I look at the world and why I appreciate the world the way I know for sure I embrace the weirdness I really do I love it I love the things are strange I do I think it's interesting I really do I think so I think everything's interesting I mean I and II try to cultivate that I really do I go out of my way to try to look at things with fresh eyes and especially cuz I smoke a lot of pot and so whenever I do that I kind of always have a new way of looking at that, I never thought about it that way but that's one thing that I really like about marijuana and I tried I've tried to explain that to people that don't smoke pot I got a conversation with Ted Nugent about that and one of things

► 02:19:39

she had this perception that people smoke pot or lazy and their dinner. Wells my dude I can't have enough jobs have so many judges so many fucking things I'm always doing something I'm not lazy but I get the benefit that I get out of it is a benefit that is not often

► 02:20:01

it's not all it's not often promoted and that benefit is there's something good about being nervous there's something good about what people call paranoia is something good about it hiding perspective that is brought upon by psychedelics or buy marijuana where you are forced to reexamine what you've taken for granted and that's what I like about it and so what I like about one of things I like about smoking pot besides the fact that I believe it makes me more compassionate and makes it instills a better sense of community makes me more friendly and more loving and it definitely does that but it also makes me look at things with fresh eyes and appreciate the weirdness

► 02:20:47

the weird like I've genuinely love it when I see like I'm some girly you know Bailey Jay is trans woman with a giant dick pictures of her dick but I love it I like the fact that it's real doesn't bother me I think it's fun to feel like no no I'm not but I like the fact that they exist I do that's acceptance and I'd like the fact that people like them and I like the fact that it makes certain people happy if I'm happy or people that are attracted to them happy I really do like it I don't I don't like definitions I don't like I don't like restrictions you know so where people would get an incorrect assumption is my radical stance against this trans woman fighting other women because I recognize it

► 02:21:47

as being unfair and not suppression of the debate as well. Don't don't don't try to compare this to fucking tennis tennis it wasn't fair but this is a different thing it just says it's a radically different thing interesting cuz I heard you talk about this I don't know if it was your interview with Josh Barnett that when you first get into the cage you don't know what the first is going to be like until you start fighting with someone was born male how that's a very big disadvantage for violence that exists in the mind of a man that I just don't know if it's the same

► 02:22:36

and most women I just think I don't know how much of that I got her know if you turned me into a woman how much of that you would squeeze out I don't know

► 02:22:48

but I know there's a switch that men have cuz I seen it go off I seen I've seen

► 02:22:54

I probably seen more people get fucked up in real life then 99.9% of people that have ever lived other than like

► 02:23:07

you know people live in Roman times and shit chopped up by swords the people in modern time we could charge up like fisticuffs people getting head kicked and beaten down with elbows I probably seen more of that than almost anyone that's ever lived there to probably a small group of people like a thousand people on the planet that have seen as many people get fucked up personally as I have side do you date a chunk you you get a sense of what you're seeing you sent and you you understand there's a there's a there's

► 02:23:40

there's a technical violence that women are capable of for sure I mean especially extreme examples of Cris Cyborg super violent world when Holly Holm head kick Ronda Rousey and then Hammer fist her while she was unconscious super violent but also very a technical Violet and then there is an in extreme over-the-top masculine violence that I've seen it that's that's even more ferocious there's just something to it that is it's on another level this and this is not saying that men are better than women this is not this is just some say there's a c that men do is a reason why men cause all wars going in the battle and in trying to conquer is a giant needle million strong group of women soldiers invading a foreign army male Behavior

► 02:24:40

also there's something about males this this switch is violent switch that exists it exists in a very dark way women are capable of shooting people and stabbing people and doing all these things just don't give me rock not saying that but it does not happen in the same numbers that happens with man it just doesn't and I think that this is something that also has to be taken into consideration when you talk to you about men versus women like it's a it's a different thing and people who don't think it's a different thing I probably never been punched in the face by a guy you know or seen guys punch guys in the face or been around enough will you realize it's a different thing you know I've seen some awesome women fights awesome women fight amazing super technical even very violent but God damn there's a difference there's a difference it's just not the same thing and most people would but if in today's climate in certain circles that would be considered transfer

► 02:25:40

or maybe even sexist women have to be as strong as men and I've seen this where they will like publish pieces women are as strong as men true true

► 02:26:01

you can demonstrate it like scientifically it's not truly look at the data in terms of what men have lifted what what they can do like this is this guy with this woman who used to be a man who's now competing in the weight lifting in Australia what is going crazy over this one this fucking crazy it doesn't make any sense that they're allowing this this is so nonsensical if you want to have Tran Duc the transgender Olympics go for it but to try to pretend until we come up with some sort of a way like with Chris bro whatever we talked about before you can actually turn a man into a woman turn a woman into a man until it's like real clean we look at it we go yet we just did the chromosome test you got a y chromosome now and you've erased 30 years of testosterone and you know a man that was built like you right then we're good. We're good now until then

► 02:26:59

man you're dealing with some hardcore variables and to not to be in denial of those variables is silly and I'm going to I'm going to stand against it every time cuz I think it's I see what it is mrs. it's like a religious ideology you're you're you're purposely ignoring facts for how did they film yeah oh yeah the people who don't it is a minor group and they're all like super Progressive left-wing left-leaning and some of them were scared to talk about it so cool well they just didn't want to get the the blowback that's all it is but in terms of like Fighters it was like a hundred percent mean Ashlee evans-smith is a fucking beast for taking that fight and even tougher for winning but then again she went to the UFC she she's in the UFC level fighter which is there to do

► 02:27:59

a big difference you know and what she was getting me if you look at like the caliber of competition that she's fought guys like Raquel Pennington or girls excuse me like Raquel Pennington sorry but y'all look at who found foxes fighting when she was fighting you know lower-level competition that does a giant leap between Raquel Pennington and someone who is on these amateur circuit in Raquel Pennington beat Ashlee evans-smith crazy fight submitted with a bulldog choke would like one second ago were screaming was not covered and bloods fucking chaos right but this is like super Elite World Championship level fighting that's the difference if it's just fucking different you know yes it was a lot of people that supported me but I do I was right you know I was like being with you

► 02:28:59

was no people that were coming up to me disagreeing with me trans people were agreeing with me trans people that I'm friends with like that shit is crazy that bitches out of her fucking mind

► 02:29:11

it was funny and also in the long run over many many conversations about if people realize okay I see your perspective like you're not discriminatory know it's just about Combat Sports and even about weight lifting but come on man imagine if you're a woman and all your life you've been fucking power cleaning

► 02:29:31

do the force of will and determination in your focus and discipline and then some trans woman comes in and just this bitch is lifting a hundred pounds more than you're ever going to live and you like what what the fuck this isn't fair you don't look up those poor girls in Texas that had to wrestle that girl because they're discriminatory in the opposite way and they won't recognize this trans girls a boy what is trans boy is a boy take steroids that's what you're doing because she thinks she's a boy we don't think she's the boys will let her take steroids so I can take testosterone X1 States two years in a row shocker

► 02:30:25

does by taking testosterone to he is sterilizing himself just in general was a neuroscientist in your understanding of the frontal lobe in the development of human you realize like your decision-making capabilities not fully-formed so I just want people to vote but it's crazy cuz you think a 17 year old or even like

► 02:30:58

how many 21 year old can decide if they want to be sterile for life it's an irreversible decision which is why it's weird right it's like if you decide to sterilize yourself a testosterone is there any coming back from that if you start taking estrogen again we will cycle kick back in

► 02:31:24

once you start taking cross sex hormones no no

► 02:31:29

it is amazing his parents are saying well you know if that's the decision they want to make then they should make that decision and they're okay with it what's interesting to see the language that we use in the people use the media now if there was a story about a woman who just gave birth

► 02:31:45

tell me more actually cuz I thought I thought I was thinking of something but I think it's some poker she used to be a woman she beats she's transitioning to being a man and she got pregnant but became a full man after she gave birth had her breast removed the whole deal I don't think she's breastfed we shouldn't be celebrated like there's a massive amounts of evidence that breastfeeding is super positive because that. Like that full beard holding a baby so clearly taking the testosterone again if not taking it while the baby was in the womb and I'm sure

► 02:32:33

5 years after having a child as a woman what transgender man gives birth to baby 5 years after having a child as a woman okay so she had a child as a woman and then she got pregnant again as a man that's what they're saying

► 02:32:51

okay what's that mean what's going on there if you were an alien

► 02:32:57

so I guess it is impossible to get pregnant but if you're straight from the block or straight onto cross sex hormones you know your body hasn't even really developed so I'm in that case so as a grown up

► 02:33:11

it's less likely that you could become steroids at the case I think it depends on the hormones and probably how old you were when you started

► 02:33:24

right but in this case I mean I just I've seen cases to where trans women will breastfeed but there and the doctor say this is an amazing thing but they're taking hormones so basically those hormones are going to the baby when they're breastfeeding

► 02:33:41

the boy go back to what we were talking about something that's publicly projected to make this they chose to be there weather cameras were taking pictures of them their proclaiming the other side isn't being presented to I think that's part of the problem so what are the other what is the other side even if you identify as a woman and you have a child then you should raise a child as if that ain't no different from any other woman but she doesn't identify as warmer as far as a man feeding male to female

► 02:34:32

you can breastfeed male to female

► 02:34:37

oh wait a minute his kid or her kid oh boy we need new work this is why those gender pronouns Jordan Peterson what's wrong this is why we need all these separate gender pronouns well here's the other thing this male transgender male

► 02:34:59

obviously still likes dudes the one we just got pregnant by a guy

► 02:35:06

yep so stupid chick bro

► 02:35:13

until you do whatever you want to do but you know we should probably take any consideration the idea that maybe this isn't the best thing for that child to be subjected to hormones whether a parent is trans or not apparent that trans man was pregnant did he continues to stay strong therapies the question about this one says no that's how they got pregnant so they backed off to have a baby on purpose now that they took the cost of testosterone for health reasons and then got pregnant health reasons but I thought it was natural an awesome

► 02:35:53

it's good for you that's the other thing to write if it is natural why do you have to have synthetic hormones injected into your body that are not endogenous like they did not even supposed to be in your body this is so crazy we live in such a Bizarro World seeing a guy with a beard who's fully pregnant with a hairy chest is so fucking odd I'd assume he has a hairy chest is also I mean it goes against people who say that gender is a social construct why do you need to take testosterone then today the opposite sex with one person online where they say about Fallon Fox they said she's always been a woman and I said even when she was having sex with a woman and got her pregnant and she said yes even then Mike we're done we're done here we can't make the Cleveland now but what does that mean you wrote you were a woman when you are having sex with a woman so why not just stay that woman who has sex with with

► 02:36:53

I think it's because people want have sympathy right and so it's kind of like that's a nice story to tell but it's not it's not true but that's the problem is that you're not dealing with reality you're you're into this weird Fantasyland opens you up to massive amounts of criticism from people that might be discriminatory instead of saying yeah this is problematic and weird and strange in the whole thing's weird instead of saying that they know she's always been a woman well fuck does that mean it's such a blanket statement to write but it's a wonderful thing to do to shut down all rational critique of the situation it's a wonderful way to do it and she's always been a woman like really actually think of ways to argue with the other person in that takes effort so it's a lot easier just to Simply say they're wrong and you can't argue with someone who lived experience doesn't show sued over it's also an acknowledgement of the Oddity of this

► 02:37:53

creation I can't did you have to take him to a look and if you're not committed to one side or the other and you're looking at it for what it really is you really have to go out so strange like be open-minded accepting be completely embracing of all Oddities of strange different variables did they still broad spectrum of human sexuality be open to all of it but also be aware of how fucking weird it is cuz it is weird it's not you don't have to have Hate in Your Heart to recognize that it's strange to see a guy with a beard breastfeeding you know or fully pregnant it's fucking strange but I think if you're a curious person to you know you want to learn more and you want to ask questions but like in the climate now you can't even do that even if your heart is in a good place but it's hard for people to know who your heart

► 02:38:53

part of the problem when you know you don't fall in line with the accepted narrative people think well oh it must be because you are conservative or your transphobic or homophobic or something wrong where you're not on board with the the way people are thinking today you're stuck in the past and that it's it's just you know it's hard to fully express your feelings on nuanced issues you actually have to look at the facts and then have a nuanced position cuz I don't think most of these issues you can't just simply go with one side or the other across the board or simply go with what sounds nice there's usually a lot of other stuff on your line that that needs to come to be hashed out what is your transition into Academia from Academia to the you know doing what you do now and being able to write things and do

► 02:39:53

podcasts and be free of that sort of what is up in like the process or what what led me to do it also process what little you were describing what led you to do it okay so I just finished my Ph.D last year and the last 2 years I realized that I could do me a changed a lot so when I first two years and I would say in the 4 years I did my pay changed a lot so when I started the topics that were a little tough but you could still ask questions and I had planned to stay and I can continue being a sex researcher I love sex research but I realized that's how I don't mind that you can ask questions anymore and especially when it comes to gender sex differences and gender dysphoria so at the time with regards to the debate on kids with gender dysphoria there every single mainstream news peace in leveling Outlets was saying young kids should transition that's the best thing for them and so you see all this coverage of young kids who are transition to the opposite sex

► 02:40:53

my parents were you know related the kids were doing so well apparently from a scientific perspective that's not what the research shows as I said most kids will grow their feelings so it's best to just wait and see and so I wrote an op-ed about that and at the time you know what I wrote it and I sat on it for probably about 6 months trying to decide whether I should really try and get it published because I knew that people are going to be really upset even though I was just talking about the scientific literature and I ask my colleagues what do you think and they said to me I said should I wait until I have 10 year to publish this and they said even if you have tenure it's not going to protect you nowadays so you know I was lucky my mentors of always been very supportive of looking at facts and looking at the truth and don't worry about what is Politically Incorrect or not just say you when you do a study just resent what you found don't worry about how people are going to take it but not everyone is like that especially even in the hard Sciences now if you publish that I mean want to get published if you find things that are

► 02:41:53

controversial because journals don't want to have to deal with that the institutions don't have to deal with that so I made the decision to publish that are fed and then from there I said well I'm going to see what for the strain wasn't thinking take me and so I say whatever I want sort of behavior in that thought process is such a on their their side is such a weakening of the foundation of critical thinking and it also comes at the same time as these platforms like podcasting and YouTube that allows a person like you or like Jordan Peterson to now disconnect and have a larger audience they they they they have a cute thing to do with a d Montage things are probably montages podcast for sure right by Glee

► 02:42:53

criticize YouTube as soon as you criticize YouTube that's like one of the best ways to get demonetised for one of their videos to criticize him yeah it's some fucking squirrely if you're subscribed they don't tell people when videos get posted something like that right some weird shit I don't pay attention just upload it keep moving but I have friends that's their main source of income was YouTube and and videos and advertisement and then for them was a disaster like people that were making a lot of money on that money was cut down to 30% of what it used to be and with no no clear guidelines the problem of the guidelines is even if you like say if we have a video and they just decided they don't like the video you can't really protested you can protest in and but then they review it and then they uphold their initial ruling and they don't tell you why there's no they don't say well hey you called someone

► 02:43:53

are you did this or it didn't know they just say yeah this is how it is and it's subjective well it's a problem with being a monopoly and they're not a monopoly in the fact there's not of the video platforms but they are certainly the largest by far in terms of like user-uploaded video platforms it's not even a close second which is kind of weird it's amazing that they've done it you know I mean there's nothing remotely like it I know a bunch of people thought about building one that I've been contacted by people that are starting up a new one they want me to join that works good luck good luck to me YouTube so far ahead like how do you catch up to them I don't think they're evil by any stretch of the imagination and I had a conversation with someone about a pretty recently where she was describing that the really there they're using crude tools and this is part of the problem with what what is being deemed as censorship

► 02:44:53

is really they're trying to root out hate speech and they're doing so with crude tools that will eventually through you know a I get better and there's such a fan down any sort of dissenting points of you you know what I think they definitely lienhard left they definitely do so does Google they lean hard left I was proven by the D'Amore paper in the you-know-what how it was received the D'Amore memo video that I was talking about science on gender dysphoria got demonetised literally this 20 minutes and I thought I would you know I know where and what my intentions are and it's it's really unsettling when that happens it will it should be because you're not doing anything hateful and what they're doing is

► 02:45:48

they're trying to make subjects much less attractive to discuss

► 02:45:54

and who's doing it I mean is it doing it through crude tools or someone looking at it and flagging it and deciding that this is not something they want to be involved with advertising and in their defense a lot of this got started off by people that were really doing fucked up things on YouTube and they had to respond and they had to figure out a way to eliminate that stuff in the platform and I think once you start censoring the tendency is to continue and to expand the Tennessee is not the back off of that censorship you like you know why we're just going to allow Hall crossed and I are as racist and make your videos his YouTube is a wild west baby you're not going to do that because they have advertisers and there's a significant amount of Revenue they get from that they may not be on YouTube but the people are still talking about these things but they're not on YouTube as long as they're not on YouTube they don't give a shit you're not on YouTube good luck with that conversation on Vimeo you know

► 02:46:54

or whatever you going to go yeah

► 02:46:57

it's it's it's odd but it's also a lot of it I love that there's he's just got I love it I like ice part of me even likes the fact that things are being censored I really do and I find it fascinating the argument is fast cuz I think

► 02:47:18

first of all thank censorship clearly causes that I think when you push against something there's a natural reaction that reactions to bolster your defenses and fire back up and I think there's certainly some of that going on you can't really quiet ideas entirely but you do you do expose your intentions and you expose these blind spots that are what we've been discussing all day there's this political ideology blind spots of people have these ideological holes that they have in the way they look at things question is do you want to solve the problem or are you trying to just be successful as a business if you want to sell the problem I don't think suppressing speech and shutting down people who are genuinely just trying to ask questions and have conversations I don't think that's going to solve things I don't think they're trying to solve any problems I think they're trying to make a ton of money

► 02:48:18

also very liberal and they think the right thing to do is to suppress certain ideology Stadium harmful or hate speech not a conversation with a woman as YouTube exact she was telling me that Douglas Murray and Sam Harris they are there this podcast that they did on line and some guy put it up in his playlist and he got a community guidelines strike for having getting this playlist mom and I said how is that and she said it's hate speech I said it's fuck it was but she just like like confidently set it to me like I was going to just shut up I like you're out of your fucking mind you'll even know what you're talking about this is hilarious but it was a person out of pretty high-level over there so it's interesting to see that like okay well this is the kind of a lack of critical thinking that we're discussing this is the kind of blindspot that were discussing that you feel like you can

► 02:49:18

say that instead of appreciate that this is too intellectual discussing something it's very complex and that it was about immigration in about Islam and those are two things that people don't want to hear you know they just like to go those two things are off-limits and less your pro-islam or pro-immigration you better shut the fuk up or going to demonetize you that kind of censorship is fascinating to me because it's it's not effective it's it just it just makes people go ahead and you know and then it it makes the people on the YouTube side get defensive and it makes them double down and you see that now

► 02:50:02

when you see it with many people it's it's a weird time for ideas

► 02:50:10

how do you feel about being part of the IDW

► 02:50:14

the international dork web

► 02:50:18

I'm the least mentioned happily the least mentioned person in that group I'm very happy about that I don't like being in any groups Groucho Marx one say I don't want to be a part of any club that would have me

► 02:50:33

it's just

► 02:50:35

look I'm very happy to be able to have a platform where I can have people like you on or any of those people were there is Bret Weinstein or Eric Weinstein Stein sorry guys Bret Weinstein after Harvey everybody got real and his wife Heather is amazing as well Heather hiding his wife is amazing too and they were on together and Sam Harris is a good friend and I love that guy and he's fast any person and as is Jordan and look I don't agree with a lot of wood bench. Says he's a super nice guy and I really like him you know and that's that's you saw that thing to happen with that actor Mark was the same Mark duplass is that the same got in trouble for tweeting that you know that is a very nice and reasonable person

► 02:51:29

yeah at some fun time to the dark web thanks but that's all Eric Eric Weinstein zydia was the name this label he loves all that Chevy Luvs all that cloak-and-dagger stuff he gets a kick out of it but he makes some very good points and he's a brilliant brilliant guy and this idea that we're all joined together I mean we all went out we had a big dinner together like a bunch of dorks and we all got together and like it was full club and it's kind of fun we're going to do it again and we're at we're bringing more people into I'm bringing more people into the dark web

► 02:52:14

some people are resentful that they're not a part of the dark web and I'll tell you some names afterwards with some people I contacted Barry Weiss and we're upset that include in the dark web I love girl I love fairies calling it was interesting yeah it's the whole thing but the label of it I mean what's interesting is it starts this conversation right so why is it even necessary to have this dark web what's the function of this dark web what is this what is the dark web doing really like what what is you know and there's an article today where someone was calling it problematic and saying that it is mostly right-leaning people which is absolutely not true Sam Harris very left Bret Weinstein fiercely Progressive Eric very left I'm way more left and I am right I did the very few right-wing ideas that I hold on to the very small and very the vast majority of my positions on things side with the with the people on the left

► 02:53:14

Ben Shapiro is very right but he's reasonable you know it is also a young guy you know conservative religious but he's also extremely intelligent and reasonable when you talk to him and he has himself

► 02:53:36

dis about some of the things he said and then he's at he's in South criticize his own words any road I will call, here's a list of all the stupid things I've ever said online you know because he's just a very aware guy very self-aware

► 02:53:51

I think

► 02:53:53

I think it's important to have discussions and I think it's important that when people feel like those discussions of being suppressed that they talked about that and I think that's what this whole thing is I think you're part of that as well, you could use you in the dark web we need a woman of color to prove that you guys aren't all Races damn it I took a 23andMe and I'm hoping I got some black man for an than 5% what is it that you have to have I think you only have to have like 1/16 Native American to catch a check and some places to go fishing

► 02:54:41

in in Canada and your first nation if you have a know what the number is but you could bring as many fish as you want but like if you like I was fishing in Canada place where I can only get one while I add a don't get one but there's some dude next to me was First Nations homeboy was hoping and praying I just want to be discriminated against you

► 02:55:11

1/16 is one great great grandparent so I need somebody come on dog from lower hominids right that's what happen if you believe all that Evolution nonsense but I think that's somewhere in my ancestry Somebody went back in for one more shot at champ then they probably should

► 02:55:41

somebody said I was going to know they probably got drunk and clearly evolution is not a fucking straight flat plane right berries

► 02:56:04

I don't know

► 02:56:06

what do you think about all this dork web stuff

► 02:56:09

I mean the fact that the New York Times cover relief because sometimes the things are right I don't feel like the things are right our controversial or a defensive but the response I get sometimes I'm surprised especially someone who has studied especially the certain topics within research I think I know what I'm talking about and so when people get really mad it makes you question where we going so the fact you know cover this and that the response was so positive I mean people got mad two people got mad at her she's taking a lot of heat I feel a little bit more optimistic because it it tells me that people get it that we have conversations like this and people don't think that were vacated or that we're coming from we have a

► 02:57:09

Teresa genda we just want to have conversations and talk about things that aren't being discussed in the mainstream that's where censorship becomes very dangerous if you do silent a lot of these conversations and right now they're not being silenced even though they're being demonetized to a certain extent

► 02:57:29

that is a problem but the conversation still exist and as long as they do still exist in the vast majority exist in the audio form anyway and podcasting is the vast majority of the the volume of people to download in these kind of conversations I think it's an incredibly unique time for the distribution of ideas I don't think it's ever any ever been anything remotely like this in human history there's never been a time where someone like me can just do something just on a laptop with a webcam and then nine years later it's this

► 02:58:00

me can just do something just on a laptop with a webcam and then 9 years later it's this

► 02:58:10

you know we're just fucking nuts and I don't even I'm aware of it but I don't even think about it that much honestly I just do it I'm not because I was excited to talk to you say I was looking forward to it but I don't I don't give it much consideration as far as the impact I think as soon as you do that it'll slip through your fingers like if you think too much about it said today right that's the appeal though yeah he'll is that you and I I really believe this if there was no microphone we probably would never have this conversation cuz it's too difficult to sit would be too weird like you and I are just going to sit down and just talk

► 02:59:02

weird but you almost have to have this where people can see it to do it because otherwise you check your phone I check my phone get up and go to the bathroom it's like it would be a normal thing to do but by putting his headphones on and by having his microphone in front of our face wheel lock in and it's growing in weird way like a fucking mold amazing strange but this is the only way we would have this conversation and it's made me far better at talking to people and understanding conversations and understand what they are and also examining my own speech pattern the way I communicate and and getting better at it it just because you wanted to talk to people you think that's what it should be it should just be that interest in having a conversation while you still like doing it was a guest

► 03:00:02

if I was going side go to Phoenix or something like that I would go do stand up there I would have to promote it on the radio in the old days and I would get there and I would get there early you know smoke a joint before hand cup of coffee getting start talking shit and having a good time but the problem was to me was like always a censorship I was like do you like you got a sense of yourself then I started doing the Opie and Anthony show and Opie and Anthony had a show on you know what's first it was XM that it became serious and and then they split up but when I would do that it was Opie and Anthony and Jim Norton I was like this is the best this is so fun and the way they did a credit to them the way they did it was different than any radio show I've ever been a part of because it was no structure that all they would spring comics in there just be me and Ari shaffir and

► 03:01:02

just come in and hang out and talk shit it was no structure at all it was just Anthony is such a smart and funny guy Dopey with sort of run the thing and Jim was there and they would just let everybody talk and I'll be like this would be amazing you just come in and hang out and have fun

► 03:01:23

and then I'm going to start doing a podcast after that but it was because of that and then Anthony did a thing called live from the compound because his house the compound and he did like the thing in his basement we had a green screen and it is on show and did karaoke what is holding a machine guys fucking crazy but he had a studio that he built in his basement like with like legitimate equipment and I want and that inspired me and that that is literally what started me off to do a podcast seen it he had set this up in his basement and I'll just start doing it okay I wonder what they're like and I can just ask them what it's like for you to see so many think I just want to talk to them especially someone

► 03:02:23

commercial position like Jordan like when I first met Jordan's it's like when he was just starting to get some attention online and I wanted to talk to him I was like what what is going on here and why why is everybody so upset at you and I've never met anyone in in all my life who is so purposely misrepresented by other people than Jordan I've never seen it before it's it's amazing to see intelligent articulate people clearly lying about his positions about how it's not and not even understanding that by doing that they're strengthening him and they're strengthening the there you're not going to lie to the point where people are going to really

► 03:03:11

think that your position is correct and all these things that Jordan is said that somehow or another you miss heard them for the whole world misheard them you're Miss representing his positions and that just makes all the people that are siding with him realize he's right it strengthens him they literally don't understand it they are his publicist they are helping they're proving his point and to the point where he's selling out he's sold out gigantic 5000 seat theaters he's selling them out all over the world just talking

► 03:03:52

it's crazy it's making billions of dollars because of them being stupid it's fucking amazing it's really amazing and all of it came out of him putting his foot down

► 03:04:07

in opposition of the very same things that you experienced that forced you to leave Academia it's misrepresenting of reality that seems to be going and I think it's fueling it's certainly fueling the Dork web but on top of that beat that they can't trust what they're being told they can't trust what they're being told and they don't understand there's other conversation to be had out there there's an article that I tweeted today that was really interesting I was like wow this is crazy it was talking about longform podcast and the ability that longform podcast have to allow people to to have rational civil discourse

► 03:04:56

instead of just getting on these fucking CNN shows and yelling at each other that's how the fuck you going to have 9 people talking at the same time that is crazy it's hard to do it when I do podcast with two other people it's hard but it's not a good way to discuss topics in a long-form conversations are really the only way where I can get a good sense of where someone stands on a position and how they think you know which I get a chance to see like you like a lot of people going to get a chance to see you today how you think about things and what what your thought process is and if there's holes in that thought process to get exposed and that's I think also with issues that are more complex you can talk about all the different nuances to that issue because what if you just simply have your talking points and you

► 03:05:56

you do like a standard interview let's say 7 minutes long it's going to be very very sparse in terms of what you're saying there's not a single thing we discussed 18 minutes long at least write it down but he lose a lot of the information and also you feel like you didn't do it justice like I can't do those panel shows cuz I feel like I don't like there's no way I'm going to be able to do anything Justice I just does not snow room especially now so it's more about being upset of what someone saying some real unders having some real understanding it's also about barking out your talking points in this like a ferocious a manner as you can so you can appear that you're winning yeah I know you're not going to come in and somebody don't want to do that but I have people on even someone that I think I'm going to do

► 03:06:56

free with I just wanted I want to see how they think I want even I want some people get mad they're go old dude you know you more if your opinions based on whoever's on the show that's not what I do but what I do do is I let people talk and I try to see their point of view and I I try to expand their point of view so they say something there also so what it is is it this and I want them to keep going I want I want I want to see the whole landscape of their thought process I don't want to want to see a tiny garden I don't want to see a little potted plant I want to see the whole thing I want to get a sense of why do I disagree with them what am I fucked up maybe it's me and I'll maybe it's maybe it's them maybe I think you should always be open to changing your mind or think so too but I think that's one of the rarest qualities when it comes to discourse is the ability that people have to abandon ideas that they

► 03:07:56

support in the past is what does that mean that if you're on one side and everyone in your life thinks this way what does it mean if you don't think that way what is what are the odds of the ideas you or are you you and the ideas are just things that you're examining that's how it should be but for most people including me most of my life that was not the case if I had an idea and I if I support that idea and I'll fucking fight you this is this I'm right you're wrong and Dennis

► 03:08:28

doing this doing this podcast change the way I talk to people change the way I look at life I've talked to so many smart people I mean I've had a thousand 100 1200 1200 podcast plus all the MMA ones do so many conversations so in through those conversations I've gotten at least not a formal education but an understanding of things that I never had before I understand I've come to understand not just how I think about things but why why I've had roadblocks and conversations before speed bumps and I've learned in our they examine your own yourself in your own thoughts your you're sure to learn hopefully

► 03:09:28

also can help if you look at the other side I can help you figure out why you believe what you believe 2 to look at the other side and consider why they might be wrong how do you really know

► 03:09:49

they don't really have opinions they have these things they've adopted X Logan's have gotten these things they've decided this is what my side support so I'm going to just spout this out in this makes me seem like I'm a good team player and and then the thing about podcast though when you sit down for 3 hours ago why do you think that like what's going on there and then they start talking about why they think that and then in the end it all falls apart and then you realize that they don't even know why they think that they probably never even thought about it before they just been saying what they've been saying so long right cuz it sounds nice did love it it's a sport when there's idea Sports you know an idea Sports our arguments arguments or so often times ideas or yeah I'll text you to some degree I think for sure but the politics are just so flavored my money the problem with that you know that version of I

► 03:10:49

Kia Sportage lobbyists and special interest groups of different people that are pushing you to get in the office is going to change laws and forced things through and that's the trick is of all idea Sports and also the most shallow mean just think about presidential debates and speeches and those are the most shallow discussions in terms of the actual reality of who lives and who that person who is that person if you were dating someone and every time you went on a date with them was like a presidential speech for the fuck are you I don't even know who you are you don't display any Humanity kinda interesting though that's what we want in the leaders right we want someone's full of shit who who like makes us feel better yeah that they're speaking like a leader

► 03:11:40

you know it's weird to wear the we like these patterns so you know that the presidential speaking pattern is a very very strange one is it seem like yeah like I guess it away right yeah it away it's soothing cuz we want a Big Daddy on a big daddy to take care of us you know everything will be okay but as you get older that makes less and less sense like I'm 50 and so if a new president was 45 I'll be like the only living 45 years shit you know but like when you're 30 in the president 70 like why you make sense he's an established person is a man of Reason what is it at the age difference or is it your own maturity while there's a lot of old dummies for sure there's a lot of dummies or just survived because we nerfed up the world for them yet your own maturity

► 03:12:40

it's also the amount of time that you have to examine ideas see if I worked in a coal mine I probably would not have time to sit around all day and think shit through this is a great luxury that you have when you're we do this for a living that you get a chance to communicate with people over and over and over again and it'll be another podcast tomorrow's another podcast the next day everyday I'm looking at a new person talking to a new brain and trying to see how it goes on in their what's what's behind the eyes this length

► 03:13:18

you know what everybody told me not to do this this was a fun but like Ari shaffir it's of famously told me no one's going to listen to it for that long so they don't listen to fuck I'm like I'm just going to do this or just not not downloading the nice people know it's not a bit more.......

► 03:13:58

character is no way you can freeball and entire 3 hours and Sam have to do it with practice

► 03:14:13

thank you you're going to the two to three hours is there anything you would like to to say or think you did don't think we covered our first season of Ron speak the second season will be starting in the fall but why you calling a season because it's one group and one rooftop a particular subjects and then there's going to be another one that's going to surprise so you plan them out Wayne Advanced thing and more of a more production in there I've mostly heard you do other people stuff yeah probably

► 03:15:13

Tamiami sure how I found out about you man I'm sure I found out about you online but I don't know like what it was that led me to one of your interviews condescending James timorous memo cuz I think that's when we first started being in contact yeah I want to come for the Globe and Mail which is Canada's national newspaper co-host on wrong speak the podcast and hopefully a lots and lots more stuff going forward so much fun I've been watching you as an MMA color commentator forever so this is been so cool social media and all that jazz on Twitter and Facebook on Instagram and then you can check out wrong speak at wrong speak

► 03:16:13

play we did it Deborah thank you thank you so much

► 03:16:19

thank you everybody for tuna to the podcast and thank you to our sponsors thank you

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