#1453 - Eric Weinstein

Apr 3, 2020

Eric Weinstein is a mathematician and economist, and he is also the managing director at Thiel Capital. His new podcast  “The Portal” is available now on Apple Podcasts & Spotify. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-portal/id1469999563

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dot-com / Rogan my guest today is a very good friend of mine and one of the absolutely want to smartest people I've ever met in my life and maybe too smart for his own good the end of this podcast I'm going to I'm going to just give you a heads up when it gets to about 40 minutes left take some deep breaths and down some Alpha Brain because it's going to get complicated he's he's almost too smart but I love them to death please welcome the great end of the host of the poor

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it'll actually which is a fantastic podcast that he's now hosting the Great and Powerful Eric Weinstein

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- check it out The Joe Rogan Experience trained by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day

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what's up brother all right Joe how are you good you hanging in there I have not been off of my property more or less in two weeks so it's crazy to see another human being yeah I don't think this is healthy for us I know this lockdown shit everybody's so weirded out he want to run into people walking dogs like they don't want the dogs to get close to each other like hi everyone's across the street high and I'm a hugger right and we're in California so I'm a hugger in California in all of my instincts are wrong everything's all messed up everyone's confused it but here's the big question

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how long does it take before we normalize and go back like let's say the end of July everyone announces we got this thing locked down we have a viable treatment it's no different than the flu you get you this chloroquine with the Z-Pak or whatever the current treatment is yeah when people start hugging again what do you mean it's going to be crazy I mean I think the ideas were also starved for touch yeah like we're going to have a

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jubilee like you've never seen people going to greet each other with tongues who are almost like just acquaintances I don't think that's a good idea there's still colds and cooties and all that other shit I know but I think I think everybody's losing their shit they definitely are I've been talking to a lot of friends that are on the extremely cautious side let's say that and you know they're not going anywhere and they're wearing gloves and masks when they step outside their house to go do something the backyard and they put the glove and mask down and they spray it with Lysol and they come inside and

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it's not healthy and it is also healthy I mean the idea that we have not been tested in so long it's good to remember also that the stuff is live and real and it has always been live in real and you know if it was possible to live without the stuff that would be one thing but the 75-year nap that we've been in since 1945 is itself the greatest threat to all of us right and and and our preparedness is just a wonderful indicator

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where you actually get to see this is the quality of your experts this is the quality of your leadership this is what they look like when put under stress that's true right that is a good that's a good thing and I'm impressed with the medical community I'm impressed with the people that are recognizing that this is a huge problem not so impressed with the administration of a lot of these hospitals that have them prepared in terms of like masks and ventilators and a lot of these other things not so impressed with

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since but also it just seems like everyone like you said was in this nap State and hadn't really been tested and really globally no one had been tested since the pandemic of 1918 like this right 68 which I had I had the Hong Kong flu and 57 were sort of the best parallels to this you got the Hong Kong flu and 16 I had the Hong Kong flu and it was sick as a dog how was San Francisco I was like three

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three to every two three four so I think it went from 68 to 70 some remember it oh yeah and I was in San Francisco my Grandma had to come up from LA to care for me it was it was bad there's like one of my earliest memories yeah and so 68 and 57 I think are the best comparables to this before we go back to 1918 and almost nobody remembers these things like it's very weird

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many people that never heard of the kangkang flu when I started talking about the fact that I'd yeah I vaguely remembered it until you just said it then I'm like I'm slightly older than you right yeah I'm 50 to 54 yeah I don't remember the Hong Kong flu but I do you know what I mean like I don't remember it personally no but but you as a health geek are up on these sorts of things and so you understand the ways in which you know for example you can have a flu where the I guess the cytokine storm you know is you're either the threat from your immunity your immune system

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is like bigger than the virus itself they're all of these various weird things that happen but I think that the let's call it the big nap the big nap is itself the greatest threat to us and this is this is bad but it is also a shot across our bow and you know this is what was happening in my mind when I was on here talking about the twin nuclei problem of selling Adam we didn't stop history it's not like we're past the atomic war like we figured that out we just we just hit the pause button for a little while we hit snooze

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and the fear is also that nefarious players will take this opportunity to erode civil civil rights to erode civil liberties and then China to gain power in the US market to gobble up a lot of stocks while everything is down and try to increase their stake in our economy and try to push it you know China's got its hands lovingly around our throat because our Elite have been moving into greater and greater States of China

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dependence right and so I think that's what the BDSM community refers to as breath play and I don't like it I graph plays like he kind of like half choke somebody yeah there would how do you know that what I don't like the fact you know I went I went to I went to MIT MIT is wildly into BDSM so many are they white why are Geeks and and asked bees and to be deities and somebody said lots of rules what's an aspie as far as big as people write lots of rules they like that they like

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they love rules their home because to do all this stuff safely you would have to have a huge hierarchy right of rules and my claim is that China is they Supply so much of our stuff we moved all of our yeah you know manufacturing base into these crazy Supply chains and we are completely dependent on a strategic rival and you know China is very careful if you remember when they when they hosted the Olympics to have these amazingly impressive

► 00:15:45

displays that are always friendly but what they're really saying is we have our shit together and know and our system was hackable it was open as long for example if you have a company that has a duty to its shareholders that the directors of the company must do whatever whatever is in the best interest of the shareholders and everything else doesn't matter

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then you can have a situation where a director has to move things to China because that is in the best interest of the shareholders even if it's an absolutely not in the best interest of the United States this is what Ralph go Marie who used to head the Sloan Foundation once said in an address I was at at the National Academy of Sciences he just said as a director I am incentivised to do exactly the wrong thing for the United States of America so I'm going to put one hat on and tell you as an American we must not move all of this over

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to China and then I'm going to put my directors hat on and I'm going to vote to move everything over to China because I have no choice and so you know in essence the smart good people all 11 of them we're always fighting this thing about you cannot become to China dependent and in during the big nap there was no way to make this argument convincing you couldn't say look we have a serious strategic Problem by your continuing moves to bring

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China in as the solution to every equation we can't balance and that that is really the problem is that there wasn't any ability to say we are way too dependent on a strategic rival you saw this at the beginning of the pandemic everyone was afraid of what I don't want to be appears then a phobic I don't appear like Chicken Little right and so all of our friends the nutcase is the marginal weirdos the supposed grifters and gadflies are the people who most got this one right and early

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and all the respectable people like Nancy Pelosi telling people please go to Chinatown to celebrate the Chinese New Year Bill de Blasio of New York saying despite coronavirus get out there let you know don't lead your lives don't don't let this thing hold you back these people need to resign Nancy Pelosi should resign it's one thing to say we don't have enough information about this it's another thing to say take the information that's coming in disregarded and get back in there and keep fueling the economy

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enemy this is exactly our leadership class their problem they think about this in short-term economics the the long-term implications of us all Sheltering in place nobody can compute the consequences of this not one person in the world knows what happens when you run this experiment yeah it's a new thing right the made in America argument was always like sort of frivolous almost Zena phobic like why do you want things made in America what do you care do you not do not like people from other countries do not want to buy things from other countries it was like this

► 00:18:39

made of made in America thing was like people the disregarded it in a lot of ways but when you realize that all of our medical supplies like so much of our Electronics so much of all the stuff that you need to kind of keep things exactly the way they are it's cheaper to make it over there because they will like what we saw with Foxconn where they put Nets around the building to keep people from jumping off and the weirdest thing was people trying to argue that the

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side rate at Foxconn was essentially the same as a suicide rate in the general population

► 00:19:16

well you ever heard that argument yeah like what the fuck are you talking about that's where they work there's Nets around where they work because so many people were they work jump off the building to end their life because their life sucks that bad that they kill themselves at work do you know how rare it is to kill yourself at work probably pretty fucking rare you know how common it is where you have to put Nets around the building you like look we're getting really tired of people going to the roof and jumping off because it's the easiest way to kill yourself they're going to get more creative

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yeah the problem is we are all hooked up to this need for cheap products yeah profits when we can't figure out how to innovate enough to actually create the juice in our own system and therefore we have to rationally you were going to say no just has hey mean also we've gotten into this idea of every year we have to have a newer better piece of electronics like if you had to go the rest of your life with an iPhone 11 how much would you suffer not that much although I would say that many of us

► 00:20:14

they're not that excited about the next phone that would that that itself is an Antiquated thing right but what I'm saying is like why can't they make it so that you can just fix this yeah you know I mean like who the fuck fixes their phone you don't fix your phone you bring it in you going back to like depression-era thinking not depression-era thinking it's like why can't things be sustainable no no I the plant obsolescence and the need to constantly update so that you know you're never

► 00:20:44

it's a tricky problem if you need growth to power your system then in a weird way it makes sense not to build the optimal phone right because if you were to build the optimal phone and then people stopped renewing everything your systems fuck then your system weirdly breaks down so it makes sense that the level of the phone that you wouldn't want to do that but weirdly in aggregate if you can't start innovate if you can't figure out a restart innovation in a big way now you're stuck with either having to live learn to live instead

► 00:21:14

state which none of us we Americans have no program for living in steady state we need growth that was the whole point of the embedded growth obligation idea that it's suffused throughout every institution every Pension Plan assumes growth right alright so now we have this problem where we don't have the growth and we need the growth and then in a weird way the planned obsolescence is like fake growth it means that we're going to rebuy our phones even as if they were now highly Innovative so

► 00:21:44

so there's like a weird way in which we become dependent on nonsense yeah dependent on nonsense has a great way to put it and this is really highlighting that for a lot of people when people are home and they're with their families and then not travel especially people like me and my peers like a lot of my comedian friends who travel constantly were like it's kind of nice to be home you know everyone's sort of re looking at this like what is this life that we've sort of accepted as this is the way things

► 00:22:14

our is this really the way things should be or is this just we just got caught in a pattern and we're operating on momentum if the comedian Archimedean Force becomes non dysfunctional we are screwed well that's not going to happen that was that was choir so many cycles is almost repetition it's almost no good that this is far away from normal as Canadian I know that's why I get along with him so well it's so hard for me to hang out with regular Folk

► 00:22:43

you know that's that would be rough like if I had to live in a community of regular people that just work every day but if you had like a community of only comedians what would that look like I'll be fine really yeah we'd be fine we have that that's the comedy show comedy store in yeah if the comic store was just locked down on like a 500 acre piece of property and there's a bunch of houses on there but could only just jokes for each other who just entertain each other well half the fun of comedians is just us hanging out we would just get together and laugh what by the way I should just say one of the Great

► 00:23:14

things about moving back to LA has been your invitations to come hang with the comedians at the store what a great scene I mean you made this point to me about a Renaissance and then I think I sent you David Burns book about music the chapter on CBGB and it's almost an exact map of what CBGB did as the Harvard of punk to the comedy stores Oxford of Comedy yeah yeah yeah

► 00:23:43

you you've been to the back bar that that's the Holy Grail well that's the smart you got me Hammered two times ago and I was just I Stumble out of that thinking that was the best time I can remember anything well you know what it's great to even when non comedians like yourself and you know Melissa and Matt and you know some of their friends and all these other people come there and they're around these people they act Freer there laughing louder there

► 00:24:13

taking you know more off-color jokes and everyone's just laughing having fun we that list is the worst you have to be very careful oh she's hilarious she's very funny yeah well it's Chen by the way shout out shout out to Melissa Tommy what great stuff she's doing on masks yeah explain that well she's just she just takes it on herself to ask the question why don't why don't our doctors and nurses have masks and so she's running around trying to figure out

► 00:24:43

out how to connect donors flights product whatever she's doing she's heroically like taking a ton of this on her shoulders and not I'm hesitating because I don't even know what I'm allowed to say right yeah we don't have to talk to Mother Should she's a she's a very interesting person I'm really glad you introduce me to her she's fascinating but this like this is a great time to see what people are actually made out of

► 00:25:13

yes whose heroic the heroic impulse sure and and who can keep their shit together when things go sideways when things get Western as it were well let me ask you a question of all of the presidential candidates that were in the race like everybody was dropped out and as well which of them would you want in a covid situation Tulsi Tulsi that's by the way that was my answer as well I don't lie I didn't want her fault foreign policy that's one of the reasons I wasn't like gung ho and Tulsi

► 00:25:43

didn't like some of the stuff about in India there's some issues about Modi and I don't want to get into that but if you ask like who would you want to like who has that kind of locked down military we have to make sense the bullshit needs to leave the room the odd thing is it's a millennial female of color that I would immediately want to subordinate well cheese because she would also be no bullshit she had the strength to call out

► 00:26:12

all of the nonsense she I'm positive she would just say this is unacceptable what are we doing this is emergency times we had to suspend these issues we have to get these things to our doctors nurses emergency technicians I mean look I should say that I'm trying to be like Smiley and positive but I am just burning with rage I cannot things weren't set up correctly

► 00:26:37

the scale of the screw up and trying to even understand a government that I cannot trust as far as I can throw it to to feel contempt for the Surgeon General of the United States to say that the World Health Organization is a danger to World Health to say that the CDC is lying I hate being in a position where I believe

► 00:27:01

yeah what about Tulsi a cheese she's a person of real character you know I don't see her like I see a lot of these people that are running for president I see them wearing masks you know I mean I don't even need to name names but they're doing their best impression of a politician like a shitty comedian will do their best impression of Dave Attell you know that's the best example that someone gave me of like the comparison there's there's

► 00:27:31

there's a style of communicating that a lot of them have adopted to try to appear and you can tell that they're coached they're trying to appeal your presidential she just that's who she is man I've hung out with her off camera on camera I've seen her just the way she communicates with people no I don't know her down to the bone but what I see I'm very impressed with and she's developed her character over two tours of Duty overseas again who volunteers who

► 00:28:00

take the stuff on this is the weird thing because you know really before covid I was in this Burning Yang Tulsi mindset which is just what is the fur ball that I can shove down the throat of the DNC to make the party fall apart under that Hillary Clinton overhang

► 00:28:21

the weird thing is in an actual pandemic

► 00:28:25

I am almost positive that she has the stuff yeah it may not be her year right she's only 38 he's only 38 yeah it might not be her year but she'll get there but but how interesting that like when the shit hits the fan the person with the highest number of intersectional points maybe is actually the person that you want to lead on Merit right but they don't want or which is even more hilarious they don't want her because she can't

► 00:28:55

bought and sold well that's it's really simple I think that you know we need to revisit some stuff which

► 00:29:02

all of this anger and ferocity that we were using to stand up to social engineering invading the mainstream conversation I believe that covid proves that it is deadly hmm that if your top concern is not appearing xenophobic people will die because you are functionally incompetent you've just lost 40 IQ points for nothing well that was the initial response to Trump's

► 00:29:32

did idea of shutting down flights from China people were Furious and they were calling it racist well the idea that you can put a negative sign in front of Donald Trump and form an opinion that if he's stupid then whatever the reverse of what he does is smart right is itself moronic it's dangerous it's it's completely irresponsible and here's the weird thing I said this to you on the phone the other day when we were talking the weird thing Joe is that we are the actual adults in The Room Tulsa you me

► 00:30:02

I don't know that's a huge problem but that's lumping me in with well that's what I'm trying to say

► 00:30:06

but you but this is the problem which I think I get this actually better than you which is you have a beautiful life and you recognize that part of it comes with humility of not thinking too much of yourself being self-deprecating all these thing I think that those are all to your credit it is also time to lead and if you believe that you having to break out of whatever mindset you're in could be the difference between you know saving Physicians lives and nurses lives you do it you would do it for

► 00:30:36

sure for sure okay well this thing is the flagship of Pirate Radio I mean this is samizdat for the world and the concept of some is that that that you would have truth that would circulate underground in the Soviet Union that would not be like you are seldom rebroadcast inside of like MSNBC or CNN except when they're like going after you well what's weird is Fox News rebroadcast me all the time well because Fox there to sort

► 00:31:06

of dominant narratives Fox News is the flagship inside the right of Center gated institutional narrative and then you have all the other organs like MSNBC CNN NPR BuzzFeed you know whatever these things are in the left of center gated institutional narrative very often Fox will pick up on things that we do if they stick it in the eye now the left yeah that's exactly it so the point is that they selectively amplify us and that

► 00:31:36

process of selective amplification is itself dangerous lot like I get invited more frequently by Fox and people and I turned them down because the narrative inside of like the New York Times is well he's part of that right-wing thing frequent Fox News you contribute your Eric Weinstein oh that's the adjective adjective occupation name yes frequent adjective Fox News contributor my occupation

► 00:32:07

and then the my name that game like if NPR would call and put me on I would go on Fox but the they're very clever game is to make it sound like oh well you're choosing to go know you guys are choosing to ignore a lot of what's changing the culture and they're therefore the only people who are willing to ask us on and rebroadcast us are the people who are angry at the NPR is CNN's msnbc's well I think they

► 00:32:36

realize the limitations of their medium I really do I think that c NBC NBC and MSNBC and CBS and NBC and ABC they all realize that they're in this really weird situation where they have to do these seven-minute segments interrupted by commercials they have a restriction they can only are at a you know whatever time of night the show is supposed to be scheduled and you know they rely on these internet Clips a sort of carry the show I mean the the YouTube clips are probably far more popular

► 00:33:06

popular than anything they ever released that's on the air what that mean that their distribution thing is fucked it's very it's very bizarre and it was very interesting watching Bill Maher sit down here he's like I guess this is it the man cave like yeah good to see you Bill he's like I'm here to grovel and ask whether you'll come on my show now he was trying to force me on his show I know very little groveling he's not a growler no but he's a strong armor well what he is is he's caught in his

► 00:33:36

between two tectonic plates he is the closest thing we have inside of the beast in some sense to what we're doing maybe yeah he's a comic he is a comic but he's also you know he's a guy with real courage yes and he's in a very tough I think he's in weirdly the toughest spot of us all well he's a guy who's on the left also who thinks that a lot of the other stuff as well as I do and as you do as well a lot of the stuff that's perpetrated by the people on the left is

► 00:34:06

is not just dangerous but it's it's it empowers the right it empowers Trump's support is it gets people on the fence to give up and jump right and and get welcomed yeah I've stopped being nice to these people hey Camp it no it's just it's so much buffoonery it's and it's like it's it's psychotically dangerous to watch people's continue the buffoonery in life and death situations yeah yeah no I agree and

► 00:34:37

Bill's there on are you going to do a shot have you done it I'll do it eventually I'm sure yeah the only options that he gave me already had gigs booked I see I think that it's really important to use I mean I don't know him at all but to the extent that that was a beachhead to connect these two universes my model of this is that we've got this traditional Legacy world and we've got this sort of Internet world that hovers above it and in general the insulating layer between them is

► 00:35:06

is astounding at this late date the number of things that happen on the internet that don't really have any Echo inside of the mainstream is astounding in 2020 and then you get these arcs that happen between the two so for example the famous Sam Harris interaction with Ben Affleck on Bill Maher show yeah it was an arcing between these two Universe was also a guy on steroids it was roid rages at a guy who actually knows what he's talking about with a video that's what was going on I mean he was preparing for Batman okay the math on that right but then that's why he was so angry but

► 00:35:36

Kathy Newman and Jordan Peterson was another arcing where Kathy was playing the role of Ben Affleck Jordan Pederson not really no she what she was doing she was trying to get away with this same strategy that she is lazy they generally do exactly for this sort of general boxing and categorizing them someone's opinion that don't really represent their represent their actual opinions so what you're trying to say so what you're saying to me Joe is that I have absolutely no point in I'm a worthless human being should never

► 00:36:06

that your show is that what you're saying what you trying to say so what I am trying to say is that in a generalized sense she was just doing that same old same old thing with with a person who is not participating II sort of like him go ahead and it's also that these people that they would victimized by putting them into these narratives right that and they're accustomed to using these patterns these people traditionally did not have any other way to respond right there was no internet clips that were released

► 00:36:36

just because there were letters to the editor well TI right on page 25 you know and maybe they would print a retraction you know and then we'll know little oxygen to I mean that this is standard standard Behavior fright for some newspapers and some journalists write the the unscrupulous ones unfortunately but this this model doesn't work anymore because anyone can go on YouTube and instantly say my time on the Kathy Newman show this is what went wrong this is why she did this and this is what they told me in the green room and this is what Bubba Bubba and then you

► 00:37:06

you lay it out sort of sort of now here's me let's play with making maybe you're right maybe wrong I don't know my take on it is that the great thing about

► 00:37:19

we have we have an ability to do almost anything we want on YouTube so long as we don't get shut down let's say that however you also have this concern that as long as this world remains gated if for example you have a closed world of people who are pretending to have conversations amongst themselves discussing the issues and then you have the institution say we're only going to deal with the authoritative sources

► 00:37:45

then the problem is that if you have a state of pretend you know LARPing or kayfabe whatever you want to call it yeah it's taking place inside the gate and institutional narrator the institutions are going to predicate their actions on the official nonsense and whatever we do on YouTube as long as there is an insulating layer unless we can actually lob something into the wall over the walls of the Citadel they will continue to actually act as if we'd never said anything we never pointed it out it's like you're at this kids man

► 00:38:15

show which the musician the magician is completely incompetent in the lights are on and you can see all the wires and trap doors and the magic show continues to go on and so you may make the point but everybody can see that it's bullshit but as long as the institutions agree to pretend that they believe the bullshit we have a real problem in the internet didn't solve that it's like you can turn it might not have solved it sorry to interrupt you there but I think what it has done is severely eroded the foundation of it to the point where the

► 00:38:45

trust in it is just there's no real mainstream any more like this idea that the mainstream news is the mainstream well how is that real if YouTube videos get more views like if you make a YouTube video and it gets five million views but then something goes on MSNBC and gets 500,000 views what's mainstream well what is mainstream now we're talking about instead of mainstream media I think the term traditional media is the best way the

► 00:39:15

the term like Legacy but keep going he legacies good okay well look for the longest time people how to use Morse code right then they figured out phones and those Morse code guys were fucked right what did you do what you know and then phones were attached to chords yeah but if you have understood if I don't know he's there is there still phone but there's still a function unfortunately to the so I love the point that you're making I'm just trying to figure how to play with it

► 00:39:44

let's assume that there is no mainstream left what we're really talking about is Legacy institutional media yeah and the great danger is that assume that the mainstream completely exits the building and it's only you know 10,000 people trading bullshit amongst themselves but they also control all the institutions so like you the world gets to keep reality hmm and we the institutions agreed to traffic in bullshit you can make lots of jokes at our expense but we're also going to be figuring out whether we're

► 00:40:14

the stock masks or what our farming policy is or how the US military should be deployed and where we should send troops to protect oil fields and all these kind of things and that's what's concerning me is that a lot of us are settling for being right and having them look like idiots and their point is okay fine we'll continue on we'll look like idiots but we also still control the levers so with Legacy Media your assertion is that Legacy Media has a much

► 00:40:44

much more impactful presence in terms of foreign policy in terms of dealing with pandemic the response things along those lines let's play with it until we're code okay if you think about Wikipedia Wikipedia might have a rule that says we allow we don't do original research so please link to authoritative sources and you say okay great what are authoritative sources hmm so now the authoritative source is the CDC

► 00:41:11

the who with the Surgeon General or the New York Times or CNN or MSNBC if you have this but it's MSNBC of like it would if someone just goes on on the air and let's have a little something see ya is that an authoritative Source or wouldn't it be like an expert inhale to someone who's gone over peer-reviewed studies someone who is well who's this are educated in surgeongeneral right now I don't know CDC is that Redfield I don't know I'm sure he's a competent physician I also think that

► 00:41:41

there's a whole thing about pretending that masks don't work

► 00:41:46

masks don't work in the general population please don't buy them or Healthcare people need them is that worth their time well that's what they've been saying right and so the issue is that you have some piece of nonsense so the the is a piece of nonsense because the California is now changing their recommendation and saying if you're going out in public is not just nonsense its deadly nonsense its deadly physician killing nonsense I mean I'm trying Smiles everyone smiles yeah I mean what

► 00:42:16

have is a situation in which we knew that the mask and personal protective equipment supplies are wildly off to say nothing of ventilators and ICU beds

► 00:42:27

and now what do we do about it so we have rules like please don't bring masks to work because it scares the patients or please don't wear homemade masks because they might actually be more germ filled virus filled so you're back propagating what you wish to be true to get the action that you're looking for what we have is a prisoner's dilemma where if everybody

► 00:42:56

guns and buys up masks who like the people we need to be protected most are the heroes who are actually dealing with multiple covid patients and taking huge amounts of viral load so there's no question in my mind that those those are the people that is a society if you would level with us that there is a speech to give which would go like this you know my fellow Americans as Readiness are I am forced to Tender my resignation effective Friday this week I have

► 00:43:26

failed to heed many of the warnings in our academic literature because our reserves are severely depleted it is imperative that we not suffer further loss of life and therefore I am forced to make a unusual request having failed you I'm asking everyone who stockpiled masks for personal use to think about doing something sacrificial for the good of us all our heroes are currently exposed to the coronavirus and taking huge amounts of viral load and I'm asking you to

► 00:43:56

donate any unused masks that you have to this population as we are desperately trying to replenish our stocks please continue to shelter in place and recognize that the benefit to you is minor and the benefit to us all is Major and this will be following your heroic impulse to bring us back together as a nation first of all is there a Readiness as are no okay second of all no one's going to say that they're never going to admit they're going to say we are tell adjusting I don't cower we're adjusting our bike

► 00:44:26

presentations based on Revolt new no Joe I'm I'm going to be completely unreasonable I know I have this mode where I just become completely unreasonable go ahead this is if that's where we are then it's time to ruble Revolt how I don't know well we need people to the Civil Civil Disobedience like to put our health care people I have not been off my property for weeks the reason I'm here in part is to do what little I can and it's very little

► 00:44:55

to support the people who we who are literal heroes are life and death putting this out themselves In Harm's Way the idea of her Hospital administrators abusing our physicians and nurses makes me apoplectic with rage they fact that these people are told that they can't talk to the press and they write to me and their family and their children write to me my mother was asked to do this my Uncle Works in a prison he's not allowed to wear a mask he's not allowed to bring a mask I sent a mass blah blah blah blah blah yeah there's a lot of those stories okay

► 00:45:26

what the hell is wrong it is time for these people to resign and it is time for us to remember that we have the ability to turn over our own government

► 00:45:35

this is we are so unprepared

► 00:45:39

as a nation

► 00:45:41

and we've been sold out for so long by our self-appointed leadership class who nobody wants

► 00:45:48

that we either remember who we are and how this game is played I mean this is like this is a pre War footing and this can easily lead to war the transmission mechanism is you have everybody stay indoors because you're worried about deaths of accountability which is you know I don't think they're worried about the number of deaths I think they're worried about deaths that result from triage and that would result in career-ending action yeah this is what you were saying on the phone that you think that's really what's bothering them

► 00:46:18

yes and then but if we all have to stay home while they replenish our supplies then the economy goes into a recession recession can become depression depressions lead to armed conflict in armed conflict leads to war that would be a transmission mechanism from these stupid masks to stop something that nobody can handle and my here's the thing we're coming up on Passover and we Jews have a tradition that I wish everybody had which is that we read one stupid story every goddamn ear just to drill it into your head to make sure it's

► 00:46:48

always fresh and this is when it's time to leave when it's time to change don't wait for the bread to rise this is what I say to every Jewish person like are you sitting around waiting for the bread to rise because they all know the story which is you eat the goddamn matzo because the people who waited for the bread to rise are no longer with us and their descendants are no longer with us and it is time to revolt

► 00:47:12

this leadership class is unworkable to reason that you and I both came to the word Tulsi instantly die don't think you took much deliberation is because Tulsi would know what to do

► 00:47:25

well she's also the least encumbered yeah she's the least burdened by everybody's everybody in the system hates her yeah you know and the whole point is there she would put heads on Pikes yeah this is the moment for heads on pikes

► 00:47:40

and it's important it's not a Vengeance thing the importance is what is the cost to you killing people by failing to heed the academic literature if a supply was was depleted and you didn't replenish it what is the cost to you well there's lessons in how other countries have viewed this and how they chose to act particularly South Korea right South Korea acted quicker smaller population than us but much smaller impact of the virus they

► 00:48:10

things down very quickly yeah

► 00:48:12

yeah Singapore I don't know how Singapore very very easy thing I think that they you know they use surveillance and tracking and you know making sure that they visited anybody was known I mean they had a different system and it is people like you and me who love our civil liberties I believe that in part Singapore's Draconian Society lives off of things that only we can do to our freedom so you have to realize that freedom is itself an export and one of the great dangers

► 00:48:42

is the China has been exporting the benefits of freedom from the United States into an authoritarian system so that they get the benefits of Both Worlds they get the benefits of our middle finger which I think is the secret of American innovation and they get the benefits of authoritarianism where they can do things that we can't because they can order people to do the unconscionable so my feeling is I'm on team civil liberties and team civil liberties has to be

► 00:49:11

somewhat nationalistic more militaristic more commanding control like who would you take orders from so in a lot of fields I take orders from you you're the big dog in this space you know and to the extent that you wanted to coordinate something I would use my channel I would subordinate to you and I would want sometimes people to subordinate to me if I have if I was taking a lead on something important when we have this fear of leadership because we're all so individualistic that we never want to take an order

► 00:49:39

like whenever I'm training a new assistant or something one of my always best practices is can I get you coffee you know it's very important to show that the ability to ask to serve somebody else in the ability to lead our tied you have to be a follower to be a leader and a leader to be a follower you can't you shouldn't be one of the other

► 00:50:03

we need right now a more war we need more of a war footing we need a war President we need we need War Senators we need people of this mentality because the nap is coming to an end and I do think Nancy Pelosi needs to resign and Bill de Blasio needs to resign I think that this Administration you know made some good moves and fumbled the ball and I believe that past administrations made some good moves and fumbled the ball and they the

► 00:50:32

creative is to stop back propagating what you want to have what you want us to do like defeat a prisoner's dilemma and come up with a lie that would cause us to act selfishly rationally like if you tell me that a mask is actually more dangerous than my hands because it becomes germ filled then the idea is like oh okay so I guess I won't use the mask well yeah because you lied to me and the idea is that that's what you're trying to do you figure you're trying to say what would need to be true to get you to do what I want

► 00:51:02

I don't understand what you're saying about these masks what are you saying so if I say for example let's imagine that I don't want to put seat belts in cars okay and I say you know Joe a seatbelt could trap you should your car go into the water off of a bridge you could in fact died from the seatbelt because you'd become entangled it would not be able to save yourself the right but the problem with our analogy is seatbelts actually do say lives on business but is it is it possible that they're just acting poorly with this mask thing but that masks actually

► 00:51:32

n contain a lot of viruses and they cancel don't kill you but do you believe that's what I'm trying to do I'm trying to say it as a related rate problem let's talk about everybody who gets sick and dies from contaminated masks everybody gets sick and dies from a feel a false feeling of safety let's just go through a huge list of every time saying I see the intention and now the idea is think about all the lives saved because of masks both in terms of transmission which I don't cough on you I cough into the mask or in terms of I don't breathe in either aerosolized or droplets but

► 00:52:02

blah blah blah and now the two are real but you're focusing on like the seatbelt deaths of entanglement right because you actually have a covert agenda and like and you're going to think their covert agenda is oh I don't know exactly but if you if I had to speculate It Go like go like this one were terrified of triage deaths deaths that occurred simply because we didn't have enough resources that were mandated to be stockpiled or talked about in the literature that's one thing there is

► 00:52:32

liability then there's liability which is all we were following the surgeon general's recommendation at the time

► 00:52:38

now somebody suddenly found you know I like all the masks in the world I think that the Surgeon General would suddenly said the science has become conclusive

► 00:52:47

hmm because there would no longer be a worry about liability you just get those masks the people you'd get The Masks of the people who need them and then you'd stop transmission you'd slow transitions transmissions by think there's also a lot of just figuring it out as they go along what's going on with that know there is figuring this out as it goes along as regards The Masks I believe that everybody knows that masks save lives on balance they know that the people who need the most

► 00:53:16

a very weird rules there's this whole thing about the States versus the federal government there's this issue about price gouging and price mechanisms they're all sorts of things stopping the mask problem from being sorted out in it one of which is the number of masks that are produced in China

► 00:53:36

and the fact that we may have sent masks and personal protective equipment to China

► 00:53:41

so there's a huge issue of accountability and responsibility and that we're back propagating our response how much are we quarantine and how much should we lock down what are we saying about about what why the Physicians are being told not to wear masks when they're seeing patients I mean I'm talking about deadly nonsense deadly structural nonsense and if people like you and me don't call this out using like these crazy chances

► 00:54:11

was that we have then the narrative just stands and so partially what we're doing is a parallel sense-making operation to the standard media which is Twitter said we will now be removing tweets if you contradict official authoritative Health sources so that's just what I did surgeon general's lying cdc's lying who is lying come at me do you think they're lying yes but why do you think they're lying like give me a specific example of why

► 00:54:41

you feel like they're lying well for example you saw this interaction with the is it Hong Kong TV asking about the who about Taiwan yeah that was insane well explained that because it's fucking insane it was insane to watch first of all he pretended that the head of the who pretended he didn't hear them and then he had them say it again first of all he moves like yes you can see his hand yes go to cut off the connection he hung up he said I couldn't hear you

► 00:55:11

I'll repeat the question he's like no let's go on to the next one well why would you want to go into the next one if you didn't hear come on yeah I don't even have here's the point we are so afraid of explain what he did to people that don't know because people are listening here and there a little because asked about the Taiwanese response to the covid epidemic and he didn't want to say Taiwan because China claims the Taiwan is part of China

► 00:55:36

and because China exercises so much influence over the who he wanted to say some very general thing which is like I think all provinces of China have been doing an excellent yeah that's meaning grease a different country Taiwan

► 00:55:50

because there's a dispute so what do you think China's most interested in China in the People's Republic of China the communist China communist Chinese want no recognition of their existing something called Taiwan and why does the World Health Organization given to that well how do how do different nations get control of things you know we have influence at the UN and we've caused the UN to do things

► 00:56:19

that are America Centric you know other countries have influence in you do this by being on particular committees the rotating directorships who pays the cost I don't know how the who seems to be so enmeshed with China and I don't want to opine about these things because I want to keep my voice right but it it spoke volumes to watch that guy do that and do that little dance try to avoid saying Taiwan entire life looks like that interview

► 00:56:49

you too I mean I hate to say it this way but my relationship with authority and my big critique is that this is the generic expectation across almost all institutions

► 00:57:01

they are all serving bizarre goals because growth is what gave us our independence and when we became less Innovative and we The Innovation dried up and we couldn't grow our way into new things the number of people who could use their middle finger effectively and say I'm steering this this organization to do the right thing and this is my bed and we're going to go forward those people as a class were removed if you think about like what do you do with Churchill when

► 00:57:31

isn't a World War II to win

► 00:57:34

it's very uncomfortable like what would you open a dry cleaner we don't know

► 00:57:39

you have you have special people who really only shine when there's an emergency there's a guy named Jai prakash Narayan in India is very important he was one of the sort of founding fathers of Modern India and after India Indian independence was achieved lots of the people who'd been founding fathers went to the next phase where they became like they enrich themselves they did standard political things to gain power in the system

► 00:58:08

he was the one guy who sort of stayed true to the Revolutionary spirit and bizarrely when Indira Gandhi created a state of emergency which was a disaster in India the people said well who can we turn to in a dark time and oddly I guess prakash means light so there is this phrase like in the darkness there is one light jaiprakash jaiprakash jaiprakash they turned to the one guy who'd become the patron saint of lost causes because he never broke faith

► 00:58:38

with the Revolutionary spirit and he's get he gets called up once but he's incredibly important because everybody knows in a dark time who they can trust right

► 00:58:49

that's a very important parallel to where we are now who are the break glass in case of emergency people

► 00:58:58

yeah when you when you watch the people that are talking in these presidential addresses there's none of those I don't see any break glass I mean this falchi guy is obviously an expert in diseases and he's a doctor and he's trying to do his best to lay out the ground rules of what we need to do and what this looks like over the next couple of months but but it's like chuckle willing you know like Jocko is not telling you don't worry you don't have to change your routine you can get up at 9:30

► 00:59:27

still a little bit just a little bit there's like discipline equals Freedom I'm up at 4:30 what are you doing in bed it's time for discipline well because he's a military guy and military people don't have any room for bullshit they don't even some military people love right but people like seals they don't have any room for flop well if they cuz you have to be able to perform well okay so then in that situation fuck your feelings get up at 4:30

► 00:59:55

that's that's how they feel that's what I'm trying to say those those you can just do a little bit and that's great that's great you guys are enforcing mediocrity congrats but that's and that's what I'm trying to get at which is we have a situation where we know if you have two trainers and one of them is doing the don't worry the other one is like not gonna lie to you you're gonna be sore you're going to be miserable this isn't going to be fun which do you choose some people will go with the former yeah they like to stay fat

► 01:00:23

it's a lot of that out there okay mediocrity is a very comforting thing I hear you yeah it's fucking look it's hard it's hard to be that 4:30 in the morning guy well some days that alarm goes off he's got to be like fuck this man well you know the Jocko doesn't live that 24/7 yes he does know he may live it he may live it 18:6 nobody knows at 20 lie you remember that thing he did about the cake I was at a birthday party there was a delicious piece of cake in front of me I struggled actually the case

► 01:00:53

come to succumb to Temptation yeah but I'm telling you man that doesn't even mean anything that goes through that fucking Blast Furnace of a bottle of yes but I'm saying nobody's 24/7 on Deception is a fake weakness yeah he'll give in to it so to formative weakness yes he just wants to be mortal like there is appearing to make you sort of commiserate with them he's appearing that although I have some failings to I cake yeah what he doesn't tell you is he probably went down to his fucking dungeon basement every cake did

► 01:01:23

squats for an hour look I believe that it is there's people that are really that guy yeah and he's one of those those people he's really that guy he's that guy all the time but I spent a lot of time with jock okay he's that guy but that's because he's that I want silk I want but I want one of those people right now are important right now yeah those guys are important and we have to clean out these at this class of people that put up with each other it's like the reason they put up with each other and they don't like indict each other or Sue each other which each other is that they're all the same

► 01:01:53

there it is and that was the key skill for between 35 and 50 years which is knowing what not to say to upset the institutional apple cart well that is politics and that's one of the things that disgust people about it and that's one of the things that one of the reasons why Donald Trump actually got into office is people looked at him as an antidote I mean that's that's right clean up the swamp drain the swamp that's him well that's what they thought they thought this is maybe she might bring in his own

► 01:02:23

ah but he was against their Swami exactly yeah exactly and then Bernie Sanders has his own kind of swamp he's got a different kind of swamp you know everyone's got their own swamp it's like what what is your particular pattern that you would like to push you know what has got you to the dance you know sorry I'm laughing but Barry Weiss was sitting here and she's just like cat so Joe what do you think you'll vote for and he's like that and then you called me up he like Eric what did I just do

► 01:02:54

I think you might have just won the election well the wrong way or the right way it's the whole thing look Joe Biden being the main guy is the only reason why they went after Bernie Sanders and went after me I mean there's a whole idea was just to reinforce the idea that Bernie Sanders is making poor choices by connecting to him to someone who says fucked up things when he's trying to be funny yeah you know and and you put it in print with some quotations behind it in like wow this guy is awful you know everything out of context is awful and what they're trying to do without it

► 01:03:23

doubt is the same thing we're talking about the guy who's willing to dance with them which is Joe Biden the guy who's the professional politician which they don't give a fuck if he can barely talk they don't give a fuck if he forgets what he's saying half way into conversation but this is the whole thing about the Gated institutional imperative they just the key issue and I learned this one I used to do immigration stuff in Washington during the 90s I learned this concept of steady hands is like one of the most terrifying phrases ever so I told you I think it's a point that

► 01:03:53

New York whenever people are deciding to do a bad thing to screw people over they always use the phrase It's A Beautiful Thing meaning that you can extract money from people who have noticed no say in the matter hmm in Washington as Financial circles are talking about in New York Finance so at whatever you hear the phrase It's a beautiful thing it means somebody's being raped financially yeah in Washington the phrase that I learned to fear is steady hands he's a pair of Steady Hand that means you can count on him to do the wrong thing in an emergency

► 01:04:23

easy to keep everybody on the inside okay and there's like a separate system for promoting the people who do the wrong thing and making sure because everybody inside is super dependent on somebody burning all of their credibility in public

► 01:04:38

steady hands

► 01:04:42

yeah I mean that's the main hope of this free Information Society that all of these disgusting practices he's Legacy practices get exposed well here's the weird thing when Amy Klobuchar dropped out it was like a baby boomer born in the say 61 something like that everyone remaining was born in the 1940s Elizabeth Warren was the youngest then you had like Mike Bloomberg

► 01:05:12

Bernie Sanders Joe Biden and Donald Trump

► 01:05:16

so everyone was like born between 41 and 49 now all of those people would be the oldest president all of them the oldest president Ed inauguration like we've lost our mind this is normal to us this isn't really commented upon that you would have five for five

► 01:05:35

septuagenarians vying for the presidency of the United States

► 01:05:41

it's pretty crazy we would just leave me the evidence is the clearest with Joe Biden right yeah because he's showing actual real deterioration but we've seen deterioration from Trump particularly earlier in the first year or two of his term and some spectacular videos of him falling apart where he can couldn't enunciate words you couldn't can say words correctly while he's speaking to the country the his tongue was like swollen as

► 01:06:11

wrote it was very strange right but people think of that as maybe a substance issue like he goes up and he goes down and sometimes he catches it on the wrong part of the wave and that's when he's in front of the camera and he you know he struggles through it but he literally can't pronounce words but then he'll bounce back and they'll be fine Joe Biden's not bouncing back you know whether he has an aversion to the same sort of supplements that Donald using I don't know I don't know what's going on yes he has these episodes he's in

► 01:06:41

consistent sometimes he seems fine and then sometimes he seems like he's completely lost and you know I learned about this is very uncomfortable for me I was watching Stefan molyneux and Mike Serna vich going on and on about Hillary's health and I was just thinking these guys are actually weirdly making sense on this topic and

► 01:07:04

I've never really interacted with Stefan molyneux at all and sort of scares me I don't really want him in my life but didn't mean that he wasn't right and he wasn't being courageous and saying it and then when Donna Brazil I think came out later and said yeah there were real concerns about Hillary's Health all along well she was fainting yeah whenever you lose Consciousness that's a we don't we don't know what it was that she was doing but what I'm trying to get at would be that we are dependent on these people that we are told are trolls

► 01:07:33

as the free people and I remember or well talking about the proletariat where the proletariat was weirdly free and the central people were the ones who had no freedom I saw this also in the fall of the Soviet Union I had family in Moscow and Kiev and in turn off see that we discovered right at the end of the Soviet Union and I went over to visit and I remember preparing for that visit I called up these people in chernov the right near moldovan the

► 01:08:03

extreme west of the Ukraine and I said you know there are sweet like hello and I hear the voice on the other end of the phone is like the time when long-distance phone calls were still romantic and I hear sholom aleichem and I'm realizing that these are young people are still speaking Yiddish they don't give a shit about anything because they're not important they're not in Moscow or not in st. Petersburg there on the periphery and there's a measure of Freedom that comes from just not being Central right

► 01:08:33

you can communicate freely and you can think freely there's anyone in Legacy meeting media talking openly on any of the shows about Biden's deterioration I don't know either Tucker Carlson is another person to watch who is Freer he's free of fox he's able to go against Fox yeah I'm looking at Greg Gutfeld I don't know what Greg has been saying but there are small number of interesting people who are still housed inside of the of the belly of the Beast and I don't know if you hear me

► 01:09:03

heard my theory about the rebel and of corporate the corporate end of Rebel know so you and II think would be sort of well at least I'm wearing a jacket I would be the corporate end of Rebel okay what you might be the rebel end of rebel and I don't know you're you're faking being the real trouble in that you're pretty yeah what am I thinking what well look at all the via the rebel and of Rebel those tattoos obviously wash after you've just apply them every day but the Corp the rebel and of corporate would be like

► 01:09:33

he was okay right so she's in the belly of the beast but she's pushing the edge Bill Maher would straddle corporate end of Rebel Rebel and of corporate unclear hmm right and so there is an important partnership across this if you think about you remember the film Inglourious Basterds to deal like that I'm sure loved it okay Lieutenant Aldo Ray is this interface between regular Army and the psychotic Jews who will kill Nazis given any opportunity and you need people

► 01:10:03

people who interface between like the bad boys and the regular units and these are incredibly important what is the plural of Nexus Nexus II don't know we got into trouble the first time with

► 01:10:20

octopus octopus head no it's actually octopuses the the recommended one is octopod he's found spelled octopodes real yeah whoa but I've seen octopi yeah what people people use are they use octopuses octopi are it is plural form of Nexus is Nexus or Nexus okay oh boy Jamie with the win how weird that it's either or that it could just be Nexus the plural

► 01:10:49

I'm of Nexus is that makes sense I guess so these Nexus yes good are you used to it are incredibly important and we have to keep them up and I'm worried about the corporate the rebel and of corporate because these corporations are starting to realize that their need for kayfabe is just far exceeding kayfabe kayfabe kayfabe is Carnival speak for the word

► 01:11:19

and fake and when catch wrestling devolved into professional wrestling you know about all that

► 01:11:28

that's very interesting yeah that's that's a weird well that's obscure the catch wrestling Carnival wrestling actually Jamie could you bring up the word kayfabe and Weinstein can you name any people that were involved in catch wrestling the real catch wrestling how far do you go with this well there you know farmer Burns was farmer Burns Farmer Brown no famous catch wrestling guy used to do a hangman's drop his neck was so strong you tie a noose around it and drop six feet and hang there

► 01:11:57

so when by the way if you want to read a great book on professional wrestling I would highly recommend the book ringside which talks about the evolution that's what I call K fabrication okay is the transition of something that is usually has twin attributes is very dangerous and very boring so old style wrestling was incredibly dangerous and people would you know be crippled from about so as a result

► 01:12:26

they would often just like Circle each other not really engage and like war is like this mostly war is extremely boring and then you know obviously can be quite deadly so in order to routinize these things we create kayfabe which is the system of stratified lies that professional wrestling is undergirded by okay so you know what do you know what a work shoot is yes okay what's a work shoot well a shoot is an actual fight in a worked

► 01:12:56

you shoot like a work is a fake fight right so like if two guys were pretending to fight and there was there's actually there was an issue I should so just lay this all out in Japan there there's an extreme of admiration for professional wrestling and professional wrestlers would get into mixed martial arts and then we get into mixed martial arts with varying levels of actual commitment so some of them would get into mixed martial arts and have fake fights

► 01:13:26

this is like Pride yes exactly pride and some of Pride actually was founded by Hicks and Gracie who is legit is it man has ever lived and Takata who was a famous professional wrestler and Hicks and fucked up the cotton in a real fight he only would have real fine who was the Gracie killer who came out of Japan that's sakuraba I'm sorry yeah sakuraba he well he's a phenomenal catch wrestler right I don't want to plug of course his he came from

► 01:13:56

from I believe Karl gotch and Billy Costello and I think that's the name of the gentleman there was a bunch of people who taught him catch wrestling so his style was submission oriented catch wrestling he had he had like both like he you know he was involved in professional wrestling as well but he was a legit fighter anyway the point was there was a weird blurring of the lines and there were some fights like Mark Coleman had

► 01:14:26

fight with Takata where it was really clear that Mark home and got paid to take a dive because Mark Coleman should've smashed that dude and he gets caught this heel hook he doesn't tap he's gonna tap then he winds up tapping it was like whoa and he tapped but everyone watching that knows fighting was like get the fuck out of here what is happening here oh my God it's a fake fight it could have been a Content so there was fake fights mixed in with real fight right it was pretty common pretty common in decide in this is what happened in the transition in the early 20th century between

► 01:14:56

in catch wrestling and professional yeah is that you you start doping reality with fakeness and the thing I was asking about the work shoot it has to do with the layering of nonsense in reality so the idea is that you have something which is ostensibly fake then you have a Breaking of kayfabe ostensibly which is the Chute on top of the expected work but a work shoot is tertiary in that the shoot is in self fake

► 01:15:26

and so work shoot is a tertiary deception it's a fake fight that appears real it's a fake real fight that appears to break out of a fake thing that is pretending to know maybe it's quaternary your the brain can't go much Beyond four levels of lies right and so you had a famous story line I can't remember who it was we're a wrestler was apparently supposedly having an affair with another wrestlers wife and that was the story

► 01:15:54

line so the people who write the these things are called Booker's so the Booker's had come up with this story line and then the affair became real because the brain couldn't sort of manage all of the deception sometimes you saw the two people actually had gathered right because they were supposed to hang out and pretend right now like let's just do this shit right and so you know oddly I was fascinated by the moment where Vince McMahon declared a

► 01:16:24

I think to the New Jersey sporting commission he made this unbelievable is like one of the Great Moments in the 20th century I think he realized that he was going to be taxed into Oblivion and so I had a choice should he get should he pay this tax or do something really bold and he went in front of them he said you realize that everything we do is fake now that could have completely toppled the wrestling world the admission that there was no reality to this

► 01:16:52

was a potential death blow so he said this is all staged all the fights are the the winners are known in advance you can't tax us because we aren't actually a sport and you don't have any jurisdiction over us hmm and then

► 01:17:06

it turned out nobody cared

► 01:17:09

right and so the interesting thing is that the used to have this concept of ass Mark a mark is somebody who doesn't know they're being conned a smart Mark or smark is somebody who knows that they're being conned and still continues to play so in some sense it was the bet that you could take all the marks and turn them into smarts in the business Empire would continue and you wouldn't have to pay the tax so I was hanging out as what does with Hulk Hogan and I was trying to check whether or not this was true and he said to me

► 01:17:39

Eric you realize who came up with that strategy me

► 01:17:43

so I was like what he says yeah I was the one who said that we should do you believe them I don't know it's hard to tell well that's the whole point of that kayfabe yeah that's where it gets weird did you ever see the interview with John Stossel is accusing a professional wrestler of it being fake so he decides to smack me in the head and asking what that was fake it's a really horrific because he dropped he be ruptured his eardrum means this is an enormous man I forgot the guy it ruined the guy's career the guy who is the wrestler but he hits him with an open hand

► 01:18:12

it's an enormous full blast hits him on the head with this this open hand and drops him he goes was that fake who's that fake get up pussy and he goes that fake and he hits him again and drop some again was that fake well okay let's talk about this

► 01:18:28

I don't think professional wrestling is fake what the fuck are you saying well I know what you're saying yeah yeah I mean they're he's curious is it this is the guy we'll play it so we can hear what he's saying okay we'll get we'll get into trouble here with you too but he hits him in the side of the head and then he hits him again

► 01:18:47

it's dr. D I think dr. death or something that fuck them up right is that him right there is that the guy now Jesus Christ time is a cruel bitch is that the same guy

► 01:18:59

is that him Jesus Christ

► 01:19:03

yeah legendary wrestler Bounty Hunter and author of don't call me fake Doctor David Schultz goes into detail about professional dismissed 2020 incident where he slapped John Stossel look he's got a t-shirt on it about it and everything Jesus Christ it's his whole life now yeah well that's his it's his moment wow it's not fake no even orchestrated it's the results are known in advance the death rate of those guys is like nothing else you'd have to look like wingsuit

► 01:19:33

wires to see people who died at the level that professional wrestlers do the that the punishment that they take and weirdly the skill level Hulk Hogan put me in a headlock why did you let him do that did you ever see what he did to Richard Belzer Allah I'm sorry I know that he's said and done bad things but there is so much love that comes pouring out a Hulk Hogan and I agree brother now anyway he's a great guy but he put Belzer asleep on his television show on Belzer fell and bounced his head off the ground Hulk

► 01:20:03

Hulk had me in a headlock and I know that if that guy had so much as sneezed my head would have just popped off of my trunk right I mean that guy's a beast he's a huge man he's a huge man yeah you know he's lost like four inches of height because of all his back surgeries yeah jersey with yeah I first met him like way way way back in the day I ran into him I didn't meet him meet him I just ran into him on the street and Beverly Hills I was like holy fuck and

► 01:20:33

I interviewed him for Spike TV back in the day when Spike TV was they were doing professional wrestling on Spike TV and they wanted to meet an interview him while I was doing the UFC so I interview we had a fun time together but he was considerably smaller it was really interesting it's like that was just oh there's Bell sir so you put Bowser and what we would call like a power guillotine in like Bowser's out cold right here right watch the left arm there it is alko so I'll just drop some that could kill them that part right there where he falls and he bangs

► 01:21:03

his head off the ground like he just dropped them like he was on a padded mat or something like that you really should never do that to someone but they don't worry about their self because they put themselves into so much danger thing yeah I mean these guys are the punishment Kings of the world yeah and they're extremophiles in that sense now what what my belief is that we are it's real in the sense that the injuries the death rate yes skill levels and

► 01:21:33

most of those guys could really fight they may not be UFC level Fighters but they a lot of them come out of you know wrestling background yes like legitimate lot of are very very tough so in I think what was it in 2013 or 11 Jon Brockman ask the question what's the scientific theory that nobody knows that would make the biggest impact in people's cognitive toolkit and I just been allowed to answer this question along with like actual legitimate people and so I was kind of

► 01:22:03

like being very protective and my wife said you know you could give a lot of answers that question but that's not the one you want to give Duke a Fab like I had this theory that kayfabe was the most important psychological theory that nobody really appreciated that in some sense professional wrestling is light years ahead and understanding how the human mind actually works because of the issues of debt deception and so I wrote up kayfabe which is going to determine Wars and presidential elections and then sure enough Donald Trump comes

► 01:22:33

directly out of WWE like he really understands if you look at that fight with Vince McMahon yeah Donald Trump into its professional wrestling and it is a superpower Jamie can I ask you to bring up Weinstein and kayfabe and see if

► 01:22:53

2011 what scientific concept would improve everybody's cognitive toolkit Eric Weinstein so I thought it was going to be thrown out and intern in fact that turned out to be a very prophetic prophetic sa well for sure once Trump got into office I mean that is an excellent point of what he does is that there's a part of his appeal is that he's speaking in he's like he's hitting a certain frequency that provides comfort

► 01:23:23

it Narrows the boundaries of what's possible and puts things into some very digestible form that morons love you know I'm talking about I'm not saying that all people that are Trump supporters are morons there's people that support him economically but there's a lot of people that are morons that like him because he's talking in this frequency he's there's a narrowband he's not going to say anything crazy that's like self-deprecating or

► 01:23:53

active or he's not going to prepare you for the great beyond or you know include you in his concerns for the demise of civilization and Western valleys is not that's not in him right he's got a band with he's got a very narrow band and inside that band he's the king ratings are tremendous tremendous everyone's doing a great job we're doing a great job he says these things that key they reinforce this sort of pro wrestling

► 01:24:23

sling sort of vibration somewhat I have to admit that I don't meet many morons

► 01:24:32

at all just come to copy store more often

► 01:24:36

but it's back up I'll bring around some more on oh sure Joe you don't even believe that I think that in general people when they are given no choice at all Express themselves more honestly when they give a no choice at all yeah I want a choice of an actual president that's viable I don't have one so then you're going to ask me what which which of the non-viable people do you like best well this is the this is the real issue with the Democratic party they've essentially made us all morons yeah with this Joe Biden thing

► 01:25:05

really have give me some morons who do we need I mean I never vote for that guy I can't vote for him I can't vote for him I can't vote for Trump there I'd rather vote for Trump than him I don't think he could handle anything when you're relying entirely on his cabinet like if you want to talk about eight an individual leader that can communicate he can't do that and we don't even know what the fuck he's going to be like after a year in office the pressure of being the president I'd States is something that no one has ever prepared

► 01:25:35

for right the only one who seems to be fine with it is Trump oddly enough I mean he doesn't seem to be aging at all or any sort of decline you know Obama like almost immediately started looking older yeah George W almost immediately so I think that this is not a change in Trump like Trump in a weird way it's just always been this right performative you know like a fake Alpha right and he still plays golf all the time like is hasn't switched up monster I mean I'm sure

► 01:26:05

switched it up a little bit because of the pandemic because he's apparently a germaphobe which is hilarious but this is this could be his demise you know me isn't that kind of hilarious yeah that might be what does it mean the guys always been worried about germs apparently how does that work with his active extracurricular life I don't know I guess he wears a condom I wouldn't have I wouldn't have imagined Stormy Daniels would be the person that we would have chosen first then it just it's very strange there's a hot lady back in the day let's not question of that it's just that she's uh

► 01:26:35

an active one yeah if your key issue is transmission I mean I'm not judging anybody I'm just saying is is a is a vector of communication yeah that's true that's a good question of course the porn industry weirdly has very high Health standards at one level because it would have to write maybe that's his rationale that they're tested yeah it's interesting so I had Ashley Matthews on my program and I she was you know talking to me about it was that was actually no the woman behind Riley Reid wow

► 01:27:05

okay and how hilarious is that it's like that's her pro wrestling name yeah well I don't know that she'd used her name fully until we were talking and I said that I really wanted to didn't want to interview Riley Reid I wanted interview Ashley Matthews well how'd that go she was good I mean she was a bit of a mismatch in but she is polite and sweet to a fault she's trying

► 01:27:35

to be thoughtful I really admire her courage she doesn't want body body augmentation so she's got a non classical porn body she could have chose to do a trans seen because it was erratically interesting to her even though she was told that it would kill her brand she doesn't necessarily sometimes she shaves her body here sometimes she doesn't hey so there's a lot

► 01:28:05

of what she does that I think is incredibly admirable and I got to know of her because she came to a show that I did with Ben Shapiro and Sam Harris in San Francisco and she was tweeting out that she was a huge Sam Harris fan and then I saw something she did where she was talking about it was impossible for her to get Banking and regular Services as a pornographic actress and thank you yeah there's like a member

► 01:28:35

operation choke point no operation choke point was I think in the Obama era Department of Justice initiative to try to make it very difficult to engage in illegal occupations like payday lending and things or porn and so they weren't yeah and so they would I think they use the FDIC to harass credit card companies and Banks into not making it easy for these people to gain access to ordinary services so

► 01:29:05

I've been very concerned about the ways in which the authoritarians attempt to regulate who can do what who can say what say what we're get banking Behavior you know but so that's still going on to this day yeah is a difficulty getting banking but you can't get I think MailChimp won't work with her because she's a pornographic actress in terms of mailing lists and then there's like charge back issues where marginal businesses

► 01:29:35

you know people will cancel their credit cards but in fact if you're doing a business where very few people are canceling the credit cards they'll still claim that they won't work with you because of the risk of cancellation so there's this whole thing where we harass an End Tax PayPal payouts no longer supported what is this Jamie what's this from its foreign hubs blog in we're all devastated by PayPal's decision stop payouts to over a hundred thousand performers who rely on them for their livelihoods if you have PayPal

► 01:30:05

as your payout option please select a new method and update your information in your model settings tab if you have a pending payment for October blah blah blah blah blah blah blah so this is because of porn canadianmom Okay so this but hold on a second is this prostitution is that why this payout thing the believe that once upon a time sand the San Fernando Valley was the head of prostitution so head of pornographic acting and movie production because it couldn't be charged as prosecution now as

► 01:30:34

prostitution yeah now Ashley makes the point that she's comfortable being called a commercial sex worker so in some sense prostitution adjacent but not prostitution and in your question about how did that go I was quite nervous about having a pornographic actress as a guest I did in fact right after sir Roger Penrose so it was a one of the one of the better transition have that's I like it thank you for my next trick the

► 01:31:06

I think it's important that we talk about porn and I think it's important that if this is going to have a huge effect like dark matter you know you feel its gravitational effect but nobody can actually see it because you can't talk about it right I think that it's absolutely imperative that we make more connection to Planet porn and talk about what's going on what does it say about us and the ways in which you know they've got great data the way OkCupid has great data on what's going on in

► 01:31:35

world of courtship porn has great data on what's going on in the world of tank of Kink and eroticism yeah and you know for example she pointed out that incest porn surges around the holidays when people are spending time with their families what wow and incest porn is that is that cancer is a cancer that I don't think we're even talking about that's gotten really really pronounced yeah well all taboo porns stepmom porn you know that kind of stuff steps

► 01:32:05

sister yeah there's there's something about I hear I mean yeah but there's something about those things that for people it's like there's so much porn that this is the last taboo the last taboo is your dad Mary's is hot lady and then your dad we have one taboo I want you to have a good time with your mom I'm going to go off golfing he's and stop yeah you know you I think it was your line

► 01:32:33

you could do one eye right you just did to it me what's that the Sean Connery 1 i:r a lift yeah I can do one on yeah fucking something about a line porn

► 01:32:49

crossing the lines don't remember damn it's in it sorry it's that their eyes you don't even smoke pot what I wanted to I said you don't even smoke pot hardly I wanted to talk to you about one of your podcast I listened to least recently listened to a pocket yeah it's controversial the O'Keefe podcast okay project Veritas guy yeah that's a that's an interesting one because you had a really good point in that people when they hear that this is a project Veritas thing and for people don't know

► 01:33:17

years James O'Keefe from Project Veritas they've they've done a lot of work exposing some biases that are held by some of the people that work in these social media groups is social media corporations like Twitter and Facebook and things like that but the way they've done it is all through hidden camera type stuff and there's a narrative that people love to use where they go oh that guy he uses selective editing or that guy you can't believe anything they say everything he says

► 01:33:47

is wrong but that is impossible possible because you're listening to these people talking and they're talking about how they marginalize right-wing viewpoints they look for people who have like manga and their headlined and they put them in certain categories when we could makes it very difficult for people to get there and their stuff that the algorithm supports you know that they know how to marginalize these perspectives and these points of view and it's really

► 01:34:17

weird that no one they found this strange way of describing it we're even though you've see it on video you hear people say things that should be outrageous to anyone who believes in objective reality and yet people love to say that's just a project Veritas thing that guy's full of shit and I go he's full of shit good and then they cast it aside

► 01:34:47

well I thank you for bringing that up the another look I want to take risk and that was a huge risk yeah so here's the thing is that if you touch these worlds by the way can I try one of these CBD things yeah well they're not in the fridge this is the last one can you get one tell Jeff to get a some some of the CBD kill Cliffs they're very addictive I'm going to warn you right now all right only five milligrams CBD OK I have a friend who can

► 01:35:17

come to the United States ever because he attempted to come in with some CBD which is not psycho I shut the fuck up forming from the UK come on he can't come in the US ever I believe they can appeal that and now the CBD is legal here his mom is Amanda Fielding do you know who Amanda Fielding yes do you love Amanda feeling no explain who Mandela Fielding is Amanda Fielding the Countess Amanda Fielding is the head of the Beckley foundation for the

► 01:35:47

the scientific study of psychedelic and related substances in the UK who I think believe works with Imperial College she's a older lady right oh yeah and she's she's self trip and right so this is right you told me about that she's put two holes in her skull and her husband Lord Jamie

► 01:36:11

the Earl Jamie maybes Earl General Jimmy I'm sorry I don't know these things okay he's trip and as well oh great and there to there are two of the most lovely learned' wonderful people in the world what's the benefit of self trepanation her trepanation in general oh Jesus Christ is a video of her doing it yeah I think it's called something like a hole in my head what is that it looks like she did with a stick yeah there's something she did it herself she had her own tools why did she do that first of all when

► 01:36:40

are British aristocracy

► 01:36:43

this is what you do I know you don't yes you don't you go on vacation no no no this lady's crazy this is Christ look at that fucking hole she put in her head so she drilled right through her skull yeah all right the reason she did it and I think it's an interesting one please Joe come on don't be judgemental the belief that she had was that her brain your brain expands to fill your brain case and that when it runs into a hard stop

► 01:37:14

that the blood circulation is changed and that when the blood circulation changes you lose that sparkling Clarity that comes from your sort of childhood and so if you if you remember how clear the world was when you were a kid her belief was by relieving the pressure from the brain case that you actually get a kind of permanent upgrade in your cognition and the level at which you're experiencing all of reality is that true I don't know I'm not self Japan I have not

► 01:37:43

well drilled a hole in my head did she say that this was like an effective method I think both she and Jamie say that it's been very positive

► 01:37:53

the fuck out of here with that wow this is a different flavor we got a great flavor here 25 milligrams CBD that's crazy though so this guy is permanently barred cheer sir without having anything in there yeah permanent be permanently barred from the United States because of that CBD non-psychoactive right maybe they just knew his mom was a nutjob that drills holes she's not a nut job she was at that bait up the one who changed my mind about psychedelics she changed them yeah I

► 01:38:22

totally I was totally opposed wish I was there to show you could be done without having a hole in your head I I said Amanda you've been taking LSD regularly every assassin since the since the late 60s I said well how is it that you seem to be completely all there so really doesn't have any negative effects and well

► 01:38:48

I'm trying to race through the story rather than being yeah perfectly accurate she's I said then what did we get wrong in the 60s and she said oh dosages I said what do you mean there's dosage is what moronic and so people are just putting huge amounts of LSD and things anything terrible experiences and I thought well okay this is completely she's crazy because I know it's acid and so I just had this image that you pour acid on a brain and it turns it into emmentaler cheese with all lots of the holes and sure enough

► 01:39:18

we don't even know what the lethal dosage of LSD is right at a physiological rather than add a software level it seems to be incredibly well tolerated because it's the only thing that has this effect in such tiny Trace Amounts yes the same as psilocybin the ld50s outrageous you have two pounds of it and so she changed my mind where I realized that I'd been thoroughly propagandized and that I had never examined my beliefs around these chemicals

► 01:39:48

that in fact many of the most powerful appear to be very well tolerated yes yeah the most powerful ones in fact they but they're also the ones that most closely resemble human neurochemistry so which is weird too so I think that look I'm a fan of eccentrics as are you yeah for sure and I don't think Amanda is crazy oh she's definitely crazy oh sure all the holes in her head or gets weirder than that what else she had a pet bird called birdie

► 01:40:18

and she built a mausoleum to her pet bird in the form of some sort of a conical Earth outcropping that in order to reach it I think you have to walk over Doric columns then cross them call like you know these old columns from Greek temples okay and so the tops of them form steps across a moat and it's guarded by a tech swans

► 01:40:48

like you can take nothing at all psychoactive and then you're visiting this woman visiting her Birds Mausoleum being attacked by Swans walking over Greek columns to cross the moat yeah but that's just fun drilling holes in your head is really really where I draw the line cheers to that that's just seems I mean I don't think there's any real science to relieving pressure by drilling a fucking hole in your head I think you're just relieved by the fact that you've taken this really

► 01:41:17

radical step outside the norm and decided you're going to be the person who kills a fucking I'm here I'm sorry I'm team Amanda Fielding well she makes she may have made a crazy decision in her life but does she keep doing it every now and then drill a new hole this well you know it's like it's like plastic surgery you get addicted to it pretty soon there's nothing but they're just holes yeah swiss cheese had no these are two of the most lovely and cerebral people around and there she on acid when she drilled the hole I doubt it

► 01:41:48

hmm I mean I don't think she's sorry I just I generally I think she's as eccentric as the day is long but I'm I'm such an admirer of people who are willing to try to cross the Adaptive Valley and do it and fund their own expedition yeah right so this is like a giant risk it's just crazy that so was her son that was barred from coming in this country the filmmaker just imagine if you had a can of this 25 milligram

► 01:42:17

seaweedy kill cliff and then like you fucking criminal get out of our country forever but we're using these things as excuses yeah like I desperately need to have Douglas Murray come to the u.s. but people don't like Douglas because of some of his opinions but he's been here I don't think you can come now why don't know there's some issue was this reason he was on the podcast when was he last year was diagnosed three years ago by two maybe two years ago was he here in the old spot of the new spot a feeling it was the news boss

► 01:42:47

got it was here yeah so it's within two years

► 01:42:53

you can't come to United States I think he can't come to the United States and I'm very angry about that and I'll tell you another one that I'm really angry about is Alex green the CEO of symmetry Labs do you want to bring up the tree of ténéré t entr e from burning man oh boy said Brian man what's wrong with have you been

► 01:43:17

too many feet

► 01:43:19

it's really what 20 feet too many dirty people okay if you can write a video of the there's where all the masks are there fucking hoarding them for burning man so like maybe the third one to 2017 okay okay so the guy that's beautiful so this is a tree and burning man they've got all these yeah and a guy like the guy who came up with this is rotting right now in federal prison the guy who came up with this tree yeah for what he's a physicist

► 01:43:49

musician very good friend of mine somebody I leave my children with great family friend wonderful Passover and Shabbat dinner guests and currently in jail for weed what we'd yeah but like I want you to think about and they're much better videos than this where these giant waves and things go through the people who are bringing Transcendence and grace and beauty to our lives when they're hounded because of like what

► 01:44:19

language they've used things that like self-experimentation advocacy for psychedelics I'm very it's very important that we have rule Breakers Mavericks people that you might call crazier lunatics and that we be very gentle and celebratory what does it Channel's name again Alex green Alex green and Alex green is was arrested for distribution yep I think so how much did he have don't know

► 01:44:49

where was he arrested I think was New York New York is still illegal as weird as it may well be but my point is I want Alex I want yeah he's in federal prison I don't know a couple a few years I don't know with Parolees in a treatment facility but you know I just I get a call from my the keep the person I leave my children with when I go out of town sitting in federal prison you know it's like this call originates from the u.s. correctional facility Jesus Christ and

► 01:45:20

this guy's a you know he's a he's a genius CEO of a beautiful mathematical art company and I just feel so powerless to figure out how to move people along was he targeted or did he just fuck up and try to buy a large number of it a large quantity of it so they didn't have to go I imagined that he was involved in some I don't know the specifics of his plea and I don't want to say anything that could screw him up

► 01:45:51

um but I imagine that you know the issue was something to do with the large cannabis business okay so you had some sort of distribution business in New York so I'm not I'm not I'm not I'm not opining that he didn't break the law but I also think at some level when you go back I mean you know when you see cannabis being advertised everywhere and you grew up in a world in which like only bad people did that yeah it's pretty infuriating yeah it is you know and

► 01:46:20

at some point I was so angry about Alex that I started talking about coffee and wine as drugs would you like red drugs or white drugs today yeah you know hey should we get go get some drugs down at Starbucks and people be like very weirded out but like tell me those things aren't drugs are drugs are drugs their drugs always have been I only smoked cigarettes for one weekend in Turkey years ago man did I not know cigarettes are a drug

► 01:46:50

I was hungry flying dude I don't smoke but I have smoked before shows the okay with Chappelle he's giving me cigarettes and Tony Hinchcliffe he's giving me cigarettes for shows and I've smoked a cigarette then got on stage and it's like you're on a drug it's a cognitive enhancing drug by the way fires great point and then your I'm so jittery I can't even be definitely can do that I can't think yeah if you do a bunch of them it there's Society has

► 01:47:20

accepted a bunch of drugs and a lot of them that will fucking kill you and then they've made some drugs that are some of the most powerful drugs in terms of their force on creativity to make cannabis is one of the most amazing drugs ever did you find arms of creativity do you do you believe that's as true of Indica as as it is of sativa yeah Indica definitely gives you some pretty wild thoughts it's really a perturbs normal Consciousness right in that

► 01:47:49

the perturbation that if that's where that word that's weird right in that adjusting of your normal perceptions that's where these new ideas come come in that's where these new it's almost like you get a little a little a chance to pop your head off the top of the clouds and look around and go oh this is not what I think it is this is some weird thing you know and I got really high the other day and I made a post on Instagram about Joe Exotic and Donald Trump

► 01:48:19

and then this this thing when I was like saying like here's what's weird like the thing that keeps coming to me when I get high is not its that this idea that one day things going to get back to normal and the idea is that there would never really was a normal that it was just an attractive illusion and then it's a comforting and attractive illusion that I used a photo of Joe Exotic and one of Donald Trump's most ridiculous tweets where he was talking about the coronavirus and how he's a huge hit and

► 01:48:49

how Johnny structure aging's Joe Exotic from the new Netflix documentary series called Tiger King which must be a part of your life get on board right all right away I don't know anything about it and then the other one is look at this that's Joe Exotic it's amazing he's a guy who smokes meth he's married to two different guys at the same time they all live together it's great I don't want to lie anymore alright spoiler alert but Jimmy go Jamie go to my Instagram so you can see the true

► 01:49:19

umph tweet that I also included in this post with this image of Joe Exotic because these two things together was just like I was stunned and Tim Dylan actually it sent me this this tweet by Trump and I was like it's the second image of the Joe Exotic this like a double pulse so if you click on the image like look at that President Trump is a ratings hit since Reviving The Daily White House briefings mr. Trump and his

► 01:49:49

coronavirus updates have attracted an average audience of 8.5 million on cable news and reading roughly the viewership of the season finale of The Bachelor numbers continue to rise he writes numbers continue to rise what a breeding job this is Donald Trump the president of the United States makes a self-congratulatory tweet that his talking about a pandemic virus that could potentially kill as many as

► 01:50:19

3,000 American Revolution just guilt Revolution Joe look at this I want to revolts I can't I can't I get your get your wanting to revolt I get that but me as a high person in the valley sitting on my back porch while my kids are asleep looking at this tweet I'm like why don't you think there is a normal I don't think normal is real I don't think normal is real I think we've been we've been hoodwinked normals not real

► 01:50:45

I don't think it is I don't think it's real I think it's that's one of the things that I love about nature you know we were watching a video yesterday of an owl eating the head off of a hawk because I was explaining there was a sort of a hawk war that went on in my backyard one point time these owls killed these Hawks and I would find these headless Hawks like owls are mean motherfuckers oh man they're so big they look wise and kind but they are they're badass so mean I know they eat

► 01:51:15

Hawks heads that's like the way they do it and I found this out by Googling who the fuck he talks heads I finally I would find these Hawks in the middle of my yard with no fucking hat I'm like what is that it's great owls man they they were these badass owls that would featherweight these Hogs great recommendation from you what funny UFC

► 01:51:38

Bonnie I had never seen rabbits fighting oh yeah there's oh my God there's like I mean I tried to figure out which of the animals that I want to see fight the most yeah so giraffes are way the hell up there oh yeah they fight Wilder rap battles are the best why do UFC is so funny this is funny or it's like it's like kangaroo fighting for sure well we didn't know how I mean they were to each other until my daughter's got to mail bunnies and we left them in a coop together oh well this is not good and they

► 01:52:08

up together I mean these weren't like bunnies it didn't know each other but they would fight to the death and they would fight all the time their ears were all torn apart we had a separate them yeah so this is they fight all the time they're they're rodents man have you seen penis fencing in flatworms

► 01:52:26

no no I have not penis Focus fantastic and flautist okay Jamie I learned so much from you about bizarre animal sexual behavior all the way back to the Cuttlefish that pretend to be women yeah that was a good one that's a really good one okay because there's a lot of men out there like that and Society so this is a penis fencing with flatworms so this is like in terms of why do people who like social engineering not like biology flatworms

► 01:52:56

I have two different life cycles a male and a female life cycle and they don't know when they encounter each other and romance calls whether or not they will be male or female and it's decided by a violent contest so they've got I believe to plural of penis

► 01:53:20

why let's go with Pinay no I only see one at any given moment they have two penises and they attempt to stab each other and whoever penetrates the other succeeds in what might be termed traumatic insemination and the loser is assigned the feminine gender right so the idea is that it's more costly to Bear the Young

► 01:53:50

it is to pierce the opponent so female is given to the loser

► 01:53:57

whoa so they just do battle until someone fucks the other one right and the person becomes a check now that thing now not prayers a were species what bed bugs bed bugs have no vaginal opening and so to make one the only way that a female can bear young is if a male attacks her thorax and breaks it open in an act which is definitely called traumatic insemination so

► 01:54:28

you know you have a situation in which violent rape is the only method by which females can leave young so what'd they do to you when you stay in a hotel is just Child's Play compared to what they do to I know my point is if you want to talk about eradicating bed bugs with DDT I'm all for it they are the feminists worst nightmare species and I you know you and I talked about the natural world look like well they blow up like

► 01:54:57

like balloons I think so if you see one that's flat it hasn't really gorged so there are like ticks ish anyway the we had them under control I believe do to DDT and but on my list of ten nightmare species bedbugs and flatworms for the twin traumatic inseminations would be way up at the top so it's like a needle

► 01:55:26

so they literally puncture through the thorax with another we go oh Christ yeah now these are if there is a good Lord boy does does he or she have a lot to answer for yeah what did you do you fuck why did you make bedbugs and why'd you make it like that imagine what kind of natural selection takes place where the only way that you can reproduce is through violent rape well it's interesting there's a

► 01:55:57

system which I think is fascinating which is there's a conserved quantity in dung beetles where they have weaponry on their heads and the form of antlers for fighting the males and it turns out that there's an inverse relationship so there's some resource that's allocated between the copulatory equipment and the

► 01:56:23

Weaponry that the the the the bed that the dung beetle has if they have a lot of weapons out there goes the Sean Connery that's good a bro thing yeah I love it accent I tried it for years and I can't do it is that the one I don't know if it's just I'm just a failure okay the larger the Weaponry the smaller the copulatory a pro so it's like a monster truck thing yeah if you don't have it going on you got to go get yourself in lots to try

► 01:56:53

let's take that tiny little gun invented anyway so what happens is that the size of the copulatory apparatus may be the engine of speciation that when a male's equipment no longer fits the female that maybe the queue that some dung beetles will speciate because they can't reproduce effectively and we don't know why the conserved quantity would be spread between

► 01:57:22

mean fighting equipment which is used only to displace Rivals and the size of the package what I went on a tour of the Vatican had a really great guide it was really cool he took my family through this thing and he was he was a professor and he was really happy that I was so curious about things so I don't want a double and so were wandering around billions of dollars of stone

► 01:57:53

art and one of the things I kept saying I go why are their penis is so small like what's going on with that and he was like that's a really important question and he's like back then the thought was that bigger penises were brutish and that they were that these you know you got to realize these are people that were fending off barbarians and the idea was that their gods would be beautifully proportioned but they would have these small sort of less dangerous

► 01:58:23

penises it's very interesting I yeah they would they would make them like that on purpose they were all they all had little dicks all of them and I might these guys like if you looked at these guys like just the way they're built yeah the reality is most of them would have Hogs right these are heavily muscled thick thick men with a lot of testosterone they would have big dicks most likely right that's the reason why women find that build attraction

► 01:58:53

probably other than the fact that it's going to be the person who'd be more successful at protecting you from said barbarians well I think is it true that the castrati of Italy were sought after as lovers they could still perform really yeah but then you didn't need to worry about pregnancy how could they could get erect with when they were castrate that doesn't make any sense that wrong yeah I don't think that's correct I think they're Unix I think that's why they would do that to men I mean Ben who would work in Castle

► 01:59:22

owls and they would have Unix that would work with the queen I was they could believe well I don't know what what the definite what operation was performed on the castrati they were there's all that testosterone okay but I believe that there was a way in which they were sought after as lovers nobody said a lot of pussy maybe that's probably what it is what just kind of Lingus yeah I actually think that they were able to set I'm not sure what operation was done but I believe that they were able to sexually perform in a conventional way Jamie

► 01:59:53

and if you could find the plural for penis it's got a Pinay yeah yeah penises just sounds so fucking crude but yeah I know well dicks is real that's the right way to say it Cox a lot of cocks yeah you don't say cock I might start do you know the the Michael Jackson story I know some man this is one of the Michael Jackson stories that I was promoting before it

► 02:00:22

actually was confirmed by his doctor the doctor that wind up killing him and went to jail I was like the way that guy sings because I was aware of castrati he's Mike he sounds like one of them yeah he sounds like he has his permanent female voice well the doctor that went to jail for sedating him and when he won up dying dr. Jackson right right whatever the guys name was that guy confirmed that Michael Jackson was chemically castrated by his father to preserve his voice

► 02:00:53

they did it to him at a young age wow because when he makes sense well in retrospect it's like the end of The Usual Suspects like okay hundred percent makes sense if you look at the rest of his family look at Tito or Jermaine they look like men right there these thick men like a normal man yeah and then you look at him he's incredibly slender like he has no muscle at all and he moves like he's got this you know there's this dance style that is like quasi feminine almost

► 02:01:22

all right it's like

► 02:01:25

he's singing like a woman like it's like why why tell em that it's human nature or what is that that's not a male voice right and hits incredible notes well the idea was that his father wanted to preserve what got them to the dance I mean this is a performing entertaining family he was the number one guy he was the genius he was a chance for the just yeah well you know what else

► 02:01:54

do you know that okay here's a weird one the Rivalry between the Nicholas brothers and I think the Berry Brothers do you have your of the story it was the Berry Brothers they were to dancing groups and the Nicholas brothers were just in terms of riffing off this Michael Jackson brought back the Nicholas Brothers the Nicholas Brothers if you can find this were maybe two of the greatest dancers ever what year is it

► 02:02:24

they came out of probably like the 1930s and 40s and like Fred Astaire and array of and all these people just thought these are the guys oh yeah

► 02:02:37

oh I am so

► 02:02:41

these I think that maybe Cab Calloway even yeah I believe that is and just in terms of like the femininity the elegant nature of these guys and both of them Geniuses and they could do anything yeah they're incredible look how great they dance my God look at all my God the way he's moving his hips back and forth in his legs go sideways like what incredible control is this a how much I love being an American

► 02:03:09

I love all the stuff that comes out of this country and I we need to get back to being ourselves what he's talking about we're being ourselves right now no we're not we're not what are we doing well right now we're looking at now if you check out look at this castrati we're also supposed to be great lovers they could last long says toe messini to say that name montesque we how do you say that to Montes montesque we might ask why they would have inspired

► 02:03:38

it a taste for Gomorrah in people whose taste is the least depraved what and when kazanova fell in love with a castrato who conveniently turned out to be a woman in drag he asked her to dress as a castrato and bed okay I'm done check please for those women for those women who choose as dried and put it to in quotes in soft Unix Place their Bliss and shun the

► 02:04:08

scrubbing of a bearded kiss yeah they wanted someone who eats a lot of pussy Affairs were idolized and safe but bed-hopping could be risky for the castrati one was assassinated by his lovers Furious family and another who wrote to the pope requesting permission to marry on the basis of that his castration had been ineffective received the reply let him be castrated better the pope said no you can't get married we're going to cut your nuts off

► 02:04:39

better than do a better job all mouth and no trousers castrati had more fun than you could think hello Guardian great fucking Samantha Alice meets a singer who wishes he'd had the chop won't grow yeah there's get look won't see this might just be a story you know what I mean the guy says I regret not having been cast for they go get Castro here so like crazy but that's that's one of those things where that's just that might be a story like a good way to write something maybe I don't

► 02:05:09

click Beatty and it's sure has been around for a long time here's something you may not know the last castrato

► 02:05:19

was recorded see there's actually a recall we played in under the pilot has about a dozen times yeah yeah it's pretty gross it's not a he's not he wasn't a talented one well that's not what's gross what's gross is the thought that this was a child that was taken and castrated and then for me to live this life look it's absolutely ridiculous but getting back to Michael Jackson and I think there is is that right yeah Alessandro more chechi more said more stretchy more SG more SG

► 02:05:48

Sandro more SG the last castrato Christ the complete Vatican recordings what did they do that man's mouth while they had him there so it was a very Brothers is the Berry Brothers were a rival team to the Nicholas brothers and their did we see that with those guys The Berry Brothers Lucinda close with Nicholas Brothers nobody remembers the Berry Brothers if anybody remembers anything they remember the Nicholas Brothers but the issue is that the Berry Brothers were there's the Baron Brothers okay this is your brother's that

► 02:06:18

this is you'll see that they are much more athletic in a certain sense and will much less refined so doing a lot of Cain twirling yeah but if you go to the end of this one I believe it's pretty awesome look I mean there's a scene where they you see those stairs mmm

► 02:06:40

they're about to do some things Christ look at that yeah oh spinning in and drop it into the splits all right we'll keep keep keep on this from so the running up the stairs

► 02:06:51

and then oh my God oh my God they jumped off the top of the stairs which were talking about a good solid ten feet and they landed into a split all right now that's a nut Smasher okay these guys look at that look at that bam that is insane that the right to that three of them and then they did backflips right three of them my God that's a very impressive feat that's like that's like parkour but you never heard of these guys

► 02:07:21

the ball slam no but I mean it's like the 1920s right it's gonna be later than the 20th was it yeah goddamn that's thirties forties amazing the way they jumped off the top and language ever seen the Hellzapoppin sequence

► 02:07:35

no was that put in Hellzapoppin this is this just an Elisa Boppin Hellzapoppin then dance

► 02:07:46

Hellzapoppin dance hell's about yeah okay now go into the middle of it because there's a bunch of set up here that no farther okay Jesus Christ oh my God so this is a guy and a girl and so he throws her over his back oh my God these people can do anything whoo but the amount of practice and how you would practice something like this the real thing that would be

► 02:08:15

and saying the practice is that jump off the top into the split was man it's athleticism Artistry and I means and you know this is also how it's incredible oh my God it's pro wrestling my God

► 02:08:35

I mean what is the well we should we listen to the music but would get no no don't don't do that but it's just I want people to be aware of the level of artistry and skill that came out of places like Harlem is just all of this is pure American engineering this is 41 and you know these are hard shoes with like slippery Souls that oh my God what is it what's amazing is that these guys can get any traction to do any of it and the girl just did that to him

► 02:09:04

holy shit it is the best of the best this is comedy God right my God amazing what I love about this program Joe is I get to take stuff like this and blow it out to people at like Millions at a time um well that's why I love about having you on I would love to learn something about this this is amazing how the follow my God migrate them in the balls and said I'm flying oh my God I of people on YouTube watching you have to Google oh okay yeah please do this is insane

► 02:09:34

this is 1941 my God right and if you want to think about like Partnerships between men and women and the way in Powers is passed back and forth between people of equal abilities just astounding well yeah I mean there's no one person who is the the head of this like he's throwing her around the room and then she's throwing him around the room and like oh my God I said made all they did tell her I love her eyes wow oh my God that's incredible that they can do that

► 02:10:06

wow that's one of the more amazing things about computer technology like the footage that they did with World War one where they took some of that footage and colorized it and smooth it out and use computers to sort of fill in the choppiness of it and it's almost like you have you seen my friend Lee you should have leash Ali on the show Rosebud AI is going to make models a thing of the past you can generate like tens of thousands of people who've never existed and you can't tell the difference

► 02:10:36

and like you know how your optometrist says is it better like this or like this right testing yeah she could create for you you're absolutely perfect you know visual mate and there's no way of having this person or asking them out because they don't exist and there's no way of telling whether they're real or fake so it's increasingly I just can't what is her name yet Leisha Lee leash Ali yeah she's a PhD in

► 02:11:06

in like math or statistics from Berkeley and again one of these people who can do absolutely anything art dance programming high-level Theory and so her company is rosebud a I know she's also an actress

► 02:11:26

Wonder Woman Jesus one of them huh yep well them confusing people one of them confusing people but it's unclear whether models will still have a job they won't good go to work skinny bitch become something more interesting than just a hanger

► 02:11:47

how about that so what other F said what what other episodes of my of my pocket as I warned her has launched it off of this one yes I listened to Werner Herzog yeah I thought that was interesting although he's a little bit self-congratulatory which was a little shocking but he is the most interesting man Universe very interesting guy he's also been in some really terrible movies like he was in that Jack Reacher movie with Tom Cruise the best part about that movie is that he drives a Chevelle 1970 Chevelle don't know about the you don't know about 70

► 02:12:16

else did you listen to the bread up Brett episode brat Weinstein oh your brother no I did not have to listen to that one okay I've only listened to five or six if you listen to it to episode 19 which is the bread episode I think that's been the most important one and except for the one released today

► 02:12:42

that sounds like your gear me up for the One released today well I just start with the I would start with the Brett one what's so important about the Brett one the Brett one is a story about his prediction that all the laboratory mice that we use from the major supplier which is the Jackson laboratory in Bar Harbor Maine may have been compromised by their breeding protocols which allowed the telomere is to radically elongate and that we thought that these mice were

► 02:13:10

senator of of all mice and that they had radically elongated telomeres at the end of their chromosomes which appear to mediate the level of mitosis that can happen during histological repair so if you imagine that your cells can divide a certain number of times if if there isn't a counter

► 02:13:29

that stops the number of Divisions everything can become too numerous and since you have like 30 trillion or a hundred trillion cells in your body it means every cell almost can kill you so it appears that the reason we may die from senescence that is aging is that that's our anti-cancer mechanism so if you eliminate like infectious disease like viruses and insult from you know being hit by a car

► 02:13:57

the two things that you have in the end is either you die from immortality which is cancer which where cells can divide an infinite number of times or you die from the recursion limit which is how many times the cell can divide called in biology the hayflick limit and Brett predicted from first principles that what we thought about mice which is that they have radically elongated telomeres was only true for laboratory animals because all the laboratory animals in which we test things like drugs have been broken

► 02:14:27

they've been broken because of selective breeding yep because the breeding rotations privileged much younger mice and removed all sort of threats from the environment and so because telomere is are not protein-coding there are sequences of nucleotides that repeat as a counter rather than coding for a translation in the ribosome into amino acid sequences what you have is that the body can

► 02:14:57

mutate if you will until use the Jackson Laboratories concept of this very rapidly because it's not building something structural just a question of do we have 17 on the end or a hundred and seventy on the end because the it's acting nucleic acid has multiple ways in which it can participate in regulating the body's responses so in fact the breeding protocols constituted a novel system of selective

► 02:15:26

here's that destroy the efficacy of all of our laboratory animals potentially holy shit so that's what he predicted from first principles he said I bet if you test wild-type mice rather than laboratory mice you'll find that their telomeres are not long as you believe and this was actually carried out by Carol greider who did not acknowledge the prediction she didn't acknowledge the prediction you should listen to the show why did she not acknowledge them should listen to the show okay its okay its no because it's this is

► 02:15:56

here it's complicated and it's a Nobel Laureate on the other side of this so we're taking some risk over the over there at the portal that's really interesting so the consequences of this could be grave could be that so much of the studies that are predicated on these mice tests are they're useless well I've called up the Jackson laboratory and ask them when did you have you had any changes in your breeding protocol are you they said we don't even count the number of telomere at the the telomere length

► 02:16:27

I said you have a history of when you've changed the breeding Protocols are you aware of these articles and she said like what I said you know these articles of Carol greider and they said how do you spell glider like the plane I said Grider like the Nobel Laureate and how do you spell that GRE IDE are

► 02:16:47

and so and then then they said to me well we don't remember if we've changed the protocols I said you're producing laboratory animals I would imagine you would have a documented history of every change in the time series of how these animals were prepared

► 02:17:06

well I don't know if there's anyone around from that time it's like

► 02:17:10

are you kidding were you absent the day they taught science

► 02:17:16

who are you

► 02:17:19

you know that this like a single point of failure if true I can't even we've been at for 20 years we've been trying to get an answer as 20 years no one will break the story I mean this episode which is almost impossible to listen to because at the beginning of the episode I'm absolutely insufferable to Brett because you won't tell the story he's afraid to tell his own life story why won't he tell a story

► 02:17:44

because in academics the idea of some punk kid alleging that they predicted in a telephone call to a Nobel Laureate that if they would test wild-type mice the telomeres would be radically along radically shorter than the elongated telomeres of the Laboratory test and then the person refuses to acknowledge

► 02:18:09

that such a prediction was made even though we have emails from the lab that so she refuses to acknowledge it or she doesn't I cannot find a single I've been over the literature there is no mention anywhere

► 02:18:24

of and I lived this with bread in real time so I know the events were happening we have communications with that lab

► 02:18:34

since there is I cannot find any acknowledgement from the Johns Hopkins University laboratory that this interaction ever took place and that because he called and wrote and did not write an email he did not have a paper trail of that prediction now there's consequential consequential emails that show the interaction between the labs but how many times have you ever heard anyone predict a molecular

► 02:19:04

result from first principles in evolutionary theory this is what Brett was supposed to be famous for and then you know he became like this obscure professor at some ridiculous college and then this thing happened to him but that's not his origin story his origin story is that he is the badass of biology who was able to make this prediction from first principles and may have advanced the theory of why we have to die balance between deaths from immortality that is tumors and death

► 02:19:34

from recursion limits that is telomere mediated hey flicks hayflick limit so what if anything has been done since this information is gotten out the world went crazy for the episode and there was silence everywhere inside of what I've called the Gated institutional narrative because to acknowledge it yeah they really have to throw out how much research we don't know I don't know

► 02:20:01

but it puts the question out how much research is compromised by the RAB laboratory breeding protocols and breeding rotations from a single point of failure at the Jackson Laboratories in Bar Harbor Maine

► 02:20:15


► 02:20:17

episode 19 it is and you will hear me in a way where you will just say Eric is the biggest dick I've ever heard in my life but it's all to push Brett to actually talk you should have it back on the show to talk about it skill I would love to yeah so he just wants to he kind of wants a soft dance it is that what it is soft up steps just wrong I mean here's the problem there's a point after which I'm not mr. nice guy and I'm just like adamant mmm bread is simply

► 02:20:47

wrong it's a it's a result and a story that needs to be told if there is another side to the story we need to hear the other side of the story and my goal is to have Carol greider say you know what this interaction did happen and I probably could have handled this better because she has work that she's done which is beyond question some of the most important work that has nothing to do with anything Brett is done but it does not give that laboratory the scientific

► 02:21:16

right to deny the existence of this interaction the importance of the interaction and because there are potential Downstream consequences in Pharmaceuticals we need to have an answer and every answer is interesting like if the laboratory mice havin radical added radically elongated telomeres is not a problem in some way that's fascinating how could you have an animal that has this huge adaptation to the laboratory

► 02:21:43

not affect things that would be interesting if it does affect me that's fascinating well especially if you're if you're running tests on it that have anything to do with him merely right well no but if it doesn't have to do like for example let's say you have a really toxic substance right and it causes a lot of cell death that requires histological repair

► 02:22:06

well if you have huge long telomeres you're going to have an ability to metabolize that toxicity very much better right right you'll be able to take the insult that comes from this and so these mice are probably Predator naturally disposed towards radical histological repair that's why they remain youthful and young and if you test something that might be you know if you're doing toxicology studies it could be that the telomere is even though you're not testing the telomere has what you're actually doing is picking up the

► 02:22:35

these broken mice are like the world Champs of repair but they suck it cancer they all died of cancer all of them yeah almost if you essentially all the mice that with radically elongated telomeres let go long enough all died of cancer because they're they're tricked out for one special thing which is we are never we yeah we are the best at repair wow right so think about it as the theory of death and clear away all of the noise there two ways that that nature can't figure out

► 02:23:05

at it as an escape from either you dive in mortality which is that you think all your cells want to want to live forever you know and that's a huge death huge danger or we call it a resource lately can computers or they die because the only thing nature can figure out to do is to say you only get a finite number of cell divisions up front now that there's some adjustments to the theory but if you only get it like if you look at the moles on my face which your people

► 02:23:35

love to comment on comment section they probably started as a runaway replica replicative process that arrested at the border of the mole in order to keep the from killing me all right so we have cells that go road all the time but then what happens is that there's some means of making sure that it's the process doesn't take down the entire organism but think about 30 trillion assassins as the cells in your body all of which might kill you at any moment

► 02:24:05

moments like terrifying

► 02:24:08

and today's podcast

► 02:24:11

today's podcast so first of all you can reach it now I finally got a website which is Eric Weinstein dot-org and I told you that we have to leave this planet and that

► 02:24:28

it's hard not to laugh sorry it's just hard not to laugh but you're serious I'm definitely leave this planet we have to leave this planet why why do I have to well this plan because we can't all be as plain as the best beaches it's not Planet this guy says China Russia Iran and the United States and Iraq ridiculous leadership there's lots of reasons why we have to leave this planet we're not good stewards we're not wise enough to stay on this planet we're too powerful we went through this and by the way you pointed out this quote which is we are now Gods but for the wisdom

► 02:24:58

and that became a meme so it was very interesting the

► 02:25:03

I gave these lectures in 2013 a toxic best quotes ever isn't it don't know and officer who originated that quote

► 02:25:16

it was me that was yeah when did you say on your program what day which one remember which one it probably turn doing clip I'm trying to think about what is it just came off my tongue and you it's one of those ones where I'll drive down the street and it'll pop in my head like the nicest person now no now it's a fantastic quote but it's so right it's like every now and then someone can get the whole thing in the sentence

► 02:25:43

we now Gods but for the wisdom so that's why we have to get off this planet diversify because they're too many people have Godlike powers like Donald Trump commands a tremendous amount of Godlike power thanks to our physics Community well his ratings see how high they are

► 02:26:04

he's so hard to stay out of focus sorry okay okay so so too much Godlike power right so the best hope that I can come up with and it's a slim one is that if we could figure out what goes beyond Einstein's theory

► 02:26:21

the einsteinian speed limit might be bendable or breakable because we would be in a framework that was larger than Einsteins people often interpret this as what they call FTL or faster-than-light travel but that's not what I mean necessarily what I mean is that the underlying source code gives us opportunities that we don't normally have so seven years ago I try to release I tried giving these lectures at Oxford which is probably the university that is spiritually closest to what I care about because they care about

► 02:26:50

tree and physics and the interrelationship they've kept the face with a Faith with that tradition through people like Roger Penrose and Michael Atiya and I released this theory of geometric Unity or rather I released the video of the lecture that introduces this Theory so this was the first time since 1980

► 02:27:15

384 that I talked in public when I started this program when I was 18 19 something like that and I just release the video today on our YouTube channel

► 02:27:32

and it's the video of you giving this discussion yeah so it's introduced by Professor Marcus DeSoto who has Richard Dawkins old job as the Simoni Professor for the public understanding of Science and he just he met me in a bar and he got me a little drunk I said okay what are you really working on and I told him and the first it sounded crazy and then he started thinking about it and he asked me more questions and he brought me over to Oxford he got me an appointment had me talk to their experts

► 02:28:02

and then he decided that he wanted me to give these what he called special Simoni lectures and they are an attempt to go beyond Einstein to look for a unified theory of physics between the two major branches that have resisted unification now that's usually in the modern era confused with the idea of quantizing gravity but the quantity the quantum gravity imperative is a

► 02:28:30

it's a political program that comes out of what would have been the quantum field Theory Community before it became the string theory Community because the idea is we have to take Einstein and make him submit to the will of bore

► 02:28:42

and I don't think it's exactly like that that I don't know I think they got it wildly wrong and they synchronize themselves and sort of took the field off the cliff and they weren't able to ship a product they couldn't deliver on any of this promise and so when I saw that they were about to go off a cliff I switched Fields as an undergraduate into mathematics and used mathematics as a stalking horse to study the same sort of underlying structures but not to get swept up in the politics of physics and I had this Theory

► 02:29:12

which I can now talk about for the first time in like 37 years or whatever it is

► 02:29:17

and like today's the first day that I'm sort of free because I've kept this to myself so if you want to ask me any question about geometric Unity but why why did you keep this to yourself because I don't trust these people you don't trust these people in the sea like I know there was some people that have written some Market wasn't Shanker everyone's matter if it's not them it's an entire system that believes in peer review it believes in its for citations you have to be at a university you have to get an endorsement to use their preprint server

► 02:29:47

it's too few resources too many sharp elbows do you think that there's there's a logic to that method no I think to preserve it from charlatans and you have to do crack pots that are ya they're just want to publish stories yep so this way you have to be sponsored makes sense right yes but it to whatever I'm doing whatever mistakes I'm making

► 02:30:09

assume I assume I'm wrong about it but this theory that just fine I'll find out that I'm wrong giving a Layman's version of the theory all right first time ever yeah do you know that let's start off with escher's drawing hands so do you Jamie do you have a picture for that the the key problem that we have in a fundamental theory that people don't think about is not why is there something rather than nothing I don't think we

► 02:30:38

answer that it's why is there so much that is that is Rich out of almost nothing and so this issue shows that if you had a piece of paper could you will into being

► 02:30:54

the hands holding pens using ink to draw each other right that problem is akin to the problem that we face in a fundamental theory if you had the canvas how would the canvas bring all of the richness that you see around you into being

► 02:31:11

and what I did was I said okay we have to go Below on Stein so we have four degrees of freedom but they're not yet space and time it's protospace time but before

► 02:31:22

and then I said okay that those four degrees of freedom are like the stands in a stadium and the stands somehow need to build the pitch

► 02:31:36

and the pitch is a 14 dimensional space so if let's imagine that you had

► 02:31:46

okay we have got four objects here right so the four degrees of freedom corresponding for objects then we need a ruler to measure how much of each of these four objects we have so that would be four additional variables and then you have angles because length and angle is what Einstein gave us in space-time so the angles between any two objects of the same as the reverse of the angle so then you can count it up in there six angles to be had so there's four degrees of freedom Plus for rulers

► 02:32:15

plus 6 protractors which is 14

► 02:32:18

so there's a 14 dimensional auxiliary space and in my estimation you and I are in some ways potentially having this conversation in a 14 dimensional world that we perceive back in the stands rather than on the pitch

► 02:32:33

as a four-dimensional conversation that is we're in the three-dimensional room going forward in time so I've called this The Observers and The Observers is two spaces rather than Einsteins one space can I stop you right there sir why 14 Dimensions because I'm saying that the fields that is the stuff is dancing not mostly on the four dimensions that we think we perceive but it's also dancing on the rulers and the

► 02:33:03

actors so in other words if I have X y&z I need rulers in the X Direction the y z Direction the Z to measure things and I need a watch which would be like a ruler in the time Direct

► 02:33:15

so those four rulers are in fact in play as well and the the protractors because of the space-time is 4 degrees of freedom plus rulers and protractors

► 02:33:26

I'm saying work over the space of all rulers and all protractors as part of where these particles and Fields can dance so the rulers in the protractors are part of the system not just a choice of particular rulers and particular protractors so by choosing particular rulers in particular protractors Einstein is grabbing a tiny filament of the space of all possible rulers and protractors so in effect space-time is recovered as the act of the

► 02:33:55

reverse contemplating itself it's a little bit poetic but I mean that the choice of A Spacetime metric inside of the space of all metrics is a section of a 14 dimensional bundle over a four dimensional space now that's the first sort of mind-bending weird thing is is that this is not happening in one place it's happening in two places in X and in y the stands and the pitch they're things that are happening in the stands and the things that are happening in the pitch so you know when a guy is like trying to make a free

► 02:34:25

throw and everybody's waving their giant noodles trying to get him to miss there's an interaction between what's happening in the stands and what's happening on the floor

► 02:34:35

and The Observers is the bundling of two spaces and saying hey you're confused as to what's going on here some fields are happening in the stands some fields are happening on the floor and there Everything feels as if it's happening in the stands because that's where you're sitting in some weird way then you've got this really crazy stuff which I think one aspect of it is everybody in theoretical physics is looking to figure out whether there are three or more generation

► 02:35:04

that is copies of matter everything in this room is Generation 1 it's all made up of up quarks down quarks and electrons so that of quarks and down quarks give you protons and neutrons and electrons give you the sort of interesting personality of the various chemical elements they're also neutrinos but they're streaming through us are not going to count them and that's all Generation 1 of matter so everything in that think of that as like plastic Lego then there's another Lego set made out of wood

► 02:35:34

and then there's another Lego set made out of like lead you know and we don't see those other two Lego sets except if we're doing very energetic experiments

► 02:35:44

so there were three copies of matter and everybody was trying to figure out three or more and I thought maybe it's two or fewer and so one of the aspects of this theory is that the third generation of matter is an impostor it looks like this generation of matter in terms of its particle personalities but if you are actually to heat up the system it would unify with a bunch of particles nobody's ever seen before and so their predictions for what those new particle properties would be there's also a fourth pseudo generation of what would be called spin 3 halves

► 02:36:13

better which is not prohibited but has never been seen as a fundamental so it makes predictions for the particle properties of new spin 1/2 and new spin 3 halves particles it attempts to say that there are sectors of matter that I think decoupled that the universe is not in fact Left Right asymmetric which would be called chirality and if you think about the weak Force so if you have a neutron on a table it will Decay and I think something like 17 minutes on average

► 02:36:43

each half life when it decays there's an asymmetry in that decay called beta Decay and that was found by a woman bring up Madam Liu from Colombia and the cobalt-60 experiment so in the 50s this this gal Madam whoo-hoo should have won a Nobel Prize discovered that when cobalt-60 decays through beta Decay the electrons come spin out one side and not the other meaning that the universe is like

► 02:37:14

Marilyn Monroe were Cindy Crawford having a birthmark that lets you tell the left from the right so this is like the ultimate experimental badass who never got recognized fully she did an experiment based on work of Yang and Lee that for the first time showed that the Universe had a preference of one of its left over it's right if you will I don't believe that preference is fundamental I believe that there's an another copy of matter

► 02:37:43

that so the analogy I give is that if you think if you look at your three fingers in the center of your hand your middle finger which is my favorite is obviously symmetrical bad self your digit ratio 2 and 4 is pretty close but is determined by the amount of testosterone you're exposed to In Utero and then your thumb and your pinky or wildly off but you could try to make it symmetric and say well you know a pink he's like a lame thumb which it isn't if you're just looking at your hand you're trying to figure out why

► 02:38:13

my handy symmetrical

► 02:38:16

but you don't realize that you've got another hand and it's thumb to thumb not thumb to pinky that is the symmetry so when you place your fingertips together you see that if you didn't know if you were like Oliver Sacks tout and you could only see part of your body you would think about how the world is asymmetric while my belief is that it in Weak gravitational situations this other matter decouples so you only see one hand or the other and we're all in one handedness

► 02:38:44

so what I'm starting to do is that I'm terrified of talking about this stuff I don't have the right credentials not a physicist I've been out of this game for forever so I often say the wrong things and break rules and who knows what and I haven't really talked about it this is like really a very lonesome I mean I've been completely alone on this project the one my life what do you think to end result of this project

► 02:39:12

we could be because you're saying we could get off this planet what are you talking about in terms of the actual implementation of this this theory of yours so Jamie if you could bring up my answer to the final Edge question which is what is the last question Jon Brockman asked when the final year that he conducted the annual Edge question and that is the annual Edge question yes he would ask like 200 people many of them physicists are biologists or mathematicians you'd ask

► 02:39:42

question and they'd write an essay and then every year he publishes a book and so I did that for 10 years finally got tired of it and he said okay this is my final year we've exhausted this what is the last question so this is the question that I asked so does something unprecedented happen when we finally learn our own source code the nobody picked up on this but that's my concern is which is what happens when the universe finally contemplates itself

► 02:40:12

when we hear the first like we're always worried about the AI becoming self-aware Allah Skynet okay we are the AI

► 02:40:23

and we're about to become self-aware if we can figure out what our own source code is

► 02:40:28

so we are Skynet so you're talking about the source code of reality itself yep and that our perception our limited perceptions of reality are giving us a distorted view of what the landscape actually is where I'm trying to make sure I was somewhat holding this back because I'm afraid of what it unlocks and now that I know that we're willing to elect Donald Trump not store masks play footsie with China be Putin's bitch all of the stuff

► 02:41:01

to hell with this we're going to miss manage this planet into Armageddon if we don't get some grown-ups into the room and so I don't know that I'm a grown-up but I'm willing to Vie for leadership by putting something up having it investigated and seeing where it goes what is your number one fear about this this source code being I don't know less of a better term mastered well the last time we gained some serious insight into the way

► 02:41:28

I worked that with a little bit of geometry from stanislaw ulam and Edward Teller gave us the the namesake of the bikini that was a terrifying moment we change everything changed in 19 I think that was 50 for the namesake of the bikini a Bikini Atoll was an island in the Pacific where we blew up a hydrogen device is that that and say those insane

► 02:41:58

in images where you can see the water going a mile high into the sky gorgeous yeah is that what that is yeah but they did that a lot right well they did it for a period of time now and so went to your question what if what so it's still expensive to create Fusion devices so we don't know of any individuals who own the ability to create Fusion devices if you recall at some point somebody made a functioning nuclear reactor at of discarded

► 02:42:28

smoke detectors

► 02:42:30

and we got like 500 smoke detectors took out the radioactive element created a reactor really think so so kid right yeah

► 02:42:39

probably kid who couldn't get into Harvard so we have a situation in which we don't know when he ordinary humans will gain Limitless destructive power you know try to imagine the Columbine kids weaponizing viruses or something like that so one of the great dangers is that great power I can't tell what the power would be if the theory is correct

► 02:43:06

it might give us the ability to escape it might give us a escaped oh yeah why do we have to escape this is what I'm I'm always so confused about like because even when Ilan talks about going to Mars yeah like Mars sucks bar sucks can you fix here when that be the best approach well you and I agree on that yeah what we don't agree on I think is that I'm convinced that we don't have the ability to Steward this place why

► 02:43:35

don't you think we're better at it now than we were a thousand years ago no no so Genghis Khan was doing a better job Genghis Khan was doing a better job because he didn't have Limitless power

► 02:43:49

just try to imagine it try to imagine a full-on nuclear energy change and then we're having this conversation afterwards so you you're concerned that nuclear war is not just possible but inevitable it certainly inevitable given a long enough time series because all these weapons simply will become cheaper

► 02:44:11

there's no counter measure that we it's too easy to destroy things relative to building do you think that when we're looking at the failure of leadership on the scale that we're seeing play out because this pandemic that this is indicative of how it would go no matter what went wrong yes yeah like if this was an issue of forest fires if it was a an issue of climate destruction if this was an issue volcanoes hurricanes nuclear war same thing same thing like you know

► 02:44:41

here's a weird one the suit look up look at the history Jamie of Vesuvius eruptions by year since the 1800s about my guess is that Wikipedia would probably have a list and the last one was in 1944-45 during World War II grounded a bunch of planes and then Vesuvius stops erupting

► 02:45:04

like we're wet while the overdue for a Vesuvius eruption and then when i-- Q fellow cool erupted in Iceland

► 02:45:13

like we hadn't realized that the era of jet travel in the developed world had happened at during an incredibly quiet period of volcanic activity so did we build any kind of volcanic sensitivity into these planes know we just grounded the fleet

► 02:45:31

right and there's a there's a volcano not so far from like a fellow cool called katla some makes makes IQ follicle look like a like Child's Play yeah so you have to look at the big nap as the greatest Danger

► 02:45:49

to all of us and this point about about being Jewish is to be really Jewish jet Ben Shapiro makes a point which is not very popular which is a lot of people call themselves Jews aren't actually Jews they're really Jews on the way out people who can't figure out why they're keeping these Traditions up they sort of like to go three days a year Mumble a few words there's something intrinsically Jewish about wanting gold bars someplace where you can grab them you know and knowing

► 02:46:19

where the exits are on a building like you have to be prepared because the problem of anti-Semitism to leave at a moment's notice and Jews have always lived like this and many of us have forgotten because we've we've gotten soft in a world with you know knock wood anti-Semitism while prevalent has been under control in the US for a long time and I think weirdly become denatured

► 02:46:45

because we haven't been living with open anti-Semitism you see a crop up in the comment section of every video but it's incredibly important to stay in a state of Readiness and I've tried to keep that story about Passover and The Exodus into Israel from what Jews call mitzrayim which means the narrow places or Egypt so my contention is the Jews had a great run

► 02:47:14

in Egypt and we are all the Jews and Earth is mitzrayim

► 02:47:21

and it's time to go

► 02:47:23

where we going

► 02:47:25

we don't know that we can go anywhere this is a recapitulation of our previous conversation right we have to know whether exoplanets are viable whether we can spread out and whether or not they're in the middle of a big sleep well they may be right if we're running a million different experiments it's different than if we're running one correlated experiment with Donald Trump at the Helm of the most dangerous machine ever created in the world like that was not my plan

► 02:47:52

so the formulation of this Theory what you're trying to do is revolutionize space travel know what you're trying to do is make it possible try to us in we've installed out we've been stalled out for almost 50 years in theoretical physics so stalled out how so so the simplest way of saying it is no one younger than Frank will check who was born in 1951 has gone to Stockholm

► 02:48:19

for a discovery in theoretical fundamental physics made since like 1973

► 02:48:31

physics effectively the The Prestige part of physics came to an end in the early 70s when everything changed across the board we had a broad economic change in our world Jamie do you want to bring up GDP versus median male income

► 02:48:49

something bizarre happened in the early 1970s that we should all be talking about that almost nobody knows about and one of the things that happened was is that physics effectively came to an end a lot of physicists will you see that graph hmm so Jesus explained to people that are just listening so what it shows is from what is it 1947 till about 1973 GDP and median male income are going up in lock step there are almost perfectly correlated

► 02:49:20

and then abruptly median male income flatlines from about 1973 to 2010 2010 on this graph and GDP keeps going up now that is people always talk about the singularity when like we will become one with the robots and a I will take over this was the actual Singularity that happened and it happened relatively unnoticed and that's what began to drain again median male income is irrelevant

► 02:49:49

is just one indicator that's particularly clean to show you that that's that's when the action happened

► 02:49:55

my belief is that since the early 70s very little in our society has been progressing that's not true for computers that's been like the big bright spots not true for fracking there's some Innovations in imaging but in general in an average room if you subtract off the screens you can't get definitely tell that that room didn't exist in 1973

► 02:50:18

because we stopped growing we got crazy because everything was built on growth everything was a scheme that became a Ponzi scheme when growth ran out so we've sort of been hollowing ourselves out from that time and getting crazier and farther away from reality and we have to actually figure out where we are and my belief was that our economy was almost completely created by theoretical physics theoretical physics underlies chemistry so the chemical revolutions like

► 02:50:48

X from The Graduate it gave us the semiconductor from which we do our Computing it give us the World Wide Web which came out of CERN it gave us telecommunications which use the electromagnetic spectrum gives us Medical Imaging from tomography we don't really appreciate the theoretical physics has been the great success story of our time and the theoretical physics Community is the intellectual SEAL Team Six of the world and we under pay them we are under resource

► 02:51:18

are now completely unethical because we've underpaid them in and so nautical how so

► 02:51:24

they won't talk about their failures they don't talk about who did what they're not fair and decent because there's not enough resources and so when resources get scarce people become Psychopathic and like string theory is it just an utter failure that we can't discuss because the Baby Boomers use that as well we're making huge progress while they're actually doing nothing I mean I don't say there doing nothing they weren't making contact with physics they became mathematicians like a bunch of

► 02:51:54

there's in generals who are playing war games during peacetime there's thats related to what they're supposed to be doing but there was nothing for them to do so they sort of went to the gym and ran on a treadmill rather than actually running marathons so we have a terrible situation in that the community that powered our economy and gave us this incredible power in the world through like nuclear weapons and the rad Lab at MIT and whatnot

► 02:52:21

is gone into Decline and it's very dangerous to restart theoretical physics so it's been safe because there's been nothing new that we can use coming out of it might not my belief now is that we have to talk about a thousand years solution to human life with weaponized virus has with weaponized nuclei I mean the amount of damage we can do is astounding

► 02:52:48

and that's going to restart at some point since the nap is now coming to an end like we're living this is the end of the nap

► 02:52:58

three months ago we were all just leading la la you know beautiful lives doing whatever who are struggling we were you know frustrated but we weren't in doing so you think that this is not something that's going to we're going to overcome and we're going to get back to business as usual December 2019 so assume that we do okay so we come up with a killer treatment we replenish all the masks we have vaccines

► 02:53:24

we all just spent how long watching our leaders tell us to shelter in place

► 02:53:33

make Emmy we all went through this movie

► 02:53:38

I don't think like I'm watching conversations about open borders change do you want hey should we talk about open borders today what's this keep going about escaping the planet and your theory well okay because we have taken many deviations and why would a 430 all right is it I don't even know yeah okay so this Theory geometric Unity replace the space-time so think about a fundamental theory is a newspaper story it's who what sorry it's where when which is space and time

► 02:54:08

who what who would be fermion that is matter electrons quarks and what would be the force that pushes them around how and why how would be the equations and why would be something called a lagrangian and what this does is to say that there used to be two Origins for for physics there was space time which Einstein gave us and then there's this thing called su3 cross u s-- u 2 cross u 1 which comes from nowhere that anyone knows

► 02:54:38

knows what does that well you and I are seeing each other through photons photons are scattering off us and being perceived in by our eyes photons are associated with electromagnetism and there is actually a circle at every point in space time so here we are in space my fingers are up here between us I'm going to snap at a particular instant

► 02:55:02

at that point of the snap there was a circle as there is a point a circle and every other point in space-time that we do not perceive the generates all of electromagnetism

► 02:55:13

so call this the mysterious you one we don't know where this you one comes from why is there a hidden Circle that generates the electromagnetism that you and I use to make visual contact that we use to send electronic signals like our Wi-Fi not only is there a circle there's also a three-dimensional object called Su 2 and 1/8 dimensional object called su3 and effectively su2 generates the weak Force that's not

► 02:55:42

it writes called actually weak isospin and su3 generates the strong force which is sort of on the nose which is why the protons in your body don't all push apart given that they're positively charged and like charges repel so why don't you explode that the strong force and comes out of something called su3

► 02:56:01

we have two Origin stories one origin story is the story of space and time the other origin story is the story of su 3 cross s you to cross you want and what I did was to get rid of the freedom to choose the Symmetry is the generate the personalities of the part of the particles that make up this place and then the question is okay I called it the magic beans trade because if you think about Jack and the Beanstalk Jack gives away the family cow to get beans which

► 02:56:31

seems like the worst trade of all time but the beans actually had much more in them

► 02:56:36

then was understood and so Jack gets the better of the trade because the beans allow him to do something crazy so that's what I did I gave away the freedom to choose the symmetries to generate the particle properties I tied my hands the way Einstein would tie his hands

► 02:56:51

and then I tried to show that you could recover these particle Properties by trusting that the theory would self-assemble and that's the hands drawing hands so the idea is that I generated The Firm eons on top of the space of all rulers and protractors on top of the Fordham four dimensions and the natural object which would be called Spinners or chimeric spinners

► 02:57:16

when perceived on the 4 dimensional object that is when you pull back the information from the second world that created into the first from the pitch into the stands

► 02:57:26

the particle properties appear to be there more or less the right particle properties of the particles that we see now when I started this in the early 80s we didn't know that neutrinos had mass and so we thought that there might be only 15 particles in the generation and my stuff would only work if the number of particles in generation was 2 to the N so the joke when I was in college was I sure hope that 2 to the fourth equals 15 now it can't be because to the fourth is 16 but then luckily for me

► 02:57:57

you chance were found to have mass and that sort of change the probability that there are 16 particles so this is some weird thing to deal with the fundamental incompatibility of the two theories general relativity of Einstein and quantum theory of bore and Iraq

► 02:58:17

in the 70s we found out that there was a geometry that governed the board Iraq part of the world called Aris money in Geometry from Charles heiress monetization and Einstein had used Bernhard Riemann a German mathematician his geometries so my Gambit and why it's called geometric Unity is that the two branches of physics

► 02:58:43

are derived from two geometries so rather than saying it's about quantizing geometry which is the Quantum field Theory imperialist perspective we Einstein must submit to bore the real issue is that there's a fight between the parents that is Bernhard Riemann and Charles are Osman

► 02:58:59

now we don't know those names nearly as well and so my goal was to say is there any world in which these two geometries and the advantages of these two geometries could be made to play together and in general there isn't but there is one case in which it works which is this issue of natural Spinners and so the whole Gambit was to say what if the world is not a generic world but a very natural and peculiar world where certain games work that would not work in a generic

► 02:59:29


► 02:59:32

so what I tried to do is to recover Einstein the way Einstein tried to recover Newton from a more fundamental Theory and the incompatibility is that Einstein had to compress something called the full Riemann curvature tensor which is the sort of measure of how warped something is so he broke that Beast that tells you the warping of something into pieces you through one of the mount called the vile curvature and then He adjusted the properties of the other two that were left to create general relativity

► 03:00:02

so my thing does that but it also has another property called gauge invariance

► 03:00:07

engage in variances the sort of sin a qua non of the particle theory and this is only possible in very limited circumstances and the Gambit was what if the world is in that tiny class where this this game can work so it's sort of a career suicide Theory because if it doesn't work this way you don't really get anything in the end so you know think about that exhaust vent in the Death Star this tiny little vulnerability and man you better hope that thing goes in

► 03:00:37

what are you trying to do with this but by by releasing this with this this discussion this video that you're putting out are you hoping that more people examine it and try to actually implement it and then ultimately this would be something that allows people to

► 03:00:59

to do what to do to revolutionize space trial don't know

► 03:01:05

I didn't know whether I wanted man to have his own source code so like I was invited this is you you're serious about this at this is like very close to I love you came on this program and I said it's straight we have to get off this planet we made a joke about getting high and all this stuff but I've always been dead serious about what I'm saying now if you ask me at a personal level

► 03:01:34

I started this for lots of personal reasons I always thought that the idea of wanting to go beyond Albert Einstein was something everybody would grow up wanting to to didn't occur to me that there was another thing that you would want to do with your life like that that seemed like the most natural thing in the world I want to understand why we're here well that means you're doing what you're supposed to be doing yeah you found your Niche found my Niche and and then it started this kind of completely bizarre thing because I was I was not a good math student but I had to go to the best

► 03:02:02

a sin so how does a bee - math student in high school

► 03:02:06

go to Harvard University with a master's degree at 19 you know it's like just sheer will because I was not a good math guy so I just willed it into being I got myself there I taught myself whatever it is that I do I don't have an advisor which is very unusual

► 03:02:23

and I became intertwined with this this Theory and this theory has been separating me also from people I love in the world that I'm in I've never known whether I'm crazy or whether or not I have something I don't know whether it unleashes power if it works or it only unleashes destructive power are you willing to have conversations like debates with detractors or critics of this I'm willing to have discussions with

► 03:02:53

active critics construct and in fact I've done well because publicly you have you said privately fact privately yeah I mean I've talked to people like Neymar Cunningham Ed at The Institute for advanced study who I just think is fantastic there's another guy named Luis Alvarez go met at the Simon's Institute so very hard for the average person to follow but I think it's not about credible person I understand that but I'm saying I think would be incredibly valuable just release it for the average

► 03:03:23

for I'm starting to everybody yeah but I mean this conversation I know you're saying it's not for the average person but just to have it available to everyone so if they want to they could slowly go over it and try to understand it bit by bit and put it together I should talk about this I'm building

► 03:03:45

I shouldn't even say I'm building it

► 03:03:48

there is a fanatical Community a rising around the portal for what we're doing that's different and there's a 24/7 Discord server where people are talking like if you're ever bored or lonely these people are always on and it's never that borderline mentally it's not for you baby but we've been trying to recruit a bunch of artists because I believe that art is part of the secret Weaponry of pushing out like I don't think you

► 03:04:18

how crazy was when we did the hopf fibration up here it was like Close Encounters all these artists start creating hopf fibration like I went to Temecula in the sky Nico Nico Myers has a huge hopf fibration as backyard coming off of this programs like when people tattoo your face on their arms right I'm aware of all the stuff I just choose to shut the door oh I'm I'm in there with them yeah and do that good luck because I'm we're smaller that that's true it is that too but it's

► 03:04:48

also a lot of what I do requires me thinking on my own I have to be by myself and spend a lot of time staring off into space yeah I me to I but what I'm saying is that when it comes to people following the story mmm artists and computer people are going to help us push out aids to like can you pull up Eric Weinstein dot-org

► 03:05:19

there's a visualization that sketched in the door there's a portal in the website there girl

► 03:05:28

okay so go down all right you see that door now yeah don't know why that's the clip they took okay beyond that there should be something okay right here this is a picture of a fiber bundle and the path lifting property relative to a connection so those floating planes that was what generates electromagnetism called horizontal subspaces and you're actually looking at a gauge theory in that picture and so what you're saying is that

► 03:05:57

what's valuable about the artists getting on board with this is that they can make a visual interpretation of this that can be cartoons like there's a guy named if you had grants Anderson know he does a show called three blue one brown which is some of the best math videos you've ever seen gorgeous stuff just sucks people in and you like your learning relatively hard math that somebody's made visually beautiful sky is a National Treasure

► 03:06:28

and I'm hoping to get Grant on the program you know we've been experimenting when we had Roger Penrose in the program I said I'm not going to talk to you about Quantum Consciousness I'm going to talk to you about twisters and about your contributions to the field and what my community did is they built something called like the portal dot Wiki so if you bring up the portal dot Wiki there's an entire ecosystem that's digesting what happens in our episodes this for the lay public a sudden one of them

► 03:06:57

amazing things about the internet and about something like your podcast is if you build it they will come you know you have a bigger audience I will say that I think I have the world's best audience these guys like it go to go to go to in two episodes or how many episodes Have you had so far the 28th yeah oh Eric Louis by the way you should have in greatest pianist now playing in my opinion so if you like it

► 03:07:27

if you go to or go to the graph wall I love the you doing all this and yet you still interviewing porn stars and James O'Keefe hey we want everybody yes but I'd love to hell with this cancellation yes well not just that I just love that you're just a curious person that actually wants to communicate with people on top of being this space man so for example we have this graph wall Tome project where we start off with this paragraph from Ed Witten if you go down you'll see

► 03:07:57

that they're figuring out how the paragraph from Ed Witten fails over into this wall that was chiseled in Indiana limestone in Stony Brook New York which has all of these below that

► 03:08:12

so that's the paragraph that tries to sum up the universe as we understood it in the modern era in prose and I recommend everyone read that and then if you go down from that there's this plant right right yeah go go there's a clickable thing under that Neath that graphic so for example this is the plan for this sculpture that Jim Simons the world's greatest hedge fund manager paid for and if you click on any one of these things these ruins so it's like the in certain

► 03:08:43

Heisenberg's uncertainty principle my people are digesting everything that we say everything that we point to and helping each other understand what goes on on my program so that I don't have to spend all the time in the shallow end wow so like it's just this is heavy shit oh my God what about it but this is what's interesting is you're learning this from you actually you said because like I didn't think this was a smart idea at all

► 03:09:11


► 03:09:13

people are people are so eager to break into what's next we want to spend our cradle Chrysalis and become the butterfly that we were meant for tired of being caterpillars yes

► 03:09:24

yeah I know you're hearing 5 m EO DMT but that wasn't what I was thinking you know that it's mean I really think that that what you're showing that that is a branch of what humanity is trying to do with creativity with with curiosity with the thirst for Innovation that's it well it's time to go to the next level and we are trying in the funniest part is like brought to you by athletic greens and thither again pull the good products yet

► 03:09:55

there's the funny thing about sponsorship you see my grandfather was a Salesman and so in a weird way I'm living a romantic dream of connecting to my grandfather who sold like used clothing and clothing door-to-door he was a schmata Salesman and

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► 03:10:46

unfortunately but I'm going to watch your video and then I'm going to watch it high going to do too okay just twice and I'm going to try to figure it out and Joe at some point let's just hang out and I'd love to like just show you exactly what it is tailor-made to whatever questions without any worry about yes about and let's do that I can't wait and I just wanted to say thanks again for everything but you do now owe me two appearances on your show I haven't called either of the men and thanks for calling me and I are

► 03:11:15

- oh yeah to on your show yeah my show well sir on my show on my show yes yes yeah okay you got it okay I owe you too you're the best thank you sir you're the best bye everybody we one thing but Eric Weinstein door please sign up for our mailing list so we can find you after the yeah go get your mind fucked good luck good luck everybody thank you brother all right thanks bye everybody stay safe

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