#1186 - Marques Brownlee

Oct 23, 2018

Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, is a YouTuber, best known for his technology-focused videos.

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okay we did it Fox my guess today has one of the best YouTube tech review shows he's got my go to show very very smart and interesting guy I love talking to him about all things technology please give it up for Marques Brownlee

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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before you start I want to say I love you reviews for my favorite you you have the flu too you're so good at covering all the bases of whether it's cell phones or any kind of weird technology that's coming out and you just you just you're my go-to guy man I appreciate that but that's not your daily driver is glass but this this red hydrogen one has a lot of weird stuff about it it's about twice as big as it has to be but it's a camera company so you can probably drop it from 45 feet 9 throw it across the room but the

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user cameras I love the cameras but then they come out this which is a fungus kind of weird but there's no screen what is this metal thing on the back of brass looking so it socks supposed to support to it so potentially the better camera bigger battery to support or make attached to it yeah because Jamie ordered one when did you order one where is the Prototype you have here at 7 I've worked with red fur I've seen a lot of the processes that I've got like 8 software updates in this is not final but like

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it's a pretty good idea what do you think about it so far so it's surprisingly get a lot of people like new camera companies or new companies come up and make a phone and it's just not right in a lot of ways they took a lot of notes and they want a minimum with the software I like that about it I was expecting the camera to be amazing it's don't use it don't make this dis sensor so the amazing yet but I think the modules will make this what it is I think the phone at by itself is like not really $1,300 phone but it's support for upcoming things but they're planning I think we'll make it good is it a problem when a company tries to get into the cell phone business and you're competing with Samsung Apple know right Huawei there's so many companies that are so Advanced for you to be red who's essentially a camera manufacturer that video cameras really high-end for people that know I really high-end HD video cameras at a lot of movies are shot on

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films all kind of things is it really that good for you I mean is it worth having a wreck it's a large camera rights heavy it started off great and then I got used to it and then they got better so that was probably like 5 years ago I first started with a red a red Scarlet this 4K 5K camera and it's kind of a pain but the work has gotten better they've worked with smaller teams to get the cameras now smaller it does more in a smaller body so it's gotten a lot easier to use a red for a small team whereas like 5 years ago they're making a red for a movie shoot with 15 people you

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can cats eat probably between 6 and 10 the brain cancer people just listening it says red dragon on the side why is it called a Red Dragon Ball Z that's what that's what you're looking at is just the computer and the sensor and that's what you want to make it the rig so if you're doing a spay years ago you would attach the viewfinder you detach a couple monitors for directors you would attach controls more follow Focus all this through the lens obviously the mount August of us to attach to it but for just me and my you side use it more kind of like what you might see in another image which is just a monitor and SSD a controller in a lens

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that does everything so is the idea eventually that this phone is going to be able to do everything that that does so they aren't there yet obviously something and not have an amazing camera that seems crazy obviously Reds good with nachos they make the Silicon for the camera but they're good at colorescience an auto focus in August different things that camera should be good at so when they come out with a phone that has a camera expected to be kind of firmly believe this is the best camera and you have the that's the Google pixel 3D best camera and the camera says turn me into a fan of the the rest of the phone for everybody else

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going with multiple cameras 3 for everything software and I think everyone's obviously a little different from what is much better than last year it's a glass of wireless chargers got all these things the last year so I didn't have but the camera is absolutely what makes that sound good it's really that much better is that what is so good about it it's like you said it's the software so what Google does with HDR and essentially their image processing is a big part of why it's good you can put the same sensor in glass in another smartphone with way weaker software and it wouldn't look as good but what they do with that that image processing a it's a it's a rolling buffer it images so you can take it's like instant shudder

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press the shutter it's instant shudder but then it was great the details great and photos are amazing best I had seen before that was the Huawei the mate RS I guess it was has been a couple really good night modes in while I found this seemed even better than that didn't seem distorted it seems you realize it was at night but you can see all the detail it's hard but I haven't I don't have the update yet but that has night sights for another night mode that does the same thing we're saying a bunch of exposures and long exposures and use a staple ization and hopefully get some much Brighter Image that looks way better than would be different from the update in comparison to what does now it'll just try to reduce salt like when you take a photo at night there's a lot of grain you're pumping the iso all the way up and when you clean

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all that noise out you are it's kind of like airbrushing the image and it's going to be softer so if you do a lot of noise reduction you lose all your details for the soft solo by photos just aren't as good but if you can take a longer exposure with better stabilization you can not crank the iso is high not introduced as much noise of a more detailed better-looking photo theory behind a ladies night modes on software calibration lot of knowing exactly how good the optical image stabilization is in the lens an electronic stabilization as well what part of the photo is moving versus what is it says a lot of smoke photography is what it's called happening on the chip that makes it that good it's just fascinating the Google is the only one is doing this with one camera as opposed to everyone else like my iPhone has several cameras I have a 9 to really like

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and one of those things about Google this does not have a lot of ram I found that actually kind of an interesting week point about this phone and I haven't even I reviewed it was kind of skeptical about it's only 4 gigs of RAM a couple years ago it's amazing but I have 6 gigs of RAM gigs of RAM does the Razer phone or a different name but then there's also Oppo Find x what time does the ram antique ceramic what software would run basically the advantage to having more RAM is keeping apps open and running a background longer so do you have your camera and your Twitter in your Instagram a lot of high and maybe a couple games all running at the same time and then you multitask and switch between them on the phone with less Ram you'll find that you will switch from the game to the browser and

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go back to the browser and it reloads everything cuz it was completely garbage that from the memory after a while cuz it was trying to save space on the phone with 4 gigs of RAM just happened a couple times I've been listening to music at open the camera and take a few photos and then the music of the podcast whatever we just stopped at a kill that app in the background with only 4 gigs of RAM, I'm not doing that crazy things with multitasking too I think it might have been a bug because the camera uses a lot of memory and for whatever reason it just picks the other big memory app and kills it it's not very repeatable I've had it happen to me since I landed yesterday a couple times but it I think it's on with 6 or 8 gigs around though the last one I was using for a while was the OnePlus 6 has 8 gigs of RAM and I never happened to me every time I multitask and go back 5 10 apps to go and open it it was right where I left off is the Google pixel 3 your favorite phone or is it just your favorite phone because of the camera

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is my favorite phone

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. And it also has the best camera and is it your favorite phone because it has pure Google cuz you have the latest Android it's the latest Android which is obviously the spear Google experience in this amazing camera and great display a my priorities in a phone or pretty much along those lines I need a great camera and I want a great display software and you want pure Google right you don't want to be operating under the Samsung skin or not if it's good there's a lot of us has oxygen OS and it's technically it's close to Pier but it's missing a lot of it but it's running the latest Android 601 plus I think just got the Android TV update essential just got the Android TV update everyone else is on like one version to go or or older

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is that a pain in the ass for that why can't it be Universal have a bunch of series on software as quickly as they probably could actually I see if carriers when you have to get a set when you want to push a software update to a phone on Verizon for example not only do you have to like rewrite the software and optimize and everything but then you have to submit it for certification from Verizon Verizon has to push that update that whole introduction of the third party to the carrier is huge pain in the ass I know a lot of people who get a software update like actively avoid installing it they just don't want change then their phone so they put all that money and work into making a software update and half the people never install it or don't care then they just figured I might as well not put the money there so a lot of teams are a lot of Manufacturers just don't they don't they support the phone for a year or two and

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that's it but for folks like you for the power users that's big like that's a big thing having the latest and greatest definitely yeah that's why I'm a fan of phones that I keep the skin light and update quickly which is what you're fine was like pixel and Central in oxygen OS and stuff like that that's really it like Samsung takes a long time to get to it yourself if they're trying to do a quick apparently but I've been reading but I guess there is there's a bunch of issues like do you have a check list of things that you have like on a computer or is it just all off the top of your head do you have like a rating system that you use a personal rating system like a like a checklist of things that I definitely pay attention to every time that I must say I go through screens displays and battery life how good the camera isn't things like that but I never come

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so I got a rating out of whatever I used to do that a long time ago but I stopped because I just it's kind of like a never-ending you'll never

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you'll never get a 10 out of 10 Friday cuz if you ever give something a 10 out of 10 the next one's going to be better right so how do you how do you put that on the scale so don't turn down for October 2018 I guess he said he'd be like this is the best on like I said if that's the best phone right now then maybe that's it's not a 10 out of 10 but it's like the best you can get without that line just keeps moving so I don't give things numbers but soup for me those the things you said that would be a pain in the ass that your music was shut off because you're using the camera that's kind of big. The pain in the ass yeah it's not a 10 out of 10 because of I think the memory is a problem notches bothering some people it doesn't bother me anymore it just kind of Blends in I don't really look at the notch so have you gone into the developer settings and fuck now remove just makes a big black bar over the top right exactly and you just lose the screen you paid extra for that seems silly I don't mind it on the iPhone

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I'm so sour on Apple because of what they did with the batteries that was such a dirty thing to me because everybody it always suspected like my friend Brian was always like dude I'm telling you when the new phones come out your old phone starts moving slower Mike Piazza conspiracy that's all horseshit. Your phone's just old bro but then when I found out that it was real I was like you assholes the problem was the way they didn't tell people like they could have just avoided like the whole whatever like Tiara by just telling people look this is what we do on your phones getting older we need to preserve either the CPU or the battery so any fever pitch down the CPU or save your battery pick one and give us a choice they didn't tell us until people started suspecting things and they had to make a statement and I know what kind of dirty and like hidden I don't buy it I think it's a trick to try to get you to buy new phone

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happy to be slower slower still default to saving your battery by underclocking a chip so your phone will still so new phones come out it's just dirty cuz it's the thing that everybody always suspected everybody was suspected there was some sort of engineered obsolescence and they did they're doing this on purpose to get you to keep buying the newest latest and greatest but I wanted to let go now come on do that we want you to have the best experience as long as possible as not replacing your battery which means we'll just slow down your phone just a little bit last longer in the battery can keep up

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makes sense on paper but on paper it's there's a lot of things about Apple that I really like I really love that the OS I'll it really love it I mean it's bad it's just so much better than Windows keyboard sucks so bad on your laptop it just doesn't doesn't feel good that's got shallow travel is always an issue I switch to a Lenovo I went with a ThinkPad just for for stand up I have to write a lot and I found out that I've Right Way slower like maybe 10 words per minute slower like it's it's a real issue because it's like it you make a lot more mistakes with those little shallow clicky things and with the Lenovo you have a much much more travel it's much easier to touch type it just feels better for me that bums me out like why can't they get that right like you you're making me sinks for Creative people right up to your whole things like think different you know it's

► 00:24:25

what Apple tries to portray himself as versus what you're actually experiencing if you never listen to Apple and get the new laptop and then you're supposed to listen to Apple and they're like well we made it quieter we made it thinner so the laptops that are now will give you all these reasons why they did what they did and there's supposed to better your experience often says the opposite so that's why people like to not listen to what Apple says and just evaluate it without listening to that for writers and you write on a regular basis you want a comfortable keyboard and you know I've I've constantly search for the best keyboard right now I think it's probably the ThinkPad but I've heard great things about the razor the Razor Pro which is the really large gaming one it has a mechanical keyboard for the first time ever on a laptop yeah and that's supposed

► 00:25:25

you really good I have tried the blade and I have tried what I'm doing right now is the surface the Microsoft Surface laptop too and I forgot to bring the keyboard laptop part itself is not metal it's got like Alcantara like might see inside a car like a soft touch on the laptop out of my backpack suede like that's the crazy should have ever heard my life Alcantara

► 00:25:55

yeah I'm the razor pull up that Razer Blade Pro 2 if you get a chance we'll look at the surface first cuz he's going to go grab that but the Razer Blade Pro is also it's a gin a normal laptop and it has the yeah that's it right there the Razer Blade Pro is so big that it actually has the mouse on the side like a trackpad this is it huh that's the surface laptop to keyboards pretty good it's like a polished alcantar if it's good if I'm putting my Palms on that all the time how long will that last will start to like thin out and look kind of worn after a while or will it stay looking like that I hope it does not matter black which is I think it looks dope but that's also usually a thing of her magnet and carry around like a matte black thing you get like all this is grease on it or whatever and caring it's like

► 00:26:55

that laptop but I love it I think about the difference between the keyboard on this person

► 00:27:03

keyboard on what I have is I have the Lenovo carbon X1 and what I really like about this is that there's they're not flat they have like a little bit of like a dip to know so your fingers for a little bit like this spot yeah why don't people figure that out of it is just to get used to it like up there is there there's a Google tablet that came out recently with the $200 keyboard accessory that has circular Keys slightly concave but like

► 00:27:43

typing on it was fine and like they claim my Kelly I want to get used to it like the surface area of the key being circular makes it easier to type faster after a while I don't know if I buy that yet but if you were still really used to the cigarette lighter

► 00:28:04

or they caught something tab it came out like the same time the pixel 3 and their naming is weird with them but it has a yeah basically a surface like like $200 keyboard magnet accessory you can prop it up at any angle and it goes from a tablet to a laptop with this keyboard dock rest feels amazing that's really nice used to that I've been using a MacBook Pro for so long like the contrast I was really used to like having metal premium and it's not going to well what metal doesn't feel good those on your hands when you're sitting on it for a long time for writing from yeah yeah they kinda got the Illinois right we're like they wrap the material around to the sides really sharp as carbon fiber

► 00:29:04

so this whole thing is not cheap though it's not cheap in comparison to a Mac laptop though it says it is and there's way more options with a Mac you get like a 13in to get a 15 inch touch bar or you get nothing other than a redneck and that's sort of connects to the tablet accessory the tablet with the lyrics going to have like a couple notches Rican adjust it and I think the new version has infinite adjustment that does the same thing I have left you adjust the tablet to any angle watch videos Type put apples in like 2012 and they do in 2018 if you get a tooth

► 00:30:04

2012 MacBook you are all this is kind of better is more travel folder so design-oriented mean everything looks Stellar that's what it is has been a victim of desire to make design but they often very often make compromises sometimes to the detriment of how good a product can be to make it look better classic example was the Mac Pro trash can looking workstation it's going to be on chips big gpus and I loved it but it only had one fan for a $67,000 workstation and they constantly overheated and wood throttle and Central

► 00:31:04

it was a nightmare for the wasn't that something that was going on with the latest laptops with the latest MacBook probably put in the super thin laptop they made this laptop so thin and I kept the fan speed so Locust be quiet

► 00:31:20

today they just brought all the CPU down so wouldn't get so hot that had to pick up the fans at high so the actual performance even though to see if he was more powerful was not as good as the last model. Which was a victim of their own desire to make things beautiful and then you came along with the matebook and the maple Pro is really a better version of the mac book so I don't know how a weird thing up matebook Pro why would let me malls by spying on you all day long so I have to send information to Chinese government

► 00:32:20

the new cell phones that just happened with with chips in Hardware there's another thing about Bloomberg report the chips that came from all these did the server company that makes the chips that sells to all these big companies like apple and and major major companies and now everyone's compromised and is like nope not true definitely not true don't say that it's not us yeah I know hundreds and not us that's the best deals they're almost non-existent so you're gorgeous website from the Mac books that they love to that yes just on looks alone they could probably do it but then there's all the other features like it doesn't run Mac OS 10 do I have iMessage do I have no

► 00:33:20

things that I like about my Mac this huge touchpad touchpad yes but I'd say to this day still Apple has the best laptop touchpad touched the battery life supposed to be excellent as well right we have all the stuff but we have a better battery life we have all this better lower price all the stuff and you still have to reconcile with what people love about the well there's that there's also people love having an Apple product that too they do love that I give someone the way I want to sell some, cuz a joke about texting a girl and the text message comes back and green goat and sheep or

► 00:34:20

because the truth about people have a message like if your if your messaging someone and you find out it won't send an iMessage only send a text message like I was a weirdo because they have a flip phone like some weird person I found the other side of that like I carry an iPhone but I don't I text you blow my address on so I've never been on the judging but I wonder about that everyday like really what does it matter I text you in a green bubble witch Apple decided first of all to differentiate iMessage vs. text message which is hilarious what who cares it I'm sure they decided today I'm sure in a software update they tweet that green to make it look extra harsh figured out with pool tables a long time ago like pool tables the cloth generally is green right but when they started playing professional tournaments they realized that blue cloth is actually easier on the eyes you could differentiate differentiate the edge

► 00:35:20

is better so a lot of like really high-end professional matches are played on Blue cloth now it's like a light blue sky blue cloth yeah I've seen and that's I guess because of the way your eyes work like something about primary colors in the cones and you're more contrast sensor the blue something like that I don't know what's up with green is not quite as pleasing as white contrasting with blue where did it could be the Apple fucking with you with the green to give you some vomit green making some brown color next year the color that is green when they make a blue iMessage the app that button you press to open it is green the green true yeah what the fuck that's very good point Jamie do they do that and still why would it be green when your 7 blue messages Apple Works Steve Jobs dead you guys are fucked you know what you're doing but the maid book

► 00:36:20

isn't that it's supposed to have a better keyboard supposed to be keyboard that's probably similar to that Surface Book and it's supposed to have better battery life right touch screen resolution but you got to deal with Windows 10 which is a little bit of a pain in the ass I gotta admit it's like the updates are almost daily there's something going on with firmware or something going on with this or that I've gotten used to it mostly though because most of what I do on my laptop is pretty sunlight room and do some photo work and then like suddenly I'm digging through files and I'm in Windows in its then he started the first time you have to update a driver you like what is it 1996 fuck is going on here updating drivers I try to it's just their clothes though like it's way better than it was 5 years ago yeah you know what 5 years ago you would look

► 00:37:20

Windows be like this is like some archaic pixelated from Vista to Windows 7 to Windows 10 I started the Windows 95 I used to make my own computers back in my hardcore video gaming Day's Night I sang out of Fry's Electronics and get motherboards and I started the online so I never went to a physical computer store to buy parts but I would have to do the whole process cross-referencing what's compatible with what online and then put together a whole list and then just buy it and then 9 boxes show up and then hopefully they all work video cards and connecting them with that cable and that's happened oh yeah well there's something going on the jumpers for the motherboard and you're moving stuff around

► 00:38:20

who is it was cool and then what you actually got online with the computer you made yourself feel like this is something about this and I used to be able to buy clones yeah I mean Mike's light way back in the day still in high school I had a Dell XPS like 730 is huge desktop or again you could like take the CPU Cooler out put a new one in his modular fully an apple also made this huge desktop is Power Mac or I don't know what it was called the time but if you could take the graphics card out put a new one in you could take the time out to see if you out but it was like this this weird system where like they're on like decks and had to like True Blood take this big metal slide out and then do the CPU there and then put it back in until I can change the hardware and like yeah did that it's a man thing two men like changing carburetors

► 00:39:20

elevator levels too hard drives in the power supply on top like all that stuff and you can mess with that if you go over someone's house and have that now you like what the fuck is wrong with you but that's the thing about like that was the most accessible modular desktop Apple ever ever made and now they're making this promise again like alright we listened we know that little trash can Mac Pro was not good thermal your design-wise for anyone so we're going to make a modular professional desktop Mac Pro again that's what they said

► 00:40:03

it's got to be next year sometime and I keep picturing that I text you them going back to the roots of like a real Bonafide desktops right now the most powerful iMac or Matthew can get is the iMac Pro and you can't even update the ram in an iMac Pro buy a $7,000 iMac Pro you will have that spec for ever helping anything in that thing update Apple desktop I really hope they're doing that at exactly cuz that's I love that do they have regular Towers anymore or no everything's an iMac they had that that little trash can in the Mac Mini which is the longest since I've ever updated and I'm hoping they updated at the event this month but the Mac Mini is the only other Tower they made and that Scott laptop internals so

► 00:41:03

not really it true desktop so everything is it because of technology advanced the point where you can kind of fit everything in the big screen of an iMac they have those desktop internals in it but yeah like you're you're still can be restrained by like how close off at space is how many fans I can fit in there so it's a really want to do like a true desktop they got to open it up and make it huge which is not very like apple so it's going to be asking to see what they do is your what year is your laptop over there that's an older one right the last one before they out of the track bar does yours have a dip at all to the Keys

► 00:41:50

yeah very very small that's all you need all you need is a very small dip as soon as they went with flat they they fucked up

► 00:42:00

there's a company that refurbishes 17in MacBooks the big one to Mac Daddy's have a set out that laptop they put a big SSD drive 1tb or 2tb SSD drive to build a solid state drive so it's in Philly fire is much more RAM much more everything that's what they called desktop replacement laptop I was into that for a while that was like one of my at that's actually how I started my channel was I bought a 17-inch laptop now trying to figure out which one like strikes the balance of where I want to be with taking it off the dock once in awhile and walking around the house maybe but like planting it back here and it's my desktop and 17 inch screen that was where I like started if you're at the airport and you have like a cancelled flight you could get a workout in just like lifting nothing in front of you

► 00:43:00

guy in front of me lean back you just like smack my laptop way but it's like a taller 3:2 aspect ratio so it's not like the smaller a 65 on the bottom chance have you ever thought about doing with the Huawei not really mostly because I switch laptop so infrequently that I was just like it's radar in the last like 2 weeks and I decide to try it and it's been like worth the shot like I'm really into it I'm probably going to switch back to the MacBook Pro in a little while once

► 00:44:00

start to run up against things like this doesn't have USB C which is sad that's weird it doesn't at all why did you do that it's a great laptop it doesn't have the charger is this weird like like goes in and out easily but also doesn't have a card reader also doesn't have a lot of things that I regular USB USBC just has one hard rider yet before it headphone jack and what looks like he says HDMI

► 00:44:46

why does does not have that kind of thing and then they make a 15 inch version of it as well this is the I guess I don't know how big that is

► 00:44:56

so what do you do like mostly on the laptop stuff cuz I know you writing writing and then getting online to stay online bullshit but yeah other than writing programs Microsoft Word is native right yeah I mean you could probably get away with any number of laps similar laptops just like but if you find yourself like if I'm a I like to do photo editing a lot and so basically I have to have some way to read memory cards MacBook Pro doesn't it just has a lot of USB C ports so I just have that dongle plug into USB card reader and I'm good just one I'll have to get a USB card reader also for it and then get Lightroom and then I'm good. Find the Razer Blade Pro

► 00:45:56

pat on the right hand side like a mouse because if the mouse is on the right yeah and then has its enormous keyboard and a mechanical keyboard which I'm a really big fan of I like those clicky much are true desktop replacement look at that thing yeah that's the razor thing cuz I have a phone now I don't even know who has RGB glowing back light aesthetic but i r d b stand for just a red green blue the fact that you can cycle between colors or whatever at any time is almost almost pointless like it's technically a light which is useful but you just kind of you know you get into the gamer aesthetic which is pretty fun

► 00:46:56

literally you can play high-end games at very high frame rates and you know I don't know what kind of battery life has probably not that great it's a 4K so much juice and so much screening that's a 4K laptop with a desktop GPU in it size of 4K model versus a full HD mode model and a lower Max frame rate if I'm not so what is the difference in full HD model ATS I think about 420 Hertz 1080P or probably 60 hertz 4K so if your gaming will probably go to 1080p but then you get your higher frame rates and you'll enjoy games better on that photo editing and you get that desktop power or video editing for example but I don't think the battery life of a very long on a 4K laptop seems hard to imagine it's so big

► 00:47:56

find out what it says in terms of the battery life

► 00:48:01

I'll give you just playing a game and you're not plugged into kind of fact that guy you're walking around with the power cable all the time setting up there which is better than a desktop technically it's close to a desktop as they reasonably can and then give you the ability to take it places quickly what does it say about the mother fucker disabled every website ever everybody's pop-ups so gross

► 00:48:44

when does world we live in now why why don't want notifications from your website and it's just 3 hours 52 minutes battery life that's hilariously low cuz if you watch a movie on a MacBook Pro like you got plenty of juice left I'm going to movies over you might be able to watch three or four movies 99 what are battery that's actually huge battery but still that's one of things I like about this not this model of Lenovo but some of the things parents have a swappable battery that you could swap while the mats while it's on oh yeah oh yeah there's an internal battery and is an external battery

► 00:49:44

big sick band and if you pop that sucker out you could do it while this is still running and it doesn't shut off Papa new one in hot swapping swap it had a laptop with that since like 7 years ago from you it's been a long time oriented and it's really mostly what people use them for you know that there's that balance of like what are you looking for you looking for something to do everything I mean most people throw a lot of people you can really get by with one of those Google Chromebooks that doesn't have much storage at all that's where I'll probably end up getting my parents into a lot like if your parents or grandparents

► 00:50:42

you just need a web browser so I can Chromebook is great yes so much as in the cloud you know and so many people keep their photos in the cloud to keep it as long as you have an internet connection you're good. But in terms of like local storage things about especially when I was talking about this phone only have 4 gigs of RAM and also only has 64 gigs of storage that says 64 and 128 256 is everything just goes to the only thing I keep offline is my Spotify library and podcast so my whole Spotify whatever is like 30 gigs couple more gigs I don't need 500 12-gauge phone for everything I usually keep offline I have a couple big ass all the photos I take get uploaded automatically to Google

► 00:51:42

photos in full resolution of ever taken in full resolution is on my phone even though I only have a hundred twenty eight gigs of storage when you use the Google version of like whatever iPhoto is my photo uploads everything to the cloud it's really simple when you get a new phone everything loads up to it the same thing happen with Google, just as good as you don't have to I have Google photos on my iPhone so every time I take great photos on this phone there on my iPhone that is actually having a pretty useful that's nice and I know there's a thing that's one of the things that people really love about iPhones that airdrop feature that's very nice that's one of the best features but don't they have an Android there's an Android drop to now I know that because of used it but yeah send things for my Samsung phone to my Apple phone

► 00:52:40

possibly so there's it's not like the first part of Tanks nfc's useful when I want to send something between two Android phone that I know but this is something I recently I wasn't really using airdrop until recently and I like to have a Mac and iPhone I can just transfer transfer files back and forth and we started doing that in the office so I wish we had a bunch of Max and iPhones in the office so we started like passing files and then one day I was trying to do it on my Android phone I was like wow this is like a bummer have to go into like Dropbox and upload it and then download it this couple extra steps were paying really appreciate how good are drafted but super simple really have to update things until the OS updates and it's pretty rare everything works or even worry about viruses or anything like that

► 00:53:40

really excellent but I feel like the running on the momentum of Steve Jobs maniacal Vision has been a lot of apples change your apples not the same sense sense no more Steve which is true about it like how can you not like they're insane they there a trillion-dollar company now they continue to make iPhones that look the same that they did 9 years ago like why not request I'll probably never have a reason to change it's just a different kind of company now before I mean he was like Jen generally regarded as an asshole like just a crazy whip crack Mike Trout just just a not like there's that famous thing of him trying to use I forgot what the device was but it wasn't using it wasn't working during one of the states

► 00:54:40

yeah can I have a couple years ago there was an Apple event where it's a pretty sure Steve is on stage trying to get something to work like in a demo and seem like an apple that like the entire audience for the audiences just people

► 00:55:11

typing like blogging like exactly what's going on so they're all connected to the internet there live blogging yes Steve is like get me one that works look at his face this is the thing back that up a little bit and give me some volume

► 00:55:29

and take that okay

► 00:55:35

turn on. It was an expert see if he can turn it on and there's an anger

► 00:55:43

after the show he was definitely doing to turn your Wi-Fi off so that this will work everyone I need everyone to stop logging close your laptop's get off the Wi-Fi and then this will work and I was kind of like a couple minutes of like maybe cuz I leave like I everyone everyone get off the Wi-Fi everyone closer computers right now and this is going to work it was the issue Wireless related to loader work but that was pretty hilarious to me feel like if you want things to operate at the speed of Apple when he was alive you kind of have to be a fucking crazy ass hole division of what you wanted to do and then you need to be insane enough to try to get people to do that but he also was according to this it right here

► 00:56:40

L Safari do I have

► 00:56:50

for my video but this is

► 00:56:54

yes it is failing to load so everyone's using the local Wi-Fi in the Wi-Fi just getting tired getting crushed

► 00:57:06

Sunset Verizon

► 00:57:09

yeah fuck AT&T

► 00:57:15


► 00:57:22

20 minutes later

► 00:57:37

why did

► 00:57:41

wifi-based stations operating in this room okay we can't deal with that

► 00:57:51

a really great that I'd like to show you turn off all the stuff and I don't show you the devil

► 00:58:05

I'm thinking runs hoping he'll just like try again and then I'll have to turn it off

► 00:58:12

turn off the Wi-Fi and all of you look around to look at the end of whole crowd is everyone guilty reason they're there is to live blog

► 00:58:32

should I got one last week cuz Steve telling me to turn the Wi-Fi off 30 minutes

► 00:58:38

what's the FaceTime but that's another thing like FaceTime is another proprietary thing that Apple has its really excellent and it's built into the contacts it works perfectly just everyone with an iPhone you can do it with them just pop how I like to the biggest reasons people refuse to even try an Android phone Google on Android never let that happen they know that they can hold people hostage on iOS as long as they want if they can't get iMessage anywhere else I message FaceTime airdrop Walled Garden wonderful walled Gardens I have major event

► 00:59:38

that nailed their really do do was try to make their own versions of these things to just like they try to do Google Plus there is no shoes always tell me how great Google Plus is my cat sheds dead in the water or things that they let you do that I wish Facebook would let us do girls like going to die now and that's kind of security breach yeah I want to call my friend I forgot I told you that was going to be no more Google Plus but this

► 01:00:38

message service everyone's like oh I message for Android you're going to make your own crate and then make a allo Duo Hangouts like they have all these half halfway there things that kind of time to Android and then our sort of like FaceTime and iMessage but not really. Well done and it's third-party attempts to figure out how to put iMessage on Android phones and that you you can get like some sort of an app that allow you to use iMessage during probably really funky and 49 and I was thinking about switching over to it and I was like that's that's the thing I asked her if you are I'm always trying to figure out what is a real genuine use it everyday feature that's worth paying extra for and what is a coup

► 01:01:38

demo feature that will get you to brag about the phone and show your friends but you'll never use it and I've always been split on the S Pen is that a thing people really use all the time and I've been like kind of somewhat can infants people who like yeah use the S Pen everyday I take notes on my phone I use a tap and I'm like I try I try I had to this little point where I was like to do lock screen note every time I remember something I'm going to write it down and I just never got into it so like I'm usually pretty good about like dividing things into buckets of like yes this is something we will use this is dumb but it's really cool to demo and it will just tell people I never use again those two buckets are very clear yes he's been in the middle of the lock screen the lock screen note better and then you don't just get it right there it saves it to notes to go to to go to the notes app

► 01:02:38

I'm going to use this and I'm going to put my set list on my phone and that way we'll talk of the lock screen for the note setlist to be there I just be able to scroll through my set list when I go on stage but I got to go to notes but I want to talk to someone else well one thing that is kinda cool about it but kind of cool about it is the fact that you can use that pain as a remote control that that's definitely old photographs in the second bucket great demo taking a selfie that's cool never use it as a remote control for music video nap at all kinds of crazy things it's actually a really well thought-out feature you get Bluetooth has its own battery now so you put the battery in the charges the stylus very quickly

► 01:03:38

Kenzie get like half the battery like it's really well but I'm never going to use

► 01:03:44

probably not the battery is huge too it's got a 4000 milliamp battery supposed to the iPhone which is what 30 even the big ones like at 31 3200 iPhones have never needed that the number on paper to be big to be pissed off where did benchmark test between the note and the iPhone x what does it matter it's not the no crushes it that you speak kind of scared batteries in the notes I wonder why but they finally gotten better at that and they're they're doing really well it's amazing I love you and I will someone guy that I don't know what happened to him but there was a famous guy was a tech guy who died because his battery exploded in his house caught on fire and he died in the fire

► 01:04:44

he was using now there's some some cryptocurrency guy Brad iCarly when every day starts getting band starts getting you can't fly with it like I follow that all very closely and all the cases of the start off with not on the Note 7 starting to explode but they started recalling them and sending people Replacements and then the replacement started to explode amazing I need to follow is very closely at a Blackberry and a while and then don't know which one exploded assassination I know that's a weird

► 01:05:32

cradle fund CEO nazarin house on that's when your phone starts exploding video of the guy who parked his car in the driveway and put his phone in the charger and left it there and came outside to his car bursting into flames his whole car was on fire yeah luckily it wasn't in his garage it's amazing reviewer community

► 01:06:31

all the explosion jokes last year it exploded so what if it did this the short cycle of news today like things come and go so quickly I wonder if that would happen to an iPhone kind of nightmare that would have been the way it would have happened to an iPhone like you would think there's no way would happen to Samsung but somehow it did but like there's this whole process of like getting a battery supplier for your phone and all that I don't know how different that processes for Samsung versus other manufacturers like apple but it just seems like apple would never let that sort of oversight slip I wonder but if it did how crazy Burger

► 01:07:28

so they come out with phones more often but they update their lineups at the same rate like once a year for note and also once a year for Galaxy S but since they're 6 months apart it looks like they made for new phones so we're going to get a new phone every April Galaxy S10 will come out in April and they all get Galaxy note September 6 months well that's part of a different lineups like Galaxy S is every year Galaxy knows every year they have all his other line up so they make a lot more phones for sure and are they still doing the sport cuz they have that sport model yeah I think they are still it's not nearly as special seeming to them as an active was a big deal even know if there is a Galaxy S9 active I don't believe it was a rumor that it was going to be completely waterproof and shock resistant is going to have a rubberized case

► 01:08:28

and it was going to have an enormous battery life that the they haven't released it the 9 was going to have the same size battery as the note 9 but the regular size 9 screen so 4000 milliamp battery but in the S9 screen which would been massive incredible as much yeah I don't think people knew about it he's one of those deals I love battery life I'm always scared of my phone's going to run out of battery I know it's ridiculous cuz it's very rarely does but I'm a battery like the iPhone's battery not being so good I've heard that the the excess regular has better battery life than the excess Max because the Max has the largest screen I think the I think they're about the same and a good standby time on the tennis Max is better because of the bigger

► 01:09:28

use your screen a lot of iPhone 10 are which I have just started using seems have a better battery life than both of them less expensive $750 IPS LCD version of Everyday Use do you notice a difference battery life image quality not being so what is a standard one have 6 so 4 gigs of RAM every iPhone still have to call the real but the outsides aluminum instead of stainless steel stainless steel outside

► 01:10:28

China cuz it's only 8:28 p.m. like a 720p screen roughly the are but like using it or just looking at it it looks like an Apple iPhone 8 exactly it's the same pixel density as which is fine but if you just look at the screen and use it which is most people walking in the store and just say it's $250 cheaper and I'll just get this one that's why I'm going to be a great seller for Apple yeah it sounds like it now when you switch those battery pack cases that's now you have a brick in your pocket change screen on that 10 hour and then this big battery on the back yet so I don't know I haven't seen any access Max with a case that has a battery in it but she's I wouldn't even

► 01:11:28

what do you think about but it's a trip somewhere and you might be in some janky place it doesn't have power version big old brick case you drop them that's a few other ones pop a SIM card out I still take it out of my pocket which is kind of a nightmare and it took one bounce before I like sort of have caught it so I got this little scratch on the corner that's why I always question people that don't have cases when you're one of those people my friend Andrew Santino he doesn't put case anything and I didn't have like a good heat he was a design

► 01:12:28

persons like look how beautiful this is why the medication is that part of it but Neil deGrasse Tyson had a really interesting perspective he said he takes his case and he flips it around his hand constantly and he said if you go to the like you watch like Cadets when they're learning how to handle guns they're spinning the gun around a cat's nails why do you think they're doing that they're doing that so that they're always able to catch their gun no matter what they have the they have the suit he takes his phone and he flips around his hand because I like that and he showed me I like see but that's him he's got this next level thought process behind everything I actually like to taste I like this case which is a clear case and the reason why I like it is because it's more grippy in your hand it just it there's more to it iPhone

► 01:13:28

iPhones are the slipperiest on there and then I kind of just melt into this like orbit shape and it's by far the most common like slab my pocket phone is the iPhone this phone doesn't never slip out of my pocket obviously and the one plus you said that that was your favorite phone before the Google pixel 3D Pixel 3 better than that phone heard great things about the OnePlus yeah I love the OnePlus still and I would have no problem using it today this camera is so much better than every other song yeah blogging and photos Instagram all the photos and I got much better and is the one plus I mean that the Galaxy Note 9 supposed to have a very good cameras well I can't tell the difference of nut

► 01:14:28

until you put them next to each other and then you can you put an iPhone photo next to pixel photo iPhones have notoriously great cameras pixels have a trace of Grey cameras you might be totally fine with either one cuz you put them next to each other you will notice massive differences between the first my last one I compare it a pixel 2 to iPhone 10 to one plus 5T to two other phones I did like a 5 camera blind test I did was I put the five photos next to each other but didn't tell you which one is which may b c d r e and you go down the list and I have like seven eight nine photos in a row ABCD favor one a lot of people went with d and I didn't know which one it was not the end I revealed which one was which and a lot of people are surprised by which one I picked out all over every time

► 01:15:28

and put them side-by-side you'll notice like iPhones like to boost the Shadows a lot more about them much more to be good I'll let you know which one do I like better I already can tell immediately which one's the pixel and you might not because I wrecked I remember pixel 2 had cooler colors and more contrast and any other one and then yeah so another thing about these is it helps to Seton high resolution because the difference in detail and sharpness between them is another thing I paid attention to which one I want to say that was the OnePlus but I forget what I know so I'm pretty sure be is the pixel cuz this grey backpack is starting to look a little bit blue and I was a big characteristic of the pixel 2 from last year that was a big issue with the screen as well write the to the Excel

► 01:16:28

smart contract that has and you look at a and how much is it in the shadows yeah he's got he's got a pretty even tone and he's also the one plus I don't remember what it is to go back to the video switch them around with every time every time I know I'm I'm already pretty sure that D is the pixels go to the top left on the selfie

► 01:16:52

so again like that grey sweatshirt is starting to look a blue and be right in any higher bride of their Shadows are like my black hair looks kind of Grey at that says a lot of things you don't notice until you put them side-by-side it's so nit-picky they all look so good they all look pretty much like the same and see never see your little girls are up yes he is little bit tighter so I might go see as the iPhone because the iPhone is has a a little bit of a tighter selfie camera out of Android phones have a wider angle selfie camera cuz you can fit more people in the baffles always told me they go with a tighter angle because there's less Distortion and I want to feel more natural you take a picture of yourself you look great

► 01:17:37

I hear ya I phone X okay so you know it and hassle but I did add a real camera into the into the mix positive real camera or is that videos well it's pretty God damn good right there yes but there's just a little bit more to the pixel too bright so I remember is an actual good camera whenever you look at these portrait mode photos what they're doing is there sort of trying to outline the subject keep it sharp and then blur the background and gotten better at this because the fall off between the blur isn't just like a cut out in real life you get sort of like a gradient of how much blur you have so pixel 2 has typically the sharpest cut out

► 01:18:37

and the best like separation between the background or the iPhone kind of just takes the face keeps the face sharp and then sort of has a more natural fall off so your body might not be in focus and notate it's just not as good that's a really in that when you really see how good the pixel 2 is. Better at that are actually yes oh and now you can change something note was doing last year you can change how blur the background is so not all of them you can change how blurry the background is I notice you have an Apple Watch on though I do that's my watching the game which is that

► 01:19:25

that's why I'm an iPhone person really because of the the watch I carry two phones all the time and Android phone of choice and and iPhone a choice so my Android phone of choice is my pixel that's the main number the main phone I usually use and my iPhone because there's still things iPhones do better I always carry whatever the one of them are dropping like when I'm publishing a video on the go like I have the thumbnail from airdrop on this phone but just things like Snapchat and Instagram Instagram stories Instagram live a lot of apps with camera stuff are better OptimEyes on the iPhone than they are on any Android phone cuz they're built rifle

► 01:20:08

so I kind iPhone and the best smartwatch is the Apple Watch series 4 so good really good but you don't get text messages on your Apple watch them now I don't but I do want them

► 01:20:24

yeah kinda I would love to be able to use a smart watch this good with my Android phone so I haven't found one I could but I'm mainly using this for Fitness tracking now which is just like keeping track of workouts and calories and standing hours in all the stuff at those pretty cool I was talking to you before the show about the sober October fitness challenge were doing it the first time I've ever worn a heart monitor and then the scene actual scores there's a real crazy motivating factor of seeing an actual number of a game a game of buying a fitness is really entertaining to me and kept me like I've usually don't wear Smartwatch for very long but I think it's just keep the one week long challenge to whoever burns the most calories in has the most points or whatever feels like point system

► 01:21:24

this content has been really crazy with me and my friends so what you trying to do if the winner is going to get a belt like a WWE style belt it says Intergalactic sober October champion and has like marijuana leaf for the line through it and a bottle of booze a line through it and are these things which is

► 01:21:51

it's it's called a myzone and it it works with an app it works pretty good and it registers your amount of your heart rate the amount of calories you burn and it gives you a point system in the point system is I don't know what it what they call it semi PS I know what it stands for but this the amount of points over the month is what everyone shooting for rent and so today we're at October 23rd so we have 8 days to go and I have worked out more in these 23 days then I have in my soul last 6 months and I'm not exaggerating I put in five and a half hours yesterday hard I got more than 900 points then after the podcast I said fuck it we're going to go for another hundred and I worked out and I got another hundred points put in another hour it's maniacal cuz you see you actually see the number and because I could see the number I could see all my friends know

► 01:22:51

and I'm way ahead so I'm what I'm I'm just keep telling them that I'm twisting the blade cuz I'm so far ahead like right now I am 1500 points away from everybody else Albert trying to work out again at slob so when you see somebody die in order to beat me the iPhone or the Apple watch when you have people connected with the fitness part of it it will literally notify me when one of my friends has finished a workout and tell me like how good there were how many points they just got so they get that notification that I did that and it really does work I mean there's no doubt about it just having that external motivating factor and then seeing in Number the something about like

► 01:23:51

this with the maps maps whatever the fuck that stands for a word that stands for something you know what that's an accelerometer and gyroscope so basically just comes up with a points number at the end of the day so I just sit there Brian but yeah there's like a live counter constantly going off like you and your friends and you got to have a highest number to out of all the stuff that you do my zone effort points that's what it is at the maps points but here's the thing about that Maps points and we were trying to figure out why it does it gives you the same amount of points for 80% of your max heart rate is it does 490 so the first day I said I'm just going to Sprint and try to bury these guys so I put them in 90% for 35 minutes I was like I'm just going to do some shit they can't do but it doesn't

► 01:24:51

how many more points for 90% 90% gives exact amount of points is 80% piece of shit so it's so dumb so I think the reason why they did that is to keep people from killing themselves that's what I think is always in the two and three fat bird never gets in yellow that slob I just bought a little waddling around with blue and green mostly gray gets a lot of hours just waddle and complaining thinking about vodka dreaming about food is in a Flash doesn't hit the gym and meet at the gym right now is the gym right now trying to catch up

► 01:25:34

so he's playing catch-up me bitch wolves 10 miles away and not going to get you the Wolves a hundred yards away they

► 01:26:00

you don't want to send Lisa just logs is going to double everything I do look at fat face that's not even possible

► 01:26:08

I brought my dog up here to fuck yeah baby it's all so bright. This poor throw up he's so far behind some possible to win

► 01:26:20

but that's the point is to keep the keep the boot on his neck this only does 7 day challenges so you basically like you get you started and they accept and then accounts for next 7 Days of chemo two points that would be good then you just do for just keep going over it's really all jokes aside for Tommy buns way behind on what's going on

► 01:26:48

Tom Segura still way behind he's like 1800 points behind me when am I supposed to rain all day so you store them up in your in this device and then you sync so you could pretend that you're not doing any work good sandbag yes and no one knows when the last day of a bad shows online is 10000 points ahead of shoe so the key is just keep the work rate at an almost impossible level so yesterday like I said I worked out five and a half hours and then another hour and today I've already put in 2 hours to put in 2 hours at 7 this morning so I'll tell Ryan doesn't have any the thing is I'm putting two hours in at yellow I'm heading 80% for 2 hours fat-tailed they're waddling around with his dog pretends he's working hard making videos that's he's got like gray and a little bit of blue he can maybe green little green then he takes a break cries

► 01:27:49

that's a fact I worked out more yesterday last night and this morning then he has in the whole day my problem when I I play Frisbee so I take the watch off when I played because it's a wrist thing I don't constantly like music player like frisbee Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee so I take it out there tonight I'm missing out on what is disc golf vs Ultimate Frisbee what's the difference is what it sounds like you play 9 or 18 holes on your throwing walking up to it as soon as you get up love is kind of like

► 01:28:39

football basketball are you just throwing that frisbee with the left and the right and yes mostly sometimes you switch the song to the left hand side there's something about wearing something on my wrist of like throwing and catching you're so serious about you won't lose points if I really have to get your you really playing competitive so this is all I'm pretty sure is All Pro highlights but you guys are pro professional Ultimate Frisbee now professional Ultimate Frisbee looks really fun yeah there's a lot of 2016 conference defensive player of the year did baby Marquez would you have big hands in the sport right definitely

► 01:29:37

snatch that guy that I just scored like 15 points against a psychic Ultimate Frisbee and if it's above his head mask for football and his chances at your lake at you like head level that's what Mossing someone looks like but there's other words for it so you might. I can't believe you're doing this without your your sensor on what you cuz you're so serious about it somebody cuz yeah you're losing so many points wow do you do any strength and conditioning to prepare for this yes a bit the season is a couple months so yes I am in the offseason

► 01:30:37

the season sound like putting that back on and got to like try out season in like February or March and then you just start getting the throws back in your cardio back and starting to work in it starts I would think that like leg strength and explosive power like doing box jumps and things on those lines of a huge for you yes so there's different like sort of like basketball or football there's different types of players you can sort of the handlers in receivers shorter faster people who aren't as explosive but are really really quick and I'll go round the squirrel around and I'll have awesome strength and throw anywhere but they want to sell it go down field and try to go to score on someone because they're not as tall or as explosive meanwhile a lot of Cutters or receivers are you can think of sort of like a white

► 01:31:37

Auburn football they're going down field in there the athletes going and making plays in the air and they're hard to guard down field but they're not necessarily screwing around throwing a lot of catching up to another 3 hours and I'm going for some more yards again so if you watch a game on phone is very fluid you constantly switch between offense and defense like basketball your scoring in an end zone and then two points over and then you pull a butt as the points going on you kind of notice like certain players are mostly doing certain things like mostly throwing mostly getting a disc back of the people are mostly going downfield threatening there's a lot of terminology how do you get involved in this high school I went to Columbia High School invented the sport 1968 friends on the team start playing at play for the JV team for the first two years and then I play for the varsity team my second two years

► 01:32:33

sounds pretty serious program play against other high schools around the country we travel we flew in Massachusetts and Connecticut and then we had the big Eastern championship at the end of the high school season that was that's what we all play for we won 11 straight state championships the two years that I played I did not know this is even a thing as a rich history to it is so crazy I would never guess what's it like a couple months ago it's so the probably just is less than 10 years old so there's always been this sort of Club is club soccer like area teams there's always been that so I've played for the New Jersey Garden State club team for much longer. Play for any proteins and that's generally what players take the most seriously the club championships were this past weekend the New York area team beat the same

► 01:33:33

Cisco area team to win Nationals like that's generally what people care the most about but it's not respect are friendly so what we've sort of created is the ATI was the American ultimate disc League it's a pro version of frisbee if maybe the same sport but a little bigger field and a little bit faster play just cuz they shorten the stoppages and have referees and everything now and there is selling tickets and selling merch in jerseys and like broadcasting games and have a pro championship at the end of the year so that's that's been like a whole new thing for frisbee players pay attention to and I've I've played for protein as well as past couple years free fun exciting looks fun you guys aren't getting any brain damage it's about the same level of contacts basketball

► 01:34:33

be careful. We're going to happen each other but not worried about tackles or anything stupid ridiculous people hitting each other with sticks fuck all that has a lot do you mess around with VR at all yes a little bit I have a HTC Vive that's been the most common use of the are we have Ivan the studio and the two games that come to mind the most are called super hot know I try to play but my kids dominate this the VR thing coming here in like push me away game strategy games so your Subway super hot

► 01:35:31

and they're running downstairs running around corner is shooting at you trying to kill you but time only moves when you move so if you hold still you can look around in like see in the headset where people are inside of evaluate like okay I can I can pick up this object in hurt somebody with it but it's like a strategy game in that you sort of have to evaluate where you're at and not look around too much and that as soon as you start to move and throw things everyone else is trying to kill you also and so you can start a Dodge bullets as they come around because you don't move when you see them flying through the air there's a lot of cool stuff to this game so I got really into it I didn't get to this level which is probably yeah you got a Dodge always and bullets flying at you turn around throw something at him a boxing game well there's several boxing games that are really good

► 01:36:31

did give you a workout because there's a guy in front of you and he's throwing punches in your baba you like. You look good like that looks like like like you're in the rain in the guys looking at you is mean Muggin in and throws punches away when you get hit you see a flash of white with a haptic feedback suit especially if you could put something there it is right here at a new one this is a new one

► 01:37:07

when you're doing it like we did we did it in the hallway my feet were hurting cuz I was moving and shifting left and right throwing punches and bouncing off my toes and after was exhausted if I was actually sparring cuz it was actually sparring I don't think I would I don't think I would throw as many punches in such a quick succession yeah you'd be more worried about getting hit that actually punched you doing it's really interesting and then there's also the HTC Vive 2 for all of them

► 01:38:07

the kids love that I don't pass you I love that things are flying and you're getting that is a really well-done and you have like an old-school bow and arrow and the disease almost like South Park look at monsters are coming sorry it's still kind of feel like you're a cartoon yeah yeah yeah it's it's really cool and you know like there's actual physics to the arrow like when you shoot it start like you have to lift your arm up to get the Arc of the arrow correct hit it things yeah yeah I think about the are alive just because as a video maker you're making content for the platform that people view it on we started to get this little creeping up of like 360 videos getting really good and like interesting applications of of 360 video and still kind of early and I don't really know if it's going to

► 01:39:07

take off for its it was just this like medium stepping stone for Matt to what might be a more immersive saying or maybe just a r is going to be way better I don't I don't know yet but I pay a lot of attention to it just cuz it's it's new cars fast as well I mean we will discuss what was it magically PSI what it was the Microsoft one that's the other one hololens is Microsoft and it magically does its own thing I haven't tried either actually yet which one was the one where the ballerinas dancing in your hand magic leap but which one is that the same as kind of vapor we're sort of the screen on that phone would have some sort of similar technology so yeah I didn't even talk about that doing weird stuff with your eyes it's weird so this phone has a

► 01:40:01

what are they calling it

► 01:40:05

I'm not I'm going to come by for it actually it's got a screen glasses less 3D

► 01:40:16

you basically had to has a 3D screen and you look at media on it and it's supposed to sort of pop out at the top have to be lower case is lower case is it this is Ram look like that but you can't have things actually popping out of both the screen so things on the screen will look 3D but anything like outside of the screen while it's kind of hard to explain and so this is for video games or for other things as well so I diss point and what they're trying to do is have media like photos and videos so not just games they're going to have games as well but they have shared with me a couple of like media files that

► 01:41:11

are like a good use of the 3D and I'm curious what you think of them because they're definitely like a stretch but it's hologram me holographic is the word they use but it's it's hard to explain and it's kind of trippy

► 01:41:31

do this is weird and there's there's different like so there's a movie trailer version of it where there's like things coming towards you and I think that's maybe the best use of it I've seen it's impossible to show on camera I've tried many different times maybe this will never show up on odd

► 01:41:51

is there an issue or like people have to make stuff for this so any content you have to shoot for for view they called for of you or they can take existing content and convert it to for view but that's a little less successful usually

► 01:42:09

Flores really strange but the cameras on the back they have two cameras on the back and you can shoot for of you with the cameras on the hydrogen is crazy what I'm looking at right now is topographic maps

► 01:42:26

wow amazing man says it's it's hard to tell again like I try to separate things into buckets of this is something you're going to use every day and love or this is a total and I started with it in the bucket of this is kind of like a gimmick but they've put so much effort into making it good and always different conversion technique

► 01:42:52

I see if I can find a clip but they've been constantly changing algorithms and adjusting it and updating it to look better that it's starting to convince me that it might be worth paying attention to for more than just the first two seconds

► 01:43:10

this is amazing

► 01:43:12

would you think you would

► 01:43:14

like use it all the time but it's so amazing it's very cool but

► 01:43:23

how much better is it than regular video that that and how long can you like look at it before your eyes start to run tweaked a little bit but it looks good it definitely looks really good it looks cool it's kind of interesting but

► 01:43:39

so you can take you can take photos and videos with the camera on the phone that are in this 3D and that's maybe the best used to because you can see like what's actually in the room around you the way it would show up in like a direct translation

► 01:43:52

how much of an impact does it have on storage size video files in there like big 4K videos but they're not necessarily it looks cool but but it's pretty cool too then he can take photos and videos of things in that format so this is weird man in a weird way but kind of 3D sort of this is very odd very hard to explain to look at this through this thing like you never be able to show this to someone in the video like I'm looking at these plastisol with figurines and as I move forward and backward you really get a sense of 3D

► 01:44:52

how did showed in the video of like you can't I just have to describe it use my words have to deal with I'm interested if you ask Fred to tell you that does the future everything is going to be like this I'm like you got it I can you have to redeem movies were a big deal glasses and yeah I guess this is what it's genuinely good like you can use in porch and Landscape glasses usually only one way or the other this is a lenticular technology I don't know exactly how it works but you can use it important or landscape you can play games with it and things will react depths of space on in the game for the first video that show is really interesting to because essentially like a topographic map of the mountain in the hillside

► 01:45:53

so it was this actually was kind of weird like seeing these little figurines moving towards them and realize your I like what it's doing and you just look at like a video of a like right it looks 3D like it's coming at me and I had a couple like a movie trailer type of thing we're like again like it was mostly shot for this format and things would like kind of go past you and speakers are also really good so they have the sort of a 3D conversion technique for audio goes behind you yeah it's definitely interesting did you mess around with Google Glasses when they first came out did you think okay this is this going to be something

► 01:46:41

I guess I probably did I was ahead of time but also like not really like I had it I was in college also so I was like I can't wear class or like walk around I guess I could walk around Hoboken with it but the whole idea of an augmented reality the soul screen that I can just check the weather and then look back down or check my texts and look back down was like I could be cool but also if you look at someone wearing Google Glass like black guys wearing Google Glass you can and can't get around it will people get angry at people for wearing it to that you can rent it only me what are you doing that was another thing is I tried I won't even say the name but like another like much newer version of that again it was like a small projection to a prism that would you could see but no one else could lead to something that look more like regular glasses so I had a battery it had everything but it didn't have a camera and you still had a screen that you can look up into the corner too and I was like notice the difference

► 01:47:41

regular glasses and I went down and I like him at the guys who are showing it to me in the lobby and it's it's an interesting concept and I don't know where it goes from here if it has to be glasses baster full of intially have some sort of a chipped in your eye or what the deal is with what what the next move is but it's a cool concept yeah it's one of those things that sort of it's kind of been flirting with like for the longest time people that virtual reality was going to be

► 01:48:18

that means it was virtual reality Concepts 20 years ago and people thought virtual reality was going to be the future and then it did took a long time for the hardware to catch up augmented reality has a more promising future because it's more useful virtual reality has like the immersion Factor going for it the problem is you have to make a make a whole world so augmented reality is just like some layer on top of your current world so you can get like a little screen or whatever or you look at one particular thing and it looks different from real life that's easier to build for virtual reality you have to build the whole world that you step into a much deeper layer of immersion which is great to step into but also hard to make so that's the difference I think I'm more into a are at the moment I think a are in a sense of having all the functions of your phone in front of you

► 01:49:18

the air when you call upon them maybe that's if you have some hey Siri type you know demand yeah it's ok Google systems better though have you tried Bixby that's yes he does a few things okay love you check flights okay a couple of things that we do better than any other assistant like what it can dig in locally on Samsung phones and like do strings of commands you can say hey Bixby open My Settings app turn my brightness halfway down and turn

► 01:50:18

Wi-Fi off and I'll do all that and Siri and Google Assistant but if you say hey Bixby how tall is the Statue of Liberty a might not do it like a lot of basic things so yeah Google Assistant I think is the most complete and useful I genuinely is it all the time Siri I mostly trigger by accident and then I wonder if it's better and it isn't what's the fence of the Bixby as a button and you can't remap a nun remappable Bixby button that you accidentally pressed all the time what is this thing yeah the iPhone Siri button gets pressed a lot but what I really like about the pixels the squeeze squeeze I mostly use the hey Google trigger which is like map to my voice so is it turns on now that I said it

► 01:51:18

your question mostly question how do you use any of the home feature things like to use Alexa or the Google home first thing I got into my home with Google home have a Google home home if I had Alexa first thing I probably would have an Alexa home with things that work with Alexa put your lights work with Nest thermostat and Nest security camera and ask what the temperature is upstairs and then say hey change the temperature to this and it'll do it so I don't have to run out and find the thermostat and change myself Gates had some pain that you would put on when you entered into his home and when you go in a certain rooms if you had a pin on it would recognize oh it's Bill Bill likes the temperature at this level

► 01:52:18

he likes this art on the wall so he'd have LCD screens that would display different images things are the same unless I want them to change by the kind of weird like every time you leave the room they are changes behind you and me walk back in and change it back and then leave again kind of a lot but yeah couple things like I have a Google home app where I like yeah change the temperature once in awhile or there's a thing I've considered getting the ring doorbell camera but I don't really use it that much it's mostly packages get delivered to work instead of homes

► 01:52:59

yeah yeah the Alexa and the Google home they like what the big concern the people have zits listening to you all the time if there is a store that I read about there was a murder investigation and that they were trying to get the records of Amazon Alexa wild you know this murder investigation was going on because they think they could have like listen to the conversation and then people like wait a minute this fucking like just listening all the time but it's not worried about it don't worry about it yeah there's a lot yeah it's got to listen like so that the whole privacy thing I have you say have to think about that a lot my my compromise in my own head personally is I don't have privacy and I know it so I might as well get something back for it which is convenience

► 01:53:54

so I can see if I'm going to have like this Google assistant on my phone I already have a GPS in Wi-Fi and all these sensors in my phone I might as well like of course they know where I am so I might as well get something for it so maybe I'll get like shortcuts to where I need to go you know where my work is just give me a shortcut to the traffic to work like a home in 12 minutes if you're going to know that which I know you are cuz your Google give me something back from you and you know the restaurants near me like how do you know where I am you're watching all the time constantly looking basically I was like I have a couple of like preferences that seem like pretty minor like what sports teams are the game you are about to check the score to the traffic I have a flight later what is going to do it was going to do this is it's going to tell me when it's time to leave based on traffic based on my location to

► 01:54:54

drive to my flight 90 minutes before the scheduled departure it's going to tell me when to leave cuz I knows where I am and knows where the airport I'm leaving from is it knows my flight is my flight time and knows I need to get to the airport 90 minutes before the flight does Google own ways now your own ways or bought when you get something through Google Maps it does kind of the same thing that weighs does right yeah I use data from which people who live in these neighborhoods were ways is now rerouting her very familiar with the rerouting and it's pretty hilarious hilarious people have these sleepy little communities and now it's going through their neighborhood is great it's it's amazing how well it predicts your time arrival to

► 01:55:48

and a whole like notifying you when there's construction or police or something no it's excellent car is broken down the right lane and I'll shift to the left. I'm fascinated by all these advances and where they're taking us and I spend a lot of time thinking about I could spend a lot of time thinking about what we're the future holds or what the future holds and where all the stuff is going and I never I'm never would have imagined 20 years ago that we would be all addicted to our phones and one of the big issues would be like one of the new features in the iPhone shows you how much screen time you have and because when we're doing this fitness challenge your screen is on all the time cuz you're looking at your screen because it shows you the the score that you're so it's like your screen usage this month is up 900% like oh no that's not good

► 01:56:47

but there's something to addiction two phones and addiction to technology in the fact that it's so a part of our life that I I can only imagine it's going to get more more immersive and we're going to become more and more symbiotic with all this Electronics mean you're wearing a watch that all the time on you things all the time and get three phones with you yeah I know that it's gotten at least recently a little more in the spotlight digital feature which tells you how much screen time you've had in certain apps and will let you restrict your usage of Instagram by in a certain number of minutes whatever it's doing the same thing they both introduce that with him like 6 months of each other which is kind of fascinating but on the other hand I think I think in my own head that I am not addicted yet I still unplug every weekend to play ultimate and then I put back in on Monday

► 01:57:47

unplug meaning you don't check your email you know check your texts as far as a tournament that's like you'll have like five games in a day so I'll get up at like 7:30 you go to the fields you put your bag down you warm up you play a game you want to play a game you were multiplayer game like for 5 p.m. wow no phone that's a lot of activity it's amazing you're not wearing your watch so yeah I like all day and then we'll have team dinner and then shower sleep wake up a next day day to the tournaments I don't know what you need you need instead of that wrist strap you need like a forearm strap that's like on the way yeah like on like one of those tennis wristband things

► 01:58:47

the watch is the points like I don't know if the watch if I put it up here will still measure my heart rate and all that stuff the same something stinks to a compression shirt and I know you can sync them I have something to your watch to do it that way I don't know if you could I'm pretty sure you mean it syncs to a compression shirt what you mean when you snap the thing into the compression shirt oh my God

► 01:59:18

no I'm not I want to get one of those dead cuz mine's getting super sweaty man this thing is losing a lot of its elasticity it's so gross to Instinct so you can watch any wash it I thought it was electronic sensors are making some sort of a contact with these buttons which makes a contact with the Earth and watch the sensor plastic so don't want to go through these pads to get to your skin I don't want to be shity

► 01:59:58

okay I'm at the shirt not quite yet man too late overnight for days yeah augmented reality you know I know that there is a there's talk about a contact lens that was being in development that was going to be some sort of a lens that's going to allow you to do like a lot of Minority Report type shit yeah

► 02:00:35

like a contact lens you think of is just like this clear thing maybe some circuits on it or whatever but like you need a battery right I mean unless it operates off your body the heat of your body as I mean I don't know how direct like even if they do operate off of some other power assist you need to get that power source to connect to the electronics to make it would still take some space I don't know how much but I don't know it seems kind of far out but it also seems really really difficult to put a contact lens directly in front of your retina and be able to focus on it as a bunch of questions I have a realistic it is they're going to invent a better eye

► 02:01:24

for blind people and when they do look how amazing it says we've given blind people to build his butt but now they also have all these other features that you don't have any regular ice and put some fucking realistically worried about that video once we're there was a guy got his arm and his leg bit off by sharks attacked by shark when surfing so yeah this is carbon fiber hand that totally articulates like a real hand and he's standing there with his from his knee down was an artificial leg and he was walking around and moving like a regular person I was like this guy is incredible I'm like he's kind of a bionic I get his hand is moving around and take your hand and you seem so normal what if it gets like many many generations better than this where it has like Luke Skywalker when he got his hand chopped off by Darth Vader never again

► 02:02:24

that robot hand and the people working on this everyday so I kind of figured headed in that direction we're like this is Jamie this is called immacula which is a VR lens that you wear with sunglasses so it together they make an AR situate lens as a contact and then sunglasses what is a macula

► 02:02:59

only have a lens here and glasses go over top use this guy's a cover boy what's up man he's an alien alien put the skin on or never looks like something wrong with the left side of his face man he's wearing someone's skin

► 02:03:31

that's a weird system so Allen's going to contact the battery might be in the glass and the glasses and it's working and I don't know how it's connected but wow this is who knows what this is okay with the one second my phone in checking it instead of what are you getting with you saw the note of the examples were like incoming call the weather your emails things like that information in 2 seconds by just have an email have a text like that pretty the final form of smartphones and smaller are they going to be implanted in you I think smartphones are at like pretty much their final form we're going to keep evolving the insides of smartphones to be better

► 02:04:31

more and more I think that's where we're at for a while what do you thoughts on Samsung foldable screens very curious about sounds awesome but why do I fold it why what am I doing with it and how big is it going to get like maybe so we had this idea while ago when we started first getting this big phones you can have a really big song like a tablet but then fold in half and it's like a cell phone size now

► 02:05:14

but like I might as well just have a phone in the tablet and the fight to remember the Samsung what was that giant thing they had was bigger than a well they have small tablets but there was a phone

► 02:05:31

all the Galaxy Mega was like a six and a half inch screen and that's where we're at now it was massive compared to what we had also in the market which is like 5 inch screens I never saw one of the wild review but I'm pretty sure if I look back that was like a six and a half inch hose lesson 7 ish I think that's The Sweet Spot 7 inch screen tablet 6 inch screen phone and I think this is a 6.2 inch 6.5 inch it's crazy sock Google Zoom but that thing still have the forehead and the bezels on the chin and comparison on horrible iPhone 8

► 02:06:31

16 GB baby

► 02:06:35

that's so weird I was probably hang out you were a pimp like what are you doing with that Sunshine at Logan's all the time battery life. 44 minutes as a fun time it's crazy when you connect your phone to your car is the other one that just happened this tiny Tom phone so it's like a super small phone accessory to your normal phone so it does almost everything your normal phone does but it's way smaller it has like half of the Texas congratulations the stupidest accessory to your phone they could have just made a small phone that would have been fine

► 02:07:35

but then they made this whole thing will I call but it has to connect to your other phone and then it uses the same phone number but it works sometimes and Steph Curry is Ambassador and I don't know anymore why someone would want to get that so how close is it have to be to regular phone I think it's kind of like an Apple Watch like it's accessory to your phone that kind of is the same form factor of the phone you put in your pocket you like go to the gym you just bring that instead of bringing the main phone or you just going to hike and you just want to bring your pulse set up so you just bring the little paws I could be in the meeting with whatever cokehead came up with that idea I can't think of what the Apple watch soda has it nailed right but enjoy it even though you're not even using it for a lot of the features

► 02:08:35

how to use on it to get like whether or so I could afford you version I get the weather and also it has the ability to make calls I do but I don't need you to call restaurants see what kind of you know hours they have I could say. Make a call but is there nothing commensurate in the Google World there is other SmartWatches there is technically Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch that has like a kind of cool spinning thing Galaxy watch it's probably the best Android compatible Smartwatch Huawei has a kind of a cool one to write so why we did this thing that I thought was

► 02:09:20

is it good try to track it was a smartwatch that has a digital screen but then had a mechanical hand like so that it looks like a normal watch on the screenshot on the problem with that is when you go to look at like your notifications or whatever you get the hands are blocking the screen so I didn't really think too hard about anime they got to that point until I call you know it will do will have this button or you press it and then hands like move out the way and I'm a notification so you can read it

► 02:09:58

they tried they really tried they try to be different I respect the hell out of that good try while away but no now do people to come over come to you and say hey man you are you're really good at reviewing these things are we talking up here this existed in its in this form and isn't a prototype face and they were still pretty far along but it was kind of like should we do this like she would put this here should we keep the headphone jack on but for the most part I think what a lot of people don't understand about practice element is it happens many many many many months before you ever see the price show up so I don't remember like all the leaks about the pixel XL all of them

► 02:10:58

that I can recall so like that the same as the iPhone like they've been working on that it's probably going to be a couple more months and then they're like finalizing design and things like that and so when you start to see phones come out like around like September and October and I start to all kind of resemble each other and then another one comes out and it looks the same and it's not like they saw the phone in early October when they were like let's copy that and then they made the next phone 2 weeks later they've been working on this forever so I can watch the whole the whole world. I hope Google's trolling us and that's not really the Notch and they're going to have this phone with no not know it's they've been working on this for a long time this is what they plant what is that one phone where the back slides up for the selfie camera OptiFine 10 yes that's a pretty I like the idea it's pretty cool that's the question

► 02:11:58

sponsor chips in there any little steel drums that there's another one called a Zevo Apex

► 02:12:13

no it's not a Vivo phone basically NEX it's called and it has just the selfie camera pop up and that's another thing so I can a grain of sand gets in there like as a toast immediately if you drop that sucker on the BT drop it while it's open is that over like phone ex or whatever but that's it looks cool cuz now look you have the fingerprint reader under the glass you have all the way to the bottom of the screen and all the way to the top of the screen and they just have the selfie camera it looks amazing at all yea or basically no bezels at the bottom so that's the idea is like we're in this sort of a race to get to a bezel-less phone and I guess that's the closest we can get right now is just having a little mechanical things pop out I think what we want is the stuff to be behind the glass behind the glass but then how would you

► 02:13:13

the image so I think if based on what I know about the physics of the technology you need you didn't over display and you need the camera to be behind the display and then when you light up the camera you need like a little black circle where those pixels are off so they can shine through I don't know if it's all making sense I think you're still going to always have like some sort of a black circle in the front of the phone somewhere iPhone versus Android is that there's so much more room for possibility with Android because you have so many different manufacturers that are competing in that market place in trying to find some sort of a way to shine and that was where the Huawei was Adam 8rs was like the Porsche Design version where I thought that was a really interesting facts that was stupid expensive credible 20 megapixel camera great night

► 02:14:13

photos low-light photos really try to do like in a Porsche Design does a lot of different things to do with sunglasses all kinds of weird stuff it really is nothing to do with the car but what they really big came up with something really high-end and they showed there's some sort of a market for that is that at 8:20 to do the same thing it's a great-looking phone again when you look at like how much you have to pay it versus what extra you're getting you might as well just get the made 20 Pro and not worry about the extra Barnstaple want that Porsche Design came just to go look at me I'm a baller and it did the same like Porsche does that Lamborghini does that Ferrari does that Tesla does that there is a

► 02:15:09

Lamborghini Edition Oppo Find 10 is a herd bike carbon fiber in. Did you mess with that photo mess with an 8:20 but not the Porsche Design one but it comes down to like using the phone itself is going to be pretty much the same like once you get past like a little bit different you open up the phone in the software is you get a cool couple wallpapers but like it's the same phone on the inside a little more storage maybe but basically the same thing I find it fascinating that they've decided to go that far out into the high-end deep end you have to differentiate yourself thousand dollars right $2,000 so I guess as hyper as you want to get it to go pay $2,000 for that but then when I came out I kind of took a lot of the wind out of their sales battery was the same size

► 02:16:09

cameras for big ass screen phones is we got all these phones that are $1,000 now and it's made it so easy to just bump up the price of your phone and not have anyone blank and I have been thinking about that a lot we have the iPhone 10 starts with thousand dollars right so then the iPhone 10 are came out and I think they could have priced it anywhere from 6:50 to 8:50 and I just now saw the right in there at 7:50 and you're like oh that's way cheaper. Pixel XL you probably don't remember what the pixel 2 cost for the pixel 3 starts at 7 99 which teams what like that's pretty reasonable right mid-range that's $150 more expensive than last year

► 02:16:58

why like what's so much better about pixel 3D Pixel 2 that it's a few dollars more the market is just lifted everything + $200 + $1,000 is a high-end now and I think that's what's convinced companies like Huawei like if we want to compete with apple and really make what seems and looks like a premium phone we have to charge $1,200 for people know it's better than the iPhone we charge $800 they're not going to think it's better than the iPhone we have to charge more than Apple charging to prove that we have more in our fun plus is interesting because they're really reasonable but their specs are very high-end numbers that look great on paper and usually translate pretty well to like using the phone but they always cut out as many quarters as I can to get the price as low as they can there

► 02:17:58

phone last year 550 bucks right all glass but no wireless charging but it's glass dual cameras you hardly ever use a second camera but it still camera Snapdragon 845 a lot of phones have the same specs now these days but like they've gotten pretty good at like going the opposite direction like we're not going to charge a thousand bucks we're going to make the same phone. It's the same but for way less money that's that's a much more popular to go as far as sales 01 S63 they keep the headphone jack that's so far so far that's very popular for keeping the headphone jack and not having a notch there like the last ones to have a headphone jack and no not well I'm a big fan of the way the note 9 looks when I mean

► 02:18:58

it's a beautiful device and feels in the hand and what do you think is wrong with it is the front facing camera and the software it's just it's slow for me quickly so a lot of times like I've been using I also don't think it's the prettiest software I really like Samsung screen so I know they can make good looking stuff but I think if they made Google Play edition Galaxy Note 9 I would be sick because I love Google Spy software being cleaner and colorful not a problem but it's just not my favorite I know some people have figured out a way to use the Google Launcher on other phone so they make other phones look like a pixel

► 02:19:58

you can only go so far back like you can meet you can use the Google Launcher and you can use an icon pack to use Google Icons but still you're going to have like your settings pull down as still going to look like Samsung you can have the apps like the settings app is still going to look like the Samsung Settings app you're so going to have 3 email apps and 3 messaging apps and all the stuff Samsung on his nose but like I don't know what that is what is that one what's message plus why is it better to use a Verizon Samsung Verizon Verizon messages of Ryzza messenger and message plus on those Google's messenger insist a lot of his Hangouts how do I even get in touch with it's a lot wonder if there's ever going to be a time where something happens technologically where the Walled Garden of apples her dissolves in everything becomes accessible

► 02:20:58

tell a guy to let that they will never let that go down steps like one of their biggest most prideful accomplishments of nailed it isn't brand loyalty and other than the prestige of having an Apple product which is all very high that wall Garden that's where it's at the exit to it was a fucking nightmare couldn't get text messages and and here's the thing I even called up Apple and I said I want you to remove me from your yeah from your I meant I gave them my email address I gave them phone number the whole deal and they will why I go cuz I'm all the pixel phone news likes paws like I just ate a baby it's a different phone you fux I'm trying to find a different phone or send me a text send me a text I sent it shit

► 02:21:58

I'm going to send you a text nothing okay shut it off. Nothing you have to start with a new phone number you have to start from scratch then people get that Granny masturbate reason why I don't make my main phone number and I found this cuz I know I'm like lower myself into the garden like I don't know but that will probably never be my main I have to Sam's I'm a number the one everyone has is my Android phone I think it'll stay that way as long as that's the way it is I feel like you and your particular profession as you're a reviewer of all these things I think you kind of have to do that because otherwise you'd be in this weird position of not being from unboxtherapy clarify which was like it was in January

► 02:22:58

what phone is in your pocket right now iPhone after iPhone after iPhone and there's a couple pics taste like that ecosystem is real you lose seemed angry more people weren't using pixels about just whatever phone there's a lot of people who do sponsors videos while they'll talk about a phone as if they use it but they don't and I was one of the things that at CES specifically that we kind of wish that our studio because you would think like if you watched everyone's videos like so I guess Huawei mate 10 Pro videos at CES so if you if you went into watching a video like what forms and everyone's pocket I think you would just assume everyone's got a Huawei mate 10 Pro nobody did it was really funny

► 02:23:58

that's dirty and the other thing is about why they have a lot of money to pay celebrities for Huawei basically Gal Gadot being one of them ads and I noticed that you Tweeting ads about how much she loves her Huawei phone if you look in the details of the Tweet it's always via Twitter for iPhone was funny so I just waited it's very funny blew up and I had Huawei reach out to me like how did you find this how did you know where did you this isn't this a mistake like if this has ever malfunction I'm like that's how Twitter works out you can see clearly

► 02:24:58

not only did Gal Gadot Gal Gadot the fucking Wonder Woman picture of her home and since then has tweeted already deleted like her latest tweets and repost and she's treated from Android phone ever since I'll give respect for that wow they probably told her you're going to lose all that cash is no way she's tweeting the fact that she blocked you those gross. That's gross I think it was like a year later she was really funny

► 02:25:58

Patty is actually directing that movie the first one she's directing II went to jail so she says gals a great gal tell Gabby I said hi not allow that happened recently a razor the company made that Razor phone tweeted their official announcement tweet of the Razor phone to from an iPhone, how they still speakers were excellent in the first one better than the second one and the second one has ip68 or 67 I'm pretty sure it's water-resistant up to like 30 minutes when something like that you can Splash it I wouldn't go underwater with a 68 is pretty pretty damn good is the new iPhone at 68 is also the note yes both are 6810 RS 6703 also

► 02:26:58

it certification is it's just as far as I know the way it works is you just submit the phone for a certain test and if it passes then you get to say it certified and the only difference between IP 67 and ip68 is IP67 is technically certified for 30 minutes one meter and ip68 is certified for 30 minutes 1.5 m

► 02:27:24

and the meter ratings I sometimes it's to me sometimes it's a little more but it's basically just a measurement of water pressure like how much pressure is different half a meter so really I mean you didn't see my significant to me but it's basically just water pressure so he splashed phone a little harder is it going to break versus an ip68 phone I don't know just seems safe to go to 68 every time but it must be a big enough difference that some of those are interesting I mean like I said the beginning I really do go you immediately after you do a fantastic job to cover all the bases do great job awesome awesome job you Channel your Twitter Instagram All That Jazz will always be the same five letters MKV HD MKV HD stand for

► 02:28:24

for high-definition MKBHD on everything everything

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