#1305 - JD & John Witherspoon

May 29, 2019

John Witherspoon is a comedian and actor. JD Witherspoon, John's son, is also a comedian and actor. You can see John on his YouTube cooking show "Cookin' For Poor People" (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJF-73OaZ-Cr0k9_-lpcaXQ). Also check out JD's channel "runJDrun" (https://www.youtube.com/runJDrun).

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an amazing actor and his son JD wetherspoon who's also hilarious who's I know him from The Comedy Store and like I say in the podcast when he told me that John was his dad he instantly became a friend I love his dad he's amazing this fucking podcast that I'm going to play to you there was moments where my face hurt from laughing so hard I was cramping up in my cheeks so I hope you enjoy it even half as much as I did I love this guy so please give it up for John Witherspoon and his son Jay Dee

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remember to talk into the mic yeah knowingly know we're live ladies and gentlemen what's up it's hilarious in the to you guys together when your son he told me he was your son first of all we instantly became my friend and and second of all is like what is it like having John Witherspoon as a dad that is going to be crazy mind you I only told you because he was asking me because I go to clubs all the time hanging out and when that and you know just kicking it with friends and he said who's at the club nowadays he's like it here who is it who is it who to bring her there who the funny one who the ones that I don't like like I mean it's a bunch of movies like you know Brandon this and I said Jose always there he's got bunch of people comes it shows like Joe Rogan I'm not no joke it's my man my mission I don't we work together when else yeah yeah yeah I saw you would think was Caroline's in New York we were doing I was doing like the 8 you were doing a 10 or something like that

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we're not actually bash old but it probably was on a Thursday you know you probably did something was happening we're doing it close to each other so long time a long time ago like maybe maybe 15 years ago yeah oh yeah I haven't been there in a while I work I've been New York in a while I stopped going to New York for Caroline's a weird one you don't have you done permanent Caroline it's like a touristy place all tourists and foreigners feel like doing Times Square right yeah it doesn't feel like you're doing stand-up in New York feels it feels weird oh yeah feels like what people want New York to be but they're from somewhere else good percentage of them are Guatemala but it's great looking to legs great Club oh yeah it's just you know it's different than the seller or you know Dangerfield's is my favorite Joey Diaz was just down there and he said he did Dangerfield's like five six nights I never did Dangerfield's nobody does Dangerfield no it's half full all the time it's amazing that they still around how they're still around Somebody's gotta be selling Coke somebody

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all the time to keep that place like that but the name alone brought probably brings people in but it's an iconic place man yeah New York hasn't been back to his Letterman gone I don't go do his show anymore I haven't been to Caroline's in their mouth three years four years but you do a lot of clubs and the robot we were talking about never 4040 some clubs wow you know what he comes here you know my age has come to my house in January and they tell me all the clubs I got that year they change what date we go over it we go over everyone all right June 15th and can you going to be in some sort of doing it in y'all like to money be going to get an okay that's good that's a good that's a goal so we do 47 Club as a man this is too much work I've been 52 weeks in a year yeah that's crazy I gotta have some time off what about me don't worry about this money but when you have time off all you do is complain about not being on the road complain about

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people telling me what to eat what to drink oh my goodness I like to get me a little taste every 90 taste that's what I'm saying hey bunny look keep the wolf off your back that's right so I give me a give me a little taste the real problem is that travel though that's what we're told it's too much it's too though their travel over and over and over again and then we were freaking out about 8:30 7s and you were explaining to us that yeah mostly they use them in overseas and some South Wales and African countries they mended when it and in Asian country they use them well they had like two planes that just gonna loss right one from that lady that runs all pilot thanks Lex Friedman is a software engineer and he specializes in a eyes a professor at MIT and he was explaining to me is basically the software glitch was making it nosedive yeah yeah what that's not that's not something I would want to hear that when I think 2200 hundred to get my seat while you

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a software engineer you have to you would have to up the pilot or copilot to let them know I hate someone has some obviously they all know what they're doing in the cockpit but does someone know what to do if the computers going down that's a really good question Do they have any training in how to reboot computers or is there a bypass or workaround for the computers yeah Lex does artificial intelligence that's mostly what he does is he works on like cars autonomous cars and planes and stuff and he was talking about as these things get more and more updated you just have glitches happened it happens all the time with your phone right you get a yeah a new bug and Twitter just crash on you all the time and they release an update but if you're on a fucking plane you what are you doing yeah and how do you react what happened how do you react to sit yeah wow you have to go through a flight simulation of hey it's Carrie there's a bug in the plane here we go know what run over all that software before they put it on a plane you know they had

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the plane that crashed flips the last plane crash that was where and Africa I don't know there was two and shortly set one was one Russia no no she and no I think it was an applicant anyway those Pilots are trained to the end they to the hilt they train those Pilots but they don't know themselves some of the guys who's training people's what the heck's going on it was a pilot that was off work that was on the plane just before this plane crash same plane they have trouble before and he came out of his seat and went up to the the cock pic and cockpit and and say the plane jeez what to do yeah he'd only one knew what to do in a plane imagine being that fucking plan for watching and looking down the aisle watching that guy walk into the yeah what are you doing you'll see no one day they protect that they put the food cart in front of the yeah yeah that food truck

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open anybody now but then they got a bolt on the door yeah those all those doors the other point but the pilot is in the bathroom taking a boo-boo yeah that's what that is they don't have their own Pilots bathroom no no no no the block the area yeah put that Puch right there so you have seen that many times that's a weird move I don't you have like a dedicated thing for it why is the food cart yeah the thing you don't you have like a shit have a gate some have another leap that right that you have another door just like to get on the carpet yeah they should have like some like a like you know they had do on those metal gates and produce glass windows yeah that one of those click clamp it down what a new dad didn't work because they had the riot in 66 and they told him down oh the gates on the remember that I was watching them guys something flew open yeah what could you do to stop someone from bum-rushing the cockpit like those flight attendants are not going to stop no no he'll well they should probably prepare planes with a flight attendant who has training like that in the future like a female or male who saw that's too much

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those are far too much money too much money too much money do it they are probably dirty the pilot is locked in the bathroom the other pilot and the store this is locked in the in the booth when they fly the plane so you're getting in there anyway I guess yeah unless when the powder come out the bathroom well then he's not when he opened the door but they got other guy that's doing is got to come out he got to go in it's too complicated now being a people that sitting down going to know what's happened to get going to jump up I know somebody better not try this that's chaos on a plane if you start seeing all that that you're talking about well what don't you think turbulence is chaos I was on a plane once to do is almost got into a fight lady stop serving them one guy was pulling it was putting his luggage in a spot above another dudes head and the guy said that's for my stuff and he said no whoever gets there first is the one who gets it he's like bullshit and he's like grabbing his arm and like

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got like physical for a second night I had a you know I took my bag off to get some out of my bag I'm on a plane first some guy walked past me I said okay scuse me and then I'm looking for my stuff he going to put it hey bro she's back yet that going up there here's some water you should have had it up there it is sucking heat you sorry sir and again this see that he's sitting next to me to White Hope like he's bitch get the hell out of my way take that crap out of you he thought I was crazy tough guy huh one 210 no I when the plane is full now yeah he won seat next to me open he gonna put his stuff down I'm getting my stuff trying to find my my earphones Punk will put this stuff up there in front for you to just come in there's a place for you above my head I'm in my bag you don't think that's my

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because you because you were going through your bag to put this stuff up there

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some people just look for an opportunity to be a dick yeah I think planes of the closest that people get to walking that let me later road rage yeah the line yes it's the closest thing like when people get up and they get up too soon and then like they're pushing forward already like come on man yeah let everybody get up in the line some people like not don't push the room yeah I was I was at the gas station just now and you know how they have the big oil tankers have to bring the gas to the gas station they were blocking they were blocking and where people needed to go to park and the guy who was there was telling me that some lady was just there and she was mad at him because he pulled in a few minutes after she parked to get gas in her car and he was saying that she was like you're blocking me and he's like lady I'm either gonna block you in I'm blocking the street I can't block the full street with all the traffic and then by the time she was ready to go she finally was like nudging her way out of the gas station and the guy was trying to help her she's like don't help me I don't need your help all right and she's like and he said I'm sorry it's gonna be a minute she's like I don't got a minute and then I asked him so what kind of

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she driving he was like he was like a Range Rover new new ranger I'm like oh she's got plenty of that's gotta be one Gap put his seat back before the plane took off you know you put the get comfortable here to see it all the way back in some hazy hey buddy hey you cannot put your seat back before the plane get up in the air he's got your eyes on dude somebody's leg I got the back of the chair on someone's gay shit buddy I've been doing this for 20 30 years he shall give a fuck what you been doing you cannot do it today she said they got into a spat oh my gosh passengers to passenger that's what might was One Pastor playing cop yeah that's just how it is he cop as yeah there's a there's videos of that all the time remember I saw one one of them out here leaving like a coming into or leave in Burbank and it was like two guys who either the plane just landed or they were just about to take off got into a full fist fight over I mind you is a Southwest flight over a seat that

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didn't belong to anyone you know because over there that airport they're probably going from Burbank to Vegas and then dude was like hey man I'm taking a seat no no that's my and then next thing you know it's a it's a fight in between the idol it is crazy that they serve you booze on the plane you can get drunk at the airport you can get calls a drug and that drug is everywhere this flying everywhere that's fine it's a hundred percent said you can bring any alcohol through security no no you're gonna look at security we going to use our alcohol yeah it's hilarious and then pour test of brother didn't get my dick they all know me on the plane so they give me a bottle to go you think I'm just the way it is 1/2 wrap it up in a towel big looking down what I'm like I'm a sneak out here with this big-ass bottle but I do it I put it right now look at put it I get it you know you know they don't want like liquid bombs or some shit they don't want you bringing something oh yeah right

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in it I got it it's true I wish that wasn't something you ever had to think about but if it happens once every few years it's enough to eat a to think about it yeah but you know I had you know you can't have ounces 3 ounces liquid in your bag so I had a three ounce bottle of my expensive cologne but I use half of it so I ain't got no three hours I got I got one and a half now this we can take the whole thing I'm taking $150 just cause you got they took my cologne and you spray it on yourself before getting on one more pump and road I spray this ago everybody else to that was that was there but a serious about that yeah some dude Still Rock alone heavy like it I know I get it from Bergdorf Goodman I get this stuff see where I grew up it was a lot of pimps around the neighborhood and they wore the best cologne

► 00:18:40

them dudes with Shivani happy heavy shiny and hit them say like this so when I got old that's what I would do I get the Clone like this smack crack me up on it would be so sharp yes choose be so shiny and they get that cologne I've never smelled me talk to me boy you smell good I'm broke I got about 3 cents in my pocket and holes on the bottom of my shoes and then pills be at the end I felt like yeah you gonna be all right Monday just hang out and keep doing what you're doing keep doing what you're doing oh boy you have she pimps up hoes down yeah yeah crazy the doctor in real life it's weird it isn't some clowns they like clowns and get there who get together and they say what they do that's what and that's what he live

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nice beer and 12 3 year old were you when they join you too young now well Street black bottom they called one place called black bottom Hastings Street all pimps and hoes they had them big old hats on and they didn't have back then they didn't have high heel shoes on you know them pretty call it black yeah Detroit was booming right oh yeah Detroit fell off quicker than any City in the western world yeah in terms of like it was with the richest city in the world they're wide of the car yeah Motor City yeah because the people to factories closed yeah and then the factories closed people had put their money into the house the car factory money yeah I get that loans you got you got that you've been here 15 years you've got a good record you got a good things today but they give you a car and give you an A and A home but when that's like a fail border people oh my God what am I gonna do what am I gonna do what caused it do you know I mean obviously smooth

► 00:20:35

manufacturing moving to Mexico and other all that stuff World cultures all that stuff people have been of that everybody will for themselves yeah but no Motors forward for themselves but a lot of companies are still there it's just the market just opened up but like a lot of car companies you know like forward right gentlemen I like it used to be a GM yeah he's a priority they're still there but they're in a much more limited yeah roll but it's image of the role of like the the what like the base or kind of like a warehouse or maybe they move that to maybe they're you know that show Top Gear yeah they do a new show called The Grand Tour they do it on Amazon and they did one episode where they went to Detroit and they were in Detroit they bought a house for like 2 Grand oh yeah you get a whole house so I could get $2,000 652 that fucking whole house like a house house that's great like you could live in it like yeah oh yeah wasn't a bad house we needed some work there usually everybody yeah move but nobody's there but he's gone everybody

► 00:21:35

when we were there when we drove through is like the Mount of giant warehouses that are completely empty with all the shattered windows it's very depressing it's very it's very weird it's coming back now well yes come back I was there two months ago I my brother had died I went to his funeral and we drove around I couldn't find my grandfather's house they told that shit you know the head somebody burned it down some stuff like that and it was it was just like any other City to me it's coming back for sure and let's also like you know there's a lot of young businesses or starting up and yeah craft businesses and you know when there's enough people around people have Ingenuity they figure out a way it's just not going to be what it used to be yeah Ben and it's a whole new ballgame now it's all it is a new ball game new people these people are young my son was named Alexandra sees how old is he 23 23

► 00:22:30

I love Detroit he never seen this many we were downtown Detroit on Saturday night warm hot night people walking around this beautiful women walking around here know that my son went crazy that Detroit when we don't we don't go there and you're from there we don't we just don't go to where his family's from a lot so it's yeah it's one of those things would have family gone hey guys so you got relatives I don't know them yeah I don't know my brother's daughters his brother neither does Alex and me that's what Alex is more God excited yeah his nieces oh my God they loved him hmm and they are they walked around I said no I'm going back to the hotel I'll be getting too much Erasmus so I'm going back to the hotel I hold it I told the driver take me back they can jump out you can pick them up later and they've got a ride so they got back to the hotel about two three hours later but I was sleeping by the end

► 00:23:29

well but Detroit is nice when I was there I'm telling you man Detroit it was nice yeah I did the Fox Theater and they're so old that they have these pillars in the wall that are left stain from cigarettes will click on like a yeah darkish orangish stain just from nicotine that's good beautiful hotel a beautiful theater yeah beautiful theater yeah yeah replace one of the pillars actually had one pillar that was clean and then the other pillars you go well that's cigarette smoke yeah really see it and everybody saying there Frank Sinatra got ya got is from seeing everybody getting a signature all over the place oh really yeah I put my put my seen it down by 20 times I've been there about eight times it's a great place for watching Temptations down here oh wow Temptations Frankie Lymon and the teenagers that was a long time ago wow but beautiful beautiful place all the other place torn down the Olympia Stadium where they used to play and sing and

► 00:24:29

piston used to play basketball there they all they tore that place down I saw Elvis Presley there Elvis Presley Only kid and I saw Elvis I always wanted to go to see The Croc gym but I think they tore that dies play basketball the cranks Jim really he sees me he's to be a basketball court there then it taught might have torn it down now but they had they built boxing rings around it so all the box but we play ball they've got boxing around that we went up there one day with my shoes at the what the hell happened here they didn't close the doors and everything turning to journey to boxing not like baked great boxes wasn't Tommy Hearns and then people came out of the shore Lennox Lewis and then he'll Stuart Leighton Stuart was the head coach there before until he died yeah that was an amazing gym but it was white one of those places is a few places where you want to go like when you're in ela you want to go too wild card you just wanted you to say you've been there since I want to go to the cage where you are you coming time any time will tell me knock the crap out of me

► 00:25:31

let me know anytime you want to go there's gonna be spicy California Outlook through this screen like this motherfucker we get you pretty close oh we get it right up there we can hear the some extended give you a closer look I can't believe you got to knock the fuck out that really serious about that I really ever gone to one of them live no no never oh yeah let's hook that up funny imagine you should film him I'll be like so what are your feelings about the fight is almost set up a tripod in front of them oh my God just react yeah straight I could go pro or something

► 00:26:30

I've been on their background they doing huh peace on the background and so on I saw one this guy was whooping whooping whooping oh he tell me what whenever whenever I whip your ass I want your wife to come over and clean my house I want I want I want her to come and cook me a meal G cook anything I wanted to cook me this dude I'm a dick deep this guy was Brazilian the guy that poem he's involved man come on man you do not to be that's just display and it's fighting you ain't got to talk about my wife and stuff man you don't tell me what to do to this Italian or something like that Chael Sonnen is his name there's we're resilient is Anderson Silva oh yeah he's old and one guy's always about 43 Prix Anderson Anderson sporty chill might be a little older than that yeah Anderson's greatest middleweight of all time yeah well this boy put his foot up at the are you talking about the one single snap

► 00:27:30

got different when he's talking about kicking him in the head it was a fight with this I never seen a foot come that quick and that's and it tolls hitting the motherfuckin never seen nothing like this I understand that was your idea fell asleep I think you're thinking of a different fight now oh yeah thinking of Vitor Vitor Belfort and and solo whooping whooping whooping yeah and he running his that's the Vitor Belfort will guide that's the front kick to the face one that's like a legendary kick the other one was Chael Sonnen the Chael Sonnen one he he kicked him and he dropped him they need him to the body and took him out with punches unbelievable how to make this unbelievable how he can work that foot how do you feel about your son's impression of you it's really good he doesn't think it sounds like him at all he doesn't it's a great you know something well here I only know it because this is how he talks to me all the time he'll just be like

► 00:28:30

Dee Dee what you what you what you doing today you got work hmm you gotta go sit back and talk to all them people ha never has all the noises like he's he's he PA you'd be perfect for ASMR I think we should just make that type of stuff yeah it's like him him just breathing I was in line at the airport coming from I think I was in st. Louis or something like that and so I'm behind his lady anybody lying but two three people in front of her and I'm behind her so I'm backed up weight making my little noise but she was like oh Latino woman Spanish woman and she looked back and she went back back to looking forward and Angie I said well I don't care whatever

► 00:29:32

she say you make a lot of noise wow she's a you make a lot of noise sir as I don't remember making any noise that's what you do when you got in the car today you got in the car and you express myself it's noises and the noises and questions those are his eyes those are his those are it like the moment you get in the car 90 - what happened how how far we got go to get to Joe mmm yeah mmm however when we're driving 30 miles an hour he's like thank you going so fast don't you think oh quick little quick on it on the freeway I'm like we're on the freeway is 60-mile I'm going slow right now what is that but now his voice his voice is just like one of many I've come across today because I do voiceover and all that stuff so it's one of those things where I'm lucky enough to have that one in my back pocket because sometimes I'll throw it out there

► 00:30:30

will it be like I don't know how people do it John Witherspoon presents interesting that's it yeah we just practice on it yeah man what it's got to be nice though seeing him get into Show Business getting a stand-up I guess so you like it yeah he's funny he's I don't you know I came from 11 kids and them gear so hope you be successful I'm gonna try my best to be successful he's too busy counting his coins to worry about my career God bless us o God bless us all you're on your own good luck I mean he's you know he's supportive but he's one of those guys were because I didn't want to do anything at all when I was younger I wanted I want to do art and when I was drawing I used to go to college and then I did not turn art into a career so why my friends like why don't you try acting you always wasting time and class making us laugh and I was like honest interesting idea so I started like doing commercial acting one that but I have friends who are Comics like I don't usually bring up he's my dad like it's something that just randomly happens usually like and when that comes across

► 00:31:30

they're like oh that's crazy so you got like a well of information in the sense of being a good comic and writing and this and that I'm like now yeah like not that I don't but it's just asking him questions about stuff like that is the funniest stuff because he's just very like like you just said it's very flat out and just kind of like uh yeah yeah ddl be funny like how much more to tell a guy though really yeah just got you just gotta get your own yeah we talked about that last night people ask me do you go to the clubs and because your son and help him right

► 00:32:05

hell no he doesn't I featured for him and he doesn't watch my set like I just go up and I do my I do my time and that coming to The Green Room I'm like hey you ready to go and he's like oh yeah GD uh they sound like they were laughing to sound like you did all right I like it man father to do my never given me any criticism or any pointers or anything huh you ever give him any pointers a tips better be funny that's all I'm on I'm usually the one I'm the one on the opposite Spectrum giving him tips about like how he can how he can leverage like his you know his his notoriety in this day and age on the internet that's my thing so it's one of those things where like if I have a question about stand up I'll ask but he doesn't you know yeah you should definitely have a very active social media yeah we've helped him run it so see you good yeah who's on the all the time Kevin Hart's

► 00:33:05

always here's the thing Nails was always on here's the thing literally creating his social media was just a fluke cause one day like five or six or seven years ago someone trended that he passed away and because of that we had to create social media for him so when that happened he's calling me and I'm getting calls from random people who know him and also my cousin's like I family call me crying like is he okay is everything okay and he called me he's like JD you gotta help me out some some wrong on the internet they think I'm going he's saying my my ball my all my family is calling me and I don't wanna talk to him so we created him a Twitter that day and then through Twitter I told him I'm like well just tell people you're around and I we tweeted out like hey y'all this is the real John Witherspoon blah blah blah I don't listen to those phonies making them rumors because it was it was worldwide trending or whatever well I like hashtag R.I.P pops with something and then off of that his Twitter gained like 25k and I'm like a now

► 00:34:05

and then later on down the road he got into Instagram kind of randomly where he just he had an Instagram didn't really post and then I think one day you did you did just a random thing where he was rambling I talked to you I talked to Megan and what's her name oh yeah he was me he was making like a joke about like Bill Cosby and what not and he's like bigger can mess around with them that does stuff Bill and whatever butts other social media platforms randomly found it reposted it and now he's like he went from like 6K to like a hundred twenty eleven people follow me I just don't do anything yeah it doesn't understand like how social media is like the future but well it's not a great a loop it's a great way to avoid doing morning radio you don't like doing - I gotta get up Friday morning I get to this I get the Canyon City at 10 o'clock that night Thursday tomorrow night and then I had to get a Friday morning I don't know the time or anything like that yet but I probably do three or four radio station yeah so I'm talking about

► 00:35:04

every day we take a day drive you then you so sleepy yeah back over here and over here and then he just take a nap later and then you're still kind of wrecked when the first show Rose you got to do two shows yeah so it's it is not fun and I'm I'm you know I'm slowing down but if you build up your social media you can cut that part of it out early and I'm sure you have like relationships from those radio stations where you like them oh yeah want to come in and do it that's cool if you want to do it but to have to do it the have to do it is have to do it it's bad for your sleep it's just nice it's not good for your brain eat again post like a story or like online t or if you could post an Instagram video saying like hey I'm going to be here this weekend Bill Bellamy does oh yeah cut everybody cut it in half cut the time in half yeah you get you don't have to do that get up in the morning stuff but they want to see me yeah these radios DJ's right as rain want to see Pops they want some pop so man the legend coming in

► 00:36:05

I know damn Legend I just needed some money that's why I'm a comment comes I go out and work all the time cause I'm I need money definitely explain that because I did have a question when I first started doing stand-up and I was like Hey that I'm from a from a motivational standpoint I was like hey Dad what got you in a standard what is it that like motivated you to want to do it he looked at me and said motivated me I was broke he's like I was broken someone told me I was funny so I went to California and got on stage and just started making dollars I was like so then what are you doing here you don't even like this he's like that means is I do Monday you know I'm not a comic who just love to make people laugh but you love to you what do you like about that money count dead people oh my God let me tell you sometime sometime on the way home see if I had a good week for some of them clubs pay a lot of damn money pay over 30 some thousand dollars for six weeks six nights for I mean for

► 00:37:04

children a weekend and I don't count the money but I when I do one-nighters you know they have to pay you half the money up front and give you money just before you go onstage so I might have fourteen fifteen thousand dollars in my pocket brother I'll be on that plane feeling that feeling that money that's why I give me a tall glass of that these are his passions these are his passion project I'm having a good time and I'm getting it I called a Bank of America check out my account for clock in the morning I punching my thing punching this new you have your balance is under the doctor says so ridiculous hat we gotta get you got to get to the app we got just get to this the Bank of America app you save the phone call

► 00:37:56

don't man I read everything go through the motion yeah it's your you like to hear it telling you it's the last one in has your social security number your balance is is so wonderful that was broken I was coming up man let me start huh would you start doing stand-up back in Detroit and Detroit yeah I was my brother used to go to acting class on Thursday and his wife sighs boy that's pretty cool actually try to be an actor so I got in the Yellow Pages they had him yellow pay they don't have now though yeah but I got go through the phone and get the number but they had a yellow page I go through and went the other patient went to acting class private acting lesson at call the guy he said $25 an hour come on over and we can get started so this teacher at John Benjamin's acting classes put in a comedy show Once once a year

► 00:38:53

anything I want you to be on the show as I don't want to know about no comedy you somewhere you this is very lucrative business you can make a lot of money and somebody really stole the show why is a wait a minute that's funny Miss doltish Ice do impressions of Nat King Cole Johnny Mathis and was a boy Joe Cocker and all that stuff oh Mick Jagger I still make Jagger you just don't go he don't go out there for the show I'm bouncing across the state like Joe Cocker boy it was so funny and I got a standing ovation and I said wait am I could probably make some money doing this so I really was money money was your number one motivation when you borrow money is you know Tom I love and affection that's some bull ha ha ha he didn't have that luxury no luxury get out of my way so I can count this

► 00:39:55

where did you start out in La what club did you start out here well I drove from Detroit to La I moved to New York I moved to New York 671 1971 I was about 30 years old 29 30 and I went to Media could be a fashion model I was faster Mama Detroit really fashion commercials

► 00:40:16

I worked at Cadillac motor car

► 00:40:19

and my job was plating bumpers the thick fucking bumpers and so the bumpers I'ma need the money is I'm picking this up because you don't you use Now using Trillium and you losing endorphins and everything else you got in your body to kick and put this big bump on this fucking line to it to keep going and get into it plating pit so I have now the bumper go down and I had about three minutes I look at this magazine I saw a guy standing next to a car outside like betting that dude am I wanted to the I went to the Yellow Pages again and got me a call to acting lady called the am modeling schools they so sure come on in they gave me a job that weekend I thought I was hot tub with the New York them do look ten times better than me as your model so I couldn't do that so I'm I got the hell out of there I went back to had went to New York I went down

► 00:41:19

it stayed in Europe three years back to LA I meant but that the Detroit got a car and rolled in La by myself and when you went to LA you want to do stand-up yeah I went to do acting and stand up cut that Molly novel that I've never said that shit work where did you want to start out doing stand-up here at The Comedy Store store yeah I was the first one out there with mint tea wow was ever admits he first started really had to place Sam it's breaking up Mitzi

► 00:41:49

Sammy you see Sammi went on the road Sammy was he was a big-time common he working for speaks about you and Dean Martin all of the opening for them Mitzi needed somebody to I needed a place so I'm I got a job and she gave me a job as the MC left Dave Latimore's MC the first shot MC the second show he had no money then either you had a wife he had a red truck and a dog named Bob it's only thing he came in LA with I just had this blue I had this blue Mustang I bought for about a hundred fifty to drive the ELA $150 Card roll till all the way to La wow you know I was determined to get out there get me some of that money I bet that nightmare

► 00:42:48

head lice on the car I'm gonna dip one got my stick I had to stick with me and put the head of the funnel put that all in that car looking around you know I'll be doing it and got the California not actually with the Las Vegas person fuck you got stuck I got stuck at me yeah he told me that that what happened blue is money I guess the man had a guy tell me try to keep this thing in front of you can grab that oh yeah yeah please Dance had a guy tell me my friend he reachable he said look just go to go to Las Vegas for see with the comics are doing and then you go to La do you know what they're doing in Las Vegas that's the comics they work in Las Vegas all the time I went that old-ass joke Jewish joke they playing the telling but Gabe Kaplan they're so funny big head fucking funny he's a good actor but he was I wish all my tenants without teach all these payday

► 00:43:48

half an hour I mean half of half a 30 days to stay there so I paid up my rent for 30 days and I went that night got my new navy suit on him and sharp is I can be boys get modeling clothes you know man standing around you know have big ol afro man I lost every dime I had it that fucking Horseshoe Casino I was I would back home crying so now I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do I hear I've been drove two and a half days across the country

► 00:44:19

so I I call people in Detroit try get some money but you know when you call you a long ways away everybody got know many people don't answer the phone they said oh no I ain't got no money click so I got some are borrow money from some of my friends in the state had to stay there for six months yeah let's chill I got nobody to go to La well you said that didn't you tell me that you hit you did one of the slot machines and it hit with like three grand or something had a hundred and fifty dollars left I saw Diana Ross she what I would do I would go at night and during the weekend during the week at me you can go to the front of the casinos and the guy and the front they say I'm a comic I just want to sit back here and watch some the comic and I'm gone they say that you do that shit there ain't anybody nobody sitting there it's got 2,000 seats in the states or something like that

► 00:45:09

so I had a dollar and a half left at sundown and Ross had a great show so I'm no way I'm gonna play this fucking money I think I just just be broke my check is coming from the unemployment it'll be here another day or two I can go without food for a day he's most damage that burger you better put some down here nigga really yeah I just got here you have struck the jackpot today - what jackpot he gave he came at pump just put them on and I was in my head it was like a miracle even like like Moses came down and hand me some money or something they were so damn that money Felt So Good

► 00:46:09

I went home

► 00:46:12

and back my stuff I had about two more days on my rent

► 00:46:17

I got in that car I got me some gas Joe you know how to have it in Vegas they got the little island in the middle of the street drove over that damn thing going back going the other opposite direction that's a hell with this I'm and when you go over Island constant boom boom boom boom Combs come out dust come out old cones old stuff come on all them although your feet on your hands your feet be dirty Dusty all over it I drove all the way from three o'clock in the morning four o'clock in the morning whether timing was I drove all the way back to LA home and my friend let me stay at her house for about a month Kandi she was a good friend of mine that she let me do that cause I was that was amazing she lives in Beverly Hills from crumble from apartment Motel I mean no money eating a potato the worst I so now I know what time me to get some money I'm eating a baked potato

► 00:47:15

um white potato down with the white potato and some old bread and some syrup and I said I could get the fuck out of here this he is not good for the kid I come out here with big plans I went straight that mystery crazy her house I got a job at Gucci and I go into the comic store and everything I just gave them if you didn't go to Vegas with you have even got stuck no I woulda guessed you would also that's a six month that's a six-month waiting game that you had to play because you lost your money on after worse all-purpose how many airplanes coming in and taking off because you can see him from my my door you see the pain come into look Karen I think the name know chilling video the plane terminal it come in and you see him take off that's all I did all day long he plane coming in this wild plane taking off playing coming in plane taking off and you just stuck there stuck in Las Vegas I learn

► 00:48:15

I deserve my money the people tell you your little money yes I deserve every dime that I went through the the shits oh my god that car lasted for another four or five years really fit 65 Mustang that's a great car that is a great car regular gas I got me some new tires like I told you got me some new tires a case of oil and a case and I gotta I never got my old color TV and a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken

► 00:48:54

back then when you were trying to get up in the store how did how did the auditions go what do they do no you know that you had to go through the pot look you had to go through that yeah oh yeah oh yeah hold it might be yes to that but it wasn't that many commented to close at about 11 o'clock I didn't know comics and go on anymore how many Comics were there oh I must have been about 10 15 really and what basis huh what year is this 74 so at the beginning the whole area is Missy Missy just started but I was there in the beginning she she liked me she'd give me she's Johnny come out here and work the door you can do anything you want us I need a job miss him and so I hustled the door Mitzi she said y'all better than watching Johnny he can make some money at that damn door what I would do I was what he called maitre d is somebody calling yeah maitre d so I will put for Reserve signs in the front seats up there reserved for the owners grandmother Reserve further mother's Grand

► 00:49:53

it's his father and so now the main woman I mean the main woman in the other room be crowded pack people I said we sold out sir he said what did tables up therefore I said that's due on his grandmother be here soon he's with $500 or put be nasty does it right now so I would make I would make our making two to three hundred a night time time 500,000 just at the door but midget then she had me go MC and all that sucks well you said five hundred thousand at five hundred thousand I found it wasn't a kind of okay that's that picture is her that's messy I know I know I recommend that picture yeah that's when she was younger dough yeah there's a photo that was from The Comedy Store that yeah sitting around the back room and yeah Taylor boss that's when I passed it yeah that's why I that's what I knew her when she was like that she was she's and that's the picture has been there yeah that's the picture he use

► 00:50:53

she was a smart lady sure was let me tell you something brother she was a whip she was she had her ways yeah she was she was definitely eccentric but she's yeah one of the most important people ever in comedy and comedy and people don't realize that yeah people don't realize it Mitzi was the shits she and that little Paulie was crazy and run around that little baby baby I know I'm all Mitzi Mitzi him Chinese gotta come back we don't have nobody to work the door I get up and go over there so I'm at the door I got eight o'clock show you don't eat a clock so I mean I'm seeing and working the door and everything and and hosting the room and all that so I'm up there on stage put the new got a little rope to put across the door and close the curtain

► 00:51:42

and if you know people come up in the original room they come up the steps there you know the original room yeah so she's in the booth taking money taking picture taken money and get selling tickets she and I the only one there working and and the bars are in the back so Mitzi I'm going to say bye bubba bubba bubba bubba bubba I've got ten people in the room so she's just going and I get them and get their give me the cover and you go ahead and put the Rope back so now I'm up to about I got 15 minutes she said about three minutes four minutes into my and Johnny there are people that lying come down here let him in you cannot do more no more material come on Johnny that's a mystery I'm trying to finish my ACT Johnny come on I'm going to get this money that's how I learned of emerged to look at my before they turn around and go oh God that was a funny she seized upon his lady she's a funny lady let me tell you she was hot she would too

► 00:52:43

Missy was tough she told me you stick with me I'll make you a rich man I said bitch I come here to be a comic I ain't gonna be no bitch man I'm coming be a comment but she's too much trouble too much extent to like say eccentric to Eccentric I don't want to hang around too long to argue still there out of his mind see he's Argus is still there are you still there he's there last night yeah I know I go to see him I see him all the time when they when I go by down when I go once a year so but I see our guy like Argus he's of people tell he's talented yes genius but he don't he don't want to leave the common stool hmm he's got a radio station downstairs he told me they have a podcast for the podcast yeah they have a podcast Studio you better not say yeah yeah yeah yeah but Mitzi I've been on Mitzi Mitzi I knew her 1974 when I went over there

► 00:53:28

and I notice when I got on when I got on

► 00:53:33

open mic night for people who want to try to become on the Regular Show Mitzi used to love impressionist she loved people who can do voices and I just realized that after about three weeks of being are trying to be funny I'm doing old red Fokker jokes I'm doing one that's the horse race was going and the jockey riding on my dick my dick fucking red fox you become by the he would be so fucking funny so I didn't the person Come and sing she loved people the same Tina Turner women the same Tina Turner she put two or three of them right behind each other they still the same song Jesus that's a Missy going crazy but I've got the same Impressions but she put a two or three bonus ain't show wow

► 00:54:32

Impressions I went up that's not doing impression down because I did am in Detroit on the shoulder with necking: him she saw a Chinese dish is so wonderful I want you to work Friday night if you put me on the early put me on some nice times and said but this but she wanted me to stay with her on that door and emceeing help her out let me click close the door close the place one day let's ask you to be responsible for this Nicole the doors lock the fucking door well she's always had Comics work there yeah only the beginning all the time when you go wanted to where I wanted to work the most time comments living in her house upstairs up there and just tell ya they lived in the on the hill there she bought all the property around there Mmm Yeah it's the oh it's all so much here on so much money when she died oh my God the house up on this house this house that you know the how she had up on the hill there Crystal yeah that's what the name in the house yeah that's the one where a lot of comics lived in it right no no no

► 00:55:32

dad's Family behind the comments to up the hill this one of the three or four dollars yeah she owned by three or four I wonder where that you have a party over there the fucking party was fabulous home laughs I'm looking beautiful looking California and he do got the house all dirty you know they see what and try to make the bed covers throwing on top of the bed you know just throw nothing tucked in out there Mitzi on all that back up in there yeah I must part that crust Hill House yo it was for sale back in the day I went to look at it but I had a dog I was pretty sure he's not he's gonna get out of that backyard had a crazy dog I was like this is not good just one right behind ya you're right I think we have it I think always get the one that's up into the right okay I've got one that leaves the driveway he owns it I think yeah I saw him I saw him the other night at the at the store in the parking lot and he was he was telling me like how yeah you use the watch and follow my God I knew it isn't any watches as I want to run to the wall and stuff

► 00:56:33

it can even babysitting a bad kid kinnison him to that's crazy imagine leaving your fucking child with Kennison yeah oh yeah kind of somewhat High I told David Letterman has he's just fooling anybody knew what the Communists oh that's real funny as a man you got to see this crazy dude named say I'm Kenneth and so he said we have them have him send me the tape or somebody give us a call on the show I said debut goal of him man salmon on that show way they just fell on the floor Sam was so funny and Sam Sammy as a salmon David Letterman want to see you on his show he said Oh Billy spawn the first time he ever got on TV wow and he was so excited he beat me always been my friend Sam Sam can always was my friend so I used to work missy after a while she would get these young kids to like David Letterman to be the MC of the first show so I worked at the 12 o'clock show all the crazy people on the show me Paul

► 00:57:33

Sam Kinison of all was the boy named and he can't make me he do Elvis and he did Andy Kaufman Hayley Kaufman I remember introducing him introduced all of them he's my name is and the government yeah I know just say I did come to me and tell me what you want me to have him with me to introduce them you know right yeah she ain't in command and fucking man let me show you the you know it was sure crazy Landing crazy lady with the with the with the pigs yeah he's been dolls on stage and punched him oh yeah yeah yeah about like like remember the only the bear Smokey the Bear only you can prevent he would pull out the bear only you can prevent forest fires fuck you and he punched a bear who was so fat

► 00:58:32

this people people would come just to see him and he would go nuts who's like really like crazy Expressions yeah we just had an unbelievably funny guy like a naturally funny guy it was an East Coast Legend our yeah he's one of those guys then he got I think he hit a lady broke up with something and he got a divorce so she moved out of some all my God and it was crazy there in Boyd he did he was he would bears and all that shit that he would beat up on people whooping ain't what he did you know Bob Woods

► 00:59:10

Bobble is another Legend another like East Coast ladies goes big giant guy he he was like a long island Legend So he didn't play coming to it I'll take you ever made it out oh he didn't make it out I don't know there's a few of them if he did he didn't stay I'm hanging we're tancredi Bob Woods yeah oh we're all right oh no I didn't know him yeah it was a long island Legend really yeah it's like back in those days like long there was a lot like he was a legend in Long Island around the same time like those Boston guys like Lenny Clarke all they were all big time in Boston back then I was a we want to end on a Boston guy they were tough they don't have a club there no not while they have laughs Boston they do local Headliners they have Nick's comedy style at Boston's does guys to tour their go there too but I mean they they still have some like good local talent and then they do like the Wilbur but it used to be there was like ten fuckin clubs I don't

► 01:00:10

- he's too fucking close people really that's what I like oh but they but they got two people jammed into each come in late they come in late May trying to get to the front when he got this see that name take 30 minutes I should bring hands on up here shit simple with somebody don't jump over the divider I felt my last special at the wheel but they will yeah I loved it I like the club in Chicopee oh that place where out there yeah but hour and a half Drive our hand and yeah and a club at the what is the mall right there the hell they call it the what it other club used to be was named Mac love and and over so he's thinking of those radical he's right there right at the mall you know what other stories and things all Faneuil Hall Faneuil Hall yeah the comedy connection friend because it's gone yeah that's gold has been gone that was amazing that was that was good yeah about 4 500 was a big place yeah and you go you do show their and then drive all the way the Chicopee route and a half an hour and a half back and do another show

► 01:01:10

Friday hmm oh man that's okay dude and then you go out to the Chicopee it's a Hawaiian Chinese Hawaiian restaurant yeah and they try to give you enough to last a whole month what you eat then they try to give you a left to take with you up to go box to go back to this bulging with food yeah they got to get rid of it oh my God friendly excellent and the food was actually yeah this gone I'm told is it gone the kids

► 01:01:44

the kids didn't want to stay there think that's what it was the mother and father died it was all the kids they want to keep running strong yeah beautiful play Then any Hartford Connecticut Hartford go Chicopee is and she could be chick peas in my shoes as Western Massachusetts Massachusetts yeah but those were the days boy you just long-ass flight but I love the fact that the airport was 10 minutes from the hotel and get you ain't get you out you me and get out there was a lot of clubs back then oh wow the club it's not it's interesting there's more comics now than ever but I don't know if there's more clubs doesn't seem that what it got a lot of not a club around but they are they the only book they don't have they don't have showcase nights like you have 15 20 accommodate don't have that they had three comics and that's all they have yeah so they make their money it's a whole different ball game there's

► 01:02:44

independent shows now that's that's how it is nowadays like the club circuits pretty kind of the same there's some new clubs but you know I hear I hear like a most clubs on the road like they're not like the ones out here or New York know this you don't get a chance to really showcase you have to either already be somebody order a book in January yeah be on your way type of thing yeah I've been booked what can you say that but I've been booked January 1st 2nd or 3rd in Kansas City when is it when is it next this week is 28 December 1st December I mean joannabee what Friday Saturday some this weekend yeah yeah Saturday etcetera but in book six months on this bad boy Jesus Christ six months solid I'm done with the book in this club six months ago I'm blow all year for this year I got dates I wish I brought my stuff I've dated I know I'm going to do in December 12th to the 15th I think I'll be in Arlington Texas

► 01:03:42

but I know that you I don't get with Christmas and them but they want 10%

► 01:03:47

but they booked your ass you want to get to the club you can get that big and they have they have you booked your but you've been beat on my book I'm booked on books and ebooks I'm booked too much do you still enjoy the shows though no enough you know fans may or may not watch or listen to this right there performing whenever whenever I done whenever I've done shows with him the moment cuz you know I'll hang out with because after every show he'll try to sell merch and take pictures but as soon as he gets in the Green Room he's like JD see how hard I work you see this you see all this I'm doing right now you don't know nothing about this hard work I'm like okay open this is tough yeah it's your do

► 01:04:42

five six weeks in a row that's what I eat and I'm on I'm on my second of five weeks the second second week now so I gotta go next week I go to Hartford Connecticut Hartford Springfield that's why you you actually flying to that then I go to Memphis so wait you said you hate it but what why don't you just stop paper you set him up the only time the only time I've ever seen him do anything outside because you know he's old school so it's one of those things where he's so used to like you know he's so you see you got his agents and managers and the he's so used to someone giving him work so it's one of things where I'm you know on the road you're given the spot to get into clubs and I was like what do you like doing because you asked that earlier and like the one thing that we've made between the him doing comedy and now is we created a YouTube channel for him where he does like a cooking show right so he has he has his own YouTube channel cause I do YouTube and all this stuff I do like gaming videos and a bunch of other random stuff

► 01:05:42

is and Vlogs but he was like whoa he's like well I guess I got a little time off we can do something and he's like maybe we can do this cooking idea got and I said sure let's do it we create the channel we make it and it's called cooking for poor people the poor people because when you're hungry everything tastes good yes and his channel is Dijon would eat a bunch of crap I'm not cook a bunch of crap but he kind of food chicken feet and rice chicken chicken with a chicken feet pig feet oxtail bad chicken food what is chicken feet like tough you gotta be but you know driving age and people eat it he tried to feed it to our dog and our dog ran away from him so that's like a clip from the video delicacy it was that's what that was yeah and then I recommend wine I have wind and tall glass of Mad Dog 20/20 with the chicken put them chicken feet and Thunderbird Thunderbird 1 everyone even follow up just go wow get mad dog

► 01:06:42

20 Keys good to finally see it down Van Nuys really some Mexican salad yeah hanging hanging out in the front with it bottled it bring it down here and hide it behind a crate and they bring it up and hit that truck yeah you go buy some more in it up shop did it Harry go hey so I help ya I help them reduce and create the help him work on this thing but you know again it gets good repeat it you're gonna pick fever Dan and about Shelly do my shit away I can't believe she did she do the old pig feet away oh I like the kitchen too yeah that's old school whose kitchen is that it says it sounds we have we bought the house next to us oh nice oh I got the house next to me and I told her whole fence down yes house kitchen and one that old and old kitchen so I said I'm going to eat and I believe that because that's something perfect kitchen for local show on cooking yeah tight and old-school a reminds you of like growing up yeah

► 01:07:42

and it works well you know we we well I think we maybe 12 15 of these things but he people watching it's just one of those days when he works on the road so I whenever free time comes around we used to sit back and knock them out and try to shoot him and I would edit them and went up and now I'm busy so he has an editor so good my man what's but you know I try to help them Market it when it's like finish I'm like all right post it on the social platforms get it out there and when that and about what about a comedy special I've done that if you think about just am you think about doing one now I did want to pay for it myself but how long my stomach too big how long ago was this that you filmed on did it though I must have been about four years ago for five years did you release it no I got it oh you're talking

► 01:08:42

about that one I thought you're talking about the one that's already done and out there no Nest call you gotta coordinate yeah that one was from show time and they made one you didn't release it cause he didn't like your stomach I like my stomach but you didn't you didn't get but yeah but you also didn't get anybody to finish like editing it right that was because I did they finish it the end it's all finished it's finished I don't know that name what's your friend named it does edit this animation stuff Gabe Gabe did the seat that he did the artwork I'd work on it oh that's random I didn't know you fit I thought you you always shelf that because you watched it and you didn't like the way it came out and then you never finish editing and post putting in my stomach you bet you'd better take that right now take that right now and sell that bad boy I got look at it I hate to see myself my stomach be once you get somebody else to look at it I'm gonna do that huh gears just walk away from bring that stomach down

► 01:09:42

need a little taste no it does never makes any sense never makes me since I Hate's jokes you had some wine here for me I'll get some if you liked don't forget y'all don't get any we have wine the baby oh no money-wise a bunch a bunch of liquor on that bunch of whiskey just gonna shame himself later in the mirror there's leave that big bottle probably doing the way but you don't want to lose weight right and I didn't want to lose weight but they say you gotta stop want to lose it while drinking alcohol yeah you get or take it in increments do it break dude I'll take I get a bottle a day all right drink a whole bottle of day oh yeah you can't ya get together with Ron white dude no he drank tea drink that hot shit I want that shit he drinking this shit key he drinks his own

► 01:10:41

he'll oh yeah last night he was in the back bar yeah we're hanging out some of his together yeah he he drink too much no that shit gettin fucked up on stage I see him up there he act like he can act like he's not drunk that muhfucka drunk as he can be he ne'er and Ron White goes hard yeah he goes very hard because heart he goes hard every fucking night of the week to yeah that's tough it's tough yeah it's working out I drink I drink white wine Chutney 09787 young hmm - Fred yeah bright when you know but need to get another wind and maybe one more hmm get the bottle and put it up to your mouth and drink you this week and then put it away go to bed that ain't till the next day until the next bottle and there's some evidence that one's good for you

► 01:11:42

one little bit of bonsai bad for a little bit too low man two glasses of wine a day for longevity and huh there you go how much water is in the glass and how big the glass glass I said well what about 10 so good even better you get you to go to work you could go back I'm in no rush I'd say something if I had somewhere to be don't you rushing on that freeway is being a dad good for you you stepping up some being a dad to God I got money at home I gotta count it always comes full circle no I host a show they always like this always oh no people no bad guy friends who ask me so your dad just that's who he is or that does it is that a character I'm like oh no he got on for being himself yeah he's one of the lucky himself yeah so I told him that jokingly back in the day I was like I was like you know you left you right he's like what you mean but you are you are where you are because you are who you are and you don't have to fake it

► 01:12:42

those opposed to when you're acting he should be you should be yourself yeah you funny enough you'd definitely be yourself be yourself yeah I'm on the cartoon what did The Boondocks no huh they didn't change my voice for The Boondocks no I did all I did that and they coming back their company but Boone I was coming back as a great show yeah it's one of the best cartoons I've ever been I'm at the due to credit he was friends of my friend Todd yeah I am Intruder Mmm Yeah smart dude yeah very very smart he did but Jesus also he wrote that yep Jesus yeah that's another one that you're on that you had like that he like fell into that's the funny part because because member what the thing is I went in for that show to play one of the one of the leads or whatever it didn't happen but I remember cause you know he's friends with Aaron and whatnot Aaron just called him in to do a like a one-day roll remember yeah he wanted me to he said yeah we need your character to to just do the pilot I tried man I don't feel like doing know Jesus and I'm a

► 01:13:42

his Mansion so but I got into I thought it was cool yeah he said he want the job is yours doesn't look good so he went in to do like a like a guest star role and then they were like dang he's funnier than than what we were thinking so we so they gave him a role that he was a serious right you did three season wait you did to they are and then we finish that then a third one that it hasn't aired yet and I use she when I did Hollywood Shuffle I have I played a man who had lost everything he was homeless so I'm sitting out there and Robert Townsend didn't have any money for wardrobe so I went to second hand store and Goodwill and bought coveralls and old shirt and I had a t-shirt that I tour and put a pin just put it back up so that was I thought that was clever

► 01:14:29

so this happened 20 years ago I kept that outfit in my garage for 20 years and I used it on Black Jesus

► 01:14:41

same thing I wore on the Hollywood Shuffle why Hollywood Shuffle what was it okay what's the name of that Hollywood Shuffle that's until Halloween yeah there it is yeah okay I got all this but then they so the yeah so then they took so then he wore it they they did their thing and then they were like well this thing stinks so we'll just recreate it for you they did everything over it got the same outfit that I had this that look at that I got number one and I got my little wine looking there well cakes whatever happened to Robert Townsend what is he up to these till he's a director now just directing different movies not a different moving and and commercials and things he's do stand up to you oh yeah we've just stopped on tour with him and we worked all the big places I remember his specials he always had those HBO Comedy Special yeah oh yeah even Wayne's did them yeah them

► 01:15:34

yeah Robert Townes he's still around I saw the picture and now my phone I don't know how

► 01:15:41

I don't know it's probably a new jacket now directly lose my phone he does that at home he'll say hey I don't live with him I'm grown I'm married and all this stuff I live on my own my wife will call me and say JD you seen my my camera's I move my camera and I don't know where it is I was like I don't live with you I have no idea where your things are you like what you you know and my brother lives with him still so it's one of those things I'm like what you ask Alex he's around or someone who's maybe isn't the house more often he's like not feel like you might be one who might know what he's thinking because I seen you around here I know you come around come take my things that take my stuff that'll get me a take your stuff I get no back cameras how about camera and put it over there because I know where that goes over that I come back ain't over there now I have no idea where he's at now because I put it over there that's because you and Mom and Alex and whoever else want roams through the house will move things around all the time

► 01:16:41

I'm not there to move things but I know what I know where I put things in and then when I come back is not there but they but the thing is why do you call me when I'm never there you know what it doesn't make any sense mom will take his stuff mom will go shoot her little her stuff because she she like produces doesn't little independent movie so she'll she when she grabbed your camera's that's where they moved to but do you feel pressure doing stand-up because this is you know actually I didn't want to do it never really cuz I got into acting and I thought that was far enough I was like I'm a dad or does that I don't want to I don't want jumping on the rest of that stuff and it acting was just kind of like on a whim and then stand up was like a dare a friend of mine was like we should because we back in the day not too long ago maybe early 2011 or 12 it's not back in the day but me and my boys were hanging out one night in our 20s and we just went we had come from a club and we drove past the Laugh Factory and I was like I was like you guys want to watch Comedy I don't know

► 01:17:40

like 24 or something I was like I used to know that I was like the owner knows me from when I was a baby if he's there maybe shit you yeah yeah Jamie Masada but when that ydi watch your baby body that's and that's the kind of baby food introduction to it every time I'm there whenever I'm a Muslim whenever I do shows that's his introduction for me he'll be like he like hey buddy I want you to meet John Johnny Witherspoon son I used to carry him when he was a baby but yeah I used to carry him like a baby but we bring him on stage yeah we went there we went there randomly one night and fucking funny it's good that's a good impression we went there randomly one night and I remember the door guy I was like hey is Jamie here and he's like Jamie who like as if I didn't know him I was back then I was like you know the owner and he's like tell him JD Witherspoon's here I'd I didn't think anything I don't use my name like that but then he like comes down he's like buddy what are you doing here this and that you doing

► 01:18:40

how many I like no no me and my friends just we just want to watch a show he's like yeah come come in let's get him get him a bottle of wine all that stuff and we're just hanging out but then later like you know through the night he was talking he was like he's like see trying to do comedy like your dad I was like no I'm good I don't want it I don't care to do that I'm fine and my friends with me is like come on he's like he's like you should try it you probably funny maybe even funnier than him buddy and I and I was like I don't know but then later on that same week he's like if you ever want to come by these he said swing by do the open mic or whatever and my boy Henry whenever yeah Henry Henry was like hey we should do that man I'd be kind of funny you know maybe we be comedians I was like nah I don't think so and then one night we just said I think I think I had someone's email from the Laugh Factory and hit him up and was like Hey me and my buddy going to come by maybe we can do the mic and then they're like yeah sure we'll throw you up this and that and my buddy Henry he's the one who pressure me into it we practiced our jokes on camera at home to see how that would look it was the weirdest thing and so

► 01:19:40

are we because I was I was like getting into like a creating content and I was going to film school and I was making like my YouTube videos I was doing like sketch comedy on YouTube and then I like we shot like a little thing we watched it back I was like I guess and then we went to the mic that night and we went I did it I was at the back end of the line up so I actually had a decent crowd it was like cuz you know it starts off there's nobody there just comics and then by the time it was my turn it was like close to eight o'clock show so it was like 35 40 people I had three jokes for my three minutes at clean and I did it and they did all right they let people laughed and I was like okay that's cool random you know and I didn't think much of it Henry bombed his cassette yeah nobody but it was just one of those things where after that go ahead write up their Pastor werewolf know the camp the cameras up here cameras over there you go if you got to go pay say it to the camera

► 01:20:41

he just said it oh man but yeah no so we

► 01:20:48

did your dad is when he grabbed well the asshole fun I got a bit about how when you just get old you just don't care you just don't care about what you say he doesn't give a fuck nah not at all but I also like that's part of who he is like yeah it's part of his business is not giving a fuck yeah pretty much yeah funny see the old man that it's I mean he's he's the funniest dude I personally know that's that's how I that's how I categorize it you know oh that's its I would think that like if that was my dad I would I feel a lot of pressure I think it's pressure if I from the beginning always want to do stand-up you know kind of like a Michael Jordan thing I never liked it was it was all a majority of the stuff I do now is very like just happenstance it's like oh I just fell into this and I'm all right at it so I'll just keep doing it why not you know when it comes to things like YouTube and like I know you do unboxing videos and game-related yeah you can kind of do that now if you're a if you're an interesting person yeah don't really need much no no definitely not with the internet know if that you came along

► 01:21:48

day you just didn't exist in all Sydney exist didn't have this giant body of work and you just put a camera on your day like this is my dad your dad can be fucking fan oh yeah if he was like a guy that works at the post office it's a regular guy film is guy at the post office you were telling your friends like my dad is the funniest fucking guy alive and then you put a camera on him he would blow up yeah yeah it's interesting and what not I never really think of because people always ask me when I was growing up they'd be like well how is it that your dad how do you feel I used to get all the time like kids would be that your dad's whoever blah blah blah famous this net Friday the Wayans brothers and I'm just like yeah but you know to me it's just my dad like he just he just a goofball it's normal like to you guys I get it to you guys you see somebody who's an Entertainer and whatnot I'm like he's just he's always like that to have fun is he shoved his special because he didn't like his stomach oh he does funny or stuff he does he does weirder stuff find that special and get it out oh I mean we could post it it's definitely or I could sell it and nowadays he can hit up me I'm sure his people could hit up Netflix like we have a we have a

► 01:22:48

body of work yeah people would watch it that's the thing yeah like who talked him into doing a new special gotta get that stomach gotta get it got it got it all you got I'll have to talk him into coming back here and hitting the gym exercise he does but he the think the main thing is the consumption I thought you know it's the all right let's cut back on drinking and then continue exercise and you'll see the change I told I try to tell him do a drink every other day doing something he's interested now it doesn't does it sounds like he's a hundred percent interested in drinking or just enjoy he's a hundred percent enjoying debt money and drinking my wine drinking my wine yeah that's having a good time he's back yeah man but is that living his life enjoying it yeah but that's that's how I got into comedy and then I just kept doing it in my friend was like yeah no I'm good how many years he doing it now I would say I started in 2012 but I want to say I haven't I didn't continue in the beginning so consistently I did like Mike's for the first

► 01:23:48

two years and then I start getting booked on shows and then I kind of got lazy it was one of those things where everything I was doing like I would weigh my options if something was more of an opportunity I would do that over trying to get better at stand up but now I've been consistent for like three years three to four years just like grinding at it because I've made strides doing things and acting in and and creating content on the internet so now I kind of have I guess a little bit of a cushion to just go and get good now you know because I've been working so it you doing other stuff yeah you have to totally rely on well it's one of those things where it because I don't have to rely on it it's that much more it's that much more something I want to approach I'm like oh well now I can like have fun I don't feel pressured not with anything about that but more like I don't feel pressure to get book get book get on again you know get a special this that money I just feel like oh I can just take time and get good now

► 01:24:48

didn't get that much yeah you knew what you were around when Pryor was in his Heyday oh yeah that must have been something oh yeah we so you were you were just kind of that was then in 74 when you were just getting their prior with that was he was he was he was already using the peak right big time oh yeah yeah big time and what was I like hey it was he would you know what I was around a communist or I was basically the host the congresswoman I am sees you know and I go to the door if they have a problem I go to the door and settle the problem all this stuff just missing one she knew I do on the stuff in it and wouldn't know fighting and I'm just being polite and stuff and Richard would come in and look at the back of Richard Pryor's in the back and Richard are you doing he knew Paul Mooney Mooney was and David Banks all these in it anytime you got all these guys at The Comedy Store Richard want to do another album

► 01:25:42

so what happened is

► 01:25:44

Richard first time I saw Mitch it in the bag as a bitch how you doing spoon I just come by to see how you doing I said fine I'm doing with you never come back to see how I'm doing he's just saying this to to set it up for he wanted to work on his act missing for new album so I submitted everything fine you want a drink no spoon I'll be finally one of those State no no just come by and see how you doing how you doing how you doing Richie so I would go I know to go away and come back and so bitchy way anything you want to drink the anyone a drink now see you want to drink he get up some of the red drink he like with all of it we call it Cherry in it like that kind of stuff and so I know the go away I go away they told me Richard come drive you crazy Bridget come back which is going to drive you crazy so I'm I go away come back Rich everything off and you have anything else you want is someone going station now when I don't want those Jets come nice 814 Neo even play with you hey bum

► 01:26:44

out and shit and so when I go and come back to Richard do two minutes some people said Richard Pryor came by the cops oh he's so sure I go up and do to me he's a winner I go on I see it going on right after this guy get off you I put you on right now and he go up and do a two and a half two hours then he'll send Hill Called Here have his secretary called me the next day thanks for helping me get on stage helping me get on stage he he had to be pushed on stage that's so weird yeah that's amazing ain't it but Robin Williams running Richard would you like two hours without around 1/2 out a regular thing huh who is album you know he got ya do a whole album then he had his writers in the back Mooney would bet that writing them give them coaching him on stuff to say it all that stuff he had all that

► 01:27:30

and then he would have three weeks in the original room where he will work every night he come by every night wow it ain't like some kind of give you don't get too high to come can't come out he'll be better every night and so Missy put me on the show with him so I would open his show and do 45 minutes in the ritual come on do hour and a half hmm and then we moved to the main room after about three or four about a month in the original room your move to the main room that's when man and people draw so miss with make so much money he would draw so many fucking people oh hoes ain't been out on the street alone Collins first quarter fake fur coat on pink and yellow and shit then he would have in the main role he will have all my God he had make Jagger what's the name of the boy that was his name Willie Nelson I had

► 01:28:30

thought willingness to go up on the stage and sing a song and original room really yeah he's really you got you you good to be I got it it's good you got this single song I love Willie Nelson he was so good he still around them he's I'm scared of dude I'm so nervous don't be nervous with these fucking people he went just saying one his son boy

► 01:28:51

that was that was a that was a thrill for me so then we move to the main room but I would I would kill every night in the an audience like that I've got a standing ovation because I would do Mathis and I learned from Detroit and Nat King Cole and them I would do Johnny Mathis and my last bit and I would do L green just before that and I would I saw Al Green of throw roses out to the ladies one time I was at it yeah when is it this theater down anyway he with roads and T hand roads into the ladies so I when I was working at The Comedy Store and I'm in front of each I would get dandelions and handing from the ladies and the lump sum lady did exactly what I wanted to say she said Al Green give us roses as a boy you lucky these ain't plastic cause I ain't got no damn money I go home and watch TV so I can get them back to you tomorrow night and I did that and then wind and a driving back this is just Impressions that I

► 01:29:51

added to my ACT called the alignment ladies out there they love that shit and I got Adam women through the Roses back at my feet I said damn this shit is cool in the motherfucker and Richard told me as Richard everybody submits you should take spoon on the road with you you going on the tour he said I love you spoon but you're too funny angle I can't have you out there on the road with me he said I was too funny for him wow and he took a fantasy you know find his head to shore if finest would do Impressions to hear all Impressions so he took him on the road he told you you were too funny you too funny I love you but you're too damn funny open for me I don't want to be where had to work that damn hard and women I got my feet dandelions that's a letter that was that was a great compliment but I have the the billboard of The Comedy Store and Richard Pryor and John Witherspoon wow I had somewhere in my phone yeah you you I think mom posted it and then yeah she did I think I read

► 01:30:51

I hoped you repost it on your IG story and then the comedy stored screen shot and posted it oh yeah yeah they did that they did that like a month or two ago but older David Frye had his own TV show you know he's on NBC at eight o'clock and he was something hiya boy Richard which I knew we weren't going to ass that's it we only get four shoulder we had scheduled 22 Richard was too fucking high and what was he high on cocaine and vodka and stuff you know but I didn't have no money I probably have got me some if I had some money I know damn well I'm making this look $400 $400 that they getting me for this week he said y'all ain't making no money but I'm making $250,000 show my true be damned wow he's making that much you know Richard Pryor and John Witherspoon wow I wish I had to hear up that probably 70

► 01:31:51

that's amazing 77 but I know Richard please go to his house every Sunday we've built his house every Sunday and he had he had a barbecue had people had little you got a gym boxing gym where your box tennis court swimming pool he had four by four acres over there

► 01:32:19

and I re was it where was it is on party Nia yeah house there was for sale recently for about 4 million but I don't think people realize their Richard Pryor living that they don't want to do that called he be caught on fire over there whoa limited time you got caught on fire yeah yeah knows that house it was in the house - yeah fuck I would love to own that that's what like Northridge or something part that yeah it's it's own party nuis when I'm doing this it's right down the street don't feel yeah we should go over every Sunday imagine owning Richard Pryor's old how cool that Spirit my hit me a five-mile run past the swimming pool you know that it was you can King James must've been crazy there oh man and what's amazing about this is so cold boy when stuff got on radio that Richard Pryor is in hospital in critical condition Heber and from burns from pipe that blew up his family

► 01:33:18

went there and stole all of his his people that he probably never seen him seen in years jumped over that down your head is huge fence and stole all his watches and everything all this stuff taken out of his house then he said he's going to survive a jump back on defense and put it back know what they jump back on the fence with this stuff they put it back yeah they put it back there Richard Pryor to on steal his stuff you and even borrowed from him for 20 years now I will send you gonna steal his watch that's crazy yeah it's hard to believe he has so much fun over there and Sammy Davis jr. would come there every Sunday and a limousine and a tuxedo on WE nearly we got shorts on you know your raggedy short you can find old t-shirt we playing basketball send me coming to hide mine hi I'm Sami go put some fucking shorts on they will see back then Sammy yeah oh I bet he weaved this was 76 so he must have been

► 01:34:18

while he was young man go see Dad about 61 62 63 you must have been in his 50s 40s and 50s tuxedo huh tuxedo and a limousine imagine me in the face I'm gonna fall Sammy Davis jr. pulls up in a tuxedo man that's not have a limousine we all shit wasn't playing basketball we also fucking we also fucking ragged each tank and we didn't play ball all day long 71 Phantom hide Man Sammy wrong house from there I'm going to play some ball with us and me

► 01:34:54

but we look at that it was hey look at it look at sharp ears wow look at the bell bottoms oh yeah it is today yesterday brother wow mr. Mitchell play tennis did he yeah he paid tennis yeah and basketball we playing ball with you he checking me and grabbing my dick so when you around when Kennison came by when he first first started working there that was yeah he was a big shift right that was a no one had seen anybody like him before oh no you never not even sense yeah it was a very Souls one dude what's so funny one time he

► 01:35:49

he he bought some Chinese food with a hat on his head with a long coat on and some big sunglasses and ate it in front of this chain Korean store just standing there and he's outside standing they want to do and I did fucking Sam why was he doing that just crazy yeah the same thing on the stage of The Comedy Store he will be up there with his sunglasses on and he would have Chinese food or milk Korean food and he sit there and eat and tell some jokes and they go back to eat on stage at the minimum in the original room that's five seen them crazy I've seen some crazy-ass people and there isn't a wrong but they but they were funny what a comedy store has a lot of history oh my God Mitzi Mitzi let him do it yeah miss it was so nice to people she was brilliant

► 01:36:48

jeezum she knew to let the comedian's run the place she will shoot our junk around about yeah but then Island of Misfit Toys because you know what she's I try to tell my time it's he give the comics fan dollars to buy some eggs and bacon on the way home she didn't want to do that I know they don't desire nothing this is common this is their college Missy anybody pay to get in here you better go and get these people are going you're going to go mess up your room

► 01:37:18

and then when she went to a big stink with the right the right many of the strike big stink and then you have some people that will you can tell some people crazy what's your name jumped off the roof of the yeah Hyatt House what was his name I knew his name I knew to get ice introduce some other time she named it now but to meet you just give them something you know so they think that they're they've done something sexy most of them drove out here and they all want to something they want to like they succeeded something she's paying us she's paying us from four eggs but she didn't want to do it

► 01:37:59

now I don't have to get today I'm going to get you know you don't know do you how many you can do I'm not a regular soap you get paid it would get a percentage of what the the take is for the door in the main room so will you do if the main room sold out you can make money yeah they are I think so yeah but for guys like us it's more important is a place to exercise it's like a Jello yeah I did two shows at last night I shall of the work the India with Richard Pryor boy wow what a wonderful audience is on every note everything you say they're right there imagine oh they must have realized too because before when you think about like real giant famous comedians before prior this like yeah tiny handful of them yeah nobody like him so he was just one of one yeah then I remember red fox use a computer and you don't want to get me a

► 01:38:58

double the Courvoisier and a coke all right Panda none of this shit it was so funny boy be my man red I bought it and I was at a gas station stop one day you know a little stores and that cassette tapes of Richard Pryor performing live at red foxes Club red fox had a club they just had a recorder and he's just fucking around yeah you tell he's ranting and raving oh yeah he says hi just laughing and talking shit on stage like it's not prepared material half of it it was amazing what a character red fox that boy he wouldn't pay his taxes so the government came down one night when he only people in the room just took everything everything which is house took everything he took a ring off his finger he took his shoes they took him and no never my chicken raw to cook in oven and so he they shut him down his place he had I think so nice

► 01:39:58

it goes somewhere it was in LA in La he crying oh God he called Sammy Davis he called Sammy called Frank Sinatra and evil be made to be took everything I own I work so hard to be way I'm out of time till now I just I will text it ain't that bad at that they took everything so Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis jr. and some of the other friends went to his club and work two or three weeks every night to shows sold him out to get enough money to pay get his taxes and get his Club back he was so happy to everybody's all my God I want thank you for doing with this for me oh please just take my take my my hood let me just hug you hugging everybody

► 01:40:44

so they all went only separate ways with Fox still in peace fucking text no come again lean on his ass you son of a bitch you do they want to come fraction out the neighbor not coming back now see oh my god when pay taxes again he pay no taxes was this before or after Sanford and Son it was before and I bet I don't think it baby after Santa is my money pay my taxes damn yeah you got to pay him that I got ya I had tax problem but we had an apartment building in Beverly Hills own apartment building Beverly Hills I suppose I'm doing good I just grabbed my car pastor and say mmm that's my place

► 01:41:35

and that's where your taxes got bad if something happened to me and they took that fucking place I had a salad and then take it back to sell it I hate that need today I hate that

► 01:41:46

you had all that money in this don't you oh well just a rat pass and look at the police and and and what Kim some lady called we had a person to clean up the place on the time see manager of the hotel and so my wife up there watering the grass and stuff and she called the police a call him and said there's a black lady out here watering the grass and we don't recognize her somebody who was a tenant or you talk about the manager said it call the manager and he said was probably the owner and it was Angela to it that's funny I just go back to in City they had to wash machine and dryer outside

► 01:42:31

in the back you need the parking lot so it was in it was outside but it was in close I said that their boy would be so quiet back there as a boy just beat Detroit the Dome chasing my ass down the street this this is much better I got a Pocketful of money in I ain't want to leave like a pocket full of money I want to leave animal eating I got my ass out that damn place you need a you need to make a podcast call it the pocket full of money podcast I thought about doing one huh have you thought about doing a podcast what is that that's what we're doing right now you can't he's in he's in a different realm job but you can sell out everywhere if you did that I guarantee you quick money off selling as well

► 01:43:30

comical at my problem I don't have trouble with those theaters if I'm on they don't pay enough money you mean sell out I go up there and do I mean hours you have to do for a podcast layer that's do whatever you want you could do like you could do it every time you're on a plane and do you talking to your phone where you talking about how much time you doing with the podcaster theater we talk about podcast as much time as you want if I was in the theater and I'm doing a pocket you got to sit at thing I just no no you're not in it see I knew he crossed it I was like what no no no no he's saying he's saying can you sell out theaters by yourself that's what he asked you I doubt that okay so we established that you sell out clubs but then he was saying if you were doing a podcast kind of like what we're doing right now that's what this is you could as you you know build up the podcast you could be promoting it and recording it you wouldn't have to do it in theater you do it in that comfort of your own home you can do it set it up it's like this yes like that yeah and then you become popular sure

► 01:44:30

or I mean you've got popularity behind you so I'm sure people want to hear it a hundred percent yeah just when I walked into this is going to want to hear it yeah I have a I have a podcast with Paul me and me and my buddy Paul we have a bunch of call the JD and Paul cast it's just me and my buddy and we talked like video games and video games technology rela what have you car current events and also like movie will do little mini movie reviews on it kind of set up you have do you have like a tiny microphone I'm like it I'm like a tech do so I have I have everything I my my office at my house is a it's like decked out with a bunch of stuff I brought him over there recently to help me I get him to do videos with me just because it's like they're funny and I don't care and like let's just make something random because the other day we played Mortal Kombat and I had him I had him react to the fatalities so I was like that's a funny video my dad reacts to the Mortal Kombat fatalities and literally were watching it literally just like oh man look at the head go left and right no this so amazing yeah that stuff is good that that's on my gaming channel which is run JT run

► 01:45:30

YouTube stuff is too serious for me but like our podcast but we've also we've also been had in play VR side because he wanted to play vro but he's like yeah seen you doing the virtual real let me see you try to so we did the one with the shark attack where this one wasn't even a game it was just like a tutorial you just put it on and live through the thing and it's like a deep ocean dive and he was tripping out it's like shock I salted chocolate shark me

► 01:45:58

yeah the sharks in his face and he's screaming about he's like he's like 10 mind you there was a point in the video where he's he's not talking but he's shaking and I thought something bad was it I thought something's happening I'm like Dad are you good he was trying to he was like trying to kick and or strangle the shark which was virtually in front of it he was like he was like he like this and I'm like Dad you're good and he just yells out of the shark he's like fuck out of here named Shelley was standing in the cage the cage take you down all your yeah I then bought him a PlayStation 4 to play the game at his house and I don't know what happened to any of that stuff your son took it my brother took it because my brother cuz my brother uses it for Netflix he just watches the player there we go that's what look at him look at him going crazy look yeah he's bugging and that's me and my brother we're going we're like dying laughing about it that damn things over my head Jesus yeah look at my neck

► 01:47:00

my neck oh my god oh man oh my God this is the show yeah no but shows you and him we we I mean we try to create stuff with him all the time just because it's random and funny back in the day I probably didn't do it because people it's one of those things where it was a huge deal but now let's watch this video it is a video titled Jamie for people my dad freaks out playing PR yeah but YouTube channel it's on it's on my channel which is youtube.com slash run JD what is the name of the channel my face is cramping from laughing you gotta be so goofy this is a show you two together you do it once a week get together with your dad just go pick him up grab a make it really easy bringing your place you do a show with him once a week boom that's it might have to do an audio thing oh my God because I have yeah the setup

► 01:47:58

yeah those audio so easy audio this hi Kev like this here Hill Park it we gotta find that we have find the name we gotta find the name finish packing all right let's wrap this up to my wife he's the king of complaining man I'm trying to tell you I was track at that time all the way over here my amen don't be weird let's just hang out enjoy come on I'm a do my dainty but if I gotta do my diamond do my thing I gotta pee I'm gonna pee if I gotta take a shit I'm gonna take a shit oh my God this hurts right here it's like these muscles are cramped up you a goofball anyway you ain't got no John I appreciate you it's nonsense lesser Mortals yeah he's a clown I appreciate you sir thank you very much for being here man with his placement on yeah sure yeah that's probably my first man was better you know you were little kids

► 01:48:58

kids everyone he's yes what I'm saying yeah yeah back in the day Matt was about 60 wow and what about 15 years ago 40 years ago probably somewhere out there may be more than that even made more than yeah more than that one I met you yeah more like late 50s uh yeah I probably don't know Wayne brothers or something but yeah you were yeah they probably wouldn't 140 frown yeah be doing Friday doing Friday the Wayans brothers yeah all that yeah it's been a long time my foam and it's amazing thank you you're hilarious is it was a pleasure having on here yep that's we're doing yes a podcast going to do it too just we got to come up with a name that me know I'll have you back how we can just talk and patient - well we'll figure it out oh my God give your Twitter handle your Instagram all that yeah at JD wetherspoon everywhere and if you want to see those gaming videos it's a it's run JD run on YouTube that's me and then you got your joints at John Witherspoon

► 01:50:00

man this is so hard you understand he thinks he's in a simulation I can't he might be the Matrix he might be glaring at his minor correction is crazy to him but yeah thank you gentlemen John will be John Witherspoon is the where you're cooking show is that on YouTube just typing down with a spoon on the internet JD wetherspoon if you want to see some goofy stuff we're here thank you gentlemen thank you thanks for having this job

► 01:50:31

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oh soon bye-bye big kiss