#1182 - Nick Kroll

Oct 9, 2018

Nick Kroll is an actor, comedian, writer, and producer. Check out the new season of his animated series "Big Mouth" available now on Netflix.

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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hello Nick Joe we had a failure latest gentleman catastrophic failure of Windows updating it sort of a updated in hung on the tricaster but we're back and it seems to be fine if everything's working out is the one annoying thing we're talking about this before the podcast I have been using Windows to write on and I like the ThinkPad I really like I love the keyboards great to write on but Windows updates like 2 or 3 times a day sometimes not just windows but like Lenovo will update and there's some surf firmware update in the Bios update and Adobe Acrobat checking in want to know if we can fit Defender updates Yeti I use a ThinkPad there they got this saw that little like lit right in the middle I don't use it

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very accurate if you do use it right it's like one of those things where you just heard a used to muscle memory you're used to doing it and then they touch the other buttons with their thumb right. I can still do shit and it has the mouse at the the keypad I guess both it's so weird how quickly you become accustom to some new version of things like I've I've been using my iPad and I don't and then I've gone back to my computer and my live like a little MacBook and I'm fine even that weird like I found myself just wanted to touch the screen and I have my muscle memory is immediately shot that's one thing that's very odd about Mac computers they still have an embrace the touchscreen laptop where is there a touch screen or you can straight-up use this it's an option but that's a lot of Windows computers have touch screens and they even have it so you can turn into a tablet you flip it over and it for that think they caught the yoga ThinkPad yoga Microsoft

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surface or something like that we want to sell you two different things that's exactly what it is they really are pissed me off or did it come out to did finally get officially they said they did it because the old phones they're trying to preserve the battery trying to piss people off so they got a new phone we all know exactly where the dirty people I got the new one I got the new the new whatever that ever gone to the bigger one I've always gotten this this size while my back's it was perfect as happy

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someone had one the other day this is nice you can text with one hand is a higher power which like it's lateral it's like in your hand square and the edges are hard that fits in there perfect can't quite get around at the whole time yeah that one it also has a headphone jack it's like The Last of the Mohicans they got rid of all of it I guess it's still not today there's the converter I I don't know what it is I'm in an Apple product in a long time well I got to think that I like I was said and I I like I said and I also got the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 the new one and it's very good

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damnit I wish it wasn't I wish it wasn't Yeah man they figured it out they figure some shit out it's also just like it's a figure out the lifestyle something where you like it I'll take this Brandon, creative you know what I mean so fucking I'm going to start hitting my own shit remember hearing that Louis was editing his show with a 13in Macbook he added his whole show and he'd like to do it on the little MacBook for some strange reason for brown a plane or doing whatever I get it I never added anything I can never fucking things to do a little bit now I just don't have any desire at some point decided like my I have a certain amount of capacity in my brain and I don't want to use any of that for anything

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and I don't I'm not interested in a good point and I've never been to anything like that and I'm just not interested like as soon as I get out of someone else like do my taxes I was like yep I don't want to think about that I don't want to do it it's all about bandwidth right yeah like what what do you spending your thinking on you could do all those other things but how much would that be annoying yeah and how much would a fuck up the things you like to do and some people love that stuff I have a buddy who's a successful actor who still does his own taxes paises write out his own residual checks he will be fucking he likes it and get you know what I mean I'm like alright but good for you like in gym if that's easier Millions you guys broke crazy

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Fox guy stole Millions stole Millions for him and a bunch of the people they don't know where the money is he's hoping he can get some of it back they might be able to find some of it but the agent stole from several different clients some madman and Charlie writes like Chuck writes books about like watch out yeah yeah yeah yeah right to go to a creepy people who is Brother stole his half-brother million dollars and wouldn't tell anybody where it is still be out I think you might be out of jail I think I think he'll I put it in coffee cans and shit drove across the country and holes

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yeah I mean if you have a still be able to find it if they got a hold of your GPS unit but if you got like a Garmin GPS unit at like to tag you should totally do that you could go to the fucking woods and go to a tree and dig a hole next to that tree deep into the ground drop a coffee can with a million dollars in it back on and come back so I keep going to coffee can of money in like a choc full of nuts or whatever that coffee is like Folgers crystals Fargo was just on the other day and it's like Buscemi that money and then he like he's it's like he he he takes like he's got his window scraper Freddy's in the you know far it's just like desolate snow for miles and he just like stick he sticks that like the window scraper into the snow to Mark where he's hitting the money

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and it's like all these guys fuck he's never getting that money just like there's no snow and fucking Sky screwed season 2 is I think for my money like the best television Black season 2 that show is unbelievable and ceiling is fucking believable it's like in the 70s who's in it Kirsten Dunst in it for like Jesse plemons Kirsten Dunst remember but it's great it's great I like that I like all three seasons of that show but season 2 to me is like Unstoppable are they still make I think they might they're talking about making one I think Chris Rock might be attached to do oh that's right yeah I saw something like that I saw something like that but I don't know I don't know what the deal is

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season 3 is great but season 2 is blocking my basement so you'd be out by now so he's are six years in the Pokey in 2010 yeah he stole from Bach must repay okay I don't have it I mean the guy just stayed in jail like he could have I might be getting this wrong but I do remember some of the story was that they were offering leniency if it gives her the money back so he's in jail cuz he won't tell him where it is Neo's people like I don't argue with hundreds of millions of dollars or something like that because of how much it's worth but she found the gold he like he found the gold then he got investors to give him the money.

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I'm going to go retrieve it what was it like a lot of money in shipwrecks documentary on these billionaires are rich folks brother who financed these guys to go hunting for Treasure and then they know where some Roman ships have sunk and so they go looking for these Spanish galleons and Roman ship with gold coin worth hundreds of millions of dollars and you know it's like this crazy Gamble and also like I guess gold does gold maintain its it's like substance after its it really does I guess that's what's $1 in Gold they found it at some of Massachusetts with a treasure of up to oh my God 17 billion and so and someone financed it icon

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that's fucking Wild Man where is this fucking in Cape Cod God damn yeah there was a bunch of those I mean imagine taking a fucking boat that you made out of trees filling it up with metal I try to float across some fucking drunk do drug no knowledge at all about storms coming like I hope we don't get hit by one fuck knows you got a Farmer's Almanac and shit all the time I just about like families like immigrants coming over to this country and like you know where ever fucking Ireland Poland Russia whatever you want to say like turn of the 19 years ago people get over here and there like I made it okay I went to New York and now I'm in Rochester where the fuck I ended up to send a letter that hopefully goes back across the ocean

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and then tell like some fucking mailman is drunk and dies of heart attack in the mud in Poland and you like it you hope it gets to meet you in Rochester like I'm blown away that anybody caught in touch with anybody and found their family or what I don't know what you would think you would make a duplicate letters I guess so now everybody a ride you know I'm a fucking slave in Rochester in an email from someone and then I'll get an email like an hour later did you get that email like Jesus Christ bro I met in and we were in Europe and we and we met these kids in Oktoberfest they lived in Germany and we're like meeting up with an Oktoberfest and this is before email and cell phones and you just really like

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get the fucking 210 train in Munich like I hope you are there and I was it that was at home in 5 minutes later like I'm emailing you to let you know like we'll meet at McDonald's or whatever the fuck it was his crazy it's amazing that anything got done the people Matt and got married had kids and then they travel across the world and then came back a month later and found the family people waiting for him all the time no good show the one who thinks it's crazy as these motherfuckers would get on boats and then go just roll cross the ocean kill a bunch of people and come back 6 months later with some gold and everybody be waiting for him at the Docks that's like what kind of life is it just seems like there's no version of

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we're going to be there in like a month that's it going to one day laugh and how ridiculous it is to send a text message like these guys weren't even telepathic pictures cuz they couldn't see what the other person was actually seeing it's going to be all and if I can contact lens for sure yeah how far off do you think 20 years Max yeah I think it's going to happen so quick just like cell phones have been so quick to the iPhone was only what 11 years ago that's crazy and I was the first iPhone how to Camp did it have a camera on the first type of maybe that's something if you go back and look at your iPhone pictures from like 5 years ago how dare you how dare you accept this is a fucking photo I bought an apple digital camera and it was a giant hung cash it was like this big and it was one megapixel

► 00:20:18

can take it was so big it was just this brick I'm ever going in buying that first like a video camera early 2000s to like put myself on tape in New York you can hear that leaves yeah and I will try to shoot myself to Buck and try to get a b-note there it is that's what I had on at Willow and that's probably like $2,000 probably yeah and before that when I first came out here in 1994 I had a meeting with this guy was like one of the the bigwigs at Disney and he had a Newton do you remember a new date is like a tablet and he was also happy about this he had a very organized on his Newton like this this fucking it was like he had a thesaurus with a screen that's what it looked like his big stupid fucking thing and it had you know a little stylus and use it was

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was this in the years like between when jobs have gotten fired and they were like or was he still there I just saw a call to just posted a thing on his old Atari commercials I guess he was like the spokesman for Atari and it's him talking about Atari you could also use for word processing and then also that they had like a very early tablet he's like you can draw and paint on it I was like shit that's a bad man wow then the things they can do now this these new

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it was no big deal

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I love that place

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will make it easier for you

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I know we not forties probably 30 but he looks 40 people just a little older nutrition bad vitamins doctor did know what I don't know exercise is crazy they're like it's an old old movies or you're like the young bastard he said he looks like fucking 60 and maybe he is 60 or maybe it's just like you just fucking smoking and drinking and looks like you did not look good feel like I'm still a bachelor life back then no one's healthy took yoga classes or CrossFit

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there is like I'm smoking Light cigarettes today we played some clips from Spartacus and Douglas where is big like a guy who like we never worked out a date is life so like you can tell he's still just sort of like want to bring it down yeah those old-school bodies old school body weight lifters are like yeah he's not made this movie I think we looked it up yeah did you think he was busy and you never know how old how old is he supposed to be here but he looks old in the left-hand corner of the rock remade in Spartacus right now it would look different

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Finn from cigarettes yeah like that's the extent of a workout I know and no I was just asking because I've never done a squat is fucking life it is crazy guys who were into fitness like what they were doing what they were doing for they were just like there's bodybuilders back then the numbers were so minuscule in comparison to you like you can go to any gym today oh you go to Equinox it's filled with Jack people has a big chest see that's all real shit that's a great workout review

► 00:25:15

Lizard Lick high school kids though just looks like yeah they look very young but how old were they were 18 I want to lose 40 who is doing that now if you go to the gym today you'll see like guys are in their 50s were jacked yeah man yeah that show is hilarious thanks man and that the character the animation looks like you it has your lips and your nose it's really looks like you without looking like you saying something it's weird it's someone posted it was right for the show came out this year so it was like someone posted like Japanese make we make our cartoons cuter Americans let's make our characters ugly as fuck and possible and it's and it's my

► 00:26:15

what's means a little fun kid not like it's just like I was like that's exactly what I said that when people they figure out how to capture the perfect caricature it's weird that we and we give them even when we even if it's like we should we try to like when we have new characters will just give them pictures of the people that are playing them and just let them find that version of them even when we don't we'll give people references cuz there's something about capturing a real person that makes specific in a way that you're like why would you see everybody can draw just like draw whoever which does work but still there's something about like being like now we want a guy looks like Rogan like get that feels more real it's so weird but they're great we have a killer team of people designing all those characters what I love about you show is well I like a lot of things about it but one of things I love about it

► 00:27:15

you really can only do that on Netflix yeah it's just like there's it's so on harness to yes it's just it's just wild and hilarious and there's no boundaries to it the more amazing things about something like Netflix is it there's just you could do whatever you can do whatever you can do whatever you want you can do you can say whatever you want you have no advertisers who you're either supporting or in competition with so we can mention Brands they don't really care about that they don't care if there's no app you know when your network TV it's like you got to get a neck break you got the First Act has to be 8 minutes so I can act as we babababababa there's more flexibility now but but also most importantly they just basically let us do whatever the fuck we want that's a yeah been very good partners creative

► 00:28:15

Comedy Central or did you just did you just came out how was it how it was how was the experience and then I did 1 2 years ago in this one they're fucking amazing they don't bother you at all they just leave you alone proven that you can do your thing that is a funny guy they just didn't know you're going to try your best yeah yeah like you're funny you're going to want to chat really good he's going to see it that's the thing with them right now is your like you but it's like I just want if I'm going to spend a lot of time make you something I want the most amount of possible

► 00:29:15

eyeballs that I can get and that's what they do most specially for comedy special is really no other game in town I mean I've had friends that did something on HBO and I want to feel like I'm using those things I would love to see the numbers across the board but it is now just feels like we would cuz we went out we went out why would the show weed a couple different offers and Netflix just seemed like the place where is like they were going to creatively fuck with us and they were and everyone was going to have a chance to see it and we were going to get like kids like we're going to get anyone just which is crazy because it's fucking dirty

► 00:30:15

is that your voice was around that age when we started doing it there's some at hormones in that all that shit in there like we should have a hormone monster and then they're like yeah it should just be a hormone monster and then Andrew called me is like we're thinking about doing like a hormone monster and I just immediately was just like tattoos of Andrew and it just became we got in town and we have those we all have those things you know sometimes they get integrated sometimes I don't like what you see in South Park and what you see in Bill Burr show F is for family things you can do in an animated show that are physically impossible in any other form and it's amazing it's an amazing format especially

► 00:31:15

I think for us like fur if you are a especially if you're like a comedy brain that doesn't necessarily come straight out of like classic sitcom writing that you have other weird ways of getting into something and you want to be able to personify it in like animation just allows you to do it also allows you to fucking do I have action stuff with the kitten with kids the way we have or you just think it's just too uncomfortable but but you see it an animation you can get away let's have the Statue of Liberty talk to that girl must have this hormone monster in this season he had children actor that ever work with kid actors the show called Hardball there was a little kid on the show they were both like early teens like 13 14 and it was weird I felt weird because everyone else is adults and they would swear and say fucked-up thing at the look over your shoulder and see if the kids around

► 00:32:15

I say something crazy I had to deal with a kid I was on the show called The League and we had a I had a son on the show who was Nino aged up every year but by the last scene of seasons for 5 he was like from like 7 till like 9 and it was crazy cuz we were doing some crazy shit and there's a scene where he's like eating ice chips out of a urinal urinal cookies or something like that it was like it was fun it was a clean you know we made sure it was all good but still in like we had him doing some fucked up shit and you're like all right in the mom was there the mom was cool with all of it but it was like it wasn't just like you miss it, cuz I got a little maybe someone onset saying something weird like we had in this kid doing some weird shit and I was like I hope this is alright what year did you get in Show Business how old was like I was like 20 open mics like I was 23 24

► 00:33:15

yeah that's a good year that's a perfect year you're you're a young adult Roland but it was it was I do think of this early I mean I'd there a few people who seem to start younger okay but it's tough man I've never met one have you met Seth Rogen Robbie. Will Seth Rogen in Freaks and Geeks when he was like 16 maybe that was the cutoff age I love awkward uncomfortable actual years old and he like didn't have much of a dog like there are few lean years they're good like made him a regular human being

► 00:34:15

they're like a accident now they're all they were all adults yes it's just whatever he is everyone wants him at The Comedy Store the day is not his band now or else tickles face and you just eat what you there's drunk Andy and when drunk and he's around you just got to get the fuck out of there you know you can tell the difference two different guys all know it's drunk E&E sweetheart 6 times I couldn't stay straight I kept cracking

► 00:35:14

I did it early one of my first things I did have like a voice on American Dad and I did they had me do any dick and I was so psyched to get a gig in I mean I was like I'm not my favorite thing is not doing other comedians like there's some weird kind of cold that I don't know what do you know what I mean it's like I don't know why it's like it was one of my first gigs it was cool I got to be an American Dad I did Andy Dick I was looking back I would not probably do it and now we're you know I did not mean it was not be like I'm going to go fuck anyway when I saw him when I sense that I've seen him over the years and and I like him and I think he when he is sober he's like you know I saw your impression of me and he's like he's kind of like it's funny you know

► 00:36:14

seen him drunk and he's like how you know it's like a very different it's a very different version of it and I'm like but you know it but I get it man if someone didn't fucking impression of me on some animated show I don't know I probably I'm like no I'll do the impression of me let me let me control my narrative events I think I guess so you got to take your lumps yeah I know but the Steelers so he's funny as shit man but that was a great show people forgot about the Steeler show that was a fucking great chat ham Janeane Garofalo Stiller bunch of it had to be pre Newsradio I think it was pretty sure what is one disease radio did you come first

► 00:37:14

Newsradio 27 I was on something else I was on a show called Hardball when I was 26 and was cancelled it was terrible baseball said come on Fox yeah yeah yeah yeah I was ready to move back to New York apartment so I have to stay here for a year I'm like I have this place I bought a couch I bought a TV you like this is a 6-cd changer I'm not about to fucking move across the country anywhere there was like but then there are people that like hundred CD changers

► 00:38:14

stop my I just opened up my cabinet with all my DVDs and like all that shit which I haven't looked at it and I haven't looked at in like five six years I still have a stack of VHS tapes I won't throw away some of them that I just like I don't think I can get this anywhere do you still have a VHS player 5 years I haven't even touched it have you gone back and did you have your camera I just went back and digitize a bunch of like you stuff that I shot on my calves you know my little TV stuff done that and I don't even know I just feel like one right thing as everyone's taking photos of everything and video of everything and I just feel like I don't have time to look at them but if I went and looked into my iPhoto from like seven eight years ago

► 00:39:14

are going through all the pictures or photos of my kids you do I feel like I feel like I have a goldfish brain like I feel like I just like swim and five minutes later it's gone be like I am constantly in that space and I feel like we we record all the shit and then we don't really look back maybe some people look back but I'm the same way I think by information I don't think I even remotely capable of processing the amount of raw data to come see if you check your Google news feed then you check your Twitter feed and then you know people send me things and email I check those out I don't I don't have time I don't have the time or the storage it's just it goes in goes out

► 00:40:14

app on my phone to like search it and I'll go on there but now Google got like stories thinks I'm going to be interested in and then I'll be like I'm going to look up 30 minutes later I'm like why did I go to Google it what was I going in there for toilet time with the weird red imprint impressed Impressions on like right above your knee and it doesn't make any sense it's like I didn't get anything out of that I feel like if you have discipline. The good stores will come to you you need to hear about the fucking heard about left not reading the news I was parsing I was piecing together the news based off of people's Twitter jokes

► 00:41:14

you know I think there's been a hurricane somewhere but I feel like my down time I think I'm scared of having actual down time because when I have actual down time I spend so much time until my phone that and that stresses me out so like if I'm working I don't have time to be looking at my phone and then I'm like just work you know what I mean but it's and it's I'm scared of like down time down time and phone time they are very bad for you it's just it's not healthy it's normal it's on a normal interaction and if you're like looking at it that you're freaking out about that is not like I was I was freaking out today about what's going on in Portland there's all these and Tifa riots that are happening in there blocking traffic and the Portland mayor

► 00:42:14

anything about it because you refuse to fucking go right you wanted to go straight through the street they were literally directing traffic there's all these videos that were people are freaking out cuz Portland is just it's a great City but fun so overly Progressive that you have this section of super far left Maniacs that are that have gathered found a cause and now they're they've decided they're going to and these are white people screaming out fuck white people of the whole thing is so crazy it's like I just want to miss guided I just I just want to eat fresh food sorry, T-Town there so it's just so you know when you get a town of millions of people you're going to have a fucking few thousand assholes is just no way around that

► 00:43:14

everywhere I've gone that I see that the Pacific Northwest is interesting just like I found the homeless Vibes in Portland Seattle and San Francisco it's intense right now Seattle or rather San Francisco has a new app that you can locate human shit on to alert the health department it's like a crap app I like to have a real problem liberal open-minded with the homeless folks these people just shiting openly shiting in the gutter look at that there's the Poop Map I like that the coloring I wonder when they discover their like we can do the varying levels of breath what is that area that seems to be covered is it like that downtown Embarcadero like right off the mission I should look how much that's the poop that is crazy on all those Corners is human shit

► 00:44:14

and that's not an exaggeration I was there my friend Jake put it up on his Instagram a guy with his pants down just spraying shit out of his ass into the street he was standing on the sidewalk and the street just spraying dude I mean I do that but that's like I go but I do it for our it's alright it's my heart it's for leisure you something to take my mind off work how do I get rid of publishing not on purpose but I mean like inside my clothes I ship my pants to sing about I was coming in here been like to have any like until I was like 7 and I did it and I like being I was in the class of the bunch of them cops in my town they had like a self-defense class on and I was friends with like a cop and Susan come take the karate class tomorrow so sure we going to take it and it was

► 00:45:14

and I'm wearing that like the ghee and it's fucking you know I was 6 or just kept nodding it and I kept nodding it and then I go to class and I'd like in fettuccine alfredo I was fucking and I'm sitting here and I'm like taking the class to my little kicks and then I got to go to the bathroom and I get to the bathroom and I can't untie.

► 00:45:38

If I can. And I just I'm sick I just fucken spray diarrhea down my down my Gigi and then like go back to class and I mean in Wisconsin

► 00:45:55

and I was like I think that's the last time I took karate that was the end of my mix martial arts career a problem have you ever fought so hard that you like glues can you like it like America is that happen like with fleece inside the Octagon for sure there's actually a new rule in some athletic commission say stop a fight but it's happened many times yeah cuz you think it's like you got an open wound and got shit there's like some real issues there was that marathon runner lost her like yeah that's happened a bunch of times apparently Marathon running shit themselves all the time just keep running like I'm like I would never push myself to that point where I'm like yeah I push myself to the fact really depends on what it meant to me and then I mean if I if I had some deep emotional reason to finish this marriage

► 00:46:55

my dad died or something right Dad is a holocaust Survivor in his 80s in your in a 6-hour marathon and the we were telling her there's no fucking way going to be ours dad who did he beat about a half-hour birthday didn't like 5 hours of the seventies eighties running a marathon he was also in the Israeli Army he's an old dude there's that version of JuJu like that skinny Jew that could Mike run a marathon that it's like I could see that when we started doing this Fitness thing already had you know we have the sober October thing and is this fitness challenge attached to it and

► 00:47:55

sorry I literally haven't worked out at all in I think you said 10 years they 10 years ago he was taking with me that's the last time we did any exercise at all how did he how is he doing so great he's in second place right now he's right behind me a game of genetics just a game of will so if you're just willing to keep your heart rate elevated and push yourself it just depends on what is your level of competition you're like that you want to fucking yeah and what is your how strong is your well that's really what it is is there any good if it's like if you have an exercise in 10 years and you all of a sudden start to exercise your heart rate goes up naturally because it's like what the fuck's going on with a pretty just like walking his heart rate spin

► 00:48:47

but I don't think so but see this thing is this fucking this thing that we have because it gives you the same amount of points for 80% of your heart rate is it does 490 Sofia the first I was like I'm going to take my heart rate at 9435 minutes I was like I'm just going to leave them the 843 beats per minute which is easy for you to walk and talk at 1:43 if you can have a full-on conversation no problem at 143 be right right so it's flawed it's a little fly to the end there's that difference between 80 and 90% where you're like you're out getting that extra burn your time you put in that's that's with separating everybody in this little child I will put in two and a half hours like he will watch a movie and just keep his heart rate pag240 346

► 00:49:47

for two and a half hours and he wants and he's been talking to Matt shit about it I was I was I was at first I was like you know what this contents is so fucking stupid there's no real like steaks like there's nothing we haven't established what happens to the loser you know we have an established with the winner gets other than a belt we have a belt so many leftover belt

► 00:50:11

like a WWE getting one made me and then I thought about I was like I can't let that happen so I start ramp it up I decided to go over the last couple days I took 3 days off too cuz I had to go to Vegas and out of work and then I decided yesterday I'm going to fuck these guys up so yesterday and today I've been hitting hard I did three and a half hours today

► 00:50:41

yeah that's crazy you feel good had a great yeah I mean I've been physically you feel different yet do you do or do not feel different like you're being completely sober Bob definitely high as fuck mother's running there's no doubt about that that's like runner's high is legit like if you run for 2 hours and then a rock falls in your car from the sky but I guess I lost my car

► 00:51:08

so silly it's and I get the same way from yoga yes silly is a silliness to you so much I'd rather go like I started playing soccer again soccer which like the color like a deep maroon and I'm like but it's great but I need I need a game attached to it I can't just run that's why I that's what I love about you doing something yeah he's trying to you know you doing the martial art and it's exhausting you having fun in the shit out of somebody that nevermind that's not my uncle play soccer and then slightly injured myself now I'm I'm like as I'm getting older it's like every time I do what I do something fuck up my body

► 00:52:08

we have this HTC Vive it's a virtual reality headset and is a boxing game right really good throw punches and his head get that a robic workout without when he hits you you see Sparks it if it makes you nervous I think we got me where you fight these people exhausted had things fucking terrible for you though it's so bad for you yeah man I've never been I've been so averse to that shit I was talking about that because your sparring because yeah I go how often do sparring and he's like you spawn quite a bit I could do I go I know you're having a good time but you have to understand like there's real consequences to that

► 00:53:08

car accidents, you're getting hit if you're getting hit in the head like that counts and you're doing it when your 48 years old like this in your fat like so you not moving a lot of great Head Shed and like your message, go just it's I had the bag on hip pads lights bar with someone who I know she's different she's choking on bars and stuff like that there's no loud it's not hitting each other in the head is fun it's fun it's fun to hit people to run to not get hit it feels good yeah shot and give one back but the consequences are real too much of it I see I see this slowed degrading of your cognitive

► 00:54:08

too many people going to have my football you think it's I think people are going to wise up his way better for you but then football and I think fighting terrible for you cuz they're running at each other full clip and slamming into each other constantly over and over and over again we have a friend and they have a kid who's in high school who has severe depression from getting football he's all fucked up from football and they can't believe it happened so fast I would go how long has he been playing like he was waiting for a couple years he's been getting smashed and they had for years cuz it's just like like a football practice just like that but it looks less and less and now I think they're finally realizing but like when we were growing up all my buddy football like every drill was like alright stand in a circle and let's have these dudes fucking run into each

► 00:55:08

over and over now they're getting hit in the body is as bad as getting hit in the head and your brain goes whoosh whoosh inside your fucking skull and it's you think that concussions only come from getting a head injury that's not the case they're finding the people get concussions from getting hit in the body so this is pure ignorance in boxing or whatever when a guy gets knocked out he's get that's a concussion and they get concussions even when they win sometimes like there's a guy named Joe valtellini has been on the show before he's at World Championship kickboxer he had to retire after he won the title he won the fight and then afterwards his head injury was so severe he couldn't look at the light from a charger from a phone you know the phone charger he had to be in total darkness

► 00:56:08

for months at a time for 4 weeks at a time rather than what saved him was actually CBD oil CBD oil is pretty good reducing inflammation is pretty and its effect and that brought it all down for him isn't an Ivan tried see video of her in my prayers for pain and stuff like that is great for pain it's great for anxiety and one of the more important things it doesn't fuk with you like cognitively doesn't make you high it's not right so you can do it and just go do stuff but it alleviates anxiety calms you down with some anxiety May coincide with inflammation inflammation at it so we can take the oil drops for just your just your overall your whole system your your gut biome it's good for everything

► 00:57:08

I went to Burning Man this year and I had just a fucking wild time of it cuz I know you've talked about it I never done acid before I did acid for the first time how was it it was fascinating I've done mushrooms like somewhat regularly for most of my adult life like not not a crazy mess but like you know once a year be depending on you know and always loved I'm like that I was like if I were left with one thing might be that one cuz I like the warm like the warmth in like everything look up everybody love everybody in the news like what I meant like what ecstasy was I was like oh that's mushrooms but you just feel good and warm and connected but I was like you know what we're going to I'm going to Burning Man couple buddies were like I've done this acid before and I haven't read the Michael Pollan book but I was like enough there's enough got to know you've been tardy

► 00:58:08

there's enough around there that I'm like I'm ready like I'm not going to do it like you asked and you could fry your brain for you never come back right and I don't know if that was the kind of acid people doing or if it just before doing a ton of it they think now that it's people that are schizophrenic right and there's a certain percentage of the population like they were trying to make a correlation between marijuana use and schizophrenia to the causes schizophrenia but they found out that the numbers of the same as the general population the numbers of people who use marijuana become schizophrenic is the same numbers as just you take a hundred people there's going to be one of them is going to be see it's a friend of theirs they think though that it can exacerbate the situation and it can actually bring it on like say maybe if someone has maybe sort of a manageable schizophrenia exist like

► 00:59:08

any diseases do on a Spectra sure people have a mild cancelled they get over if they do acid or if they do even edible marijuana. We can bring it on 2 man I don't think I'm schizophrenic go to anytime I eat pot I feel like I am I can't eat I can't lie like a little too baby doses that's the king League the key with edible marijuana is great at about 10 to 20 mg and he's he's he's not but even he quit he quit Edibles early on I was like I remember I remember I don't know if it was or whatever and I had like a cookie like a little bit of it was earlier much earlier than now how regulated things are and I ate a little bit and Mike went back to my hotel room and I was like oh I can't even

► 01:00:08

green I just like walk the streets went to the city the capital of the state Cavaliers like looked at the back porch to the former governors of Texas and then was like got like sober ish and then my buddies are like we're going to a gun range and I was like damn right gun range in 8 hours later and I'm still like a mess but I but I was like you know what I'm going to burning man I'm going to try acid I went with my buddy was my college roommate either it's a done it before a guy giving it to us who I was like I've done this ass that I know how to do it he's like I recommend into taking some assassin and listening to classical music and eating fruit that was his and I was like alright I was like I like to listen to classical music and eat fruit and I was like I like classical music and I like fruit

► 01:01:08

last day and everybody enjoyed it very very much fucking weird I mean it's sure but it's exciting though it was like people executing whatever they're doing incredibly well and there's a lot of different versions of it and stuff but it's kind of a lot of pranksters they're like there's it's actually not as like there's a hippy dippy quality to it but then there's some real people kind of fucking with people in a fun way that I I got a kick out of what we took them to gas it at like I don't know 4 and we start we're driving around the desert you know your arrows on bikes yours on a bike driving around do you have to wear a mask was fine it was cool and like we start kind of feeling it and I had visuals on mushrooms before but this all the sudden like the melting is of everything started to set in and the dead

► 01:02:08

it's a good good places to buy good place for it just goes like visually what's happening is like is pretty interesting like we went we drive around on bikes and we see immediately then like some couple is like can you take a picture of us as we like try to do a Duo yoga pose with the sunset I'm like okay I'm trying to steal my camera and I think this is what you want then we drive away from there and they're these like pornstars who worked at wanted pictures of the air taking pictures of themselves and I was like we're like you know where in the burning man spear-like will give him the gift of our music and like they don't want their not then I want I'm not even hit it nothing I'm just like driving around we've got our little like how you know our little Bluetooth speaker playing classical music and we're just now starting to peek right at sunset

► 01:03:07

in the desert and it's like if it was it was like all this feels like some version of what heaven feels like you know like where the the sky that the colors in the sky are unbelievable and in the also know the desert all this and you know this but it's like this real fine alkaline dust and it's like you feel like you're seeing some really grid work you know I don't know if you have that feeling where you like how I can feel like I'm seeing some underlying dynamics of the structural stuff I've seen your witness to the pattern of say is there's some sort of the structure of things it felt like you were like you're looking at this like this crazy you know what you're going to say yes you're you're seeing this and this very fine lights and with the really red mountains and then the blue really Chris Blue Sky

► 01:04:07

what's with the white closet and it felt like you were like oh I'm seeing some structural shit that's going on it's quite and eating cherries with a fruit and music music is but it was because I didn't so then sit in the sun sets and it's like even at the height of it it didn't feel warm like mushrooms have felt it felt like clinical clinical exactly that's exactly the word to Albert Hoffman that's how he found out about it you know he's synthesize LSD and you know got it in his skin when he was working with it and then rode his bike home

► 01:05:08

and on the bike ride home realized oh my God I mean he may as I believe correct me if I'm wrong but I believe it the initial reason for creating LSD I think they were they were trying to come up with a drug to induce labor I'm pretty sure that was the original I think that's what they were working on and in the process synthesize LSD and LSD as a compound and it's one of those unbelievably potent compounds or it's someone I think was Terence McKenna described it as deep the power to weight ratio is so huge that it's like if you had one aunt that dismantle the Statue of Liberty in 30 minutes like that

► 01:06:08

that's how potent LSD is I mean I took the Empire State Building like I was like I don't need to like lose my mind here I've only microdosed it still was a small dose if it was enough to just like oh yeah I plan the synthesis of the compound with the intention of obtaining a circulatory and respiratory stimulant Hoffman Road the new substance however Rose no special interest in our pharmacologic pharmacologist in Physicians testing was there for discontinued why did I say to tempt that we named lsd-25 not knowing he was not after like I've psychedelic drug it's no I don't believe so

► 01:07:08

dos himself at 4:20 p.m. we we we sort of her peeking around Sunset and it's like how it feels like I'm with my buddy of 20 years I've known him since College we've gone through our lives together and there's that thing when you eat when you triple your like that space time continuum think there's like it feels less linear time where you like I'm having thoughts that I had 20 years ago and I'm having them today and I'm going to have them in 20 years in like where this is the linear nature of all this feels a little less you know and I'm with my buddies been like a witness to my life you know so we're having this great large conversation about our lives and all that shit in the sunsetting it's beautiful and then it gets dark and it's like all right let's go watch the man burn now like you know that at Burning Man everybody gather 70,000 people gas

► 01:08:08

you go to this big Central area where the man who's been sitting there for 7 days is in there like a Crazy Fire Starter show fireworks go off and then you burn this like 30 foot man and it's dark and it's night and and it's like it was the other side it felt like heaven and hell you know he's like we're all of a sudden and that's where I felt like it was weird cuz like that's where I felt the clinical thing where I'm like I feel sort of high but I now feel actually quite in a weird way quite sober and I'm I felt like I'm witnessing these things and I feel removed from them in a way that when your eye feel like when your

► 01:08:51

on mushrooms in some way you're like you feel kind of inside of the the flow of of Nature and but I was also like It's The End by the time the end of Burning Man like there people there all week and building it and putting all the stuff together an artist it's interesting and then like there is definitely of a section of brain damage is like super wealthy people showing up for like debauchery in and like to be around models who are nearly naked and it's like and that's when and you looked around and it and the aesthetic of burning man is like somewhere between like Mad Max Game of Thrones intron it somewhere in that space and I had this feeling about the Richer here to collect their spoils

► 01:09:51

seeing the sky in the desert and all of the beauty and where you're like wow this is amazing and then when you have something like a fire and then on top of that you have a giant group of people seen and then you realize there's not really a lot of law enforcement here like this seems like a completely chaos Into the Fire last year he killed himself right in that fire this year was like this year was pretty well regulated like cuz we'd seen a couple nights before at Sunrise there was like you have all this it's I found you it was like the kind of The Duality of a doll like burning man feels very much like there's this like sacred and profane shit all happening together and it off and has pretty cool and like Sunrise a couple mornings earlier there's a psyche 20 foot wooden dragonfly statue that someone at Bill and they are they light it on fire you know there's like now we're going to burn it

► 01:10:51

it's been a year making the statue is like now we're going to fucking burn it and so they're there were park rangers all around it and so there's no getting inside they light it on fire and then the sun rises over to the left and then you looked at I looked up in there like 30 people parachuting out of the sky

► 01:11:10

at Sunrise and you just like what the fuck is going on it was really cool I really I enjoyed that but by the time Saturday rolls around you know there is something about fire that's very Primal and you can feel like there's like there's some Pagan quality to it all and it's cool but it's like you can feel like everybody's like energy kind of getting like a little darker and more Primal and and I hit a point where I was like alright guys I got out of this like I was scared of like I was seated watching I was like I'm scared of a trampling that's what I mean by like the giant group of people and also with a fire and and then a gathering went when you're dealing with a big Gathering there's always the potential for someone acting out whether they just need a lot of attention or they go crazy or mean think about adverse reactions to psychedelic

► 01:12:09

yes and 70 thousand people the potential for something going haywire is pretty high over the whole week was cuz I want to experience this thing that a lot of people have experience I just want to like know what that experiences but what I'm saying is there is there is some enforcement around there some Rangers around but there's really no it's pretty an article like there's really very little butt Ian is in so much there is actually like some unspoken rules that basically everybody's kind of following which I found kind of fastening where you like there's no crazy art car is running around with like fucking shooting fire into the air there's no there seems to be no like regulatory board being like let me make sure that the you're crazy 30-foot three-tiered iron car is up to

► 01:13:09

standard it all seems to function pretty smoothly like there's like some unspoken acceptance of certain rules I'm sure they're people freaking out I know there people like but it's mostly people like feeling like I took too much drugs I didn't hydrate and I'd like to go to the medic and there but like weirdly I found it all operating pretty smoothly but that's when the the the acid then sort of turned a bit where I was there some Darkness here that I want to get away from its it seems like whenever you have a situation where you get a bunch of people that want to do something outside the norm do want to get together and they want experience something that's just the board and society and this is their big break and it seems like there's there's so much expectations and there's kind of a code that these people want to follow up and that code is that

► 01:14:09

you know it's almost like a utopian vision of a better Society even if it's for only a week or so of society I don't know how a society would function in like largely Lawless I mean the biggest rules are like don't put your trash anywhere like there's no garbage cans anywhere don't pee outside like peeing in porta potty pee in a jug take it back dump it out cuz this like no Mark not leave no no mark and it works fine but I guess it it works for a week where you're like everybody's agreed for that week and then you go back to your life but like

► 01:14:46

I got a fucking kick out of it like there's and theirs you know there's like there's one night you know they're all these crazy light shows at night it becomes like this crazy Tron like lightshow everywhere you look you at the Horizon for as far as you can see is just like people on bikes that are all lit up crazy art car is crazy piece of art that are lit up and it's really wild at but like you go you know you're right around bikes and they're all the sudden we like roll up this area where there's a like a mechanical ARM Holding these lights that are LED lights better in this you know in a circle and you lie below it and it's a lightshow you know it's this like Vortex light show to everybody's kind of looking up at it it's really trippy and funny very much and I hope we are laid down as I just read and then this dude rolls up my friend sees us you know those costumes of like those like a Tyrannosaurus Rex like that there

► 01:15:46

waited in the country like super weird so I look at this guy and I'm I start cracking up and my buddy just took that Tyrannosaurus Rex and walked him through the middle of everybody having their quiet trippy moment you know so you know what it's like everybody's like having their trippy moment and then it gets fucked up and then a minute later I got a real kick out of it was weird and then who controlled the food water and land for the reason why is because it's outside of culture like you

► 01:16:46

please nobody meets there yes yes nobody has an established like dominance or domain over at all you just serve on the same page talking about this a lot lately like never work like there's not a single like one of these wild wild country things or even they never work they never work no one is mailed it the way they nailed it is they just do it for a little bit then go back to life I guess the guy who founded it or is one that passed away this past year so they think he was in the middle of the burnt this year and but even he it's it's not a cult of personality like I think you know if you realize that I'm at the center of it is like is a fucking man burning is like I think if you take that element I think the problem

► 01:17:46

I mean is there any called that isn't like driven by one Central Force it's always a person it's always a person always gets fucked up because that person who uses it and it's all run through them and then if he or she goes away then it's the next round of that person Alpha chimpanzee Instinct that we have to have like a big daddy the daddy didn't has all the messages and is in touch with God or the UFO behind the asteroid one of the fuck it is there's always this one person whether it's Jim Jones or yeah there's someone who has all the answers and there's a weird desire that people have to look to this one person that has all the answers yes it's everything it's a specifically for someone who gets into a call if you are searching for something you're searching for some tea or something and and if you've got that person of the middle is like I got you

► 01:18:46

give you the way at all for any more super thank God yeah you can learn to fly helicopter in like 4 months like maybe it's not so bad the billboard did fucking Bill Burr the dude who likes like figure stuff out like he could be in a band and his cars like he is he is building that truck that's got that's a manual transmission on the column it's one of those weird old school ones we shift the gears like next to the stereo

► 01:19:46

call it's three on the tree I mean that's a brain that likes that stuff and likes to like wants to learn to master flying a helicopter there's a couple of improvised I know to like Thomas middleditch Learn to Fly playing my buddy Neil Casey I'm like

► 01:20:10

my mom's like I don't care you don't have any hobbies

► 01:20:13

I like hiking and I like and I do yoga now do the hot yoga or regular regular yogurt were they trying to find out whether this you can get similar results to Sana that you get from Hot Yoga cuz I think it's a similar situation that's happening with what's called cytokines are heat shock protein and what would they show it in these studies sauna studies is that 20 minutes a day 4 times a week decreased all-cause mortality by 40%. I'll call all-cause mortality meaning heart attack stroke answer from just sweating sweating it out extreme heat when it's

► 01:21:13

I believe the number one when she said 180 degrees

► 01:21:20

17018 east something like that 170 or 180 and you do that for 20 minutes 4 times a week and it's there's a radical decreasing of you just your overall systemic inflammation because of that and that's getting it that hot does heat shock proteins and he's heat shock proteins apparently it just fantastic at decreasing inflammation all throughout your body I got to figure out why do I have one here at fucking love it I use it all the time almost everyday you just sweat it out going there I found that airpods you can put airpods in and they don't overheat your phone will overheat shut off but you can have your phone outside the song I don't have the airpods on and you can just listen to a podcast on tape

► 01:22:20

Beasley podcast or if it's something that I need to like Rhonda Patrick like when she's out science and over and over again to get it in my stupid brain and I need to listen to it to find out where it went off the rails yeah that's not the bummer of being a try to be a good at what you do is being like paying more attention to ship that doesn't work have to like bad sets bad comedy sense I always wish you the same as I fucking hate them I don't even like listen to the good ones but the bad ones are ruthlessly painful rock yeah I got to listen to the good ones cuz I'm cuz I'm like it's like not like what was so special about me but being like Oh I improvised this this in this what the problem is

► 01:23:20

and then you try to recreate it and it just doesn't have the same fucking juice it's possible to recreate some things yes they were in the moment the audience is the thing that the audience knows to like if you have have you ever seen a guy was faking improvising it's the saddest thing ever when you see someone in the crowd and then you go this early in the sea and the next night he does the same shit and you know it's a trick yeah well you can there's a moment that happens when you're improvising with an audience where someone says something and you just have the perfect response out of nowhere they know that you just came up with that of nowhere and it just works but there's also lines that you add to a bill that just came up out of nowhere and maybe they just Crush that night but they still viable to something to figure out how to recreate it yes but it it's that it's that feeling also of not wanting to be a

► 01:24:20

how do you build material on stage keep it have it feel fresh without feeling like a fraud like a parliament issues which I think is the tricky thing to do got to be self-aware and you got to be more involved for me at least I have two more connected to the idea that I'm saying like I have to recreate my own personal wonderment that's involved in the idea cuz that they can smell it a nap yeah you doing a bit about bottled water you have to be thinking about bottled water but you have to be like what in the fuck it and then it has to be real but if you're not thinking about it you just saying the words if I can smell you a little smelly animals that fucking know it yet even when they were even when their site to see if they're still so many

► 01:25:20

damn you got to be warm are you back out your yummy I've seen you in spots your back out building a new I'm at like 25-30 minutes ish right now I just can't see if it's a grind to grind Matt and I just like I don't know how like I'm like I do my show we do we write Big Mouth it takes us like you know five six months to write invoice it and then and when I'm writing all day it's tough to go out new spots at night to break it up to do your Broadway gig for a while yeah we did it Off Broadway for like 25 days to make that and then toward it a little bit 5 days in Boston 5 days in d c l a New York whatever and then we went back into the Broadway show we did a hundred forty shows like a hundred thirty-eight shows every night you know five show weekend and that was the most

► 01:26:20

fun that was the most fun cuz it's your on stage with your buddy so you got someone even on the nights is not working you know you're doing a showing yours like I know they like me but this is not fun they're tired whatever you got to pick up there alone I'll send you got someone else up there who you can make eye contact with me without saying a word we both know we're like let's fire going on tonight and weak because we wrote it we could improvise change whatever we wanted every night it was like having a stand upset that you were could improvise with your buddy in character that was you knew every beat you had to hit but you had a lot of freedom within it was it was a most fun so it's like stand up but not like it was largely we built it to be presentational so we could talk to the audience at any point cuz there's something about doing like a play or even when I was early on doing sketch

► 01:27:20

it's embarrassing you don't even you like I got bored and I guess we're going to pretend like we're in a fucking Chinese restaurant right now but you're in the audience we're all in the same room right now yeah it's like it sucks to not be able to do joke and not have a work and not be able to like talk to the audience about it or be angry or whatever it is so we could do that so we are presentation alike you're doing stand-up but we're in the play that is real scenes in it and then we have built in an interview in the middle or we would interview different people like on the on the Netflix special Steve Martin and and we also did Michael J Fox's son specials well but every night it was someone different and it was anyone from you know we got Letterman to do it but we also had like robin bird member Robin versus the channel Jay cable access porn stripper interview show New York and like the 80s and 90s is no reason you would know it except if like you were 13 and

► 01:28:18

going to sleep at your friend's house in the city and jerking off if I can see the strippers getting interviewed like I was I kind of remember the name yeah I kind of remember that Google robin bird you'll see some old there she is you know it's like you can see the just the quality of that kind of like cable access 80s New York shit we had her on the show cuz we felt like our boys would be interacting with Robin bird you know so we have her and then we had like you know crazy so every night we got to interview someone different it's like a mini live podcast in the middle of the show so we just built the most fun show for us to do every night it was great the most fun and then we finish that and then came back and I did that we wrote that we did that in between season 1 and season 2 of of big mouth cuz it take so long to write it and then to animated and all that stuff so that was so we we wrote voice most a big mouth season

► 01:29:18

before you know last year just takes forever so in the time that you did it you did you do stand up at all while you're doing or just did it what were you doing oh hello there was Noah stand up at all we're doing big mouth we I'd go out and do like a couple spots you know here in their license Austin right now it's just like 9 hours 10 hours and you're just pitching jokes all day long and it's like you know for me I do a bunch of the voices on the show so I'm pitching for myself I'm pitching for my me know all the other characters and you're just at any given moment you're watching your writing your breaking an episode your rewriting another episode you're giving notes on a radio play of of an just the audio you're giving notes on the animatics screening that's coming black me know what you like the black and white kind of rough draft and you're giving notes on a color screening that's come back from Korea from like 6 months ago so you're kind of at any given

► 01:30:18

show me your rewrite especially when you're in the middle of the Season you're just you're just kind of your just yeah you just given your your rewrite it's a beauty of Animation to that you just keep getting a fucking you know figure stuff out when something's not working or just keep me know it's the it's good for that kind of perfectionist polisher of like what your time out with you like you like what's not working you keep getting it figure out what's not working universe is like live action we like I hope I got it you know that's incredibly time consuming and the end of the day you're like I'm going to go and do a spot now yeah I don't know I think there's a balance right like you can't burn yourself out too much cuz then you won't have the jokes for the next day that you'll be to fried you got to pace yourself I mean everybody works differently are pacing is pretty good that like

► 01:31:10

your you're you yeah I mean there certain times around like I feel cook but it's like anything else where you like you train your brain in that space where you like the first 2 weeks you come home your brain is exhausted at the end of the night and then two weeks in your back up like I can do that if I can do that nine-hour day did you what did you do to keep your energy level during the day did you take any nootropics or do anything though I would actually be curious cuz I get I get hammered at like 2:30 p.m. I want an app and I can't and I but I'm like I'm not thinking or acting like you are so I'm like coffee in the morning and then I'm in iced and then I crash and I eat sugar and then I thought crash and like I don't know what I'm supposed to be any advice you got I would say that the sugar part is the biggest thing you should get rid of yeah yeah that's the thing that makes you crash the hardest Street and donuts and shit

► 01:32:10

delicious but your your body has a really hard time processing that shit and afterwards you just like the other day I was in Vegas cuz it was on a Sunday I was like I'll just have some pancakes at some point if I had crepes and I had this yogurt with all this it was like you know and shed in the Hat oh and I had two cupcakes or two to two Donuts because they had homemade donuts at the hotel zygar I don't think I felt like dogshit for the next 6 hours I feel like I've been drugged like I was exhausted probably truly not used to like I train my out of a cut you get accustomed to that terrible feeling and it's just the normal feeling it have after you eat after like even let's have like a greens and protein lunch like around my fucking I'm having a salvaged chicken or some like that

► 01:33:10

still I just hit that like my mom wants 15 minutes to close its eyes at like 2:30 p.m. whatever is happening better end of the day to be like hey guys I'm walking away right now cuz that's all it needs is like 15 minutes butter like what what is it is it just of what is it like a bunch of different companies that make them they are essentially the building blocks for human neurotransmitters what is it powder most of time either you taking capsule form or you are you drink it is a good company that that makes one called neuro one I really like that one cuz it's got caffeine in it too and then there's another one called trubrain that's a good one my company makes one called Alpha Brain that's my favorite one not just cuz it's my company but I think we did the best job of putting ingredients

► 01:34:10

but I take out neural when a lot I like that one a lot of how do you how do you take it to the shake I just did guy just mix it with water and Shay morning I'll take it before workout I'll take it before a podcast will take I take Alpha Brain before every UFC yeah it's been clinically proven through double-blind placebo-controlled studies at Boston Center for memory that increases verbal memory like your ability to find the right word for a sentence reaction time and I'm sure you'll see shit you just have to be ready to just know there's a lot of counting thousands of fights if you hear me talk I don't use notes really I mean I have some notes in front of me that it like I'll get a guy's record i7 and especially guys that I haven't seen fight to anytime right there's a few things I would like to but the rest of it and most of it

► 01:35:10

we're counting the thousand plus fights you have always been like that for fights for fights or fights in certain things for certain things but like something in like an hour later Blake what you going to tell me that she looks like I just fucking told you that I was having a conversation with a friend recently it was like I was like well I remember that your friend is Brazilian but I have no idea where I was in April with the show luckily my partners are great detail oriented like I'm like improvising the room writing Bubba Bubba and I like I don't I don't want to type anything I just want to like just call verbal and then I'll like watch a cut of the show and I'll have almost no memory of what I said

► 01:36:10

I have no memory of what we came up with you and I don't know if that's what I've done to my brain or that's just the way it is I think the funny people a lot of times they think it's weird that abstract way and that usually doesn't lend itself to the best memory it sort of a wild lose impulsive abstract quality that my opinion my friends the funniest friends and I have sort of have that thing going on will you write your joke do you write your jokes at a time do you do now the last maybe 4-5 years of change what I do but I used to do is I would have things that I wrote down on Notebook and I would write a little bit on a computer but maybe 4 or 5 years ago I got I became very diligent with my writing and so I write out I'll write and rewrite and do it all over again start from scratch and then and yeah

► 01:37:10

and then I put it into a thing called Scribner so Scribner you ever use at all the column is all the different subjects and then I can move them around I can put this one first of that one second and then when I click on each one that it takes me to all of the shit that I've written on that particular subject I just found in the makes a big difference in my my output quality material like how much stuff that's good taglines and never forget the taglines anymore cuz are you visually seeing when you're onstage are you like visually seeing the tag on in your head with onstage want the thing that I do before I go onstage like that day usually within a couple hours of Performing I write things out in a notebook if you look at my notebook it's like all work no play makes Jack a Dull Boy and over again like

► 01:38:10

a memory book really I should call the memory book rather than notebook yes very little of it is actual writing most of it is just like I just want to make sure that I write down all the Beats to whatever bit yes yes I I've never found an organizational method that I like and can stick to in that way like my my shit is like there's like my little notebooks that are like you know my little that you carry up in the setlist and then I've got like ideas in my phone and I've got another bigger notebook with some more writing in it and then I got shit on my computer but none of its centralized none of it's like and I and I'm like I have but I cuz I also think if I sit down and write a joke I've been delivered that night cuz I never feel like how I don't know why I don't it just takes work if you just try to write it out the way you going to say it on stage it will come off clunky but eventually you'll get it the difference me is if I just write in my head and then go on stage and I have a good premise and I work it out and it turns

► 01:39:10

do a bit and as long as I do it a lot I memorize it that usually does work but it's better if I write it out and do that it's better if I do both things I still give myself a lot of room on stage to fuck around and I will like just take a premise of run with it on stage but if I have a bit now I don't allow myself to not sit in front of the screen and just right yeah right that bit like there if there's a bid on like I said bottled water fight there's a bid on bottle I will write that bit out and I will write it again and I'll write it again and I'll just open up Microsoft Word and start from scratch I'll say okay let's just start that bit over again see what it maybe if I just did it today when I do it any differently to do that right you have to I really feel like there's a lot of people say all right on stage okay I run on stage 2 but I feel like if I write on stage and I write in a computer it's better I feel like

► 01:40:10

my writings better my bits are they have more depth to them you're taking the time to actually think about and then leaving himself that room it's the time what's the time in the focus the amount of time thinking about it that's what I can't that's what I like special number on the show I'm just like that times not there but I got it but I'm like whatever it is well that's one of the reasons I like podcast so much cuz I'm fucking lazy and you don't have to do anything to show up start talking like you and I just talked and talked in 4 fucking 2 hours you just start talking yeah that's it but it's interesting like people are happy to have that digested in this format right now but do you think you could get away with this on stage know you do a podcast on stage if they knew they were coming to see a live podcast enjoy it and people do enjoy but it becomes a lie podcast

► 01:41:10

you know what I mean like if it's like I feel like I'm ripping these people off I agree I agree unless there's a specific podcast Lucas Paul Scheer and June refill have a podcast like how did this get made where they talk about the shity movies and then they like and then you do that live in the audience has been told what the movie is and then we get up there and we fuck around and that feels like everybody there's a but there is like a it's not just a pure fuck around is the structure there's a structure to it that I feel like Anna live audiences loves and deserves their psyched about it they also know what they're getting in that case but I agree just like us shooting the shit on stage of sick people pay real money they want to see something it feels more yeah you and I were having this conversation there's two thousand people to are right I feel like sorry folks what boring here like we're on YouTube right now

► 01:42:09

tell me how high are you guys hiring is way more than 2,000 but this thing about being in the presence of those people is what makes it odd yes I agree well that's so weirdly kind of what I'm saying about when we're doing all hello which is like when I go about that guys wrote it yourself and you don't have to adhere to you know there's a producer that just stick to the ancient script and Matthias thinks that you guys should be you noticed you changed this world like that was what I was drove me crazy when they change the word yeah and I'm like I get it you wrote a great joke absolutely but I also know I've been in a writer's room I know that we wrote that joke 3 months ago fucking ready for lunch like this

► 01:43:09

some this isn't Mozart Requiem Perfect song ever by respect your process but also respect and not in the room and you were not with this like we are now in this particular situation on this day so let's also realize that that and I accept that when I write for other people that like whatever I was trying to do in that room let's try to get that but let's also acknowledged where we are in this moment you know that was one of the more amazing things about working with Paul Sims on news radio is that he allowed you to rewrite entire scenes and I really see Dave Foley was really like a secret producer of that show is Dave Foley such a brilliant to do is like Studio seen it wouldn't work and he would sit back and it'll be like okay why doesn't How about if Vicki comes in and she introduces this and then

► 01:44:09

more comes in like here and then he will have like we have a new thing for you tell us what you think and then he says that that was in rehearsal is leading up to it but I think that that's like to me the best creators and I mean I think there are some like autor Geniuses but I think the in general the best people are the ones who are ego is enough in check that they can be like I brought you into collaborate with me let's hear what you have to say cuz it might be better and it'll make me equally look good nobody knows nobody knows that like it's going to still say like Paul Sims created the show nobody's going to know that. Interesting like rewrite on a rehearsal I think Paul would even tell you but the thing about it was it when you write something out just like we're talking about before if you write jokes they don't come to life unless there's people there

► 01:45:09

actually performing a joke just doesn't exist in a vacuum if they really really need an audience and the thing about rotted and there's a similar process involved in a sitcom in that as you're running through it then it comes to life and then you realize the clunky party or you realize a better way to get to it or you realize well this is the joke the joke isn't he doesn't know this yet this is happened to you so why don't we have it this way so I can kill a writer's room we will break stories together some goes off and write the script comes back and then will rewrite the whole script in the room and I and II don't know if all the rooms I don't know how other rooms work but like will read the will read every scene together in the room just to hear it out loud and then rewrite it based on like what we all just laughed at her didn't laugh at it so by the time we're actually getting the table

► 01:46:09

read where we're hearing it again out loud even before we get there we were we've read it all out loud and put it on its feet 5 times before it's even getting hurt in that room you know what's the grossest thing of all time the fake laugh at the table read as you're performing you feel like a dirty whore they're fake cuz they're just trying to sell their Joe to the end of the fucking sweet spot of the sitcom are you really got you guys I mean it's and was a great show it's amazing that there's really no sitcoms anymore I mean the the fucking science one what does that Big Bang Theory won last year that's amazing it's crazy that was the first show that I was going to test for

► 01:47:09

I got was the first like thing that they were like we want to fight a light a test for this and I was like I don't think they were offering much money that shows not bad and those guys will never have to work again but I just like I don't want to be locked into any I want to fucking do I want to do new stuff I want up there around I just stuck on that and again those guys God bless them was it said it was never a success every year my friend was one of the writers t-shirt every Monday of what are ratings were and shut up on the site one day and it said like 88 and I went no fucking way is that really was yep we're number 88

► 01:48:00

stop by the way whatever that number was then would now be a fucking monster hit all the numbers that we would get in for in terms of you a huge salad but then there was a sweet spot then which is like between friends and Seinfeld that was The Sweet Spot and if you could get to that all sweet baby Jesus you are fucking you made it baby there's the Caroline in the city at Sun God we have these really good shows the slabs of shit in between them they were fucking terrible terrible shows and they went on for a long time with your big hits but syndication they're dead like nobody wants to watch them if I watch news radio syndication that's how I watched it after the fact that was the craziest thing about the show the show became popular after was cancelled

► 01:49:00

yeah it was on reruns on whatever everyone was attached is so much controversy because Phil Hartman murdered and you know before the final season yeah it was all so much was that weird there's a crazy Eminem must have been the saddest most intense thing in the world that was taught me a lot about Tommy do not stay in one of those evil relationship cuz there's people that just they just don't work together and they try to make it work together and you want to fucking hate each other and that was him and her it was ugly and I tried to get him to divorce her several times he was terrified of losing his image terrified of losing money in Houston want to be a divorced Hollywood Bachelor guy his image was a family guy you know I'm a married man Family Guy everything's great everything about him is like I look like a nice man but he was living in hell

► 01:50:00

you should like openly insult him at parties and stuff and I and where you you just cringe like toxic she hated him you know and she want up shooting him in his sleep I mean it was it was so intense as ugly as it gets mean he took like NyQuil or something like that to go to sleep and she shot him in the head while I was sleeping did you guys find you find out on the next day or the caddy well I found out I think I got a phone call

► 01:50:31

yeah that's what it was I got a phone call this is like this is free cell phone free now probably I want to see a 98 I guess I had a phone but I mean I guess I had a selfie out of shity Motorola startac get more minutes of talk time but yeah actually now that I remember I found about it this is crazy I found out about it from a girl I done in a date with who work for like one of those shows like hard copy writing that she called me up and she was trying to send a news crew to my house I was like oh what a nice person said what the fuck you talking about she said we have to interview you were going to send a crew to your house or what and then and then I turned on the news and there's this is what it was really weird it was helicopters flying over Steve's Phil's house and then there was that guy who is in cocoon who is like a really famous

► 01:51:31

factor for a while but he lost his fucking marbles who's that guy that was in cocoon the young he was a young handsome guy stupid yeah that guy lost his mind he lost his mind and he his career had fallen apart so he pull up a photo of Steve Guttenberg and make sure it's him fart

► 01:52:02

what is that what he looks like now yes yes so see if you can Google Steve Guttenberg at Phil Hartman's murder

► 01:52:17

because he had decided that he was going to talk for a to the to the police that he was going to talk to the Press so he put on like a suit and he got out there and he was he was out there talking to to the press and we were all like what the fuck is he doing I mean maybe you don't hear about this guy anymore right he kind of vanished but he had already vanished back then it is already it was already like it was supposed all those movies back for the police academy all that shit there's a weird thing that happens to some of these guys were they just there like my camera and we were all all of us were like how well did he know Steve Guttenberg and what the fuck is going on it was the strangest thing him standing there with a suit on talking to all the press and talking to peace

► 01:53:17

where was so weird I mean maybe I'm wrong and maybe he did have this wonderful relationship to fill never talked about but I'm pretty close to fill but I mean I don't know there's a certain weirdness the talking to the Press about someone who's just been murdered and people they're willing to like go on camera and and and give interviews and stuff it's like Ru morning are you free download wrong you I don't know if someone's I just was tired this is a slightly change but it was it was like you remember where you were when the OJ verdict was denied I was in high school I climbed a tree

► 01:54:03

in a trade I remember I was with my girlfriend at the time and she threw her hands on her face and went no oh no she's kept saying oh really just want to know were you in La we were watching it in my apartment we're watching The Verdict and where and I was dumbfounded I thought I was going to jail everything's going to jail and she just she's coming home I don't know oh no oh no oh yeah yeah I knew his sister and does her father and I have no like I can't imagine I can't even begin to Fathom what that whole experience would be funny one but he was like he fell very performative to me like he felt like he like he was again I say this with all due respect I don't know what it's I would have no sense

► 01:55:03

what that experience like but there's certain people you like oh you do like being on camera I know something horrible have any but you did like being a camera I mean I have no idea I don't know either I mean I know who the fuck knows how you was I don't know how I would react your son was murdered by some super stock think about how crazy is not just murdered but murdered by a famous guy got off and it was a part of this weird race thing where was post Rodney King so there's a lot of people that felt like there was some sort of a racist aspect to it that like there was a racist cops to got off with Rodney King so now it's their chance to get one for black folks about it you know it's that crazy did you watch the watch the OJ the documentary and then also there there was the FX Show episode the FX show and I was like

► 01:56:03

memories interesting as it sets up like La dolls like that then proceeding years leading up to it post riots all that stuff like and you're like oh it does sort of it does like lend itself to be like oh this was this was a perfect Confluence of events that led to this thing of like Vino racial up you know everything that went into the OJ trials fucknuts it's crazy it was a strange strange time because it just seems like the world was made of something that was way more flexible than I ever thought it was before like I never thought OJ Simpson could be a murderer I thought murders were bad people and that the people that you thought of that we're good people on TV you would never think of OJ was always so friendly and smiley and he would have that big laugh and he's handsome

► 01:57:03

I'm for sure had to do with it yeah hundred percent 1000 million percent right in fact his doctor said that if the trial were to take place today his doctor the time they would introduce CT yeah and you see all those dudes I mean like the level of violence that there is no I said documentary and it's like you know his buddies he's like his good buddies who stood by and his good buddies who stood by him talk about him in high school and he's kind of like he was fucking thrown his friends under the bus in high school like the all three of them would be like doing some like in the bathroom like doing some shit there supposed to be in class and the principal would come in and the three of them are all together and no just like saddle up next to the principal and be like what are we going to do with these two guys

► 01:58:03

CD fuck them up I don't know what kind of man he would have been like whether he would have been so violent or whatever but you like piece of shit plus did it how crazy how crazy is that he wrote a book if I did I do

► 01:58:26

Juiced oh yes that's post the murder rap song no yes yes this was part of that juice. I think thing right it's in that same thing and it's all these like young little hottie Nicole it's so fucking what is that picture of him with the glasses that's from one of the statues look at that one in the fuck is that he can go anywhere with that have you do matter that famous in you did something awful like that you got to go in Disguise how many chicks bangham just cuz he's OJ down a lot hundred percent but it's the poor guy

► 01:59:26

murderers that we had in here Nick yarris who went to jail on death row for 20 years for a crime that 22 years for crime they didn't commit and he said since getting out he's just in who's asking on the podcast with his women to stop sending him emails that I'm married I have a good relationship I please leave me alone like stop testing me and like yeah they just stalker apparently got all these women were sending him pictures and email or what letters actually and he marrying some woman man I'm the man that got married a lot of them get married real common

► 02:00:21

Pac-Man crazy yeah I mean look at AJ I was too I'm talking with you weed high five each other

► 02:00:30

would you want the front of the back I don't know what I think I want the front I think I'm probably more dangerous got a CTE like flashback and put your dick off that's true you can control the back of your lips a little bit in prison used camera what he was doing recently or think he is Jeremy Scott a good podcast podcast should I interview OJ my podcasts Or Nah what was what was the response

► 02:01:13

what should I guess I would legitimize in my gas in Vegas what year is this is 18 all this it just now wow he's living a life of luxury in Vegas Arroyo golf club from keeping a low profile the former Buffalo Bills Stars been spotted hotels and even a Vegas Golden Knights hockey game wow

► 02:01:49

what the fuck hundred percent under probably more than us combined or for the trails are at her around town with his own breathalyzer blood alcohol level he could be sent back to prison so maybe he should just stop drinking. What was the blood alcohol level they send you back to prison how crazy is that was free but if you have 3 beers you're fucking piece of shit I guess right yeah, he said he was trying to talk him into saying and you did it

► 02:02:44

yeah I think he was more aware of what was going on in a bunch the other people on that show I mean since always he said that's his my favorite name oh my God that is insane but you know what I bet he gets a lot of those vacant odd young ladies to accept his call I mean cuz he thinks you ever I think so

► 02:03:33

I guess so maybe I can imagine I don't know what the social like the currency of that is what is M1 Scott Peterson was sent to death row in California San Quentin prison for murdering his wife and their unborn child dozens of women phone asking for his address with one teenager wasting no time and offering to marry him yeah this is what I think I think there is some sort of ancient DNA that people have that attracts them to murders and conquerors because those are the people that survived and do your division some sort of strange inclination for some women it obviously ones that are not thinking clearly but for some women to want the sperm and the genetics of a murderer because that's the type of that you if you had a murderous Brave conqueror for a child that child would survive like that DNA is

► 02:04:33

sorry to be with someone but I think that if a male feminist Goes to Jail they get zero request for marriage they get none but gets arrested and goes to jail. It's a wrap and it said but if you're looking to get a lot because there's a reason why men become I mean is there's a man who believe in equality and white women's rights and then there's men who are really Weasley and what they're doing is they just there but she certainly out and they posturing and I think those crickets

► 02:05:21

what is the weather in there in jail they're probably not going I don't know how it works I don't know you get late fees getting any marital any proposals them I believe it or not I bet there are some girls who would want coffee too drugged them cuz they are fucking crazy people get their faces tattooed people you know just people that are just straight-up nuts and what is a high-profile thing like that I'm like what happened to those people that made them to the point where they would be interested in something like that the person that goes yeah yeah I have my theories about Cosby I think that when that happened when Cosby first started doing that I think it was common I think that whole slipping initialized Spanish fly

► 02:06:21

and I don't think people thought about the consequences and don't think people thought about the rights of women me if you just think about like chauvinism in films male male chauvinist behavior and sex is behaviour men smacking women and films it was a really, Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw lot of an actual Scenic she'd even know he was going to do it right is beat the shit out of her in and look at Ashley on full right that was that was a nice like sexual account on this woman different game it was a different world there was a lot of fun rape women and Drug them I think it was comment but I'm sure you've talked to many women that have had something dropped in their drink right

► 02:07:21

the fucking Bomberman it's such a bummer in it and it's and it's it's and you think about it's crazy it was crazy to think now however many years ago Hannibal set it on stage like we all knew some version like we don't heard some stories but I heard about it that's what I heard of another night well no one knew for sure you would heard from someone that you know about the Dark Age the people that aren't connected to Hollywood relax wait what what the fuck rapes people and then it's crazy and now he's a good boy

► 02:08:20

crazy that it took so long and crazy it's only for 3 years he's got A3 year did you ever read and I was supposed to go watch it went down and we want to cancel it and it was amazing getting to Chris Rock said that he felt like he was an amateur after watch caused yeah he said because I feel like I don't know what the fuck I'm doing in Montreal during the festive I was hungover and I watched and I fell asleep was like a Sunday afternoon store

► 02:09:03

I knew it would feel weird if you really enjoyed it if you would like your best your favorite comedian I know that would suck with sock I would do if I would suck more there who's your favorite stand up when you when you're first starting first started

► 02:09:21

I started a New York sort of the All-Seeing like I remember seeing Galifianakis early on it being like Jesus Christ what the fuck is this guy's doing so good I never seen her stuff and then I kind of like of like the UCB New York and seeing him to stand up and be like in this space where people are not used to seeing just a straight stand up and he's fucking killing me like Jesus this guy is fucking killing and then being like very impressed I do that and however many years later I'm still like how do I do that when you were a kid was there anyone that really stood out that made you consider stand up like in the specials that I had her around me grown-up or Carlin and Carnegie delirious and like Robin Williams at the Met or summer likes you know I get those specials those

► 02:10:21

big for me I just remember seeing delirious and didn't like it remember I do now to meet Robin know did you see him at the store about your like around I met I met him in the craziest way possible I did a set at The Improv and afterwards was taking pictures of people there's like a line of people I was taking photos and this old guy with his white beard and glasses and a baseball hat came up and he wanted to tell me how funny. The show was and I was talking to him for a couple minutes before I realized it was Robin Williams and then in the middle of it like we're talking about all thank you that's so nice I really I really appreciate it man thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it holy shit I never told him I knew I was like but I didn't know what to say and you know he was just talking about a specific bit that I was doing and you know of I care about how crazy it was and like I loved it the twist in the turn this in an anticyclone wow thanks man I waited in line

► 02:11:21

is everybody that's why I'm waiting like him by himself you know what you did

► 02:11:35

Spanish that he wasn't doing stand-up back then when he was doing that show their boobs do not show The Crazy Ones oh yeah I can try to do before you yeah but yeah I mean I had friends everyone would see him in like he come cuz he'd come to do improv at UCP or and then he would go and see no he was sort of out of you was doing stand up at any point but you know I never got to catch I never gotten my like you know have a lot of friends to a feel like that got a little touch from him and that and that feeling of like you re no no I mean cuz he was a guy who I was like oh that's what I like you're doing what I like you're doing stand-up but it's characters and you're doing all the stuff in your acting you get to be serious movies and get to me, he was sort of sort of a model of like why was like I think I would like to do what he's doing he was so fly

► 02:12:35

Isabel in what he was able to do it might be the worst movie ever made but I want to see that Travolta got a movie today on the elliptical orbit

► 02:13:01

I love that though there's something that I like I just like love the John at your ride like all the trolls love about a man so deeply out-of-touch thumbs fucking up

► 02:13:16

I love this fucking City but at the sexual chemistry between them is palpable probably real super real Cults and I'm like I'm thinking about you I'm thinking about I'm thinking about Tom Cruise and Scientology there is a man using every ounce of what Scientology is offering to make himself the best available man that he's capable of being then you've got Travolta

► 02:13:48

baby like you've got two versions of Leah like a man is becoming slightly out of touch with what he ate you know look at my wig back it's a good way he's living the dream it's incredible he's living a goddamn dream you okay what time we can wrap this up or whatever yeah I'm 33 oh yeah it's amazing that little that little chin he wore a little chimp and got like a little chin yamaka there it's unbelievable I remember seeing him in an award ceremony that that when he had that little chin thing and I was like did he put that on after the thing I met him when his wife is on Fear Factor

► 02:14:48

celebrity Fear Factor David Hasselhoff Kelly how are they felt like I felt like they recruited people are Scientology was sort of stigmatized know she is a Black Sox cap on that hair is so crazy fake-looking that's like that magnetic man that you could like move the magnets are on the create hair

► 02:15:22

whose fucking hair looks like that that's crazy that's the color everything is wrong that's Madness but yeah she was super friendly down-to-earth supernormal and friendly and you can join. We can eliminate your phone number and I'd like to have your way with Sammy meters which is not coming for me he's coming for like the people under him who he sees of threat from anything like this any kind of criticism and yeah but I do tell you that I had miscovich is Dad on

► 02:16:22

escape with that middle-sized Dad I'm scared cuz he is a threat to me like you and I talking about scientology I don't think missing which gives a fuck conversation what was he like well he's sad is like he lost his whole life to this nonsense and his son's gone like you can't he someone contact them and it was his idea to get the family in Scientology so he's the son of a bitch and Tom Cruise shaking hands it's the best it's like this it's these times this time you can see Chris trying to pull his hand away and miscovich is like I will not relent I will not release and you can see Tom Cruise being like this tiny year man than me has it even higher level of alpha nest

► 02:17:22

I can and I will I will relent well they're the real threat to them is Leah Remini what Leah remini's done like she is like that they're at least listen to fucking salutes a solute solute and then yeah unrelenting you can see each other like you can see the hands trying to like come loose and he won't let it happen he's like and it's like that Trump move my favorite thing is when they salute the picture of lrh they saluted a shitty science fiction writer that big dinner plate around man and miscarriages heat hours over Tom Cruise Tom Cruise karaoke

► 02:18:22

like I don't see the recent Mission Impossible attention go learn if I can fly helicopter jump off a building and break your ankle and go for it man you know as well as I do you been around a lot of actors they're all fucking crazy but his crazy is just a different kind of crazy but it's also a different kind of success I feel like it would get like like he's like yeah like what whatever I need to do like I will I will maximize myself it's fucking amazing I love it

► 02:19:07

I take this as a half a pack

► 02:19:12

what's that inside joke that's for sure okay

► 02:19:22

these are the times now people okay these are the times we will all remember isn't that the song you there

► 02:19:32

what do you do

► 02:19:34

I think you know that I am there for you

► 02:19:38

and I do care so very very very much that's why is the best actor ever hears Thunderbirds odors Scotia for sure with everything he does I don't think there's a moment in his life he's not full of shit go back up back up a little bit I need to see that again Watch this to our RH charge

► 02:20:12

and when if you know anything about that guy El Ron Hubbard was a fucking Maniac fucking shithouse rat crazy have you seen Seagal about old Hollywood and it somehow circumvents a little bit of like El Ron Hubbard seen in like Pasadena would like all these other like you know spiritualist futuris or like and it's like it's cuckoo's Ville they are like they are they are cruising on their own fucking agenda and it's kind of amazing but he's yeah it was I wish I had more information on it again my brain doesn't retain the stuff I need to get it in Scientology your help if you just maximize your eat Ron's or whatever you got to do is stress test you ever go

► 02:21:12

time I was feeling the television show in San Diego and we had down time weather setting up a scene and if we have to be at a park where they had 100 Scientology boot setup and I went over there and the guy like put me through the whole thing I hold on to the cans and they're connected to the wise but he was so unenthusiastic get something I don't know I had no energy

► 02:21:47

I think they just make them do it you know when some people don't want to do it and next thing you know they got a fucking conference table set up in a park and stack of books and Clearwater Clearwater store on the other coast I got to get to the fucking east coast God damn getting people friend disconnect people from their families but I am like I am assertive of the feeling like whatever you if you can find something for yourself that brings you some answers and and like gives you some comfort and motivates you to be the best person you can be at my house if you're like this from their families and stealing everybody's money whatever your personal choices I might go for a man I don't give a shit and quite honestly like why is it okay to be a Catholic and it's not okay to be a Scientologist

► 02:22:47

the fucking nuttiest religions filled with kid fuckers they literally have their own country the Vatican its own country they move priests around all over the world it happened there's a new case it just happened a couple weeks ago in Pennsylvania they just found in the church you like I'm out I'm done well I was really lucky with that my parents split up and when my parents split up I went to Catholic school for one year after that and then my mom met my step dad who's a hippie and he was San Francisco living right off of Lombard Street

► 02:23:47

I'm more so I went from being in this really sort of repressive East Coast Italian Catholic environment to being around nothing but hippies and gay people out your mom wanted out oh yeah yeah everybody wanted out my step dad want to know my mom wanted out they just 7474 so it was like the heat of the Vietnam War the hippie movement was in full swing mix and I think was president whose craziness back then everybody wanted out you know Have you listened to that there's a podcast called Slow Burn if you listen to CDs did say it's all bad water and it's hurting from the angle of like how it just took awhile to unfold like it just like in Cokato like this didn't happen overnight

► 02:24:47

yes by piece singer like at overtime you're like oh right like these Domino's slowly fall and in that one your like I didn't I just didn't like it happened in the election was 5 months later and Nixon one in a landslide like the country was like country was like it's nothing big deal and there's another year year-and-a-half before like he finally give before he gets into some of the early stuff of like Watergate and after Watergate and all the like sort of the beginning of what I think became like legit legitimizing and different versions of a conspiracy theories of like what's really going on here should you know and it's it's pretty 74 he resigned elected

► 02:25:47

Casey was issued a controversial pardoned by successive going to do he's so Preposterous that as time rolls on air condition to his preposterousness just all of it loses its teeth I mean the storm is a fuck about it anymore but I feel like I feel like they everybody knew you was fucking people before it's a kits if you don't apply yourself to a roue like normal moral framework then I like he was some super ethical got like it was a guy that was running for president and it turned out that he was cheating on you tell me the fahrenheit on a baby with some woman

► 02:26:38

that's the problem with Frank and go down for like you know nothing nothing and it's because on that side it's like it's like the moral framework is like you can't do that to women but if your if your if your Trump guy then you're like it's out of your trunk guy but it's like it's like yeah well that's how Donald is well if Bill O'Reilly was taking pictures with chicken grab there but everybody to go but it's like if it's on the other side if we're going to say that that's the deal then we have to fall through that that's the deal Michael aventi was going on or naughty naughty martial arts fight with Donald Trump jr. for charity no joke and Michael avenatti said this will be for two great causes I'm in

► 02:27:38

I loves it yeah he's a little they were trying to get some the boot right now saying that he would be the big threat in 2022 the Democrats and behavior house you still in jail what did he do

► 02:28:13

okay I got that loud

► 02:28:17

what you got going on I think about you on Netflix thank you one of the best anime shows ever thanks man I appreciate it and you doing sets at the store we want to go to the other night a show at Largo a monthly semi mother yeah I got other shit coming down but it's the it's a big mouth Big Mouth Big Mouth

► 02:29:02

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alright folks that's it fun times I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did I had a great all time and will talk to you soon thank you so much bye bye