#877 - Jordan Peterson

Nov 28, 2016

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. https://www.youtube.com/user/JordanPetersonVideos 100% off the Future Authoring Program code: "ChangeYourself" - The offer is valid until the end of Nov 30th.

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Kate you how's everybody doing huh December 31st I will be at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles with none other than Joey bring in the new year I don't know if there's any tickets available there's only 200 last week so it's probably sold out we added a second Show Low to Portland Oregon

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420 in Portland I would definitely will have some other dates between now and 4:20 but

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you know I like to I like to do that shit in advance the 420 shows I got what I do is on 420 I go to States and places where marijuana is legal recreationally obviously California would have been a good a good idea but I'm here all the time so that seems silly

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baby maybe next year we'll to California but maybe next year we'll do Massachusetts for 4:20 fuck yeah cuz Massachusetts just passed but that should be fun I think Joey, he was supposed to call me and tell me but that's Joey you know you just got to deal other dates what right now I'm putting together my new material thank you to everybody who came out to Denver God damn we had a fucking good time in Denver but I'll be doing more clubs to do a lot of clubs because I'm putting to get a new material and because quite frankly it's just it's more fun to do something really fun about doing big shows like the biggest place I've ever sold out is the belko in Denver which I think is

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56 or 57 hundred people or something like that that was awesome it's awesome but he works pretty fucking awesome to 250 people or whatever it is it's just something intimate about those Club so I'll be doing more of those and I'll be booking a lot of those up coming soon I'm probably going to do maybe helium in I think I just got one in St Louis there's one in Buffalo I think I'm just going to do some small places because it's that's where I fuck around more where I come up with more material and since the Netflix special which is out now if you didn't know it's called triggered it's available everywhere all over the world and getting messages so I'm sure it's in Netflix and other spots

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involved in a very controversial dispute with the University of Toronto and they're demanding the use in Canada they're demanding because of there's actually passed a law demanding people use gender pronouns that have been invented not just he and she not just saying that but they've invented depending upon who you ask and maybe is money is 70 + gender pronouns like loser and he like H I R & X

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it's progressiveness and Social Justice gone mad and dr. Jordan Peterson from the University of Toronto has been battling this for quite a while he's been battling this on his YouTube page and the University of sent him

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these letters asking him to start on asking him telling him to stop he refuses and he in order to explain himself and in order to defend his position has chosen to go on podcast and we're very fortunate to have him he has an amazing YouTube channel he's just a brilliant guy and it's did the podcast is not just about Jen it's very little of it is actually about gender pronouns most of it is about ideologies most of it went into the territory of understanding the dangers of forcing people to think and behave a certain way and also in restricting free speech and restricting the marketplace of ideas it's just a brilliant podcast I don't want to talk anymore cuz this guy is awesome please give it up for I keep saying you probably just want to be called Jordan

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get up mr. Peterson

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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alright will I serve first of all thank you very much I really appreciate it I'm in Georgia YouTube video I've been puzzled by them been puzzled by the subject and for people to unpack this for them and Canada Canada is very different than the United States I love Canada I'm a Giants fan of Canada's one place I would live outside of us 100% of the Buchanan I love it up there I think the people or at least 20% more polite than America but you got some weird shit going on up there and your king what's it what do you call the Prime Minister Trudeau that fella the Caster lover the Castro love her and she's been posting today all the atrocities that Castro committed during this regime to sort of show how Preposterous in firing squad death of 2000 how about all the different people that they executed in then sold their blood to the vietcong's did you see that wonderful

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he was a wonderful man that that fucking Savage

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Trudeau and what he represents is I think the good side of it was trying to do the trying to make a Kinder more Progressive more inclusive country but a long the way what they're doing is there they're promoting what you would call online social justice Warrior values and some of them are little Preposterous you are one of the very few academics who have fought against some of these ideas that are not just being promoted but are being enforced and enforced and written into law in one of them is about gender pronouns mean by gender pronouns is not just he and she but a whole slew of invented gender pronouns gender pronouns that you're going to be compelled to use

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certainly in New York and the employment OC has already ruled on that with regards to businesses for the US and yeah businesses and I believe also landlords I think yeah so if your landlord chooses to misgender you and not just missed your transgender woman like you're compelled to use how many what is the number of them now there's no standard nomenclature for the non gender of the Parthenon binary types there's many many invented words and which of those you're supposed to use is dependent entirely on the subjective choice of the person that you're talking with the most people I believe out there listening are going what the hell are they talking about right now we're talking about is many is 70 + invented gender pronouns like z x e z h i r a bunch of weird ones and this is for people to do

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necessarily think they're a he or she so they prefer these things on top of that you have animal can you self which was the one I thought most of using worm self Fox 10

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this is people that truly believe that they are in the wrong body and that they should have been born some form of animal and would like you to refer to them as this animal your Elf thoralf for fairy or fairy pixie pixie can

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I haven't seen pics again. That's that's a good one but just get on Tumblr got to get onto right yes absolutely

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well I think it's partly if it's partly a form of narcissism yes it's it's it's partly a consequence of of the read of the rise of the new rides again it's a Marxist Doctrine I would say it's part of post-modernism maybe it's post-modernism more than anything else because the postmodernist that's a philosophical Community let's say believe that the entire point of human categorization is power and the dialogue between people is only a power dialogue and that there's no real reality outside of interpretation and the basically what we do is exchange interpretive viewpoints to ratchet up our dominance and status and that's that and there's no biology is Nikki ology and the idea of the object of world isn't ideologies and Sciences aetiology and it's all interpretation all the way down like turtles all the way down what do you mean by it's all about power like in what way

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well you imagine that that there are groups of people who are competing in the world for resources I suppose and that

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it's a zero-sum game and it and its every group against it every other group in the reason that we engage in dialogue isn't to establish the truth or move toward some some closer approximation of reality but to

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structure the social interaction so that our group comes up on top that it that is really what the problem is with all this is that it's not just a matter of choosing to be defined in one way but compelling others to Define you in that way and this is why these weird inversions it's so characteristic of this chaotic state that were in when people originally started fighting against unfair discrimination and I say unfair discrimination because lots of discrimination is fair if you discriminate against people on the basis of their competence that's perfectly reasonable it's unfair discrimination that that constitutes the proper Battleground for people who have a more egalitarian Viewpoint butt

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the initial idea was to eliminate the proclivity for people to be categorized according to the group identity because that was interfering with everyone's ability to view them as competent individuals but that got flipped probably in the 70s after the Soviet state so self-evidently was revealed as a catastrophe that bit that got flipped so that the world was turned into

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one group against another Power struggle from one group against another and then the social justice Warrior types in the left he's even the Democratic party started categorizing everybody according to their ethnic or sexual or racial identity made that the canonical element of there being and that that's an absolutely terrible thing to do with it leads to death in the Soviet Union when that happen for example when they introduce that idea along with the notion of class guilt so for example when the Soviets collectivized the Farms they they pretty much wiped out early or raped and froze to death all of their all their confidence Farmers they called them cool Axe and they attributed class guilt to them because they were successful peasants and they Define their success as oppression and theft they killed all of them pretty much ship them off to Siberian frozen to death and they were the productive agricultural stew in the Soviet Union and then in the 19 thirties and Ukraine because of that but six million Ukrainian starve to death

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but the Soviets were big on Collective guilt and all of these things that you hear about now like white privilege for example there their they're variants of collective guilt I pick your bloody identity whatever happens to be and then I make you a guilty member of that category and then you and the rest of the guilty members of that category are judged as a as a unit it's absolutely

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is murderous push to its extreme and we seen that many many times and yeah you're a pressed your your your opinions rather suppress and you are automatically put into this category of people who should be dismissed because of the fact that you have white privilege you should step back and let others talk you should step back in this is a narrative the gets repeated over and over again in the social justice Warrior culture this idea that you should just step back and let these others talk because they understand Us in reverse because hypothetically there a member of an oppressed class course in you can multiply the numbers of oppressed classes at nauseam which is not a part of the problem yeah I like the idea is that in in giving them privilege because they have been balance things out you'll somehow another reverse the scale and that's another example of

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slavery for example I mean being a Canadian it's a slightly different situation I suppose but the idea as the member as a member of a culture That You Were Somehow responsible for the past sins of that culture let's say it it it's a very very Auntie Western ethos if it goes along with this idea of class killed because your group membership is the most important thing if your group at some point in the past it's something reprehensible which of course every group has done that's for sure then you were de facto responsible in the present for that how do you think we got to this point where people are repeating these patterns that were ultimately incredibly on successful and dangerous and deadly in the past like Marxism for example like people proudly Proclaim themselves as having Marxist ideology what else

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well the estimates vary but in the Soviet Union between 1919 and 1959 somewhere between 30 and 50 million people were killed in internal oppression alone so that's pretty bad and then and then in China which was operating under exactly the same principles might have been up to a hundred million killed during Mouse time and of course Mouse still revered in China appallingly enough and Vietnam Vietnam and Cambodia and wherever these ideas were implemented Cuba where were these ideas were implemented the result was absolute Mayhem absolute Mayhem and I think what happened is that the Marxist ideas are actually quite attractive if you're an intellectual and if you're I would say if your tilted towards compassion from a personality perspective because the based on dark things like from from each according to his ability to each according to his need and the idea that you should fulfill people's needs or that Society should fulfill people's needs he is on the surface of it in the track

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idea course the problem is who gets to define the needs and who gets to define the abilities and that really is a big problem and

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well and then those ideas were put into practice first in the Soviet Union and Alexander solzhenitsyn who wrote the gulag archipelago get a very lovely job of

► 00:22:43

detailing in in horrifying detail how those initial doctrines were transformed into legislation and then he'll those legislation was transformed into endless genocide essentially and and almost destroyed the world let's not forget that partly with partly with the help of Castro who just died the doctrines went when put into practice and into into actual practice with murderous instantaneously know what happened there always apologists for the left in the west especially in France specially on the French intellectuals especially in the late 1960s and then

► 00:23:21

went when all of the information about what was happening is in in the Soviet Union came flooding forward and that culminated Saiyan 19 volt 1973 wooden swords in it says book was published the French intellectuals change their tune instead of agitating on the part of the working class which was which Allied them with the murderous marks its they switched and and started talk about power and and stalk about group identity sleight-of-hand the underlined pathological philosophy remained exactly the same but the surface nomenclature changed and that became very attractive in it at the same time the Soviet Union dissolved and so one of the problems I think we have now a perverse problem is that these Marxist ideas are very attractive to compassionate intellectuals and we don't have good bad examples like the Soviet Union around that everybody can find to go yeah yeah well that sounds good but you know what about the murderous death camps in the millions of people who are suffering we still have North Korea but you know people treat North Korea like it's a joke instead of like it's an Exemplar ever

► 00:24:21

pathological system and and people have no historical memory like my students and and that's partly because they're taught so badly in school since they have no idea what happened in the Soviet Union they have absolutely no idea they know a little bit about the second world war maybe and of course people generally know about the Holocaust but they have no idea what happened in the Soviet Union so they have no idea where these ideas could lead and end this Universities at the high schools are so full of people who are radically left-leaning that there never thought any of the students were never taught any proper history you know they're taught about the evils of capitalism

► 00:24:56

you know I mean it's not like that it's not like any system is perfect but there's difference between imperfect and and consciously murderous I think one of the things that you said it's very important is that it's attractive to compassionate intellectuals people that without really looking at what the potential for these these laws and regulations with a negative potential for them is that the the underlying

► 00:25:28

inclination to lean towards that is that you care about people and they do what you want people to be okay not entirely sarcastic manner it's reasonable in some sense to treat other people like people that you love although it's not reasonable in in very many other ways which is why you don't invite every stranger on the street to come and live with you when your house and everybody puts up boundaries and then you have to do that but

► 00:26:00

and then people 10 more than than we ever expected I've done a lot of research on this smile a bit people do tend to vote and think their temperament a lot more than than anyone really realizes and and if you're kind and that's your highest virtue then you tend to treat people like their kin because that's what kind means right it's it's an extension of the word Ken but that doesn't work well in large groups you need other principles and so you look at something like the idea of of equity which is equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity on the surface of it it seems perfectly reasonable to say well if every resources distributed absolutely equally to every group then the system is unfair and on the face of it that's a reasonable proposition but it falls apart under minimal examination so here's something to think about for a referral for everyone who thinks that equality of outcome is a good idea it's like why the hell are you striving for anything then

► 00:26:55

because the reason anyone strives to better themselves or to develop a skill or or to move forward in life at all is to produce inequality you're trying to rise above the the mediocre masses every time you make an effort at anything and so everything that we associate positive movement forward to your positive motivation is actually an attempt to render the world more unequal now your rendering and ennui equal in a just way right because we might say well if you work really hard you deserve an unequal outcome unless you want people to stop working hard and that was the old joke in the Soviet Union you know

► 00:27:37

they pretend to pay us we pretend to work

► 00:27:43

so it is so it's it's it's so thoughtless that that's that's the problem that is a big problem the phrase income inequality you never hear effort in equality effort is not the same some on some campuses in California it's now considered a form of aggression classified under the microaggression to say that hard work is the one one of the reasons that people accumulate more

► 00:28:12

accumulate more accumulate more value accumulate more property if you make more money it's it's it's an aggression its aggressive to say that because it implies that people who are poor don't work hard now see that's another terribly fuzzy form of thinking because there are lots of reasons for people to not have money many took to be poor let's say which which is even which is even different than not having money alcoholism drug addiction mental illness physical illness intellectual incapacity and lack of work all of those things can environmental factors what communities grow up into what you're being exposed to people imitate their atmosphere around people that are constantly in trouble with the law and you're dealing with horrible environment there's a lot of factors and I think that one of the things that you really important about having these discussions is that they they break down these rigid ideologies that a lot of these kids that are going to the universities are short of being shoved into

► 00:29:12

shoved into these ideology ear either on the left or you're on the right and there's very few on the right there's no open market of ideas when it comes to discussing these things you're compelled and enforced until he's done a really good job of documenting the dearth of idiot logical viewpoints website political or temperamental viewpoints cuz that's more accurate in the modern University and it's appalling because with along with all this push for ethnic and sexual and racial diversity which I think is just a mask to enforce a kind of idiot logical homogeneity there's no even understanding that

► 00:29:56

relational diversity is the only relevant value for for for a university the rest of it's all predicated say on the assumption that if you do select people because of their ethnicity or racial background to gender that that will in and of itself produce diversity of ideas which is another really pernicious idea because it assumes that is so contradictory

► 00:30:22

the left describes anything that's associated with the assumption that someone who's female for example will think of the female way they regard that as an unreasonable Prejudice Yep they're perfectly reasonable to say that we need more women in X discipline because they will bring in female ideas it's like what what what what what the hell are female ideas you can't have it both ways unless you're completely unless you don't care at all about coherence or consistency in an ideologue sweetie don't because they care about putting their ideology for but the idea that you're going to get the diversity of ideas because you have a diversity of of class of people assumes that ideas and identity are the same thing and that's an observer proposition in fact that's that's essentially racial

► 00:31:14

race is Proposition black people think differently than white people it's know some do and some don't overlap is substantive the difference between the individuals is far greater than the difference between the group I think we also need to make a very clear distinction between discrimination and people that are just inclined to gravitate towards different careers in different focuses there's a big difference between women being forced out of tact and women being not as compelled to enter into Tech careers as men course high-tech basically developed after the playing field for men and women was more less level to be not happened in the 1970s and despite that the run anywhere near as many women in Tech there's far more women in caring professions and you see that particularly in Scandinavia where they've done everything they can to equal to equalize the playing field it's 20 to 1

► 00:32:12

female to male nurses in 20 to 1 male to female engineer explain that if you could have the Scandinavian issue because it's very interested in what they're done over there

► 00:32:23

magnets are two reasons that people different there are more than two but just imagine for the time being that there are two one is for environmental reasons cultural reasons in the other is for biological reasons what happens if you flatten out the environmental reasons which is what's happening Scandinavia is you maximize the biological differences you don't get rid of them you maximize the moment so what's happening scandinavia's that men and women are more different from a temperament personality perspective and also in terms of their interest there more different in Scandinavia than they are anywhere else in the world and what have they done to try to flatten things out as you say social policy so that men and women have as close to equal opportunity say as any society has managed but that hasn't produced The Hope for equality of outcome quite Quite Contrary many situations hydrated if you could say that. That's actually okay is that what you want what you want is to have a society where the genuine differences between people are free to manifest themselves so

► 00:33:23

example if you if you have three or four kids say the kids are going to be different from one another genetically that's why they're not identical twins they differ genetically and if you set the environment up so that each child is supported the children actually turned out quite differently now if you're not asleep Brut and you beat them in you abused them then they all turn out the same because there's tremendous environmental influence on them then but if you if you form an individual relationship with each of them and allow their strengths to manifest themselves as they will in in a in a supportive environment and the kids are going to turn out very different and so a free Society is actually one that that produces massively unequal outcomes because it allows the genuine differences between people to manifest themselves these people who are pushing Equity at which is equality of outcome that's what the word Equity codes for by the way equality of outcome and not equality of opportunity I don't know what in the world they do with with regards to the fact that a very large number of professions are we now

► 00:34:23

high quality high paid professions are female-dominated positions for example psychologists any any of the disciplines that have to do with human care almost inevitably dominated by women and that's increasingly the cases were supposed to stop that is that also a sign of Oppression going to force women to do things they're not interested in what is also a very disingenuous we're framing it here in America where people consistently even the president knighted states Obama I was talking about income inequality and the way they frame income inequality to talk about the $0.79 to the dollar but what they don't discuss that were talking about completely different careers we're not the way they frame if they'd be frame it as if two people working side-by-side one is a man wants a woman to both doing the same job the man makes a dog want to make $0.79 but that is not the case happens technically like imagine that a given we talked about Parvati a few minutes ago and he said well there's there's many many reasons but one person might have more money than another

► 00:35:23

there are many many reasons why women might make less money on average than men there there is small businesses that women run for example make far less money than men's small businesses that man run but that's partly because a lot of women run their businesses part-time because they have kids it's also partly because man do all the horrible dangerous jobs the ones where there's a high chance of dying men are much more likely to workout men are much more likely to move in in pursuit of a career opportunity there lots of reasons that that men and women differ in terms of the rain come but if you're an ideologue you can only handle one variable men and women measured on mass don't have the same incomes there for the system is corrupt how much thinking does it take to come up with a with a theoretical scenario like that so bone had it and it just runs it just pushes the ideological

► 00:36:17

you just pushes the ideologies forward with no thought as a professor why is this sort of objective reasoning and really absolutely honest assessment of this situation why is it so rare amongst professors why is it so rare and universities why is this such an unusual subject encounter a complex topic like income differences

► 00:36:48

it's it's like imagine you are drawing a map of the territory and you don't know the territory very well the first thing to do is just roughly sketch out the shapes of the continents and maybe you're wrong like the European maps of North America you know you kind of get one Coastline right near the gas and the rest it's blurry and gray and then as you investigate more and more your picture of the situation becomes Higher and Higher and Higher and Higher and resolution it's hard to go from a low-resolution representation to high-resolution representation and ideologies are low-resolution representations so the thing about a low-resolution representation is it looks like it covers everything

► 00:37:28

but it doesn't the closer you look the more details there are you know if you get a 3-year old to draw a helicopter they put like a little cross on the top and the circle and a stick and another Circle and that's the helicopter we look at this helicopter but no one would expect that thing to fly if you want to change that into a real model of the helicopter you have to increase your focus and concentration on every single element of the end of the and that takes a tremendous amount of cognitive effort and sometimes you don't even know what you don't know about something you know I could say well there 50 reasons why men and women's income different well that doesn't mean you I can say all 50 of those differences in each of those 50 differences are fragmented Belinda maybe another dozen categories each maybe they're 600 reasons why men and women salary different but you have to spend a tremendous amount of time paying attention and thinking to build your model of reality into that level of resolution and basically what you do is default

► 00:38:28

temperamentally influence ideologies they give you one bit answer to everything why are men and women why do men and women salaries different oppression

► 00:38:39

it's always the same thing and it makes it makes you feel like you know something and people like that because they don't like the eye the feeling that there's something they don't know they don't like to be in chaos that's basically chaos they like to be in order and order is where you know everything so and professors are no different

► 00:38:58

no different than then then people obviously given that they're people maybe they're more intelligent on average there also more sheltered I would say in many ways on average and they're also not challenged is often tenure

► 00:39:15

can use an issue and also not competing in the marketplace not being in the workforce going from being in high school to being and universities to getting a degree to teaching to being a professor to get tenured staying inside of that intellectual bubble magic something like that to happen in universities is that they started to tilt towards the left in the sixties and then as they tilted they tilted harder and then have a tilted heart of a tilted even harder until all of the diversity was forced out of the universities and I don't know if it's so much a consequence of the actual policies of the University as as just a feedback process that got out of control I mean if it's 50% liberals and 50% conservatives no no problem but if it's 70% liberals and 30% conservative maybe it rapidly goes to 99% liberals and 1% conservatives

► 00:40:15

it's like right now Toronto what is the number if you have gas

► 00:40:23

well it would depend to some degree on the discipline but but but professors are also also tend to be characterized by personality traits that dude tilting towards liberalism they're hiring trade openness which is both creativity and interesting ideas that's one of the things that temperamentally distinguishes liberals from conservatives conservatives are more conscientious there more orderly in industrious Liberals are more open so they're more interested in sex and ideas and of course being interested in Aesthetics and ideas does tilt you towards an academic career it's hard to tell what shoes are are liberal and liberal left virtually all of them I would say and then that's probably not that's not as hard sciences and Humanities it's all the overwhelming majority

► 00:41:14

and I could see that even in this in this battle that I be in in Canada with regards to Bill C 16 in these compelled pronouns that almost no support for my faculty colleagues. I didn't expect any I mean and I'm not shocked by that but but it's an indication that if you put them a choice between social justice / all-consuming compassion and freedom of expression they're going to tell hard towards the the social justice compassion into thanks almost seems like when I was watching some of the debates engaged and it almost seems like they're politicians some seems like they their wedding their finger and gone with the breeze there's some conversations that you had that would just I had to stop and Rewind them cuz I couldn't believe the argument there was a woman I don't know it was was it a transgender man's that you were having a discussion with that was saying that there's no difference no biological difference in the sexes

► 00:42:14

I'm not I don't believe so he he was a professor who taught transgender studies at the University of Toronto and yeah he said outright that there were no biological differences between men and women and that that was the scientific consensus and he believed that he had the qualifications to say that because he was a historian of medicine you know which which hardly qualifies as scientists not that you have to be a scientist to notice that there are biological differences between men and women it was very bizarre for me at that point in this in the last few months because I was under substantial pressure from the University to stop repeating my claim that I wouldn't use compelled pronouns to refer to people because the university regarded that is against the university policies and also against the Ontario Human Rights Code so also illegal and ask my employer responsible for everything I say whether or not there has been a complaint made whether or not the consequence of my speech is intended or unintended cuz that's built into the legislation and believe me that's coming your way cuz

► 00:43:14

legislation spreads like mad but that was I got two letters of warning from the University for refusing to use these compelled pronouns which I regard as The Idiot logical constructions of radical left-wingers and this professor went on the agenda this is Ontario new show and announced publicly University would have had something to say about that since they do in fact have a biology department but oh no that that that went by without notice that since we find that is such a biological difference in why are they taking hormones with surgery that that's cosmetic whoever this professor was an expert in trans gender studies I'm pretty sure that used to be a woman or she they you're not allowed to say that

► 00:44:14

you say that you're a bad person if you save that and then them is the most reasonable of these pronouns is alternative pronouns they in them like you could say if you know a guy and he does know how to swim they should probably stay out of the pool right right Wellness a that form sentences basically but it's never been used despite the claims of the of the gender bender active it's never been used for the singular and and we shouldn't we shouldn't we shouldn't we can alter language no distinction between the pleural in the signal I need to know whether it's one person or more than one person do you think it's reasonable for people that are asexual people that really are uncomfortable with the idea being a man or a woman is it reasonable that we come up with a distinction for that means that seems like it would be nice and made up

► 00:45:14

pronouns and that if we as a society as a culture is a civilization sort of adopt a new phrase that you would be fine with that I know I know that's problematic because it's not a sexual you know the transsexual the transition here's the other distinction this is another important thing don't have the problem with it the problem with these pronouns the transsexual Community almost entirely or at least I know I shouldn't say entirely but predominantly prefer the alternative pronoun a male-to-female transgender person prefers to be called a woman or she and use the female pronouns exactly of people who are identifying themselves with the transgender Community which is already a tiny fraction who claims that they have an identity that doesn't fit into either binary category

► 00:46:14

I think there's some scrutiny to begin with because I don't believe that the claims that that tiny Community is making are coherent in any sense because they say well you could be man woman or neither or both it's it's it's those are coherent claims in my estimation and if what what they're saying is if we don't fit into a category and therefore we get to invent our own plurality of categories it's not logically tenable that isn't how it works because you get an infinite number of categories out of that and that's what's happening already online one of my favorite stories came out of an all-girls University in Massachusetts where a group of women when they were trying to pick up president of the student body or whatever and one of the girls who went to that school decided that she identified as a man so she changed her name and I don't believe there's any hormones or anything involved I think it's you

► 00:47:14

change her name she called herself masculine of Center genderqueer change your name to a masculine name ran for president of whatever the hell this is all on one and then was denounced by the rest of the class because now she was a white male so she was a part of the patriarchy and she was a part of the whole problem with society and that she should not be allowed or he should not be allowed to take that position which I just couldn't stop laughing when you start to blow apart standard categories there's a chaos in between categories that that's made of a lot of an infant multiplicity that's why you see two with the LGBT rainbow that they're getting caught in their own metaphor so there's an infinite number of gradations in a rainbow and there's an infinite number of letters that are accumulating on the LGBT rainbow and Ann

► 00:48:14

element of clear absurdity to that and one of them is I believe it's Q Plus that yes it's like the claim is well I'm marginalized and then that's when it becomes normalized and then there's a group right outside of that says well I marginalize to in another group says well I'm here I am I'm also marginalized and there's absolutely no logic once you've identified yourself as marginalized there's no logical way that you can exclude anyone else who regards themselves as marginalized and so the marginalized that that the community of the marginalized expands and expand expand it expands and part of the reason for that is that

► 00:48:55

people are every individual is a multiplicity and there's an element to every individual that's marginalized and also for example

► 00:49:07

it's clearly the case that when a child is socialized there's pros and cons to that the pros are the socialisation turns two little beastly two-year-old into a 4 year old that other children can play not that does happen between the ages of two and four if a child is socialize properly then what the child does is kind of turn into a clone of everyone else so that he or she can benefit from being able to interact with everyone else now that that builds up a certain amount of individuality because kids learn to talk and they learn to play and all that and it destroys a certain amount of individuality so everybody's sacrifice is a certain portion of their peculiarity to become a socialite creature and some of that's good in some of its bad and we know that that's that's the standard story of the rebellious adolescent against Society for crushing their individuality writing and there's there's there's an element of that that's true but

► 00:50:03

by the same token

► 00:50:06

if you don't

► 00:50:09

sacrifice a certain amount of your individuality to the group there's no such thing as Society everybody has to live on their own everyone is in their own subjective bubble which is of course now required by this law and Society itself breaks down and soul

► 00:50:25

you can't have a society without marginalizing people or you can have a society without making everyone part of everyone marginalized and so then when you start to concentrate on the marginalized it just grows and expands and grows and expands and grows and expand until everyone becomes marginalized and that just highlights a real problem quote mining that someone's going to take that you can't have a society without marginalizing people quotes and put it under dr. Jordan Peterson this is what he believes that such a vase of force he said we can have a society without marginalize it's like well that's true it's true, but... But the fact that you can't have a society without marginalizing doesn't mean that you shouldn't have a society and it doesn't mean that the only reason that society exist is to marginalized and that was scared his claim

► 00:51:25

that's what makes him so he's absolutely pathological to the core Jacques Derrida and and apart from his claims that all we do is trade power games because that's another one of his claims is that the claim is that the purpose of categorization the purchase purpose of society is to marginalize and that's absolutely absurd the purpose is so that we can all play a moderately mediocre but productive homogeneous social game is it perfect well obviously not does it require the sacrifice of individuality yes is some of that sacrificed individuality valuable absolutely what's the alternative no Society

► 00:52:08

well I don't think so that doesn't seem like a very good alternative to me or maybe some sort of egalitarian Utopia well yeah we had a hundred years of that and a hundred million deaths at the consequence and so maybe not that either what we have right now is a flawed system

► 00:52:27

but it's the best blood system that anybody's ever come up with and of course it marginalizes people how could it not you know it safe to give kids organize themselves in a playground to play hide-and-go-seek they've marginalized all the kids that wanted to play tag obviously but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't come to a consensus and go ahead and play a game at least their bloody while playing a game that you know pretty much everybody has access to marginalize is a lot of time to associated with depression that that term marginalize and it's not necessarily the case and I think that society as a whole in Civilization is sort of a work-in-progress we're we're working all this out and that's one of the beautiful things about you being able to discuss these things on your YouTube page as opposed to just having to battle it out inside the echo chamber of the universe you're able to express this stuff out in the world where people like me than a 49 years old that aren't in college have a chance to read this and see like wow what is this guy going through over there

► 00:53:27

the University of Toronto and then you start to examine the laws and you start to look at what's going on in Utopia idea it's beautiful and it's concept that we should all be able to get along everything should be equal to problem is it defies human nature it defies the 200 300 thousand years of DNA that we have a bouncing around inside of our bodies that demand certain types of behavior and I think it's so important that we discuss these things and I think that society and civilization as a hold this this is ultimately in this growing state is constant state of improvement and an objective interaction in there has to be some sort of discussion one of the problems that I have with the soda so-called social justice Warriors and with this movement is that they're enforcing a certain type of thinking and behavior and their

► 00:54:27

credibly aggressive about it hence the warrior term which is quite comical I mean one of the things that are research indicated the research on political correctness indicated that this trait agreeableness is a good predictor of holding politically correct to use and also that being females a good predictor of upholding politically correct use and I think part of the reason for that and and the warrior aspect to it too is that agreeableness is a maternal Instinct rate roughly speaking and you know human beings have very powerful maternal instincts that's true for women and for men because men are very involved male human beings are very involved in the raising of their children which makes them quite different than the many large animals

► 00:55:16

on the one hand if you're very maternal you're very compassionate and protective of those that are within York in boundary and you can try to include more people in that if you want them and that's the that's the political goal but you're unbelievably hostile to anyone who's outside of that that you regard as a threat / predator and so agreeable agreeableness makes you divide the world up into protected children and predator and predators and you see that on social justice Warriors Twitter pages mean I have a follow-up a bunch of them I go to them and I watch this incredibly supportive ridiculously so I've been in her in terms of like meet mediocre Expressions tweets oh my God it's so brilliant and then and there so incredibly supportive the people that think along their Vines and so incredibly hostile and this at this idea of shaming people that don't agree with them not interacting with them but almost immediately insulting them almost immediately Marge

► 00:56:16

which is ironic this is what you see constantly is like super supportive and super aggressive against people that that have any sort of an opposing Viewpoint wants to have an opposing Viewpoint and that's one of the things that's very comical about this from my perspective is that the sex stereotypical behavior is it at the same time that the social justice Warriors are denouncing the idea that psychology for example might have anything to do with sex differences they're acting out sex during type Behavior like mad in terms of their persecution of predators and their protection of the of the kin kin / in group so and you are you are a social psychologist no no no I'm not I'm a clinical personality psychology is a difference well one of the differences the personality and soul and Clinical Psychology isn't the corrupt Enterprise where is social at Psychology fundamentally is it's been going through an absolute internal Revolution over the last two

► 00:57:16

because of all because of its own Discovery that many of its fundamental studies and propositions are flawed I would say social psychology is the most Social Justice left-leaning part of psychology and its methods are generally appalling there they're not well-documented and that they produce all sorts of categories that don't exist where is personality so I know it seems like it might seem like trivial distinction to people outside of the field but these these disciplines are quite separate from a historical perspective they developed quite separately personality psychologists are very very careful about

► 00:57:54

defining what they measure and soul for example I study that Big Five personality traits that extraversion neuroticism agreeableness conscientiousness openness and under openness Falls intelligence these are very well-documented we can really measure them we can't measure them as well as we would like to we've identified the biological basis for most of the traits and we understand a bit about how they make people different personality psychologist be very very careful about measurement where social psychologist there about their Concepts and that's led to a tremendous pollution I would say of the psychological literature the implicit association test is a good example about that's the test it's being used to assess people unconscious biases unconscious racial biases and so for example if I showed you a bunch of pictures of of black people in a bunch of photographs of white people and then I asked you to associate a good

► 00:58:54

or a bad word with the black people are the white people to respond after you've seen the picture if you are white and you saw white photos you be faster at responding to the to the positive words and so they've used as evidence of racism but part of the problem with that is that you can't distinguish it from a novelty response so I mean most people in a given racial group are far more familiar with members of their racial group and the fact that they're more likely to associate negative things with racial groups that are outside of their racial group isn't something that can be easily distinguished from just a novelty effect but they make wide-ranging claims about the inbuilt biases in people and also and that's lent and that's lent impetus to these movements that are racing through corporations across the United States and governmental agencies where people are being subjected to mandatory unconscious racial bias retraining and there's no evidence

► 00:59:54

that works at all in fact the evidence that there is suggest quite the contrary I saw this on one of your videos you were you were discussing how Preposterous this is on one of your videos because one of the people that was opposing you was actually a part of something like this right human resources in equity people at the University of Toronto have made mandatory unconscious racism training and he buys training they made it mandatory for the staff and I found that absolutely appalling first of all its political its political reeducation to do you say mandatory like this is something that you had no I'm not part of the human resources staff but the people that their Consulting with to implement these sorts of program certainly have faculty and students in their sites and these are these are trial runs for much water rolling out if exactly the sort of have exactly this sort of Education

► 01:00:53

so I don't think it's been vetted at Aldi like if you're going to let's say you want to put in a into practice and educational process what you need to do what you need to measure the initial state validly so that your measure so you need to use multiple measures at all those measures need to say the same thing so if you're going to accuse someone of racism you need several different measures of racism and then you have to show that across all the measures like using different meters all the meters should read the same thing then you have to implement your educational intervention carefully Define then you have to do you have to see afterwards if the consequence of the educational effort was a reduction in those initial it all has showed the educational interventions of that sort that are mandatory actually make racism in bias worse rather than better but why I let a few facts stop you because we already know from the postmodern

► 01:01:53

but there's no such thing as fact anyways

► 01:01:57

so something is one of the things that really makes me proud of my country or government has now announce that the Judiciary in Canada will be selected you if you're going to be a candidate to be a judge you have to produce a dossier that specifies your your identities whatever they happen to be racial ethnic religious and then you the committee that's going to appoint you to the Judiciary has to have undergone mandatory anti-racism and bias training before they're allowed to serve on the committee so basically we set up a situation in Canada where

► 01:02:33

are the people who select their judges have to go a kind of indoctrination that has no validity from a scientific perspective before they're allowed to select our judges know who's enforcing this Minister of Justice Minister where did this program come from who was offering these programs now and so what

► 01:02:58

that's a good question right not to laugh Acacia to be qualified it so they claim to be qualified they come to the university and they say I have a solution the universe has finally just run with it and it's just because anything that would absolve racism is racist yes right they did that in collaboration with the black liberation Collective which is believed that one cuz that's that one's adorable the Black Liberation Collective isn't that isn't that the group said somehow things that white people are inferior because they don't have enough melanin so we don't get there by it was started by a woman who who said exactly. She's a black supremacist and she said that the reason that the reason is white people are inferior is cuz they don't have enough melanin In Their Skin and melon and apparently is this agent it's obviously it's a pigment but it's apparently this agent that transforms cosmic energy into wisdom and she's

► 01:03:59

you can makeup you can make up your own mind about her and then the other person who started the Black Liberation Collective is a woman who used to work for the University of Toronto student student who is now being pursued by that students union for embezzling $300,000 from from from that organization with the help of a couple of her cronies will why let a few facts stand in the way of abolishing racism are perfectly willing to promote violent means of social transformation and the university claims that it's in favor of safety and they've gone after me because my refusal to use compelled pronouns is apparently made the campus on safe but they're perfectly weary willing to take advice from the Black Liberation Collective and not only are they willing to take advice from them and not dis about them despite their support for violent means of social Revolution they're also pushing equality of outcome on their employees and then the people who taught there mandatory Auntie racism and Antivirus training program set out right in their training material which I have

► 01:04:59

copies of that any institution that doesn't have the equality of outcome as as part of its characteristic at every level of the power organization is corrupt and should be restructured

► 01:05:13

in comparison to my refusal to use compel pronouns obviously don't understand how this gets so far I just don't understand how no one has this is no rational thinking involved in the administration and then the people that are implementing these ideas I just don't understand how it gets to the point where it skipped one tiny step at a time by encroach Define encroach on you and I'm sophisticated about it I'm going to encroach to mmmm I'm going to encroach right to the point where you start start the protest then I'm going to stop then I'm going to wait then you're going to come down then I'm going to encroach again right to the point where you protest then I'm going to stop then I'm going to wait and I'm just going to do that forever and before you know it you're going to be back 3 miles from where you started and you'll have done it one step at a time and then you'll go full how did I get here and the answer was well

► 01:06:07

I pushed you a little farther than you should have gone and you agreed and so then I pushed you a little farther than you should have gone again and you agreed and if anybody's interested in this order processing this is a horrifying book if you want to read about how this process works you can read a book called Ordinary Men by Robert Browning an ordinary man is about Browning was interested in how the Nazis train their they're there they how they train people to kill basically and so Robert Browning study this police battalion's very interesting book so these were middle-aged German man so they they were they were raised and educated really before Hitler came to power so they weren't indoctrinated not since they were policemen and when the Nazis went through Poland and then and then needed to impose their brand of order on Poland they brought policeman in they brought this Battalion of middle-aged policeman in and they're commandant their Commander

► 01:07:05

was by all accounts a pretty decent guy and he told them that because it was wartime they were probably going to have to do some pretty terrible things but they could go home if they didn't think they were up to it so there's no compulsion you know this was the Milgram experiment or or an experiment where you had to abay orders the guy who's giving your dad said luck this is going to be awful but you can back off but the guys thought well I'm not going to leave my comrades here to do the Dirty Work you know which kind of a virtue when in a perverse way and then brownie details how they went from ordinary policeman two guys who were taking naked pregnant women out into the middle of fields and shooting them in the back of the head and they were physically ill during most of the transformation process you know they started out by rounding up the Jewish men between the ages of 16 and 65 well you know you can't understand that cuz your written warning well then they put them in stadiums and then well then they had to shoot some of them that they had to load them on cattle cars would like one step at a time these guys were having a dreadful time of it they didn't stop

► 01:08:04

they didn't stop and so that's how things get to where they are now is the time mean and no they're not at that point and I'm not trying to make the case that there at that point where you were the first people that sounding alarm that there's there's a real issue with controlling people is a real issue with controlling dialogue controlling the way people communicate and that these ideologies all those seemingly innocuous they can take you down very dangerous yes well seemingly innocuous ideologies those words innocuous aetiology those words do not go together there are no innocuous ideologies and their their forms of pathological oversimplification and they're also clubs I mean I mean the kind of clubs that you hit people with as well as the clubs that you belong to the advantage to me being an ideologue is that I can explain everything

► 01:08:51

I can feel morally Superior and I know who my enemies are and you know what you're supposed to do with enemies they're not your friends right you move against them and you know we're approaching the situation in this is already happened I think more in the United States been in Canada all though our countries are competing to see who can cross the idiot line fastest your urine the situation in the US where 50% of your population won't talk to the other 50% that's not good and I would say it's more pronounced on the left-liberal side because they regard everybody who voted for Trump as essentially as an enemy it's like a people that's 50% of your citizens you might think about talking with them

► 01:09:32

and all people you can't talk to those are enemies my run Oakley I really truly believe that one of the big factors in Trump's rise to power is it people are sick of this oversimplification this ridiculous ideology coming from the left like that this that opposes the identity politics it they think it's disgusting it's just starting it's just on the other side and I seen more and more people who are Center people as far as I'm concerned push to the right because of the continual insistence that by their mere existence their part of the perpetrator group just by being a white person who is somehow or another successful you are a privilege person you are part of the elite your part of the 1% you're part of the problem

► 01:10:32

absolutely ruined by being just took just buy a person with a home in the suburbs sacrifices to become successful along some Dimension do have that immediately attributed to their oppression out there who might be listening like you are you really willing to say that every single person who's accomplished something as done that as a consequence of Oppression. That's again with the Soviets claim with regards to the to the successful peasants in the 19 and that just before the 1920s so I can well the peasants weren't emancipated they were serfs until about 30 years before that they weren't sure if they were basically slaves and some of them have clamored up to the point where maybe they own their Hot Tuna cow and could you don't employ someone while the Soviet claim was well that's all theft you got that all cuz you're in a presser and so then the Soviet into

► 01:11:32

choose went into the villages and just imagine how this happened to imagine of Village small town where everyone knows everybody and there's maybe 10 20 people there who are moderately successful okay and so you can imagine it was 20 people have like a hundred enemies at the bottom of the socioeconomic distribution useless horrible people who are jealous and resentful about the fact that these people have been successful shows coming inside property is theft success is oppression and then they look for the people in the village who are willing to move against those 20 successful people well those guys at the bottom those hundred resentful jealous murderous people at the bottom there just waiting for an opportunity to go kick down some doors that's exactly what they did in the 1920s and as I said they wiped out all their productive peasants and then six million Ukrainian starve to death they had posters the Soviets produced posters in the 1930s that said essentially don't forget it's wrong to eat your children

► 01:12:33

so yeah whoa

► 01:12:37

there's nothing about the Soviet there's nothing that you can imagine that's horrible enough so that it matched the reality of what happened in the Soviet Union between 1919 and 1959 and you know what the West knew about this too early Malcolm muggeridge in the thirties was documenting for for England for the burning bush newspapers exactly what was going on in the Soviet Union bloody intellectuals didn't admit it to the mid-70s with the exception of people like George Orwell

► 01:13:04

so why do these Powers repeat themselves what is it about human beings simple simple so like a simple explanation is a good explanation unless it's too simple but distinguishing between simple and two simple is no easy matter we like we like to know who's our friend and who's our enemy and we like the feeling of honor and moral superiority and that burned that's that's the

► 01:13:39

showing in I mean there's deeper and darker things that are underneath that it's like the human proclivity to pull down those who have more than you like these kids on the campuses who are claiming identity with you pressed you know it was somewhere like Yale it's like how in the world you can speak of Oppression if you happen to be at Yale is beyond me mean first of all your North American would put you in the top 1% and then of North Americans are in the top 1% to in the top 1% of 1% but yet you want that you want to have all the power that goes along with that and you want to have the moral superiority that comes from being a representative of the oppressed so that's exactly what you want you want all the power and you want all the victimization at the same time as a great example because Yale was one of what happened with the Halloween costume debacle at Yale was one of the first video that was released that made people horrify

► 01:14:39

where they they couldn't believe how students were communicating with professors who screamed up a storm about about that the mail Professor who is the husband of the woman who wrote the pro Halloween costume letter it turned out she was on the bloody hiring committee that heard him one of the things she screamed was who hired you was like well it turned out it was you because you were on the committee just a few years before I know and they took it like yeah that was absolutely no people that don't know what the hell we're talking about explain this debacle because it really was it about questionable Halloween costumes well it was about questioning Halloween costumes Halloween costumes are

► 01:15:20

part of the whole point of Halloween is to have questionable costumes right you play with Dad for example and Decay and and horror and and it's it's a time when the Norms with regards to the expression of things that are outside of our normal behavior are suspended so that everybody can can have a little celebration as it turns out well you know campuses of God all upset about things like cultural appropriation at Queen's University in in Canada just the other week they were going after students who were dressing up as Vietcong for example or Mexicans is like I just don't see what the hell is racist about dressing up like a Mexican Mexicans have a traditional traditional clothing there's nothing wrong with Mexicans so why is it wrong to like that if you want to be for Halloween what's wrong with that regard that as a no

► 01:16:20

Justice warrior in because they don't like to deal with real problems and Yale wind after Halloween costume so this woman wrote a letter saying maybe we should just relax about this stuff and you know what not don't put restrictions on what people wear for Halloween but let people decide what is and isn't offencive letter wasn't really reason why I think he did did they don't I don't think I don't think he left I don't think he left him bow down to this woman screaming at him and swearing and his face was so disturbing it was so humiliating I felt so humiliated for him cuz she was screaming this is our home what the fuck are you doing you're not making this safe

► 01:17:20

space space it's not secure space none of that

► 01:17:29

University isn't a home that's not what it is it's a place to be confronted by I would say often horrible ideas you want to learn about history you think that's going to be safe you know what human history is like it's an endless bloodbath with we know with with a certain amount of hopeful progress underlying and it's and it's a it's a horror show great literature is like that and and biology is terrifying physics is terrifying and you want to be safe and stay home stay home with your mom stay home with your dad don't come to University if you want to be safe because I'm even go outside if you if you're going if the university is going to make you safe then it seems to be a university so one of the things I try to do in my class I have this class called maps of meaning with concentrates on atrocity basically on Soviet rosti and and Nazi atrocities mostly and what I try to do in the class is to teach my students that had they being a Nazi Germany in the 1930s

► 01:18:29

offered the opportunity to be Northwest North Woods Camp guard Camp guard population you think that makes me feel safe doesn't make you feel safe to know the Nazis were humans and you happen to be one of them so I think the Educators the tell students that they're offering the safe space or doing the profoundest service and you don't I'm a clinical psychologist in here is one of the things you do to make people less afraid you don't

► 01:19:05

make the world safer

► 01:19:08

what you do is you people tell you what they're afraid of and then you break it into little bit so that they can go confront them you know so maybe they're afraid of going to a party and you break that down you say well do you know how to introduce yourself and it so I don't really know how to shake someone's hand it so then you practice having them shake their hand and introduce themselves because maybe they weren't taught by that by their half-witted parents when they were when they were young because they were ignored until then you say well maybe you can go to a party for half an hour and all you have to do is introduce yourself to two people and then we'll call that success and you build confidence and their confidence one-step-at-a-time literature indicates quite clearly as you don't make people less anxious by doing that you make them braver

► 01:19:50

it's not the same thing you don't make the world and its whores smaller you make the person and their their their capacity to deal with her larger you encourage you strengthen the that's what you do to University you are and people with arguments you own their intellect you you help them learn to write so they can Marshall their arguments you have you help them learn how to engage in intellectual combat because that's better than gauging in real Combat do you make them you make them hard and strong

► 01:20:22

mollycoddle them and make them safe unless you're their enemy unless you're trying to devour their spirit

► 01:20:29

and that's what we have in the University's we have we have the reign of the eat apple mother whose whose answered everything is so just come a little closer dear and I'll protect you from the world just like Hansel and gretel's think of you know what the witch in Hansel and Gretel story well my house is made of gingerbread just come in here and everything will be fine while she feeds a caddy to fatten you up so she can eat you that's the archetype of a modern University when did the start when did the trigger warnings when did the safe spaces when did all this emerge especially the far-left radicalism it really popped out in the 1990s and early 90s when I was teaching in the US at that point in Witcher University from 93 to 98 and there was a fair push for this especially in in the early part of the nineties but don't push back down and disappeared and went underground went on the ground is more accurate and then it's just come back with a vengeance in The Last 5 Years

► 01:21:29

I think it's partly because we have all these radical left political activist departments at the University's women's studies being at the top of the of the last that have done nothing for the last 30 years even longer than that now it's almost 40 years 30 years let's say I've done nothing but producing and never-ending stream of idiot logically minded counter civilization political activist and that's all subsidized by by tuition and by the public purse and that's another thing we were to go to ask yourself is why the hell are we subsidizing Revolution

► 01:22:06

why are we doing that

► 01:22:09

it's crazy and it's dangerous it's dangerous

► 01:22:15

what what exactly is going on with women studies that you believe is fostering Revolution for the women's studies types and this is what would you call it

► 01:22:32

false anthropology there's this idea that way back when there was a feminist paradise and that would be like noble savage mode of living where everything was egalitarian and and women dominated it was a matriarch of culture that was put forward by UCLA Anthropologist name Gambia test I can never pronounce your name properly but I think I got it and then that was overthrown by patriarchal institution start essentially starting at about the time say of the of of of Judaism and that was all over thrown and ever since then we've lived in an oppressive patriarchy and now that's what our culture is it's an oppressive Patriarchs to the point to one unsuccessful society that they believe existed or did it actually exist it's it's complicated but it's the it's the telling of a kind of psychological myth as if it was history and and and anyway so it's so the basic claim is that Western Civilization is a brutish patriarchy and then

► 01:23:32

positive things that might have managed to accomplish were all accomplished as a consequence of Oppression and and and theft and that the appropriate thing to do is to restructure it from the bar and they mean that they mean that they mean every single bloody concept and you can marry that with modern post-modernism in throwing a nice dash of Marxism and you have the the radiological and motivated grounds for social Revolution

► 01:24:02

just go online and look at a dozen women studies website just read them you can see what they say they produced political activists and their goal is to restructure the patriarchy what what's the patriarchy the patriarchy is Western civilization and what is restructure mean that's easy it means tear it down and destroy it why cuz it's a British system that's predicated on nothing but oppression it's nothing but a tyranny in the in the eyes of the of the radical women studies types heterosexuality that's a tyranny tyranny democracy well that doesn't even exist and even if it did it would be a tyranny

► 01:24:40

everything's a tyranny

► 01:24:43

so you can ask these and what would they replace it with they replace it with their own ideological Utopia well we've already had a hundred years of that we saw what happened oh well that doesn't matter that wasn't real Marxism that's what the bloody Marxist always say that wasn't real Marxism psycho how many millions of people have to die before you're convinced that it's real Marxism and I know what they mean by that too they mean if I was the Marxist dictator things would have gone a lot better it's like you think again sunshine if you were the Marxist dictator things wouldn't have gone a lot better so and if you're the sort of person that thinks that if you would have been control things would have gone a lot better then you're exactly the sort of person who should never be in control

► 01:25:27

so and it's resentment it's horrible resentment you know that's an important point because I think this is something that you said that I absolutely agree with that I think a lot of this thinking in the way of people are behaving it seems based on Revenge it seems based on Revenge for awkward upbringings social uncomfortable uncomfortable Leti that seems like there's something about the way they view the world where they want to get back at people that have literally done them no wrong for the burden of being it's deeper it's deeper been suffering you know we're limited creatures and wife is very hard everyone dies everyone you love is going to die most of the things you do all of the things you do will eventually fail in Old suffering is a certainty and it's very easy for people to become resentful about about being about existence you know these kids who shoot up high schools and and and the these Mass Shooters there are there the perfect examples of

► 01:26:27

people who run on nothing but resentment they're out to kill the innocent because that's the best marker of that's the best way of showing just how much contempt they have for existence itself why punish the guilty they deserve to be punished it's a lot more malevolent and and and and and vengeful punish the innocent like people are motivated to a great degree by resentment of be a huge chunk of that is manifested in that's the dark side of the deal logical possession so I get to decide to my enemies are and then I get to go after them and I can go after them for every single thing that's ever been done to me that isn't good and well that's just built into the structure of existence then they group up they they exhibit confirmation bias they all forms some sort of a group thing and then act accordingly and this is what you've been warned against and this is where I completely agree with you and that's why I think the subject is so important I love the way you've outlined all the steps in the problems with Marxism and ideologies and Jen

► 01:27:27

that we are dealing with this these are the beginning steps of it and people who look at it now and they say it's social change and social justice it's not it's not it's not that's right it's not proof thanks implementing these policies will make things worse they made things worse every single place they've ever been implemented and often they made things so much worse that you've actually can't imagine it and people don't do the reading I've done the reading I've done the reading I know how bad things can get they can get so bad that no matter how bad you think they are you're not even in the bloody ballpark

► 01:28:02

it's just so strange that these sort of courses in these sort of I'd ideologies are thriving in universities and it's really disconcerting to someone has children you know that your children are going to go there and they got a text

► 01:28:19

you know I think I think that I think that you deleted Hardware just says sending to trade school bus also what is the strange time where the access information is so incredibly easy you can get you could educate yourself right seemingly endless Lee online and with books and just there's so much information available this is not the 1930s cuz it's not a time where was difficult to get an education outside of the University versity which is like the repository of human wisdom and the attempt to expand that may have already moved outside the universities

► 01:29:07

it'll just because an institution calls itself University doesn't mean it is and my many disciplines of turned into a theological factories and so where's the University many universities where ever where anyone wants to learn about their culture and where anyone wants to expand the domain of human competence and a lot of that's happening online now so maybe that's the future the only thing the universities have now I think that people can't get elsewhere as acreditacion but they're doing everything they can as fast as possible to make their accreditation valueless anyways so

► 01:29:42

tree it's yep it's a terrible thing to say that the universities may do more harm than good and I haven't come to that conclusion lightly organic Financial stake. The amount of money that the administration is it has massively massively increased and at the same time the student loan burden has increased and so what's happened in the weird sentences that the administrators have conspired to steal the future earnings of their students and then you can't declare bankruptcy so to me it's indentured servitude 40 on student loans so you think about that you tell me what difference there is between that indentured servitude does not much because it's the only thing that I can even think of where that's the case can go bankrupt

► 01:30:42

businesses in Compton or or not capable of paying your debt in every other case but not with University that is crazy it is crazy it's crazy because they were just trying to combat the issue we're so many kids were defaulting on their student loans they trying to make you perpetually responsible for it or another idea is that these kids have to learn responsibility is that the way to do it by overcharging them for some useless education is a massive debt as soon as they graduate at a time when they're most likely to take entrepreneurial risks yes I'm going to take risks if your suburban with debt you can't get yourself off the ground and we're talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt with people that have if you're lucky you're going to make what 40 $50,000 a year straight out of college if you're lucky so you're dealing with the amount of money that you

► 01:31:42

how to make if you didn't pay any taxes or didn't have any expenses you have to work for 4 or 5 years longer than you would actually be in college to get that degree in the first notice it since it's raining it's insane to the University students are listening like a lot of your professors are marxists ask them ask them if they're Marxist read the gulag archipelago first because you need to get your arguments together and no souls units want to Nobel Prize for that book and for his other writing and it was one of the one of the key there was a couple of things that brought down the Soviet Union but one of them was Alexander solzhenitsyn's book I need the most intellectual credibility of of Marxism forever but you have to read the damn book and you got to get your arguments in order to go after Marxist professors ask so difficult it's a very difficult book although it's difficult because it's so horrifying it's not difficult particularly because it's impenetrable it in fact it's an absolutely fascinating book and in the same way that the terrible horror

► 01:32:42

story is fascinating but

► 01:32:46

but there's no excuse for this there's no excuse for these these professors who claimed who claimed to be benevolent marxists why I think the way you framed it is very important I think the way framed it as that then being compassionate actual inclined toward this because on the surface it seems like it's what a compassion intellectual wood would support compassion is the highest moral virtue and it's also whenever you have an ideology whenever you have these rigid established forms of communication or methods of of thinking you box people in your box people in you control them and you get them to stick inside that ideology and in doing so you suppressed people it's so ironic that the people that are against the pressing are actually surprising people through and forcing these ideologies and and suppressing the marketplace of free ideas you're not allowed to have free ideas you're not allowed to debate these thing I mean I've seen it was

► 01:33:46

really famous instance at the University of Toronto where this one guy I don't even remember what his book book about

► 01:33:58

income disparity between men and women he used to be a feminist activist he decided to go look into the claim that you know women were making think at the time it was $0.70 for every dollar that men were making thought a lot of daughters I better go check this out and see and do a little bit of in-depth investigating and what he found out was that there were many reasons for the disparity and perhaps one of them was unfair discrimination but there was another dozen and they seem to account for more of the disparity than the Discrimination just the fact that men take their more dangerous jobs that is a huge contributor that and it's not trivial you should get paid more if you put in your limbs on the line you know I mean I grew up in Northern Alberta where where where a lot of young man dropped out of school went work on the oil rigs like you go try that while maybe you would do it but you know the guys would lose their fingers they lose their toes they was 40 bloody blow up there and they be wrestling pipe in the middle of the bush

► 01:34:58

unfriended does that a no then I'll be back in the truck and when I grew up yeah absolutely absolutely those are very difficult jobs and they're very high pain because people die hard work and there's not a lot of women to Autos job doing and a good thing too so this guy his name again Warren Farrell born pharaoh who wrote this book was giving speech about this book and it would that the response was so unbelievably violent and crazy and aggressive and also ignorant ignorant call him a misogynist wanted to call this I hate speech and

► 01:35:55

in the last two months because I don't want to use these compelled pronounce y like the one woman in the debate that you had with the other man that I believe is transsexual the one woman who was trying to say what is the difference between not using those words and using racial slurs and hate speech to do it to describe these people like who's the professor who's expressing it in that way what is the difference between not choosing to use made up pronouns versus calling someone generally accepted racial slur trying to frame that is the same thing

► 01:36:38

so what was happening is the laws already there or is already such that not using one of these made made up pronouns is a crime where is using a racial epithet isn't

► 01:36:52

wow that's crazy that's crazy so you can use the n-word it's legal to use a z z

► 01:37:10

this is crazy this is really crazy this is bizarre moment in time where the posterous nature of it is so undeniable that it's forcing a lot of people and I applaud you for for doing what you're doing you're risking your your your status of University risking your support of your peers and in sticking your neck out the way you've been doing with your YouTube videos because if you hadn't done that there's a lot of people who wouldn't be aware of how Insidious and what you were describing really the creep creep pushing forward waiting for you to have jacked waiting and then moving forward a little bit more once you relax cuz that's what this is

► 01:37:53

yeah it's it's been it's been it's been this or I can tell you that me and my son and I counted the number of press articles that have been devoted to this either serious press articles it doesn't count YouTuber radio or TV or any of those things I mean YouTube coverage is being I would say overwhelming between 170 major press articles written about those videos in the last 2 months and what's the general consensus are there by Minar are they going in the first two weeks with which was the most stressful part of this for me I would say I would say the bulk of the of the press articles were were ran contrary to My Views and their basic theme was something like why doesn't the mean Professor just play nice it was something like that but but luckily

► 01:38:42

fortunately I seem to maneuver past that and then people started to actually read the the policies that I was speaking about and started to think about the one thing about the Press is that there are actually fairly in favor of free expression

► 01:39:01

given that that's their absolute bread and butter and so the 10 or shifted and I would say the overwhelming majority of press articles in the butt Part from the first two weeks of being a B positive but that's great the what you've done in your YouTube videos which I think is an amazing form particular for what you're doing is document and describe in great detail the issues with every single one of these problems with no interruption and I think that's one of the best things about it the better the fact that there's not really a whole lot of forms I will give you the chance to express yourself I've seen some of your videos of hundreds of thousands of years and there's not a whole lot of forms where you can do that and speak for that mean they're all like an hour-long right it's amazing YouTube is that YouTube is well I started I post started posting my lectures on YouTube my classroom lectures in 2013 and in really Bare Bones form there just an iPad recording of me lecture

► 01:40:01

like I didn't edit in the the slides at the imagist party cuz that's very time consuming but then I watched it for about 2 years and by September of this year to climb to about a million views and then I restart thinking about you too because YouTube is cute cat videos so you know Justin Bieber songs for a very long. Of time but it's not that anymore and that's probably be in about 2 years or maybe two and a half years but then I realize that YouTube is actually a revolution that's his as overwhelming as the Gutenberg Press Revolution Gutenberg invent the printing press and because For the First Time in human history a lecture can have the same reach and the same longevity as a book and it's a lot easier for people to listen and the time like the publication is basically zero right mean because you can do it live I guess I was we are right now or you can post it in a day or two after publishing it and and you have access to this insanely large audience and the other thing that's really interesting about YouTube

► 01:41:01

regards to my specially more academic video since there's only one reason that people are watching them it's not the production quality was okay and I'm a good speaker but it's not the production quality watching the Masters they want to know and that's something that's really cool about YouTube YouTube also seems to be quite skeptical about Advanced production values you know the people who are who are popular are often people like you who are basically sitting there talking and everyone's listening it's like oh well people are actually talking about something in this turns out to be interesting it's like The Rebirth of genuine journalism so yeah YouTube so

► 01:41:40

God only knows what YouTube is but why 50 in a minute and I think the internet in general is this a new thing in terms of the ability to express yourself I mean it's only existed for 20-plus years and in terms of human history that's a blink of an eye and it's only really been used as you described over the last couple years in this form and I think it also is responsible I think any good for a great deal of the rise of the popularity of the social justice movement I think it's a double-edged sword I think these Echo Chambers in these people that find these patterns of behavior that they subscribe to and I think that is it that's a part of the problem with ideologies in general is that instead of thinking for yourself you subscribe to a predetermined patterns of behavior and you will lock in like this is what I'm supposed to believe this is what I'm supposed to enforce this is what I'm supposed to side with and you go with that one of the

► 01:42:40

good things about the internet is that it is potentially possible to see can contrary viewpoints in analyze them in the comfort of your own home and being by yourself and and looking at maybe one of your videos maybe someone come to your and I'm sure a lot have come to your videos in Anger mad at you and then listen to your point of view and listen to how clearly you've established all these positions and what what you actually feel is the problem with these positions in a very very calm and very rational and very well-educated point of view I think these people they have the potential to be at least informed in today because you need that I've had lots of love I've had lots of letters on this way maybe I don't know what 2500 letters maybe to my to my email accounts know about this in a very large number of them maybe maybe 200 letters hundred and fifty to two hundred have been from people on the radical left who written to me and said that they can no longer speak

► 01:43:39

because the authoritarian types of PC Authority reasons of God so controlling that there once fashionable position is now being deemed unacceptable and and their alienated net excluded when you see that happening with feminists like Germaine Greer I mean Germaine Greer who's been banned from campuses she's not very happy with the idea that being a woman is something that's been reduced to a whim right because she thinks that there's more to being a woman then beer subjective Choice well that's no longer at tenable viewpoint on the left until people hold that Viewpoint many of them are feminists are no longer getting along with the say radical gender bender activist types who who got center stage at the moment so yeah Christine Summers has the same issue with that she's the feminist and she called herself the factual feminist and she pushes back against in what would her perspective is instead of embracing these false narratives and running with them as if they're the fax and

► 01:44:39

and just using that to reinforce your Audiology she's saying that does feminism a disservice let's look at the actual reality of the situation and let's look at it from a balance and and objective perspective and she gets so much hate for them the idea of being rational an objective got to remember this with regards to having these sorts of arguments when you say objektiv in rational

► 01:45:09

that's predicated on your implicit believe that there is such a thing as the objective and there is such a thing as rational and the radical postmodernist they do not buy that not at all not at all as far as they're concerned that's just another power game on your part and build built into the laws like Bill c16 in Canada now in the same in the laws in New York City that govern the use of these gender pronouns built into the law is the idea that there's no biological foundation for your identity and it's all purely subjective they built that into the law no objective reality no biology for the next 20 years

► 01:45:51

or not I mean isn't it isn't it possible that these kind of discussions and that your videos and then all the people that agree and all the people that are pushing back against this can have some sort of an effect on this movement

► 01:46:03

I mean are you cynical about the future when I was younger much younger back in the 1980s I mean I was very very concerned about the possibility of nuclear war but by about did 90s though I realize that things were in such a state of chaotic flux that the one thing I could be certain of was that no matter what I was afraid of with regards to the Future that isn't what was going to happen and so I'm not cynical about the future but I do believe that were in an unprecedented state of indeterminate indeterminacy and flux and God only knows what could happen I'm not having said that I wouldn't say I'm optimistic about the possibility that the University's will reform themselves because I think the volumen with the Free Speech debate that the end of

► 01:47:03

do Toronto hosted they did 3 politically correct things during the debate which which I thought was really interesting because if I would have stage the debate and been working on their side let's say I would have said strategically speaking no politically correct maneuvering during this debate because all it's going to do is discredit us but that isn't what happened to University opened up by noting that the land on which we were having the debate was once the what was once property owned by the original native set of Native Americans that which is something I find it boring because on the one hand we took it and now on the other hand we want to be friends it's like that's I don't think you get to have both sides of that moral play at the same time but that's okay that's how the University open the debate and then the next thing that happened was that they announced that there would be counselors waiting outside for anybody who was too traumatized by the contents of the discussion and then they closed they close by announcing the transit

► 01:48:03

day of remembrance you know and but the reason I'm pointing this out is because it just shows you the fact that those things happened they weren't even strategic that's just how things are at the University and I didn't even notice that people were going to turn themselves Inside Out noticing that saying what God this is so biased I can hardly believe it which is exactly what happened that's how saturated the universities are with this kind of thinking and I don't have any idea what can reverse that Collective decisions on the part of citizens a to stop sending their children there be to stop donating money and leaving it in wills and C2 pressure politicians like in my Wilder moments I think cut the funding to the universities by 25%

► 01:48:47

I'd love to talk we have a war about what's important and maybe what would be left over with what the university should be but I really think it's

► 01:48:58

with the exception of the science technology engineering and Mathematics and some things I think it's come to that don't you think that what you're doing when you're making these videos is in a sense branching out the way from just a university and teaching online because you are like I said I think that that you can make a case that that's where the university is because that's where people are going just to get knowledge they have no other they have no other motivation

► 01:49:25

and this is a new thing obviously but at one point I'm so was the printing press right and this this this new ability to disseminate information seems to me to be more effective more accessible more reasonable and it's entirely possible that what we're looking at is the future of Education also concentrating on video editing and so I spent about 10 hours this week video editing about an hour discussion with a Russian Orthodox icon Carver weirdly enough that I'm going to launch in the next 3 or 4 days and we discuss things that that are very image heavy and so I've been cutting in a lot of images and it is a technology that far supersedes what I mean I like lecturing and lectures lectures can be very effective butt

► 01:50:18

basically with YouTube you can turn your lecture into a documentary

► 01:50:23

and then instead of teaching a hundred people you can teach 50,000 it's like that's a lot different that's a lot different that's what's up there permanently and that 50000 can grow and grow and grow and as it becomes more spread and shared the also the discussions about it become more varied in September I had about 9,000 subscribers that took me about 2 years 3 years to build and one of my ambitions which was kind of a tongue and cheek and comical and bishan is I thought you know I bet I can get more subscribers in the next three years than the of tea has students I thought the last pretty interesting is like all the sudden I could have a body of students let's say It's a larger than the entire University so I will just exactly what the hell does that mean I don't know what that means who knows what that means but one of the other perverse things that happened while I was being

► 01:51:22

warned and a caution by the University was that my subscriber base crew from 9000 to $65,000 so now I have more YouTube subscribers than University of Toronto has to do like so then I think well hell you know I could do whole series on soles Nets and I could do a whole series on George Orwell I could do a whole series on Aldous Huxley I could do a whole series on archetypal biblical stories and half of me thinks it's 50,000 people are going to watch each of those and I can turn them into documentaries instead of just lectures maybe that's what I should be doing like I couldn't write a book without much reach that's crazy reach crazy yeah it's it's it's it's snowing so I coming and I think it's such a new thing that we're all just sort of starting to get a handle on how to use it and what it's capable of pornography

► 01:52:22

super cute cat videos and not change quick to you don't know what the Technologies going to do what's also I don't know how much you paid attention to Virtual Reality or how much you've experimented with my good friend Duncan Trussell has one of those HTC Vive and I put it on over his house he when he runs a podcast and we we played with it for about an hour and a half and then we did a podcast and I'm thoroughly convinced especially now with new phones there's a phone that I just got called the Google pixel and it comes you can buy it with this head you slide the phone into the headset you put on this virtual reality program and you're watching a virtual reality show on your phone I mean regular phone if it's in your pocket to slide to the headset you could do not just a two dimensional thing we are showing a lecture and showing images and having a discussion and putting these images in the back one hour in the foreground and

► 01:53:22

having audio over it but rather you can have three dimensional things where you could show a city of Village of mountain range show geometric patterns you could get involved could be used for a million different things and it not just for entertainment but also for education and I think that is that's the next step I think

► 01:53:45

me and said some unbelievably fascinating new world at how popular your podcast and become I mean you have I don't know how many people on YouTube have a larger subscriber base than you but it's not that many so I mean how how do you account for that and does that surprise you and surprising but it's this household this all podcasting is very surprising but it's the YouTube is only a small fraction of the amount of people that actually listen to the bottom of the numbers of the downloads are insane Jamie was last month's numbers was around 12 million for the months in audio is at 60 million definitely should definitely showed it to me know a lot of you could listen to when you're in a car when I was listening

► 01:54:45

one of yours one of them one of your things on YouTube and I found it it was just as interesting if I was doing some other things around my office like it's a very good pass it like podcast from cells are very good passive form of Education yes I'm sorry entertainment makes them different because reading is faster if you're a good reader but I can't do anything else while you're doing it cuz we've only been reading really human beings of roughly speaking in any large numbers for 500 years. Of time and all this new technology like puts us right back and puts us back into tribal mode basically except with this incredible technological enhancement it wouldn't be difficult at all to extract the audio from any of these YouTube videos and just start putting it online as a podcast and again you know people to listen to it when they're in traffic when you can't look at it on planes on the bus you know where ever you are the

► 01:55:45

you can just sit down and close your eyes and you don't have to be paying attention to it visually I emailed the university they have a kind of a massive online course branch which they're toying with and I said look I've got a million people who watch my videos like maybe you guys should give me a hand we should do something about this because I got a million people here watching these videos it's like that's that's a significant number of people it's worth attending to but perhaps I contacted the wrong people but I never did get a response but it's something while I'm doing it actively right now and I think the quality of my videos is improved substantially in the last month and I really like doing the video editing although it's very painstaking but it's definitely universities better be careful because they're dumping their content online as fast as they can they're going to make themselves completely Superfluous and some smart person I've been thinking about this for 20 years is going to take over the accreditation

► 01:56:44

cuz you know all you have to do is set up a series of well-designed examinations online and only let of minorities people pass you have instant accreditation credibility it's like here's an entire

► 01:57:00

3 years worth of psychology courses here's the exams you take them only 15% of the people pass Wyoming 15% why would you limit the number cuz it makes the accreditation valuable but you would limit the number based on what it would if you had a much larger group than 15% that were effectively absorbing the information and have to toy with the you have to toy with the accreditation mechanism but I mean part of part of the utility and accreditation is that it's an equality if everyone gets accredited then me credit nation is worth what you just make it difficult because it wouldn't necessarily be limiting the number you just make it so difficult that the number would be limited so I think I'd probably make it I probably left yes that's exactly right I wouldn't limit the number of times people to take the exams

► 01:57:59

that's a great idea as well

► 01:58:01

so as long as he hit threshold I mean that's what happens often say with with like if you're trying to try to pass the bar or something like that you get to take it a number of times but you have to you have to hit threshold how do you say Russell Jose history professor at Occidental he's doing that very same thing and you talked about it here that he's building right now an online university and he is planning on giving out degrees in history through his online university because he's been teaching at universities for a long time and he has a huge problem also with the politically correct movement and he was speaking out against our this really crazy story where these two kids adults got intoxicated and had sex and because they were both intoxicated for some reason the boy was described as the attacker and was

► 01:58:57

he was being accused of sexual assault even though it's consensual completely consensual even though they were both not only did she send him that she sent him a text saying do you have condoms come on over we're going to do this but he because they were intoxicated he was the one that was the rapist which is insane it sexist it's a hundred percent sexist have did that kid is suing you know I'm fat is Russell came on here and disgusted but that politically correct ideology where it's essentially it's prejudice against men in that particular the idea that show me step slowly Mutiny know he gets one who like yourself is stuck his neck out and spoke about about what he thinks is this Preposterous movement towards the nine facts did 9 reality and forming these narratives

► 01:59:57

based on their ideologies and it's sticking with in this boxing seeking to find people that agree with it and then reinforcing these ideas in his Echo chamber and it's just it's a for someone is outside of it like myself it's a fascinating thing to watch for some of the inside of it like yourself it must be maddening. But we also designed I work with some corporations a while back cuz I've done some Consulting and design tests to help people hire better employees which I still do and in fact I work with this company up in in California called the founder Institute and it's the world's largest stage early technology company incubator it's created 2500 companies in the last 4 years and we test now in 135 cities but when I was marketing these tests to companies they kept asking me what could be done about their poor-performing employees and I said why I didn't know because it's not that easy

► 02:00:57

if you have someone who's problematic who's troubled it's not that easy for a manager to figure out how to straighten them out and they just don't have the time they don't have the time they don't have the Manpower they don't have the training you need to do that but I designed to set of programs called to self authoring suite and one of them the future authoring program helps people write out a plan for their life so it helps them to ask you some questions about six dimensions of your life you know your your health mental and physical your use of drugs and alcohol your wishes 3 to 5 years down the road for Intimate Relationships for family for career for education and someone asks you what would your life be like 3 to 5 years down the road if you set it up for you like you were someone you were taken care of so ask you those six questions let it asks you to write for 15 minutes about

► 02:01:47

what about your vision for your life you get to have what you want and what would be good for you what would that be and then it asks you to write for 50 minutes about what your life would be like 3 to 5 years down the road if you let your bad habits in your you know idiocies in your foolishness is in your weaknesses take the upper hand and argue into the ground cuz everyone knows about that so it's like you get to design a little heaven to strive for a little hell to avoid and then you write 4 then you basically turn that into an implementable plan that's the second part of the program reviews that was about 5005 to 7000 University students now mostly in Europe at the Rotterdam School of Management and we've raised their grade point average of their kids 25% drop the dropout rate the same and it's had a wall up in effect on men and on non-western ethnic minorities it's moved the non-western ethnic minority student population

► 02:02:41

performance at Rotterdam School of Management from 70% below the the average to above the female Natives and so the other the reason I'm telling you this apart from the fact that it's a very good program and we did we did it at Mohawk College in Canada year ago we drop their dropout rate in the first semester 50% and that especially again work well for me cuz Manor at more risk of dropping out now and then especially for men who didn't have good grades in high school so not only is there the possibility for the net to provide tremendous dissemination of intellectual material but there's also the possibility for the net to provide dissemination of psychological interventions that have major impacts on people's mental health and productivity at almost at the store nearly low-cost so that's really being fun too

► 02:03:34

so why I think providing some of that sort of a structure in a framework giving people the tools just inform of asking them questions what would you like to do peonies describe this what is your feet when you do that you sort of allow them to help themselves outline what they would like to accomplish which most people don't do in Chicago in the late 1800s to produce Factory workers cuz it was set up when when rural people were migrating to the cities on mass because their kids first of all we're likely to get factory jobs and second of all if you were working the factory your kids needed to be taken care of and so the purpose of the schools was to train Factory workers which is why everyone is lined up and rolls rolls and why there are Bells it's a factory model problem with that is it now people's careers basically have to be self-determined but that's never that's never part of the education system part of the reason I develop these programs was because I realized this is the same courseware

► 02:04:33

teaching students that if they would have been in Germany in the 1930s they would have been Nazis I'm trying to get them to design your lives and it's way better to have someone articulate their own plan you actually neurologically rewire people by having them formulate their own thoughts which is why you know your school teachers used to say put it in your own words so actually very good advice if they would explain what that means it's like if you have to conjure up the thoughts and you have to articulate them then they change you and so while until this program is how did the the the the effects solutely overwhelming for us as researchers because it's very very difficult to produce an intervention that actually has a positive effect on people you know you hope it does but generally when you test it out it's like not doesn't do what you thought it did or sometimes it even has the reverse effect that sounds fascinating and how do people have can someone a regular person have access to

► 02:05:33

it's called self authoring that's s e l f r thering like like reading a book self authoring. Com and the program's I gave away the future authoring program I think it might still be free it was used to the end of November I did a video called message to Millennials wear cuz one of the things Jonathan haidt said about he called Karl Marx the patron saint of the social justice Warriors and John Stuart Mill that patron saint of people say who stood for objective truth and freedom of expression and I thought that was really smart he said Brown University is number one for social justice Warrior universities in Chicago for truth universities but one of the things that marks has over John Stuart Mill is that Marx's social revolutionary and young people like to think about ways to change the world right and that's actually a positive part of their development it's a stage that the developmental psychologist Jean Piaget called the Messianic stage and he Associated that with late adolescence it's like while Young

► 02:06:33

I want to change the world in the problem is is that that's been harnessed in two attempts to change other people but that isn't what you should do if you want to change the world you should change yourself and I don't mean that some cliched sense I mean it in the sense that Alexander solzhenitsyn said when he had lice the Soviet Union he said don't be thinking that the line that divides good from Evil runs down political Spectrum or or or countries or something like that it runs down right down the middle of your soul and if you want to sort out the world and what you do is you sort yourself out it's a serious business right they say it's more difficult to rule yourself into rule City Knott's the truth because you're complicated and they're horrible monsters inside of you that need to be tamed into to be brought in to be brought into alignment and submission so that you can be a powerful and useful person than I gave away the future authoring program is part of this video I made suggesting to Millennials that instead of rushing out there to change the world

► 02:07:33

by changing other bad people that they should look Inward and sort themselves out properly and I think we've given away about four or five thousand of those programs so far they said about Saturday till the end of November. What happens with it well the cell for the future authoring program is regularly $14.95 and the whole self authoring Suite which involves it's a program that helps you write an autobiography so it helps you sort out things about your past that are still burdening you you can tell me if if you have a memory that's more than 18 months old proximately and when you pull that memory up to mind if you still have an emotional reaction that means you haven't fully articulated the memory you haven't analyzed it cause Ali you haven't you haven't free yourself from its grasp and you're carrying it like a weight in your brain responds to that like the more of more weight you're carrying like that more baggage let's say the more of the stress hormone cortisol your brain produces and cortisol makes you old

► 02:08:34

some of this work is being done by James pennebaker at the University of Texas at Austin cuz he he started the Pioneer these sorts of writing programs and he found it if people wrote about uncertain things past present or future so they could be traumatic things that could be on certain things that their physical health improved and he did a lot of detailed research trying to figure out why that was and basically came down to the explanation that it was something like that and uncertainty reduction mechanism at work is your brain is always figuring out how well situated are you in the world how much do you not know compared to how much have you mastered and you can tell that you've mastered things because when you go somewhere and you act things turn out the way you want them that's an indication of Mastery and your brain is sort of keeping track across your whole life of how many places you've been where things haven't worked out compared to how many places you have be where they have worked out and if all those places in your past where things haven't worked out you need to map and master

► 02:09:33

and not that decreases the existential load on you but that actually decreases your cycle physiological load it makes you healthier it makes you less stressed and so we put all that together in a self authoring Suite to help people write about their path to sort it out in a in a detailed autobiography to ask you questions about your past it says divide your life up into 6 epochs

► 02:09:56

and then divide each of those that might be say old birth to kindergarten and then maybe Elementary School in the Navy Junior High School however you want to do it and then to write about the emotionally significant events in each of those epochs and then to describe their effects on you and then to analyze how you did in those situations what you might have done differently what you might do differently in the future to straighten out your past and I have done that with my students in my maps of meeting class for about the last 10 years and some people have written fifteen thousand words it's not that uncommon for students to write 15000 words and their autobiography so that's such great advice at such great advice about reconciling with your pass is so many people just carry it around thinking about your past

► 02:10:41

what it means is you haven't analyzed the causal change cuz he might say well why do you remember your past while you might say while it's in order to have an objective no record of the past so I can have nothing to do with that there's only one reason you remember the past

► 02:10:56

and that's to be prepared for the future that's why you remember the past and so what you're supposed to do is take the past and extract out from at wisdom and wisdom is the ability to avoid stumbling blindly into ditches and so you think while he was a time in my past I stumbled blindly into this horrible ditch and terrible things happen to me it's like okay you need to take that apart you need to figure out how was it that that events conspired with your participation voluntarily or involuntarily so that that terrible consequences merged you need to know why that happened and how you could react differently in that situation as soon as you do that

► 02:11:38

your brain leave it alone you won't upset you about it anymore because the anxiety-producing parts of your brain are basically trying to tell you where there are obstacles in your environment so I can look out don't go there don't go there it's like well don't go there there's fire well maybe you could Master the fire right then you're a wielder fire you're not just a victim and lots of situations are dangerous are not dangerous depending on your level of Mastery right life is like that and so I'm negative emotion that's associated with a memory is it something that's crying out for master and writing can really help with that so you're reorganizing your brain when you write autobiographically your you're basically the emotions imagine the motion memories can be stored a different levels of your brain some from sort of primordial reptilian image Laden areas that are very emotional up to

► 02:12:35

finally articulated plans for your future life will you want to take everything that's negative and emotional and transform that into a fully articulated vision for your future and that freeze you of your past you shouldn't be thinking about your past be maybe if you're 80 and you know you're going over a well-spent life that's a whole different thing but if you're 30 35 or 20 and most of the time you thinking about your past it's like it's like your soul is trapped back there and you need to you need to free it through investigation and the metaphysical language is appropriate because that is in the sense what you're doing you're trapped in the past so I can go to break free of that so you can use all your resources to move ahead into the future anyways and these programs the future authoring program like I said its effects on people advice and me just so so logical and it sounds so great I mean I think that's one of the gigantic problems that a lot of people have with education that you're learning facts you're learning information

► 02:13:35

but you're not learning how to use your own mind so I spent a lot of time this person and how do you thinking about that and for 20 of those years I did almost nothing but think about that all the time and I realized something partly from Reading Carl Jung and what I realized was that

► 02:14:06

even the fundamentalist have to have the wrong idea about religious truth religious truth is not scientific truth like that the stories in the Genesis which are very old stories maybe tens of thousands of years old they're obviously not scientific theories because the people who wrote the board scientist we didn't have sides until about 500 years ago so the idea that the stories in Genesis are scientific theories is

► 02:14:30

just falls on every possible front so then you might say while there's no other truth but scientific truth it's like whoa wait a minute that's not true cuz what scientific truth tells you what things are

► 02:14:45

but genuine religious truth tells you how you should act and those things are not the same and so a great story like a great novel which is a quasi religious construction because it's it's like a distillation of ordinary life into its most important elements

► 02:15:04

that's a map about how you should comport yourself in the world you might say what what do you mean by should and because that that's the question the moral relativists ask if there's an answer to that as far as I can tell and I got this party from Reading Jean Piaget so imagine that here's how you should act you should act so that

► 02:15:23

things are good for you like they would be for someone you're taking care of but they have to be good for you in a way that's also good for your family and they have to be good for you and your family in a way that's also good for society and maybe even also good for the broader environment if you could manage that so it's balanced at all those levels and then that has to be good for you and your family and society and the world right now and next week and next month and a year from now and 10 years from now and so it's this harmonious balancing of multiple layers of being symbol taneously and that's a that's a that's a darwinian reality I would say your brain is actually a tuned to tell you when you're doing that and the way it tells you is that it reveals that what you're doing is Meaningful

► 02:16:13

that's the sign that you and your nervous system is adapted to do this it's adapted to exist I would say on the on the edge between order and chaos chaos is where things are so complex you can't handle it and order is where things are so rigid that it's too restrictive in between that there's a place of a place that's meaningful where your party stabilized and partly curious and your operating in the manner that increases your scope of of knowledge so you're you're inquiring and growing and at the same time your stabilizing and renewing you your family Society nature now next week next month and next year and when you have an intimation of meaning

► 02:16:56

can you know you're there and I can give you an existential demonstration of that so imagine that each of these levels of existence the way I just laid them out or like patterns for patterns within patterns within patterns within patterns and there's a way of making all that harmonious that's what music models that's why music is so meaningful and beautiful orchestral composition and all the instruments are doing different things at different levels but they all flow together harmoniously and you're right in the middle of that is a listener and it fills you with a sense of it's almost like a sense of religious off even if you're up punk rock nihilist Uno

► 02:17:31

and the reason for that is because the music is modeling the manner of being that's harmonious it's the proper way to exist and religious writings in the deepest sense of those arquetipo writings are are are guidelines to that motivate so they're not true like scientific truth is true there I think of them as hyper they're hyper true or meta true it's like we take the most true things about your life then we take the most true things about 10 other people's lives and we amalgamate them into a single figure in that would be like uh that would be like a literary hero thousand literary Heroes can we extract out from each of them what makes the most heroic person

► 02:18:16

that's a religious Daddy

► 02:18:19

that's what Christ is

► 02:18:21

he's a meta hero

► 02:18:23

I'm not sit at the bottom of Western civilization and his

► 02:18:28

arketipo mode of being is

► 02:18:32

true speech

► 02:18:34

it's a fundamental idea of Western civilization and its right

► 02:18:40

now when you say we when you talk about this harmonious frequency that's a chieve

► 02:18:48

what how do you reconcile all the stories that will explain the Old Testament that were extremely violent over the ridiculous like who is the guy that could they made fun of his children made fun of him so God sent a bear to kill the children cuz they made fun of him for being bald is a bunch of stories in ridiculous tails in the Bible that obviously have the hand of man on how do you separate those from the the beautiful Concepts that are outlined religion like you know treat everyone as if they are your brother you know love and let love Inn in the foot moving it's in the Old Testament tribal and some of the problems that those people were trying to face trying to sort out was well how do you

► 02:19:42

organize yourself within your own tribe just lie and mercifully and at the same time defend yourself against the Barbarian to constitute other from the humanity was trying to Soul it was amalgamating all of its tribe process that obviously still hasn't hasn't finished and some of the ways that you protect your own tribe rapidly become horrifying and so many of the stories in the Old Testament that have to do sexually with tribal protection or immediately horrifying but there's also a there's a developmental pathway through the combination of the Old and New Testament that the show I would say

► 02:20:22

how that morality that was fundamentally tribal to begin with transformed itself over thousands of years into a morality that was what what the transcended tribal distinction and so part of the imposition of the New Testament on the Old Testament was the imposition of amorality that transcended tribal morality onto a morality that was fundamentally tribal in origin of the New Testament of course was constructed by Constantine and a series of Bishops they took things out they added things mean so here's a way of thinking about it because I have a friend who's a comic book writer and I've talked to him a fair bit about archetypes in comics for example he was a student of mine at Harvard long time ago and would have to the universe is a very interesting one because obviously these fictional characters were thought up by single people and then the fictional characters were transformed into stories and then the stories were

► 02:21:22

going to a broader Community but then what started to happen was the broader Community started to

► 02:21:28

stay in contact with the people who were writing the stories and so if you do something like right Batman now there's a bunch of things you can't do with Batman because there's being a collective decision made in the entire community of multiple Riders and the entire community of multiple readers that have decided that there's a core story that has a certain structure in certain elements and so there's this Collective process of imagination it's going into constructing what you might describe as a heroic meta-narrative and the reason I'm using that as an example is because there isn't a lot of difference perversely enough in the construction say a comic book Heroes and the construction of religious deities and I'm not saying that we are nothing but comic book characters

► 02:22:12

or maybe I'm elevating comic book characters be on the status that they normally attain but if you think think about this for example with regards to something like the construction of the recent Marvel Universe Caminos Avenger movies are among the most expensive technological artifacts that human beings have ever made and they drive our computational capacity to its absolute limit and the reason for that is because we're using that fictional space to layout an archetypal of mythological view of the universe it's a practice domain four modes of big I mean in the Marvel Universe obviously Tony Stark Iron Man is is technological man right he's trying to develop a real relationship with his partner Pepper Potts who's you know her own sort of independent woman and he's attempting to use technology to build himself up into something that has the status of approximately of God to transcend more limitation and all of that so there's a there's a daddy like aspect the growth of a daddy

► 02:23:12

Nair instead of course Thor and Loki are there not comic book day and he's at all their actual Daddy's there the Hostile Brothers it's an archetypal it's an archetypal pair like Christ and Satan or Batman and the Joker or Superman and Lex Luthor and that's the good part of the individual against the evil part of the individual roughly speaking that's played out in these myths and so that Collective process that you describe whereby an entire group of people comes together to decide what the central religious text is me on the one hand you can think of that as the gerrymandering of a religious process maybe that's something it's only devoted towards the acquisition of power like that would be a Marxist analysis but on the other hand you can think of it as the collective imagination attempting to build a dramatic

► 02:24:01

to build to build an exemplary drama that everyone can act out and it's the it's in acting out that exemplary drama that we actually able to interact in a civilized and productive manner like look at this discussion that we're having to to the degree that it's working

► 02:24:19

we're both trying to

► 02:24:21

articulate are are Notions of reality and I do that you listen and maybe up some comments and then you do that and I listened and maybe you have some comments but together we're building something that's different from what we both came in here with right and no sense what we're doing is we're participating in the process of articulating each other's spirits and then I mean that most technically like part of your spirit is an amalgam of the information that you've been counted lot of that's articulated articulated wisdom and so its sole construction if you're having a good conversation and that's also a conversation that is Meaningful and you can tell that when you're having it it's that you're you're decomposing parts of yourself your your false presuppositions you're letting them die and you're letting something new

► 02:25:08

be born

► 02:25:10

as an alternative and you're participating in this process of death and rebirth constantly when you're having a meaningful conversation psycho that was wrong honey let that died who that's a little painful I was kind of attached to that concert but I'll let it go let it burn off a new part of you will emerge then another part dies in the new part emerges and that's this process of Eternal death and rebirth that's part of the general mythology of redemption you see that all the time too in the Harry Potter series for example at the very end of the Harry Potter series part undergoes a literal death and rebirth and that's how we finally defeat evil these stories are deeply built into people there's a reason that that JK Rowling became the richest person in England by she's richer than the queen she got rich by telling the story properly no one the second volume of Harry Potter when there's the Basilisk underneath the castle that turns you to Stone when you look at it that's everything that people are afraid of that freezes you like a rabbit freezes when it sees the

► 02:26:09

and the story in Harry Potter is you go underneath the castle to where the thing that frightens you the most resides and you face it down and in doing that you free the Virgin right that St George keep Fries Virginia in the Harry Potter story and maybe you have died because of that cuz he gets bitten by that basilisk and just about dies and then it's the Phoenix the spirit of death and rebirth

► 02:26:34

the stories they come up everywhere there's no avoiding them and it's because they're true but they're not true like scientific troops there a different era behavioral for a pragmatic truth or a dramatic truth part of the reason that our society so damn unstable now and part of the reason all this weird chaos is emerging this is a consequence of Nietzsche's observation back from the late 1800s about the death of God we blew the metaphysical foundations out from underneath our culture and the whole thing is shaking and twisting and it's it's vacillating between the horrors of the extreme right in the horrors of the extreme left been doing that 404 years somewhere in the throes of that again we blew the metaphysical foundations out from underneath our culture and we need to get them back part of the reason that people are so obsessed by things like The Avengers movies in the superheroes in Harry Potter and all of that is because and Star Trek and Star Wars is because our our Collective imagination is trying to regroup at the level of of drama

► 02:27:33

and we formulate our fundamental metaphysics I was reading this thing it was talking to her quitting CrossFit and yoga to religion and they were saying it's essentially religion for people that have a band In traditional religions is that what the idea that we were seeking is camaraderie and discipline and some sort of a community experience so what you're talking about when you say your religion you're not talking about a literal translation like a guy actually came back from the dead what you're talking about is the concepts and the thoughts and an end of harmonious frequency that is achieved when people follow the tenants of that religion and live by these laws as you're saying of stacking up these ideas is this good for you is it good for the community is it good for the community in 5 years and 10 years and that that's what you're saying when you talk about you believe in love religion

► 02:28:33

like imagine that there's there's a pathological mode of being that's so terrible that when you and after you just died a good drug addiction will do that for you if you have pursued that meth addiction can you send to the lower levels of hell and then you'll die right well so then you might it might say what's what's what's at the opposite end of that what would be the final manifestation of emotive life that was revivify dying and healthy how how how how Redemptive and rejuvenating would that be and I would say the answer to that is a we don't know we have no idea and these ideas of death and rebirth are definitely true on the micro level like show the developmental psychologist however you did that learning our conversation that that new information what existed in contradiction to something that you already presumed and so that thing you presume would have to disintegrate and die and and then something new would be born that can happen the diff

► 02:29:33

levels of analysis so sometimes you learn something minor and sometimes your ship to your bloody core in Owen and you undergo a descent into the underworld fundamentally sometimes even a descent into hell that's where you get genocide and resentful and then maybe you're lucky and you pop up reborn well those those exist as as constant metaphysical truths that that's how human beings transformed we don't know the upper limits of that transformation we have no idea what that might be cuz I don't know for example how healthy you could be as if you were as healthy as you could be if you straighten yourself out completely I don't know what it What year what limits you could transcend and neither does anybody else so we don't know the upper limits of the truth of these religious stories now we do know what happens if you let go of them too badly

► 02:30:21

you end up with something like the Soviet Union or Mouse China which were both based on that means they will do racist remarks it was religion was the opiate of the masses it's like it's not like I don't understand that I understand that but it's another one of those situations where it's like religion is the opiate of the masses yeah and it's also 50 other things and you don't want to forget those like really we know for example from anthropological studies religious belief is human Universal and the reason for that in part is because there is a distinction between good and evil and there is a distinction between good and bad otherwise you wouldn't do anything like you're always striving for the good I mean unless you've taken a malevolent turn it's a natural impulse in human beings to make what is better quality means we haven't we have a deeply in built sense of what constitutes better then we're all aware of that harmonious day that's achieved in community

► 02:31:21

interesting about it like what one of the things that need to thought was after he announce the death of God was that people would be able to create new values and Carl Jung took issue with that he was a student of Nietzsche's and he pointed basically they will wait a minute who says you can create your own values you can't even get yourself out of bed to go exercise in the morning you're not under your own control maybe we could discover maybe we can ReDiscover the values that we once held and that's the descent into the underworld in the resurrection of the farther that's what happens in Pinocchio for example you know when and I'll kill goes down into the gaps to face monster when and Revitalize his dead father there's a reason that movie was made in the 19 thirties and white was so popular it's like you want to have you want to get rid of your damn strings and stop being an erotic jackass that's what the stories about is you go down to the bottom of the ocean you find the thing you're most afraid of you face it you rescue your dead father from the depths and you rise back to the surface with him

► 02:32:21

that's what our culture has to do

► 02:32:23

that's what our culture has to do

► 02:32:26

now when you say that you're religious person know people automatically assume that you did there's a especially in this country the religious right has a very dogmatic and very simplistic view of what God wants and didn't mean it it it it it it slumped into no homosexuals certain restrictions on the behavior of women that if you look at the Bible and the Bible's obviously reflection of the people that lived at the time where it was constructed although even trying to figure out when that is Uno's in oral tradition for thousands of years was ever been written in ancient Hebrew translated to Latin and Greek and Roman or an English rather

► 02:33:12

between the dogmatic element in the spiritual element and conservatives Marshall themselves on the sides of the more rule oriented in dogmatic elements of the religion and liberals roughly speaking 10 to Marshall themselves more on the spiritual side and that's because of the distinction that you were saying earlier about the behavior patterns of people attended the conservative her so penis roughly speaking and I mean the dogmatic structures are necessary necessary the Dogma is necessary because it conserves the structure but the spiritual aspect is necessary because it updates the structure and there's always this tension attention and people it's like you have to believe things are you couldn't exist you couldn't act you have to hold on to the dogmatic structure of your belief but you have to be open for its update on a continual basis and that's what that's basically what Consciousness is for that seriously speaking of Consciousness is the thing that attends to the unknown into the

► 02:34:12

an integrated with the structure and there's meaning to be found in that too that's that's to boldly go where no one has gone before you know when the in the words of the Star Trek writers and something that deeply appeals to young people when they watch that sort of thing but so what the fundamentalists are doing is there they're trying to hold on to their tradition and it's no bloody Wonder because of the tradition falls apart you end up isolated and drowning in the ocean alone but if the tradition gets too intense and restricted while then then you're just clones in a prison and that's these nuts these two two forms of hell and in a sense they meet to know if they get extreme enough they meet that the hell of absolute chaos in the hell of absolute order and the conservatives tend towards the hell of a lawyer in the left-liberal types tend towards the hell of absolute chaos there's some point in the middle that's the line between the end and yang by the way cuz that's Order & Chaos and the Dallas say Well that's

► 02:35:12

that's existence Order and Chaos and Order is the place you are when what you don't do works and chaos is where you are when what you do doesn't work and no matter where you go Order & Chaos exist in your job is to be right on the border between those and that's to live in doubt that's the living meaning and that's that same place where all these things stack up and so long so with regards to religious tradition on the one hand you have to maintain the tradition it's like maintaining the constitution in the US on the other hand you have to be awake and alert because the tradition is a dead thing right it was composed by dead people in the dead past it can't respond as

► 02:35:55

flexibly as it should to the demands of the present that's up to you when you do that with your vision with your capacity to see and with your capacity to articulate and it forever forever real. The major dad he's that mankind has produced Marduk for the Mesopotamians and Osiris or horror Horace for the Egyptians and and Christ for the Christians and Buddha for the Buddhist music DVDs of being people who are noted for their vision for their ability to watch and pay attention cuz there's nothing more important than the ability to pay attention pay attention and speak the truth your truth and that's how you keep

► 02:36:32

everything stacked up in order harmoniously that's how you keep the balance between Order and Chaos that's how you articulate you're being that's how you revivify the world that's how you rescue your dead father from the bottom of the ocean that's how you adopt your responsibilities as a citizen that's how you live a proper life and I proper life I know what a proper life is cuz I thought about this for a long time life is suffering and suffering to make you resentful murderous and then Jenna Sitel if you take it far enough so you need an antidote to suffering and maybe you know you can think well I'll build walls of luxury around myself and I will protect me from the suffering it's like well good luck with that cuz that isn't going to work

► 02:37:14

maybe you could build a delusion and live inside that that's going to fall apart while what is there that helps you fight against suffering that's easy that's the truth

► 02:37:26

the truth is the antidote to suffering and the reason for that is because the truth puts reality behind you so that you can face the reality that's coming straight at you without becoming weak and degenerated becoming resentful and wishing for the destruction of being because that's the final hell the final hell

► 02:37:46

is your soul wishing for the destruction of everything because it's too painful and you're too bitter

► 02:37:53

I'm not homeless people all the time

► 02:37:56

now is a person who is someone who's extremely critical of ideologies a lot of people would think it's a contradiction for you to embrace religion cuz religion being the biggest the oldest ideology ball parasite on religious substructures we could go back to the Harry Potter example that's a good example

► 02:38:19

JK Rowling have kids reading like a 400-page book Fried Chicken still a stadium when she was reading why is because she got the archetypes right she got the religious Sub near that's correct the new radiologist ideologies work because I need to know what she is a parasite on top of religious substructure and religious religious narrative has has a particular set of characteristics very balanced so for example there's a feminist idea of the patriarchy while the religious idea of society has a evil patriarchy notion built into it that would be the dying King the once-great dying can you see this in the Egyptian Story by Cyrus for example is eventually chopped up by his evil brother you see it in The Lion King with

► 02:39:06

with the

► 02:39:08

Mufasa and Simba Simba's father and symbols Eva evil uncle those are the two representatives of the patriarchy the wise King in the tyrannical King in a religious story properly set up archetypal story

► 02:39:23

there's there's the natural world the chaotic world is a positive element and a negative element there's the social world there's the wise King in the tyrannical King and there's the individual world and that's the the adversary hero there's always a positive and a negative at each level and it stops it from being an oversimplification cuz it says to you well of course bloody societies don't press of patriarchy but it's also the wise father that has taught you to speak every word you know it's like you don't get to say only this part of the story without having gratitude for this part of the story and it's true that each level of the representation of properly balanced story is has got the balance between positive and negative always correct

► 02:40:09

is that a name anyways like a lot of people who are anti Western capitalism are also the only they will find a capitalism in Western capitalism particular is the only culture that is embraced the acceptance of people like transgender people people who are gay people who are marginalized mean Western capitalist Society is one of the very few cultures that openly abhors racism is contradict so that's so important flying whether she can see it it's not capitalism that's a promise evil it's a problem

► 02:41:01

it's what it's also the it's a deeper probate evil is a problem so there's a religious colony of Mercy Elliott it looked at flood myths cuz there a flood mess all over the world God gets fed up floods everything like just like in New Orleans so here's the funny thing about New Orleans what caused the New Orleans flood hurricane how about human corruption how about the corruption of of of the state how about the fact that people knew the damn Dykes weren't going to hold that the levees weren't going to hold how about that they knew that 400 years and didn't care how about that they pocketed the money that should have gone for the repair it so it's not me it's you always see two things you see that I'm paraphrasing say

► 02:41:43

there's a storm

► 02:41:45

there's Dykes and there's people responsible for maintaining the dikes will it storm won't Wipe Out the city it could but if the dates are high enough that it won't and if people are corrupt and they build the types properly and so God floods the world when the dikes of rotted and the people have become corrupt and it's a very old story knits disseminated everywhere in the reason is is well we inhabit a social structure that sold and and and and dad are infrastructures decayed are are are political economic and practical infrastructure has DK why it sold everything decase okay everything's already always DK that's dangerous and corrupt people don't do a very good job of keeping an order and so if things get old indicate enough and if people get corrupt enough then God loves the world why cuz that's what happens over and over and over and over and over and you don't mean God in the literal sense of the word you need God as a tease

► 02:42:45

the consequences to these type of actions you are not prepared and say what you think reality you could look at it that way and I mean the idea of God is a very very complicated idea but you could say if you were thinking about it merely merely from intellectual perspective is you could say that God is what transcends your knowledge that's all it's just it's what you don't know it's what's outside of your knowledge structures there's a very old story and it did this goes all the way back to the Tower of Babel is that one of the things that characterizes authoritarians is it there's never anything outside of their knowledge structures they make it known structures Absolute Towing the Tower of Babel human beings build the structure that supposed to reach all the way to have it to 2 so that we can invade the place of the Gods well God has none of that he just throws people all over the world it's and it's a very early

► 02:43:38

dramatic representation of the danger of human hubris and hubris is

► 02:43:44

we know everything there's nothing that needs to be left outside of what we know it's like no that's what God is God is what's always outside of what you know is the problem with the term God the other people think of God as being a man they think of it being a person they even use the masculine pronouns in reference to God and that's one of the funniest things about God is calling you make a problem having a problem young talked about that a lot about the the exclusion of the feminine within the domains of classic judeo Christian thought for example mean you have Mary who's who's the kind of a quasi deity who who censored like as a fourth member of the Trinity but the exclusion of the feminine is definitely a conceptual problem is the fact that God is conceptualized as a human being or as a man a problem it's a problem and solution mean if you if you remove the human element of God then God gets so abstract and it's easy for him to float off into space and to never show up again

► 02:44:44

human connection means the way the Catholic sold out to some degree is that they have God who sort of at the top of the hierarchy then they have this hierarchy of saints who are sort of like Gods but half human and then they have human beings at the bar and that allows for a what would you say a continual chain of communication between the highest level of abstraction in the actual you know the actual concrete person but the other the other thing that's useful about the conceptualization of God in at supermarket terms is that and this is worth noting is there is nothing more complex in the cosmos than a human being

► 02:45:20

so if you're looking for something to represent the ultimate in complexity it's hard to beat a human being so your brain is ungodly complicated so to speak so

► 02:45:33

I mean these things are obviously too complicated to unpack in a in a in a into this, but I'm glad we did these stories exist because somewhere in our code somewhere in our very being we understand that there is a need for this order to find this frequency sure there an expression of our deepest being there there an expression of how it is that we must live in order to live in order to reach our full potential void hell and you can take him to see all you can think about how was Nazi Germany if you want you can think about it as the Soviet Gulag archipelago her mom was cultural revolution

► 02:46:20

like we can get there no problem if you you walk down and some of the seat here areas in La you'll see people in hell no problem sure go to Skid Row they will get angry if you look at them

► 02:46:35

and you'll you'll walk a Big Bertha round damn you're not going to come within 10 feet of the let's call it psychogeography of their existence right there right there in a place it's a metaphysical place but it's but it's it's not defined by the dam geography Skid Row lights in fact it's more that Mora psychological place but that doesn't make it any less of place and if you're descend into the hell of skid row deep enough you'll get to the point where most of your thoughts are murderous

► 02:47:12

and that's like that's that's hell as a suburb of the underworld fundamentally what that place exists people visited all the time and sometimes they did they don't get out

► 02:47:23

it's real I've been discussing this a lot recently because people like to talk about the concept of Apocalypse that we're headed towards an impending apocalypse and my thought is an apocalypse is already here it's just not right here that's always here go to Liberia go to Liberia and look at people defecating in the streets and eating human flesh I mean they do I know if you ever seen the vice piece on Liberia but it's it's unbelievably terrifying apocalypse apocalypse is an archetypal idea and the apocalypse is always here and it's here like it's here at the micro level like when we have a discussion in our Concepts change those are micro apocalypses little bits of are being or being blown apart and restructured and that can be happening the smallest killer large-scale or can it can get to the point where everything collapses and is destroyed life is apocalyptic in that matter because we all get sick we all die you know our families are vulnerable there's an apocalyptic element to being and we and we have to face that

► 02:48:23

confronted and deal with it properly and

► 02:48:29

and the wrong way to deal with it is to is to is to generate more hell than Heaven I suppose and then to do that consciously and people do that all the time too there's never a situation it's so bad that there isn't something you can do to make it worse and there's very seldomly a time when you're not motivated at some level of your being to put the knife in and twist it just one more quarter turn people are like that and we have reason life is hard it's no wonder people get corrupted by it it's not an easy thing to to live

► 02:49:06

it's not an easy thing to live let's say in the truthful matter about the alternative the alternative is hell I mean part of the reason that I made these videos to begin with was because and I learned a lot about the importance of spoken truth as a as a as the countervailing force against tyranny and authoritarianism it isn't an alternative political structure that's the counter waiting for us it's it's this it's spoken truth that's the counter bailing for explain why would I put my job on the line to have an opinion about compelled pronounce I know why

► 02:49:43

because the ability to speak your truth is the bulwark against hell

► 02:49:49

and losing your job that's nothing that's nothing compared to

► 02:49:55

where is things can go when they go badly for me it was just preventative

► 02:50:01

it's like this isn't going in a good direction while should you take a risk it's like you don't have that choice

► 02:50:07

your silent that's a risk know most people don't understand the risks of Silence I happen to understand the risks of songs because I've been studying them for 40 years is it frustrating for you to get so little support for these actions and 4 for your your protests

► 02:50:27

well I wouldn't say that that's what happened I don't mean so little support because you get a lot of support outside of the end of the University it's okay I mean it's it's disappointing in the same way that it's disappointing for me to say I think the universities now do more harm than good that's disappointed but

► 02:50:48

but it it doesn't it's not surprising to me it isn't as if intellectuals are characterized by an intrinsic moral superiority it's like no there's no evidence for that

► 02:51:04

intelligence and and moral wisdom art the same thing I can if you are corrupt and smart all that makes you is way more treacherous it doesn't make you less likely to be corrupted just makes you more you're 50 snakes instead of 2 or you're 56 headed snakes instead of two like I've had clients who were but very serious personality disorders are very intelligent that's not necessarily a good thing for them they're just better at arguing for their pathology to themselves that is a real problem where people automatically assume that intelligent people are going to be healthy

► 02:51:43

yeah well they're healthy in the softest psychologic better in the world you know because more successful right I mean let me tell you a story man one time I have this client this woman was just ruined she look like a street person you know and she had very dirty clothes and she was so shy that she couldn't even approach you she had to Shield her eyes from you as if you were admitting light and she did that to everyone on the street but she was bent over and and and and humble like a like a Chinese peasant brought before the emperor you know I'm. One of the things I was doing with her and behavior therapy was trying to just get her to present herself in the morn normal manner so that people wouldn't shy away from her and you know be instantly prejudiced towards her and then she come to the behavior therapy clinic

► 02:52:35

and she wasn't bright this woman she think she had only had like a 7th grade education she was quite intellectually impaired and she lived with her her sick and who was who was schizophrenic and who had a like a satanically possessed alcoholic boyfriend that was always tormenting my client she lived in absolute hell but she had this dog and she used to take it out and walk the dog all the time and then she she actually come to the behavior therapy clinic partly because of her own problem but but she come to this place called the Douglas hospital and she's being an inpatient in the Douglas Hospital in the Douglas Hospital the release long-term psychiatric clients and they look like something out of a Hieronymus Bosch painting or Dante's Inferno I mean these people were this is way worse than One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest these people are seriously destroyed and they couldn't be let back on the streets during deinstitutionalization like they were lifers and she had decided that part of the reason she wanted to come to the hospital because she had me an institution

► 02:53:35

is there and she thought that maybe when she took her dog out for a walk she could go and get one of those damn inmates and take them out for a walk to

► 02:53:45

now that was a person who is immoral

► 02:53:48

dumb as a post just screwed in 50 different directions nothing going for her and she had the bloody moral capacity to decide that there was someone worse off than her and believe me that wasn't easy to find it maybe she could do them some good if if the hospital would letter which they didn't buy the way

► 02:54:08

yeah well that's the story of the Soul that's not the intellect that's for sure

► 02:54:12

so so I didn't expect any support from my

► 02:54:17

from my colleagues

► 02:54:19

and it isn't that I don't care if I got it but it's in some sense it's a relevant it's irrelevant to me because my goal was

► 02:54:31

I'm not saying those God damn pronouns

► 02:54:34

and the reason I'm not saying I'm just because they're made up by left-wing idiot logs and I don't like left-wing ideology I don't like hitting ology. And I know where

► 02:54:46

collection of speech leads and I'm not going there and you know one of the things I tried to learn when I was taking apart what happened in our sweats and trying to put myself in the position of the North Woods Camp guard which by the way you can do is use your imagination to bed I wouldn't call it exactly the world's most Pleasant meditative experience but you can call up parts of yourself that would be capable of taking someone who just got off a transport train and having them carry a hundred pound sack of wet salt from one side of the camp compound to the other in back you can conjure that part of yourself up if you want and I'll teach you something about what you're like

► 02:55:25

people don't do it because it's too frightening but I know perfectly well that I could do that sort of thing and so once I learned that I could do that sort of thing and maybe that I could even enjoy it I thought okay fine I get it I'm going to see if I can figure out how to live so that if that opportunity was presented to me I wouldn't take it

► 02:55:43

and I think that's the lesson that people need to learn from the 20th century it's like that's what human beings did okay well we're all human okay so how is it that we should live so that we don't do that again

► 02:55:54


► 02:55:56

part of that is to try to say the truth

► 02:56:00

no matter what because the alternative is worse and it is worse

► 02:56:06

the truth no matter what and that is the real problem that you see with being forced into using these made up pronouns what I say I'm not saying your words and being compelled to say your words by law in my estimation and I've seen some criticisms were people are saying you know he's talking about this but really he's grandstanding cuz no one's doing anything legally but the potential exists that's what time is one of the put it in the hate speech category

► 02:56:50

it's as simple as that and then you could say while knowing we didn't really mean it it's like oh yeah you did he really meant it to of the social justice Warriors that have debated be the last 2 months accuse me directly of hate speech

► 02:57:01

I want you to do is poke them a tiny bit and they came right out with it and then the University's legal team reviewed everything I said carefully believe me and they decided that it was not only illegal to not use these compelled pronounce it was probably illegal to make a video saying that I wouldn't use them because otherwise why would they write me a warning letter and tell me that I violated University policy on the Ontario Human Rights Act the idea that I was going to be teaching in January again cuz I teach on my undergraduate courses from January to me that was on the table and I think the only reason that it hasn't happened one of the reasons it hasn't happened and I'm not attributing nothing but malevolence to the University Administration cuz obviously it's very complicated and they did agree to host the debate for example but the idea that I wouldn't be teaching and

► 02:58:00

Dia that I wouldn't be teaching in January and still might not be isn't this by no means

► 02:58:01

and still might not be isn't this by no means

► 02:58:07

that was a perfectly plausible outcome and had this not caused a firestorm much of which has emerged in support of me then I would say there was a 50-50 chance that I would have had my teaching privileges revoked Tab and other professors so the idea that I'm making a I like that this is a tempest in a teapot it's like yeah okay fine why do you change the criminal code dead and why do you put it on to the hate speech laws exactly

► 02:58:37

so no doesn't wash

► 02:58:40

can I do in the fundamental proof of that is University's response because for sure their legal Team Crafted those letters

► 02:58:41

can I find a metal proof of that is University's response because for sure their legal Team Crafted those letters

► 02:58:49

it always like recalcitrant employer responsible for okay what are you do with the recalcitrant avoid you write them a letter telling them what they're doing wrong and ask them to stop then if they don't stop you write them a second letter that's more strongly then if they don't stop you write them a third letter even more strongly worded then you take disciplinary action that's like HR 101 that's how you do it

► 02:59:12

so so here we sit at the end of November closing on December you're literally a bit more than a month away and you don't know whether or not you're teaching your courses in January

► 02:59:29

it seems highly probable that I'll be teaching them I wouldn't say it's certain but if I'm teaching them it's because the cost of having me not teach them would now be too high it's not because the university believes that what I'm doing is either necessary or acceptable if someone who's listening to this or watching this feels compelled to act out in your support how can they do that

► 03:00:00

I think they could do the future authoring exercise

► 03:00:04

and that would be the best way to add that you're dead serious about this is like sort yourself out sort yourself out before you try to touch your most important thing that you can do sort yourself out when someone pushes you a little farther than you should go you can say no and you know what's going on now I think that's outstanding advice that's very very important advice and I think this has been one of my favorite podcast however I really appreciate you coming on I appreciate everything you've done I appreciate you having the courage to stick your neck out and I appreciate all so you're incredibly well thought-out Arguments for the for those actions so thank you thank you how do people get ahold of your YouTube page what is your YouTube page what's the address Jordan Peterson videos on YouTube and Twitter

► 03:01:04

and that is Jordan Jordan Peterson

► 03:01:15

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all right lot lot happening good stuff love you guys big kiss