#1449 - Bryan Callen

Mar 27, 2020

Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts “The Fighter & The Kid” podcast. 

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my guest today is one of my best friend's I have known him about as long as any human being that I talked to I love him to death he's a very special person one of the most unique people I know and hilarious please give it up for the Great and Powerful Bryan Callen

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The Joe Rogan Experience trained by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day hehe there we are my mighty was shooter well dude my ears are covered for the second time today I'm just going to say that and I'ma ask me an idea and asked me what you what you a shooter it's funny I'm at a you an operator tactical shooter bro I'm a tactical so you ever done we did we went to Taryn tactical today and yeah Bryan Callen

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the ins and outs learn how to lean forward and some Navy SEAL instruction as well yeah how to hold a pistol kraler yeah how'd you feel I love it fun right I've been doing it in my head Forever on your head it doesn't really work as a Hearst I've rehearsed killing a gang many times hold on Shore lean and kicking when I go like this why don't you shoot him in the knee and rehabilitate them that's such a good idea I think because they don't have any Targets if they had just a bunch of have a little tiny Targets on the ground while I hid its I

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like because I'm like what am I shooting baby I was gonna say they're the size of a toddler yeah it's weird I'm like all right so I gotta kill the toddler with one shot kid with a missile and I yeah I was pretty accurate with that that's kind of sick but yeah that's a good idea I could either waste them or Wing them yeah I Wing them and then take them in and it's teach them the error of their ways yeah the end they'll be loyal to you I toss them an herbal and herbal remedy an herbal wrap likes it Steven Seagal had in that one movie where he's in a coma for

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and yeah then he was kicking everybody's ass a couple days later I don't care how many says that shit was factual will do remember that movie very well it's caught in a zone no no you're way out of line well Above the Law is the first movie yeah this was deep into this color what color the gravity gun nurse yeah he already gotten fat by this time he had hey that's where he ran terribly he always runs terribly yeah but in the early movies he was skinny and above the law he was skinny but then by the time we got this other movie where he's in a coma forever like Look whose fingers move

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he's waking up look awesome actually wasn't wasn't too fat one too fat he looks great there but he'd already did you know started to fill in his hair and so then he was in a coma forever and then gets out of the coma remember starts doing all sorts of Chinese herbs and shit become a battle see he was pretty skinny back that he was so this is early in the career

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yeah he kills himself yeah I would but that I would you I would throw them in herbal wrap and tell them how to wrap it and then say training begins tomorrow at dawn and then you wake them up yeah hey man fuck you fuck you fuck you and I be on Horseback for no reason really yeah and horses why why do you always because there's something very masculine you have where you're on a horse it's my entire act it's my direct I

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I just have this there a couple things I want to do before I die one is to toss somebody in herbal wrap and say training begins tomorrow or be there tomorrow and I want to rehabilitate at-risk youth but they're like 20 and then I want to rear up on a horse mmm we're up on a horse but I want to appear out of nowhere rear up on a horse and rescue a group of women in the wilderness group of women in the wilderness what are they in the wilderness for they got

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lost where they hikers they were their plane went down nobody got hurt but it skidded along the glacial Lake down yeah glue scooter they said we can't find them it's impenetrable it's impenetrable and then you gonna go fuck fetch fetch the fetch the man Panther the man pee on its menu should have did you know about this guy is named as dick Prana Chi and he was a guy who lived in Alaska

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a by himself in a cabin that he built for decades yeah and he moved out there when it's 50 years old he got tired of life and just the way everything was the fast pace of modern life so this guy decided this guy amazing videos on YouTube this guy built his own house out there in Alaska fashioned it out of logs there's like a video of him doing

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doing the whole thing filmed everything was filmed all of his interactions with animals hmm Birds would come and land on his hand and he would kill them oh yeah he was you he literally is you splitting wood stoic by himself and wrote you know me stoic and real solitary yeah and you know real measured with his words of course and it's everything you want to be huh and he would sit and every night he would write and he would write about his experiences and the the Deep satisfaction that he got off a

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that kind of life right doesn't it make some amazing videos pull up one of the videos you can watch how this guy is living his life out there but you know we would only see people like once or twice a year when they would drop off goods and things that he needed but this guy was you know he wasn't a spring chicken he moved out there when he was in his 50s wow yeah and when was this I want to say he had to wait back because move back with his brother I want to say in the early 2000s somewhere around

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and then I looks like 16 millimeter film yeah yeah I'll do it he lived out there for decades like I said Yeah by himself and know your shit to be out there by yourself huh well I think most of it he learned once he got there and he talked about it he talked about what the experience was like about just you know learning how fatiguing in his to hike oh yeah learning how fatiguing it is to gather up your own firewood and he made most of his own tools are right there he's making a mallet himself he drill drills a hole in it with a

► 00:13:46

hand auger and then he makes his own Peg and he only brought in tools to make tools and the big tools like that he made all of himself and amazing and what do you live on just deer meat I mean yeah elk meat deer meat berries he got some oatmeal and stuff you know some dry goods that he would he would get in large batteries come in and touch base periodically they would come to him people would fly out to him with Goods but I mean

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then he built all this shit by himself he built his whole cabin by himself and he documented every step of the way amazing his name is pregnant PR oen any ke dick Prem Ki alone in the wilderness is the whole series on YouTube and he's on the side of a lake with this this cabin that he built living off of animals that he hunted and firewood and you know whatever food that he gathered I'm

► 00:14:46

just with this now yes I got this coronal thing caught me with my pants down yeah I want here's what I want I want a I want to substantial cabin made of thick logs or stone and then I want it near a lake or a water source may be preferably a well yeah that I can irrigate my own crops you have crops I'm going to check our tiny chickens really need a garden you don't need crops ask you I need a garden is it just you yes well it might be me and my several several lady friends

► 00:15:16

my lady friends because I'm going to start my own colony so I have to breed you understand okay I need I need a lot of hair and beard die cause I want to stay looking young what if they come up with something that reverses you an inch now you're talking my language how old would you even seen Claire will actually have a cabin on the side he'd be right next to you doing experiments I'm gonna have his fucking lab and I'm going to be his guinea pig yeah you'd be the guy yeah David come out come on out and I'll just go Tyson Tyson with all the girls he'd cut mom he's not into that he's married man leave me alone all right

► 00:15:46

he'd like to come out staying out and pal around for a few days is a fun guy he seems like a good guy he's a great guy yeah and he's brilliant and he's brilliant in the field that's very important he's what do you mean you're getting old that's right yeah that's right you want to be dick print a key we had to escape your your Wilderness again and again I again tooled there a couple things one more thing I want to do is I want to split with my shirt off while I have women watch me through the window of my log cabin as they're baking me a pie and

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I know this is a chauvinistic fantasy it sounds like it don't worry you saw a real piece of shit on the other thing I want to do before I die is I want to have a horse I'm so attached to that I can go and and then it just shows up so sort of like Brad Pitt's pitbull in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood correct I'd kill for one of those that pit bull was Battle is fucking great that thing just fucking I'm the new what to do when to do it yeah yeah they don't use the cops I heard don't use Mastiffs even that wireless could

► 00:16:46

you didn't let go yeah they don't like to let go then you got a major lawsuit on you and Cameron house bite your fucking hand well I was watching the fucking video of a guy in San Diego got arrested by the cops the cops couldn't get the German Shepherd off his arm the German Shepherds clamped on his guys form this guy screaming and they're pulling on the dog and the dogs pulling on the meat of his own dog you don't pull on bro they were an industry and choking the dog apparently they thought this guy was a bad person and they were letting his dog chew this guy's arm up and you get permanent nerve damage yeah I mean it's just

► 00:17:16

just devastating to the tissue and your for I've seen video of it where I saw I said to the cop showed him I said why didn't that guy was this giant a wall he went AWOL just try and he used to be a special forces guy and he just went crazy and they let that dog loose on cuz I had two cops was fighting off they let this this wolf that's fucking wolf loose and grab the dude on the top of his army of huge arms like Brendan Schaub like big on grab grabbed the guy and the guy just out in the middle of his crazed he

► 00:17:46

up the dog and then just went they froze and went down and I said why is he punching he goes because you shut down because when he bit that arm that arm went numb you can't use that arm well Donna look the more pain the excruciating pain of German shepherd biting in your arm yeah oh not good or real wolf that well that's not you can't train them now you got yourself a problem of course they're not interested in listening they're not interested luck getting a wolf to attack okay there's not

► 00:18:16

in a fucking peep out of out of a wolf and I'm talking about a timber wolf not a peep who is mr. mountain lion okay mr. Miller how that works mountain lions Versa will tell you how exactly how ready yeah the wolf dies really that's right have you ever seen it that there's a video of it first of all really yep well-known verse a wolf now this brings back by the way wolf tries to get over at mountain lion gets under that under the old jawline guess the neck yeah and by the way God is holds on with those claws

► 00:18:46

that's right they have claws yeah and it's more athletic it's a hundred and fifty pound hundred and forty pound hundred thirty pound like good luck with that and there's they fight solo they don't need a bunch of pussies and back on you low they go fucking low like a lion there's no and there's no sound there's a great video of a water buffalo charging a lion a male lion and the male line literally Waits until the water buffalos closing the distance then Ducks under and grabs ahold of it by the neck and just hangs on yeah wow actually

► 00:19:16

might not have been a water buffalo it might have been something else like I was a cow some some other rugged animal is a rugged animal yeah I forget which animal was but the animal makes a rush at the line like hey fuck you and the lines like no fuck you because they're Ducks under and one of the problems when you have a game reserve is that if you have a product liance you are going to pay so much money keeping that that Reserve stalked because a Prada Lions goes through you know crazy

► 00:19:46

meet every single day every other day so they will decimate they'll go through a whole herd of buffalo well that was an issue after the dentist the dentist shot that line with the name yeah remember that line with the middle Cecil and then do you know that they were worried that Cecil's brother Jericho was killed but no worries it was a line that didn't have a name so we're so close literally I read an article that were being serious about that so we're being serious there was a real concern that Cecil's brother Jericho had also been killed

► 00:20:16

but turned out not to be true like drug is if it's the real lion king anyway when when they killed that Lyin when that dentist killed that line well they then after that had this this thing this International outcry or nobody wanted to go there and hunt lions because they didn't want to be the next guy that gets targeted but like that dentist so because of that they had a slaughter a large number of lines I'm sure find out how they all to do most people do

► 00:20:46

have any idea what it is to sustain I'm just the number was crazy with something like I remember was 50 or 500 yeah but it's like they had to kill them and instead of getting fifty thousand dollars per lion like they're accustomed to getting when people because they have all these lines the lines of decimated the undulate population of course is no one's killing the lines anymore it's like elephants so now without a fence you can't move a one like a member of the herd or two members elephants have to be moved as a heard otherwise they go nuts right

► 00:21:16

so there the females rule the roost but you can't just take like three elephants from that heard and then move them over to the game you got to take them all otherwise they really get fucked up yeah they love each other they love each other yeah but then also when you call elephants which you have to do in Kruger National Park and things like that why do they have a mic because they get too destructive they just get too many of them and they just wait lay waste to the vegetation it's becomes an imbalance so the problem is that they were like you can't shoot them from helicopters anymore Jeeps whatever because you know that's and they would kill the whole herd

► 00:21:46

because you can't just kill a couple right because they go and then they can't do anything with the ivory because Ivory trades illegal correct so then they store that so then you make you jack up the price of ivory which they do the same thing with Rhino horn but but so what now they try to do is they try to sterilize the females right they'll try to bring good luck with that that's a lot of fun yeah that's really difficult to do as well you know they're trying to do that on the Hamptons they're trying to do that with dear they're trying to give the the female deer

► 00:22:16

or birth control just let the mask fucking shoot dead loads into them yeah go ahead and shoot the deer I'll eat them well that's what they should do yeah yeah I mean but they didn't they decided for whatever goofy reason that what they were going to do is try to give them birth control and they were going to spend countless amounts of dollars to get birth control into dear I like how you going to cat what are you gonna do you know how many there are I quit apparently it's they're infested out there what after watching tiger

► 00:22:46

can't what is your take on keeping tigers as pets it's ridiculous first of all I only watched one half of one episode I had a pause I had a pause Jamie and I were getting NAD IV drips which is pretty fucking amazing what is NAD that's the stuff that David Sinclair was talking about well let's get in tight age right on the uh yeah the NAD train O'Brien might be a little cheap it's expensive yeah costs costs a pretty penny I want to live forever okay what what talk afterwards okay I don't know I've done

► 00:23:16

to and I feel pretty good you feel any different Jamie I could probably stab ya feel pretty good in around inside yeah but it feels like the second one really took it over the top what a second one I have more energy I've been I feel like really vibrant feel great but when it's hard to tell what does that mean I'm sleeping eight hours a day I'm staying at home with my family and not travel on the road you know I mean it's like how am I sure this is it but apparently scientifically it's provable right lengthens your telomeres actually decreases your

► 00:23:46

school age wow it's been proven David Sinclair said that NAD HGH and there was one other DHEA those three things in combination have been shown to reverse your biological age yeah crazy so we try I'm like look while this shit's going down I want to keep my immune system at fucking Tip-Top Magoo as Joey Diaz would say tip time ago what a great is Joey Diaz ever but it's just one of those things where

► 00:24:16

there's you know there's a few different scientific advances that they can absolutely show that will decrease your biological age and show that there's an increase in Your vitality your ability to recover all these different things so I'm getting in on all that well then the tiger came back to that but yeah you know you had 227 tigers as pets they live in today live in a fucking cage and and and then he had chimps chimps should never be kept in a cage I'm a fuck what anybody says yeah I said certain things I just don't think

► 00:24:46

be if you're if it's a professional Zoo like San Diego and they haven't been taught I agree and then it's disturbing at least kids get to see them and educates you know the general population but when you've got 10,000 tigers as pets yeah yeah I don't know man it's been remember my bit from triggered from 2016 I loved your ol original tiger bit oh that was a I've said so many times it's one of the greatest ever you can make the argument for very much who Tigers fucking was one of the

► 00:25:16

the greatest bits ever you should do it you should know that fucking bed dude it's on I don't think that that is all raising you should do that bit you should revive that bit and you should you should tape it and you should put it out there it's let me say it again I've been I know comedy doing is long time it is top three bits of all time that's very nice of you but it is but it's some I think it's might be on an audio recorder out it was much as it was the first

► 00:25:46

so for some visuals all that that again that's all I'm going to be dead someday he'd that bit gets destroyed in audio over gotta see them fucking visual you have to see the visual dude when you're making the noises that was the first bit that I ever did where I realize like you have to kind of become the thing yeah like you got to become the thing like I would make noises like try to be me still but then I realized oh I just gotta be calm like a tiger fucking that's what I love about certain bits like for me I

► 00:26:16

I did a thing about having an abusive father who was a piano teacher don't ask and I talked about his mustache mustache but long the bristles were so thick they belong on the back of a born under a man's nose and I go in this whole character and I love to lose myself into that character when I do that that English that English super villain yes like I just fucking talking it's so fun to get lost in that character because you could think like that person like that must be the appeal of like a guy like a Daniel Day-Lewis or of course you know

► 00:26:46

who can really encapsulate you know they do something where they become that yeah they become that yeah they're not you know and some people never do that they're just always acting like oh here's that guy acting in a movie I know who he is yeah there he's acting and then some people just become Jeffrey Tambor who's one bunch of Emmys for you know transparent on it he said that he for him was about shoes he'd have to figure out what kind of shoes like he'd have to feel it first in his feet which

► 00:27:16

makes sense oh wow like when you wear sneakers or you wear leather-soled shoes you feel different you're not as secure and leather-soled shoes you are happy become more formal when your toes are pushed together you know when you're constrained like that it's a weird thing thing but it does change you yeah you can't even move good and no Schultz old shoes are slippery correct so if that's what if you see people I can tell a lot about somebody by their Footwear if they're wearing sandals typically I can tell you what their political

► 00:27:46

so about me those are those are those are dad sneakers I don't give a fuck game over and I do what I want Joe Rogan You Don't Know Jack shit now I like trail run I know what they are what are they their trail run these are Solomon's they're excellent she is speed cries I know all about them because I'm running hills were these see that when we were going to go hunting with vanilla I know all about those subtraction they're awesome so just read yeah so if you're going to go up like slippery terrain this gives you grip I'm all I'm running trails bro

► 00:28:16

also you're like I don't care and I'll just wear this little bit that also there's no shoelaces correct so I go like this I sent him time yep very put it in here very easy I tuck it in there ye shall we go to the airport really easy with these onto you know who's never given ball with us you know who's never getting caught Brian count nope I'll do it I don't give a fuck but when I show them to him what's he almost threw up yes yes I wear these all the time can't handle it no I wear these I wear Chuck's yeah but when I if I'm doing anything in dirt they're

► 00:28:46

a middle ground between wearing a boot yeah you know like if you're a great why we're I'm hunting sometimes yeah those are I looked at those found yeah a lot of guys in elk hunting in particular because you're so mobile you're constantly chasing these massive herds and you're moving around going through you have to come out hunting with yeah never been elk hunt I need the meter beeping to me well I have plenty of meat for you I have the meat for you listen you've seen me shoot you see me how I was doing my targets just dot dot dot dot dot dot yeah just a couple hours ago just not dot dot dot dot dot dot you seem like

► 00:29:16

you were born for it now that I go get down that's he knows how I said that I didn't hear that how do your plugs in the oh I was on radio get down also you have a you say things in a way that only people around you can hear that's true you don't you have the right amount of projection so the enemy never hears I speak cryptically Andy stuff and he's down for I did is a partisan he had me he want to see what kind of a tactical asshole I am and he asked me if watch video of it you know form shirt oh yeah clear not cleared hot he was on lat

► 00:29:46

podcast I love him the best the best and he had me like look at like different movie scenes and break down what was wrong I was wrong all I was completely wrong about everything I thought I thought that when you shot a gun with a suppressor it was like that's pretty pretty loud pretty that you've never shot a gun with a surprise her I have actually in Utah but it's loud it was wearing earphones your ears so I couldn't but it's nothing like oh like a rifle know like when we were hunting

► 00:30:15

in Prince of Wales I had that gun with a muzzle brake so loud yeah it's a seven millimeter Remington Ultra Magnus it's a very loud gun that's so loud outside it can hurt your they save you I'd they say if you're too close to that it you can do damage her as permanent a hundred percent yeah my one of my friends there was a guy who shot near him shot too close to his ear some he was he's a guide and this guy apparently like went to swing like the the animal was

► 00:30:46

spy like he's here the animals close by or something something happen we shot really close to his head and blew his ears out now he only has a hearing aids damn yes we're hearing aids because you're you're that rifle that trigger is so sensitive it's a yeah the idea is they don't want you pulling hard but the different people have different theories on that it's the same with archery with archery some people like a very sensitive trigger and some people like a trigger that's very hard to pull so that you

► 00:31:15

you can't just jerk on it because you have to pull pull pull pull bang then it goes off you know like when you when you shoot archery it's very interesting but you would think like say if you have like a wrist strap with a trigger on it you would think that when you draw back you go like that yeah but you two you would use your finger to hit the trigger but I'll actually don't some people do some people actually can do and shoot it like campaigns does it that way shoots very well that way but campaigns is a psychopath is it different human being

► 00:31:46

most people there's something about that thing that starts a Flinch in anticipation Flinch it doesn't with him but some people to get a thing called Target Panic so to get away from Target Panic what they do is instead of pulling the trigger you wrap your finger around the trigger and the trigger stiff like you can and then you use your back muscles so then then you aim and you go like this you just pull with your back muscles and it goes off without without you even moving your finger huh so once I would hook my finger on it my fingers in place and then I'm just pulling and pop it goes

► 00:32:15

off it's nice yeah is it's a crossbow does have more range crossbow is basically a shitty gun it is just get a gun yeah what are you doing you're not an Archer know what you do and you got a shitty gun to shitty gun you think you and Walking Dead you dead guy with the motorcycle yes listen that that whole Walking Dead thing is so fraught with Peril first of all how come there's no pass-throughs you're shooting into these mushy zombie heads it goes right in there why doesn't blow out the other side yeah it would wouldn't it fuck yeah I would blow through and

► 00:32:46

look really yes she's a hundred percent those things are going fucking 500 feet of sack which is why I told Annie stump he should they should the Special Forces should have a crossbow division they should not they should not but also these doesn't even have real tips those crossbows either using field tips it's basically a pencil point it's like poking you in making a hole in you it's not going to kill you oh it's what I mean they'll Sprout the cross was not going to kill you with those tips on it it's a little hole it'll make a little pencil whole little

► 00:33:15

go through you and your body would seal up the wounds that true yes so you could shoot me with a crossbow with one of those arrows would be fucked up yeah but you would live huh but if I shot you unless he's in my heart yeah that would probably kill you but like one of your lungs he probably live but if you shot someone with a crossbow that had a real broad head on it brought head with slice you wide open like a samurai sword right through your whole body God damn yeah that's what it's like so easy to kill why are human being so easy to kill well because we're smart we have

► 00:33:46

weapons true that's how nature balances it out right Turtles are stupid as fuck that's why they have that awesome cage over their whole bodies true that's true and that's what it is yeah look there's a balance to things you know that's and we respect that balance and we also we want that balance to exist in everything that's why if we see a hot girl we wanted to be stupid correct that's why perfect people get caught with their pants down when you think a hot girl was stupid and it turns out to be very intelligent perhaps more intelligent than you well with the speaking of that when I saw

► 00:34:15

that we met the director of John Wick today yes and he's a handsome athletic lookin fella he's a good-looking guys doesn't look like a director to be a stuntman he was a kick boxer and a Muay Thai guy but he's used to be Keanu Reeves stunt double I guess yeah but I looked at him and I was like well this dude looks like a stud he's kind of like a silvery Fox he's getting older is like my our age but I thought to myself guy looks like a real athlete it must be a you know you will definitely fit meanwhile a fucking a big director yeah Annie comes there and shoot all

► 00:34:45

I'm part of time you sit down they did twice a week dude it's such a great thing to have and it's also really fun it's like you're just shooting metal targets and everything like that but it's fun it's there's something it's the same thing with archery the same thing with a lot of stuff they have to focus on you focus and then you execute and if you do it properly there's like sort of the meditative aspect to it which sounds crazy to say that shooting guns with earplugs on and very meditation very yeah there is

► 00:35:16

because because it's like anything else I like getting comfortable and familiar with things that scare me yes I like getting comfortable and familiar with violence I actually do know what I mean yeah because whether it's hunting whether it's boxing whether it's Jiu Jitsu but I like I like working at those things and putting myself in uncomfortable positions that because when you go to a shooting range like it's your first time like with me with that kind of tactical thing it's always gonna be a little uncomfortable because you're the new guy you don't know what the fuck you're doing you don't know how to unload

► 00:35:45

magazine it's just going to be mechanical and present and this going to be a process but there's something about being in this strange location with that those loudness that you can become very familiar with and pretty soon you get good at that shit and now you're now you're actually you don't look like a complete idiot least you can kind of like start to you know be familiar with that language yeah I think that's in personally for me I think that shit's important well it's important to it'll definitely make you less scared there's one of the weirdest

► 00:36:15

things is watching an altercation break out and then watching men get scared like men who don't know how to defend themselves or men that are not used to being around violence getting scared that's right yeah and and that's going to happen it's exactly like getting punched in the face if you're not boxing and getting hit I'm promise you I don't care who you are when you get hit you should get Jack what you're going to do is you're going to look down and you're going to bring your hands to your face that's what you're going to do you're going to go oh shit or you gonna do this or that and then you're a

► 00:36:45

then you're in yeah and it's not until you really practice whatever it is that you can see and kind of you know I'm not saying I'm there but that's your at least less apt to less likely to put yourself in a position of danger you know it yes exactly like what Jiu-Jitsu right once when you grab somebody what do they do like I'll grab grab boxers have never had any wrestling great boxer Bannock they turn we turn it back or like I was missing out showing my friend how he's a great Box about showing him how vulnerable he is with even an idiot like me grabs them grabbed him took him to the ground and

► 00:37:15

wrapped I put a body Locker on his body and what did he do he reached out for my ankles here you go and I just want you to see what happens it was it was anybody would do that yeah so well I think it's good just to learn because it's difficult and because it tests you emotionally and physically yeah and and even the shooting stuff does especially because we're around these guys who are you know terrans are real world-class competitive shooter and he's showing us his stuff and then we go

► 00:37:45

do it it looks so awkward and Goofy like when you put yourself in a situation where you suck at something it's really good for you it's good to suck at things and try to get better at them with anything it whatever it is whether it's learning how to play chess with it's whatever it is learning how to do something learn how to play tennis whatever the fuck it is when you learn how to do something you suck at it first and you have to concentrate on getting better that thing of getting better translates to other aspects of your life and it's a skill getting better at stuff as a skill it

► 00:38:15

doesn't mean that because yours is a mindset yeah but it's it doesn't mean to because you're good at archery you'll be good at learning how to play the piano but if you can get good at learning how to play the piano you can get good at archery yes because it's there's a thing in there of learning how to learn well that's that's a learning how to learn a lot of times is as simple as once you learn how to do one thing well they said that's why one thing informs the other I think what happens is if you're in a new situation like we were today you get better at least I'm better at getting out of my own way

► 00:38:45

yeah you get better at not overthinking you get better at relaxing it's the same a lot of times it's the same body position it's the same weight distribution sometimes it's it's very similar like a lot of these things have their similar language but mainly they're also a similar mindset just put yourself in that softer that softer beginner's mind that idea of kind of like you know just just don't just open up open your mind and just just let it come to you well it's also accepting that you don't know things a lot of men in particular are

► 00:39:15

really bad at learning stuff because they always they want to think that they know already so even when you tell them stuff they want to thank they'd know yeah I got it I got it and so well because men are natural problem solvers I have a joke about that where I say I don't know anything about cars nothing but if there's a woman on the side of the road with her Hood up looking at her engine I'll make suggestions and it's Trend I've done that like I'll be like well check the spark plug and I don't know yeah well today with

► 00:39:45

you good luck no one knows what's going on in there you ever see what it looks like when they open up a brand new night like nine nine to 2020 Porsche the hood pull up opening up the hood on a 2020 Porsche it's the most ridiculous thing ever really it you have no idea what anything is yep no you know IQ and there's a lot of I have no idea what's in there I have no idea you can't see anything you get you get this much of a view why the ended oh yeah

► 00:40:15

The View into when you open up the back has a rear-engine car a Porsche was most probably the most sophisticated technologically advanced cars ever built right because they've been refining the design since the 1960s pop up the rear trunk and look inside of the engine or it's not trunk it's the hood whatever look inside of the engine you don't know what the fuck that is it's to fans you see two fans that's CCC to fans she's yeah what's going on there I don't know better take it to a place with computers will you need

► 00:40:45

fucking right you need software to knit up launching yeah you have to it's literally have to they have to plug a machine into it with which analyzes the system God damn and then the machines the owner has fucking this is fucked and that's fucked in this is falling apart when are they going to do that with people yeah soon really yeah you have inside info well here's the problem once the first guy gets his legs cut off and gets awesome new legs put on then we're going to have a real problem because people are going to take your legs off oh

► 00:41:15

oh yeah you got a better let me Joe Rogan better legs I can't wait till I get to call when you're 80 I'll get new legs dude what kind of cut off I'm gonna buy and I you know me I'll be like I don't know Joe's pull sighs no you go fuck off like a turkey leg pop goddamn is pull them off and put some new ones on there well I mean we were talking about this guy do you see any photos of it

► 00:41:39

if a video nothing was new at all there are really old old it's a 9 9 2 Porsche 919 to is the 2020 model if Nine-Nine to Porsha under the hood all right what should taking a Porsche you should really please I've been trying to begging you for any I deserve I a real car yes I mean I have a Tesla that's a real car yeah that's a great great well that's new for you to say I love that you still drive here love it it's right here I drive it all down great

► 00:42:09

it's the fastest thing I've ever driven by far I have a bunch of sports cars to make a lot of noises but they're like they're like guys who put like fucking headbands on and weightlifting belt and then some girl who's a crossfitter goes right next to and deadlifts twice the weight that's what the that's what the tassel is it's it's soft and subtle and twice as fast I love it I love your whatever that is Land Cruiser oh yeah the grants Toyota yeah it's almost Drive really well oh yeah dark rides

► 00:42:38

and it's got a supercharged Corvette engine in Oh okay that's you that's a side section of the car though yeah see that's a different because that's actually there they cut the car in half so that you can look into it I think that's actually even an artist rendering it's ok Jimmy we never going to find it be out at the far left right there red red the red far left left right there that's it that's it that's it that's it that's the view Go Large with that wide if you open up the trunk that's what you see come on yep that's

► 00:43:08

looks like I'll be cleaning you see under the hood that's what you see what happened there so forget it so forget it that's it so this is your your wrenches are no good here so imagine a girl pulls over I don't know what to do and she's wearing cutoff jean shorts and yeah banging booty big old squat bootie I'm saying yeah and she's looking over and you're like I've got to help her let me help you I'm Jessica what seems to be the trouble you are Captain never distracted as I just said my nickname is Brad Pitt so if you pulled over and looked at that you

► 00:43:38

no not a fucking human being has any idea what's going on so I'd say I've got the software back of my place you should get one of those though you should get one of those get yourself a nice Carrera S oh my God it's a marvelous car really oh yeah super calm and quiet they go over bumps like nothing but yet when you hit the accept like like they have the such a Supple suspension that the suspension can it's so it adjusts to matter what you're driving over especially when you're in Comfort mode expensive yes it's a fucking Porsche cheese

► 00:44:09

fry yes kind of question is that at least a hundred grand yes yeah at least I'm Grand but you need one I do right you two you're a bad influence you know I'm a good influence look we've been doing this forever okay have been doing it forever now imagine if you just listen to me yeah all those times you go you'd still be fine but you would have had this history of having amazing cars instead you had a fucking red Prius yeah forever it's red Ram welcome Batman have the or remember that Bronco that you had not backed that's pretty dope yeah you got it was it a 7

► 00:44:38

he Bronco yeah gave me nothing 1971 Bronco with a 350 Windsor or something like that yeah caused me nothing but problems you know why because it's a piece of shit if you got a really good one it would be awesome if you had a really good Rocco's a cool-looking car man when you came to my house and I was like I love you yeah you're finally getting it I know I'm like finally you're getting every time I try to be different though it's just never a you know you just never driven a Porsche if you drove if you drove in see don't want someone like Shaw ABS shot

► 00:45:08

got a GT2 RS it's too loud it hits bumps too loud it's like it is number one car oh yeah just pret who drives that car as their number one car psychos he's out of his mind it was like oh I know but it fits him I know it's perfect for him it's flashy it's blue and black way it's amazing the best like that that you don't want that color that's gross I like that color colors disgusting get us pull up a seat there's that's that Doug dimuro guy he's great race car that guy's a great

► 00:45:38

analysts of automobiles like look at that perfect black listen this car is a marvelous car yeah but you know I drive something so and well I need something for the next pandemic I need something to get I gotta I want to get an Airstream you want to Land Cruiser like mine but I need I need something I can kind of live in to I'm gonna get a call and they are extreme living you want something you can get away from everybody into you can't get away in an Airstream get a leave that thing there and I becomes a liability it's true you want something you get over land in son over land over land in it's a good

► 00:46:08

it's a whole thing they do this overlanders my Land Cruiser that was built by icon the rear seat comes out so the rear seat has these these they made it for me so there's this you just pull these levers click click pull the rear seat out you can sleep in that motherfucker if you had to spent it cost money and it costs money that's want to hire Artisans and Craftsmen and yeah and Geniuses to design things and build things for you across money but maybe just you want to get ready to write don't you want to get paid yeah they do as well yeah you got to pay them maybe a regular Land Cruiser regular winter

► 00:46:38

Chris is a great I'm cheap when it comes to cars what is that oh and that's a real over land vehicle that looks like a Dodge Ram or a Ford F 150 or so he's like what's that thing it's Dragon behind it well that's where all your shit is yeah you sleep in that and then they have these rooftop tense that's one laws hey climbing the roof top 10 let me see that Lucy the one but I want to see that one oh I need I need protection all you want the one to the left of your cursor or the gray looking thing right to the left yeah right there you just had it yeah

► 00:47:09

that's what you know look at that it looks oh man well that's fucking that's a it looks like a Ford F-350 that's what I said big as me for taking up a lot of gas so it's diesel nothing probably drives pretty it probably is a huge tank what are those three things is that three gas tanks guess it might be it might have three gas tanks fan yeah look at that thing I'm a fancy carry extra gas well we have to think differently now right I guess not press that button let's see what this thing look at it driving over fucking mom

► 00:47:38

it's and shit look at it so manly yeah I got you keep water in there you could fucking cook food in that fucking thing I got my Weaponry I got my hunting rifles I got everything he's true he's got oh my God he's bouncing over rocks with that things got rock sliders on that pig that's a pig of a being truck while you're doing that I know imagine trying to sleep you feel good though why you driving over the mountain I like that a lot yeah those are great but you could the like a van there's a company called look up his company you

► 00:48:08

off-road UJ yeah I think that's what it's called U-joint off-road and what they do is they take a van like a regular van and they turn it the has an Instagram page it's pretty cool they take a regular van like a cargo van and turn into like the ultimate 4x4 vehicle they take out all the bullshit take out all the axles and the engines redo everything and put like super beefy off-road suspension off-road like live rear and front axles have that show you that bam motherfucker drive to the moon and that

► 00:48:38

that bitch yep so that's something that normally would be like something that Amazon delivers your toothpaste down it's big enough to sleep in MO fuck yeah for sure look at that they did one with a school bus they redid a school bus I need you gotta have water you got a lot of you got a lot of there's a lot of shit I've been obsessing now my friend Sam so halt he's a photographer and he filmed does a lot of outdoor filming and stuff he I've known him for years he did a school bus he purchased a school bus

► 00:49:08

to Sam so halts Instagram page he probably has a Blog about the school bus because I mean it's an extensive build he did it for years and he took you to school bus a regular school bus turned it into this ultimate outdoor travel vehicle that can sleep like 10 people so he has cots in it and it's amazing it's amazing so labor of love hardwood floors you and I spoke about getting some land we've done this a while back we were talking about this with a with a here's the thing I didn't think of

► 00:49:38

but you thought it was very smart you get land with a large pond / Lake on it yes so you can fish yeah access to protein no matter what right then you have a garden you got to you got to be able to grow you need a well I got to irrigate I need a well I got to have my own source of water there's Sam's thing so look how the side pulls out that's fucking turns into a wall tent that's crazy the side turns into a fucking wall tent look at that shit that's amazing dude it's so dope and he brings

► 00:50:08

thing up into the back country that's great yeah it's amazing prom is a giant boss I need something a little bit more maneuver you don't want that no Sam's crazy but I mean it's awesome what about this Oscar what is it called Fisker that's have electric car what are you talking about now what is that I'm losing you know what I'm back to the old way hold on oh now you're back in Venice drinking cappuccinos I'll fucking expensive machine no no not of a bitch hold on I need we have to go look at land dude where do we do it though

► 00:50:39

Colorado or Utah not California anywhere no you want to get out of here before this place slides too many fucking fires not just fires anything can happen here look we're dealing right now with this pandemic the entire countries dealing with it tack on a natural disaster and then you're really fucked your really farter for real for real I know yeah this is a tricky Place California is tricky because it works when it works it's great but it's kind of like playing musical chairs like you know that fucking music is going to stop and everyone's going to have to

► 00:51:09

yeah like Sera chair for me yeah like am I stuck here right it's a musical chairs might be a bad analogy but the reality is this is unsustainable and we're basing all of this on a Model that really throughout human history has only been temporary and that means a model of peace and prosperity and no dependence on a level a technological Independence I mean Jesus Christ and we're counting on the grid we're counting on so many factors that have never been

► 00:51:38

permanent throughout human history they haven't existed right the grid didn't even exist until the 20th century right so in the 20th century in the time that you know people who are alive today almost we're alive the whole world is shifted and now everybody lives in these electrified cities and sewage all goes through this thing and every can go to the ocean and you're counting on so many people so many dude but on the other hand there's so many Pros to that there are but I would just like please

► 00:52:09

place I can get the fuck out of and just have like I just want to be I don't want to be a Sitting Duck my biggest fear is being vulnerable right well you remember when I moved I moved to Boulder 2008 for a little bit and the reason why I moved is like I don't like this I don't like this traffic and went and when my daughter was born to I was thinking you know what this is a good time to start fresh let's just go over there somewhere where it's quieter and more but ultimately that didn't work out

► 00:52:38

out because of altitude when my wife was pregnant with the second baby it's like goddamn like altitude Rex women when they're pregnant and we were really high we're at 8,500 feet above sea level but now I have other friends who are saying hey we need to get the fuck out of here Tom Segura was saying we need to get the fuck out of here Joey Diaz was saying where we going I was like you tell me where we're going I'm going I'll go right because like let's go to Montana let's go to fucking Billings Montana will but I'm a con like feelings I like Billings to we were in

► 00:53:08

yeah yeah when we hunted the Missouri breaks this first time ever hunt we could create it we could literally start a comedy club somewhere great oh yeah we could Boise doesn't have a comedy club from what I understand yeah it does no Boise has a club all right so Coeur d'Alene I don't know specifically nice we could for sure do a comedy club somewhere or move to a place like Salt Lake that has comedy clubs and a hundred thousand fucking people or whatever they have out there but the idea of staying here to seem so silly

► 00:53:38

why it seems so silly yeah especially well you're still in Show Business you're still sucking on the tit yes devil yes I am you've got the devil's nipple in your mouth and you still going to red carpets yeah I've also got by the fire in the kid we're not getting shop to move anywhere because I shall be like you pussies we he says that all would take is one more of these things yeah you might job would be like yeah Denver's not bad yeah you could live in Evergreen you 30 minutes from Denver yeah about that won't do that ever

► 00:54:08

you yeah it's fun yeah got Evergreens gorgeous pull up Evergreen I got it I got my kids people in Evergreen right now angry at me shut up you're gonna fucking wreck Evergreen Evergreen is beautiful it's 30 minutes from Denver and it's beautiful mountain town yeah I got some people 9,000 people 9,500 our fans yeah I imagine but what sort of comedy club in Evergreen great idea would you just get Wendy involved Wendy from the economy works that's what it looks like up there bro it's gorgeous it's

► 00:54:38

at a beautiful historically that that's what I'm talking about Brian Cowen dude Woods Delk elk herds wander through town he come on whack one of them you eat it for six months and I want to I want to German Shepherds work you can get them look at that go to pull that fucking historic downtown Evergreen that's the lake I've been to that before there's a lake and people go ice skating on the lake fucking a beautiful up there yeah that's where the kids are you know the South Park guys yeah Matt Stone and Trey Parker there from Evergreen that's what South

► 00:55:08

because based on its part of its based on that's why there's always snow in South Park it's based on Evergreen Colorado those guys are from there it's gorgeous going there Mady if you keep talking sorry this other places in Colorado but there's other places in Utah Park Cities amazing I love Park City York City's cry parents gorgeous good move great restaurants beautiful scenery is still W still dependent on the grid and it's not enough water I don't trust it well there is actually get some water doesn't trust would be fine

► 00:55:38

we feel some milk yes there's legs up there need fucking rice and oatmeal I need I need some Star Rice and oatmeal I need some yams why didn't you rice and oatmeal because I know you can grow yams huh you can grow those things yeah you need a lot of water they grow you grow them know in the ground yeah but there's not a drought in Utah it's not like it's a fucking I mean there's a reason why there's so much snow Brian that's precipitation where you can melt snow cave close but I mean it's coming down right it snows will guess what it also rains that's true yeah you can

► 00:56:08

things there you see all those trees yeah they use water yeah whenever you see a lot of woods assume there's water yeah probably right yeah but imagine crazy bitch to some look at that game look how pretty is ass what is that Jamie giant Lake God it's so beautiful like I need to like for water does that Colorado is Evergreen photo surprise oh my God it's an evergreen dude I want to be so beautiful and livability click on that what does it say about livability

► 00:56:35

don't come here ask fucks ever in Colorado what you need to know here goes looking to move to Evergreen Colorado we've got everything you want to know about the key factors that can make it the best place for you including Evergreen Colorado real estate let's start with the basics Evergreen Colorado is located in Jefferson County has a population of eight thousand six hundred eighty eight people that's that's a that's a show that's one show at a good-sized theater so true yeah

► 00:57:05

that's one show that's not even a sold-out Arena oh my God we have a cool graph below shows the city's ethnic diversity none I'll check that graph right now zero it's all white people there's one black eye and they walk and watch them closely what kind of ethnic diversity let me see the graph we're green let me see their graph

► 00:57:25

let me see the graph about the diversity this is a graph they hide the graph looked ditch the Salt Lake has lot it has a lot of throw it away Tongan and Samoan oh yeah Salt Lake is salt way I ain't Salt Lake the city surprisingly diverse I have a friend who Moved their median household income 79 Grand nice 389 grand for a house nice population 8006 so it doesn't have a diversity graph they probably ditched at one things like hate delete that oh was it say Okay says ages

► 00:57:55

it's a ethnicity white 97.5% 1.4 percent Asian Hispanic people to be 1/9 is 1 by 4's do 0.1% ethnicity other other it doesn't even say black this is other African-Americans one of the most prominent races in this country and there it's other sounds like man look it up go back to that stops growing look at that that's crazy yeah 97.5 percent White

► 00:58:25

white dude 30 minutes to Denver uh yeah 30 minutes to Denver I want to go Gorge ever but you will get snowed in bro you will oh yeah is it high elevation know the elevation 8,000 feet that's a little high it's high as fuck and you're gonna get snowed in it's not just no Timber like several feet of snow a little problem they get ain't going nowhere bitch no problem is it really don't you just get a snow blower like a goddamn man well put on a like get out like a beaver hat get rinella to make you a beer hat hacker one of them real

► 00:58:55

yes like the Mountain Man type how I want a coyote full-length coyote I know it's mean I never as I could to much like dogs they want to Coyote jacket as I mean I know it's cruel and I don't want to kill coyotes but they are very plentiful these idiots are thinking about moving wolves in the Colorado it's not about doing it right didn't didn't know moving walls into Yellowstone increase the population of everything no no it was that a lie no yes it is it is yeah watch that video oh yeah the the whole wolves

► 00:59:25

changed Rivers yes yeah a lot of the factors okay that guy didn't take into consideration in terms of moving Rivers one of the things was beavers they imported beavers into Yellowstone there's many many factors okay but they did reduce the undulant population which you could say was out of proportion what's in that Angela Angela does cows elk you know not cows yeah remnants you know animals ruminant prominence yeah animals that your parents room and Implement whatever it is I like saying ruminant yeah the animals that

► 00:59:55

to hunt deer and elk and guess who else handsome wolves bitch yeah so it changed the way the elk behave it reduced the population pretty substantially but there's still a healthy population of elk and Montana and there's healthy population of wolves and they actually hunt wolves now they hunt wolves in the lot in Idaho they had a lot of wolves in some places they're trying to resist the hunting of wolves but you got to kind of keep a balance and if you're going to bring Predators you got to realize why they killed them all in the first place they kill them all in the first place because

► 01:00:25

jurors were losing all their crops are all their cattle at rather I like I loves wolves but you can see I have pictures of wolves all of my wall out there I'm huge fan of wolves but can't raise the last night but I also am a big fan of wildlife biologists and the wildlife biologist that understand balance the real ones not the ones that are animal activists that only one animals to live and they only want everybody tofu the ones that understand that this is there's a balance from predators and prey and we missed that

► 01:00:55

balance you know that's why there's no mountain lion hunting in California and people say well that's a good thing sort of but mountain lions are still getting killed in California this is what we don't understand mountain lions get killed by state and federal agents who have to kill mountain lions because mountain lions are killing either people's dogs or cats or livestock I didn't know that all the time they kill the same amount of mountain lions they would if they had tax really yes but the difference is the money doesn't go to the state but everybody

► 01:01:25

feels good and the government feels warm and cuddly because it could somebody with a uniform is doing it they're doing it on the sneak tip instead of like some guy posing on Instagram like hugging you ever see the way they pose with Mount lines kind of fucked up they hold them up in the air to hug them it's like they did with Wolves dad let you know how big they are fucking well you know what a man they are there shot this mountain lions Delicious By the way it is according to everybody I know is now tell me it's pretty tough no no no somebody said he said it's superb that's his words said superb

► 01:01:55

he goes it's like a superior pork no yes but they they are they eat their Predator hundred percent carnivores yeah and supposedly delicious I can't think of any other animal we eat do we eat any animals that are total Converse alligator yes alligators delicious fish yeah fish are a hundred carnivores but they're not really you know the thing but but what else do we what else animal wise you don't need any birds that are carnivores but Kyle birds will eat that is interesting right yeah like we don't need Eagles well in the in the video

► 01:02:25

Eagle you're really the Old Testament and if you're a kosher Jew or if you're Islamic if you're a Muslim you're not you're not to eat things like eagles Osprey but there was a very good scientific reason for that because you would get different pathogens parasite yes yeah oh for sure anything that eats you want things that need a lot of animal the chickens eat they live on mealworm and they'll eat all kinds of shit that's true but you're also supposed to cook chicken past a hundred forty five degrees Yeah because you're killing off parasites yes and salmonella and all kinds of other shit right you know people who eat raw chicken

► 01:02:55

I'll be out of your fucking mind here are chicken talks you know what a horse will eat a chicken sometimes really uh-huh there's a video of it whoa I know Xiao zhi Birds I know what is this issue of a horse eating a fucking chick thank you thank you for doing this and then deer deer will eat up see a lot of deer eating birds Ellie Birds yeah I need that protein yeah there was a net that they use to catch birds yeah they set up this net and I think there were there were studying birds and it's a humane way to catch them to get captured in this net and

► 01:03:25

could release them from the net gently and then they could set them free uh dear would just find them in the net and eat them goddamn yeah they just pluck them out of the now interesting cattle to they know the net where the net was like oh wonderful not only taste these birds choo-choo-choo yeah here's a cow eating one two yeah we played the horse before 200 cow eating a chicken play that it's a horse eating one okay here we go this is a chicken running around oh here's a chicken oh he's feeding I'm not I'm just saying

► 01:03:55

looks like it really well yeah he's filming it horses don't fuck around my oh it's a little baby chick yeah look he's chasing that chick down um I'm looking out for you that's a wrap bitch chompa chompa chompa yeah they just recognize money protein yeah my hate that quick I just have a pit bull Patty's Patty's Pitbull Chauncey badass so I remember Tom T ah love that dog great dog and like an alligator like Jaws on fucking just with feet there's a cow and the chicken Jesus Christ

► 01:04:25

chewing it apart oh my goodness she got in here a big horse a Clydesdale that horse put his head down and ran straight at that fucking dog and Drawn to was like oh fuck yeah the size of a Clydesdale was like get the fuck out of my Chorale what do you do he literally stopped me went really put his head down and went and came to I thought she was going to die she just dodged out of the way she could have there's a horrible video of this guy is what is it called when you got a bunch of dogs pulling use it called mushing I am rushing I did

► 01:04:55

God yeah whooshing whooshing whooshing amazing Marsh do you mushy do you wish I must personally okay so this guy it's really sad this guy is getting pulled by these dogs and this moose runs in front of him and just start stomping his dogs what yeah it's terrible it's terrible nothing I could do about it there you know so this is not it is not it but I'm sure this is probably a similar result the other one was a cow moose is either a cow

► 01:05:25

moose or it was that one just clearing the path for him and said well they will they will fuck up dogs loose attack sled-dog team United yeah that's not it it's a recent one but it's real anyway it was real sad I saw it on his killed a bunch of dogs he killed a couple of them one of them they had to put down after the fact because it broke its back yeah yeah I mean I melt moose is an 1800 pound animal not here in a peep out of a pack of dogs pack a dog that's like you get in a fight with a hamster

► 01:05:55

yeah just get the fuck out of here Frank yep moose are so big man Kyle cheetah pull him down though Cheeto Grab Your Balls eat your balls first whoa a hamstring you know they do that wolves do lion dude Lions will do that - I'll do that with water buffalo they detect the lab the at they'll eat your balls will take you back and start to bleed out I'll take your boss please huh yeah it's a stupid design right yeah it's pull it up inside like a turtle tanks

► 01:06:25

they're just tax but sometimes they get tired yeah if you go hunting you should have a steel cup liked I like a Thai cup is one that goes through the but like a g-string I'd rather die I do should it's just like a super nice like wolf wants to try to bite your balls it gets a mouth full of metal I time I talk down on my leg with a hemp rope just to keep me honest I Am pro yeah keep me honest and also organic yeah Brian what are you doing time I dig down with a course hemp rope why case me honest yeah like you know those those like side holsters that people have sometimes when they have a

► 01:06:55

on their thigh yep because they have a long gun and it went to keep it from flopping up against their thigh sure do is we do with the hog that's right sometimes I Sprint with a hard-on you ever try that naked I've never run with a hard-on I mean either it's amazing I remember that all these years never ran with the heart I wonder how long you dick with stay hard if you were in a full Gallop it's a good question that's a very good question I'd be a great guest right if like someone broke into your house and you're in the middle of sex and you're angry but you kept your wood because you weren't scared just get your dick super hard and just go run

► 01:07:25

just take a look like a hair tie and just just rubber band it to the bottom got to do that just keep the blood flow kind of Tire piece down oh yeah you've tie off at the end yeah like a cock ring that's right and then just go running after him we got was a cock ring the big ol heart on its who has a cock ring that's one of those things like if you have it like what's wrong with you don't say that because you'll get you're going to get 50 emails of people with with alligator cock rings and I'll no no nishal it for you hey bro it's nothing wrong with Cochran Joe Rogan fucking

► 01:07:55

variants let me show you how I make them just a cock ring you got python yeah side down cock ring so many cock rings they all exist yeah like who's buying sex toys from stores these days you ever drive by one of them sex toy stores and you like for real to Ghost Town who's in there they're open still is money laundering operations may be but the Hustler Store still open I think on Sunset Boulevard it's more of a thing for you and your girlfriend to go and like me in this

► 01:08:25

well used to be DVDs I remember you used to be like remember when people used to buy porn DVDs there was a day you fucking kids today are so spoiled THS porn oh yeah I remember that it was when I used to watch porn you know I never and I dis is all bullshit aside and I'm not because I'm a good boy I never watch porn I never ever watched porn because it doesn't do a thing for me really I don't know what it is I just know I swear to God you're tired I thought about it I thought about that the other day I was like

► 01:08:55

I haven't watched porn in three days since I was 52 I watch porn in so many years because you're tired from all your fuck yeah I'm a banging your fucking because I fucked porn is a an oddly polarizing subject because every it's a we it's one of the weirdest things ever is really stop and think about it because mostly everyone is healthy enjoy sex whether it's straight sex or gay sex or what kind of sexy like if you're healthy and you're young even if you're not

► 01:09:25

young you're healthy your body works well if you like sex but yet filming it yeah it's so tap I know I think it's because taboo it is happen when I thought a lot about that it's I think it's because we inherently know typically that the person doing it putting themselves on camera it is a form of suicide and what I mean by that is it's a form of it's a way of ensuring that you keep yourself out of sir

► 01:09:55

mmm segments of society right and maybe it's residue from when when sex was downright dangerous pregnancy disease that we did have cures for I think sex had to have a lot of taboos like even in the Old Testament I think when the Israelites were not allowed to you know you had you couldn't take the women as slaves you had to kill everybody well the reason for that was unless they were virgins because the reason for that was you could get a disease and I can't remember who broke that down but that was always a thing where

► 01:10:25

people would get you go into a town and rape all the women and stuff and then your soldiers would come down with some terrible syphilitic disease and so in the Old Testament the Israelites were you know forbidden from taking anybody who was of a certain age that's another weird thing about sark's the diseases like how many goddamn diseases come from fucking and people seem fine yeah that's the thing it's not like the flu or

► 01:10:55

you know like if someone's like oh I gotta have a fever but I'm still gonna kick can we fuck yeah like it's not like that I got the got the flu from Maggie yeah dirty bitch like we Umbro she was in bed she was sick you didn't you couldn't tell she was sick I thought I'd be fine like know when I was younger if you had a flute I wasn't gonna stop me but I'm sick I can't I be like I don't give a fuck because you're terrible but that's not my point my point is people seem fine and they have a terrible disease yes

► 01:11:25

yes it's so weird yes like the flu is normal right like you're sick you got a temperature I don't want to be near you I could catch that disease yeah but that's one of the weird things about this coronavirus in a lot of ways right because they said we were trying to figure out what the number is but there's a large percentage more than half are asymptomatic right but they're carrying it but the carrying it so like they seem fine but they're spreading this horrible disease

► 01:11:52

that's weird but that's sort of like some diseases some VD some of the clap yes you know syphilis are you can have herpes and never show symptoms so you can have herpes simplex to and never show symptoms and you could be caring it just shoot you dirty herpes written lows into people and apparently all of us have been exposed to herpes and if you get cold sores from I understand this is type of herpes on your lips you have you have somewhat some immunity

► 01:12:22

to the to the one on your genitals Mmm Yeah didn't Doom yes but you could transfer the ones from your lip area no cat it's such a weird my talk to a doctor fix that one there's no they don't have a vaccine for herpes they just have pill dinner figured that out I think they were working on it is too many people there are bees are like it's Let It Go yeah it's some crazy number it's like warts to their different kinds of warts well they have that now HPV they do have a vaccine for that yeah they do have a vaccine for

► 01:12:52

that and that's very important for women because women get it and they get cervical cancer yeah it's just the idea that all these diseases are passed on through sex is so strange well your if you think about your coming in as close contact as is possible maybe we're just sitting there like jelly room

► 01:13:14

well I come I like to run into the bathroom and clean and me haha I just shoot into the sink yeah man it's hard to yeah but porn we're talking about point of why there's why is there taboo typically I think it's because people I think it's a couple things I think porn people remind us of a darker animalistic side of ourselves we don't want to admit to right so if I watch porn I'm not going to admit that to a bunch of people I don't know yet

► 01:13:42

there's something shaming about watching other people have sex there's something taboo about that so if I admit so if I'm around somebody who reminds me of the fact that I that's why I've always thought it'd be the height of hypocrisy whenever people judge porn stars it's like you judge pornstars you watch porn porn is a multi-billion dollar industry let's be honest all of us watch it all the stuff to it but I know it I did my share I stopped a week ago my father

► 01:14:12

Tom looked at my my iPad and he goes the fuck is this porn porn what is it like my search history was so full of sin your damn was looking to your search anyway he was trying out he put something in he was snooping oh and he saw this he goes what is all this I go I go I look time I went I watch porn he went like this he went on to these looking for something you should it really getting comfortable with them know what is your favorite to watch exactly I don't listen you know I'm sure he does too I'm sure everybody does but here's the thing

► 01:14:42

thing when you're in a presence of porn people typically if you are if they're part of your crew your they remind people of sort of their darker side and I think that's why they become also by the way though the kind of person that's willing to do that might be more self-destructive usually than the than the average person in that sense yeah I guess I don't know yeah I mean you always have to leave the door open to a beret

► 01:15:12

shins but there was something that I read about was a real bomber the number of women that get into porn that have been sexually molested off the charts yes although I've met I meant I'm thinking of two in particular Alana Evans who I got to know who his as normal and as cool a fucking human being as it gets she's just uh I love her she's a great person she just is and as I said Cara ausa is smart as fuck and a regular like in everything

► 01:15:42

it's got kept looking at her going what's going on here you're just insane she's read everything she's you know she just seems incredibly well adjusted but she has that side of her so I don't know she does ferocious gangbang yes yes where it's like all our mascara is gone correct she's covered in Cox not never never watched one of her porns but yes congratulations yeah because you respect their no I'm just not into Asian chicks I'm just I haven't I haven't watched it I got it maybe I will

► 01:16:13

maybe that'll break your three day fast exactly exactly yeah I don't know it's a it's a weird one because it is like sort of universally taboo but yet you almost universally consumed its these are very contradictory things it is very much a nickel Aniston Stevie blue eyes my boy you know Stevie he dates Nicole Aniston and now does porn with her no yeah oh yeah

► 01:16:42

what when did this he goes from crime to stand up to porn he's doing porn with Nicole's girlfriend was his girlfriend she's a beautiful girl she's a beautiful girl and again very good businesswoman has other Investments you talk to her and like she's gorgeous but you'd never think like I've had long Lucid conversations with this person she's just not it just doesn't make so Steve he's showing his cock to the world Steve he's got a fucking piece apiece on them are you fuck does he call himself Stevie blue

► 01:17:12

as in his porn I don't think so I don't still let him open for you or is he tight I want to know I'd fuck I love that guy you know if he does porn people see as I don't give a fuck you should be careful he's hilarious I don't give a shit this is not good this is not good so bad look now Steve is all your guy on television I can't have some porn star open for guesses I want to be more than that my I used to be a direct I use malloc be as you should you should be a director and come in and dressed like an old-timey direct house an old-timey director dress

► 01:17:42

yes well I would dress the way of an old-time French director dresses that would be I would have nickers I would have boots and have a beret yes and I'd have a cane cane like a like a cattle will go no riding crop yes a fucking riding crops would be dressed like an equestrian but I'm not questions like an equestrian yes and maybe even have a like instead of a brayer hard riding hat yes and action

► 01:18:13

and scene why don't they could they talk you into doing something where you don't have sex but you are comedic relief in a porn film would you be interested in doing that I would do that now would you probably ABC get mad at you oh you want a BC yeah my ABCs very conservative well they're owned by Disney mmm yeah yeah but then again hopefully they don't listen to fighter and kid well hopefully hopefully don't listen to this is we're trying to set it up action I had a director one time

► 01:18:42

trying to sing and he goes I don't believe you he said I don't believe I don't believe you Brian I don't believe you I don't was that sex in the city now it was on MADtv really a direct arm action is taken serious had an ad director on odd say that he goes I can see acting he whispered hey I can see you acting drunk I was like try something different yeah he was right well you are acting yeah just play dumb I don't know what you're saying I'm supposed to be acting right if you don't want me to act I'll go home what should

► 01:19:12

it focused on stand up yes well you did eventually I love it but you do you like to acting to you're a weirdo you like those people to You'll you secretly like those acting people the ones that I disdain I don't know about that bring them around sometimes and I get grossed out that's true have to slowly make my way the door they have Brainiac you don't anymore how long ago it's been a while yeah used to bring them around yeah and I used to be like hey what the fuck is this who's this guy

► 01:19:43

not countable on this guy the guy be right there I don't want to be rude I don't like this guy probably you would bring the worst like full-on liars sociopaths complete pathological liar Liars I collected Misfits but they would just lie about stuff maybe they're just nervous around would just make up stories though you can't do that you can just make up stories you can't and you know some time someone makes up a story and so obviously like what do you think but I would never pick up on it and you would go like this I'm on one time with you and I were doing some we're shooting something

► 01:20:12

for as a favor and we're getting our makeup in this guy was talking and he was dating he was actually dating some porn chick and you were listening to him and in front of everybody in front of him and everybody you went like this you went holy shit what a bullshit artist wow you're a real bullshit artist huh and it got all weird in the room I was a girl here goes Joe here goes Joe hunkering down moment someone starts lying to you just lying to you in a book front of a bunch of people and

► 01:20:42

I think I remember the story I think the guy was very criminal to the wasn't it was something like is angling yeah to get something out of us and line I was like I know where this is going you're trying to get something out of us and you're lonely you're a bullshit artist yes and I was like we're stopping this right now because you're going to dominate this whole day and then you're going to want us to invest in something he give you money or there was some there was some hustle out them right away yeah well there was some gross sort of semi-aggressive hustle yeah to what he was

► 01:21:12

doing and he was lying to us yes and I was like this isn't true yes and you called wanna record scratch this great well was it was one of those moments like this whole day could go to shit because we're trapped in this building with his liar right

► 01:21:29

there's so many of them out that's so good to know I don't I don't have that antenna because I just trust people immediately will you that was an obvious that I remember I was on was that was that was a criminal one you see there's some guys that are like their Christmas OSHA paths yeah but they're they're angling it if you don't stop it right there they're going to get your number they're going to get your email they're going to get you this they're gonna get you this I want to make this meeting I'm real tight friends with Tom Cruise or this guy or that guy and it's always that the yeah

► 01:21:58

like name-dropping because you named is that ever worked does that work no that's the weirdest now dropping is one of the weirdest things that people do that doesn't work yeah it's so sad and strange it doesn't work no but yet people do it yeah it's a weird one right yeah like like Fame by association yep it never works it never works but people do it and then when people like yeah you know I'm real real good friends with Leo they're like this like he's your first want to be that guy that's the I don't want to be all due respect but I don't want to

► 01:22:28

to be the good friend to the big celebrity unless you do something completely different you know unless you do something that's completely outside if you don't need that person if you're not part of their right Entourage a like maybe David Sinclair talks about I was friends with you that kind of thing yes I know Bryan Callen I'm friends with that like that and people like oh well you're a respected Harvard psychologist well I got excited when Lex Friedman came to my show and I mean yeah he's a fucking Brandy scientists legitimate genius yeah

► 01:22:58

I don't Judo and Jujitsu yeah yeah great guy but that is that's different that's someone who's accomplished in a different realm it's the people that are in that business that are like trying to be producers or trying to be of this or trying to be of that it's like there's so much weirdness going on out here in terms of like people being inauthentic did I tell you the story about about how I was in Boston at the Wilbur and then we went to this club today with a there were this these three Theo p.m. guys and my buddy's girlfriend

► 01:23:28

Ethiopian I tell you the story I don't think so so I'm with Lex Friedman black belt I'm with my other boy Rob who's a black belt in six for 230 I'm with Brian Cooley who owns Gracie Baja in fucking Nashville he's 6 6 276 270 a viking a fucking Viking wears his hair in a ponytail blond giant 42 years old and still competes in June

► 01:23:58

two and then and then I got my boy moloch be who came out of Mayweather's Camp box that wild card forever there's been throwing the right hand since I was 7 and Malik has his the Ethiopian girlfriend and their these four little Ethiopian dudes who are drunk and being shitheads and actually kind of Dancing with the girls that are in the group and their dad to be pushed away a couple times and we finally the guy comes up to moloch and says that girl belongs to us because she's our sister

► 01:24:28

and you and molix black but he's like fucking from Louisiana right and I know you should and so moloch whose have been fighting style like those well I think it's not Jesus he didn't say anything he's just too happy as it goes whatever and I go what'd he say and I go what are you saying to us and the guy goes that's our sister he's she shouldn't be with you guys she's with us and the opieop and girl Helena goes you're being disrespectful so Brian cool he said they don't know the surrounded by literally for black belts a great box

► 01:24:58

and then me the idiot the loudmouth who's probably the first kind of throw a punch because I'm insecure so we're all there and these four guys who are maybe five seven never done a sport in their life and Brian Kelly just looks down and guy goes hey bro you know mood the movie Jaws jaws and the guy goes huh and he goes the movie Jaws you know that movie there goes yeah and it goes right now in this scenario you're the girl you guys are the girls swimming in the water you understand you're swimming in the water and you got no

► 01:25:28

no idea you're about to be pulled under do you understand what I'm saying and he's just giant looking down and then you see the other guy go and he sees the circle kind of tightening and he just looks everybody was he just goes like this he doesn't owe gives a double homicide they see smart fuck yeah and it smells like ha and think there were trying to Morrow and his kind of moved away in a group it would happen so bad for them man and egos some bad for them that's a greatest metaphor you know the you know the fucking movie Choice well that's John jocks

► 01:25:59

metaphor oh it is yeah John jocks metaphor for Jiu-Jitsu fuck yeah well he said the ground is the ocean and I'm a shark most people can't swim you know I trained with Hagen he's great the best he's got some very controversial system where he's teaching people celebrities Jiu-Jitsu and giving them belts but they don't really Spar well they're celebrities I will always spar here's the thing he teaches our he taught me a lot of Greco like Greco stuff he's really cool I love it

► 01:26:28

Beast man oh my God in 2003 in Abu Dhabi I was doing time for him and saw Paulo I was holding the time yellow tell me how much time because he wasn't in the best of shape so you would like conserves energy of course he's just so technical he could get away with you know beating like really good guys you know how being in Tip-Top condition I'm sure you ever seen the video of him rolling with Hickson fighting with Hicks and oh yeah there's a famous Jiu-Jitsu film it's in black and white and it's probably from shit

► 01:26:58

89 or 1990 or some shit like pre UFC and they're in Rio at a Jiu-Jitsu jiu-jitsu tournament back when there was no Jiu-Jitsu to it here's what year is this he going to what does it say he gonna had 300 and Sammy just it's just said at 8686 look at this 86 man this is like me when I was just getting out of high school wow that's Hickson on the bottom he get on top of gotta relax kick do they had a battle dude Higgin at the time was a

► 01:27:28

they fucking He's way bigger than Nixon by the way he is he is he is and this is a real battle it's a really interesting match to watch as well because they're both so technical he can studied so many other things he was an amateur boxer for a long time and then he but he did a lot of wrestling we got enrolled to try to get hickson's back keeps getting hickson's back but he gets shook off oh shit rolls him over yeah he can was a big fella he's a big fella strong 210 do this though Hicks it on

► 01:27:58

wow Hicks enroll them I mean these guys they really went for it to this is a it was a really wild sort of a match a lot of scrambles I didn't know this they should watch it's really interesting I didn't know was 86 I would have guessed it was 90 or 91 now the game has changed so much sense right it has enough on him plus yes but the guys who have exceptionally sharp fundamentals still dominate like hajer Gracie he's you know Hunters never

► 01:28:28

when a guy who adopts like the new aspects that look at that beautiful sweep but he can but Hicks encountered Hodge has never been a guy who adopted a lot of the crazy new techniques codgers like Roger Gracie is all I don't actually calls himself Roger or Hajj or I'm not sure but he's like straight up old-school armbar pass triangle like that system of gas the fundamental the fundamentals of good way to say it's really good

► 01:28:58

wrestlers they do the say like a high-level wrestlers they're not do the still do an ankle picks they're still there still controlling the head and hips they're still double and single legging my Jacques has a way of talking about it he said The more Jiu-Jitsu I know the less I use wow yeah yeah this is I use like five things yeah yeah and its timing yeah

► 01:29:20

did you ever see when John Jack first started competing in Abu Dhabi he was one of the first G Champions to do noogie and be really successful because Jacques was born with the genetic deficiency in his left hand he doesn't have a left hand he just has a thumb right and so because of that he never relied on grabbing things he never allowed on grabbing the ghee he relied on a more Greco-Roman Bay style under husband underhooks so when he would roll those guys it's like good there's nothing to grab I never grabbed anything anyway and so he

► 01:29:50

just dominate people even guys like Sakura who's a you know top-level MMA guy just fucking rank problem Sakura Sakura hayato Sakurai who's like a beast back in the day he ran right through him he ran right through a bunch of guys so cool yeah and it's you know those guys that do that style like Jacques Styles the same way man he's never been like a guy who does a lot of wild fancy stuff yeah but there's a lot of guys who do wild fancy stuff that are like super successful

► 01:30:20

so with that to look they're a great boxers great boxers that use ones and twos to whole fucking fight oh yeah they might throw two hooks yeah sure I mean you know it's just finding something what's that Bruce Lee expression don't Beware of the man who knows 10,000 techniques Beware of the man who knows one thing these practice tests like the book of five rings Miyamoto Musashi talks about like the practicing real sword fighting literally is reaching and and straight you have chimed 4 1 strike yeah like

► 01:30:50

and that's what he would practice over and over yeah I mean this night he said very rarely does ever a fight at swordfight go to a duel like a cheat that doesn't happen and that shit is like its final who Musashi fought so many people he get bored and he started fighting people with oars what yeah he made wooden swords out of ORS and he would fight people with or so he had a famous school where they would practice like you know where it was a basically as realistic practice as you get yeah he said the only way to practice for that is that mindset goddamn Legend

► 01:31:20

unrealistic practice with sword he would do things I get you like if you were about think he would turn you toward the Sun so the sun was in your eyes yeah yeah he was a very end you also show up really late you really is in the showing of really like you like two swords yeah hours late yeah hours late so you'd be freaking out for hours while he's taking a nap he's the guy would be waiting on the beach and then he would show up hours late and he wouldn't even have a sword is using or and fuck you up with an or what yeah because or longer I see you got this sword and you stand there with a sword and this guy comes out with a

► 01:31:50

stick just fucking cracks you over the head it's not a good thing well he was a big man to he was an interesting guy man I mean to understand what it takes to defeat more than 60 men and one-on-one combat well it's also not combat this is life and death shit this is like you know swordplay getting cut with a Swords not swords are not terribly forgiving bullets are more forgiving than is a

► 01:32:20

art yeah a lot of ways yeah you get you're not you're not walking away from a from a bloody throat it's also a very personal way following up dude you can hear you you feel and hear and see him breathing I mean every shoot poof someone's head just falls off on their bodies Still Standing yeah goddamn their body collapses are you cut their arm off oh yeah imagine living in the day with that shit was going on all the time I got France in France there were so many duels people would walk around with swords

► 01:32:50

there was a time in France were just you'd see people with like like they lose they have no ear that have a constant scars or do you know that was like a sort of a badge of honor for Nazis Nazis had dueling scars healed you know that no oh my God pull up not see dueling scars now here's where it gets really weird a lot of the Operation Paperclip scientist that the United States brought over from Nazi Germany when Nazi Germany was defeated in World War 2 the United States took on all their scientists and

► 01:33:20

brought them over to work for NASA Werner Von Braun Wernher von Braun the head of the head of NASA was a fucking straight up complete 100% not see in fact the Simon wiesenthal Center said that if he was alive today they would prosecute him for crimes against humanity right he was a real Nazi yep him and his cabinet all those fucking guys they brought over the all these massive cheeks cars really yeah they had scars all over their face from from blind from duels they would wear goggles and they would wear

► 01:33:50

like like you know like some some kind of protection on their on their body and their faces would get sliced open and they they relished it was like a cool thing to have like a big scar on your face so who showed us that remember hearing about them doing that something popped up that I hadn't seen before it's actually called modern academic fencing or the men sir and German I love like pull out slightly different the other that just like fighting to fight yeah no winner or loser in it well that's interesting but

► 01:34:20

this but I want to see is just pull up images of Nazi dueling scars because their horrific like these guys like post duel with look at that one guy with the goggles on with his face slashed open see that down there yeah look at that look at that they'd cut their face like Town yeah so you'd have something that covers your nose and your eyes and look at the he's got a giant / in his forehead a giant / on his face using real now ya see that guy with the blue arrow on his face like that kind of shit those scars on the faces they would all have those

► 01:34:50

click on that guy with the right there look at that they all had those kind of scars on their face from dueling it was a big look at that guy below him lower left right below know right below right below the Big Image the big yeah right there look at that guy's face see they all had those kind of scars on their face and it was like to let everyone know these were bad motherfuckers that would you know have duels with swords that's crazy yeah it was really really Common Man

► 01:35:18

men sir is that what you're talking about Jamie yeah Emmy and S you are and what's that stand for again it's academic fencing so like there it's us how strong it was in college they did all this I bet ya fucking crazy man the bragging scar men's her scars or the bragging scar yeah but there's some there's some horrific pictures of these guys like post-match where they were trying to piece their face back together again and you can see like they're literally like see inside their faces

► 01:35:48

teeth and everything because they're their cheeks been split open yeah and it was really common and so a lot of the Nazis that they brought over from Operation Paperclip to run NASA had these fucking scars on their faces so they'd be sitting there with Wernher von Braun and JFK and you'd see this guy with his giant face scar yeah it's crazy swords man yeah and those they had those long I think was the called it with a call to rapey are something like that appear yeah array po calls it

► 01:36:18

Paris here it's a different version of it

► 01:36:21

but they had those long pointy swords where you get you know she likes your pecs this but yeah your nose is gone yeah fuck that but they all like wanted to get scarred up of course it's like a cauliflower I got it it's all it's all it's all this time it's as old as time young men yeah one of them wanting badasses one and improve look at that they went into battle young men go into battle with full of ideas of linear ideas of Duty and honor and Glory then unfortunately

► 01:36:50

limor can many times make a mockery of that more as obviously a fog and insane and and chaotic and unfair and not linear and crazy and horrifying and all those things and and and lacks dignity and all those things you know you see that a lot it seems it seems to me that when a lot of soldiers I've spoken to add real Combat experience when they come out of that they is very difficult for them there's a lot to come to terms

► 01:37:20

with and sometimes they have a lot of trouble bringing their life back into a linear how could it in where think go from one way of life or everything is life and death yeah every corner you turn around and could be the end every day that you're out there could be the end well we as that's one thing life and death is again linear and bilateral but you know there are a lot of things that happen and what I mean by linear when you saying that there are certain Concepts when we

► 01:37:50

as human beings I think most of us have a contract with life yeah you grow up and you say if I work hard and I keep swinging I'm going to there it's going to pay dividends right and most of us live that way most of us believe in Fair Play like something about the universe is somewhat Fair the universe rewards Hustle the real Universe rewards you know we have these ideas and we have to believe in those ideas and usually were right about it right it's almost like we enter a game where we know I can jab and I can punch in

► 01:38:20

and hook but sometimes you get fucking kicked in the face and you go but that wasn't the role I was playing with you know and it's like well hold on I was boxing and you're doing MMA right and life does that to you War can do that to you to a point where you lose your faith in who wrote Where the Wild Things Are Never Forgotten he said they said are you a religious and he said no I'm an atheist the war took care of that for me you know he saw too many things he saw too many children starve and die and all those things and I think that

► 01:38:51

when things get bad enough and War when you get that close to reality and that close to that chaos whatever contract you had gets shattered in fact it gets mocked you are mocked by the insanity middle and any notion so when I say linear what I mean is sort of like I'll do this if you do this for me so it's a give and take this is Miss fact did you ever see The Unforgiven when he's my love that much remember when he kills Gene Hackman and Gene Hackman can't believe these gonna die hmm it's not supposed to happen to

► 01:39:21

that's what that's what they say sociopaths when they get 1 sociopaths get convicted of Life off times what happens is they look up and they go what wait what me and it all comes down because of what they what a sociopath like that a criminal sociopath usually believes this there it's impossible they'll never get caught because they're too smart you know is it because they're too smart or they think the world revolves around them and so the idea of death of those

► 01:39:50

honest the well Hitler you know according to historian cameras name buckwald Buchholz he said he was John buckles hit said Hitler was so colossally self-involved self-centered that he truly believed that when the war was lost and he came to the realization of the war was lost he expected Germany to self-immolate the expected Germany all Germans to burn themselves to

► 01:40:20

kill themselves and light themselves on fire essentially he expected that from the German people because he was going to do it yes Lee said that yes and he was going to do that that is according to Buchholz the historian follows his stuff Jesus yes and that's not uncommon for the great sociopaths the great you know I mean if you think about Genghis Khan he had he truly believed that an almost did that he could Dominate and own the entire world

► 01:40:50

these people like Alexander the Great and those kind of people who were clearly I'm sure their enemies didn't think of them as so great but they had this force of nature this ability to believe in themselves to the point where they were going to own the world and some of them almost did well if you think about it any kind of thing where you're trying to conquer something say If you have a small tribe and there's another tribe that's close to the river and they have more resources in urine dispute with them and you

► 01:41:20

try to conquer that tribe that is one level of this game right we're going to we're going to get our Warriors together we're going to sneak in the middle of the night that's an attack them maybe yeah but the point is there's that level so let's say let's not call it a game but let's say this is an Endeavor this is a thing that you're doing with anything that anybody does some people take it away further right like some people try an open mic night and they go this is kind of interesting I'll do stand up every now and then they do it once a month other

► 01:41:50

will they get obsessed they do it every fucking day and they do 10 sets a day and they live in New York City and they take fucking cabs everywhere and lubbers and they do you know they live it they're like Mark Normand right they live it that's the same thing with war same thing with everything same thing with fighting yeah same thing with everything you think you know some people just they become obsessed becomes everything it becomes their everything and they don't care about anything else they don't care about other people they don't care about the environment yeah that's trying to get really good at something but I

► 01:42:20

I think some people try to literally remake the world in their image I think so too but I think that Obsession carries on I think the obsession to to conquer a neighboring tribe or to take over a town or to conquer a city or a country or a continent there's this there's this is weird things that people do where they take things as far as they can be taken and they do that even with war that scares the shit out of me with China it really

► 01:42:50

because they they hear something I wanted to talk about so I don't know this is something I sent you Jamie that 20 million cell phone users are missing from China where did that stat come from this is that an Americans that this is what they don't know they don't know if this means there's 20 million casualties because it also coincides with their switch to 5G they switched from 5G in January so from January

► 01:43:20

Mary to March China lost 20 million cell phone users now what does that mean though it's hard to tell yeah but I think you can safely say whatever they say the casualty number is yeah is bullshit exactly that's pretty safe because they've been bullshitting left and right about the whole thing you know there's there go on Twitter there's a some branch of the government that's involved in propaganda is trying to say this is United States government creation question the Chinese are incredibly practical

► 01:43:50

the Chinese you know a lot of people and I'm speaking of the government of course but why I think when you live in a society that has been essentially communist or really at the mercy of a central Authority and in all the all powerful Central Authority for forever long yeah forever it's all so that's that's it said that that treated religion with great disdain and suspicion so they didn't really have even though there are small pockets of these different but for the most part I think

► 01:44:20

when you forcibly rid a population of religion what you are left with is something that takes its place sure and ideology like communism or whatever but they're not really comments anymore but I do think what happens is you get a population that deals in practicality that is I'm sure very good to each other when they know somebody that is but also deals and things like cause and effect not so much the over than one of the things a friend of mine I'm speaking for

► 01:44:50

friend of mine who does a lot of business billions of dollars business with China and another friend in fact who does a lot of business with China did so and speaks fluent Japanese both of them had something an interesting observation which was that when you speak about

► 01:45:06

morality in a judoka she's Christian way when you think about and say well that's just the wrong way to do it that in dealing in business with a Chinese company is not necessarily it's that's not really the way to approach business they are way more practical than that that doesn't mean that the average Chinese person is not moral or ethical I don't know but certainly you will get burned if you are playing by the rules that you are you

► 01:45:36

to which would be just don't do it because it's not the right thing to do right that's not going to find its way a lot of times when you're dealing in Commerce with China well you're dealing with a military dictatorship with thinks about things is same way they think about war correct they are not our Ally there are I believe they are our enemy to Allah I mean they'll do whatever they can I think to get an upper hand they also now have enough wealth and they have a huge middle class where they can almost start they're starting to become way more self-sufficient they don't

► 01:46:06

and we don't have the symbiotic relationship we used to with China China doesn't need our consumers as much as they did not even close they have their own consumers in their own country what's weird is that we need them what's weird is how much we need them for the manufacturing of medicine 97% of our antibiotics is so crazy it how do we ever let that happen China and India and how did I ever let that happen is it because they want to save money it's more fish is it more efficient or is it more cost effective are better at making it but why there

► 01:46:36

is there because of magic no yes but what can we do their factories are amazing they're incredibly efficient but the Chinese see people worry about the Chinese I don't think they'll ever be in our area code is innovators they'll they steal from us they take our intellectual property Etc but they'll always be there will always be a catch-up game yeah and part of the reason I think is that that I love the quote from from why Nations fail I belive

► 01:47:06

Ina yes they put their users in concentration camps you went in Beijing the first thing they said is you cannot speak about the government if you say anything about the government you will be sent home oh and by the way here's a cell phone Ryan you can use WeChat you're not using your iPhone when was this this was when I did a movie this summer two summers ago so they gave you a phone to use uh-huh and they said you can't use your phone on you and you don't get on Google you have to find thousands of fire we have to find all different ways to get over their firewalls

► 01:47:36

because they control the internet there make no mistake so can you can you use a VPN I don't know what that is virtual private Network or expressvpn you try to do that and then they block that too so you have to keep coming up with new ways I was right there with the production designer an assistant who is do with dealing with so you're essentially at the mercy of their their news of course so so here's the thing there's a great quote and I've said it before probably even on this podcast and I love it you can hold a gun to a man's head and make him move a box

► 01:48:06

box or a rock you cannot hold a gun to a man's head and make him have a great idea and as long any country that's great well it's a great quote so China Russia you guys have great weapons and you have great power and Manufacturing you you will never be a country of great ideas because the present because you oppressed people and people can't give you motherfuckers the finger G is the most powerful man in China along with his people his inner circle and if you in

► 01:48:36

anyway look at the whistleblowers isn't it interesting the whistleblowers the original was suppose on the coronavirus are dead and they were they were doctors in their thirties did they die of the disease did they are what happened a lot of them so the journalists of the journalists a lot of those those those doctors were disappeared they just didn't they're dead or they disappeared China can do that and somebody who lived there for their whole life I was there and he was an American and said people get disappeared here all the time dude you don't you don't speak against the government it just doesn't happen shoes

► 01:49:06

and and I think that's one of the great evils and that's what I worry about anytime we have a pandemic like this where the government can just shut you down yeah at the behest of scientists and doctors I suppose but I get very worried when someone like Gavin Newsom can say nobody's going back to work for a month I'm not saying that right now that isn't a sound policy I just get very worried when the government has that kind of power to shut all once they start gosh once they start with that kind of totalitarian power horses

► 01:49:36

very difficult to turn that off that's right it's for our own good yeah if you study history it's always for the people's good well that's what Edward Snowden is warning everybody about this now should be yeah Hitler when he came to power talked about that when he said this is when I think there was a there was a fire in the reichstag and he used he started it yeah use these emergency Powers down to suspend civil liberties they started the fire so they could do that as a false flag they go yeah they did that the same way to Nero burned Rome

► 01:50:06

Rome same reason yeah it's the angel you know so just well that's the art that's what the the conspiracy theorists think that 9/11 was yeah yeah good for them I don't mind there I appreciate their paranoia I think that's American yes I don't think that's a bad thing and I think you should always be who what's the fundamental question to political philosophy the fundamental question who governs the governor yes very important yes very important the fuck up man whose governing the Gus yeah I don't trust my

► 01:50:36

I shouldn't know you shouldn't it's also like people that have power like the kind of unchecked power that you see in China they're not going to give that up career pollyannish fight for it they're going to fight for it well you see that with career politicians you see that with this this bill that they're trying to pass to to help people that are dealing with this coronavirus because they can't work and there's slipping all kinds of stuff in there sand that like Hey listen parents and I'll try they're all slipping things in there about the environment arcs it's like hey guys we want

► 01:51:06

leaping into the stimulus package yes but that is something that politicians do they utilize this moment to try to use it to leverage their own causes their own pet causes things that they think are also important there are a group of people that did that with the invasion of Iraq when 9/11 came along they said look Iraq is harboring Al-Qaeda terrorists they probably are getting weapons into the hands of people like else okay there was a whole story that was woven up and that was a way of of essentially crippling the fourth largest

► 01:51:36

Charming the world which was Iraq and making our allies Jerry here the Bill Hicks bit he goes they said Bill Iraq is the fourth largest army he goes yeah but after the first three there's a real big drop-off he's like the fifth largest is a Salvation Army it's so true yeah we got a whole great bit about the size of armies well we've been in we were in

► 01:52:06

Afghanistan for how long was it guys that was a little bit goes he goes hey Bill they say Bill it's a war when there's two armies fighting yeah yeah he goes out because of a bill Iraq is a fit fourth largest army in the world doesn't mean we won't stay there he had some great bits man some great points about shit yeah but outside the box that's what I'm always amazed at is how these things can carry on like if you did somebody

► 01:52:36

a really cool funny thing about how every General in the Iraq in the Afghanistan theater every single every single year would say we are at a turning point where the Taliban will be under our control every every every time they would make a case for the Iraq War more money I'm sorry for the Afghan war More Money More Logistics all those things that it required more troops the generals would say we are

► 01:53:06

there's always the same wording we're at a turning point and we are going to we just need a little more and that's well that's what they have to say but what's interesting is if they really did accomplish that they'd actually cut off the honey pot of course it wouldn't have the money come right and that's that's that's the darkest conspiracy ever that war is prolonged in order to prop up the military industrial complex and what's really crazy about the military industrial complex is when there was Eisenhower talking about it on TV which was a really terrifying that was when the first

► 01:53:36

we're introduced to this concept but Trump was talking about recently you know Trump's doing this thing is like well you know this is a military industrial complex and these guys want to go to war like he's just saying it's sort of casually like hey man who are you talking about like who are these fucking is a lot of money in it oh my God and not only that there are other people nongovernmental organizations to that get degraded by their burn rate so we're going to build a dam here well we don't need a damn here but we're going to build it anyway because we're a lot of that money there's a lot of that goes on so it's

► 01:54:06

that's why with conspiracy theories I'm always I'm way more apt to believe that the government is is is way more incompetent that it is confident I don't it's just a massive bloated bureaucracy that doesn't run well and that's a little you know guys I know there's a group of people controlling everything the fuck out of here there's a little bit of that there's definitely a lot of incompetence but there's also a lot of collusion there's also a lot of people doing things specifically because they know it's profitable make money yes yes and also look what they're doing to Bernie Sanders

► 01:54:36

try to keep him from winning the DNC over with brother from win the Democratic nomination they have conspired and they put a guy who literally is going scene that's what shot in front of our eyes like shock and they're trying to pretend it's not happening how about Amy Klobuchar she's great are there a lot of like she didn't know who the president of Mexico was shed no idea what his name was yes but she's doing an interview with a guy from Mexico but she Journal Mark she's a smart woman who like I just think she's way more moderate and she seems to articulate

► 01:55:06

mm-hmm 79 listen just because someone seems articular doesn't mean they should be the president true if you don't know who the president of Mexico is maybe you haven't done enough studying yeah yeah do you know the president I've no idea I'm not trying to run for president I barely know the guy from Canada the Trudeau guy I just know him because he's been busted with black face like a LOL well his father was it was the long time yes I'm here yeah listen man I don't think anybody should be president in fact yeah no think it's terrible idea I think you're

► 01:55:36

no way you really can be responsible for all those things there's no way you could really be well read on all the different variables and everything when it comes to economics when it comes to the environment when it comes to military operations when it comes to the fucking energy and Industry there's no fucking way one person it should be a large group of people that are that essentially have no stake in the game it should be people that have no no ability to profit whatsoever they get ahead

► 01:56:06

healthy and income and they cannot profit outside of that it should be reg there should be some sort of a regulation and then after you're gone it should be impossible for you to make speeches to Banks whether you get paid a half a million dollars to cooling-off period and Elizabeth Warren wanted to your cooling off period I think right now there's only a 6-month or an eight-month like if you work for if you're if you work for the Department of Defense you can't go back to Raytheon or Boeing you know you're not supposed to be able to go back for at least two years great so in two years so two years ago

► 01:56:36

in two years I'm gonna be so rich boy 24 months goes by quick yes it does should be two hundred years I agree to the HP large the Scientology contract where it's billions and billions of years you can never do it do you know that that's their Scientology contract billion your contracts a wonderful contract it's enforceable yeah Falcon 1 billion is this every billion years yeah man I don't know it's not there's anything wrong with Amy Klobuchar look I think

► 01:57:06

Tulsi gabbard was the most interesting I like turtles all them to me and they shut her out quick soon as she sank Kamala Harris it like danger danger out though why couldn't we all Harris thing they want to come on Harris to win and she sank her in one debate yeah when she stated all those irrefutable facts and it was like whoa she's throwing bombs she did didn't you date they fucking caught her out of the mix after that they cut her out of the mix quick

► 01:57:32

it's interesting man because it's obviously not let's see who the people choose it's let's manipulate the opinions of the public this is what the whole game of running a campaign is let's prop someone up let's make them look great let's have these ads with wonderful music and them standing there looking presidential and then even in spite of all that you've got this poor guy in Joe Biden that is experiencing

► 01:58:02

z77 holds him yes in Bernie's older than him Bernie's 80 or he had a heart attack right you know broken heart attack while he's on campus and big product a few days off and he's like what back yeah it back in for the people yeah I look Bernie at least believes what he says he's also he's also the one of the knocks on his people like he's not interested in if you ask him how you going to pay for all this you're talking about burning looks at the world is right and wrong and it's a moral issue for him so and he is

► 01:58:32

is that he did take his honeymoon in the fucking Soviet Union say what you will I do believe the guy is essentially a closet communist yeah I said it son of a bitch I said it I said it and I always Marvel at socialists it's not Democratic socialists a different I still Marvel at the idea that you if you if you really trust government and I'd again it comes down to are they as efficient as the marketplace in some ways they might be but in other ways they may not be I don't know how they're not doing a great job with the homeless situation in California are they

► 01:59:02

it's the worst job ever yes they really fucked that up I don't that one I don't know if you could blame that on Democratic Socialist that's blamed on it's actually a law that you can't remove someone from a place unless you have another place to bring them to us yes and it was a lot of protect poor people and people that were harassed and then it became a homeless law and now you go into the underpasses and this is my thing that I've always said like how come it's okay to litter for them like they're basically littering they have junk stacked up if you throw a fucking coffee cup rightly so out of window

► 01:59:32

the cops should be able to pull you over and give you a fucking ticket and you should have to pay that goddamn ticket but if you were just tent and you have boxes and shit and cardboard all over the place yeah you're allowed to do that and people have to leave you alone yeah it's not good for them it's not good for anybody to allow these these gigantic homeless encampments to appear under bridges and I don't know what the solution is but I just think that alone like if you put that on the governor or the president or the mayor God damn that's a problem yeah that's a problem that's going to take so much money

► 02:00:02

it's it comes from mental illness that they're already 40 or 50 or whatever they are we going to fix him do you know how hard it is to fix a person who's kind of got their shit together now how hard is it to get Bert Kreischer stop drinking Sprite fuck how hard is it to get a person who's got their shit together but has a problem like can't stop smoking cigarettes you know can't stop gambling yeah how many fucking people do you know that are like that I know all of our friends yes have one thing that they're just like fucking compelled now imagine compounding that 270

► 02:00:32

a thousand people that are at the bottom end of it so instead of at the top end of it someone who makes a good living who has a family and has life insurance and is also a fuckup instead of that yeah you've got someone who's never had anything yeah and people been fucking them over their whole life and they've been on drugs since they were young they were sexually abused and physically abused and they went to juvenile hall and they maybe they were in foster care and they were beaten and abused and then here they are at Fordham brains literally changed yes you know the arm is an amazing fucking book by this guy named Joe Newman called raising lines I just read

► 02:01:03

man I wish I'd read this book when my kids were three this guy they bring this guy in so in the past I don't know if you know this but in the past 10 years bipolar disorder in children has been diagnosed 40-fold Jesus Christ now that doesn't mean and you know what the solution is typically in the psychiatric ward medication medication then medication that's the third option and Joe Newman comes in a lot of times the fucking great book and he comes in and essentially will say this kids throwing tantrums and is impossible to deal with

► 02:01:32

because he is profiting or she is profiting from that behavior there is a there is their kids are way smarter than you think they are and he instills sort of a very very interesting approach that I've used and that that it's I fucking love the book it's a short small book but when you think about without going into the book and stuff the reason I bring it up is when you think about you can change you can literally change a child's brain by with with in

► 02:02:02

stealing certain Behavior certain boundaries certain protocols as a parent as an adult as an educator because what you do is you get them to exercise self-control you get them to exercise a form of mood stabilization for themselves but you have to do it in a certain way when you don't do that with children when you let them go crazy freak out and put them inside stations a lot of times what we'll do is well there's nothing we're doing wrong we're not doing it wrong as adults we're

► 02:02:32

and we're reasoning with them we're talking to them don't know what we'll do is we'll medicate them because they're out of control and there is a window with children where you can actually let them keep going down that path and they are basically and then you put them on these mood stabilizers you put them on psychotics you put them on anti convulsive drugs sometimes there aren't four medications that are in a row and he's had great success coming in and changing all that because what happened was you just weren't getting the

► 02:03:02

the exercise the muscles of self-control and there's a way to do that it's very simple very interesting book but what I'm saying is that there is a fucking window with kids where if you don't get to certain kids a certain time with a good behaviorist you're in deep fucking shit and and their whole life spent spirals out of control and then it goes into substance abuse and everything else so you talking about now adults who've had all that abuse I mean it's I don't know what you would do I really don't know what the fuck you would because they're self-medicating to begin with their self medicating to begin with the

► 02:03:32

I've been addicted to drugs most of their lives are all of their behavior has been formed while they're addicted to drugs this is a giant problem with people that are in their 40s and 50s who have been drug abusers or whole life like imagining a world with no drugs and no escape from reality and having to be accountable for your actions and then also having to deal with the the the things that have been done to you and to try to try to figure out a way to

► 02:04:02

or from your childhood and your life is over your your body starting to fail you right you've been abusing yourself for all these years and the idea that there's some simple solution to dealing with 70,000 people at various stages of that that are currently homeless some some of them that did may be able to recover pretty quickly there just on the street for a little bit they're going to get their shit together in the going to get out of this they're determined there's a lot of people like that I think people very wide course they do they vary so money is reaction rate

► 02:04:32

if you look at the people that really follows the addiction rate very high amount of mental illness is very high very high and I think this is where I think like in Singapore you'd never in Singapore they just don't be Puttin a in homes and terrific you know I do think that there's something Humane about taking people who are rolling their own shit up in a ball look I mean by the way you know schizophrenic those people need to be taken care of yeah they need to be I don't think it's a terrible thing to show up in a hat

► 02:05:02

wagon and take them in to be careful with that though yeah with that someone might say you're fucking crazy you know scoop you up I know that's that's why it was unconstitutional well yeah that's why you move the boundaries right and this is the argument against what we're saying right you move the boundaries in any direction yep where it's not total freedom and then it can slide further from there that's the problem when you how do you define mental illness right so that's when you say well you're mentally ill so you can own a gun well people go how do you define mental illness Jude to find that as

► 02:05:32

as I had an anger management issue at my house my my work once I suffer from depression so how about this is about the most polarizing religion versus no religion there's people that think that if you are religious do you have a mental health issue and there's people who are religious the think that if you're an atheist you have a mental health issue this isn't like a very polarizing Line in the Sand that I've heard argued by intelligent people never heard that I thought I've seen intelligent people that have blinders on that think that if you're an atheist you're a fool and you probably

► 02:06:02

we have a mental illness and you probably have this extreme belief in science above God and above the laws of the Bible and they'll say it and this articulate way like goddamn this guy believes that he really believes it all atheists have a mental health problem so if you get a person who's in a position of power that could also run this ideology they have this ideology like one of the things that almost all presidents do but particularly right-wing presidents ever since Reagan started introducing the

► 02:06:32

this aspect of the right into like politics they made it a big deal during the Reagan campaign you see that so many presidents particularly on the right do talk about God they have to have to they have to talk about God Nation still you bring people in this is where you're on my side I'm not on the gods hide and you see that argument argued by many people were like fevered Trump supporters the one the really really wacky ones are like

► 02:07:02

in the god wanting Trump to be our president and then you get this group of people they get into power and you've got some law in place that says if you're mentally ill you could be locked up how many steps does it have to take before it slides do it might only take a few yeah and I agree I do like where I like religious thought in discourse and even in policy it's limited but I do like the idea that when you think that you can get human beings out of all

► 02:07:32

Adams using human rationality mathematics and science you better be careful with that too because you can you can use math and rationality to justify some pretty horrific things and gentleness in the end the Nazis did everybody else so there is something really really cool about X and U of L Harare comes in on this and so does Jonathan haidt you know where there is something really kind of one of those Jonathan haidt says we're all religious all human beings are religious some people just religious about science some people religious about rationality at

► 02:08:02

cause some even religious about you so you'll come to realize about nutrition so you got to remember lookbook sure you gotta you gotta take an inventory of your own brain and how you how your belief system works as well as politics are as close to religions you can get people there's also like rewards for adhering to one or the other ideology especially in an aggressive way because then you get rewarded for being the Watchdog of either right-wing values or left-wing values Progressive values

► 02:08:32

Irma Defiance yeah we all do man people have done it it's a thing that we do it's a there's a reward there you pick it up well I got a kick out of this with this covid thing I whenever somebody says socialist I go like this I go well good keep them away their get them away I got no no socialist and and and I always I have a very visceral reaction to people like a OC or Bernie Sanders because I think that they're socialists right but having said that this covid disaster which nobody saw coming crippled the

► 02:09:02

Ami we I I know people who are very right and not right away but very market-oriented people who said we need this fucking tomb built trillion-dollar stimulus that's a socialist measure you better I was looking for the government for a bailout I don't need it but I want I want that two trillion dollars in the system that had to be mandated by government politicians and in a covid-19 scenario guess what bit of a socialist you

► 02:09:32

no I find myself going and that's why I think the idea of there being one or the other it's shit that there's to this these are too complex it's too many super complex issues to lump on one side or the other it's to card like a person who's an expert on financial intervention or industry intervention to provide medical equipment to deal with respiratory virus virus it hits people to an unprecedented rate

► 02:10:02

not a left-wing or right-wing thing that's a thing and if that gets lumped into socialism versus libertarianism we got a fucking real problem because that's a good idea for everybody yes right yes well Jordan Peterson said something I thought I'd never forgot he said when you get that level of detail when you're trying to solve problems get food on you know get a lot of protein and carbohydrates and fats into the say 300 million human bodies or you're just running a restaurant or whatever it is when you're trying to get something done get

► 02:10:32

get manufacturing of medicines away from China and the United States when you get to level of detail left-wing and right-wing politics seemed to go out the fuckin window yeah you're dealing with practicality now we got to get a job done and I don't I don't know if you're if you're in the fucking you know geese or you're you know if you're a Transit I don't give a shit can you do the job well let's get this job done and then we can talk about the other stuff that's kind of what happens yeah I noticed in a war zone when I was enough

► 02:11:02

I can stand I don't say Afghanistan anymore how come I don't know I just I'm a I like to be who became less authentic like to be more American I've got it's done when I was in Afghanistan I remember no none of the soldiers would talk politics none of them they were like that's not right I don't talk about that right now I got a job to do I got a job to do I'm not I know what my mission is and that's the way it is hmm so when you get to the level of detail a lot of times it's what I think a lot of times when you deal with people who are really practical who live in

► 02:11:32

real world would they have to make a profit with their business or whatever they do when they when they when they live in the real world they tend to be more moderate to maybe more market-oriented and when you get people that have been in an academic setting their whole life in a political setting their whole life where they make they make laws and and they make you know they and you have academics that come up with theories to support those laws

► 02:12:02

they tend to be a little bit less practical a little bit more theoretical just by the nature of how they live their lives on a daily basis you know it's interesting I was just thinking this while I was talking about these complex issues like why are we voting for a person like one individual leader that handles all those things y instead isn't there a vote for the person who's got the best solution to each of those individual problems and those are the people that run the country you know

► 02:12:32

saying I do mean the idea that I love that that seems like that's a possible idea you mean so you'd get out you get an economic studs many made a lot of money to run the economy yes yes yes you get an economic president yes yes you get a request like that's why I like Mitt Romney oh yeah wise guy was fucking you know an economic study a lot of stuff yes all sales man against you now also Mexican he is it's Dad's Mexico I didn't know that Dad tried to run for president because his dad was born in Mexico he couldn't run for president I thought he was white as could be well he is because he came from

► 02:13:02

the Mormons who escaped and moved to Mexico so they can boink boink they will have to have all these wives leg let's keep this party Rohan big Mexican Community now huge and they you know that was the big story with the cartel they slaughtered nine of them did they put him in and children why did they ever find those guys ever find out why don't I don't think they have a definitive answer obviously cuz everyone's dead but I think they either did it because they were always in dispute with those people from the Mormon colonies or

► 02:13:32

because they mistook them for someone who was in another rival gang it's hard to tell you know the cartel you know they're not big on interviews after they heard it Beholder yeah I don't so I don't know what happened and I don't know if the people that shot them were punished by the cartel that was something that had called her on said that would probably happen they would do it publicly because they don't want to start a war but like it's the whole thing's crazy we got a giant multibillion-dollar drug industry that's connected to us

► 02:14:02

yeah I love legalizing it how's the fucking not going that like imagine if you had to choose between like what are your big problems is your big problem the massive amount of drugs that are coming into the country that are killing people and addicting people or is it important to hold it down in Afghanistan some places on the other side of the planet you got a place that's connected to that's directly affecting people like in this really weird way but then yeah the best of it it's like the best thing ever heard Bill Maher said

► 02:14:32

best thing was when he said terrorism isn't going to kill you America it's the corn syrup and all the shit Fuji he's right he's right he's got some deities good I don't know if it's him writing or his monologue writers but they make some great points with his those monologues that he does for real time he makes him great Point yes funny shit too but it's yeah the the we have a problem in that whenever you tell someone that they can't do something which I don't agree with it all don't get me wrong about this whole drug issue I don't think you should be able to tell a guy

► 02:15:02

who's 60 years old he can't do meth that fucking I want to do man I agree he should be able to do math here's the question is should it be okay for you to sell in math well that's where it gets weird because I know you're a piece of shit if you're selling mouth you sound is poor guy math you know he doesn't need math Briny needs a hug this is what would happen if you had if you made all drugs legal they'd get zoned they'd get taxed there would be ways to do it you look you want to do you want to do math but watch this the conversation with like this it'd be exactly like this you you want to do Matt first of all if you want to work for my company

► 02:15:32

no math I got a private company no math you can't do math I know it sounds crazy but you're not an efficient worker you want to be a pilot no Matthew want to be a cop no meth you want to work in my factory heavy machinery no math video games I mean maybe it'll help you but if you want to lose your teeth God you fucking idiot God so I think again cocaine now we're going to have very pure cocaine and guess what to get it from Leaf to powder less murder no murder in fact how's that sound it's locally sourced how's that sound you can do your blow and

► 02:16:02

again you want to do blow I got to wake up in the morning I can't be up all night I would love to do blow I love blow I can't do it because sometimes I'm done it probably five six times in my life wow fantastic and you love it and you've never done it more it's the best drug of all time really it's the best drug of all time I again ways like the joke is when two people are doing blow they start a business together you know what I mean is like let's fucking open a campus tour and it sounds like the best idea in the world but I don't do below I don't I'm not a drug I don't have time

► 02:16:32

you know but what the point is if you had a place I could go and it was pure and it wasn't cut with a bunch of shit I don't know about and I knew I could do it and fucking talk to my friend or have sex with some but you know whatever it is maybe if I had time here's the thing but if there was consistency responsibility if there was consistency yeah like if all drugs that were dangerous or illegal yeah then maybe I could kind of get your point right but how many people died of overdoses every year of prescription drugs a lot

► 02:17:02

how many people abuse prescription drugs a lot and I would I would say alcohol yeah when exactly alcohol which is one of the most destructive drugs and when the most readily available right and is an essential that's open while we're keeping social distancing yeah alcohol yeah so so so again I ask you tell me the difference so what we've done is supported a horrific criminal Enterprise over the world yes and all of Latin America we continue to yeah and and and so many innocent

► 02:17:32

and women and children and men and businesses and lives destroyed and so many Central American and and and it's just destroy the Falcon has now imagine you're supposed to take care of this problem end coronavirus and the economy okay and Healthcare and you're running for re-election and North Korea and Germany I know what I end this I don't know what all right when they call drugs legal I think

► 02:18:02

and that is a logical way of looking at it but I think that the Growing Pains of that okay would be people would lose their fucking minds at you if they lost their children during the growing pains and they can attribute their child overdosing on heroin because their son bought it legally and left it in the house and now someone's dead sure and you have that and I think you're going to have a lot of that have a lot less of that because eventually I think eventually I have a lot of this heroin to be

► 02:18:32

regular you when you went to a store and bought heroin just like with weed you know exactly what you were getting I wasn't gonna get shot you were getting exact no know what's the other fentanyl you get you get you know exactly what you're getting I'd have it I have a place you could do it if you wanted it be all kinds of stuff and then by the way and you can't sustain that habit you did the people that are junkies would be junkies anyway but at least there'd be a place would be a safe place for them to go and get it maybe to do it like they do in Zurich but more

► 02:19:01

importantly I legalized all fucking drugs because I don't know because this War on Drugs ain't going so well there'd be a lot less murder I'll tell you that in my opinion well we would need someone to figure out first of all how do you have less people that are that's another Ed called around thing is how do you have less people that are even interested in doing heroin like we've obviously done something terribly wrong if we have people that are interested in heroin like why why are people willing to do drugs like crocodile

► 02:19:32

that the people were shooting for bond that was making there that's the real problem and fixing it with a patch left or right oriented patch be careful the tip of that thing at the the knife pokes through it stabbing the hand so much that's a gift from Ed he's the same guy brought me the death while I want a knife dude please give me one of these I want to carry this with me I figured out how to death whistle you just blow on it I don't have to cop it with your hands

► 02:20:01

not as good as me

► 02:20:05

I give it to you but there's social distancing rule give me that shit no fuck yeah I say you can't give a fuck people watching we're set of bags and that's to actually I but that's what I'm saying mean imagine someone who has to take care of each one of those things yeah just want each each one of those things is ridiculous Let's uh president of the homeless this one guy when we do that we have when we have drug czars we have but they don't have the kind of power that I'm going to

► 02:20:33

them yeah I'm gonna give him Presidential Power I don't think one person should be able to like let people out of jail and do this and move that we have we had one person that stays in his fucking Lane like what are you really good at but we have it do we have it secretary and Energy Secretary we had to know I know here's what I work in this cabinet what I'm saying is like a king of immigration this is the King this is the person of the queen of immigration the queen of environment yeah not even this

► 02:21:03

yes Jesus help so female wins it so you think giving apologist more power as kings and queens entice them into the job I don't like this idea well you call it a president called it the head of about there's no but you know one big guy yeah but I'm talking with our means it's there they write the budget they do everything yeah but they do everything dozens are come from so you have the drugs are you've got the educate Czar comes from Caesar right isn't that Russian for Caesar

► 02:21:33

the king is that what it is it's a Russian name it's a dope name is our anytime you can see his arse arse easy and look to be as are made a drug czars like what's I'll be the Sexes are Russian Emperor what's that comes from the Rhino it means rushing a rushing things are mean Caesar doesn't it I think the root is if you had one person in this country that that was autonomous they didn't need the approval of the top president guy they just had a thing to solve they don't need his like no no no that be

► 02:22:03

that'd be a terrible idea why because you're a different thing but I mean think about an education Queen I mean look at Betsy DeVos she's got her ideas on how to run classrooms but there's massive push back from teachers and everybody else so so Oscar controversial some see which one she loves Jesus now your touch one loves Jesus because that's the one I'm voting for all right I heard that argument about George w-- someone said well George W is with Jesus so I'm with George W wow yeah man there you go that's how you get in you want to be the education sorry

► 02:22:33

so what do you want to teach them bunch of fucking pagans about Zeus and shit the fuck out of here that's that's changing we need our Jesus technology all the way back technology as with the enlightenment as you were able to predict the movement of the planets that was Radical grad I was at that moment that went hey wait the Bible doesn't tell us that this guy Haley Albert Haley was able to predict Halley's Comet or or Newton or Copernicus or Galileo who are proving this stuff mathematically

► 02:23:03

were revolutionaries holy fuck it was so outrageous but the church was like wait a minute this is destroying the existence of God when Einstein came along and said time and space are relative depending on how fast you're moving why think about how important education is right it's the most important thing and just giving someone tools to shape their mind now think of it in terms of The Prestige that you get as being just a high school teacher it's nothing nothing no one cares you're doing one of the most important services to a young

► 02:23:33

and that ever you teaching them literally filling their minds are the information imagine if someone was in charge of Education in this country who can who could convince everybody who had a real philosophy and a real strategy for educating kids and talked about it in a way like this is how we're going to make we do have that no one person who's the president damn if it is one person yeah one person gets what they promise we elect them we elect I'd be the terrible idea clearly

► 02:24:03

the president who's going to be the president of educational you know present of Education yeah but this is the crowds they all get together but they have to have open debate the president can't help our what you know this is my new take on it we need dictators that are benevolent my God you're a monarchist you fucking monarchist of edge of this is trouble in the morning imagine if that's what really works that's what used to happen but everyone did time just have one really nice person who runs the whole thing

► 02:24:33

one nice person one really not believe in nice people I don't think they exist I believe human beings are nice people here but human beings are you are one of the nicest people I know I see that this person sense but I'd be a terrible he doesn't have reasons why I've had to like kick people out of your life it's true because I'm like a man I trust everybody I love everybody love everybody let everybody and I got I got fucked over recently badly fine no you did did you there's a couple of times in your life where I've had to pull you aside like a fucker yeah if I didn't love you I wouldn't be telling

► 02:25:02

us yeah it's time to run science true I am I suppose I'm I'd be a very bad cop because I'd be like what happened man you didn't need to shoot on hit you like what the fuck all right I'm gonna let you go but God damn it if you doing I'm just so mad anybody else promise me I'll let you goo know certain things I'd have no mercy for though of course yeah yeah of course yeah that's a thing right there's like things that people can do where you like you know child murder that's it see you later no coming back so your letter there's things like

► 02:25:32

like that and if you fail even if I catch you the large Trove of child pornography and you can't what am I gonna do dude if that's really what turns you on I gotta I don't know what to tell you seen one of the weird you know because Progressive ideology right like we were talking about before really is in some ways is a religion just like conservative ideologies it takes on some of the some of the characteristics of a religion the when there was people predicting this but almost

► 02:26:03

that one day people that are so Progressive they would look at people who are pedophiles and saying that this is this is just who they are and this is like this is their sexual programming like how they are as a person and we shouldn't judge them by who they are that's fine though I can even I'll watch this I'll grant you that watch the soap so let's say would like Robert sapolsky is work or people like this who are studying this stuff we don't know we don't know

► 02:26:32

no I don't think people choose to be pedophiles what happens is they wake up and they go I have I have this irrational attraction to Children okay so you're attracted to let's say toddlers or something horrible now I grant you that your brain works this way I still can't have you if you have these impulses I can't have you out in society bro now if you want to volunteer for castration or if there's a if there's a way to get you to not have these

► 02:27:03

is now we can talk but if you if they if I don't know how to mitigate or erase that kind of deep-seated programming you've got to go away I got to know where you are at all times I can't have you near children that this is why we incarcerate these people yeah right and so it's I think we're going to be facing that exact question we're going to be saying it the more we learn about the brain and that we're going to be realizing you are programmed a certain way

► 02:27:32

okay we all are now to what degree if you listen to Sam Harris Sam doesn't even believe in Free Will you know Sam will tell you wow we have no control over the the mechanics of how we make a decision when did it start I mean what happened sapolsky is book behave is about this I don't know I still can't run a society that gives free reign to people that cause destructive harm you know the story about there was a guy who had a tumor in his brain yeah and the

► 02:28:03

rumor was literally turning him into a pedophiles he has the tumor removed they prove it they prove the tumors there as a tumor removed all these thoughts go away they come back a few years later they do another MRI in the find out the tumors returned like what do you do with that because there's a guy like you almost your he's got sick he literally got sick and that sickness led to him being a criminal there's also a you can have a lesion on your brain the size of a head of a pin if it's in the right part of

► 02:28:32

your brain it will turn you into a homicidal maniac we know these things so really yes the head of a pin yes in fact it's in a series of lectures by in the great ideas of psychology and it's really fascinating that you can buy Daniel Robinson or David Robinson is an amazing guy but but but yeah and there is that case and there have been there have been cases of this we know that there are parts of the brain when damaged can cause you to be fucking you know

► 02:29:02

a man just thinking that what if they did that to people like if you really wanted to be the ultimate Soldier and they had like a part of your brain that turns you into a Berserker and they would just hit that switch Yeah well they say that a lot of what they do psych evals on high-level operators and some of those people are able to shut off certain parts of their you know they can be great fathers and husbands and brothers and they can also shut off

► 02:29:32

if and when it's time to shut that off everybody dies and they can it's called you can deviate it's called this a term for it like sociopath you can deviate into a sociopath you can deviate into that space make the decisions that have to be made and then come back to morality yeah yeah lot of us could do that if you have an ideology if you're protecting your Homeland or whatever it might be that's a formidable Soldier is trying to protect what he loves well and who faces the reality of the necessity of that like runs into

► 02:30:02

really bad people in parts of the world that really are torturing and murdering people making videos and putting them up on you till you run into those kind of people and you actually see them in the world you see the damage they're doing to people in the real world I know a lot of soldiers have felt that way who saw that shit and they were like listen man that's why I killed him and I slept well last night you know there's something about what's going on now for all of us where there's this massive wake-up call as to the Frailty of our society the the how poorly we thought

► 02:30:32

a doubt all the consequences of any sort of global pandemic or any natural disaster how ill-prepared we are and this is a this is a good opportunity to wake up and look at what we're doing and look how fucking soft we are like it's fine to be nice it's fine to be nice well you have you noticed that now we're in this pandemic and you don't hear it's not a lot of talk about Progressive no ideas and them equality well the real Progressive ideas you're seeing from people like nurses and doctors and

► 02:31:02

care workers that are there putting their fucking their physical health on the line taking care of these people and some of them are dying you're seeing people that are chipping in and food shelters and you know when food kitchens and trying to feed people that are poor you're seeing people there's a lot of people putting together GoFundMe That's The Comedy Store is putting together a fund right now to pay for the waitstaff there's all these different things that are happening that are people putting together that are happening organically this is what we want what we don't want is mandated

► 02:31:32

David charity mandated socialism at mandated and that's what people have a problem with because what they're worried about is in great times and times that things are amazing we're worried about people who don't want to do their share we're worried about people where you've created a simple easy path for them and they taking it every time and time again that they're lazy and they don't want to do any work they don't just there's people that are like that that's different than what we're experiencing now what we're experiencing

► 02:32:02

now is the best case scenario for human nature in terms of the outpouring of generosity that you get from a lot of these people that are trying to help other folks that are in need yeah you're going to have some negative stories you're going to have that too but what this really is is a wake-up call is that we've had it really really really easy and because that we were finding things to be outraged at and the people that experienced real Strife in their life and real difficulty they get angry at that stuff and they get angry

► 02:32:32

at that stuff for a reason because self-indulgence is fucking dangerous because it's catchy and because you tell all your friends that y'all ever y'all have a good point the government should just fucking pay us we should just get paid why these billionaires have money there should be no billionaires how about how about good grammar being racist because if you if you correct some of these grammar maybe that person didn't have the education therefore you're being you're being racist because maybe that that person of color doesn't use the kind of grammar

► 02:33:02

Standard English this is this is a new idea to yeah there's a lot of these new ideas that people look for things to be outraged about well why is this hard to get food and again right now the power still on okay right now everything is the at least three quarters what it was - the unemployment right they're stuck at home but you're with the people that you love you can talk to them on your phone you can watch Netflix you can do a lot of shit still can't go to restaurants can't go to movies but you can't go to work but you're kind of still around and then you've got your financial issues but what if

► 02:33:32

what if it went one step further do we not understand a fucking fragile this is what if it went one step further one rock from the sky slams into Chicago yeah one big-ass fucking mile wide Rock slams into Chicago Kano or a volcano in Montana that won't stop bubbling how about that Yellowstone thing that's a giant called are that's 300 kilometres wide or something stupid like that cane I think it's actually six hundred kilometers it did that's so they last we fuck us up

► 02:34:03

yeah how big is the Caldera oh by the way maybe time A change is a very real thing and most of us are walking around going and not for us God will protect well the problem with that is people weaponize the idea of arguing about climate change and if you even have a question about it or if you even different if you've it's one of those things and this is not the experts aren't correct I am with the experts on with the science on it I'm a hundred percent in belief that human beings are accelerating climate change that

► 02:34:32

not my point my point is if someone even brings up how do you know if you're arguing about it voraciously right you're like really into fucking all you know some people that love arguing about climate change and they love putting you in your fucking place the oceans are going to be on fire and they get crazy with it and if you even have a conversation with you where are you getting your information from they don't really have a good source it's not like they've spent time studying these papers and looking at the trends and reading books on

► 02:35:02

sample and talking to you about these shifts and here's the problem with this shift this shift is different than the other ones because it's clearly CO2 and yeah I tried saying with a group of people all I trying to say is I go I don't like Trump either but I will say and I was going to say I appreciate it as China policy and so it makes I literally was met with this that I went I went but I will buttoning oh no don't don't fucking don't give me a but on this you know I'm like Jesus Christ yeah you that afraid of my ideas well there's a trump thing like you either hate Trump or you love Trump

► 02:35:32

right you know you can't say like I get criticized as being some sort of a closet Trump supporter because I say think he's funny he's fine too he's funny cracks me up where professional can be hilarious he's funny look how about stuff that's not even a no one even gets hurt the one when he took Greenland and he put a giant Trump Tower on it and he tweeted I promise not to do this if we buy green lands yes dude that he's hilarious that's funny that doesn't mean you're a Nazi okay and I think this is going to come some of that shit down this is going to give us real things to be outraged about

► 02:36:02

and this is all this is a wake-up call that you know our medical systems that we have in place to deal with pandemics they're underfunded they're underfunded they have to be or they're under underutilized or there's something wrong there's something wrong I don't want to stay with the causes I really don't know I'm an idiot something has left us unprepared okay let's not blame anybody it is what it is no one saw this coming but now that we know that this can happen yeah this has never happened before all the years since 1776 we never locked down the country like this but we did and the whole world

► 02:36:32

did so let's move forward with a fucking heavy emphasis on putting the brakes to that kind of shit figure out what we have to do if it was it because you only have a hundred scientists on it instead of a thousand because it's higher 900 more yeah like what are we doing here you're spending so much money on other things have a science King yes science cats have a fucking science Kang what's the difference between King has are we have a tiger Kang let's have a science can ya president science president vice president

► 02:37:02

everybody's a present of something economic president and that way when something goes wrong you'll go fucking if Trump just open the borders now he like don't know it's the Border Kings problem yeah the Border King says we had to keep the borders closed its not Trump trump doesn't get this next up we have a border King Lear the party clanking with the Sky King we have skyking Lily they he runs the skies would make sure it's clean up guys up there with a fucking little strip testing it everyday scooping be like hey Sky King How can I

► 02:37:32

Sky still dirty fucking idiot I like you blame this guy King right you can't blame Trump and his cronies you blame Sky King I like it I want to know you do you need to get one of those you know why I don't invite me great listen you don't do it anymore you don't really do it dude I'm dead I I'm gay my sweetie I love you yeah there's the level between doing what we did were you have a rifle and do what you're doing though is doing both it's so much work to get to the point

► 02:38:02

you can do it efficiently because you're doing well technically yes they're also up with a gun you could definitely do that if the place is if it's legal to have a good you know the place for that for you would be Hawaii really yes Lanai Axis deer you and as they have to shoot them you and I need to go to my friends property and New Zealand and shoot those I'm sure but the they probably need to shoot those to New Zealand doesn't even do they don't have any he's got fighters beaches can't even bring some wolves bring some wolves in New Zealand dude what could go wrong

► 02:38:34

great idea that's the dude account to cover his face he jet skis with fucking orcas he sends me video he's on his jet ski and is probably beating us orcas under him the first family that gets eaten inside their tent by wolves and that can happen and has happened in history folks the first family that that never happens to we're all going to have a big wake-up call as to what a wolf is it's not that I don't love wolves I do love wolves and I went to that wolf connection that rescue out in the

► 02:39:02

and the scent at the scene of Palmdale I went to it really recently with for Escalante and as you see this amazing yeah hung out with them they're cool as fuck but it's hear wolves are hybrids most of them are hybrids one of them was about as close to a pure wolf as you can get and you couldn't do a goddamn thing with them this guy said that one time he admonished him for a food fight and he was incorrect and the don't the wolf hasn't spoken to him since y three years ago the wolves like fuck you used to be able to pet him and put him on leash take him out now the wolf won't let him anywhere near him

► 02:39:32

really he said the guy was a cunt three years ago that male-male wolves will challenge you and you know certain animals like camels camels if they like you you're good if they don't like you they'll piss on you I'll spit on you whoa and they will grab you and bite you and throw you they pick you up by your neck with their teeth I've seen that don't fuck around with grow I saw a guy trying to kill a camel he was trying to there's like a certain way they killed

► 02:40:02

animals for some religious you can eat it but in certain way they kill him with a knife they slight slit slicer throw night and he was doing that and this camel was not having it and he grabs him by the back of the neck just fucking whip some to the are you realize how strong or camelus yeah they bite your neck your 150-pound man you're going flying you're going to find it because Chuck you Chuck Chuck you like you throw a house cat Bourdain a camel he said it was really good but I did you get it yeah what was it like delicious was it tastes like it's like

► 02:40:32

goat you know I guess a lot of times in Saudi Arabia you eat a camel with and huge feast you put a goat inside the camel wow oh here's one this guy's trying to slice yeah this is another one okay yeah right there look at that guy boom son that thing picked him up by his head he got his whole head in there look at that guy this is whole head oh my God that wasn't even just the neck that thing grabbed his whole heads gotta be fucked up bro he might be paralyzed yeah I mean I was moving

► 02:41:02

God look at that God damn it just grabbed his whole hello it picked him up by his head and do that could easily break your neck look at especially if it didn't let go what if it shook them yeah that'd be you know I'm saying are you just held onto the head and shook them a bunch of times that thing has mean fuck do you don't fuck with camels yeah so it's like a goat it's a lot of meat it's a lot of meat how many people hate that kid I remember I was kid by the way as 1439 it so I'm saying gold baby

► 02:41:32

eat with their hands right you would your right hand yes you do everything with your right hand you wash your ass with your left hand dirty things to your left never give anybody a left hand shake caught stealing traditionally so I do they would cut off your right hand oh my God yeah the last question he'd be the last one to wait you'd have to in the cold crab you'd be the last one to eat oh my God you'd have what was left over oh my God yeah what do you do then just kill the guy like why do you want to live like this how you live with one hand fine figure it out

► 02:42:00

you know I don't think we got to the bottom I think Bryan Callen but it feels good to complain I agree buddy I think that's good I think we're three hours in with the bear isn't yeah that goes quickly yeah I can't believe that and yeah we are Jesus you know I'm joking around obviously about the the Kings have a King of Everything joking around about it obviously but it is kind of ridiculous that we ever think that one person could be the president and run this whole country it's

► 02:42:30

so stupid it's so stupid and it's so tired and when something happens where it's really clear that this wasn't thought out correctly like this that we didn't know what was coming like this we didn't we didn't ever think because it's never happened before if something's never happened before we always think it's not going to happen whether it's a super volcano or an asteroid impact or well as this that's the thing that's what's got seen it even though we know that they've happened hasn't happened to I'm not my life I'm not prepped enough and I need to get prepped

► 02:43:00

depth we are real be well yeah we we keep talking about going somewhere and I'm not bullshitting about that how about a place we can drive to short in a short time though you could drive to Utah in 10 hours really yeah yeah it's not a bad one or Vegas just camp out in Vegas do you have somewhere I don't know where we're gonna go out of prey gonna go enough where I can get a well in lots of guns maybe you can go to Big Bear

► 02:43:26

hmm and just maybe go to Big Bear then they would shut those roads off that's what that's right then you're fucked got to be up there stuck still stuck with Silverlight well they shut those roads off sometimes unless when it snows out you have to have chains like you have to have change if you driving up there yeah it's problem yeah whenever you see those roads to Big Bear and say you must pull burns on your tires pilbara can drive a helicopter he can fly a helicopter that's right so bill will be our go-to guy he can't we need a boat to get out

► 02:43:56

see but we're assuming we'll have good visibility the problem with the helicopter thing is if it's fires if there's fires you ain't seeing shit it's fires will figure it out if it's a pen down you see you we need the fucking fire president that's what we need to get the few can't say we'll figure it out we need a rock solid game plan we call a fire president who hates Fire have to have got a hates fire Heights it fuckin hurts for Imagine weasels for really starting fires do you know that's a thing I know a lawyer defends a kid

► 02:44:26

kid who starts fires dresses up like a fireman ohm and diverts traffic and they catch him all the time and he has to go and be like the kids obviously crazy so yeah he's a sociopath he gets off on creating these issues but he loves environment so you'll start fires and he sounds like a fun 11 times since he was a little kid and now he's an adult and you from jail now but he'll it's probably the size for him he dresses up like a fireman and he likes to divert traffic and tell people

► 02:44:56

where to go and give them advice it's now imagine you have to fix that guy imagine he's homeless you got to fix him kind of could get a homeless guy who likes houses on fire pretends to fireman he's so far gone you gotta go to jail what do you do with but you keep in there forever let him out one day they're going to be more fucked up than they were before they put him in the jail for crazy people might keep it there just keep him there keeping the Pleasant Hill keep forever Pleasantville forever I don't know yeah until I find a way to get him until he can exhibit

► 02:45:26

that he is fit to go back to society every C One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - how come they don't have places like that anymore the greatest movies of all time do they have places like that anymore with a man you come in you come out yeah Saloon how many of them they have to have enough I don't know but it's like I should have more we have mental way of hospitals for the criminally insane hospitals for you know right but do we have enough because I think it's almost like the same amount of hospitals that we have regular Peter Peter early wrote a book called crazy his son suffers from mental illness and what we do with most of our mentally ill

► 02:45:56

as we put them in jail and I've been to those aquariums of the key people in his bed that's where it's fucked up to it's like you're also because you're crazy you're also committing crimes and you maybe could have been treated for whatever the mental illness was particularly it's a chemical imbalance right and then you would have never done those crimes and then you have never been in jail so yeah but I mean who's responsible for it well mentally we want adults to be responsible for themselves yeah well this guy said Joe

► 02:46:26

Newman again who wrote raising Lions I recommend it highly he said I'm training parents a lot of times you think I was training the kids a lot of times I'm trying the parents and the Educators on how to how to react to the kid kid is smart and the kid is even the kid is playing Spacey and stuff or whatever not paying Tatian come to school he's enjoying the frustration and the social status he gets he creates frustration in the adult and get social status from doing this I can make it very boring for him I'll make it very boring for him without interest just go hey time to take a break you gotta stand over there I know it sucks but if

► 02:46:56

you can throw a tantrum but the time starts for when you're done the Tantrum little things like that huge results just take the profit out of the you saying this genius tells them to you to put them in timeout timeout but it's a very specific way of doing it is hilarious what's the solution kids got to go to timeout everybody well you get these kids who freaked out that to be put in isolation you argue with them no no that's part of the president's problem yeah so you can't put them in timeout that's probably true if there was like Nancy Pelosi had like a few timeouts yeah per year she could just use it on Trump and Trump would

► 02:47:26

you have to stand in the corner and not take it will take her phone away I'm going to take the phone away no Twitter no no no I fucking legit timeout Nancy look in the corner she's that she's the kind of person that would put all of us in timeout she's I'm using mom but if she could do that yeah imagine how interesting that would be she go like this Donald Donald when we take a break go over there yeah you're gonna go over the board and chair if there was like things that a person could do we had to put them in time and we you and I would be in timeout a lot

► 02:47:56

how often would you be in timeout per year well as a kid right now as an adult if they had timeout still I need I need a lot of time

► 02:48:05

no but this is the thing I get a certain point in time you become the master of your own destiny nobody can put you in timeout anymore unless you're at work and you get brought in I need time outs because I'm I'll find ways to procrastinate and get not to the things I'm supposed to do you manage if you had a boss at the podcast they set you and Brendan down and we're talking about your job performance I have a problem with it they do that with radio shows that's what radio shows are there like basically a podcast but with a boss I know I know you know Kevin and Bean you know those guys

► 02:48:35

no Kevin they just fired them I didn't know if I'd given I thought Kevin kind of no no no they fired them and then they fired everybody and then just hold him there done go home and they had security guards lead them out of the building yeah I'm Kevin yes Kevin I didn't know Kevin got fired yeah Kevin got five it's very recent will be in left like a year ago I know and then Kevin stayed on and KROQ Jimmy Kimmel made a tweet about it like how dare you please Kevin yeah well it's been

► 02:49:05

Kevin's Morning Show for like since I think January Kevin and is it whose his who's the woman and now there's a couple of popped a couple people started with them her name is Dave but it's their wealth great it's they just fired everybody we're just yeah that's crazy so there's no more don't know I think it probably happened I mean I don't know if it had anything to do with the corona but it was like when it was kicking in like when everyone was starting to worry about covid-19 damn yeah

► 02:49:35

very very worried about just what's going to happen all these small businesses I don't know how terrible we can just arable it's terrible that's terrible we need a plan I got to come is there any good news on this how about this Hydrochloric y9 with azithromycin is that actually help with sorry guys I'm a doctor is that how I read about that and I read that there's some promise to that and I read that there's that in a combination of some other medication

► 02:50:06

so it's essentially this drug that they used to treat malaria it's an old-school drug treatment layer and then Hydrochloric why not and then they're they're doing something our clients something else with it the president's hydroxychloroquine quinine he should be quite I know it's a different it's that people did that didn't work for malaria anymore so that is that and you combine that with us to throw myosin like a z-pack I guess and so those two things apparently mitigate the effects of the virus I

► 02:50:35

from what I heard but then I heard no so I don't know yeah I mean who the fuck knows there's also intravenous vitamin C apparently has in effect a positive effect on people that are suffering from the illness but again this is all anecdotal they don't have like a real strict protocol of how you handle this disease it's very easy to get a new disease I haven't been as good as I should be

► 02:51:00

I eat food that's prepared by people yeah you never know so you never know yeah they they didn't know before the Carnival Cruise Line thing that it could stay on surfaces as long as 17 days well I heard nine hours it depends on no no no no this is the latest I've kind of yes the people that are examining the cruise ship or the people are stuck on even people that were asymptomatic they still found traces of this shit 17 days later and their cabins well guess what I'm done how crazy is that a symptom

► 02:51:29

other people and you can find the stuff in their cabin 17 days later it's still alive waiting for a host I don't think Crystal has left his house is he a germaphobe I just he's just not left his house well you also as a new baby yeah you know but you know you get something delivered from Amazon you don't know what happened yeah that's on surfaces yeah this in fact that this in fact the word little let's wrap it up Bryan Callen thank you but it is Will Sasso trying to pussy out of the 10 Minute Podcast or heard he is we're going to do the temp for all

► 02:51:59

you Ten Minute Podcast lovers me Chris Lee and Will Sasso I'm sorry heard Sasso is rebooting it getting very sassy with you you get sassy with me he just sent me pictures of bears eating eating like fish and tear he just said anything to you yeah and that's what it is see that guy has the biggest cabs I've ever seen in my life is the funniest fucking human being do you have you ever had them on the podcast oh I have to have like he's I love him he's hilarious oh my God he's gonna he's fun to hang out with to my mom we all hung out together he's the best Will Sasso to me

► 02:52:29

is human being maybe of all time and and coming out in a movie called boss level each one of his calves are two of Arnold Schwarzenegger shoulders dude he's so big and strong but it's his calves so yeah there's that big has a bitch yeah yeah their bull Hearts their bull Hearts I call them bull heart there's no to Beau hearts in his fucking lower legs I remember you telling me that and then let me see them like what is going on well there's a picture on the internet in my head next to his calf and my head is my calf and had were the same size

► 02:52:59

sighs my head is the same size as casting I'm not kidding listen weirdest should have rooms graduation on your operator status thanks blood here you saw the way I squeeze up those rounds dead because we want to laugh right now complicated Apes on Amazon it is look at these calves look at that is so crazy look at the size of his fucking calf dude that is so ridiculous fucking he was a powerlifter I think he had some record dude those things are ridiculous yeah look at that one up there who's that without another guy that's hand shoes no that's is that sacis

► 02:53:30

that's good right those are bull Hearts well those are so big look where they're considered on the bone wow like saying that's for real yes God damn those look like that looks like Arnold in his prime right it was those look like when he would pose here are seeing him where is that bring them let me see his his Instagram for a sec got a lot of pictures with your face next to his calf that's very odd he's so for wear a different shirt spring is yes that's a Photoshop bring his Instagram up I want to see something

► 02:54:00

Jean cracks me up did you do know what crashing why is he dressed like a woman go down why is your video with Arnold Schwarzenegger is he mocking and I don't know

► 02:54:10

he just to ugh Brian this is an audio podcast as well sorry we're just going to go down scroll over mind forget it it's just it's just got so many funny fuck what is it just Will Sasso what is his will have some rest I'm fucking see he's on a boat of when this blonde hair you just stand on the board and he just needs this guy's a fucking seaworthy as fuck he's a silly boy all right

► 02:54:40

so you all right love you buddy it was fun hanging out with you all day today and we had a great time we had to do this more often can't wait that's one thing that I'm getting out of this more I'm like I'm really appreciating friends and that's when the shit gets weird that's what you really need you really need friends damn right all right love you people by everybody see you thank you everyone for tuning into the show and thank you to Casper get the mattress of your dreams today go to Casper.com and use the code Rogan for $100 toward the purchase of Select

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we're all in this together as weird as it is and I have nothing but love and hope for all of you so thank you for tuning into the show and bye-bye