#1382 - RZA & Donnell Rawlings

Nov 12, 2019

RZA is a rapper, record producer, musician, actor, and director. He is the de facto leader of the Wu-Tang Clan. Donnell Rawlings is a stand up comedian, actor, and podcaster. He’s known best for his roles on Chappelle’s Show and The Wire.

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code Rogan LegalZoom where life meets legal so this podcast was a lot of fun this podcast will Donnell Rawlings and I did a podcast earlier in the day and he stuck around and we were having so much fun that when the Riza from the Wu-Tang Clan came in we said well fuck it Donnell why don't you hang in with us and so he stayed for that one too it was amazing it was we had a great fucking time I hope you enjoy it please welcome Donnell Rawlings and the Riza

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The Joe Rogan Experience Train by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day

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boom okay so now that I'm the producer of the Donnell Rawlings pod we already established established that yes we've taken off the Riza sure thank you for being here thank you I'm going to give him a beat man it's gonna be yeah you're gonna have music I'm gonna be hip I'm hip hop royalty first off will you said that I'm saying I got a butt down through don't just assume it's all here pop use that that was assaulting it'll not hip-hop I would love any genre if you

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visual you see or even connected to this at all whatever you feel I fucking got to fill it and I'll make it work I think your idea driving around talking shit is a great one I like my bill bird did a podcast doing that we basically did like these little video things doing that but driving with Donnell is a great idea or even just you don't limit it do whatever the fuck you want one day you want to drive drive one day you want to sit in your living room just talk shit your living room do that the day today was a good day for me because I knew was coming to your show and I've been

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been ducking the question and evading it for so long when I see you I can't even be real with you like I want to and I was like I said fuck man I'm doing Rogen in two hours I gotta go do a podcast what are you writing I was just writing podcast because I don't know if he's on a podcast or a podcast Tod Tod knows I'm just I'm just calling you know you're taking notes yeah yeah yeah it just gonna be like it's just going to me I just wanted Joe to stop bullying me I didn't want you to talk

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shit because every time I just trying to help every time I see him so he'd be like this we have regular conversation to hit just start doing like this I like this thing about to hit me right he said he say what's up with the podcast we going to shoot that shit to the Moon come on man by doing this yeah yeah it's the high school I'm just trying to get to a good you're too good to not have a podcast and I said and I'm going to tell you I could go and fight a thousand thousand people I ain't trippin off that shit

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it was just something about me talking to myself talking to myself I never did that well 44 minutes yes yeah well do you ever talk to you know what do I gotta let you gotta talk to yourself but I never did it but you know what you got to stop bro let me say I got to say this no the real talk but his fans talking about and I confront I was

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nervous about it and like I was like ah and then when I did it today when I finished it I felt good as shit so then I met I felt like this I was like oh it's Bobby the old son it's on see just how to get moving that's all you needed you just need to launch who's we're good they podcast off with Joe Rogan producer in a reserve producer and Jamie Vernon doing the technical teams Jamie was mad at me at first though anyway try help me out

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okay Jamie you're absolutely right I agree with you 100% but what the Lully I said what can I do to help me and you we're gonna make it happen and we worked it out I worked it out he didn't want to return my internet on he was like he didn't want put me online and

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and so there's a couple of companies that offer like a turnkey sort of situation what is the one who does Eric Weinstein's podcast and it does Google that they have a service they have a company and they just did they get all the ads for you and they take a certain percent and then they set up a studio for you don't have to think about shit you just go in and be yourself we know it's crazy not that I'm jumping on Don else Dan why

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yeah go ahead you can tell what's wrong with that I used to that maybe for the last few months since we started the whole of the American Saga series people been pushing me to do a podcast I love listening to you I end up not doing one but we have one for the show of course that kind of does you know like after the show go on you can go and listen and hear

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you know more inside details of the story but still doing that process that was like you need to do a podcast with us because

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just the way you think we just need more people with that kind of thinking you know yeah so he said as he talked to us you don't talk to herself but then after he was finished talking to herself for 44 minutes he felt a weight come off him how was it but there's a scripture on that bro what is the scripture is in the bhagavad-gita whoo that's correct no no no I don't know I don't know the Quran is the crew on all right so the bhagavad-gita smells means the song of God just

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Gita Kita the Gita right it's actually the words of Krishna and he says contemplation which yourself which is talking with yourself

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will take you further than praying whoo okay and if a man is not contemplating right if you're not know what are you doing it verbally like right now we're talking out loud we all got that voice and I had yeah you have that voice was like yo so I put the condom on and not that

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is that contemplation that makes us better is that reflection of what we did what we're gonna do and you knew verbalize it even out loud I mean the spoken word it's even more powerful you get it out that's how I felt but it was a part of was like I was not let Joe talk shit to me how was I fuck that baby not doing it but I'm glad I did it man the father did not reach him yeah yeah you gotta do a podcast he should

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good I think look bad but the most important thing is that you have a voice like you're an interesting guy if you did a podcast would be interesting because a lot of people it's good to have a bunch of different people doing it from all different different styles of art different person is already have a person yeah has already been interested in people so what people want to 20 keep getting dances are you how can you give it to him today I'd like he's like I just

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come out like a man that's a death so fucking easy that's a no-brainer what is the bhagavad-gita it's you and Duncan Trussell the only people call it the butterfly my Gita that's hilarious that's all that's an amazing book man that's what Oppenheimer quoted when he watched the first atomic bomb blow off so I am become death destroyer of worlds so quote right from the Bhagavad Gita yeah that's crazy shit that's it yeah that's a that is a fascinating book man there's all sorts of Illusions till

► 00:13:09

like UFOs and shit I've talked about well what the Mahabharata which is a longer version yeah so the bhagavad-gita is about 700 versus that's tooken out of the Mahabharata which is one of the longest it's not the longest poem it's in the top ten how do you say is it Mahabharata how do you say it yeah you might that be is in they don't know if that be a silent yeah that's the one

► 00:13:39

photos with existing Mahabharata up silent be there's someone that's gonna be in that that be makes noise right but it's there's vimanas in that right where there's flying crafts there's a bunch of weird shit the people faced extreme try to figure out what the fuck are they talking about yeah and you know that ancient civilization was measuring the called coppers every thirty five thousand years you know and it was saying you know Jun Cai

► 00:14:09

Copper's you know like that's that's what that's like K APPA T like cappadonna APPA oh I got a tennis eat while I want to just make a disclaimer real quick I have a tendency to pronounce words the way I pronounce have a tendency to listen to the words where you pronounce it

► 00:14:40

oh you never split a six now I didn't I'm very white hate know how many I didn't even know what he's talking about I had to like go over it without the bars you said you spell but I said hip-hop him to see what he was asking me about Sugar Hill and I said yeah I remember that and then I started singing it I don't think I was actually about sugar he'll say oh no I remember yeah you asked me if I knew no no this is why I said you always pissed 16

► 00:15:09

he was like just what you told me Joe you said I don't have time to spend $6 I don't have it though don't it I have much better enjoy it you said Joe and you're listening to it I've time that's what Joe you said I have much better things to do my time to dispute 16 I don't think that's what I said I'm pretty sure that's what you said what I said was I'm too busy to do one more thing and I like rap but I don't like to do it maybe I would love it but I'm not going to and I mean Tom okay it's not you think yeah

► 00:15:39

the top means don't try to twist it to do I don't just how dare you would so I am the producer of you treating me like this quoting edit it edit it out as edit it edit this we were talking about how few white rappers ever actually make it like the tiny percentage in comparison to the ones who try it like how many of them tried you got to think this must be millions and millions of tried it but you're right like this is like a small handful of guys well it all the obvious

► 00:16:09

is a small handful period for here uh it's also so that's true too so if you look at the ratio number ratio Gotham as we talk you'll see I'm always I'm always pulling some numbers into things but if you look at the ratio let's say 1 million white guys tried right five made it let's say 50 million blacks tried he said I'm a hmm so so it's usually the ratio right there anymore doing I see what yeah yeah makes sense but hip-hop let me just say

► 00:16:39

about hip hop because I can so I can see that right it's dead no Hilltop be nervous she try to kill it but go ahead but the beautiful thing is that hip-hop is Abyss as one of those no not so good I'm you know I like I like this this this energy here but hip-hop is a pure American

► 00:17:04

creation culture yes it's like it's like it's you know people try to trace it nah man trace it right here yeah and when it was formed right it's definitely you know you know a lot of young black men you know you to go back to cool Hoke and Grandmaster Flash and and Melle Mel and spoonie gee you know you can go back to the classes you know Grandmaster Caz right but within Grandmaster Caz crew and coconuts brother you got Charlie Chase right so

► 00:17:33

got the Spanish Brothers there within our first hip-hop songs that we love you know LL Cool J Rock the bells oh gosh who produced that Rick Rubin Hmm got the white brother oh yeah we was talking about it so so the so the youth culture of America at that time right even with Fab 5 Freddy going down you know town to the CBGB cloud and all that and Blondie and all these all these things was melding from our culture now whereas of course

► 00:18:03

it's a dominantly a black expression right is there we can say we dominated the culture but it took angles from every other part of New York to make it exists and that means it took Spanish brothers and their culture it took out white brothers and their culture to all forming and then of course when Wu-Tang came he bought the Asian culture you know I mean yeah and and okay when you say that it's like it came in like a thunderstorm they like me so so we searched so so

► 00:18:33

we should be proud to know that it's that it you know that it's like an inclusive American art form it is you know me and look Bruce Lee who was an American right people who got to you know he represents the Asian culture but he was born in America when back made it big in Hong Kong and came back to America and took it to the next level again and when you look at some of those breakdance moves and some of the philosophies that he bought two mixing more Styles together you know gee

► 00:19:03

condo which means the way of the intercepting fist or also the way of he combined boxing with fencing with with with our Wing Chun yes fight he put all those mma's together before it was even that right when I was taboo exactly hip-hop also is that same type of product when you do have the soul of James Brown The Jazz of the loneliest monk you know I mean The Rock beat of Billy Squier yeah

► 00:19:33

I got a big beat or Honky Tonk Woman by Rolling Stones those are breakbeats but yet you also got the light and filling of the Mambo Kings and songs like Apache in the makes you think do you think Hip-hop is evolving and not just because is it evolving in a sense of the creativity of it I think it's because the people they got a situation now where it don't have to evolve among people have found a way to make money off of something that people may not agree

► 00:20:03

it is like hot but do you think Hip-hop is evolving yes it always evolved right so it's part of the evolution we're seeing now is where as we and my generation we even lied on using that was created before us because we went to we came into town with it took music programs out of school right so you didn't learn how to play a guitar piano good and your music equipment or your instrument became your turntables it became your drum machine eventually became I would say

► 00:20:33

sampler and then we sampled a lot of songs a lot of breaks from old records that already existed right right but this generation right they're not actually Force the sample they actually could take their Chi board their drum machine their laptop and just create and on their phone to yeah and all their phone is just create the beat right and so now the beat has no historical reference to it in a sense of though that was a James Brown stepping out of the Marvin Gaye snap below this that's just it

► 00:21:03

Chad who what he did Fruity Loops into some calls progressing together or whether he sat there on his garage band on his phone and and hit the guitar program that comes with it or whatever the creativity of it is now having this form of originality but now of course once I don't like that happens there's a formula so we keep hearing that same formula exists like right but I think one of the greatest evolution of hip-hop right is and as

► 00:21:33

several I'm gonna use the word Evolution Loosely because when I think about the cold Crush brothers and the for Some D's they did this anyway in the beginning but hip-hop has become more melodic now than it did in the 90s and the early 2000s right so when I mean by that you know rappers now you know you know I'm just so D and I did it in a man Liney like it's all Melody small you know it's all chanting right has the real

► 00:22:03

gay chant vibe to it when we was doing it I smoke on the mic like Smokin Joe Frazier the Ellie's right it was all aggressive chop lap you don't think so so the see that it evolves to this melodic format they look at Kanye he's now took it to gospel its melodic as hell right now Luke took it to the Snoop Lion but still down he was Snoop was really successful to Snoop Lion think didn't wasn't that successful but the one he won the out gospel but I think he was getting towards denominator

► 00:22:33

and like in stayed on top of billboard for a while yeah and now Kanye is in that well so so it's evolving right and church even different now you got fucking pussy in Preachers now when you get what you mean now no don't just say that Viral no I'm just sad no I'm sorry

► 00:23:03

Liz right it was like the preachers but he's busy for a while but this one got caught on camera and he got Carl said I'm PornHub it like they do report no no yo yo it's real okay women do a little signs like if you was on a dirt deserted island who would you want to be and they got somebody else they got somebody else to get to proceed preacher named Isabel I know it's got a discussed it was he from from New York I don't know he from down south they aren't they aren't God hard down there

► 00:23:33

they are it's hard hard hard hard blocked it all out with Pussycat So that you can't see ya pussy and I'm a little naive internet kids these wacky kids they love Captain this got conjugation is going up well it's going to look at God what'd he do girls like eating getting their pussy eaten it's a fact

► 00:24:03

listen um well listen yeah that's one thing about sex this is you look let's call use a little more scientific World here please cunnilingus panels all right you know I'm really you but nah I'm good what kind of Elizabeth you just like you said earlier you gonna speak the way you normally talk yeah so coming I do is kind of Lingus might have been my daily conversation okay no but not become link is below it's you know fellatio whatever you guys want to do this is part of sex so it is what it is right

► 00:24:33

and of course everybody likes it everybody likes sex listen I don't think you're going to find a species that don't like sex yeah you can see two flies on top of each other I mean there was U2 flights yeah right doing 360s help right now man yeah you know that would do it verticals to the Eagles to it they have to fly to the air and they almost crashed to the ground while they're fucking because they kind of like run out of space yeah

► 00:25:03

trying to nut on the way down if they'll make it sometimes they'll bounce off trees and shit never seen it as you watch Eagles fuck Jimmy Schubert you have a great bit about it don't know if he still has it but he had a great bit about eagles eagles fucking sucking the band Yes I know metal band evils he's fucking do they go to sleep afterwards I don't know I don't know a whole lot about it but I remember learning about it from a Jimmy Schubert bit Yeah his them fucking they fought and they just lock up until he gets it up

► 00:25:33

if she's like that let go you're not gonna come he's like I'm gonna get it off and fuck is don't like about that those American Eagles fan take a big risk for come I mean this bananas at this is the real thing and then apparently they'll just join with no emotions emotions involved with this look at his face though yeah that face like you saw what I did to that wasn't no emotion involved with that at all so terrible animal two halves are national animal well now it's a raptor a vicious Raptor doesn't give a

► 00:26:03

fuck about any for now motherfucker spread his wings ooh that look is like your own that look and flying is what gives it that good if you want the world to be scared of you yeah he definitely want to eat an eagle's a good good one a good one man that's one of the forms of kung fu that I had to learn is to Eagle Claw yeah which is the very good if you want me to show you my man you got you know booze or me mad I know you would say hey let's hope it's real

► 00:26:33

when did you get into kung fu movies wow I got a nose like I saw my first kung fu movie I think the age of nine right wow you know that's probably only my third movie experience only cause you know right I mean nowadays you know you to see movies anywhere back then in the early 70s gotta go somewhere you had to go somewhere and listen do you have a tape or no no teacher no no this this before VHS I'll talk about going to the movies and I signed my first

► 00:27:03

it'll even give you a little movie has before the Versa first movie I ever saw was Huckleberry Finn okay down south my cousin took me to the movies I was maybe six or seven years old second time to the movie theater second time my uncle Hollis took me it was a double feature was Star Wars and the Swarm right which is they need to listen to all this stuff affects my life the Killer Bees to swarm

► 00:27:33

Wu-Tang Killer Bees right third time to the movie theater right or third or fourth time because I saw a Rocky and then I saw

► 00:27:43

a double feature starring Bruce Lee which is called fairly of the dragon and another movie called Black Samurai starring Jim Kelly oh man I was a shit and once I saw the once I saw that show that he was a bad pre was fucking bitches once I saw that I was hooked on action kung fu movies what okay yeah there are so as a double feature you had to the double feature Bambam 10 days of

► 00:28:12

of nine and mind you I was the birth of Wu-Tang Clan yeah and Marge you back there in the go to the movies you did with my family didn't have the dollar twenty-five like the get the money to go to movies that make deal may take six months and when we got to the movies I'm tell you this family my family this is back when I was still eating meat pork swine at least the kill the pig we should raise them name them kill them eat them all right but so now I'm in New York City live on my grandmother

► 00:28:42

Amy the movies Rockies playing everybody's coming to see you Rocky

► 00:28:48

we got to bring our Sunday dinner to the theater with us oh nigga yo and my grandma she stuffed pig feet some collard greens material salad notice Joe wow in the movie This people got popcorn good Burrs and let you bring it in back in those days you could even know what you also sneak it in here

► 00:29:18

let me tell you something we walked for years I walk right past all the concessions yeah everything popcorn hot dogs Twizzlers never had the money for that shit walk straight in the theater yeah I'm with him because listen think about a dollar for snicker when you couldn't even get a Snicker when I was 46 nope like you said I used to oxide perish hey Mom you got 25 cent which is say boy ain't got good sense ain't got no saying got

► 00:29:48

good sense boy you know me so we found that have a but at the end of the day though those movie moments you know I mean they really inspired me really took me like to a world that was different from the from the project world that I lived in you know I mean and once I start seeing like movies like the five deadly venoms and 36 Chambers and and mask Avengers and super ninjas all that we start seeing those now you're like in the period yes it's seen all this action and it's just

► 00:30:18

start resonating with me and maybe around the age of 14 I just ended up I had won't talk to talk to whole show of it but a lot of age of 14 I want that is what a listen yeah don't worry about it I'm watching hey did she doesn't wanna kill me unless I gave you a drink do you want a drink yeah okay toes let's get your drink I don't drink

► 00:30:56

a lot of wine that's not vegan apparently be honest I don't really know what the fuck a real vegan is how you doing well if you are claiming to be a vegan vegan

► 00:31:18

that a vegan diet is so don't give a fuck about vegan for the health of it or for actually what it's doing to animals and shit both both for sure really yeah but it'll give him can't you give a fuck about clothes share how chickens are slaughtered and shit it's reason I mean yeah to be honest with you bro I just you know I just hit you with this right here maybe I'll see how I feel no animal needs to die for me to live okay my son turned 14 this year never had a

► 00:31:48

a piece of meat in his life okay you go through eight pull-ups right now okay my oldest son haven't had meat in his life he could bench over 200 pounds okay six-two

► 00:32:04

eight pack play guitar piano great memory ain't never had no hot dogs never had a hot hey Nevel okay if he had a hot dog was a vegan hot dog not maybe not it will Grandma also nothing nah nah

► 00:32:34

but I'm not doing it the way being made to you right below is that I'm only saying that to say that I got look at my household as a living example that you don't need I want you that delivers I meant I'm not argue whatever because I'm especially so now I talk shit about vegans and shit I took a shit about plant-based motherfuckers but I know now like what the way people cook it and the more options is more options to eat like that didn't was when I was coming when I was

► 00:33:04

Anna it was just like that Sunrise Patty that's the only vegetarian and they can tell you eat some broccoli or carrots or something but it wasn't no options in and it wasn't so many people doing it with you you wouldn't find a no vegan restaurant you like it would be one spot you got away go away over there you go to Jamaica spot in Brooklyn if you was vegetarian you had that one steam pot and add the mixed vegetables that's only you was gonna get didn't have no meat in it yeah I was a veget I became vegetarian so me and ODB yeah man why you see

► 00:33:34

Swami but I do it you can have that yes Jimmy once you get the Tito's your Tito's man I gotcha we got him we got him we got it we got it first class what I gotta do what I gotta do I could like and plus I ain't really see my son and much what I gotta do I could do it any time tomorrow I'm going to see somebody I could be here for hours later I need to get some time with my son I'm chilling here so I know I didn't get invited but hey you hear you

► 00:34:04

so sorry did you when did you stop being mean how many years has it been I haven't had a piece of red meat since 1995 wow and what about fish I haven't had a piece of poetry since 1996 after you finish the liquid sword album my desk and I haven't had fish I stopped eating fish son in 1997 I feel the average motherfucking feel good if you go hold on to fish without feel good I was

► 00:34:34

that's material that was the last Monique oh you know you gotta squash Tamara coffee yo you got Squad sir yeah I want a drink or not drink Uncle yeah I had a good weekend just take the weekdays and congratulations thank you I respect that sir I respect that so yeah I got you know I get to it I like to drink I'm not drink but you know if I give a heavy weekend I gotta take some yeah chill protects them chill so what do you do

► 00:35:04

do you monitor your nutrition and make sure you get all your bases covered your amino acids in your proteins and all your men like how do you do you mostly a whole food diet or supplement I don't really monitor yo right I don't eat a lot personally you know I mean like on a good on a good day for the if I'm on my best the best Reza I'm eating once a day anyway once a day yeah like I haven't eaten today really know and I mean I got something I got

► 00:35:34

the goal of this I got some lettuce wraps yo you give him that shit you trying to give me something that I want to eat after I make finish this what's the yo why you act like I'm against being a vegan I'm not guessing I'm saying is you know I don't know a lot of f-bombs you would eat one of those right what's this the weeds right butter no it's just nut butter not yeah

► 00:36:07

a lot of those

► 00:36:34

cool with a liquid diet I'm just not comfortable with it tastes good and if I just need nutrition work real quick there's no bullshit okay it's great shit man well I like copying this reading it is sound makes so much sense very healthy it's just basically just protein them organic dark chocolate I'm going to say this to you brother no no offense on this man why you keep rewinding hey because become everything you say this to you

► 00:37:04

but every time you say something to me you said it like a before you start tripping out there I'm not alright this is for you okay no no it has dark chocolate in it okay so dark chocolate is known to reduce high blood pressure right us as black men will you know they say we have high blood pressure right basically baseball has been in America not getting that real natural son right and

► 00:37:34

and a high sodium diet understand blood pressures dark chocolate helps reduce it so this is good for me yeah it's not everybody but why you got just directed at me like I need dark chocolate well brother I'm just saying I don't even know why you needed to have a chocolate I don't know you know what I'm just next no no I'm just saying you keep pointing at me and shit I'm sorry I like dark chocolate like everybody else like dark chocolate you like milk chocolate or dark chocolate

► 00:38:04

like dark chocolate you know what you know what no it's great watch this shit on TV this is my shit box what I'm TV the food that made America anybody watch that yeah what is it yo playing no no it's a maybe it's a History Channel one of them stations but they go into the Hershey Company the mall

► 00:38:34

logs they cover Kellogg's yo check out Hotel log start yo I gotta tell story about how I got here you know why black people like Pepsi but hold on let him tell the Kellogg story because you know I'm just gonna believe this okay catalogue star because he's us a doctor with a little they call it sanitary what they call it a sanitarium yeah that doesn't sound that we had announced the world's wrong whatever it is we know he's a doctor yeah no sanitarium their descendents Battle Creek sanitarium yeah so he's

► 00:39:04

they're never knew that motherfucker motherfucker yo he invented cereal boxes forever he invents cereal to calm people sexual desire you know diet because they because they because they were sick there and he thought he thought the best way to get the nutrients he would bake all this drain together and then break it up and sort of talk

► 00:39:34

no you didn't pour milk his brother actually was the one that was like put some milk in it always immediately story right so Kellogg's is doing this shit his brothers like yo listen it's money in this we could sell this

► 00:40:04

but Kellogg's he's a doctor he's already making money like nah man look his brothers little look dyslexia yeah well he kind of got it together sometimes by the love between doing all that sun let's go to work and do what I tell you right right so he's going to work do what he tells them and then one guy comes over to the sanatorium no money can afford to pay he has to work it off right so let him work it off right he's working he's eating the cereal every morning and he's just checking out the sanitarium and he go he looks around his name is mr. post

► 00:40:34

misterpost yeah he leaves the sanitarium and before Kellogg starts Kellogg's cereal mr. Poe started posterior only he came and blew up I forgot about posts yo for real it was it beef was they had like Syria which oh it was Sylvia will be for the for the whole like it's no good

► 00:41:04

is what do you want anything you know what black people like poop sounds like you're trying to be racist right and he explains 3 to me back in like the 30s with Coca-Cola and Pepsi was the to vine bottling companies and Coca-Cola was smashed and Pepsi on sales right like like a hundred twenty five minutes like three million in sales per year right and Pepsi needed to do something to get a different audience so Pepsi painted basically Coke to be either racist or not really care

► 00:41:34

in about the black community and perhaps was the first corporation that started putting black people on the cover of the posters and it don't be an affluent like like doctors nurses they think the concern thing you saw was like Aunt Jemima shipwright big perhaps he was the first ones to start doing that and Pepsi hired an ad agency 12 black guys I think was in Louisiana to go out and do Juke joints and touch the black community and what Pepsi did was like quantity wise like save yet

► 00:42:04

now this is a Pepsi 10 ounce of Coke Pepsi cope with Charles like 27th and Pepsi would charge like Ten Cent but based you getting doubled you want you giving me the sugar it don't matter you can charge it up right yeah so that's the reason and then if you think about that through generations Generations that's the reason why a person could be disconnected from a certain brand you said think about it if you if you like if you at home right you got Pepsi and Coke and did you hear somebody say man we don't drink that coke man I said white people soda you don't said you won't drink it and that's what I did and they and it's a book called

► 00:42:34

It's called is a book called the real Jamie pop it up the real Pepsi challenge the real Pepsi challenge that's rest and I'm like why did I think this would be I looked into trying to get the rights to have some kind of way I got blocked early on maybe I had a right Jus tank laying on my team won pioneering company broke the color barrier in 1940's American businesses wow and see that you wouldn't see him back

► 00:43:04

then he wasn't seeing posters of of a working mom you were just seeing like serving stuff and that's when is there a point audio version of that book about fuck I gotta get it but you can see the Pew could just see you really you could just see the outfits they was wearing and like the Pepsi dudes they was a Pepsi bottle there was a Pepsi niggas they will just to have money to go throw parties and shit right right I know there's it was like

► 00:43:36

now to there early they use coca leaves and then they extract medical cocaine from that and then there's a company that makes yep there's a company that extracts it for them and makes medical cocaine and they have they have coca leaves that are shipped to Coca-Cola to make Coca-Cola has a certain flavor that those coca leaves give it no cocaine anymore but the original coakley's no but this is a company that's connected to it that actually uses those cocoa

► 00:44:04

and extracts the medical there is medical containers lidocaine yeah use it for different like surgeries and she like that even in the all right well yeah and in the series the food that made America they going to Coca-Cola crazy take it to buy coke and y'all he said but then Venture of Coca-Cola was hooked on coke come on another drug he was hooked on I forgot you can look it up right he's hooked also other more

► 00:44:34

laughing he's hooked on morphine right so he's trying to counter it he's trying to counter his cocaine basically oh my God but he'd bawling but but check it out but the cocoa the cocoa Leaf by the cocoa plant which is actually an African plant you know I mean we always think of it as being a Colombian and I was like coffee or coffee all came from Ethiopia it's that kind of party they go on to it he makes he makes cocoa and mix cocoa the cocoa plant

► 00:45:04

through all the ingredients together and he made Coca-Cola so he made a cocktail they end up take off the morphine yeah individual formula still unknown for good I mean no I mean imagine what it'd be like Papa lies Coca-Cola when it had cocaine in it you like cracks wow yo you like streets coked-up was that motherfucker's really thirsty now he'll it right now can you imagine what that what was the decision like when did they all get together and we got to take the fucking cocaine out of Coca-Cola why don't they

► 00:45:34

it together and together they did it for people like with had with dental industry like issues with their mouth is about but that wasn't yeah - yeah yeah yeah lidocaine lidocaine the using surgeries okay yeah well I had my deviated septum fix I had a broken nose they straighten it out and they flooded with lidocaine to numb it it's like a cousin of cocaine yeah it doesn't get you high makes you feel like shit it doesn't

► 00:46:04

but you feel like disconnected and weird like they gave me a pretty good dose when they fix my nose and I remember I went to a restaurant like either that night or the day after I think it was that night and I was I was feeling terrible like I'm like I don't I can't taste anything I feel shaky and weird like I'm not on cocaine but it's like weird cuz do anything to your appetite or anything yeah I didn't wasn't that hungry well yeah fucked with me it just made me feel shitty I just felt like felt like my heart was beating too fast I felt weird

► 00:46:34

this is a felt like something was off it didn't make any sense but they use it just to numb you up for surgeries it's real common I've never had an issue real common joint injuries and shit like that shoot you up with lidocaine a new subscriber this is this is the word against the other guy that came like a lion the lion is shooting the shit out of it

► 00:47:04

fuck you can feel goddamn things all numbed up well no lidocaine in this this is strictly no dry roasted macadamia nuts no mechanic dark chocolate see the next part is better on the back than the front right yeah you first open it yeah at least one and chocolate cane syrup cocoa powder cocoa butter crystals he saw it saw and dark chocolate let's put this in my pocket take this take it don't you do what you put it on top of something like I just ripped out and shoot it right

► 00:47:34

hard so like after school and just like just throw the things squeeze the thing and just throw that shit that you work out you were are you working out I don't work out you can work out here too how about to produce your show get you in shape to work out but tell you everything happens for a reason day because I want to eat better cuz I'm tired of this motherfucking look maybe like I eat all fucked up you keep looking at me like let me explain something to you just hit don't anyone is disappointed ayat if you're disappointed you die no matter what you're going to do it better than people are not matter

► 00:48:04

I could do it I could do it for every reasons I could do vegan everything for every reason to health reasons every reason for I don't know I'm not I'm not mad I'm not mad at you if I think it works for some people health-wise but I want people doesn't work piece of a piece of fish scirea if I was to advise on it right if I could say I'll take my advice I said look even if you include one day a week as it with a vegan diet just one day right just like how like how some cultures they have you know Saturday they do this with Sunday do

► 00:48:34

if you included one day vegan Friday vegan fried egg and fried can give a vegan fried food for fish fry-day do you have to go to Indian restaurants that have vegetarian yes Dean Indian restaurants they know how to do it because they've been doing it for a fucking hundreds of years not balanced and a vegetable diet I'm not mad at it I would like it especially I like food especially if it's the best of that you know I'm saying ready for those vegan struggle plate what is that what's that I don't know carrots were little

► 00:49:03

balsamic vinegars of some State letter trouble oh please somebody go get that crossroads vegan restaurant I'm gonna contact him vegan

► 00:49:34

yeah some mayonnaise sandwiches but basically vegan versus vegan mayonnaise yeah you want something hard you'll remember sorry I was so you'll have a sugar sandwich know what does not advise it just basically what is it it's like the cheapest thing to get was a loaf of bread yeah the cheapest thing you can get his loaf of bread loaf of bread was

► 00:50:03

five thirty forty seven whatever cheapest thing you love bread but everything else you put it it's not cheap to meet not cheap you never said but your twenties could be free if she the right free with but you want to create the whole sandwich because no matter how big it is if it's meat whatever is the same size whether it's a jelly sandwich or whatever you know and then you would get like anything in between two pieces of bread whether it was butter and sugar yeah I know this sounds so gross everybody yeah I know it sounds good

► 00:50:34

you will be awesome chocolate butter and sugar that's that's right that's not a bad she'll eat you will die yo that shit he'll good with that shit is like as a kid they got yeah you was like being me me me me me me me me me me me well that's a peanut butter and jelly does for you if you have like Skippy of you're like one of the real delicious peanut butters and some grape jelly those delicious peanut butters well intent instead of organic ones ones you have to stir yourself those are good

► 00:51:03

good they're good for you they're much better for you because they don't have any sugar added to them but everybody loves like GIF or but the whole thing about butter jelly sandwich with Wonder Bread everybody had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich yeah everybody at it I hate it peanut butter and jelly sandwich I want to bologna and cheese so I want to do it you know how much

► 00:51:34

I want to skip that goddamn bus heat the melted up a little bit hard shit man that was the best sandwich ever we never got them as I don't you hate when somebody show off to school learn today got a better sandwich that you yeah you just got a cheese sandwich and man got he got to like lettuce tomatoes he got a little ranch dressing to put on there a catch the jelly sandwich it right ever gonna catch Delhi and oh yeah how you been how you been

► 00:52:34

weak weak not Greektown that's it it's over their part slimers I don't know that's a terrible never German probably so yeah this sandwich you think that's better than cats has you I'ma tell you this sandwich is the best thing that got in Cleveland is LeBron and his sandwich sir yeah well I brought sandwiches still there yeah they're famous for their famous really not only that but it's like you're just there you get this sandwich like you could just you should if you really you get like it's the same as

► 00:53:03

like this big you can be like give me a sandwich and did a half loaf of bread because try to make about hallway you know you can go yo you can go home this slimy shit like if you want to get if you want to smash it Happy Chicken the Midwest I know you come back from one oh my God that's Lyman I know you ain't fuck with their son the death sandwich that's hilarious how big that is but no it's not just the size of it it's a really good sound I believe it but it's I love when people do that how much something that's just over the top and what part is were starving me is that the cow

► 00:53:33

ass come on man I was asking brother mask you know lot of meat is made from the well the meat is made from the legs the romps you know a lot of roasts and you have a nice slim jims yeah it says right on it said beef lips hmm beep beef ass asshole beef heart heart good for you okay well lips and assholes don't even want to talk about meat what you mean good luck the real problem is really the preservatives and all the stuff they put in it to make sure you roll it up in a fucking to

► 00:54:03

tube and stick it in a tray and let it sit there for weeks and months on end and it's meat it's not supposed to sit there like I don't care how you seal it if you unless you're drying it out like beef jerky and then even beef jerky's got a shelf life and make it last as long as it can for bacteria takes it over but it's a tissue so that we don't they that's why they would dry it you know they would dry meat so they can carry with them on the road but I didn't plan on staying forever you know like does it stays pretty long but that's Slim Jims they add bunch of stuff to those processed ones I have

► 00:54:33

turkey jerky or somewhere from somewhere after that was wack but it was pretty good some turkey jerky not a fan of turkey it's a weird choice for food it's like chicken tastes better but for black people turkey anything feels like you just cleanse yourself who makes the best turkey burger

► 00:55:03

turkey burger can change your life you could get me on the road of being a vegetarian well you know what that's the path I took I started first I stopped letting me and then I went to actually turkey burgers turkey pastrami turkey turkey chop meat for my spaghetti you know I mean it may be chicken burgers and then one day I was eating like I when I was younger I can knock about 30 chicken wing you know I mean any man but one day he pointed me like anybody

► 00:55:34

3030 chicken wings right Joe I can knock out 32 Ewing's a hundred percent all right so on and so on the on the

► 00:55:43

the 29th chicken wing my teeth hit the bone King and my mind said no more dead bird really isn't man you eat you in New York City were all these pigeons flying around and here you are supposed to be an intelligent human being you eating on a dead bird and I was like that sounds pretty stupid to me and I never ate it again that's interesting they were that's funny is that pigeons were actually brought here for food that's what Stephen ironic about us listen

► 00:56:12

Mama's Fried Chicken Holland Fried Chicken Nextdoor Fried Chicken Brooklyn Fried Chicken remember we have the big chicken stand it was crowned Fried Chicken double crowns Fried Chicken all the Queen's Misfortune and you had to get to take the hot wings because the hot wings they had to make a right on the spot to have a drink and be in the window for a long time out of what you got all of a sudden pigeon population I pay attention to this type of shit peasant population of New York City

► 00:56:42

T drop down we just doing the movie Ghost Dog we had to get pigeons from Jersey the present a ghost dog yelled epistle combination drop down bro and I was like yo dead bird so I never ate chicken again pigeons are edible the good it's called squab that's what pigeon is a famous British name yeah it's pigeons as well come on some menus they just called pigeon that's what I feel like you be calling anything but chicken you know there's some some bird

► 00:57:12

are actually red meat like sandhill crane ever see this and they call it rib eye in the sky it's crazy we said is that eat it we don't take a red meat the breast is a red mean it looks like a steak from a crane from a crane doesn't it's like a bird that flies in the sky giant ass fucking white bird flies in the sky this is one of menu yeah you can get it on some menus in Texas I believe but it's a wild game animal I will try wow gets a pet that's what it looks like look at it

► 00:57:37

that looks like just a joke son I know it looks like steak that's suvi my friend that's your style Su V so if you want something that's what it looks like yeah praise actually is a good example of relationships a crane will fly across the country or the world whatever go to The Mating place with the other homies at right meet somebody

► 00:58:07

fly home and went of AIDS fly back the mighty that dude and stay married for the whole life Wow unless my shoot him down and cook them really you know I mean somebody had together they don't they don't go back and find it

► 00:58:37

ever seen a crane like true go for like a puppy why don't all come full panel of the kind of yeah but crazed look like that would look like they look at the weight be with somebody for that long they want to get shot it's want to be delicious at the heart of that thing is read me no the breast that's what those images are that pull that images that's all sandhill crane breasts their breast is like beef yes that that on the right to that a little bit looks like a rib eye steak it's delete the grill marks George Foreman

► 00:59:06

real Style real Mars it's a grill Mario Mark Smith George Foreman Grill that's the heartbeat right yeah I don't know so that's the real me I don't care even though I go to vegan restaurants and be like

► 00:59:30

vegan fish hmm don't call it vegan fish for me right it's not fish right it's just a food if you want to say or whatever it is flavored like you don't like barbecue flavored chips or something like that you could say flavored artificially flavored fish but do you know the mind is not going to respond like that they got to do something to the mind and makes it still in Tyson yes I like I said you know that's vegan fur ain't no such thing as V gopher black it's not such thing as vegan for but if you are vegan

► 01:00:00

fucker you going to buy that because you heard the word vegan fur how about vegan leather of the real Vela it will work like that whether it will work how about that feather feather like flattered that is instead of no you do know that's gonna say all right how about that ver like this a ver jacket but remember pleather versus good yeah pleather vasek leather yeah yo you should have blow up with the V on anything but the video taken by you know by it Vic

► 01:00:30

yeah instead of chicken you can defeat you set the v in there jiggle like how you do that's my next question right you can't tell a chick you want this Vic what does vickerman got some Vicki what is Vicki what this Vic put the v in it take the word vegan and make some outside of don't tell me that you're giving me a vegan steak it ain't a steak homie steak is a particular part of the animal that's why we call it a steak that ham is a particular

► 01:01:00

part of the animals was called the ham what do you think they come up with you I don't think they care about it being a vegan I don't think they care about you as much as the dump

► 01:01:30

way to do it you give them that and go look you could just start with this you know tastes a lot like a burger you miss Burgers just go to this one you need a permit you have you ever had one know I had one the problem is it's a lot of oils there's a lot it's like it's very process I think if you're going to eat vegan you can eat you should eat Whole Foods but the person real food I don't want you Joe they want a motherfucker like me they don't want you to know he's doing to herself nicely

► 01:02:29

she talked about

► 01:02:30

person that eats yeah and you'll be like this you keep telling yourself hold on nah that shit tastes like me to know what if somebody told me it's like your cafeteria High School cafeteria Burger I guess what is like Jojo guess what that was disgusting to you I wanted that burger so bad saying this High School cafeteria Burgers casual that's what it does work that catch up in their clothes back the bun that's what you said not bad does it does never think about it it is like a cafeteria just cafeteria Burgers did weren't a hundred percent meat right

► 01:03:00

yeah even the early majority yeah right there just trying to fill you up you're trying to save money and fill it was good but another thing when it did for me when I ate the burger it made me feel good eating a burger that I thought was all plant based and what about it do it right

► 01:03:30

wife to pull out one of the motherfucking impossible burgers are Beyond Belinda beyond the Beyond what's man above and beyond what's better than possible or the people on both brand but it's the same thing it's the same concept but it's different titles but it's more delicious is one more delicious you gotta ask different people well well well let me say to me speak on it the impossible Burgers only a variable in restaurants right so you can't really get it in your crib but to be on both of you guys could get it they got a lot of shit you go to Gelson

► 01:04:00

and you need to be on sausage get Beyond whatever what do you think about lab-created meets they're on the verge and they've already created some they're on the verge of being able to mass-produce like full meat that has never been in an animal well that's weird that's the Matrix baby what is the meat that has never been an animal it's basically they've taken all the building blocks for meat and they've somehow or another what's Google how they do it before I butcher

► 01:04:30

the actual expedite I'm sitting here giving out a makeup that's what that's what that's the Matrix remember the major nature maybe he was like yo I was eating a steak is like I just want to be an important person it what it was he was like it's not a real stick is just right but this is a real stake not just has all the nutrition the real State that's not a real state right but it is actual flesh it just was never connected to a living organ on paper like no it's not no it's actual flesh like it has the essential amino acid profile of steak but it has nothing to do with an actual

► 01:05:00

organism like it's never been alive it's not like you killed it to make it there's some process by which they are able to create this that I don't understand and we're trying to figure out what it is what is known and what they're doing to me yeah but they don't know what the fuck is going to happen to people

► 01:05:30

this is a different thing and what this is is meat without death and I don't know if it's real well I don't know it's I'm sorry I know it's real in the sense that they they have done it right I don't know if they can mass-produce it I don't know if it's viable and I don't know where they get it and I understand how the process starts but if so motherfucker confused but if you can have it with no ethical moral or health consideration if free if they figure out how to do it because meet essentially

► 01:06:00

Lee is a bunch of molecules it's a bunch of particles it's a bunch of things put together as people get more and more intelligent and they have more and more control over their environment they're going to get to a point where they can recreate all life right and me is a step in the direction of the things we like this how much can you charge for it well I don't know but it's like cell phones cell phones used to be that Michael Douglas thing on the front Beach that's something I've big old brick was probably a lot of money now everybody's got a goddamn phone everybody yeah but how much would I pay but a shitty phone now a to

► 01:06:30

now phone now it was a goddamn world changer 13 years ago you'd freak people the fuck out if you had the cheapest mass-produced Android phone you brought it to the Past you showed people they'd freak the fuck out I think that's the same with everything and as the talk technology to create viable options for people who are healthier when they eat meat but don't want to be a part of animal agriculture this is water there but like maybe this is about three months ago and it was big about how reading

► 01:07:00

meat does not digest yeah no no they was reverse it it was basically saying after all these years well scientists have figured out that for you isn't that bad for you that was it that was it that was a nickel both well here's the thing please do look it goes both ways right Rose this is good for you did they say it's bad for you and then you got an individual so you know what it's good for me bad for her right but I will say that there's a way to

► 01:07:29

create something that will save other lives yet created yeah right that's that's that's the evolution of man they should be able to say you know what we have the kill all these animals to get a coat right now we don't have to do that week of form we have a formula to make a coat that's going to keep you just as warm keep you just as serve the purpose and knees and no nothing has to die for it right the same way re-educate people then well you could do that the same way we're human

► 01:07:59

who human work right if you know you know you know not to go back to historical right but machines come and replace the the the mandatory Enos of human physical labor in certain industries right yeah okay that's better I could so now you don't have to subjugate somebody to do that and are cost-effective friend is more cost-effective it's better for it's more Humane and all the reality right so we support that but the Catch-22 if he's got to be conscious of as

► 01:08:29

as you know and your own Lifetime right if somebody's telling me that look you could do this and I'm still going to have my let's say 70 years on the planet then your do it but if I'm doing it and you want to turn my 70 years or 50 years I don't want to make that bet you know I mean I understand what you're saying I think that's what how we that's what we watch out for with anything even with the what even with the you know the vegan diet or the pelotonia and died all these different things

► 01:08:58

if is going to Hash your life that's the biggest Equity you got is your time of your life there then lean towards it but if there's a Chance is going to bully take away your life but but yeah yeah pet hustle bully and you you was bullying me all this why you know what he's doing

► 01:09:28

as he go fuck these I'm sick of these do you not listen if you won't be safe is like he called his pelotonia Paleolithic but we're we're talking about Joey Diaz calling what did he call you Jordi is caught me Rondell Darlings my daughter's a great guy I love this guy we fucking hang around you gotta Spencer come on he said he's like you to fuck my homeboy he said give it up for a Rondell Darlings

► 01:09:58

he's had when he doesn't show he does that with your diets and here's the thing about diets it's everybody's different everybody's body is different people were some people respond better to a vegan diet than others some people respond better to a carnivore diet than others everybody's got a different

► 01:10:28

make moves like we're talking earlier about people being a allergic to peanuts right people have to make adjustments there's some people that are allergic to certain green vegetables now there's some people have weird reactions to kale and all kinds of other things with oxalates in them Spanish motherfuckers allergic to healthy shit like one of my friends I'm allergic to pretty much all salads I'm like that's the first segue into being healthy over the motherfucker

► 01:10:58

a salad or people are allergic to cheese I'm allergic to vegetables that's crazy some people are though yeah so girls are large come did you know that I did not know that some girls allergic body is their Learners to their man's come it's not that was our little all over the place it was no matter where you go carving name on the belly

► 01:11:28

I'll show you what I can only drink Seven up that's it seven up another baby she said it like I don't like what I'm like I don't like water she don't drink water yeah all right that's not gonna but did she not like it because it makes her feel bad or did she not like because she prefers flavor you know what that's a good point because some people like when like waterslides like that because it tastes like one something like I don't like water because it don't taste like sugar or anything is

► 01:11:58

as in it let me tell you something man I to Hot Yoga I do it a couple days a week I do know I need 90 minute classes and water is delicious I agree when you are sweating and it's a hundred five degrees in that room you're holding these poses and sweat is dripping off your for it and you got a 64-ounce jug what it does to fill with ice and water you want that water if you could be a Diet Coke or a fucking glass of milk I wouldn't touch those things don't go right for that water when I'm when I'm done I ever job for my error I remember

► 01:12:28

Pig going from only tell you got water was in a water fountain water faucet water hose yeah nobody had bottled water when this started my mother thought it was a devil when I started charging motherfuckers who water how's it going when they started trying to be water my mother was like

► 01:12:50

no ain't no I could go right home and get water and I saw it go from charge it like a McDonald's like they like like extra for water I started I saw the change from that to bottling and have it a tag saying 99 Cents for a bottle of water yeah when you pair for the bottled all right the water but whatever it is stop having bottled water in the studio like it's almost so many people have complained and they're all right everyone's right I listen to the good plan my guy I got other things to think about

► 01:13:20

but do I what can we figure do about that we're done producing Darnell's podcast can we figure out a bottle water is this is just a bring the conundrum into a good full Place could measure math fellow go back over there every time is going to waste more water potentially than this he's up to my waist what do you want for the working process that works for Dick Cheney what we're thinking like a glass bottle yeah

► 01:13:50

Frost person that comes in is that bad how big buzzword brother I mean we couldn't them clean them after every show we have a giant jug and fill up a glass bottle so is that important people what about if people know you're recycling does that make a difference makes me feel like a better person if they know you're recycling but what makes me feel like a better person if they think I'm a better person I'm like again some people just never gonna give a fuck about plastic I'm one of them off of whatever parts

► 01:14:20

you can bury say you can show me the animals and turtles whatever the fuck about plastic I want to go back to the hot yoga I love it I did it today 90 minutes we just want to go back to that because the idea of how water tastes and I want to it's goes back to me look this way who's this guy oh that's Brody Stevens he killed himself okay great dude it's not me

► 01:15:20

information I was going back to the idea of water yeah taste and good right and as well as any type of food and drink right all that taste better after hard work yes so after you do on your hot yoga and you sweaty and you put that hard-working now you understand you appreciate the water yes so what I teach my children right is hard work when Adam when the most high told Adam he said man shall work to the

► 01:15:50

the sweat of his brow now we may have a job that don't make us sweat you know I but if you ain't working out or doing something physical to make your body physically your own the reward of working out which is the nutrients that you have to replenish yeah after you have burnt them out you know I mean then you're not going to ever taste water you ain't gonna be able to bite into a piece of celery and like and feel it that's right

► 01:16:20

no you don't think I respect I know you'll think I said no a job selling say what you just said I know that's the only thing that you won't get that burst it is not like you get some celery that got that motherfucker pot with no strings or nothing attached to it just a clear bite so I know you and I know you looked at me again but the water this inside salary I know you'll think I respect that I respect and she likes our route peanut butter I like celery with anything like celery pepper I could just eat it

► 01:16:50

like I could just eat celery I like celery peanut butter like celery with hummus you know I know how good a peach taste what you think you're right celery if you lift weights and then you eat a peach or juicy cold Peach you bite into that fucking thing and it's not a sexual reference to Mike but you said it don't help each rupee you said it you said you gotta do something and your life to appreciate right some people that's drinking right like you you don't know maybe I like you

► 01:17:20

I'm not saying right now I'm not gonna do this with you I'm not doing this for both we will keep your secret if you're talking about being nice early as positive be nice but both drinking I'm drinking to something has to like you've been drinking like the best time you appreciate water is at night after heavy drinking like you've been giving you your Palace in the desert alcohol alcohol you you had that feeling where you had some drinks one night the next day you drink some ice cold water you like goddamn

► 01:17:50

who the fuck is in a disk simple it's a simple it's the same thing right your body was like asking for asking for your right but when you're drunk and you're drinking that water you feel like an asshole like God what the fuck I do with my brother I can do this with one glass of water yeah the average

► 01:18:20

the fuck is drinking they don't give a fuck about that ratio a buddy of mine drank with Jean-Claude Van Damme back in the day professional John Claude Van Damme was a pro he said he would have a drink and he brought a gallon of water weighs exactly a gallon so he would have a drink and then bam big fucking child water that's the only way he rolled just kept running the bathroom taking a piss and coming right back when he drank he drank with a gallon of water and whatever the fuck he was throwing down that's a Bluefish now

► 01:18:50

I'm actually probably in the top 10 Master drinkers Wow have you ever if you ever really want to get a crazy night of drinking and see if you can hang time now just put his glass down and it just but but you know so that's that's that's that's a challenge anybody who ever catch me on the right they want to challenge me but my brother divorce is something that's really cool about drinking smoking and everything right because at one point you know all hip-hop

► 01:19:20

I'm abusing it right I'm just you know just whatever yo Bonk Bonk Bonk Bonk Bonk he says listen God he said listen y'all getting high y'all drinking for nothing no celebration you did he said used you drink after you complete something and then you celebrate nigga

► 01:19:56

to give myself a reason yes yep you know I'm and I have reason to celebrate yeah we give yourself that's a beautiful Philosophy for Life give yourself a reason to celebrate you know you do really yes you do what are you celebrating we celebrate celebrate this so many people that are fan of yours spill over to fans of mines and I get so many

► 01:20:20

we saying when are you going to go on The Joe Rogan so let's celebrate that and that's what we're celebrating today I mean I've been I've been hearing about you reading about you listening to you and my friends and my peers for some years now and I mean it is your first time on the show but listen to me that's an honor because me I've been listening to music forever and so I appreciate you guys tremendously obvious so for you to be here 16 don't test that will tell you that your collaboration

► 01:20:50

with Rage Against the Machine Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nothing to fuck with is the greatest collaboration and all of rap rock that looks second place maybe Run DMC and Aerosmith but to me my generation Rage Against the Machine and Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nothing to fuck with is the ultimate workout can I have a blue truck driver won't fucking song man if you're doing deadlifts and that song Wu-Tang tiger style you'll hear tamburello guitar you're ready to lift I got one Wu-Tang question

► 01:21:21

was Wu-Tang sorry I like the way you start the quest of this shit you did me this is you should like this and your syllabus syllable that shit was yo look okay okay okay let me see Wu-Tang the vision ended the design of Wu-Tang was it designed to fall apart and when I say fall apart was it designed

► 01:21:50

I mean we're a group of individuals that were getting that equal due respect needed a bigger platform so everybody see me at one time

► 01:22:04

who did you get that yeah all the members and the reason the reason why I say this years ago years ago years ago years ago I had a sketch group years ago he is glad to schedule it was 12 motherfuckers everybody had different personalities everybody was dope everybody could be a started different right whatever but nobody had to plan to get the people to see that everybody is nice right no but I was

► 01:22:33

this right Wu-Tang was designed like to come together for a common cause right and that cause of course being to express our art to rise ourselves out of poverty in the feed our families so that was that was a foundation but it's not designed to fall apart in fact Wu-Tang that's why on our second album is called Wu-Tang forever right meaning no matter what we do no matter if I go make movies or Method Man make movies or you got right boy

► 01:23:03

look you come back together yeah we always got to come out with this what I have to do during this forever but hold on with this last night but now to put us all on the same like to expose it all to the world through one Outlet yes me that it had to had to be there yeah it had to be that and the reason why I said it because I had my sketch group I my schedule years ago it's called secret society when I was doing remember that I had this manager and she came this was before today Chappelle Show everything I was like I'm doing jokes about watching you bro look and I'm and then I said I said I'm one of the managers working with she was like

► 01:23:33

the name of our group was sick Society she said I had my caps I had marked their bright red grass about my father and she said Daniel I think Secret side is falling apart I said nigga it was supposed to fall apart it was supposed to fall apart but with his fault with his fault does it lands to where you can grow something else like I knew it was only three people that were going to be stars but it was for other people that were going to be writers write write it was two other enough motherfucker that was going to be it was different shit but we needed dad okay

► 01:24:03

I got you an are so dumb so fall so fall apart that worm you said fall apart I didn't mean to neglect it like you make more like spread his wings spread his wings yeah and like even though like when I said that mean it like even though like everybody for the most part everybody want to be a superstar everybody had the chops everybody wasn't a superstar right and it's proven to this day some people like this guess what this is my fucking wrote on eight different shows we won right this dude is toured in Europe we want zactly you know I'm saying it was like when I say fall apart

► 01:24:33

like it was going to go to here and then it was just going to be like it fall like this yo-yo it was good we all got it now so that the strong enough could they exist because exist independently in different areas but always come back together if they're not to everyone that's why we called ourselves like Wu-Tang forms like Voltron so we watch Voltron yes yes it's of the Lions because for hello yeah go fuck some shit up but when you need the Blazing Sword everybody got to come together yeah boats are so so we took that philosophy

► 01:25:03

yeah and we knew that within all of our crew that any one of us was first of all Wu-Tang as a bunch of Alphas what it wasn't like what right it wasn't a soccer dude I know geez it fit but you only want to get to Jesus

► 01:25:33

Zev jails it'd be like come on say you already know what you know cause I think it's that big a way to 30 30 days for it double up on it belt 90's Night the 90s baggy right yes yeah yeah we know back in those days when you might have won three pair of pants right yeah and a summer yeah but not but the Mac but the main thing is that the be able to you know I made to to have the alpha energy right and then come to a to us and to our industry

► 01:26:04

that was lacking that Alpha energy I know I was a mystical philosophy behind it to course that was the thing about it is like Wu-Tang was inexorably connected to Kung Fu right like there was like there was that's the wool yeah it did the ancient Chinese kind of philosophy was a part of the music man it was like there was a thing about you guys that you were spiritual there was like a there was an intelligent and then of course you had ODB who is off the rails

► 01:26:34

this was beautiful about it is that you you guys all existed together you know what I'm saying and again even though you had this sort of spiritual kongfu kind of energy to it you also had people just off the rails partying but it can be wild New York has used to have a fucking Wu Tang sightings in new wouldn't even know Hooper's in there that was her who like

► 01:27:05

that anybody from Wu-Tang was here it was a whole bunch of not would say motherfuckers get a lot of pussy yeah just got here

► 01:27:34

don't take it out on God would watch or as the fake cappadonna oh my God he didn't get caught to you till you got about 70 grand or something like we was that in Baltimore look Atlanta but he does it at all it just went out because you didn't because someone is so many of us you might not know how motherfucker look yo you not gonna know when they start getting it did you think about the design rules are doing but they did they woke at kids who got kids that is like we at the point

► 01:28:03

now I'm old school whoo kids got trying to have kids should I do it baby wolves oh my God what the most the most beautiful thing though you know that's the beauty of art creativity and and being you know the spiritual aspect of the alpha aspect all these aspects multiplied us to be a unique version of the American dream and when you look at you know we did the documentary of Mike

► 01:28:33

made on Showtime you can see that that it's more like it's like the Lotus Leaf grows out of mud right but it's a symbol of Buddhism which is all this peace and Beauty but it grows out of mud we like that which grew out of the mud and then when you go and watch our Hulu service the American Saga right you get to see like this group of men weren't always on the same page wasn't always there's no way trains with each other and I think the biggest thing

► 01:29:03

that I learned about putting the TV show on Hulu is that this other kids Across America in a similar situation yes right so so there's a scene where this is my character it's the soundtrack to life right but I just down talking about like there's this in the kids are hearing this that they can resonate this makes sense on limited right so yeah so the get my first drum machine I have to you know get it by illegal means right and think about how

► 01:29:34

Arizona but think about how many people think about how many people you know need something to do something but don't have the means to get it and some may cross the line you know at the end of the day the way I really got my equipment right you know I definitely try to do anyway to get it but I didn't get it by stealing it right I had the hustle let's do one of you don't you want it you didn't just want to get it for say I got you one it because you wanted to do something with use it right is that that's a difference I sold Apple

► 01:30:03

those oranges we lose papers socks I'm on one of those socks guys have you been in New York back in the day sucks Nipsey Hussle was the sock smell you see dude walk around selling socks you are the fuck knows anybody by the way you said it yeah he was yo whatever your bomb down on 25th Street you get maybe you can get a dozen for 30 bucks right there you can sell them at 10 hours

► 01:30:33

so you get a dozen packs for 30 bucks with six in a pack you go uptown right and you sell them for $10 just for the whole package but you got to find a neighborhood that need socks you just can't go in there buddy got a lot of socks but anybody says you can't say yeah but most people

► 01:31:10

close high-end clothes no no you go uptown to get know you get you get drugs from Uptown oh drugs like although I could get a her house a hundred hours before drugs Uptown bring it back downtown selling for $200 yeah it's just like the best race or any drug you ever night but then when you go buy drugs thank you goodbye

► 01:31:33

ounce Uptown right and sell it downtown or even take it back to Staten Island you going to Triple your money Trip easy easy that's so sad Islands three you can use like up with your money like the villages to you like that okay if you go out of state you may file scripts and that's what all the New York mother fucker was coming down to DC and Virginia exactly but socks You by downtown and take it out town because the drug bill is a flighty gonna have please

► 01:32:03

talking about the socks with $10 that you pay five dollars that was my hus remember the new Urban boys remember they had VHS tapes of people sit in the back of the movie theater and film the movie and make a VHS that they'd set up all yeah quarter the own worse the worst bootlegging shit heavy but if you but then that's when VCR just came in so it didn't matter the quality you just had to have something

► 01:32:33

put in the fucking new technology yeah you know what you know what art form of whatever supports new technology always deal with porno whenever when your son true it's true well there's a new Weathers from beta to VHS to CD it's porno that gets people to buy explore the new technology pave the way that paved the way I don't know the yeah because there's so many people

► 01:33:03

people are jerking off there's just it's an unknown satisfiable quantity that you can't you always can count on them people always going to jerk off to porn so how do you get it to them quicker how'd you get it to him we're gonna make some money rewinding to like CD to Alik to now all you need is tag words they just really important to me the way we think about people stealing music or people stealing comedy like they think about stealing porn so if you go to certain sites which is free and you just watch porn

► 01:33:33

apparently the people that make it they don't get a piece of that so someone's making a ton of money and the other people stealing so you say we make don't know that go shit too much of a pussy is wide open this is like I'm just saying it's a commodity it's a thing just like a joey if you create something ask like if it's legal if you leave

► 01:34:03

well if it's legal rather and you hire cameraman you pay an actor you pay an actress you let him fuck you give them a certain amount you film it and then that's yours and then someone takes that and then they put it up on their website and then you could watch it for free and they sell advertising space and they make money off to be better lawyers didn't buy it at all is infringing yeah it's no different than if they downloaded a Wu-Tang album and then they started selling it they put it for they put it on a website and then put ads

► 01:34:33

to that Wu-Tang out so then that means they need to get better lawyers can wait he's a better story happen but not you guys with that one album that that that drug pharmacy dude Martin which is named boscorelli shkreli he actually got a hold of one of your outfits an unreleased Wu-Tang I heard it was real them the streets it was to hear what is the reality we have to plan what about the reality of it is that it's now sitting in a

► 01:35:03

temperature control room and the Department of Justice really so it's his he owns it still well he's you know he's a he's incarcerated right right right right and sold sold I think a lot of its assets has been seized by the government and including that album so those songs have never been released but if we say one thing about look at that fucking thing yeah is that beautiful or what that guy's got to be bro that's your wicked by that off him for real how does it down

► 01:35:33

look right here nope with that look it'll be beautiful I have but I would release that online or release it with you or let you really are by it made for freedom I don't give a fuck whatever you want but that the sitting there makes no sense to me and that box looks dope and I know that guys in jail you figure out a way to get out of work holler at your boy you know what that's how you right there I tell you what the dope right here though it would I tell you one thing hmm I did have a conversation with the

► 01:36:03

gentleman right with Martin yeah I said listen y'all because he had a you know you had a lot of bad things going on phone I said yo if I was you I would take this chance to do philanthropy and I would give this away to the public if I was him yes a store on how much he had talking from the public yeah but he was in that like we talked about earlier he wasn't a nice person he didn't want to give the impression it was a nice person he wanted to be I don't give a fuck what did you say was too he was having too much fun son right

► 01:36:33

just too much like whatever bitch fuck your I got this white box but you know what I don't think you understood consequences I think he was doing that no proof he was he thought look he's a kid was he born into money know what do you make us money know he'd made his money and pharmaceutical in his head he was here he was immigrant parents who was like janitors but he wasn't like born to this company no so he was a part of the company he's got a gun but I think one thing that he had two nationally more than anything oh okay

► 01:37:03

but we said we never experienced the public eye like he did with this whole pharmaceutical crisis where he's overcharging for was AIDS medication so it was probably did but I think that his point he wanted he wanted to be known as that guy he was a he was a smart dude he want to be known as that got he didn't he didn't mind being a supervillain just put it down yeah he and Luther right he didn't want to be on a low making money trying to be on the podcast he reached out to me yeah that would've been interesting but I did tell her

► 01:37:33

mm just yeah whatever sense of us but I did tell him I mean me I'm a type of person I'm always going to try to see some advice in a positive form right that's just my personality I listen bro they talking shit about you in the world you don't look good for you Wu-Tang is good I told him who turns ever yeah I say if I was you I'll take this opportunity to do something good how about this how about this maybe he sells me the box and then we release the the music

► 01:38:03

I'll buy the whole thing from him and then we'll release it I don't know dude I don't know if he's got it he wants to sell it the way he wants to sell it he's he's he's just lost his appeal so oh the thing and you sell shit while you're in jail and you play Monopoly Monopoly don't you do that

► 01:38:33

it's hardly used to be like I want a house no no it's just me crazy do that how many songs like 25 so that is ridiculous I think me personally needs to be released I think I don't my personal opinion

► 01:38:49

nobody in the history of music has been able to make

► 01:38:55

an idea or sodas never heard art art like right to be quite honest it might only be no motherfucking songs in there you think he knows

► 01:39:25

and you said it up for people to be critical of it can kind of give their opinion the opinion is there was something so dope did we could just break it down to one in the fucking like what was the thought process but a quote for from our point of view right it was just like that was how I you know from my point of view music was being devalued right by streaming services Law Society right well how how so

► 01:39:55

don't do streaming of course right illegal downloading illegal downloads right if you want to let's talk a little bit of business I won't go to give me 2 minutes of business all right so let's just take naps the right okay who's the founder of this type of Technology right and he takes millions of songs and gives them away and then now people are getting all these songs for free now the music industry like any other industry has a certain quota of business it does every year like every other industry right whether it's four billion dollars a year five billion dollars

► 01:40:25

you is the industry of a group of people and that's their yearly quota so of Napster comes right and and and he takes all these songs where all these people who are waiting for their publishing checks waiting for the economics would be created from music now there's no publishing check all the numbers are now and decrease because there's no physical cell of their music for us to accumulate a value the send you a check but then at the end of the day after he does that

► 01:40:52

he gets a billion dollars so now you took and what belongs to this they say there's a thousand artist that's worth value and far as you know that sell records that you could say accumulate money right so we took we took the power of a thousand and put it in one man's hand okay so that's one of the first mistakes as an industry we make and then a second mistake we make is that now their services going and there's illegal downloads and people won't pay

► 01:41:23

a dollar for the record right right and for album you going to pay 10 to 12 hours for album even this a it was $20 you won't pay that but you'll pay 300 $400 for your headphones to $3 for your iPod or your phone and you using it for music let me ask you this what's that fast without your headphones without music your headphones is useless right so why would you not pay the 10 20 hours for the music because they don't have

► 01:41:52

of to right right because they don't get it some other way but let me ask you this what is the best way to support artists what's the best way to buy it well the best way to buy it now I mean no yeah yeah yeah oh no now your music well now 10 Clan anybody's music what's the best way to get the most out of it what the best way in the past was physical but now the industry has figured out how to monetize the Digital streaming so now things are starting to rebalance but during this period of time though maybe within the last three four years it's starting to be balanced but

► 01:42:22

you look at from 2000 to 2015 there's a total unbalanced and a lot of artists had to stop making music because there's no economics right there are group like the Wu-Tang Clan right so this is say this is say the average various for a whoo rapper you know let's say you'll remember let me get it let me get 16 he might be yeah until he don't know what 16 is 2 yeah 669 for that

► 01:42:52

right okay 20,000 joke okay so now let's just say he got ten verses on this album you know I'm a let's say every other woman will do the same so to get the guitar album made it may cost a million dollars a studio session a studio session is up to let's say at a cheapest level a hundred bucks an hour you do what you do a 12-hour block out that's another grand a day just to get into the studio but you got to engineer then you got so it costs money

► 01:43:22

to create music right but now you get all this done and you want to sell it and somebody just the world just takes it for free so now you can't we create it again now even though the tools of God easier now and you could do a lot with your laptop and all that even a laptop is to geez bro even though the download test logic right which everybody you $200 man and so you need a socially so so it's merchandise and brand now it's merchandise and

► 01:43:52

brand is merchandise and being entertained the idea of that Branch if you're a fan but if you're a fan what's the best way to support their out when there are you what's the best way to support Wu-Tang Clan what's the best way to support is it Apple music like what is the best wine iTunes know that you know now everything is found this way other words if you can streaming's good you can stream it spotify's good modifies good you could download it directly to your phone if you are if you cannot give prescriptions to fans like what's the best way to support Wu-Tang Clan what's the best way to accumulate

► 01:44:22

music require music I mean if I just put it in there all good now like streaming yeah biggest bounce I miss like the tunes I was just Amazon look music is the second thing the Catch-22 here Joe is this okay now music is also made to be hugged yes so while one point I try to prove a point by saying look I'm gonna put a value on it so you know there's a value to it but there's a value to me but then on the other point right we put I put another album out called a better tomorrow which is like yo do what you want

► 01:44:52

with that you're not come because I don't make music for me to listen to I make it for the world and listen to it with the same time so the best way to support your artist is just by listening to the music I come with you it's beautiful but so this is good though this is because I've always wanted to know this because I've always I've always been like what do I do do I do iTunes do I do Amazon like where do you get the most money back from yeah I think look I think they did the system has found the way to embarrass ourselves okay so it's okay now yeah so Spotify is

► 01:45:23

Slimmer you know streaming look you know I mean I think even tell us with is thinking about coming over to the streaming thing that dirty girl everybody's don't come to the stream and share because because because that's the way the listen now as long as she gets a good deal right don't be like you said just to hold things in the day is play fair yes like you know what you can say I don't want this streaming service but somebody has to have a platform for people to even come check for you yes a hundred percent but you need to know fancy know what what if I'm a fan

► 01:45:52

and it might you know $14 is not too much money for me to spend I need to know where to spend it with if I could if there's one place you could tell me that's the best way to support Wu-Tang Clan this is the best proposal fair right it was a fan and I had the money to spend you know I would definitely you know I would buy the vinylright why because it's tangible right by our spending money right okay you got a physical object physical for physical especially if

► 01:46:22

record Like You by the vinyl it is it is so funny that you say that because I know people of certain blah blah blah blah is like this oh shit they want audio rights to something so taking put it on vinyl and then the value is the history the story like a motherfucker one of vinyl Wu-Tang because it's art just like will do enjoy it's alright and like you said we talked about it earlier it's

► 01:46:52

coming back yeah it's coming back not now I'm not saying it's gonna go to clubs or anything like that in a DJ's like that but the act of collecting something and take it take home with you some tears receipt member CDs CDs is like this technology is about to die why would I buy this city because it has a booklet member yeah it's all good you can picture weed on it

► 01:47:23

did you bring your feet up the TV truckers oh shit I got this bamboo they give you a giant piece of rolling paper yeah and that was the last thing and I don't see what you did but I don't see people doing that but I think it's going to go back nobody's everybody's not going to Trail hundreds in your house whatever but some people especially if it's a genre or something that you connect with bigamy like I want to buy that well you know what's important though for fans we don't know Uncle P by P for a long time so happy

► 01:47:53

okay okay now you go talk shit with for a lot of fans they don't know like they don't know what it is no clearly established what's the best way to support an artist like it is it's more great now than ever but like I said if you look the physical act of going somewhere right right and buying something you know it's a give-and-take it's an act like it's like going to a restaurant you go there look the food is

► 01:48:22

three times the price of cooking at home right but it's a physical act so if you really love an artist right is this like I just got the I paid $100 for the soundtrack to the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood soundtrack $100 yeah it's $100 for the sound was a collector's it was a dead it had like a collector's vinyl okay down at the Grammy Museum I saw it I was like I'm going to take this it some some you know some great songs on it what's the band mm-hmm

► 01:48:52

they sent a bikini so what's the name of that bad hmm we'll have to go there but anyway point being made a turkey people the Cherokee People Cherokee price Kevin yeah who made that one I don't know yeah who the fuck made that Cherokee people jump what is it Cherokee prize who made that but is it funny but Paul Revere and the Raiders yeah that's it

► 01:49:22

I said yeah okay well we're here in the latest yeah that's a bold move George Washington the dudes in the boat but point being made is I wanted that vital yes physical thing I wanted a yeah I paid $400 for it right and I walked out the store with it you know I mean yeah it's just like comic books you know I just got a first issue of the new X-Men I actually bought it from F so when I see him I'll give it to him but because he loves comic books and I was in I was in when I was at I say nothing Lois after st. Louis I was in

► 01:49:52

it was cancerous anyway I was in a view it had a comic book store their what they did and I was like yo they had the first issue of the new X-Men bought that and plastic put that in my bag now of course you could go online and you could do the but the physical tangible thing I think is the best way to support artists and if you are and if you now add a the way audits actually make the most economics is to live concerts so it only way that's going to work is if

► 01:50:22

Buddy hear your music so I always tell fairs look this listen you know I mean listen enjoy know we creating something for you to understand or for you to fill a Vibe order for me to take you to my location like cash rules everything around me we're taking you back to New York the New York crime side you know and then and then when you come down and you get that song in your DNA and you come to a concert and you see us perform it now we have a symbiotic relationship you got me so that's how I say that's beautiful because you're giving them a

► 01:50:52

object yeah think it's important I think you're right man that's why I want that goddamn box where are you Martin get out of jail some of that box bitch come on how much do you think he'll sell it for if you had to guess how much he buy it for oh he had it I mean I think they bought it what two million two million but I think I think he had it all he did was he said he had on eBay I'm gonna I'm gonna make it without the release it for free I'm gonna release it if that's okay with you if it's not

► 01:51:22

tell me and you guys can sell it but we need to have that that needs to be released 20 what twenty four twenty five twenty five songs get the fuck out of here let's make this happen man Martin where you at be nice if he's as cold as you like collect call he'll call the feds are listening Martin Martin when you getting out I need the box for the desk Martin wow did you

► 01:51:53

so so wow so now that Donnell is gone I can talk about right now is the best man we finally got him to do a podcast I've shamed him into doing one episode that he already did right because he didn't want to come here and tell me that he hadn't done it yet so he did one and then we're going to take that one Jamie's gonna produce it and edit it it's over this thing is that like we're gonna do it together but will promote it I'll promote it on Instagram I just been trying to get him to do it forever

► 01:52:22

you know he's a goddamn natural its natural he's a natural he's he makes me cry you can't be stopped now now you said you do hot yoga are you answering said many things in there like what's what's the should is it all physical with yoga for you was it something spiritually no it's what it's a mind cleansing thing as much as it's a physical cleansing thing because it's all about concentrating on my breath and ignoring all the fucking ideas to keep darting in and out of my head it's just like meditation in the sense that I'm trying to

► 01:52:52

myself down and Center myself and I'm trying to cleanse myself so when I'm holding poses and I'm concentrating on my breathing what it does is it eliminates all of the stuff that I don't necessarily want in my head and allows me to manage my mind better and I think that's the thing that is unmiss understood about yoga because in my opinion and I've done both I've done regular meditation I've done physical exercise I think there's a benefit a great unrecognized benefit to physical meditation and I find that in yoga

► 01:53:22

Agha I find that martial arts yeah I don't know if you find that as well so definitely yeah because you have you have still meditation fucking stupid lights man we gotta fix it I mean I've been talking about it for three years what happened to the chest son the what the chest oh we got re re being refilled terrifying concoctions so we talk about physical any day meditation right and still meditation so this is say like there's a meditation will you just sit still

► 01:53:52

you just breathe and actually Wu-Tang right someone give you a little Wu-Tang law so Wu-Tang the story is there's a mark name change Zhang FEI who leaves Shaolin Temple because he feels that the physical exercise is not the proper way to Enlightenment mmm right he thought that the kung-fu was to external right too many complications by ego and so he vetoed so he retreats to to the mountain and he

► 01:54:22

he goes for internal Kung Fu but in the process of doing internal Kung Fu such as Tai Chi Zen Yi ba Kua right like these techniques like there's there's this thing called the ace piece brocade what you just sit you know I mean and you just do really small movements you first you bang on the back of your ears it's called banging on the heavily drums to open up the back of your brain like if you do that right now if you can't make sense if you cover your ears right

► 01:54:52

you take the headphones off right and you cover your ears like this you take your thumb like that okay

► 01:55:00

of course is louder right you here right oh it gives you like a little rhythm right so you do that first right and that's just the open up your your brain like the open that up right you do it why inhale and exhale it bouncing again and yang but that's one of the blow case and it is so he's made these eight pieces of brocade right brocade broke Amy's I got something is blocked right right it's a mom paid right so you want to open it up right open up these open up your

► 01:55:29

your main vessels you know I mean okay of course being your is your eyes and nose your mouth you know that goes back to Jesus and the seven churches what is the seven churches that Jesus spoke to the seven churches where he spoke to the two hours the two nodes to holding your nose your mouth and into it so he speaking to a man said out of his mouth came a double-edged sword the sword of course no silicon come out of your mouth your tongue is that sword double-edged exactly yeah so it will shots all the preachers to eat pussy we go ahead

► 01:56:08

right well that would be EP before the kind of league is part of the country before we get to the kind of Legacy so so we'll take itself right this guy leaves the temple go to the mound and meditate and he's dealing with still meditation right but in all reality when you mix it together Wu-Tang is

► 01:56:29

darling you have the physical and the still meditation and it takes both to actually find this level of Enlightenment you looking for so when bodhidharma came to shall and he actually came from India so bodhidharma was an Indian monk who was more of a yoga student he comes the Shaolin and he's trying to teach them the Indian way but he realized that all the monks were too weak to sit there and they're still meditation and so he created something called the Lohan

► 01:56:59

hands right on the 18 Lohan's or light and and he these forms and these steps were made so that now they could do a physical movement to build their body up so now they can meditate longer because you have a strong mind what's the use of a strong mind without a strong body and what's the use of a strong body without a strong mind so that's the yin-yang must be balanced and so that's the Shaolin and wudang philosophy so when we met Wu-Tang Clan and I'll go back to myself with this we met Wu-Tang

► 01:57:29

playing as the name of our crew we took the verse from the Bible about the SS Warden Jesus speaking right we said okay we're going to use our words and our wisdom and I spirituality the talk to the world through our music right but we also took that in the Wu-Tang law they said the Wu-Tang Moss who are monks they developed the best sword style right so we like well we're the Wu-Tang we have the best source now but we come from shalin because that's the the way

► 01:57:59

well with springs forth right and so we took the physical of shallon as our base the spiritual the meditate force of Wu-Tang and we put it together and and I almost falls off if what you say is true The Shaolin and the Wu-Tang could be dangerous oh my God that's that's hip-hop history ladies and gentlemen I need a would I need a woo names yo give me a root

► 01:58:30

well I'll be I don't know I gotta you gotta you gotta go to that Dave's iterator sir yo you have your name generate me know how do you do it you can't change who you are the words won't change your essence I just want to your essence is Donnell Rawlings this is no escaping that Joe I respect what you're saying right now I respect that and you said very white right now

► 01:59:12

Kevin Smith

► 01:59:29

and I just was doing these bars and at the end of every one I said Wu-Tang at the end of every one I said we'll take and Kevin Smith know me he every time I text him he's like Wu-Tang forever Dave says that shit I'll tell you this is what this rap pitch to him for the Halloween show like they know every time I write is like you don't think it will take forever what Wu-Tang forever so we had I had pictured scene where all I'm saying is Wu-Tang Wu-Tang and I'm in a dispensary right

► 01:59:59

do you know how to hit a sixer security cams it should I believe me like an aunt who was it and my folks say it's Wu-Tang no actual Wu-Tang show up to the weed spot and that's the thing I punctuated all my raps with aw shit you know you know what they they they did have a lot of jokes with Wu-Tang it right and I really appreciate I love her music yeah beautiful Manhattan on the show but he did one Wu-Tang joke right that that fucked me up what was it

► 02:00:30

so watch it it's so you did it three Netflix specials but it was the first one and so they my wife be excited yo Dave only put it on and he watching it and we dying laughing and then he he goes into the the scene where he does like he's at a party and he had the transgender do fall out and all that and everything and then he then he goes you know he don't understand you know how you know how somebody do that like you know I mean like what does somebody do it is just you know did this chopped

► 02:00:59

a dick off Wu-Tang bang they just keep going I was like what what the fuck was that

► 02:01:29

I'm somewhere and meeting an elevator and boom it hits me because the state of my fucking mind right I fucking start dying laughing what was punctuated no no what was so what was the difference with what you thought the joke did you didn't get but what made you get it well maybe get it was just the I'm trying to because Davis is Davis a genius you all right his shit is crazy all right it's like a lyric you're going to get the line when you get the rhyme right right so what he was saying he said he don't understand how

► 02:01:59

how a man chop his dick off so what a man do a man just goes as smooth can change how the reason the time with you guys what I got was the most gangster phrase you could say that describes the hardest shit you could do like is Wu-Tang yes cut your dick off that's beef now

► 02:02:29

as did this shit exactly hold on what is that it so now those what it was did it who don't know so there's a little there's a dude that was affiliated with what that's right don't say affiliate before he was a Wu-Tang he was Wu-Tang sake hold on listen I wasn't part of the Wu-Tang Clan all right Claire all right hold on I got to give you a test before we go further I don't want to test I agree with you I found this from The Shaolin Wu-Tang Clan strikes again the Riza the judges are

► 02:02:58

Ol Dirty Bastard inspectah deck Raekwon the chef u-god okay Ghostface Killah and let them breath important Master killed in combat the matter make wander in New York right now for the jets-giants game yeah so called cappadonna and last the Killer and a lot mathematics and sometimes even Redman the street life but but check it out but this Soul so we had other Goose resign Northstar I actually sang Northstar assigned the Black Knights

► 02:03:27

both west coast groups actually so awesome I'm from Long Beach some from Compton you know and you know made a lot of songs with them talented young brothers so one of the members of the North Star zoned out he's zoned out on Stone doubt many of them drugs you talk sold out

► 02:03:46

and they called when you do it I don't what they call it

► 02:03:52

yeah there's a word for adults what's it what's the word when you do it castrate your says she had to get the worried well yeah okay so now there's also he casters itself right so now that's the punchline of his joke the perseid is like because this dude for no reason it was a callback yeah you got it in an elevator yeah I'll just walk

► 02:04:23

it's a lame I'll say is yeah it's like 24 hours later oh my God that bit as a long fuse yes yeah but Dave Dave does got those kind of job man I remember where we want to roll when that actually was the news right and he was like Wu-Tang punctuated so much in anything whatever you do for fun anywhere for anything Wu-Tang forever yeah so when a member or at least an Affiliated members

► 02:04:51

of the Wu-Tang cuts off his dick and yeah he doesn't think he could have been he'll do what he could have been like a nephew of whew whew it includes having our own nephew or whatever you know what's so crazy about that incident Photon that incident was very hurtful you know like you know it's yeah but it was hopeful in a sense like when it happened I wasn't I was doing a TV show called gang-related right and so you know like I would go like say it happened on the night it happened the next night is a cache where all the whole cow

► 02:05:22

get together and this shit is the news this is like when every Network Debbie TMZ this is like oh shit and I'll come in the room and I was like what the fuck happened like you know I mean yeah but I'ma tell you thing about is like I don't know what you need to do to represent your gangster but kind of your dick off is the most go hard shit a motherfucking could it's hard right now you get that's like next level there's Next Level now homie so so I had a buddy with me at the time Paul Banks from Interpol and was working on the album and and so he saw me is like them damn Bobby you look kind of

► 02:05:51

fucking the Press I said oh man like I don't like the way this is shit sound man right it's like you know I mean it is like the press it feels you know feel like that's the first of all I don't think I found in the history of me my study I never heard of a man chopping his own shit off this shit is biblical and we said

► 02:06:22

what he said he's listening he probably was really fucked up problem right it's like that he's probably really fucked up yeah I said but then you know I'm saying they say he jumped out the window out of a two-story he jumped over the balcony of a two-story apartment building but did I did it go they say he tell Tico

► 02:06:52

no no no no no she said this he said

► 02:07:03

I think he was sober when he jumped

► 02:07:07

how can you get there check it out he said I thank he was sober when he jumped and he went on to give me this whole story about one of his friends that would had a problems right here because he had a console me right now I'm kind of puzzled so he's like trying to fucked up he's trying to control me he told me I said yeah but he didn't die he said yeah he didn't die because he wasn't going to die like you know I'm a so gave me a little metaphor my head so he said I had a friend who used to drink and shit and one night he

► 02:07:37

a problem with he one night he was in the hotel and he laid on a fucking the balcony of a window right and it said and I still get the fuck off that in the windows over said he fought this way he's going down since story but if you go this way this Hit the Floor he's in the room and that's the that's the whole thing he said that

► 02:07:58

he went this way

► 02:08:00

he went out every ten stores and stories but during the fall he sobered up but when he hit the ground he didn't die he became quadriplegic the dick cut off by the fuck no no no listen to this the this the alcohol do that starting point being made is that you ain't gonna go in till it's time to go right I'll wind it was so you think you kill yourself it ain't half but if you cut your dick off and you survive that that's the time to go hold on hold on but

► 02:08:30

so the idea is was he sober when he jumped and so and I had the chance to speak to him right I sent them a Quran you know I mean I was like I think you know you might have to get into some studies brother cuz you know it's so so so so anyway sending the Quran I hold you down off of that and then I said that's let me ask you a question

► 02:08:50

and the question was you know did you know when you jump you know what you say yeah he's like for that moment like it was everything else was whatever it was and you know you can read his story and he says why he says what happened in the story but when he jumped he that was a moment of sobriety and and for me that was like that's the way jump when he cut his dick off there wasn't a moment of sobriety it's after okay you know you ever do some shit you ever been fucked up yeah you do some shit at all oh

► 02:09:20

like I had a really bad sexual thing mad mad was one of the sex nights and I was I was I was but up I kind of I kind of had like a blanket over me and he's going to room to room fucking girls looks like it was one of them like bad sex drug in your system I'm fucking everybody tonight right

► 02:09:54

but then there's that moment like oh shit I fucked up right I know I fucked up right and you and you get sober for about 30 seconds

► 02:10:05

and then the hawk it back as you go knock another where those loads went anyway yeah anyway that's my that's that's it but so he jumping but didn't Igloo is Dick back on I stitched it back on right did I me it fixed it's all good bro if that's you yeah I stopped following the story after that and it's good that was at the

► 02:10:35

thank God for scientists thank God for a miracle world that minutes and that was like forever will be the most gangster shit you can do okay stop your dick of a say Wu-Tang that's do they should probably say that because he's gonna film it now they gotta World start hoping the Dave season so I'm getting I'm getting the track today I'm getting attracted a getting a track and you make it today right now son you one disappear man oh you are no no give me

► 02:11:35

you gotta track and Jamie wasn't fuck with me at all he didn't know what to do no he'd know what to do he didn't talk to me the fuck out of here so you didn't know I had another show to do right now exactly needed me to do it and I don't know I'm gonna five shows a week with that said sometimes more Joe with that said yes I wasn't demanding I wasn't only thing but only that was what has been honesty I'm happy more than happy what do we start making

► 02:12:05

contemplate start to Plate it I'm excited to help you to play this situation I'm ecstatic to help you don't care I'm happy I'm glad I just want you to do it and I want me you're doing it out of this I'll do whatever the inspiration and we started this yes separation to want to be like maybe kind of hip hoppy and I want to be like you listen

► 02:12:35

you go with him listen when the funny thing about weekend without you doing in the car and I drive around I listen to classical music so what to be quite what kind Beethoven I don't even know I got on some classical station like serious I don't know what is it like this and that was the works from in B minor so I'm gonna shit my brain feel relaxed like a motherfucker does Phil shit I like to listen to Hawaii right

► 02:13:03

yep don't tell people yeah yeah the read this shit back what so now we're gonna have to edit that out you can't tell people what your goddamn email us because I always say now I just said Gmail Gmail say you just said well look how Yoda if you show it if you show it if you want to set it nobody wouldn't do it not even me because Timmy keep beep over that some numbers in there that can't be seen oh right no you do

► 02:13:32

I said oh yeah we're going to add some numbers yeah yeah yeah well this three or four fuck

► 02:13:39

Mount tell you my son is gonna blow said I'm ready said well you can't spell this shit what he spelled it stops Listen People gonna get your email these please don't know whatever it is they don't the dip is coming to you right now due to loading up Dixon the email browser to you like God I heard

► 02:14:10

oh because not a monkey it's I got a new phone Donnell you gotta change your email I hate to tell you they got me you got me how much can we change this all right

► 02:14:21

it's fuck could we be pit we're gonna beep over your email because this is ridiculous and what I do with a cut to me during the take so that you don't see your lips moving either because the scientists are out there okay well we're all good Dan what he's doing so the plug I don't know where is he by your right foot

► 02:14:50

foot on the floor and you go there you go click so we good before I slip on and go was cast the store before it closes to give me one serious research question I mean tell me about the who show I'm interested in the Hulu show okay cool I'ma do that yeah this one thing so it's I'm give you some added to that's why I was just now we're good he's good Tim's gonna beep over okay so descriptions email people mad right now what the fuck it was better when it was alive

► 02:15:20

live I could send him a picture of my dick so the Hulu show was are created by me my partner Alex see executive producer Brian Grazer and I love Brian yeah and that he was just here last week oh yeah yeah he's all right that's why he's an interesting guy man very very I really like talking to him and he well he's he's he's a entertainment icon and genius what'd he do and he had a he actually read my book The Dow with

► 02:15:51

and that led to him have an interest in making this into a TV series you know I me and we're so we are partnered with Alex see Fran seek out counsel and we vote 10 episodes of this we don't you know got a writers room put it on Hulu is called Wu-Tang in the American Saga an American Saga and it follows us you know pre tag days it obvious

► 02:16:20

polity right so you get to see some of the things that happen in our neighborhoods and some of the things that motivate us to the men that we became and it's not only because of like like you know we know we have the Liberty to fictionalize some things right so for instance they could be a character you know you think about every Ghana right that's like popular over the last three to five years right maybe a little longer right but for us that say they happened when we was kids in our neighborhood

► 02:16:50

and the same neighborhood mind you of course okay so that's it happened on Staten Island you know I mean and and and we was able to do the show kind of go back and look at some of the same problems that we have as American citizens in our communities that we're still facing today for instance in episode 3 one of my favorite episodes you see a black mother addressing a funeral

► 02:17:20

about how so many of these kids are dying from gun violence over things that's not even valuable things that could be the place where the sneakers are gold chain but the life can't be replaced and she goes on to say something that you know as a mother the pain of Labor you hear how painful that is right I seen how painfully so imagine the pain a woman feels when their child is killed in Cold Blood I can't even imagine it and she goes

► 02:17:50

to say we never see our children as

► 02:17:54

these gangsters you know criminals we see them as our babies you know I mean and we're turning our community into a war zone and we got to realize that this is our community and these are our babies so the saw the show gets a chance to tap into all that because these things happen and I was talking about earlier with so much the same thing yeah when I was like a black person perspective and their views and had a look at

► 02:18:24

just totally different from someone that grew around with the NRA was strong with grow around with ahead gun laws I'm saying what happens if I press when you think about a gun you think about something that's could take somebody's life yeah you know I'm saying that not only that you also think about a gun in certain cases with took a life of somebody was innocent it was somebody with an authority you know I'm saying so like most black people their connection with guns is totally different from just like hunting and I want to protect my household yeah

► 02:18:54

yeah because and and I'll show we know we tap into that but at the same time we also tap into that feeling when when the kid gets a new drum machine right without their instruction manual and he's gonna stay up all night trying to figure it out you know I made a play on it and make something eventually make something you know like for the case of me that SP 1200 I made that beat for bring the pain which is one of Method Man's first video is one of this phone

► 02:19:24

chart and songs and you did take the think about me trying to figure this thing out and figure it out and then make some getting excited every time you figure it out and it's and they make something that the world appreciates my so you get that that angle as well but then you also you know you get you know at the time my mother was working for a man a fat Larry if that Lobby was a Echelon cousin to know you got to know the guy who ran the number spot

► 02:19:54

it's on Staten Island you know I got to tell you restaurant I can't remember it was so difficult so illegal and fucked up it was so good that now yeah it was like oh shit I ain't nobody out here yeah so sweet so sweet to that culture as well so so anyway so it was an honor to work with imagined TV you know Brian Grazer of art Howard also blessed us on it as well and my partner Alex see who just a good way

► 02:20:24

he bought Superfly right the new Super Fly and he says a good writer in our partnership led to these episodes and it's a vegetable right man filled to be respected as a hip-hop Pioneer is someone is started some different shit in like you could Rock a Wu-Tang with forever but you still been able to like be identified like you you don't say how's it feel to be go through the Hip Hop thing and didn't being

► 02:20:54

respected in the film World in a right world like you are now I'm it's a blessing course right you can say that without no joke no strings attached that wasn't a joke just in the beauty of it all for me for the Riza is that every step that I take and I mean footprint I leave I leave the for hip-hop right so you think about you know of course you know dr. Dre is in front of me he's ahead of me you know and so you know I

► 02:21:24

this records before I had a record and so I watched the NWA movie and I'm like wow it's a movie though it was an album that was a movie and now you know how do I take it to another level well now it's not a movie it's a TV series wow you see and now somebody else in hip-hop could take a look at that and they can say wow what can we do now to take it to another level so the biggest blessing for me the biggest reward is knowing that there's Footprints being

► 02:21:54

left by the Abbot if they called me to admit but the Abbot is leaving Footprints so and showing people in hip-hop you don't have to be crabs in a barrel or trying to say around or trying to make a beat I mean you could you could you know you could take your heart and put it in many forms because there's many Outlets of art even an editor this many oh yeah even a good editor hip-hop video editor it's a certain style to his edited by so because he has a he has the

► 02:22:24

capital u Army so even there is an outlet a lot of young people you know in many fields we all sometimes strive towards the same goal not realizing how many people would takes to achieve the goal and do Ferrum and with this new film being one of the most collaborative art forms is if you watch a movie you'll see you know hundreds of names go by when I did my movie Man with the Iron Fists I had was that Tarantino yeah yeah yo

► 02:22:54

you know the weird thing about it like man like me being on the outside and saying Ukraine anything man that connection felt so like it was suppose it made so much sense and it made so it's like duh and the baddest man alive is like number two Behind The Rage Against the Machine Wu-Tang collaboration a keys God damn that's a good song before I goddamn well thank you my point being made that 500 people

► 02:23:24

employee yeah a lot of people a lot of moving Parts it's what think about the young people out there who's trying to figure out whether they aren't feeling fit in with their talent fit in and I say to them look it took 500 people to make that okay and you never know where your talent going to fall so be good like he told you to spit the spit 16 you gotta spit 16 no no he got us backstage but here but his no no listen his talking

► 02:23:54

attract Millions just like 16 yo man only reason I only reason this is why I want him to spend 16 because knew he was going to say where's the fuck is your pockets right I was like this before he gets he was Defensive already know this motherfuckers voice is the voice of this whole shit in a motherfucking to could just sit there and talk to somebody forever and not only just talks about ever guess after

► 02:24:24

doing comedy I was economy did not got time to talk to somebody forever and I'll have to talk about nothing should ideally as like that's some crazy you can do it too I want y'all started 44 minutes with nobody you I got to produces y'all every said it's time I put you three producers we gonna do it yeah you're on the road man you got no worries yeah where's it going to leave with a verse oh crap hit me with it what's the logistics is my egotistic personality part of my coexistence or is it just

► 02:24:54

dangerous stranger paying me Uninvited visit like an unwanted Christmas guests or is it just a fragment of my lower self Envy greed and lust or my higher self good will love and trust is this therapy to on therapeutic to discuss I was dangling in the dirt like a pale loose shoe strings but I was born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen Torn Between the temptation of bringing the Ruckus to maintaining the structure the keeping girls on my payroll that it cuts your nuts off after they

► 02:25:24

fuck you before you rupture they try to put me in a quiet place with the word stop or put me in a clothespin space through in life through a bird box but close the windows shut the doors scattered out on the floor so the sound of my footsteps are dampen and absorb that's the metaphor to kill the noise while they walk around we look blindfolded as they kill our boys and these crazy race is wrong with cold steel and they killed for Joy plus bills inside the church and outside the shopping store inside the movie theater school campus and church

► 02:25:54

the synagogue's no location is omitted most cases get acquitted by mental illness and no guns are prohibited is it rational to think this is a national problem therefore is a threat to National Security and the National Guard's needs to solve it or is it visible it's a problem or individuals who are not in quarter with the principle of one nation under God indivisible respect my veterans ladies and gentlemen that's it that's it

► 02:26:24

that's the way a fucking podcast who an honor sir thank you thank you bye everybody come on folks that was fun right that was a good one that was one of those ones after we're done Donnell we just don't know that we just hug like what we're both a little high it was hilarious so much fun thank you to you to you people people listening I hope you enjoyed it I appreciate the fuck out of you

► 02:26:54

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