#857 - Dan Bilzerian

Oct 12, 2016

Dan Bilzerian is a social media personality and professional poker player. http://www.instagram.com/danbilzerian

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the motherfucker got surprisingly deep I mean it was silly at points and times and he told some hilarious ridiculous stories crazy gambling stories but especially at the end got surprisingly deep not surprisingly to me but I bet it surprising to you not you you you fuck you you over there who me yeah you man God whatever Dan Bilzerian ladies and gentlemen

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The Joe Rogan Experience Train by day Joe Rogan podcast

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and we live there's a lot of rich people in the world but it's not a lot of rich people living like you so first of all before we even get started I salute you sir because if I was a 16 year old kid and I won the lottery if you live it exactly the way you live like if you asked a 16 year old kid hey man if you had fucking hundred million bucks what would you do oh dude I just have I just have bitches around me all the time I'd be jet skiing I'd be driving around Ferraris and private jets you're living like a life that doesn't even seem real it's doesn't seem real to you um now it seems normal as crazy as that sounds I've been doing it for a while but that's actually kind of exactly what I did I was think it's started and maybe like 2011-12 so I had a girlfriend for about two or three years and she was like pretty happy the fact she's a playmate she like a hundred thousand followers and she was going to move to LA to become famous and this and that and we end up breaking

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up and I actually end up getting a place in San Diego then I got a place in La and I started playing this you know real big poker and I mean I beat one guy for like Fifty four million and then you know be another guy for like 10 and you know so there's like you know some pretty big Christ yeah like you know if that's just like there are some pretty big you know wins there and and I was single and I was just like you know what fuck it I'm just kind of kind of like do you bucket list shit like whatever whatever I wanted to do when I was a kid I'm just gonna fucking do it you know and I just did and I posted about it and it was like part of the posting was because I knew it would be able to get me some pussy without like actually speaking the girls which was good and then there was like another piece of it where it was kind of like a fuck you to her and that but it was like never like really to become famous you know I mean it was just kind of like you know I was just doing my thing and you know we're getting pictures here and there and then it kind of I mean fuck it's you know I mean I say you some of the staff

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something to think like a week ago I like fuck I reach a hundred and seventy five million people I'm just yeah it was insane you sent me some some measurement of all the different people that are looking at your stuff and I'll read it because it's insane analytics yeah like it doesn't even make sense these it's hundreds of millions of people here will see hidden here hundred sixty 1 million three hundred four thousand nine hundred and forty-one Impressions this week yeah that's insane and that's just Instagram you know like Facebook's the whole that you know nothing and and and it's really underrepresented because first of all everybody else is buying all their followers and likes and all their shit right so there's this like really inflated and also I got actually kind of like the opposite cause I got a lot of people that are looking at my shit they can't really be seen looking at my shit you know what I mean like there's like some big producer I want to say his name but like every time I post a girl like they get hit up in the D and this is like a big big like like you know like fucking dumb

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a hundred million dollar movies and shit and he's like hit them all up you know so there's like a lot of these dudes are just stalk me out like this Paul Marciano this fucking guys like every time I post a chick she's got a guest campaign now you know so it's like it's kind of funny you know what's great for them to then what up but what I'm saying is like they're not actually like officially follow be riding click that button but watching my shit there's their stocking use Eyes On Target yeah yeah so they hit that search button and you're at the top of the list always because they're always searching you that's funny seems like it so how long has this been going on when did you start making all these crazy posts and when did this gambling Rampage start um well I mean I've been a gambler for a long time but I think kind of the craziness I would say started in 2012 probably that's like I distinctly remember because I won like 11 million bucks and a night and my buddy who I just given like $2,000 to made me a million off it because he got second in the World Series of Poker so I had like 12 million dollars

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I was like fuck it I'm gonna take this do down to like Port of our door with a bunch of chicks and we're going to have fun you know and now it's kind of like that was that was one of the big actually not I'm sorry I take that back I'd broken up my girlfriend and it was a buddy of mine Nick cassavetes who he's like you know he's pretty big he did like the notebook and blow and you know like big director whatever and I played poker with him a lot and I just broke up with my girl and I was like hey let's go down to Cabo I'm going to bring some chicks and it was supposed to meet him and one other guy and the other guy in the balance but he had like committed so he paid for his part of the trip so it's me and Nick and think it was like want to say 17 chicks and I remember I had sex nine times in one day I was like so proud of myself right I think by the end I was like I was like dust was coming out you know who's like it is funny because I like I don't even want to have sex in night time but it was just kind of like a like a matter of principles like of a billion but billionaires walking down the street and he sees a hundred dollar bill he's just always

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pick it up you know what I mean that was me I didn't get a lot of pussy when I was younger so it's like a hot chick want to fuck me like I didn't care if I wanted a beggar this is like obligations so 17 girls yeah now the pay these girls to come out now okay so that's the big misconception on addressing that on my app actually have an app yeah I got an app coming out and I'm just going to basically but you know I'll give it to you for free you know suck you I'm not opposed to paying for sex you know like I mean I have in the past like I've you know fuck thousands of girls so it's like you know and I paid for maybe like 10 or 20 something like that and it's not because I have any you know moral dilemma about it and it's not because I think it's wrong in fact I think like sex for money is one of the most like pure interactions because the guy gets what he wants the girl gets what she wants there's no bullshit I think like this whole like sugar daddy sugar baby thing is the biggest fucked-up part because then the guys like pretending to like the girl he's pretending he's not fucking other girls

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the girls pretending to like him it's just like all the convoluted bullshit is prostitution and it is as at the end of the day like it is paying for sex right but they're not coming out and saying it's not like hey I want X and I'll give you my why it's like the guy from the Clippers with Donald Sterling and that girl come on man these are all T all doing it it's not like brother like they all have like you know these five girlfriends are supporting them then the girls have other boyfriends they don't tell you know and it's this whole fucked-up thing but like I said but for me like I said it's not a moral thing it's not I mean for me it's not a monetary thing obviously I'd much prefer to just give a girl money fuck her and be done but for me if the girl is not in to me then I'm just like kind of not into the SEC so that's the hang up for me but no I like that's actually healthy yeah I mean I mean it is I mean people make these big judgments they're going to make big judgments on you first of all because you're doing some stuff that's just like so far to the right end of the spectrum it doesn't even make sense like how the fuck is he pulling all this off it does it it's like it seems unattainable

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also they're going to make well he's this guy is wrong and these jobs I would never do that and they're saying a bunch of crazy shit because the way you're living is just so bizarre but that's the thing like people just like can't wrap their hands around the fact that like you know they say that because so many guys are paying right now like people are tripping off in record numbers like because Instagram and all this stuff in the access that people have like checking off being playing for second for sex in like record numbers like it's unbelief first of all it should be legal just like getting a massage should be legal yeah I know nobody wants to rub your feet nobody wants to suck your dick but it should be able to pay both of them it's the oldest profession like since the history of time it is it is well not all yeah they taught chimpanzees the value of currency the gave chimpanzees coins and they gave them coins and then every time the chimps would give the coins to back to the people that give them candy you know the chimps did the first fucking thing they did they gave the coins to female chimps and they fucked up that's amazing that's the first thing they did

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the researchers like Jesus that is number one the first thing they did that's what it does yeah it's hilarious that whole bit about it it's it's nothing there's nothing wrong with it and like making pleasure a crime is ridiculous there's no victim no one's getting hurt think of all the shitty jobs that you can get paid to do you can get paid to clean toilets you can get paid to fucking insulate attics there's a lot of terrible jobs you can get paid to mop up the come on a fucking you know on the floors of these like you know jerk houses of the point place or whatever you know it's like I mean I don't know I like I said I have no issues with it I don't want you think it should be legal it's a victimless crime yeah I just like for like I said for me it's the it's the mental thing and I just like I I got you know I couldn't fuck all the girls you know if I had five dick so it's like what you know what the point I'm not like bragging I got into used to I'm just you know I'm just kicking to the real deal you know it's like

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good I said there's no victims I guess there is some there's victims of some prostitution right there's people that are abducted and there's there's certain people that are like sex traffic like sex slaves that's real we're not talking about that yeah but the talking about that's exactly what you said that that's sex slavery that's not really like a girl saying Hey I want extra why that's her saying hey you got to do this on you're getting your ass beat yeah there's a big way bigger difference we big difference between that and a lot of what you see in La as these girls they want to wear the nice purses and have nice shoes and they don't really want a job and they want to live in a nice apartment but they don't want to work how do I work this out and by the way getting back to your last thing if it was legal there wouldn't be you know the pimp saying hey you're going to do this you're gonna get your ass beat it would all be regulated it's just like drug dealers yeah and and also then then the beginning you know tested and you know they're just be like a whole regulated system exactly I mean it's much

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I hate pain pills and as much as I've lost friends to pain pills and Oxys and all this different shit there's no fucking wars being fought over it there's not blood in the streets of Juarez Mexico over pain pills you know all that shit is over drugs that are illegal yeah as soon as those drugs become legal I think probably less people would use them and you'd get tax dollars from them and the least there would be some sort of a solution in terms of like treatment and responsibility and he'd be able to look at it a little bit differently yeah I just think there's too much money in Kickbacks for that to happen but I totally agree I mean I think alcohol is far worse for you than many drugs and I mean you know how I mean how many times have you seen people get into you know fights or shoot people or you know wreck their cars because they're high on Alcor high on weed you know never happens whatever happens on alcohol you know more people are dying from you know alcohol related deaths in there are firearms but they want to ban the guns you know yeah it's there's there's a lot of real problems with that for sure and you know there's also these companies like the company that makes fentanyl that I say it fence

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fentanyl it's super strong pain pill painkiller that's 10 times at least more powerful than oxycontin's I believe that's where the numbers they're spending $500,000 just to keep marijuana illegal in Arizona because they're you know they've got it on the ballot to make it recreationally legal in the state of Arizona and so they're putting out all these ads and they have this whole campaign to try to sway people but they're just doing it for business it does nothing to do with Public Safety or health see a fucking thing about Hillary Clinton one of the Wikileaks things that Hillary Clinton she Wikileaks released some paper where she was in communication with Bankers one of the emails and she was saying that she was going to stop weed that she was going to make sure that we'd was not legal that she was gonna do her best and stand her ground and all this nonsense leak reveals Clinton promised Bankers to stand against marijuana legalization like what the fuck Hillary she's pretty brutal just what the fuck I know you're bought and sold but

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don't you have enough money lady how much money you need unless you're gambling with Dan Bilzerian where the fuck's all your money going I mean it's kind of funny because what do they pay these presidents like 250k year they are four hundred thousand dollars a year and they're all worth hundreds of millions yeah or billionaires you know it's insane well not only that like she was trying to say that once bill got our the office he was dead broke well you're not dead broke now so how the fuck did you guys make all that money they're worth hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars it's all from speaking arrangements and pay to play and weird fucking shady Deals they have with banks and they do these speeches and nobody wants a fucking here and they pay him quarter million bucks an hour so Preposterous yeah I mean the more money you have the more you kind of rub shoulders with these people you kind of get a look behind the curtain and you see that you know it's just it's I mean politics if you look up the definition of politics I mean it's like bullshitting right yeah it's like fail that is pop being political right is not being yourself yeah exactly what you're doing

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I mean you're kind of like an anti-politician it a lot of ways but do you want I want I want to get out though is do you get hit up because you're so wealthy do you get hit up by people that are in the political spectrum that want to use your influence and your you have how many fucking followers do you have it's a 19-point something on Instagram and ten and a half million on Facebook and Twitter sweater but I mean yeah that's insane no I mean the whole UFC yeah the reaches crate you know the point two million followers that's crazy and it's all just pictures you grabbed my titties like this one right here this is what this one's hilarious is like someone told you that you shouldn't you should post something a little more well my team is like you got to clean this up you know like you know there's Big Money Team fuck your team acted like like there's all this money out there you know you know this you know this this rock you got paid 17 million bucks to indoors for the like you can make all this money yeah

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what are you doing they just drive a truck yeah basically drives a truck it does afford commercial 17 million it's probably worth it though for them The Rock has like 67 million or some insane shit but he's a goddamn movie star you know if you're due to takes pictures with checks that's the thing you don't like I feel like I got to be maybe like the most famous guy that never had like a TV show or like a real talent 100% there's nothing no one even close it's kind of rare to be like number one and anything you know so it's good that's kind of cool you the number one baller I don't know about that from America well the number one ball right I'm giving you the crown right now I have no idea Gregor king crown I put it on your head I could tell you some stories about some guys that got you don't know who you are they don't know nobody knows who they are yeah public ball yeah okay sure I'm the only guy that's kind of putting it out there because you know most guys they got they got a job they got a wife they got family you know whatever I just kind of just said fuck all of it you know like they can accept me or not and I'm just going to do it how old are you 35 do you think that there's going to come a day

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this is going to be tired and if it does come a day do you think you're ever going to go the marriage route is that possible at this point so look you know I mean I'm a gambler but I want to bet half minute worth I'm gonna go forever but you know it's that's not to say that I wouldn't you know have a girlfriend or you know I'm capable of me being monogamous you know it's just for me it's more about options really look at the end of the day like comes down to most guys are in relationships I feel like because it's either hey I'm gonna jerk off on Saturday night or I got to put up with her shit and I get laid you know and it's like and a lot of its out of laziness a lot of its odd lack options whatever the case may be but it's not correct like it for me I think a correct relationship is guy that could be fucking you know five or ten girls and he chooses to hang out with this one girl because he likes her likes hanging out with her and she hangs out with him because she enjoys his company and regardless of what the reason is you know because a lot of people are like oh you know that girls are gold digger they want to hate on them but you know at the end of the day if a

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has made his money from you know successful business and you know being smart and and he hasn't fucked it off like you know or he's a doctor whatever that to me is more of a part of who that guy is than a girl that just born hot so for a guy to like a girl just because she's hot I feel like is like the most superficial thing of all time well I mean she has to be nice to she can't I mean hopefully she does but I've seen a lot of guys are with a girl just because she's hot and they don't really get as much shit as a girl that's with a guy because he's successful or because he has money it's true it is true it is true like the guy who earned that money it's his character and his willpower and his discipline that's allowed him his smarts is allowed him to earn that money or just got lucky as fuck there's definitely some lucky ones but but you know you also have to hold on to it yeah I mean once you got money I mean you got every asphalt or mother with her hand out you know trying to scam you and it's easy to you know fuck it off or you know make bad Investments or you know whatever the case might be yeah

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that's it is a funny little situation there isn't it because like it's also the way women are allowed to dress even like a like a respectable woman is allowed to have her tits pressed together and pushed up and she's like to have a skirt that's just like a little a little light vagina curtain you know that's really all it is a little panties underneath and smooth legs and high heels mean the whole thing is sex what will it look at aligning lust let's talk about bathing suits I mean the fact that every bathing suit now is it basically a thong and the fact that like a bathing suit shows more than like the most revealing underwear back in the day ever used to write but it's like completely socially acceptable than on Halloween they can wear even less than that they paint and it's okay yeah it's like literally butt naked yeah when the fuck did paint become clothes magically put paint on our deck I went out you get arrested right yeah well how come a girl can wear paint on her tits became wet paint on your dick I want to know yeah if I want to know it's a double standard

► 00:25:52

is a double standard nobody wants to see your dick painted up that's why yeah especially if it's like American flag or something yeah I don't want to see you entered Syria it is weird there are weird double standards but it's also people don't want to open their mouths because they don't want first of all they don't want anybody to think that that you know like why do women get to do this or not what do you complain in poor guy you know you don't want to hear that but it's also when men complain about the double standard in like like marriage like what you said as far as it being a gamble it's a terrible gamble for a wealthy man it's terrible because like it's essentially a financial agreement it's not a love agreement will know you're asking the government permission to be with a girl and if you decide that you don't want to be with them now you have to go ask the government and then you have to get lawyers involved and it's this whole process that in in my eyes it makes both parties feel too well not both parties because usually you know it's kind of like a magnet like one is pushing a little bit further than the other and it's you know so there's one kind of like always chasing

► 00:26:52

whatever so for me it just makes the party that's a little bit less invested just feel trapped and when you're in a relationship and you feel trapped the first thing you want to do is run right so you got this one person you know that inevitably ends up feeling trapped and the other person you know kind of gets lazy or complacent and I feel like it just snowballs you know there's like a lot of momentum things right so if relationships just starts kind of going downhill and you're trapped in it because you're legally bound I just feel like it's just gonna get worse and worse and the girls going to stop giving the blowjob and the guys going to resent it and then maybe he cheats you don't mean it's like this whole cycle that just wouldn't happen if you were hanging out because you wanted to hang out because let's face it if you're if you're hanging out with a chick and you like her and she's cool and then she just decides to just completely let herself go and she turns into a fat ass and she just like stops want to have sex so you're just going to you know fuck other girls you're just not going to hang out with it right but if you're married to her you don't really have a choice I mean now you're kind of like you got to ask the government permission and you know this and that yeah you gotta get lawyers involved you live in the same

► 00:27:52

place you gotta takes forever you have to agree on terms and you have to pay for her lawyer yeah but how brutal is that like you're like literally like trapped in the same house as the person you know it's just like yeah you can get crazy it can get crazy and I've seen it crazy I'm sure you have to when people get divorced I mean it is one of the most stressful things a person go through in their life and when you're working you're working all day and if she's not working that's when it's really crazy I had a buddy was going through a divorce his wife never worked and he was working you know 10 12 hours a day just busting his ass constantly as own business and she would be fucking off and doing whatever she wanted during the day he had to pay for all that on top of paying for her lawyer and her lawyer was trying to fuck him so and then he had to pay for his lawyer to battle her lawyer and they all just drag the whole thing out took over a year and a half for him to get divorced so it was a year and a half is poor bastard just means free now but goddamn but try to get him married now he'll fucking shoot you in the face

► 00:28:52

give them bring up that word like he went through it I mean they have a term for it and gambling it's negative freeroll it's where you can basically only lose you have no upside you know like like friends is a negative free rollers like if I were to tell you hey you know if you can go bench press 300 pounds I'll give you $10,000 well I just can't win anything you know because if you can't do it then I don't get anything so it's kind of like in my eyes I just feel like as a situation where you can just lose its kind of like my buddy he got into a relationship and he just like dope in like super hardcore really fast and I just told him I said look like I just feel like you don't have a lot of upside by doing that because you know you can get hurt and if you just take it slow like worst-case scenario you know you just weren't quite as closed for a month but I said you know if it doesn't work out then now you invested you know all this time and this effort and it's like and I feel like because he went so hardcore for this girl it kind of like you know sometimes it makes them run away a little bit

► 00:29:52

because they know you know people you know they just by Nature want what they can't have right so if you just give it all to them immediately then it's kind of like the like look at this bitch yeah exactly the kind of like lose respect for you a little bit it can happen or it can be perfect you know I write relationships just have to be organic that's what it really has to be and as soon as you involve legal contracts it's not organic anymore exactly like once it once I feel like once it starts to be forced and anyway you know then well it's when there's no prenuptial to that's when things get really screwy you know when you find out how much people actually have to pay yeah I've talked about in my podcast before but I have another buddy who's paying his ex-wife for the rest of her life they were married for 12 years he has to pay her forever forever yeah she's got a new boyfriend he's married he's got kids now with another one of the most brutal part is when they when they get the boyfriend and now you're like supporting this dude to bang your wife not only that it dude lives in his house and every time they send a lawyer over to check the deck of the guy packs up his stuff it's like a joke he throws it in a U-Haul he drives around the corner wait

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the inspector to leave goes all the way around and brings a shit back it's fucking Insanity because you know he's got this ball or house in the Palisades he's living with this girl yeah and the only way she gets screwed up is if she marries his guy but this guy didn't have any money so she's never gonna marry this guy I mean she would she would have to bank on marrying this guy would be worth I think my buddy pays her somewhere around a half million dollars a year forever forever for life so they built they were married for 12 years they've been divorced for 15 so he's been paying her longer than they were married

► 00:31:26

just two swag is fucking jump off a bridge but that's you know like I said negative rule I just I don't see the upside right what's so rare that it works out the other way it's so rare that a woman has to pay a man and it's one of those things where it's it like men are being victimized left and right by this and when you talk to people about those I go you will you fucked up well you shouldn't done it well you should have got a prenup lie well okay maybe maybe you could say all those things yes maybe it was a mistake but it was obviously a mistake under the the whole spell of love and to have this be a financial entanglement that you can trap you in this I'm talking about my friend doesn't even have any kids he didn't have any kids with this lady so it's Insanity it's just it's just a robbery it's just a legalized robbery and I was having this conversation with a buddy of mine who is married he's like well you know I don't look at it that way I go look at it this way the the the business of divorce and it is a business whenever there's money involved in something there's a bunch of people to try to figure out how to

► 00:32:26

track that money the lawyer yeah the only money is in taking the money from the rich guy that's where the money comes from that's what the only way you get the money you don't get the money if the girl doesn't make much money and everybody wins if the rich guy gets fucked so if the if the legal battle for the divorce last two years as opposed to two minutes everybody gets paid yeah the both lawyers on both sides make a substantial amount of money the woman get substantial amount of money the guy gets fucking drain like a vampire and that's what happens predominantly yeah well she's usually the outcome of you know a lot of times when a rich guy gets involved in anything is yeah he gets drained and that's kind of goes back to my previous point of why I feel like women that are attracted to guys that are successful you know it makes sense because there's just so many people trying to take that motherfucker down you know like yeah when you're at the top of the hill like you know everybody wants to you know get up there and you know bring you down well it's just nature I mean it's just like a moose

► 00:33:26

no fucking giant set of antlers all the other moves like look at those antlers and I mean it's just it is it's a thing that exists in all different species no I mean there's no there's no denying that when a guy pulls up in a Rolls-Royce and he flies in his own private jet he does a bunch of things and nobody else can do that people just go and women automatically genetically get attracted to that guy for some strange reason there's you there you are buddy Ballin Ballin Out of Control how did you get all your money originally so that's another common misconception and I didn't really I didn't really talk about it or sanding about it just because it helped me out so much in poker but everybody just thought that I was You Know Rich trust fund idiot and then my parents gave me all my money so that actually allowed me to get into a lot of these poker games because they thought you were a fish yeah it's okay

► 00:34:26

good thing it's not just that but in poker of noticed that if a guy loses money to another guy and he knows that that money is going to help that other guy out or his quality of life is going to be improved by that money it really fucking irritates them like going yeah and I'm guilty of it too if I lose five million dollars to a billionaire it doesn't bother me nearly as much as if I lose maybe a couple hundred thousand to some guy that's like pretty broke and now he goes out and buys a new fucking car with my money and I'm just like this fucking guy you know if he'd like oh that's weird I don't know why and it's kind of counterintuitive you know but another thing about it is like if you lose money to a guy that has a bunch like you always think that you know there's a chance you could win it back to so there's that piece of it if you lose money to a guy that doesn't really have much and he goes out and spends it well like you're never getting it back again yeah that existing pool like a lot of guys don't want to gamble with guys only have one barrel ya gotta play a game of pool for a hundred bucks but he's only got a hundred bucks but they might have 10,000

► 00:35:26

Zack if you look at your upside it's like okay best-case scenario walk away from this of this guy's last hundred bucks which to meet some guys get off on that to me I don't really ever want to break a guy right but then you look at the the downswing of that is like okay I could like you know spend 10,000 trying to chase my initial hundred bucks that I lost so you have to take that there's just a lot of things in gambling that you've taken to account you know with the money management psychological things yeah so how did you make your money then playing poker you made it all playing poker yeah wow that is insane what did you do for a living before you play poker I mean I was in the military for four years and when I got out got honorable discharge and I you know I was getting some disability money from the VA just because I you know I got a lot of injuries when I was going through Buds and and and just a tad not even just injuries just all the medical checks they do they just document all the things that are wrong with you so you get a percentage for all those things what kind of shit was wrong with you fuck I mean I first time I went in I had

► 00:36:26

a lateral stress fractures so I was you know I went into buds broken legs and so I was you know eating a bunch of motor and it burned a hole my stomach at acid reflux they end up getting so bad they're actually going to kick me out of the Navy for gone through buds with broken legs first I went in yeah nobody knew that yeah actually I Alexis or well no I got medically dropped the first so I mean it's kind of a long story but I'll try and give you the cliff notes so I went to boot camp and the furthest I've ever ran was like two miles and it was straight out of high school because I got thrown in jail my senior high school so I didn't graduate again GD and your kids you don't need a degree yeah let's learn how to play poker yeah well we'll get to that so and I'm joining the military go to go through boot camp and a school as you know is trying to ramp up some like fuck I'm going to Seal training I gotta you know you gotta start running so I started running I got an overuse injury turn into stress fracture they basically put me on a medical hold and my detailer said look

► 00:37:26

stay on this medical hold to your legs are healed and then I'm going to send you to a ship for two years and then you can apply or else you can get cleared and go straight to Seal training so I was like okay got cleared when you seal training they drop me the first day I had to request talk to the captain and finally the captain's like okay you know I'll let you I'll let you try because I basically said look just give me a shot I'm already here like let me just train what's the worst that can happen I'm not going to die can you know break the leg worse so said if I make it through hell week just giving medical role he's like yeah sure kid go ahead so the guy let me train does actually first bet I made my doctor who is like a Vietnam seal he's like he was so fucking pissed that the seat CEO allowed me to train so he's like I'll bet you a hundred bucks you don't make it through hell week There's a hundred bucks or 20 bucks or forget which but I bet the guy and I won the fucking money and three weeks after I was just I mean I could barely walk you know so I end up getting rolled and they kicked me out and so I went to my ship and the ship was like the the cap and the

► 00:38:25

want to take me out to see even though it's supposed to be on crutches so it's like this motherfucker so after after going through like the hardest thing and then getting dropped now I'm on a boat and I'm supposed to be like healing up and this guy wants to take me out at Sea so I go to Okinawa and I requested to going to see my wisdom teeth and then when I was there I was like hey you know check my legs like okay we'll do a nuclear bone scan so when I was supposed to go on from they said you know come back in two hours so I went for a two-hour run an inn just like my fucking not even like my fatigues it was like a work uniform it was like a button-down shirt I were to our run took a shower came back and I looked at my legs and I like your legs are fucking destroyed like I can't believe you can walk I'm like yeah these motherfuckers you know and so they're going to kick me out of the Navy so it's like thousandth allows you to get medically discharged from the Navy and it took them so long that actually requested to go back

► 00:39:25

and I just I'll never forget because I went in to talk to the CEO of my is like a limited Duty security detail or whatever and he goes let me get this straight he goes you're about to be medically retired from the military he goes for broken legs and you want me to request your approval request for you to go to Seal training because how fucking stupid are you and I was just like and I didn't really know what to say I was I sir you know this is that is just like he's like get the fuck out of my office and I was like thinking about it I was like well fuck like I you know I'm like he'll have been doing steroids I feel great but fucking work it out like well it's been like eight months right like I feel like I can go do this again so I end up pulling some strings and and basically I just had to get cleared and then I had to pray that I got sent to buds because if not I'd go to a ship and then I had to accept it was just like it would be the biggest disaster of all time so that was one of the my biggest Gamble's was doing that I'd like a you know Free Ride for the rest of my life

► 00:40:25

for medically retired like you know I'm a disabled veteran like you know all this great shit and I kind of gave it up to go back and yeah I went into his office and he goes he goes he goes you might be the stupidest motherfucker I've ever seen he goes because he goes you just better hope that you don't end up back at this command because it's because you're going to be cleaning fucking toilets until you get discharged and yeah so that was so how would they have discharged how they have paid you for life from broken legs I mean don't the legs heal up and then you're okay that's the thing is like it just it had been basically since it was documented because when I got out of boot camp in high school I had them and I had them all through Bud's where is it broken by lateral tibial stress fractures so my tibias and then all that's the big one right the fibula is a smaller one the shin yes he is those in The Shins I don't remember which but I think it was the bigger one

► 00:41:25

um and then so all through Buds and then you know on the boat so it was basically like you know I had a broken leg for like a year and a half or year and seven is the saying it was basically like they're like okay well this guy's legs are just never going to fucking he'll write like that was kind of like the military's take on it was like okay well he's been on limited Duty like this and that like his like should have healed by now and they just aren't so what are we going to do with them so why wasn't it healing I'm still confused well because I went through Seal training that kind of fucked up fucked them up for a little bit and then you know I was on the boat and I wasn't allowed to use crutches and then I think obviously the final straw was probably me fucking going on a two-hour run did you do that on purpose fuck yeah I did it on purpose yeah well what was the goal of fighting to get the fuck off the ship is like this you know this cat was such a dickhead it's like bra I went through all this fucking painting and I mean like I went through you know SEAL training it's like let my legs you you fucking cocksucker like the guy like

► 00:42:25

me like stand watches on the bus is like kind of like it's basically like a fuck you to him so you crushed your own legs to get off the boat and then try to get into SEAL training yeah well took him so long you know it took me so long to process me out of the military that they had healed and so I was like well fuck wow that's hilarious so just from those broken legs you could have been set up where you got a pension for our yeah and not only that but like if you're like a disabled veteran you get like a year eligible for like a lot of shit you know if you're like medically retired it's kind of like you know you went in the military and try to you know be in there forever and like you just got injured you know I mean so they like make a lot of you know allowances for people like that like I think they give you like your first loan your house for free there's like a whole bunch of shit huh yeah I remember because I looked into it when I gave it all up so then what happens then so well then I went back into buds or she'll training or whatever and I

► 00:43:25

I made it two days before graduation and I got rolled all the way back to the beginning and then I did the whole fucking thing again and why'd you get rolled all the way back to the beginning so when I went through the second time I kind of had the attitude of just like fuck I've already done this shit and I just you know also I don't know I mean I was just in great shape and I just I wasn't worried about anything so my attitude was like okay well worst case scenario I'm just going to get beat and I don't really care so I just would I just figured if I passed everything and I like performed well and I didn't quit like they couldn't kick me out so I kind of didn't really like Kiss Ass or anything I was just like whatever like you know and if I fucked up it's like okay I'll get beat like you know I was like pretty hard dude I've been trained for you know like two years I'd already been through hell week and now I'm like doing it without broken legs you know like Joan through vote with broken legs now I'm like heal them like fuck you know like nothing can be bad now so it's like worse the worst can happen

► 00:44:25

hypothermia I'm gonna have to do some push-ups like whatever and so I just didn't really have a good attitude and I wasn't too worried about like the other guys in the class because I figured you know would lose most I mean start off with 239 guys and we came through hell week with like 34 my first class we started with a hundred and nineteen and we came through 17 so you're like you're going to lose most of these guys I don't really I don't know I mean I wasn't much of a team player I just want to graduate you know so so but had they kick you back then well I thought I got one safety violation for the instructor gave the wrong order we're on the Range and were facing down range and he gave an about-face and drop so half the class just did with words with you know we did the about-face we drop it now we're like pointing down range right so half the class got a safety violation for that and then the second one was we were doing I ads like these live-fire drills and half

► 00:45:25

classes behind the berm the other half was doing it and then we switch and I was behind the berm and my off my own firm it's like a big mound of dirt okay and my the officer in charge of my class he didn't really like me so you had me on watch every single night and he put me on the middle watch so out on the island you get six hours of sleep max if you like fall asleep when you get off and then you wake up the second and you don't clean anymore you get six hours so he put me on a on a watch in the middle so I got maybe like an hour in the beginning and then I did wake up for two hours of the watch and then maybe if I could go back to bed I'd get like an hour maybe two hours of sleep so I was running on real low sleep and so I was behind the berm and I just you know I fell asleep wasn't a big deal most guys did but my boat crew leader didn't wake me up she didn't like me so now I'm technically sleeping during a live-fire drills they did a class muster and I'm fucking sleeping as so the guns are going off and you're sleeping yeah well I mean other guys did cheer yeah we're just like

► 00:46:25

we're sitting there because it's you know it's like 40 minutes or something they're doing their shit and we're just laying there we're not doing it we're not supposed to be involved or you know we're just they could only have half the class in the range so half is a sitting there and then the other half is doing it and fuck man like I mean do during hell week I fell asleep standing up you know so it's like yeah you get tired enough you fall asleep like no matter what so so you came out of that so yes I got rolled all the way back so basically they you know put me in front of the thing and and and they're like well you got to safety violations whatever and I was just like you know I was like well I didn't really even explain I didn't even really like at the time you're like so brainwashed at these guys are like Gods you don't even really want to argue with them because their instructors it's like you can't even like have a conversation with these guys because they ask you a question like your answers are like whoo yeah like you don't even say yes or no it's just like a so you know so you're so like condition did not like argue that I didn't really like defend what happened you know because if I wanted to like walk in there and like defended like exactly like look like

► 00:47:25

I have to go out you know just giving the explanation but I didn't what real real not like argue with these instructors because you're just like so brainwashed anyways so I basically told him I said look you know I don't care I'll go do the whole fucking thing again and the like oh yeah that's like yeah I was like I'll do the whole fucking course again so they rolled me all the way back did the whole fucking thing again and and this instructor that didn't like me he just eat couldn't even find excuses the third time he just admin drop me I didn't know that was a good thing I didn't know you could get admin drop but yeah I just got out of made it all the way through any admin dropped you haven't thanked he stalks your Instagram page right now I don't know but I think he remembers you I probably probably yeah I mean he's probably heard of me now I mean this is you know Casteel communities definitely you know it's love or hate with me like you know the guys that know me usually you know have good things to say and the guys who don't usually all talk shit but so your you get out and then what happens so I get out a different for years got out and

► 00:48:25

I went to college when do you have and did four years there and my brother is like the military to it did for years yeah pay my dues I prison yeah I mean knows it was fun I had a great time in college my brother taught me how to play poker like the first years I was getting all this money from the VA the GI bill and I got Grant I was eligible for everything right so that's where you learn how to play poker yeah my brother shot me and then I was planning colleges playing like some online stuff I had a couple fraternity brothers that were really into it and they taught me a little bit and there's some home games and yeah that's that's how I store I went broke my sophomore year so I was just like it was a it was a wild ride I just sell some guns I went and played on a gambling boat for like a week and turned like this I sold three guns for 750 bucks played on this gambling boat for a week turned in 10,000 went to Vegas and then turn that into a hundred eighty seven thousand

► 00:49:25

Elijah after playing for three weeks straight never forget it wow so that was the launching point a hundred eighty seven thousand at the Bellagio three weeks the Bellagio created Dan Bilzerian essentially yeah yeah well they started it so there you go and you just become this crazy baller poker player character well I mean it was it was a slow rise you know I mean it wasn't how long did it take I mean you know that was that was that was 2005 you know and I actually I mean I got really lucky I came into poker at a time when nobody really knew how to play this fucking guy Chris Moneymaker you know he turned 25 dollars into like a two or three million dollar win and he wasn't even that great so it's like the new Gold Rush like everybody want to play poker rounders had just come out yeah that's what it was yeah and what can movie I remember that that was that you know celebrity started playing and it was just like it was one of those things were and there wasn't really any like training tools like the game hadn't been

► 00:50:25

called like even the pros weren't that good back then so really yeah I mean there wasn't it was just kind of like I mean back in the day like the Old Pros the way they won they just cheat it you know really yeah I mean there was a cheat oh fuck I mean there's Mark cards there's you know cold backs there's a million ways to achieve never played poker I mean I might have played once in high school or something like that I've never played my friend Ari Ari shaffir he when he was struggling in Hollywood when he's a stand-up comedian and when he wasn't was just starting out he would make his money playing poker go to poker tournaments and he made way more money playing poker than he ever did doing stand-up yeah actually I mean I'll tell you the story of how I dropped out of college guy piss program again no worries man once said we're right here so I drank a bunch of water I just want to point out Dan Bilzerian and I wear the same pants both wearing camo pants I think he deserves it more than me though he went to hell week I've just hidden from animals three times yeah but my parents are they're fake I mean

► 00:51:25

as bottom on Amazon they're not like they're not like real camo either something cool you or first light or anything what a fucking character though huh that's crazy shit right like a lot of people hate on that dude ever I've met him a couple of times and it's one of the reasons why I wanted to do this one he seems like a super nice guy but every time I've talked to people about them those are folk they're good folk duck fuck that guy hey there's lots of cheese be course of course I mean he's like all I mean the fact he's not paying those girls that I find that suspicious do you find it suspicious we don't I really I mean why there then because they can get their option to do don't have jobs they're hot probably loans the money

► 00:52:11

at least some cash around could be the manager they're getting good gigs out of it you know I'm sure they're getting good gigs out of it I mean look what the fuck's that guys named Corey Feldman he's got Feldman's Angels or whatever the fuck that is right Hugh Hefner had those chefs have 60 yeah like shelf for a while well the he had to pay those girls we're talking about Hefner they're all play maybe she was that was that was sad to me that was more sad to me was that the Hefner thing like I could see chicks wanna bang you handsome guy thick beard built you know military man got a lot of guns that makes sense the hefter thing was always like I was poor girls that I've daughters and I would I would think about some poor girl banging Hugh Hefner I'm just gonna hit us not just him it's kind of like all these fashion guys fashion guys yeah like I mean this is you know Paul Marciano I mean he bangs every chick this and gasps you know I don't

► 00:53:11

yeah okay yes I mean it's kind of nice they set it up right like I mean my whole thing is kind of like life set up right so you like set up your life to where you don't really have to work for what you want you know right so you know pussy for instance like if you set it up correctly like I mean if you buy a big brand or a modeling agency or whatever it is and you're providing these girls with a career like for instance let's use Hugh Hefner so if you become a playmate you're guaranteed $25,000 you now you're I mean this is back in the day right right this is like you know ten years ago and Playboy was you know hot or you know 20 whatever what's so now they're getting $1,000 for appearance before they were getting you know whatever but now they won't you know you can't even show up for less than a grand so you're guaranteed more money there now you have a title as far as modeling like you're just going to book higher and jobs there's you know there's the the Playboy events so it's kind of like you know it's like you fucked this guy you become

► 00:54:11

I'm Aidan now you like have a career I get it it makes sense and I mean it makes sense but they're the factor that's missing is the fact that you were talking about before like you're not really in the fucking girls aren't into you you know well that's completely out of the dents out of the question yeah we're a skeleton you all yeah when you're asked out yeah but I mean when you're a skeleton like what are you gonna do your ball and you just take Molly and fucking throw down those viagra's and get the party started gives a shit throw that money out you can't spend it when you're dead yeah you're right what up 70 I'm probably going to be less picky you know so oh yeah for sure but I mean like I said it's yeah I mean it's you go for a hot 50 year old but you know who knows some of those girls might be into it because he's you know he's iconic and you know like a celebrity thing celebrity is another crazy thing I mean I've set it to my buddy I'm like money maybe brings five or ten X girls like you know if you use it and I'm gonna talk about using it in the sense of just paying them saying like

► 00:55:11

up your life to where I give a nice life and there's cool shit gone parties whatever and then the fame I think I think it's like a hundred X I think it's like a hundred times well for you it's very interesting because you're a guy that just come into this just a few years ago four years ago you know so you were already a man in his 30s and all this happened and then boom you become famous so you've got a good perspective on it you know I think for people looking at on the outside like I don't think any of us could understand what it'd be like to be Drake you know I've heard that Drake has the it has parties at his house I know Duty lives near Drake and he complains about the fucking parties and the I guess parties are so crazy that the neighbor complains or Drake bought his house drinks like fuck it I'll just buy your house man yeah he has girls they meet at one place and they get in a bus and then the bus comes to Drake's house yeah now I mean he's he's got it yeah he's definitely has it on the

► 00:56:11

level these jumper bowling for Super Bowl on you know me I'm fucking saddle down a married I got kids I got daughters to dude I see all this stuff I have to watch from afar and go wow look at this action with all this craziness happening look at this Wildlife just had a completely different kind of life but to to be a guy like you it's very interesting because not only are your famous you're famous in a like a really confusing way you're famous just for being a baller like a hundred percent like that's kind of crazy then write a book not in any movies you don't sing any songs you know telling jokes you're just bawling out of control you're Ballin so hard that you become famous you way more famous than me I mean what did you say you have how many Instagram followers you got what is it 1999 the total like 35 one yeah I've 1.5 on Instagram I have to one on Twitter I've been on TV for 20 fucking years yeah it's funny man it's

► 00:57:11

interesting kind of Fame it's very different kind of Fame yeah I mean I just remember I remember when it kind of hit me because I was in can and I was over there and this you know this is this is France me they don't speak English a lot of displays and I mean I think was I fucked 16 girls and 12 days and I remember because I fucked a girl without talking to her and that was when I knew I've made yeah cause she didn't speak English and there and I also like I just kind of like wanted to like just see if I could do it you know I just like wanted to see if I could actually have sex with a girl without speaking to her at all it was kind of awkward because like there's times when I wanted to say something or like there was a question asked or whatever like you know or is like in the middle of sex like normal like I'll say you talk dirty what's up but like I made a point to be a fucking mute right and I actually like pull it off and I was like wow like this shit is real you know and I know and and and the time that

► 00:58:11

I really saw it as a sorry let me it was it was I mean I was in cannabis before the no-talking thing I was at some restaurant and rot Ron perlman's manager came over to me and he's from an actor yeah yeah she intends of Anarchy yeah he'll warn ya okay this is real shit you know he's like a real dude yeah so he come over and he's telling me about this new movie that he wants to do and there's like a there's a dad and there's a son or grandfather sun and dad and they're all you know they're all in the military different Wars and he was you know talking about maybe playing the Sun and we're having you know I was interested in it because I've done a little bit of acting up until then and so I was like you know kind of trying to you know check it out and I remember it was like every 30 seconds or minute somebody come up and ask me for a picture and after like the 20th person somebody came up and was like oh Ron like you know you know love a picture with you and I'll never forget it I'll never forget of the rest of my life he said

► 00:59:11

he goes oh you want a picture of me like who the fuck am I you sure you don't want a picture of this guy and he was kidding but I was just like I was like wow like this is so fucking crazy now here's a guy that's like you know a super successful actor he's been in like you know big like TV series and like all these people are asking to take a picture with me and I was just like wow like this is so fucked like but it was real I was just like wow this is like a real thing this isn't just like you know numbers on the internet this is like I'm in a foreign country and I got all these fucking people coming up you know like I was I was kind of like I was dumbfounded have you ever read that Thoreau quote most men live lives of quiet desperation yeah actually quoted that on one of my pictures it's great quote the mass of men or something along the lines of them the mass of men lead lives of quiet yeah something along those lines that quote fucking died love that quote that's got a lot of great ones he's a brilliant brilliant guy but that quote is if one of the reasons why I think your Instagram and everything so

► 01:00:11

popular is because there's a lot of people out there that are stuck in cubicles or they're stuck in jobs that they don't want to be there they don't want to be doing what they're doing and looking at the resources there it's so small they're tired all the time they get done from work they don't have any energy to do anything else they're saddled down with some relationship is probably not optimal to getting yelled at their fucking it's not going well it's not going what was not a lot of joy and then they go on your Instagram your fucking jet skiing and late Mead and it's all the you know shooting guns and your underwear that's like it's so it looks so fun you know and yeah I mean I try and be authentic you know another one of his quotes you know rather than love rather than Fame rather than money give me truth hmm and I like that you have all those though look you got it all yeah truth you got Fame without troubles the rare one you know that's where one of my life well it is it is rare because it's difficult to pull off because most people are not really comfortable with who they are so instead of you know instead of fixing that it just kind of pretend

► 01:01:11

now and like look that's what politics is that's what a business is when you put that fucking stupid tie on and you got those slippery shoes with the tassels on them you know pretending that you really talk like that you know you're talking about dividends and making them well they we can make this work and let's touch base on Monday and way great to talk to you in like shut the fuck up it's all political correctness the fucking you know pleasantries that just the bullshit mmm you know that's what I wanted to just kind of get rid of what I had a conversation with someone about you know people that have a lot of money and Ballers and someone goes oh that's seems like such an empty life I don't know if we were talking about you specifically but you're like a perfect example of it I'm like What's Next what but he's defending you I'm like what's empty about it looks like he's having fun like what's so great about showing up to an insurance company every day and putting in your work like I yeah look it's very admirable to provide for your family it's very admirable to put in hard work when you don't want to and get it done

► 01:02:11

there's nothing wrong with figure out a way to not do that either you know just because you got stuck in some sort of a weird situation where you have to fucking grind it out at some lumber yard every day doesn't mean that a guy like you who's just got some crazy life that he's living where he figured out a way to make a bunch of money gambling poker playing card games like that's not it's not necessarily a bad thing like I look at all your shit I don't see any victims I don't see anything wrong I see you having a bunch of fun and I see a bunch of girls that are laughing they seem to be having a bunch of fun you're flying in Italy you doing all this crazy shit I don't see anything wrong but yet people get mad and people hate and when I have conversations with people like what is shallow about all these experiences like what is what is so awful yeah me and a lot of girls have really benefited you know I've like Bill some careers like you know Lindsay Palace when I started dating her she had a hundred thousand followers she bumped up the 1.6 million and three weeks and now this chicks making for

► 01:03:11

are they year posting pictures on Instagram and Snapchat I mean just just just think about that for a second like she's making four times as much as a doctor or a lawyer when they get out of college and and forget about all their debt that they have you know let's just say they come out of college with no debt she still making five times more money than them at four years younger it's Inkwell also the amount of fucking time they have to spend if you're a doctor yeah or a lawyer not just going through medical school not just going to your residency but working constantly working and she's got to post a couple pictures yeah sit on a couch post a few pictures here sucker fingers Mighty like your ass up in the air high heels whoo beautiful world the world of social media is a fascinating world man because like speaking for me personally as a comedian before social media I used to have to do so much work I used to have to get up early in the morning and do radio shows before gigs they used to have to do morning TV you have to do interviews with

► 01:04:11

I do an interview with some newspaper reporter that guy did not want to fucking talk to me and give a shit about me and I try to have fun with it and maybe he would try to have fun with it but for the most part it was nonsense you don't do any of that anymore social media access yes it's just pure you know access and it's it's actually fucked it up honestly for a lot of these girls now because they don't want to go to the clubs like they don't need to go to parties to meet celebrities anymore they could just DM them like and then you have all these You Know Rich guys that are just having their you know their pussy coordinator you know message all these are ordinator who has a court has a pussy coordinator crazy bro you have no idea like now these girls are getting booked out there getting paid you know $5,000 $10,000 to just go on a vacation some of them don't even have to sleep with any of the guys I mean it's just like that seems like you'd never get anything done yeah me and from these girls point of view you can't really blame me it's like fuck if I was one of these girls and I could travel the world on a private jet and do all this other you know

► 01:05:11

crazy shit for free and it's a I mean I wouldn't blame him at all I don't know as long as you know long as nothing awful is happening yeah I just know this guy we should calm wild man buddy - to work at a strip club he was a DJ to strip club and there's a guy there that apparently invented bell-bottoms this is a crazy story and he had lung cancer smoke cigarettes like packs and packs a day and no emphysema and his doctor was telling them listen man you are going to fucking die if you don't stop smoking cigarettes you're going to fucking die and he's like I'm just addicted to smoking it was like smoke joints he's like they've shown in studies that smoking marijuana is not nearly as bad for you and actually might act as an expectorant I might help clean your lungs out even though it sounds contrary to logical thinking just give it a try so this guy starts smoking weed like he would smoke cigarettes you should just roll in joint smoking he would smoke like 1520 joints a day and he would when he pull up to the strip club he would give these guys like

► 01:06:11

roaches because it's roaches were like half done cause he would smoke him like it was smoke cigarettes the guy changes is entirely gets so high and he's so high all the time he's like I don't want to do any of these things and I'm doing anymore he goes just want to do I want to play guitar and I want to bang checks and that's all that's what I decide to do he realizes he's like 60 years old and he's worth some shit ton of money and this was like right around when Viagra was invented so this guy goes on a rampage and he's but he's mean he's like really nasty and he did what he would call Mad Dog and his chicks so he'd bring them back to his house and he would say nasty shit to him and hit him and piss on them and all kinds of crazy shit apparently I don't know the full details of it but his house was for sale he had this ball baller house in the Hollywood Hills and for a while I was thinking because I go to The Comedy Store all the time I'm like man maybe I should buy this fucking house it's like close to The Comedy Store but I'm like God it's like this five million dollar house it's right on the street it's right there like you could you like the side

► 01:07:11

walk and then here's his door but you just touches door and like someone's gonna fucking break into this guy's house and so the realtor is like no listen there's a state-of-the-art security system in this place it's got all these cameras I go yeah you know what that cameras going to get it's going to get a picture of a dude with a ski mask robbing your fucking house like do you understand that like what is it what is it camera going to do like how's it going two weeks after I said that to dude got shot in the neck in the fucking house wow he brought he's to bring the hookers to his house he's to bring him to his house and he brought one to his house and she brought her boyfriend and he shot him in the neck wow yeah there's a lot of setup stuff like that yeah yeah but so these see that's a bad guy that was a guy doing bad shit I don't see anything wrong with anything you're doing I see I see happiness I look at your Instagram I see a bunch of people laughing I like the music you're playing you're playing good songs that I would listen to it looks like a fucking party nothing wrong here people yeah he's relaxed yeah I mean I'm just you know doing

► 01:08:11

some wish fulfillment now do you have like do you have a like a plan chart it out for this existence are you just winging it hmm well I got this app coming out where it's going to be kind of similar to like what Worldstar does where you can you know users can upload you know they're badass videos right so anything kind of like you know similar to the stuff that I post or you know fights or whatever crazy cool videos that they want they can post on there and you know I'll just share the best ones on my you know Facebook or Instagram whatever so there you know if they post cool shit on there they're guaranteed to get you know if you want to shine yeah and that's why they post on Worldstar you know it's because they want you know people to see it so I'm you know I'm going to do that I got this fantasy betting app that I got it's you know it's like similar to the Draft Kings of the fantasy sports stuff I don't know just you know Ben

► 01:09:11

some moron you know doing some stuff like that I've kind of just done everything I wanted to do you know in this you know as far as like the partying and behind shit you know yeah so well that's why I was asking them like well how much more can you do you know yeah I mean I've checked most the boxes man so now I kind of just want to you know give people a platform to how much money have you made playing poker

► 01:09:36

I don't know I mean if you had a guess in the neighborhood

► 01:09:42

I mean I know I mean you know I just know the big figures I mean I you know beat one guy 54 million I mean I won ten and a half and another night I'll be another guy for 10 and then you know I don't know what the total is on the you know other cash games but you know I don't know you know made a lot but do you have enough stashed away Weird Al's yeah I was just in you know six month or a year period you know so it's like you know I don't know did you take a chunk and put it away and say okay this is my break glass in case of Apocalypse fund okay I've bought some gold and you know and I got a and I own my stuff I owe my plan and my house and my car is and I mean I cash in the bank I'm doing all right yeah but I mean this like first of all that's crazy right it's crazy that you went from being a Navy SEAL to being a college student who's learning to play cards well you know preparing or trying to attempt to be a Navy SEAL going to college learn how to play

► 01:10:42

it's to a guy who's got his own fucking jet I've got mean in all from gambling mean that's that's that's bizarre in and of itself but do you ever think like there's a time where I'm not gonna want to do this anymore yeah I mean I'm you know I'm kind of at the point like I said where I've done most of the stuff that I wanted to do so now I'm just I'm kind of winging it I've been doing more active stuff I've been doing like some wake surfing and which went out to Lake Powell and you know Winter's coming up from doing some snowboarding trip snowmobile and she's so just more fun yeah just having fun but doing like more actors stuff let's party and itself the girls around but yeah I mean I got the I did a cartoon it's I'm about to release that we did you have two heart attacks and like one night or something that's actually one of the cartoon episode what the fuck happened how did you have to Hard Times you know what the cartoon you have a cartoon I do watch it yeah through the cartoon out how do we how do I get to it

► 01:11:41

tell Jamie can tear drop it yeah I'm sure you drop it in Jamie or do you have it on your phone is that what it is yeah come on you got it on my phone oh can you tear drop it to you Jamie does that work I can tear drop it but I could are play it if you got an Apple TV yeah we have an Apple TV but we can't play it online be us watching it in here we could be weird or anything I can't I can't put it on that you can but I don't have that that's not yeah system here it's not built into this display let me see we fix that we make that happen or is that we can in the future yeah okay but we need a different set up for something yeah I need some extra inputs yeah let's do that another time okay it's we'll do it another time you're gonna call my guy and see if I can get you a link I'm gonna give me give me one yeah good call your guy Dan Bilzerian would be right back ladies and gentlemen he's going to call his guy not to be confused with his pussy coordinator he doesn't have one of those

► 01:12:35

working you looking for a pussy coordinator I know some dudes

► 01:12:40

what crazy life

► 01:12:43

bizarre right I just

► 01:12:46

you know a people people will tell you Ah that's going to get tired we guess what so is being married to a lot of people not to me Jamie so is working in a regular job that's got to be tired too I love the fact that this is a real thing that all the sudden because of social media some guy can gather up 50 fucking million followers also be cotton I don't know how to word this right but like you know people start calling the Michael Jordan you be the Michael Jordan of this because you're the greatest of whatever he's starting to become people are calling so and so the Dan Bilzerian of X oh yeah well that becomes so there's that that Italian guy yeah yeah Giovanna vacci the old that old guy is my age isn't that sad goddamn old bro sad every now and then I wake up and I got some new pain and I just think is this pain like forever is this going to heal I heard of this hip thing

► 01:13:46

going on lately and it's not bad like I did kick boxing today and no problem no pain while I'm working out but every now and then it like irritates me and instead of it like when I was young if I had something to irritated me I would say some fucking nothing I'll get over that but that's also why I developed a bunch of chronic injuries from Jiu-Jitsu because I would go and train even though I had something fucked up it's also because Jesus is really fun but I don't think like that anymore man now I think is this like broken like is this am I going to need a hip replacement like I know guys that are my age that if fucking I know guys younger than me that I've had hip replacements I start thinking like is this shit broken forever you got your guy I talked to him he's telling me I can't I can't show it can't show he's told the fuck is that guy you got a guy that tells you what to do now we have your team dude I'm available I work for free a pretty much farther

► 01:14:46

team two I don't listen to them either

► 01:14:50

nobody should listen to teams yeah I know I mean I obviously don't know shit about poker I don't know nothing about your business I'm not a gambler but I can advise you fire the whole to fire everybody keep doing exactly what you're doing listen to me dude I'm telling you I'm right I've no experience in your business I'm totally unqualified but I will give you some Sound Advice yeah you know that Italian guy that people keep comparing to you the guy who dances around a lot I'll see you know yeah if some health issue what's going on really didn't know I thought so but I don't know so those last I'd heard oh I didn't hear that yeah what's his name Javon vacci or something like that why I became aware of him because there's a hilarious video of him and his girlfriend dancing oh yes great really good guys right fucking great a fuck yeah but this thing here's the thing that everybody's like I saw this thing like something about sugar daddy and like she's young and hot he's got gray hair that motherfucker's my age like that's how old I am doing 49 the end is near

► 01:15:50

the end is near Jamie there he is yeah no let's do some great right yeah well it's just the hair I mean if he had black hair he would look and look younger right oh for sure I mean he just has premium I have a buddy - 30 s here's almost all white he's just some some dudes are premature hair and he's got a banging girlfriend he's got one you say you can't call him the Dan Bilzerian of Italy he's obviously a baller he's living good you know balling he's got one girl yeah I mean I'm sure he's happy he looks very happy she looks very happy everybody looks happy I think he's doing a lot of stuff for Instagram she's posted a lot trying to get on that Dan Bilzerian level I think he's like that with levels you at 5 million how many okay but look at these jump he's dead twice as many posts as I've done in the last five years and he's done it and I think like six months yeah very quickly so he's posting a lot well not only that his shit became really popular

► 01:16:50

recently yeah I want to say when I became aware of them we only had 2 million followers but like if you look at this stuff though it kind of looks like you know it's like a lot of photo shoots right exactly how it looks like a lot of stage yeah well look I found a goat yeah look it's me with a goat yeah yeah he's got a lot of money look at that come on suck that doesn't just accidentally happen right yeah you don't just accidentally get photographed on a horse with no shirt on wipe and with prison tattoos what's with all the prison tattoos got like a bunch of writing on his chest yeah was that all say do we noticed a to say there must be like a website dedicated to his chest tattoos look he's there with pitbull look there he is come on he's so happy now I mean it looks like it looks like a cool cat does I don't like what he's doing his beard though that little thing that he puts at the bottom of his beard he twisted up and puts like a little rubber band around it get the fuck out of here I will pull that thing off see you sir I'm gonna grab that thing that's goddamn handle I don't understand that

► 01:17:50

he's a he's a fun cat though his videos are really fun now it get the fucking guy can dance like my hat's off to him home and pull that see if you can find that one video of him with the girl the first one they did on the boat that got them really famous I want to say that was only four or five months ago and I really can't answer this in the last like five months he's really like he's gone hard like that but but there's some stuff I mean it's like he set up a dinner table I saw a picture he set up a dinner table underwater where he could like pretend like he was eating underwater and then he did like a whole like a whole skit where he's like underwater doing all this I'm like fuck man that must have taken you like fucking fall day too late yeah he's wearing a suit well he's going a different approach yes Ted of the baller approach like shooting guns in his underwear what he's doing is he's got like this one beautiful girlfriend they just have a good time all over the world it seems I mean it's a different approach but here's the not

► 01:18:50

like that I think that I understand like this that's it now that's awesome I mean this motherfucker can dance now you can he can fuck customer hug and he looks like he's having a good time now Hunter isn't that but that that that that that's cool to me they're like the other stuff is like it seems like a lot of efforts put into it is not not quite but that that's dope I mean yeah she seems cool but dance looks like he's having fun of me like this and if you got that kind of money why wouldn't you be dancing yeah should be dancing that's awesome should be partying your fucking and he is just I don't understand this tattoos I'm confused about the ankle one what's going on down there maybe it's like his ex-wife's name like fuck you bitch fucking that coveted is in good shape though yeah yes fuck you know he's in very good shape 49 year old that's my age God damn it I'm fucking 49 man it's just the end is near I don't know you're in the right time time frame I'll tell you what it is they got the stem cells they got the 8:30 Yang of it all of the above so yeah man stem cells fix my fucking shoulder well people

► 01:19:50

now about on this podcast is that was that Regina kind of resistance I have a gentle hand on my shoulder to didn't help that much I had some pretty significant tearing SLAP tear I had a tear of the labrum tear the biceps tendon and the tear of the rotator cuff oh wow I did the rotator cuff I've basically I couldn't even lift my arm like three inches I did the Regina kind and then three weeks later I was boxing like well rajendra Jenna kind did wonders for my back it just wasn't enough for my shoulder but again I'm an idiot I don't give it enough time off but well I was I mean I literally from like this three weeks later I was boxing mmm like yeah that's it is appraised gressive right I mean and I bother all the doctors will many to surgery the same thing to me now that I've had that said to me twice I need surgery on my neck and I've heard I need surgery on my shoulder I avoided both of them and I do everything now yeah but one of the things about shoulder injuries that I found from Steve Maxwell he's a pretty famous strength and conditioning coach that's been on this

► 01:20:49

cast a bunch of times is hanging hanging from chin-up bars it's so important to do it's so good for your shoulders to straighten out your shoulders are going to say bad other fuck is there not a lot of that so no it's really good for you there's a whole video about it with his doctor who was a shoulder surgery doctor stop doing shoulder surgery on most of his patients and started them on this this hanging therapy because when you have see most human human beings essentially were primates and most primates swing from trees I mean that is what they do they grab ahold of things they swing and it stretches out your arm and you develop impingements from Gravity from a lack of use or from too much use or overuse and this guy has you hang from a chin-up bar just just holding on and hanging and it stretches out your shoulder and it alleviates pain in a giant percentage of people that have shoulder injuries and I urge anybody who's listening to this that

► 01:21:49

and he sort of shoulder weirdness or some shit that fucks with them to just try this I know it sounds crazy like how the fuck is hanging by your shoulders going to help you at this is one doctor the this is not the doctor that invented the procedure but he basically explains it really well there's a bunch of them what did you Google so people can shoulder pain hanging from bar and there's a lot of things to start popping up as yeah there's a gang of it but it's super effective it's super effective for a lot of people I mean if you have like significant tearing where you're going to need surgery of a failure of your joint or something like that you know that's one thing but for a lot of people this offers them a great deal of relief and it really helps me I do it every day it's one of the first things I do in the morning I hang and then I do scapular raises for archery you know so I hang I'll do like two minutes of hanging and then once I've done two minutes then I just I can track my scapula and I hold that in place for as long as I can so it's like my hands are giving out my forearms are given out and then I force my scapula to care

► 01:22:49

all the weight and she and you make it a daily routine just make it this is what I do I brush my teeth I do that I just have to do it so I'm forcing myself I have zero pain zero point of my shoulders but the stem cells was a big factor so now are you getting the infusion or you getting the like how are you getting it like I see here yeah well they what they do is they take it from a woman a young woman who's had a cesarean section when they give birth through cesarean section they take the placenta and then they use that for stem cells and that apparently is the most powerful version of stem cell therapy there's a bunch of different kind of the using this country that a lot of people like a lot of people like it when they take your fat out they take your fat out and convert that stem cells nobody did that but Daniel Cormier they went into his hip the God is marrow yeah I got paid that's what I did I got the 19 year old bone marrow from someone else oh okay Daniel Cormier they went into his own hip and pulled it out but I've heard great results from a lot of different versions of stem cells but I know

► 01:23:49

me personally when they shot the stuff from placenta know my shoulder it was like within a couple of weeks it was better than it had been in a year and then a few months after that I was like no pain but it's amazing how quick is healed and it also did a lot of shoulder exercises with rubber bands and stuff a lot of different things that I concentrate on I do all the time now to strengthen up the area and keep it tight did you but you haven't done the the IV so you did that I've done that twice now Bas Rutten did that he told me that it was like he was he was like the power was coming out of my hands I bro it's pretty crazy I mean I basically the it was weird though the first time I did it it seemed like I had a lot more profound effect on the second but the first time so I went down to Mexico because you can't do it in the u.s. so I went down there I got like 90 million of the 19 year old bone marrow that have been oxygen deprived whatever and then they inject it in you

► 01:24:49

the next day I went to get some dental work done I got a root canal whatever it was but they injected 25 vials of like lidocaine or novocaine whatever it is and they said that my body was just cycling through like instantaneously right side all this dental work done the next day I was completely healed from all the dental work which is pretty crazy why it's yeah and they said they've never given anybody that much lidocaine ever even you know and and they're like you know the guy asked me if I do Coke and I'm like no like I haven't done that since I was 25 he said yeah he's like normally like nobody can you know needs this much unless they have some kind of a thing and I'm like actually normally really drug sensitive I also found that because I do HRT and I found that when I did the shots like I it was like a lots of people listen it's hormone replacement therapy yeah and and so basically

► 01:25:39

I found that it just cycled all these drugs faster through my system so I'd get a stronger effect but then it would be out and then I went to the gym they said you're not such as work out for three days or whatever when the gym I think it was like four or five days later and I was like 20 I think 20% stronger and I mean I've been training for 20-something years of than everything so to get like 20 percent strength increases just fucking crazy dude I'm going to Mexico it was so not a Mexico where you go exactly I undressed Tijuana he wants to get over yeah no I thought it was like it was like sicario I had like the Armored Cars I like made them give me a machine gun I was like yeah I had like a machine gun what you wanted your own machine yeah just in case shit goes down you don't want these guys to get shot for a place like the firewall West man you know at least I'm going out I don't have a gun you know Tijuana seems to me like yeah it's the wild west but they don't want to fuck it up because there's the money's made all three tours

► 01:26:39

them like somebody gets gunned down or kidnap nobody wants to go to Tijuana so you rarely hear about anything going down in Tijuana except those drug murders yeah that was just the last ones with those beheadings which were that was like a decade pretty gnarly shit I mean II just know that they didn't want me to fly my plane down there I did anyways but they're like yeah you should probably Charter and you know she probably Drive why don't you drive not that long I don't know last time I would I mean I hadn't been down there since the military but she seemed like a border crossing going back just took forever so Nightmare and now they want you to pass I mean I don't know just back in the day it was easy we used to walk across license yeah yeah driver yeah so when did they make it a passport things Canada to right yeah I yeah it will Canada's been like that but Mexico I think used to not be like or maybe Canada used to be no you're right you're right you're actually used to go fishing trip with it yes oh I don't know I don't know how long ago it was but they definitely

► 01:27:39

definitely changed a lot since you know dude I want to get these injections you should say no reason I just want I did it for no reason it's like fuck it how come you only did it once and I did twice he did twice yeah but the second time I just fell I just left I actually went like sir from burning man down there and I only got 70 and I just I don't know I did a fast before and I kind of like and I got I kind of got sick and then I took some antibiotics they say you're not supposed to take antibiotics I don't know I maybe I fucked it up I'm not really sure but I just remember the first time was a distinctly like super strong effect yeah well I believe Bas Rutten went to South America I think do you remember where he said he went Jamie Peru did you say Peru yeah my buddy doesn't Cancun I know they were doing it and the Germany yeah I think just will door there you know it's all it's just basically anywhere that's not the u.s. I think yeah

► 01:28:39

well we got fucked during the Bush Administration when they did these sweeping ban on stem cells because the religious right and they wanted to act but only to play God and you know what wasn't just that it's like they were concerned stem cells were connected to fetal tissue and there was this whole idea that people going to get abortions on purpose just to get the fetal tissue and cell the something yeah and they probably would I mean someone probably worship probably wouldn't be a lot of people but it be enough that it would be an issue with some folks so because of that all these European countries especially Germany got way ahead of the curve when it comes to stem cell research and applications in the medical industry and what we're seeing now you know we're you obviously know Regina King was invented in Germany that's how I found out about it for you make it wrong for doing it and on his knee like I think it was 20 years ago some crazy ideas you know Mickey Rourke I've met him twice Thomas settle down I calm down dude hey you seem like looked at is that seem like a good guy yeah just calm down

► 01:29:39

is whatever you're doing don't do that anymore just just relax what a fucking actor though the wrestler was like one of my favorite movies I thought that's what Papa Greenwich Village man let me go back to some as old shit Angel Heart yes a bad motherfucker I mean it's good I just the rest of just seems so authentic I don't know it just yeah just like that movie what was perfect for him at the time too because he was an older guy and you know and he was kind of fucked up his own look the part yeah just like yeah he was perfect for it he's a fucking amazing actor and people forget that because he's kind of a freak now but if you if you go back to his earlier stuff and you see like how good he was and Diner you know I mean he's a fucking he was amazing it was amazing but yeah whatever he's doing don't do that anymore

► 01:30:28

but I know Peyton Manning went down there to Germany and so now let me ask you is that is that stuff band in professional sports reg would Jenna key no no no not that not the healing stuff I'm talking about just like stem cell infusions no no not yet oh wow but could be soon I don't know how you I mean I don't know if you could test for that I mean it's like you cuz the think what I've been told is you cannot tell the difference between regular like a stem cell from you or some stuff for me or whatever if it's been scrubbed and thin your system I mean it's like a they said to me a stem cells stem cell but well I pay very close attention to the latest cutting-edge research for doping because the UFC and because I'm friends with Jeff novitzky who's the guy who busted Lance Armstrong who's of course the guy who works for the UFC now and he and I talk all the time and it's really fucking interesting how these people who are trying to get ahead or like way they're way ahead of the people that are trying to detect it so

► 01:31:28

now they're developing testosterone from animals which is interesting because you're seeing people that are taking testosterone it's exoticness testosterone but used to be that they were getting it from Wild yams so what they would do they do carbon isotope tests and they would be able to detect that the testosterone inside of your body's not from a biological son from an animal the testosterone is actually coming from a yam is a Mexican wild yams really interesting well but now they're figure out a way to extract it from animals at least theoretically so none of its Keys Nowitzki says it like it hasn't been proven yet but they're pretty sure so what they're doing now is they're taking people's piss and blood and then they freeze it and they hold onto it for eight years so the idea is that eight years from now they're going to find out like new detection methods and they're using those the Olympics now which is why to Russian Olympic gold medalist in wrestling got their medals taken away from 2008 oh yeah and they haven't even gone a 2012 yet so there's

► 01:32:28

2016 I mean there's there's these guys are going to get fucked over for sure but you know Russia has extensive state-sponsored anti-doping agency yeah well they also are pretty big Advocates I mean they were the ones that started oh yeah back in the pound string into yeah well they started but also what's interesting is the scientist that were involved in the program they all got whacked they're killing these motherfuckers left and right it's all the people that know when one guy blew the whistle one of the Russian anti-doping guys blew the whistle apparently they just started ice in these motherfuckers see if you pull that up Jamie like how many Russian anti-doping scientists have been murdered they don't fuck around over there man as they don't fuck around and like and and for what I've heard like Putin's like really into the sports to so he's like oh yeah Jenna fighting loves fade or Fedor Emelianenko yeah whatever happened that guy motherfucker time motherfucker time got him you know

► 01:33:28

Jesus got them got super into Jesus oh really yeah he changed his body changed I don't know it's indicative of his training methods I've never really had much of a body out of it's always well you look like a guy that yeah some say it's so strange to me when you see guys like him or especially guys like country Nelson and this guy trapped like I just don't understand how you can train all the time and look like it's not like so crazy to be right like I know specially Roy right yeah that's him saying a big country yeah it's like over why he wears it like a bag Badge of Courage to I think Roy if he just if Roy got super disciplined and lost a ton of weight he would be fighting in a hundred eighty-five pounds and he would be knocking motherfucker to the Moon it Invincible with that claw Catch Em that this guy's been getting crack he's like the big guys can't knock him out how the fuck a little guys rally unfortunately his chin started to fail him in recent years I mean a couple in Mark hunt knocked him out yeah well that's just kind of like time right but I'm just saying like you know genetically the guy was like blessed with like you know

► 01:34:28

freak his chin of all time crazy right so I was like I just but I just I never understood how you could train that much because I mean obviously it's genetics but I just remember you know when I was in the military like going through and I would eat like pizzas Audi but ER I mean I was trying to like gain facts of so fucking cold in this water rights couldn't do it yeah you know the granted we would probably training more hours but like fuck I don't know I mean a lot of these you know UFC guys that I know they train six hours a day and it's just yeah I don't know what Roy eats but it's not good whatever it is it's most likely a lot of carbs most likely he's just taking in a lot of sugar a lot of carbs and his body doesn't know what to do with it and it just you must have a slow metabolizer just could be I don't know I'm he's certainly trains hard he's got endurance I mean Roy doesn't gas out I mean he gets tired like everybody else does but it's not like a fatigue issue yeah no it's what's crazy is I knew Roy way back in the day and Roy was known as being a really good Grappler he was a Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor I knew him before he ever did MMA

► 01:35:28

and when he did MMA my thought was oh well you're gonna see some high-level grappling from this guy's guys like a stud on the mat nope just starting bomb ever see on the ground yeah hardly ever well the one time we really see his Jiu-Jitsu was in the Andrei Arlovski fight when he's fighting the lead XC took Arlovski down had been side control but Ali did not lead XC was they were really corrupt and they had this weird thing where if you on the ground for more than 15 seconds it's danyoung so he's on the ground inside control with a double list double wrist lock going for a Kimura on Arlovski and they stand them up and he went up getting stopped by Arlovski but that was but that was that you know they were making Kimbo Slice their poster boy and they were it was like Gary Shaw was promoting and he was a boxing guy and he had his own idea about how to promote it and they weren't MMA friendly it was just they wanted excitement they didn't really want to promote like in a pure sense of the sport you know so it was the whole thing was kind of fucked but I remember I saw Kim boas and of Miami and I saw

► 01:36:28

his fights or whatever and they had like some alternate Galley coming off the couch and this guy to knock them out like Seth pressure Zone and seconds yeah so crazy that was a bad fight they should have never taken that fight Seth petrucelli's very good and when I saw that I had known that kimbos has a tough guy he was a really good guy too unfortunately he passed away recently kind of fucked up because he had a bad heart and he was scheduled for another fight today ever figure out what it was it was just hard it's hard to handle heart defect you know mean I don't know if it was genetic I don't know if it's something that happened along the way I don't know but he was a really good guy like pretty much universally loved really good guy story so crazy I heard the guy like basically almost like walk onto the football team yeah yes that's yeah living on the streets like yeah I mean just a tough tough guy knew how to punch and you know would when I found out about them I found out about him like everybody else did to these YouTube videos did you ever see when he fought Sean Gannon

► 01:37:27

again was a cop oh yes yeah the white guy right yeah tall tall big white guy see if you find that in Sean Gannon versus Kimbo Slice they had a dojo War yeah and he was a cop in Massachusetts and he got in trouble for beating up Kimbo and like he got suspended I think from the police force there there he is right there it was a crazy fight man yes had this one this brawl in the middle of this Dojo I think Kenny Florian was there and people were posted this was a mixed martial arts.com which is the greatest Martial Arts website on the internet back in the day we all watch this shit live I don't remember if we had to pay for it with streaming on some website or something like that guys are banging it out I like they're not remember this I definitely remember being like fuck this guy can fucking throw some punches oh yeah well the first time we got tested right yeah this is walked Shawn Cannon is a tough motherfucker I mean tough as hell long time

► 01:38:27

cop real martial artist had a bunch of pro fights and there was like all these like discrepancies about the rules because he's got him in a standing Guillotine and they're trying to break it up and there's all it get you gotta let go and all this different shit yeah so he lets go and then it winds up going to the ground like there was it was all stacked against Gannon yeah because you know they didn't want everyone to submit in every one of the legend to die right yeah and you know again it's got to hold this Guillotine he doesn't want to let it go and then Kimbo winds up getting them down on the ground so then Kimball's ground and pound them see you like this this is supposed to be illegal to you're not supposed people do this but Cannon had a fucking head like a fire hydrant and it just super game and great endurance and so Kimball's used to taking these guys out and he couldn't take Cannon out again and eventually beat him down and they had some crazy nonsense like a 30 count like when he goes down you count to 30 before you get back up I'm not kidding yeah beat it once he beat it once and then Gannon got them knocked him down again

► 01:39:27

but it like you can see Kimbo starting to get tired and that was the big thing but so he goes from this and then starts fighting in the lead XC and has some great fights man some really good fights that James Thompson five it was kind of controversial as well but I knew him as like a pretty tough I mean really tough but as far as like professional skill set you know he wasn't like at the elite level and so when he fought patricelli I was like oh my God he's gonna get fucked up like this is a terrible fight for him Petrucelli is like its world-class fighter yeah that happened real quick yeah now I remember I was yeah I was like front row but I think so tell me about your heart attacks if you can't show me the video Yeah so basically yeah I think 25 I was on a ski trip my fraternity brothers were in Park City Utah yeah Park City and we just been partying I met this chick in the lift line

► 01:40:27

the end up getting her number and went to the bar and I got like everybody shit-faced it was like 300 bucks right got the whole bar drunk we were you know we're having fun we go back to her house or banging till like 7:00 in the morning or 6:00 in the morning and then I get a call like I just showered I was like just started sleeping on my buddy's like hey it's the last fucking day like we're going like let's ride and I was like fuck it all right sure so I took a shot a drink some coffee that's got my shit on went out we broke up taboos yeah shot tequila Jesus Christ wow it's like fuck I mean you know what I mean if you don't if you keep drinking you don't get hung over right fuck it so went road all day and then that night I don't know I heard it was like a stomach flu or what but I was just like puking and I just like felt like shit and I just couldn't keep anything down I remember I paid like the hotel guy like a hundred bucks or even a bunch of Gator exact couldn't even like leave my room so next they go to the airport and I knew that if I got an idea I would feel

► 01:41:27

better because I've like had some you know you know when you get dehydrated that's usually like the root of most your problem so I just like end up buying an IV from this medic as the guys like well if I hook this up to you you know you're not gonna be able to fly and I was like dude like you know game bunch of bullshit I was gone you know fucking medic from the military and you know this and that and have you know qualified it either you know and it was kind of fucking sell me the bag get you know basically just gave it to me I hooked it up myself like on the plane and have done this before yeah we did it a couple times we were buds like if we went out drinking or whatever and we had to like train the next day this is a commercial flight or a private flight commercial yeah so a proper commercial flight you hook up an IV bag yeah in the bathroom like yeah before I got on there right so I go in the bathroom like hook this thing up you know yeah yeah you know you gotta wait like an hour rights and look what else we do is I fucking you know hook this thing up start feeling better go to Vegas how long did you let it drip in there for mme probably 20 minutes I was like you just locked the music in the bathroom and she had

► 01:42:27

like hooked it up and fucking hopefully bad the door hey dude I got to take a shit I know it's like no I'm pretty sure it was in the airport mean it's been like fucking 11 12 years but yeah it was I think it was a it wasn't a was on the plane it was it like in the El Corte thing okay like in the bedroom yeah and so you know I just you know and so I started sketching start yeah super sketchy I mean know if I use alcohol is such a scumbag yeah I yeah so I get to Vegas ummm like Phil over better I'm just like I'm such a sick I'd like one to go gamble right like I should have gone and like you know checked into oh yeah I did check into my room I should have gone to sleep no I like go gamble play poker all fucking night I'm like gambling you know poker stressful and this and that my buddy comes music hey like you know got these strippers like let's go to the strip club look at ecstasy and all this drugs and it's like Fox all right fine you know I was like winning a pogrom looks fine sure so I start getting fucked up go to the strip club and and I asked the you know and I asked the first chick

► 01:43:27

it came over Seagal like you want some lap dances I'm like no like I haven't slept in like two days like I just want to get my dick sucked I'll give you 500 bucks right suck my dick and she's like no like you know like I'll fuck you and I was like now like you know I was like I you know I don't really want to fuck you I just want you know to get the blow job and she slaps me like this because basically she's like offering to fuck me for free and I said no she's like all this is just slap me in the face right I got it I was like damp and I was like and then this and then the next year comes up and I like offer to the same thing I was like hey like I'll give you 500 bucks suck my dick I'm like I don't really want any lap dances she's like well so you know I'm down to hang out you know and you know I can get off

► 01:44:10

and I'm like fuck I'm just like wow this sounds like she's gonna want me to bang around like an old his slapped again I was just like okay like you know get your shit loading let's get out of here let's go after party so I talked to my buddy I'm like hey like I need to know I need a Viagra or some kind of Dick pill or something you know and I've never taken Viagra so I don't really know the dosing or whatever so he gives me the hundred milligram one which is like four fucking if you don't know anybody you know Viagra is for like geriatrics right Stig is this thing I take the whole thing I don't know like a minute goes by and I'm like the fucking thing isn't working but I got a little coked-up I think he did it seems like it's better now right guys like hasn't been enough time of give me the fucking to give me another pill and so no so he's like no you can't give me the fucking thing so it gives me another reason only take half he's like don't you know don't take this and so anyways I take another half

► 01:45:01

wait like five minutes you some more blow and I'm like Oh my dick's not hard I think the girls not even around like I have no like sexual stimulus is though even reason for my dick to be our driving it's like in my mind I'm like overthinking it which makes it worse right so like fuck it so I take the other half so now I'm like 200 milligrams into this fuck of agar which is like you know trouble the absolute Max from what you know have to do some guys have to get their dick drained right yeah we'll get to that so go back to my hotel I'm like fucking banging the shit out of this girl like you know I mean I got like veins coming out of my head I'm sweating profusely and I'm like doing but I'd fucked her for like maybe like 45 50 minute like it was not pleasurable at all this was like work right I'm just like and after like me and I think it was like 50 minutes I just like I just like quit I was just like I just you know I just knew there was just zero chance of me coming and I'd like punish this chick enough and I'm just like and I like didn't like I was tired I went in the bathroom took a cold shower my dick like wouldn't go

► 01:46:01

out like I and I'd like order some room service and of like tucking it up into my waist and because it's like there's this know going down for this fucking thing right eat the room service I think oh yeah then I actually end up taking a Valium went to sleep Banger again woke up went and ate some Mexican food I was like betting on the sports game and I started getting like this pain in my shoulder I don't really like know what it was is like it's kind of just felt like I like an ache so started as a push-ups that didn't really make it feel any better I was like stretching my arm out is like trying to sleep but I couldn't even look like on that side I'm just like what the fuck we heart attack never even entered into the realm of possibility of shit that could be wrong on me right let's fucking 25 I guess I shoulder pain like wow you know I had no idea about having to do a hard time so call my mom told you the family doctor on the phone she calls the stood up and I'm like getting my kind of short of breath so I'm like fuck so I just hang up the

► 01:47:00

and I find out

► 01:47:04

the hospital's like 10 minutes away so I'm like fuck it I'll just get a cab be faster I should have got an ambulance but I got a cab you know note to self always get an ambulance if you got any shit because I got the cab I was in the waiting room for like 50 minutes I pulled out like 10 grand out of my pocket I told the lady as I'll give you 10 grand let me talk to the fucking doctor like something's wrong I don't know what's wrong but I know something's wrong anyway she take the 10 grand fuck no the let me sit in the fucking waiting room and like 30 40 minutes go by finally gets seen by doctors and holy shit like you're having a full-blown heart attack all this stuff and give me the nitroglycerine and I call my dad and my mom was like you know Tommy well I'm like I'm thinking I'm fucking done right and because this has been going on for a while I'm like having a hard time breathing in I'm like in pain and so they give me the nitroglycerine right and I start feeling better they do a angiogram or whatever the check out the Hearth is so there's no damage parents come out the next day I have another one and I'm like and I tell the doctor I'm asleep and it

► 01:48:04

dr. Conrad Murray to by the way which is Michael Jackson dr. got his smoked him and the craziest I was your doctor yeah and the spookiest thing about the whole deal was my grandfather had the same doctor in the same motherfucking Hospital exactly one year prior and died so I'm just like you know this is not looking good for the home team this would be for eight killed Michael Jackson's asked to write some like you know fuck I'm just in the hospital so I call my dad I'm like I'm having another heart attack I tell the nurse and they're like no like your thing looks fine I call my dad I'm like there's something wrong with Dad like comes out of the hospital and sure enough like I'm having a second like minor heart attack him what the fuck so they do a bunch of tests to say my heart's fine and then they ask you for like the list so I gotta like give him a list of my ex-girlfriends they're my mom's they're my dad's there and I'm just like started off with like oh well you know the smoking the pot and he's like well you know like you better tell us like what you've been doing like it's important we need to figure out what's going on with you and I was like yeah and you know I did you know I did some

► 01:49:04

no ecstasy it's of cocaine and like my dad like looks over at me like what the fuck you know my dad's like super square and anyway so then and then I was like yeah I think I took some Viagra my girlfriend's like fucking riding now and he's like how much and like 200 milligrams like what is a Twitter booger I'm like I don't fucking know it's a guys see you know seem like what are you notice was taesuk that's like an insane amount like anyway so I I end up staying in the hospital for like four days actually fucked my girlfriend in the hospital with all these like cords and crazy shit geez yeah like smoked a joint in the hospital thing I fucked her like at a buddy of my bringing like wine coolers and Chinese food I think the worst patient of all time right and somehow like you know I'm some of the give me all these fucking pills I gotta take their telling me like I got to take these pills for the rest of my life the rest of your life that's what they said and I was just like after like three days like to fuck my girlfriend at the Chinese food I was like okay I'm like back to being invincible

► 01:50:04

again I could all the shit hole what is a heart attack exactly I've heard that it that phrase but what is the exact medical thing that's going on you know forgot us had to I should know I don't know I think it's just like basically when your heart's not getting enough oxygen or something I don't know it's not functioning properly yeah usually there's like yeah there's like a blocked artery there's like something and I think like Coke is a vasoconstrictor whatever so maybe like constricted my veins so there wasn't like a dozen the Viagra vasil died later so does shouldn't that bounce it out I think but I don't know you know what I mean I don't know I don't really know the science behind it but I know that like Coke and Viagra I don't think you're supposed to make some I don't know wow I mean I know I did a lot of both should have canceled out but I guess it didn't I guess my body was like so confused us going silly directions it's like fuck you to shut down I don't know wow yeah wow that's fucking terrifying

► 01:51:04

five years old and have a heart attack yeah it's pretty crazy right but your heart your heart obviously works great now mean you did that Vegas run yeah the crazy bike look like yeah which was fucking hilarious because you and I were talking about it and then Lance Armstrong gets hold me he says hey man I want to help them never got the text view you like it would you want last a coach I was like yeah fuck yeah what do you do the bear shit in the woods so I mean it was funny because he like came out and I was like you know expecting I was like okay like you know what kind of drugs do I need to do I'm like ready to get all doped up and he didn't really like want to talk about it either drug shit which is like kind of disappointing he didn't want to talk about the drug shit no no I was like I thought this guy would have like some like Miracle formula right I was like ready to get all hooked up but I actually have like a super high haematocrit count and he was actually the one that told me he's like I think sleep apnea makes it so that you have that you can have a really high red blood cell count so I actually have like the equivalent of like the guys that are doing the EPO and doping is released

► 01:52:04

Tapia I guess sleep apnea helps in some sort of way well because you're you're basically at night you're gasping for air gasping for air and you're lacking oxygen so it's kind of like goes back to the whole like sleeping an oxygen tent right so you know the reason you do that is because you don't have enough oxygen because you don't your body simulates your red blood cell you know count and so it because red blood cells are what transports oxygen so the less oxygen you have the more your body produces that well if it gets to a certain point then your blood kind of turns into fucking syrup right so this is amazing look at that surprising link between sleep apnea and red blood cell count according to sleep Review magazine elevated red blood cell count or a high hematocrit is an indicator of a lack of oxygen to person's body yeah that's amazing so sleep apnea can actually give you more endurance so weird well you know that the time the yeah the problem is you don't really recover so I actually I actually because of him actually end up getting a mouth guard which I think helped I have a really good one and I know I know a really good doctor I don't know if yours is the same as what I will talk about that later amount was like 50 bucks online surprise

► 01:53:04

probably not there's a guide yeah close to here it's it actually pushes down on your tongue because the issue is your well with a lot of guys fires out a lot mine was they put my job like it kind of moved my back jaw forward a little bit kind of like gives me an underbite so this was open the airway but I don't know that's not the best one yeah there's a better one than that for me it's a life-changer changed my fucking life you know it's guys are work out a lot in particular you develop big neck muscles and that can constrict the air hole and your tongue can fall back on that especially if you line your back like if I lie on my back dude I sound it sounds horrible yeah it sounds like choking and it's just terrific yeah I'm in the same boat yeah so so what did he have you do Lancer or rents oh so I mean I did it you know I did a good ride with him we did like some vehicle drafting which was actually like surprisingly really fucking hard because you have to stay close enough to the vehicle to where you're like in

► 01:54:04

draft but then if you get caught by a crosswind and plus if you're if you're drafting a vehicle you can't see like what's in the road and if you hit any shit in the road or there's a you know because it on my race I blew out a front Tyre doing like 30-something downhill and almost crash and I was like on the highway doing this too so I like you know they have those things that like wake you up when you're sleeping you know there's some people fucking with ya to try hitting that on a fucking bicycle with little skinny tires you in like 30 miles an hour like that shit too gnarly so it's like set me into the fucking highway and I'm getting passed by like tractor-trailers it like 70 80 90 miles an hour which if you think about if you're in a car and it likes weighs 5,000 pounds and it can pull a car imagine what it does to a guy on a bike that weighs 200 pounds plus fucking you know 10 by we didn't explain the BET what was the BET oh so

► 01:54:51

it actually originally we're in a poker game and it's got Bill Perkins he he you know he just makes Crazy best all the times he's real rich guy and he likes to just fucking make people do crazy shit and it's kind of like you know it's the poker world to so the first bet was he bet my brother that he couldn't go three days without saying the word the I think it was about him like a hundred thousand of the like that and then I think he basically just want to shut my brother up what about her great do exist like fuck you so who worked well he had a buying out because he runs that my brother was just like such a stubborn asshole that he's the one I wasn't going to talk for three days he's like married with the kids he doesn't have to go out and get any pussy and like you probably just like sit home with his fucking miserable dogs and just like not talk or three days and just collect a hundred grand seem to bite out of that but that honor System right I mean yeah oh yeah all this honor System I mean that's the thing about the poor communities Like You Lie one fucking time or you don't pay that back and you just

► 01:55:51

done like wo fuck with you so you you know your word has to be good which is kind of like you know what am I things were you know irritates me like when people say that I'm not authentic because I take great pride in like you know being fucking a hundred percent honest about everything you know so and that's been like drilled in through 13 14 years of gamble that's a big one though if you're married because your wife be like listen it's me with me the BET doesn't count okay we have to save the you know know that he you know he my brother would have told him and so you know we were just discussing crazy shit because in the poker world of done crazy stuff like one guy bet another guy 5,000 wouldn't jump in the Shark Tank at Atlantis another guy bet that

► 01:56:34

fuck what was it I mean I bet fuck I bet 400,000 on the drag race and I haven't even raced a car before and then there was there's another there's been so many Crazy Ones I'm just trying to think of the Highlight Reel boy there was one really good one anyway so he and abetting I'll think I'll think of some other ones later but he and abetting he end up wanting to bet Rick Salomon then he couldn't ride from LA to Vegas or Vegas LA or whatever on a bicycle in 48 hours and Rick like called one of his buddies that has like set some Guinness Book of World Records things and asked him and the guys like look like it's not going to fucking happen but he can't do this and so Rick end up turning down the BET and it was just like really intriguing to me because I'm always up for physical tasks you know like during during you know how weak you stay up for its five and a half days with no sleep and you run a hundred

► 01:57:34

before miles like boats and telephone poles and you get hypothermia and you're doing all this like crazy shit you don't sleep for five days and you're just going the entire time right so I've like put myself through some likes and I did two of those right so I've put myself through some like real serious like physical tests and one of the things that you learn there is that your body's just capable of way more than what you think or anybody else thinks it's capable of doing but one other thing that you learn in gambling is that like there's certain things that sound like a good bet that just aren't just like like drinking a gallon of milk in an hour like that sounds pretty fucking easy right but like there's something with the lactose which like most people just physically can't do it without puking right because there's just like some weird thing but like who would who would guess that or like saltine crackers like you can't you don't I mean like there's like these weird little things that like sounds super easy but you just can't do yeah we think a gallon of milk would be totally doable yeah right but it's like it's a it's like a thing I mean I remember

► 01:58:34

like better fraternity brother in the end up puking like I bet him before his midterm and I remember in his midterm in a vomiting on a girl out of his class like projectile-vomited like a gallon of milk onto a girl in his midterm look pretty fucking brutal and I was like yeah we had some funny midterm stores I actually end up taking my vitamins one morning with I'd a thing of GHB and it looks just like water right oh no it's right up taken like a like a full swallow because I had all these horse pills I took like a full Swig and I was like holy fuck I was like I knew like as a guide about 20-30 minutes before I turn into a fucking wild animal right and so I just like got in my car and I drove right down I like call my buddy's like hey I was like I got to take this final was like I'm gonna be fucking lights out in 30 minutes you got to like come pick me up but I got to like finish as much as I can right so I go in there and I got like half way through the chest and I was just like he ended up like carrying me out you just black out yeah I was a fucking mess

► 01:59:34

as they call it it's a date rape drug I think that's Rohypnol but he's p as well they've used that on people too yeah you can well you had to be real fucking asshole to do that because if you mix GHB with alcohol you can kill somebody so know people have done it though yeah getting pretty hard up for pussy to like Risk killing a girl the fucker but I don't know have you ever seen speaking of the throwing up from drink it to milk too much milk did you ever see the Opie and Anthony sketch with the baby bird Jersey baby bird know what that is no maybe the most disgusting stunt that anyone's ever done on the radio they had an eggnog drinking contest okay and this dude he drank seventy two shots of eggnog Zoda was something like that but then projectile vomited and then we're trying to figure out what to do here before you play this pauses for a second because let me explain it he knew he was going to throw up so they had this in turn named Pat Duffy this interns fucking crazy and Dave from

► 02:00:31

from Moonachie know who's the other guy Pat Pat from Wanaque is the guy who throws up and and Pat Duffy is the guy who is laying down there and he we were trying to figure out what to do with the throw up like you said I'm gonna throw up and so this guy's is a day or like what was that he's an intern he's a fucking animal you're Crossing with him or he was just trying to prove he's a man do anything okay well fucking do anything for us just for the story just for the gag so we say okay here's the idea because you know I was hosting Fear Factor it's time I go here's here's the idea you lean your head over the edge of the over the edge of this garbage pail and he throws up in your mouth he's like I'll do it and we're like no fucking way and I think bilborough's one who named it he named it the baby bird and so just watch this because the sheer volume you're not even going to believe that this is really I'm a Caroline's all weekend long there's the plug so Pat had won this before

► 02:01:31

for I mean obviously it's a giant dude and he was on like number like 72 and this other kid Pat Duffy sitting there with his head leaning he's sitting in a chair leaning back with his head over this barrel and to this day I mean they've got tarps all over the ground who else was there Ari shaffir was there think red band was there this day maybe one of the best moments of my life just because it was so completely fucking ridiculous yeah so here it comes he's like here we go he takes one last Chuck and he's like I'm gonna throw up watch this oh my God you haven't seen nothing you haven't seen nothing he throws in his face

► 02:02:13

no look at all now it keeps going this is nothing when you think it's I think it's over it keeps going now watch you think it's over you think it's over like there's no way he has more no he's got way more inside of him look at this oh oh my God he's going up his fucking nose must keep watching keep watching he's not even done he's not even done how's it possible holy shit how is it possible oh my God that was like the chicken the midterm hang on hang on more my God and this is not fake I mean I was there and we were all that we all saw this life and I think he has one more inside of them I guess he gets one more off not he said that's it he's done

► 02:03:04

oh my God oh my God the greatest that's so fucking brutal hang on it said one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life we're gonna get back to this bike racing story ladies and gentlemen in the moment

► 02:03:18

ridiculous huh it's remembering I don't think it was on it might have been on one of the jackass movies or the TV show Bam's uncle is crazy uncle drink like 70 shots of peach schnapps 70 so that's right shall it was Bamm-Bamm are Gyarados yeah Don Vito the big guy yeah a 77 projectile vomiting all I think it was said as a lot it was way more than 20 oh my God you could die from that there's a woman in San Jose or Sacramento one of those places where she was doing a radio contest and there was like how much water can you drink and she died from drinking water like if you drink too much water you could die did this guy gets sick from this vomit stuff at all to the kid that know the kids bulletproof just doesn't get sick that guy ate cat shit he brushed his teeth with cat shit he also ate fruit loops in the puke like he took a bowl of Froot Loops and mixed it with the puke

► 02:04:18

and ate the Fruit Loops yeah there's people out there that are different than you and I Jamie

► 02:04:25

it's people that can do things that we can't do why I just I don't know just for the stories up to now I don't know what we're talking about a million I'm saying like we're talking about them so it's like it's one of those things like that's why he did it we're still talking about us' in a world pre-youtube really right I don't remember when it was it says 2008 but I don't think that's correct I feel like it was earlier than that I feel like it was like two thousand three or four or something like that I think it was a long time ago is insane right oh my God so I think that was the guy in college so similar to that so back to the bet

► 02:05:05

so what

► 02:05:10

so the bet is

► 02:05:13

that you can't ride a bike from LA to Vegas you have a starting point oh yeah so basically it was to is going to bet this guy and he looked into it and he's like nah that's like not possible and I was hanging out I was just like fuck I was like doing some research on it and I like looked it up and I like Google like you know how to prepare for a 300 mile bike ride in a month and like nothing came up it came up like how to prepare prepare for a hundred mile in like 3 months right so I'm just like that's not a good sign but I just like I don't know something about me just thought it was possible

► 02:05:50

feels like talking to bill is like trying to get more time and I talked to like somebody's that were cyclists like look they're like if you had time to like train for this like you could do it like but there's fucking no way like just off the couch you could do it and I'm like how long you know do I need they're like minimum three months so I'm talking a bill and I kind of like want the bet but I'm just like I don't know how much money I really want to risk and so he ended up saying that he would give me because it's because the initial bet was like you just had to go do it tomorrow right and I was like there's no fucking way like you know and then he's like he goes well I'll give you a month and I go give me it was like until X date and it was like little under six weeks I was like and I'll do it and he's like how much you want to bet I was like yeah I was like 600 Grand because I like I wanted to bet enough to where like I would do it but didn't want to bet too much wear it like I not only like fucking break my ass but like you know just lose a shitload so it's like 600 seem like owes a good number

► 02:06:48

who made the bat and I started doing some research so I go down to the bike shop and I'm like oh like I need a bike like I'm doing a triple Century ride and the guys like oh like how you know how much bike and I was a god like I haven't been on a bike like ever really I did some mountain biking like 19 years the guy just like like yeah that response you just like laughed at me I'm like no like really like I gotta do it I got like five weeks and he's just like you just like look at me like I was a complete fucking retard and I'm like no like I've got a bat like I'm gonna do it and then the guys like okay like what kind of bike do you want I'm like I don't know like your the bike shop looks like I did have no fucking idea right so you guys are like this race bike which is super fucking uncomfortable so I go out and I ride this thing and I wrote it like I don't know for like 45 minutes and my ass was just like fucking in so much pain and I'm like I am fucked like I think I made it like 11 miles and I was just like this

► 02:07:48

this is going to be really brutal and so I end up finding like a bike or like you could sit down a little bit more as a like a recumbent or whatever is look like a lowrider bicycle right okay so that'll like kind of Levy a little bit like the ass issue and it gave me like a slightly different like paddling position so I got that and then I felt a little bit better about the BET and then I talked to I'd like ridden a little bit but like nothing over like 20 or 30 miles and I was like you know kind of like going hard and then I talk to you and I talk to Lance and Lance legault if you use a fucking any other bike other than a road bike like I'm not fucking you know I can't have any to do this I'm like why I don't know because it's like a fucking I don't know if your wrist is yes she's a by car out of fucking know so I'm just like well listen buddy I'm betting big money on this I'm like I'm gonna do whatever the fuck I gotta do to fucking make it there on a bicycle right and so anyways then I

► 02:08:48

Rick Salomon Rick thought I was gonna die because like the route that I chose is like on the freeway and I didn't have a police escort at the time so he's like you know this guy's gonna be driving on the freeway at night like there's gonna be trucks past him like he's got a decent chance of dying so and he's like in the heart attack thing and I actually went to the hospital because I was like having some like shoulder pain again and it felt very similar to the last things like fuck so Rick is like you know he likes while you were training you were having shoulder pain yeah like after I had done like a long ride one of the nights like I like actually one of the hospitals that kind of worried and so Rick was like saying that and I was like well I was like let's bet that I'll bet you I don't die and I was like I'll give you odds it's like it's because for me I'm like well fuck I can't take it with me if I do die like fuck it you know like and and then it would like up the stakes for me without really like too much risk it sounds like this I was like I'll bet you whatever the fuck you want you know what I mean like I'll bet you my plane

► 02:09:48

and I was like I'll give you I think I was like ten to one or 21 I think I was like I gave him like fuck I think I initially offered him like 20 to 1 odds and then we settled it like I don't know it ended up being where he would he would lose 250,000 and I would give them like my plane passed my Pilot's for you he got my plane and then I'd pay the pilots for a year we like as all these had to die you had to die but if I didn't if I didn't complete the race then it was like a wash for me I'm just like fuck is like it could Rick didn't think I could do it period right so he didn't think there was a possibility that I could do it and then he thought there's a decent chance that it could that I could die so for him he thought he was kind of free rolling and for me I was free rolling because it's like if I die will okay I don't need the fucking planing and take me to hell right like I'm good so I made you know so I made the bet with him so and then I bet a little bit on the side with somebody else I basically had a million bucks on it when I finally end up doing it and I and I caught a police

► 02:10:48

kourt like through Vegas so so funny because I had like 11 squad cars like blocking off all the intersections and here comes this fucking dildo on a bicycle like riding right through it I'm like have all like you know you're expecting like a pool like you know presidential motorcade to come or like you know somebody like everything looking to see like what you know his fucking 11 squad cars blocking off every intersection and here's this this fucking asshole on a bicycle a lot of people there that you were gonna do it yeah they didn't know when you were gonna do it yeah he didn't announce when I didn't want to announce it because I didn't want people to fuck with me you know what I mean like I didn't want fans like come out you know or people that hated me or anything right I just like just wanted this is bad enough as it was I'd be on the fucking highway so end up leaving from Vegas and and I did it in about 32 hours was the whoa and what was the bet it was that as 48 Jesus Christ yeah so I just remembered it because there's like because he was giving me some

► 02:11:48

said about because I was allowed to draft but he was saying that the van that I had had the doors open like because you had to leave the doors open because it because I want to talk to my coach and they were like filming it and stuff so we had the doors open so he was like bitch and Rick was bitching about that which was kind of suited for Rick to bitch about because the that was like what made it the least safe of all was you know drafting off a car because you got to be like six inches from this car and you can't see like shit in the road so they have to slam on the brakes you're fucking in the car you're crashing like and if we had we had times when like there was a yeah there was a time when there's we're on a fucking one-lane road right and there was there was so there's one lane and we're on this land in their lingo in this way and we had a car come to pass us as another car was coming in Miss like our van by like inches and there were doing like 50 60 miles an hour like cross it if they were

► 02:12:48

crash like out of and dead for sure like it was fucking bad and so like shit got pretty gnarly some of the spots I blew out a tire doing like 30-something miles an hour downhill I mean it was like who's arrested all why are you doing this yeah I slept for like an hour or two maybe an hour and a half and then I like stopped to eat but it was mostly just just truck the whole way through and so you stayed on this like recumbent style bike the whole time no I did half of it on that and half on a road bike and then in the second half of it I didn't I just I did know drafting I just a road bike with no draft and how come no draft he was bitching about it and I just I was just like fuck it I don't need it like it was bitching about a while you were riding yeah you know some like having you there oh yeah he was following me so I'm having like arguments with them and I was just like it was helpful but it only helped on like

► 02:13:47

flap we like it so it doesn't help at all on the uphill right so no uphill it helps and on the downhill I didn't need it because you're going so fucking fast that like you don't really want to be going more than like 30 40 miles an hour and down Hills because like if you hit shit in the road like your and you crash like you're fucked you know I mean like if I crash I couldn't finish the thing so there's that and there's shit in the road I mean I'm on the look the side of a highway there's like tires and nails and you don't mean like so you don't really want to be going like and I couldn't go on the highway because I couldn't get the police escort for the actual Highway the CHP wouldn't do the highway portion of it so which which suck is that was like the most dangerous part so I was in the breakdown Lane instead of like actually being in like one of the land so there's just like there's just shit in the right down Lanes you know just like fucking nails and whatever and you doing it night yeah there was it was like pitch black sometimes we had fucking like high winds and it was gnarly cut down to like 34 degrees

► 02:14:47

at one point plus with the winds I mean I had a ski jacket off sucking what you thinking to yourself what the fuck am I doing yeah I mean I've had a lot of those moments in my life but I was more like thinking like I just didn't know if I could do it I just didn't know like physically because I just never done any biking I didn't know if but my legs were just gonna like not be able to go anymore I had no like real experience in it so I didn't that was my real concern was just like I didn't do mentally like I was just never going to quit I just didn't want to get injured or like just physically not be capable that was like my two concerns is a video of you doing this watch this look at this look at these two cars they that was that was one fucking Lane they just passed each other

► 02:15:34

yeah that was very close battle 38 hours now 32 32 hours so 48 hours is the bet you didn't 32 mmm how pissed was he when you one can actually trigger like Camp he didn't really give a shit that's pretty great it y'all on my he's a baller he is for sure what is this is this your house and out of my house yeah holding up my compel us over on the bike yeah it's pretty crazy right the Grinch the next day of the Green Fuck You said the most you one is 51 million that was the most of everybody 454 but not in one sitting that was over a course of eight nine months and that was just you going at it with this one dude order yeah and you guys playing one-on-one when you doing shit like that oh my God I remember

► 02:16:24

there's one point where I was sitting there it's a granola bar ladies and gentlemen yeah what the fuck is that sound and I checked my watch been a while so there was one point when at 18 million bucks in front of me we have me covered so if he said all in I had to make a decision for 18 million bucks oh my God he billionaire you can go fuck 18 million on a hand during one half over what's the most you've ever had on one hand

► 02:16:48

hmm let's see how

► 02:16:56

I think it was like

► 02:17:01

14 million 15 million bucks and obviously you had a build up this like what at any point in time while you're gambling these ridiculous sums of money I mean this is not that long since you were broke I mean this is like you going from college to you doing this you know we're only talking about a decade or so yeah that's fucking crazy well there is periods of time when bober I've played with like almost my entire net worth on the table

► 02:17:30

okay players do that kind of shit though don't they stressful that's crazy I've had my hair fall out before playing just cause you're freaking out she let stress man you know like Iggy I mean there's just so many things that go into it like you're you're not only thinking about like what that person has but like what do they like what do they think that you think that they have I mean the basic stuff is what do you think that they think that you have and then like the range of hands that they could have why you know why why would he be betting this why would he be calling here what type of hands could he have like what are the probabilities that he's bluffing like what is his mental state I mean like just trying to pick up on tells there's just so many things that go into it that you're so focused and it's so much money and any little mistake that you make is going to cost you millions of dollars so it's like that that is like a lot and you're playing for sometimes 16 17 hours like you're just like Delirious I remember one time

► 02:18:30

while you're playing do you take like provigil or Adderall or anything I took Adderall and it really fucked me up because I just like try to win every hand it may be like too aggressive and I just like just fucking playing crash in the mountain it was terrible oh so try that a couple times no good try weed and it fucking was terrible everything was bluffing a little paranoid so I you know know and then sometimes they're taking like Valium to so fucking relax you know because I'm just like strung out but then that makes you kind of not give a fuck and CG stupid shit it's yeah you just almost got to be sober but about beta blockers I never tried them I know we're trying to meet their but I was I was I saw this thing on concert performers like penis or it was actually some people who play in an orchestra they were talking about they took beta blockers and it made a massive impact as they were super nervous yeah for me and I always thought about I was like man that's I guess it just stops you from getting nervous I would be really curious to see what that feels like

► 02:19:30

yeah yeah no that'd be interesting I yeah I've definitely heard of that I think I think it's a big thing for actors and stuff like that with Stage Fright or whatever I'm sure I'm just don't know how long it lasts cause like I said I mean these are you know you're talking about 18 hours sessions and it's just like and also you don't want anything to fuck with your like mental acuity yeah so you study the game do you lead to like study strategy and read read poker books and I did I did you know I did back in the day but back in the day it wasn't quite as advanced now they have so much stuff online where you can basically watch these pros play yeah I'll give you an example back when I was playing I would play in college I played ten tables at a time and use online yeah and you would see about a hundred hands an hour and let's say I just played for a 10 hour session so you're playing 10 table simultaneously how do you do that you like 10 windows open up yeah wow yes you're going to click click click I'll be clean all of you and you've sometimes you have multiple monitors

► 02:20:30

set up and so basically in that period if you extrapolate that out that's you know you're seeing 10,000 hands right and that 10 hours of sessions because a hundred hands and an hour per table times you know right sometimes a times a hundred so if you plan a casino you're seeing about 20 hands an hour and you're obviously only playing one table so that translates to two hundred hands for that day so of one plus one day playing online I've seen ten thousand hands one plant one day playing live of seen 200 so you can imagine one day playing online I've seen more hands than a guy that's played in a casino for his entire life so just think about those you know numbers and so the thing is like when you're playing in a casino you yeah exactly this picture who's that dude Elke what's his name Elke lky that's this whole name was he like Oprah I don't know really he's I think it's a Swedish guy or

► 02:21:30

and so he's just he's got four giant monitors going on exactly like I mean these guys with saving more tables I got me yeah that guy's got 12 on each side yeah wow so that I mean this is what it's evolved to you know I was like one of the pioneers of this stuff in this guy fucking six monitors here yeah so when you can't do this in America anymore correct like it used to be yeah gamble online it's stopped I think of Black Friday was in 2000

► 02:21:58

nine was it that's fucked too why not I mean why not y-yeah it's total bullshit I mean it's a game of skill clearly I mean they allow the fantasy because it's a game of skill and yeah I just I think it's nonsense I don't really care because I wouldn't be playing online anymore cuz I can't compete with these kids they've just put too much time into the thing is now there's so much software that does so much for them like for instance it'll tell you how many hands each person plays preflop how many what percentage of the time they bet the Flop what percentage of the time they Bluff and they can just figure that out based on like how often they're going to have a hand and how often they Bluff so to actually give you their Bluff percentages on each Street on the Flop turn the river and it'll tell you like how many times they're just like calling bad like it'll just give you all these stats it's almost more turned into like a mathematical computer game whereas I like the more pure form of just like I'm looking the guy

► 02:22:58

fucking eye and you know just trying to figure out what he's got and you know you're you're also playing the player like when you're playing live like you know for me I can calculate how much money a guy has very fast I can figure out like his comfort level with bluffing I can figure out the type of guy he is whether or not he's aggressive whether or not he's the type of guy that when he's winning he's going to want to lock it up or the type of guy that whinnies whinnies you want to gamble more the type of guy that when he's losing his going to kind of play a lot more hands and try and you know get even or the type of guy that's going to just like try and wait for a big hand the type of guy that's going to be just calling as money chasing trying to get lucky that's kind of got us going to be pushing the action and betting a lot like there's just so many things that go into it that you know I like to just you know play live and I like to talk to people and I liked it you know have that human interaction there's a lot of these guys that are really good behind a computer but you put them in front of another guy can't look a man in the eye and just fucking you know Bluff you just like crumble you know so so online they can click that button and say all in and do these crazy Bluffs but you know they just

► 02:23:58

physically can't like push those chips in and keep a straight face on a table so you know there's something going on when you're when you're looking at them there's like there's a certain amount of reeks I like I said I've never played poker so there is a certain amount of intuition and Instinct yeah it definitely is it's not like in the movies where it's like oh like a pick up a towel on this guy and every time he Bluffs he Twitches or you don't even like like the that's a very rare thing it's more it's more just like understanding the person it's like you figure out what kind of job this guy does like how much money he makes a year like how much this money means to him how much he cares about the money how much he wants to gamble how much he's playing for fun how much he wants to win how some of these guys they did they actually want to lose their just like self-sabotage as you know they'll go in there and like some of them I'll see him and they'll want to lose because they'll want everybody at the table will like them and that's kind of like you know the path leasers is I've seen some really cool how do you detect that like how do you detect that a guy wants to lose he'll be you know he'll be just like

► 02:24:57

to be friends with everybody and he'll do shit to show off or to like you know make because I mean look at the end of the day like people want people to play Bad rightly you want to player to play like shit you want to play or to give his money away you want to play her to you know you know do crazy stuff so these guys will you know they'll put on a show for people that want to be the popular guy maybe they weren't cool in high school maybe they want people like them who knows what their reason is maybe they feel like they don't deserve the money I'll play with a lot of guys that you know some ended up in jail some of them were fraud some were cheat some of these guys you know they have a bunch of money and they feel like they don't deserve it subconsciously so they just want to give it away it's like a weird thing that's interesting and do you see a lot of guys who just lose everything

► 02:25:35

I've seen it before yeah I've seen guys go completely broke it's tough because in gambling you can just keep going up but you can't really go down it's like for instance if you go and you play Blackjack and you bet whatever arbitrary number five hundred dollars a hand right and you're playing 500 bucks a hand and you know your level of excitement when you win is at a seven and you keep playing and whatever and then now you go play a thousand bucks at hand even win a little bit or even losing or whatever and now if you try and go back to 500 or 250 it's just like it you know if you're losing it's just like it's a metal fuck because it's really hard to get even betting smaller and if you've been winning you don't really care about the small money right like you want to you know I'm saying it's like one of those things where like once you go up it's really hard to go the other direction so a lot of a lot of the problems that professional poker players have it's called bankroll management where they keep going up and up and up and then

► 02:26:35

when they start losing they are completely unable to drop down and steaks and then play good you know like if they lost let's say $100,000 is use round numbers at you know this game then for them to go to play a game that's half that size and try and win that hundred hundred thousand back it's going to take them twice as much time you know what I mean so it's kind of like one of those things where you know in the games have gotten bigger and bigger and bigger so somebody goes on a bad run like and pokers their profession it's not like you know that's that's another thing that people understand it's like you know people people are like oh you're winning like you should you should take the money and run it's like no like when you play poker for a living like it never ends like there is like yeah there may be session to session but like you're always going to be playing poker so it's like if that's a good spot you should just play until the game's over like even if you want it's not like Blackjack we should just lock up a win like in poker you just stay there and in fact the more you're winning the more other people are losing in the more other people are losing their

► 02:27:35

worse they're going to play so it's kind of like one of those things where you just you know it's just one long session it never ends you know how pissed two people get when they lose fuck tons of money if you ever had issues with that where people get violent or people get angry definitely angry and it's funny because and I'm a victim of this to like I've found some times I've gotten so far more angry at losing $20,000 than I have at losing $500,000 as strange as that may sound just because you know of the way I lost it or if I played shitty or if I lost it to a guy didn't like or it was just like I lost lost lost lost and just like a steady progression of losses or if I was up a ton of money and then it like let's say I was up a million dollars and ended up losing twenty thousand like I'd be fucking miserable even though I only lost 20 grand but let's say I was down a million dollars and I end up losing twenty thousand I'd be ecstatic now look at the end result

► 02:28:35

One Night II won 20 grand and I was miserable and the other night I lost 20 grand and I was happy right yeah because I started off up a million and then lost ended up being a 20,000 dollar winner like that seems like a million dollar loss to me because at one point in that game I was up a million bucks right right so mentally you know I kind of like in my mind I've lost a million dollars and then in the other game I was down a million and ended up only losing twenty thousand so I almost broke even so I'm like ecstatic you know what I'm saying so there's also something you were just talking about that I think is really interesting because it kind of parallels a martial arts and fighting in a lot of ways is that you don't want to lose to someone that you hate no yeah and that's a big factor in fighting that's why Conor McGregor does so well is it he fucks with your head so bad that the amount of pressure that's on you is so exacerbated when you actually get into the cage with them like even guys like Jose Aldo who's this seasoned world champion who never lost in the you have that hey

► 02:29:35

Connor just mind fuck them and he can punch I mean it's both things he's got skill and he's really good at handling pressure and he's the mindfuck master but you see it with guys when guys get in these emotional situations with Fighters and then you see when they fight with someone who respects them and they shake hands the weigh-ins and they could fight up to their full potential yeah like that that is a big factor I guess in poker as well yeah definitely I mean there's I've seen tons of times when somebody really hates another player and in fact like has just played far worse against that guy and given that guys so much money because they they like kept going after him you know they really wanted to Bluff them the like fuck this motherfucker I'm not gonna let this guy Bluff me and then they did we just like paying them off and paying them off and paying them off I actually found that in poker because there was times when I would befriend really bad players and then that player would not play hard against me you know because of that

► 02:30:35

it actually ended up like cost me a bunch of money and then there's other times when I would just like talk shit to a bad player and they would really come after me and then I'm just smoking them you know so it's kind of like it's tough because usually the bad players of the coolest guys because they're just like the rich guys that are having fun and they got a good attitude and this and that but sometimes you know like you got to fuck with him a little bit you know because otherwise you're not going to be able to gamble with them really you know so you want that like you want that kind of like

► 02:31:04

Optimal you want that competitive but semi friendly relationship because you don't want them to just totally hate you because then it's like fuck this motherfucker I'm not playing if he's there and then you're kind of like out of the game because he's the big sucker and you know he can call the shots well it just seems like such a psychological management thing with with poker players there's a lot man yeah it's a real it seems on the service like an easy thing to do no doesn't but I think for a lot of people they look at it they're just like oh he Gamble's for a living like he got lucky or he's just like good with numbers you know they've got break it down so simplistically they don't realize like how difficult it is but isn't it the case with everything I mean I've had people say that about NASCAR like oh they just turn left like now here man well that's cause I was out I think the closest comparison is with the stock bark like stockbroker stock market stuff you know because they're really gambling I mean yeah at the end of the day that that is kind of gambling and you know and they're going to have losses the the parallel there is that you can go into work you can fucking do a good

► 02:32:04

job bust your ass to everything right and then just get fucked because of bad luck that can't happen to a doctor really right you know what I'm saying like that can't happen with most professions like even in fighting like even the loser gets paid right you don't go into a fight and lose money if you lose right like poker and the stock market or some of the few things that like it's kind of hard to really have that good bankroll management because you can go into everything right bust your ass and work for an entire month and lose money but that is where the thrill lies to the Common Man the the average person that plays it safe and takes it easy and gets his 401k and doesn't doesn't do anything risky that's where the thrill lies and that lifestyle like the talking to you and hearing you talk about this shit that's where people that get in there palms are sweaty right now with a driving to work and they listen to this and thinking could I do that could I do that because I do that most people can those people cannot it's I mean it's yeah it's it's one of the hardest things I've done and I've done a lot of hard things

► 02:33:04

just because for me doing doing physically hard things actually isn't like as challenging as mentally tough things if that makes any sense because the physically stuffed the physically tough stuff you just kind of like fucking bite your tongue and grit and fucking take the pain and just power through like well that's got to be one of the benefits of going through buds twice yeah I mean yeah it puts it right back to us yeah I mean just you know you've been through way more of a hellacious physical test than most people could ever endure yeah I mean I think a lot of it comes down to you know a lot of people are like oh like you must be a super tough motherfucker and all this other shit and I think it comes down more to just like how bad you want it like in life like if you just want something so fucking bad like I just remembered like when I was doing the 50 meter underwater swim is really hard for me I've never been able to do it outside of you know SEAL training and the only two times I did it was

► 02:34:04

like how to do it I just remembered I was just like well I'm just gonna swim until I fucking reach the water blackout like there just wasn't another option like I was just like I just wasn't going to quit just because I want it so bad so that actually helps you remember there's one guy that went into Buds and he was he had like a million dollar business think it was because the guy that like own van Dutch or something maybe or some like affiliation with it and I just remember he went into buds after that I just remember he showed up and he had like a hot chick or two hot chicks in a sports car and everybody's a slight fuck just do the stud you know what I mean like it was like and then he like showed up above didn't up like quitting like straight away and I was like but it didn't surprise me because I'm like thinking you know if you know if I don't make it I'm going to ship and I'm be fucking miserable like I don't want that like this guy's thinking like if I quit I can go like fuck a bunch of girls and like Drive nice cars and I got money like you don't understand something for him it was like I actually think it's harder

► 02:35:04

you know like because you look at like you know what your alternatives are you know like like you know if you put a fucking guy up against the wall and he's got no choice then he's just going to like do what he's got to do like for instance if I told you you had to go crawl you know 50 miles or I'm going to fucking put a bullet in your head like you're probably going to go crawl that 50 miles but if I told you hey like I'm going to give you $500,000 you know if you can go crawl these 50 miles but you know you got money and you don't really need it you're probably not going to crawl 50-mile you know what I'm saying like it's kind of like one of those things it's just like the alternative is what determines the difficulty was that's a great scene An Officer and a Gentleman remember Richard Gere yeah we see I got nowhere else to yeah oh yeah maybe that yeah I do remember that and that's exactly it I got nowhere else to go yeah it's one of the thing I tell people when they think about fighting I say is it all you want to do is that is it your whole life does it is it absorb you does it do do you want that more than anything that you can imagine it's not like

► 02:36:04

fighting doesn't work out I'm going to be an author it because if that's that's the case and you want to do it for the experience that's cool but if you you actually think you're going to be a champion if you have all these other Escape Routes and it's not going to happen that's why I actually think it's harder for guys like Conor McGregor or guys like Mayweather because now they have money and they have that lifestyle and it's like that I actually thought Rhonda was going to get fucked up just because she likes you know she was going to Hollywood don't get me wrong she's tough she's fucking great whatever but you know she was like he's doing the movies and she's doing this and it's like I just I know that lifestyle and I know the addictiveness of the money and the fame and all that other stuff and now it's like these people that have been fucking you know living in a one-bedroom apartment are now introduced to all this money and all this Fame and people and it's just it's so distracting as opposed to the guy that's like you know fucking waking up every day and going to the gym and fucking busting his ass and just trying to make ends meet and that's all he's got and he's got no fucking nowhere else to go like you said you know and for that guy I feel like it's far easier to

► 02:37:04

stay the course for guy like Connor McGregor now he's got all this money in this and that you know he's you know he doesn't have to fight anymore like like I mean yeah he like if he wants to continue his lifestyle he does right now he's like up his expenses in His image and all this stuff and he's used to all this stuff now he has to like make X to maintain his current situation so he's got a little bit of pressure on him in that sense but he's not he's not struggling he's not hungry anymore you know I mean he's got the depends on who you are though I mean everybody has a different motivation some people it's not even like they changed the goal posts instead of becoming rich it's become the greatest of all time yeah it's like you look at all these other guys that are nipping at your heels and you decide no motherfuckers I am the man at the top of the mountain and I'm going to stay at the top of the mound as long as my body hangs in there yeah but again it's like that has to be something that you want to do and you could see the shift I see the shift in guys where they all the sudden they do it for money and they start doing it for a living you see that shift and it's an ugly shift because they just don't have the same

► 02:38:04

mm tenacity there's like I see it a lot in like NFL and stuff like that I'm sure you know this probably get tired of get your fucking bell rang to man you get tired a bang bang clashing heads with people and running into each other after a while that she gets tired you remember there's a big basketball player and he would play poker and it was funny because he would go on these Benders and you play for like 24 hours straight or sometimes I just remember we just always bet against him and he was like a big big like basketball player like he was like the star on the team or whatever and so we were just like always bet against like whatever team he was playing if he had been playing poker for 24 48 hours which is bet against the other team were right like almost every time like he just like always played like shit but he had this today yeah fuck yeah it's like mentally exhausting he's not sleeping you don't eat is just like it's just hard on your body your you screwed the cortisone or whatever cortisol levels and got to go up I mean it's just like yeah it's tough I mean it's a balancing act I think in anything in life but especially in Risky things

► 02:39:04

there is playing poker or fighting or anything along those lines something that's really difficult to do there's this weird Balancing Act and you have to achieve this this perfect balance of motivation reward intensity Focus discipline but still pleasure you can't be miserable forever like there's got to be a time where you have fun too it's hard I mean like I said I think it just comes down to like you just gotta want it you know you've got a fucking just want it really bad well there was some study recently that I was reading about whether we're talking about how you can't be happy all the time and you don't want to be happy all the time like literally you won't achieve the same levels of happiness all the time if you're not miserable like you don't ever hit those highs unless you hit those lows like you ever been around someone is manic ever date a chick is manic I know exactly what I'm out

► 02:39:56

the suite is never as sweet without the bitter and it's like and I found that actually have an interesting outlook on that because I bought pleasure for so long can't buy happiness you can buy pleasure though a lot of people say like oh money isn't happiness while money can buy a boat in the boat will make me fucking happy that kind of thing right so example I like to give is you know when I was 16 like my dream car was a Mustang Cobra right so if I got a Mustang Cobra I would have been a 10 right but you know a Ferrari would also bring me to attend I mean he but you can't go higher than a ten right so let's just say that I got you know you know the Ferrari when I was 16 and now we Flash Forward I graduate college and my Dad gives me a let's say he gives me a BMW M5 if I had the Ferrari now I'm going to be kind of like probably at a 7 right cuz I'm stepping down in a car but if I had the Mustang Cobra and now I'm going to an M5 I'm gonna be back at a 10

► 02:40:56

well it's the same car you're the same person you're at the same spot in life the only difference is your perspective because your previous experience right you know so it's kind of like when you know people ask like why rich people aren't as happy and I just think it's because they've upped the bar so far that only the you know best things satisfy them like a guy off the street if I took like when I was when I got out of boot camp will use that as an example I go to Outback Steakhouse I'm going to 10 right now if I go to the best restaurant in the fucking world I mean I'm like maybe like a six or a seven I'm just like satisfied I got three shafts like I eat the best food all the time you know what I mean it's like that doesn't make me happy anymore like if somebody bought me a Lamborghini I'd be like whatever like I've had them I don't care like it but if you get you know give it a guy off the street he'd be at a 10 so I can't buy happiness anymore you know I mean I bought every fucking thing that I ever wanted right there's not really anything that I want so I can't buy any like pleasure

► 02:41:56

and also if you gave me like a regular car or put me in a regular Hotel I would actually be at like below the normal level whereas a normal person would be like happy to be on a vacation you know I'm saying so like I think that has like some correlation like it's kind of like a guy that wins a lot o like a year later he is like like statistically less happy than a guy that got his leg fucking amputated a year prior you know yes that's that's interesting it's also I think what are you trying to do like do a lot of people are trying to get rich because they think that once they get rich they'll be happy yeah they think that that's going to give them this thing that they've always been missing and so they've been working hard bust their ass and they look at all these other people like we're talking about you know you you land your private jet you drive your your Bentley to the club and everybody's like oh it's temples are you want to be that guy right but once you're that guy it's like that doesn't mean anything anymore and then for a lot of people there's this emptiness there's nothing left to chase there's nothing else to do and your life is just about possession

► 02:42:56

and upping the ante and now I got to get a yacht and now I have to get the biggest yacht now I gotta buy an island yeah you know I'm trying to find something to fill that void because you've sort of set your life up to chase these material goals instead of to try to find out what actually does make you happy yeah you have to have goals and you have to have stuff that like you know you got to be climbing the mountain because the end of the day like climbing the mountain is far more satisfying than being at the top of Mount you know isn't that weird though that's like not what we've ever well taught well it's counterintuitive because most people don't like get they just know that like okay like you know my dad told me like it's better to give than receive and I was like okay that's perfect motherfucker you just give me shit and I'll receive it and I'll be happy like you don't understand like you don't have it if you don't have it yeah then that makes sense well yeah exactly and like you know just people I mean it's just experience like I mean like from the time you're a little kid you get something you're happy like you know you get a boat you're happy like if I have this bike I'm be happy and it's true and it works you know what I mean but there's

► 02:43:56

point we almost have to like get really rich to understand that you really have to just buy all that shit was okay like I got it all at school that made me happy but it's temporary you know that's that's what I'm that's kind of where I differentiate the the happiness and the pleasure you know you can buy the pleasure of the pleasure is somewhat short lived you know you had a conversation with someone about this recently where I was saying that material possessions once you have enough money to acquire basically everything you want they don't mean anything anymore so they don't mean anything you can enjoy them when you have them but if you lose them it's really not that big a deal you know if like if you get an Escalade and some fucking meteor hits your Escalade and go out there I'll just get another Escalade there's a bunch of them yeah it's no big deal but if that was all you had and you had to save and scrape up your money to get that Escalade you kept it clean then it got hit by a meteor you'd be devastated yeah once you have achieved this level of success where material possessions don't mean anything anymore then you can kind of like Circle okay well what do I enjoy camaraderie friendship creativity like what is it that

► 02:44:56

actually chasing because I remember talking to this Buddhist monk I had a did this thing once where I went to all these different religions was for this TV show and I interviewed all these different people and ask them like what you know what is it about your religion that's the best like say if I was going to join your religion try to sell me yes Island and the the Buddhist guy was saying that sex and all these material possessions they possess you and that to be completely free you have to be abstinent you have to be free of material possessions I said well why I go what if you achieve a level of success where you don't worry about those things anymore and they don't they don't they don't contain you they don't hold you there you're not a prisoner of them because you really not worried about them like if all you had was this one thing and that one thing was taken from you that would be devastating and that's what this is based on but what if you had unlimited resources if you were if you were Richard Branson or someone like you or whatever when you're it's not an issue then then those

► 02:45:56

possessions no longer possess you but this guy didn't want to look at it that way like he didn't want think that was ever possibly an option I'm like well it's not an option because you don't think it's possible to achieve that level of material possession as a material success yeah and that's kind of the thing I feel like you have to you have to get to that place to understand it you know it's kind of like you know I tell them that to anybody who's listening to this like 99.9% of people listening to this are never going to make a fraction of the amount of money that you've earned yeah but you know in some ways that is a blessing because they're going to have a lifetime of being able to buy that pleasure to because of that you know because if you start here on this lower rung then all those little purchases and stuff like that you're still like your come join the shit out exactly you know so they their Baseline is just lower right they get a new fishing rod they're fucking pump exactly you know and when that wears off then they're going to you know get a new real and you know when that wears off they're going to you know buy a new depth finder what you don't understand it's like it's

► 02:46:56

little ship that little shit if it makes them happy then that's that's okay but what do the people listen to this right now they're thinking okay well you're equating material possessions in the acquisition of these material possessions as being the thing that makes people happy now is this because you've got 15 bitches and you're flying around on you know private jets and Yachts and you're lacking like real depth to your smart guy you're not a dumb guy so I don't I don't think that that's the case I think you're having a lot of fun and you're you know you're doing a lot of wild crazy shit but I don't think you're lacking in depth yeah no I am just trying to fully experience everything that I wanted to experience and there's also a part of me that's you know kind of doing some wish-fulfillment some part of me that's overcompensating for lack of things you know that I had you know childhood wise or when I was growing up or that I wanted or whatever what you're basically just like kind of like whatever I wanted when I was younger whatever I place emphasis on I kind of like

► 02:47:56

just over exaggerated and beat it into the fucking dirt so then now I can move on and do something else like my life you know I have I have a TD so for me it's like hyper saving real I think it is I think it is and I think I think a lot of successful people have and I think what it allows you to do is when you are focus on something and when you have that like pinpoint Focus you can be extremely successful but when you don't you're just scattered all over the fucking map and you can't you know accomplish anything I mean you're just like and I think a lot of kids have it nowadays because of the stimulus I think I think you have so much stimulus at your fingertips nowadays that these kids if they're not I guess I guess what I'm trying to say is that people just over stimulated and and because they have it at their fingertips all the time like when I was a kid like we used to just like have to entertain ourselves you said to just like go out and play you know and just like figure out shit to do and so we didn't need massive amounts of stimulus nowadays if kids don't have a fucking video game in a movie

► 02:48:56

playing at the same time they're bored and think three other friends to talk to you know so it's either hanging out there constantly checking their phone they're not even looking at each other you know yeah and I'm victim of to you know it's like it's like it's crazy you'll be in it you'll be in a social setting and there'll be five six people at a table no all be on their phones and it's just like it's kind of sad that that we've been reduced to that level of interaction where it's just like electron like this is all electronic and people you know like I mean when people call people nowadays this is like wait what the fuck I like why are you calling me like back when we were kids like like there wasn't even texting you know it's like flip phones like now it's like a somebody calls you it's like wait what the fuck I gotta you know I have one friend Joey Diaz we never text each other ever I might have text me once I was like what the fuck is going on all we do is call because I don't like the text he goes I like to call when I hear your voice I'm insecure I want to know you love me like he wants to talk to you on the phone I think that's yeah the we're definitely missing something we definitely missing something by all this electronic shit

► 02:49:56

but it's also like a new style of living and I'm sure humans will adjust eventually we'll figure out how to manage it or change accordingly the one positive thing I think is just that you you're so connected you know everybody I feel like everybody is more connected now like back you know when we were kids like you know guy in Idaho is never going to fucking you know feel any connection whatsoever with somebody that's you know in California but now like that guy can upload a YouTube video and everybody around the world can see it and and people are just you know dating-wise social media wise like whatever they're just there is more connection I mean I feel like it's it's not quite as real and it's not as tangible but and people I think are also losing losing their ability to kind of like interact like I like my older friends like will sit around will tell stories and it's like we'll have fun and it's like the younger generation when you watch them interact it's almost like comical it's like these people they are socially awkward like they don't like people don't

► 02:50:56

how to like approach girls anymore it's just like in the whole thing's been like reduce the like online dating it's just you know it's a new world for sure I mean I don't need is a new world but what I found really fascinating is that because I travel a lot doing stand-up is that there's no dumb places anymore like you can go to you know fill in the blank someplace in the middle of the Midwest Boise Idaho or whatever and you'll do a show there in the fucking people are on the ball they know what the fuck's going on there's so much more informed when I used to travel on the road in the 90s when I do stand-up in the 90s and you know flying to Ohio or sorry Jamie flying is some place in the middle of the country those fucking people are Apes we didn't know anything they were like what's it like to be on an airplane I mean that's like it didn't know anything no one but now it's like you run into the same kind of people in La that you can run into in you know fill in the blank you know Phoenix or whatever where the fuck it is there's no dumb cities anymore yeah this is used

► 02:51:56

to find some dumb people but I think overall the awareness level of people has changed and I think that's you know a lot due to the internet you know hundreds that acts as I mean when I was a kid if I want to know something of moms like okay look it up in the Encyclopedia Britannica and I'm like fuck that yeah look I'm not gonna do that and we literally would have like hundreds of encyclopedias around the thing and like and you know we thought that was great but now it's like you want to know something you Google it and you just instantly know it like you don't even have to press it you just talking to your phone your data type you know yeah you just ask Siri it's like Cirque yeah Google coldfusion flip shows you instantaneously I mean it's so freaky that they didn't even think about it in Star Trek or Star Wars none of those places have the internet now those visions of Science Fiction in the future had the Internet it's it's I think it's going to be when history is all said and done when people look back in this era of it's going to be one of the biggest changes in the human race ever and we're in the middle of it it's a

► 02:52:56

warm and we're just caught up in it and like you were talking about when you were saying how you're so wealthy and it's just normal it just becomes normal due to have all this money and someone gives you a Lamborghini it's normal well this wealth of information is normal to us it just seems normal you know and you know my kids are young they're grown up with the internet their whole life they've never experienced anything but the internet so it's to them they're not going to know how weird it was to run into bullshit artists yeah well people just lied about stuff like you couldn't google them you know now you can just like if you want to know about somebody if I can Google them and it's like okay this guy's a scam artist this you know this chicks a hooker it's yeah you just got their life story it's like bam like Wikipedia every what else is yeah it's kind of crazy before we did the podcast we start talking about psychedelics and you start talking about some psychedelic experience that you had and I said like save it save it

► 02:53:45

because I wanted to talk to you about it on the air so tell me tell me what has happened I mean you actually the one that turned me on to it the the DMT I was at the first time I tried I was at Burning Man and I smoked a small amount of it and it was interesting it was I mean it was it's probably goes a pretty enlightening experience I tried it a second time we had this sweet a small Molly how many hits just one just one so I was you know it wasn't like deep in it or anything got to the doorway took a look inside yeah and I just I don't know I felt like a little bit of sense of peace and Clarity you know but that was all I really got from it the second time I did not have a good experience I had this Shaolin monk come over and he a priest or whatever you call them and I don't know if we did too much but I just didn't really get too much out of actually got more out of it after but during the experience it was like it was just too much

► 02:54:45

I didn't really get anything like it was just almost like overwhelming yeah yeah this is overwhelming we're like yeah it was almost like a almost like a video game kind of the best way to describe it where I just like kind of almost seemed like everything was kind of like separating apart mmm but didn't really get too much and then the third time I had a similar experience but that was that was just a smoking I haven't done Ayahuasca or anything like that I did mushrooms 3 times as funny I had I had a couple so the first time to mushroom that goes in high school and I just never forget because it's like 1:30 in the morning or whatever and I just want to call all my friends and tell them how great it was and have conversation remember picking up the phone like to just 130 fuck off but I was just like I want to talk to every was like I was having a good time and then didn't Amsterdam got sick and it was

► 02:55:45

funny because I actually did it four times the third time I did it we were in Amsterdam and we were walking down this long Alleyway and we were probably about 75 yards down the alleyway and a buddy of mine was like okay give me a second and we kept walking and we turn around about five seconds later 10 seconds later and he was gone and it was probably like a 200-yard Ali wheres I mean this guy was fucking Ben Johnson he couldn't have made it was like a long long Ally with like there's if he was in a dead Sprint is a fast guy in the world he couldn't have made it the end and there was no like no ladders no nothing we're just like what the fuck happened to this dude we're just like an oblique and we haven't even really like started tripping but we're like we thought this do got abducted by aliens there was like no explanation right with I turn around and we're just like we all looked at each other like what the fuck happened and we knew these mushrooms are going to hit soon so we're just alike

► 02:56:45

we didn't feel we're like the mushrooms and here we just ate it like you know five ten whatever you know and hadn't hit walked around the corner and there's a police station we're like oh shit like I guess we should ask them like we went in there and we're like you know we don't know what happened to our friend like we don't know if he got abducted or whatever and we're like he looks like this and so this is long Alleyway right and this motherfucker chose the one spot to piss where apparently there was like a secret door that opened inward into the police station and there was a camera facing down and he was pissing on the door the police station they grabbed him it'd piss dick still out Yankton into the fucking police station and threw him in jail and it's so we get this information were like oh fuck like what do we got to do like we got to pay this guy like we're like this dude never done mushrooms before his first experience he's going to be in a jail in Amsterdam this guy's my gonna fuckin lose his mind we gotta get them out so we end up paying these people then like I forget we got to pay

► 02:57:45

a lot because I was in college I remember was like a significant amount of money for us we bail them out and then and upper I remember I offered like the the chick at the counter I was like I'll give you a hundred bucks if you'll mail this to his parents or the video pissing and getting arrested you matters practice get the fuck out of here so that was number three and then the fourth time I did it I was in it was that trip that I took to Puerto Vallarta and when I took my buddy that one the or he got second in the World Series of Poker and I never forget it because I was I was downstairs and we had this this big bill on the edge of a cliff and I remember not wanting to have sex and I was just like this is the greatest thing for the first time like my dick doesn't control me like like this is so you know this is so nice to just be able to like relax and not like because we had all these chicks run around I was like banging on the whole weekend I was like just not even like half the

► 02:58:45

think about it because I've no desire to have sex right now I remember having that thought and being like wow this is great and I'm so fucked up that I like took that as a personal challenge to like see if I could have sex fucking this girl for like 40 minutes on my shift on mushrooms it was the craziest fucking experience ever I didn't even really enjoy it that much but I just remember at the end of it I was like wow like you had this opportunity where like you were not consumed with like wanting to have sex and you can put Lee fucking ruined worries but the first time I had a mushroom trip I was I was with my friend Eddie and we were near a mountain it was like a very high hill we were below it and we were laying down the grass just laughing and giggling and I don't know if you've ever alike if you've ever been like lying down looking up at a mountain range and you see the sky and the clouds go overhead it was the

► 02:59:45

time I think in my life that I really took in the concept of an atmosphere of this shape of the Earth being round and that behind that atmosphere I'm a look it up his blue skies beautiful but I didn't see the blue sky anymore I saw it I knew it was there but I realized that it's just this layer and then beyond that is the vast Infinity of space and I remember looking at it and thinking for the first time because of this hill I could see like I'm like oh my God we're like in a convertible spaceship like this whole thing is a spaceship like this is an illusion where we're standing here like we're on ground we're laying down on the grass looking up at the sky but this is not this is not sky this is a thin layer of atmosphere that's protecting you from space and then above that is there's no end to it and it fucking stuck in my head that idea like for the very first time and it's something

► 03:00:45

I'll being below a mountain and lying down the looking up and seeing them out and seeing the air and seeing the clouds go which is set into my mind like well that's an atmosphere this isn't just the sky this is a this is like so I from that moment on I can look up at a mountain now and I'll get this like weird almost like half trippy feeling that's that's one thing that I've heard actually about a lot of psychedelics is that it it not like it doesn't like rewire you but it just makes you think about certain things differently and I think they explain to there's like some chemical thing we're kind of like almost like resets you to like where you can have a new perspective on certain things that's one of things that I rigged I was considering doing acid at Burning Man this last year because I've heard from a lot of people that it's like it's a more like clean form of the mushrooms and they kind of like got more out of it now and I had like 10 people tell me that it was like the best experience our life and so that's like a pretty strong statement of

► 03:01:45

and people tell you that so yeah I did it this year for the first time it's set sound wouldn't say it's like a it's powerful I mean they're all amazing they all have their own little thing that goes on with them but the the changing of perspective is really beneficial to people that have addictions like apparently people that smoke cigarettes like they'll have a powerful mushroom trip and they don't have any desire to smoke cigarettes anymore it's a really common experience drug addicts and you know even people that probably have other weird addictions like gambling addictions or sex addictions like yeah like I said I think I had a lot of small experience like that with the sex thing on the mushrooms and it was like pretty liberating yeah I mean I think for a lot of people that get trapped in the momentum of the life that they're in whatever it is and sometimes psychedelic trips or you know sometimes for people it's just a near-death experience you almost drowned you don't drown you get out of there and you like holy shit I got to rethink my whole life and you just just changes who you are like the

► 03:02:44

at yeah I mean I and I preach this for a long time I think just so much of your life is just perspective I mean it really is and I you know a lot of times I have these these crazy parties on bite disabled veterans out or whatever I'm trying to show them a good time and so one time I had this one guy who got both his legs blown off in Afghanistan and super cool dude like really humbled nice guy and there's this like super hot chick that was at the at the party and I really want to fuck her but I was like I'll see if she can get her to fuck him and I paid her a fucking ton of money was kind of fucked up shit fucking this guy and I was fucked up and I end up passing out I forgot about it in the next day we're sitting there at breakfast and I was just like I'm so fucking miserable and I look over this dude and I'm just like you know like what the fuck are you so happy he's like smiling and eat this shit and physical you know I'm hungover and like what the fuck are you so happy about you know he's like he's like shit man he's like I feel great

► 03:03:44

you're not hung over he's a kid he's like I don't give a shit though and I'm just like dude I got to ask you man I'm like you got you got the fucking best attitude out of like since you've been here like you always been fucking positive of like you know is that ever like you know G ever have it you know moments where you're just like fucking depressed about you know the fucking amputation or any of that stuff wasn't that fuck with you as like how do you like how do you maintain such a good adjective I got think it's amazing and it's like what are you talking about it's like losing my legs the best thing that ever happened to me and I'll just never forget it because that statement was just like so like different from what I ever expected this guy to say right and he followed it up with you know if that never happened me he's like I'd be over in fucking some sand pit in Afghanistan I just be another number nobody give a shit about me because no one I came home he's like I just be you know fucking military guy and everybody in my town wouldn't care and he's like now he's like I go and I motivate people and I give these speeches he goes and people look up to me and I'm inspiring people he's like and I get to do cool shit

► 03:04:44

he's got a fucking brand new rifle the other week for free because the military is paying me he goes I'm fucking party in here with you I fucked a super hot chick last night and then I remembered as a guy's good and then it was just like funny though because like his whole thought process about it was so great and I could just see how another guy if that happened to them could easily like get into like the woe is me and the whole like you know fuck this you know I'm depressed and you know think about all the time like how could this have gone you know but this guy just like except that it fucking charged with it and I was just like he viewed it as like a huge positive and I thought that was great I don't know if you've ever seen I got this YouTube thing is this like the story of the Chinese farmer you ever seen that no we're so he loses his horse and everybody in the town comes over and they say oh well that's that's terrible and he's like and they're like oh that's terrible and now in it and he's like maybe and then the next day seven Wild Horse

► 03:05:44

come back and they all come over and they'd say oh well that's great and he says well maybe the next day is kid is taken out one of the wild horses and breaks his leg and the whole town comes over and they say oh that's terrible now in it he says maybe the next day the conscription officers come over and they're you know taking people into the military to go fight and they pass by his son because you got a broken leg in the whole town comes over and they say you know and they say oh that's great now in any says maybe and the point of it is that you you never really know if something is bad or good because you don't know how that's going to affect the rest of your life like back you know when I you know fuck I'm two days before graduating still training done 510 days of it up put my fucking heart and soul into this fucking thing and I get kicked out because some fucking guy doesn't like me and you know it's kind of hard to look at that in any way other than oh that's fucking terrible but as I'm older and I've experienced a lot I can look at that and be like well half my

► 03:06:44

has died right in combat so I could have fucking died if I would have became a Navy SEAL then that might have just been like what I hang my hat on you know and I was just like for the rest of my life I didn't feel like I really needed to fucking prove anything or sell or do anything because I've done this thing that everybody views is great and you know I don't know if I would have been as motivated and so there's just like a lot of things like that in your life that in the short term you look at them as being extreme negatives or you know something that you can view is positive that you know it's just hard to say until you know it's kind of like run its course and you see what effects that has later on down the line we're going to end it with some deep shit Dan Bilzerian I knew I'd get some deep shit out of you I know it was in there God damn it thank you very much man I really appreciate it was a lot of fun really appreciate it obviously Instagram Dan Bilzerian Twitter the same right thanks brother that was fun good times good night everybody oh we back tomorrow with Jesse Ventura

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