#1200 - Ross Edgley

Nov 12, 2018

Ross Edgley is a former professional British water polo player who currently works as a model and personal trainer. In November 2018, he became the first person to swim around Great Britain.

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hey folks how's it going how's everybody out there and podcast land

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that's something snow podcast Lance fucking life bitch I hope you're good I am still hiding from the fires been hiding from the fire since Thursday new fires flared up in my neighborhood today so it's crazy out here folks but it gives you a newfound appreciation for safety and comfort and friendship and loved ones and family and all that stuff so I'm on the positive side of it and much love and respect I want to send out to all the firefighters and First Responders and police and everyone out there who's working into the night one good thing is my friend bud has been staying in my neighborhood he did not leave his house cuz he's a fucking psychopath but he got I got him into my house and he got my elk steaks from the freezer and

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feeding firefighters with this so I'm very happy with that so firefighters are eating elk very happy and so far my house is still up but there's no guarantee it's fucking crazy out there you never seen anything like it I've never seen anything like that mean it's just tearing through communities and areas it's just Madness

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my guest today is a man named Ross Edgley Ross Edgley is a fucking Savage he is such a Savage that he swam all around the entire UK

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he didn't 5 months and he swam 12 hours a day for 5 months this is the band that I sent an article about this to Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura and Ari shaffir after we are padding ourselves on the back for working out the entire month of October for our stupid fitness challenge and we like dude we are pussies compared to this guy he's a Savage in a very very intelligent and insightful man and what mental strength he must have and physical strength as well to do the beast but to be able to to do that and to force your mind into the the places that it must go when you are swimming 12 hours a day in the ocean around Great Britain

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four five fucking months

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just in to use a British vernacular who lovely lovely man love talking to him very impressed by him and just a great guy to hang out with I hope you enjoyed the podcast as much as I enjoy it please welcome Ross Edgley

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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first of all

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what possessed you to want to swim around the entire UK how many thousands of miles is that yeah yeah it seemed like a good idea at the time and then half way around I realize how big Great Britain was the you you've done some long swims before but not like nothing even remotely like what's the longest swim you did before this an answer charity I was trying to swim at from point to point with it with a hundred pound tree attached to my trunks so I was pulling the hundred pound 360 waves crashing down and didn't make it from point to point I was like 5 km from the end and then when I didn't make it I decided to swing by the other way so I ended up sending over a hundred kilometers lb Street

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32 hours but still didn't make it so so what went wrong we didn't make it Tides currents you know how big was the 300lb but if there's any One Direction going to miss martinique's talking to Cuba you know what somebody like that and then on the way back down then I'll ask at they tend to me again and they said like you going to miss st. Lucia you're going to end up in whatever I don't think I realized it as physically fit as you are and the ocean just doesn't care he doesn't care and so after that kind of thought I had unfinished business with with the ocean and came back to England Run up them friends of mine at the Royal Marines

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I just I need to get out my system I just need to see how far I can swim in 48 hours so I swung 40 hours and I had basically trench foot soak your feet in your hands so kind of ends at one of the one of the offices as a good friend of mine and they came over and they just said that they were English and I said yes I said that I'm training for potentially attempting the world's longest covered neutral swim with poison in his cup of tea and you look me up and down and just I just sounds a bit late what you want me to do you just need to consume around Great Britain

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I couldn't say no bitch

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mother fucker

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me asking you to do with me I mean florist Ivan From Me growing up the story of Captain web so either the first car to swim across the English Channel lies you don't know English channel are the tides they believe what were too strong the world did you just call and make it Christina Johnson possible Captain web refuse to listen and that 1875 August across the English Channel and this is the pile of on a diet of beef broth and Brandy in a wooden wetsuit he swam I think it's 23 hours breaststroke with his head out the water because and I quote from Cruel was ungentlemanly like that's amazing front crawl what is the front crawl

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sell themselves it was still being developed and again let this be the support I was saying even get out you can make any just refused in 23 hours so you know as soon as well head out towards getting fucked up or just a little bit of Brandy leaving himself up in goose fat and make himself Slicker Slicker and I think that was like a big thing back in the day wasn't too long ago

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I'm in the dressing room in case you needed to warm yourself up

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turn over wow wow to just raise the ball push the boundaries and you know you seen that I think I'd have seen that with the USA with mixed martial arts that is involved so fast in the Forrest Griffin you still kind of like himself to the basketball players just shooting 3-pointers with the ball between the legs and that was resume to the Bruce Lee howdy the full site to predict it amazing and I think Anna in a much much much smaller the way I can to go back to the richest athletes in adventure is Rodger Bannister 4 minute mile and people that couldn't be done and he was a medical student at the time leading position said he can't do it but not he says

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list of his trainers and and run a four-minute mile similar right now to what I think was saying with kipchoge you know and then the 2 hour marathon and said that's why when I had that conversation about swimming around great. Everybody said you called me. I guess it's 2,000 miles but it's joint will pools in Scotland renowned around the world if you get that wrong you'll disappear in backwards at 10 knots you can there's no way you're swimming against and then $10 that's a dolphin speed miles per hour is 10 miles per hour backwards as forwards basically yet but yeah yeah I mean we predicted so well. I think that was probably my top speed of 8.7 knots in miles per hour

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the top which is like a dolphin behind you pushing you almost and see now that's what's interesting because I have the time when you get bit but actually made a good point intensive when you get window the tide so he's got 10 not going this way we can go to little bit of Wyndham okay and on again so they're looking at West Scotland winter the time you can get for peanuts coming straight down the barrel but you're trying to swim with the tide and the wind is coming at you but the tide is going the opposite way how do you predict this this this tide that you have to get right yeah I mean Estates in completely in theory and this is what I realized when I when I sat down and restart the plotting the great what is it called again what is the issue that will push you back I was just the title yes what is

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called the area pendant for that the pendulum pendulum first fully if you imagine the shape of Great Britain there's all sorts of kind of compression by the water will just come rushing through and as well as dependents you can get in 06 not surround whales and I think I can get that right you are disappearing you get it wrong for me to do a continuous stage swim I'm going back. Where I was going back to its it for me getting every single tide right and that's all sorry for the team were amazing the captain that Matt was just incredible to every night the homework

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folks if you're listening or watching we had a little technical difficulty so this is not streaming live will be uploaded later we were just going over how you predicted you had to you and your team had to predict how the tide was coming because if it went wrong you get pushed backwards like 10 miles an hour yeah most people understand it and we were we were removing and putting it in an arena that was so different so it's up to see swimmers were interested but you know yourself is start to get involved cuz they understood the waves as fisherman unit was a people start to say you can sometimes take a boat around the top of Scotland in different than never mind the swimmer so that's that's why it was amazing that that on the entire series it became a Melting Pot and exchange of

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did is because nobody knew how to get a human body around the coast of Great Britain it wasn't just about swimming and then that was what was really cool how do they know like when the tides are going one way or the other how do they predict that I was off 457 days you'll make it run the coast of Great Britain you know that was the series so you do this biphasic sleep today but as I mentioned at giant whirlpools or or the tides might not necessarily if you imagine That's Great Britain that the tides are necessary to go kind of like this like that's kind of whale was that the tides will do this to you my dear you doing all these different things that people not going to see why is it listening to it on audio so just try to

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private rights of basically Robinson the tides just going up and down and working with you sometimes the cross you're going to basically zig-zag all the way up the coast of Great Britain so as predictable as we found out so much stuff that when we're out that would like whole it wasn't meant to do that wasn't meant to be there any but it is and that was what was pretty pretty sketchy sometimes really enough time to say I want that was on the map can we look at that I can speak to the office and then talk about you know weather report now you just have to swing through try and get out there as quick as we could so when you encounter something like that and you get stuck do you pull out of the water and try back again later at the same location you do but it's still going to be that it is what it is

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times does the best example of this is the copy of that can sew sew the west coast of Scotland and John whirlpool and sent me Inside Lacrosse you I need you to swim I need some hard he need some 6 hours you just need to be clear this Whirlpool I am so I drove past there and somehow I got stung by jellyfish and I've been stung by jellyfish skin it just wouldn't stop throbbing and so I got done swimming 3 hours past and it was just unbearable so I put my head up and I looked at the captain from the boat I said no I'm so sorry I've been stalling I'm going to have to stop I've been stung by jellyfish the pain is not going away

► 00:22:40

how is with a jellyfish on your face and buy new that again for this happening the car is back in the jungle I just punched them into my face so you just have these perfect right and then I might as you were so swollen so you to push them through the swelling time I made it clear the car and this is the thing

► 00:23:40

I started that particular swim and the team that the change and I'm not going to have to do that all over again why and it was that kind of brutal lesson from nature that that from a Sports Science Background I'm interested in you know rehab arrest recovery nutrition strategies all of this but with sitting around Great Britain it very quickly became apparent that the sea just doesn't care they just doesn't show distance between ligaments and tendons in your shoulders and you might get impingement from swimming too much that's why it went from swimming As I understood people understand it to something completely like surviving basically in the water so you're swimming schedule it be six hours on and then you would try to rest when would you eat

► 00:24:40

between just throwing bananas at me and then when you eat while you're in the water sometimes if you want just in the water you could be making for Knott's you don't have to swim in the freezing cold and you happy getting hit in the face by you can still make phone off and so that's why so often it became about something different and to me it was just it was just meant to fool to use physical fortitude it was basically a goat off at 2 so we can I swing by in the morning and I left my wetsuit out to dry and I had to scrape just a thin layer of ice of the wetsuit before I can put it

► 00:25:40

but if I didn't if I didn't get it and I didn't say that that that way then that would have been in a 50 miles to Tennessee that we missed out on and then you miss those 50 miles that the window of opportunity to swim around Great Britain because of the British summer being notoriously unpredictable quite sure we would have made it around because even towards the end it was two storms a stone Golem in stone Cali alley in column 2 Constructors for those two days where we couldn't swim just couldn't swim in a storm it wasn't safe so when you were swimming this was all during the summer yeah yeah and then we finish November 4th which was going into the winter as well and you started what month of June 1st so for it since June you've been swimming God damn man that's so crazy you're not built like a guy at expect to be doing this. You're built like a tank like that's not

► 00:26:40

I like your big jacked guy that you look more like an MMA fighter of powerlifter even CT Fletcher I love. I love that I was a big fan of you guys going to swim for half an hour and there's no fucking heart attack people believe that you couldn't have exist Robert Hixon and he's is basically saying if you dilute the potency of the stimulates what what I mean by that is if we went into the gym just now and meet you and Jamie walked into the gym

► 00:27:40

in the squat rack strength your body's ability to generate force and we try and do you want us to adapt to looking at you in a molecular biology which one do you want us to adapt within the saying that in any given day you have a certain amount of adaptive energy and if you are able to fit both training session that that likes it cause your body to adapt to strengthen salmon you separate them under those conditions they can coexist Shepherd them but how much time as much as needed for Baltimore covery so so yeah

► 00:28:40

fascinating about MMA cuz you were sending the same to an MMA athlete I need you to be strong fast quick I need you to be anything you want us to be all of those things right and that's why I quite often it's the athlete with a high what capacity you can you know what that to those looking at like in at the Diaz brothers who just do triathlons for fun and if they have this insane what capacity so that's kind of your body's ability to perform and positivity tolerate training of a given intensity or duration run so if you have the Diaz brothers and you say I can now do weight training in the morning but by the afternoon I also need to go swim a 10K dead bodies could tolerate that wears if you have another athlete who perhaps you know doesn't have that would possibly that body smoking a positively tolerates it ride a person is used to working out maybe only an hour a day yeah

► 00:29:40

I see when you was looking guy with with CT Fletcher Woods

► 00:29:44

when you look at strength and stamina it's it's so specific so we can set principal specific adaptation to impose the Mind soon as you get good at whatever you continue to practice and when you look at Insurance in weight-bearing Sports absolutely you know you can argue that that running friend since his is just in a power to weight ratio it's a series of successive jumps when you start looking at that his research that will show I didn't know that we we did this with the Royal Marines back in England when you just add one Kido that's the way in the back pack its effect on pulmonary ventilation lactic threshold signs of fatigue or just one one kid that's it that's why when you see Tour de France and people like Chris Froome Bradley Wiggins in from Team Sky they all just looking at the body saying you'll be able to is what it is your power to weight ratio. That's what we need to improve we need to treat you like a Formula 1 car when it's take away anything

► 00:30:44

controlled muscular atrophy and how they approach that intelligent I suppose looking anything from you no calorie deficit tell him not to pick anything up ever find that yet there is no triceps specific adaptation to impose demands that all he does is he lives on the bike so as a result his body is is a byproduct of what continually practices cut bike muscles yeah I'm so looking at that and I'm sorry getting back to strengthen some of that when you look at running You could argue that you know being jacked and I'm being heavier yes absolutely your power to weight ratio is going to impact you say for instance I like to run by there and stand a chance against some of my friends who are getting fell Runners and they weigh in a 30 he lives less than me Rich Roll exactly

► 00:31:44

lean longest yeah you thinking I'm believable specimen of a little bit different Theory from looking at the body shape to swim around Great Britain because no one's ever done it before so you can say OK Google what's that body type look like and when do you say we need someone who can swim in in Fulton knots of wind window but I thought it was open. So you're not going to break things start to look at all of a sudden we need someone who's never going to take the day off so I wasn't sick for those hundred fifty seven days so that you stop looking at adaptive energy and I'm what I see you spoke about and then you can start getting into the detail of looking at some of the higher muscle mass if they're able to effectively swim and the body mechanics are on point

► 00:32:44

that's not in this mess, isn't interfering with a bar mechanics in a human whale you know that you're right you put me into the pool with Michael Phelps he likes me to look at him eating competition you know with a little bit of swimming involved and you just need to make sure you don't break I'm not going back to the tides as well your body working inside of you can just keep getting in the water 457 Days 12 hours a day break you make you angry grandpa so you think the muscle mass age you should do more research into this but Sunday with a lot of athletes that I train with that it's almost like a bell curve so if you can imagine any for their he's listening like

► 00:33:42

a bell curve like that how you describe that I'm just like a horseshoe yeah yeah so you can argue that he around and Durance so if you got somebody who's you need to use which was amazing swim the 10K he's going to be amazing because his efficiency everything but then this point so when we start looking at the models that we were covering somebody so the English Channel swim is 20 miles plus a day at this point this is Lina swim is going to start running out muscle glycogen is biomechanics might break down because he doesn't have the strength to hold that position continually order those things wave stop crashing in starting to swim into 40 knots of wind what's going to happen are you going to be at would you favor be the Lena quick and more streamlined sooner or would you all get it the guy with more muscle mass is going to continue to swim at the same Pace but we continue not to break I think it depends on who the man with the muscle mass is because a lot of guys with muscle mass they got that muscle mass for doing very low reps Highway

► 00:34:42

what kind of exercise do you do to gives you a bill like that what you did with them with Dorian Yates and I think when you start looking at the the three mechanisms to build muscular hypertrophy start looking at metabolic stress so metabolic stress being exactly what you just said lots of muscular hypertrophy bodybuilding Centric work. Metabolic stress lifted real scrap your body's ability to generate force that is what I do and yes it shouldn't be more functional you be looking at a funeral bodybuilding mr. Olympia something like that and then you have a muscle damage which is more eccentric contraction some more I'll give you a CrossFit a bodybuilder

► 00:35:42

achieve that busy besides using steroids they have to use lots of repetitions is that the idea so powerlifting clean deadlift strong National to say you know when you look at it to use you as an example. Like pressing we suggest we want to we want to look at how much your legs can generate with you just using basic training strength is defined as the strength that you use just like pressing not getting you all excited pre-workout smelling salts none of that weird to say but then

► 00:36:42

the bucket lift University we would start using a basically so that is what your body could generate without you trying to send it in person but it's you the actual the actual potential muscle strength of the electric sheets in the muscles and stimulating involuntarily and threw that do they measure it how you see yourself as involuntary tonight something that you wouldn't have control and they force you to extend your legs

► 00:37:42

Angel McCord extensions and how are they go training strength is what you could do Joe when I was just left out that's been potential of the muscles what's usually the higher number this is what you could generate when you would describe myself over here is what we do when it's a big huge deficit between the two that means your pussy

► 00:38:42

it means that you have muscle mass but you're not fully using it right so you might see a large deficit between the two if you had a bodybuilder friends that's cuz they go to load of muscle mass but I'm not using it that makes sense why aren't you using it because it's it's strength is functional so they go this muscle mass but then not recruiting it the bodybuilder does like high repetitions and what was the type of load that you were calling that how they were that was causing hypertrophy and said that metabolic stress metabolic stress so just a shoe your number of sets just constant repetitions over and over and over again with not that high oh wait yes yeah and that's my mechanical tension is when a small powerlifting right so that's what difference between the two so the reason being is meta but so when you start looking at mechanical tension that might produce an athlete who has a small at strength deficit Bryant

► 00:39:42

when using you as an example if there was a smaller strength deficit between what you could voluntarily leg press leg extension the small adapter said it would like you have this much muscle mass but you using a lot of your potential you using already it's almost like you've got one, but it's huge engine using it to its full extent and and this is why I'm going but this is why when you start looking at bodybuilding Centric work so this idea of increasing muscular hypertrophy it can be a good thing when you understand that strength deficit so you might have an athlete who you go I can you have a small strength deficit first move so for the muscle mass that you have your using it to his absolute full potential so you have a very small car but you are just pushing down the accelerator so hard and call go anymore it's is Redline exactly

► 00:40:42

to the option that we have is to increase the size of the car can have his increase in size of muscle mass it does yeah it does what kind of training were you doing to increase your capacity for work while maintaining the mass yeah I need a cell phone locks now I think training is very specific when you going to the gym are you training for strength speed stamin-up where is Soviet Union principles you start looking at General physical preparedness as it was and this is this just an idea of you taking a fleece I need young Grassley and you trying to increase that what I see by normal specific movement so you get at you in a few hundred your young kids growing up and then you'll send you to me I'm your coach

► 00:41:40

I don't know if Joe is going to be big strong connection to be able to run Faro fast I don't know what we can do is just creeping crease your mirror muscular efficiency I'm working and doing that it's kind of jumps throws nonspecific natural movement patterns and we get you to do lots and lots of this intensity or duration and I think from the Great British Swim when a lot of people would say how was it that you were able to tolerate those 12 hours a day the jellyfish stings and everything if the me one of the biggest things were going back to you and this is going to sound so hard by I ran a marathon plan a car perfect embodiment of horsepower programming in that. She is stress on the body but no specific skill what do you say around Marathon behind a car but pulling a me pulling a car

► 00:42:40

Makar not behind a car pull the car and ran a marathon what the fuck do you

► 00:42:50

they said yeah you seem so normal that's what's so confusing to me like if I met you this something about a lot of these endurance people Courtney dauwalter she's so carefree and silly but you're very loose and relax I was considered like those people like dark there's some Darkness to those extreme endurance athletes yeah there's Darkness at their they're running from some Darkness I mean it's like to go off and on another time then you can I think we covered the physical aspect in them word pasty the witch would have dressed but I think this is one thing I send me the fried the Great Bridge swim subjected to a fatigue like I've never experienced before it was yes sleep deprivation

► 00:43:50

ligaments tendons in my shoulders just for me you want me to develop a split personality because you know you 857 days if you're stressed or is like a marathon when you grit your teeth and you try and get through it I think we're very aware that this complex biochemical test quiz level Spike information your immune system everything affected search for me I was treating it not like America and I have to treat it

► 00:44:23

show me the smile going to think this is this is life now. See but then he clearly there were times when you know I wouldn't swim with a smile that it was just call you back and being a great example you know I said it wasn't all that happy then and and for me it's very songs when I say you go to just get feral and you really just go to a good friend of mine back in England and strength and he said to me Ross you're a really nice guy and everything but you just need to know you smiles and just get Federal which which I thinking about it and because I had 12 oz to think a day ahead for me about to Tim noakes central government looking at how fatigue is it is an emotionally driven state that we used to pull that physiological ham break so I even if it is listening so it's 60 miles into American you might be saying no way I can keep him one foot in front of

► 00:45:23

and then all the sudden 25 miles and your family and friends a clapping you and you get that Second Wind in chest Springs in infamy looking at that this was Central Governor Theory I found it in complete exhaustion like when when you absolutely have nothing left you almost got into this feral State you need to like a like a like an injured dog lot of people will say a whole universe Member One you saw me to think of your family and friends I wasn't even knew I was at 11 to fatigue where I wasn't thinking about you new family and friends if they always thinking woman in Maslow's hierarchy of needs where it starts with just food shelter oxygen I was at that sort of level there was see Elsa's I mean now but you know there was times when chasing on my neck and my tongue was falling apart it's fine now by the way Jack Thomas falling apart my tongue from the salt water

► 00:46:23

falling apart right now so um and after 12 hours in the water every single day your tongue starts to disintegrate so so I was I woke up and there was lots of my tongue on my pillow and that is there any concern of this is permanent or was pregnant at the time but that's how it goes back to that that hierarchy of needs where you're not thinking about family and friends what motivates you and what you know what you know you're thinking I want to keep my tongue because no one is really that's it what people have gone long swims before but is anybody done 6 months I don't think it's been to come to the movies going across the Pacific but he is using a snorkel so he kind of

► 00:47:23

early we thinking about the guy who is just doing the breaststroke and saying well if he did it for you what you are federal judges thinking exactly that you have your tongue this is a video that you made a piece of your time we're falling apart wow defective salt buildup on the tongue and this is on Ross's Instagram with which is Ross e d g l e y I put it up on my Instagram to re-tweeted or reposted one of your things to let people know about this

► 00:48:08

oh that is so nasty dude. That way you can see the taste buds on it. How thick it was just fucking with you taste buds to see it as well because I like granola I was eating some of that happened it's likes rubbing sandpaper on the old that was how we have to just adopt during.. Videos great idea man that was in the cabin I don't remember just thinking like now I'm not thinking in your family friends to talk about those as you just had those those documents I think now it's very easy for me to be very grateful I'm warm saying that she drove you there is no jellyfish I mean my neck was bad but we didn't actually catch the the moment was pretty the West on that way I went to bed with this open wound from the wetsuit chafing basically I known as I woke up

► 00:49:08

bed sheet of fuse to my neck

► 00:49:19

saltwater what was it like when you finished what did it feel like when the last stroke when you got out of the water and you like holy shit I just swam for 6 months it was it was it was so strange we left in the summer and everyone was on the beach and and then I came back around people to fatten up Christmas decorations and I was like I've been gone for so long that see it was crazy how many days is it total $157 so insane who are these people these fucking hangers-on following you around 10 they did it to Ross

► 00:50:19

waiting for you because it has such Madness man that is such a man that so you cross the Red Bull Finish Line. I tried and that was pretty cool wow hooked you up what's that made out of ponies

► 00:50:50

the water in stock and posers I feel the way you do yeah Chris in the pool I didn't even know about it I found out about you cuz I was I was reading on the internet and I found out about an I sent it to all my friends after sober October to show a pussies we were house like guys think what we did was hard and we didn't shit I send it to Tom and Bernard we were all just like them crazy it's always someone who does something far crazier to just one up the crazy person and it keeps going and going and going I guess erase that Courtney dauwalter has been out a guess on the show before she won the Moab 240 which is a 238 Mi race through the Moab mountains and it's just an insane race not only did she win it

► 00:51:50

want by more than 10 hours ahead of the second-place guy when she's just a fucking straight Savage so she recently entered a race and she came in second place in this race they would run for 4 miles in an hour and then they would stop when the hour was over they would stop and then when the next hour started they would run another 4 miles like four point something miles and they do it for 6 days like the last man standing and then at the very end one person one like it so cools going to drop out last so they just kept doing it so the guy who created this race see if you can find anything on this guy because he's apparently very sadistic and his idea was that people run these 100 mile races or a 50 mile race and if you just finished you feel like a winner and he's like well bullshit he goes there can't be a winner if if somebody comes in first place and then your second was you're not the winner take this one winner

► 00:52:50

I'll be at the American he's a chain smoker so did you see I think it was last year that nobody could figure out how to sparkly sparkly weird one and I think it was if you missed out on finishing it by I think it was a minute at the end and you see him on the floor and he didn't take a wrong turn somewhere along the line cuz it's really difficult to follow that path yeah I just got off and he shook his hand and just said I just want to thank you

► 00:53:50

time to make something different right well you definitely take something different to it if it's fine if I'm correct in how they do it I I retweeted the Courtney dauwalter one I retweeted it from Courtney where it says it's like getting punched in the face very softly over and over and over again one of the article, yeah that's exactly it so if you scroll down you'll see the the the specifications yeah yeah

► 00:54:25


► 00:54:28

and this is what I find amazing because then it becomes about something completely different I mean we were just talkin now about kipchoge in the 2-hour Marathon but it's like you pick chuggy into this you know who's going to win it says they had an hour to complete the 4.167 mile Loop and then they finish within 15 minutes to spare the Belk lines again at 7:40 a.m. they run it again and then at 8:40 a.m. they run it again at 9:40 they're running again so every hour you run this 4.16 6 7 Mile Loop and then the Bell just keep crying forever I think it's the same thing as everything else the same thing as if you but you buy a car today you wanted to accelerate from 0 to 60 and 2 and 1/2 seconds few years ago that was unheard of if you buy a computer

► 00:55:28

today you wanted to be 3.85 terabyte hard drive and that's the same every year we want improvements and I think when you hear someone's going to run a 100 m i r a c o that's cute but I'm about 200 miles of the 4-minute mile someone runs a 200 miles like holy shit I can't answer three days are in 200 miles and then some of my Courtney comes on goes I'm going to do it two days and then she runs she runs and they're talking about now doing a 500 mile ultramarathon

► 00:56:04

yeah and what I find amazing what's the athlete looks like who completes that you made me sore knees very thin she's very light and very thin and you know she's not the type of person that would win a regular Marathon this is what was interested but when he does those but the way he does it is he's a hard man he's what I was talking about like the speed of Darkness Darkness he just like he'll burn 3000 calories eat 2000 until healed forces body to eat itself and so he drops down to the hundred and sixty something pound range and then that's what he likes to weigh when he normally walks around like 185 is pretty built but then he drops way downhill lose like 20 pounds of muscle cuz he's always mean he's not losing body fat he just forcing his body to literally eat itself just through mental

► 00:57:04

he has been doing it as long as them and he's 51 years old now but he's an animal man in this is just that that kind of mental forward to that it takes to do one of those things were to do what you did it's a very unusual kind of drive and people are very excited by that drive and they're very intrigued by it and it's very attractive very attractive to attempt to do this very attracted to pay attention to a watch cuz everyone knows how difficult is it's undeniably difficult like when someone says you talk to somebody doesn't have to run at all. They don't do anything that you sit on the couch and I get up get up we're going to run 3 miles so they know that's hard

► 00:58:04

everybody knows that's hard everybody at one point in their life is run until they're exhausted and whether it's 500 yards or 5 Mi familiar with that feeling of not being able to go on so when they see a guy like you who went through that feeling for 6 fucking my orchid was it 5 months total 5.5 months Man 5 months is an insane amount of time it is now by August September October November you're into the 6th fucking month when you stop that's insane what you just said that you think do you think it is unusual do you think that we now think it's unusual because Society is God real comfortable that stuff

► 00:59:04

ancestors do you not think they would have just thought and I started Monday that's just I don't need to do that it's not like you could swim for 12 hours a day and get across the channel and get to a place where this better fruit you know that I don't think I answered she's ever did that I definitely think they did what is that type of hunting on this is actually a term for it but they will like if you take an antelope they don't have sweat glands and so they can run far faster than I was but it comes a point in time when they overheat so if you just stay on them persistence hunting that's all that was. He pulled it up damn persistence hunting is in you see it in these a lot of these African men who go on to be phenomenal endurance Runners I mean they

► 01:00:04

marathons left and right in this particular parts of Africa that produced incredible Runners and I think a lot it was a really there's a cut and run is a fantastic episode of Radiolab the details these men from this one certain part in Africa I forget where it is but see if you pull that up but this this episode detailed the terrific circumcision rituals that these men had to endure where they cut their dick and they they stick a stick through it and they make them crawl through Thorns naked he has done everything you can tell those crazy guys cut your dick this are the oldest inhabitants of southern Africa where they have lived for almost twenty thousand years

► 01:01:04

gather is living in South Africa share historical linguistic connections many now except the turn Bushman or san is that that's Bushman hunting is that from the Radiolab thing that's what they call themselves is that the same but is that the same with the horrible circumcision ritual

► 01:01:26

he is a horse fucking horrible but they were arguing in the when they were discussing it and one of the guys who was on and do it actually been through it and now I believe he lives Alyssa maybe lives in America but he was so you would never have a is children go through that but he but it made him who he is and did the idea was that not only one of these guys physically gifted but they also have unbelievable unbelievable pain tolerance and mental endurance it just mental toughness and it this is one of the reasons why they become so successful is that the ability to push a pay for two plus miles whatever it is they're marathon time is not just depended upon their physical ability but also depend upon their ability to endure pain and divorced themselves past you know anyone that ride along that is really leisurely Pace it's not painful but if you're going hard know you're really going hard this at the Radiolab this Dunya

► 01:02:26

okay I think is there we go so before you described it but they did they describe it even more horrific detail in the podcasts is that my dear of adversity training that life you ever in the gym is I want you training it's just like strength training speed and this is why because so often what he's doing when he's submerged in ice cold is like I'm training my computer he's mechanism driver King tolerance training Tower

► 01:03:26

Everett's family was not but you just start looking at just putting people in high-stress situations just to see how they going to talk about Jonah said she was like notorious for letting people almost Ryan submitted mine ended by themselves that he was just completely calm and then went to the website choked him completely unconscious AKA AKA ya John Fitch shot in on them and Berkman caught him going to get you supposed to sleep in the first round it is this guy's I can just put you to sleep with like a Marcelo Garcia you're going to wake up going to happen

► 01:04:26

won't be able to choke you since you went to sleep went to sleep he did not defend it okay here's the deal he was done he was beating down to be fucked him up to being smashed him but there was a lot of people that don't train in this is very frustrating to me it was many people that don't train that think that that was something that you shouldn't tap to their they're out of their fucking mind but it is it chokes you but it did really feels like you're fucking heads going to pop off but what he's doing is he's wrapping around the face and you don't have to even go under the job you can get it on the chin especially your strongest

► 01:05:26

then you clap your hands together and you're pressing your forearm against his back so you've got this and he got the form against his back and you're doing this just leave your fucking head hits and khabib is so strong his great he's been grappling since he was a baby all of his muscles are designed to squeeze and crush and he gets a hold of your neck in that position and he's got that forearm pressed against your back see if you can find an image of the actual submission you could really clearly see what he's doing. And then there was a video where Dean Lister and my friend Hans molenkamp described it

► 01:06:14

maybe someone reposted it and that link is gone but yeah did you talk to you in Lester's that's so weird anyway there's guys who can fuck your face up without even going under the neck a good example here's another good example just pull this up you got it okay okay this is perfect just perfect so Dean Lister was world champion Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt as legit as it gets and he's also Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and see see this is exactly what could be did see how its forearm is pressed against the back and the arm is under the chin see the difference is would Dean is doing he can't even help himself he's a mediately putting his arms his hands on the arm it's choking him that's what you're supposed to do if you look it with Connor did Connor just waited until he couldn't take it anymore and tapped

► 01:07:14

right right now you see Connor both of his arms are down he's getting his neck cracked and it doesn't do this see what he's doing he's tapping let's see where is left arm is this you can't you can't do that to that is a perfect example of the fulcrum choke see how he's doing that pressing his forearm against the back squeezing the head it's it's a neck crank it's a joke there's a lot of shit going on there it doesn't have to be under the chin it could just be on your face and you're going to get fucked up so all those folks out there that were saying that it wasn't a choke need to go halves on apply that to them and they need to start training Jiu-Jitsu and stop fucking talking about MMA submissions cuz they don't don't say you're not going to tap you going to fucking tap at night because other people on my Connor going to be better at defending

► 01:08:14

you get ahold of a world-class Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt was also an MMA fighter like he's he's going to try to get out of that you might have to tap if someone gets admitted mean he did people tap but he's he's not going to just have one arm posted that's just not the right way to handle but I think that's because Connor had eaten bombs what I was about to point out then again I'm a complete Layman when it comes to mix massage but I find it fascinating V is adversity training aspect so you just saying he was eating bones before that if he was amazed it would help if you were sold during the first few seconds or minutes of the first round

► 01:09:14

I think you probably would have had a good chance to survive okay okay what's going on this is this is this is is it's kind of Ezekiel but see where his hand is you got to really get underneath see his left hand that left hands got to go not just there it's got to go under the chin that's not good enough for a guy like Dean now it's pretty fucking tight now it's tight he's got to get further and further and further that left arm gets into jeans back the more more there's going to be a possibility of him choking but Dean has been fucking choked his whole life which is but I do have to say that Josh Barnett tap and Josh Barnett is like one of the few guys that's made Dean Lister tap and I think the first time he tapped in a decade and Josh Barnett got him in a scarf hold and I

► 01:10:13

that wasn't metamoris and Josh Barnett who is he's a catch wrestling specialist yeah go to the very end of it here Josh Barnett gets ahold of Dean's he gets it and see this position right here he's inside control

► 01:10:29

which is just impressive enough that Josh is able to do this with a guy like Dean Lister but then he gets him in what's he probably has a different name for it but it's we used to call Judo side control it's quite a bit further down on this you got to keep going keep going keep going keep going all the way to the end

► 01:10:49

so he gets a hold of his he's got a head and arm choke here it is here it is so he's got his head and his arm trapped together and Josh who's an enormously powerful person is really neck cracking him as much as anything and then Dean was forced to tap but this is at the end of a long match and you know it could have been exhausted might have played a part in it it most certainly was Josh's skill and his ability to apply that technique the point is is a guy like Dean Lister tap that guy easy with suit of holding my hands up saying I'm sorry to the naive a huge fine as ever but not necessarily any of the technical aspect of his conditioning and he will just wear people down massive mental toughness to with wood Bisping has is just insane mental toughness you know Bisping basically has one eye if you look

► 01:11:49

his eyes his one of his I actually and I hope he can get surgery on it now because he is retired he has oil-like embedded in his eye to protect his retina cuz it's been torn so many times been to his right eye and one of the reasons why he retired as he does see some irregularities in his vision in his left eye so is good I was fucking up to but I mean Michael Bisping is a fucking animal me he is he's about as tough as it gets and he's not like a spectacularly physically talented guy like a Jon Jones or yoel Romero just is unbelievable specimen Michaels you know a really good athlete unquestionably but it just talk just fucking top so to answer your question there's there's a in you could speak to this because

► 01:12:44

what you're talking about did you build you overcome adversity like some people when you were talking about that fatigue is an emotionally driven thing that there's this feeling that you get and you can give in to that feeling or Largo my God I can't do this anymore and some people are more susceptible to that than others and they give it to it quickly I mean here's the here's where you can experience this like what is whether or not your mindset can affect your your endurance get on a treadmill or stationary bike or whatever you want to do for cardio and then listen to a really Kick-Ass song and put on headphones and that song comes on and you just can't feel like it you can just go do something about that and even if you're tired even if you're tired and you put on a good song like fuck that way to keep going like nothing has happened you haven't taken in any kind of a supplement or any kind of a

► 01:13:44

stimulant that you haven't got an injection in your body or not sucking on some kind of new gas your body is exactly the same but through the motivation that you're getting from this music the emotional stimulation you just like fuck that I'm going to keep going yeah and you can keep going and then we can you keep going you can go faster you could push harder you can find these reserves so the ideas of these reserves are always there you have to be able to achieve the state of mind that you would see when you hear a really good song you know and that's true that I think people don't understand you all the Alchemists if you are involved in terms of chemical signals in the brain can be so powerful some people do it naturally I speak in built but when you start

► 01:14:44

it was one of those intangibles you know that you appreciate it and now we're going out there's maybe their ability to alter their own Chemistry by the chemical reactions what happens when you hear a song and you get excited like whatever that yeah whatever that burst is it seems like a real that was a pill and you took it you would owe this works absolutely no stomach philosophy and they're talking about you. I love being both external internal to leave the conversations that go on inside your own head. Just more to the conversation pretty certain you just now that we're trying to kind of apply little bit of science to it looking at the psychology in this Mind Body Connection but the fact is yes some of the greatest ancient stoics they were trying to figure out

► 01:15:44

as well right I'm when you can stop the tap into that when I can become a particular song something that can bring that out of you again training pound yeah I mean the clip when you see it I need to see people that little bit less so that was 2000 pounds isn't it so yeah oh yeah it was to metrics that so Andy Bolton which is the best .2 kilos per pound

► 01:16:39

no 2.2 lb for kilo yeah and then when you see him I mean this is why I love when you start looking at Jesus Christ as the other right there. He's up to look at how big his body is and how normal size is nizar that's like who the bones in his knees he looks so normal I pick it up oh my God it's so when those guys retire how fucked up with their bodies so we can argue with a arrow on classic Russian

► 01:17:38

body's ability to generate force can a single muscle fiber possible and work in conjunction with ligaments and tendons and let's get half a ton of the floor is a thousand pound lift he had his friend in his face hit him in the face deficit between what you can voluntarily contract an involuntary contractions that was him oversleep voluntarily can but they are and you do anything that you can before you actually step out onto that platform and now I mean he would have just been in a completely ran off after that. Sort of adrenal don't have to but until you have to

► 01:18:38

you have to think about that I forgot he said it not me I've been to Velvet they said you need a safe fatigue for competition and I know you spoke about that before she died with his Concepts amazing yeah go ahead and shoot every single day going to complete failure is Faraz zahabi kind of in the adaptation face for the 1936 Hungarian physician you found you know you give took some Lab Rats give him a lethal dose of poison they kill a friend but he found by giving them a little bit of poison little bit more little bit more that they built up this intolerance to it. The General Adaptation Syndrome but it was from that that we discovered stress and stimuli is the

► 01:19:38

eat any adaptation it wasn't until the strength and conditioning Community condom to that and we start to think I can't how can we apply stress and stimuli to the body to bring about desired result I don't think send now I think that's kind of spoiled by the fitness industry that you know it's it's it's easy now in the first boxing driven to say get 15 unit 5 easy steps or where is reality is 8 months after a lot of stress and stimulate a gimmick to get people don't actually work out to get involved it is he's a beast as well I mean to win it to rock up and just do it

► 01:20:38

what are you saying that's okay you're not saying that I get it I get it bro somebody took a picture of my face on Burns Body and I fucking threw up what if he likes to drink and he still he's really is a beast because despite the fact that he doesn't look like Rich Roll he still can keep going scientist in me was like that's amazing and no one's talking about that he's power to weight ratio he still running that something and yes if that's funny that's amazing what's more amazing is Ariana see cuz I really didn't work out and re came in second place and he came in second place by only a thousand points which is the one day I got a thousand

► 01:21:38

the day so he was really only a thousand points behind me but it's a crazy day that's like a 7 hours of work in a day or so at least six and a half hours of work in a day and a lot of it at 80% your max heart rate but he still he wasn't doing anything before this thing started and he was the first one to figure out that you get the same amount of points for 80% your max heart rate as you do for 90 I thought you get more for 90s I was just trying to kill myself everyday and then I was only being able to come up with like 230 points and and it somewhere along those lines because I was Mad Max out at 90% of my max heart rate for like 30 35 minutes I was like exhausted and then re figured out that 80 points pays just as much and so he started watching movies while he was on an elliptical machine and that. Just turned the whole thing into this sort of steady not fast Marathon which was really fast because I never exercise like

► 01:22:38

before and it changed my endurance radically over a month what's interesting is a change my endurance in things that are explosive like kickboxing okay how do you spell a lot because I would mix that in so I would do I would do after a while we were doing so much exercise and I had to do different things Ro get bored so what do a circuit of the elliptical machine and then I would follow the elliptical machine with do I would run on Sundays I run elliptical machine kickbox and on other days I would do the Echo Bike which is an airdyne machine that Rogue makes and then I would do the rowing machine and then I would do the versaclimber and then I added in that are Runner treadmill which is what is it called aerosol treadmill which is a treadmill that you power yourself you your feet pushing on it

► 01:23:38

is what makes you go fast it's not the treadmill that you keep up with it's actually more difficult than actual running 13% more difficult than actual running on the street so I was going crazy I couldn't do the same things over and over again so I kept mixing them up and when I would make some up by the end of the month my kickboxing was I had way more Insurance like I could do 10 hard rounds going 3 minutes each round and then I would recover in between rounds the one minute in between rounds and recover quick bite mark Cuz I'm wearing a heart rate monitor watch my heart rate dip it was dipping really quickly and then I had all this energy and Madness like everything was changing like my my capacity for work changed everything adapted I got a little dehydrated one time and I had pissed it look like Ice-T which is not good so I started panicking and wondering about things like Rhabdomyolysis and

► 01:24:38

little bit of hydration do you do 80% of your you know you work your training in the air but you can keep doing that it's delivering die from a lethal dose of stress and stimulate X completely fresh and not fatigue because you're doing this 80% on an elliptical trainer while watching the movie pirate see that when it comes together you created a more powerful version of yourself and I think it was interesting what you just said they're about recovery between as well

► 01:25:38

Astro man trying to get some of the strongest guys in the one of these strongest guy in the world under stood the benefits of cardiorespiratory training again Jeff time World's Strongest Man was running spell racism marathons at 25 so no worries I'm going through Bogues and marshes and felled trees how old is Delta understood the benefits of a cardio-respiratory training to improve his recovery between set as well one of the units that called you restrict Rangers That Bass the aerobic base and then he built this Incredible strength on top of the aerobic Foundation

► 01:26:38

to whether you know if they knew it or not they were almost creating an athlete like they were creating a fleece back in the Soviet Union are when they were taking athletes going right you giving me a kiss and I don't know if he's Strong Quick good running run faster running for I don't know if we're going to build a base and when they show any sort of genetic potential to be quick whatever we going to get specific and you were almost doing that now you don't send me Brian devil followed this blueprint but it's only now that would kind of dissecting that okay I'm making a bit more purposeful who's this gentleman I have a guy that's Brian sure you're all swollen

► 01:27:28

even now or I tell you what if it's possible he accidentally you must have seen this motherfucker any rocks Converse All Stars do that for you to where he sets the the running record the indoor rowing record and it was just because he didn't like someone started in engine

► 01:28:13

I don't think they have to hold it down in the end cuz it's coming out of the floor Jesus Christ these guys are standing on it sounds like like just been a jet engine right from his leg I mean that technique as well let me know how does it mind me saying it's not necessarily Olympic rowing technique silly power what is more like a deadlift while you're using your large leg muscles

► 01:28:52

banana put weights on it oh my God as a pocket Savage is it so crazy unbelievable this guy so that helps too right cuz the long-stroke I probably shouldn't make that sort of noise in your Six Flags he's basically two people put together

► 01:29:23

628 he's almost 200 pounds above the UFC heavyweight limit sign that says UFC heavyweight limit 265 he's almost 200 pounds too heavy to fight in the heavyweight division of the UFC basketball background and they still look he didn't know that you was going to set the world record for runs the rowing record data is one was 12.8 I believe it was 1308 neuromuscular background that they said hey Brian this is a rowing machine I've heard you speak about it said Eddie is well talking about break dances making great yes

► 01:30:23

everything should work Brian where is if you have someone with a similar word capacity with someone of the same age everything was the same but they didn't have that in your muscular efficiency you say I can get someone in luck Brian and you get this is something quite complex that requires you and he I'm not saying which is very common he was better if there's another one I can even see Brian is an example where he does not believe in the name of the world now but he went out strong on did

► 01:31:23

I think it was that and I think it was Thor O'Brien show went in and just inside of a cleaning job and Joe honestly he just basically upright rows the whole thing I can complete and then that's what you just said record but there is another one of those where you see the cross that with this amazing beautiful technique

► 01:32:08

so far from is Jasmine's crazy that he's doing it like that and what is that 225 lb is that why in the fuck shit that is so crazy that he could do that look at it right but he doesn't have a pause your muscular efficiency that he's doing okay he's a new sport come get involved and he's done I can I see the rules of your school but I'm going to do it my way. What did you put the way above your head normal. Time right there I said that then it will probably come up and you get to see an amazing crisp technique and then equal 1/4 basically doing what what Brian was doing just that

► 01:33:08

wait until one of them I can't believe it comes near you keep him that your CrossFit versus the mountain and then I think you know what eventually come in and give it to come and basically just an upright rows hey we got speed of movement amazing and then

► 01:33:35

is that new or muscular fish isn't there was just mad strength I mean you could do that too if you just said empty bar kind of person that can kind of person they can do that when you think about him dead lifting a thousand pounds or any of these guys I can deadlift an insane numbers just to hold machine can generate so much force yeah that's it though it is they're able to do that again because of that Foundation they did and then you said yeah and you can see them look at you neglected example okay so that's a clean and jerk I found a way to the concept that deadlifts is like the mother of all exercises because it really does work all your muscle groups and if you can get really strong a deadlifts I made a really doesn't Hance almost any single athletic and ever you participate in

► 01:34:35

swervin lost a little bit along the way that that you're not getting the joints ligaments muscles everything to work he siblings, you do that for your training you can pretty much applied for anything so I think that's why I mean I can I used to swim ages ages go way back in the day but I was never going to make so at the least and it I'm graceful yeah. But I can't I just got beaten up I was 16 playing in the senior ladies and guys with beards just beat me up you were talking about earlier as in terms of mental fortitude and your ability to adapt and you Billy's overcome wonderful ever going to figure out a way to measure that like to measure in mental endurance or measure

► 01:35:35

mental capacity or mental stimulation you know you can measure your VO2 max and you know what the body is capable of but I wonder if there's a way like when someone does hear great song and it kicks in whether it's through fmri or any other type of detection device where they can figure out a way of all this part of your brain is firing let's concentrate on building up the the activation that part of that brain of the brain like like a muscle think of that endurance or think of that motivation as like maybe even a mantra that you can call upon cuz you call upon it all the time he can recreate that state I think for the first time can actually find be in the Special Forces so at the moment

► 01:36:35

and is 500 young fit man we can say they need to be this way this pole and gives them we experience of putting them through this training system of mental and physical for everything down in in limbs Dynasty the training center the Royal Marines and we don't miss endurance course we going and by the end of the Green Beret hats at 32 weeks we can take you from being completely sedan tree but unfit to being a rumor and that's one thing they Pride themselves on but now what they say the most interesting is what does that look like for a female ring I mean broken off today just running like to go and I was like one of them like to go you can summon some of my best training pot is a female

► 01:37:35

is unbelievable that when you look at the top tier of ultra-marathon running and swimming as well for us to go from Florida to Cuba to Florida incredible like she was getting stung by Portuguese man-of-war just unbelievable to you point if we can start to quantify that because they're all biological differences by testosterone can have an impact on high hemoglobin generator but but I think if we could quantify wide is the sudden female athletes are dominating the top 10% of ultra marathons in an Open Water Swimming what is it I'll be amazing I think the ability to endure pain and this is not my thought honestly I should just say this is been theorized before has to do with their ability to endure

► 01:38:35

the pain of childbirth child labor and childbirth me just the fact that they're forcing a baby out of their vagina and I mean that is insane maybe they do they've taken these electrodes they put it on men and recreate the pain of childbirth at and watch these men fucking fall apart like fuck it turn it off. It's it's I mean obviously I haven't given birth but it supposed to be unbelievably painful and women are biologically suited to this this is like so I think their ability to endure that pain is just it's probably just there's an evolutionary advantage to having this more higher-capacity but I also think one of the things that I learned from teaching martial arts is that women they learn technique better many times than men do because one they listen and to they don't try to muscle things so

► 01:39:35

women have less of a problem with learning something from a person and this is also true about archery my friend John Dudley who's an archery coach says his favorite students are always women because they listen better they don't have as much of an ego they don't have to pretend they already know something they don't want to just try it without and they follow it to a t better like generally I miss he was speaking in generalities but they also don't have the extra muscle that a man has so man when they're strong will try to just force things and muscle thing where women will try to follow what's being described them what's the proper technique and they do it properly all the time and then they develop this pattern of proper technique I noticed this was Taekwondo and I think my friend John said he always notices with archery I think this this this benefit 7 Sports because like if you learn Jujitsu really the best people to learn from our smaller men

► 01:40:35

or women because they the smaller people they don't have the physical strength to pull it off on a big guy so what they have to rely on is correct technique but if you learn Jujitsu from a big guy man big guy Jiu-Jitsu is weird because they could just grab your wrist and you can't get good you can't let go and they can get away with things like okay you go risk control and throw the legs up risk control OK risk control on who I try risk control on that big mother fucker that was rowing the world record you ain't getting shit man you're going to go flying to the end of his control I go to work you're going to have to go against his strength dragon have to figure out a way to move around it you have to go to you're not going to go through it right that big guy if he was teaching Jiu-Jitsu kind of horsepower that a man like you know a normal man can't imagine

► 01:41:27

do you think that's changing a $0.10 to bring it back to the UFC I suppose cuz now I mean with what call me I was doing and Indiana Jones and come back to do you think it was just a physical Phenom now the small a technical 265 pound weight class in the consensus thought seems to be that somewhere around 240 lb is the magic number that's what they think they think that 240 lb is the amount of weight that you have where you're strong enough so you can knock out any man but you have more endurance than a man that maybe ways to 65 or heavier and cuts down to 265 West and she hated the problem is they're there hasn't been a really super powerful World Championship athlete that weigh 265 lbs there's been Brock Lesnar

► 01:42:27

but Brock Lesnar's enhanced you're dealing with a guy who tested positive for steroids he probably has had things in it and this is a new world also 40 years old now so it's impossible to tell what he would have been like it 30 if he was clean and then you have guys like Francis ngannou who's 265 lb massive knockout artist natural 205 pounds but doesn't have the wrestling base got exposed in his fight with Steve Bay miocic and can't knock you out is kind of doomed any tired out after the first round again so it's hard to say cuz there's never been a 265-pound version of Cain Velasquez my humble opinion when I look at all of the different heavy weight that I've personally seen fight Cain stands out as the best the reason why I can't stand out of the best is cuz he has superhuman endurance and his ability to put a pace on guys you would see these guys just Wilt under the pressure of

► 01:43:27

I think we can if this is where it gets really interesting what did him in is probably would also brought him to the top is his mental toughness because his body started breaking down he started having all these back injuries need a back surgery multiple back surgeries shoulder surgery knee surgery everything was getting fucked up and I think it was getting fucked up cuz he was working through pain and because he has the ability to tolerate pain that most people don't have any just a fucking animal but that's also probably what led to him having this insane endurance is the same kind of mental toughness I'm sure there's some genetic advantages as well cuz they would talk about how he would take months off and come back in still fuck everybody up cuz he's just that good but that also could be attributed to the cardio base that he had from competing for many many many many years at a high level and in being known for that insane endurance and perceptions of potato

► 01:44:27

chained up there every one of those people yet he has tremendous fatigue ability to tolerate fatiguing for tremendous endurance and he he breaks people you know to call me king of the grind and put on top of that they would they both have is tremendous wrestling technique that the wrestling technique as well as the endurance everything plays a factor Jon Jones fits into that camp as well Jon Jones has tremendous wrestling technique as well striking techniques massive physical skills but also mental toughness his mental toughness is unchallengeable you absolutely have to give it up to him he's had his arm fucked up by Vitor Belfort completely hyper-extended refuse to tap and then one of tapping feet without without my American I believe it was the next round and toe against Chael Sonnen

► 01:45:27

to go into shock with his upside down it was completely turned upside down and up going into the next round if you didn't stop Chael Sonnen and it still was that fucked up and he wound up losing the Chael Sonnen because his toe as bad as insane he also went through that fight with Alexander Gustafsson where he was a really training very hard for that if I won the first couple rounds and then Jon Jones won the last two to take it away. Deciding factor that you come out and you for juice that also when Jon Jones's favor I believe he has to fucking super athlete brothers and they used apparently beat the shit out of each other all the time his brothers bigger than him I think that is a factor because I think that this mental toughness that comes from being around

► 01:46:27

that kind of combat in the household all the time yeah I think it's a bunch of different but it's it's hot I don't know I think you can teach that I don't believe that mental toughness is something you either have or you don't have I don't believe that I think you can teach it but you got to want it and you got to be willing to let you got to be able to bring yourself to a state of mind where your unbreakable I think it's possible I really do and some people just have that that is a stand that mean and I think they've developed it over a long period of time and once they finally got to whether it's wrestling or Jiu-Jitsu or MMA they already had it and then they accentuated it and end in added on to it and it got stronger than to become known for it like that guy is just an atom always just mentally strong but I think that mental strength comes from many life experiences and probably probably the guidance of their parents or some other role model in there

► 01:47:27

if it also showed them incredible endurance and incredible discipline and disability this mental fortitude I think you can teach it though I think I don't believe that it's something that's just either have or you don't have I think you either have it or you don't have it but you can get it that's what I think I always get back to the album by Weezer. George St-Pierre I know yeah mental fortitude because how he survived but I mean it was it was you and you know he's he's not like a thug or a British guy he's a very well-read intelligent thoughtful guy but he's also

► 01:48:27

a guy that knows how to dig deep you know end

► 01:48:33

you know when he fought George St-Pierre that was his big shot you know me his big shot was against a guy who's at the time was in his prime and the greatest welterweight arguably of all time in the argument is between him Matt Hughes and I believe now Tyron Woodley isn't at Camp as well as like that the greatest welterweights ever but you will you get out of Dan Hardy is a guy who thought things through show me he's really comes through in his commentary is a very very intelligent guy would you say he's the same approach and he's a nice guy but I'm just about to wash clothes you said about the swim

► 01:49:33

anyone know he's a sweetheart until you're locked in cage then there's a fuck you up the difference between him and he's a world-class wrestler I mean he was a two-time Olympic team member and just one of the best wrestlers to ever compete in MMA and you really see that in a lot of his fights like the Derrick Lewis fight Derek had no chance but no chance you know when Derek just knocked out Alexander volkov who is a lot of people's eyes including mine was one of the dark horses in the heavyweight division but Derek just did not belong in there with Cormier who is the light heavyweight champion me cares a lot of fat on him his name in it I think if if he wanted to if Daniel call me a really dedicated himself he could drop down a hundred eighty-five pounds I really believe that but he's just being easy why would he's a fucking heavyweight champion that's a difference in him and his many differences between him and Dan the success ratio is very different than you know, he's been extremely successful

► 01:50:33

and I also but a complete engine in it but when you talk about that Mind Body Connection like so often to see in a separate driver an intellect or you're just that physical Phenom like it's rare that you see the two ancient Greek philosopher Plato go to find the answers to that philosophy seek it was it was something that I was such an advocate of it and I think I'm again this is coming from a wrestling like I was this something about wrestling it seems or spend your muscular efficiency and stuff but it seems to Just Produce this breed of humans that you know about being face down in a mess

► 01:51:33

contort your limbs experiences that the coil for now when I go swimming I'm like it's not the car that can I'm not wearing the jellyfish tentacle on my face United States voted to use answer my question is do you think it's the same with wrestling that you like I've been in a worse position than this I think for sure I think there's the the strength that they have the intellectual strengths and when I say intellectual strengths there is it actually solving puzzles weather people understand it or not you look at wrestling you think tallest brute force and strength endurance but there's solving puzzles right there setting traps they're trying to set up techniques and they're doing this under heavy workload right there exhausted their hearts pounding and they're resisting a hundred percent with another person is resisting on

► 01:52:33

we see guys tie up and it throwing each other around and they're fucking digging their toes and has a tremendous amount of force that they have to keep up from minute to minute at a time and I think a lot of that has to do with your ability to maintain intensity and a lot of that has to do with your ability to tolerate being exhausted and tolerate fatigue and to force yourself into an in a highly aggressive and efficient mindset and to be able to maintain proper technique under fatigue that's a good point technique and intelligent as we can be when training with them I find that it's crazy how you want to have the cognitive functioning of a five-year-old you know you are right right right on your backpack and somebody asks you some really complex question and you'll just lie and I think the swim

► 01:53:33

6 hours into a swing through the night really clear instructions to Dallas cowboy Cerrone and there's times when he's just in his Corner in the stool like he's got great Durance to that that helps it certainly helps his ability to recover teaching rounds you see his fight this weekend but he said to me he goes he goes to try to take me down like shit I'm going to let him he said I let him take me down then he reversed immediately and got him in our barn and broke his arm he snapped his forearm and half he sent me the x-rays

► 01:54:24

yeah yeah I'm sending this from not supposed to send this I got to send this shit yeah we've been going back and forth and you know for him I think it was a matter of rekindling his excitement here it is can you see that you want me to send it to you or I'll send it to you Jamie also I think with Donald when it comes were talking about stimulation and motivation he has a son now is a little baby son he brought his son into the octagon with him and celebrating with his son he seem different to me you seem different in this Poise completely in control the guys fighting Mike Perry is fucking dangerous is fucking dangerous he hits really hard he's very aggressive and Donald just handle them and and Perrie took him down I think you didn't like what was going on stand up wise

► 01:55:24

he just snapped that shit but that but you mentioned there is what was the Bernie talking about he signed it was such an emotional post that you posted on Instagram I loved it and finding something that that alters your biochemistry you know now that he's fighting for something that you need music before we left the children he has something that he he what he said was I never knew what I was fighting for said now I have something to fight for I think he was fighting for excitement for for Thrills cuz he's a he's a thrill said he's a wild motherfuker he likes jet skiing and jumping snowmobiles off the side of mountains and he's an animal but he doesn't give a fuck

► 01:56:24

different thing what he's doing in this fight in particular I think this is a different thing because he's fighting for his son mean he's got this family now and it means the world to him and he looks over at this guy I just got is trying to take food from his family and he just wasn't efficient assassin it was just it was beautiful to watch was like I think the best performance of his career and you know maybe my perry is not as good as Darren till or is he felt Los Angeles or some of the other people that he fought in the past but it's fucking dangerous cities a legit welterweight where Donald's not Donald confided 250 pounds that's one of things Donald said after the fight is it could be because I'm back I'm coming for you so he wants to drop down to 155 and if I could be if you think you might have something different in mind khabib is the mother fucker of all motherfukers you know I mean Molly Watson maybe but ask different weight classes

► 01:57:24

and kabobz 55 if could be Ben askren agree to attach my spices that is absolutely a possibility and absolutely a possibility that a screen could best him because of someone's going to be could be it's going to be someone is a superior wrestler and askren is a mother fucker of a wrestler but is he better than could be we really don't know and we will not know until they they fight but I do have to say that could be in the training camp at AKA this is coming straight from Cormier and a bunch of other people to train with him say that he trains with olympic-caliber wrestlers and fucks them up that's how good could be this could be he's he's so God damn good on the ground when he gets a hold of guys they look perplexed and I was bring up the Edson Barboza fight cuz I moan in the Barboza fight in the first round when he died thousand yard stare where could he be taking him down he was mauling them and he looked over the dishes like how the fuck am I going to get through three rounds this shit yeah

► 01:58:24

it was just before you said if somebody doesn't know you know what they doing like it's like drowning exactly how you feel but it's something that you could learn see the single what you've done in my eyes would you've done it so difficult I think you could do anything I really do I think what you did by forcing yourself to do that shit for 6 hours a day take a break 6 hours again to do 12 hours of swimming everyday for five fucking months that kind of mental fortitude if someone just taught you mean obviously you're very physically strong and fit if someone just taught you technique and taught you how to Grapple and taught you kickboxing you would be a mother fucker at it because you're mine

► 01:59:24

you're so strong it got that you know there's a different mindset to have that same kind of mind strength with the adversity of another human being trying to kill you say something people deal with other people's up like there's something about a person breathing down your neck that's trying to choke you that's very disconcerting but if you can get past that and I think you could you would be a mother fucker anything you did just training for 12 hours a day so weak so that's crazy yes I'm sleeping in the boat this whole time I was doing meteor interviews and everything was swaying and I was like

► 02:00:24

was it too comfy up in the middle of the night I was with my girlfriend and I'm looking for my goggles in a spanking the tides about the jump you've been conditioned I don't like really cared about soon as I woke up I wanted to know what the times were doing you knew what was it running hot when does it start when did however get title bad part of the spring tides and neap tides spring tides going strong any type of currency that's what I heard about it was really strange that you to try now and integrate back into Society come back and it's m a shock the realreal show us feel like you're in an alternate universe or something like that to go through 5 months of one reality and then to come out on the other end

► 02:01:24

almost bit but then he was like my body is used to working hard for 12 hours a day and just been doing me your week has been amazing but is an element of me just kind of got in to use this work capacity and so I am so the training session I did I was in there for like 6 hours and I was tired that's crazy right now still going to go back to our sedentary ways and it went to lose all this work that we put in because of the end of the month re who would never worked out before ran 15 miles and then got on the bike for a while having able to get on the bike but I think you did at least a mile on the bike and this was 4 plus hour work out but he had never done anything before me and he did

► 02:02:24

Jitsu I bought him some Jujitsu lessons I bought him a year at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu like like 10 years ago he went for a while then he hurt his knee and stop going but he was 10 years of nothing and he's fucking 40-something years old and forced himself that is mental fortitude so he shifted I mean lazy like wheel of homeostasis I have been in that state to talk about today in somebody's relative I don't think it is hard and I think you have to be so conscious of that so now my legs at the moment I shrunk but not just my leg day in 457 days

► 02:03:24

Jimmy of a day in the end because of the ligaments tendons are the shoulders of used to being consulted in ways that they shouldn't be controlled as a resisting the winners it's coming towards stroke and then I went I mean this times when the waves hit me so hard I thought I'd just head boat you know I hit something and that would be for us it was that resistance as well so on the bench press it was just kind of like to 160 you know what's 160 kilos what is 160 kilos in sorry Jamie but then equally my legs in the score

► 02:04:24

350 350 a so you know a trap sesame seed stop nobody knows you know I could learn to walk again and everyone laughed and I was like yeah yeah you go to think 12 hours in the water every day but even when I was on the boat I was probably eating or sleeping so your load capacity hold your body weight up is diminished entered into the small group of people like astronaut where you've been in a non-weight-bearing environment for so long

► 02:05:24

when you watch that video but I can also try not to genuinely I was thinking please don't treat me as you're a young guy you're you're not a lot of these endurance guys are old angry people disability the world and end and push through things how old are you yeah that's very young to do what you did isn't it going to make that I that I always think when people that I'm too old now to try and sleep I need to use when you look at these

► 02:06:24

WeatherTech faces efficiency soap that cardiorespiratory endurance has just been built up from years and years and they almost I love the mountains and running so much that they don't care if it's raining or like they need a mother fucker Josh Naylor

► 02:07:02

that you was wrong to a gay bathhouse a short shorts shorts are you getting those are those are shorts are the girls wearing a porno movie

► 02:07:33

what is a famous famous spell race packet English Legend has it enough that's what he did in history and Heritage is it isn't it a hole in a small town and if you were standing on your hand on me calling you looking at your watch like that run it past you

► 02:08:33

I didn't have to do in 24 hours as well. I think she yeah yeah so many Savages out there behind the blue set the record it says there I needed to suffer says Kilian jornet after breaking the record that is good for 36 years that he needed to suffer and it goes back to school Phoenix sports science fair is with this wood fell running it took 36 years for somebody to get close to that you need to know that

► 02:09:33

almost picture for instance you could be running down there struggling on the ropes and you might not know you that just in 50 meters to your right is a perfect sheep Trail getting up and above and over it no matter what path you take specific pan that you have to take points that you have so it's just point to point to point to Point Mugu how do they Mark those points do they have a long established that you come back to me back please have these guys look like a guy that would do that where is you don't this is my my point about you and endurance like your physique you don't see a guy

► 02:10:33

with your physique doing this kind of stuff do you think that you could do this kind of stuff

► 02:10:45

20 20 20 lb something like running cuz you're so heavy of power do you think it would be possible if you put if you add more power to obviously not now because you're getting off at 5 months on the boat but if you built your legs and your feet back up do you think you could do this yeah I do you think I believe it is almost like he grew up in the hills semi-nomadic in the morning of cheese you know so when you are lining up on a star

► 02:11:45

guy but he's here but he is built for that they smell like so you too but you don't think that guys built for swimming like if that guy had to do what you did swimming why's he would be at a disadvantage different experience but then it gets to a point when we like 30 kilometers in where the body mechanics because of that starts to break down maybe you got to train your digestive system so again is it mainly on adult pool but even strength face Sports you know little guys won't think anything about putting away 15000 calories a day which is what I'm doing that why you're swimming pool when you were sitting down once you got inside the boat

► 02:12:45

eating just a bilities when my tongue was falling apart quite often just like porridge oats in a mixed with honey mix with almond butter and then even looking out here we go yo what's up somewhere what is that in that bowl beans mostly yeah so like what would what would you eat like what were the full this this is from

► 02:13:45

The Mask stop cyst of the jellyfish

► 02:13:51

no but it doesn't matter but even the master the giant jellyfish is called in the Nokia pitch on that somewhere that kind of like 6 ft long swimming at 9 and you call and see them the tentacles why don't you go get you and so I can go in your mouth you're trying to find nutrition Lee as well as a framework you having your protein which stays the same for the rest of the 15,000 calories you basically need to make out with your two energy yielding micronutrients carbs and fats and so for me it was very calm dependent because when you are swimming for giant whirlpool you can't say can I have some fats which the body has to go sit in front of us is going to take long to know you just looking at MCTS

► 02:14:51

medium chain triglycerides as well which are a fat so they have the calorie density of a fat butt that treated more like a carbohydrate mean system as well Brian to get 15000 calories I think I always point out that it's using things like MCTS in coconut oil and suddenly converted to ATP adenosine triphosphate when you understand how to use MCT like that it can be quite easy to make up 15000 calories you try makeup 15000 calories in cooked

► 02:15:51

Whirlpool I'm rolling my stomach for 12 hours a day it's just like with seasickness it's not going to happen you just need a lot of really dense foods that's the thing that it goes back to again this this Belk about spoke about but you know quite often a lot of endurance athletes. Mazing unbelievable that the program but quite often they say they can just eat that's often overlooked that my buddy I know I didn't have a sick day for out the host that's crazy was the FBI started in 92 kilos you when you when you look at the pictures from the start to the Finish I just look just like Harry yeah but just because you are asking your body to just swing around the fact that you are you don't want to be in a calorie deficit

► 02:16:51

microtrauma the body's going to go eat fruit I know this is horrible I know it's cold jellyfish toxins I mean on some off some like in 20 times in one night in a single tide and he said go to the point where I told about my face with changing shape of the toxins in your body your heart would stop beating faster and you know so that was just the idea that just eat just to look after the body so when it comes to nutrition and it will you take me any supplements or you take vitamins on super green shakes unit two multivitamins to two protein shakes just to make sure that you are supplementing that calories

► 02:17:51

like phytochemicals enzymes micronutrients what about fish oil anything almost anything that you were thinking will this is even said to glutamine to highest turnover amino acids so after the training as well you can have it if you look at Tiffany's of branched chain amino acids is what will trigger to your Motor Acceptance to basically repair and regrow so you can have all the protein in the world but if it's very good quality protein your body is not going to simulator Ryan so it's not about the protein that you eat post workout

► 02:18:51

yeah and specific I said leucine just to make sure that I was kick start in the whole recovery Pro how to refuel know what about your protein will you getting it mostly from Sam's if the boat and stocking Foods net perishable as much as I love my barbecue ribs and everything like that that we had on the boat Brian so when you get any fresh food eggs anything along those lines ultimately yeah it was trying to find a way that was was sustainable as possible but within the parameters that we had that was what was tricky what

► 02:19:51

about your joints I would imagine repetitive stress of swimming would wreak havoc on your shoulders and that's why this goes back to the first one she developed that sort of horsepower capacity that was talking about before from when I run the marathon pulling a car it was that this is such a strange story but I can to raise money for the for the teenage cancer Trust of Everest so it was at 8,800 movement efficiency place you could be you can have the best muscular endurance the world cartersburg changes but if you can imagine with a rope volume if you are solely relying on your muscles your arms like

► 02:20:51

the fattest guy in the world but within that kinetic chain something's going to give the week is part time so you're right from that I have the capacity for the marathon and then from the Rope poem I certainly understood movement efficiency and system 2 transferring those skills over to swimming I knew that you couldn't swim like a conventional swimmer everything that I told you specially and wave and everything so I ended up developing really slow and come tomorrow to sleep but you know it was really rolling and that's why I asked you about swimming I need some looking it up again to use him as if I know this is Triathlon for everything that is told about swimming it's probably for someone who looks like in the Michael Phelps or you're an amazing specimen you saying Birds fat is always hang

► 02:21:51

is there a hashtag I'll listen we have photographic evidence of that photo of him with his belly hanging out it's the most ridiculous is after he ran a marathon yes he lost 18 pounds during sober October he's the only one that lost weight I gain weight

► 02:22:27

I love you why is Bert Kreischer Chrysler so fat

► 02:22:39

for the waiting is he got no type race a bunch of those is amazing that's like running LeMans in a pinto

► 02:23:01

everything bit that that's not real Photoshop or something we send everything that you probably learned from you won't be a pic boo see you because of how broad you want how things that you can actually use and why was base to be really engaging the lights to drop the muscles of the back going back to find sure what he was talking about yeah I knew that I couldn't necessarily do that looking at dealt we can do high all videos 457 Karen paintable world champion 10K amazing athletes are not one of them so you developed more efficient slower a style that you could continue for 5 months

► 02:24:01

you just end up meditation it just became like in the limiting you had said any given time any tide you have to think of something that was going to be more powerful than the thought of stopping off at eGo-C else's like it was really easy because you were swimming with dolphins minke whales be at the Minke whale and B16 the moment swimming Bristol Channel

► 02:25:01

am I safe flight reaching over the top is coming on to me and swimming like that what's going on and he says I've never seen this is I think it's a female I might want to fuck you well I go okay that mean I seen him for 4 months in this water I'm going to fuck them right around the corner

► 02:25:47

yeah but she thinks that you're an engine seal for the next she basically said yep yet mugshot of wolves that we X whale breach one more time and then and then swim off as if to say you know you're safe now amazing amazing who was the hardship and everything I describe the weather in sunsets and and and swimming with seals and and it was amazing and yes that was in the actual one you encounter

► 02:26:43

I was concerned about that one but they the nurse about the basking shark to that friendly very easy to swim when when you knew this dolphins and everything but there's times when you are lost in this moving meditation but then you see something like that you've wits about you today as well so that was that were they interested in you didn't see any but they wouldn't attack you right now what's the dishes yet so we were speaking with marine biologist that's why I'm saying what's the situation here and they said well so intelligent and they've never been known this is what they sent me to attack a human

► 02:27:43

it's probably going to be you because no one's ever spent that amount of time in the water as well so I was like I said no you need to do is make sure that you returned it like a seal cuz they might mistake you for sale but they might bite you but then they will got all my training so I was just trying my best not to look like a seal I think when they were tag people in the wild with toys in them in captivity it's always been Trainor's husband anger frustration you know and that was my experience with the Minke what I think it was people satellite how do you swim at night because sitting around that what's the score in those it was a debt for 200 me to is that you just Sunday I think having swamp with the Minke whale around the Bristol Channel I was very aware that in the high

► 02:28:42

Rocky of the sea I was very low down the pecking order and if it's comforting and any strange way I was like I'll be just darkness let them already suffering Bay across the top of Scotland and then you can even say anything to the Moonlight when they stars and it was in that complete sensory deprivation you can hear everything and it's just if you hear a noise or if all you're like really LOL but they don't give then got 6 hours to contemplate so it's pretty sad and again like I said Marcus Aurelius meditations stoic philosophy that the conversations you have in your own had to just as powerful those people and I suddenly found out all the way around that you would just stop

► 02:29:42

the song is when you saw that comes from I think you know your face this idea of doing it for the right reasons why can't it to bring back to a man may I suppose this is really fast make me you know some fires Adele coming out over time and we will Mayweather Mayweather it was a spends money he spends money like crazy he was going to fight tension tension. How do you pronounce his last see what's going on here yeah see if you find that on my Instagram he's out of his fucking mind a coma

► 02:30:42

what are the reasons that I think you spend a shit ton of money you think they're trying to get it back on track Floyd have been duped into agreeing to the contest but they will do Pim by the way they are very different if those if this happens believe you me he's going to get kicked in the head they're going to they might say no Kiki listen man you get in the ring with tension he's going to try to roundhouse kick you into another fucking Dimension know they agreed to the rules but I think he's 20 I think he's 20 years old he's a really fantastic Talent yeah he really is

► 02:31:42

striking breakdowns on Instagram Lawrence Kenshin has he's done a bunch of breakdowns as Brandon Dorman still a bunch of breakdowns to intention but he's Lawrence Kenshin has this really fascinating video of him fighting the world Muay Thai champion and he will kick him in the head was more like I'd jump spinning back kick to the chin but the way he did it was like a really weird angle and you could see him setting up he's really creative and he just found like a weird opening for this guy and just took this guy into Oblivion he's nasty and he's really sneaky like the kind of techniques of the Lance very clever with his reads and his understanding of distancing

► 02:32:30

and what possible striking breakdowns on Instagram

► 02:32:36

but yeah it's weird that you know how much money does he I think he can but this is why I love again I'm really just catching up on this like set out your support I have been at c457 days but with everything that happened striking breakdowns I just got to it

► 02:33:04

what time is it in

► 02:33:06

it's not coming up

► 02:33:09

maybe there's something wrong with Instagram

► 02:33:15

I don't know I got it right here here I'll send you the link so we can see

► 02:33:22

yeah and we going to send you this

► 02:33:27

hope their copy link sorry folks but this is a I don't know how much they were offering him you know so I don't know how much okay I sent it to you I don't know if he has to be millions of dollars that's the only way he'd be willing to do it but if they offer and he's also tension is quite a bit smaller I think he weighs 130 and Floyd walks around me spot at 1:50 for 1:50 ish and foot MacGregor is it 55 this this kid is fucking nasty man but he does a lot of wild shit like there's a there's a video here they see him fight this movie Thai guy and he hit some with this crazy that's when he was a little kid let's see how he does she like that like sneaky shit

► 02:34:27

boom puts I do to sleep but the way set it up that's a weird angle for that kick very tight very tight and it was straight so it was basically like a jump spinning back kick to the chin generate. No no no no no power you can get extension on his legs it's just he had to jump and talk and spin but the fact that he chose that angle it's like he realized the guy was going to see things that were coming around so instead of coming around he had it come up and in through the middle which is which made it much sneakier tivity exactly McGregor and Diaz

► 02:35:23

how is just how much you trying to beat up or towel so you know I was just like that spinning capoeira Crescent cardiorespiratory endurance strength that the metric saying and I have to go to be too full five you know whatever the invented the Mist I think we need that I believe he did he kicks most certainly work yeah but it's not a high percentage technique it doesn't it's all there's only been a few will kick Knockouts in in the UFC the first one was Edson Barboza over Terry Adams

► 02:36:23

number one there's been a few since then Vitor Belfort shock Luke rockhold with a wheel kick it's it's happened before but it's just not a high percentage kick and it's usually kicked its you know it's comes out of nowhere you don't expect it right but it's can you tell when someone has it and doesn't exist and intangibles if you said if it this star the thought you said you didn't want to cheat I think you start opening the door and sports performance into something that's just this hold of a realm that you don't talk about strength to see again with creativity especially in regards to striking technique yeah that's a that's a crazy intangible because you're essentially deciding when to move and what to do

► 02:37:22

you can throw Jabs pizza Front kick kick you throw will kick you can throw turning sidekick you can throw an axe kick if you're crazy given this a lot of different things you can do so what do you decide to do why do you say to do it is it because you have a style like some people style is like Connor likes to hop in and out a throws like a little boy stance some guys like to hold up like this animal eat I shall and they move forward lifting the front leg up and then they move forward and challenge with leg kicks and striking techniques some guys just like to wrestle the Delta paw at you and they look to shoot like Ben askren you know he's not looking to stand up to strike with anybody is it going to take you to ground beat the fuck out of you that's what he does so it's all what do you decide to do and why do you decide to do it and when do you decide to do it yet when do you engage you know you're throwing some things you know you don't want to be the guy who makes it obvious you moving forward cuz then like Connor clipped Aldo

► 02:38:22

you get rocked you know what's up it's crazy she's crazy sport if you enter into that room I even stopped by someone I've been trying to like like George Jones who's going to move at the heavyweight is it going to be will it benefit him deadlift muscle mass be functional and I think when you start to question and when should he do that that's another good question because you're beating your body up to do that and is that conducive with a high aerobic capacity training like multiple rounds of sparring and fagg work and Pad work and all the lower back muscles that are getting stressed and does that lead

► 02:39:22

potential injuries is he potentially damaging his discs is Annie's like there's a lot of lot of things to be considered in the when should you do that a lot of people do you think you should do that when you're nowhere near Camp yeah yeah like you win a fight and then you decide to the buildup in between camps and I think yes yet he missed weight in its title shot against Tyron Woodley and then he got rocked put away so if you're moving up how do you do it intelligently so then they were going to just like they say training is the realize of that realization wants kinetic potential when you get someone like Rumble Johnson it's just what he made wait I'm sorry he made with against Tyron Woodley didn't he

► 02:40:16

yeah she made with Donald Cerrone that's what it was he came in very heavy and surrounding I think you've been way better off at 185 lb I think many of them will I think there's a point of diminishing returns were there significantly depleting themselves to make that weight and then when they don't have to do that they have more energy and seen that time and time again exactly where I mean yeah yeah he did find heavy weight successfully in in the pfl he not he broke Andrei Arlovski Andrei Arlovski up as a heavyweight kind of power

► 02:41:16

he's in the game right now it's making some money selling weed is legal now

► 02:41:39

party right yes he fought Hardy and he took him down which was interesting he didn't want to stand with Dan back in the day was a different thing I mean it kind of made an agreement to stand with each other and then he's a bitch you took him down and he won by decision but that was a different Rumble Johnson I think the rumble Johnson at 170 he had no fucking energy who's on death's door he was just always exhausted he would lose spicy just got choked out by Josh Koscheck you're just too tired it was his favorite cupcakes over from Hawaii is just that element now that that I think as much as MMA has as evolved into someone he doesn't understand the technical aspects but someone who loves

► 02:42:39

Sports history and it went off watch the amazing but it's still go outside I think even now it's crazy when you have someone so gifted like that but they are rehydrating and recall on cupcakes it's like it's like they're all better this way better ways to go but he's kind of sitting that guy was going on and then you're going to get hey guys like the cupcakes guys who was it have decent about I wasn't it it was so big

► 02:43:39

yeah I think it's really interesting date that physiological puppetry if you know how to do it intelligently can be so powerful I need to still a demand of the places on your organs that's it's this consequences end in overtime your body resists it and this was the thought behind Max Holloway's last week cutting fail is that when he was trying to cut down on short notice if I could be the number to Matt off he was cutting down only to 155 and you couldn't make it Brian and they pulled him out of that and then he starts suffering some significant problems when he was getting ready for Brian Ortega and they think that when he was ready for getting ready for a take up what was going on with his body was reacting to the fact he was trying to cut weight again and it was like fuck you we just got through this man right now and he was like really messed up because of a right and he had to go through a battery of tests before they approved him to fight

► 02:44:39

does body had like fully fully recover months off and then get back to training and now he's okay again but we didn't cut anyway yeah that was his way that will do this what they say Frankie although was the 155 lb champion and now competes at 145 lb of really you should be fighting at 1:35 and 1:35 is where he could be at his best that's what everybody says especially people that know like weight cutting and they look at what he walks around and like look 20 pounds from 55 ain't shit yeah yeah you know those guys do it all the time especially you get a guy like a George Lockhart really knows how to do it and put that way back on you you know and how to do it correctly scientifically with seeing that now crossover Sports I think this Evolution that we were understanding

► 02:45:39

I believe it's amazing the fastest Australian commentator he just ran like rings around everybody and then he is the bull oh my God

► 02:46:27

Jason just passed him like the guy was ahead of him respect best book how much faster is in those guys that's hilarious isn't it like that other guy you've been doing something else and gotten so much power and energy in his body that he could translate that to 2 rowing I was seeing that now but it at the car lot like said he's cool he's going to try and then they come and take out those two, that's open this I can't believe you don't even playing in or number of months and that they were like yeah that's amazing and they have a commentary no I can believe it he's just tried to give the referee the bull

► 02:47:27

cement just run

► 02:47:35

just bugging run

► 02:47:39

that's incredible now there's more money it's not as popular as basketball and it doesn't pay as much money is LeBron James makes cuz 5 million just from basketball like and then sponsorships like unless you're Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather you're not going to make that much money for fighting they can make that much money from fighting but they're so rare and then Connor could only make that much money from fighting few box Floyd like even though the fight with khabib was the number one MMA pay-per-view of all time the number to pay per view in the history

► 02:48:39

pay-per-views just behind Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pac yeah right you got more pay-per-view buys did Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor I believe I believe that's true wow look that up I think it was 2.2 million for Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor and then 2.4 million for Floyd Mayweather vs khabib nurmagomedov I think it was number two of all time just behind the Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao fight which is just incredible so they must have made a shit ton of money from that but how many times can Conner do that don't you know mean look the Irish support him but people thought he had a chance of winning that fight and then once he gets smashed like that I don't think they're going to think he has a chance of winning again unless he does something significant right right as to beat somebody has to fight like Kevin Lee and fuck him up you know if he fought Kevin Lee or Tony Ferguson

► 02:49:39

Demopolis and then email said look I had two years off I wasn't ready for it to be but I'm ready now fuck the Mayweather and he said something like that he's got to have some success though. Floyd Conor was 6.7 million Floyd Manny was 4.4 million and then it would have been right around the next one would have been Oscar and Floyd which is 2.4 by 2.5 2.4 so so is number 3 then overall number 1 MMA MMA but number 3 overall boxing number for Floyd Manny is so crazy 6.7 for Floyd County Wide my numbers off big-time amount of money testing bit with that phone around this kind of extrinsic motivation money media Fame

► 02:50:34

does intrinsic motivation and and in a strange way with the swim you know and those cameras and it was amazing and I know how to swim across the Mari says get hit by a jellyfish and you know six degrees was it was it was horrible and I think that I'm still trying to catch up there was talk of a rematch but the UFC did not offer him some that was rumors they hadn't even talked they were trying to figure out what to do next and in fact the UFC said that most likely next with Tony Ferguson the last time they talked about someone fighting for the title again but it was awhile ago

► 02:51:34

I think it was when could be years ago now Met George St-Pierre and you know said I would love you to meet you there we fight for me that was really interesting because the beads motivation seems to be intrinsic but he just wants to do something it's a different beast and that's what I find really interesting but I'm not saying different as in better words because ultimately Mayweather's never lost but when you see someone that never ever you think is he just an extremely motivated when he sang and if it doesn't make money it doesn't make sense extrinsically motivated I don't know I've never met the guy

► 02:52:34

a lot of it is an act do you think yeah he's too good right there has to be some some deep emotional connection to his work there's got to be some connection to his legacy what he's been able to do the ways been able to retire undefeated as a professional boxer which is almost unheard of intrinsic motivation do it for the love you never answered if you need the sweet science is too good he's got to have a love of boxing there's no way he's too good the way he he's artistically taking guys apart like you go to the Canelo Alvarez fight the way he was like it was slipping away from canelo's Big Shots and popping with a jab like bitch you're not today not today and it was intelligent in his approach that fight

► 02:53:34

drain himself to get down 250 lb that was a different thing as Canelo to cut a lot of weight to get down to his weight class but it mean Floyd really realistic 147 pound fighter I mean he's only fighting and he's Highway class cuz the money's there can you talk about like psychological warfare of war and everything like that and he's doing it on his face with a hard-on by the way when it's the Wayans I don't know how he generator hard-on but you know he wants to play with his dick before you got out there I took some Viagra something I really think that might have been part of the psychological motivation is screaming his face I'm going to fucking kill you little pukey peace and flows just like this just Dead face and screen back Dead face

► 02:54:34

stay calm like tomorrow I'm going to fuck you up and then we'll fight though how's the different element of danger there because it was agreed upon ruleset where Connor wasn't going to kick was going to take him down was going to do he could win but he also knew without a doubt that they were just going to fight fight if there was no gloves they just put the gloves aside and just had a street fight Conor would fucking kill him I mean there's not a question on my mind is not. Not there's not a doubt to be happy, would kick him from a distance problem with front kicks kick his legs void would start to lamp Connor would step in time up elbow him take him down smash his face into a bloody pulp do whatever you want to do them

► 02:55:34

strangle him rip his knees apart with leg locks do whatever he want it to him if they were going to just fight fight you no wonder he said that to him it's like if this is a fight at fucking kill you just looked right out of me saying that to him Floyd you had it just eat it but it didn't matter cuz it wasn't a fight it was a boxing match and you didn't have a chance do you think more of the mental Warfare understanding the technical aspect but that will tow it was fascinating to watch and the whole way this is me understanding all that much about MMA moving first night with the mental aspect that Nick Diaz and then they were saying he's going to talk to you about

► 02:56:34

biochemical organisms and I'm not saying that you need directions to transmit making you feel emotions mine fuck you yes they're doing it for sure not stupid bitch fuck with your head man I remember the first time we did that to Robbie Lawler Robbie was like 20 21 years old and Nick was young too and they both tend to the the moved into the cage and they closed it and Nick Diaz start seeing Stockton motherfuker starting Broly Laura's like what is Anderson Silva he fell to the ground and pretend he was sleeping he put his hands together or you're taking a nap and laid down and I couldn't stop laughing I was like this motherfucker is so crazy he just like right there and drop down and start over

► 02:57:33

Max and go to the back go back that one's better yeah that when you see him lay down lean on his head like I'm going to take a nap here like what are you doing bitch silver did Forrest Griffin he's doing this 187 at 85 lb rather best ever and he's not even a hundred and eighty-five pounder he's really a 155-pound or I mean Nick Diaz when he was a champion and Orly taxi taxi right he was 155 lb Champion to buy incense of intangibles Mind Body Connection Nick is imposing his Mind Body Connection on Anderson in the he's going to I'm going to my not remembering it was Italy taxi or Strikeforce that Nick Diaz was the champion of it might have been Strike Force

► 02:58:00

I mean Nick Diaz when he was a champion in Strikeforce or Lee taxi taxi right he was 155 lb Champion Mind Body Connection Nick is imposing his Mind Body Connection on Anderson in the east

► 02:58:22

not remembering it was Italy taxi or Strikeforce that Nick Diaz was the champion of it might have been Strike Force

► 02:58:30

I why can't I remember yeah but but why did I think Allie taxi no he actually did he owe okay now I remember because

► 02:58:43

Dallas because Mayhem Miller and Jake Shields had a bra in Elite XC and Nick Diaz is a part of the bra they all piled on each other in those chaos that was so and so it's it's so strange that they seen tangible this thing that's why I'm confused whatever Mayweather did differently to Aldo might have been granted difference for granted but there was something that you would like to know what to do when you pinched

► 02:59:43

did that completely stoic was not comfortable with it and he lost his composure and he attacked attacked Connor in a way that exposed him he got exposed to a counter shot he's he wasn't patient he was very emotional and he just wanted to fuck that dude up and you just got clipped right right now and look Connor played in perfectly play them like a fiddle yeah hey man I got to wrap this up it's already 5 and we just went for 3 hours to leave it or not so Time Warp in here so don't like sorry was awesome I really appreciate it if Beyond impressive man means fascinating stuff and I feel like we could do a hundred of these kind of conversations though back and visit again man next time you going to swim to the moon and let me know

► 03:00:36

physical wellness let's definitely do another podcast though I really really really appreciate it thank you so yeah Instagram just at Ross Edgley spell please thank you brother thank you my folks that's it for today by

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