#874 - Scott Adams

Nov 17, 2016

Scott Adams is creator of the Dilbert comic strip and the author of several nonfiction works of satire, commentary, business, and general speculation.

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boutiques.com be ouq s.com and use the code word Joe okay all right my guest today is Scott Adams Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert the comic strip and he's a very very intelligent and interesting guy I really enjoy talking to him I met him many many many years ago on Newsradio he was a guest for a day guest star and he has as of late taking a lot of heat for predicting that Trump is going to win the presidency it also has been unfairly mischaracterized I believe people think that he is a trump supporter mean I think you're gonna get a better sense of what he is when you listen to this podcast I don't want to give away too many spoilers but I think he's very smart very interesting guy and possibly misunderstood but I

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enjoy talking to them great fella so please give it up for Scott Adams

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The Joe Rogan Experience trained by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day Scott Adams ladies and gentlemen here we are Hey Joe good to see you again man good to see you again I met you decades ago do you remember that horrible story I don't remember horrible story but it was a Newsradio horrible story remember my humiliation that day know what happened so for those of you who weren't with us on that set I had a small line just one line on Newsradio because it was an episode that mentioned Dilbert so right I was invited as a guest and you were giving the line before my line so I just came in and they said Jose going to say this Joe say you're lying and you turn to me and you said you lied and they said when he says that you say your line and of course I'm panicked because I've you know I don't do this right right now an actor so the scene starts and it's one of these scenes that runs continuous from beginning to end it's not like a movie where you cut it every 10 seconds so you have to do a write off

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through right and we get to my my line and you're turning the other direction so the line I'm waiting to hear instead of hearing a clearly like in practice when you were facing me I hear more from whoa oh no and I think to myself I don't know what his other lines are so I don't know if that sounds like my line or is that should I go I said to myself 50/50 chance either either ruined the scene by saying something the wrong time or I ruined the scene by being silent when I should have been talking so I said I'm going to go with silent and I just I just stood there in silence and everybody every we got really quiet I don't know if you remember what you did but it has burned in my mind you're very nice that day but you just sort of slowly turned around and looked at me and meanwhile all the other actors sort of slowly turned around and looked at me because I was I was a source of the problem and then but I have to admit I was impressed

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because then all the actors went back to you know square one and did the entire scene through again perfectly it was very impressive if you're not an actor to watch how many lines a bunch of professionals can do without him screwing up any of them it was it was a it was an awesome kind of an afternoon well news radio is a very unusual show in that we did a lot there was a lot of changing stuff on the Fly Like The Writers come in and then rewrite a line like on the fly like they would do one line that would do one take and then Paul Sims Josh leaves on these guys would get together and they go okay that's let's try this let's try this will go back but then when when Scott turns to you now to say this and then we'd have a totally new line for the next scene and so we'd have to like like be standing over by the elevator going no that's not going to work no that's not gonna work we do like come up with a bunch of different ways to say it and then just run with it on the Fly that become people don't realize how hard that is it's not that hard honestly it's not coal mining well you have to have the right kind of

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mind yeah Marie yeah it's sort of like when a musician can do you know 50 songs for memory yeah I'm thinking I could do seven notes you know that I'm good like that's all I can remember in a row and after that would be just be guessing well if you think about how many you just think about language itself how many words you can access just instantaneously just pull them up from your memory yeah you know it's just that's what you do all the time and if you all the time we're reading sitcom scripts you just get used to that sort of flow and how things go it's not it's not really that everything looks difficult if you don't know how to do it exactly exactly people say that about my job as well as like how do you how do you do that yeah well it happens to be the one thing I can do well you know and I can't do most things well but one little thing I can do well well one thing to people have a hard time with the sitcom World especially the old school sitcom world is the audience like performing in front of the audience is a weird element you know you know I do feel that well

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you know I do tons of public speaking so in that environment I like the energy and I like all of it but usually if I'm speaking I know exactly what I'm going to say and you know even if I mess it up it doesn't matter it's right doesn't have to be specific but that was a that was a frightening situation so so so so keep in mind also that most of the actors were stars you know there there were pretty big names and so I was meeting everybody that so I was a little bit Starstruck and you know I was completely out of my element and then completely blew the scene you know just me was like oh me there wasn't anybody else was just me it sounds like I fucked up sounds like I was looking in the wrong direction without totally possible no you are we were standing in line so you have to be facing the way you were oh oh so I was looking at you during the rehearsal or something and this is the setup was we were standing in line to get coffee and so during the practice you turn to me so you so I would know exactly what you were saying but in the actual thing we were in line so you're stalking to someone else right I get it I get it I get it

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yeah man I don't remember that at all it's like it's so funny how like one person can remember something and it's like a big moment and then other person is go like I just erased that I knew that I met you and I remember all Scott Adams is cool I like that cartoon and then all the sudden it's over you know was that it was you know there's no other memories in my database I had a totally different experience that day well it's also I did a hundred of them are 98 or whatever the hell we did so it's just it's a weird thing as you get older to like there's memories that I just have scrubbed I'm like no room for him I got new data coming in I got to make some space it's like cleaning out your garage you know so there's nothing scarier than getting together with your siblings after you haven't seen him for years and you start talking about your childhood and one of you will be telling the story like to remember the time I doesn't matter what it is I jumped on a zebra and I ran across the zoo and they ran they yelled at me and the other sibling will say that wasn't you know that was me I was the one on the zebra will be such a

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you know a memory that you couldn't forget right but you did you actually rewrote yourself into a scene you weren't even there you were watching and you what you wrote yourself into the Euro seen that does happen with people human memories really flawed it's really flawed well if you want to go real deep real fast you just gave me the good opening I am a proponent of the we are all a software simulation view of reality and that would also explain why memories are so screwed up and the explanation would be that the past doesn't exist until you need it in other words the past writes itself on demand because if we're software you wouldn't have everything in the universe pre-program just in case you needed it it would take too much resources I might have to spark up a joint face I'm sorry you just want real deep real quick I was hoping I was hoping to go that way do you want some he smoked weed I could do it for the first time I'd be willing to taverns well I don't know if I want to give it to you for the first time

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I want you to freak out you don't smoke pot all the truth is I've smoked pot once ever it was in first day of college but I never stopped so that's really just once oh I understand so you smoke pot all the time so you did it once and you just kept going I'd be willing to try to second time is what I'm saying I understand I understand I'm sure so what I was like

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what has life been like for Scott Adams during this election you came into the well you are obviously always well known for being a creator of Dilbert but along this election cycle all of a sudden there was I had you know people that I was in contact with there were saying else got out I was a trump supporter and I was like what Scott Adams the Dilbert guys a trump supporter because you know everyone assumes you meet someone and they're in the creative business you know you're in a creative business your you write a comic strip you would assume that you would be left wing guy like almost almost immediately well I'm neither left nor right I'm sort of all over the place my My Views didn't match you know either of the major candidates on anything so you're free thinker

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I like to think I'm right and everybody else is wrong hmm I would like that too no I'm actually

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my larger philosophical grounding is that is informed by my experience as they haven't noticed I'm not sure if you knew that no I didn't know you're a hypnotist so in my 20s I went to hypnosis school and became an actual trained certified hypnotist wow and one of the things you learn as a hypnotist is it the world is backwards to the way people normally perceive it so normally you see the world as hey you know 90% of the time people are rational and doing rational things right but 10% of the time we just go nuts and we do stupid things and it's because something happened this parked right that's the normal view of the world the hypnotist view of the world is opposite the hypnotist says the 90% of the time were completely irrational and we're just making rationalizations for why we did things after the fact tempers of the time were rational but that's only when there's no emotional content to the decision you're balancing a checkbook or something you know trying to pick up the best route to someplace

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so that's how I see the world and so when I look at either the Trump supporters where the Clinton supporters to me from the hypnotist perspective and someone who's studied persuasion for decades I use it in my writing I see both sides as completely ridiculous both of them are grounded in complete absurdities they're just different yeah but nobody knows why they're deciding the real reasons that people make decisions are fear identity they have some aspiration they've they've got something they're trying to solve there's something to try to work out but the reasons we give are usually completely false and the the grounding for this

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is that if you think about Evolution I assume you believe we evolved yes there was no requirement in evolution that we ever understand our environment the way we imagine we do and here's an example of that you could believe that you are a monk you know you're reincarnated from a tenth Century monk like Steven Seagal it does he believe that yeah he's like a Buddha or something from an actual yeah like he actually got it bestowed upon Him by some Tibetan character all right so let's use Steven Seagal so Steven Seagal can be standing in a grocery store next to let's say a Muslim who believes that his profit literally Flew To Heaven on a winged horse those two people don't live the same reality but they both buy groceries they both go they cook it they live they survive so it turns out that understanding you reality at an actual you know I really know what is objectively happening and I get it and I've got a mental model

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it's quite accurate we don't need any of that so it would be deeply unlikely that we evolved such as specific skill that's completely unnecessary as far as we can tell you know we do need to know that if I if you run into this wall your head is going to hurt so there's some basic stuff but we're probably all in even interpreting that experience differently so there's no reason to think that the way I think of it is the way you think of it so I see the world is this big irrational ball and I use the hypnotist persuaders skills to back up and try to deduce what's really driving things and when people said I was a trump supporter what they meant was they may have only seen part of what I was talking about I was writing about his skill as a Persuader and what I mean is that I noticed in him the skills that I've developed over decades for persuasion but I had a higher level that I've ever seen meaning that he is a most persuasive

► 00:22:27

living human I've ever experienced and I mean that in terms of actual technique you know he's full of technique and it's all the time I'll give it give you some examples that first time I noticed it was the very first debate when Megyn Kelly was asking him the question about the insults he had allegedly said to women not allegedly said them and this is a setup that any other politician with a setup is totally trapped because they can either try it like deny they said it and then somebody has a videotape and that doesn't work or they can say oh I didn't mean it there's almost nothing you can say you're just trapped and that would have been the end of his campaign first debate should have been over and if you remember do you remember what he said no I don't she said you said this this is this about women and he smiled and he sort of looked at the audience that look like or the camera and he said only Rosie O'Donnell and the audience erupted in laughter

► 00:23:26

completely unexpected and a place inappropriate provocative and and what I noticed was the Rosie O'Donnell is a visual image that everybody shares right you got a picture of her since I say the name and for his base that he was catering to it was an unpopular image and one would just suck all the energy away from the question which was toxic and really you know you can't touch the question you just have to suck all the energy into another part of the room and wait for the time to run out and that's what he did and they became the headline blonde blonde you know certainly a highlighted the things he said about women maybe more than it would have but the way he escaped that got my attention and I thought that doesn't look normal all right that that's a that's operating at another level and so I looked for more examples of it and you can see it everywhere and it was especially clear by the time you started saying well the other visual things he does is he says build a wall and you can just imagine

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you know all when he says we're paying too much Ransom to a ran for those soldiers he says we paid 400 million or whatever the number is he goes imagine that money piled up the be so much money you would fill this room you can't even imagine that big pile of money he always goes for the visual because we know that the visual part of our brain is the dominant part and if you can get its attention and get it on your message it talks the rest of your brain into anything you want it to when he talks about Isis he goes visual also he doesn't say they are bad people whose religions you know has been distorted to the type of thing you might hear from Hillary Clinton he says they put you in cages and they drowned you in the cage they chop your head off I mean you can see that you're playing with my head so everything he does he gets more attention than everything everybody else does because he puts it into a provocative picture so that was the first thing I noticed then when he got to Jeb Bush

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and he needed to defeat Jeb because he was the strongest competitor so if he couldn't get past him there was no point and he went after a strong and he went after him fast and he went after him with the low-energy kill shot so I called these linguistic kill shots it's not just an insult it's not just a clever nickname and we saw Clinton try to come up with clever nickname Zaid no no purchase was so I really like dangerous Donald you know just didn't work but look at that look at Lo energy jab here's how its engineered its engineered for confirmation bias meaning that you want the future to make this look like a better nickname every day and you want it to match his physicality so before I ever heard low-energy Jeb I had a good impression of Jeb Bush like I thought when you looked at Jeb Bush didn't you say to yourself this guy looks like a cool character like know if no but he looked like he was an in control calm reasonable exactly the person you'd want

► 00:26:26

and if the if the nuclear question came up if there was some big decision Jeb Bush isn't going to get excited seemed like a competent CEO competency I'll exactly and as soon as Trump said low energy could you see him at the other way he was low energy and he will always be low energy Lyin Ted the Lyin Ted Lyin Ted was beautiful until because you knew that because he's a politician yeah sometime in the next several months he's going to say stuff that you can say is a lie whether it is or not that's just the doesn't have to but more importantly Ted has a physicality about him that unfortunately he's got beady eyes and I've said this before the if you're going to cast a movie yeah we need a guy who's looks dishonest right it would be his face right and unfortunately I mean I don't know if he's actually dishonest I'm not going to make a judgment so he came up with the Zodiac Killer thing was that a trump fan or was it Trump himself that started saying that Ted was

► 00:27:26

Zodiac Killer I think that probably started with a fan but so the other thing that was fucking harsh man he be given speeches are you the Zodiac Killer people would scream it out like imagine having to deal with that did your father kill you know somebody yeah it's father was maybe it's Dad was the Zodiac Killer is that what the because the Zodiac Killer was like the 70s right come on not be old enough so crooked Hillary crooked Hillary same thing circuit Millions a brilliant one so she wasn't physically you know as limber as I young person such as you could imagine her sort of a little bit crooked physically and you knew that there would be stories coming out in which people could say well there's another example of that crookedness did you say but you thought that a physical sense like the way she looked all I thought about his corruption I heard crooked Hillary I saw her like with like a burglars mask on trying to sneak away with bags at had dollar signs on them you know it's what I saw you know if you look at any one of these individual

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his nicknames you could say well it's sort of randomly just got lucky but if you look at them all they all have that physicality they all have the priming so that you know you'll confirmation bias will kick in whatever you see after that we'll just fit the label because it's the first thing you think well he's a performer you know you can say Donald Trump is a businessman he most certainly is it most certainly is a real estate investor but he's been a public figure for decades and when you're a public figure you're a performer he's performing all the time and he's also he likes to win and so when he's engaging people he makes it personal so he's gotten very good at what's called playing the dozens I know playing the dozens has tell us it's insult thing you know like you can like one guy like guys in the hood in the inner cities this is a start out as a black term but got it's essentially like a version of a your mama contest like some guys are way better at your mama jokes they're way better at playing the dozens or way better

► 00:29:26

and shitting on other people around them and it's for the entertainment of each other it's a huge thing amongst comedians we shit on each other constantly left and right but it's generally encouraged and we all enjoy it you know but when a guy has decades and decades and Decades of this like Donald Trump at a very high level because he's known to be a billionaire investor who puts his name on everything but he's got the wacky hair it's almost like he has the wagon here to invite it in it's like the whole thing is very it's very clever in that way and then he's really good at talking shit you know he's really good at people saying something to him deflecting whatever criticism and shitting on them because he's just had got a ton of practice so he's also the master of what I call the talent stack so I wrote a book called had failed almost everything and still win big in which I talk about developing systems for succeeding one of the systems is to and you do this to stack together what I would call ordinary skills until your stack is different than anybody

► 00:30:26

those so in my case I'm not a great artist you know I didn't take a penny right writing courses but I'm pretty good at drawing and I'm pretty good at writing and a little bit of funny so we put them together and I can do a comic strip because it's rare that you get somebody who's let's say in the top 10% of three different things but it's not hard to be in the top 10% of things if you're if you're going after them so if you look at Trump he wrote a book on negotiating so you know his business he knows negotiating he knows public speaking he has a sense of humor a really good one he's quick on his feet now he knows politics you know from both the inside and the outside he knows Twitter if you know I could probably go on and you would say if you looked at any one of those things he's not the best you've ever seen there's not the best public speaker the funniest person Etc but there aren't many people who can do all of those things in the top 10% he went but as a public speaker I don't think he's nearly in the top 10% I think he's

► 00:31:26

I'm just being honest I think he has very poor efficiency of words like he uses he repeats himself when it's not really important and when it repeats itself what I usually see is like someone's searching for the next thing to say you know I'm saying like he'll say you know I'm going to be honest with you I'm going to be honest with you okay I'm gonna be honest with you here he'll do that in a way that is not it's not efficient it's not efficient but it's persuasive and that's why it sometimes but it also no repetition repetition is sometimes sometimes and sometimes it's clunky yeah I feel like he I feel like there's a lot of times where it's his style to do that and he's done it before but even like in delivering lines you've got to know when to not talk like here's a perfect example when he said that he called the president up the president of Mexico up and they had the conversation about the wall and he said the wall just got 10 foot higher he's like yeah that's what I said that is what I said like he repeats

► 00:32:26

that he should have just let it hang he should have just said the wall just got ten foot high they would have went crazy and he got to walk back and forth and just sucked it in but he kept talking see that's not the best speaker like Obama I feels way better public speaker way more efficient with his words way better control of the sentences that he speaks but it's more professional I think you're judging on a standard that I probably wouldn't use so I took the Dale Carnegie course teaching you how to be a public speaker and their course taught you to zero technique hmm it was a course on public speaking which they taught you nothing about technique the things that you're saying he's doing but not necessarily technique what let me just finish this off shore I'm sorry what they tell you is just confidence and and if you were happy and confident you would almost always do well even if you make a mistake you just correct so he strikes me as The Confident Dale Carnegie type of speaker the person who's selling an emotion all right it's an experience you're not

► 00:33:26

a really to get information it's not really you know well-crafted jokes you're looking for you're going there to feel something and you can't you can't deny that 30,000 people in this stadium with red hats on you know they were feeling something so in terms of delivering an emotion top 10% hmm interesting well I think that for absolutely one thing you can say is he knows how to do the Donald Trump thing and the Donald Trump thing is very different than the rest of the politicians thing the Donald Trump thing is not humble the Donald Trump thing will tell you about his past successes and use them to tell you how he's going to be successful in the future the Donald Trump thing when confronted with certain things like the thing about it you know him saying something about Hillary lacking stamina and these are goes off about having a winning temperament I have a winning temperament there's not a lot of people who could do that in that sort of a political Forum like if if say Mitt Romney was running for president he starts saying I have a winning temperament they be

► 00:34:26

home it's gone fucking crazy right remember Howard Dean got knocked out of the race just for screaming he just screamed at a rally and it was over the wind came out of the balloon but you know you know what Howard Dean did wrong what you only screamed once it's all about contrast well he also did make fun of it you know he should have come on and he should have done something to make fun of it you should have had a speech where he talked about so I got a little carried away folks you know like he hit from it it feels like he could have fixed that yeah I had that I had that Florida at the time well if the problem was it was contrary to what he was selling you know he was selling this buttoned up package deal and in the middle of that package deal is fucking pro wrestling fans screaming from a suplex you know you know like Hulk Hogan suplexes the Iron Sheik and well I mean that's what it was like I mean that's not the guy who you want to have the button so if you heard of these studies I think this has been replicated it and it Fairly reliable that if you want to a dict somebody to something let's say this

► 00:35:26

your show if you gave them a really good product every time it actually wouldn't be as addictive as if once in a while it wasn't good and they had to sort of like weight and anticipate oh there's that good one again right so unpredictable rewards are far more addicting than predictable so Hillary Clinton who rewards you every time and it but it's just about the same is not going to be nearly as addicting as Donald Clark Trump who disappoints the fuck out of you you like God I was just starting to like you why did you say that that way right and then two weeks later he comes out with something you say shit I love you again and you know so it's he's got that addictive pattern going well I'll tell you what once all that grab the pussy stuff got out of the way he was doing a lot of speeches in the run down to the last few days and I watched a few of them on television because I I've almost felt like even though I knew I was going to vote I almost felt like some sort of a spectator like this is this cannot possibly be real too

► 00:36:26

he teared software simulation idea in the beginning that a lot of people share by the way it's not just crazy Scott Adams and me but there's a lot of folks out there that think that we're living in a simulation right but as he would give these speeches and there was some of the speeches he gave where there was these moments are you like if someone could tell that guy to keep it at 7:00 like where he's at right there and talk like that always and avoid all the crazy shit but man the crazy shit is what you get like that's that's the thing about people like Trump or like any powerful super Dominator type character like that you have some flaws lot of them look what he kept saying all the time he was always saying he was the energy guy yesterday I look at my crowds the other one has no stamina this one's you know low energy he knew the facts didn't matter he knew the policy didn't matter and by the end I think everybody agrees they didn't I mean by election day

► 00:37:26

a lot of people were saying well I sure like that TPP stand I mean nothing like that was happening there's no issues no issues it just it just came down to which one you hated the more well there was one issue though that was real and that was amongst feminists there was amongst women who were willing to exonerate Hillary on all the weird shit that she had ever done involving women all the stuff that she had done involving deleted emails and you know and I'd heard people even say that people were giving her a hard time because she's a woman on her health and I was like you are out of your fucking mind if you believe that she's falling asleep when she standing up that is bad that is so bad if that was anyone close to me anyone close to me I'd be like you're not going to be president we got to get you healthy you're fucking blacking out while you're standing up and it's not just once she fell down once in 2012 got a serious concussion and was fucked up for six months me as a person who's trying

► 00:38:26

terrified of brain trauma that freaks me the fuck out because I know the repercussions of brain trauma I know the impulsive Nest it did bestows upon people it's a horrible curse that happens it's happened to a lot of people I know so I knew there was this weird delusional thing where people didn't want to address the fact that our health is poor and then it was revealed to one of the Wikileaks emails that she had suffered from some sort of a not a stroke but a seizure in 2015 like that's a fucking year ago like what is happening if you got it but nobody wanted to talk about that and there was this strange are that she's not being treated fairly I'm like here's treated fairly she is a person who deleted 30,000 emails after she got a subpoena she's an older rich white woman if she was a 40 year old black guy and she deleted 30,000 emails after subpoena they would just shoot you right here would just come over here they would kick down your fucking door and cuff you and drag you off to a cage somewhere

► 00:39:27

so how we are is how am I right winger what's going on here how weird is it that we went through that entire election cycle and so many people like you and like like me we're saying I'm not sure if she looks healthy enough she's definitely not healthy now she of course met all the standards mmm bass presidents but what what person ever interviewed her and said look there are a lot of questions about your health and ask the question this way can you look the American public in the eye and tell us there's no major health problems that you haven't disclosed I would never ask her a question like that because I don't think she'd ever give you a real answer the same way with the FBI but you could tell by the way she evaded it whether she was like a wizard at that though that's our shit that's our shit man that red cape for the ball just goes flying by wow you know like you can always tell a liar Liars will say something like so if you said to me Scott have you ever had any major health problems I'd say I have met all the requirements

► 00:40:26

elements of the presidency say oh no I'm asking you a specific question is there anything not disclosed and then I say Donald Trump hasn't disclosed any more than I've disclosed that's a person who's hiding something right otherwise they look you right in the eye and they go I swear I'm great you know everything's good I promise you nothing's going to come out later when I'm president you will not be disappointed in any way because nobody can say that if they think they're going to get bitten in the ass and a year and a half when they collapse on the White House lawn hmm my point was in saying that is that if you disk if you anyway described her health issues that you would somehow be a sexist and that the idea of her gender and being the first female president which obviously would be very historic right huge issue huge huge honor that that that was a part of what they were voting for it became a part her gender became a part of what they were voting for light and so that was an issue let me give you the positive spin

► 00:41:26

the same topic CNN published 24 pundit explanations of why Trump won unexpectedly 24 different theories about why we didn't see a common in the top 20 for none of them were she's a woman so couldn't get you know couldn't get right not in the top 20 for all right so if we may pause for a moment from piling on is Clinton I got to say that the whole breaking the glass ceiling thing she fucking did that hmm that's toast there's there's no six-year-old born today who says women can't be president that's not even in their world view that's because so not true I'll find you five six year olds to say it right to your face all that bad I get a bunch of them together can we present I get some boys together I give them candy high five them you trick them that's true you know talk talk why isn't anything for candies it's I mean I know what you're saying though I know what you're saying that she got as close as she won the popular vote right it's as far as current count right but who

► 00:42:26

you seeing saying oh if you know it was sex doesn't that didn't get her elected feminists feminist that I know I mean there's a lot of people that actually believe that and you know what man there's a whole spectrum of variables and if someone's thinking about if they're hovering over you know if they're looking at Gary Johnson and Hillary Clinton maybe those are two maybe they like never Trump may be the one of those people like one of these motherfuckers going to get my vote they might start thinking man I don't know if I want a woman president that's absolutely a factor have you heard anybody say that yes yes and what do they say do they friend of mine what yoga instructor it's always a woman says she was bitches are crazy I don't want a woman running this country that's for real that's a real statement I mean that's a human being that who was just talking to me and we're friends and no one was around and do you think that she would vote on that yes I think there's many people that would vote on that but there's many people that will like fuck this man I don't care what Hilary did I don't care if Hillary's got a bunch of rape victims buried in her backyard that's a woman she represents women and probably Donald's got

► 00:43:26

you know there's that attitude to there's a lot of people that would only vote for a woman if given the chance yes like I don't know how you'd netted out because I think it was a net positive the only 300 million people in this country plus Mexicans I don't think you really can net it down like that I just think there's too many of us I don't think that I think that's one of the things that we learned from this really important lesson when it comes to polls they're not real anymore they're not real you you're not talking to me you're not you're not answering polls Jamie doesn't answer up God damn pole look at him no one no one you know answers poles it's as such a small sampling of people and the people that answer polls they don't have anything better to do than answer of fucking Pole right that's not good it's a jury duty Prime it's exactly what the problem is so I think we learned that definitively these poles do not work well if I could defend nasal were for a moment wasn't until I was out again he does 538 website the best best statistician on okay

► 00:44:26

it's not his fault he's worked with the data he has well but he was also within 2% I think was he yeah so yeah so at the end but you know they always converge toward the end you know they start out wildly ridiculous and then when it's clear that is going to be one or the other all the polls start coming towards the end because they want to say well the end I was only two percent off Jamie and I were watching this video clip of The Young Turks calm down the election yesterday and at the beginning of it they were 100% convinced that Hillary could not lose you know there's one guy was saying you know Hillary can't lose like Shaquille like literally it's mathematically and then by the end they were fucking screaming and swearing it was like wow these numbers that people like count on like eighty four percent say this 15% tax well try to imagine my life I don't know if you know this but a year ago more than a year ago I predicted the Trump would win with a 98% certainty in Landslide win it all I was one of the few people who said it early and this is because of the way he was

► 00:45:26

persuasive yeah just based on his talent not but this was three the Rosie O'Donnell thing if it was a year ago I think it was over the summer that was like August last year that well first debates were the I think you're right but that wasn't a year ago right there was a little bit more than a year ago whatever we're splitting Harrison okay so back then what I predicted it you can imagine the heat I took because it was such an unlikely pick and how many people just wanted to dance on My Grave for being wrong and the angry at you and angry yes going to my you know going over to Amazon get me bad book reviews because they didn't like what I said about Donald Trump mmm so that moment

► 00:46:11

what I find out that I haven't wasted my whole year because it would have been a terrible year to be so wrong for a year and then there's like no payoff whatsoever it was like it was like the worst gamble ever write bad risk management but then to have it come come through just the way I predicted it was this amazing amazing moment you only get a few of those in your life well he didn't really win win by a landslide so that you were off by that small electoral Landslide electoral yeah I guess so electorally one by quite a few points right yeah but it wasn't it was pretty close up until how many hours in soon as you started doesn't doesn't matter yeah it doesn't matter it doesn't matter here's the thing that I think it's important to make a distinction and this is what I recognize on you when I want some of your Periscope cylinder you just weren't making a moral Judgment of him as a person and that's what people expected people expected A Line in the Sand to be drawn morally what you were doing was talking about

► 00:47:11

out all of his traits you're compounding all of his positive traits and what he what he does well and then people got mad at you for bringing like you're analyzing it I say if you're a scientist and you take a plant that you find the Amazon he like well what is this plant consists of let's break down the parts you were kind of breaking down the parts of what he does and where it what he's effective and it didn't seem to me now I'm like this doesn't seem like a guy who's like oh there's a few guys out there that are like rabid rawa Trump supporters and some of them were it's super transparent there's a few guys out there that I'm watching them and I know what they're doing what they're doing is they're latching onto the Trump train the latching on like really shamelessly where they Trot date tweet about Trump all the time now where they never give a fuck about him a while ago like over the last six months they've jumped on this because they recognize his a tremendous amount of loyalty and momentum behind being a trump supporter in a fan because it's a tough stance to take so guys that are already marginalized or any kind of like

► 00:48:11

and people think they're kind of maybe creepy they're like Fuck this I'm going full creep and they jump right in its kind of its real transparent interesting you know obviously that's just my take on it they might actually be really Trump supporters and he they're super excited but I sent some disingenuous Behavior out there yeah careful careful Trump train you might have some hobos on your fucking wagons you know I think what's different about this election and about Trump in particular is that used to be we were electing a leader right someone who would be a role model and all that I think he threw that all out the door and social media throws even more out the door and what I mean is I think the public is the leader now I mean I think no laws get passed that less than majority of the public wants it to get past anything that gets a little aniline social media just throws it back in line and more than ever I think we hired an employee rather than a leader I feel like I hired a plumber you know someone who's just really good at a specific set of skills

► 00:49:11

negotiating you know maybe doing something with the budget whatever needs to be done secure the borders but it's sort of like you know picking a lawyer I don't care what he's doing in his personal life he's not my role model and by the way which of our kids are looking to 70 year old man as the role models anyway I mean I don't know if that happens a lot anyway but I think I think he really is going to be the first sort of people's president you see his policies changing real-time the the example we talked about earlier when you know he had he misspoke and he said women should be punished if they get an illegal abortion it turns out that the law and both Republicans and Democrats think that's crazy because it would discourage you know who did encourage the wrong behavior and so only the doctor is punished but you saw him change his opinion in 24 hours just by being a little more informed and hearing that the public was all on the same side so we're ready that's interesting so he he'll been with the breeze you not going to talk

► 00:50:11

flip-flopping well she's with a common political term is right in the in the political realm it would be flip-flopping and you know he has no moral backbone but you're saying it's receptive to the Public's desires he's a business person in the business realm is more like A/B Testing which is your rapidly testing things you see what the response is and you adjust if you don't get the right but that's also like one of the criticisms of them is that he talks off the cuff without really having research or thought deeply about these subjects and when you're talking about a guy who's supposed to be the leader of the greatest country the world's ever known like that guy should probably not do that I'm going to put a way to put a different filter on that okay from the persuasion filter here we go since facts and logic and you know policies and stuff don't matter as much as you want when you see him ignoring things that you just think man a reasonable person would not say that a reasonable person would not ignore that he ignores things because they don't matter you think he's ignoring something very important and he would perform better if he did what you imagine is

► 00:51:11

right way to act I don't think so you don't think it's important to not arrest women who get a legal abortions no I'm saying but you know what I'm saying like that's an important thing to pay attention to right if you have an opinion on it well what are say what I'm saying is that the things you would need to know to be a president okay and let's say let's say Hillary Clinton knows them all let's say she's a 10 and a town of just knowledge if he's a 6 which probably is even generous there probably isn't any decision that he won't have advisers were filling in me I say they becomes informed as he needs to know exactly the way a CEO would run something okay so this is not really related to that one particular subject no that was just an example of him understand what your chance changing when he would became more informed he didn't he didn't stick to an old opinion even as the facts change right right and it's done the same thing with Obamacare as well right met with Obama and said okay maybe there's some things about Obamacare that we might want to keep so what he does we call pacing or leading in the in the

► 00:52:11

just persuade not called bullshitting no one here's how it's different what he does is he agrees with people emotionally first it gets you on your side emotionally so if you're really concerned about immigration for example he doesn't just say yeah I'm I'm concerned about that too that would be sort of a Hillary Clinton approach being less concerned that you are but you know I got other priorities he's way more concerned than you are if you're a little bit worried about immigration he's worried about you know Isis coming over here and putting people in cages and cutting off heads and my God there's a hordes coming over the border so he's so on your side that when he changes toward the middle and you knew we had to because you have to do that when you get in the general election the his side was not feeling betrayed because they're saying well if he's changing the specifics of his policy it must be because he looked into it and that's what Spain that's interesting that's what's practical so they're willing to go with him if they feel their he's on their side emotionally so he always sides with people emotionally

► 00:53:11

go as big as possible uses hyperbole he says he does that hmm and it gives them also gives him room to negotiate back to the middle and everybody says my God I'm happy now you're negotiated back to the middle wow that's interesting it's interesting but you what I feel is just getting lucky I feel like it's still really shitty competition Hillary Clinton is a terrible example of someone who should be running the country in so many ways and she beat him in the popular vote you know what I mean she's like she's got a lot of dirt on so she beat him in the contest they weren't having the result there was only one contest is true and he won that one that's true what's hilarious is in 2012 Hussein was a rigged system because of that contest you know I mean he was talking about the popular vote and you know how it what was it which which what year was it went to Al Gore

► 00:53:59

what year was it where Al Gore won the popular vote but it was it did Carrie when the no carry never won the popular vote right it was just algor Al Gore won the popular vote goes Bush Yeah by other half a million yeah so every year there's going to be this conversation any time the Voting Rights close but you what you see is that Trump doesn't care about let's say the consistency or what somebody would say is being a hypocrite I've tweeted this recently that the least persuasive thing you could ever say in politics if you're trying to change somebody's mind is that person's a hypocrite hmm in all the in all of history that's never changed anybody's mind nobody ever said oh slap my head I don't really realize that bottles on you mean about a politician but a politician yeah yeah well do we accept a certain amount of bullshit

► 00:54:49

but we also accept that they used to say one thing and now they say another and it just seems so normal it's in the Baseline don't you think that the being the president is an impossible job it's impossible it just doesn't seem like anybody could really do it it's both impossible and the easiest job in the sense that the Office of the President and all the advisors and all the public opinion is going to force you down to just a few possible options and those two options will you will not have enough information to know which one's better so so anyone anybody guessing among the last two options that they've narrowed it down to there's a little bit of luck involved I got to say and how so what do you mean by this well you have to match the personality and the time right so you so you could have a president who is just terrific in Wartime but weren't much good in anything else so they'd be you know next thing you know they're on Mount Rushmore because but you have Obama whose primary job was winding down two Wars and basically cleaning up

► 00:55:49

the best and you know keeping us from a larger problem you know the economy melting down so Obama is really the presidency of things he prevented that could have been worse but I would put him in the top 20% of presidents so my view of him is very positive and I think even Obamacare is a genius persuasive move even in its failure because he set it up that way and he said that publicly he said I'm going to launch it ugly I'm paraphrasing didn't get exactly what I wanted in this law but once it's out there it'll be impossible for the politicians to pull back coverage they'll just have to fix it this is where are we today everybody's saying Obama total failure without Obamacare because we're going to keep the good parts keywords keep the good parts exactly as he fuckin planned and said so publicly he said it he said it publicly he said I'm going to do this ugly wrong and you're going to have to fix

► 00:56:49

to this going to be the only choice you have and that's what that's what troubles going to do he's going to fix it so what is he going to fix

► 00:56:57

probably is going to keep the main parts and probably shift some money around from something you know I'm not sure the fix looks like a miracle fix I don't know that that's in our future and I'm no I'm no expert on Obamacare well there's this weird thing that we've done now with with Trump that I've never seen before well we've narrowed them down to chants and slogans like I talked in this podcast about I was in New York City at the time of the protests because I was there for the UFC and we were walking from the gym to the hotel we just got caught in this wave of people screaming with really fucking crazy signs man there wasn't a whole lot of love and compassion on their signs that the we were talking about this before the podcast started the left has become something very different it's like this really aggressive insulting shaming and even the call for violence like there's people with rape milania signs like this

► 00:57:56

is Chris yeah there's pictures of them online so the big question is since I have one foot in the the alright world because I sample everything over there but I'm also watching CNN and regular media and these folks live in completely different realities because they have different information because they're looking at different sources So within the conservative side of things it is is understood universally understood that the protesters are professional and they're paid by you know Soros and by the way I'm not saying this I'm saying what their viewers on the other side people think it's a true Grassroots movement and so the view is completely two different worlds well there may very well be some people that have been paid to protest but there is absolutely a bunch of people that are protesting because they're upset this is your I mean might be fluffed up a little bit I don't know but there's definitely people that are just young people that are pissed off or old people are pissed off there's people that are just upset the question was

► 00:58:56

the protests would have lasted in spread and been as well organized love a good protest got Adams it's fun you feel like you're doing something you're blocking Wilshire fuck you people you know this guy I mean what I was saying about it boiled down to a slogan like there's a bunch of not my fucking president you know like that kind of shit like Donald Trump KKK like there's they want to like yell out things they associate with him which I've never seen before so here's what a president yeah so so I write about this extensively so the best persuasion is fear right so in the beginning of the election Trump had the best persuasion because he was saying the terrorists are coming in and you know I'll stop him there's Turtles coming across the border Clinton was talking boring policies and hey I'm experienced so she didn't have a chance against you know you're going to die tomorrow right by Summer she obviously had some professional help meaning somebody who's a cognitive scientist or a professional Persuader

► 00:59:56

and she started using the term dark all the time and all the surrogates used it at the same time it's dark dark dark and she started coloring him as a huge racist you know dictators dangerous to the world and the most dangerous thing in the world because if you're worried about terrorism you really worried about somebody else getting killed because you're not really thinking you get killed by the terrorists even if it's pretty bad somebody else is getting killed but Clinton painted a picture to make you afraid of of you know the nuclear Holocaust created by Trump tweeting something at 3 a.m. and I don't know hitting the button accidentally and so that was the ultimate fear so she really had that going so and when she you know lost she had all these people activated who would have been instantly deactivated if Trump had lost hmm but there's no deactivation on the bomb now she created this Society societal bomb that is

► 01:00:56

protests in the way people feel their these people literally believed that Hitler was just elected you know a version of Heller who will and I saw actually saw today journalists talking about you know concentration camps that sort of thing I believe nothing even remotely like that's going to happen or you know I would obviously be on the side of the protesters so it's it's not their view of the world is that the Trump supporters know he's a racist and they installed them because they want him to go do racist things Trump supporters know that even within the ranks it's like that I don't two percent people are actual races and I've never met one like the hardcore kind and then never met one I bet we can introduce you to some people if we just asked around yeah I think it wouldn't be hard to find a way out but not so Bowden at a very funny line he said not all Trump supporters are racists but all racists are Trump supporters so the

► 01:01:56

what we have here is a situation where the races are living in their own little world and they think they actually got their guy right most Trump supporters just like hey less taxes you know the thinking they liked his personality though just like something about him and the Clinton supporters think that Hitler actually got elected so they're acting on that so and so what's happened is that Clinton has somewhat accidentally because she thought she was going to win at which point this whole problem goes away someone accidentally created this gigantic societal bomb that there's there's no way to diffuse but the number of people including me are trying to figure out how to literally dehypnotize people were in this illusion that that World War 3 just started whoo it's it was very disturbing to me one of the one of the big ones was when she was confronted about the DNC hack and her emails and all that stuff the the Hacked emails from our server where

► 01:02:56

she diverted attention by saying that it was Russia that did this and that there would be repercussions and then she said even possibly militarily like that's the worst diffusion of responsibility ever liked you we're talking about you deleting emails after a subpoena and your argument is that the Russians got those emails and we should bomb them I mean that's literally what she's saying that was crazy when she said there would be repercussions militarily to fucking Russia like what Russia we're not talking about invading Puerto Rico it's fucking Russia like you're saying is going to be military invasions because someone stole your email that wasn't secure I'm going to defend her please do I'm gonna I'm gonna surprise you a little bit oh boy here we go we should have a drink you drink I don't anymore at anymore when you stop it just gave me sinus problems I stopped several years ago okay I feel much healthier

► 01:03:56

all right dude no pressure what was I talking about you were going to defend Hillary Clinton because I was saying that her saying that we're going to attack Russia because of emails kind of crazy so the way leaders talk with each other is you know this is my red line don't ya this is serious that's not the same as saying if you got my email I'm going to bomb you tomorrow they're right there is there's a certain amount of seriousness which you must convey which is separate from what he actually going to do agree so she was conveying a 10 and a 10 maximum codered seriousness if you if you got my fucking emails and and and it changed the course of our you know of our Republic because that's what she was at the legend huh now I don't know if anything any of this happened and they're smart people who said maybe the Russians were in or some Russian hackers were involved well here's the problem there's no evidence that the Russians did it not only that the FBI and the CIA don't think there's Russians don't think the Russians did it like it wasn't something that there was any

► 01:04:56

of proof it was find out who Jamie see if he could pull this up who believed that it was Russia and who didn't believe it was Russia because there was some like very prominent security people that were hired to investigate zero evidence it was Russia so it was just a diffusion it's an and you could tell that it was a planned diffusion because of that White House Correspondents press dinner she made a joke about riding a horse with with Putin like she made this Russian joke so there's this like theme and was a shit joke to whoever wrote it should be slapped it was terrible like the way it was set up was it was like if somebody if somebody pitched that around the joke writers table you know it like it was it like it was Tony Hinchcliffe and you know Jeff roster they be like no no no that one is not going to me don't do that that's a terrible joke it's just not a good joke and she you know didn't know how to deliver it either and it was just a clunky extra attempt to connect Putin and Trump because people are scared of Russia but it was

► 01:05:56

in ham-handed that it just didn't work and everybody knows there's no fucking evidence I mean there's no evidence of Russia's doing anything none I think the Russia thing took her from you know serious States person you know the most experienced person who ever ran for president to a little bit ridiculous yes she's desperate

► 01:06:17

I suppose desperate move she didn't have any other options she went Code Red she Target started talking shit back she started making things up back and connecting him to look he was just the whole thing was so sorted to me that was the most unfortunate thing about it when you do see all this stuff on TV one thing that you can't deny it might not affect you and it might not affect me but there are certain people that follow the tone of the leaders of this country and when you have a guy who's the president who you know is going to say insulting should call Jon Stewart a pussy in a tweet at 1:30 in the morning like that sets the tone for the country and it's going to make some people very happy some people that love to talk shit they loved and saw people on the like fuck yeah Open Season the way I described it I said political correctness took a missile to the dick because that's what it was like this is the this is the guy at the top of the totem pole and we can relax our standards now and all the things that have been annoying you about people nitpicking about behaviors and insults

► 01:07:17

you know safe words and safe spaces and all that stuff's kind of gone yeah I mean yeah so it does affect the way people think and behave right there's almost nobody who won't use the word pussy in public though do you remember so many months ago when that just wasn't a thing that's so true you couldn't say that Ed so Drew if he came like a constant like dinner table talk like people sit around talking saying grab the pussy yeah it's coming from women it's yeah it's not even it's not even not even been my girlfriend true it's so true that is so true that's interesting yeah well you know I think that we go one way and we go the other and I think the people get tired too much left they want some right and I think that's why we went from Carter to Reagan that's why we went from Bush to Clinton I just think that's what we do I think it's what we've always done and I think people art I also believe and I've said this publicly I think the whole Caitlyn Jenner thing had a big effect on because people were like why in the

► 01:08:16

fuck are we doing that's the athlete of the Year this is woman of the year for Glamour magazine and then you see her on the Ellen show and she doesn't believe in gay marriage you like this is weird this is madness we are we're accepting Madness is being okay and I think because of that like we're so accepting and so sensitive that anything involving gender gets a fucking free pass on all of its ludicrous aspects like she's a ludicrous person but we gave it a free pass because she's to be a man that you became a woman are you a fucking doesn't believe in gay marriage it's so crazy when when Ellen asked her about it she was like well I'm Carnival traditional washed like what what wait what the fuck did you even just say you're a traditional girl holy shit this is crazy but we're not supposed to say anything we're supposed to just accept it well there's people at home all across the country throwing their fucking beer cans in the kitchen just flat-out fuck are we doing what are we doing and I think there's this reaction when things go way too far

► 01:09:16

left when there's you know 78 different gender pronouns that you have to learn when you know political correctness take some crazy path where you're removing the General Lee's Confederate flag from the roof and pulling it off a TV Land we got to get this fucking it's like things go so far left that there's an automatic slingshot effect and they start going right again I'm okay with getting rid of the Confederate flag by the way I think they could have well you know it does represent bad things to people but can't just like fucking going there and CGI that shit or something or is it okay to the to have it in there because it represents the past right like you could go to you can go to watch Al Jolson videos on YouTube you can watch them here's my take on that people don't ask a lot from other people

► 01:10:03

so you have this Confederate flag bunch of people like it because it's like oh it's a bass is the South so you want to respect that people like what they like but another big part of the public is just really really offended by it like it and not in the normal offensive way like you know you said a bad word but like you know the deepest you know pain the country has ever experienced you know the slavery so if you can't if he can't allow your fellow citizen you know that little bit of respect it's like yeah this is really inconvenient I wish I could keep my Confederate flag whatever bite they're not asking a lot mmm all right that's just not a lot that's true unless you own the Dukes of Hazzard you like where's my fucking money what up G are you kidding me we've had played it for 50 years what happened

► 01:10:53

well it represents not just slavery which is one of the most awful things that has ever happened to human beings the other awful thing is war represents a war Civil War so the two most awful things slavery and War it represents both of those represents a war between two people in the same two groups people on the same land mass over slavery so it's death on top of horrific in capturing and enslaving of people it's like everything bad and I hate to be insensitive but they weren't The Winning Side true so they did lose but what's interesting is it just a few decades ago whenever the Dukes has words on TV it didn't bother us at all that's really fascinating to me that they were allowed to have it and it wasn't an issue but I don't know I don't yeah maybe just people were thinking about that way but once you start thinking about it so this is a fascinating that it wasn't an issue but we were all aware of it all of our issues are psychological hmm I mean you know once you got food and nobody shooting at you

► 01:11:52

your problems tend to be mental yeah yeah unless that whatever that image is provoking violence right you know like the Nazi flag you can't have they lost to which you can have that one we won't give you that one right yeah and again it's like people don't ask a lot yeah that's just not a lot to ask but isn't that fascinating like the English came when we had a war with England right there for our independence they killed a lot of Americans you could have an English flag flying high nobody gives a fuck you know that ended so politely though did it I think I think the British they lose territory better than anybody well they'll give you their sword stuff well we conquered much of the world but okay this one didn't work out you put up a good fight yes good for you good for you take your country back it is interesting though that there's some people that would argue for the Confederate flag but almost no one would argue for the Nazi flag

► 01:12:51

it's probably somebody does but yeah I know what you're saying right you know mean the Nazis I mean it couldn't have been that everyone in Germany was represented by the Nazis right that there's never a group there's never 100% compliance and group mindset of any fucking country that's never existed right it's just not how people are so we give the Germans a pass because they were part of that whole Nazi flag thing but when we look at the Confederate flag like if you're down with that you have to be it has to be like the two core things one you're at war with the north until you believe in slavery that's it you know can't just be I'm a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan you know images images like I said in the very beginning visual persuade yes the strongest it is you just want you just don't want to look at that thing yeah you're on the wrong side of you know that part of History I was thinking about that one because I went to Chichen Itza the where the Mayan pyramids are in the Yucatan and when we were driving it's like a long drive to get to the pyramid

► 01:13:50

and as we're driving I saw this giant Coca-Cola billboard I said how bizarre is that symbol like that symbol so etched in the consciousness of most people in the modern world but to see it in the jungle was a so strange it's just this giant thing that represent I mean it's like instantaneous representation was it new or was it left over from the Mayan civilization that had a bad it was Northern that newer than that but let me symbols are very strange when we accept them and they have become a normal part of our society when you drive it down the road and you go oh kind of car is that and you see the bow tie all the Chevy Like These symbols like the instantaneous recognizable symbols have you noticed how easily boys can recognize the model of a car oh yeah there's some kind of weird gender specific skill oh I don't think so because Bryan Callen doesn't know jack shit about cars Bryan Callen could recognize like a Tesla

► 01:14:50

and a car maybe he's owned maybe but it would have to be in the last couple of years he is an ocean I've never met a grown man that's like a manly guy who knows less cares less about cars but still if you said what's that model car and it was probably didn't know he'd see a mouse dying think the Camaro okay trust me I guess just brutal if I conversation with them I'm not it's a fucking 69 Mustang you can't tell look at that doesn't say that's a 69 Mustang to you turning your God damn America card put it in boy like a 69 Camaro Casey a 69 Camaro you should fucking know what that is you should just know as a man I wouldn't know a 6469 you should look at the headlights the taillights are different everything is different the 68 have the same boxy taillights that the 67 had where's the 69 is lengthened a little bit well the 69s the year that's the right year I'm going to change my name to Kaitlyn and no you don't have to get maybe she knows a lot about cars

► 01:15:49

that was the other thing about the Caitlin thing that drove me crazy she killed somebody knock someone in a traffic knock some leading the traffic is she wasn't paying attention lady went head-on into traffic someone slammed into her and kill her Hummer one of the last Hummers in America slam dinner and killed her and it never gets discussed she goes does talk shows and instead of talking about this horrific accident that caused some fellow human their life talks about gender and nail polish well yeah exactly I did not know about this you didn't know about that yeah you didn't know see that's that's a big part of the problem I've been mad at Caitlyn since since she was Bruce because I happened to be on a flight one time across country and Bruce at the time was in the seat in front of me and leaned his seed all the way back and I couldn't use my laptop for five hours and you're mad about that but that's couldn't you lean yours back and have more room it doesn't really work that way because right can you put your laptop on your lap like a actual lat

► 01:16:48

top of that could work you can have it if I was right next to you how to fix this whole thing will you if only I think a grudge the lap you're like I'm glad he's a chickie fucking ruin my typing this this is why it's called the laptop yeah it sits on your lap but then your balls get really warm and they say it kills sperm so it depends on what you're trying to accomplish you know for some people that be just eating them babies up all the time it was a long flight I might want to kill a few just to just to take the pressure off his to relax yeah my friend Ari shaffir always gets mad at that two people lean back on him because he's so big he's like sick with are like 63 or something 6-4 he's super tall so he's got these goofy ass stork legs he can't fit under the seat anyway God I feel sorry for tall people yeah any time they try to travel anywhere outside their own house even in cars you know you get in someone's car sometimes your legs are jammed up I'm like I'm fucking 58 my legs are jammed up yeah and what does a giant person do yeah I'm trying to think like what would be my

► 01:17:48

we've learned like how small would a car have to be so I can feel like what a was Shack feel like letting us in the car he has to take seats out and put seats in the back have you ever seen the with a do two cars for him really yeah he's had some custom made cars where they literally take the seat out of the front and install it in the back because I mean that's not that look you know you think about it he's seven feet tall so that this think about how much more length you're dealing with his arms his legs and then his the height like I bet they would have to lower the seat down so you can see better out of the windshield otherwise he has to kind of bend down every time he's driving I just had this vision of him with a Miata and say hey there's something in the trunk I don't know the trunk open you know just something I bet he can't drive a Miata I bet he can't I bet there's no way that's he can get farther far enough back just strap 1/2 each foot and skated well he what he could do is just put the have the steering wheel he's so rich he does the steering will put in the middle and then push everything back no forget that I

► 01:18:48

but I know for sure for sure they had one of those custom TV shows custom car shows where they do things for people maybe it was West Side what does that one show West Coast West Coast West Coast Customs maybe it's that one famous company so they took her car and they put the seat in the back for him

► 01:19:06

probably still needed extra room it sounds like something that you do for TV see ya gotta we gotta put the seat in the back maybe because I got a feeling he drives a regular cars somehow maybe it's probably some cars that he can't drive though like one of those old Porsches will tiny ones probably most yeah like yeah anyway point being what word oh it's terrible to be a stoner I leaned back and fucked up your day yeah all went bad from there you know and look this there's nothing I mean he's not terrible person she's not a terrible person it's not the worst human in the world it's just like when this gets paraded out as being like this very important Point well what soon as he gets paraded out and you make a big deal and you want to go on all these talk shows you want to talk about yourself and well they have to examine you as an actual person and does not just stop at gender you know I'm saying like you need like there's there's a lot of Representatives like for instance the woman who created Sirius satellite radio and

► 01:20:06

also I believe she invented GPS she was born a man and had a sex change and I met with her and I had an interview with her about her her she made a robot she's super fucking smart like crazy smart and is working on artificial intelligence and programming This Woman This like it's ahead of her wife Bina like she married her when she was a man and then became a woman they stayed together and Bina is like this artificial intelligence thing that she's consistently updating as technology gets better she updates it gives it more and more intense like you want to focus on someone who's a transgender person like maybe that would be a good example instead of just concentrating on a guy who used to be really good at running and you know and now lived with a bunch of materialists on a reality show not just running but a combination of skill under shit which have no no purpose in really yeah I mean so no one's really interesting

► 01:21:06

decathlon sorry I'm sure he's awesome but nobody gives a fuck that's why he done any of those Sports where there's no professional side of it like he's probably a reason for that I say that but then that's true not true because of wrestling I think wrestling is a great sport it doesn't have a professional venue you know other than like fake wrestling you ever think about how weird it is that people can get invested in like a team yes like why why do you care so much about your team I think about that all the time I'm constantly really yes all the time we talk about it all the time it's a tribal thing people love being in a group they like being on team Trump they like being on team Hillary you know there's there I so I was watching so much tribal Behavior leading down like arguments between people on Twitter it's like you guys are crazy like what are you doing you're arguing with people you don't even know and I look at their timeline a look at the Timeline there arguing 478 hours in a row like you could be doing so much to improve your life instead of like

► 01:22:06

salting Hillary supporters are insulting Trump supporters they're all its it says a weird natural thing people join teams they join tribes they have groups that they like but it makes sense when you're looking at say your ethnicity because probably biologically were you know we're primed to prefer it whatever looks like us right you know just you just naturally primed for that do you think that's true explain black eyes and Asian chicks ready go I'm done saying I'm out so I'm out so but in general

► 01:22:41

anyway so so it makes sense if you're looking at like big groups or write a country or something but a sports team is such a random collection of rules mmm that why you could be emotionally invested in that I've tried because it seems like such cheap entertainment well want to you live a Wonderful Life Scott Adams and your wealthy successful man and for some people there's not a whole lot to look forward to and this is not obviously I'm not using a broad blanket to paint all sports fans but I think that there's a lot of people out there that look to the success of their team and they get happiness or sadness from that and if you're in a team like if you're in Cleveland and they kick ass and win the world title or I mean they have the world heavyweight champion of the UFC lives in Cleveland to like you get some Cleveland Pride you know well that almost works until you consider that there are like Raiders fans right like they're just keep losing and losing Raiders is a different thing them and they got

► 01:23:40

thinking this will not make me feel good at the end of the year yeah but Raiders is like I'm a badass Raiders is a weird white because Raiders is like rap music I'm a thug you know I don't give a fuck I'm a Raiders fan it's a different thing Raiders is a that's a whole different animal and then the Cubs fan Cubs fans up until this year we're like the loyal we hey I'm not really in it for the winds I just love the Cubs meanwhile the Cubs are new every year it's a different fucking person right yeah that's what's crazy it's a totally different group of humans than the Cubs from five years ago how could you love the Cubs these are the same people and then the team can just go to another town it's not yeah it's fucking nuts like the LA Rams how do we get the Rams what the fuck happened what are we doing here you know like and then what's going to happen to the Raiders are gonna go to Vegas now then there are the Raiders fans going to follow them over to Vegas you know sometimes they don't sometimes people get mad teams leave and they get pissed off Vegas seems like a good fit though double yeah but it was all created because I mean all sports teams in this country

► 01:24:40

essentially were a response to war being over and people thinking with real good reason that men at least need War they need some form of War to develop character and to build strong like strong definitive Nations almost need to unite and bond with War and the concept was like well if we can't do that let's figure out some sort of a game that they can play and that's where football emerge do you think that was conscious or it's just what was conscious yeah it was yeah it was actually discussed like it's been discussed and there's been a lot of historians have concentrated on leaders that have talked about the importance of conflict the importance of War and the the bringing the country together and the support of nationalism the support of loyalty and honor and pride I call that a lot of it has to be connected with consequence and loss yeah

► 01:25:40

like that line of thinking well there wasn't a Radiolab podcast about when they invented football that went into this and pretty and pretty much in depth goddamn it I think it was Radiolab I'm pretty sure it was it was either it also could have been but it went into it pretty pretty in-depth about the creation of football and how was originally put together so that would explain why sports that are just clearly dangerous are still legal and popular and is that it Jamie yeah that's it merican football yeah CV make that a little larger for my shitty eyes it's grow up there yeah okay 1879 yeah that's right it was made in the Carlisle Indian School formed an 1879 to assimilate children the grandchildren of Native Americans who fought in the plains Wars Fields the most American team of all yeah this is about these American Indians that were fucking kicking ass playing football so there's another one that was about to set the ghost of

► 01:26:40

past that could be what hmm maybe this was the one that was about this American Indian team that was really interesting so football was invented by a Native Americans no no there's just one badass team the here it is right here end of the 19th century the Civil War was over Frontier was dead young college men are anxious is it what great struggle will test their character that along comes a new craze football a brutally violent game where young men show a stadium full of fans just what they're made of Harvard Yale Princeton pain the sons of the most powerful men in the country are literally knocking themselves out to win these gladiatorial battles so that's when it came up and then the Carlisle Indian school they were beating the fuck out all the white dudes surprise yeah interesting yeah I think and then I forget I think they all simulated I forget it but the plot of the rules came because the Indians kept beating every yeah they said okay make it a new rule and they do it all right we're gonna change this baby chicken

► 01:27:40

Native Americans need to make a comeback yeah they had a lot of cool ideas I think we fucked him over by giving them casinos when they had all their towns Vegas I've got a small amount of Native American in me idiot money not not a prophet what do you need like 16% to get money you need like a certain amount and get some cash I think it's even maybe less than that really or to qualify for whatever I have to look into that it might be the worst thing you could do to some people just tuck them away and this little patch of land isolate them from everybody else and you know they're watching the rest of the world change around them some sort of a strange way and that's their Americans but they're not they're in some sort of a weird territory that they have ultimate control over and they start having gambling there and doing whatever the fuck they want very strange but in some ways like what are the other what were the other options at the time and giving them territory probably pretty ugly option yeah sure

► 01:28:39

it's dark you really stop and think about the genocide of the Native Americans in this country and how that how rarely that comes up and there's no flag which is really interesting when you obviously there are some Flags or some Nations but I mean there's no no one thing that represents our war with them that's no offensive symbol other than like a few sports teams right like the Redskins are the Braves were both my high school and college were both the Warriors Warriors is not specific to a nationality or well the low-density logo logo was yeah yeah yeah it's weird man it's real weird that the fact that it was only a couple of hundred years ago is really weird it's a blink of an eye how long do you think people are going to live now good question because I'm thinking I'm good for a hundred at least oh okay but you personally I think you're probably you look healthy but a kid born today thousand years old the gonna be able to read minds well it depends also upon what it person becomes

► 01:29:38

I have a feeling they're going to come up with legs that are artificial that work way better than you realize like I have a bunch of friends that have like fake hips or fake knees or you know they've had surgery and they had a bunch of stuff fixed I know a lot of people that have that hip replacements like maybe a dozen so I've figured out that if I create enough public information about me you know there is enough times I'm recorded like I'm being right now enough of my writing is in the public there's no video of me that after I die I could be recreated and software whoa almost in full because you would have my everything from my personality my sense of humor my choice of words so some future program could just go to the internet Google my name and take all those sources and bring together an actual physical hologram that walks and talks like me a hundred years after I'm dead but Jamie you were just telling me about some software that they've developed that you can

► 01:30:38

someone's someone can say like I could make a statement Scott Adams is a really cool guy and I always love hanging out with them and they can move the words all over the place which where it's a jumbled sentence and it doesn't make any sense and then change the inflection and it sounds perfect like listen to this will play some of it here called they'll be vocal see if I can get this okay and and I kissed my wife and my dogs whoo okay okay how can we let the dogs out who cannot be a great example of it there's a terrible it's like a five minute video where they should think he's called like Photoshop for for audio okay like it's manipulating audio in a way that people aren't used to or I've even seen up until they've just shown this to kind of demonstration so the point being if you could automate this if you could put this inside some sort of an artificial intelligence structure that knew when to inflect when to have a question when

► 01:31:38

to like oh maybe you'll be a tech guy you talking up speak you know up speak is right I love up speak because it's so fuck it's it's just weird thing that these Tech dorks do where they sort of talk in this really weird unpredictable way and they all do it and basically it makes you seem like you're sensitive and intelligent and on the ball and it's a weird fucking little sneaky thing that some of these Tech guys do where you takes you a while to go oh you're not smart at all you're fucking crazy but you talking up speak you know they've decided to take on the Persona of a tech person someone who's really into I believe in Android Androids the future and they start they have this weird thing that they do with the end of each sentence they go up I'm not sure that exists outside of Silicon Valley it's huge in Silicon Valley I think it's more it's more prevalent in Northern California that it is in Southern California it's almost like they're halfway a like an NPR sort of

► 01:32:38

the old personality halfway that and halfway a strip club DJ it's like they have this thing going on where it's a fake voice and they're talking about technology that's all I'm going to hear now no get now I'm going to hear that oh you'll hear it I'll give you some audio of people there's a bunch of people that's they speak and it is an accent the same way in New York accent or a Boston accent is like you can recognize oh that's a tech dork like it's a non original Tech person is speaking in this weird they're your you want people to understand that your attack person so you're speaking in a it's a literally attack accent I speak I might try that it's really fascinating women can do it too it's super important

► 01:33:23

you know there's a almost a woman up speak that you'll see occasionally on daytime talk shows we're like a bunch of women will sit around and they'll be on a show and the woman or it's all audience the woman's the audience is all women and there's all women on the panel and then they're cooking or they're talking about clothes and what the woman's up speak is sentences don't end they just sort of stopped talking to ever know somebody who didn't have any way to end a story yes and they would they would talk forever they just keep going and then during the time of early cell phones when one person was talking the other person couldn't talk you didn't realize it all the time but it really was one way communication and somebody would start and and I would start yelling into the phone stop stop okay bang bang bang you know let me in let me in well what I mean by sentences don't ever end it's not that they don't they stop talking but that they don't have it like if I said to you hey Scott it's three

► 01:34:23

we should probably wrap this up in about an hour instead of that they would say hey Scott it's three o'clock we should probably wrap this up in about an hour and and then just keep going and then someone else chimes in what about four clock is four o'clock a good time for clocks a good time five o'clock so good time six o'clock is a good time what about seven can we do it at 7-7 is fine we can definitely keep going and there's no end there's no this is my laptop my laptop is black do they hear it themselves they love it they love to talk together do you think do you think that if you meet somebody who has heard this podcast and they talk like that normally would they be unable to talk to you know be too self-conscious now they'd be fine they say he's a dick and also know they say didn't I think that's what I think he's a dick it's not didn't give the best example of it either but I think what it is is that's how they enjoy talking I think they're they've had to edit their conversations because men get tired quicker which is

► 01:35:23

talk as much about certain stuff like we like Jesus Christ get on with the story finish it what does the story end but women get together to the they love it they can just keep going a lot of them Cantonese you reminded me of the the worst advice anybody ever gave is be natural be yourself because what the hell does that mean hmm who are you if I were myself I'd be like you know sitting here naked masturbating and really well maybe not right here but yeah that was a terrible example sometimes let's go back but that would be you sometimes right and that's that is yourself but it's like yourself varies depending upon your company depending upon the environment depending upon the circumstances we're all acting all the time we're adapting to every Shore relation yeah and you and you also want to be different sometimes so it's not even necessarily an act it's like you know someone says hey Scott show me show me that fucking crazy hands to any do you like I'm it's really does not me right now right yeah like we're always adapting the

► 01:36:23

to the situation yeah but there's women that are like men to in that way the women want other women to shut the fuck up and they want men to shut the fuck up to like like God damn these people are long-ass boring stories it's not necessarily gender-specific but it seems to be like women on talk shows during the day that are cooking for people who can't tell when they've gone on too long yeah maybe me right there and I and you look at them and you think do they not know I'm giving all the signals of stop yeah you know in the corporate world you'd always have a pen in your hand if somebody came into your cubicle and you wanted to leave you wouldn't put the pen down so you turn toward them but you keep the pen in your hand right it's a signal them that you are there for them you'd put it down and you turn toward them but if you if you turn to but just the pain and I'd be like dude the pan yeah do not see this pain still in my hand there's a weird thing that people do to you if you're on the phone well you're on your cell phone they will come up

► 01:37:23

you because you are the physical presence Trump's whatever your whatever you got going on digitally all right so like you're on the phone you might be having a really important conversation so I'm going hey man Scott Adams hey how you doing man and you like on the phone hey I just want to tell you I really love dilber white still talking you fuck

► 01:37:41

in the middle of another conversation you've decided this person isn't here fuck them you said I want your attention I'm right in front of you I can touch you Scott Adams Dilbert's my hero I love you and behold your shoulder but you know you you get the you get the celebrity thing that I don't get because I'm invisible like your visual of your visual your on Periscope I knew exactly what you look like oh you and 7000 people on Earth it's I think it's more I think their Shadow Banning you like that term hmm look at that we were talking about that the other day Hillary for prison remember when we were saying rape milania was actually a hashtag but Hillary for prison wasn't that's not what people are saying what people are saying is they were Shadow Banning that Hillary for prison hashtag meaning if you put hashtag Hillary for prison someone could search it and find it but if you put it it wouldn't show up in other people's feeds I don't know if that's true though has that been proven I'm having a real tough time with what's proven because lots of people are sending me my own stuff and saying here's proof that you have been Shadow Man

► 01:38:41

and because look at this page compared to this page I always look at them and I go I'm not really a lawyer I can't tell their minds I found out very simple just you're wealthy man you have two laptops you make a second Twitter account don't use it for nefarious reasons don't get on start shitting on people under egg 59 or whatever the fuck you call it but you start a laptop you follow you you follow a few other people just for a goof and then you sit there and you watch your timeline well no I do know that people are not getting my stuff in but here's the thing you could find out yourself you could tweet from another computer as Scott Adams says so you do Scott Adam says you're following you on another computer that's in a different account and you watch but have you done that no but I'm saying that other people have done that and they send me the screenshots but when I look at are crazy they just want to talk to you Scott they want to be your friend they want to talk to when you're on your cell phone hey man I love Gilbert who you talking to you don't fucking I'm right here man

► 01:39:38

why didn't you try yourself I guess I wasn't that curious because I'm a mom I hate talked about it you have to be curious I kind of like being Shadow band do you like being Shadow band or you like the idea of you being Shadow band I like the infinitive proof that your Shadow band I like I like the thought that I might be so dangerous to the minds of America that there's a major corporation who's actually making us a conscious decision say who the America is at a little bit too much of this guy so let's dial them back a little bit well kind of like if Twitter didn't have a history of banning people

► 01:40:14

you know like the Milo thing mile you novelist that was a big mistake big mistake because they didn't ban them for anything that like you could like put your finger on they banned them for influence and other people are saying mean things but you looked at the stuff that he actually said man you can't ban them for that that's just not that's not fair well certainly not compared to everything else that's Twitter not even compared to things that Leslie Jones wrote you know or yeah me neither the person that he was supposedly attacking and what he was doing was he was targeting a piece of art and he critiqued it very harshly but this what he does he's very wise with his choice of words is very snippy and bitchy and that's his Persona and that's he's put together he's a lovely guy like I've had him on the podcast a couple times I enjoy his company he's a fun guy but goddamn to people get pissed off at him it's kind of hilarious and so when that whole thing went down with the Leslie Jones things and they like I've absolutely didn't agree with all the people that were being mean and

► 01:41:14

salting to Leslie but that's kind of what happens if you put yourself out there with a piece of art right the people don't like and all he did was say that they were all ugly you know he was saying that it's a bad feminist film because all the men are buffoons and all the women are saving the world and he's like it's Preposterous it sucks it's not good in the women are all gross and that's what he said and you know whether that was at the last part was all the trouble well it was I mean the fact that he's saying they were unattractive he was saying that not just to be bitchy but also in a point is like he made a point he's like they've decidedly picked people that were unattractive to make this sort of feminist Point these overweight women can save the world that they're the ones are going to like you they're targeting and that's why all the men are buffoons it's sort of Revenge like the idea being if you wanted to look at it broadly the idea being that these are the type of women that the guy like the Thor dude what's his name the guy was in that moving the really handsome fellow the place Thor Chris

► 01:42:14

what's his name now Chris is super spy on Olli Captain America to see Liam Hemsworth is that grams worth comes worth Chris Hemsworth right it's one of them my right or is it Chris the guy who plays Captain America it's what happens it's Hemsworth let's just call him Thor okay doors impossibly beautiful it's beautiful man is super handsome big fucking perfect body and of course in this movie he's a fucking moron I mean he is the dumbest guy that's ever walked the face of the planet he's preposterously dumb and then becomes the villain at the end so he represents like this unattainable goal of like having this gigantic beautiful man be attracted to you so they've turned him in this complete retard like if this was a woman in a movie it would be one of the most offensive portrayals of a woman ever and I'm sure it's been done I'm sure it's been done right especially like in the old days like I mean there was how many fucking dope be secretary roles were there in the world right so he was that the male caricature of that but there's not a single other male in the movie that wasn't a complete buffoon every male is a failure

► 01:43:14

and ultimately gets killed and dies every woman saves the day and that's what is Milo's point so in most forms of entertainment you know the dumb one and the smart one you know so it's going to be that contract or and in earlier times there were other people you could poke fun at and Society we say II we make fun of that and we you know the wife was the dumb one and you know the 50s and now some of it is just what Target can you get away with so there's a little bit of that as like you who's a soft target nobody's going to complain and men are the the current Target if you look at commercials almost all the commercials are the woman is the smart one in the man did something stupid that she had to fix every sitcom every second but I mean even in the 50s I was the case like The Honeymooners Ralph Kramden was a fucking moron his wife is one of those keep him calm right he was always to the Moon Alice he's threatening to beat her right and his buddies buddy was his fucking idiot too

► 01:44:14

is Buddy's wife was keeping him in line yeah that was true for The Honeymooners yeah I mean at any couples sort of Comedy the man is a buffoon Married with Children pegs always wants sex Al's just all fucked up he's trying to get away from her he hates his life everything falls apart on them his daughters acting like a little hussy right I mean that's the whole thing this poor guy is last falling apart the guys never okay all those movies the guy's a buffoon all those sitcoms the guy's a buffoon that's what people like to see ya but you know I'm looking at Elvis right behind you let's different animal maybe yeah come on and so there were a lot of movies where it was you Frank Sinatra yes I'm Charles Bronson maybe have to go back further where the man was the competent one and the woman was always losing her high heel oh there's plenty of movies like that but in sitcoms in the sitcom world in the comedy world it's pretty much always the men's before man's a buffoon yeah I think that's fair to say for a lot you know King of Queens is another one Kevin James always were

► 01:45:14

Achilles is wife always had to figure everything out he was ridiculous but how did you get this hot wife who's on TV he's on TV I mean this is I mean we're going back to the Twitter thing this is the problem with censoring people is that if you don't like what they stand for you know you're not really like they were looking for the reason to pull the plug on him it wasn't a good one so it left people like what that like that him saying that and then when you pull up things that she has said about white people that she has said about other ethnicities and some of the she's like literally said get someone like someone tweeted something matter she's telling people to get them that's like this targeted harassment right like that is like actual targeted harassment and the idea that she's doing it in Revenge for someone coming after her I understand but in the position that she's at like she's a huge celebrity for her to actively say go get this person like that is the

► 01:46:14

there's example you're ever going to see of targeted harassment so if that doesn't get punished in any way shape or form like you got to say well why is it because she's female is because she's black is it a combination of those things is because she represents what you think is like liberal Progressive mindset and then he represents this alt right that people are terrified of and hate he represents the gamergate which gave birth to the alt-right like gamergate allowed people to realize hey there's actually some intelligent people that are tired of all this bullshit that these feminists are trying to push down our throats and intelligent people that are coming together and go know Laura Croft is not the fucking bane of civilization it's fun to watch her run around with her tits jiggling shoot guns at things it doesn't mean you hate women just doesn't you know and women were playing that game too and saying the same thing and this portrayal of these people as being these ugly massages Monsters the backlash of that is what gave birth to gamergate and a lot of gamergate was harassment Target harassment of women

► 01:47:14

horrible stuff right but I think as you were saying when it was taught when you're talking about Trump supporters there's a certain percentage of these Trump supporters that probably are racist doesn't mean they all are like what is the number as a 2% is at 4% this is a certain percent of the probably absolute misogynist what's that number I don't know what that number is but there's also some other people in there there has to be that a reasonable because if you look at the number of people that voted for Obama and you look at the number of people that voted for Trump a lot of those people the same people well actually if you look at Romney's vote compared to Trump I think Romney Trump did better in most ethnic groups yes he did yes across the board didn't trust that white dude and and what was the what was the problem with Romney just you know didn't have the policies they wanted to write I mean there's also the Mormon thing well yeah it was also the normal thing but the Mormon thing was pretty big I think I mean he believed he believes one of the wackiest strains of Christianity would you even called Christianity well we don't know we don't know which parts of it

► 01:48:14

leaves literally well we know that his dad was actually born in Mexico do you know the whole story about that I don't oh I'm gonna School you Scott because this is wonderful please do Mitt Romney comes from a faction of the Mormons it was so hardcore than when the United States band polygamy they won't will fuck this we're moving to Mexico so they moved to Mexico so Mitt Romney's Dad could never be the president I'd States because he was born in Mexico was a Mexican citizen they have these giant compounds and they have to fight off the drug cartels and there's more than one gigantic compound owned by Mormons in Mexico they literally have carved out their own like camps down there and they're armed and they did as Vice piece on them where they interviewed them and went over there and talked about it and that is the whole reason why Mitt Romney's Mitt Romney's dad's Mexican mean literally Mexican born in Mexico Mexican citizen they look at that Mitt Romney's Mexican Roots his father was born in Mexico and could choose to he

► 01:49:14

use dual citizenship that is interesting yeah did I not know that how did you not know that I'm not sure matters anything well I'm a I'm obsessed with Mormons so that's how I found out about it now I've been obsessed with for a long time so did you do the Deep dive and look at all the stuff that they believe in oh yeah yeah the Seer Stone like Joseph Smith in 1812 found magic tablets that were the Lost work of Jesus and only he could read him because he had a magic Rock and he was like 14 at the time which is fucking hilarious all this happen when he was 14 this is when he first concocted this goofy a story and apparently where he lived it was fairly common for people to come up with this kind of con really yeah I mean it was it wasn't like the only one doing this it was I read that somewhere has just stuck yes my source is I read that somewhere and I miss remember it now so I'll say it in public because that sounds pretty authoritative thing about Mormons though they're really nice people I like a lot of Mormons I'm friends with quite a few more minutes I know

► 01:50:14

bunch of them and like in general they promote a lot of camaraderie a lot of community they're very friendly the people like in the Mormon church like the friends that I know that are Mormons they go to church on a regular basis and it's almost like this community Gathering of super polite people that agree to be super polite I've said the same thing and I don't know if it's because they don't drink and you know don't have coffee or something but I don't think I've ever met a Mormon I didn't really like they're nice people they're just all seemed great just almost like it's okay to believe wacky shit if it works for you I've never met one that really believe the you know the deeper stuff of my friends wear the underwear seriously yeah laughter with underwear but that's not a belief so much as a custom wouldn't you say yeah well they're a little hypocritical right like you're not allowed to drink coffee so this do drinks energy drinks monsters those fucking giant ones he pounds those things and you know you're not supposed to do drugs but you can get away with it if the doctor prescribes use

► 01:51:14

extra lot of take that because it's not in it's not any other books they didn't have his Antics back then should it Xanax is a loophole you just can't can't pound booze so you just fucking pop pills and freak out all day that's a good compromise that's a good religion is flexible well they're nice people they're really nice people like I'm a fan of the Mormon people like in general I think what they believe is nonsense but maybe they don't really believe that maybe you're right like I said I've never talked to one who actually believes the stuff that's yeah I mean it can easily just be they enjoy the community aspect of it and the bonding of it and they believe in God and maybe they just let all that other stuff slide that's totally possible that feels like it I mean I don't know if the girls like it you know if they die they get their own planet

► 01:52:02

that is a perk you get a whole planet you know what I die if when I died you know what I get what shit dude that's not true a decomposed I'm gonna get you in tight with the Mormons and you're going to get a planet because I like you if you're seeing The Osmond Brothers album where they they all have it's like named after the the planet that you get what the fuck is the or the named after this this thing that they believe that makes you get all these planets like this place that you go we get your own Planet but in the Osmond album The Osmond family album whatever the fuck it is they're all have like their own little planets and it's inside like the the album jacket like you open it up there's like planets it's hilarious it's really fun but again perfect example Donny Osmond and Marie Osmond very nice people I'm going to shop around for a new religion because they all have different afterlife and I think after compare them because he do because the planet thing is still sounds pretty appealing well I may imagine if

► 01:53:01

we go back to your original idea that this is some sort of a software simulation and that's why your memories are so wacky and nothing sticks and imagine if you literally are choosing by virtue of your decision to join a certain religion what you're after life will be like if you're in a video game and there's like a bunch of different doors you have to figure out which one's the right door to go through and you go through that door is totally different Adventure what if we really are a software simulation and just like you say the software allows you to pick an afterlife and you do actually that's what yeah you're actually experience because your software that would be totally practical if we're software that would be totally practical and that's simulation Theory thing is a mind fuck because if you don't know what we're talking about here's the rub the rub is one day without a doubt if we continue if we don't get hit by an asteroid if we don't get swallowed up in a super volcano or a tsunami or an earthquake or something crazy human beings will

► 01:54:01

a point where if you look at the exponential growth of Technology we are going to be able to create an artificial reality that is indistinguishable from regular reality if that's the case how will we know if we're in it we won't so how do we know if we're not in it right now I'll take the math one one step further is it by the time there's one of those if it's a perfect simulation the simulation will create another simulation and so on so it's Turtles all the way down so then so this is actually what the scientists say they say that the number of original species will be you know one and the number of copies will eventually be gigantic you know could be thousands billions trillions so the odds that you're the original copy the original might be one in a trillion

► 01:54:50

hmm if that's real that's the big if but it's an F that if not possible now or if not reality will one day be

► 01:55:00

yeah we can't tell where we are in the cycle if we're if we're a simulation we don't know if there were hundreds of simulations before us there's no way to know well there's also the very slippery aspect of Consciousness where we shut it off every night and turn it back on in the morning and we assume that our memories when we wake up in the morning or all accurate we assume that we really did you know wake up November 17th 2016 in our bed put our clothes on with this database of Life Experiences leading up to that point but how the fuck do you know it didn't just start you just woke up and they you might have been installed with this goofy life memory that you might start this life this morning yeah if you look into the physics we know when I say we I mean people much smarter who are physicists know that things don't really exist Until You observe them

► 01:55:54

what the hell does that mean that's a tricky thing that people say that's not necessarily true you know what they mean by that that when you observe something in the act of observing it you change it now that's that's a different concept right but but knowing that something is true like this that's the tree falls in the forest right is that what you're saying the observation changes it so that the change thing maybe we are talking about the same right but the observation really only changes it when you measure it that's what it's the measurement like when you know they do those particle tests those are off if you're talk to a physicist about that observing is enough you don't have to it doesn't have to technically be made will have to observe it if you're not measuring well just looking at it like working at what seeing it or seeing any sign of it right so that anything that's an indication that it must have been is enough to solidify the past well if you never observed it before and then you are observing and how do you know that there's a difference between the two results I don't know we even know what I'm talking about

► 01:56:54

I have no idea the way it's been explained to me by a friend of mine who's actually a physicist he said it's often there's a lot of whoo whoo that's tacked on to this but when you're talking about these measurements of people say like that in the act of measuring something and looking at something you change the result he's like that is much better interpreted by measurement itself the actual Act of seeing something or recording something or interfacing with it in some way to get a reading changes the result is like that's much more likely what's going on there's no real evidence that looking at something changes it because of you weren't looking at it before how do you know if it was different whoa

► 01:57:33

well that was good it's crazy man that's not the way I understood it but I'm also not a physicist nor do I have a friend who's a physicist who can explain it to me I get confused at these things because they're often repeated and the repeated by people who haven't looked into it and it gets me worried it's one of those things like the wage Gap thing do you know the wage Gap argument versus reality I do I looked into a deeply so crazy one because Pete really smart people will tell you women makes 79 cents for every dollar a man makes and that gives you the impression that they're working side by side in the same Factory in the woman's making 79 signs and the man's making a dollar that's not what it means what it means is over all men make a dollar to 79 cents that women make because of career choices because of jobs the different jobs that they choose if you're going to make the argument that it's more difficult for women to get those jobs that's different argument and you might be right but that's not when you're saying that the wage discrimination Gap like when Obama says we have to change wage discrimination

► 01:58:33

well what are you talking about like do you think that an engineer should get the same as you know a person who works you know whatever fill-in-the-blank some you know typical female job but like when comes to science and engineering and a lot of those stem sort of subjects men sort of gravitate towards them men gravitate towards riskier jobs men are more likely to die on the job men choose different paths because of testosterone and their gender and to die that seems kind of silly but so when they start talking about this gender gap which everybody throws around all willy-nilly with no research whatsoever they really believe that you're talking about two lawyers working the same firm side by side the man makes a dollar that woman make 79 cents so that's not how many tiles districts how many times have you been in a conversation with somebody who believed in in the 79 some figure and then you explained it to him and they said oh no I don't think that's the case then you showed him a link you proved it Beyond it any doubt and it still didn't change their minds well they won't accept the fact that could have been wrong about something

► 01:59:33

they've attached their identity to being correct right it's a huge problem with anything gender-related the gender thing is that the idea is that women have been suppressed and they have for sure I mean women didn't get the right to vote until the 20th century right that's kind of crazy you know I mean we went through a long time this country where women couldn't even vote so absolutely they've been suppressed and absolutely there's a lot of things that brought him out of that first of all birth control like the ability to choose whether or not they're going to be pregnant the the you know then the laws changing discrimination laws changing people's perceptions of what women are changing all those things are absolutely real but that's you can't lie about numbers like as soon as you bullshit people then they have reason to disbelieve you but everything so if you start bullshitting about the wage Gap and this is not saying that it's not more difficult to be a woman I think it is I think it's more difficult because I think men are pieces of shit and there's a lot of violent dangerous creepy men that probably want to rape you and I would hate to be a woman in that sort of a scenario so I'm not denying that it's

► 02:00:33

more difficult in our society because of a lot of shitty men it's more difficult to be a woman but you can't lie about numbers soon as you start let's soon as you start pretending that women get paid less for the same job across the board you ruined the whole argument because now we're not dealing in reality now we're doing the same thing where we're not looking at Caitlyn Jenner is like a human we're looking at as a gender identity hero you know like what about as a human like we supposed to celebrate someone or not as a human being as a total package we're not doing that and this is where we're treating the whole subject with blinders because it pertains to gender we can't look at the reality of it I would generalize that to say that nobody's ever won an argument with data it almost just never happens because the problem is that people just say well your data is wrong so and that's the end of the conversation but does that isn't that less and less the case now than ever before is should be should but I'm actively

► 02:01:33

conversations with people in which I can show them all the data that I want it makes no difference humans or Twitter people even he a regular people in the world in real life but you know there's a broad spectrum of people in the world right that is he's when you're talking about people that you respect your peers colleagues fellow cartoonists needed talking about them are you talking about regular you know educated people I've never seen anybody change their mind on that topic that specific topic that's a weird one yeah that's a weird one yeah I've seen people have some pretty heated discussions about it too and completely uninformed if people don't have an emotional lock on the topic then you can move them with data rice because I don't care it's like oh this better date okay but people are so dug in on that particular topic it's very Insidious is very Insidious because I think it like we were talking about what the Hillary Clinton thing about lying about Russia soon as you lie about that as soon as you lie about something well I'm going to what the fuck you know when you see I'm sure you've seen it

► 02:02:33

the director Comey video where Compares what Comey said versus what Hillary is saying said and it's like holy shit like you're just lying like you just keep lying like this is a crazy moment where you seeing this because it didn't didn't exist until recently we had this YouTube phenomenon where you can watch and get millions of hits on these videos where it shows the reality versus what you're saying and when you when you soon as you throw a non reality into it I know that you're dealing with it from a team perspective like you're just trying to manipulate whatever the facts are or whatever the argument is to get your team in you don't really care what's true you women get paid last period you fucking piece of shit 79 cents to a dollar read the facts and you know you can't even argue it you can't even bring it up but that's everything all the time if there's any emotional connection we just think that you know logic and data and you know arguments matter but yeah it just so rare and if you disagree also you're like so happy to be a man

► 02:03:33

must be so happy to be a man you think men are the only ones who could run this world you think men don't discriminate against women every step of the way must be really nice to have that white male privilege Scott Adams the the sarcasm as a replacement for reason yeah is probably the most annoying thing in the world and I've been you know the sarcasm has been raining on me for a year for writing about Trump but yeah it's exactly what you says like so and then Trump will get elected and then he'll just make everything good and then it will be just unicorns right yeah that's a weird argument that people love to put words in your mouth and then force you to defend them I talked about the word so as a tell for that whatever is going to come next as a hallucination so if you say to say to me doesn't matter he said you know I went to the store yesterday I was like so you abandoned your children and you know what

► 02:04:33

comes we'll just won't make any sense oh my God that's hilarious that's really funny yeah you can definitely do that I mean that's the art of persuasion right that's hypnosis that's what you're into you have a pocket watch you have one of those now that's not part of the process weirdly enough but it is in cartoons and movies yes hmm think it was it ever I think there was one movie so that's you know well known in the history that this one movie I don't know what it was it showed somebody doing using a watch to hypnotize and then it just became a thing but it was never a thing within the hypnotist world was there ever a moment during this whole campaign where you know they're the it was getting really crazy and people are angry about so many different things like how about when all those women came out in Mass right there was this in Moss he's and Moss there was that one time where all these women were coming out saying Donald Trump try to grab my tits and Donald Trump and some of them were like pretty innocuous

► 02:05:27

but it was all together like a coordinated effort was there a moment every moment where you're like what the fuck that I do like why did I come out and support of this guy like what did I the hate that I'm getting right now that that was the moment that I switched my endorsement to Gary Johnson oh I remember that and my reasoning was because Gary Johnson only touches himself and that's something that I can respect in a leader no trouble there but that was tongue in cheek it was tongue in cheek but I was also getting out of the blast zone right because remember I was never supporting him based on policies or right I was just talking about his persuasion but was there ever a time where you thought I should probably make a moral distinction because I'm getting caught up in this wave of angry alt white people and their misogyny and racism and all the crap they mean the worst aspects right that the 2% that we were to discuss it and you get caught up in this association game that people are doing when they have this US versus them little battle going on did you ever think like what the fuck

► 02:06:27

man what did I do not in those words but I'm fortunately in in a situation where I have what I call fuck you money and I can I can kind of take some risks that you wouldn't take earlier in your career hmm and one of them is the risk to say whatever I think is useful and necessary and I want to say and so that is a huge risk to be associated with anybody unpleasant but at the same time I self identify with being Ultra liberal like liberal people same little too conservative for me I'm after them that is interesting about you and I definitely wanted to get to that because you're not a right wing guy you know you you're very reasonable and that's what I thought was so fascinating about this I'm like and it actually makes sense now you say you have fuck you money so why shouldn't you just speak about whatever attributes positive or negative you might see and when look at it almost like you're looking at a puzzle you know although we'll look at this piece here this piece is going to go

► 02:07:27

there and see there's an opening here is where there was a space for this MMO somebody who didn't have a team and it's part of the reason I don't vote I don't join a party you didn't vote at all now it isn't it ironic it would buy us me oh I see ya soon as you vote you join a team but you like a Klingon in this world you just wrote Roman through the streets and then people make the rules and you just abide by them how's that work non-participant in our democracy Scott Adams well secretly Canadian yeah but California and so I didn't think it mattered that much who I voted for but I also think that staying unbiased is important so I'm just not a joiner but what about other things like you could always write in a presidential candidate if you want to do that but like voting on things like legalizing marijuana things that are really important I mean that's you know it notice I go right to that forget fuck death penalty there's a lot of important issues you could vote

► 02:08:27

right yeah but my take on that is that the people who think they understand those issues almost never do and the few that I could understand well enough like you know legalizing weed it was going the way I wanted it anyway so according to the polls that thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win see well these poles are problem the weed plants were were much more accurate look there's a bigger Gap there the weed poles were more accurate well they are for sure it won it won by a landslide but I thought it was important if I felt like if I was going to vote I mean the voting for Freedom wherever it is wherever it's possible especially freedoms not you're not hurting anybody and you're removing the possibility of being locked up for something that's not hurting anybody across the board whether it's pot or whether it's wearing dresses for that I would be just as enthusiastic about a transgender law if someone made it a law where a man couldn't become a woman you know and we were fighting against that I would be as enthusiastic as I am about almost

► 02:09:28

almost his enthusiasm the pot thing to me is it represents a freedom issue as much as it is anything else I put this in a different frame so you know in the birth of the nation there was this debate about states rights and you know what's the federal government do and the idea was that the more local the government the better they understood the people and stuff like that but fast forward today with the internet and and more and the states are like little Laboratories so we can watch hey how'd it go in Colorado so we don't have to argue on principle or morality anymore we're actually beyond that because we can measure we can A/B test with the with the states so with everything from abortion law to weed you can say hey let the states do it and let's just make sure we measure it make sure we have a you know real thing that matters that that we can say if it reaches this level they worked if there's crime I didn't and I think that's the direction

► 02:10:27

going which is insanely hell useful because it takes all of the emotion out of it it's like we don't have to wonder if it's all right to smoke weed or anything just see how it worked out I don't disagree with what you're saying but I also think that it's that too I think the morality and ethics play a part of it as well I think for the first thing for the first state okay but after that you can just see what happened and I don't know because that means an in the 49 other states you leave open the possibility that people going to lock be locked up in jail for nonviolent crimes that don't hurt anyone and that seems to be a giant ethic temporarily even if it's temporarily could ruin their life if they know any I mean the that the law the logs this temporary is temporarily still there yeah still there that's not optimal right it's not optimal and the consequences are too grave you're taking away people's freedoms so to me becomes primarily a freedom issue the same would be if men wanted to wear dresses or if women want to wear combat boots and also we said we can't have that anymore

► 02:11:27

well you're giving two examples that I consider easy you know the the weed and the you know the the gender think those are easy those should be available to everybody I go okay so let's go with one that's hard which would be automated cars oh that's I love that one yeah how about this one good example like when we get to a certain point in time will we lose our freedom to be autonomous will we lose our freedom to be able to drive a car and be able to steer and trust you to hit the brakes when you're supposed to all of your autonomy is going away going away so so think about this I blogged about this today suppose you had a fitness band and it was like the future not not long time in five or ten years and it can do everything from tell you when you should take a sip of water because you're dehydrated and knows what kind of food you should eat and when those when you should sleep and it tells you how in the beginning you're going to say oh good suggestion I'll either do that or not but eventually you're going to see that their suggestion is better than whatever the hell you would have done on your own and you just going to start following the app and eventually

► 02:12:27

app is going to be completely controlling your life while you have the Sensation that you're deciding maybe you dude Nami Rebel out there I gotta make my own choices I'm going to rip off that Fitbit yeah man fuck that Fitbit we're running free I'm gonna run and when I feel tired I'll stop or keep pushing because that's what I do push harder hashtag push harder I know what you're saying I agree I think also people like when things become when you have less stuff to talk about or think about you know and as soon as you get in your car and your car drives itself well now I don't have to think about that anymore you know I was going to invest in alcohol companies you know companies have produced and manufactured alcohol because you could be drunk in your car now because self-driving cars are coming right and the day they do

► 02:13:18

80% of the reason not to drink just goes away which is how do you get home hmm that's a good point yeah do you think they'll have no steering wheel at all like what if everything goes wrong I think you'll have a steering wheel because you know you have to get it like off the road and right but then if you get drunk you like fuck it I could drive you want to drive even though it's autonomous right you'll be too drunk to program the address and you like kind of drive and you start driving good point we don't have that problem with Uber you know no matter how drunk I am I never try to come out from the back and your are yeah but it's not right in front of you also with Uber you're too busy trying to figure out whether the god driving use a serial killer you did a little breathalyzer on there to get control of the steering wheel you need to be able to take a swab and run it through machines fun on what kind of DNA that's fucking creepy as if ever going through security lately and they do the little swab yeah the case the machine mmm and I'm

► 02:14:18

what does it know about me how much can it figure out for me because from you know your order and you're out of DNA or whatever the hell they're looking at they could probably know a lot about me yeah they definitely could if they well that's a big argument about those fingerprint scanners on cell phones that they're slowly but surely accumulating a database of Fingerprints of all the people in this country yeah that's scary Dada slowly but surely the boundaries between people and data are eroding so let me ask you this so in the news today I don't know who said it it wasn't Trump himself I think but the discussion of a Muslim database did here then the idea of collecting names I think of only the people who are non-citizens coming into the country which raises you know every kind of Nazi concentration camp alarm and should but do you think we don't already have that list

► 02:15:17

don't question don't you think that somewhere in our big data which they can't tell the citizens and in fact they can't even tell the politicians because they're probably only a few people who know probably a few people in the government who know what we know about citizens yeah but the idea that there's anybody coming into the country and we don't have a really good idea of where they are at any time I mean if they have back doors into everything from you know the credit card processing company used to you know all the other big the cell phone companies they have a working profile on everybody if they want to and another words I have to push the button to run the program but if they wanted to know if they wanted to know your religion they wouldn't need to have you fill it out on a form because they could check your credit card and say that you buys gas next to the you know the synagogue or the mosque or whatever and his friends are the use because they do the same things at the same time Big Data already knows your religion if someone wants it to track down all that stuff it's a thing as who is the someone how many like

► 02:16:17

I have a friend that's always worried the government's like looking into his email and following them and I this is what I always say like who's how many people are they doing this to there's hundreds of millions of people how many people work in the government how they doing that like here's a here's a good story this is how you if people think other follow me man listen to this story the guy who broke in the White House do you know about that story the guy who ran through the white I had a bit about it in my last Netflix special because this is where progressiveness goddess is ridiculous idea that everybody's equal they left a woman guarding the door of the White House by herself this is a true story the guy hop the fence he was crazy PTSD doubt out of his fucking mind veteran ran across the lawn the guy who was in charge of monitoring the the the grassy area where this guy ran across took his earpiece out and was on the phone with his girlfriend

► 02:17:13

so this guy was like having a conversation with his girlfriend while this guy's running across the lawn the guy gets the front door the alarm system is down because it kept fucking up so they just shut it off so they left a girl by herself at the door with no alarm or a guy just ran across the lawn then you find out about the guy well the guy turns out was arrested just a couple of months before this with 800 fucking rounds of ammunition for like four rifles two handguns a machete and acts the arm to the tits with a fucking map of Washington DC with an X where the White House is they weren't watching that guy like they weren't even watching him like we are dealing with way more incompetence than we would like to believe or that we would care to admit so that was the case of a criminal investigation that the law enforcement people didn't coordinate right well it was both that n

► 02:18:13

complete arrogance and not having an alarm system on not having more than one person guarding the lon not having more than one person at the door having a woman at the door like by herself with his fucking giant Soldier comes running through and knocked her to the ground and runs around the White House see this is a perfect example so since that never had happened before like you know probably well making a hundred years 1812 was the last time it happened before that well 1912 excuse so you're never really ready for the thing that hasn't happened I always think about if nuclear war broke out like we will say Russia and the United States decide all right it's on and we're going to launch I don't think they'd work didn't two bombs the bombs because we've never done it before like we've only tested we've tested the bomb and we've tested the the missile but we haven't tested the missile on the bomb and the chain of command and who puts the codes and sure we've tested all the parts imagine was all fucking fugazi scheme and like there's nothing even in those things I just

► 02:19:13

in that tax dollars and using it for Satanic rituals and flying on private jets everywhere did you read all that stuff the podesta stuff that came out in the Wikileaks emails about where's the all the weird rituals they were going to the spirit cooking involved sperm and blood and what in the fuck are they doing like I don't like to believe when Alex Jones goes on to his fucking crazy they're all satanists every one of them are all worshiping Satan you know you go with Alex Jones crazy's Goin crazy Obama is a devil literally a devil in hell and you go Alex Jones out of his fucking mind and then you see this podesta thing where you know some they're doing Satan rituals like this or these went to it went to watch something called Spirit cooking well but you heard the their explanation I did not so the explanation was the woman who I guess was the hostess says oh yeah it does mean those other things but we've sort of you know cutely

► 02:20:12

generalized it to whatever we're doing so the spirit Carole King but didn't mean any of that I don't buy that I don't buy that for a second well I'm not sure I buy that they were all getting together to eat blood and sperm well why are they even talking about it my friends and I we never get together and talk about blood and sperm no never comes out they didn't talk about it but somebody did well the email just said do you want to go to the spirit cooking thing right but then when you find out what the spirit cooking is and involves blood and sperm right what's one of the things that means so does every good party by the way it's not a party until somebody believe it's so when he bleeds so many comes I didn't look into the explanation because to me it's one of those things that I don't want to know any further pack because it's too fun to think these wacky fucks are out there jizan in a bucket of blood and drink it in throwing it on themselves that's more fun to me than 2 million rational explanation I think the best moment of the whole year was related to that it was a mic certain events was you know but tweeting about it the most and I realized that

► 02:21:13

I think it was the Washington Post ran out like a piece by piece sort of explaining why it wasn't what it was and I thought where have we come to the point where Mike tsarevitch makes the Washington Post defend how much sperm podesta is it's like no no it was way less sperm than you think it was like a couple of drops that's all you need that's all you need a couple of drops it's a symbolic thing I've this is totally unrelated but did you see the real Sports from this week with the Bikram Yoga guy and I see Brian what's his name is Bryant Gumbel thank you he did this real Sports you know one of his episodes he had this woman go and investigate Bikram chut noise I think his name is he's the guy that's the lead of Bikram Yoga and apparently like he's allegedly banged a bunch of chicks that work there and you know sexually

► 02:22:13

allegedly allegedly allegedly keep saying that but he was they were saying he was like why would I do that when women will pay $1 for one drop of my sperm he's saying he's saying that paper yeah he's saying there's thousands of women signing up to fuck him and that four of them committed suicide because he wouldn't fuck them and that people are willing to pay a million dollars for a drop of his sperm well they're out there folks that's a good argument there's some crazy fuck you know out there I would have defended myself differently I would say well the women who come here for yoga they're very flexible that's a money laundering right there someone's paying a million dollars for his sperm for one drop of his sperm that's a guy who's selling drugs trying to get rid of cash it's trying to move some money around that's what he's doing well I mean it's the ultimate telecommuting job it's like I can't come to the office I'll be home today I'm like what is a gallon today well one drop I mean you got a lot of drops if

► 02:23:13

if you're healthy and if you eat eggs and drink milk view my point being that there's a lot of fucking crazy people in this world and this guy podesta guy being involved in this wacky Spirit cooking thing like I'm not shocked I'm not shocked this yoga guy this guy that you think of as being like peace and satnaam and Namaste and we're all going to flow together and realize we're all one he's like I dip a 1 million dollars for one drop of my sperm he sucks he's crazy and he's the the head of this yoga organization which we all think we immediately associate yoga with peace and love and happiness and he's talking about all these women that accused them of like being human trash and pieces of shit and it's like whoa I think about how Trump responded to like the allegations against against him versus how this yoga guy responded way worse he should have gone with the nickname hmm

► 02:24:13

lying yoga hose and what we call them but my point is that there's some crazy people out there involved in all sorts of weird stuff we would never imagine well it also gets to the fact that I just tie that together pretending a point but it kind of goes to the point where we'll never have a nice person who is president again oh I don't because that's true no it's because the only reason you thought anybody was nice as he didn't know enough about them but that's not true this there's nice people right you're a nice guy wants to run for president right I'm a nice guy but if you were to dissect my entire past I would look like you know Satan incarnate by the time they got done with me maybe now but I think within the next four years by the time Trump is on a second term if he decides to run again and if he wins right which would be crazy right to term Trump whoo that's a shirt I see it I see a bumper sticker now to term Trump to term Trump to time Trump like if you guys start

► 02:25:13

chant that shit I want credit okay I came up with it but I really could see that by that time it will be way more difficult to just first of all we're going to have to acknowledge that you can't just edit little pieces of someone's life and make some sort of an absolute definitive statement on who they are based on out of context statements and things and and also this idea that like something you did in 2001 yeah somehow diff defines you in 2016 the year the same person right isn't the point of life to improve hunt like slaves a trump did X Terrible Things 30 years ago right and I think and and that was he doing he's trying to do things good for the country isn't that like the ark were all supposed to be on where you used to be kind of a you know not a good person but you're getting better well we would hope that used to be a really good person and now you're a God that's what I'm looking for know anybody like that I would like I want someone who was perfect in the 90s and is now transcended Humanity

► 02:26:13

ready to lead because that's what we need we can have people leading anymore we need like some a real Guru you want to go the full cult turn this nation into a cult mmm well we'll see we'll see what Donald doesn't want the full I just I think we haven't completely unrealistic expectation as far as someone who would put it like JFK right perfect example that everyone always uses if he was running today he'd be picked apart Clinton another perfect example if you look at him on paper as far as policy take out the Monica Lewinsky scandal and just look at like what he's done with the economy was like during his time and make your arguments plus or minus that he you know how much of it was because of him how much of it was using a lucky spot as far as being a president right there's those arguments but you look at him like that and you go well there's this guy who was a great guy but then either Gennifer flowers and the Paula Jones and the this and then that all these different then you have a totally different idea of who this guy really is the truth is probably somewhere in the middle right yeah and and the

► 02:27:13

geology for forming forming opinions that are incorrect about your opponent is just better than it's ever been yes now they can test that stuff in real time yeah they can put down several ads you clicks on what and test the persuasion so so the best Persuader of 25 years ago was an amateur compared to the best Persuader in 2016 I wonder about that because I think that JFK was a fucking magnificent Persuader have you ever seen JFK speech about secret societies know but I would agree he was great for television because he was great on television well he had an incredible speech about secret societies and the importance of not having secret societies in government and it was really like to this day it's one of those ones that conspiracy theorists loved bring out and go this is why they killed him bro this is why they killed because I mean it may very well be that but you know he was talking about the importance of transparency among

► 02:28:13

the government and amongst the people and how dangerous it is to hide secrets and have secret societies and it's incredibly it's incredibly brilliant and it's amazing because you couldn't imagine a president saying that today it's like do you remember I believe it was at Eisenhower that had the speech about the military and cut industrial complex before he left office right yeah it was Eisenhower right it's an amazing speech but it was a speech that he gave one night that no one ever saw again until the internet came around like wasn't something you were played in school it wasn't something you even aware about probably until YouTube came along and then he watched that thing on YouTube where Eisenhower saying we must be fearful of the military industrial complex he's basically saying there's a whole machine that wants to go to war they're looking for excuses to go to war and he named it you know he called it this thing that that is you would never fucking see that today he would never

► 02:29:12

that what Kennedy did and what Eisenhower did it's almost like they've buttoned down those holes they found out where those issues were in the difference in the what the you know what the people that are actually running the government want to to direct and to project versus these mouthpieces these guys like Eisenhower Kennedy so now it's sort of the military-industrial mainstream media conglomerates because they all seem to be in the same side right now sort of but aren't the in different signs like foxes different than CNN right well Fox is sort of by itself yeah I was watching Fox and CNN back and forth before the like to before the election I was just like would watch Fox for like an hour and then I switch over CNN for an hour and I was getting schizophrenic so so if you seen how reality has bifurcated so if you switch between Fox and CNN on Fox the trumpet transition team is doing a

► 02:30:12

fake job picking you know real adults blah blah blah you go over to CNN it's in chaos it's you know there's its there's just this big clusterfuck going over there that everything's falling apart of the country is going to fall apart they have access to the same information yeah as far as I know and those are two completely different views of reality yeah there's two completely different views of reality also if I've gone to some liberal sites websites that are urging people to contact the Electoral College in Block Trump's rise to power like what is that even possible and how isn't that anti-democratic like to have a few people contact the Electoral College which is like you're talking about like the representatives like the every state picks a representative that representative is supposed to represent the state they almost always do but they have this sort of weird hidden power where they could kind of change the like if California voted for Clinton but they said fuck that Trump like if someone actually did decide to do that

► 02:31:12

crazy delegate yeah so apparently that power is intentionally built in just to prevent a monster from being you know didn't weren't elected the hittin work Denmark but that's what people are saying like let's but that would be there would be a Revolt in this country they ever did that good Lord if they think it's bad now the divisiveness in the the The Angst and this fucking weird Line in the Sand across mean it's almost Civil War style but trying between the right and the left right now well some of that might be exaggerated by the media as well could be sorry accentuated is yeah they're blowing on that fire with the protesters be out there if it wasn't on television do you what is your opinion on the protest do you think I mean I've seen ads where they said they would pay people 35 bucks an hour to protest is that true or is it bullshit I don't know I would I would say low credibility I had heard that you can't Snopes things anymore

► 02:32:12

because Snopes leans towards Hillary yeah I hear that too but where do you hear it though from Snopes I don't know I don't write forums and so I would say that one is grain of salt but there certainly are things that are subject to interpretation so for sure so you got to figure there's some bias everywhere yeah I wonder if people are really getting paid to to protest that's a seems like a good Gig if you're broke fuck I think it's just assumed to be true on the right course they think that this is proven and lots of different ways well when I was in New York I do maybe there was thousands and thousands of oscar-winning actors wandering through the streets but honestly to me it didn't seem like anybody was acting it didn't seem like anybody was a paid performer well they wouldn't most of them could be Naturals but you need a core that gets everybody excited you know there's got to be a core of the shows up and then other people can or is it that the people that are willing to take that 35 bucks an hour they hated

► 02:33:12

anyway and this gives them an excuse to make some cash while they're hitting Trump what is this here no someone wasn't paid $3,500 to protest Donald Trump it's fake news

► 02:33:24

created by Paul Horner who post fake news in a variety of websites oh how dare you he took credit for the fake news well that makes sense he got his followers don't fact-check anything they'll post everything believe anything Horner said referring to then Trump Hank campaign manager Corey Lewandowski Horner said his campaign manager posted my story about a protest getting paid $3,500 is a fact like I made that up I posted in the fake ad on Craigslist here's a screenshot how they'll since deleted tweet that's funny so I'm glad I said low credibility before you showed that yeah that makes that women really embarrassing the amount of money do you have to have to pay thousands of people 35 bucks an hour well that supports the George Soros is behind everything which pretty skeptical about yeah what about that Peter Thiel billionaire character that funded the lawsuit against Gawker is an e in some way shape or form a part of the team he's part of the transition

► 02:34:23

why I don't know if he's technically on the transition team yeah it's a very interesting it's very well there goes the anti-gay thing wherever you seen any evidence that these anti-gay the Trump's anti-gay I'm not sure what they're even looking at except that the he picked Pence as his running mate in pain says yes it is history yes he does he has some stuff that I tweeted the other day at Rachel Maddow was highlighting that he was saying that instead of giving money to AIDS research you should give money to educate gay people about the risks of their behavior yeah so here's here's what I think's going to happen off if you want if you want to put this in the positive perspective

► 02:35:01

the vice president will adopt the president's policies at least in public by the time Mike Pence you know I might run for president or something my guess is that it will be hard-coded in other words this gives him an opportunity to evolve to where the country would find him more acceptable anyway should he want to do that and it's sort of a what I call the fake because it gives them an excuse to do it without being a hypocrite because people say yeah you had to do that because he's your president oh now that's just your policy so my guess is the Trump is moving a lot of people to the middle because that's where he is hmm But that pants guys he's not very persuasive I don't I just really have a hard time seeing him as being God's going to run for president someday I think he might really yeah I uh I think as a pic you know all say that I'm no fan of his history with you know gay rights stuff and I'm not on that team but as a

► 02:36:00

personality on TV like he's really good at interviews he's really stick some point and he only had one thing he needed to do which was win a debate against the other vice president his Cane which he did he's trying to hide his emails though well yeah I'm sure they would all like to hide that we seen that though that was the latest thing right yeah it's like there's no yeah I'd like they want access to his emails he's like fuck that so you know we're waiting for that shoe to drop who knows I mean it's gonna come a time when I think we're probably all going to have access to all of our emails and I think you're going to have to come to the conclusion that when you're and you should now really you should think when you're sending an email you should assume that this is not really private I kind of do already yeah first of all because someone on the other side who gets the Scott Adams dick pic go we'll check this out and they just there's so many out there downside well hey man boring so like own it lets you and I mean no no look what Charlie Sheen did made a career in our own

► 02:37:00

so I've speculated that the perfect world would be no privacy if everybody knew everything about everybody the the worst world is where most people are privacy but a few people lose it because then they're just victims everybody yeah but it's hear any of it but everybody knew everybody shit suddenly you'd be like really you're terrible I'm terrible too I think it would I think we would get used to each other so quickly I think would also force people to evolve I mean we all know our best friends stuff you know and you know we know the the failures and that we all have together collectively and we still love each other but it's just like letting those other people in on it letting those strangers in on the time that you did that bad things but the reason you care is that they'll think poorly of yes and that that will affect your life but if you have mutually assured destruction which is that everybody's bad because you know everything about everybody uh you know everybody's got something they're not proud of

► 02:37:56

everybody just thinks well I don't think I'll throw a stone because it's going to come right back at my house well I think is step one in this complete and total assimilation I think losing privacy I agree with you a hundred percent I think it's inevitable whether it's 30 years from now or 50 years from now I think essentially everything you do from then on is going to I think there's going to come some form of technology that is a leap very much like the internet is this crazy leap right the internet provides us with this instantaneous access to all the answers to all the questions you've ever had which is just unprecedented in history has never been a time we say well what did happen on the Native American Trail of Tears like why is it called that you just fucking open your phone to sit down for a few hours and then I came back to you well what do you got for me Scott you could tell me like exactly what the fuck went down this is like unprecedented stuff I think in that leap which I think we're in the middle of so it seems like it's not as big of a deal as it really is like what there's going to be another leap that's even more spectacular than that and that

► 02:38:56

leap is going to integrate all of our minds together it's going to integrate our memories it's going to integrate our ability to communicate and we will literally are going to become a technologically technologically created hive mind I might have written a book that has something to say about that God's debris well as your but what was the idea behind your book if I told you it would ruin your book reading experience but no spoiler alert can you say that but I will say that I've had this thought using Periscope because what I'm using Periscope unlike the conscious mind of this gigantic brain which is all the people watching me so I can say things like hey I think this this law might go into effect no I don't know the answer to that somebody tell me what the law is and within three seconds appearing on my screen in the Periscope session will be somebody who knows the answer that and there's almost nothing I can't throw out there that there isn't someone yeah and of the thousands of

► 02:39:56

but we're live at that moment and it's the live part that's interesting because you can you know the internet is kind of like one person's alive and the others you know looking at is just data on the other side but when it's live people were contributing to a thought and you're watching a form in real time on Periscope it is like a new intelligence has been created by this technology that's temporal you know as soon as I turn it off it turns off but it is a large frickin mind that multiplies whatever I have going on by the power of all the people watching it's really is really thrilling but when it's spinning how can you have so many people that are talking to you so often you get thousands of people on there how can you pay attention all those comments well I can't watch them also when someone has a good answer well I usually if I try to ask a question right and then I look but otherwise if I'm talking I'm focusing on what I'm saying but when you're looking at their answer do you can you click on that answer can you freeze your screen or something like that they like because it's like I see how it works like

► 02:40:56

Ripley be scared usually what happens is something go bad pass so quickly I'll say I missed it I missed it say that I look forward to comes back the reason why I ask because we did something similar yesterday we have this tricaster that runs the video stream on YouTube that multicolored keyboard lit up Christmas light looking thing that fucking thing is crashed two days in a row on us in the middle of broadcast where it never crashed before now Jamie updated all the software and we're hoping it doesn't do it again and this show has been fine but I said well if anybody knows a better solution please let us know and so Brown the comments were just filled on Instagram with all these like really good Solutions and a few of them few the machines look pretty badass so I mean who knows what's will have to research find out what's the best but that when have you ever been able to do that before and you know some this bunch of dumb answers but somewhere in there is probably the right answer you know in some person who's an expert like if somebody had a question and it was on an instant

► 02:41:56

Instagram Forum or an Instagram picture and it had something to do with being cartoonist well who better to ask than the guy who created Dilbert you would be able to answer and give your expert opinion on what how this works or that works I think also our government is going to run that way at least if Trump is a transparent sort of public president like I think he will be I think there's gonna be a lot of policies that get created in this sort of collective brain that is Trump leading the discussion and the entire public weighing in through social media and you know mainstream media and in every other way I think he can do that and probably will and it's going to be like this thrilling experience of watching good thoughts turn into better thoughts boy that is the rose-colored glasses view of the Trump presidency if I've ever heard one that would be the best-case scenario and also that he wants now that he's in the office once he's no longer in contention now he's the president so now he's not fighting with anyway the same way anymore

► 02:42:57

but what people are worried about is people that write things about him like if people right poor reviews of his presidency that they're going to be attacked they're worried about getting sued they're worried about being targeted the worried about the fact that he's in control of the NSA and he can you know he can hire some Edward Snowden type character to fuck up your life if you write an article about him for the Wall Street Journal or something you know well I talked about this as well if you look at any individual he thing he does like hey it's 3:00 a.m. and I'm tweeting about you know right Miss Universe or something I always imagined him with his socks on in the lazy chair right yeah like a boxer shorts with a boner angry no shirt red face screaming and milania's doing something with the kids and better yet Bear full with yellow toenails imagine doesn't take care of his feet but what he does is he he praises and rewards people who are good right good him especially

► 02:43:57

and he attacks without without exception you just never makes an exception he will attack you if you go after he doesn't start the fight right but he likes to finish them you know what I have to say I think Bill Burr is one who said that he would have those black socks on I might have I might have co-opted that I'm thinking he might have said it while we're drunk doing the end of the world podcast if you haven't heard that we did a podcast while the presidency was being called and Bill Burr was on fire it was on fire is one of the funniest podcast ever but it was all like watching it all go down and at one time he got into an argument with his other comedian Sarah Tiana because Sarah Tiana was talking about how anybody who supports Trump is racist and sexist and then and then you know build made fun of it and it was just it was perfect it was a perfect thing to see while it was all going down it was like you were seeing in Bill and her you're seeing it in like a physical form the way people are choosing to frame this thing

► 02:44:53

fascinating I'll watch that yeah anyway I was just saying Trump likes to leave the biggest gap between pleasing him and not pleasing him and it has nothing to do with the thing he's fighting about at the moment it's about setting it up so that the next person who's thinking should I fuck with him right that didn't work for Less 700 people right but if it had worked for some people to fuck with him in the past you would be tempted you like well sometimes people get away with it but this is a different thing though once you're the president versus once you're just some billionaire you know real estate Tycoon because there was there was one guy that was writing about it where he had been sued by Trump and when because he wrote an article and when they started examining the actual data it got like pretty ugly pretty quick and then they abandoned the lawsuit and this guy Trump wound up getting him a seat for the fights like it got him a ticket and I think he flew him out to Atlantic City

► 02:45:52

and maybe someone with him as well for the fights and I became like an issue like yeah well how does that connect with the missing the string there we'll just you know that he's just a master manipulator but he like in the middle of this he has his lawsuit thing with this guy you know and the guy calls him a shithead or whatever he called him and writes this article about him Trump get some tickets to some fight Susan loses in court you know or loses the you know when they're going through all the data they abandoned the lawsuit Trump get some tickets to the fight with the whole thing is just crazy it's probably all part of rewarding people and punishing people so that you yes you feel there's a States Game of Thrones type shit came throats doesn't look like I was just thinking that in the weirdly as I was doing something the other day I was thinking that you could map all these family dynasties onto the The Game of Thrones yeah you could in some way I mean it is bizarre into the extreme that we've dealt with these

► 02:46:52

family dynasties like the Bush family and we almost did it again with Jeb you know I mean who knows if it wasn't for Trump if Trump wasn't around and he didn't come up with that low energy Jeb things I would he call them yellow dirty if he didn't and also jab just sucked I mean when that when the pressure was on he just wasn't good it wasn't good it wasn't and when all that stuff was going down or like Rick Perry like remembering Rick Perry's and debates and you didn't know what the fuck he was talking about is like I don't know what was I even saying like that's it you're done but if it wasn't for that happening with Jeb Bush he might have very well gotten to the same position that Donald got into I mean when you looked at all the other people he least had that familiar name people might have been inclined he didn't have any real crazy like horrible stories in the past that got brought up immediately he could very well and they would have continued that family Dynasty the Clinton family dynasties another disturbing one you know that's a weird Dynasty

► 02:47:53

you know is Chelsea next is Michelle Obama next oh yeah I think she's definitely next that's the question man that's the big question she would be excellent she would she's a like a really good speaker she's very intelligent she's very articulate she's a very measured and composed and stately and as McGregor said and the fight she has lots of attributes she's a lot of attributes yeah I mean and she carried herself extremely well for eight years in the White House under some incredible pressure I mean I don't know what she what are you know where responsibilities were what our days looked like but she's never made a misstep is never never been an embarrassing interview another important yeah nothing much less controversial than Hillary Clinton much less you know because even before the like she tried to run for president there's always the Whitewater thing that she was connected to write the Vince

► 02:48:52

thing that she was connected to have you seen that Meme you know they're doing all these Joe Biden memes have you seen the recent Joe Biden me the one with seating and see if you can find it I think I retweeted it I retweeted it yesterday somebody tweeted it to me it was Joe Biden and Obama laughing about about Hillary having something in common with Monica Lewinsky now yeah pull it up so you can see so so you can see it I want to blow it check this out look at this look Joe then I it says Joe then I said Hillary now you and Monica have something else in common you blew it and then Obama and he's laughing throw his head back laughing and Obama's look at him like with his eyebrows race and it says you know she kills people right

► 02:49:42

these are fucking great do you think she's killed anybody

► 02:49:48

that kid that got shot outside of his apartment at four o'clock in the morning where they didn't take his cell phone they didn't take his wallet they didn't take his money and he according to WikiLeaks is the one that leaked all those documents about the DNC and the DNC favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders who knows what else that guy knew if that was the guy if that is the case

► 02:50:11

I don't know but it doesn't seem more likely that even if they were murders because of some Hillary Clinton connection that she wouldn't know about it perhaps just somebody who thought well I'm gonna change history you do a favor Perhaps Perhaps but this is also the woman who was attributed in an email whether or not it's correct she said about Julian Assange can't we just drone that guy this guy's some thumbing his nose at America can't we just drone him all right so I don't want to drown him because I think he's done a great service but from the love butts from the from the context of a government looking at the situation if government secrets have been stolen and it's your job to make sure this doesn't happen and you know to get Justice that's actually kind of a fair question no I wouldn't want because you're saying what are all our options well it could be off-the-cuff flippant statement that she didn't really take seriously

► 02:51:11

can we just drown them but she said some creepy shit one of the things that she said about Gaddafi you ever see that interview where she's talking about she goes we came we saw he died ha ha ha yeah that was a startling and shocking is after she hit her head oh really yes that would explain it wouldn't it a hundred percent yeah very rational to think that way and a very impulsive to is say that out loud because you're dealing with the dissolving of a Nation Libya is in complete total turmoil and has become a breeding ground for Isis and a lot of that can be attributed to it being completely destabilized by the United States helping out all the people that wound up killing Qaddafi it doesn't mean Gaddafi was in a huge piece of shit and the world isn't better because he's dead probably is but Libya is not better right now like Libya became completely unstable after that so that he can't we came we saw he died

► 02:52:11

ha ha ha ha that's like laughing in the face of these poor unfortunate people who just got a shit roll the dice and grew up in Libya and now they're stuck there and there and you write is that a character from how skilled the politician she is to say something that's so clearly the wrong thing to say at the wrong time well when was the fall of Libya was that 13 or 14 I don't know when did find out when Gaddafi died when Gaddafi was killed what I'll never forget it I'll tell you that that video was fucking terrifying the video of the rebels capturing him and if sticking things up is asses 2011 hmm I believe the interview with her was in 2012 or 13 see if you could find that out if it's in 2012 or 13 it's entirely possible that this is directly post-concussion and severe bleeding apparently on a brain like she had some serious problems if she's fucked up for like 12 months I don't think people

► 02:53:11

realize that that can permanently change your personality permanently the the average person doesn't think that's a thing but I've seen it you know I have as well I've seen it many many many times because I'm in the head trauma business in a lot of ways because of my experience with the UFC but I know people that have been hit in the head outside of the UFC and I've never been the same that is one of the things that I've always said about Sam Kinison Sam Kinison had a great book written about him by his brother it's called My Brother Sam or Brother Sam it's a great book especially for me huge kinnison fan but he basically says Sam was one person and then he got hit by a truck when he was a little kid and became a completely different person became Reckless and wild and it came out of a head injury yeah the lack of control didn't give a fuck how that's where it came from well yeah like literally from brain trauma what is it this video that's got a million in 2011 was

► 02:54:11

the exact same day it says he died oh okay possible that she already interviewed and was recorded and put this is up I mean it may be possible happen like that morning what these that doesn't seem right to me especially if you saying that this same day as maybe that's amazing watch this giddy but if that is the case well why don't you find out because this is just 1 its 1 million five hundred forty-two thousand CBS news interview with Hillary Clinton there it goes laughed about killing Gaddafi go to that that's for 2016 and let's see when it says it's his flashback maybe it was like right after and she was so giddy but if that's the case I just pulled up okay so if that's the about what does it say in that article and that article that you're reading before you click on it so you flashed over there yeah what does it say there well he died in 2011 and she supposedly had the big head injury in 2012 so you can't even like

► 02:55:11

blame it on that then if that's the case you can't really blame it on that because that means that she hit her head after this she's laughing probably about Gaddafi dying she fell maybe when you laugh really hard and you're not that healthy she was drinking or or you think she'd boozes it up Tommy Sanz got Adams well you can't rule that out definitely can't she doesn't look too healthy she's definitely not eating the best foods you know I always saying that no matter how much she drinks if she is a social Drinker and you know it people were just social drinkers who had two drinks let's say you don't want them driving right so why isn't that disqualifying for someone who's going to be in control of the nuclear Arsenal who admits yes I'm a social Drinker now in the past you never had to ask that question because it was to social drinkers running against each other so you're going to get a social Drinker no matter who got elected but Trump's the first time you had a non-drinker he doesn't drink it all no no no he hasn't had a sip of alcohol in his life

► 02:56:11

really where drug he claims I'd like to get them drunk and high how about that this is she was being interviewed in Afghanistan on that day and news hit so that way I guess that video was not being taped mess or wasn't this supposed to be taped but it was like an off are kind of record oh yeah I was definitely not fair recording but so so that was like right when it happened but she was laughing about it right when it happened but that explains why she was out of character for her nor yes that does make sense she was giddy was off-camera that they just killed this guy and she was off camera yeah that makes sense that's a lot more logical I'm glad we solve this we solved it we should be detective Scott Adams we solved a lot of things today I think I think we cleared up a lot of people's misconceptions about you that not only did you not vote for Trump you don't vote you were essentially just looking at this thing as a person who knows a lot about persuasion and those a lot about public speaking and what you were looking

► 02:57:11

this and you're going this is your almost like watching a game you watching a game play out and if you say look the Raiders going to slaughter the Dolphins it doesn't mean you hate the Dolphins it means you're looking at the actual ly the defensive line the offense the quarterback you only I see where this game is going to go I thought when this whole thing started developing the Trump candidacy that would open a crack in the universe where I could talk about this persuasion stuff and be believed in order to be believed my technique for that was less your I predicted so that you know when the day came when I was right I would have enough credibility to say okay so the other things I said maybe you should pay attention to them too so it was sort of a long game I was playing for credibility and I thought that persuasion would be the most important variable

► 02:57:59

it's certainly a huge variable in this world as is what we discussed earlier the ability to speak publicly with confidence not just persuasion but just to not look rattled you know even if you're not persuaded like you don't he's not getting defeated even when he's losing and I would see like these debates and I would say well she made some Salient points she seemed more articulate she seemed smoother with her words she seemed more stately but he never felt like he lost he didn't act like he lost that's giant to yeah people people are they pick up their feelings for other people we just look at them and say hey he's happy so yeah I'm happy yes just picking that up people walk in the room and they're downers and your energy goes down as soon as they enter Wells watching someone super uncomfortable or unsuccessful is very it's hard to do like watching someone bomb on stage very hard to do one of one of my great like moments when I started to understand the world better is the first time ice

► 02:58:58

no pot in college and for most of my college experience I found this weird pattern that people were nicer to me if I had just gotten high hmm and it was years before I realized that I was causing them to be nice because you were nicer to them I was just relaxed and you were given a better Vibe out give life and I realized that I can I can control how they act simply by my emotional state well definitely we control how people react to US based on what kind of and I've given off the wrong energy before and you see it in people you like a fuck you know like maybe you're too caught up in what you're doing you don't want to be bothered or whatever it is we've all been there before and then we've all been on the opposite where maybe someones like this guy's a dick you like really I just had a wonderful Pleasant conversation with them I don't because you interface with them within the perfect way at the right time with respect and the guy lowered his guard and you know and gave a little back to you and you gave more to him and everybody's good well I think I think we've all

► 02:59:58

since both of those things and I think that's one of the problems with one person accounts of any bad thing that went on like an eye I've looked at some of this Trump stuff and I'm like man what what really did happen what really did happen with the the Clinton accusations what was really going down between these two people because one of them is talking about the other one is and we don't know what the fuck the answer is and I think that that's often the case it's like the actual reaction that people have they want to think that the other person was being a dick but maybe you were being something negative 2 and their reacted to that then it compounded but maybe a Scott Adams was talking to the guy and use the exact same words none of the disagreement would have taken place in the first place alright the messenger is always you know the best Edge well we're both we're we are more than one thing and when human beings are interacting with each other we're doing it's almost like we're putting on a combined effort well and we're piecing together a conversation and this

► 03:00:58

relation is a joint effort it's like there's we're both contributing to it and it might come out terrible but it might not be your fault might be a hundred percent my fault or it might be a hundred percent your fault like but the way it comes out is because the two of us together didn't sync up you know and oftentimes you say I met Scott Adams he's a fucking piece of shit but it's not really you it might just be the way I hear that a lot how dare you but it might be the way this person talk to you like they might have started out right off the bat trying to joke around and you know said something rude or said something they thought was funny and you didn't or caught you at a bad time or you know

► 03:01:36

yeah I just try to be aware that I'm I'm causing people to be the way they are more often than you know you imagine why I also got to think that being the president it's got to be I mean you want to look at yourself the way the world looks at you the harshness of the view of the people on the outside looking in there's no better way than to be the president I mean he's got people walking down Wilshire blocking traffic screaming they fucking hate them like that's if anything is going to cause you a narcissist clearly obviously he's the guy has a great love for himself which is part of his success part of why puts his name on the building's his a great love for himself that takes a hit when you see thousands of Americans hundreds of thousands in fact wandering down the street with signs saying they hate you I don't know you don't think I'm not sure it does because you probably have your critics as well and they're not blocking traffic imagine if

► 03:02:35

fucking people that hated you were blocking traffic fuck Dilbert and they just had this gigantic stream of people with chance Donald Trump KKK racists sexists anti-gay in the screaming you know how just things are true I just imagined myself and you know the Oval Office I'm looking out the window I'm the president I see the protesters and I'm thinking I'm not having a bad day yeah I'm the president of the United States so I think it gets lost in the noise after you get elected

► 03:03:05

I mean if civilization breaks down there but you're talking about a guy that if someone tweets something negative about it he's got a Tweet back you talking about a guy if somebody writes an article about him in the Wall Street Journal he'll go on his Twitter page and call that magazine of or that newspaper a piece of shit the failed New York Times still won't stop lying about me this is not a guy who's immune to the impact of criticism against him so if that criticism is coming in the form of hundreds of thousands of people protesting the idea that he's going to suddenly become enlightened enough to ignore that totally but doting don't miss the pattern he attacks professionals so he goes after people were in the cage if you're not in the cage you're cool so those people on the street that are just screaming and what is he said about the protesters I think what he said is kind of interesting because I think what he did say is that it's great that they have these rights to protest and he likes the fact that they're all getting together and voice their opinion but we're all going to work this out together like solar energy or something like that something like that so so that's that's

► 03:04:05

my point yeah if any if the parade had been led by you know reporter from The New York Times he would have eviscerated the professional right and he wouldn't have touched anybody behind him because they're there this is INS yeah now let's good point it you you make a very convincing argument for this all being a positive event and I think one of the best Arguments for it being a positive event is the first time ever we've had someone who has no no political background or aspirations and they're already famous and successful and they become the president

► 03:04:42

so we're gonna get to see and there's a guy who wants to dismantle a system like one of the things he said about passing bills when you pass a new bill you got to get rid of two old ones I was like oh right regulations regulations scuse me you know my first reaction to that was all that is a stupid oversimplification but I'll bet there are enough old laws that they want to get rid of anyway there for a long time you could get rid of two for one yeah there might be some ridiculous ones that we could get rid of it's entirely possible you can't do that rule forever and if the profile course wow dear deregulation when it comes to environmental efforts is one thing that terrifies people and this climate denier concerned that's a real issue that's something that could affect us let's do you want to talk about that sure please because people have been begging me please to give any argument that doesn't make Donald Trump look like a science retarded okay I'm sorry I shouldn't use that word I Apollo use it doesn't it doesn't have any bearing on science it's not a medical term

► 03:05:41

retard is people that are retarded with their they're slow to catch on and we're not talking about mental illness we're talking about retards all right but I apologize if anybody was opened at are you going to do that don't you do it so here's here's my best argument let's say I'll just play lawyer for a second I'm going to defend Donald Trump's climate change position okay which disagrees with all of science with so you're starting from a deep hole right so you acknowledge that I've got a tough task here to the right and what state is opinion for what is his position first is opinion is that we don't need to actively work on climate change rather he would rather work actively on cleaning the air and the water and I think he thinks that gets us to the same place and it might here's my argument I believe it again I'm going to speculate a little bit here so I don't want to put too many words into the president's mouth but I think that he's

► 03:06:41

separating the data collection part of the science which is you measure things and you sure enough temperatures seems to be changing in historically significant ways and sure enough humans seem to be behind some part of that change I think Trump accepts that part of it the second part of it is not the data collection is the complicated models that predict what happens with all this data I think that Trump thinks that those models are unreliable and not credible and probably bullshit just like he thought the polls were inaccurate all right remember you just watched him defy every expert in the world a hundred percent a pollster said no Donald Trump look at our numbers this could not be more clear its independent people these are legitimate professionals there's no freaking way that you win with these numbers and Donald Trump said I don't believe the polls and it was right Donald Trump was right but there's a big difference between

► 03:07:41

Al's in scientific measurements of our carbon footprint no I'm not saying that the same thing so I'm not going to I'm not going to leap and say Case Closed basement I'm just going to say that through our history if you're trying to find the context how many times have we built a complicated model on that scale and got it right all right so there's nobody who's doing a good job of predicting where the economy will be next year those are very similar in the sense that there's lots of variables and different models and stuff that that turns out to be just random if you have a the economy is largely based on confidence it's but there's a bunch of factors involved in the economy and how much is involved in the atmosphere I mean if you can their models figure out that there was a volcano over here there's you know something happened in the ocean they didn't expect some some seaweed I did David do you don't think they have accounted for that when they're talking about the models of the the Earth being warmer every year by the past decade and scientist being uh

► 03:08:41

incredibly concerned have been studying this their whole lives seeing unprecedented levels of change you don't think that that's I think that here's where the analogy to the polling is similar we all thought the pilot polling was reliable because it's sort of math and you know the science seems to work what you realize later is that there was a whole bunch of judgment that went into which variable to include and you know assumptions about who's going to show up on polling day and nobody could have it any good idea what was going to happen so the most important part of the models was literally just people sitting in rooms I don't know I think it'll be like last time he say that's the case with science though and okay climate change that doesn't make sense to me I think that it seems likely and again this would be subject to smarter people correcting me and I could easily be corrected on this I think that when you have big complicated models and lots of people working on it there are probably places in which people are using judgment for example in this just be a you know just to make the point

► 03:09:41

there may be two sets of data and you could say well this one seems more reliable than that one because of whatever so I would think that probably different scientists could get wildly different projections and all of them tapping the same source of data just like the pollsters got the wrong answers but they're all looking at the same data I see what you're saying kind of but I really don't see the connection between that and the polls because everybody knows the polls is based on a very small group of people whereas the vast majority the problem of the population is largely uncounted like we we really weren't we were guessing engaging but their opinion but that wasn't the problem because polling is scientific enough that it can capture in some way but they're the conceit is I mean you have to admit that there's a certain percentage that we absolutely no we're not measuring those people when you're talking about the temperature of the earth you're absolutely measuring so when you're measuring the climate all over the globe you're

► 03:10:41

remembering measuring the sheer hard numbers no opinion based on there's no that's why we should have opinion I'm agreeing with you that the data collection is probably pretty solid because there isn't enough actually the interpretation of the data is what your was agreeing with by the time you put it into an economic model there's almost certainly some fuckery a judgment call that somebody doesn't think is a judgment call hmm that's almost guaranteed to be part of the model building procedure now I would love for somebody to educate me on this because I've never talked to somebody who whose job it is to build a climate model like I'd love to sit in a room and say is there any part of this we're two people who are both experts could have picked a different variable and I'm almost certain that's the case because it's a lot of variables in these complicated and so he's going to be the case right but when you have a mass consensus when it comes to scientist you're not talking about politicians you're not talking about CNN versus Fox News you're talking about scientist right we have a vast consensus that believe

► 03:11:41

we have a real issue with our carbon footprint and that we really need to slow down the amount of pollutants and the particulates that we put into the air so that work particulates particles what's the word what's the word with like the that's the thing that people worry about a lot of is not just the like the carbon in the air but also the fucking dirt the dust the the the actual pollution being so so here's the Third Leg of my particulates yeah I was right okay thank you of my defense so Trump's thing is clean the water clean the air good move but it seems like that's going to get you the same place right right now let me give you another maybe give you another really hot no let me give you another analogy I put solar panels on my house when I built it nine years ago what those solar panels have saved me enough electricity and I can predict forward that I'll definitely get my money back from putting on solar panels question was it a good economic idea to put those

► 03:12:41

depends on knowing what you know that the cost will more than be made up in my my savings was that a good idea for me to do seems like it wrong it was a terrible terrible idea wrong and I knew it at the time how so but by the way I have a background in economics that's my degree MBA from Berkeley so why is it terrible idea because I knew and this is what happened to the cost of solar cells dropped so quickly that if I had simply waited 3 years and bought it then I would have only lost you know three years of savings but I would have gotten it is such a lower price that I would pay it back much faster and then it'd be gravy from there on if you only wanted to look at it that way if you didn't take into consideration the variable of you affecting the carbon footprint of the Earth by gathering up your electricity for three years due to Convention so that's actually why I did it so I made made a bad economic decision right because the what we call these stupid Rich have to go

► 03:13:41

first came but it wasn't a terrible idea it just wasn't a good idea economically it was a very good idea wasn't a good idea economically right but only economically okay so I'm sure you can consider all sorts of other variables all right well all of all analogies breakdown ultimately so I dare you butt but they're good for their good for explaining okay if they're not good for proving a point like to say that so here's the analogy odds are that technology is going to save us from climate change really yeah there are already on the drawing board ideas for putting like a giant hose into the upper atmosphere and in somehow sucking bad things out suck all the clouds out to when I fucked up but but yet but chances are chances are and again you might not want to take this risk I'm not even saying you should but chances are if you waited five or ten years and then got serious about it you'd probably be in a better position because we'd have better technology and and starting from that point we just

► 03:14:41

in a better place or now I'm not saying we should do that okay I'm just saying that you can't know the starting now is the smart thing because like my solar panels the technology is changing so fast that waiting a little bit until you really can get some purchase with some good technology and just go balls to the wall and say alright if I can 500 billion dollars were going to spend now because we got the solution maybe this is a convenient way that you're interfacing with the software simulation that we're all trapped in your choosing to take this path of success based on technological progression rather than based on taking care of Mother Earth well it doesn't doesn't every model assume that everything stays the same and there's more of it right so here's one thing I can guarantee your climate change model does not include okay fucking hose to the upper atmosphere hmm I never thought of it until rice you brought it up and isn't that going to be the biggest Factor it

► 03:15:41

be the technological change that happens between now and then in fact that's the whole point of alarming us so we'll work hard on the technological changes I thought they should make a skyscraper sized air filter

► 03:15:53

that's that's one of the plans they're all okay there is a something like that and then they could actually take that carbon out of the atmosphere and use it for fuel right burn it burn it back I've seen some amazing things in headlines recently but I never trust any of them and it totally makes sense that if we can clean air in your house like you know we have that right behind you right there for when people smoke cigarettes we have that air filter it's pretty powerful like someone can sit in your seat and smoke a cigarette and this room will be bearable yeah you can you can do that and that's that's a very simple portable unit some buildings have very sophisticated units so I think the technology for scrubbing the atmosphere already exist it's just not implementing it on a large scale it's not economical yeah just like my solar panels hmm so the point is if you started now and spend five hundred billion dollars you might get a billion dollars worth of that benefit because you don't have the wreck right technology if you waited to have the right technology and then put your

► 03:16:53

effort into it you might get it for cheap okay we don't know that so that's the risk that's a risk everybody is you know got a assess that is much more comfortable than the idea of a climate change denier perspective like a climate change Optimist like yeah I know it's kind of fucked up now but we've got some stuff in the works don't worry folks we look to the progressions we're going to be fine well I think