#720 - Tait Fletcher & Andy Stumpf

Nov 10, 2015

Tait Fletcher is an actor, stuntman, entrepreneur, and jiu jitsu black belt. Andy Stumpf is a retired Navy SEAL and is currently a wingsuit world record holder.

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that wasn't so hard was it

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right about now imma do a podcast with my brother Tait Fletcher Tait Fletcher some of my favorite people ever he's been my friend for a long-ass motherfukin time and I just can't say enough good things about him

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he is a former Fighter the UFC he runs the pirate Life podcast he's one of the owners of caveman coffee companies just a fucking wonderful person and his good friend Andy Stumpf and Andy Stumpf is a former Navy SEAL Team Six member and he holds the world record for the longest flight with one of those fucking wingsuits he's a Savage okay in the best possible use of the word and had a great time talking to him so without any further Ado Andy Stumpf and take pleasure

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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otherwise known as Andy Stumpf 77 was was 7675 7/4 of those taken or drinks birthday after their name just go with 69 that's standard I want that if you search for Spike man 69 and it was a music Love got this extra account and I'm like Spike them like what is this all about it for a while until I was like I had to send email from doing business as smartly went to rather choke you out which looked even at when I got in the film stuff it looks super weird cuz they have to send that to make up like like wardrobe and everybody and then it was and it was early in grappling just like to choke your voicemail and then I email account

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text freak not a violent person that just shows you with the circles you're traveling it that's how someone was looking over at a very few people associate choking with sex. It's way better to have her think of you and this way than that way though right I prefer that I just gave you know that kind of a about anyway thanks food free food freaks okay with being a sex freak is a problem

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it's true I mean because the Puritans they can justify food more and then people get mad if you're sexually free nobody's happy about that you know what time is that guy the roads like him. He's fantastic enjoy pleasure pleasure you enjoy like you're in some sort of a piece of shit something wrong with you that I heard about Spain like that that's the joint if you were going to move so if you could only live in one place that that place is fantastic and he's been everywhere I mean I Love The Way You Lie

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vunk Vancouver and he was in prison Portland to La for a bit but he's been everywhere and he just has Barcelona as a spot on his free he's free of the constraints of of of social norms affecting him and can't him caring too much about whomever that he might have been like I'm a little embarrassed if they know I had a threesome or whatever you need it right make it. He doesn't care

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it doesn't matter. Now it's fine it's fine I do not like about the sponges I keep thinking that comes out of your mouth right or what you do is wish or two into that we're not doing it when I do in a day or something Jamie was telling me that he he replaces them all the time he's got a box of you just request okay honey Shores this is like a bad that I made it up I made it up they probably have a replacement right is that they used to clean stuff that you sponges do you know you need to scream sponge the garbage that's it

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border collie Chris Ryan on the part of it is that he's like he celebrated for his open minded so it's like it's not just something that he has to he doesn't have to hide anymore it's something that he Embraces cuz other people go thank you finally I think I would have liked to have taken that chance whenever you doing anything that people are like reticent to jump into in the van I would have liked to join the seals I would have liked to have done whatever thing is the window closed or whatever happened and have the courage to pull the trigger on it but then then she got like that he's expressing and manifest in a way that I would like to be able to do but I just can't do it I'm caught up in all this other stuff they get stuck in who they are and you know they have these ideas what they would like to be and they just never did just never get after they just never never hit the gas they get out of their Lane whenever it's that's a big problem

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huge about freedom and people are people don't need the people don't want to be free you know we talked a lot like to have handcuffs on wife it's basically like a game warden and tells them what they can bag and when they can come home and you know what's up. It's night time for me and most people most people to be free would rather be polyamorous or something like that for sure like that is just how that's how we live comfortably is a lot that's the downside a people's feelings that's it that's what we don't give a fuk by Solaris a guy like you before the podcast you talking about Tate fighting like you feel like I would never could you say that

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you were involved in gun fights are in Seal Team 6 tell you that start this thing that he said he's talking with his buddy guy that's a lie don't know if he's a SWAT team leader but he's on those something out here watching right and then he's like he goes my MP5 or something like that and he looks over like disgusted what is that for any walking I've got five times and he didn't really fall down and the only way he is worthwhile is there stopping power of a human and then you really got to hit a guy just this under the eyes and just above the teeth and when you said above the teeth I was like that's that's some next-level she say

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I didn't say so we can put the muskets in the MP5 the way I mean can you imagine if somebody shot of catapult me a b like I'm out to live another day like a flamethrower if you have a flamethrower fucking you win I like I'm not going anywhere the 90s and all the hairspray and hardcore history series about the Mongols we talk about Mongols and lighting it on fire and launching them with catapults on to the rooftops East Building cuz they

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to get their fatty you know and they light on fire good and they stay lit Maybe

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says a guy that this is great so I heard about a podcast and then I had a guy sitting next to me that also had explain the impact would have being on the receiving end or like like what if you can do that once and not have to fight two more battles cuz the people you want to fight against their like no that's the ethical argument for ruthless right do you have to go argument as if you can be ruthless and it in a short amount of time and just absolutely stop all the bullshit that you will actually save lives let me know what's the story behind that we're just going to turn so many people in the glass that your country's going to want to back away before it happens again as many people with those atomic bombs they did in like a traditional

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and then I read something to that Japan had already been orchestrating a piece and that saddle of that that I could ever Christmas present they wanted to see what would happen likely he's like he was a like a force Recon guy and he said we'd go in and he says for example there's a house of bad guys we know the bad guys are there but we get stand down just relax and then I said why and he said he said because they wanted to go out then they'd send the regular Marines around until they get blown up on the road and then they blow up another one and then stretch it out for as long as they could get public opinion of death in this matter before they would send guys in it and he said that the Vietnam he said there's a hill that's a famous Hill I forget the name of it that they retook 15 times

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pissed I can't think of the name is like 6:07 or something like that Hamburger Hill my tax return the movie about anything really when you have last terrorist that's that's an open-ended it's not like there's a country where the leader you take over the leader and that's it you're done and then I had to take Seroquel what you said I said the government it takes the expiration date off because I don't know how long are we going to be there what if they move but you're not bored anymore or The Borgias exponentially increased so how frustrating is that as a soldier I mean that's got to be this it it seems to me that like as a soldier you would want an obvious opponent where once it's defeated you're done you have an objective the objective is reached everybody can go home like member that World War II photo of the soldier that's kissing the growth of a sailor girl got scared and everybody yes

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Desert Storm cuz it happened it was like so quick the way we do War today is what's not that big a deal right this very murky saying it's not going to war with Iraq or going to the country is going to war with ISIS and they're all over the place that these these Boogeyman and it didn't start the whole thing becomes it like a subterfuge and going well now we need to be intrinsically Laden into these different governments because they could be there a little bit before answering their little bit so I can meet you there at the military industrial complex just grows and grows and grows question because like conventional forces in the ship that is for

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upon them giving their job description talking about just like being in an impossible situation and is given horrible decisions to make but there's no time or money or equipment to continue sharpening the blade battle space where the local people don't want you to be there you probably don't want to be there at Super kinetic and I have to fucking live there you know and they to them I don't know how you define Victory to those forces for us I think we had a little bit of a benefit and it was less frustrating because it was targeted I mean we would have a list a Target list where you know like in Iraq in 2005 that we were on full like vampire schedule I'd sleep all day long get up right before the sun went down go ahead and workout get dinner and I just go sit down in the

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you know the cell phone network would crack on is just what do you want to go for just rack and stack them so how does that work like you will you say the cell phone network will go on a lot of the stuff is a daughter that argument me to do the electronic bass you know it's the same way that your iPhone works you know I mean you can if you turn on people who think that if you're carrying around an electronic device to track it like this is so open source to I made it to Thirsty go nuts with this but with the find my phone totally what and what's the difference right it's going off the same things some phones become active other phones wouldn't you know you could look at the the lines of warfare that we were trying to go down to the things that we were trying to affect them or play cool guys never want to listen to roll and

► 00:24:37

We Roll know when you decide to number one on the list is that you guys as a group come together as they're not telling you who it is. Like a tree rights are the root of the tree so we'll go even bigger like been lying right like he's right at the base like we're trying to get there but all we can really see is a little branches and all that wedding stuff we got to work our way back so it be where they are in relationship to the branches in the weave like how close can we get to the you can roll up as a team 6 guy like are you guys as is it coming from on high or are you guys decided no this is the guy that is closest to our objectives as a as a country like a Target Tech it's you still even overseas you work for like a battle Space Commander and they have objectives that they're trying to get achieved in that battle space so you have to justify what you're going to do against

► 00:25:37

they're trying to do right now but if there are certain high-level individuals like if that individual pops up you're going to stop everything you're doing and you're going to go after my exhaust out he was one of them in Iraq but you know when we would roll out like a magician we roll out and I had a football sleeve on like Tom Brady did with a guy's picture with stat know the picture was fucking completely inaccurate 99% of the time sometimes we didn't have a picture should be an empty silhouette dark hair Guy Fieri ever have the building it would have known associate so like I had a much more defined and state so we would go would be able to gauge

► 00:26:26

success or failure to a small degree as opposed to just occupying a battle space is there ever a time when you got a guy and it wasn't that got like and I never had already bought it you look just like the picture that I drew on my arm by Lawrence time to get the donuts guy his name is Abu Smith looks like means drives the best messy roll it up when you get back in like this is not know these are not the droids you're looking for having it all the time but this guy would have poor manners that's a big argument for Guantanamo Bay just guilt by association or they went to school in the wrong place and and they just got Shackled up and putting some orange jumpsuits and stuffed into some holes so what do you do with him now it's a good question supposed to pose for sure you could I don't think people think about like what do you what do you do with a guy

► 00:27:26

it was Guilty By Association or not but got caught in the net got sent to a place like Guantanamo or other detention facilities around the world became radicalized and you know if you let him out here if he was in this room he would try to kill all three of us right now they know that but he hasn't actually done anything yet because he was put in there by accident by accident by association to let the guy out what do you I mean it's a very tricky situation depending on what your objectives are are you is your objective Justice or is your objective making sure that you keep people safe Justice yeah I know and also America's him know that if he is innocent for sure we turned everybody got that for sure we turned everybody that isn't if I'm in one tana Mobay for 14 years I'm for sure going to have some feeling when I get out right totally on the other side

► 00:28:26

yeah I mean ethically you have to turn my can't do that. Will you have to at the very least wait for something bad watch them I might have a sniper attributed that guy just like in 10 yards he walks to a vehicle then disappears into the network but the thing is is I can't based on like I think that he's going to do this like it we don't live that way so let's say it. 911 snow but becomes a guy goes to France and starts hacking the guy that hacked them up with machete but you're the one who let him go at the top of the guys that did it's Obama that didn't let him out it's all these guys that's good soup to go round and round at the end

► 00:29:26

it's you guys you guys are the tip of the spear accurately portrayed or in accurately assess and then wind up being stuffed into these hellholes four years tortured beaten what does what the fuck they're doing those guys look we know what happened with those photos of got leaked for at what level what the fuck all the stuff coming out of those guys that mean for myself very very simple decision I talk to him you tell him because you would think that they would go out and I would rather err on the side of killing somebody who hasn't done anything then allow somebody to go out there and perpetuate violence and somebody

► 00:30:26

straight across the board so you don't think that someone who hasn't done violence who has been locked up against their will you don't think that they deserve a shot you don't think that they deserve like an opportunity to prove the not radicalized that makes you know you just killed Mandela and Gandhi like anybody but I mean it's like those guys also are in that kind of position I said I can only speak for myself and this is probably why I'm not in the position to make him policy and I don't control the route to make split-second decision to save your life in the life of all the people you love and care for cuz they're all around you and they're all on in the firefight I've seen what these radical people can do like first-hand that these people will do and then there's the lowest form of gnarly

► 00:31:19

shit not even the way that the things that they've done against the us but like some of the things that I've seen of how they treat each other in their countries and he's super radicalize areas that are hard to get into like describe is Princess give me a Mongolian like in braids kids to fucking beds and leaving in the rooms like in just the way that they'll

► 00:31:40

treat women wear it like that and I didn't even recognize what the being was in a fucking chained to a floor in a room that I wanted to because it was just angry and bread and they'd go in and out it's smacking around and throw some food in like if you're willing to do that to a human being like you don't get a second chance from how often is this taking place and how many people are or treat inbreds like this that I can come back to me because that one was like spirited

► 00:32:15

look at what's going on if you're a homosexual over in a better one sex slaves really 12 13 year old sex slave Lake, like radicals in Alabama scare the shit out of me to write moderates across-the-board like you can be a Catholic you can be a Christian I don't care if you're Muslim in your praying in the corner I prefer yourself afterwards right but I'm okay with it so I got it I want to say to like it like coming where I come from is like I say what I say but like I've sure I would have a different view walking in your shoes so it's it's the radicals that once you get to that level first off like if you're weak enough to have your mind changed like that and you can't stand for the morals that you know to be true like

► 00:33:15

it's a problem we'll just one thing change and it's one thing developed in that environment is a big difference in somebody's changed and another when people people imitate their atmosphere at the world do you know and you think that Islam is the truth the Quran is the doctrine that you have to follow in the 72 virgins in heaven than sex slaves are permitted then there's all sorts of things that are Halal that you know we would think of his in horrific that are totally permitted it's it's it's it's societal standards and culture is it is a big part of this the way people decide what's acceptable what's not acceptable so these people I think for us growing up in America it's almost impossible to understand what it would be like to be living in like one of those radical as part of the world is going on why I have no problem saying that a guy who went and did nothing but became radicalize like to me that's it that's a mathematical equation right there like

► 00:34:12

it's a it's a hard one because you know people still say to this day and age like you shouldn't you shouldn't kill right we need to the counterinsurgency strategy is based off winning the hearts and minds of the people that were going in the end of the countries that were going into and I think the only way that I can describe it that makes sense to people with it might at least allow them to think outside of the education aspect is that and you kind of you you little disappointed little bit but I mean you have daughters right do you love your daughters like how much though like articulate for me how much you love it's impossible for anybody to ever express it in a way that someone who doesn't have daughters would ever understand or Sons or children totally understand that then you understand that there's another side of that coin and if there's a community of people somewhere on Earth that hate you to the exact same degree that you love your children and can't articulate and would do everything they fight

► 00:35:12

can can to end our way of life because we let women go outside and have their skin exposed me you can say what you want you can think what you want and what's the solution to solve that it's not books there is not a single I could I could put you in captivity for 14 years. I could never convince you not to let her daughter's right people think that there's this is like oh you don't have to go over there and you don't have to fight well fuck that at some point you have to stand up for what you believe in right and when it comes to those people that hate you as much as you love your kids again there's a small segment of that that you could probably turn with books in captivity right which is what happened to the guys who get radicalized gitmo but for the other segments that would like nothing more than to end your life and everything you believe in what's the solution

► 00:36:07

it's not fucking bucks your what is a solution to try to turn a guy around once they reach that level of radicalization is can't so you either have to find something or believe in something to the point that you're willing to fight for it because he was a deal where X people and then there's why people and regardless of what your ex is your Christian catholic whatever your next person if somebody is a y person X and Y people are going to fight if you believe in what you believe enough then to protect that at some point you're going to have to go beyond the educational aspect of that but isn't that only the case in a place like a radicalized part of the world is not really the case in America in America We have dealt with this week we're here and maybe it's out of fear and maybe it's out of being outnumbered maybe side of the ideal of the people but in America if you believe some wacky shit like a girl Mooney or what whatever the heck you are as poor bastard he's out there giving money to El Ron Hubbard who gives a fuck

► 00:37:07

is anything for believing in whatever it is I'm not out there trying to change your mind do you think you have a daughter if I invest and kneeling towards the east and praying and you had a rifle tell me you wouldn't want to put one in his brain right there if you if you get a chance to not jump to conclusions I mean fuck Joe I'm not saying Jesus is a rabbit hole topic to use around around around because people just don't want to say yes you should kill that person problem what was ending people like that but it looks like you can talk to me you can yell at me and tell you

► 00:38:07

grab my girlfriend or or shove my mom or something like that you're safe as soon as you cross the line you're fine and you put it in the in the category like ouu might be a problem for you know if you have a whole country filled of you might be a problem that's when things get real weird right but the problem is how do they get to be that and that's the one that got issues with the United States foreign policy military intervention military industrial complex to keep fucking with all these different parts of the world and puts good soldiers and good people in Jeopardy but I think that argument you be amazed at how many people in the military don't necessarily agree with the foreign policy United States of America do you wrong like it's after I spent a large majority of my adult life in the military I just agreed with the fucking large volume of stuff and where I could push back and pack that I did and other times when I couldn't it's like

► 00:39:07

what can you do if you're over there and you're always responsible for your personal actions right so toner Valley which is like inaccessible unless you're a fucking reindeer or have a ch-47 and you can go up there like you could ask somebody where is Osama bin Laden and Osama Bin Laden or anytime that you're actually interfacing with those people or those cultures like they're looking at you as the United States of America so I can at least conduct myself in a manner that is commensurate with the moral values that I have regardless of my thoughts about the foreign policy of the company or the country you know that I'm over there to represent company you could say company that's right well don't think there's a lot of money

► 00:40:07

and all that but it's only for money in to feed the military industrial complex there is no other reason would see on that a little bit. Terrorists being made I mean who do you think is culpable for going in and attack in Sovereign countries for oil under the auspices that we're going to find it you know that they pick the real tired little because there are parts of the world where people become a threat and you have to figure out a different time to step in and allow these people to get nuclear weapons and do what we did Japan do you allow these people to get to put it wouldn't take much I mean if you read about history is Empires fall all the time and we are talking completely debatable yeah but if we fell there would be a vacuum and it would be filled it's a matter of who would fill it and if you can have something like Isis in 2015

► 00:41:07

if you can have like we saw what happened in Libya was overthrown we saw the dynamic chaos that's going on right now in Iraq don't mean they're having a fucking muslim between the Sunni and Shiite right now 2015 the modern day media is like sneaking the 1% of the truth on the ground right now we assume that because the United States of America is the dominant superpower in the world because we have so much and we look at things different if you walk through the streets of New York and Los Angeles here relatively safe much more safe than any human being has ever been in any other time we assume that this is static does going to stay this way but it's not as if you're right that's a very good point that's a very good sort of dictates our ideas about how the rest of the world should and shouldn't behave or how we shouldn't shouldn't interface with the rest of world but if some shit went down

► 00:42:07

fuck a nuclear bomb gets dropped in Chicago structure gets crushed that the power grid goes down for a couple weeks Ki starvation and then an army attacks you know what the Army attacking with fucking drones are satellites could happen but a significantly diminished Armed Forces significantly diminish country with the whole world can change overnight overnight overnight a natural disaster Yellowstone blow the whole world changes overnight right and we're living like the Mongols I mean that literally could happen inside of a year inside of a year a whole world could do a total one-eighty so the United States armed forces or any armed forces that is in a position of power that has a moral

► 00:42:54

a moral and ethical imperative if they're looking at people like Isis they looking at regardless of how they were created regardless whether these guys were formed in Guantanamo Bay against their will you got to figure like what what's the end game here and how do we how do we engineer future but do we have a moral and ethical government or military I mean in in those ways it's like or is it chasing agreed I mean that that that at that point I look at it and I go is our best course then to go and eradicate people or is it to change our foreign policy and and to not be kind of bullish in the world it's a good question but you kind of got a deal with what the table is right now in 2015 but I think there's truth what I mean cuz you're in it is I think there's truth to both I like like Joe sound like if if the pizza guy is ringing your doorbell

► 00:43:49

you know you might want to go handle that but at the same time you know it you need to go and think about I personally believe he needs to think about the things that is causing and shaping the world like with Straw ice is back where do they come from

► 00:44:05

or didn't we build them to fight Syria I wouldn't say we built them to fight Siri but like let's take it back to the first place the first party what city has an Iraq like you want to talk about something that I think they definitely were it was a it was a breeding ground but it was a place where people felt safe to go in train to do harm to the United States so going there to push that out of Afghanistan I think was a solid move right but you know you fast forward 14 years I think we largely self-created the problem right because we occupied we push them out

► 00:44:49

now they're like Fuck the Dealer just like we do by mazing game of chess it's just like the difference is like playing chess in the drying machine and it's on to the boards constantly shifting you got to keep track of all your peace so we went in and invade we push out now they know they're not safe in Afghanistan and they know it's no longer safe to know cohabitate in one area so what are they do they decide Aggregate and then they get Iraq and Afghanistan and they just aggregate you know what the other areas around the world is start communicating with the internet so we actually the problem exclamation harder for ourselves with the best of intentions or did we have the intention to make it harder honestly I really need those incompetents and then that people capitalize on an opportunity to do something I've always wanted to do you know that I have Gana stand and you know that Dick Cheney and Bush have been talking about

► 00:45:49

Chiraq and trying to form a strategy for going to rack for a long time 911 comes around they like look we got it. Restart reason that was all orchestrated is a very convoluted idea and I don't necessarily think the facts supported I think the facts if you look at human history it's way more likely that you're dealing with massive incompetence then you're dealing with a massive what do you think about Arab Spring ever see Wesley Clark General Wesley Clark talk talk about that right strategies of invading all these different places but I think that when something like 911 comes around it's a green light for these assholes and before this happened I think they were just they just didn't have a real way to do it I think you've got both is what I'm trying to say I think you've got both in confidence and then you get people like Dick Cheney that are clear Chicken Hawks and was a company that rebuilds

► 00:46:49

it after we blow it up and then I think there's actually a lot of supporting documentation to like they're being a lot of it the Chicken Hawk's up people to standing by like they want to do stuff and they're waiting for the word for society the military machine has left the barn is a tough talker get back in the barn so they definitely had plans like there was pre-existing plans for the invasion and even 400 e f is Afghanistan a since change the name so I don't know where this but I think it's both like 911 is it possible that I was convinced conspiracy sure is it plausible I don't think so I I believe exactly you do the gross incompetence cuz I go through the airport all the time and I see the people who are screening me this day and I know for a fact that it was gross incompetence cuz the guys fucking

► 00:47:49

curling looking at the the little monitor coming by my bag goes through you're confusing I'd like to say I think you're confusing politicians with the military right you might be surprised at how little I think most politicians have any effect over the military themselves I don't think they have a lot of effect over the government either I think the temp out right and I and I'm certainly pro-military tricked in the impossible situation is impossible to 100% of anything OST King for a Day 4 hours to set up policy in place is going to last for for 12 months you got 24 hours 24 hours

► 00:48:49

how to get them to the Middle East need to figure out a way to eat mushrooms or camel or whatever the fuck they eat is everybody else it back and they'll tell you how it's fucked up guy drives a Toyota what the fuck you going to ride a camel to work because it's different if you have a corporation with drive for profit you're in a bad place and that's where we are and that's what's wrong with our country for sure when you have unlimited growth

► 00:49:49

what is also that's ridiculous inside the corporation aren't held responsible like individuals as you know cuz you're not a bad guy you're not a bad guy I'm not a bad guy world is pushing her pain this way and that way she can go and coffee grows to be something like Folgers or Maxwell House when you find out that you you guys are and how does that happen how does a company like Halliburton come about how did how does it get from an idea to a few employees read Amigo right I guess greed is a big one and then the business models a big one right to justify and rationalize fucked-up decisions right with the diffusion of responsibility that comes from a large group acting a fucked-up way so let me ask you this because

► 00:50:49

what if you were in hindsight is of course 20/20 not not criticizing any decision that I've been made but if you saw not look what you've seen and 9/11 happened today what's the move what what do you do do you invade Iraq

► 00:51:05

you know I'm guilty of personally the leading spin it was on the Iraq War you know what I mean it's currently or you believe I would argue no credible nobody's hurt this is this is this is God and I believe it I mean the first Target we hit in Iraq was the number one chembio Target in that country and it was a fucking agricultural school who is growing tomato plants so hard was that just bad intelligence you know we look at Target for a couple weeks we had skip experts on air conditioning coming and telling

► 00:52:05

Bushnell like look at this look at all the air condition that they have it's like it's for the ventilation system

► 00:52:11

it's really hot there in the summer that's probably why they had all the hairs are your Splendid 40 fucking degrees in the shade that comes out twice a year to the greenhouse you know so I mean not only did I believe it but we were pursuing it as you know we were going out for 10 bios stuff

► 00:52:35

I don't think I would have asked myself personally if I didn't know if I was if I was King for the day I wouldn't have invaded either if I could use modern day technology and this is still what I think I personally would do today's I would pull back all the US forces in Afghanistan and the ones that are near Iraq and instead of occupying which has been proven to Be an Effective time and time and time again oh my God but effective in creating enemies to the Russians death by a thousand paper cuts initially so I would I would pull it out and then I would go very very surgically and I would

► 00:53:16

I would develop the intelligence to be certain of the people that were looking for in a e got to Leverage The assets and in so sometimes you might be wrong with the surgical strikes but I'm okay with that but I would go surgically as opposed occupying our leverage all the resources to do it that way as opposed to putting an infrastructure in place a cost billions of dollars to support cuz you're a goddamn American Andy Scott last night it's not like these cocksuckers that put us into this goddamn and that's the American Service play Walking god dammit Osama Bin Laden is in Bagdad like that's that's what everybody thought he was not at all it was

► 00:54:04

it's occupied occupied cuz it doesn't work like you're working assets you get more assets if your judicious right and get more assets you believe in believe in a universal justice and Harmony in that way of like the Americas behave in a proper and appropriate way in the world that are here and then whatever but there's going to be assets within those countries that are going this is working for righteousness for all people cuz that a thing could that be at the difference between rational thought and irrational thought people just take it too far

► 00:54:52

you know rationally thinking or nine people with fucking box cutters irrationally thinking and you can look at you know what happened to me to descale is just don't they don't balance themselves as is yours look at it it's all eat you only vote for what you don't like you don't really vote for what you like you know it's like that's kind of how were cut in a way mistakes good leadership be like how difficult is it to to try to formulate correct intelligence about a country in the other side of planet and what are you doing to get that's why I think it's always gotten like what are you using satellite imagery these every knowledge architectural schematics of the buildings to try CIA what it what can you do to try to figure out what they're doing like that you know a lot I had this conversation with someone about Isis like yeah we need to just go over there and take care of them like what what are you saying like where are they

► 00:55:52

yeah exactly so go ahead a draw me a map of where this this Isis you like taking care of multiple countries and they communicate over an electronic medium that we can't control when they don't get together cuz I understand what happens when I do get together for the communicate through fucking photographs of an Instagram they can send a photograph on Instagram or on YouTube they can send a video and have metadata in that photo that you have to either have to take it and they sent it through a filter then figure out what you're trying to say but you can send them a picture in an email hey man just chilling here and fucking Canoga Park eating a sub you know what have you and smile a meatball sub and is metadata in that they can transcribe and then they figure out what the fucking message is mrs. That was a lot of how they were communicating back and forth was with and their savagery is almost like like Genghis Khan savagery there's like 5,000 guys are going in the city of 50,000 away and and they're running before they get there

► 00:56:52

working with a trail of gas. I'm on fire like damn do like that have access to equipment and high tech technology that you know is it Technologies reaches at such an incredible level that the average person has access to some pretty fucking significant shed and if you're an evil person on the other side of the planet you can keep track of a lot of stuff going on in drones fucking anybody to buy a drone now have drones with video cameras in the guys are good at him operate on cell phones are you spell can see everything I mean there's so much that we can do now as like regular consumers you got imagine with the amount of money that a group like Isis has me and they've been stealing money for a

► 00:57:52

long time now they're fucking billions of dollars and that's why I think maybe have a presence at a nearby so you can have a staging point but I think that everything is changed from I don't think you're going to see these mature battle areas anymore you made me mature areas of War because it's all going to be surgical at least I hope that's the direction that I would that I mean is lower risk than exposing a large force over a truncated time. They're also a big issue right now with our drawn-out sort of Cold War battle being brought back to life we've got a real issue now with Russia right I mean this this whole Putin thing it seems it seems like a real animosity between Russia and United States that is rekindled that we didn't feel for decades and Putin is kind of brought this back to life and strategically if he should decide to align

► 00:58:52

I'm self with people that are the friends of Isis like not necessarily Isis himself but just close enough and close enough proximity that he can sort of fuel that fire with information with strategy with money arms equipment like nuclear bombs I mean that's more than anything is that some radicalized

► 00:59:15

crazy fucking group gets ahold of a bomb and decides to blow Paris Opera decide to blow up downtown New York and somebody clocks one of those things off if you want to get it twice right that's the spot that's good that's the epicenter of attention for Terror in the world if you want to really make a fucking big splash you go to New York but not it's been there twice the legend

► 00:59:40

pronounce Mozart. Austin still alive from Talking during when they when Bin Laden was involved with the mujahideen I forget what publication was in but somebody posted it recently and it was when Bin Laden was our Ally and it was just like puff piece on Bin Laden and really important it is that Bin Laden can find that Jamie through find it it was it was during the time when Russia was invading Afghanistan and we were arming the mujahideen and we were training them and helping them to fend off the Soviet Union because we don't want to rush and pipelines out the exact scenario they were making it out like this guy who was CIA trained this guy Osama Bin Laden was you know it was a real hero and then

► 01:00:40

turn on America and you know it to them it's the best piece of evidence in if you look at the way we respected and trained and thought of Osama bin Laden and then Osama Bin Laden became our number one enemy is the best piece of evidence that the United States is evil and corrupt to that mean it's like look this is the guy that was your number one guy over there who's the guy that you trained to fight off the Russians and now he's saying you know the Russians were a problem the United States is a bigger problem this is a real problem and then boom everybody it's the story of The Prodigal Son gone bad do you think think what do you what is your thought on the Osama Bin Laden the killing of Osama bin Laden dumped in the ocean to thumbs up I'll talk to special ops guys are done in believe that happened and they think that that's why it is

► 01:01:40

pictures of them there's no there's no any there plenty of pictures of him but I know guys who have first-hand and chemical contrails as well too long before that actually happened but if talking to people that were there I have no reason to doubt the people that I've talked to her that were physically present when it happened and so you talk to people that were there as it happened by the Alabama to Max. Time to know what's the value of killing somebody

► 01:02:40

about because why do you make his body disappear so nobody can ever see that there's not genetic testing all that that right isn't that the idea there was was told by leaving the body there it would have basically turn that into a new I want to say Maca cuz that's the wrong word but a new Shrine to whatever he stood for so they remove the body gave it the Muslim burial that deserve her did not depending on you know which way you swing on that opinion what's the Muslim burial requires a certain way a man that I would rather either cremate the body and get rid of it somewhere or put it somewhere that people can't go to

► 01:03:24

and and worship some douchebag what's happened since then it was effective because even though mean he is a revered guy in that culture there isn't a spot where you can go to think of as it's holy spot where he died and even though he has been a martyr there's there's no images they parade around social media at Rancho Bernardo releasing the images I think it's better right I know I know for a fact they did DNA testing have come to the u.s. it wouldn't be impossible to get a DNA strand back to the guy so you know as far as the execution goes I mean I think I think it went really well what did it have a political game I think you can't argue that it didn't you know it definitely did but in my oh my I don't know if that's enough to justify conspiracy I buy maybe I'm an idiot but I know

► 01:04:24

wrapped up in Bigfoot or Cam trimester no longer than Arabs on the bike for sure like for sure that bullshit like for sure but there's a billion dollars goes towards at the devastation of millions of people and all that stuff for not not not for the just cause that we think of it you know what's happened to Bozo think of a short but that's a fact we all know that we all know that for political gain Americans in trapped in a finger probably operating from but that is not a really good standpoint

► 01:05:24

Jesus is literally his homeboy I have the same picture in my office. I'm getting one there's a guy is making them is making prints were going to hang it up with the office and Carson to me but that's what I said they're all crazy to me they're all interchangeable I should have said Hillary Clinton abstract watercolor 2 as it happened to it was like a Brian stann Press Box next really because I feel like the next president if it Putin is the real deal in that and he is man that dude is a g like he's scary you need to have a guy as president that's willing to get on a horse in jail just him to death or something like that like you got to have somebody Bible app that it can't be these fucking people that are available now for us that's not going to work, how to fight to the death how embarrassed when beerus

► 01:06:24

and I hope they'll quickly with Putin trip Obama and have them on his back and just be beat his brains in a clinch up and they mean elbows to the eye sockets death it would be horrible mean we are I mean we would never do Ardex back in America s everybody it's a booty to know how to fight Teddy Roosevelt

► 01:06:55

probably like you like a guy that you would think of his being a tough guy but he wasn't to go down quick he's a person who made the first G Bush George W now look at all these other leaders there they're like you're like that it's probably about some shit you look at our guys and I can make some fucking phone calls that's true he might not be himself but I bet Bill Clinton make some phone calls you a charm the socks off you I don't know about all that, I don't think so I know too much

► 01:07:51

I know too much I'll look at his eyes I would see him McDonald's eating fucking jogging motherfucker in Clinton new guy was buying The China Study by the way it's been disproved Bill's crazy or read into it more books while The China Study make some good points about the American diet the typical American diet were terrible you know you know you did by sampling pick the stuff that you want that supports your idea what good food is good for you no eat a lot of vegetables is great for you but eat only vegetables way to go unless you have a specific bio situation you know like some people do have issues you have the recipe says that

► 01:08:51

people that like like their body processes fish better to eat meat a fart too much I don't like it. On the conspiracy people love conspiracies that others but next time trial today in agricultural Southwest Airlines this guy Mick West that runs a cycle metabunk how come it's a it's a website that explains a very objective detail why most conspiracies bulshit

► 01:09:51

explains you know and that that's why it's called metabunk and he calls it the training wheels of conspiracies and he's like cuz it's right there it's up in the sky and you think about your childhood you I don't remember those being there when I was young and just decided they weren't there is photos from my old Clint Eastwood movies for this Chemtrails in the background or contrails in the back they have planes by now I know but that's what's fucked up these dummies they're out there doing films and above them in the skies fucking contrails

► 01:10:24

yeah I got some serious problem that's a gassy oxen well this is real this real conspiracy I believe it's this no way you could know everything right that's part of the problem is no way and we know the people have done some TV shit in order to make money steady in order to cover the tracks or in an order to use of whatever nature weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and who was on the ground can Sable look we really thought that was the case and it's really hard to gather up that information was at those are guys on the ground it's easy to convince guys on the ground of stuff I'm saying the guys that put you on the ground do you know what I mean it's like they couldn't find it

► 01:11:24

who did they did they said when there's no evidence that there's not weapons of mass destruction their time and time again that's why what's your name the CIA agent got outed by those motherfukers Star Trek scooter Libby went right because her husband and her husband was supposed to come back with evidence says I will enjoy it says I want you to find weapons and there's just not and then she's undercover CIA operative in Santa Fe she's not in the zoo much does CrossFit okay which I've heard is Jojo's favorite but that's one of my favorite things to do a just doesn't know enough

► 01:12:21

why do a lot of the exercises they do not understand that Joe okay your CrossFit Tyrant sometimes I'm on more and I wish to accompany for 8 years for CrossFit

► 01:12:34

he's in good shape by the song the summer does new immigration who's like that

► 01:12:43

I like it when you do the one bicep and then the others at this and then it gets cool as ice but she say it's supposed to a lot of experience doing your talk about somebody that is exactly change upon the American population in diet that's a guy has done it how come you don't look like you do it I mean it's a tough one body right some wrong with them right you got a bum leg Yeah and he was like he was a bicyclist right that was what he has a passion for bicycle

► 01:13:42

IDI start off some debts I dabble in a lot of water company for them time for 4 years I taught at the seminars just basically spreading Greg's conceptual Foundation all over the world went all over and then I managed Licensing in sponsorship deals when I came back off of Military deployment in 2010. Maj the Reebok seal that cross it has started flying again and then flew him for like three years as well too if I was I was in the military doing all that double dipping while I was in what is your feeling on CrossFit but you can't argue with the effectiveness of the methodology like a totally works I I mean the days of Pumping Iron Arnold Schwarzenegger were awesome I mean I'd rather have people do that than sit on the couch and eat Doritos but I think the argument for functional fitness in the ability to actually be able to do something with all the hard work you're doing you can't argue against it really right it's

► 01:14:42

form of her physique I need to be able to do the activities that I stole them outside all day long all the time so yeah again long and long answer to a short short question I do it yet the argument against it by guys were very knowledgeable about strength conditioning is that you shouldn't do power lifting exercises for large amount of reps and that it's damaging for the body that's what they're saying is he says Olympic lifting things in snatches are but like to go back to Maxwell's problem with it as always been that it's a competition for exercise where you feel like exercise should be used to get you in better shape for competition and then having a competition out of Lyft

► 01:15:42

wait you know it for a bunch of repetition Cecilia and you take that and expanded beyond that it stops making sense full rate it was just about putting you know a number on a board and holding you accountable for your performance at the erasing all three of us are doing if I'm doing something by myself that has a Time component to it and then you to come in the room and we're all going to do together you know damn well I'm like I'm still doing over there an exercise it was the competition aspect of the workouts that would enhance enhance would drive people to perform resume to a deeper level piano getting an exercise so that's it that's a slight misunderstanding of what the concept of the program is supposed to be about the CrossFit Games is CrossFit and they make a collusion with those and that's just not true it's it's a

► 01:16:42

erroneous idea of CrossFit is is getting somebody to not diet diabetes anymore and now she dropped 50 pounds and she stopped taking it slow shut the fuck up about CrossFit all the time exactly did ideas like Maxwell spreading like from what I'm hearing in that way is this bread of pigments it's like I can say it is because of my education I guess

► 01:17:34

what happened to that dude that won American guy who sings from Los Angeles to drop the weight on his neck too and he's a solid motherfuking Beast you should talk to him and the bar landed on his neck right back and then to clean break like I think he was paralyzed from that incident wasn't like an on-set and you know they're like oh wait till the swelling gone down Smiley set of circumstances we can do that and so there's no hope for him that's just it leads that are mitigated by different paralysis and and all that and he's he's he's a signal in like he's become a symbol of Hope and connectedness in this whole other

► 01:18:34

Santa Fe we got for Catholics that are in wheelchairs competing at drive and they they get through this because he's already had that Compass competition mind but you know a lot of those guys they go they have an accident they go through drugs that go through suicidal ideas and then after they're paralyzed for a while they go you know what maybe I need to I'm going to live this way long time and maybe I need to change my license and there's a whole group of communities Kevin is horrible circumstances changes their life cycle most beautiful lights ever men that guy I don't think I would go down that road I think I'd be looking for salvation of the pressure bottle and then just suck starting pistol the morning sucks starting a pistol that's a nice way to buy toothbrush six shooter

► 01:19:28

how did you get involved in this wingsuit craziness

► 01:19:33

how the fuck did you tell Tate on a previous podcast you wouldn't jump out of an airplane with me now I just won't I'm just a bit surprising really good for the flying and it's just not a good idea to jump out of them you got to do got to do that you got into it because you were you are jumping structure writer how did you get in a wreck and so is that the first time you started jumping so I started jumping you know seal stands for Sea Air land so you trade for a variety of things in when I first got never knew that

► 01:20:14

I don't know just like with me or not keep it together case hate keep it together Street 2 cups of regular caveman he's off the Tilt and nowadays when you get your Trident the pan that is the designated to make sure seal you have to go through the jump training before you go through static line which is analogous to jumping off the roof of this building with no parachute the free-fall jumping which is awesome your phone to the year and you're like me I like the Point Break you know

► 01:20:59

that's the good stuff so we can get to the Seal team that when I got into 97

► 01:21:04

because I wasn't freefall qualified all we had to do we're all we could do with static line jump so we get on the plane with the freefall guys and it would just sit there and laugh at us because we left the planet like 1,200 feet are low parachute walking off the ramp what are static line map about a week at a time like okay I've had enough of this static wash it so I went out found a civilian skydiving Drop Zone by my house and went through the 6 hours of required ground training and then seven jumps it took me all of two days to do that and then started jumping on my own got about 500 jumps myself and then challenged the military curriculum instead of having to wait the five years to go to get military free-fall qualifax us just tired of arguing in on the static line jump and then I just really liked it and then I pursued Development Group was great for it cuz it's like what do you want to do

► 01:22:04

interchangeable didn't used to be like that but that allow you to pursue stuff you wanted to do and I had a great boss and he was like you like to jump so you need to go to the school the school the school the school that's why I learn how to do tandems this were you know instead of the jumper I was the guy putting the guys out of the aircraft just kind of lead to a very diverse jump experience like I've been in a lot of different stuff at first and the first thought I'm like yeah that looks like you're jumping in the straitjacket man because you're zipped up here just like wobbling around you look like a little you know triangle flying through the air when I started that's it I'm going to go to go figure out how to do this and that's why I ordered a suit that would not be recommended for a normal student big like the more fabric the more performance you can get out of it but the more bent out of shape you can get to if your if it gets a little squirrely

► 01:23:04

Mike yeah but this one looks way better so I can order this one and then eventually jump with this one and this looks way better Summit order both at the same time it's seven jumps in the suit that I was wildly under-qualified to jump in and then just put the big one on what was the first jump like I was actually in my head I thought I was going to be way worse because I mean I like to be able to do this smell like move around in your ad in the suit you just like I was afraid I was going to go out when are in the tail Wing which is having guys hit their head and then he just done yeah it happens and it's like laying on your stomach I just kind of relax

► 01:23:52

I saw the ground this is awesome dude is flying from 36500 to 36500 feet do you have oxygen

► 01:24:15

well I caught my foot on the door started you have to dive the suit so you got to get the suit so you figured out how to dive down and then that that's stop the spin you think of the wingsuit like an aircraft Wing if you stall it it'll spin so wingsuits like speed they just want to go fast the faster it goes and more power you have and I can actually gain altitude of my wingsuit so I can go down and then flare back up and gained a couple hundred feet how far you get a couple hundred feet can you continually do that like when does it end like for this particular jump this was in August I was 18.25 miles is what I travel horizontally not know do you know do you know what your speed is when you're going do you know you don't have a readout or anything like that

► 01:25:15

how to read an altimeter all I had was an audible in my ear because I didn't I didn't have anything else I was afraid that the oxygen hose is going to wrap over there was just too many other complications so I just went to went to offer the audible and then I calibrated camera One camera two before I went so when you're doing this the first time you doing this you doing it from this high like how high were you the first time you did it show most skydiving is like 13,500 ft that's that's pretty much about it that mean this was this took a lot of time in the making like I was that's an airplane right that was an airplane but I was started making the preparations for that in January of this year and I did that in August is the world record which is irrelevant measure of horizontal distance but you know how much time are you spending from the time you jump out until what time you'll and I was in free fall for just over 8 minutes and then Pro

► 01:26:15

the under canopy under the parachute for less than a minute that's it like I said I had an audible in my ear that is set to go off at certain altitudes and it's the lower beat did not go off my cameras before I went where is that mean camera One camera to your gallery to my camera ones calibrated camera to let's go see how do you do that when I look at the ground and like holy shit getting really big used to pull in at like four hundred feet under alert set for 10,001 set for 5500 in my last one I wanted to go off at 3 so I got the $10,000 no problem

► 01:27:04

5500 alert goes off no problem it's going to be after why you know how long it's going to be so I'm just like flying

► 01:27:14

flying like okay I'm going to wait right cuz you know it's important I'm going for distance between keep waiting keep waiting on him like a tree down there is way too big out of here wow tell ya hear about these guys that want to land them I'm one of those if you want to live without a pair of shoes that are so brace on and put boxes in fluid right into the boxes taking this really long that sounds like something I would do his brother day I was going to get all the trucks for the skateboard together probably give it a go so I can rationalize it and figure out a way they like it would be at least plausible what would be the way mean I could see maybe in the ocean and it can lay on the water

► 01:28:14

20 and there's no more next year when the base jumping base jumping like that

► 01:28:32

18 or 19 is there a way that you could have a wing that's not fixed that's like maybe expandable like like you would reach up to a certain point you know you're you got your wing like this right d eyeliner is there a way like maybe you could really something that would give you a bunch of extra fabric and you just it was slow you I think I've seen this in the Batman and Batman hey Siri serious and I don't even say Hey Siri Siri transcribe and I do know is that I broke up with her concept we talking about the electro gloves that you could release more Fabric in the wings and it would slow you down considerably like you could get to a point where you could hit it and it will pop back yeah and then you can almost like hit the ground running there for sure going to do it somebody is going to be there

► 01:29:32

technological advances in those 20 years are in a fabric and like a twin sheet that a guy so text me jumping off the garage with garbage can 80 people who are credited with developing wingsuits I bet you they went with a smile on their face all I bet they didn't how about that I bet they did not know right before they realize they're going to die they had a smile on their face off until a point when your at 2000 feet or wherever you are and you still smiling after that

► 01:30:32

what's too late

► 01:30:33

I had about a five-second can if you ride in Europe so I was probably a hundred fifty feet off the ground when I pulled and then that's that was emotional encouraging it was really intense experience for me that was a loss of both mitosis Solo solo that's like an ass clown from the ground that you're falling more than 154 speed okay not opening it open and I hit the ground like 4 seconds later for a while after that one and that for me was not enjoyable like I do the stuff cuz I love it and because it makes my head right like I didn't do that type of stuff my head would be it wouldn't be black I won't be able to think it's clear it just it I can't articulate the clarity that it provides for me how so is it like you think you need to do dangerous ship because now it won't pass experience

► 01:31:33

patient as well because it allows me to be alone

► 01:31:38

alone with my thoughts are you really alone and are you present in the moment when you're there and you're alone up until the moment where I start tripping for me when I'm standing on the edge of a cliff it provides for me just a Moment of clarity and being present in that moment like the closer you get myself but the closer you get when it in the base jumping world for me like what I'm getting ready to jump and I'm zipping up my sleeves and I'm doing my checks like thinking about my checking account balance any more thought I got to transfer money over blah blah blah it just slowly starts kind of fading away and then you step up to the edge and it's me I've never seen color so clearly in my life I've never reaches its laser like focus on the next 3 seconds of my life you're not worried about a minute down the road you're not thinking about what you had for lunch because if you

► 01:32:38

Rockford and step off you better be ready for full speed life right at you and you got the rest of your life to figure out what the fox about to happen and it's not that I like to in dangerous stuff because I love the sensation of wine next to a cliff or down through set of trees it's awesome but at that moment of clarity the only time I've ever had that is all I can helicopters about the one that it out where you lose all of the past and all you're thinking about is the absolute present moment and the next thing that you have to do about to go into combat because you don't check book. It's a narrowing but an expansion at the same time I'm expanding the amount of information that I can process you reaching like a very high level of concentration almost like a kitten to like a deep deep meditation yeah I don't know shit about deep meditation but it's definitely it's as close to

► 01:33:38

are the states that I can imagine it makes me better better person in ways that make no sense around my kids it gives me more patience dealing with idiots and I don't know why just those few seconds are moments provide extreme experience so it's like it drains your need for that I felt like that the first time I did stick fight in like to stick my nose when you start something wrong like when I'm standing like every alarm Bell in my body is like you're an idiot. Idiot. You're hard to talk right now like Aspen sawdust but I think I have that experience

► 01:34:38

could be it could be stick fighting getting ready to square off with a man who we are as human beings it wants us to search for that but everybody finds a run from comfort and that you learn something about yourself that have seen combat like you to that degree like that kind of a soldier that fight are all like they have to get worked up and I both got that they have to get worked out there to calm before they go into that experience they did cuz they're so used to like a higher a heightened sense of consequence

► 01:35:38

boots that come from operating in a high-risk High threat environment with high consequences but it also changes you as a human being to like 5 maybe what you were talking about before about Guantanamo Bay about these router coming out you got to kill him for me to be is easy for me to say that is no problem and go fucking sleep like a baby not a problem but you know there's there's issues that can arise from that to like and I recognize I recognize some of it in myself like for me I struggle with Embassy like you know my kids will fall down and they hurt themselves I'm just like just like verbalize it. I don't have a lot of tolerance or empathy for people who are in pain because everybody is just fucking get up and get on with what you got going on you know I mean that's that's what's ingrained and who I am what's your spectrum is different than there are different now

► 01:36:38

you know I mean something that impacts your ways and that's going to be like that I think for me for the rest of my life and it's interesting it's it's it's it's like a hiccup that I recognized sometimes in the most the time I'm completely oblivious great things that came from being out of Armon and then there's some just odd quirks that you got to deal with two and there's two sides to every coin you know the empathy aspect of it completely makes sense because if you're used to operate extreme tolerance is tolerating extreme weather conditions danger violence loss of friends injuries all all the above and then you see some of you twist your ankle there crying like a bitch your friend blow up and then somebody like yeah much much less people who trained in Jiu-Jitsu or martial arts are used to getting banged up you know your injuries you have a different perception of them like I've talked to people to go how many surgeries you had my guy fuck you know three knees knows this they start going through

► 01:37:38

why do you keep doing it why would you keep doing it like was just get it fixed its people stop and get to that point where you know like everybody's like you should stop and you start driving on like things start getting rewired you know and I don't know what you got to put yourself into that you got to put yourself into the price of nobody want to know how you do what I want to go back go back to give it back what is the time in meaning to ask you

► 01:38:38

David Sartain over at David Miriam and the caveman coffee Warehouse she made a mechanism he and another engineer friend of ours that came in Joe and they Infuse nitrogen into the canning process and so there's gas there's gaseous nitrogen that's in here that

► 01:39:00

I don't know the science behind it of how it all works but can only be candid it can't be bottled in the same agreed to that tote to where we want to get it and I think those little bubbles get a little high off caffeine better difficult to watch I could be wrong on this you said there's three times the caffeine in a Red Bull

► 01:39:33

we should have to stop your heart

► 01:39:41

how's that possible don't kill Humana did you stop your heart stop it now what let me know how many people would kill some people Joe the weak ones when it comes to weed out of a weed I'm a moderate moderate the king with him and I was and I was like you've become retarded no not just even tried to hang with them mixes up the animals will take a 500mg one pull it out of the wrapper put it in a 200 mg on a tie it up and hand it to him so he's more than double dosing them

► 01:40:28

wake me up before you go from being a hobbyist and kind of a professional training how to get the wingsuit as we talking about in this song right now Joe I mean like like a laboratory I don't think a lot of different things but I want to know where do you want into like an altruistic idea of going I want to help you guys in in the Navy SEAL foundation and and where that whole idea came from your like here's I want to still serve and how can I serve the reason you're not as your medically discharged right so that your lights aren't how do I keep being a soldier in this way through time I was in for one month chive 17 years

► 01:41:28

60 years and 11 months I figure the guy that you can spot me 30 days so I just say 17 years but it was and bruises along the way a bunch of combat deployments blowing up a few times close to breaching charges helicopter crashes vehicle crashes I got shot in the head in 2005 so it's like a succotash butt injury is that add up you know Alex has become a pound become you're done you can't do anymore so I got medically retired in this actually ties into the question that a toss me back a medically retired and when I first got out I got the last day of June 2013 I remember driving off today so I was like awesome you know all I ever wanted to do since I was a little kid is bacl2 since I was 11 can't articulate why just what I knew I wanted to do and so I left him like this is this is awesome I got to do I get to prove myself I got to experience pre 9-11 I got to experience wartime which a lot of guys hang their hat way too much on the combat stuff you know because it's it's really a matter of timing the guys after

► 01:42:28

Vietnam before 9/11 got nothing doesn't mean they're not good seals are good soldiers I felt like we had accomplished a lot like for Success do we get the guy that we not get the guy so you can kind of rack and stack the stuff that you did throughout your career I was like cool didn't pay attention to a lot of stuff for like six months and then started watching the news after 6 months and it's it's like every story that I hear about Isis taking back rahmati starts in Northern Iraq and then they take back Ramada it's like fuck you know it's a quarter to watching the tide go out it just a little bit of the time but the problem for me is that that tie that's a routing is the literal Blood Sweat and Tears of people that I was with and people that I still know their overseas out of the military now I'm never going to lose that desire to fight

► 01:43:21

yeah I want to go over there and kill those people I do I think about it everyday everyday I wish I could go over there and just knew somebody's head for threatening our country and what we stand for people if they want to I don't give a shit that's what I stand for it's who I am very open about it not a lot of people express it in such an honest and open way what kind of repercussions if you had from talking about it like that to my face nothing on the internet in the comments on Twitter will probably be a fucking bloodbath but it's not good to know a few guys that are in spec ops in that way there's no need to get erased and God bless you

► 01:44:21

was it because I finally came to the conclusion that I don't have any time of my life to be anything other than myself that I do know about myself is I know what I believe in believing it off to die for it and I certainly believe in enough to end other people's life for it and I don't care if people like that are not that you know would love to see you have a conversation I would love to see you have a conversation like a hardcore pacifist I can start a pacifist new violent person is put a gun to their kids hat there not a pacifist anymore I seen plenty of pacifist who fight for their life there's a lot of moving towards as a race I think we're moving away from being cavemen to moving to some higher ideals which like we're talking about today is the safest I'm pretty much ever in human history than ever before but the likelihood of experiencing violence and probably lower than everyone for still exists of course

► 01:45:21

is less of it and logistic Lee it's like almost at odd lots of weight but I do people still need to feel like the only punched in the mouth at a certain point without a lot of people have never experienced any kind of violence or any kind of conflict and because of that they're really flippant about Zachary computer screen take a picture of Chuck of Rashad Evans rather you know what shot does a famous Photograph lyrics knocked out by Lyoto Machida, and this guy handed him this photo with a big smile on his face and asked him to sign it it's like one of those painful moments of Rashad's career and you know this guy standing right in front of a shot and Rashad grab the picture and crumpled it up right in his face and like looking at him like you to do

► 01:46:21

how far you dug smash that turned out he couldn't help but fought but he knows that he's going to get away with this like this is a guy doesn't respect respect what he's standing in front of like you you're petting a fucking lion in the face you just did something unpronounceable man a professional fighter at the highest Cowboy former world champion and you're standing in front of them mocking him with one of his most devastating defeat and that comes from not experiencing conflict not being punched in the face not because you're special people special Sophie just for this conversation you will get one we will all three of us participation turn one right now

► 01:47:21

well trained and guys who have competed even more so I mean in competitive you'll find your demons in order to get better. You can't pretend you can't pretend you know what it is what it is to have laid yourself all out there and not come up rich on the day you know you know what it is you know black belt in Jiu-Jitsu if you met God damn it's not even 1% sure there's a lot of people that I really don't like that are out there that get black belts and they don't they've never competed this idea would like everybody to stick around long enough to get a black belt so fuck that you shouldn't you don't deserve a fucking black belt like there's a lot of people

► 01:48:21

is there a fucking black belt you know what I mean and you don't carry yourself like you still don't deserve it if you don't care yourself, Blue Bell aquatic trailer and people will avoid them like if you're not carrying that well and representing that well and and you're a bully in the street or you or this or your that like you need to walk right man that like that is that's honorable thing god dammit shoulders and if you're not then that's a problem for me at one of his worst moments the guy asking him to sign that photo effort in the saw and put the work in and of himself become of the black belts are you talking about a less than 1% exploration of who you are that bring something out

► 01:49:21

I don't know it drives me insane will have visceral physical experiences they can punch him so they will be competitors not going to get a participation medal they're going to get told when their performance was subpar because that's the way the world is and I don't want them being so you just got to go to school when you find out that participated doesn't matter when that way you don't have to say that if a participant is a spectator like there's people that are about it and are about signing their life up into a whole different way don't want to have a common experience and all that stuff that are pushing themselves towards that end and then there's people there just Spectators and fuck you like that's why all the fan should people be like people fight for the fans and you don't have any

► 01:50:21

when people say that you should fight for the face so she's not going to fight smart and fighting for the fans to put on a show with how to get fucking brain damage and they don't care if a poor performance in the next fight if you get knocked out right defines you know like that's more exciting so they weren't very good at striking and then but that was at one of our out when I was fighting at that time that was a huge thing when guys weren't very well-rounded there was a great wrestler or they wanted to show off their striking skills whether they were there or not put themselves in bad predicament I have a friend who I love dearly great guy who's talking about he's a fighter and he made some crazy post about feel like fuck technical striking I just get out there and bang I was like Jesus Christ you like what are you talkin about like I get up there and Bang Ludwig like to have that kind of technical I like you want to be a high-level Striker like being frustrated

► 01:51:21

is at a low point is life when he said that but that's not an option if you're fighting an Anderson Silva or you know Echo con sacos guy's help and I see the pieces are they even hit him in his whole fucking correct this idea that you should do that and risk yourself and and and out to like be more exciting you're only being deciding to fools would understand what it's like saying forget about you know all the build-up to figure out you know it is a figure out a song that is like a bill. Play Freebird guitar solo or forget about all the parts of Rambo that set up the fact that he's Angry Birds 2 hour movie Rambo

► 01:52:21

flip up it's not it's it it should be a calculated risk killed by emotion as I mean the best example that that I remember seeing live is when we went and it was the first time I saw Anderson fight live and he fought Chris liebing Chris is a Savage and he's great he's got good boxing he's powerful he's all that stuff and he was so outclassed that he almost knocked himself out Anderson had such great footwork he was so fluid he would fall down like six times without Anderson punching them like is just like he'd load up for a punch and then Anderson wasn't there and then Chris is catching himself on the fence and I was like this is next level stuff is this it was a that was a perfect example of the two opposite ends right hard ass cars

► 01:53:21

and the other guy who's a master was just a master a master of that moment to master staying calm in that moment and capitalizing when we was like that one for double leg and it's just all face in the vents and it's like little not there anymore so basically 1 guys playing checkers in the other guys playing chess better than that is when Evolution like in 5 years those guys are crazy some guys in the UFC stand of the big lake yachts and Clyde has or Giorgio petrosyan crazy crazy crazy

► 01:54:08

shut up don't look at me like that

► 01:54:12

shut up with your not talking it's still doing it for the fans will what's fans because the real fans the people that actually understand and appreciate your teammates and for your coaches and you hope that yet you can honor their flag that she's supported I was going to tell wait long more long-winded version of that but he just said he answered his own question did you see the Timothy Bradley fight this past week I didn't Teddy Atlas is his coach now has came out of retirement for Timothy Bradley and Timothy Bradley put on the best performance of his career and Teton Teddy Atlas is fucking screaming at them in between corn in the in the corner in between rounds like before he stopped him and he's like are you ready for the fire the fire is coming

► 01:55:05

Stellar performance this appreciation of the technical aspect being coached by a real master on Teddy Atlas and a guy who he really respects he said he was talking about it before the fight like no cell phones in the gym no no music no no it's just him and just those two stuff too but when they're they're working this bullshit and show a pictures of play this house is on fire

► 01:56:05

here we go fucking Goosebumps was like that we get comfortable with other men around comfortable living room and that's what she was screaming and he's got that scar, but looking for jump and was talking with Brandon with Brandon Gibson about it and end like that place cuz I fight too cautiously and when a guy walks out savagely like you and you see that like with a buttery silver never had a problem doing that and what do you think yourself into that experience without

► 01:57:05

thoughtful of it does training take over and and take care of you write can't do that coke up was just such a much better technical Striker and Vandal a WeChat to 80% Mexican supplements down in there barely human supplements come in there guns blazing

► 01:57:40

underwhelming sometimes it is your nerves in your mind right translated to other avenues of that kind of flow fighting like to the technical aspects of fighting so unique and that you have all these choices of how to engage what to do with and you get one of micro decisions that all the time.

► 01:58:13

I tell you man I like I think I don't know to me I think every little boy out there's like an Okie doke to be a Navy SEAL or whatever all that kind of stuff man I I mean I got such admiration for you for sure yeah for sure mean that's that's one of the most difficult and dangerous things a human being a choose to do and I I get offended a little bit when you go I don't know what you guys. It's like I don't understand at all what you guys go through and I can the positions that you've been in the kind of consequences that are there your brother's lives in your hand and fucking God bless you man it's a different day comparison

► 01:59:03

it's an interesting life to lead yeah but the most important question of today is how do I get you out of an airplane ago and I feel like it's like going swimming with the guys that are the best Waterman in the world it's kind of like nobody better to save me you can get that I'll be so I'll put you in a harness Factory excited about it after you told me that everybody who invented those fucking things is dead, push you backwards in the car and asked me to let that shaped like a sponsored or created by military people like who is it for the president now they're sending it to me forever of people send me shitt I don't even know how to get my address

► 02:00:03

but I get that that stuff is good that mean that shit's fun right they're going to ask you watch that was all based as a fundraiser he actually was talking to you about it I think I'm like 7:05 or something like that he's like a stock that guy kill Cliff sponsor for jumping and they have a commitment to the Navy SEAL Foundation of $250,000 a year to try to get back to the guys asked me like how did I come up with the idea of doing something for his money it all comes to the fact that I can't get rid of like I was telling you about my desire to go fight and do and continue to stay involved but I can't physically do it anymore so the only thing I could think of to do was to do something to try to help the guys who are doing it and this is what I normally do so I just tried to tie the two together

► 02:01:03

doing like that how big you seem like so fat you doing on this video showing you doing all these chin-ups and Rowing and all this crazy shit so I can't feel my left leg from my femur but experience they don't know if I've ever seen a gelatin to get shot by a bullet has the Shockwave either way it short-circuited the electrical circuitry down my leg so from their point of impact all the way down to my foot was just completely fried I'd drop foot for a year was dropped can take your foot up I could always dorsiflex I could always put that put my foot down but I couldn't lift my foot up so I had to like to have a little plastic brace underneath my foot is normally about six months I felt like I dipped my leg and gasoline and lit it on fire this is all just promo stuff leading up to it so basic what I can do is I mean I can hide it really well if it happened over 10 years ago so I can train around it and I try to stay as physically fit as possible so

► 02:02:01

I can keep doing this stuff longer so to this day that leg still numb from the knee cap down here to sciatic part of the nerve when it wraps over the top it's really bizarre like you can scratch your fingernails across it and I'll get it delayed sensation but it happens like six or seven seconds later till super rod and when it first happened I'd be distracted during the daytime and then I would lay down at night time to try to go to sleep and it was it was it was hell but I could it would just felt like my leg was on fire and you know I went and I got this extra how I found CrossFit was rehabbing from the injury because the name was like percocet Vicodin and something else that was blue and I'm slick

► 02:02:41

Bryant biography of that last blue one probably have a big experiment I finished a bottle of Captain Morgan every night and I'd go down the bottles I would I was taking like for 5 a.m. to not being able to sleep like that's how far I was playing around with my own pharmaceutical Buffet if you will but six months they have me on anti-seizure medicine for kids which has a secondary side effect of neuropathic pain control but it also suppresses your central nervous system functioning so how do you still remember the day we were living in Virginia Beach my my my wife asked me is very simple math question and I just was like I couldn't do it and so I was like okay and iced I got myself and that's you know I started going to the gym and just work and I wean myself off all the stuff and had to really graduate myself off

► 02:03:41

anti seize your stuff cuz you can't just stop and why why they have you on anti-seizure stuff because the the medicine had a secondary effect of neuropathic pain control so they were trying to control the burning in my leg but there was nothing they could really targeted directly so it's for kids but if I had just stopped cold turkey it would have drastically increased my likelihood of just having a seizure even though I'm not susceptible to do it so it took me about it was it was gnarly like my I can't imagine the ship my wife put up with I would literally drink all night and just play you know Pez dispenser with the variety of colors that would come at me couldn't sleep sleep during the day time it was massive we doing when you were up and just searching the internet I mean I don't even remember I was just loaded you know there wasn't a lot of

► 02:04:29

it wasn't a lot of mechanisms for support back then it was 2005 it was a little bit earlier than the the medical systems that are in place now I mean I I still have never had a surgery I've never had stitches they left everything in it works its way out over time are they flew me to Germany I should fragments defrag my left leg and then the ground is still in my pelvis is there a reason to leave it in there or so because there is retained ferrous metal in my body they can't really image me with the magnets to get a precise location so they gave me the option when I was in the hospital in Baghdad do I hate you know we can try to take it out I'm like okay please describe to me tell me more what is this process look like they like okay tube down your throat knock you out so if you have hair on your stomach two-dimensional x-ray start cutting into your ass pulling apart looking for their stop right there I step today

► 02:05:29

consequences of leaving Gettys long as you don't have phone contact with the metal you should be fine on my insurance sounds awesome is a hard spot my ass so I left it flew to Germany say the hospital in Germany for two days check myself out of Hospital took a taxi to the airport flew home and was home like 48 hours after it happened Squad Irma still forward to pull it so it's kind of on a little bit of an Island by myself not by any malicious intent of anybody but I was just there like them figured out what can they do other than that you would have to be like a project they would have to have a bunch of people it was really help you like I said it was early you know I think now they probably have a protocol may be specifically for neuropathic pain

► 02:06:29

I've learned over you know over the decade that we've been fighting you never used to survive a single let alone a double amputation or so far down the road that triple and quad amputee Czar actually survive and which would never make it off the battlefield soda maybe they have something now that would help but that was so I basically started working out and would exhaust myself and that's how it's sweet and that's how I found CrossFit and got introduced to the founder cuz they were founded in my hometown so with nerve damage that tiny amount of improvement. Is that drop for coming back right that's why it takes that multiples of the number of years of school that I have on my belt that's the answer is that I would get like a man I might be able to walk again and perhaps

► 02:07:23

practice not a science now as you drop foot cleared it's better I can hide it like if it's funny like if I were more like a dressy sure you can hear my left foot hitting a little bit more but what really gets me it was one of the biggest things for my military retirement is that I have a really hard time controlling a roll of the ankle to the outside and the majority of the time when were overseas I'm Petty how much body weight + 82/122 on my back front so you get that off kills her at all and I snap my ankle over so many times almost to the point where I'm just called just like the purple on the size of a grapefruit I just couldn't do any more people about your abstract idea what it's like to do what you guys do with a heavy pack on if you never wore a pack like me at work out with a 40 pound weight that sometimes and I can't wait to get that fucking thing off triple tap drill press

► 02:08:23

talking about I'm going to access an enemy or what I mean that's out there in the hallway I had that on my back and 1670 pounds and I don't have to walk a half-mile which that waited a half a mile would destroy you and I was exhausted I could Amanda Mike Will these motherfuckers are going five kilometres a day with more than that on their back to worship and to get to work and worship at to prepare for a rock he has his hundred 35 power Rock and he puts it in a backpack he straps himself and he goes up mountains with it probably does if you're on your own you're on your own to train for us like you can do

► 02:09:23

cross route to function like it's everything in between put that pack on you and send you out because I had all my special things that I wanted to take with me and they would only sit in like the Vietnam special thing it's awesome as well it wasn't much of a few things on this team called to the stand for on a 2010 I'm looking around

► 02:10:14

cost of Javelin missile son of a bitch I need to find a launching mechanism for those things so I went and traded him straight up for a half shell ballistic helmet cost $400 for the launcher cost $50,000 trade I think I got a good deal on a pretty good deal to the base had to make those missiles are normally like when you're firing this and you hit that truck the truck was like 12 or 13 of those things are about a hundred fifty thousand pot money well spent

► 02:11:14

cars were the brown Plus in an afternoon you're welcome. Was it a k 47 of the Predator there were gone like a week into the conflict it's amateur theater of war and I like these guys have 556 they can't hit us will log 762 mm La pique rounds in which is based on his face paint belt-fed 300 Win Mag gnarly it will get your head down all these missiles can go out to like three km so I would go out there and I let these guys sit up in high-crime positions and they'd be over watching our guys in the lowground and I wait till they got a group of them together and then I would just send Lily thinks it's designed to tanks anti-tank it's got a double shaped charge the first one supposed to go through these days

► 02:12:14

I want to fight and I might even get into this part of the story because it's right before it hits that's the best part of the story you know I got tired of getting shot at and having an organic you know if you want to end a firefight you shoot describe how loud it is great that they're getting that me and I can't get them to like you know what here's my solution that has a regular army you can you launch this thing yeah they're like you're just beyond my reach you at all really settings it has top attack or direct attack so it'll go straight down safe hiding behind things

► 02:13:14

the best part of it is about a quarter of a second before it hits they make the o face right there that's part of which is better for you the top or the direct telephone they're hiding behind stuff and then directed don't have a preference the drop it just depends on what you're looking for the Warhead after you activate it you lock it on by making this box get smaller it flashes crosshairs and then you pull the trigger and it will hit whatever is the cross hairs are on to just look at the train and where they're at and then so it changes it make when you shoot so I can hide behind a wall or you can drop it

► 02:13:59

it doesn't matter right there you know but again I did that because it was out of necessity I was tired of getting shot at from the ranch I could do nothing about and what I found was if you shoot one of those things they would leave us alone for the rest of the day it's the same it's the same theory is why would you kill a fly with a sledgehammer the other flies take note it's not because the sledgehammers any more effective than any other weapon system it truly work so you know I would say it said arguing was mad that I save life but he's in this absolutely I would think that too and I think it was awesome is that you had the autonomy to be able to do that where is that this is like that they're just like to suck it up buddy you be running that up to the chain of command right for sure that one day at the gym

► 02:14:56

when you when I asked you about PTSD and things like that and that's fascinating to me and not her. I don't know who it was speaking about it but they said the PTSD wasn't really at they don't like being called PTSD is it it's because it's not it's I don't like that cuz it's not a disorder that's what we're talking about that is a disorder and you do these things that are not necessarily consider normal are you push yourself beyond that threshold

► 02:15:37

and there's a reaction that your body has is that does disorder I don't think so at all I think it should be expected the time for you to adapt and be able to heal from some of the stuff in it but as soon as you label a disorder people shut down limits how people recover from it I don't know his disorder you're completely mischaracterizing a human body to being in some of those environments so do you think that like the way that used to describe a shell shocked that's probably better I don't know if it's necessarily better I email maybe don't put a maybe don't put a precise definition on it maybe just work on having a better understanding that maybe you guys are going to need some time and some more so than others because I think this was Tate was getting it in there a special ops Community I think the instance of post-traumatic stress is much lower because we are in control of what we do like I do

► 02:16:31

environments that I saw some of these guys getting into like in Afghanistan in 2010 was it's a sequential series of the most dangerous months because of IEDs improvised explosive devices throughout the history of the conflict up to that point Vehicles were just getting vaporized in some of these army guys had a job of patrolling up and down Route One which is the main Corridor in Afghanistan and they would get in these vehicles and sit there and wait and maybe something would happen if maybe it would maybe hit the vehicle in front of a maybe hit the vehicle behind them maybe would go lower. Just flip them over and fuck them all up and they're sitting there when you said there were waiting to be attacked her in the back there sitting there and I can't even imagine that the the the geometry going on in the brain is just Rectify that and just dealing with a to describe like that because I don't think that's the right term but I made it my vocabulary is not deep enough to describe it better but they're sitting there waiting for an event to occur to them a reactionary

► 02:17:32

hardest psychologists describe once it's called locus of control bikes of the guys in the team can they don't have any control there waiting when we go and like I said we have a much more structured much more regimented Target deck much more regimented success or failure what I go to 9.9%. The violence because I'm going to come see you at the most advantageous time for me and the least advantageous time for you it's going to be night time I'm going to exploit all of you managers that I have and I'm not going to fight their like that's the way it goes and I control that and so after and we just imagine the difference between the two being the pitbull or the guy who's this is just me talking about I think that's why there's such a huge

► 02:18:24

are not used but a greater incidence of post-traumatic stress in those units that had little to no control over what was going on right like the the instance of that one guy that it was was having a bunch of several times of PTSD been deployed and then wind up killing all the civilians that was the one of the most horrific and one of the most popular rised incidence of someone quote unquote snapping and it's that same kind of thing right just constantly waiting for something to happen dealing with being attacked with no control and you're just mean like I mean they were burying 2000 pound charges it would flip these multi-ton thousand-pound charged yet trucks with no armor whatsoever because there was no threat of an ID on the ground bees but the overmatched the size of the charge will destroy a Humvee like 4 lb cuz it's flat

► 02:19:24

right witcha that Siri is it to flex it out so those survive for a while and then I like wolves 50lb didn't work this try 500 500 didn't work was try to thousand and it flips them hundreds of feet into the air at the bottom end up touching the top of the fucking threesome Park running back and that's what those guys are riding around and not knowing it's like I can't I can't express enough the respect I have the guys who did that because I couldn't do it again I'll be back toothbrush six shooter which ones are going to be that mean I wouldn't be able to do it I'm not tune to do that job

► 02:20:02

it's it's it's crazy level stress it's it's it's going to overflow at some point and everybody's cup is a little bit different and some people develop mechanisms that help them lower down the amount is there any help for them while they're there does it deserve any counseling or any like psychological training or Preparation training I can speak to the conventional but I can say it was there an available for us so I can only hope that it was there an available for them but do you want to admit that in front of your peers you know what I mean there's some stigmatism is to come with that tours did like if I go to say hey man I'm having some psychological stuff from here you're unfit to lead any more if you're in a command position because they can't put you back in because if something happened then somebody can come back and say he came and said that he wasn't so it's like you kind of take yourself out of a job if you admit that is that not right or something like that

► 02:21:02

sing about for not complaining about but if you're trying to receive help for a certain level of I want to say I promised certain level of issues that you're trying to deal with it some point that impede your judgment and they have to make sure the guys who oversees they don't like what are the things that irritated me the most about getting hurt is because I got pulled out of the fight I wasn't I wasn't like I said like to this day would like to go get on the airplane and go overseas in in effects of difference by going getting back on target I would do it you know almost everyone who does what you do says that that's my friend who lost both his legs from the knees down the Canadian Special Forces sniper I love Soldier I would love to get back in there and Soldier more if I could you know I don't

► 02:21:51

it's just it's some something in me and the people that I work with it that's just the way that it is is it just because it's life turned up to 10 the consequences of so high the I don't think so I don't think so for me I mean I hate to be honest with you I don't enjoy operating and living environment for your constantly risk of losing your life which is why I enjoy being in control able to make a plan we were going to execute our plan on somebody who didn't know we were coming right so in control

► 02:22:22

I mean G firefights can be scary as all hell because she start talking about like in doors close proximity like I don't enjoy living in that environment sucks I mean there's absolutely terrifying moment and in the funniest thing you've ever seen in your goddamn life happens all in the span of 60 seconds in a room that they use for a bathroom so they slip and slide in fall and even shit and I come out dry heaving and I'm just I'm leaning up against the wall crying cuz I'm laughing so hard

► 02:22:56

if it happens in the span of 60 seconds you're like what is going on it's it's so hard to describe sense similar to this experience you're getting these jumps because it's everything is so intense everything so cranked up

► 02:23:15

I think

► 02:23:17

I discovered my appetite for the focus and Clarity while I was in the military and I think maybe it was something that I couldn't articulate that when I was young that I knew that I was searching for and for whatever reason that particular occupation called me to do that but it definitely that occupation definitely refined in me and I think I'm going to point now that if I don't have a way to find that focus it would negatively impact my life so yeah I do think that there is a tie in somehow I don't necessarily know if it's a linear it does not necessarily the risk of life because you know I feel very sad without risking my life it's I don't know it's the impending rest of your life that provide that focus on there somehow I just can't articulate it but somehow they're tied

► 02:24:09

when you express frustration is looking at what's happening right now places that the military had taken and controlled and I was lost control of now that we pulled out of Iraq and that we're pulling out of Afghanistan what do you think should have been done differently

► 02:24:27

again you know hindsight being 20-20 I think occupation was a bad idea you know it's just it's not sustainable I mean what's happening to us in Afghanistan is exactly what happened to the Russians I mean it's really just moving the dates on a calendar until it's modern-day it's crazy to rain right I mean it's not a rush and then it's south of Kandahar there's places that are there beautiful it's like it's desert and there's green and there's river valleys and then you get up into the Northeast like you know a bad and it's I mean it's you can barely walk up like you got to be at your billy goat call to get up those Hills I mean it's it's no joke some of the most beautiful country of ever seen in my life

► 02:25:12

seems like an insane place to try to occupy given the fact that we know what happened with the Russians

► 02:25:20

yeah well again I told you what I would do if I was King for a Day that's that decision was so far above my paygrade like but we also have hindsight being 20-20 I don't think they when they plan to go in there after 9:11 if you would have asked anybody involved in the planning process if we still be there in 2015 going into 2016 I don't think a single one we've been like yeah we're still going to be there but it seems like we're involved in an endless Quagmire just doesn't seem like we're ever getting out of this because we cried so many enemies and that's why I would stop and pull every single person out of their you know me and it's not going to get its that problem over there is not a problem that you're going to win the education the occupation it's just not going to happen is going to happen to take generation after generation many lifetimes going to go back to IMI personal assessment it's going to go back to being exactly what it was before we went you know it's like I said that the area is Afghanistan is a tribal Society

► 02:26:20

democracy is it were asking them to utilize you know we want them to play tennis but we're giving him golf clubs you know I mean it just doesn't make sense to them and you know in Kabul maybe it's it's largely successful because that's where a lot of the population is but as soon as you start splintering out to the areas that have no connection with Kabul like it's there's no way that it's sustainable I think it's going to go back to being super tribal I think it's so strange to be going with all these different ideas of like what it is that our objectives are and then those objectives get muddy to change throughout time and so it's kind of its kind of like I mean just oversimplifies like coming into a gym and go to work here do you want self-defense do you want weight loss and it's like those goals become like this valuable thing that you like so now we're nowhere

► 02:27:08

don't spend too much time thinking about it to head don't man I just try to impact where I can which is right here for us as civilians to be thinking about is one thing for a guy like you risked his life over there as walking around the numb leg got to be even this much more intense connection to what's happening

► 02:27:25

there is it again so to answer your question full-circle like why did I start doing the wingsuit stuff and why did I try to set the world record because I know I can't physically go over there like know my my number one priority would be to go over there and get back in line with the guys and do it but I can't I mean that day is done for me so the wingsuit thing and it all comes from like I wake up in the morning and I watch news on my God damn it like I want to do something and the only thing I can do now is support those guys which was the only reason that I wanted to try to break the world record because who gives a shit about a wingsuit horizontal distance traveled it's totally irrelevant right that's why I did it is a fundraiser trying to raise money for the shield Foundation they told me you were going to donate on her K2 that super generous of you I really appreciate that you

► 02:28:11

respect fedorable now it's a that's why I did it because I when I did that and started going down this road of trying to get back to the community I started feeling better again about my station in where I fit in the bigger thing because although it's not direct its indirect and those people that I'm trying to support are directly supporting them you know I mean like that's the only way I can justify myself substitute it's like it's like when you say don't over thinking it's like I really don't like all this stuff and all the stuff like that is all amidst us I can exact change in the community and where I am in the people that I love and miss and then like I think that what year did that's what's so when I met your man and I was so inspiring that like the change that you can exact with what you're doing in with where it goes because you know like the help that's out there and it's not help there and let the Navy SEAL Foundation does for guys is invaluable cuz our government fails them all the way they wanted me to rob the soldiers until the soldiers come

► 02:29:11

Manning and are the fight that you're in is vastly more important than than you be on the ground somewhere I think it's disturbing things about doing is UFC fight for the troops is that we were raising money for the Intrepid center for excellence of the best medical treatment I've ever received in the military incredible but have you visited it by the way he should go it's right across the street from Walter Reed but I will tell you this is that Bethesda yes so it's Walter Reed directly across the street is my co so if you're going to go over there like you need to strap in for what you're going to see because that is the landing point for people who come home fucked up and you're going to see amputations you're going to see do two or three or four days from a really traumatic event in their life and what got me when I was there

► 02:30:01

was not seeing the guys cuz I was used to that it was seeing their fucking parents like the father Wheeling his son into Bethesda for the first time check in on them like they're hooked up to all the machines and you can see that the dad is just destroyed you know I mean because his son is never going to be the man that he wanted to be again so I can't recommend to you enough that you can go but you got to be ready it's it's emotional that like it it crushed my dad came out to visit me and it's tough man like I didn't expect that either like I didn't expect to have that I had to go sit down below. I just say just rocked me because I can only imagine what happened with my dad got the phone call that I got hurt morphine 2 liter bottle here's a cell phone call your wife cuz I'm like drooling on myself today honey I'll be home in 36 hours you know and then she had to call my dad you know and I can only imagine what that would be based off how much I love my sons

► 02:31:00

that that gut-wrenching moment when you get the call that your son is okay but

► 02:31:08

God damn you know the what I was going to say was that the Intrepid needed someone like the UFC to raise the money so disturbing a privately-funded how is that not taken care of by the government how do they have all this money to build like that you said a Pentagon built some 43 million-dollar gas station and they can't justify why they spend some of my God I read that too if they can't account for it doesn't work 0% of the vehicles there to use that type of fuel and I can't find the funding anyway like when I was a kid all the time hundred dollars if your buyer and stuff like that it's like nepotism see right there's so many different people that have their hands in the system and is not accountable like when you pay your taxes you don't get a receipt total I want I want you know

► 02:32:08

most of my money to go to education I would like a little bit to go to fix the street now you don't you don't get that option they're just like thank you and thank you and I will do whatever we want to do with this money when I accountable at all so I'm forty-three million dollars worth of Staff okay if you work for Costco and forty-three million dollars is missing Andy get into the office please yes we are missing a few pieces of chicken nuggets would you like to explain yourself in dollars missing gas station with supposed to cost a half million dollars to build cost 43 million total please tell us what happened once but you have to be accountable with this is just a blurb in the news it'll be replaced tomorrow hit by some new you know whatever it takes your focus on that that shyt happen anyway psycho is asking for money because they're having problems finding the organization single reason that I got medically retired

► 02:33:08

I didn't have enough stuff in my medical record I went there for 30 days had a doctor assigned to me he was insane I could do Chiropractics I could do acupuncture all the stuff that I never would have thought that I could do and it's all because of the benevolence of others I mean it's all down to San Diego and see in the Seal training no want to go down but yeah yeah I was awesome I threw up I threw up to you know if I held it solid up until the end and then neither one of you before you guys start their like she's

► 02:34:08

over in the no no highways getting choked you know you getting choked kind of like see the lights going dark shirt naked it's on like a second or two you have to tap before you going out but this is like three or four seconds. It's like an elevator door open up and comes back straps

► 02:34:58

you're forcing the blood in your brain right I'm here in the fucking pilot and he's doing it to I'm like oh shit cuz you're not wearing a g-suit g suits I want the bus driver to be fully conscious all the time all those guys are pitbulls because you have to be physically so strong to be able to do that like there's a lot of physicality involved in flying on those it's an F-18 race track cars and they're just from turning and I'll be completely bruised and blocked the word harnesses to keep him so straight and all that and that's just cuz that's all my bitch ass could take like those guys down in that category was like I would like to not do any more of those turns it also where is the implied the heck

► 02:35:58

it would be harder for you than it is for me cuz I'm only 5-8 you like what 363 summer the one you get the tall you are up there short dudes like me so that's and then everybody tried to join the Airforce or whatever was or the Navy to fly best recruiting tool for the quarter else you're not welcome because there are so many people that wanted to join and that's what that's why that height is it they they want that height for that reason I thought it was the cockpit size are combination to control the obviously different planes they use different things and some plain that I used G suits but whenever you're jacked like those dudes like all of them are like these Pitbull dudes and because of that they can force that blood

► 02:36:58

ride stay conscious and deal with a lot of pressure that crazy like some Larry Bird type dude is just not going to be able to hang out ya like they're looking at a single rivet aircraft that's their markers a single Rivet City and just no big deal. We're Mason fly fishing flies really really sing A Crazy remember me to spend many many times wear a special liking other countries they've done those are shows and collided with that other then they go into the crowd and I sent you that link on Twitter I sent you two same night I thought maybe

► 02:37:58

they got rigid wings are doing a formation flight with an Airbus they've got back about 30 minutes they were changing it shouldn't be hard that's like next level when I was in Denver is a guy here so I guess this is so these guys are flying are they playing height that slower though that's probably sub 1000 sub 1000 that's a guy that's looking at a picture on TV on the ground up into this 250-300 how fast do they go in the hundreds turn off yeah probably talking out of 200

► 02:38:58

close Google thinks those things be flashlight biscuits he could me and made Island aerial send this is not man fucking insane look at these guys with these suits on their sensually like human airplanes this isn't just a jetpack this is like comic book shit

► 02:39:32

fucking Madness totally spraying Chemtrails all over the people of Dubai look at that they are chemtrails work is fat wow that is madness Next Level right there how long before that becomes like something we see all the time I think it's cost-prohibitive six years to drop it on the Dropship I know what you're doing amazing like that when you're like like it doesn't matter like a $10 thing 50,000 for them it doesn't matter it really like you meet those really rich guys like that

► 02:40:32

wealth isn't public it's not like you no one talks about the wealthiest people in the world Forbes list you wear a tie around I'm wearing leopard we have so much money so much money that we don't need a list remember there was a great fucking story on TV once about this chick that she ratted out the Sultan of Brunei a good idea why did I'm going to work out great for that in the long run enough film ever all time favorite character because what he did was he made his own disco and fucking money me at hundreds of Ferraris just had just like this insane and so he he made his own disco so he has a palace it's an enormous Palace and he created this fucking huge

► 02:41:32

elaborate discotheque where it was all just girls that he had flown in so you fly these girls and give them like 50, and they're all and they're all living and they caught one broad with the fucking laptop and she was like documenting it all for a tell-all book and they've given her hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry and they took all that shit from her and kicked her out of the fucking town then she did all these interviews but the dude just come down as gold and underwear and fucking start skating around like it's the most of them and I'll hang out together and towel around and this is just total Next Level because

► 02:42:27

they would also pay celebrity girls extreme amounts of money to join the air like Nicki Minaj is like 50 gram to come up and talk to me for a half hour in my hotel room or something they were something like that I read before his last fight and it's like there's no people with money like that they're like whatever celebrity yeah but I think the big guy Cesaro the amount of money that these guys have the diff trillions of dollars and ninety billion dollars what is a chamois just pulled up playing his plane is a pool in it is that a pool that is that like a I think it's a glass bottom pool know what is that

► 02:43:27

can you make it larger so we can see it better that is insane it is a floor General going to make the entire roof of the plane and LED screen or LCD screen where you going to be able to see the actual outside of a plane like the clouds and all the screen and the screen will project they've diverted like made prototypes of these and it Shone like videos of what the planes of the future would be like but the entire top of the plane like from the windows up or I'll just be the actual clouds that are above the plane so a buddy he flew to he might have funded by and did they were in first class for whatever that trip was in the whole wall of the plane with ears like a huge window and they were like it was almost like they're first class was like like a living room

► 02:44:27

well. This is crazy cuz I was talking to Kyle before he left to go fight this weekend and I was like what what's business class like and he's like are you lay down make him bring you a time like that sounds awesome and I'm like what's business class he's describing first class better than first class in America on Qantas and garden apartment but it's turns left and right and then you have two TVs just in case I don't really want to have to go to the effort I just make my character look like a long flight

► 02:45:17

yeah sorry may or may not have come on board with some pot brownies it stunk so bad I made him throw them out I'm like what the fuck are you doing not the country you in a mess when I got mad at myself don't got busted for HGH what he came in his private jet with like cases of the shit that the homeboys just fucking Mainline right beside him and Robert De Niro hey man I don't blame him he's my canary in a coal in 90210 that movie Grudge Match how do you not get behind argument to be enhanced a normal 7 year old and you look at where he was

► 02:46:17

actually had some kind of surgery on his pack or something more something that happened to Cersei like if it's not because of all the stuff that you move aside that you're going to have health risks at any way that you're not that you take away by being in better condition people like what where do you get your testosterone front bra get my for my balls you going to get it from him I said that to you like it that my balls get your fucking toothpaste from I get from the grocery store shut up like slick give it 20 more years and see if you still got the same answer

► 02:47:17

the public life is a strength coach like old-school dude and his fucking machine back there that the reverse hyper machine take his gospel and spread it Shane sweat and Laura's Phelps what lures the strongest woman the world and strength coach it's not what I'm about the key changes the Dynamics of whatever kind of athleticism you're into if your cross country athlete if your swimmer if your power fighter and it it's a trip I believe that if more anime guys got into it they were turn in Touching boxing in the fucking knockout Strikes Back

► 02:48:17

play and then it's interesting thing man Westside barbell more power behind the strike itself or they are learning how to turn into it more than learning how to accentuate their top-end power so that they can actually turn that over in such as opposed to like moving slowly through movements and and teaching explosivity he's a great guy and we were just talking about the stigma that's attached to these substances because of the idea of cheating short the Great American Pastime know what's going on with Russia right now we're talking about their they're literally going to pull rush out of the Olympics widespread documented program on the state level like they're just cheating on it

► 02:49:17

yeah that mean East Germans right Jeremy was split on Bloc countries I mean when you started talking and you had that Nowitzki do down here whatever and in talking about genetic things in the mouse. Inhibitors and all that kind of stuff it just seems like at a certain point if you want to have natural athletes like saying the UFC

► 02:49:38

in 15 years everybody in the stands is going to be in better shape in better condition than the actual athletes if you're going to understand the reasons that they are so foolish they just sound like children because like what you get out of competition if you see a guy who's gone through an 8 week training camp is fighting in a Chris Weidman vs Luke rockhold both guys we would assume clean you know book a training their entire life getting ready for this moment the amount of discipline and focus is required to get through that fucking Camp goddamn brutal as its sole searing you know these guys are getting up every morning with exhausted bodies and I doing the strength conditioning to do in our sparring they doing all their their Technical Training and they're fucking tired all the time and they get through and that's one of things that we tore and Weidman had out at the Wayans or widen pointed finger at him because you are fucking using during can't because they did their blood screens and right I remember

► 02:50:38

Vitor had a testosterone use exemption okay for the longest time and it's testosterone when he was on was off-the-charts they would you just three times a human kind of shit 1475 is the highest number for Camp Wilder in Camp this is after they take his testosterone away okay they say like you can't use it anymore he tested 1200 and Weidman tested 300 so why was like what the fuck you were using during can't because I'm not going to make you fucking pay for that tomorrow and he said it to them at the Wayans and you can see the look and feet are as I just like to look that a guy has no he's guilty the most codes are you the only the only real

► 02:51:19

smart explanation for that for against it was when I wasn't around to talk about it and she goes they know when they're off it that they can't beat like she knows she's a hundred percent me sorry bitch if you come in like that you've already lost she's like I was like that is huge cuz the guys that are top-level savages break and then you like that is a different athlete takes your belief course yeah I know what you know what you were capable of these super human performance is when you're on it their chin would be better everything would be hanging up the cape the super ring the other way and I don't know what those guys were taken

► 02:52:18

all the Chute boxe guys may we get touched and there go out and there be out and then I get touched again then come back on and it was like there's something like as soon as he hit the ground keep up and it's like it was like almost an impossibility knock them out as I get there. Munoz what they were fucking do cops even all that Cro Cop was only 214 Cro Cop is actually lighter than Vandal even though, that fought heavyweight got his entire career and Wanderlei really his Optimum weight 185 and he was fighting as a heavyweight was 183 lb Champion right or the 230 lb ham and cheese you drop down to 185 because he's not on the show anymore but when he's fighting or allegedly but when he's fighting Cro Cop even after all that but we don't even know what the fuck you know what is one of the biggest strongest guys ever wrestle with that guy is the he's he's strong he's like one of those different levels chops

► 02:53:18

red bottom said he couldn't believe how strong he is powerful agreement I don't fuk you won't even open it better do it but yeah yeah yeah they wanted me to fight at 185 do it honestly I'm surprised I have zero problems that your endocrine system and these guys are a human levels in their 20s and then they get off of it and their balls don't work in here

► 02:54:18

research what is the protocol when you're involved in that like that like from the top down do they tell you about it like how does that use in the military is against the route they're they're doing it on their own underneath the radar however the drug testing in the military does not test for steroids but it's a very specific test you have to be picked out and paying for that reason so they're not and I don't see how it could run how could it not be enhanced they don't have the education or they don't take the time to figure out the post Cycle Therapy stuff and they just go

► 02:55:18

how are you out after recovery talk to teen guys that are out now that are like it's shit it's like guys get pop for that when they're in Buds and they're like fuck those guys but they're like when you go over there I want everybody that the next to me to be as big and strong as low as possible so that was probably being right makes you have more I hope it's not as bad as you think you guys were talking about on the same episode they don't drown you in buds

► 02:56:18

aspirated on his own vomit underwater was not but a lot of it a lot of the train.

► 02:56:26

Trolli sour beers I got. Is there probably about once every five to seven years which is important and needs to happen right cuz that means you're taking the training is arduous enough that it's going to do what it's supposed to do drugs are going to die it's a terrible thing have happened but so a lot of the train with you in the water is to make them uncomfortable like my favorite one of the evolutions in first day as you get these huge classes what's 150 guys and we're in this together the pool fully clothed and instructors get on the outside and you start pushing them closer and closer together right so now I'm outside of the edges you're in the pool with them two are making a big circle is smaller and smaller and smaller so each other it doesn't start that way but goes out the fucking window because then it's like dudes like foot on top of head and that's actually the evolution of the guy aspirated in which is why the increase the instructor ratio they didn't notice it right away but that's one of the highest attrition

► 02:57:26

ends at Bud's is that one right there with a push everybody together and then once they get him so that everybody's got a while staying alive without trying to kill somebody else and just type of stuff in the water attrition rate is just through the roof I would imagine how long you in there for long as it takes how long does it take to do what to get the you know you take all your top off you take your pants off you take my boots off all that stuff that can take me to get pool party it is obviously don't want to know where were the type of party but now what happens if guys go fuck this let's push an instructor out of here that would be interesting happen if you dropped them that we're going to end up killing each other less bright

► 02:58:00

wtt shorts works or just completely oxidized steel guys I know I don't know if these were the type of party but now what happens if you guys go fuck this let's push an instructor out of here that would be interesting happen if your drug that we're going to end up killing each other let's break the circle open you know I don't know what I only had a student grab me one time cuz one of the tests we do is think of you such a horrible idea but I'd love to see him or not allow me to tell you what happened this particular student one of the tests we do you have to tread water with at least your wrist above the water for 5 minutes and it's really not that hard if you can just relax and just take a deep breath and put your head down you can there's a lot of buoyancy that you support Redwater but your hands have to stay and have a full scuba tank system on your back which if you don't pull you back a little bit

► 02:58:26

the circle open you know I don't know what I only had as soon grab me one time cuz one of the tests we did as they could be such a horrible idea but I'd love to see it without it allow me to tell you what happened this particular to tread water with at least your wrist above the water for 5 minutes and it's really not that hard if you can just relax and just take a deep breath and put your head down and there's a lot of buoyancy to tread water but your hands have to stay and have a full scuba tanks which if you don't he'll pull you back in your lungs over your center of gravity like water without your hands is fucking hard hard hard with hands to the training is supposed to be hard so from what I've been told so I don't know how to bike to the mass of water

► 02:58:59

just kind of getting your lungs over your center of gravity like Waters without your hands as fuck hard hard hard with hands to the training is supposed to be hard so from what I've been told by correspondence course so I don't know but their hands above water to quit or go under had a foreign exchange student I think he was from Korea and have a weight belt on to their way but when I sync they're going to go on there so I as a helpful with structure will get it for them and put it around the back of their tank so they can no longer take it off

► 02:59:26

Harley part in the foreign exchange student I think he was from Korea and have a weight belt on two pairs a 20 pound weight belt honors course why would there be a lot of the times of the students will do as well drop their way I felt when I think they're going to go under so I as a what structure will get it for them and put it around the back of their tank so they can no longer take it off so they can finish the evolution because just cuz you quit you're still going to finish the fucking

► 02:59:55

so they can finish the evolution because just cuz you quit you're still going to finish the fucking 5 minutes where I mean like it has it has a purpose if you don't quit and you just fail will allow you to read retry it at another date you're going to finish the five minutes with your best attempt so I'll put the way I felt on the top of the tanks those Korean Kid Rock this way about Mikey okay no problem went down and got it put it back on

► 03:00:18

he started going back under again got to the point where he pulled his own voice and bring them back up so I helped them out I pulled the release valve what all the oxygen or not the oxygen for the CO2 out of it and just comes up and gets one big water and bear hugs me to take me under water with him at the time of Racine instructor actually get grabbed so I just was you I just relaxed my breath we went to the bottom until I passed out Susan are adventurous to do when you're in a panic State you got about 30 seconds in you ride me how much time do you have I probably wasn't going to be able to do some pretty hard at him but

► 03:01:18

but I get comfortable with other dudes are uncomfortable whenever

► 03:01:26

I just goes out and then you just pull them up in the doctor with 7 years of you know medical school and residency under his belt goes

► 03:01:34

wake up and I wake up and you feel something that requires you to blackout when one of the test is at 50 meter underwater swim we jumped in you have to do a front somersault swim to the other side of the pool touch it front somersault and swim back that's another one that gets a lot of guys on bill pass out because I just don't want to give up in again all of this stuff is about teaching you where the boundaries where you think they are and what other people tell you can do and when the alarm systems in your body it's it's a choice to to listen to the things a lot of the times. Navy SEALS or various specops guides going to like ultra-marathons that shitt afterwards just to try to push themselves to the one she don't want you to do it but I mean you know I would imagine that you probably do you miss fighting through things to challenge you physically and mentally to continue pushing yourself and growing

► 03:02:34

taste for it I would imagine you still do those things too don't you know there's a certain amount of you're always going to want to push yourself cuz cuz cuz you if you feel like you if you're not doing it if you're not testing your boundaries be kind of feel like a pussy I feel like it's Mastery to it's like you get Mastery over this thing and then what happens with people that are uncommon interesting they go on to the next thing I want Mastery over there or take some that they don't mask is good for going to steal base shit and then live there and figure that out you know it's the pits the initial moment but then there's two different full spectrum check out

► 03:03:34

as well also with the video camera that show more excited I need to bring up what we talked about earlier basically out of time we lasted 3 hours believe it or not I didn't really buy every time I'm so explain this will you that's just the javelin missile cost $150,000 this is what we were talking about earlier at 4 has this is the top attack it's like a sewer pipe attached to a shoulder

► 03:04:34

giant with a computer computer attached to it and it's about the launch and these guys it's just a truck a truck full of guys and they're shooting at you done okay they were what they were at the speed of the fire is off but then you'll see where it lands

► 03:04:57

oh my God so that is far how far away is that and that to kilometers so it's it's quite a bit slower than a bullet very much though cuz it's so much weight to it and the right now. So fuck that people just die hahaha that that exists Reach Out And Touch somebody's going to be like in 5 years from now. I'm sure Jerome Warfare loan you know what they're going to be able to do with these what are they called the Boston Dynamics those are those crazy robots that they have a mean they've got those robots you can catch him if I can go over sideways so it's not just going to drones that fly is going to be drawn to like going to see an army of fucking Terminator robots

► 03:05:57

total at the Air Force Academy for the first time with two years ago graduated more not manned aircraft Pilots demand aircraft pilot to make history of ended the graduating through Xbox Live no longer now is just straight-up Tait Fletcher on Twitter then my contact is pirate Life iTunes on a Jet Li all of iTunes and Stitcher and all that right now up is like a cowboy Cerrone and then Kyle Noke I just put up today and probably the UFC's mad about the the one with Donald I don't know why I don't understand it was the failed drug test allegations yeah whatever whatever

► 03:06:57

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before I leave for Melbourne Australia this weekend I can't wait so I go to the police theater I think I'm saying that right now been I'll see you at Fox that's it thanks everybody and see you soon. Bye big kiss for you