#1353 - Rob Zombie

Sep 16, 2019

Rob Zombie is a musician and filmmaker. His new film "3 From Hell" is available in select theaters this week and everywhere in October.

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Rob Zombie ladies and gentlemen how are you sir good good thanks for being here man appreciate it's awesome and I3 from Hell comes out tonight yes finally it's such a crazy leap that you've made I mean people know you as much now for your films as they do for you music yeah pretty much specially I've really noticed that when I'd be like in an elevator like the music fans I can pretty much spot them you know but like when some guy comes up in an elevator looks like he's a lawyer or something which I I have to get to grips with that because I'm not you know I'm old every time a cop comes up to me like what does this guy want to write a fan because he's 30 years younger than me but I like it when normal people I go man I'm so into this or that because you know I figured like you know heavy metal music is very specific but everybody likes movies right you can never stop that all say yeah yeah yeah I can pretty much bought them what do you look for metal fail like what when you see it like what's coming your way well it's change but now it's

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a guy with a shaved head and a long goatee that's very nobody has ever met fan yeah and nobody has hair anymore it's like I swear sometimes about stage of who's with the long hair that's funny yeah right it was rock and roll synonymous yeah it's like not not anymore what made you make that leap and horror films well I always wanted to make movies that was always my main goal in life really before music well it was well let me back it up I loved everything equally but as a kid it all seemed unattainable so it was all a fantasy like oh yeah I'm going to go to Hollywood make movies oh yeah I'm gonna have a band like no you're not you're just living in some crap Town your do-nothing is what it felt like up in Haverhill yeah yeah you're on the Newton never fall yeah so fight I think when I was a kid played ice hockey we would play against and you I'm sure I think we wrestled you go yeah rustling man I hated having like 30 seconds 30 seconds

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listen oh yeah growing up I mean it's like you can have a crappy band in the garage with your friends but it's not going to be thing and then we had a Super 8 camera so we'd make crappy Super 8 movies but none of it seemed realistic I thought my life was going to be you know world's worst bike messenger York City that seemed to be what I was destined for but then as the band started taking off and which seemed odd and its own and there was a chance to make music videos like fuck it I'm directing these music videos this will be film school for me and that's what it sort of became did you have this thing that a lot of people have when things start going well for them you have sort of like imposter syndrome like you kind of you like this what the fuck are they going to find out oh yeah my whole life is like a fool them again yeah I think everybody feels like that I think so too I mean I because I was always so I was so shy and I was so shy when he like want to talk to people on the phone when I was a kid because that was too much yeah that one day I realized I just this is how I realized it

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they like an in high school I didn't associate with anyone like no one remembers me because I was just invisible but me and my friends were sort of like into punk rock like in a place where like no one knew what that was that was and then the day we graduated we were at like hanging out around McDonald's and the main asshole jock kid came up who would be the worst your worst enemy do something like hey man I'm going to college would you guys get like you're cool clothes and stuff like wait a minute it was four years of torture from you and your douchebag friends and Neville day we graduated like hey you guys were so that's what I do everyone's so fucking insecure doesn't matter and then the next day I was like I don't care anymore oh that's crazy I'm a different person yeah it's hard to forgive those people you know the people that fuck with you in high school it's hard to let that go and realized L they just were probably tortured at home well you can't let it go because that's your motivation I'm always motivated by probably by anger and revenge and things of that nature that's why when people

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anti-bullying I don't know might be anti success later on a life because you know people to get fucked with tend to make it yeah Chris Rock has a bit about that yeah it's true I mean certainly true for Fighters almost all the best fighters in the UFC have some story where someone's fucking with them they're young and they had to figure out how to fight yep what's the first thing we all do take karate lessons yeah well even Chris Rock's bit involved Steve Jobs and a lot of other people like do not want Microsoft like yeah I know and it's just super true it is super true and it's also super it's interesting that you said that you were you had social anxiety so many people that become entertainers also had some form of social anxiety when they're young yeah I had to do this thing last know the night before last I was presenting this award to somebody at this event

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and you know I'm picturing all the stage will be really big and high and I can get up there super impersonal doesn't matter if I get there the stage like lower than this desk and it's like all the tables with people eating dinner right that my man's nightmare I can't do this yeah you know because you have to sort of be normal I used to freak out when I had to talk to bank tellers I used to like you know hearing the line doesn't make any sense right but the line of like I'd have to deposit my check and I'd be in the line and like for more people and I got to talk bring more label that feeling so crazy like that about every I like that with my own not my family that lived in the house with like an uncle came over I can't deal with deal and Target Uncle Bill stairs call me when he leaves yeah and then it's crazy that a guy like you winds up singing in front of fucking thousands of people playing guitar in front of thousands of people I wish I could play guitar but I will sing in front of people it doesn't bother me it doesn't matter what it's like oh it's a festival to a hundred thousands of people on my couch

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a crap it's crazy so many people out the other one I say hi Mike that's weird

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yeah especially if the right in front of you like the one of the weirdest shows that any comic ever has to do is shows where there's a really tiny audience like The Comedy Store at one o'clock in the morning and there's like five people that's brutal it's just so weird it's like 500 people no problem yeah five people that's why starting like when when people like oh do you have one go back and play clubs and more intimate setting like no no I want the show's to be bigger is an impersonal as humanly possible because I hated playing clubs in the people like right in front of you like you know they're like that yeah like I know we do kind of suck bikini Just Go With It yeah I'm getting a break man you know let us get our feet I don't know what kind of music did you guys play in the very beginning

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well when I started I was living in New York City and when my first band White Zombie start I was working at Pee-wee's Playhouse actually as a production assistant for Pinot first season did you know Phil Hartman know I was a production assistant oh I knew don't did you see him I saw people are because it's Phil Hartman and it was Paul rooms obviously it was William Marshall who played Blacula he was the cartoon King at that point it was all these great people Larry Fishburne it's Cowboy Curtis that's right I'm trying to think who else is there wow I forgot he was on it the only interaction I've ever had with anybody was Paul Rubens and I was standing there and he walked by he goes where's the bathroom it's right there that's it that's that was it so I figured I was CEO but anyway it's crazy the White Zombie was your first band to yeah and what are the odds it was weird because we didn't play any covers and we sort of nobody really knew how to play when we started we sort of invented sound based upon

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not knowing what you're doing really yeah because you that's like any bands like the Ramones like well we know these three chords but we understand they instinctively understand catchy pop songs even though it doesn't make sense because when you try to learn a Ramon song it doesn't make sense even though it seems like all these really simple songs because I've played them before because I've done this for moans tribute thing like oh Verse Chorus wait verse again to courses that a nut like they're so catchy but the structure is so odd because you could tell they were just sort of inventing this thing they're doing and that's how I felt with us because I had this weird idea like let's never play conventional drum beats which is like saying let's never make the song fun for anyone to listen to yeah I got over that but but it just yeah you just

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hello I'm talking about did you take any classes in the early days would you just well I went to New York originally go to Parsons school of design for Fine Arts but I got kicked out because my grades drop too low because I went from Haverhill to New York so I was like I'm just hanging out danceteria all night I'm not going to school because Dan cetera is amazing because one night it would be you know Run DMC like before anyone knew who they were and then it would be like Nick Cave than to be this is like I was I stayed there every night till 4 a.m. and they would go to school just you know fall asleep or fall asleep on the train ride home in New Jersey then try to get back so you never went to school like like for classical musical instruments or anything no I never won I can't learn anything I'm think I'm incapable I just have to do it

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figure it out do it wrong a thousand times I can't I just incapable even as a little kid if we got a game I was incapable of reading the directions we would just let's just make up our own rules we got a spinner and these little guys let's just you know

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if it's like three lines of directions to learn how to play the Happy Days game we wouldn't bother you giving so many kids out there hope right now listening to this you like that's me yeah I mean if you can make it you can be you could be Rob Zombie can be an idiot and make it I mean I remember when I got kicked out of school I was sitting in New Jersey I was probably

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19 maybe 20 and I was just sitting there thinking well I did it I'm a fucking loser because I had you know I was making like a hundred bucks a week I get kicked out of school and was sitting there this crappy ghetto neighborhood in Jersey City here's what I do with my life been worked out yeah it worked out somehow isn't that crazy it's just things just eventually get better if he had owing you I don't know how I guess I don't know how because I'd never they would never seemed like it was going to like white zombie was a band it seemed like everyone hated and no matter what we had to be literally the last band in New York City to get a record deal maybe that's why we got it there like we're literally out of bands we have to sign it but even when that happened there's always this weird thing and maybe you could relate we gotta offered a record deal with RCA records now we're a band that hasn't got anything

► 00:17:57

I was like nah doesn't seem right I turned it down and then we got MCA and I turned it down as I think we should wait hold out for Geffen Records now that we have nothing does it people holding out for Geffen Records because they were the biggest at the time with no reason to be holding out but we got signed to Geffen eventually do you have those kind of balls because that seems like you well I think it's balls mixed with stupidity at the same time because II know I could be My Own Worst Enemy because he when I signed to Geffen you know I come up with an album title they're like really you're gonna call it lets Exorcist oh devil music vol 1 is this just to guarantee we don't get any good placement on the album in stores I guess and then like well we're going to hide what's higher so and soda direct-to-video like naming you know he just did the naming some big the white snake video like no I'm gonna do it like but it all worked it's crazy though that you passed on to legitimate record companies I would mean most kids when

► 00:18:57

starting out or so you know you like holy shit this is our chance I didn't think they were good enough even though you know we weren't good enough for anything either I don't know what that thought was well maybe you just I'm not a believer in fate but if kind of seems to fall into place for you it yeah I don't know it's like I feel like my whole life is just like I could have gotten hit by that car I just didn't yeah because I just stopped one second short from actually stepping in front of a speeding car and made it so you always wanted to make movies though that was always something that was always the thing I wanted to do for sure but that seemed completely undoable because it was just like Hollywood and movies I mean it just it feels so far far removed I mean living on the Lower East Side playing cbgb's like and being broke that seems doable like right you know

► 00:19:50

and that actually inspired me there's I would see so many bands like oh well they suck I mean we at least better than they are you know that was I guess the motivation I had but like movies just seemed like no way that works for Comics to that's one of the best thing Richard jeni once said that about Open Mic nights that really bad comedians are great because they inspire people to try it yeah yeah yeah I get I mean because there's such a court like I think I've so many friends that are Comics that I've always become good friends with over the years and I think it's so similar I can't imagine staying there trying to tell jokes that people are laughing but I also can't imagine staying there playing songs that nobody wants to hear and they're just looking at you like yeah you know yeah similar well the thing is I think it's probably even harder maybe with songs that nobody knows because people will listen to jokes because they make them laugh but songs that that one knows in a band that no one knows like man you got to figure out a way to rope these people in

► 00:20:49

yeah that's why I always figured like I was always visually oriented so I always made sure the band had to look a certain way and act a certain way the way I wanted them to be you know so I thought at least there's that at least you can go this is awful but look at these Maniacs where you know everybody's hair is down here and they're going crazy and no one else is going crazy in the club but they are at least it's you know that's been entertaining Trainwreck to watch at least you know what kind of films did you like when you're growing up I mean when I was a kid I would literally just get the TV Guide because we're talking like you know

► 00:21:29

the early 70s and I would Circle everything that I was going to watch for the week like I would plan it out it wasn't random it was like okay one o'clock white heat's on him and watch that Beneath the Planet of the Apes comes on at 4:00 we're going to jump to that then you know going to take a break to watch Gilligan's Island then when it come back as good and bad and ugly is on tonight because it's Clint Eastwood week and I would just plan it out the whole week and that's I would just watch everything kids today will never understand TV guides now never understand and the ones that would come with the Sunday paper we get the the guide with the paper and figure out what's going to be on the greatest place tougher we look forward to what was going to be on TV remember as a kid like you knew Planet of the Apes was going to be unlike the whole neighborhood was on fire because Planet of the Apes is going to be on now it's like whatever it's on my phone right now it's always there yeah but I think there's something don't you think and I don't know how this figures in the comedy but I'm sure it does there was something about having to be exposed to everything because there was nothing else that I know as much about John Wayne movies as I do about horror movies right yeah

► 00:22:29

get to choose where is now everything so compartmentalize that people just like I guess like if you hear a banging oh let me guess what your favorite band is the band you sound exactly like because you have no other influences as opposed A lot of metal bands I know that are huge they go well my favorite band was actually ZZ Top so we just decided to play ZZ Top riffs really fast and that's how we created this but everybody's just so like I only like this yeah that you get in those those confirmation bubbles where everybody else likes what you like and you just operate in the same circles and yeah yeah you can get real weird that way where it's weird like you just it but if you're taking influences for real or stealing things from everywhere yeah you can put them together in a new way but I feel like I only like metal when yes you sound like metal that's the cool thing about the radio right that I mean I've been recently listening to Spotify which I never listened before but listen to streaming services I got exposed to you know there's like a channel like they'll be a Rob Zombie Channel and to be a bunch of other shit on it as well

► 00:23:29

like you know exist as Led Zeppelin Channel you hear some weird music that you didn't expect from some bands you didn't even know of and I remiss that from Radio yeah I mean I just want to because he want you want that money if I go whoa what's this yeah that's fucking cool I'm gonna listen to that I didn't know what it was five minutes ago yeah you know and I'm because even as a kid I mean he talking like this but I can't help it it's like you know like just FM radios like okay the Allman Brothers then Diana Ross then kiss then Abba I'll just listen to all of it because it's on the radio right right now yeah I remember growing up in Boston member WBC and yeah sure really yeah they played one time I forget who it was my even more apparent oh I forgot who it was who was the DJ was saying yeah right was saying that this look this is not my main actually might have been coz might not have been bcn anyway well whoever the DJ was it was a rock station and they were like look this isn't Rock

► 00:24:27

but it's fucking good they didn't say fucking good that's really good and that's what we're playing and they played Michael Jackson and I remember thinking wow this is so crazy they're going to play a Michael Jackson song but it was really good yeah it's so you like okay I'll take it you know I still remember it's funny I remember because I still remember the one morning brushing my teeth and they're like oh we're playing this new band the police is song Roxanne I thought it was like this oh by the way gay ban until I saw a picture of rest in peace Ric Ocasek I know rights to him today Ric Ocasek that cars that's a bummer that was a bummer those guys are so the cars is one of those bands where whenever you don't know what to listen to you can always listen to the cars or so many good songs and it's so good he yeah he was such an interesting guy to such a an oddity yeah tall and lanky with the sunglasses and supermodel and everything's awesome yeah they're everywhere yeah man he was he was brilliant that's a bummer man that's a bummer he was cool too because I remember when he produced The Bad Brains

► 00:25:27

Rock for light and it's like Ric Ocasek he's happier than I thought they just take yeah so like music movies wise movie wise like when you were a kid the are you in horror films back then I was into everything but that I love that for sure but I like I don't even know if we we definitely didn't call them horror movies we thought everything everything was a monster movie I thought man this monster movie like that's just what we'd call it because there's always like you know we had creature double feature on Channel 56 do remember that sure yeah well that's like the every weekend's fuck it's Destroy All Monsters and you know whatever son Richard yeah so that was yeah so big time that ruled our world so watching them back then that's when you got the idea

► 00:26:18

well it got the idea that I loved it I want to do it but it was all it was the idea like I want to be an astronaut to like it didn't seem like an idea that was ever going to happen just something that you were really into yeah and it's really funny to this funny weird things because one time in high school me and my friends filmed a sequel to escape from New York the John Carpenter film

► 00:26:40

and I don't know give them better and then to be like you know huh Vermin 20 years later that I remade a John Carpenter film Halloween was just so bizarre I guess I've been thinking about it for a long time but you know that is kind of crazy weird yeah it's weird shit like that what when your first actual film films what like mm 4 mm mm yeah because the way it went down was this is a funny story to I made my first movie house 1000 Corpses at Universal Studios and it was mm it could have been an even the tail end of 1999 I'm not sure the only reason I know it's mm I just had a wrap gift somebody gave me and they put a date in I was like oh she loves mm so I made the movie with Universal Studios at once they screened it we had our test screening which I thought when I thought went great what do I know the the head of Universal at the time came up to me like we have to talk tomorrow and that was not a good tone that was an oh you're so great we want to give you a five picture deal tone of voice

► 00:27:40

so the next day they dumped the movie

► 00:27:43

and you know just basically booted us out and then it was the conversation they were like we basically this is unreleasable I don't remember word for word but that was the conversation in a nutshell but at the time to you figure there was no horror coming out of universal they were making like The Flintstones movie and that was not the image they wanted this really vile sort of Backwoods hillbilly murder Fest where there's bad people win essentially I mean horror films were sort of like not even a commercial thing at that point in a way so then which is funny now if you go to Universal Studios Hollywood Orlando there's a huge House of 1000 Corpses thing event going on in both theme parks that's Larry I was there for the old grand opening like that's funny again like it's like a train it's like I get fired from here and now you know 20 years later it's a theme park attraction in the exact place I got fired from Wow which is so weird what was the conversation

► 00:28:42

station like before you decided to do that film I mean how did how did they let you do it I don't you know I again I think getting to make a movie for Universal Studios was such an amazing experience but I think I was too naive to understand what was happening it'd be like you did one set of comes like I'm gonna put you on tour George cars like cool I guess that's the way it happens man you know I've had its after like wow wow I didn't really appreciate just went down did a not that I was took it for granted but I had I had met with someone at the theme park about doing a haunted maze during their horrible Halloween Horror Nights based on my album and then sort of by being in the offices was meeting meeting people and having just meetings about stuff or I just didn't want to leave once I got in the studio just love being there even though I had no business being there and somehow I remember being in the guide times name was Kevin mischer his office

► 00:29:39

pitching him a movie I didn't have a pitch for I have a title but nothing else and somehow it progressed from there I was like really I told them kind of a cool title with I completely half-ass idea that was making up as I was talking to me what did you say like how what was it going remember I was weird I don't even I can't be my wish I could remember it well because it after the fact I'm like how did this happen I don't remember this is like your stories like the anti ambition store it's like the anti preparation story but a super successful nonetheless yeah I guess the the goal is just be vague with people be vague and look cool and act like you don't care

► 00:30:21

and I had that attitude to I remember once the movie was rolling I was like this is who I want to cast and this is exactly what I want to do and if you guys don't want to do it that's cool let's just not work together

► 00:30:35

and they did it wow like that's right pitch on my part right and I we shot it on the universal back lat we're like right there like doing the whole thing and big production and it was weird wow when it wrapped like final day final scene and that's a wrap we like what the fuck just happened well the funny thing is like after we wrap the first time we had a little test screening within the studio like friends and like oh we should probably punch up the ending so they gave me like they gave me more money to reshoot the ending that I actually made my newest movie with it was like money was nothing like you know there's throwing money around like is like nothing else like oh my God this is insane we're building these giant set Stones crazy stuff it was after that that you know the problem started but I don't I wish I could remember these things better it's weird that I don't

► 00:31:31

but what attracted you to this Ultra violent psychopath like outcasts murderous style of movie that you do because you have like these almost like mutant Society psycho murder people that email but people fucking love it man I've always dug like Outsider mentality like anything that involves like out I think it started as a kid as a kid because like a lot of people can relate this I didn't feel like I fit in like I was like weird I didn't fit it I didn't get like what were the cool shoes to wear or the right freaking Izod sure I didn't understand I wasn't trying to be you know no one's trying to be weird and like oh yeah I want to be weird and hide away because I'm weird know it's like I don't understand and I think when I would watch monster movies the monster was always that mentality like King Kong's like hey man I'm just trying to get along why is there going shooting at me and Frankenstein's like hey I was just born yesterday why are you trying to kill me like and I think is a

► 00:32:30

did you relate to the monster so as life went on and you know the I would always relate to the outsider then I would always relate to movies like Taxi Driver Bonnie and Clyde and billion Travis Bickle you know he's the fucking man you know what I would always be like anything anti-society at the it fuck you fuck everything that's normal right like Revenge yeah I was just into it and I felt real similar when I was a kid I was always in a monster movies is always in the something that just just tore all the normal people apart and just ripped apart all the preconceived notions of what everybody thought was going to happen and then round and towards the end of high school when I discovered punk rock and figure out there's an entire form of music with their just like go fuck yourself yeah that's what we're here I'll play I'm in and so many other people as well yeah and it just like it just use it flips your whole idea of what life is and then when I moved to New York I was like wow

► 00:33:30

wow is entire city of people don't give a fuck yeah that's where they come yeah nobody gives a shit about anything here it's amazing how your movies resonate with people like to like in a fanatical way like the read the comments on just a trailer for three from hell you know just people are so fucking pumped yeah it's great and I mean it's been it's been a long journey because like when my first movie came out I think every review basically said something along lines of worst movie ever made I hate this movie and now people do look that's your best movie you know like you've been choosing a diversion so it's just weird how it same with white Sami when our first gift I still remember this our first guest and record came out I saw the first review it was this magazine alternative press

► 00:34:21

who two years ago gave me this life time Achievement Award and I had to read the review while accepting what the review said this is the worst band ever ever come on and it said this is the worst band ever ignore this band mmm so there was a something and you know there must have been something sure contact the person who wrote that no I didn't I back then I was just like I mean like I felt like maybe a few years later once you're really scaring who was I I used to be upset by reviews until I saw who wrote them mmm yeah you know yeah that's a big gamble a lot of critics are critics because they really wanted to be writers is don't have a lot to contribute and so they just shit on things and it's just like you as a when you're young and you're new and you're reading you think that the guys writing in fighting all badass you like oh this dude must look like Lemme he must be this hard ask guy and I need to see I like that guy wrote off fuck him

► 00:35:22

fuck everyone else whoever writes anything again I don't give a shit yeah but the thing is about music is is so subjective and you know someone who grew up wearing the right Izod shirts hanging with the cool crowd they're not going to it's your music is not going to resonate with them the same way it's going to be with other people that felt like they were Outsiders I mean I can only do what I do and I don't know what would be popular right I don't understand popular culture in a way because when people are gushing over something a movie or something I say I go I hated that movie I know what made 500 million dollars and it's everyone's favorite Vigo I could barely sit through it yeah there's a lot of those being made same with music like I'd be like I love The Velvet Underground it was like but what about and they'll name something like you know I don't want to meet - anybody but something so popular that makes me want to kill myself and I hear that literally it's sickening do you want like any films today is there anything that oh yeah see stuff all the time and I

► 00:36:21

no I mean what kind of shit do you enjoy I watch every everything I mean I whenever there's something that's more like

► 00:36:28

smaller movies I really like like I was thinking about the other day about this time in the 90s where like you got movies like Napoleon Dynamite and American Splendor which I doubt you ever see that yes I thought Paul Giamatti is Happy cars is like the greatest movie ever made the gross World those early Terry's why Gotham's was like that's where I kind of my head was that just weird movies like that yeah it's like the polling Dynamite to this day as one of the greatest comedies of all time as soon as that movie started and the credits were food I was like this is like the greatest thing I've ever seen in a theater and like 20 years what is going on here well it's it I just don't understand why they never made a second one I don't know that didn't make any sense to me I'm like this is a fucking franchise waiting to happen like the him and the the other dude the who's the guy who played his was his uncle Uncle Rico yeah the fucking guy was amazing I thought they were so like over the top but believable like everything about it when he's feeding

► 00:37:28

Tina Tuna it just doesn't seem I just it just seemed like it could mess I love that movie yeah well I can see them doing it now yeah but if that years later they try to do that with Dumb and Dumber remember that yeah did it way way way too late and wow that's some carries like 50 and everyone's like this is just weird you're not young anymore yeah you can't be a buffoon that's hard lightning in a bottle to recreate yeah dummer yeah right right it's like stepbrothers certain movies that just right you got to kind of leave them alone I remember seeing stepbrothers and it's like is it my imagination or is every single fucking thing in this movie hilarious well those two guys like together seemed I think you know Talladega Nights there have been amazing and Talladega Nights I love when a comedies made well yeah so often they're not yes you know that's why I liked about The Hangover if you turn the sound off you just looked at it it's a really good-looking well-made film and you turn on the sound you realize it's hilarious but so many comedies are just so

► 00:38:28

shitty what I knew Seth Rogen produced film with kids the good boys yeah I didn't see that my fucking wife said it was amazing she said it was like like piss your pants laughs I really yeah oh that's good I gotta I need to go see it you didn't even see I like to use like a live-action like South Park that's a good way to describe you see it yeah you like to go yeah because it's R-rated yeah yeah that Seth Rogen can't mess he's great he's hilarious now when you were a kid like you like to all kinds of stuff but did you think if you wanted to make films that you would be making the kind of films that you're making now these like a butcher's well

► 00:39:07

I guess since the first thing I made was that and I was into it I mean I liked because what happened to was when I moved to Manhattan in like 1982 or something I discovered when New York City was all Second Run theaters and double features so I could finally see the laundry list of films I'd never been able to see I remember the first time I like 8th Street Playhouse was a good example where first time I saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre was on a double bill with Jimmy plays Berkeley the Jimi Hendrix movie might know why that was double bill but I forgot about double bills yeah and I would go see like oh my God ilsa she-wolf of the SS is playing with Faster Pussycat oh my God this is and I could because I could never see him because there was no VHS yet or was so new that those movies weren't around that I just had books and I was just staring at books because back in the day you know that's kind of because with the this new movie 3 from hell you know it's playing on about a thousand screen so it's not like everywhere like you can't walk

► 00:40:07

two feet and it's on five screens and people are full moon to 15 minute drive from my house I was like I would literally drive for five hours as a kid if there was a movie I wanted to see it didn't matter I dried my one time I rode my before I could drive I rode my bike for like three hours to see night a living dead at a midnight screenings like I don't see this no matter what because if you didn't see it was just gonna evaporate that's one of the things I love about people from Canada Canada they drive everywhere like have friends in Alberta they'll drive seven hours to go see something yeah cause you that's what you have to do yeah but the morning and that's your day you driving somewhere and and when I was younger that was like part of the fun I don't care yeah it's an adventure so the concerts 30 hours away so yeah um did you study of your you have you watched a lot of like really old har yeah I mean I watch sometimes I feel like I'm searching for things to watch because I try to watch literally everything and I want to own everything so I have like a vault at home

► 00:41:07

it has you know 20,000 movies in it because I never if somebody mentioned something I don't know what it is like fuck and I like write it down I immediately have to go like investigate it so we say a vault you like an actual Vault like a bank notes no no I just got caught up it's just a room that I built that just is nothing but like movie library because I want to own everything so you have a physical copy of all these yeah what format do you put them in well now they're DVD I mean they were laser disc and VHS and then I start reading my because what happens now it's great that everything is digital but if you go to iTunes 99% of the things I want to see aren't there hmm because they're not you know so you can do that thing now that was nice on Amazon where you can

► 00:41:49

they will burn the movie on CD to own because I'll be like weird movies like I was spent forever trying to find that I mean I got it many years ago but like there was a movie called Dirty Little Billy with Michael Jay Paul it is Billy the Kid that's like where do I see this is like a dirty little bit yeah this is amazing movie from the 70s and finally you can get it like they'll you know they'll say it's made to order CDs I mean i DVDs on Amazon and stuff so when I was a kid I was gigantic lie in the horror films and I used to read fan gorya oh yeah time and I remember they were getting into these there was slasher movies from like I guess like the 60s they had never heard of that were like Ultra gorefest movies yeah I kind of trying to remember who was the director but there was a guy who was famous for his herschell Gordon Lewis is that what you think I think that has maniacs and blood fees yes that yes yes like that stuff I never was exposed to that now I've still to this day I've never

► 00:42:49

see what else films but the magazines were covered with like people with axes and yeah because things would play at the drive-in and then go away yeah you know that was like that's how I felt when the first time when I loved when 40 strike Second Street New York was the real 40 seconds right and I remember so funny me my friend my roommate back then we'd always go to 42nd Street to see movies could be like Cannibal Holocaust I would just see the poster what the fuck is Cannibal Holocaust and you'll see this Italian Cannibal movie like this is literally the most vile cannot believe another human made this movie right blows your mind but I remember every time I went to 42nd Street I saw a really bad incident happened like you could not go there

► 00:43:34

like would be like waiting in line and like oh let's go get some french fries for the movie two guys to start fighting a McDonald's one guy would just Pummel the other guy be blood everywhere it happened next time ago we'd see guy stabbed another guy in the theater while watching there it is like literally I never went there once and even right till I was recording my album before I moved I remember walking to the studio which was like maybe 43rd and there's a dead body lying there and they just found him and they were just starting to put the sheet so I actually don't see the violent act but I saw a dead body but he didn't care

► 00:44:06

baked in New York it was like New York when I moved to New York and 82 still seemed like you know Taxi Driver New York yeah well that was when it was it was coming from Haverhill wild black and West so exciting because Haverhill so boring in comparison yeah couldn't be more boring if its goal is to be boring it's gold medal yeah I remember Haverhill was so bad that when we were kids I remember what I don't forget maybe this will be the Bison were on the bicentennial I think they were trying to drive business because Main Street and shame they can't even blame Walmart back then it was dead there was nothing there was just a ghost town in the like they just put all these banners up Haverhill the All-American City but it was like the catchphrase is going to that are make people open businesses no I didn't know this is so bad time to sell flags yeah exactly yeah I went to New York City for the first time in the 80s as well I'm trying to remember what year it was it was like somewhere probably around 82 or 83 and

► 00:45:06

when we were in the city driving around I remember thinking like this is the craziest fucking place I've ever been in my life that the buildings were so big it didn't make sense pulling up to it I remember we drove up on the West Side Highway and you see the city coming up in the distillate see the building's get larger and larger as you get closer it's mental didn't seem real I remember being on the sidewalk now this is coming from a place where a sidewalk means there's literally no other person on the sidewalk as far as you can see right and it was standing on the sidewalk and must have been Uptown somewhere and it was like you couldn't move with people it's like what is happening rights won't ever seen like this is how it is all the time like I live in a street in Haverhill like a car drove drove down it like once a day and it was probably your dad coming home from work like there was just nothing if you could have if you had a time machine though and you went from 1982 and you said hey what do you think it's going to look like here 2019 you'd be like fuck man it's going to be me

► 00:46:06

at Max yeah like did be fucking cars driving with black smoke coming out of him and people shooting people right on the streets going to be though it's gonna get worse it's not gonna get better yeah the only thing I remember right towards my ended up being there there was the Tompkins Square you know downtown and that was were just like wherever homeless people lived it was Alphabet City it was like the worst well weight on a back at when I first moved in like the first night I was there this sounds like I'm making it up and I'm not the first night I was there the dorm that I was in with all my roommates overlooked Union Square Park which is like needle Park you just went there to buy dope and that was it was now we go there for because it's a farmers market it's beautiful and I heard this guy screaming and screaming and screaming as I just Christ was going on because it's like a hundred degrees of course is no air conditioning I look out the window and I watched these cops beat up this guy I was like and then they dragged him down to the subway and the next day all these cops showed up at the dorms

► 00:47:06

and it was that it was this guy Michael Stewart it became a really famous case he was they called him a graffiti artist and he had been beat to death by the cops

► 00:47:16

and me and all my roommates are it and the next day they came and took her statement and we all had to testify in front of the grand jury this is my first day out of Haverhill we witnessed a murder

► 00:47:30

but again it's like the same thing with like my deal Universal I was like too

► 00:47:35

not even where to really comprehend what kind of co-opted like glasses like things are happening I'm so jaded it didn't disturb me or seem like I don't know I don't know is wrong with me but I am desensitized by all the violence I've witnesses as a child well that would you see more violence before that well there's one famous thing I remember as a kid besides there's two famous things I just saw him when I was a kid the family business that my mom came from was like carnivals like ever see that movie Carney yeah with Gary Busey that's exactly the life as a kid that I remember when I saw the movie I was like this is this is what this was our life we were as old that makes sense the traction you have these Drifters yeah I was always what I was surrounded by so that was the thing I remember as a kid except it was around 1977 I think as I remember kiss love gun it just came out because I was all done about it

► 00:48:37

in the family work there my mom and dad and we my brother had to work and sell food and stuff and I hate it I use we used to have to dip the candy apples and hand with people and they've healed now but I all my had Burns all over my hands because the apple candy would be so hot it would drip on my hand and burn my hands anyway I digress but one night there was a gambling tense which were all rigged of course and someone had some guide getting fleeced for all of his money and came back and lift the tent on fire

► 00:49:09

and then suddenly shit hit the fan everybody that me and my little brother had been around all the time it's like Foo all this gun start coming out and you start hearing guns popping up and then the tents just went like nothing was fireproof so everything's on fire it's complete chaos and I was probably in fifth grade my brother's probably in second grade everybody screaming run around my in the sky was like that I don't remember his name but he worked there he was like hey you guys should come over here and before we finish a sentence somebody ran up and hit him in the face with a hammer and broke his whole face open it was just gushing blood and we're like and then eventually my parents got us in the car and we left which was that was my parent my mom's like we're done this is we're not doing this anymore those last time we ever did wow what a great way to go out though but the best was going to school on September like what did you do this summer and that was my story wow we didn't go to Cape Camp so psaki we went over in a carnival riot

► 00:50:10

what was the gambling tent like what kind of games are they Reagan I don't know I mean everything's rigged like anything from and is even a great scene in Kearney where the friend of mine who's an alarming moves Meg Foster plays when she's holdin all the long strands of rope and Joanie fought she's trained ready files Like You Pull the Rope and it's connected to a prize or I or like and everything's rigged like the the weighted LED milk bottles you're supposed to knock down the softball I mean everything's rigged I mean it's certain ways you know how to cheat them so that when the guy showing you how to do it look it's so easy just throw it like this was a certain way you can throw to work but otherwise I won't I would never be in the gambling pants because they were actual gambling we like little tiny kids but it was probably roulette wheels I'm guessing mmm things like that that way you know guys spins it and break get something his foot and it never stops on the number that the guys get all his money on because he let him win a bunch of times or something so when the fire broke out and people start shooting who was shooting at who I don't know what was going just Ki just yeah we're a little kids like you don't really comprehending those going on only for that

► 00:51:09

great just like that guy's now got a gun I hear gunshots everything's on fire the smoke people screaming this guy's now gushing brains out of the front of his head and so fuck I said there were two stories I was oh the second story The Second Story I kind of put in this the new movie 3 from hell this was like when I was in high school it was in the backyard rehearsing with my two friends are your band or whatever and we heard the screaming it was a bright sunny day the seem like a David Lynch movie Suburbia and this fat naked guy was running down the street covered in blood he'd been stabbed a whole bunch of times like people are mowing their lawns and looking up and I just remember a bloody naked guy running down the street screaming like a weird screams people scream weird when they get stabbed

► 00:51:59

so I put some there some like that in movie but it just yeah what happened to him I don't know I don't even like ran out he was not going to use those I hope you later and again I was like oh that's weird and I just went back and we continue to rehearsing whoa like again that must have flavored the music a little bit yeah I don't know that it's like I should be I should be really bothered by things like that but I'm not yeah well I mean there's a thing that happens when you see too much it's one of the reasons why cops and soldiers have some of the oddest sense of humor I could see that yeah they've just seen too many bodies have seen yeah yeah I mean imagine the guys that have to come scrape up all the stuff off the road and put in the bags of use yeah yeah I mean that after you know yeah but yeah that was the life I remember my mom's brother he would always didn't always use but sometimes he was a biker so he'd come over to the house and need a chopper with iron crosses on it he kind of looked Limited

► 00:52:57

mustache looks like this guy is badass like drivers around the neighborhoods where everyone can see us you know a lot of stuff so when you were saying that you collect the films and you have films did you do go back to like the really old ones like Nosferatu oh yeah I love silent movies and now the Reiser to get because I always loved Lon Chaney but so many of the fans hard to get I was showing my kids Lon Chaney two nights ago what movie did well we I was showing them the the original Wolfman and I was showing them Jekyll and Hyde I was showing him some of the Lon Chaney jr. what I'm telling you is religion wolf Dad yes and like Phantom of the Opera and the money back in the day Jekyll and Hyde as well that was launched a knee right no Frederic March oh well depends what there's the John Barrymore silent Jekyll and Hyde but predatory the fredric March 1 is great it's so perverted is exactly the prostitutes and stuff isn't it the one you showed your kids like from the third and oh yeah for sure the 30s watch porn what is the only one with Spencer Tracy is just a boy

► 00:53:57

ring and just compare to the other one the other ones because anything that's sort of like the pre-code stuff is really we watched the beginning of the Spencer Tracy one because it was so strange there-there's actually when you know on iTunes you can watch a preview but it's not really a preview in its old films because they didn't have yeah previews back then so it's just L seen and it's a scene when he's becoming mr. Hyde but he doesn't look any different yeah he just can't mess up his hair looks a little meaner you know the fredric March 1 is one of the best ones I've ever made it's so good but lunch and he was like it was Phantom of the Opera which is a really interesting one because he he liked that he put on some really painful make up for the I mean he just invented everything yeah he the things he'd do I mean I don't know how much the stories have been exaggerated by publicity departments over the years but yeah I mean it's just incredible and movies like The Unknown or the Unholy three like you can get everything now forever is like impossible see these movies for a long time I don't do it anymore but I used

► 00:54:57

I collect vintage movie posters and that's what I would go after the launch any silent movie posters because a lot of times I feel like there's only one of these in existence and then I realize I'm spending too much money on things those old films you know when I'm I was trying to show them to my kids I was just trying to we were we're going from the 20s to the 30s there's a movie that's the original horror film that I found out was to 1920 it's actually two years older than us verado it was dr. something got Caligari Caligari yeah that's a good one yeah we watched a little bit of that too but I just wanted to show them how weird it is like the progression of film particularly scary films because when my kids were real little my wife was out of town and I said you guys want to watch a scary movie that's not really scaring they were nervous how will they that's the time I think they were five and three or maybe six and four somewhere around there so I'm throwing down the test you want to watch it

► 00:55:57

I knew was going to be really scary so I put on the original King Kong from what was that like 30 33 I think that and we were laughing I was like let me tell you something we're going to watch this and it's so fake it looks so dumb I go we're going to we're going to laugh and so we're cuddled up on the couch they were nervous and then once they saw the thing that like that's it that's the monster I was like let me tell you something kid in 1933 this was scary for people they really thought this is realistic they thought this was amazing do you ever have that moment your watch something like say I do this like Frankenstein like you seen it so many times it's hard to watch it like you've never seen it before but sometimes I'll be watching something and they'll be a scene where like Frankenstein's killing Fritz and there's no music and he's just screaming as like this must have fucking been so intense because no one had seen anything like this there watching the yeah creature who they don't understand the makeup because no one who has done especially because he kind of the first appearance of

► 00:56:57

life is Francine he kind of backs in and turns and I heads Flats yeah it is Mexico and the Jack Pierce makeup is so incredible that I was like people must have been like running for the door pull up a picture of what Boris Karloff looked like in that movie I haven't seen that in forever but I'm so good it was so good for in the also it's so difficult for us to understand perspective like that to put yourself in their place back then yeah look at that yeah lighting was incredible now we're used to seeing that it's so iconic that like or that it becomes like but if you never I mean never seen anything like that before I mean I guess going back to what you said a second ago like Lon Chaney and Phantom of the Opera and and is Quasimodo you kind of the bolts on the neck but that must have just been like fucking cables for a battery so crazy the posts on his neck do you remember when they did a remake with De Niro I do I don't remember it movie very good I don't remember

► 00:57:57

neither but I remember being terrifying looking like they he was updated yeah he looked cool and that yeah it's a tough one though those movies because they got it so right the first time yeah and the performances are like when I watch like I really like Lugosi in Dracula and when you watch it I was feel like he's like Brando of that time because everyone else is like talking like yeah while he like like they're still getting vodka Bill and a way over the top and the too much and he's like this in this doing this thing yeah well sometimes you like account almost can't understand him because of his accent like wow he's like in this whole weird head trip and they're like doing play Hey listen buddy you know like the way they're talking yeah and that's why nobody can remember David manners who got paid 10 times with a ghost but Lugosi is like this iconic thing like Marilyn Monroe I mean that this was so out of time with so special what they were doing yeah even in one in the film there's a scene where the woman had been bit and it's like what

► 00:58:57

wrong what's going on and he's so corny and over the top and in that you know the style of that era but Lugosi is on another level and the and like everybody like a lot of those actors than seem very much like they were in the closet and they were trying to like play with the woman and Lugosi has that Vibe like I'm gonna fuck everything on this set before I leave this movie you know he just reeks of like I'm from I'm Hungarian and I'm gonna nail every actors in This film yeah and he's a fucking powerful vampire like you bought into it like yes in the role he was yeah in the head space and a lot of those movies and other good ones like the black cat we're like the same guy was in the Dracula's and he's so like swishing over the top and Lugosi and Karloff together a so intense it's like this two different movies going on the this weird Hollywood and this weird thing these other guys are doing man it's like Brando and Apocalypse Now like he's making a whole different movie I mean yes Hopper yeah you know

► 00:59:57

cool to just go back in time and see the progression of horror to go from those films like I still think Nosferatu this day is one of the coolest vampires ever it was so incredible it was no there was no sort of Benchmark before him right I mean and he looked so fucking weird with the long fingers and yeah creepy and the way he would rise member when they had them on a boy it just was like it's right up its radar looks incredible and I still let and I love them the hertzog remake with Klaus Kinski it's all that's why is there no hazing I did that yeah and kinski's so like he's so perfect wow because he's such an another crazy actor that yeah reeks of crazy right off the screen yes yes yeah it's just hard to do a good monster movie these days I mean I'm a gigantic Rick Baker fan obviously see the yeah Rick is coming on here to I was thinking for upon his new book looks amazing yeah I'm so excited I'm getting them to promote that but I'm just I was when I was

► 01:00:57

kid I wanted to be a makeup artist it wasn't really what I wanted to do yeah so I studied Rick Baker and I studied you know the early Lon Chaney days like we were talking about and I just love the Prosthetics and like Star Wars and Chile which by the way I went to the Star Wars attraction yesterday oh you Disneyland It's the shit whoo that fucking Star Wars ride the ride is incredible man your simulated though right yes I can do elated but your emulator I grow up I want to just that I won't throw up at I'll feel like I want to for the rest of the day it's awesome it's awesome so my kids were steering they got a chance to steer the they were the pilots and you're slamming into fucking because they have to coordinate one goes up one goes I really left and right so up and down as one kid and left and right yeah they're next to each other in the cockpit or are they separate like how next to each other on a pretty close but they're screaming at each other don't hit it got my God I don't like asteroids laughs boom things are they're hitting shit but but just the ride is fucking incredible I mean

► 01:01:57

you can see there's so much money poured into there and apparently there's a bunch of other ones that are there they're in the process of developing to our really but I loved those movies and a big part of it was like like the Cantina scene if you if you went to that now you'd like oh my God it's obviously a mask oh yeah like their face doesn't look like that weird werewolf yeah no but they're not moving yeah but back then I was like this is amazing this is the oh my God I can so clearly seeing that remember seeing that movie for the first time because I was like it like you come out of I remember coming out and we like shell-shocked like everything I thought about everything just changed yeah it's like the never be the same that's another movie that's so hard to put in perspective I've watched it with my kids now and it's like you gotta bring them back to the 1970s in this movie came out you don't get it like back then this was fucking insane how good it was yeah people would want me I watch

► 01:02:57

it like I think we had like little competitions with our friends to see who could watch it the most amount of times I think I saw it like 13 times I mean it's crazy and I someone gave me a laser laser from Blu-ray of the original before Lucas did all the extra stuff and ruined it somehow they had cut together Somebody went to all the trouble of getting like a Japanese lasers and they cut together a Blu-ray of exactly the movie as it was in 1970 so what did you do differently in the new version enhance some of the special effects you had that scene with the digital you know job of the hot and just like they'll be like the Tauntaun that's like there's just little robots and bullshit everywhere that wasn't there in the original I did and now what seems so badass for effects and whatever was mm Alex Superbad anything but the stuff from 77 still that's why I always want to like you watch 2001 you go like how can the still look better than everything yeah these are literally models shot in 1968 or some well Kubrick new the

► 01:03:57

imitations of the visual format and so he shot things in a way where he didn't he wasn't willing to compromise the way something looked to show you something that like sort of like the King Kong animation like that's the best they could do back then yeah but Kubrick figured workarounds that I just read this new book that came out well maybe six months ago that's all about the make him 2001 and it's the book is so detailed I wish I could remember the title of and it's amazing the amount of time like it's stuff you take for granted out just how they had to make the digital readouts on the computer screens hmm because that stuff did not exist at all so the amount of time that went into just simple background things that nobody cares about it's just mind-blowing yes the weightlessness scenes and how they did all that stuff which still look amazing no it's still an incredible movie and it's also a time capsule right it's like it's one of those films that it's great but it's also great and a time capsule yeah it's uh

► 01:04:57

of it because I'm

► 01:04:59

I love all of his movies for the same reason because they take over the viewer like most movies they are like you watch it and it's doing what the movie thinks will make you happy whereas Kubrick's doing stuff like well this is what it would be like to be in space yeah this is the pace it's going to unfold at yeah like which is painfully slow at times when you can't get away with that today know because people are too there I don't know although they don't have the attention span I don't think and same thing with Barry Lyndon or Clockwork Orange doesn't matter what movie it is his to The Shining yes like now if someone made The Shining to go it's great you got to cut the first hour out of it you know to we're gonna build on it with the Redrum seen yeah it started with a Hackett no family in the somebody the opening shot would be and then go 3 months earlier yeah I think it would have ax yeah they would do that they would go three months earlier you know they would do that it's um it's cool to see though like those films they did what they could

► 01:05:59

do with what was available whereas with now the problem with CGI is they use it and they over use it and I think that I don't I mean CGI can be phenomenal for sure but it's a tool and it's turned into a crutch and I see it with actors like you see actors a lot of time and I feel bad for the actors as you Su actors that you go I know these guys are great but they're awful in this movie because they didn't train to stand in a warehouse that's green and pretend to look at stuff yeah right so they really like like when you watch The Phantom Menace you go

► 01:06:33

why does it suddenly seemed like Liam Neeson can't act right because he's like they're like look at that dot on the wall I mean in the you know these guys are incredible act as I was talking to somebody wants a kid those in my movie was in all the Spy Kids movies and he said it was so hard because they'd be on a green screen they'd be like you're looking at that what we're not sure what you're looking at but just stare at that dot and reacting so what is it is it a dragon or is it my mom what am I reacting to like we haven't figured it out yet he said he was always in a constant state of confusion as to what he was reacting to well it's hard to when you go back and you look at some of them like you know what movie got it right that sort of didn't get enough respect in its time but in in time like as time passed it's become more respected as Starship Troopers yeah I don't I don't remember that movie that well it's a you know it's all are going to kill her wear socks oh like they were moving major Dan's legs I mean that's happen see Jesus I thought shit

► 01:07:32

found a guy with no legs is a great actor because I don't know Gary Sinise was but how about the ping-pong scene yeah right a lot of let's see GI is shit yeah the what was going on with with monster movies though it's Pat McGee he's the guy who did that werewolf the one that's out there yeah he'll make them for you like he makes table and we had this conversation about it we saying that you can see CGI and even if it's awesome your brain knows it CGI that's funny that I have that same thought that it's something subliminally your brain knows it's all fake yes like Godzilla whereas like yeah like Godzilla like when you know it's a guy in a rubber suit crushing things like if you watch the original one with like when they cut in Raymond Burr this something so dark and fucked up about them yes because everything's that's real fire there's actually three dimensional objects blowing up but when it's so big and fake like I always say like what's scarier

► 01:08:30

a giant CG creature that you know you will never see or like a maniac with a pillowcase over his head holding an ax coming at you like your brain goes that could happen I get it yeah things like well that's not gonna that's like Roger Rabbit that's not gonna happen you know it's not it might be cool there might be big but it's not like one of the scariest horror movies of all time is alien yeah and in the first few encounters they have with the creature you don't even see the damn thing because it's you couldn't show it that much like the you know like the shark in Jaws but when you see it it's like it's actually there you can feel that its jaws are right in front of Sigourney Weaver's face yeah it's not like she's looking at nothing in her eye lines a little off because it's a you know tennis ball on a stick she's looking at this something about it really happening in the space that I think people can feel it and Sigourney Weaver is pro I think Sigourney Weaver an alien is the greatest female action hero star ever because you bought it

► 01:09:29

Line and Sinker she was a scientist she wasn't supposed to be this heroin that's out there just fucking things up and killing everybody and she wasn't supposed to be super hot and sexy and young but she was hot enough because she became tough and it made it but like the whole I remember one alien came out it was kind of like when the thing came out and all the reviews were bad if you remember as I really yeah I mean the rooms are everything a bad when you go back a little oh these there's no redeemable characters or they're all cartoon these cardboard characters they rip everything apart but like it's like Harry Dean Stanton yaphet kotto is on the every great character actor doing this great roles but it was like now if they remove that and be like everybody reviews but that's the thing you the reviews and never mean anything that just like so crazy the first time was it Harry Dean Stanton that sought the first time who has it that saw the first time when they climbed down into the the climb down the stairs and it screams it's right there I don't remember it for life

► 01:10:29

second but it was a physical thing but the point is it was an actual guy in a suit yeah and you knew by the way it was moving it was an actual guy right in front of it took up three dimensional space in real life and you could feel it you could say yes and you know yeah I mean just like when the chest bursts thing yeah it's a it's an actual thing to thing it's like it's fucking bizarre or An American Werewolf in London say exactly you see brief glimpses of this thing like really quick like one frame one second of it you know and then at the end of it you see it even when they murder they kill it in the hallway or in the alleyway spoiler alert that's you know you only see it for a couple seconds when it stares at her and then they gunned it down yeah that was like the Heyday for affects everybody I know who does affect it was like the thing American Werewolf in London or the howling was well as whatever and fangoria when that started you started really getting articles and stuff and like Robbo teen and Rick Baker League became a stars to the horror nerds

► 01:11:29

the Rick Baker scene when he transforms into the werewolf in the chicks apartment we set the in the nurses apartment for the first time and he's like I'm fucking part of him is back as pot and it's like bright Its a bright little apartment that's what makes it weird ass the hand strap fucking wild man to this day weird just and then he tried to kind of recreate like the actual makeup style werewolf with the Wolfman with Benicio del Toro yeah but it just wasn't there the movie wasn't there just wasn't wasn't quite good enough but there's one fucking bad-ass scene where it becomes the Wolfman when they're in the insane asylum or doing tests on them do you remember that film I don't remember that film that much I remember I don't hate saying things because this was my thought at the time I remember watching it thinking Benicio del Toro seems like he doesn't want to be in this movie

► 01:12:29

which such a stupid thing for me to say because I don't know what the fuck he wants I think he's a brilliant actor and I really liked what he said it but it just had that feeling like I don't know what it was and I know I've talked to people connected with that movie and I don't think it was a great experience for people for some reason maybe there's a lot of meddling probably a lot of meddling is that something that's a difficult thing to manage or do you not have to deal with that anymore I had to deal with that a lot when I made the to Halloween movies Einstein company because of this gigantic franchise well that was weird middling it was just like kind of psychotic middling also just weird like like my phone was ringing all the time when I'm on set working and it'd be like we think it should be this I'm like well vitally your work yeah well if I did that then everything we shot doesn't match and it makes no sense it's just like doing coke just coming up like I don't know it's just weird thoughts all the time and but I mean a lot of times I don't want to like name all these names of people but

► 01:13:28

I remember working on one movie that never happened and whatever was the number one movie that from that weekend was exactly the notes I would get for what we're working on it didn't and I swear to because around the time of private parts and private parts was number one I go I guarantee you when I walk in the office is going to say can we get Howard Stern in this movie and they did no yes it didn't matter what it was if it was Starship Troopers ago can we get giant bugs in this movie suddenly what are the Halloween movies is another movie that never actually happened but and you just like the insanity the uncreated of executive that wants to be creative is that is a classic story in Hollywood I mean that's that's really like a villain in a film about a movie about a guy trying to make a movie yeah I mean I thought we thought I will give credit for things like I'm remember working with Bob Weinstein and I always thought like the first thing he would say was spot-on like they love movies they have a good sense of movies and he would say something you like and then what happens between the second and the third act it's a bunch of bullshit that doesn't work

► 01:14:28

in you go yeah you're right it is but like when he went to the next level of the detail of what's wrong with it it's kind of like someone going like that jokes not funny here's how I would be funny no no right the first part of your sentence was all he needed I don't need you now to tell me how to make it funny and that's what happens like when you I don't do them anymore but back when I would be forced to do test screenings with an audience you could just sitting there you'll know you'll know okay the board during this part is boring or they're not laughing it supposed to be funny I don't now need

► 01:14:59

that kid to get up and explain to the studio how to save the picture because he watched a movie once so the process is like half good and half Insanity do you get any people upset that in some way you might be glorifying violence

► 01:15:18

maybe but I never hear about it because I don't think that's true

► 01:15:22

I mean or if it is true it doesn't I don't think it matters really because it's fake it's not real right I mean it's like I don't think the rules of real life apply to Art hmm I just don't right because that's why art exists just like you know that you just and you just have to feel that way because it's like okay well if we're going to run every movie through the PC filter then in American History X Edward Norton can't be racist sure you know how we actually we don't have a movie or running out you know Travis Bickle can't kill anyone he just has to save Jodie Foster because he's a nice person you know yeah we're just like a ruins everything I mean but the rules of real life were different but for for fiction I mean they can't be Rules by and how else are you going to depict these absolutely possible scenarios like if we're saying that there isn't suicidal or homicidal Maniacs in real life like well that's nonsense so if you're allowed

► 01:16:22

make a depiction of real life yeah of course it's going to have to include racist murderers Psychopaths every night just think it's you know it's it's art and it can go anywhere and it's always if it's shocking that's probably good and it won't be shocking next year like how whatever you're showing your kids at one point was shocking now the like seriously Dad yeah we were talking about Jaws that yeah Jaws today apparently would be PG it was PG then was it can you believe that no yeah wasn't it was oh my God I was just shocking especially scare the fuck everybody well that's because I parents took us to see it which was awesome but I was traumatized for sure yeah that was a crazy movie I didn't want to have anything to do with the water after that movie yeah I still don't put the best special effects as well man when that shark Rises out of the water for the first time he likes throwing the chum in the water has come on down here and jump some of this shit was gonna need a bigger boat yeah like it's hard to believe those lines were like once just lines in ask

► 01:17:22

yeah I know they're iconic yeah they're a part of culture now it's amazing yeah do you think that there is there a style of film or a kind of movie that you want to do that you haven't done yet that you're thinking you'd like to get into I mean there's two different projects I tried to develop for a long time and they both failed to get off the ground one was this movie called The Broad Street Bullies and it was about the 1974 Philadelphia Flyers and the movie is the true story is so insane that you can't believe it's real just the way that they decided you know there are fledgling team nobody cared so they basically built a team of tough guys you know which is kind of like slap shots almost like this thing won the Stanley Cup twice based on just being so scared so in so terrorizing other teams would be scared to play them and they'll be like oh you got the Philly flu because major players willing to stick to play when we get to Philly because the end you go back and you watch the fights that took place during

► 01:18:22

there's those Seasons they literally go into the crowd they're fighting with fans they come off the ice they break up and then when the guys are fighting it's not and it doesn't seem like good natured like okay we're gonna go we're gonna go it seems like gripping someone's hair and punching them in the face till their teeth are all gone type fighting cops are breaking up the fights on the ice cops cops with skates no pull uniformed policemen come onto the ice and start breaking things up but they're sliding around with her yeah trying to the regulation YouTube It's amazing I mean I just I researched this for years and and then they just you know and Bobby Clarke at that time was like the most hated man and hockey I don't know if you're a hockey fan and all but he's just like another one is guys who is he had I don't know I could go on forever for a movie and didn't make but I think I kept trying to make it go and go and just could just never you could just never and I was in went to fill delfino's it hanging out with the team and I was in their archives and having access to everything I left this is

► 01:19:22

happen in just couldn't wouldn't move why why not I don't know I don't know if the team and the team owners want to glorify that time in the if there's an amazing documentary on it that was on HBO maybe like five years ago you got to watch it what do you mean that's the name it might have been called Broad Street Bullies because it was you know the Spectrum was on Broad Street so that's a good thing but it's nuts and I was like you know the Dave Schultz he's wearing Like A Nazi helmet he was the tough guy on the team that ever was petrified of and these guys are like had really long hair and big beards I mean it does not like Hawking - I look like a maniac and they'd get stuff like you know you'd see him get stitches get hit get stitched go back on the ice with the stitches there's jerseys covered in blood and they don't even change their Jersey they're playing covered in blood well it's such a crazy something I would never do no well this sport still to this day is such a throwback because it's the only sport where you're allowed to fight in the middle of the sport

► 01:20:22

as if they had that with basketball hockey players are the toughest motherfuckers because I always loved hockey I want to be a hockey player when I was little kid and that was my thing and for a long time me and my wife we had season tickets for the king so we'd go to every single game year after year after year and we'd always hang out with the team and they'd come to our house and then party and we'd always be with them in Vegas and and they're like football players on skates and they're all for like these like guys from like Moose Jaw Saskatchewan and like the teeth out and get crazy in the bar and feel like mental and they're just like who else is skating at 90 miles an hour crashing into boards yeah that are just have no give but it's so interesting that that's the one sport where it's written in the you can fight the fight I mean it's so funny it's so crazy like that would make so many sports so much more interesting but nobody would ever do it yes it's literally the tough-guy sport it is the tough-guy sport and the thing I always drove me crazy like drove me crazy like it involves me but they would always advertise

► 01:21:22

Kings as like it's like this family thing like oh come on down and cheer for the Kings and the be like a girl in a hockey jersey on the Billboards around town only you should just put up mugshot style portraits of the players like smiling with their teeth missing and it just as you think you're fucking tough right Kings because yeah and that's not like the old days where they're kind of like skillful to like it's guys like six foot five and you put them on skates and they're huge and they you know they they're all jacked up and big like football players except their own skates there is I think a really hard sell for a lot of people putting but what's not a hard sell is MMA which is weird right because yeah it's like the darling of so many you go to the fights and Matt Damon will be there and Leonardo Dicaprio and everybody wants to be seen there and Kanye's in the crowd and it's one of those things where people have decided like that's okay meanwhile there yeah mashing their faces open with elbows on the ground mental man heads trap occasion they're pummeling each other and it's okay and he

► 01:22:22

they break it up like I'm pretty sure that guys already got brain damage you need to stop that punching yeah seconds earlier well it's it's okay sport because it's become accepted like like that's what I'm saying it's weird like a fight in a basketball game is a giant deal like oh my God I shoves another guy and it's like a big crazy yeah if a guy you know like Judo tossed a guy and landed on his head somebody did that recently in a hockey game was awful Robin black did a breakdown of it where some guy got a guy in a clinch and hit him with a hip toss and slammed his head onto the concrete is horrible it's weird I mean I can see why they they want I think they probably like Hockey being more family friendly because the Arena's is so nice you bring the jobs and they don't want a bunch of Maniacs beating the shit out of each other but they can still fight they can still fight but it is just watch this this is crazy boom Oh that's bad that's horrible that's an asshole move because like that's not even fighting like 10 plus that guy landed with both of their weights

► 01:23:22

as on his head he's out cold I mean that's like serious serious fucking brain yeah I remember one time one particular incident of Kings game where the guy was out and it went on forever and the vibe was so heavy in the arena because why is he dead because you know we you know when someone hits and they just stopped moving stiffen up freak Show you pull up some Broad Street Bullies fighting from 1974 pull up some of that yeah I've seen some famous Schultz oh that's the thing yeah this is the documentary it's amazing oh look at the way they look back there yeah everything it's like back in the day it's just such a weird thing to see people from that era

► 01:24:02

I hear that yeah they don't this is like early days before they became insane oh so it built up because what happened was when they were starting as a team they got really manhandled One Time by a certain team and they like this is never going to happen again and they rebuilt team would basically like Thug Type guys I'm always amazed that anybody could punch while they're on skates and that's I can't even skate how the fuck do you maintain your I don't know these guys are amazing athletes I one time I went I went down and got to skate at practice with the LA Kings would that guys were injured and and that rink seem small when those big guys all get on a nice I'm sure it was like wow there's no room up here but it's also the Collide into each other against the wall which the amount of shock on your body I know it's amazing that

► 01:24:51

I mean they just go and go and go the maybe you can reignite some interest with this conversation because I think that would be able he's pulling his fucking hair yeah well it wasn't like it was I'm gonna wash that it's amazing so have you tried again recently right Riley think that this is like they just don't want to be connected to this story well there's this guy Ed Snider who was the guy who started a whole team and that's where and I met with I thought he was the reason it wasn't going to happen and then he passed away because I mean he's pretty old and then we started talking to the newer people and it just I don't you like how many years my life I'm going to dictate you know right right right you don't know and someone said to me one time well you got further than anyone else ever did I'm like how many times they try to make this movie I just warned me about that five years ago is there any other kind of movie that you're interested in other than something like that well yeah there was this other one that I worked on for a long time that never won either I had bought the rights to this book called raised eyebrows which was a

► 01:25:51

I thought about the last few years of Groucho Marx's life this guy Steve stole you wrote it and he was a nineteen-year-old college kid who started this petition Drive do you like the Marx Brothers love ya and because animal crackers had been lost that was the Lost film and it you see I think that UCLA sorry Steve I can't remember

► 01:26:12

knowledge he started this petition drive to get animal crackers released from the Vault and released because it hadn't been seen since like the 40s or something and he did this was in this this was in the early 70s and through that he became Groucho's assistant but Groucho's final years of really dark because he kept having strokes and he was Ill any of this woman Erin Fleming who was supposed to be he's the kind of played it like it was his girlfriend but she's so the caretaker and it was turns into Sunset Boulevard inside his house you know and Steve eventually is put in charge of Groucho because the it's a really gorgeous Sunset Boulevard also because she got out she was being abused and drugged by this woman she isolated from his family and it's like happening in his Beverly Hills home and it's just dark it was dark towards the end for Groucho really and but the book is fascinating because the guy wrote it Steve who you know still alive and we're friends just like it was one of the books you read like 5 seconds and I just happen to find it by accident like this is an amazing movie

► 01:27:12

again years and years go on trying to get a man just can't get it going Groucho was such a controversial character in one of the greatest lines ever on You Bet Your Life he's talking to this guy and he's asked the guy like you married yes how many kids you got the cigar like yeah guy says he's got a game kids did he goes geez you goes he goes all I love my wife because I love my cigar to but I take it out of my mouth every now and then yeah that is that was a hugely controversial line yeah he's it was amazing and he was like and he was very eyebrows yeah there it is he was very outspoken he was like on Nixon's shit list and stuff and I came here inside Groucho's house yeah it's really fast that if you get that book you'll read in like two seconds that's it's always sad when some iconic old figure like is being taken care of as he's older and you know he's getting fucked over and someone's waiting for him to die so they can get the money yeah and she kept kind of doing thing like we're going to make you come back Groucho and we're going to do us tv specials enemy you know like you and Frank Sinatra and Groucho's like you know had on his like third

► 01:28:12

rokk and like can't really talk or you know I'm just like in a couple of the final appearances of him or pretty rough because he was pretty sharp and good even when he was older Leaf watch My Dick Cavett or something but then it got bad and then how did this lady get into his life that go down term she was

► 01:28:33

it's been I think she was a secretary at first and just kind of weaseled her way in I can't remember exactly I should I should be a remember read the book so much and there's so many stories like that of like oh I think there was a Stanley story like that and his last few days I happens a lot yeah people were trying to get his money I remember I remember that when Martha Raye yeah that was a good thing again with her like he was like oh and her boyfriend and she's like this in a wheelchair all that's right yeah shit yeah that is sad shit and their kids are done with them and so someone else is taken care of over there so older kids have all died of old age yeah and this was like you know so you wanted to do that film yeah what happened that it just because it just couldn't get it going we thought we'd every time it seemed like we were on the move and just would stall and then I had a falling out with the producers and I was like I you know

► 01:29:29

five years spent with this I'm out oh my God the Drina of time yeah that's the thing like for every movie I've ever gotten made this probably five others that I tried to get made that couldn't get made some it's a real time suck yeah that's that's a fucking huge drag man now when you when you do get a film made is it generally that you come to the studio and you have this idea and you bring it to them and yeah it's usually like well the Halloween movies were different because I remember I had I had no thought I wasn't thinking about Halloween I was lying about anything like that and I got the thing I owe you know the Weinstein Company wants you to go have a meeting with them Bob Weinstein he's in La yada yada yada so I go in to meet him and he's just like Halloween what do you think it's great fucking movie I mean I didn't know what he was getting it he's like we own the rights and we want to do something with and we don't know what to do because they didn't know if they want to make another sequel or just call it Halloween but not have Michael Myers

► 01:30:29

not like there was no preconceived idea and it was my idea to basically try to reboot it start over with new people playing all the same roles and do that that was

► 01:30:40

I don't know it came out in 2007 so it's pretty 2006 when I did that who was involved in the more recent one Lionsgate is the company that did three from hell because I had done after Universal booted me with house 1000 Corpses was eventually acquired by Lionsgate and Lionsgate me the sequel Devil's Rejects and then which was already 15 years ago and a couple of years ago I got a real bug to make another one I just wanted to Lionsgate when the same executive still there I was like what do you think about doing this and they're like they were saying like you know what that was the last really fun time we had making a movie let's do it that's gotta feel good yeah it was great I was like wow that's sad but okay now do you have long-term plans like in terms of like what you want to accomplish as a guy who makes movies well yes and no I mean I don't have a I'm not trying to gear up towards making bigger films because I know I wouldn't work in that system because it's just not I don't want to make things by committee I was like this is the fuck that crazy thing I want

► 01:31:39

I do and I don't want to water because I know so many people that will be like like our friend Tom Papa I remember him telling me about his TV show come to Papa

► 01:31:51

that it was like this certain idea he said by the time the TV people watered it down changed it gets on the air was like well so far removed from the original idea yeah that I don't you know I don't want to do that and you know and so I would rather my goal is just get it made whatever it takes right worried about don't try to be Blockbuster guy I don't care I mean I've you know I had the Halloween movies were on 4,000 screens it was like the number-one movie made him but it didn't make me any happier it's just about making the thing where I can look into it I love it I'm done because you know that's at this stage that's what I want to do yeah the the genre is still so attractive but there's just not a lot of those examples other than like well your films are probably the most prominent currently well I mean if everything's meant I mean horror movies are big business but if they look at it that way then they start making them

► 01:32:47

overly palatable to a wide audience types of horror movies though you know there's like supernatural horror movies there's monster movies but then there's like homicidal maniac movies because you kind of start that shit redneck homicides that I mean who's that's my shot it you know it's like The Hills Have Eyes yeah right then you there you go right wise you don't I mean if it's like that kind of psychopath Chainsaw Massacre type shit I love white trash type stuff well the Carny because that's just yeah I was that typical kid who worshipped Evel Knievel crash kit I mean that maybe that would be a fucking man that would be a movie that be a fucking movie man I worked with his son I work with Robbie Robbie Knievel and during the Fear Factory days already did something on Fear Factor yeah it's cool he's a nice guy but you know I was like damn dude your dad was a fucking psycho yeah shit that guy subjected his body to its

► 01:33:47

and when you watch that shit and you watch the Philadelphia Flyers that time the seven fucking mental it was maybe just a little kid watching Evel Knievel and listening to Alice Cooper and watching hockey fights and that determines who you become yeah Evel Knievel was just I mean there's a think it was a rolling stone piece of his body where they showed all of his X-rays and all of the crazy bone breaks and steel rods that were in various bones that were screwed together in like fuck man what kind of pain was this guy and I don't know I mean did you see the there's a fairly new documentary I think it's called being Knievel I think it's amazing well it's maybe a couple years old actually but

► 01:34:30

yeah just any one of those crashes I think this is a famous one is in London and he jumps over the double-decker buses and you can see them land in the bike looks like it's made out of rubber and he looks like he's made over apparently it looks like every bone in his body just broke and that's not gonna do it again and do it again oh got me that was his thing imagine that being your thing your thing as you fly through the air on something that's supposed to stay on the ground a full-size Harley that's not made for jumping or doing anything at all the landing for that matter doesn't have any particularly like is like the bouncy shocks or anything it's just hitting like Gloom could dunk and just oh my God yeah it's it's a weird thing to be that guy because there was I mean there was some people in the past that had done some pretty interesting shit and risk their lives but he was doing it consistently with an engine that was like the thing about him it's like and he was like one of the most

► 01:35:30

famous people in America yeah with the likely American flag suit yes like the Fonz and Evel Knievel have no area of being Kitty but you gotta see that I can see wow it's amazing wow yeah what a kind of stuff in there that kind of blew my mind because I we all remember the Snake River Canyon yes but they were showing how out of control it was with the people that showed up and were so drunk and the crowds were fighting and crazy just on their own it's it mental like just what's going on around the the event that's one of those things you can't really do today the same way like if someone jumps over things today it's like so many people are jumping like you're not going to get famous that way because they think about the just the bananas shit those BMX guys do with their foe yeah three times in the air it's commonplace ya know watching Evel Knievel's like watching the original King Kong with your kids right it's like oh that was a big deal once he jumps

► 01:36:29

buses whatever I did on my bike yeah that would be a great film I don't know what you have to do now catch bullets with your bare hands I forget such as red bullet man you know well now there's people doing parkour and climbing buildings with no ropes that's like you ever watch that kid Alex Honnold do you know who you know he's the free solo the free solo guy yeah I still haven't seen that yet but if he's so nice and so normal when you talk to him I've had them on the podcast a couple of times and I'm like how are you the guy that's wanting to climb the face of these fucking Cliffs and some of them weird they're they're not straight up and down they're losing Holding On by a finger as get like pans wedged in these crack look at that picture yeah that's me that doesn't make you shit your pants and he's getting older and he's starting to get injured now to and you know he's for the first time in his life he's had you know for a long time he had no injuries no

► 01:37:29

and he's always been doing this a long time now his body's not holding up the way it used to when do you retire like when are you Muhammad retire when Knievel and you know it's done the finger slips on that's when you retire I mean that's what all of the people that have done it before him think they think look this is going to end badly yeah you know it's it's crazy to be known as the guy who's doing something that scares the fuck out of everybody yeah you're the guy that everybody's watching to eventually fall look at that like look at the angle that doesn't seem possible well he's incredibly strong his hands like he's a slender thin guy but he has gorilla hands yeah the fat ass fingers and he just can shove them into these cracks and hang on and place he was telling me a story about how he was free solo climbing this one mountain when he realized you know like fucking 300 feet up that he forgot his powder so he's got no chalk so he's you know things are getting

► 01:38:29

slippery he's climbing and he finds these guys that are connected to ropes halfway up and he says hey I don't have any powder can I borrow your chalk so the guy gives us chalk bag he makes it all the way to the top and leaves the chalk bag at the top for the guy it's like one of those guys like an empty ropes and he's going by no ropes Workshop is that much fun chalk like you know like if you ever lifted weights like with that bar gets slippery it sucks like you need chalk to grip things right so you can you can really get a hold of stuff but that's just weights you could put the weights down to the worst fall is going to be 3 feet to the floor fuck I can't I can't even watch his to I'm like my hands are sweating right now thinking about it I haven't watched that bet I got to and everyone's always talking no it's an amazing documentary but he said just a fascinating guy because it doesn't make sense he's not like some Steve-O type guy is a maniac and just like always trying to freak people out and do the next thing I know

► 01:39:29

I'm going to rock it on a shopping cart yeah crashed into a brick wall exactly exactly like when Steve-O comes up with ideas like he'll tell him to me I'm like don't do that don't do that man no I stopped doing that but I get it that's who he is he's in he's a lip legitimate bona fide Maniac the Alex Honnold guys so calm and peaceful you know what he said like he's like well you know I'm pretty mellow you know it's like when the whole thing is pretty mellow it's like when things go wrong that's when it's not mellow like oh God yeah yeah I know how everything is yeah so do you see things like that like current events stuff or like a person like him and think that a movie is there a movie in that like

► 01:40:17

sometimes I see things I'm trying to the last time I thought that and I'm always late like yoga oh I just saw the oh it's already in production I'm never ahead of the curve enough to be on top it's a bummer you know yeah

► 01:40:30

but now there's all kinds of things like that that I would love to do but it's like it just

► 01:40:35

I don't know it's

► 01:40:38

the time sometimes I just I've tried like I said I told you to projects that took so much of my life I mean I sat there and watched the because the whole Flyers movie ended with them winning the cup the first time and I watched that series I got all the games on with the all the original commercials which was an incredible commercials a Salvador Dali selling house paint like weird shit and I walk I had them I had the whole series of memorize I could have called the commentary on it I'd watch thousands of hours of watching this hockey I went because I was like if I'm going to make this movie I'm going to be the number one Phillies expert on everything I don't want anyone to say anything I'm like oh gee I don't know now I can't remember anything and then it was all for nothing well but that's so that's why things are anyway though but so you invested too much

► 01:41:29

yeah but you kind of had to because it's like I figured with the topic like that they have such the fans are right I mean they're like that they're like gods and Philadelphia I mean the best thing about this just think of this as a movie okay just these one scene when they introduce the team in Philly I think was 1967 they had a parade to introduce them because of hockey was coming to town they said they had a parade with the players and it was like maybe no one there to watch the parade and even then one of the guys goes all I remember is a guy leaning on the Lamppost giving me the finger as the parade went by and then when they won the Stanley Cup they had a parade two million people showed up in the Streets of Philadelphia in the footage of that if you can find it while you're over there the entire you know like a hundred thousand people show for the Lakers and was crazy two million people is for wood stocks in the streets in the Streets of Philadelphia

► 01:42:21

to watch a team drive-by like in the back of like convertibles and they're all Dell look like porn stars are the first those big mustaches and big afros they're amazing it's like you just and that was such a short period of time that was maybe like seven years from go fuck yourself to like you guys are Philadelphia wow it was all during that time period of like you know when they made Rocky so Philadelphia's like the shithole them America you know and then in every sports team was bad and the the real-life story just reads like fiction I mean holy shit look at all those and that was the entire Parade route people are hanging out of buildings it was just it was that's when they won the game was just incredible well Joan up in Boston believe it or not I wasn't a hockey fan I didn't I was just in a martial arts and I didn't even like sports I just was I found out about martial arts really the school that I want going to because I was coming home from a Red Sox game

► 01:43:21

I was in a baseball time and I went up to this gym and this Martial Arts Taekwondo school and I happen to be going there right when this guy his name was John Lee was practicing and he was National heavy or light heavyweight champion at the time and just incredible and I got to see him hit this bag and I remember thinking I can't believe someone can do that yeah like he hit it so hard he was kicking his bag and I was like fuck I want to learn how to do that but what year was that this was 19 I was 15 14 15 so 81 82 somewhere around there okay and when I was 19 years old so I really wasn't paying attention at all to support those balls into martial arts but I was working at the Boston Athletic Club and Bobby Orr who is long retired used to come there to work out yeah and he had had so many knee surgeries I was terrible that I used to have to help him and mean everybody was like holy shit it's Bob

► 01:44:21

or Bobby Orr's here pop your fucking Bobby okay I didn't I kind of knew he was Bobby Orr but it did it wasn't like I was meeting Bruce Lee or something like I was meeting Bruce Lee I probably have fainted but it was yeah it was this hockey player guy and I used to have to help him to get on the verse or climber you know diverse climbers know there's one of them out there in the gym you climb on it it's an amazing cardio machine but you put your feet in these things it was in Rocky like borrowing cash Drago was working on it but Bobby wanted to get on this thing so I used to have to help him because he couldn't bend his knees his knees like the range of motion like here's a here's a leg here's a normal range of motion right his knees would go like this they wouldn't lock all the way out they would bend slightly and they would move from this bent slightly to this that's all he had that's crazy add a little bit of Bend in his knees that's it yeah he would play racquetball and he would just fall over so he like you play Rock above the ball

► 01:45:21

over here you just tip and fall over it was like he was on these legs that weren't legs it was like he was on sticks they just didn't work you know and I remember seeing the scars up and down the sides of his life yeah I've never seen those as a kid like that you'd see pictures I followed the Bruins I was always into Bobby Orr and yeah he probably always was back on the ice too soon yet another injury yep Stitch him up Ripple yeah I know he didn't know how to fix things back then either and he's so incredible Bobby Orr was like at that time like if young Brad Pitt was the greatest hockey player of all time I mean he didn't even seem real right you know I think the Golden Boy and I'm keeping making apocalypse but like you see some clips and it's like the way he's skating compared to everyone else it's like did everyone else just learned that day like he's just skating around them like they don't even exist it's just as like as a kid you like this is the greatest person alive well that's not Evil Knievel also why he blew his knees out right because he was just it was

► 01:46:21

taking these crazy risks and moving so far away yeah I mean he was just people are probably trying to take them out left and right to yeah I mean he and the for the thing with him to he was a defenseman not a forward so he would play like a forward but he would be a defenseman so he's supposed to be the tough guy defending the goalie yet he's like a leading scorer so he was sort of too good for everything so he's like yeah so he's taking all the hits and scoring all the goals he was such a nice guy I remember thinking that too when I was a kid I always used to be intimidated by people who are really nice guys it's like house he's so nice because I was kind of a prick it's driving me crazy like that he was so now I felt inferior I was like God I wish I was that nice you know cuz yeah every I get I know you're I was mean when I was a mean kid because I was fighting and I was like the way to fight is to be mean yeah you want to get good at fighting you got to be fucking means yeah by then I'm five years in the fighting and all it's all I want to do

► 01:47:21

and so I'm around this guy feel like he's so he's so nice and he's like the greatest hockey player of all time fuck I'm such a loser yeah yeah I remember it's funny I remember in high school the kids that would always be in the fights and kick everyone's ass feel like you can't compete with that he's just born crazy he likes to fight it's me punch him in the face it'll probably make him happy after he smashes your head into the sink and you know kills you it's just like his yes it's a different way people but I never got into I wasn't really a street fight person at all I was scared of it that's how I got into martial arts because I was scared of fighting but the the the difference between people that were like a Bobby war or a regular player always fascinated me I was like how is one guy Michael Jordan yeah right how is one guy house one guy you know Reggie Jackson what is he doing different how does this guy rise above everybody else they're just special because I would read about him and be like you know they knew he was good when he was a kid

► 01:48:21

it to become watch this eight-year-old I was skating people like he was I think I forget I'm I don't want to I'm not a Bobby were expected can't remember things but I remember that like you know being scouted at 14 like he was an adult he was so good but that's why you have to be I guess you know I mean there are just some key I mean we all remember kids from high school that's like why are you right you're like a professional athlete and we're like stupid kids yeah like you know right like why are you shredded lettuce like Dopey kids like what's going on kind of musicians to write remember when Prince first came out was he like 19 when he came out with I want to be your lover yeah some people are just special yeah they're just Mozart but in fighting or so humbling yeah well that's where it goes back to the thing we said like an hour ago fooled them again because I like those guys are actually special well there's always gonna be people like that right they just put it all in perspective for you and make you realize like wow just okay I'm already

► 01:49:21

person it's fun watching people like that but yeah but then there's people like that sometimes that they just self-destruct because they don't care that they're good right you know and I remember people like that too and like they do nothing with it that's true too you know which is weird yeah there's sometimes people can be too talented where things come too easy it doesn't mean anything yeah there's a thing like you know what you were talking about earlier about being bullied like maybe if we get rid of bowling we're going to get rid of a certain amount of success to mean something I don't want anybody to hurt their feelings but I understand that there's something that comes out of that right there's something that comes out of it being really hard for you to do that when ya figure out a great do it you've developed this indomitable spirit because you've managed to make your way through the hardest levels of the game to get to the top it's not like you were just faster than everybody have bigger muscles in your fucking heads thicker or something yeah I mean yeah you can't be like probe

► 01:50:21

leaving because that's weird but but there is something to it because like real life just bullies you anyway there's something to adversity like you have to be able to like like when people like whenever someone says like what's your advice for like you know doing this like being in show business or something ago if being told by complete strangers that you suck all day long does not father you in any way you know the maybe it's the business for you yeah but maybe it's not because I think it bothers everybody who wants to do when does a difference between bothering like that's a drag or like I quit right because there's always this is funny whenever someone comes to me and they say like he wrote a short story be brutally honest I mean brutally honest that person's like secretly saying please say something nice about the course yeah come watch my show be Bruno's really honest you're hideous to look at and you're the least talented person I've seen in my life that's such a request like I've had people ask me to read their scripts and like a pro you're asking me for an hour and a half

► 01:51:21

of my time yeah I don't even know you do you valuable an hour and a half is I have children and three jobs and a lot of hobbies I don't have an hour and a half to watch a movie I didn't want to read a script and my agent sent it over I don't want to read yours I think that that's time suck fucking just gets his Rob Zombie if I could just get this Rob Zombie he can make it then it all work out it's so funny the people that always make it never talk about themselves no people that can't telling you about their great idea

► 01:51:50

it's very rarely an idea it's very rare that ideas actually great yeah it's like there's certain qualities that someone has to have to make something that's truly exceptional and very rarely do they want to tell you that it's truly exceptional yeah I mean it's weird like maybe it's an insecurity thing that you don't want to tell anybody what you do because you never think it's good enough as opposed to people that are not good enough and they always want to tell you about themselves right yeah that's a problem the Romney people are talking about themselves well it's like it's a human psychology but I think the thing about like I was saying about Richard jeni would say that looking at shitty Comics is what inspires people to do comedy then we learn from all of the psychological disasters all the people that think like all the guys that think they're better looking than they are you don't mean like they walk up to a girl what the fuck are you talking about get out of here like the something there's something to be learned from that like you know I had a friend growing up that would swing at every pitch this guy would go up

► 01:52:50

every girl and he didn't he wasn't a particularly good-looking guy he wasn't smart he wasn't funny he but he was bold yes and you know he and I would learn from him like girls would be angry at him like angry that he had the balls to ask them out and then they probably would go right because they are like you got one bed two very few his strategy just didn't work it didn't work at all I think that's fine girls with something wrong with them like there's something wrong with that they have a screw loose I thought the end of that story was going to be his boldness paid off no he's just dating no impairment alcoholic disaster I've lost touch with him fifteen twenty years ago it's funny he's out of his fucking mind but I remember when we were kids I be like Jesus Christ because I the one of the things about getting the show business that helped me is I was always super insecure to talk to girls but then when you wouldn't you would I would you stand up you would do work at clubs and you'd be the guy on stage making people laugh like they wanted to talk to you like you

► 01:53:50

actually want to talk to me this is crazy you know I couldn't believe it but weird that guy would just fucking anybody like look at that hot bartender I'm and I'm going he would like every flight attendant on his face by cocktails and take chances and ask for phone numbers there's but you can learn from people that fuck everything up yeah you can you learn from everything man but I have this theory that nobody can learn from other people's mistakes really it's a very it's the maybe it's just the way you think and I think but it's the rare person who learns from other people's mistakes yeah it's rare but it's possible because I always think like heroin right it didn't Lou Reed finish that one for everybody we're still gonna give it a go different when you do heroin or just anything I mean I never know anyone who learns from anyone's mistakes as you can even if you're in the business and you go look here's my piece vote don't spend that money on that because that's the only going to see put it away do this because that's an advanced that's not coming every month right yeah

► 01:54:50

yeah yeah yeah and then you know two months later they're broke right you know it's like I've stopped I don't give people advice because they don't want to hear it I don't care be the right people here want to really want advice and they're going to use it that's like one out of a hundred but they do exist yeah but it's rare yeah and those are the people that are smart knowing aha yeah I try to learn as much as I can from other people's mistakes but it didn't feel as bad as a feel to those people that's part of the problem was like mistake laughter to yeah the fucking hurt like bombing like bombing on stage is like sucking a thousand dicks in front of your mother it hurts so bad that you learn and you like okay I am gonna figure this out I'm never having that happen again I gotta I gotta get better that must be so bad oh yeah I can relate to it because you know done a different sort of bombing in front of people on stage but you can't really learn from other people bombing I think you kind of that's one of those things you kind of got to do yourself how long does it

► 01:55:50

because I'm always fascinated by how long do you feel it takes I mean this is not really a question I guess you can answer but till you find your voice and you go okay this is me I'm this guy I'm not I'm not reading fire I'm not Jerry Seinfeld it depends on some people maybe never find it is but a lot of people never find it there's impossible Comics whereas like you see them and you go oh my God this poor bastard was trying to do something that he's never going to be able to do there's people that just they're never going to be able to do it for whatever reason whatever whatever psychological ingredients that they have it's not enough to make chocolate cake like you don't have any eggs you know I mean flower yeah you're fucked yeah I know yeah but then there's other people that their ego protects them where they believe that they did well when they didn't do well they're delusional and that's the worst thing because they are trying to protect themselves from the bad feeling but then understand the bad feeling is your friend because that's it sucks

► 01:56:50

hard but yeah that's the fucking medicine that you take that medicine he got to go okay okay what did I do wrong this is what I did wrong I kind of not do that again and you got to put more time and focus and effort it's really dependent it's almost entirely on how much you do that objectively and your focus like how you can look at it some people just don't ever want it no matter what they're doing whether painting right making comic books they don't want to ever look at it the way other people look at it they want to think that everything they do is amazing you know hmm like that's true my kids will show me something and sometimes it'll be funny like you know my daughter will make something on iPad sometimes it'll be funny and sometimes those like look you gotta edit this and so much shit going on this is boring but they think it's great why because there are she's fucking 9 okay but when you're 28 and you think everything you do is amazing it's like okay but do you think that's worse now because of things like Instagram oh for sure your everybody puts up anything and you want to go

► 01:57:50

you look like an idiot but your friends like you are so hot or something you know like everyone's can they can feed their delusions it certainly but you also could take the sting of criticism and you get it from way more people than I ever have before like if you're so many put something up on Instagram you think it's funny and then the people come at you hard like whoa like you might you know if you're a comic and you've been doing stand-up for five years you're never going to work in front of a nun normal circumstances you are going to work in front of 5,000 people but you might get 5,000 people saying you suck if you put something up on Instagram that's true you know yeah I mean you can tell when I mean I'm sure you can tell when somebody's funny almost instantly you can tell but some people surprise you like some people in the beginning like wow this guy's got it rough but then one day they it just clicks and they just keep working on it and but it's a matter of whether or not they're willing to put the building blocks in the right place and whether or not they're going to admit that the structure that they have currently is not

► 01:58:50

double right and some people aren't but some people are it's like it doesn't and also it's it's just like movies right was like everybody's got a different style you know your films are your kind of films whereas like there's other people that are doing like these really simple sweet you know chick flicks and that's for them that's what they like and there's people that find that and they think it's amazing it's so good it's like you've got to find whatever the fuck it is that you do that you would like to see ya that's how it's the only way you can judge it yeah I mean I do what I do because that's what I like so what I'm doing I go okay but if I was trying to do something else that I'd what didn't get I'ma go well what do I judged against like what you're telling me is good then I'm lost but you'd be like the executive asking to get Howard Stern the movie like you don't know why they want him and move and they just know he's famous like always moving

► 01:59:50

Kahneman it's good Howard and that's what happened when I was doing the Halloween movies lot because they'd weigh in so often that it can start messing with you because you don't know which end is up because you just want to go Jesus Christ can I just fucking Focus for five seconds before you send her another 18 pages of weird notes is fucking me and you really don't know which end is up anymore I've been there I've never been there for a film that I've been there on TV shows it's a drag it is very confusing because you don't know anymore because you're so spun out from too much information because most of the I find most of the time and that's why I'll defend likes another like a filmmaker like Ed Wood and why people still talk about Plan 9 from Outer Space because yes technically it's inept in the but there's something so specific about this guy's Bizarro Vision they still talking about it and it seemed like Tim Burton makes a movie about it was a million far superior made films from back then that nobody gives a shit

► 02:00:50

it's just like this something about keeping that weird Bizarro Vision alive and not having the committee ruin it yeah if enough people know that it's going to be an Edward movie they're gonna go see it there's enough people that find out about the like yeah that's guys just weird shit yeah you know you'll see his weird find any make a movie more entertaining and six days would like $300 and you made with 200 million dollars well especially in the till after the test the taste of time because if you look back at it now I mean people will gather around and watch it especially after the Johnny Depp movie yeah because Johnny Depp was such a weird head would look great in that so great it's a fucking strange that's like their graves I think Edward and like Young Frankenstein of 2 times y like that's like the perfect combo they're just such perfect films Edward is so weird thought that the Johnny Depp version of Miss like what kind of character are you I know yeah

► 02:01:45

I remember right when it came out a nose right it was right with Martin Landau got nominated for an Oscar I ran into him at a newsstand and I couldn't I never go up to people because I don't bother anybody but I couldn't resist and it was like one of those cases where he was so nice that it like oh my God which was great but he was great enough and he seem so shocked I like some young Weird dude was like so excited to see meet Martin Landau because you know it's pretty old yeah that's cool what a movie like that sort of reignites people's appreciation for someone to die always always been great I mean because I was like a space 1999 dork and stuff back in the day is there ever a guy that you like you you are such a big fan of as an actor that you would kind of try to like make a movie around them

► 02:02:27

probably I mean I'm the sad part is so many of the people that I love are gone hmm you know like I've tried to put a lot of people I really loved and all my movies a lot of like just weird character actors from the 70s that you'd see in like Clint Eastwood movies and stuff but like Jeffrey Lewis you know who is in like you know sidekicking Every Which Way but Loose and is in High Plains Drifter Juliette Lewis is dead Jeffrey Lewis oh yeah and he was like the greatest I worked with him twice and he would have huge it done with the funniest story once he goes this is what I learned from I can't imitate America but it's what I learned from working with Clint whenever I was in a scene with Clint I'd make sure I put my hand on his shoulder that way I knew he couldn't cut me out of the seen it all kinds of but he was he was an amazing guy remember when we were I did this animated movie with Tom Papa called The Haunted World level super beast and Jeffrey Lewis was and he had just come from boxing at that point he's in his 70s but he was like little but he was like he had that Eastwood body very still

► 02:03:26

ripped you know Clint Eastwood you don't think of me as like but then he is that Charles Bronson body back then where he was boxing in the 70s yeah it came from and he was like don't be fooled I can still kick your ass LOL yeah I'm sure you catch a man relax hilarious guy you know the movie that I fucking loved that it hardly gets talked about anymore is Bad Lieutenant yeah Harvey Keitel you don't hear from Harvey Keitel anymore for whatever reason well I think is he you see in the new thing that Irishman the Scorsese I don't know he seems like he should be that fucking guy has depth he's amazing when he gets there's scenes in movies when he gets angry he like Jesus Christ like this this is real like he's hit this weird place where he might murder the person he's in the film with I know he's I always wonder what this I've heard different weird stories of why because he was in Eyes Wide Shut

► 02:04:20

right and Kubrick film for a long time and then replaced him with Sydney Pollack why I don't know but I would always hear these different weird like that weird that there was weird shit that he did and I don't have any answers I don't repeat it but I always wonder because he's so great yeah but to shoot for six weeks or two months and then be replaced with weird thing well he's his scenes the something about him like like Pulp Fiction he's so authentic like you believe he's the cleaner you know like he's so great as like Sport and like you know Taxi Driver yes I think that might be the first thing I saw him in so I was just seemed so authentically sleazy I used to have a Bad Lieutenant poster without fuck happened to it but somewhere along my travels moving from place to place I lost it but I remember it's amazing that fucking movie was so crazy because it was like a bad cop here's a movie about a backdrop of over the top but probably fairly

► 02:05:20

Mystic probably unfortunate did you ever see the documentary the seven five no it's a great documentary about corrupt cops in New York oh really yeah and Michael Dowd who I gotta check was one of the guys who was one of those corrupt cops want to go to jail and now he's out and you know I had them on the podcast we talked about it and the it's fucking all of it is true all of its documented in all of it's insane what year was that all happening is that like once is a 70s right what year was I always assumed corruption happened in the 70s lot of seemed like he was showing up at the precinct with the fucking Corvette like it's going on here man they were knocking over 80s and 90s oh was oh wow assumed it was Serpico time period yeah but he's out now man and it's it's just one of those stories that so fucking crazy just you know knocking over drunk hits out on them and they were putting hits on other people's like it's like poof it's it's just

► 02:06:20

my ankle was that New York yeah yeah yeah it's like the wild west but he talks about like first day on the job being exposed to corruption like they threw some guy out of a fucking balcony and it's like you know like like this guy jumped right and he's like okay I think I forget what the exact story was but some ridiculous shit like that where they were he was a mean it's like it was corrupt long before he got there yeah he just couldn't sort of stepped into the the massive it you know it's like what you're talking about like you're early days in New York City like seeing that guy get Beat to Death by a cop like that was kind of how police had total autonomy they mean they had so much power and authority back then yeah it was crazy I remember another incident this is right before I left the ice I think I start talking about in finish it was like they had Tompkins Square Park and they were trying to that's when I was that area was getting gentrified that was the big word and there was like kind of a riot there was all the people protesting the gentrification of the Lower East Side this was probably like

► 02:07:21

I don't know fucking forget maybe early 90s late 80s and the cops showed up on Horseback and I was I was I had just walked out to go to the deli I didn't even know this was happening I just walked right into the middle of like what's going on here and then the cops just started racing through the crowd and I just started running and I saw a friend of mine he he died I'm using the singer this punk rock band Reagan Youth and I saw this cop just jump on him and start pounding on him so bad he had really long dreadlocks the next time I saw him his head was shaved and is all stitched up because he just had so much damage to his head he'd been in like a coma or something and then it was a big Scandal you could probably find this easy because the cops all put black tape on their badge numbers so that no one could tell who is who while they did all this shit it was like on the front cover the New York post a picture of like a I think the post the badge with the black tape that shit was wild that back then see if you can find well then the Chicago elections

► 02:08:21

and the riots during the 1960's yeah was like a turning point in Hunter as Thompson's life because he was there and he watched these cops just beat the fuck out of people and he said that he saw far worse beatings by the Chicago Police than he ever saw for the Hells Angels because you know his first book we know the Hells Angels book so he was around those guys for a year watching them get into by cabral's and shed he's like this fucking paled it paled

► 02:08:51

I mean it's yeah it's but it's crazy too but sometimes I being a cop must be a crazy job horrific because I can't imagine I mean I'm doesn't justify his stuff we're talking about but I can't imagine how you couldn't go crazy in that job right you see every day and what you most of them I think of PTSD and they don't it does it's not addressed most people have disdain for them almost everybody that meets a liar because you meet me to go I'll go I didn't know how fast I was going oh this is my house I just can't find my keys like everyone's lying to you and you're the enemy you are a professional enemy and you wear an enemy outfit yeah for all these criminals because your enemy it's a terrible way to live yeah we need them badly right it's and it's it's I don't know can't wait on that job I don't think no no you can't and it's and people don't you don't get paid enough people don't respect you they don't appreciate you you know I don't want you around nobody wants you around yeah and then you're not there fast enough exactly and then you suck yeah yeah it's

► 02:09:51

I mean and cop movies that's what's crazy is like cop movies people love people love cop movies in the cops are the good guys yeah so strange yeah but like their interactions with humans in real life like boy if people treated them the way they think about them in the movies it would be a wonderful time to be a cop it's weird though because I remember that time here in New York like so straight like I have a different relationship now when I see cops but but as a as like a bum kid at 19 like I remember walking down the street and a cop would Cruise along side roll down the window and they'd start taunting me saying shit like you know because bullies and our account but they're just like waiting for you to say something back right and I was like wow that's weird you know I was just walking down the street I wasn't you know even jay walking down the street now whatever cop comes up to me like oh no it's happening it's like dude I saw you with Slayer it was fucking awesome I guess weird

► 02:10:51

yeah it's got to be super strange yeah I mean the more accountable now than ever before I think that's one of the great things about body cameras and cellphones cops are you know you just can't rock it that way before but I don't think they get enough counseling I don't think they get enough money and I don't think that's I don't think it's a stringent enough screening process I think there's a lot of people that are there you know they're powerless twats when they're young and they want his wish everybody's gonna fucking pay if I could be a cop and they become a cop for all the wrong reasons and then they're the ones that give the good cops a bad name and if you think about the amount of interactions that people have a police and this is what perspective why perspective is so important there are fucking 320 million people in this country and cops have millions and millions and millions of millions of millions of millions of millions of interactions with people yeah all the time but how many of those interactions are positive the vast majority of them are not police brutality the vast majority of we're not shooting someone in planting a weapon on them or planting drugs

► 02:11:50

bottom of course a vast majority of them are cops doing a really hard job and doing their best but nobody gives a fuck about that you only care when the cops go bad you know and you know it's just perspective which you know nobody has no no that's too nuanced of a conversation with the world now know visiting perspective on anything but listen man I appreciate you coming in here and you film is out tonight tonight tonight S3 from Hell Free From Hell tonight and everywhere well somebody will tell me they couldn't find it but it's trying to be everywhere so it and then when will it be available like if someone wants to get it off Apple TV I don't know exactly I mean it's a three-night fathom event and then it'll be in theaters here and there and then it'll be out probably October will be most accessible for people okay I should have brought that information but no worries thanks man I'd be professional in your brother thanks for having me thank you Rob Zombie ladies and gentlemen

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he's in the Congo thank you friends much love to you all appreciate you by and big kids