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“A 3rd degree, category 5 Zucking” — Instagram TV’s YouTube move. Zoox’s (maybe) acquisition. Apeel’s un-expiring avocados.

Zoox had the biggest ambitions in mobility: self-driving, electric, robo-taxis. But now it may sell out to become Amazon’s delivery boy. Instagram’s latest move to share ad revenue with influencers is the first big Zucking of YouTube. And our “Unicorn of the Day” is Apeel, which hit a billion-dollar valuation (thanks to Oprah money) to be the anti-aging serum for your fruit bowl.

May 28, 2020 • 00:17:41

“This rocket self-drive to space or what?” — SpaceX’s capitalist milestone. Alexa wants podcasts. The COVID-19 umbrella challenge.

Small step for man, giant step for Elon Musk’s SpaceX, as it takes its first human customers to space. Amazon is making moves to invest in local news and sports podcasts because it wants to make “The Audio Wars” a thing. And stocks are up as the economy reopens, but this kinda feels like an “umbrella” situation.

May 27, 2020 • 00:20:47

“Pure-play Millennial stock” — Elf Cosmetics wins corona-conomy. Apple’s latest Donglegate. HBO Max’s streaming meal.

The mythical Millennial pure-play stock: Elf Cosmetics’ stock jumped 16% on word it figured out how to beat the corona-conomy. We found the latest Dongle-gate from Apple — and it means you may have to splurge on AirPods. And HBO Max debuts tomorrow, so we’re looking at how the latest streaming species is more meal than bite.

May 26, 2020 • 00:18:38

“Step on the scale! Step off the scale.” — Ford Motor’s “reopening.” MakeSpace’s anti-gig-ness. Our 7-question test of the Retail-pocalypse. 00:18:32 May 22, 2020
“Pimp Yo’ Crib” — Lowe’s megatrend. Facebook becomes a digital catalogue. Clubhouse hits $100M. 00:16:12 May 21, 2020
“Madonna, but for podcasts” — Spotify’s $100M Joe Rogan exclusive. Walmart’s essentiality cape. Moderna’s vaccine bet. 00:18:20 May 20, 2020
“The most unprofitable company on Earth” — Softbank’s garage sale. Peet’s $2.2B re-IPO. Detroit’s Big 3 return. 00:18:19 May 19, 2020
“GIPHY didn’t get Zuck’d” — McDonald’s post-corona playbook. Luckin’s scalding pivot. Facebook acquires Giphy. 00:16:45 May 18, 2020
“Work-leisurewear, by Lululemon” — Smile Direct Club’s cavity. Sleeper’s fantasy sports fix. Lululemon’s nirvana COVID moment 00:18:41 May 15, 2020
“Work From Work (still a thing)” — $43M for Pizza-nomics. Google’s 12-mile-high wifi. Commercial Real Estate’s WFW problem. 00:17:57 May 14, 2020
“Twitter goes Work-From-Home…Forever” — Uber Eats acquirin’ Grubhub. Vroom’s ecommerce car IPO. Twitter’s WFH megatrend. 00:17:00 May 13, 2020
“Bitcoin’s ‘Halvening’ just halvened” — Tesla vs. California. Amazon’s movie theater interest. Bitcoin’s Halvening. 00:16:50 May 12, 2020
“How to lose a $2.9B guy in 90 days” — Uber acts like McConaughey. Tinder’s corona-conomy DTR. The worst jobs report ever. 00:16:30 May 11, 2020
“Peloton, you’re probably too late” — Costco’s worst-in-a-decade. Nintendo’s game drought. Peloton pops another 16%. 00:17:10 May 8, 2020
“Disney+ > Canada” — Beyond Meat democratizes itself. Pinterest is pre-commerce. Disney’s just too big. 00:16:28 May 7, 2020
“A stock surge recipe” — Uber drops Lime’s valuation 79%. NBC vs. Streaming’s Achilles heel. Wayfair’s stay-at-home wins. 00:16:54 May 6, 2020
“J. Crew returns itself” — Quibi’s real life drama. Berkshire Hathaway’s 1st public mistake. J. Crew’s bankruptcy style. 00:19:23 May 5, 2020
“COVID-19 ≠ an Act of God” — Amazon trades profits for PR. Victoria’s Secret’s asterisk. Clorox’s surprising surprise. 00:18:33 May 4, 2020
“Elon goes full Kanye” – Tesla’s surprise profit/outburst. Microsoft’s Zoom killer. Figma’s $2B app blueprints. 00:18:29 May 1, 2020
“Everyday is the weekend for Spotify” — Boeing’s $7B cash burn. Streaming Trolls (our sequel). Spotify’s earnings insights. 00:18:15 Apr 30, 2020
“The anti-Amazon rebel alliance” — Shopify’s new shopping app. High Times, the weed chain. Trolls change movie math. 00:16:51 Apr 29, 2020
“Hey Instacart, change your whole biz model” — Nestle’s pet passion. VW goes back to work. Instacart’s 1st profit decision. 00:18:05 Apr 28, 2020
“Opposite Day at Domino’s” — PPP + $320B + shaming. DraftKings goes public. Domino’s is better in Corona-conomy. 00:18:54 Apr 27, 2020
“A tale of 2 Remdesivir trials” — Raytheon’s nuclear-tipped missiles. Unilever is an economic mirror. Gilead’s 2nd COVID trial. 00:18:21 Apr 24, 2020
“Chipotle is an internet-first burrito factory” — Netflix’s hoarding strategy. AT&T’s triple-whammy. Chipotle’s eLeadership. 00:18:26 Apr 23, 2020
“Plant-based sleepover at Starbucks China” — Beyond Meat and Oatly head to China. Local News’ 2 options to survive. DuPont’s diversification pivot. 00:18:58 Apr 22, 2020
“Pasta vs. Oil” – Uber’s unicorn contract. Oil’s historic 200% plummet. Mobile gaming 2.0. 00:18:27 Apr 21, 2020
“Zuck cancels his Libra moon-landing” — AMC theaters’ expiration date. Gilead’s corona-cure bet. Facebook’s cryptocurrency 180. 00:17:15 Apr 20, 2020
“Amazon cancels Mother’s Day” — Blue Jeans “One & Only” product. BlackRock tiny fee = huge profits. Amazon’s killing its best sales tricks. 00:16:59 Apr 17, 2020
“Congrats, you now own part of an airline” — Apple’s $399 iPhone shocker. Aaptiv is “the Spotify of Sweat.” Our $25B airline bailout. 00:19:39 Apr 16, 2020
“Roku — The People’s Champ of streaming” — JPMorgan is Paul Revere. Thrasio’s 43 Amazon-trepreneurs. Roku is 44% of America. 00:16:41 Apr 15, 2020
“Dunkin’s not a land-lord — it’s a Brand-lord” — Google/Apple’s superhero team-up. States acting like companies. Dunkin’s franchise bet. 00:18:11 Apr 14, 2020
👊 “Quibi vs Disney vs Everyone’s Expectations” — Wing’s “X” drone. Exxon’s oil price awkwardness. Quibi’s 1st numbers. 00:19:05 Apr 13, 2020
💁‍♀️ “Airbnb can’t sit at Slack’s lunch table” — Away’s humane layoffs. The alphabet-shaped economic recovery. Airbnb/Slack’s debt drama. 00:18:53 Apr 9, 2020
🍝 “Olive Garden’s single Gnocchi problem” — Lear’s open-the-factory blueprint. Uber’s gig work jobs board. Olive Garden’s survival plan. 00:17:57 Apr 8, 2020
🐉 “Jamie Dimon = The last Targaryen” — Buffett’s “smart money” stock sale. Constellation’s booze blueprint. JPMorgan’s last dragon. 00:17:49 Apr 7, 2020
🕹️ “Video games are social media now” — WeWork’s $3B is cancelled. Google’s Big Data rebrand. Sony’s PS4 seesaw situation. 00:17:57 Apr 6, 2020
♨️ “The greatest fraud in coffee history” — Luckin plummets 76%. YouTube will rip off TikTok. Altria’s Juul collusion. 00:17:59 Apr 3, 2020
🤦 “Carnival’s Panama Problem” — HBO’s Hulu coup. McCormick spice’s seesaw situation. And Carnival’s bailout problem. 00:20:15 Apr 2, 2020
🤯 “Amazon’s biggest stress test” — Via’s $200M carpool fundraise. A Zoom privacy problem. Amazon hits crunch moment. 00:17:46 Apr 1, 2020
🧟‍♂️ “HQ Trivia’s Frankenstein/Queer Eye moment” — Eggs are the new TP. Johnson & Johnson’s Da Vinci Code COVID-19 announcement. HQ Trivia’s revival. 00:19:14 Mar 31, 2020
🧘‍♂️ “Lululemon’s pandemic-proof mantra” — Nike is a close-talker. Fast beats Amazon/Apple/PayPal. Lululemon’s Power of 3. 00:16:36 Mar 30, 2020
👉 “3.3M Americans laid off in 1 week” — Lime'de-horned. Target’s neglected profit puppies. The economic pain begins. 00:16:57 Mar 27, 2020
🤸🏿‍♀️ “ClassPass’ work-from-home burpees” — $2T stimulus bill math.Twitter’s ad-pocalypse. Return of the eWorkouts. 00:17:30 Mar 26, 2020
🍍 “Marijuana’s lockdown liftoff” — Pot stocks pop. The “Project Apollo” war effort/ Cat Person’s spinoff launch. 00:19:29 Mar 25, 2020
🍻 “Corona's $900M wounded soldier” — A canceled Mexico brewery. NYT’s pod acquisition. The economy’s “Two Paths.” 00:18:47 Mar 24, 2020
🏚️ “What’s the refund policy on Airbnb’s IPO promise?” — Movie theaters get cut out. Airbnb’s host/guest hate. 5 “Corona-conomy” trends are accelerating. 00:18:29 Mar 23, 2020
😘 “Netflix just got asked to chill” — Netflix’s ad-free moment. Ford’s anti-treat-yo-self strategy. Uber surges 38%. 00:16:54 Mar 20, 2020
⌨️ “Apple failed at something” — Walmart’s record. Starbucks treats itself. Apple’s subtle product unveil. 00:20:26 Mar 19, 2020
🧻 “Toilet Paper hates your hoarding” — Who wants to buy Lyft? $1 Trillion stimulus bill. TP’s front-loaded demand drama. 00:19:21 Mar 18, 2020
🦠 “Google would like your health data now, please” — Lulu, Nike, and Under Armour’s leadership. The Fed’s last bazooka. Google’s COVID-19 moment. 00:17:46 Mar 17, 2020
#️⃣ “Slack — the not WFH stock” — Ro goes full pharma. Market bulls & bears. Slack’s surprisingly weak WFH business. 00:17:37 Mar 16, 2020
☁️ “Midnight Blue Thursday (worst day since ‘87)” — The stimulus keg. LabCorp’s Baby Yoda moment. Direct-to-Consumer drama. 00:18:31 Mar 13, 2020
🏋️‍♀️ “Apple’s secret personal trainer killer” — Pepsi acquires Rockstar. Government bailout chatter. Apple’s anti-Peloton app. 00:17:57 Mar 12, 2020
🧵 “The Stitch hit peak Fix” — Dick’s bigger gun ban. Grove is a $1B tree-positive company. Stitch Fix plummets 25%. 00:17:36 Mar 11, 2020
☎️ “Flick the ol’ Circuit Breaker” — Why the market (literally) stopped for 15 minutes. NBC’s Snapchat breakup. Oil’s worst day since ‘91. 00:16:26 Mar 10, 2020
🤑 “$1.75B (and Quibi hasn’t even launched yet)” — Spindrift’s $70M seltzer water. Burlington Coat Factory’s anti-ecommerce. Quibi’s starting lineup. 00:18:25 Mar 9, 2020
🚢 “3 cruise disasters. 3 months.” — Carnival’s stock drama. Aerie underwear surge. GM’s big car battery. 00:16:47 Mar 6, 2020
🥫 “Frankly this is a trend that many did not think was possible” — Campbell Soup’s shocking rebound. United Health pops 11%. H&M’s supply biz. 00:16:33 Mar 5, 2020
🦇 “The Fed’s Batman move backfired” — Waymo snags $2.25B. Honeywell’s supercomputer. The Fed’s 0.5% interest rate cut. 00:17:34 Mar 4, 2020
🤬 “Twitter’s getting Tyrion Lannister treatment” — Panera’s coffee subscription. Bird e-scooter “Pay”. Jack Dorsey’s hedge fund pressure. 00:18:45 Mar 3, 2020
🌯“Chipotle 4B TikTok views” — Stocks’ 13% drop. Thyssenkrupp’s elevator sale. Chipotle’s viral strategy. 00:17:35 Mar 2, 2020
🍻“Here come the Bud Light Seltzer commercials” — Beyond Meat’s first struggles. Square’s Cash app stock. Bud drops 9%. 00:20:05 Feb 28, 2020
🏃“Outdoor Voices vs. Lululemon” — OV’s CEO steps down. TJ Maxx beats Retail-pocalypse. hits $3B. 00:18:32 Feb 27, 2020
“🎢Baby Yoda’s baby daddy just retired” — Disney’s CEO quits. Shake Shack is behind. Amazon’s 2nd software profit puppy. 00:18:55 Feb 26, 2020
“Your score dropped, Nicolas 😓. New credit score, Nicolas 😃” Intuit buys Credit Karma. Tubi (almost) acquired. Dow drops 1,032 points. 00:16:40 Feb 25, 2020
“We have to talk about ‘cult stocks’” — Plug Power’s stock jump. Lyft’s ad-cquisition. Equinox’s coworking/bikes. 00:18:19 Feb 24, 2020
“We didn’t sell salads to sell salads” — Domino’s pizza domination. Victoria’s Secret ghosts. Morgan Stanley’s E*Trade trade. 00:16:59 Feb 21, 2020
“Garmin finds you when iPhone can’t” — Alphabet kills an “Other Bet.” Toast hits $4.9B. Garmin’s GPS pop. 00:18:16 Feb 20, 2020
“We found an Innovation Vampire” — Walmart’s Jet black shutdown. Molson Coors spiked seltzer. Uber/Lyft’s “rideshare” lie. 00:16:47 Feb 19, 2020
“It’s like Ben & Jerry’s going dairy-free” — Delta’s carbon neutrality. Headspace’s $93M fundraise. Canopy Growth’s rebound. 00:17:46 Feb 18, 2020
“Cloud computing is the new oil” — Kraft-Heinz 70% stock drop. Tesla’s “buy low, sell high”. Microsoft vs. Amazon. 00:15:24 Feb 14, 2020
“Facebook fact-checkers vs. 4.75B posts per day” — DoorDash’s not First-Mover Advantage. SoundCloud’s desperate $75M. Facebook’s hires Reuters. 00:18:28 Feb 13, 2020
“Starbucks wants to pick you up at the airport” — Sprint/T-Mobile gets approved. Samsung’s flip phone. Starbucks’ airport deal. 00:18:07 Feb 12, 2020
“Burger King is jealous of Popeye’s fried chicken-palooza” — Brandless shuts down. Coronavirus’ lenders. Popeye’s power earnings. 00:19:04 Feb 11, 2020
“Warner Music is Venture Capital for musicians” — Uber’s profit shocker. Ericsson/Nokia 5G awkwardness. Warner Music’s IPO. 00:19:23 Feb 10, 2020
“Dunkin’ stealthily went fancy” — WWE’s XFL problem. Twitter’s record surge. Dunkin’s premium coffee strategy. 00:18:18 Feb 7, 2020
“By that math, Instagram is worth $150B” — Chipotle’s Taco Bell-ification. Instagram owns Facebook. Spotify’s acquires the Ringer 00:17:55 Feb 6, 2020
“Why Tesla is like a young avocado tree” — Visa’s swipe tax. BP’s empire. Tesla’s Elon-sanity. 00:20:18 Feb 5, 2020
“YouTube sells more ads than ABC/NBC/FOX… combined” — Harry’s razors acquisition gets sued. Coronavirus-benefiting companies. Alphabet’s YouTube surprise. 00:18:52 Feb 4, 2020
“One Medical is the Equinox of doctors” — Nike’s olympics shoes. Pinterest’s makeup feature. One Medical pops 47% IPO pop. 00:16:47 Feb 3, 2020
“Juul’s Darth Vader moment” — Amazon surges 10%. The Bouqs raises $30M for wedding flowers. Altria devalues Juul e-cigarettes (again). 00:17:43 Jan 31, 2020
“Barstool’s t-shirts follow a simple formula” — Barstool Sports becomes a half-icorn. SAP’s FOMO Marketing. Apple’s iRecord quarter. 00:20:00 Jan 30, 2020
“Who’s gonna buy James Bond?” — Casper’s un-unicorning. MGM’s bidders. Bird’s newest acquisition. 00:17:43 Jan 29, 2020
“WE are a real estate company (not a tech company)” — The Wing loses its big investor. Detroit becomes GM’s electric car HQ. Coronavirus messes with stocks. 00:17:38 Jan 28, 2020
“Eaze is cannabis’ bubblish-moment” — Intel stock reaches 2000 levels. The man who coined “disruption.” Eaze pot delivery has problems. 00:16:26 Jan 27, 2020
“Tinder supports safe sexting” — Google’s camouflaged ads. The Athletic hits $500M. Tinder’s new security launch. 00:16:35 Jan 24, 2020
“Cell-Based Meats disrupting Plant-Based Meats” — Memphis Meats raises $161M. Delta shares $1.6B of profits. GM launches a true robocar. 00:18:47 Jan 23, 2020
“Amazon is turning your palmprint into a credit card” — Amazon’s new payment method. Uber’s “name your own price.” PetMed Express’ aging dogs. 00:18:52 Jan 22, 2020
“‘Mealkitting’ never became a verb” — HelloFresh vs Blue Apron. Signet Jewelers’ 40% surge — Microsoft pulls a Sierra Club 00:17:48 Jan 21, 2020
“Peacock is the 761st streaming service” — Gap won’t spinoff Old Navy. NBC reveals Peacock. China weaponizes the wallet 00:16:39 Jan 17, 2020
“Baby Yoda is Build-a-Bear’s Rudy moment” — Build-A-Bear jumps 14%. Califia Farms’ fund raise. Phase 1 trade deal 00:17:25 Jan 16, 2020
“Half of America has a Chase account” — JP Morgan’s record profit. Visa acquires Plaid. BlackRock fights climate 00:16:23 Jan 15, 2020
“Casper is the Peloton of Slumber, not the Nike of Sleep” — Casper’s IPO. 23andMe’s transition. Primo Water’s acquisition. 00:18:26 Jan 14, 2020
“Sweetgreen is the most innovative company in food” — Hershey. Quibi. Sweetgreen 00:18:49 Jan 13, 2020
“Verizon's ‘pros before cos’ problem” — Wine tariffs, Softbank layoffs, and Verizon 00:18:51 Jan 10, 2020
“These delivery apps are like mafia families” — Grubhub, Spotify, and Tough Mudder 00:18:15 Jan 9, 2020
Tesla, the #1 most valuable US car company (ever) — Goldman transparentizes — Impossible creates plant-based pork (and drops McD’s) 00:17:41 Jan 8, 2020
SmileDirectClub goes to Walmart — Taco Bell’s owner devours hamburger chain — The taser creator could split in 2 00:17:11 Jan 7, 2020
Snapchat buys the “Cameos” company — One Medical’s IPO moves — Apple’s 2020 HomeKit mantra 00:18:01 Jan 6, 2020
Last pod of 2019: Our 3 bold wishes for 2020 00:15:29 Dec 20, 2019
Ikea’s tech pivot — FedEx’s ‘horrific’ profits — Flavors & Fragrances plant-based merger 00:16:35 Dec 19, 2019
Oprah’s 9-city Weight Watchers tour — Boeing’s worst year ever — Alexa’s profit pivot 00:18:35 Dec 18, 2019
H&M’s “Moneyball” strategy — Intel’s $2B AI acquisition — Sprout Social’s social-ish IPO 00:16:59 Dec 17, 2019
The Spirit Airline-ification of cars — Pandora’s talking ads — and the Phase I trade deal 00:16:15 Dec 16, 2019
Lyft launches car rental — Disney didn’t tell Hasbro about Baby Yoda — Delta is really a credit card 00:16:33 Dec 13, 2019
Lulu tries to become Nike — How Saudi Aramco makes $90B in profits/year — Away’s drama arrives 00:17:49 Dec 12, 2019
Vail Resorts’ adds 17 slopes — Yumi’s epic investors — NAFTA is reborn as USMCA 00:17:36 Dec 11, 2019
Airbnb’s investment in the WeWork for housing — Amazon’s JEDI business ethics — The Volker Rule 00:18:23 Dec 10, 2019
Waymo’s robotaxis hit the app store — Otis Elevator spinoff — HipCamp could be Airbnb’s next acquisition 00:18:32 Dec 9, 2019
Rent The Runway hooks up with W Hotels — GM & LG joint venture a battery — Tupperware’s plastic strategy 00:17:03 Dec 6, 2019
Canada Goose’s freezing store — Nintendo’s best week ever — Duolingo hits $1.5B valuation 00:18:40 Dec 5, 2019
Google co-founders retire — Zume robot pizza aims for $4B valuation — Roku’s ratings drama 00:17:34 Dec 4, 2019
Shopify is “The Force” — Jack Dorsey is MIA in Africa — McDonald’s enters the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Wars 00:19:04 Dec 3, 2019
Rename Black Friday — SoulCycle vs. Peloton — Dollar Tree’s 19% stock plummet 00:18:25 Dec 2, 2019
*Live* at Spotify - Part II: Why Spotify is doing podcasts — Our interview with Max Cutler, Founder & MD of podcasts at Spotify 00:17:00 Nov 27, 2019
EBay sells off StubHub for $4B — Uber gets cancelled from London — Charles Schwab’s Lannister-style acquisition of TD Ameritrade 00:18:00 Nov 26, 2019
Amazon knocks off Allbirds — Target’s shipping nirvana — PayPal buys $4B of Honey 00:17:49 Nov 25, 2019
*Live* at Spotify - Part I: How we build this (every day) 00:20:26 Nov 22, 2019
Victoria’s Secret needs a new CEO, Chobani launches Oat (milk), and TJ Maxx vs. Urban Outfitters 00:17:03 Nov 21, 2019
Warby Parker launches its 2nd product, Microsoft vs. Slack (Microsoft is winning), and Home Depot’s DIY website problems 00:14:46 Nov 20, 2019
Kylie Jenner’s makeup exit, Ford’s Mustang e-SUV, and FedEx’s tax-cut-apalooza 00:16:23 Nov 19, 2019
Warren Buffett bets on Restoration Hardware, Pinterest is too nice, and Peloton follows Tesla’s playbook 00:15:57 Nov 18, 2019
Canada’s shocking cannabis oversupply, Tesla’s 1st-mover e-advantage, and 1Password’s one password rules them all 00:15:46 Nov 15, 2019
Google’s checking account, Nike’s breakup with Amazon, and Convoy is our “Unicorn of the Day” 00:15:36 Nov 14, 2019
Instagram knocks off TikTok, Alibaba’s $38B day, and Almond milk = Dean Foods’ downfall 00:15:18 Nov 13, 2019
Adidas closing US “Speedfactory,” Bumble & Walgreens’ private equity love, and Apple’s potentially iPhone-less AR future 00:15:58 Nov 12, 2019
Zillow is flipping houses, CEOs are getting fired, and Party City stock dropped 67% in 1 day 00:15:53 Nov 11, 2019
Airbnb’s 7M-home trust pledge, Coke’s new (caffeinated) sparkling water, Toyota’s “muda” hatred 00:17:52 Nov 8, 2019
Uber Eats’ “Browser Billboard” strategy, Kroger’s “Operation Restock,” and Xerox may acquire HP 00:16:07 Nov 7, 2019
Peloton gets no love for its Personal Record, Wag wants to sell itself, and Match expands international (hard) with respect 00:17:18 Nov 6, 2019
Uber lost $543,478 per hour last quarter, Walmart launches alcohol pickup, and Under Armour plummets 18% on sneakers 00:18:31 Nov 5, 2019
Google gets a Fitbit, AIG’s anti-catastrophe quarter, and Quip flips the razor/razorblade model 00:16:54 Nov 4, 2019
Dunkin’s grand slam game plan, Apple’s wearables, and WWE’s 16% stock drop 00:16:32 Nov 1, 2019
Twitter bans political ads, Mirror raises $34M, and Fiat Chrysler & Peugeut are mega-merging 00:16:02 Oct 31, 2019
Free Prime grocery delivery, GrubHub’s stock falls 43%, and Lockheed Martin’s $34B fighter jet order 00:15:20 Oct 30, 2019
Virgin Galactic’s space IPO, Beyond Meat’s 1st ever profit, and Tiffany’s $14.5B acqui-proposal 00:16:27 Oct 29, 2019
Budweiser’s US Bud-pocalypse, Airbus is 2019 airplane champ, and Waste Management stock cleans up 00:17:32 Oct 28, 2019
Amazon’s “Era of Less Profitability,” Twitter’s midlife ad crisis, and Barclays’ ATM drama 00:16:00 Oct 25, 2019
Tesla’s 3 big surprises, Zuck’s crypto day with Congress, and Six Flags... is actually 6 different flags 00:16:11 Oct 24, 2019
WeWork’s bailout, McDonald’s got more money from fewer diners, and Nike & Under Armour’s CEOs are out 00:17:15 Oct 23, 2019
Spotify’s earnings preview, Ford’s Explorer problems, and Destination Maternity’s bankruptcy 00:17:16 Oct 22, 2019
Quibi’s T-Mobile partnership, Powerbar’s IPO, and the Shampoo Wars 00:15:35 Oct 21, 2019
Ford-Amazon-VW fix electric “range anxiety,” Venmo launches credit card, and Airbnb’s unprofitability 00:17:00 Oct 18, 2019
Netflix’s 130 seasons of non-english shows, Facebook’s Libra crypto drama, and GM’s 1-month strike is ending 00:16:26 Oct 17, 2019
Google kills its VR headset, Schwab’s secret profit puppy, and Emerson Electric’s burn book 00:15:57 Oct 16, 2019
The $399 iPhone, SmileDirectClub’s California problem, and Goldman’s WeWork worry 00:15:33 Oct 15, 2019
Ghost kitchens are having a moment, the new mini Trade Deal, and Papa is the “grandkids on demand” app 00:16:17 Oct 14, 2019
Grammarly hits $1B, Tootsie Roll is 110% in on candy, and Waze becomes Google’s secret weapon 00:16:06 Oct 11, 2019
American Airlines’ rough 5 years, Bed Bath & Beyond’s innovative new CEO, and Lithium Ion Batteries’ big week 00:15:32 Oct 10, 2019
China vs. the NBA, Domino’s focuses on “carryout” pizza, and One Medical preps to IPO 00:15:34 Oct 9, 2019
Unilever hates virgin-plastic, Harley’s e-bike isn’t connecting, and Walmart tries to return its ecommerce acquisitions 00:14:32 Oct 8, 2019
Zola launches “Honeymoons,” Target adds Disney stores-within-stores, and HP drops 10% because printers are like fax machines 00:16:10 Oct 7, 2019
Corona’s hard seltzer, Uber’s new Work app, and Square processes CBD payments 00:15:16 Oct 4, 2019
Microsoft’s new “Phonebook”, Chipotle’s anti-breakfast carne asada strategy, and the World Trade Organization’s major decision 00:16:34 Oct 3, 2019
Charles Schwab cuts commissions to $0, GoPro’s new moat problem, and Masco recession-proofs itself 00:14:52 Oct 2, 2019
Waymo’s valuation plummets, RV-giant Thor Industries jumps 16% on global camping, and Budweiser’s Asia IPO 00:15:30 Oct 1, 2019
AT&T may cut NFL Sunday Ticket, Endeavor cancels its IPO, and Rent The Runway’s worst week ever 00:15:00 Sep 30, 2019
Interview with Peloton’s Co-Founder 00:18:42 Sep 27, 2019
Facebook Oculus creates a virtual world, Amazon launches tons of new products, and eBay’s CEO is out 00:17:05 Sep 26, 2019
WeWork’s CEO is out, Nike goes for dude-leisure-wear, Nio (the Tesla of China) cancels its earnings call 00:14:49 Sep 25, 2019
Bloomingdale’s launches rental clothes, Fitbit is on the market for sale, and Thomas Cook just shut down mid-flight 00:17:53 Sep 24, 2019
Tinder’s new “Swipe Night” TV show, J. Crew’s Madewell IPO, and e-cigarettes are getting cancelled 00:16:11 Sep 23, 2019
Amazon’s epic carbon neutrality pledge, Alphabet’s drone deliver goes live ASAP, and Stripe hits $35B 00:15:32 Sep 20, 2019
Facebook launches a TV device, Corning Glass owns your iPhone screen, and FedEx’s 13% stock drop 00:16:29 Sep 19, 2019
LinkedIn verifies skills, GM’s $100M/day strike, and Shopify’s CBD moves 00:15:58 Sep 18, 2019
Netflix splurges on Seinfeld, Amazon’s secretive “A9” algorithm, and Oil’s surge 00:17:51 Sep 17, 2019
Pepsi/Venmo’s “PepCoin” partnership, Walmart’s Grocery Club, and Voyage’s self-driving cars for old people 00:15:09 Sep 16, 2019
SmileDirectClub’s great pre-IPO (but bad IPO), Under Armour goes anti-athleisure, and General Electric is selling itself to survive 00:15:55 Sep 13, 2019
California re-classifies Uber drivers, Wendy’s breakfast wars loss, and Monster Beverage’s Coke problem 00:15:16 Sep 12, 2019
Apple’s iPhone 11 day, Ford’s “junk” credit rating, and Next Door is the anti-Facebook 00:16:30 Sep 11, 2019
Uber Freight’s $200M annual allowance, Starbucks’ 1st pick-up only store, and AT&T’s 23-page love/hate letter 00:16:32 Sep 10, 2019
Glossier’s growth hack, DocuSign jumps 22% on its gateway drug, and Beyond Meat falls 4% on fresh competition 00:15:37 Sep 9, 2019
Match drops 5% on Facebook Dating, WeWork’s valuation may get halved, and Slack’s “10M” problem 00:16:15 Sep 6, 2019
Aerie bralettes save American Eagle, Juul’s flavored e-cigs banned in Michigan, and Google’s $170M fine 00:14:54 Sep 5, 2019
Facebook tests ending the “like” counter, Ulta Beauty’s 30% plummet, and Brexit + Argentina problems 00:16:59 Sep 4, 2019
Walmart gets its M.D., WeWork’s acquires Spacious, and Dollar Tree & Dollar General’s Matrix-like tariff creativity 00:15:43 Sep 3, 2019
Amazon gets in with the Yankees, Forever 21’s bankruptcy, and higher minimum wages can save companies money 00:14:25 Aug 30, 2019
Peloton’s IPO, Fitbit launches a health subscription, and Amazon Ring partners with police 00:16:37 Aug 29, 2019
Costco’s absurd China debut, Smucker’s peanut butter problems, and the cigarette re-merger 00:14:20 Aug 28, 2019
Hasbro’s $4B cartoon deal, Fried Chicken’s market-moving moment, and Dish’s 5G future 00:16:39 Aug 27, 2019
White Claw murdered beer, Knewz wants to replace Apple News, and the Trade War’s bloodiest day 00:15:43 Aug 26, 2019
Dick’s Sporting Goods’ big gun test, Wheels Up is a country club for private jets, and Germany’s negative interest rate opposite day 00:16:55 Aug 23, 2019
WeWork’s IPO is really MeWork, JPM shuts down its cash app, and Waymo opens up its self-driving brain 00:13:57 Aug 22, 2019
Apple’s Goldman Sachs card goes live for all, Target’s ‘Gramamble new food brand, and Tesla’s “Jerry Maguire” moment 00:15:58 Aug 21, 2019
SmileDirectClub’s IPO, Estée Lauder’s airport makeup passion, and 181 CEOs renew their vows. 00:16:36 Aug 20, 2019
Facebook’s new news relationship, sperm startups raise millions, and Roku’s 21% jump makes it streaming king 00:18:09 Aug 9, 2019
Lyft’s 5-star earnings, Sam Adams is not a beer company, and opioid stocks get a penalty price tag 00:15:01 Aug 8, 2019
Shake Shack’s 18% surge, Disney’s record year, and IAC — the VC-like public company (indirectly) powering Tinder 00:13:34 Aug 7, 2019
Why stocks just plummeted, Tyson’s (real) meat collussion, and Compass is our “Unicorn of the Day” 00:16:42 Aug 6, 2019
Pinterest’s 19% surge, delivery app wars hit a tipping point, and oil’s big day 00:15:12 Aug 5, 2019
The trade war hits Defcon iPhone, Kellogg surges (because, snacks), and Canada Goose falls on un-wokeness 00:14:42 Aug 2, 2019
Scotts Miracle-Gro’s pot side-hustle, Fitbit’s 14% plummet, and the Fed’s historic decision 00:14:32 Aug 1, 2019
Apple is no longer an iPhone company, Under Armour’s 14% stock plummet, and beards break P&G’s Gilette 00:14:02 Jul 31, 2019
Beyond Meat’s sophomore slump, Pfizer’s VIP-only drug cabinet, and The Athletic joins the 500 club 00:14:47 Jul 30, 2019
LIVE interview from Livongo’s IPO, Apple’s “referee” problem, and the $26B T-Mobile/Sprint deal’s big step 00:16:43 Jul 29, 2019
Amazon’s record profit streak ends, Hershey’s “peanut butter” strategy, and the secret car meeting in California 00:16:44 Jul 26, 2019
Tesla plummets 10%, Dunkin’ democratizes Beyond Meat, and UPS jumps 9% on “do-everything” strategy 00:16:57 Jul 25, 2019
Starbucks selling its mobile app, Hasbro jumps 10% (thanks to The Avengers), and China’s new stock market 00:15:44 Jul 24, 2019
Uber’s Prime-ish membership, Apple’s chip acquisition, and GoPuff is our “Unicorn of the Day” 00:14:37 Jul 23, 2019
Beyond Meat’s partnership-palooza, Boeing’s $8.5B “gate”, and Tinder tries to cut out Google’s app tax 00:16:03 Jul 22, 2019
Microsoft’s triple-threat quarter, Skechers’ 12% surge, and iHeartMedia’s back on Wall Street 00:16:14 Jul 19, 2019
Netflix's 1st decline, Amazon’s Prime Day records, and Unicorn of the Day: Turo 00:16:00 Jul 18, 2019
Apple battles Spotify for podcasts, Domino’s “Volemort-y” 9% drop, and Goldman’s pivot to main street 00:13:59 Jul 17, 2019
Chobani’s Greek yogurt strategy, Marriott’s “resort fee” call-out, and Blackstone’s digital “ad-quisition” 00:14:36 Jul 16, 2019
Budweiser cancels biggest IPO of 2019, France passes a US tech tax, and Bird’s profitability drama 00:17:06 Jul 15, 2019
Facebook’s crypto vs. the Fed, Lululemon’s 20K-sq-foot mega-store, and why healthcare stocks jumped big 00:14:24 Jul 12, 2019
Zoom’s major crisis, prison stocks lose their banks, and Snapchat’s 2nd class of startups 00:16:49 Jul 11, 2019
HBO Max (coming this spring), Pepsi’s Bubly obsession, and Virgin Galactic is going public 00:13:54 Jul 10, 2019
Snapchat’s 2 biceps of tech, WeWork’s pre-IPO debt-a-palooza, and the big minimum wage report 00:14:56 Jul 9, 2019
Cannabis co-CEO fired by beer board, Walmart’s drama, and Lee Iacocca changed cars forever 00:14:21 Jul 8, 2019
Tesla goes from “dark orange” to “light yellow,” Calm is our “Unicorn of the Day,” and the 10th birthday of the longest US econ expansion. 00:13:52 Jul 3, 2019
Stubhub’s VIP everything for concert tickets, Nike’s women’s sports binge, and Deutsche Bank’s downward spiral 00:13:40 Jul 2, 2019
Budweiser acquires Babe / White Girl Rosé, The RealReal surges 45% on its IPO, and Velodyne is the startup making self-driving possible 00:14:42 Jul 1, 2019
Bitcoin’s best friend, Amazon is a shipping company, and Superhuman pioneers “luxury email” 00:13:46 Jun 28, 2019
Shopify’s customer service game-changer, WeWork acquires Waltz, and General Mills falls on snacks vs. pet food 00:14:06 Jun 27, 2019
Google’s “city-within-a-city-of-the-future” milestone, Starbucks and Dunkin’ hit record highs, and BMW’s big electric car/motorcycle moves 00:15:43 Jun 26, 2019
“Viagra for Women” gets FDA approval, McDonald’s fresh beef investment pays off, and Caesers gets acquired to create the biggest US casino operator 00:14:53 Jun 25, 2019
Amazon’s freaky drone patent, Earth’s biggest cannabis company (Canopy) falls 8%, and Walmart’s $288M “Sorcerer” bribe 00:16:29 Jun 24, 2019
Slack is now public, Netflix’s strategic reveal, and Apple’s trade war letter 00:15:00 Jun 21, 2019
Grocery Outlet IPOs today, YouTube’s huge change, and Adobe reveals why Silicon Valley loves software 00:13:52 Jun 20, 2019
Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, Lululemon’s new #sweatlife selfcare shampoo, and Best Buy’s new FitnessTech strategy 00:14:50 Jun 19, 2019
Blue Apron’s reverse split, Domino’s self-driving minivan delivery, and Buzzfeed/VW union drama 00:15:08 Jun 18, 2019
Airbnb launches (crazy) “Adventures,”’s 60% IPO surge, and Verizon’s new “never forget” dongle strategy 00:13:55 Jun 17, 2019
Quibi’s the #1 disruptor in video, Fiverr surges 90% on IPO day, and HSBC’s Saudi Arabia risk/reward 00:14:07 Jun 14, 2019
Fortnite acquires Houseparty, Restoration Hardware’s rebel upscale strategy, and our “Unsexy Industry of the Day” is Crowdstrike’s IPO 00:14:42 Jun 13, 2019
Mary Meeker’s epic “Internet Trends Report”, Grubhub jumps after Amazon Restaurants ends, and Brex hits $2.6B as our “Unicorn of the Day” 00:14:02 Jun 12, 2019
“Work From Home” is our Trend of the Day, and Mega Merger Monday happened -- Salesforce, Tableau, Raytheon, United Tech 00:16:21 Jun 11, 2019
Revolve’s Instagram/fashion IPO, JetBlack concierge takes on Amazon Prime, and Germany’s Aldi fires up the US grocery wars 00:17:28 Jun 10, 2019
Beyond Meat surges after 1st earnings, Cronos cannabis’ 10% surge, and Barnes & Noble is about to be bought 00:17:38 Jun 7, 2019
Jack Daniel’s $125M tariff bill, Bird’s new scooter targets “THICs,” and GameStop’s 36% plummet 00:15:55 Jun 6, 2019
Spotify’s new app, Mirror is our “Pre-Unicorn of the Day,” and why markets jumped so much Tuesday 00:17:26 Jun 5, 2019
Regulators hit the Mt. Rushmore of tech, Apple’s WWDC, and the biggest private real estate transaction ever (=$18.7B) 00:17:30 Jun 4, 2019
JPMorgan’s “anti-dad” case sets a record, fresh Mexico tariffs will hurt your Chipotle, and non-hotel companies jump into hotels 00:15:14 Jun 3, 2019
Uber’s 1st public earnings report, Firefly is the future of outdoor ads, and Dollar General & Dollar Tree’s epic days 00:16:20 May 31, 2019
Abercrombie’s worst day in 20 years, iRobot’s new launch, and SoFi’s stadium move 00:16:05 May 30, 2019
Zynga is our “Accidental Billionaire of the Day,” Huawei’s 4 spy stories, and tobacco’s terrible day (because of regular unleaded) 00:16:38 May 29, 2019
Facebook’s “GlobalCoin” launching 2020, Kontoor is the new jeans IPO, and SpaceX’s 60-satellite week 00:17:44 May 28, 2019
Facebook’s 2.2B fake accounts, Disney’s theme park record, and the “IPO of the Day” is a talent agency 00:15:16 May 24, 2019
“Uber Eats Pass” gets leaked, Target is retail-pocalypse-proof, and the Boeing update you wanted 00:15:56 May 23, 2019
Urban Outfitters launches subscription clothing rental. Tesla hits a 3-year low. And JCPenney’s “graceful shrinking” 00:14:01 May 22, 2019
Sprint/T-Mobile dating drama, chip shares plummet, and Mary Meeker invests in our “Unicorn of the Day” 00:17:03 May 21, 2019
Away suitcases becomes a “Brand-icorn,” Amazon’s airport and food delivery moves, and John Deere = Trade War 00:17:17 May 20, 2019
Pinterest’s 1st earnings report, TikTok’s is top downloaded app (again), and a brand new stock exchange is coming to markets 00:15:35 May 17, 2019
LaCroix sparkling water drops, Amex acquires Resy, and Americans stop having as many babies 00:16:52 May 16, 2019
Match launches date coaching, Ralph Lauren’s Gen-Z moves, and Walmart’s 1-day free shipping reveal 00:15:34 May 15, 2019
Peloton takes down Flywheel, Supreme Court says you can sue Apple, and the “Unsexy Companies of the Day” 00:16:03 May 14, 2019
LIVE from NYSE for Uber’s IPO, Rihanna’s LVMH luxury launch, and how the newest tariffs affect you (they will) 00:15:33 May 13, 2019
Uber’s IPO day, Harry’s Razors acquired for $1.4B, and Party City surges 10% on helium 00:15:57 May 10, 2019
Roku’s 8% jump, Rent The Runway’s new mega (co-working) store, and TripAdvisor’s “experiences” bet 00:15:51 May 9, 2019
Google’s $399 smartphone, Crocs’ comeback, and GM’s robotaxi Cruise snags $1B 00:15:16 May 8, 2019
Big Trade War update, Apple’s bought 20+ companies in 6 months, and the largest VC investment in Latin America ever 00:17:19 May 7, 2019
Warren Buffett’s epic annual event, Planet Fitness’ innovative real estate strategy, and almond milk vs. Dean Foods dairy 00:16:26 May 6, 2019
The Taser CEO gets $246M in stock comp, Beyond Meat surges 163%, and Wayfair drops 7% because you’re expensive 00:14:53 May 3, 2019
Molson Coors falls 8% on mid-beer crisis, Royal Caribbean becomes pricing power superhero, and Fitbit is our “Survivor of the Day” 00:16:40 May 2, 2019
Facebook’s new “FB5” redesign (and dating feature), Apple’s past-dependent business model, and Merck’s profits quadruple 00:14:48 May 1, 2019
Spotify hits 217M profitless users, Airbnb & Marriott’s twin announcements, and’s “pet humanization” IPO 00:17:05 Apr 30, 2019
Beyond Meat boots its meat-focused investor, Comcast (shockingly) hits record high, and one startup’s worst 1st week 00:13:23 Apr 29, 2019
Walmart’s secret “store of the future” unveiled, Starbucks’ loyalty-powered record high, and 3M’s worst day since ‘87 00:15:42 Apr 26, 2019
Lululemon’s 5-year plan surprise, Ford invests in the Tesla of pickup trucks, and Domino’s jumps 5% on a “delivery dilemma” 00:14:32 Apr 25, 2019
Play-Doh saves Hasbro, Twitter surges 16%, and Harley-Davidson and Whirlpool get opposite tariff drama 00:14:28 Apr 24, 2019
Tesla’s “Robotaxi 2020” plan, Zillow falls 4% on home flipping, and Luckin, the “Starbucks of China,” is IPO’ing in US 00:16:23 Apr 23, 2019
Zoom surges 72% on IPO, T-Mobile jumps into banking, and tobacco/vaping stocks drop on “T21” 00:15:38 Apr 22, 2019
Super Bowl powers Pepsi to all-time high, Wish is Earth’s #3 ecommerce company, and Kansas City Southern Railroads jumps 4% (thank Mexico) 00:15:23 Apr 18, 2019
Apple & Qualcomm sign peace treaty, Stitch Fix hit by Walmart, and Ro becomes a semi-corn with new menopausal brand 00:14:22 Apr 17, 2019
Panera joins the “Game of Scones,” Waste Management’s $5B acquisition, and Gogo inflight Wi-Fi surges 8% 00:14:32 Apr 16, 2019
African tech IPO Jumia jumps big, Facebook’s board drama, and JP Morgan jumps 5% as it looks into America’s wallet 00:17:04 Apr 15, 2019
Amazon throws shade at competitors, Lemonade raises $300M, and Keurig Dr. Pepper falls 4% on cocktail K-Cups 00:17:26 Apr 12, 2019
Uber doesn’t want its IPO to be like Lyft’s, Netflix’s unprecedented comedy move, and Delta’s 2 “profit puppies” 00:13:35 Apr 11, 2019
Levi’s 1st earnings report, Under Armour drops 4%, and Bank of America’s big pay raise 00:14:15 Apr 10, 2019
“Avengers” powers AMC movie theater stock, Chuck E. Cheese’s plans to go public again, and GE falls because of “the GE whisperer” 00:14:09 Apr 9, 2019
Bumble launches a physical magazine, Snapchat gets into gaming, and 1 problem in the “perfect” jobs report 00:14:15 Apr 8, 2019
Beyonce signs with Adidas, Corona’s owner pops 7% for quitting wine, and why Tesla fell 9% 00:13:16 Apr 5, 2019
McDonald’s 2nd investment in a week, Uber’s and NYC’s traffic tax, and Ikea’s new furniture rental service 00:13:25 Apr 4, 2019
FemTech grabs $42M for breast pumps, Whole Foods finally cuts prices big, and Walgreens drops 12% 00:14:18 Apr 3, 2019
Burger King launches plant-based Impossible Whoppers, Kellogg’s sells its cookies for $1.3B, and Google’s Gmail turns 15 00:13:28 Apr 2, 2019
2019’s IPO profit problem, Restoration Hardware plummets 22%, and Brexit’s “big” day 00:15:33 Apr 1, 2019
Lyft IPOs, Facebook’s ad model gets sued, and the Mets’ Moviepass situation 00:14:47 Mar 29, 2019
Casper becomes a unicorn, Lululemon surges 11% on Man-leisurewear, and Southwest’s big Boeing problem 00:12:27 Mar 28, 2019
Bed Bath & Beyond’s “intervention,” Cronos cannabis’s humble-brag, and the new meme-messing internet law in Europe 00:13:58 Mar 27, 2019
Apple’s biggest day since the iPhone, Winnebago gets Marie Kondo’d, and the 1st eSports stadium 00:15:13 Mar 26, 2019
MarketSnacks acquired, Pinterest’s IPO deets, Papa John signs Shaq, and Tiffany’s falls 5% 00:13:43 Mar 25, 2019