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The Face of Fearlessness with Chuck Liddell

The Face of Fearlessness
with "THE ICEMAN" Chuck Liddell

The best fighters are the ones that can take the hits. The world's most successful people are the ones who can take life‘s punches and never give up.

In this interview, I sat down with my friend Chuck Liddell and talked about his journey, from the beginning stages of his career to life after UFC, and how his successes, struggles, and hardships are life lessons for us all.

Chuck is the most well-known UFC fighter of all time. Spending an hour with one of the toughest guys on earth was a powerful experience. We discuss what makes him so fearless, the impact his grandfather had on him and how he fell in love with martial arts.

Chuck was gifted with heavy hands, but in this interview, he gets real about the truth behind what really set him apart from the rest.  We dive deep into his transition out of the ring and how he was able to give up a part of his life that, for so long, made up his entire identity.

Chuck is a prime example of how you can channel your passion to become a positive influence and live your purpose.

He even answers the burning question of “Who was your toughest opponent?” and shares his thoughts on where the sport is going now.

You won’t want to miss this one!

Nov 13, 2019 • 59:22

Flow state - with Tony Gonzalez

Get out of your head and get in your HEART!

Tony is a Hall of Famer, played 17 seasons in the NFL, holds the record for total receiving yards by a tight end and is second of all-time in receptions. The truth is I’m not only impressed with Tony as a football player but truly admire who he is as a man.

This is NOT your normal everyday “athlete “ interview. In fact, we spend very little time on football. Tony is a voracious reader and personal development addict! His insights will ASTOUND you.

In this interview, we talk about the REAL separator between the good and the GREATS.

You probably wouldn’t guess that Tony was bullied in middle school. He shares about his struggles with this and how it changed the trajectory of his life in a POSITIVE way when he decided he was done being scared. It’s often the fear we feel that is a DIRECT correlation to the very thing we need to LEAN into.

Tony learned early on in his NFL career that it wasn’t just about talent and hard work when you get to the highest level. The game changes when you can get in your HEART and stay PRESENT.

There is a sweet spot in being goal-oriented and separating from the outcome. When you let go of the outcome you can show up at your BEST from a place of FEARLESSNESS.

HARD WORK is the building block of success, but LOVING what you do should be the foundation if you want to be EXCELLENT at it.

We also discuss a lot about how meditation and visualization connected him MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT and changed his life on and off the field.  

He even shares some daily struggles he deals with today, the biggest regret he made as a teammate in the NFL and real advice on what YOU should do if you’re going after a DREAM.

I guarantee you will be blown away by Tony and INSPIRED to go out, find the TRUTH of who you are and BECOME it.


Oct 30, 2019 • 50:55

Mental health, suicide, and rebuilding after a tragedy - With Kayla Stoecklein

You are NEVER alone.

You will never forget this conversation

This may be the most important interview we have ever released

Kayla is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. She is the wife of Pastor Andrew Stoecklein who died by suicide just over a year ago.

In this deeply emotional interview, we hear Kayla's story of losing her best friend, husband, and father of her beautiful children to mental illness.

She’s honest about the time before and after this tragic loss and what it was like to tell her 3 beautiful boys that daddy is gone.

Nearly 800,000 people die by suicide in the world each year, that’s one death every 40 seconds and 90% of suicide attempts are impulsive.

Kayla discusses with great emotion the impact that this tragedy has had on her family and on her. She also discusses in detail different strategies that should be employed when someone is suffering from mental illness

There’s a stigma around mental illness, especially towards people of faith. We often think that suicide is selfish. Kayla will tell you that this is a college falsehood and something she is passionate about correcting.

Kayla is very raw and honest about her experience and the grief that sets in each and every day. She also shares what she wishes she would have said and done differently which I believe will help you or someone you love that is dealing with this.

This interview is near and dear to my heart and I was beyond moved by the superhuman power this amazing woman has, she is evidence to me that God can give you the strength to keep going through the hardest of times.

Mental Illness is a broad term. Just like physical illnesses and injuries, there is a wide spectrum. Physical injuries can range everywhere from a broken bone to something as serious as cancer or a heart attack.

Mental illness can range from something like anxiety to anger all the way to clinical depression, bipolar disorder, etc. etc. it is a very broad term

The truth is, most people I know suffer from some form of anxiety, fear, anger, all the way to depression and some cases of severe depression.

There are so many things you can take from this conversation, but the most important thing I want you guys to hear is that you are NEVER alone. You are LOVED and SUPPORTED by so many people, more than you know.

If you are struggling or just need someone to talk to please call suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255 or you can text home 471741 for crisis help.

If you guys can do anything for me, it would be that you not only watch/listen to this video but to please SHARE it as I know it could save someone's life. Let’s break the stigma together and continue the conversation. God Bless you all.



Oct 15, 2019 • 53:11

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